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M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

4 M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y




METRO M METR O SILICON SILICON V VALLEY ALLE A Y A locally owned company company..

550 S First SSt, t, SSan an JJose, ose, CA 95113 408.298.8000 EEditorial ditorial Fax: 408.298.0602 Advertising A dvertising Fax: 408.298.6992



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Richard Busack,To Richard von Busack,Tori ori Eakes Proofreader: Pr oofreader: Gabriella West West Photographer: Photogr apher: Felipe Buitrago Buitrago alendar@metr l d @ t

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Billy Garcia, Garcia, Michael Hagaman, Jonny Manak, Tammy Taammy Patterson Patterson Account A ccount Manager: Manager: Mer Mercy cy Perez Perez Movie M ovie Promotions/Sales: Promotions/Sales: Jim Carrico Carrico

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ACCOUNTING/OPERATIONS/ A CCOUNTING/OPERA AT TIONS/ ADMINISTRATION A DMINISTRA AT TION CChief hief Financial O Officer: fficer: Robert Heinen Accounting A ccountingg M Manager: anager: g T Tisha isha Rae G. Muñoz Accounts A ccounts Receivable: Receivable: A Ayanna yanna Davis Accounts A ccounts Payable: Payable: C Candice andice Nguyen CCirculation irculation M Manager: anager: Gary Sunbury IInformation nformation SSystems: ystems: Chris Giancaterino Office O ffice Manager: Manager: Dave Miller

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FINE P PRINT RINT Declared a legal newspaper of gener Declared general al circulation circulation bbyy tthe he SSuperior uperior CCourt ourt ooff SSanta anta CClara lara County Decr ee N o. 65127 4, A pril 77,, 1988. ISSN County Decree No. 651274, April 0882-4290. EEntire ntire contents © 2011 M etro 0882-4290. Metro Pub blishing, IInc. nc. A eserved. R eproduction Publishing, Allll rights rreserved. Reproduction orm pr ohibited without publisher ’s in any fform prohibited publisher’s written ppermission. ermission. U nsolicited m aterial sshould hould written Unsolicited material essed bee accompanied by a stamped, self-addr self-addressed envvelope; however etro is not rresponsible esponsible ffor or envelope; however,, M Metro the rreturn eturn of such submissions.


M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y




M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

6 Send us your anonymous rants and raves about your co-workers or any badly behaving citizen—or about citizens you admire. I SAW YOU, Metro, 550 S. First St., San Jose, 95113, or via email.

Cafeteria Cretin @jXnpfl`ek_\\dgcfp\\ ZX]\k\i`X#jk`eb`e^lgk_\ gcXZ\n`k_pflijkife^$ jd\cc`e^]ff[#Xjd\ccn\ \eafp\[]fi[XpjY\ZXlj\ `kjgcXkk\i\[Xccfm\i k_\`ej`[\jf]fe\f]k_\ d`ZifnXm\jn_\epfl fm\i_\Xk\[`k%9lknX`k# k_XkÊjefkXccPflXk\k_\ ]ff[n_`c\YcXYY`e^n`k_ pflidflk_X^Xg\#jf n\Zflc[^\k\m\edfi\ fggfikle`k`\jkfm`\n`k Y\]fi\pflj_fm\[`k[fne pfli^i\\[p^lcc\k%9lk nX`k#k_\i\Êjdfi\Pflc\]k ^ff\pi\j`[l\f]k_`j]ff[ Xccfm\ik_\kXYc\X]k\ipfl c\]k#Xcfe^n`k_pflilj\[ lk\ej`cj#ZlgXe[eXgb`ej% Pfl[fk_`jkfpfliZf$ nfib\ij%?Xk\kfj\\n_Xk pfli_fd\cffbjc`b\%Fi[f pflc`m\le[\iXifZb6

COMMENTS = SanJoseInside

= via email

Share the Burden We live in a city that is increasingly becoming one of “haves” and “havenots.” We have a top-heavy system, where highly paid and compensated executive managers are kept in place, while linelevel city workers—the ones who actually deliver services to the neighborhoods— are let go. Those same city workers are the folks who have invested years to become experts in their respective fields and have developed dynamic and collaborative relationships with our communities. One example: Will anyone feel confident making a 911 call,

if our highly skilled dispatchers are no longer there, and the only persons left to answer calls are managers who have no experience dealing with emergencies? Just like inside City Hall, we have the same practice of protecting the affluent and targeting the working class in our neighborhood business districts. One example: the doubling of parking meter fees and overzealous parking enforcement in Japantown, a working-class neighborhood. Yet, the business districts in the moreaffluent Willow Glen and Rosegarden neighborhoods continue to enjoy meterless parking. Isn’t it time to expand metered parking into the more affluent areas, too? Isn’t it time for everyone—inside City Hall and the neighborhoods—to share in providing revenue and

solutions, and not just the working class? I think it’s time. MARK RUFFING | SAN JOSE

Pocket Change At the heart of the Caltrain funding problems is the fact that Caltrain, unlike every other Bay Area transit agency, doesn’t have its own dedicated, permanent source of funds. All other agencies have sales taxes, property taxes, parcel taxes, even gas taxes. The three partners—SamTrans, VTA and Muni—have been paying nearly 40 percent of Caltrain’s budget every year. They’ve been paying for Caltrain out of their pockets, and their pockets are empty. SamTrans opted to drop its share of Caltrain money this year.

Assuming the partners would follow suit and reduce their shares, that resulted in a $30 million deficit on a $100 million budget. We backfilled the SamTrans share with one-time money from other places, and we didn’t have to make cuts this year in Caltrain service. We’re working on next year, but the problem won’t go away as long as Caltrain is dependent so heavily on money from the three transit agencies. MARK SIMON, EXECUTIVE OFFICER FOR PUBLIC AFFAIRS | SAN JOSE The above letter was in response to the “Funding Caltrain” post on—Editor

Correction The photo of DJ Melvis on page 48 of last week’s issue was taken by C.J.


M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y



District 10 Cattle Call Redevelopment Agency director HARRY MAVROGENES might be quitting the broke-ass agency—hey, four decades is enough to ask of anybody in this town—but he’s not planning to fade into the sunset and paint water colors. That’s what his one-time boss FRANK TAYLOR did. Or live on a boat in the Caribbean on the San Jose tax money she escaped with, as predecessor SUSAN SCHICK did. Maybe he’s a glutton for punishment, but the Mavster will be staying involved in local public affairs. On Monday, he’ll participate in San Jose Stage’s vicious political satire production, Monday Night Live. Last year he was taken to a garbage dump for a Pulp Fiction-style execution in a video screened at MNL. And, get this, he says he’s been encouraged to run for NANCY PYLE’s termed-out District 10 council seat next year and is “considering it.” Just when we thought we were hearing things, Mavrogenes repeated himself, saying he was “thinking about it.” (Memo to trial ballooners: good strategy to get ink is to repeat key point twice or more within earshot of journalist at social function.) Financial advisor JOHNNY KHAMIS is the only person who has come right out and filed papers with the city clerk, but a flock of other candidates are swarming to join the fight over District 10 dominion. CLAUDE FLETCHER, a councilmember and failed mayoral candidate back during the Reagan administration, is considering leaving his post as chancellor of Valley Christian High School for a return to politics. Evangelical activist school board member LESLIE REYNOLDS is also expected to join the fray. And former council aide EDISA BITBADAL will likely try to parlay the exceptional wisdom she gained while working for former boss KANSEN CHU. But only one other mentioned candidate comes close to knowing how to play the political game as well as Sega Mavrogenesis—former top cop ROB DAVIS. If the recently retired police chief decides to run, he might not even have to raise campaign funds after all the money he cashed out in sick leave.


Trash Art ?LD8EKFL:?Jfd\f]k_\jfik`e^Xkk_\`e^\e`fljcpd\Z_Xe`q\[>i\\eNXjk\]XZ`c`kp jk`ccdljkY\[fe\Yp_Xe[%

JXeAfj\Êj>i\\eNXjk\gcXekkliej dfi\^XiYX^\`ekfi\ZpZcXYc\jk_Xe Xepfk_\i[ldg`ek_\eXk`fe 9p NATE SELTENRICH


?<JD<CC`jefkn_Xk @Ê[\og\Zk\[]ifdX ]XZ`c`kpgifZ\jj`e^ dfi\k_Xe,,kfej f]jfc`[nXjk\g\i_fli%K_\ [`e`j#k_fl^_1k_\ildYc\ f][`\j\c\e^`e\j#k_\[ife\ f]Zfem\pfiY\ckj_\X[\[`e \m\ip[`i\Zk`fe#k_\k_le[\i f]dXjj`m\d\Z_Xe`ZXc j\gXiXkfijXe[jfik\ij%9lk [\jg`k\Xcck_\i\]lj\Y\`e^ j_l]Ô\[Xifle[#k_\f[fi `jeÊkkffYX[#aljkX]X`ekcp jflijZ\ekd`o\[n`k_X n_`]]f]\o_Xljk]ld\j%

That’s only fitting. At GreenWaste’s San Jose facility, which boasts the nation’s highest recovery rate among garbage processors, garbage is a dirty word. Three-fourths of all materials that enter the facility, via curbside bins from throughout Santa Clara, Santa Cruz and San Mateo counties, never actually go to a landfill. Where other processors often divert only 20 to 30 percent of incoming trash, GreenWaste uses advanced sorting techniques—and sheer tenacity—to compost or recycle approximately three times that amount. Equally impressive is its recycling recovery rate: 98 percent of the tonnage that arrives for recycling goes out the door bundled and ready for sale. These were mere numbers until I heard the roar of it all working and saw

the blur of trash from tens of thousands of homes rushing by. My tour began on the “tipping floor,” where collection trucks empty their loads. A manual floor-sort pulls out wood, metal, rigid plastics and bulky nonrecyclable items before the remainder is sent on its way: onto a conveyor belt, through a metering device that levels out the flow, and upstairs to a station where 20 workers in orange vests sort materials cascading by on three separate conveyors, their hands moving faster than my eyes can follow. Here, the trash line meets the recycling line, which starts its journey in a similar fashion downstairs on a separate tipping floor. The fact that they’re running side-by-side is no small detail. Few other solid-waste processing facilities in the country are similarly designed, and the proximity of the two lines increases efficiency and capacity while allowing for myriad opportunities to transfer materials from one to the other. Completely overhauled for dual-stream processing in 2008, the 100,000-square-foot facility processes 315 tons of trash and

“Our recyclery accepts way more items as recyclable materials than any other facility in the area, hands-down. And that means we can do something with it.” Glass, aluminum, and compostable materials are sold locally, while paper, rigid plastics and cardboard often end up in containers headed across the sea to China. Most of what ultimately goes to the landfill, by weight at least, is furniture, mattresses, carpeting and soiled clothing and rags. These are difficult to recycle, but could’ve potentially been saved from the landfill through donation or reuse.

Kn\ekp nfib\ij `efiXe^\ m\jkjjfik dXk\i`Xcj ZXjZX[`e^ Ypfek_i\\ j\gXiXk\ Zfem\pfij# k_\`i_Xe[j dfm`e^]Xjk\i k_Xedp\p\j ZXe]fccfn% As much as 80 percent of what’s recovered from the trash line is organic and bound for the compost pile—soiled paper, food scraps, and other debris that breaks down quickly. An adjacent structure houses green waste, where organics from both lines are mixed with yard and tree waste and shipped off to Northern California’s largest composting facility, located in Gilroy and operated by GreenWaste sister company Zanker Road Resource Management. “The technology pretty much exists for getting close to zero waste,” Hanson said. That’s the goal, after all. Manufacturers will have to make some products easier to recycle, consumers will have to be more careful about that they buy and what they do with it, and recyclers will have to fine-tune some of their processes, but it’s well within reach.

9 M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

200 tons of recyclables per day, six days a week. “There’s such a small fraction of material that can’t be recycled and recovered,” said my tour guide, GreenWaste community-relations manager Emily Hanson. Where there’s a will there’s a way, and GreenWaste’s will is on display. Under a fluorescent glow, sorters on the recycling line are arranged in pairs about 15 feet apart. The first two pull out landfillable garbage, the second get film plastics, the third metals, and the fourth rigid plastics. Occasionally, sorters on the trash line—who are pulling garbage, wood and yard waste, metals, hard plastics and glass—dump a container of recyclable materials onto the belt. From here the trash line passes through a bag breaker that tears open plastic bags, a rotating trommel screen for removing fine organic materials, which looks like a giant front-loading drier, and a drum separator that uses a steady blast of air to blow light plastics and papers off the top of the pile. Materials branch off in every direction as if through the arteries of a massive machine. By now, the trash stream resembles the incoming recycling stream. But it’s not done. The lightweight materials blown off the top of the conveyor continue through a polishing screen, which separates papers from plastics and other containers. Containers are sorted for recycling, while soiled mixed paper is manually cleaned of inorganics before reaching the end of the line and a trip to the compost facility. Meanwhile, recyclables are refined by a series of innovative steps. A cardboard separator floats pieces of cardboard above the rest of the materials. Clear plastic bottles are culled from the stream with the aid of a beam of light at the edge of the container belt. Whenever the light is able to shine through a container to a receptor on the other end, it triggers a strong blast of air that forces the plastic straight down into a designated bin. I watched; it works. Aluminum cans are singled out using another ingenious method: a large magnet beneath a short belt holds them down until just before the end of the line, when a reverse-polarity magnet flings the cans up and off the belt and down a chute four feet away. “Every kind of plastic that comes through our facility, including film plastic, is recycled,” Hanson told me.

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


sv Perhaps the more innocent among us are fooled by the fact that the Internet has also increased the amount of ridiculous but true news. Media frenzies like #Weinergate and Sarah Palin’s description of Paul Revere’s ride remind us that there is plenty of bona fide news that people wish was fake, making the tech media landscape pretty much a crapshoot for bloggers focused on speed.

Too Bad to Be True? Anyone else seeing an influx of blog headlines that go “Updated: [Thing That We Just Wrote About] Is a Hoax”? While Internet hoaxes have been around since the Soviet Union wanted to join Usenet in 1984, we’ve had quite a few doozies recently, from the woman who got a tattoo of 152 of her Facebook friends on her arm to the eHarmony user tearing up over her love of cats to the kidnapped lesbian Syrian blogger turning out to be a not-kidnapped married guy in Scotland. Heh.

Perhaps this is why the hashtag #SeriouslyMcDonalds was a trending topic last week, after a sign mandating African American McDonald’s patrons pay a $1.50 surcharge went viral. Even McDonald’s Twitter account quickly declared this a “hoax,” but the #SeriouslyMcDonalds hashtag continues to appear in around 20 tweets a second.—ALEXIA TSOTSIS, TECHCRUNCH.COM

Alexandros Trimis Twitter is like a wildfire both for hoaxes and for revolutions. Ideas Evolved I think people just love to read something entertaining whether its true or not ... C8L>?FI:IPPflKlY\lj\i _XikdXeeZXiXgfjk\[Xe \?Xidfepm`[\ff]_\ij\c]`e X^lj_`e^Xe[k_\ejfYY`e^ Zi\jZ\e[ffm\i_\icfm\]fiZXkj% @kÊjX_fXo#Ylk`k`ji\Xccp]leep%

People have always been gullible, and gullible people having access to methods of dissemination like Facebook and Twitter only turns their folly up to 11. But aren’t we as reporters paid to be filters of news, in essence paid to know better? Then why the rampant media coverage of every single one of these hoaxes?

The only answer I can come up with is that the demands of churnalism (or the recently dubbed “hamsterization” of journalism) and the quest for advertising traffic are only increasing for bloggers as more and more readers spend more and more time and money online. This begs the question: How many of us uncritically posting on incredulous rumors and unverified viral stories are cynically calculating how even more traffic will inevitably come from our correction posts (“Update: This Was a Hoax, Again”)?

Benjamin Kerensa I love internet hoaxes they make me lulz.

Repairman’s Shower Scam Worried your computer repairman is a pervert? Here’s a handy guide: If the software he installs suggests that you take your laptop to the bathroom when you shower, he’s probably using remote-controlled software to take pictures of you naked. That’s what Trevor Harwell, 20, of Fullerton, Calif., is accused of, at least. According to cops, Harwell took “hundreds of thousands” of pictures of women whose Macs he repaired and used some very, uh, sneaky methods:

K<:?:I<<GKi\mfi?Xin\cc Xcc\^\[cpki`Zb\[k\Z_efcf^`ZXccp eX`m\nfd\e`ekfkXb`e^g`Zkli\j f]k_\dj\cm\j`ek_\j_fn\i%

The lurid repair ploy first came to light last summer when a Fullerton resident contacted police about suspicious messages appearing on his daughter’s computer, Goodrich said. One message mimicked the appearance of a system message and read: “You should fix your internal sensor soon. If unsure what to do, try putting your laptop near hot steam for several minutes to clean the sensor.” Anthony Weiner must be so bummed that this story is coming out now, instead of two weeks ago. If Harwell serviced your laptop in the last couple years, you should check the “WebServer Documents” folder in the Library—that’s where the photos would have been stored. And, everyone, computers don’t ever want to be near hot steam. Ever!— MAX READ, GAWKER.COM/VALLEYWAG

Snarkastic I find this story as baffling as it is upsetting. Wouldn’t the first question be “What’s an internal sensor?” not “how can I take care of this problem and get ready for work at the same time?” badasscat Please. You’re talking about Mac users.

Charm School Oh no! An error with my sensor on sleepover bikiniwaxing night. What’s a carefree girl to do? HungDaddy What a silly message—overly subtle and not nearly direct enough. It *should* have said, “Hello pretty lady, it’s me, your


computer! I’m not doing very well, but you can help me. Put me on the edge of your bathroom sink and aim the screen at your shower, then get in the shower and face me ...”

dukes_up The best part about this story is that Harwell is a student at BIOLA College—which stands for “Bible Institute of LA.” That’s right, a fundamentalist Christian college.


The Weinergate Effect On the evening of May 27, Rep. Anthony Weiner of New York accidentally posted a lewd photo to Twitter, deleted it and claimed that his Twitter account had been hacked. Two weeks later, we’re still embroiled in what is now known as Weinergate, as even more sordid details of his extramarital online relationships continue to surface. The lesson here for members of Congress might be to avoid engaging in inappropriate online romances altogether, or at the very least, to be more cautious when sending direct messages. But preliminary data in the aftermath of Weinergate shows that the actual lesson Congress members are taking to heart is to avoid Twitter altogether. TweetCongress, a site aggregating tweets from members of Congress, looked at the Twitter activities of Democrats and Republicans from May 9 to June 8, with weekends excluded, and found that tweets from members of both parties are down roughly 30 percent since Weiner’s lewd photo.—JENNIFER VAN GROVE, MASHABLE.COM

Matt Silverman Wow, Republicans tweet a LOT. Vicioussss That almost sounded like “Wow, Republicans can walk upright!”

`dX^\jc`b\k_`j#i\c\Xj\[YpKDQ Xe[Xcc\^\[cpkXb\eXkk_\Zfe$ ^i\jj`feXc^pd#_Xjj_lk[fne jfd\cXndXb\ijÊfec`e\XZk`m`kp%

mclanea Two possibilities here: 1. They just went back to sexually harassing pages. 2. Congressional sexting went up 50 percent.

Hashtag of the Week: #imhappiestwhen EMILYXSLOAN #imhappiestwhen I dont have to wait for the walk sign to cross the street MINATRANN #imhappiestwhen i call out something to happen, and it actually does. i feel like a psychic ITSERICAAAA #ImHappiestWhen I like a guy, and he hits me up first. nothing makes a girl happier. (: J_BANANAZ #imhappiestwhen i got money in my pocket, kush in my lungs and love in my heart =) REMEMBER2PRAY

#Imhappiestwhen I can forgive people who have crossed me, although it takes me years, not sayn its right or wrong...its just me CARAMELLOVING

#ImHappiestWhen he gets a tight grip on my hair, pulls it back and starts hiking up my skirt... =D

M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

the best of the local web

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

12 An inside look at San Jose politics

This T his ttopic opic iiss ttoo oo important important to to have have behind cclosed behind losed d doors. oors. L Let’s et’s ssuspend uspend al all ll boards b oards aand nd ccommissions ommissions n not ot iin n tthe he ccity ity charter charter aand nd put put these these meetings meetings priorityy and on TV. as the top priorit TV V. other week, IIn no ther news news llast asst w eek, tthe he ccouncil ouncil vvoted oted 110-1 0-1 tto o eexempt xempt projects aaffordable-housing ffo ff ordable-housing p rojects tthat hat aare re pipeline from in the pip e eline fr om paying paayying park fees. feees. I will let you you o guess who voted voted no. no. —Pierluigi Oliv Oliverio erio

C’Mon onH?ED6egdedhZYi]^hnZVgÉh H?ED6egdedhZYi]^hnZVgÉh C’Mo XXdcigVXicZ\di^Vi^dchWZdeZcidi]ZejWa^X dcigVXicZ\di^Vi^dchWZdeZcidi]ZejWa^X VcY ### ndj\jZhhZY \ ^i! i]Z X^inhV^Y!ÆCDÇ VcY###ndj\jZhhZY^i!i]ZX^inhV^Y!ÆCDÇ

Pension P ension i TTension eension i Last w Last week, eek, tthe he ccity ity ccouncil ouncil eemerged merged out off cclosed directing o ut o losed ssession ession d irecting sstaff taff tto o ccommunicate ommunicate and and negotiate negotiate with with the the unions u nions regarding regarding the the p possibility ossibility of of a ballot measuree and pension ba allot measur pension reform. reffo orm m. The T he ggoal oall iiss tto o ccombine ombine tthese hese ttwo wo topics to opics and cr create/work eate/work within a time tiime fr rame if p ossible. frame possible. For F or ssavings avings to to o occur, ccur, iitt iiss iimportant mportant have tto oh ave ssomething omething ffully ully iimplemented mplemented prior pr rior to ne next xt yyear’s ear’s budget. The k key ey word w wor d is “implemented,” as savings saavings v s need bee d delivered advance n eed to to b elivered iin n ad dvance of of the th he cit city ty manager’ manager’ss budget in 2012 2 so o that we ccan an sa save ave ser services vices fr from om being b eing cut cut and and save save additional additionall city city employees em mployees fr from om b being eing laid off off. ff. Otherwise city department O therwise eevery very cit ty depar tment better b etter hop hopee that ffederal ederal e grants ccome o ome raining ra aining down for fo or eevery very cit cityy p position ositio on because b ecau use o our ur b budget udget will will be be entering entering a $70 $7 70 million deficit yyear. ear. Who kno knows, ows, maybe m aybe o once-plentiful nce-plentiful federal federal money money w b will bee p pouring ouring out of the sky sk ky sinc since ce there bee a presidential th here will b presidential election. electio on. I am cconcerned oncerned that the truth rregarding e ding p egar pension ension reform refform o is not being b eing shared sharred aappropriately. ppropriately. I think think tthat hat tthe he p rocess n eeds tto ob ublic sso o process needs bee p public rresidents, esidents, retirees retirees aand nd ccity ity eemployees mployees ccan a hear the inf an formation o information first hand both The h and ffrom rom b oth ssides. ides. T he ccouncil ouncil used cchambers hambers sshould hould be be u sed eeach ach ttime ime tto o aallow llow a p ublic audience audience to to observe observe public fir rst hand about about the realities realities and first

limit ations of the curr rent p ension limitations current pension ssystem ystem and hear the pr p oposals proposals dir ectly fr om the nego otiator’s mouth. directly from negotiator’s A public pr ocess wo ould allow process would rresidents esidents to see what each side sa ayys says as the rresidents esidents will b bee the final judge who would app prove thr ough approve through a ballot measur e. F or to o long measure. For too long,, we ha ave w asted time bac ck and fforth or o th have wasted back ab out what w as said or o what w as about was was not said and eeven ven thee tone of vvoice oice in which wor ds wer ered. words weree deliv delivered. Ther ide, so let ’s get Theree is nothing to h hide, let’s it all on the ttable. able. If we w ccannot annot ccome ome to agr eement, then it is off to the agreement, ballot b ox. box.


Anonymously nymouslyI]ZeZch^dc I]ZeZch^dc Anon egdWaZb^hhigjXijgZYidadd`ldghZi]Vc egdWaZb^hhigjXijgZYidadd`ldghZi]Vc ^^i^h#NZh!i]Z[jcYhadhibdcZn^ci]ZhidX` i^h#NZh!i]Z[jcYhadhibdcZn^ci]ZhidX` ` bVg`ZiXgVh]#NZh!i]ZgZVgZVWjhZhVcY bVg`Zi XgVhh]#NZh!i]ZgZVgZVWjhZhVcY hhZZb^c\andjiaVcY^h]eVndjih#;dgi]Z ZZb^c\andjiaVcY^h]eVndjih#;dgi]Z bdhieVgi!]dlZkZg!i]ZVkZgV\ZeVndji bdhi eVgi!]dlZkZg! ] i]Z VkZgV\ZeVndji ^^h[VgWZadli]Z&%%`"eajhcjbWZgi]Vi h[VgWZadli]Z&%%`"eajhcjbWZgi]Vi `ZZehWZ^c\i]gdlcdji# `ZZeh WZ^c\\i]gdlcdji# n DiscussionLZh]djaYcÉi LZh]djaYcÉi Open ]VkZideVX`ZkZgnX^inbZZi^c\ideVghZ ]VkZideVX`ZkZgnX^inbZZi^c\ideVghZ ZkZgna^iiaZYZiV^ad[ZkZgnÒcVcX^Va ZkZgna^iiaZYZiV^ad[ZkZgnÒcVcX^Va YZX^h^dc#>[lZYd!i]ZclZ]VkZi]Zlgdc\ YZX^h^dc#>[lZYd!i]ZclZ]VkZi]Zlgdc\\ eZdeaZVii]Z]Zab# eeZdeaZ e Vi i]]Z ]Zab# Tom m>VbhjgZWnÆÒViÇi]ViV >VbhjgZWnÆÒViÇi]ViV To bZVhjgZXdjaYZVh^anWZejidci]ZWVaadi bZVhjgZXdjaYZVh^anWZejidci]ZWVaadi VcYVeegdkZYYgVhi^XVaangZYjX^c\XdjcX^a VcYVeegdkZYYgVhi^XVaangZYjX^c\XdjcX^a eVnVcYZa^b^cViZeZch^dchVcYdi]Zg eVnVcYZa^b b^cViZeZch^dchVcYdi]Zg WZcZÒih#

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13 M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

Gary SSingh ingh



Take a Dive

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K_\Xlk_fii\ZXccjk_\j\\[`\i  K_\ \ Xlk_fi \ Xlk_fi i\ZXccjj k_\ k_\ j\\[`\i j\\[`\i j`[\ f]]k_\ YXijZ\e\ \Xcfe^  j`[\f]k_\YXijZ\e\Xcfe^ Jfl lk_ 9XjZfd `eJXe Afj\ Jflk_9XjZfd`eJXeAfj\  9p GAR GARY Y SINGH S GH SIN


E< E<F=JXeAfj\Êj <F=JXe Afj\Êj dfjki\Zf^e`qXYc\ df fjk i\Zf^e`qXYc\ YXj jk`fej f] [`m\$YXi YXjk`fejf][`m\$YXi XiZ_`k\Zkli\nXjk_\ XiZ Z_`k\Zkli\ nXj k_\ Z\c\Yi Xk\[ [9\Xij :fZbkX`c Z\c\YiXk\[9\Xij:fZbkX`c C fle^\ Xk k_\ jflk_\Xjk Cfle^\Xkk_\jflk_\Xjk Zfie\i f] 8cdX 8 8m\el\Xe[ Zfie\if]8cdX8m\el\Xe[ 8cdX[\e < <ogi\jjn Xp%@k nXj 8cdX[\e<ogi\jjnXp%@knXj k_\i\ ]fi X jkX^^\i`e^ ,' k_\i\]fiXjkX^^\i`e^,' p\Xij % N`k_ _Xjg`ee`e^ j`^e p\Xij%N`k_Xjg`ee`e^j`^e flkj`[\ Xe e[ ]X[\[ m\cm\k flkj`[\Xe[]X[\[m\cm\k `e ZlikX`ej ej`[\#Xe[ \m\e X ZlikX`ej`ej`[\#Xe[\m\eX gXk`f ]fi jdfb`e^#9\XijnXj gXk`f]fijdfb`e^#9\XijnXj X k_ifnYXZb kf fc[ JXe Afj\# Xk_ifnYXZbkffc[JXeAfj\# n_\e @kXc``Xe >Xi[\ej#i`^_k n_\e@kXc`Xe>Xi[\ej#i`^_k [fne k_\ jki\\k# i\`^e\[ [fnek_\jki\\k#i\`^e\[ jlgi\d\% jlgi\d\%

IIn n tthe he ’’70s, 70s, d driving riving w with ith m myy parents up Almaden Expressway parents Expressway on o our o ur way way to San JJose ose Ear Earthquakes thquakes defined portion off m myy ggames ames d am efined a ggood ood p ortion o ch hildhood. d This included st aring in n childhood. staring w wonder at the Bears every every time wee tturned urned tthat hat ccorner. orner. T he p lace w as aan n The place was iinstitution, nstitution, that that is, is, until until a few few years yearrs ag go when the landlord landlord destr oyed the t ago destroyed building b uilding iin n ffavor avor o off an n empty empty retail retail ccomplex omplex tthat hat w ill p robab bly n ever gget et will probably never rrented e ented out. Which is quintessentia quintessential al San S an JJose, ose, I guess guess.. off tthis I ccontemplated ontemplated aall ll o his while while iinfiltrating nfiltrating the the n newer ewer incarnation incarrnation of of the th he Bears at 1872 W W.. San C Carlos arlos St St.. IItt used used tto ob bee tthe he G Glass lass G Gecko, ecko, w which hich u used to b bee Bella Bella’s a’s Club Club.. A Att Bear’ Bear’s, s, M Meghan poured p oured me a fruit salad, and hypothetical, an nd we ccontemplated ontemplated a h yypothetical, tr ransdimensional,, historical historical voyage voyyagge transdimensional, the seemingly endless corridor d down corrid dor o Bascom Avenue Aveenue in search search h off South Bascom

off llegendary o egendarry d dive ive b bars ars tthat hat n no o llonger onger eexist. xist. F rom tthe he B earrs, iit’s t’s o nly a q uick From Bears, only quick stroll str oll to the corner corner of Bascom B om and San Basc Carlos, C arrlos, sso om myy tthoughts houghts jjust ust naturally naturallly w ander a ed in that dir ecction. wandered direction. Beginning at that intersection, in ntersection, w here A lex’s 4 9er IInn nn o ccupies where Alex’s 49er occupies ccloset loset 2241 2241 o off tthe he ap appropriately ppropriately named Business Circle, Circle, I envisioned en nvisioned v a sup supernatural ernatural journey journey southward south hwaard down Basc Bascom, om, all the w way ay to L Los os Gatos b fr om Gatos.. Ghosts of div divee bars from decades dec ades past emer emerged ged fr ffrom om the ether greet me.. to gr eet me In 19 1960, 60,, a plac placee ccalled alleed Hole in the Wall T Tavern aveern inhabited inhab bited 860 860 S S.. Bascom Basc om Ave. Ave. I w wasn’t aasn’t th there, here, ob obviously, viouslyy, but must Ass b ut it it m ust have have been been aawesome. wesome. A tthe he ffantasy aan ntassy continued, continued, I recalled recalled tthe he defunct dive, dive, Club Four, Fou ur, at 514 S S.. Bascom, next B ascom, rright ight n ext tto o tthe he ccelebrated elebrated Burbank porno porno theater. theateer. The bar went many tthrough hrough m an ny iincarnations. ncarrnations. A pickled pickled theree once Metro old drunk in ther oncce told me Met ro was propaganda. That’s w as ““left-wing left ft--wing p ropaggan anda.” T hat’s about ab out all I rremember. emember. If one soldiers on from from o there, there, the Murray’s appears. ghost of Murra ayy’s Bar so ssoon on app ears. Located decades S.. Basc Bascom, L ocated ffor or dec o ades at 1015 S om, Murray’s was neighborhood Murra ayy’s w aas a classic neighb n orhood

joint. Workers Workers ffrom rom V alley M ed joint. Valley Med regularly sshowed howed u p, ass d id employees employees regularly up, did Streetligght R eecords acr oss the rroad. oad. of Streetlight Records across If o ne p urchassed goods goods at at Streetlight Streetlight If one purchased d the bus afterward, afterward, and missed Murray’s was place kill Murray’s w ass a llogical ogicall p lacce tto ok ill time. Today, time. T oday, a vvacant acant lot lot sits sits where where Murray’s used be—a Murray’s u sed tto ob e—a defining defining visual visuall remnant cityy p policies. remnant of o San Jose Jose cit olicies. After more miles, Bascom After a ffew ew m ore m iles, B ascom then bores then b ores through through tthe he ggray ray aarea rea wheree San Campbell wher n JJose ose morphs into C ampbell and and Los Los Gatos. Gatos. Both Both Court’s Court’s Lounge Lounge and occupy 2425 and the the Escape Escap pe still still o ccupy 2 425 aand nd 2942 will 2942 S. S. Bascom, Bas ascom, respectively. respectively. They They w ill never neveer die. die. But do not But tthe he gghosts hosts d on ot sstop top appearing. ago, appearring. Twenty-five Twenty-five yyears ears ag go, tthe he Pot Saloon 2897 Pot Belly Salo S on highlighted 28 97 S. S. Bascom, Bascom, att Shamrock. Shamrock. A legendary legendary biker bar, biker b ar, iitt ffeatured eatured a gorgeous gorgeous yellow sign. was yellow sign n. And then there there w as the Korner Club, Korner C lub, llocated ocated at at Bascom Bascom and an nd Union. Union. nion Even farther Even far rther south,, as Bascom Bascom turns into Los Boulevard, in nto L os Gatos G Boulevard,, the ghost of a dive bar dive b ar called called Double Double Vision Vision llooms ooms on horizon. Formerly Bascom n the hor rizon. F ormerly the Basc om Lounge, Double Lounge, D ouble Vision Vision died died a natural natural death when was built. death w hen tthe he ffreeway reeway w ass b uilt. IItt sat where 855 n now plows sat rright ight w here 8 ow p lows tthrough hrough Los Boulevard. Theree was Los o Gatos Boule vard. Ther was a also Otto’s Garden Room, Ottto’s Gar d R den oom,, a notorious biker bar,, now the Boulevard biiker bar n Boulevard Tavern Tavern at Los at 15043 15043 L os Gatos Gatos Boulevard. Boulevard. I made made it Otto’s only once. was but it tto oO tto’s o nly o nce. I w as llegal, egall, b ut too too yyoung oungg to really o really fit in. As Boulevard As Los Los Gatos G Boulevard ends and turns Main Street turns tthe he ccorner orner iinto nto M ain S treet iin n downtown n Gatos, Gatos, one only has to wander wander a few few blocks blocks up up and an nd around around wheree the L Last Call the ccorner ornerr to wher ast C all used to be Basically, be (see photo). p Basic allyy, the Last Last Call was place one was Calll w ass the the p lace tto o ggo o aafter fter o ne w as cut off at every Los Gatos.. eveery other bar in L os Gatos Alas, Gatos Alas, G atos is is a place place where where folks folks hire hire chiropractors chiropracto ors ffor o or their poodles poodles and discuss discuss real real estate estate values values while while tthey hey get weekly place get ttheir heir w eekly ccolonics, olonics, sso oap lace like Last Call was never like tthe he L ast C as alll w as n ever ggoing oing tto o survive. survive. There were many more dives on There w ere m any m ore d ives o n Bascom and Bascom an nd Los Los Gatos Boulevard, Boulevard, which, inci incidentally, bee called identallyy, used to b called San Gatos San Jose–Los Jose–Los G atos Road, Road, sso o this this journey fantastic journey off the fant astic has only just begun. begun. Bring B iing on the Bri th ghosts! h t!

What What’s ’ss Your Your Favorite Dive Bar?

15 M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y



BARS & CLUBS going underground p16 tales from the club p22 Palo Alto, Menlo Park & Redwood City p30 Los Gatos p32 Fremont & Milpitas p32

Mountain View p34 Sunnyvale p35 Santa Clara p37 San jose p38 santana row p50

Cupertino p52 campbell p54 Los Gatos p55 saratoga p59 South County p59


B&C B& &C Confidential Confiidenttial I

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17 M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J U N E 1 5-2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

Searchlights, S earchlights, velvet velvet ropes ropes and an nd plastic- coated ďŹ&#x201A;yers plastic-coated ďŹ&#x201A;yers jammed jammed into into auto t window i d seals l are are as a passĂŠĂŠ as Hummer limos. limos. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s alll about about the secret secr et places, places, the back alleys, a ys, the alle rrooftops, ooftops, the nooks nooks and d crannies now now. w. Maybe M aybe yyouâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll ouâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be be asked asked to to w walk alk d down own tthe he hallway hallway that that leads lead ds to to tthe he sservice ervice bar b arr iin n the the k kitchen itchen at at S Sabor, abor, p past ast tthe he Lady L ady Gaga autograph. autograph. Or O ride the eelevator levator tto o tthe he C Capital ap pital C Club lub o on n tthe he 17th Floor, Floor, where where a me members-only mbers- only bar ccommands ommands a view view of the th he valle valleyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s yâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s east, north nor th h and d west. Maybe M aybe youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll ďŹ nd ďŹ nd out out ab about bout the hidden rooms rooms at P Paoloâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s or CB aolo Hanneganâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, H anneganâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, or or gget et invited invited to to an an event event at an exclusive exclusivve club like like the Sainte Clairee Club, Clair Club, the Silver Silver Creek C eek Valley Cr Valle a y )


K_\lgjkX`ijM@Giffd K_\ lgjkX X`ijM@G iffd XkJkl[`f/i\^lcXicp Xk Jkl[`f / i\^lcXicp _fjkjZ\c\Yi`kp^l\jkj _fjkj Z\c\ \Yi`kp ^l\jkj \Yi`kp ^l\jkj c`b\XZki\jj&gfiejkXi c`b\ XZki\ \jj&gfie jkXi JXj_X>i\pfe_\i >i\ JXj_X \pfe_\i cXgkfg Xe[E`Zb`D`eXa# Xe e[ E`Zb` D`eXa# n_fjkXi\[jkiX`^_k n_f jkXi\ \[ jkiX`^_k X_\X[Xe[jgfb\kfef X_\X[ Xe e[ jgfb\ kf ef fe\n_`c\Zfcc\Zk`e^X fe\ n_`c\ \ Zfcc\Zk`e^ X ,'#'''Xgg\XiXeZ\]\\# ,'#''' Xg gg\XiXeZ\ ]\\# Xe[c\]kY\_`e[XY`^ Xe[ c\]k Y\_`e[ Y XY`^ g`ebc`gjk`ZbjdffZ_fe g`eb c`gjkk`ZbjdffZ_ fe XZ_XdgX^e\^cXjj% X Z_XdgX X^e\ ^cXjj%

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y






tax revenues tax revenues shriveled. shriveled. The The enforcers enforcers did d id their their job job so so well, well, they they worked worked themselves themselv es out of a job. job b. Retirements, Retir e ements, layoffs la ayoffs and pay paay cuts followed. fo olllowed. It w was as a a second second act to o the late 1980s, 19 80s, when the city city council council o shut down d own tthe he aadult dult b businesses usinesses iin n what what became b ecame the SoF SoFA FA enter entertainment rtainment zzone. one. The The ccyclops yclops eeyeball yebal all w will, ill, n no o doubt,, next next ffocus ocus on th thinning hinning the ranks of ttax ax producing producing cannabis cannabis dispensaries. disp ensaries. W We’re e’re nott a se sex, x,, drugs aand nd rock rock & roll roll kind kind of of town, town, C City ity Hall seems to believe. believe. History H istory h has as ttaught aught u uss tthat hat prohibitions p rohibitions d don’t on’t w work, ork, an and nd tthe he parties p arrties just just m moved oved eelsewhere. lsewhere. S Some ome San S an JJose ose promoters promoters m moved oved tto oS San an n Francisco, Francisc o, Los Los Angeles or Las Las V Vegas, egas e , orr went o went iinto nto o other ther llines ines o off w work. ork. A lively liv ely nightlife nightliffe scen scen sprouted sprouted up in Campbell, C ampbell, where where lines lines spill spill out out the the door do or for for o sangria-swirled sangria-swirled d margaritas. margaritas. The T he Detox Detox p party arty m moved oved ffrom rom S San an n JJose ose to Milpit Milpitas, as, where where the cit city ty has thrown thr own out the welcome welcom me mat. Meanwhile, M ean nwhile, the the historic historic former former theater that Polly Polly Esthe Esther’s, er’s, C Cabana, abana, Glo G lo and and W Wet et p previously reviously o occupied ccupied is is

now being now being ttransformed ransformed into into a rock rock climbing gym. gym. y Club Miami is an Irish business development deevelopment center. center. The SoFA S oFA llandmark an ndmark that thatt once once housed housed the the Pussycat Puss ycat Theater Th heater before beffo ore becoming becoming the pioneer pioneering ring club F/X, F//X, X, then The Usual U suall and an nd later later A Angels ngels sits sits empty. empty. The The SoFA SoF AL Lounge oun nge (previously (previously Ajax and Beehive) Beehiv e) was was shuttered shuttered over over fire fire ccode ode iissues. ssues. The The Vault Vault U Ultralounge ltrallounge keeps keeps iits ts doors doors llocked. ocked. P Paradise aradise Beach Beacch Club Club —later Clu Club ub Wild Wiild and Ambassadors — has gonee silent as well. Maybe M aybe o one ne o off tthe he b budget udget crunchers crunchers aatt 2 200 00 E East ast S Santa anta C Clara lara Street Street will will get tired tired off cutting cutting workers’ workers’’ pay paay aand nd fi figure gure o out ut tthat hat a fun fun city city is is a prosperous p rosperous city. city. Closed Closed clubs clubs don’t don’t pay pa ay ttaxes axes an and nd the things that modern modern people p eople d do ow will ill ccontinue, ontinue, tthough hough iitt might m ight b bee iin n an another nother jjurisdiction urisdiction orr iin o nap private rivate vvenue, enue, w without ithout tthe he economic ec onomic benefits benefits that o occur ccur when tthe he synergies synergies of of urban urban life life are are allowed allowed to pla play ay out out.. Ass always, A always y , valle valleyy ffolks o olks manage to eenjoy njoy themselves, themselves, whichever whichever w way ay the the pendulum p endulum swings. swings. Party Party on!

C X[p>X^Xj`^e ej k_\ nXcc Xk JXYfii## YXZb `e k_ _\ [Xp p% CX[p>X^Xj`^ejk_\nXccXkJXYfi#YXZb`ek_\[Xp%

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M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J U N E 1 5-2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

I`Z ?`e\j _Xj Y\\e X Óokli\`e k_\ mXcc\pÊj e`^_kc`]]\ jZ\e\ ]fi[\ZX[\j% ?\ dXej  I`Z?`e\j_XjY\\eXÓokli\`ek_\mXcc\pÊje`^_kc`]\jZ\e\]fi[\ZX[\j%?\dXej k_\YXiXk K_\9Xeb`eJXiXkf^X#n_`Z_c`m\ejlgn_\e n i\jkXliXek jkX]]j k_\YXiXkK_\9Xeb`eJXiXkf^X#n_`Z_c`m\ejlgn_\ei\jkXliXekjkX]]j ZcfZbflk Xe[cffj\elgk_\`ile`]fidj% ZcfZbflkXe[cffj\elgk_\`ile`]fidj%

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y



Felipe Buitr B Buitrago ago



TTales Ta a es ale from fr rom the Club

;/, :;690,:;/(;4(2, ;/,  ;/,:;690,:;/(;4(2,;/, ::6<;/)(@µ:30=,4<:0* 6<;/ )(@µ: 30=,4<:0* 4(:;,9405+:(:2´>/(; 4(: ;,9405+:(:2 ´>/(; 1<:;/(77,5,+&µ 1<: ;/(77,5,+&µ By Steve Steeve Palopoli


AAFCCP>I<<E>@8EKA<CCP FCCP >I <<E>@ 8 E K A<CCPD`b\ D`b\9\Xi[i`^_k#Xcfe^j`[\fne\iD`b\ 9\Xi[ i`^_k#Xcfe^j`[\ fne\iD`b\ AX]Xi[` ##gifdfk`fej^lpXkk_\8mXcfe#i\d\dY\ijk_\e`^_kk_\j`e^\i gifdfk`fej^lpXk k_\8mXcfe# i\d\dY\ijjk_\ e`^_k k_\j`e^\i ]ifd>i\\eA\ccpZflc[eÊkÓe[_`jnXpkfJXekX:cXiX% ]ifd >i\\eA\ccpZflc[eÊkÓe[ _`j nXpkfJXekX :cXiX%

?< ?<I<8I<8IK@JKJ <I< 8I<8IK@JKJ n_fdXb\dlj`Z n_ _fdXb\dlj`Z `ek_\jZ\e\#Xe[ `e k_\ jZ\e\# Xe[ k_\ek_\i\Xi\ k_ \ek_\i\ Xi\ Xik`jkjn_fdXb\ Xik k`jkjn_f dXb\ k_\jZ\e\`kj\c]%9\ZXlj\ k_\ jZ\e\ \ `kj\c]%9\ZXlj\ dXb\efd`jkXb\XYflk`k# dXb\ efd`jkXb\ XYflk`k# Yi`e^`e^c`m\dlj`Zkfk_\ Yi`e^`e^ c`m\ dlj`Z kf c`m\ kf k_\ k_\ jkX^\`jXeXik%9\_`e[k_\ jkX^\ `jXe X Xik%9\_`e[ k_\ g\i]fidXeZ\jg\fgc\j\\ g\i]fidX XeZ\jg\fgc\j\\ fejkX^\`jXefk_\infic[ fejkX^\ `j Xefk_\infic[ f]M@GXZZ\jjÆgi`mXk\ f] M@G XZZZ\jjÆgi`mXk\ j_fnj#Z\c\Yi`kpile$`ej j_fnj #Z\ \c\Yi`kp ile$`ej Xe[fk_\ife\$f]$X$b`e[ Xe[ fk_\ii fe\$f]$X$b`e[ e`^_kjk_Xkdfjkg\fgc\ e`^_kj k_Xk dfjkg\fgc\ e\m\i_\XiXYflk% e\m\i _\X XiXYflk%

bi izarre demands to deal with,, and d bizarre tthey hey n ever k now w hen ssomeone’s omeone’s never know when dr rum set is going to go up in flames, flam mes, drum o omeone eelse lse m ight turn turn the the tables tables orr ssomeone might aand nd m ake tthem hem perform perform onstage, onstage, or or make eeven ven kick them out of their own club. c . club Se veral of the South Ba ay’ y s live live Several Bay’s m music masterminds,, past and present, masterminds preseent, were w ere willing willing to to give give a glimpse glimpse into into tthe he high high h highs ighs and an nd crazy crazy lows lows of of ttheir heir world, world, and an nd these these are arre their their best best sstories, tories, llong ong and an nd short, short, glorious glorious and and humiliating, hu umiliating, filthy filth hy and transcendent. transcendeent.

But B ut ffor or tthe he S South outh B Bay’s ay’s cclub lub owners, b owners, bookers, ookers, p promoters romoters an and nd producers, p roducers, tthis his eexclusive xclusive access access to what fans might m consider consider a gglamorous lamorous w world orld o off rock rock and and rrap ap p sstars tars has h ass p plenty lenty o off p pitfalls, itfaallls, too. too. T There here aare re bizarre b izarre aartists rtists aand nd ttheir heir eeven ven m more ore

One O ne ttime ime H Hayride ayride to to Hell Hell was was playing. pl laayying. Joey Joey Myers Myers w was as on drums, drums, aand nd h hee h had ad d the the H Hayride ayride logo logo on on his his kick k ick d drum. rum. He He had had d a light light inside inside there there w a blanket, with blanket,, and the light caught caugh ht the th he blank blanket et on fire. fire. So he he’s ’s playing, plaaying y g, aand nd tthere’s here’s ssmoke moke ccoming oming o out ut of of his his

TThat Guy Is o Fire! on


drums and he do esn’t even even realize realize it. doesn’t Ev ery time he w as kick king the Every was kicking kick drum, it would fuel fu uel the fire. fire. Someone ’s lik oey, yyour our drums ar Someone’s likee “J “Joey, aree on fire!” fire!”” And he was was a like liike “Thanks!”


One of m myy ffondest o ondest me memories emories is tthat hat w wee w were ere lucky lucky enough enough that that w wee negotiated n egotiated our our exit exit from from F F/X. /X. W Wee ggot ot to to pick pick the the day day and and the the time time we we were w ere ggoing oing tto o sshut hut down. down. Two Two days days before b effo ore we closed the cl club lub [in 1995], 1995], wee h w had ad d a wake. wake. It It was was invitation-only; invitation- only; wee h w had ad d a coffin coffin onstage. onstage. And And we we h had ad professional pr offeessional mourners mourners—we s—we didn’t didn’t tell aanybody, nybody, but but we we hired hired some some ac actors ctors from fr om Cit City ty Lights and S San Jose Jose Stage, Stage, aand nd I told told them, them, “I “I need need you you tto o be be o old ld IItalian talian n women women at at a wake. wake.” They They came came with the vveils—and eils—and the th he screeching screeching and cr crying. ying.

P eople ggot ot rreal eal ccreative. reattive. A ll w old People All wee ttold tthem hem iiss tthat hat iitt w ass a w ake aand nd tthey hey was wake needed to wear black. Which isn ’t isn’t h ard ffor or aan nF /X au udience—everything hard F/X audience—everything the i black. Onc ou got in, theyy own is Oncee yyou eeverything verythingg w as fr ee. W ally was free. Wee basic basically p ulled aall ll tthe he o ld b ooze o ut o he pulled old booze out off tthe ccloset; loset; p eople w ere d rinking ccrème rème d people were drinking dee menthe on n the rocks. rocks. IItt was wass o ne o he fi nest eevents vents II’ve ’ve one off tthe finest eever ver d one. IItt w as vvery ery rrespectful, espectful, iitt done. was w as vvery ery ttheatrical, heattrical, aand nd ffor or m ass was mee iitt w was a ggreat reat ccathartic atharrtic eevent. vent. B ecause tthis his Because h ad been been six six years yearrs of of my my life, life, and and after after had tthat hat I ccould ould llet et ggo. o. A nd iitt w as a vvery ery And was p ersonal p lace ffor or p eople. IItt w as tthe he personal place people. was fi rst al lternative cclub lub iin nS an JJose. ose. T he first alternative San The w hole ar rea iin n tthose hose d ays h ad a n ice whole area days had nice aalternative lternative ffeel eel tto o iit—between t—between u nd uss an and the C actuss and Ajax and Marsuggi’s, Marsuggi’s, Cactus those wer es wher ou went weree all plac places wheree yyou and it ffelt eelt lik llikee home home..



23 M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


THOMAS R THOMAS RAMON AMON AGUILAR, AGUILAR, UNGRAMMAR U NGRAMMAR P PRODUCTIONS RODUCTIONS I had b been een doing work at the SoFA SoFA Lounge L ounge w when hen tthey hey w were ere o open pen ffor or a couple couple yyears. ears. I got a ccall all fr from om a marketing m arketing company company o out ut o off N New ew York Y ork C City ity called called Cornerstone Cornerstone Marketing. M arrketing. They They throw throw a lot lot o off basically b assically sspeakeasy peakeasy eevents, vents, w where here tthey hey




It w as sp onsored b Hennessy, was sponsored byy Hennessy, sso o tthey hey ccame ame iin n and and decked decked out out MACLA, transformed MA CLA,, tr ransffo ormed it into a megacclub-lounge lub-lounge llook, ook, with with a gallery gallery on on was pretty amazing tthe he sside. ide. IItt w as p retty am mazzing how how other iitt tturned urned out. out. The The o ther ccool ool tthing hing hee d did iiss tthe he vvideo ideo ffor or tthe he ssong ong h id with with Maroon tthe he ccat at ffrom rom M arroon 5 [“Heard [“Heard ’’Em Em Say”]; S ay”]; tthey hey sshipped hipped in in the the storyboards storyboarrds video, ffor or that vid o deo, and we hung them up black-box u p aaround round tthe he b lack-box area area of of the the MACLA theater. MA CLA th heater. Hee iintroduced H ntroduced tthe he video, video, and and the the was because ccrowd rowd w as ccool, ool, b ecau use iitt wasn’t wasn’t a frenzy with their phone fr enzy of people people e ccameras amerass ttrying rying tto o get get a piece piece of of him. was packed house; was h im. IItt w as a p accked h ouse; iitt w as MACLA, Kanye West was aatt M ACLA, K anye W est w as iin n the the house; was one off tthose nights h ouse; iitt w as o as ne o hose n ights I’ll I’ll never only n ever forget. forget. Not Not o nly tthat, hat, but but he he was grateful w as vvery ery gr rateful that we hosted the party. did par ty. He di id a tour of the gallery, gallery, and he dug it.

8e[Af\p 8e[Af\p p IXdfe\Æ IXdfe\Æ Æ \m\ip \m\ipk`d p k`d d\ d\ \m\ipk`d\ _ c _\c\Xejfm\i _\c\Xej fm\i k_\]ifekf] k_\]ifek ] kf] k_\jkX^\ k_\jkX^\ k_ k ^\ The Ta Takedown akedown Xe[Y\e[j Xe[Y\e[ [Y [ [j JIMMY A ARCENEAUX, RCENEAUX, FORMER FORMER k_Xkd`ZZ`e k_Xkd`Z`e BOOKER, BOO KER, THE THE EDGE EDGE I tthink hink tthe he ffunniest unniest tthing hing tthat hat eever ver k_`jb`e[f] k_`jb`e[ [f] happened h ap pp pened tto om mee p pe personally rsonallly w while hile orking aatt tthe he E Edge dge w was as tthat hat II’d ’d gfn\ijkXeZ\# gfn\i jkkXeZ\# g gfn\ijk kXeZ\ wworking secured secur ed Ritc Ritchie chie Blackmor Blackmore’s e’s Rainb Rainbow, ow w, _\[iffcj _ [ cj _\[iffcj which w hich w was ass a b big ig d deal eal aatt tthe he ttime ime [1999]. [19 99]. I’ I’d d hear h heard d stories that he was was efejkfg horrible h orrible tto ow work ork w with, ith, aand nd tthat hat iitt w was ass entities.. ccollaborate ollaborate with ccorporate orporate entities They Kanye T hey were were working working with with K anye West second W eest during his sec ond d album, LLate ate Registration, R eegistration ation, in in 2005. 2005. He He had had jjust ust ggone one double platinum with the album, hee w was doing hee h had aand nd h as d oing a ttour, our, aand nd h ad a stop in San Jose. Jose. I had been been working at a MACLA MACLA aatt tthe he time, time, booking booking the the sspace pace for for And Kanye ccommunity-based ommunity-based eevents. vents. A nd K an nye theyy had requested requested that wherever wheerever the parties, bee eeither tthrew hrew tthe he p arrties, tthe he sspace pace b ither somebody’s someb ody’s loft or an art a t galler ar gallery, y, because b ecause he’s he’s an avid avid v ar artt ccollector. ollector. Long L ong stor storyy shor short, t,, we made m the deal d eall h happen appen tto op put ut tthe he p party arty o on n aatt MACLA. MA CLA. I had to b bee sp specific pecific ab about out tthe he cclientele lientele I ccould ould invite. invite. T They hey wanted w anted 75 percent percent of th the he cr crowd owd to b bee ffemale, emalle, and an nd tthey hey w wanted anted 3355 p percent ercent o off the males to be be dapper dapperr guys guys,, suit suit-and-andtie or just very very high fashion. fashion.

a llot ot o off b bad ad k karma, arma, w whatever. hatever. I w went ent ““You You know, know, II’m ’m ggoing oing tto o ssee ee h how ow iitt goes, go es, it shou should uld b bee ccool. ool.” So S oh hee sshows hows u up, p, and and of of course course he’s he’s ggot ot aan n eentourage ntouragge o off p people eople around arround him. h im. N Now, ow, b back ack iin n tthe he d day ay w when hen w wee weree doingg shows, wer shows, I would always alwayys bee at the ba b backstage ackstage st stairs airs with a flashlight, fl ashlight, sso o tthe he ar artist rtist knew knew that that Iw was as tthere, here, ’’cause cause m most ost booking booking aagents, gents, yyou ou don’t don’t ssee ee tthem hem the the night of thee show, show, not traditionally aanyway. nyway. A Anyway, nyway, I’m I’m a huge huge Ritchie Ritchie Blackmore B lackmore fan. fan. He’s He’s one one of of the the guitar guitar players p layers tthat hatt m made ade me me want want to to play play gguitar, uitarr, h him im an and nd A Ace ce F Frehley. rehley. S So o iitt w was as a big deal ffor o me to ha or have ave him ther there. e. The band d ccame ame in and ssoundchecked, oundchecked, and and of of course course Ritchie Ritchie didn’t didn ’t ccome omee ’til right before beffo ore the show. show w. Ritchie comes com mes out to go onstage, onstage, rright? ight? H He’s e’s sstanding tanding there there and an nd he’s he’s got got his classic white w Strat and he’s he’s dressed dressed )


M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J U N E 1 5-2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

TALES A ES FROM ROM THEE CLUB Hangin’ Wit With th Kanye



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M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


=8DFLJ=C8D< = 8 DFLJ =C 8 D<:f :fi\pFÊ9i`\ef]k_\9cXeb:clYnXkZ_\[?Xpi`[\ fi\pFÊ9i`\e 9 f]k_\9cXeb :clY nXkZ_\[?Xpi`[\ =ifd?\ccÊjAf\pDp\ijglkfeXjdfb`eÊj\kÆc`k\iXccp% =ifd ?\ccÊj Af\pDp\ \ijglk fe X jdfb`eÊj\kÆc`k\iX Xccp p% all in black—Ritchie black k— —Ritchie Blackmore B Blackmor e is llike ike 2 feet feet iin n ffront ront o off me. me. I was wass sso o eexcited, xcited, I lleaned eaned o over, ver, an aand nd I went went tto o ssay, ay, “Mr. “Mr. Blackmore, Blackmore, it’s it’s a pleasure pleasure tto o have ha ave yyou ou pla play ay the club club, b, I’m a big fan.” halfway I got half fway through through the sentence, sentence, three and thr ee pairs of hands hand ds from from behind behind picked me pick ed me up off the th he ground, ground, kicked open backstage door k icked o pen tthe he b acckstage access acccess d oor alleyway aand nd threw threw me me out out into into the the al lleyway behind Edge.. I’ve b ehind the Edge I’ve got g scrapes scrapes on myself m yyself fr from om hitting hittttingg the th he ground gground so hard, har d,, and I’m sho shocked. cked d. So I ran ar around ound the corner, corner, I ggrabbed rabbed my my security security guy, guy, and and I’m I’m ttalking allking to to this this gigantic gigantic Swedish Swedish dude dude who’s who ’s with Ritchie Bla Blackmore, ackmore, the gguy uy m must ust be be 6-foot-5. 6-foot-5. I’m I’m not not vvery ery ttall, alll, aand nd I’m I’m poking poking him him in in the the chest chest going “I’m the guy who wh ho pays paays y you you att the the eend nd of of the the night, night, why’d why’d they they pick up p ick me me u p and and throw throw me me out out of of the the building?” b uilding?” And And he he goes, goes, “Nobody “Nobody Richie.. Nobody. likee ttalks alks to Richie Nobody dy.” I was was lik “Okkkkay. “Okkkk ay.” That was was that. th hat. I got thrown thr own out of my my own n club. club. The part T he ffunniest unniest p art was was I was was sso o mad, I was waas jumping up p and down. You Y ou o know those old ccartoons a toons with ar Yosemite Sam? was Y osemite S am m? I w as jumping jumping up up likee that, screaming, and down lik scrreaming,

b ecause I w as jjust so aghast, g , lik e, what because was like, jjust ust h ap ppened? D id tthis his rreally eallly jjust ust happened? Did happ en? happen?


Wee had on W one ne rider fr from om this band Urgahol, U rgahol, a b black-metal lack-metal b band and o out ut o off Europe. E urope. P Part art o ar off ttheir heir rrider ider [[clause clause in their ccontract] on ntract] w was as the theyy w wanted anted a pint p int o off b blood. lood. Little Little d did id tthey hey k know now I used u sed tto ow work ork aatt a b butcher utcher sshop. hop. I ggot ot them ttwo wo quar quarts. ts. I went to the plac placee Iu used sed tto ow work, ork, A Antipasto’s, ntipasto’s, aand nd ssaid aid ““Hey Hey G Gino, ino, I n need eed b blood. lood.” H Hee w was as llike ike “What ar aree yyou ou ttalking alking ab about?” out?” I don don’t ’t think t the they’d y’d eever ver had anyone an nyone act actually tually get it ffor or o them, them because b ecau use w when hen I ssaid, aid, ““Here’s Here’s ttwo wo quarts q uarrts o off b blood lood ffor or you you guys, guys,” tthey hey were w ere llike, ike, ““What?” What?” I ssaid, aid, ““Yeah, Yeah, I brought br ought th the he blo blood od ffor or yyour o o our rider rider..” They T hey sseemed eemed sshocked hocked tthat hat I aactually ctuallly )


27 M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


TALES ES FROM RO THEE CLUB got it for for o them. But they th hey used it. Their Thei whole w hole thing, thing, we we found found out, out, was wass tthey hey wanted w anted to put it on their th heir bodies bodies and llet et it it dry, dry, so so when when they’d they’d go go onstage onstagge aand nd start start sweating, sweating, it’d it’d look look like like real real blood. b lood. It It made made the the place place smell smell kind kind of funk funky. y.


26 N8B<D<N?<E   @KÊJFM<I=`cDXi\jZX k_i\nXgifg\inXb\ n_\e=&OZcfj\[% 


Felipe Buitrago

In 2002, In 2002, Wesley Wesley Willis Willis played played the the Los Los Gatos Outhouse Outhouse,, It was was a six dollars. dollars. Wesley W eesley W Willis iillis was was fairly fairlly established established at that h time i as an artist artis ist and da musician—this w was aas a couple couple years years before b effor o e he died. I b booked ooked e the show show, w, but I didn’t didn’t entirely entirely know kn now what I was w as get getting ttting myself myself into. into o. I had heard heard tthe he stories stories about about the the larger-than-life larger-than-life ffellow ellow tthat hat was was going going to to come come down down and play plaay at this tiny tin ny teen teeen center center behind b ehind a high high school, school, on on a sstage tage that that we built ourselv ourselves es over over the weekend, week keend, out of stuff fr from om Home Hom me Depot. Depot. I got got the the rrider, ider, and an nd usually usually I cross cross off all the riders always. always y . Green Green M&Ms, M &Ms, whatever whatever it it is, is, I just just ccross ross al all ll that off off. ff. His was was very very simple, s simple , it was was milk. like, ttwo wo ccartons artons of soy soy mil k. I was was lik e, soyy milk? But that that’s so ’s what wh hat it was, was, he wanted w anted water water and soy soy milk,, and a llittle ittle takeout. takeout. I ended ended up up buying buying him him Taco T aaco Bravo. Braavo. Hee ccame out, H ame o ut, and and he he was was very very ccool ool and an nd soft-spoken, soft-spoken, until until he he said said ““Headbutt!” Head dbutt!” I’m I’m like, like, “What?” “Whatt?” ““He He said “Headbutt!” “Headbuttt!”” I said d “Uh,, okay. okay.” And A nd then then he he head head butted butt tted me me with with h his is fforehead, orehead d, w which hich h hee h had ad a bruise bruise o on n from fr om pr probably obably head bu butting uttting t the 30 or 40 thousand p people eople before beffo ore me. me. It w was as in a lo loving ving way, way, though. though h. His first song w was aas called called a “Osama bin Laden. Laden.” This is a year year e after 9/11. The first bin T he fi rst lyric lyric was wass like like “Osama “Osama b in Laden, L aden,, why wh hy are are you you such su uch a bad guy?” Everyone went was E veryone w ent ccrazy. razy. The The show show w as legendary. the legendar y. We We had to squeegie s windows, w indows, because because we we were were sold sold out out aand nd the the windows windows all alll fogged fog o ged up, up, and an nd were orr ffour hundred tthere here w ere tthree hree o our h undred people p eople up against the windows trying trying to get a glimpse of thiss guy. guyy.

Truthh in Advertising Adver rtising LARRY T LARRY TRUJILLO, RUJILLO, FORMER FORMER BOOKER, BOO KER, R TH THE EB BLANK LANK C CLUB LUB Back in eit either her 20 2003 03 or 2004, 2004,, it was was a one of the early shows at the Blank Club, C lub, tthere here w was ass tthis his one one aartist rtist ccalled alled Extreme Extr eme Elvis. Ellvis. The reason reason he’s he’s called called Extreme E xtreme Elvis Elvis is is n not ot just just because because he he ttakes akes things thinggs to extremes, extremes, but b because ecause tthis his guy guy weighs weighs 275, 275, 300 300 pounds—he’s pounds—he’s rreally, eallyy, really reallly big. big. He do does es a very very offoff ff-ccolor olor E Elvis lvis b bit, it, tto o ssay ay tthe he lleast. east. And And theree was ther waas this t old guy who used to go to all the Blank B Club shows, shows, probably probably about about 60 years years old—he old—he u used sed tto o be theree no mat ther matter m tter t what. This Ext Extreme treme Elvis guy guy, y, he st starts arts ttaking aking all his h clothes off off, ff,, that that’s ’s


The Switche Switcheroo eroo

BARBARA W BARBARA WAHLI, A AHLI, P PROMOTER, PR OMOTER, BARB B ARB R ROCKS OCKS A llittle ittle o over ver three three yyears ears ag ago, go, o one ne of the bands made me go onstage onstage with w ith tthem hem tto o ssing. ing. T They hey ffound ound out out Ik new tthe he llyrics yrics tto o tthe he D ram marram ma knew Dramarama ssong ong ““Anything Anything Anything” Anything” tthat hat tthey hey ccovered. overed. So I went onstage onsttage terrified, and glued to one spot, spot, and I sang with P oint 33. Point I’d I’ d done the o occasional ccasion nal k karaoke, araoke, b ut I n ever tthought hought o oice as as but never off m myy vvoice ssomething omething people people sshould hould b bee h hearing earing iin n a ssong. ong. It It was wass kind kind of of terrifying terrifyying att first, fi rst, then then it it was was fun fun tto od do, o, sso oId don’t on’t m ind sso om uch an nymore. T he w orst mind much anymore. The worst is w watching atching the videos afterwards, a after wards, where yyou ou see yyourself ourselff and yyou’re ou’re where likee “Oh Go lik God, d, wh why hy am I doing this?” I wouldn wouldn’t ’t sa say ay I get b better. etttter. I lo look ok less tterrified errified o onstage. nstage. S So o ssince ince tthen, hen, eevery very yyear ear on my my birthday birthdaay I sing s with a band.

I Wanna Be Sedated

CHRIS E CHRIS ESPARZA, SPARZA, P PROMOTER, ROMOTER, LEFT L EFT C COAST OAST LIVE LIVE ed at One Step Beyond, I work worked B yond,, it Be was w ass my my fi first rst n nightclub ightclub job. job. I w was ass a bouncer, b ouncer, d doorman oorman n an and nd tthen hen m manager an nagger of securit security. ty. We’re We’re talking talkin ng ’87, ’877, ’8 ’89. 9. My first da day ay on the job job,, ther there’s e’s a cconcert oncert II’m ’m ssupposed upposed tto ow work ork tthat’s hat’s Megadeth M egadeth an and nd tthe he R Ramones. amones. T They hey put p ut m mee in in tthe he b barricade arrricad de b between etween all all of the crowd crowd and the Ramones. R Ramones . I’m in

barricade, tthe he ccenter enter of of the the b arricade, people people are are over myy head,, the band and the flying o ver m are people off rroadies oad dies ar re tthrowing hrowing p eople o ff the the matter sstage, tage, yyelling elling aatt me. me. No No m atter how how hard maybe h ard I ttry, ry, II’m ’m ggetting etting m aybe half half of of And Ramone—hair over tthem. hem. A nd JJoey oey R aam mone—hair o ver his head, his h is h ead d, ccan’t an’t ssee an ee h is fface—every ace— every hee lleans over off tthe ttime ime h eans o ver tthe he ffront ront o he and bends sstage tage an nd b ends tthat hatt mic mic in in this this kind kind off p power hee d drools nonstop o ower sstance, tance, h rools n onstop because b ecause he’s h ’s so high he hi h or messed d up something.. Literally Literally, on meds orr something y, I’m underneath—for underneath h—ffo or an hour. hour. And I move. trying job,, ccan’t an’t mo ve. I’m tr ying to do my my job getting rained get tting t rain ned on by by Joey Joey Ramone. Ramone. It was byy fir fire. w as trial b e.

Be Your Youur Own Rock Star S

MIKE BEA MIKE BEARD, ARD, PR PROMOTER, OMOTER, M MAN AN DOWN D OWN P PRODUCTIONS RODUCTIONS Over the Over the years years there’s there’s b been een ssome ome rreally eally good good stories stories,, but this one st stands ands out. o ut. IItt w was as llast asst yyear. earr. T There here w was as a b band an nd back b ack in in the the early early ’’90s 90s called callled Green Green JJelly. elly. T They hey h had ad d a big big video video hit hit called called ““Three Three L Little ittle Pigs. Pigs.” They They hit hit me me up up last yyear ear to come come through through the A Avalon. vvalon. Ik knew new who who tthey hey w were, ere, an and nd tthat hatt I ccould ould put lo local ocal bands on with them. The T he b band an nd w was as rreally eally ccool, ool, tthe he ttour our manager m an nagger w was as rreally eally ccool, ool, b but ut tthe he ssinger inger would would call call me me up up and and he he was wass rreally eally specific specifi fic about about things he rreally eally needed.. H He’d mee once needed e’d ccall all m once a week week up up show. until the sh how w. The T he b band and sshows hows u up p at at the the Avalon Avalon and sets up p their gear, gear, and the singer’s singer’s not ther there. e. The T singer called called me and tthe he ttour our m manager anager al all ll through through the the night g sa saying, ayying, “I’m on m myy way. way. I’m ccoming oming from from m Bakersfield. Bakersfield. I’ll be be tthere. here.” W Well, ell, h hee eended nded u up pn not ot sshowing howing up ffor o or the show sshow. w. T Tom o om the tour manager went w up on st stage age and said, ““Hey, Hey, II’m ’m ssorry; orry; tthe he singer singer is is broken broken down on High H Highway hway 5.” But the rrest est of the band was was there, there, they’d the y’d ccome ome up fr from om L.A. with all ttheir heir ggear, ear, an aand nd tthey hey w were ere rreally eally disappointed, disapp ointeed, to too. o. But then a guy by by tthe he n name ame o off Danny Danny Shipman, Shipman n, who who was w as a big Gr G Green een JJelly elly fan, jumped jumped up onstage onstage and sang “Three “Three Little Littttle Pigs” P igs” with with tthe he b band. and. So So we we ended ended up u ph having aving people people ffrom rom tthe he aaudience udience ccome ome up up and an nd sing sing G Green reen JJelly elly songs. songs. It It made it a rreally e eally ccool ool night.

M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J U N E 1 5-2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

where where it starts starts getting getttting rreally eally craz crazy. y. This par ticular night, though, th hough,, he particular sstarted tarrted p pissing issing ffrom rom tthe he sstage tagge iinto nto tthe he aaudience. udience. Of course, course, everybody everybody back ed up in horr or, lik ke “Holy shit !” backed horror, like shit!” E xcept ffor or tthe he o ne o ld d ude. A nd Except one old dude. And not only was was he standing standin ng dir ectly in directly tthe he sstream tream o t, but but h as ac ctually off iit, hee w was actually d ancing and and ttwirling wirling around around while while dancing tthis his was was going going on. on. We We were were horrified horrified tthat hatt tthis his guy guy was wass pissing pissing iin no ur our cclub—not lub —not o nly tthat, hat, b ut o n ttop op o only but on off this guy y—but — it w as hil larious. So at guy—but was hilarious. tthe he eend nd o he n ight, w aid h im aand nd off tthe night, wee p paid him eeverything, verything, but but w aid, ““You You k now wee ssaid, know w hat, d ude, if if you’re you’re ever ever going going tto o what, dude, p lay h ere ag gain, yyou’ve ou’ve got got to to come come in in play here again, h ere an nd cclean lean this this up. up.” S oo ne of of h is here and So one his danc ers actually mopp e up ffor ed or us o dancers mopped us..













Albert A lbert Br Bracamonte acamonte III

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


9FKKC<K<JK<;8E;I<8;P 9 FK KC< K<JK<; 8 E; I <8 ;P 8kIl[pÊjGlY#YXik\e[\ijJXmXe@gXekq 8k Il[pÊj GlY Y## YXiik\e[\ij JXmXe @gXekq c\]k Xe[KiXm`j9ifneglk\m\ip[`^`kkfnfib% Xe[ KiXm`j 9ifn ne glk\m\ip [`^`k kf nfib%

ANTONIO’S ANT ONIO’S N NUT UT HOUSE 321 S. C California alifornia A Ave., ve., P Palo alo Al Alto; to; 650.321.2550. TThe he air ho hockey, ckey, ffoosball oosball and pool tables make this a ppopular opular after-work spot ffor or Facebook and Groupon Groupon empoyees.

BRITISH BRIT ISH BANKERS BANKERS R CL CLUB UB 1090 El Camino Caamino Real, Men Menlo nlo P Park; ark; 650.327.8769. 650.327 7..8769. Housed in a turn-of-thecentury building, British Bankers Bannkers CClub lub is a destination for for dedicated alcohol allcohol connoisseurs. FFeatures eatures D DJJ sounds sounds from from LLatin atin to to European European House, plus piano jazz some some Fridays.

EMPIRE GRI EMPIRE GRILL LL A AND ND TAP T AP R ROOM OO OM 651 Emerson nS St., t., P Palo alo Al Alto; to; 650.321.3030. Born during the t IInternet nternet boom and now drinking its way w through through the social media bubble,, Empire Empir p re Tap Tap ap Room Room a Palo Palo Alto Alto institution.

GORDON G ORDON BI BIERSCH ERSCH 640 Emerso Emerson on S St., t., P Palo alo Al Alto; to; 650.323.7723. A longtime staple s for for brew brew lovers.

THE TH E HANKY HANKY N PANKY P ANKY DESEO DE SEO T TEQUILA EQUILA 851 Main St., St., Redwood City; C 650.366. 1333. TThe he wall bbehind ehind the bar 650.366.1333. section of this high-ceiling high-ceilinng lounge is lined with hundr eds of different differennt tequilas. An An hundreds adjoining room room serves serves as a dance hall wher DJs pump LLatin atin beats. wheree live DJs

2651 El Camino Cam mino Real, Redwood City; 650.366.40 31. A n adul bar, 650.366.4031. An adultt club with full bar, low lights and annd big-screen big-screen TVs. T Vs.

IILLUSIONS LLUSIO ONS SUPPER SUPPER CLUB CLUB 260 S. C California alifornia A Ave., ve., P Palo alo Al Alto; to; 650.321.6447. 650.321.644 47. LLive ive DJs DJs spin electronica electronica



Â&#x2DC; %%1706+0) Â&#x2DC; 75+0'55 Â&#x2DC; 0).+5*   Â&#x2DC; #6*#0&/14'

n o i t a r t s Regi s June 6 open


Classes begin June 27 5BIJUJ'Ă?UFPG4BO+PTF




M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

Take a summer class without losing your summer Most classes run just 6 weeks


M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y





and hip-hop for for younger crowds crowds on the weekends.

LA BODE BODEGUITA GUIT TA DE D DEL L MEDIO 463 C California alifornia A Ave., ve., P Palo alo o Al Alto; to; 650.326.77 62. P art CCuban uban n restaurant, restaurant, part 650.326.7762. Part cigar lounge, the rear rear portion porrtion boasts a smoking lounge and a walk-in waalk-in humidor. humidor.


FIRST AND FIRST A MAIN MAIN SPORTS SPORTS LOUNGE L OUNGE 397 Main S St., t LLos t., os Al Altos; tos; 650.949.1380 650.949.1380

LOS L OS ALTOS AL LTOS GRILL GRILL LA LAVANDA AVA ANDA RE RESTAURANT STAU A RANT & WI WINE NE B BAR AR 185 University A Ave., ve., P Palo alo o Al Alto; to; 650.321.3514. An upscalee bar and rrestaurant estaurant with a courtyard courtyaard that features features New Orleans food food and architecture. architectur c e. Jazz performers perf ormers on the weekends. weekends.

MARTINS MA RTINS W WEST EST 831 Main St., St., Redwood City; C 650.366.4366. A casual dining d place that ser ves quality Scottish dishes; disshes; the 80-plus serves whiskeys bring in experienced experieenced drinkers.

OLD OL DP PRO RO 5441 Ramona S 541 St., t., P Palo alo Al Alto; t 650.326.1446. to; 650.326.1446. Not to mention a mechanical mechannical bull.

233 Thir Third dS St., t., LLos os Al Altos; tos; 650.948.3524. 650.948.3524. An upscale grill with a strong strong bar. bar.

MALTBY’S MA LTBY’S Y 101 Plaza North, N LLos os Al Altos; tos; 650.917.8777 650.9177.8777 .

FREM FREMONT MONT &M ILPITAS MILPITAS HOOTERS HOO TERS 3340 Mowry Mowrry Ave., Ave., Fremont; Fremont; 510.797.9464. 510.7977..9464. The appeal of minimally clad servers servers cannot be underestimated. underestimated.

ROSE R OSE AND C CROWN ROWN PU PUB B 5447 Emerson S 547 St., t., P Palo alo Al Alto; lto; 650.327.7673. 650.3277..7673. YYoung, oung, casual crowds crowds pack pacck this British pub nightly.. It serves nightly serves more more than thaan 120 types of beer attracts students students and tech types. beer,, and attracts




117 University A Ave., ve., P Palo alo Al Alto; to; 650.329.0922. Dark and loud, Rudy’s brings in locals and the Stanford Stanford crowd. crowd.

3714 P Peralta eraltaa Blvd., Fremont; Fremont; 510.739.1028. 510.739. 10228.

42011 Boscell Bosceell Road, Fremont; Fremont; 510.979.04 47777. The venerable venerable Country 510.979.0477. & Western Western Bar B sometimes expands to include notable notaable touring acts like Jason Bonham ’s Le ed Zeppelin EExperience. xperience. No rreal eal Bonham’s Led man should leave without testing himself against the mechanical bull.

SCOTTY’S SC OTTY’S 548 Emerson S St., t., P Palo alo A Alto; lto; 650.561.4929. A small, casual bar mostlyy for for locals. DJs on occasion.

TRADER TR ADER V VIC’S IC’S 4269 El C Camino amino Real, P Palo a Al alo Alto; to; 650.849.9800. The tiki tradition tradition lives on in this edition of the franchise, franchise, complete with a Mai Tai Taai Lounge. Lounge.

TEQUILA SH TEQUILA SHOTS OTS BAR B AR & GR G GRILL ILL 38 N. Main St., St., Milpitas; 408.262.7468. 408.262.7468. Aft a revamp, After revamp, Tequila Tequila e il Shots Sh t replaced replaced l d Milpitas karaoke karaoke a Looney’s mainstay Goose Looney’s in April of 2011. 2011. The look and vibe are are newer m are more more newer,, the menu and liquor are South-of-th e-border, but the karaoke karaoke South-of-the-border, soldiers on.



33 M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y





>@M<D<PFLIGFLIJ#PFLIDL;;C<;D8JK<IG@<:<J > @ M < D< PFLI GFLIJ# PFLI DL;;C<; D 8 JK<I G@<:<J8k 8kQ\e Q\e Cfle^\#:_XipcC\Zi\Xk\jd`o\[$[i`ebdXim\cjn`k_Yfk__Xe[j% Cfle^\#:_XipcC\ Zi\ \Xk\j d`o\[$[i`eb dXim\cj n`k_ Yfk_ _Xe[j%



736 W. W. Dana St., St., Mountain Mountain View; 650.968.3007. 650.968.3007 7. The The activee Latin Latin club teaches salsa and tango, and features features rregular egular nights of bachata and rock rock en español.

400 C Castro astro St., St., Mountain View; 650.940.9500. 650.940.95 00. TThe he club hosts regular regular acoustic jazz, jazz, folk folk and Latin Latin nights.


2534 Old M Middlefield iddlefield W Way, ayy, Mountain View; 650.940.9838 650 9 650.9 940 9838 940.9838

881 El C Camino amino Real, Mountain Mou untain View; 650.965.3100

KING KI NG OF F CLUBS CLUBS 893 Leong Drive, Mountain View; 650.968.6366 650.968.63 66

Albert A lbert Br Bracamonte acamonte III

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y



MOLLY M OLL LY MA MAGEES GEES IIRISH RISH PUB 241 Castro 241 Castro St., St., Mountain View; V 650.961.0108

767 N. Mathilda 767 Mathilda Ave., Ave., Sunnyvale; 408.2 45.87777 408.245.8777

BEEFY’S B EEFY’S C CABIN ABIN MONTE M ONTE C CARLO ARLO 228 Castro Castro St., St., Mountain View; 650.998. 1500. TThe he emphasis emphaasis is on Latin Latin 650.998.1500. music on two floors.

693 Grape Grape Ave., Ave., Sunnyvale; 408.736.7141 408.736.71441

BLUE BL UE BONNET BON O NET 208 S. Fair Oaks O Ave., Ave., Sunnyvale; 408.2 45.665 51 408.245.6651

OFFICE O FFICE BAR BAR 820 E. El Camino Camino Real, Mountain Mountain View; 650.969.2098

BLUE BL UE MAX MA AX 828 W. W. El Camino Camino a Real, Sunnyvale; 408.746.9500 408.7 46.950 00

JL;=8ID J L; =8 I D 9Xib\\gD`Z_\cc\=Xlk_glccjk_\kXgjXk9\\]pÊj:XY`e% 9Xib\\gD`Z_\cc\ \ =Xlk_ glccj k_\kXgjXk9\\]p pÊj :XY`e%

ST. S T. STEPHEN’S STEPHEN’S G GREEN R EN RE 223 Castro Castro St., St., Mountain View; 650.964.9151. A Ann Irish Irish pubb with regular regular comedy open-mic nights (Tuesdays) (Tuuesdays) and a D works. DJJ competition in the works.




948 W. W. El Camino Camino Real; 408.736.8585 408.736.85 585

115 Plaza Dr., Dr., Sunnyvale; Sunnyvaale; 408.744.9800. 408.744.9800. TThis his modest lounge, located located between a strip club and homes, has h comfortable comfortable leather booths for for larger largeer parties, and a classic lounge singer midweek. m

1209 Wildwo Wildwood ood Ave., Ave., Sunnyvale; 408.245.2800 408.2 45.280 00

SHORELINE S HORELINE BI BILLIARDS LLIARDS 1400 N. Shoreline Shoreline Blvd. Suite Suite C-1, C-1, Mountain View; 650.964. 650.964.0780 0780

N Neighborhood eighborhood bar

THE T HE B BRASS RASS R RAIL AIL 160 Persian Persian Drive, Sunnyvale; 408.734.1454 408.734. 14544

SPORTS SP ORTS PAGE PAGE 1431 Plymouth St., St., Mountain Mounttain View; 650.961.1992 650.961. 1992

TIED H TIED HOUSE OUSE C CAFÉ AFÉ AND BREWERY B REWERY 954 Villa S St., t., Mountain View; Viiew; 650.965.2739. O ne of the valley’s y first and One most popular brew brew pubs features featur e es lots of special-price nights for for itss signature signature beers.

XANH RESTAURANT RESTAU A RANT A 110 C Castro astro S St., t., Mountain View; V 650.964. 1888. 650.964.1888.

ZEN ZE N LOUNGE LOUNGE 251 Castro Castro St., St., Mountain View; 650.969.4847 650.969.484 47

CHEETAHS CHEETAHS GENTLEMEN’S CLUB G ENTLEMEN’S C LUB 907 E. Arques Arquees Ave., Ave., Sunnyvale; 408.733.262 28 408.733.2628

LILL LILLY LY MA MAC’S C’S IIRISH RISH B BAR AR AND A RESTAURANT R ESTA AURANT 187 S. Murphy Ave., Ave., Sunnyvale; 408.732.0200. IIrish rish dance sessions on TTuesdays, uesdays uesdays, u weekends plus bands on weekends.

102 E. Fremont Fremont Blvd., Sunnyvale; S 408.962.6690

LION L ION & C COMPASS OMPASS 1023 N. Fair Oaks Ave., Ave., Sunnyvale; 408.745.1260 408.7 45.1260

MURPHY’S MU RPHY’S LAW LA AW IRISH IRISH PUB PU UB FAULTLINE B FAULTLINE BREWING REWING COMPANY C OMPAN NY 1235 Oakmead Oakmead Pkwy., Pkwyy.., Sunnyvale; 408.736.2739. 408.736.273 39. TThe he brew brew pub schedules eclectic (from (from m New New Orleans Orleans jazz to acoustic rreggae) eggae) acts on the weekends.

135 S. Murphy Ave., Ave., Sunnyvale; 408 736 3822 408.736.3822

FRENCH QUA FRENCH QUARTER RTER CABARET C ABARE ET 195 S. Murphy Murph hy A Ave., ve., Sunnyvale; 408.773.8700 408.773.870 00

QUARTER QUA RTER N NOTE OTE T 1214 Apollo Way, Wayy, Sunnyvale; Sunn nyvale; 408.732.2110. TThe he clubb has recently recently boosted its culinary profile profile o with the addition of a barbecue section called Mac’s Mac ’s by the Tracks. Tracks.

ROOSTER R OOSTER T. T. FEATHERS FEAT THERS OASIS O ASIS 952 E. El Camino Camino Real, Sunnyvale; 408.738.9957

FIBBAR FI BBAR MA M MAGEES GEES IIRISH RISH PUB 156 S. Murphy Murph hy Ave., Ave., Sunnyvale; 408.749.8373 408.7 49.83773


THE T HE P PATIO ATIO B BAR AR 948 El C Camino amino Real, Sunnyvale; 408.245.1250 408 408.2 245. 45 1250

PAUL P AUL AND H HARVEY’S ARVEY’S 130 S. Murphy Ave., Ave., Sunnyvale; 408.736.5770

157 W. W. El C Camino amino Real, Reall, Sunnyvale; 408.736.0921. A majorr showcase for for touring standups.

ST. S T. JOHN’S BAR BAR & GRILL GRILL 510 Lawrence Lawrence Expwy., Expwyy.,., Sunnyvale; 408.738.8515

SPORTY’S SP ORTY’S BI BIKINI KINI BAR BAR 1053 E. El Camino Camino Real, Reaal, Sunnyvale; 408.246.3624 408.2 46.3624



M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J U N E 1 5-2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

236 Castro Castro S St., t., Mountain View; 650.938.2968


Honda D Dumitriu umitriu


M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y





Seafood ood

Premium Premium Aged Aged Steaks Steaks

Seasonal Seasonal Specialities Specialities

KI8M<CFEKF8M8CFE K I 8M <C FEKF8M8 CFEJXekX JXekX:cXiXÊjY`^^\jkdlj`Zm\el\ :cXiXÊjjY`^^\jk dl lj`Z m\el\  `j ljXccpdfi\Zifn[\ \[ k_Xek_`j% `jljXccpdfi\Zifn[\[k_Xek_`j%



2103 Scott Blvd, Santa Clara; Clara; 408.249.9991 408.2 49.9991

1251 Franklin Franklin n Mall, Santa Clara; Clara; 408.248.4682 408.2 48.468 82



777 Lawr Lawrence ence Expwy Expwy., y.., Sa Santa nta Clar Clara; a; 408.241.0777. entertainment 408.2 411.07777. TThe he top ent ertainment Avalon builtt venue in SSanta anta CClara, lara, the A valon has buil up an eclectic mix of live acts a with some big names on tour. tour.

3200 The Alameda, Alameda, Santa Clara; Clara; 408.296.6024 408.296.602 24




THE T HE L LOUNGE OU UNGE 2368 Pruneridge Prunerridge Ave., Ave., Santa Clara; Clara; 408.244.4600 408.2 44.460 00

2531 Newhall St., St., Santa Cla Clara; ara; 408.2 408.244.0293 44.0293

MARIANI’S M ARIANI’S IINN NN BLINKY’S B LINKY’S C CAN’T AN’T S SAY AY 1031 Monroe Monroe St., St., Santa Clara; Cllara; 408.985.7201. TThe he club hosts hoosts regular regular Friday-night shows with local loocal rock rock and blues bands. bands

2500 El Camino Cam mino Real, Santa Clara; Clara; 408.243.1431. 408.2 43.14311. For a treat, treat, try the champagne SSunday unday brunch in the landmark bu building. ilding.

NORMANDY N ORMANDY HOUSE HOUSE BLUZ B LUZ B BY-YOU Y-YOU 1240 Coleman Ave., 1240 Ave., Santaa Clara; Clara; 408.588. 1111 408.588.1111

BY-TH’-BUCKET B Y-TH’-BUCKET 4565 Stevens Stevens Creek Creek Blvd., Blvd.., Santa Clara; Clara; 408 408.2 248.62 48 6244 408.248.6244

C&J’S S SPORTS PORTS B BAR AR 1550 Lafayette Lafayette St., St., Santaa Clara; Clara; 408.423.9013

30 Washington Washingtton St., St., Santa Clara; Clara; 408.2 44.19377. TThe he Normandy Normandy rolls rolls out an 408.244.1937. impr essive array array of drink specials. impressive

TINKER’S T INKER’S SD DAMN AMN 46 N. Saratoga Sarato oga A Ave., ve., Santa Clar Clara; a; 408.2 43.459 95 408.243.4595

WOODHAM’S W OODHAM’S L LOUNGE OUNGE 44475 4475 7 Stevens Steven ns Creek Creek Blvd., Santa Clara; Clara; 408.247.3144. 408.2 47.3144 . 4. The The karaoke karaoke action runs almost everyy night.



M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J U N E 1 5-2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

Felipe Buitr Buitrago ago








99 S. First St., St., San Jose; 408.292.4300

69 E. San Fernando Feernando St., St., San Jose; 408.292.95 62 408.292.9562

THE T HE B BLANK LANK CL CLUB UB Felpe Buitr Buitrago ago

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


44 S. Almaden Ave., Ave., San Jose; 408.292.5265. SStark tark and small but still the spot for for local and touring rock rock bands.

THE T HE B BLUE LUE C CHIP HIP 325 S. First St., St., San Jose; Jose; 408.971.2898. TThe he walls of the basement basemennt bar are are hung with an impressive impressive array array of sports memorabilia memor abilia and imagery. imageryy.

CLUB CL UB C CARIBE ARIBE 1001 S. First First St., St., San Jose; 408.297.7272 408.2977.7272 .

CLUB CL UB M MAX AX Inside the Doubletr D Doubletree ee Hotel, 2050 Gateway Place, Place, San Jose; 408.437.2167 408.4377..2167

CLUB CL UB M MILANO ILANO 394 S. Second Second St., St., San Jose; 408.297.0607 408.2977..0607

BRANHAM B RANHAM L LOUNGE OUN NGE 1116 Branham Branham Lane, San Jose; 408.265.5525


CLUB CL UB R RODEO O ODEO 610 Coleman Colemaan Ave., Ave., ve San Jose; 408.920.0145. 408.920.014 45. A burgeoning burgeoning country music scenee is developing with touring acts of note. notee.

Pub | Live Live Music Music 5027 Almaden Expwy., Expwyy.., San S Jose; 408.266.0550. TThe he British Britissh pub gets busy even on Mondays Mondays and Tuesdays, Tuueesdays, with beer pong and trivia games.




44700 700 7 Almaden Almad den Expwy., Expwyy.., San Jose; 408.266.7665 408.266.7 66 65

;<EF=JC<<M<J ; <E F= JC<<M <J;A ;ALeZc\?XebifccjÊ\dlg]fiXjk`ekXkk_\N`ccfn;\e% LeZc\?Xeb ifccjÊ\d d lg ]fiXjk`ek Xkk_\ N`ccfn ;\e% ;



5420 Thornwood Thornwoo od Dr., Drr.., San Jose; 408.578.8500. 408.57 8.8500. Bowling with all the extras extras of a nightclub.

393 39 93 Lincoln Ave., Ave., San Jose; 208.292.3445 208.292.3 3445

173 W. W. Santa Clara Clara St., St., San Saan Jose; 408.278.1400. 408.27 8.1400. A new series series on the weekends features features local bands. b


ALEX’S A AL EX’S 49E 49ER R IINN NN 7 BAMBOO BAMBOO O 162 Jackson St., St., t San Jose; 408.279.9937. 408.279.99377. TThe h kingmaker he ki k off the th local l l karaoke k aoke kar k scene.

AFFINITY RESTAURANT AFFINITY RESTA AURANT AND BAR BAR San Jose, 300 Almaden Blvd., San Jose; 408.287.2100. Hilton 408.287 7..2100. TThe he bar inside the Hil ton SSan an JJose ose ffeatures eaturres jazz on al alternate ternate Wednesdays. W ednesdays.

2214 22 214 Business Circle, Circle, San Jose; 408.279.9 408.279.9737 9737

AZUCAR A ZUCAR 711 E. San Fernando St., St., San Jose; 408.293.8482. 40 08.293.8482. TThe he Latin Latin hotspot and Metro M etro Best of winner specializes in mojitos. m ojitos.


78 E. Santa Clara 78 Clara St., St., San Jose; 408.288.5252 408.288.52 52

349 S. First St., St., San Jose; Josee; 408.947.1975. 408.9447.1975. TThe he successor to Hunter’s Hunter ’ss keeps up the tradition tr adition of a high-energy high-energyy dance spot for for gay clubbers.



3860 Monterey Monteerey Highway, Highwayy, San Jose; 408.281.300 02. The The bar also offers offers to take 408.281.3002. the party to you with a catering ser vice. service.

3273 Sier Sierra ra Road, San Jose; Jo ose; 408.251.3300

BAMBOO L BAMBOO LOUNGE/ISLAND OUNGE/ISLAN ND GRILL G GR ILL 1355 13 355 N. Fourth St., St., San Jose; 408.392.2468 408.392.2468

AGENDA A GENDA LOUNGE LOUNGE 399 S. First St., St.,, San Jose; 408.287.3991. 408.2877..3991. two-story TThe he popular tw o-story club has plans ffor or a sports bar downstairs downnstairs in the near future. future.

14441 N. Fourth 1441 Fourrth St., St., San Jose; 408.453.5555 408.453.55 55

BEARS B BEA RS C COCKTAIL OCKTAIL L LOUNGE OUNG GE 18 1872 872 W. W. San Carlos Carlos St., St., San Jose; 408.998.3425 40 08.998.3425

THE T HE ESCAPE ESCAPE CARAVAN C ARAVA AN 98 S. S Almaden Ave., Ave., ve San Jose; 408.995.6220. Straddling Straddlingg the line between underground under ground haunt and rock rock club, CCaravan aravan keeps its live music free free every e Thursday– Thursday– SSaturday, aturdayy, even with touring tourinng acts.

2942 S. Bascom Basscom Ave., Ave., San Jose; 408.377.5436 408.377 7.543 . 36

EULIPIA E ULIPIA 3744 S. First St., 37 St., San Jose; 408.280.6161





RiDE ON .... SAVE ON GAS & PARKING !!! Excellent Selection of Cool Riding Gear NEW: SiDi BOOTS

Someone you know needs a check-up. we’re here for you.

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

© 2011 BMW Motorrad USA, a division of BMW of North America L.L.C. The BMW name and logo are registered trademarks. Always wear a helmet, proper riding gear and ride responsibly.

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y



g Classes & Instruction

Focus Learn How To Meditate And Why! Enjoy life! Calm the mind. Improve relationships. Make better decisions. Meditation and Buddhist View with Reed Sherman. Everyone is welcome. No previous experience necessary. $10 per class. Every Thursday evening, 7:30-9, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Los Gatos, 15980 Blossom Hill Rd. Los Gatos, 95032. Call Kelsang Gamo 408/226-0595 for information or visit us at

g Massage & Relaxation

Massage By Michael Great massage by Asian man. In $50. Outcall $70. By CMT. For days 408-400-9088 or after 7pm 408-893-1966.





MYTH TAVERNA & LOUNGE Serial club operator (Sabor, Cuccini, Blue Pheasant) Ray Shafazand plans to open Myth Taverna & Lounge later this month in the building formerly occupied by Smoke Tiki. Myth will feature modern Greek cuisine and a chic lounge and large outdoor patio, with entertainment nightly from live bands and DJs. It’s located at 152 Post St., San Jose.

FAHRENHEIT ULTRA FAHRENHEIT ULTR T A LOUNGE L OUNGE 99 San Fernando St., St., San Jose; 408.998.9998. Sleek Sleek and hip ul ultralounge tralounge accent. style with an Asian Asian accent t.

FREDDIE FREDDI E J’ J’S S 97 E. Santa Clara C a St., Clar St., San Jose; 408.892.8109 408.892.810 09

GARDEN G ARDEN C CITY ITY FAIRMONT FA IRMONT LOUNGE LOUNG N E 170 S. Market St., St., San Jose; Josse; 408.998. 1900. TThe he loungee is a regular regular 408.998.1900. stop for for San San Jose Jose Jazz Jazz Society Socciety performers. performers.

360 S. Saratoga Sarattoga Ave., Ave., San Jose; 408.244.3333. 408.2 44.333 33. The The go-to place for for some cardd games. car


1072 Lincoln n Ave., Ave., San Jose; 408.292.483 35 408.292.4835

1373B Kooser Kooser Road, San Jose; J 408.265.7033


33 E. San Fernando Feernando St., St., San Jose; 408.294.6785 408.294.67 8 85

1126 Saratoga Saratoga g Ave., Ave., San Jose; J 408.296.9591


1389 Lincoln n Ave., Ave., San Jose; 408.293.7574 408.293.757 74

69 N. San Pedro Pedro St., St., San Jose; J 408.287 7..6969 408.287.6969



M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J U N E 1 5-2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M




41 Felpe Buitr Buitrago ago

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


9LQQ8N?@C< 9L QQ 8N?@C< N_\ N_\eJk`e^`jeÊkXmX`cXYc\#Jkle^gcXpjGfc`Z\Zfm\ij \e Jk`e^`jeÊk XmX`cXYc\#Jkle^gcXpj Gfc`Z\ Zfm\ij  Xk Xkk_\9i`k`e[fnekfneJXeAfj\% k_\ 9i`k `e [fnekf fne JXe Afj\%



233 W. W. Santa Clara Clara St., St., San San Jose; 408.286.1000. 408.286. 1000. LLongtime ongtime jazz club captur es the vibe of the music’s m music ’s heyday. heyday. captures

3075 Driftwood Driftw wood Dr., Drr.., San Jose; 408.379.713 37 408.379.7137

HENRY’S W HENRY’S WORLD ORLD D FAM FAMOUS OUS HI-LIFE H I-LIFE 301 W W.. S St. t. John St., St., San Jose; J 408.295.5414 408.295.54 4114

THE TH E IMPROV IMPROV COMEDY COMEDY CLUB CLUB 62 S. Second Second St., St., San Jose; 408.280.7475 408.280.7475 7

JACK’S J ACK’S B BAR AR & LOUNGE LOUNGE 167 E. Taylor Taylo a r St., St., San Jose; 408.287.5225 408.2877..5225

HOOTER’S HOO TER’S 1555 S. Bascom A Ave., ve., San n Jose; 408.377.9464. 408.377 7.9464. . TThe he idea of o the waitress waitress in hot pants rremains emains a big draw. d aw. dr

JJ’S JJ ’S B BLUES LUE U S 3439 Stevens Steven ns Creek Creek Blvd., San Jose; 408.243.6441. 408.2 43.644411. A stalwart of the blues scene for for more more than 20 years.

HOUSE O OF FG GENJI ENJI 1335 N. First St., St., San Jose; Josse; 408.453.8120. TThe he Japanese Japanese steak house house also attracts attracts hip cocktailistas.

HYDE P PARK ARK COCKTAIL COCKTAIL LOUNGE L OUNGE 1070 N. Fourth St., St., San Jose; J 208.286.8888

JOHN’S J OHN’S 1238 Lincoln Lincoln Ave., Ave., San Jose; 408.998.1479. 408.998. 144779. Known as John’s John’s X XLNT LNT Foods, the Willow W Glen restaurant restaurant is rreinventing einventing itself with a bar, bar, TVs T Vs and a rremodel, emodel, coming com ming in July. July.

JOHNNY J OHNNY YV V’S ’S 31 E. Santa Clara Clara St., St., San




Montalvo Arts Center & Sobrato Arts Foundation present

The ARTTEC 2011 Summer Concert Series M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

Smash Mouth and Drake Bell Thu, July 7, 7:30pm San Jose’s own Smash Mouth brought their ska influenced pop-rock to millions of fans, with their hit songs “Walkin’ on the Sun”, “All Star”, and “I’m a Believer”. Nickelodean star Drake Bell opens the evening with his popular songs.

The E Family Sat, July 9, 8pm This legendary musical dynasty: Pete Escovedo, Sheila E., Juan and Peter Michael is a force to be reckoned with. Their new release, “Now & Forever”, is a special 13 track collection encompassing a rich array of musical influences, ranging from Latin, Hip Hop, Pop and Jazz.

Howard Jones Classic Albums Tour 2011 Sun, July 10, 7:30pm Performing “Human’s Lib” & “Dream Into Action” in their entireties, you will relive the classic 80s hit songs including “Things Can Only Get Better”,”No One Is To Blame” “Life In One Day” and “What is Love”.

Vertical Horizon & Kevin Cadogan Fri, July 15, 7:30pm Launched in 1991 as a folk-based acoustic duo, Vertical Horizon gradually molded itself into a slick pop/rock outfit, culminating in the band’s heyday at the turn of the 21st century. Award-winning guitarist Kevin Cadogan is co-founder of the original “Third Eye Blind”.

TICKETS FOR ALL SHOWS START AT $45 For complete schedule, visit

Box Office, 408.961.5858, M-F, 10am-4pm or

15400 Montalvo Road Saratoga, CA 95070







Bring Your Fashion *With purchase of complete pair (frames & lenses). Flat top 28 lined bifocals or standard progressive lenses included. See store for details. At participating locations. Offer expires 6/30/11. **Offer valid on the purchase of frames and lenses. Free second pair of prescription eyeglasses can be chosen from our large special frame selection with single-vision clear lenses. See store for details. At participating locations. Offer expires 6/30/11. ***After manufacturer’s instant rebate. Offer includes 8-boxes for a one-year supply of EasyWear 55 contact lenses. Current prescription and contact lens fitting may be required. At participating locations. Offer expires 6/30/11.

SAN JOSE: 1959 w. san carlos 408.292.6100 SAN JOSE: blossom hill rd. 408.269.1000 SANTA CRUZ: 811 pacific av. 831.458.0555

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


c a r e e r

e d u c a t i o n –

PREPARE FOR A BETTER TOMORROW. change your future and your life with career training from ibt! programs are offered in: • Medical Assistant • Lab Assistant, EKG Technician/Phlebotomist • Medical Biller/Coder/Office Specialist

(888) 275-0746

Changing Futures. Changing Lives.® ©DCE 2011 • Career training programs may vary by campus.

2 4 0 0 wa l s h av e n u e , s a n t a c l a r a , c a 9 5 0 5 1





Become a Licensed Acupuncturist. Find out more about our Master’s Degree program at the Five Branches University Open House.







San Jose Campus Saturday June 25, 2–4pm I

Nationally accredited and recognized as one of the nation’s top programs


Federal financial aid available for tuition and living expenses


Flexible course schedules offered in English, Chinese, and Korean


Elective certificate programs and clinical externship opportunities abroad

Five BraNches university Graduate School of Traditional Chinese Medicine 3031 Tisch Way, San Jose (408) 260-0208 200 7th Avenue, Santa Cruz (831) 476-9424







385 S. Winchester St., St., San San Jose; 408.243.4200. 408.2 43.4200. IIn n the shadow shaddow of Santana Santana Row, R ow, Kaama Kaama Lounge Lounge boasts boastts plush decor, decor, as well as a garrulous garrulous bartender. bartender. The The menu at the restaurant restaurant side is Asian Asian IIndian. ndian.

389 S. First St., St., San Jose; 408.279.1888. 408.279.1888. TThe he downtown downtow wn dance club was remodeled remodeled earlier this year. yeear.

25 N. San Pedro Pedr e o St., St., San Jose; 408.947.8007. naturally, 408.94 47..800 077. With, natur ally, Irish Irish music, SSunday unday d afternoons after ft rnoons andd Tuesday Tuesday u d evenings. i

OLD OL DW WAGON AGON S SALOON ALOON KOJI K OJI S SAKE AKE LOUNGE LOUNGE 48 S. First St., St., San Jose; 408.287.7199 4 408.287 7..7199

73 N. San Pedro Ped dro St., St., San Jose; 408.971.9346. Featuring blue blues es with JC SSmith mith on SSundays, undays, occasional and occasiona al jazz on Wednesdays. Wednesdays.

LA PIÑATA PIÑA ATA 177. N. San P 17. Pedro edro S St., t., San Jose; J 408.280. 1250. A new restaurant resttaurant in town 408.280.1250. with an excellent selectionn of tequilas.




30 S. First St., St., San Jose; 408.298.4318 4

170 S. Market Markeet St., St., San Jose; 408.998.1900. 408.998. 190 00. One One of the newer players on the scenee has made an impact bringing hip electronic electronicc acts to the South South Bay. Bay.

301 S. S First Fi t St., St., t San S Jose; J 408.292.7030 408 292 7030

LINDA’S LI LINDA’S LIGHT GHT R RAIL AIL LOUNGE L OUNGE 1336 N. First St., St.,, San Jose; Josee;; 408.453.5326


PARK P ARK LA LANE ANE L LOUNGE OUNGE 5152 Moorpa Moorpark ark A Ave., ve., San Jose; 208.257 208.257.6738. 7.6738. . TThis his friendly lo local ocal joint has been remodeled. remodeled. A neat feature feature is the one-way glass wall ffor or people watching. watchiing.

90 S. Second St., St., San Jose; Jose; 408.291.0677 With jazz on Thursdays, Thursdays, and annd bands on the weekends.


102 S. Montgomery Montg gomery St., St., San Jose; 408.998.4566 408.998.456 66

39 P Post ost S St., t., San Jose; 408 408.288.8221 8.288.8221

A PE PERFECT RFECT F FINISH INISH MEZCAL M EZCAL 25 W. W. San Fernando St., St., San S Jose; 408.283.9595


55 S. First S St., t San Jose; 408.288.6000. t., Wine bar with with live music on the weekends, mostly in thee blues and jazz vein.

THE T HE PI PINK NK POOD POODLE LE 328 S. Bascom mA Ave., ve., San Jose; 408.292.3685

4417 117 S. First St., St., San Jose; 408.242.9621 4 408.2 42.9621

MOSAIC M OSAIC 211 S. First St., St., San Jose; 408.282.8888 4

THE T HE P PLACE LACE 1058 S. First S St., t., San Jose; 408.297 408.297.3473. 7.34 . 473. 7 bar TThe he longest ba ar in town, at least the longest between First and SSecond econd str streets; eets; the signs ffor or this neighborh neighborhood hood joint alone ar aree worth a trip .



M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J U N E 1 5-2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

Jose; 408.947.8470. 408.9447.84 . 470. 7 Ever-so-slightly Ever-so-slightly rremodeled emodeled since its return, returnn, Johnny Johnny V’s V’s bookss everything from book from rock rocck and hip-hop to electronica electr onica and metal.

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


45 CChris hris LLovos ovos




Our packages are priced based on our delicious and impressive “Special Buffet Menu” and include ALL of the following: · Mixed garden salad with dressing selections · Seasonal fresh fruit selection · Assorted sliced deli meats and cheeses · Assorted relish trays · Sliced roast top round of beef (au jus) · Fresh boneless breast of chicken teriyaki · Fresh baked New York lasagna · Baked au gratin potatoes or rice pilaf · Fresh baked assorted dinner rolls · Fresh brewed coffees Champagne (1 case per 50 guests) Dance floor and insurance Color coordinated linens; china, glass and silver; long-stem roses on the tables Staff assistance with timing of all phases of event including CAKECUTTINGs'RATUITYANDSALESTAX 100 150 200 250 300


$ 3,518.59 $ 5,184.73 $ 6,850.87 $ 8,517.02 $10,183.16


K?<98IK?8K;8I<EFKJG<8B<8JP@KJE8D< K ?<9 8 I K? 8K ;8 I < EFK JG<8 B< 8 JP@KJ E8 D<K_\ K_\Xikf]d`ofcf^p Xik f]d`ofcf^p `jgiXZk`Z\[c`b\XcZ_\dpXkJ`e^c\YXii\c% `j giXZk`Z\[ c`b\ XcZ_ _\dpXk J`e^c\YXii\c%



91 S. Autumn St., St., San Jose; Josse; 408.29.BLUES. 408.29.BLUES. TThe he closest thing to New New Orleans Orleans in the South South Bay. Bay.

85 S. Second Secon nd St., St., San Jose; 408.286.2397

SHERWOOD SH ERWOOD O IINN NN RED R ED STAG STAG L LOUNGE OUNG GE 1711 W. W. San Carlos Carlos St., St., San Saan Jose; 408.292.6777

SINGLEBARREL S INGLEBARREL REDI R EDI R ROOM OOM 4340 Moorpark Ave., Ave., San n Jose; 408.257.7770 408.257 7..7770

501 W. W. Taylor Taaylor St., St., San Jose; Josse; 408.275.9902

144771 N. Fourth St., 1471 St., San Jose; Jo ose; 408.452.0200. A new restaurant resstaurant with tr aveler ’s bar inside the Radisson Radisson Hotel. traveler’s


We are proud of our food and facilities. Shop around, then give us a call!

43 W. W. San Salvador S St., St., San Jose; 408.792.7356. 408.792.735 56. Dimly lit Single Single Barrel Barrel has elaborate elabor ate mixology mixology rituals — like crushing ice with a mallet m and a towel — and a fragrant fr agrant cornucopia cornucopia of herbs, fruits and essences that thaat go into its vintage cocktails.



402 Toyon Avenue San Jose CA 95127

2988 Almaden Almad den Expwy., Expwyy.., San Jose; 208.266.2480 208.266.2 48 80

SOUTH S OUTH FI FIRST RST BILLIARDS BILLIARDS 420 S. First St., St., San Jose; 408.294.7800. 408.294.7800. TThis his stylish pool place cues up live bands, art happenings happeninngs and cool cocktails.

STANLEY’S S TA ANLEY’S E 1500 S. 10th h St., St., San Jose; 408.999.6718. LLocated ocated next nexxt to the Sharks Sharks training training facility facility ffor or hard-core hard-corre hockey fans. fans.

SABOR T SABOR TAPAS APAS B BAR AR & L OUNGE LOUNGE 72 N. Almaden Ave., Ave., San Jose; J 408.287.1737 408.2877.1737 1




THE BAY AREA? REIGNITE Your Social Life! Mee Meet et other single professionals professsionals in a FUN atmosphere. FU UN and RELAXING atm mosphere. Enjoy the journey to making m new friends. Jo Join oin us for Concerts ConcertsÜVolleyball Ü Vo olleyball Ho Horseback orseback Riding ÜÜWine Wine e Tasting Je et Skiing Ü Moonlight Cruises C Jet xo otic Trips & much, muc ch more. Exotic much

SSlightly lightly Stoopid Stoopid o Winn tickets Wi tickets to to see se e Stoopid at th he Gr eek TTheatre heatre on FFriday, riday, July 29 Slightly Stoopid the Greek

Reverend Reverend Horton Hort on He Heat eat Winn tickets Wi ticke k ts to to ssee ee RReverend everend Horton H orton HHeat eat aatt AAvalon valon NNightclub ightclub on TTuesday, uesdaay, July 5 Scan this QR QR code code with yyour our smartphone or visit


Events Ev vents and Adventuress makes meeting ENJOYABLE ee eting other singles ENJ JOYABLE and EXCITING... We’ve signed up more than 1, 00 members in 0 The Bay Area alone!


Kick Your Social Life into HIGH GEAR!

The Best New Way to Meet Singles!


M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

MetroGiveaways M etroGiveaways





46 JJosh osh M Marcotte arcotte

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


?LDG;8P ? LDG;8PK_\ K_\:XiXmXef]]\ijXefXj`jkfefdX[`Z[fnekfne\ij% :XiX XmXe f]]\ij Xe fXj`j kf efdX[ [`Z [fnekfne\ij%



8 S. First St., St., San Jose; 408.279.4444. 408.279.4444. What was once Pearl Pearl has been reborn reborn as SStudio tudio 8. It It is now a favorite favorrite haunt for for celebrity performers performers at after-concert parties.

265 N. Firstt St., St., San Jose; 408.947.0497. 408.9447..04977. TThe he best spot spoot downtown on Mondays Mondays for for trivia night.



52 S. First St., St., San Jose; 408.288.8518

1513 El Dorado, Dorado, a Alviso; 408.262.0731 .p N eighborhoood bar for for the farthest farthest outpost Neighborhood of the city. city.



255 N. First St., St., San Jose; Josee; 408.292.0291. TThe he area’s area’s leading beer ggarden arden hosts jazz on the weekends.

TOUCHDOWN T OUCHDOWN TOMMY’S TOMMY’S 5837 Camden Camden Ave., Ave., San Jose; J 408.723.9981


805 Lincoln n Ave., Ave., San Jose; 408.271.1880. 408.271.1880. O ut of nowhere, nowhhere, this mellow Willow Glen Out bar has become becoome a player on the nightlife nightlife scene with live live bands and DJs. DJs.

WILLOW STREET WILLOW STREET WOOD-FIRED W OOD--FIRED P PIZZA IZZA 1072 Willow w St., St., San Jose; 408.971.7080; and 1554 Saratoga Saaratoga Ave., Ave., San Jose; 408.871.0400. 408.871.040 00. The The Willow Glen location of the popu popular lar mini-chain is under undergoing going a significant expansion e that should be done before bef ore the end e of summer. summer.

83 S. Second St., St., San Jose; Josse; 408.278.9888 408.278.9888



49 M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y



49 Felpe Buitr Buitrago ago

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


FLKI<8:?GIF>I8D F LKI < 8:? GIF>I 8 DA\jj`ZX A\jj`ZXBfgXe^f]Ifj`\DZ:XeeÊj BfgXe^ f]Ifj`\ DZ:XeeÊj b\\gjk_\[i`ebjgfli`e^c`b\iX`e% b\\gj k_\ [i`ebj gfl li`e^c`b\iX`e%


355 Santana Row, Row w, Suite 1010, San Jose; 408.345.3848


355 Santana Row, Row w, San Jose; Josse; 408.551.0010. A wine bar on the roof roof of the t Hotel Valencia. Valencia.


377 Santana Row, Row w, San Jose; Jo ose; 408.260.7082. TThe he variedd Mexican Mexican menu rroams oams beyond the obvious, obvious, and the bar stockss an enormous selection stock selecction of tequilas. TThe he covered covered sidewalk seating seaating is perfect perfect ffor or people-watching whilee still being a bit insulated from from the hubbub hubbuub of the Row. Row.


386 Santana Row, Row w, San Jose; Jose; 408.246.1744. 408.246.1744. TThe he outdoor outdoor restaurant restaurant and and bar bar sits sits on on an an island between the ranks ranks of o stores. stores.

ROSIE R OSIE MCCANN’S MCCANN’S IRISH IRISH PU PUB B 355 Santana Santan na Row, Row w, Suite 1060, 1060 San Jose; 408.247.1706 408.2 47.170 06


377 Santana Santan na Row, Row w, San Jose; 408.247.8880 408.2 47..8880


333 Santana Santan na Row, Row w, Suite 100, 100 San Jose; 408.246.6320 408.2 46.63 320


355 Santana Santan na Row, Row w, San Jose; 408.551.0010. 408.551.00 010. A chic lounge inside Hotel Valencia. V alencia.


300 Santana Santan na Row #101, San Jose; 408.241.9273. 408.2 411.92773. SSeemingly eemingly the most popular bar in San San Jose Jose for for the last few few months, YYard ard House often has a long queue that rreflects eflects its top t ranking ranking on the Row. Row. Pipeor gan-style tubes run from from an upstairs organ-style rroom oom full off kegs down to the bar. bar. More More than 100 varieties vaarieties of beer are are available.






Chinese Medicine Specialists Our clinic opens 7 days a week


Accepting p Applica Applicants 20 Fall 2011



408-733 1878 408-992 0448


www.u inf fo@u o

595 L Lawrence a wr enc e Expressway, Expr essw a y, Sunn Sunnyvale y v ale CA 94085

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

Consultation & Treatment from

Programs Offered:



50 Felpe Buitr Buitrago ago

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


IFFK@E>J<:K@FE I FFK@E> J<:K@FEK_\ K_\[`e\ijXk8c\oXe[\iÊje\ncfle^\ZXeb\\g [`e\ij Xk 8c\oXe[\iÊj e\n n cfle^\ ZXe b\\g Xe\p\fek_\`i]Xmfi`k\fm\igX`[Xk_c\k\jn_`c\k_\pefj_% Xe \p\ fe k_\`i ]Xmfii`k\fm\igX`[ Xk_c\k\j n_`c\ k_ _\p efj_%



10330 N. Wolfe Wolfe Road, Cupertino; Cupertino; u 408.446.2222

10801 N. Wolfe Wolf o e Road, Cupertino; Cupertino; 408.446.3853. 408.446.385 53. A thriving pub in the strict EEnglish/Irish nglish/Irishh tradition tradition for for more more than 25 years.



22100 Stevens Stevens Creek Creek Blvd., Blvvd., Cupertino; Cupertino; 408 255 3300 408.255.3300

10050 S. Dee Anza Blvd., Cupertino; Cupertino; 408 408.873. 873 100 00 TThe 00. he bar, bar, near the CCypress ypress 408.873.1000. Hotel, features featurres both restaurant restaurant and bar comfortable ffood, ood, and a comf ortable patio.

BOWLMOR BO WLMOR LA LANES NE ES 10123 N. Wolfe Wolfe Road, Vallco Valllco Fashion Park, Park, Cupertino; C upertino; 408.252.BOWL. 408.252.BOWL. W Bowlmor LLanes anes has almost as many big-screen big-sscreen TVs T Vs as it does lanes: 32, all lit with fluorescents. fluorescents.

BRITANNIA BRIT TANNIA A ARMS RMS 1087 S. De Anza Blvd., C Cupertino; u upertino; 408.252.7262. TThe he pub hosts hosts a significant showcase on the weekends weekends for for local bands; open-mic sessions every Wednesday. Wednesday.

PAUL A PAUL AND N EDDIE’S ND EDDIE’S MONTA MONT TA VISTA V ISTA INN INN 21619 Stevens Steveens Creek Creek Blvd., Cupertino; Cupertino; 408.252.2226 408.252.222 26

X-BAR A X-BAR AT TH HOMESTEAD OMESTEAD LANES LA NES 20990 Homestead Hom mestead Road, Cupertino; Cupertino; 408.255.57 00. A prime spot for for local rock rock 408.255.5700. bands and underground u under ground touring acts.



53 M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


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M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


N<?8M<C@=KF== N <? 8M < C@= KF==C CXk\Xke`^_k#gXkifejXkk_\:Xi[`]]Cfle^\ Xk\Xk e`^_k# gXkifejXk k_\:Xi[`]]Cfle^\  \e^X^\`ei`klXc`jk`Z]\Xkjf]jki\e^k_% \e^X^\ `e i`klXc`jk`Z ]\Xkjf]jki\e^k_%

CCAMPBELL AMPBELL BOSWELL’S BOSW ELL’S 1875 S. Bascom Ave., Ave., Campbell; Cam mpbell; 408.371.4404. LLocated ocated inn the Pruneyard, Pruneyard, Boswell’s draws draws on prepre- and a post-movie cr owds and shoppers in need n crowds of afterconsumption relaxation. relaxation. Local Local bands play most nights of the week.

COACH’S S COACH’S SPORTS PORTS BAR BAR & GRILL G RILL 2240 S. Winchester 2240 Win nchester Blvd., Campbell; Campbell; 408.379.2654 408.379.265 54


2425 S. Bascom 2425 Basscom Ave., Ave., Campbell; Campbell; 408.559.9880. 408.559.98 80. CCourt’s ourt’s provides provides the solid basics from from dart tournaments to a jukebox.

1710 W W.. C Campbell ampbell A Ave., ve., in n the Kirkwood Campbell; 408.374.5777. Plaza, C ampbell; 408.37 4 4.5777 7. CCavernous avernous and rretro, etro, Cardiff Cardiff has made madde itself into the electronic-music culture center of electr onic-music cul ture in the SSouth outh Bay. Bay.


CARDIFF C ARDIFF L LOUNGE OUNGE 260 E. Campbell Campbell Ave., Ave., Campbell; Campbell; a 408.374.7477 408.37 4.7477 7

331 W. W. Hacienda Hacienda Ave., Ave., Campbell; Campbell; p 408.374.3400. 408.37 4.340 00. TThe he sing-alongs take place TTuesday–Saturday; uuesday–Satur a day; no dancing though. Open O pen with breakfast b eakfast for br for early birds. birds.

55 1777 S. Bascom Ave., Ave., Campbell; Cam mpbell; 408.559.7930. Now in its 40th year, year, the Gar rett features features a jukeboxx and familyfamilyGarrett oriented community nights. nights.


ROCK BO ROCK BOTTOM OTTOM RESTAURANT R ESTAU A RANT &B REWERY BREWERY 1875 S. Bascom Basccom Ave., Ave., in the Pruneyard, Pruneyard, C ampbell; 40 08.3777.0707 . 7. A br ew pub with Campbell; 408.377.0707. brew an expansivee patio.

1040 Dell A Avenue, venue, C Campbell; ampb bell; 408.378.3970. 408 408.37 378.3970. 8 3970 The emphasis emphaasis is on the blues on the weekends.




369 E. Campbell Campbell A Ave., ve., C Campbell; am mpbell; 408.379.9687. 408.379.9687 7. An Irish pub pub of long standing.

KHARTOUM K HARTOUM 300 Orchard Orchard City Drive, C Campbell; ampbell; 408.379.6340. A good spot spoot for for Sharks Sharks fans fans during the season; Tuesdays Tuesday u ys are are dedicated to trivia buffs.

200 E. Campbell Camp pbell Ave., Ave., Campbell; Campbell; 408.866.2699 408.866.269 99

201 Or Orchard chard City Dr Dr.,., C Campbell; ampbell; 408.871.2200 408.871.220 0

TESSORA’S B TESSORA’S BARRA ARRA DI V VINO INO 1875 S. Bascom Basccom Ave., Ave., Campbell; Campbell; 408.626.7711. 408.626.7711 1. Blues and jazz are are featured featured on the weekends weekeends at the wine bar in the Pruneyar d. Pruneyard.

OFF THE HOO HOOK K 2369 S. Winchester Blvd.,, Campbell; Campbell; 408.374.3257 408.37 4.3257



102B S. S Santa S t Cruz C Ave., Ave., Los Los Gatos; G t 408.354.4303. Jams on Wednesdays Wednesdays are are ffollowed ollowed by an active schedule scheedule of bands Thursday–Saturday. Thursday–Satur day.

208 Bachma B Bachman h an Ave., Ave., Los Los Gatos; G t 408.395.1233 408.395. 1233

CARRY C ARRY NA N NATION’S ATION’S BLACK B LACK W WATCH ATCH 1441141-1/2 1 1/2 N. Santa Cruz Ave., Avee., Los Los Gatos; 408.354.2200. A throwback throwback spot with old-fashioned old-f ashioned virtues in the thhe midst of tony LLos os Gatos.


8 N. Santa Cruz C Ave., Ave., Los Los Gatos; 408.354. 17711 408.354.1771

CIN-CIN C IN-CIN 368 Village Vill Lane, L Los Los Gatos; G t 408.354.8006. 408.354.800 06. The appreciation appreciation for for fine vintages is supplemented suupplemented with classes and tasting events. eventts.

15043 Los Los Gatos Blvd., Los Los o Gatos; 408.358.07744 408.358.077



M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J U N E 1 5-2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M




54 JJason ason LLustig ustig

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


=FLI9FKKC<J#EFN8@K@E> = FLI 9FK KC<J# EF N8 @K@E>Fe\ Fe\[i`eb`jgifYXYcpXcc`kkXb\j [i`eb `j gifYXYcp Xcc `k kXb\j  n_\eFdXiGcXqfcXXkk_\N`e\:\ccXi`j[f`e^k_\gfli`e^% n_\eFdXiGcXqfcX Xk X k_\ N`e\ ` :\ccXi`j [f`e^k_\ \ gfli`e^%



354 N. Santa Cruz Ave., Ave., Los Los Gatos; 408.395.6882

31 University Universitty Ave., Ave., Los Los Gatos; 408.395.2722. 408.395.272 22. A good-looking, posh space ffor or a martin martini.i.

LOS G LOS GATOS ATOS B BREWING REW WING COMPANY C OMPANY 130-G N. Santa Cruz Ave., Avee., Los Los Gatos; 408.395.9929. A stalwartt in the micr obrewery scene now features features dueling microbrewery pianos on Fridays. Fridays

THE T HE LOS LOS G GATOS ATOS L LODGE ODGE 50 Los Los Gatos-Saratoga Gatos-Saratoga Road, R Los Los Gatos; 408.354.3300. With a new neew band series on the weekends.

THREE T HREE DE D DEGREES GREES 140 S. Santaa Cruz Ave., Ave., Los Los Gatos; 408.884.1054. 408.884. 105 54. A restaurant restaurant and bar ocated in the Toll Toll o House House Hotel.

TOMMY’S T OMMY Y’S OF LOS LOS G GATOS ATOS 532 N. Santa Santta Cruz Ave., Ave., Los Los Gatos; 408.395.69 08 408.395.6908


20 S. Santa Cruz Ave., Ave., Los Los Gatos; 408.354.5566. 408.354.55 66. A major draw draw downtown with a packed packeed patio and TVs T Vs for for sports. sports

WINE W INE CELLAR CE ELLAR 50 University University Ave., Ave., Los Los Gatos; 408.354.4808 408.354.48 08




For a Ver y Limited Time




Tied House Microbrewery and Cafe Proudly Ser ving Hermitage Brewing Company 954 Villa Street, Mtn. View 650-965-2739, open 7 days from 11:30am

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

I n d u l g e Yo u r I n n e r B e e r G e e k W i t h

the Metro photo exhibit

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


featuring local photographers South First Fridays @ 550 S First

Illustration by Chris Hack

The Perfect Fatherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day Gift



Hard Sole Sheepskin Ranch Slipper Reg. $5499

13999 $ 4499 Sheepskin Loafer Slipper Reg. 49





99 4699 179 $

Teva Cross Terra Reg. $5299



99 224 Teva Elixer Thong Reg. 49


San Jose Blossom Co Hill Rocky Mtn 1008 Sheepskin $

Event photos


(408) 1711 Branham Lane266-2110 #A11 Mon-Sat San Jose, CA 95118 10-6 Sun 12-5 408-266-2110




?FJ<; ? FJ<;>`cifpÊ >`cifpÊjJkXk`fe,,`jcfZXk\[`ek_\kfneÊjfc[Ói\_flj\% j JkXk``fe ,,`j cfZXk\[ `ek_\kfneÊjfc[Ói\_flj\%



14421 Big Basin Way, Wayy, Saratoga; Saratoga; a 408.867.5155. 408.867 7.5155. . Nascent N ascent talents tallents ar aree encour aged at W ednesdayy open-mic encouraged Wednesday sessions.

14523 Big Basin Baasin Way, Wayy, Saratoga; Saratoga; 408.872.0309. 408.872.030 09. TThe he club hosts open-mic nights for for musicians. muusicians.

THE B BASIN ASIN 14572 Big Basin Way, Wayy, Saratoga; Saratoga; 408.867.1906 408.867 7.1906

PLUMED P LUMED DH HORSE ORSE 14555 Big Basin Baasin Way, Wayy, Saratoga; Saratoga; 408.867.4711. 408.867 7.4 .477111. TThe he tony restaurant restaurant features features an extensive wine list.



1300 First St., St., Gilroy; Gilroy; 408.848.5050. 408 8.848.5050. A An n IIrish rish pub.

7430 Monterey 7430 Monterey St., St., Gilroy; Gilroy; 408.337.1799. 408.3377.1799. A strong strong weekend weeekend schedule of local bands plus regular regular comedy nights where where the old Gaslighter used ussed to be.

EL E LT TORO ORO BREWING BREWING N C CO. O. 17605 Monterey 17605 Monterey Road, Morgan Mo organ Hill; 408.782.2739. 408.7 82.2739. A boutiquee brew brew pub for for SSouth outh County. County.

MORGAN HILL MORGAN HILL CIGAR CIGAR COMPANY C OMPANY 17340 Monterey Monterey Road, Morgan Mo organ Hill; 408.77 6.76677. A smoker ’s rretreat etreat with a 408.776.7667. smoker’s wine bar. bar.

STATION S TATION N5 55 5 55 Fifth St., St., Gilroy; Gilroy; 408.840.2444. 408.840.2444. TThe he converted brick brick firehouse firehouse has a restaurant restaurant downstairs and a a honky-tonkish honky-tonkish bar with stage upstairs, upstairrs, including a “Hook & Ladder Ladder LLounge” ounge”

M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

Annalisa A nnalisa Hackleman


M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

Felipe Buitr B Buitrago ago



Mayan Mood GFLI=FIDFI< G FLI =FID DFI <C C\fJXckfgi\gXi\jXdfie`e^Zlgf]Zf]]\\# \f JXckfgi\gXi\j X dfie`e^Zlg f]Zf]]\\# n_`Z_^\kjZljkfd\ijXYi\Xbfek_\Yi\Xb]Xjkjg\Z`Xcj% n_ _`Z_ ^\kjZljkfd\ij Z X Yi\Xb fe k_\ Yi\Xb b]Xjk jg\Z`Xcj%

I\[nff[:`kpÊje\n<c?l`g`c  I\[ [nff[ :`kpÊj e\ \n <c?l`g`c f]]\ij df[\jkcpgi`Z\ \[D\o`ZXe f]]\ijdf[\jkcpgi`Z\[D\o`ZXe  jg\Z`Xcjn`k_Xlk_\ek`ZkXjk\j jg\Z`Xcj n`k_ Xlk_ _\ek`ZkXjk\j 9p ANNE PAO PAO


<<G <<G@EK?<`e[ljki`Xc G @E K?< `e[ljki`Xc gXikf]I\[nff[:`kp gXi g ik f] I\[nff[ :`kp p Xd`[XZfcc\Zk`fe Xd `[ X Zfcc\Zk`fe f]nXi\_flj\jj`kj f] nXi\_flj\j j`kj <c?l`g`c#k_\e\nD\o`ZXe <c ?l`g`c# k_\ k e\n D\o`ZXe i\jkXliXek`e]lj\[n`k_ i\jkXli Xekk`e]lj\[ n`k_ DXp DXpXeiffkj]fiXkflZ_f] Xe iff fkj]fiXkflZ_ f] Xlk_\ek`Z`kp% Xlk_\ek`Z` kp%

El Huipil’s Huipil’s neighborhood n neighb orhood is not known for known for its its aesthetics, aesthetics, and and as as you you p ass the the rather rather unattractive, unattractive, boxlike boxlike pass ffactory factor t y buildings b ildings and buildin d dilapidated dil id t d ccorner orner shops, shops, you yo ou might think you you o have haave ttaken aken a wrong wrong turn. turn. Maintain Maintain course course and discover discoveer a clean,, sit-down sitt-down Mexican Mexican rrestaurant estaurant that that wavers wavers somewhere somewhere b etween hole-in-the hole-in-the wall wall taqueria taqueria and and a between moree upscale mor upscale spot s ot with quality sp qualitty cuisine. cuisine. L unch hourr is the busiest,, with Lunch

nearly eevery nearly very ttable able ttaken aken b byy m midday. idday. A ffamily-owned amily-owned eestablishment, stablishment, E uipil Ell H Huipil has manning h as one as one brother brother m anning the the counter counter an nd the other in the kitchen preparing preparring and orders o rders on on colorfully colorfully decorated decorated clay clay p lates. The The two-man two-man show show means means plates. tthat hat d during uring rush rush hour, hour, there there may may be be a wait w ait for for o orders rders to to arrive. arrrive. Patience Patience will will bee rrewarded b ewarded w with ith a spray spray of of bright bright iingredients ngredients and an nd generously generously portioned portioned fa are. fare. ““El El huipil” huipil” refers refers to to a traditional trad ditional Mayan M Ma ayyan tunic, tunic, ornately decorated decorated with w ith eembroidery mbroidery tthat hat sspeaks peaks to to the the ccultural ulturall o origins rigins of of the the wearer. wearrer. El El Huipil H uipil restaurant restaurant has has a similar similar cultural cultural bite off ffood tthrowback; hrowback; eeach acch b ite o ood ttransports ransports diners di iners back to memories of warm warm a Mexican M exican n beaches, beacches, M Mayan ayan rruins uins aand nd ffood ood ccentered entered on simple simple,, made-frommade-from mscratch sc cratch ingr ingredients. edients. chalkboard showcases The chalkb oard menu showc ases ssoft oft aand nd crispy crispy tacos taccos with with a choice choice off m meats orr fi fish; o eats o sh; sopes sopes with with just just the the

red smoky sm mok ky sauce; sauce; a right amount of red range of of pleasing pleassing tortas tortas on on soft soft Dutch Dutch range crunch rolls; rolls; and and daily daily specials, specials, such such as as crunch poblano and seafood seaffood huarache, huarache, mole poblano Meexxico’s version veersion of a pizza. pizzza. Mexico’s Thanks to to my my Southern Southern California California Thanks roots, I immediately immediately focused focused my my taste tasste roots, buds on on the the plentiful plentiful array array of of taco taco buds options. Meat Meat choices choices range range from from options. carne asada,, al pastor, pastor, chorizo, ch horizo, pollo, pollo, carne milanesa and an nd fish. fish. After After a few few moments moments milanesa of indecision, indecision, I decided decided to to try try an an of assortment asssortment of of different diff ffeerent items, items, including including two orders orders of of crispy crispy tacos tacos (two (two come come two per order, order, and we selected selectted pollo, pollo, al per pastor, fish and carne carne a assada). pastor, asada). waaiting for fo or our ou ur tacos tacos to arrive, arrivve, While waiting I happily happily demolished demolished basket basket after after bask ket e of made-in-house made-in-housse tortilla tortilla chips basket with a spicy, spicy, balanced balan nced salsa. salsa. These These are are with not run-of-the-mill run-of-the-mill tortilla tortilla chips, chips, but but not thick keer, warm warm a chips that thaat are are lightly thicker, dusted with with ancho ancho chile, chile, cayenne cayenne dusted pepper and chipotle chipotle pepper pepp e er spices. spices. pepper Additional baskets bask keets are are a $1,, but the Additional feee is well worth worrth it. nominal fee El Huipil Huipil tacos tacos win win over over any any table tab ble El han ndmade tortillas. tortillas. with the dual set of handmade The combination combination of of crispy crispy inner inner tortilla tortilla The surrounded by by a softer softer tortilla tortilla provides provides surrounded a diverse divveerse set of textures teexxtures with every eveery bite. bite. parchment paper paper wrapping w The parchment helps

seal in the meat drippings and a load of toppings toppings like like fresh fresh guacamole guacam mole and an nd of so our cream. cream. heaps of sour The meat meat deserves deserves its its special special The q qualit y cuts cooked cook keed with mention: quality C for for o a peppery peppery blend of a bit of TLC flaavor and depth. The al pastor taco taco flavor is adorned ad dorned with with chopped, chopped, freshly freshly is grilled pineapple, pineapple, which which adds ad dds a bit bit of of grilled sweetness to t the heartily heartily portioned portioned sweetness tacco. T he fish fish taco taco is is among among the the best best taco. The have sampled, sampled, with with soft, soft, tender tender I have meat encased encased in in a thin, thin, chipotle chipotle chile chile meat breading. breading. The huarache, huarache, easily easily tthe he best best item item I The sam mpled on on the the El El Huipil Huipil menu, menu, was was sampled large enough enough to to share share between between two two large people. Ma anagement does does not do this people. Management dish justic justicee with its simple description. delicate sheet s corn A delicate of handmade corn to opped with a layer laayeer of refried refried dough is topped beans that that has has jjust ust the the right right amount amount beans lard. Smoky Sm mok ky Monterey Monterey jack cheese of lard. melts on on top top of of the the beans, bean ns, m elding the the melts melding flaavors together. togeether. A savory saavor o y red red sauc flavors saucee adds subtlee hints of heat to the dish and large larrge head-on head-on prawns, prawns, generous generous and portions off chipotle chipotle breaded breaded fish,, and portions mussels blanket blan anket the the plate. plate. A garnish garrnish mussels chopped d red red onions, onions, tomatoes tomatoes and of chopped guaccamole adds adds the the final finall bit bit of of acidity acidity guacamole color to t the plate. plate. and color In tterms erms of of p rice, El El Huipil Huipil is is n ot In price, not as expensive expensive aass a gringo, gringo, ssit-down it-down as spot nor is it as cheap as a typical typic y al $2 spot taq queria. Our Our order order of of three three large large taqueria. taccos, a sope, sope p , huarache, huarache, cchips hips and an nd tacos, beveerages rounded rounded up to salsa,, and beverages around d $30. Frankly, Franklyy, I welcome welcome just around the slightly slightly higher higher cost cost if if it it means mean ns the that each each bite bite of of food food o is is a tribute tribute that to home-style, home-style, quality quality Mexican Mexican to food o . Remember Remember to to bring bring cash cash or or food. checkboo ok as as El El Huipil Huipil does does n ot a checkbook not accept credit cred dit cards cards and has no ATM ATM T on accept site (one (one is is a couple couple blocks blocks away away iiff the the site arisess). need arises). El Huipil Huipil is is currently currently trying tryying to to El promote its itts breakfast breakfast menu,, which promote boasts fa avorites o like huevos huevos o rancheros, rancheros, boasts favorites like chilaq quiles and an nd even even a bit bit of of birria birria chilaquiles (traditional al lamb lam mb stew). stew). The The current current (traditional special gives givves e customers 50 percent percent off special breakfas ast if if they they purchase purchasse an n espresso espresso breakfast coff offeee drink. or other coffee

EEll Hui Huipil pil Redwood 2992 SSpring pring SSt., t., R edwood CCity ity 650.369.1245 650.369.1245

61 M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


More dining coverage

Gilroy/ Morgan Hill ¿book online at

MAURIZIO’S AUTHENTIC ITALIAN RISTORANTE Italian. $$. You don’t dine here for a quick upscale fix, you dine here for down-home atmosphere. Tender vitello saltimbocca tops the menu. 11:30am-2pm, 59pm Mon-Thu, 11:30am-2pm, 5-10pm Fri, 5-10pm Sat. Closed Sun. 25 E. First St, Morgan Hill. 408.782.7550.

FLEASTREETCAFE New American. $$$$. Carefully crafted, impeccably chosen food featuring seasonal local produce and Niman Ranch meats. Atmosphere is casual and eclectic. Full bar. 5:30-9:30pm daily. 3607 Alameda de las Pulgas. 650.854.1226. IBERIA. Spanish. $$. Iberia’s cheap tapas menu is available at the bar anytime or in the dining room at lunch, but these nibbles alone are worth the trip. Lunch noon-2pm Mon-Sat; dinner 5:30-10pm daily. 1026 Alma St. 650.325.8981.

KAYGETSU Japanese. $$$.

Menlo Park ¿book online at

ANGELOMIO Italian. $$. A small space with a large menu, sporting the traditionals that have been mainstays at local eateries. Appetizers and salads are the best bets. 11:30am-2:30pm, 4:30-10pm Mon-Sat, noon-2:30pm, 4:309pm Sun. 820 Santa Cruz Ave. 650.323.3665. BACKAYARDCARIBBEAN AMERICANGRILLJamaican. $. “Back a yard” is Jamaican slang for “the way things are done back home” and this is one of the few Jamaican restaurants around. Jerk pork and chicken shine. 11am-3pm, 5-8pm MonThu, 11am-3pm, 5-9pm Fri, noon-3pm, 5-8pm Sat. 1189 Willow Rd. 650.323.4244.

BISTROVIDAFrench $$. Impeccably authentic bistro dishes and welcoming prices are spun through Bay Area culinary consciousness to create regional homey French cuisine. Brunch 11:30am-2:30pm Mon-Fri, 9am-2:30pm Sat-Sun; dinner 5-9:30pm Mon-Thu, 5-10pm Fri-Sat, 5-9pm Sun. 641 Santa Cruz Ave. 650.462.1686.

Kaiseki is a rarefied Japanese cuisine born in Kyoto with impeccably seasonal ingredients and poetic presentations. Kaygetsu bills itself as “classic Japanese cuisine” but its kaiseki menu is like discovering a new galaxy of food. Closed Mon. 325 Sharon Park Dr. 650.234.1084.

LEFTBANK Grandma’s French. $$$. Wise country fare combined with metropolitan savoir faire and a dash of Gallic attitude. Full bar. 11:30am10pm Sun-Mon, 11:30am-11pm Tue-Sat. 635 Santa Cruz Ave. 650.473.6543. SULTANA Turkish. $$$. If you’ve eaten Greek, Iranian or Middle Eastern food, you’ll find much that’s familiar here. Sultana makes your introduction to Turkish food easy with its warm service, well-executed dishes and soothing ambience. 11am2:30pm, 5-10pm Mon-Fri, 11am10pm Sat-Sun. 1149 El Camino Real. 650.322.4343.

Milpitas ¿book online at

ABC SEAFOOD RESTAURANT Chinese. $$. ABC is a Hong Kong-style restaurant, and

American Bistro Martini Bar & Fine Wines

¿= book online $ = $10 A CAPERS PLACE

$$ = $11-$15 $$$ = $16-$20 $$$$ = $21 and up Ranges based on average cost of dinner entree and salad, excluding alcoholic beverages

Available for parties, weddings, graduations & banquets to 250 people

that means dim sum and lots of fresh, fancifully prepared seafood. At lunch the place is a traffic jam of dim sum carts proffering an assortment of little snacks. 11am-2:30pm, 59:30pm daily. 768 Barber Lane. 408.435.8888.

BANANA LEAF Southeast Asian/Malaysian. $$$. A charming, exotic gem of a place with some of the best Southeast Asian food in the county. Sauces are masterfully crafted and reduced to glossy consistencies. 11am-3pm, 5-9:45pm Mon-Thu, 510:30pm Fri-Sat. 182 Ranch Dr. 408.719.9811.

Enjoy Open Rooftop Patio Dining Weekly Food & Drink Specials Happy Hour Monday-Friday Dancing Thurs., Fri.,& Sat. Nights Late Night Dining Pub Quiz Every Tuesday Nights

Show Dad how much you love him! Treat him to dinner at Loft Bar and Bistro Sunday, June 19 Follow us on Facebook

9900 S. Second S e c o n d St., S t ., Downtown D o w n t o w n San S a n Jose J o se 408.291.0677 408 .2 9 1. 0677 w w w.l o f tb a r an dbist r o.c o m

EEnter nter tto ow win in a $$50 50 W Weekly eekly G Giveaway iveaway both ffor or b oth Capers Capers and and Loft. Loft. SSimply imply scan scan the the QR QR code code and and enter e nter online online or or go go to to w ways

CHILI GARDEN Szechuan. $$. There’s a lot to recommend at this Szechuan standout. Mapo tofu is a classic that rules here. For sheer fireworks, go for the Chongqing spicy chicken, a fearsome-looking dish of chicken lightly battered and crisp. 10:30am-2:30pm and 4:30-10pm Mon-Thu, 10:30am2:30pm, 4:30-10:30pm Fri-Sun. 210 Barber Lane. 408.526.9888.

DARDA SEAFOOD RESTAURANT Islamic Chinese. $. Darda serves halal meat and draws parts of its menu from western China, a region that borders the Muslim countries of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Seafood and noodle dishes are particularly good. No alcohol served. 11am2:30pm, 5-9:30pm Mon-Fri, 10:30am-3pm, 4:30-9:30pm Sat-Sun. 296 Barber Court. 408.433.5199.

DING SHENG Chinese. $$. Bustling Ding Sheng restaurant specializes in Shanghai-style


Treat Dad like a King! Treat him to Brunch or Dinner Sunday, June 19th at Capers Eat & Drink Live Live Music Music Friday Friday Nights Nights Karaoke Karaoke Saturday Saturday Nights Nights Sunday Sunday Brunch Brunch

Food and Drink Specials Mon-Tues = 2 for 1 martinis Wed = 2 for 1 pasta Thurs = 2 for 1 margaritas

1710 W. Campbell Ave., Campbell, CA 95008 | 408.374.5777 74.5777

M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

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M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y



Milk Run


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When people talk about industrial agriculture and all its attendant problems (use of petroleum-based pesticides and fertilizers, crowded conditions for livestock, dependency of antibiotics, monocrops, animal waste) this is where it all happens. The road to meet WARD and ROSIE BURROUGHS at their California Cloverleaf Farms, a 3,000-acre ranch and dairy that supplies milk to Organic Valley, was a tour through the dark side of American food production. We passed grim, windowless warehouses where Foster Farm chickens live their short, miserable lives. It’s hard not compare them to concentration camps. They certainly look the part. Next came the sinus-stinging stench and blight of confinement dairy operations, cows kept in tight, mud and manure-caked quarters without so much as a blade of grass. This is where the vast majority of milk cows spend their short lives (about three years before the intensive milking takes its toll). As we entered the Burroughs’ ranch with the Sierra in the background I felt myself relaxing as the factory farms gave way to green fields of rolling pasture and hundreds of cows doing what they were made to do: eat grass. Make no mistake. This is a big farm, and in the Bay Area, there’s a notion that only small farms can do right by the land and animals. But the Burroughs’ diversified farm will disabuse you of that idea right away. Ward Burroughs is a third-generation cattle rancher and dairyman. His grandfather came to California from Illinois to start a dairy in eastern Contra Costa County. His father bought a sprawling ranch that Ward and his brother later divided in half. Ward’s is organic, and his brother’s is not. Wards’ ranch is a true family farm, with each of the family’s adult children running a different operation: dairy, chicken farm and almond orchards. Rosie even makes some delicious Gouda cheese under the BENINA CREMA CHEESE label. All the operations are run with an eye to sustainable land and resource use. With some prodding from his kids, Ward and Rosie Burroughs made the transition to a grass-based, organic operation. Ward had been a conventional dairy farmer, feeding his cattle in a confined operation and using whatever chemical products were at hand. But he saw another way forward. Pasturebased dairy ranching was once the norm in the United States, but over the past 50 years, it has been replaced by chemical dependent, confinement operations where the animals see precious little grass. Ward and Rosie looked to New Zealand for advice, because there’s a thriving grass-based agriculture there. Out here in the Central Valley, they were the oddballs bucking the industrial agriculture system. “We had to stick our necks out and do it all on our own,” says Rosie. “It was really scary.” The shift to pasture-based cattle has produced a shift in their thinking as well. “Our focus isn’t on milk production,” says Rosie. “It’s on grass. We don’t say we’re dairymen. We’re grass farmers.” Now they’ve got a thriving dairy and a diversified farm run by their adult children who are moving into directions they never imagined. Food editor Stett Holbrook is on the road, traveling in a 1965, 26-foot Airstream trailer with his family to research and promote Food Forward (, a documentary series for public television about the people changing our food system—and to promote Boulevards New Media.

65 M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


SVDINING 63 Chinese food but features a wide variety of regional dishes. Shanghai dishes include cold weather fare like dumplings, braised meats and sweet and savory meats. 11am-2:30pm, 5pm-midnight daily. 686 Barber Lane. 408.943.8786.

SAVORY CHICKEN Filipino. $. Savory Chicken offers a Filipino take on fried poultry. The chicken is tossed in a proprietary blend of herbs and spices and fried in soybean oil. No flour or bread crumbs are used. The result is an almost translucent skin that is so crisp it shatters on contact. 11am8pm Tue-Sun. 1557 Landess Ave. 408.945.8616.

SOUTH LEGEND SICHUAN RESTAURANT Szechuan Chinese. $. The menu of this Milpitas standout reads like an encyclopedia of Szechuan food. The kung pao chicken and Chen ma pa tofu are great. 11am-2:30pm, 5-9:30pm Mon-Fri, 11am-9:30pm SatSun. 1720 N. Milpitas Blvd. 408.934.3970.

SWAGAT Indian. $. Swagat explores both southern and northern Indian cuisine in its traditional and extensive menu. Beer, wine. Buffet daily 11am3pm, 5:30-10pm. 68 S. Abel St. 408.262.1128.

TIRUPATHI BHIMAS Indian. $$. Tirupathi Bhimas specializes in vegetarian food from south India, particularly that of Andra Pradesh, a spicy and aromatic cuisine, as well as a few north Indian dishes and “Indo-Chinese.” 11:30am-2pm, 6-9:30pm Sun and Tue-Thu, 11:30am-2:30pm, 6-9:30pm Fri-Sat. 1208 S. Abel St. 408.945.1010.

Mountain View ¿book online at

AMBER INDIA Northern Indian, tandoori. $$. Meals unfold like a bolt of rare silk, served with care and efficiency in a rich, luminous interior. Dishes are complex and varied. 11:30am-2:30pm, 5-9:45pm daily. 2290 El Camino Real. 650.968.7511.

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AMICI’S EAST COAST PIZZERIA Pizza/Italian. $$. When it’s done right, East Coast pizza can be a glorious thing. Dough is rolled ultrathin and served noticeably charred on the sides and bottom, the ideal combination for a “foldable” slice on the go. It’s done right here. 11am-10pm Mon-Thu, 11am-11pm Fri, 11:30am-11pm Sat, 11:30am10pm Sun. 790 Castro St. 650.961.6666.

BODRUM CAFE Turkish. $$. The menu at Bodrum Cafe is extensive and covers a lot of ground, but it’s the lamb dishes that stand out. A good place to start is with the lahmacun (Turkey’s take on pizza) and the kebabs. 10am10pm daily. 383 Castro St. 650.396.7010. CASCAL Spanish tapas. $$$. The tapas menu yields big tastes in small portions at this pan-Latin charmer. Calamari, roasted quail and minted lamb meatballs are among the delicacies. Full bar. 11:30am-10pm Mon-Sun. 400 Castro St. 650.940.9500.

CHAAT PARADISE Vegetarian Indian. $. Golden spices predominate at this popular spot for inexpensive, funto-eat traditional Indian fare. Casual shopping-center surroundings. 11:30-10pm Mon-Sun. 165 E. Camino Real. 650.965.1111. CHINA CAFE Mandarin, Szechuan. $$. A little surprise in the Blossom Valley Center promises uptown ambience, spotless surroundings and wellpresented classical Chinese cuisine. 1760 Miramonte Ave. 650.968.2298.

DON GIOVANNI Italian. $$$. This pumpkin-hued eatery faces the bustling downtown with a handsome demeanor of mahogany and candlelight. Full bar. 11am-2pm, 5-9pm Mon-Fri, 11am-9pm Sat-Sun. 235 Castro St. 650.961.9749.

LE PETIT BISTRO Classic French. $$. There’s a lot to like about this pinch of a place with its simple, practiced French cuisine and quiet dining. Casual. Beer, wine. 5:30-9:30pm Tue-Sat. 1405 W. El Camino Real. 650.964.3321.


MARU ICHI Japanese noodles. $. Maru Ichi is a true noodle shop. While there are a few appetizers on the menu, the slurpable house-made noodles—ramen, soba and udon—are what you want. Go for the house specialty kuro ramen or the soy sauce ramen. Beer and wine. Cash only. 11:30am-2:30pm, 5-10pm Mon-Fri, 11:30am-10pm Sat, 11:30am-9pm Sun. 368 Castro St. 650.564.9931. NAMI NAMI Japanese. $$$. Nami Nami specializes in kappo-style Japanese food, prepared in the artful, laborintensive, seasonally driven style associated with the city of Kyoto. For diners willing to open their minds and mouths, it offers one of the most exciting restaurant experiences in the Bay Area. 11:30am-2pm Tue-Sun, 7-10pm Tue-Thu and 6-11pm Fri-Sat. 240 Castro St. 650.964.6990.

NETO CAFFE AND BAKERY Cafe. $$. Neto Caffe and Bakery is a busy, good-looking space that has a happy buzz about it. There’s a little bit of everything including a number of Middle Eastern specialties. 7am-10pm daily. 135 Castro St. 650.625.9888.

PHO TO CHAU Vietnamese noodle house. $. The pho here is an honest noodle soup. Firsttimers might want to stick with the basic pho chin, topped with slices of beef brisket. 11am-10pm daily. 853 Villa St. 650.961.8069.

THE SPICE ISLANDS CAFE Singaporean, Malaysian, Indonesian. $$. This restaurant will send your taste buds to the tropics. Talented chefs put out dishes full of spice and passion, like jumbo chile prawns, papaya salad and Malaysian spareribs. The menu is expansive. Prices are reasonable. 210 Hope St. 650.960.1888.

SUSHI TOMI Japanese. $$. Sushi Tomi serves Japanese food with an elegant simplicity. Sushi and sashimi are ocean fresh. For a real treat, ask for an omakase dinner and let the chef put together a tasting menu for you. Lunch 11:30am2pm daily; dinner 5:30-9:30pm


67 M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


SVDINING Mon-Fri, 5-9:30pm Sat, 5-9pm Sun. 635 W. Dana St. 650.968.3227.

TAQUERÍA LOS CHARROS Mexican. $. This clean and fetching diner is the place for authentic fare. Generous portions. 6:30am-10pm MonFri, 6:30am-11pm Sat, 8am10pm Sun. 854 W. Dana St. 650.969.1464.

VASO AZZURRO Ristorante Italian. $$$. Entrees are attractively presented, and the waiters will make you feel as though you were the most important guests in the place. Dessert lives up to the rest of the meal. Beer, wine. 11:30am2pm Mon-Fri, 5-9pm Mon-Thu, 5-10pm Fri-Sat, 5-9:30pm Sun. 108 Castro St. 650.940.1717. XANH RESTAURANT Modern Vietnamese. $$. Xanh (pronounced “zahn”) epitomizes the new breed of upscale, contemporary Vietnamese restaurant. The appealing menu ranges from the traditional to the unconventional and includes rolls, salads, noodles, small plates and full-size entrees. 11:30am-2pm, 4:30pmclose Mon-Fri. 110 Castro St. 650.964.1888

YAKKO Japanese, sushi bar. $$. A pairing of swift service with an exotic range of sushi and udon makes this a favorite among sushi lovers. Beer, wine. 11:30am-2pm Mon-Sun, 5:30-9:30pm Sun-Thu, 5:3010:30pm Fri-Sat. 975 W. Dana St. 650.960.0626.

Seafood food 5:30-9:30pm Tue-Sat. 448 California Ave. 650.327.0284.

BISTRO MAXINE Cafe. $$. Bistro Maxine is a bright, friendly little spot, a coffee shop and creperie rolled into one. If you’re lucky, you’ll snag one of the five indoor or two outdoor tables while perusing the long but straightforward menu. 8am-2pm 6-10pm Tue-Fri, 9am-4pm Sun. 548 Ramona St. 650.323.1815. BUCA DI BEPPO Nondesigner Italian-American. $$. Like a Sicilian Christmas carnival in the ’50s, this party spot blends clutter, joy, high spirits and, oh yes, huge portions. 11am-10pm Sun-Thu, 11am-11pm Fri-Sat. 643 Emerson St. 650.329.0665.

CAFE BRIOCHE Southern French. $$. Mediterranean magic: exceptional cuisine on oversize plates is whisked to tables as soon as it’s created. Breakfast 9-11am, lunch 11am3pm, dinner 5:30-9:30pm Mon-Fri; brunch 9am-3pm, dinner 5:30-10pm Sat-Sun. 445 California Ave. 650.326.8640.

CAFFE RIACE Trattoria. $$. An absolute joy. Every dish is made with honest expertise—no tricky trendiness here. The homey offerings are based on wholesome Italian staples. Beer, wine. 11:30am2:30pm Mon-Fri, 5-10pm Mon-Sun. 200 Sheridan Ave. 650.328.0407.


¿book online at

Cafe and Market A Go-Go combines elements of the fast-food world and the laborintensive slow cooking of more-high-end restaurants. Chef and owner Charlie Ayers (who was Google’s first chef) calls his concept “slow food fast”—good-to-eat and goodfor-you food that he hopes will appeal to Silicon Valley’s frenetic, too-busy-to-eat pace of life. Look for good burgers, pizza, salads and fresh fish. 11am-9pm Mon-Fri, 9am-9pm Sat-Sun. 858 El Camino Real. 650.322.9200.

BISTRO ELAN California

COUPA CAFE Venezuelan.

French. $$$. The only problem with the menu is that it’s all tempting. Using seasonal produce, the chef allows flavors to speak for themselves. Wine, beer. 11:30am-1:30pm Tue-Fri,

$$. Venezuela is best known for its oil production and resilient populist president; Coupa shines attention on the country’s premium coffee and chocolate. The beautiful

ZUCCA Mediterranean. $$. Time slows and the paella glows at this Turkish/Spanish charmer: lamb kofte, spicy shrimp, steak, baklava. 11:30am-2:30pm Mon-Fri, 510pm Mon-Sun. 186 Castro St. 650.864.9940.

Palo Alto



storefront also serves excellent arepas, white corn griddle cakes stuffed with various fillings. 7am-11pm daily. 538 Ramona St. 650.322.6872.

EMPIRE GRILL & TAP ROOM California grill. $$. Waiters with charm to spare, an energetic clientele and a menu packed with grilled, roasted and smoked intensity make Empire Grill much more than simply a smart place to sip a cosmopolitan. Full bar. Tue-Sun 11:30am-10pm. 651 Emerson St. 650.321.3030.

EVVIA Contemporary Aegean. $$$. Forward flavors and plenty of laughter—that’s Dionysian dining. Evvia feels like a little taverna on Paros, only with an unmistakable Bay Area sophistication. Full bar. 420 Emerson St. 650.326.0983. FUKI SUSHI Japanese. $$$. For over two decades this superb Japanese restaurant has served sushi to Nobel laureates and other grateful foodies. Open daily. 4119 El Camino Real. 11:30am-10pm Tue-Sun. 650.494.9383. www.

GORDON BIERSCH New American. $$$. Food takes equal billing with ambience and fine handmade beers at the first in this group of successful brewpubs. The menu is so fine-tuned, though, it could thrive even without a brewery attached. Beer, wine. 11:30am-10pm daily. 640 Emerson St. 650.323.7723. Also 33 E. San Fernando St, San Jose. 408.294.6785.

GREEN ELEPHANT GOURMET Burmese. $$. Burmese food draws influences from its three largest neighbors: China, India and Thailand. Standouts here include the coconut chicken soup, tangy tea leaf salad and refreshing glass noodle salad. Lunch 11am2:30pm, dinner 4:30-9pm daily. 3950 Middlefield Rd (Charleston Shopping Center). 650.494.7391.

GYROS GYROS Mediterranean. $. The lunch crowd turns out in force to grapple with the oversize, and messy, lamb and beef gyros, chicken gyros and other treats. That’s especially true on sunny afternoons,


Premium Premium Aged Aged Steaks Steaks

Seasonal Seasonal Specialities Specialities





M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M


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M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


SVDINING when the sidewalk tables fill with folks downing the juicy sandwiches. 11am-11pm daily. 498 University Ave. 650.327.0107.

JUNNOON Contemporary Indian. $$$. This attractive Palo Alto restaurant serves eclectic modern Indian food, the kind you might get at an upscale restaurant in Bangalore or Mumbai. You could easily make a meal from the great selection of appetizers. 11:30am-2:30pm and 5:30-10pm Mon-Fri, 5:3010:30pm Sat. 150 University Ave. 650.329.9644. LA BODEGUITA DEL MEDIO Cuban/California. $$$. Themed after a vintage Havana haunt of Ernest Hemingway’s, this zesty restaurant serves lively Cuban-influenced cuisine along with liquid staples like rum and mojitos in a handsome, casual atmosphere. Full bar. Lunch 11:30am-2pm Mon-Fri; dinner 5:30-9:30pm Mon-Thu, 5:30-10pm FriSat. 463 S.California Ave. 650.326.7762.

LAVANDA Mediterranean. $$$. This urban grill at the top of University Avenue offers eclectic, small tasting plates, along with heartier fare such as roasted sea bass with chanterelle mushrooms and guinea fowl with sautéed chard. 11:30am-2:30pm Mon-Sun, 5-10pm Mon-Thu, 5-11pm Fri-Sat, 5-9pm Sun. 185 University (at Emerson). 650.321.3514. MANTRA French, American and Indian. $$$. Mantra serves inventive French and American food that speaks with an Indian accent. It isn’t fusion, but a more subtle blend of surprisingly compatible flavors and techniques. Lunch 11:30am-2:30pm Tue-Fri, dinner 5-10pm Sun-Thu and 5:30-10:30pm Fri-Sat. 632-636 Emerson St. 650.322.3500.

MAYFIELD BAKERY AND CAFE American. $$$. With its simple but handsome décor, open kitchen fronted by a long counter and tidy stacks of split almond logs tucked against the wall for the great-smelling wood-burning oven, Mayfield Bakery and Cafe presents updated versions of seasonally driven Mediterranean


and American classics—big, bold, rustic flavors and simple preparations that aim to let locally grown ingredients speak for themselves without any undue manipulation or pretence. You know the stuff: Niman Ranch burgers, spitroasted meats, frisée salads with crumbled bacon and a poached egg on top, pizzas, grilled fish, crusty, fresh bread and hearty, satisfying desserts. 8am-4pm and 5-9pm Mon-Fri; 9am-4pm and 5-9pm Sat-Sun. 855 El Camino Real. 650.853.9200.

Fri-Sat and 11:30am-9pm Sun. 236 Hamilton Ave. 650.833.3151.

OSTERIA Italian. $$. Authentic Italian cooking done by skilled chefs from Italy. Be sure to make a reservation, or you’ll be lucky to put a single foot through the door. Beer, wine. 11:30am-2pm Mon-Fri, 5-10pm Mon-Sat. 247 Hamilton St. 650.328.5700.

ST. MICHAEL’S ALLEY New California. $$$. Reservations are a must at this smart bistro, whose menu includes inventive potato, meat and seafood dishes that tilt toward New American cookery. Beer, wine. 11:30am-2pm Tue-Fri, 5:30-9:30pm Tue-Sat; brunch 10am-2pm Sat-Sun. 806 Emerson St. 650.326.2530.

PAMPAS Brazilian steakhouse. $$$. Pampas is a meat lover’s haven. The $44 rodizio service gets you unlimited spitroasted meat. The sprawling side bar offers one of the most extensive selections of vegetarian options you’ll find in a nonvegetarian restaurant. Lunch 11:30am-2:30pm Mon-Fri, dinner 5:30-9:30pm Mon-Thu, 5-10:30pm Fri-Sat and 5-9pm Sun. 529 Alma St. 650.327.1323.

QUATTRO RESTAURANT AND BAR Italian. $$$$. Quattro Restaurant and Bar brings high-style, impeccably sourced Italian cuisine to the South Bay, an area that has about as many great Italian restaurants as it does snow days. Breakfast 6:30-11am Mon-Sun, lunch 11:30am-2:30pm Mon-Sat and dinner 5:30-10pm MonSun. 2050 University Ave. 650.470.2889.

REPOSADO Mexican. $$$. Reposado offers modern, refined Mexican food served in a lively setting. The restaurant is easily one of Palo Alto’s most striking. The soaring, exposed beam ceilings make the dining room feel at once industrial and inviting because of the warm colors, wood accents and dramatic light fixtures. There’s a beautiful bar and cozy booth seating on one side and spacious table and banquette seating on the other. Great selection of tequila. 11:30am10pm Mon-Thu, 11:30am-11pm

RESTAURANT SOLEIL New American. $$$$. A mouthwatering menu and an elegant, golden-hued room shine together at Soleil, upstairs in the Westin Palo Alto. Local ingredients and provocative sauces create dishes worthy of the wine list. Breakfast 6am-11am, Dinner 5-10:30pm. 675 El Camino Real. 650.321.4422.

SHOKOLAAT. Modern European. $$. Shokolaat’s open kitchen and pastry display counter are as gleaming and clean as a laboratory, a fitting setting for the restaurant’s technically precise, modern European cooking. Counter open 8am9pm (to-go only 4-9pm); lunch 11:30am-2pm Tue-Sun, dinner 5:30-10:30pm Tue-Sun. 516 University Ave. 650.289.0719.

SPALTI RISTORANTE Italian. $$. Along with a handsome interior, Spalti offers good wine and sparkling flavors. Beer, wine. 11am-2pm MonFri, 5-9:30pm Mon-Sun. 417 California Ave. 650.327.9390.

STRAITS CAFE Singapore exotica. $$. Blending culinary motifs from India, China and Thailand, the food of Singapore is anything but timid. The menu at Straits is lavish and diverse. Full bar. 11:30-2pm Mon-Fri, 5:309:30pm Sun-Thu, 5-10pm Fri-Sat. 3295 El Camino Real. 650.494.7168. TAMARINE New Vietnamese. $$$. A mesmerizing back bar of natural bamboo and glass sleekly adjoins a wall showcasing original artwork. Even the waitstaff is sleek, clad in Prada black. Entrees are gorgeous and deeply aromatic. 546 University Ave. 650.325.8500.

Sp pecial Event ariani a 's Inn I & Restaurant R

2500 El Caam mino Real, e Santa a Clarra, a CA 95051 (408) 243-1431 Children Under U 12 $13.95

$ 28.00

Children Under 4 arre FREE

IT ’S S FATHER RS DAY Su undayy Ju une 19 ,,2011 MORNING START TERS Apple Wood Smoked Bacon, Sausage,Cinnamon Dipped French Toast, Country Potatoes Eggs Benedict ,California Benedict & Cheese Blintzes


HOT ENTRÉES S Chicken Picatta, Mahi Mahi with Orange Beurre Blanc, Tri Colored Tortellini in Pesto Wild Rice and Garden Vegetatables

DESSER RTS Tapioca Pudding with Fresh F Strawberries, Assorted Che eese Cakes, Chocolate Mou usse & French Pastries

71 M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M


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M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y



CHOICES BY: 8Xife:Xie\j :lik`j:Xik`\i Jk\m\GXcfgfc` I`Z_Xi[mfe9ljXZb


SOPHIE B HAWKINS _li feK_lij[Xp% pfe p kX`eN`e\ipfe c Df ekX` _\ Dfejk\ijgcXpDfle [Kf[ Xe[k_\Dfej ^ ?\X[ 9`^?\X[Kf[[



SJSU Event Center, San Jose 7pm; $35-$50 For more than 40 years, San Jose’s Los Tigres del Norte have been the voice of “the other Mexico.” They’ve specialized in corridos of desperate men and women, and of courage and pride under difficult, sometimes lethal, circumstances. La Granja, the quintet’s most recent studio album, had a controversial title song, a fable about Mexico’s drug-war terrors. They had the principles to drop out of an awards show in Mexico City for being forbidden to play it. This show is a benefit for the programs of Mexican Heritage Corporation (MHC) and the San Jose Mariachi and Mexican Heritage Festival. (RvB)

BIG HEAD TODD Mountain Winery, Saratoga Thu – 7:30pm,; $39.50-$59.50 John Lee Hooker’s “Boom Boom” is probably the best-known blues song that most people don’t know they know. It’s everywhere, from The Blues Brothers (in which Hooker performs it onscreen ) to the ad for Mafia II. From the opening chord progression to the explosion after the first minute, it’s one of the most irresistible blues songs ever written. Many have covered it, but Big Head Todd and the Monsters got it. Of course, their hit version had a little help, since they got Hooker to play on it. But that’s the key appeal of this Colorado band—they could cover a blues song, or crank out a straightforward, slow-burning rocker like their biggest hit, “Broken Hearted Savior,” or bring the funk on “Groove Thing.”Throughout the ups and downs with their records over

the last two decades, they’ve made their reputation—and their staying power—on the powers as a live band. (SP)


SOUL ASYLUM Montalvo Arts Center, Saratoga Fri – 7:30pm; $49-$86 By the time Soul Asylum hit it big in 1992 with Grave Dancers Union and the single “Runaway Train,” they already had five albums under their belt. New fans were taken back when they dug up Soul Asylum’s old catalog. The raw, frenetic, country-punk energy of those early records were a far contrast to the carefully crafted, glossy production of their mainstream material. Some

Jfg g_`\9 9%%? ?X Xn nb`ej e Zfd\j \ kf kf: :cl `eI lY Y= I\ =f \[ \ fo [n o nff[ [:``kkp pJ JXkkl lii[ [Xp%

critics accused them of hopping on the grunge bandwagon, but in reality, their ’80s records were precursors to the flannel sound. Also performing is Saratoga’s dada, who busted out of the South Bay scene onto the alt charts in the ’90s with songs like “Dizz Knee Land” and “Dim.” (AC)


SPEARS /MINAJ HP Pavilion, San Jose Sat – 7pm; $29.50-$175 What a difference a few months make in the overheated world of pop divadom. When Britney first announced Nicki Minaj would be the main supporting act on her “Femme Fatale” tour, she was ridiculed for

picking someone so unproven, especially as a replacement for self-canceling co-headliner Enrique Iglesias. But just three months later, it looks like a brilliant move, as Minaj has more buzz than Spears herself. Make no mistake, Britney’s still got all the #1s—Femme Fatale giving her yet another chart-topping album, and “Hold It Against Me” another #1 single. But Minaj, a Lil’ Wayne protégée who released her debut album Pink Friday last year, is capturing the pop-culture imagination in the way that Britney hasn’t for years. She was so outrageously brash, sexual and surprising on Weezy’s tour that she stole the spotlight right out from under him. Will she do the same to Britney? One thing seems certain: just a couple of years into her career, Minaj seems to have barely tapped into her talent, or her alter egos. Roman Zolanski? (SP)

* concerts


DIANA KRALL MAXX12 Jun 17, 9 Lives, Gilroy


DJ CAMS Jun 18 at Studio 8 San Jose

MICKEY AVALON Jun 19 at 8pm, Avalon, Santa Clara

WHITE ALBUM ENSEMBLE W Music in the Park, Jun 23 at 5:30pm, P Plaza de Cesar Chavez, San Jose

FOREVERLAND Jun 25 at 8pm, Fox Theatre, Redwood City

LUCINDA WILLIAMS With David D Lindley, Jun 25 at 7:30pm, Mountain Winery

NATURAL VIBRATIONS Music in the Park, Jun 30 at 5:30pm, P Plaza de Cesar Chavez, San Jose

NEKO CASE Jul 1 at 7:30pm, Mountain Winery

NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK Jul 2 at 7:30pm, HP Pavilion

TAHITI FEST Jul 2-4, SJSU Event Center

SF SYMPHONY Jul 4 at 8pm, Shoreline


JXkli[Xp Xpe\68ccn`ccY\i\m\Xc\[ ke\pk_\nXpj_\[`[C`cÊN

9i` N`ccE`Zb`D`eXalgjkX^\

PASSION KINGS Streetlight Records, San Jose Sat – 4pm; free The members of the Passion Kings have been around for a long time in various bands. Their sound reflects both the underground, experimental, raw sound of the ’80s post-punk scene and ’90s polished adult contemporary rock with a splashing of funk and electronica. Their lead singer also has found a rather unusual way to play solo gigs: he plays virtual concerts online in the game Second Life. The only question is how many of his online fans go to see his band in the physical world? Or would the whole space-time continuum explode if they did that? (AC)

SOPHIE B HAWKINS Club Fox, Redwood City Sat – 8pm; $26 When Sophie B. Hawkins burst onto the scene in 1992, the curly blonde singer wowed critics with her debut album Tongues and Tails, lit up charts with tracks like “Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover” and earned herself a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist. And though she’s never quite reprised that sensational rookie year, she’s managed to put out solid . A common fixture at women’s rights events and benefits, she’s also dipped her toes into the political shark tank, rerecording two of her most famous tracks and giving them to the Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. (CC)



The Stage, San Jose Mon – 8pm; $60/$100

Mountain Winery, Saratoga Tue – 7:30pm; $35-$75

Every year for nearly two decades, San Jose Stage Company has drawn its satiric sword and gone about the dirty, but necessary and very funny, business of cutting local politicians down to size. Of course, the pols show up for the roasting, because self-deprecation is the better part of valor. This year’s edition features guest host Supervisor Dave Cortese, Assessor Larry Stone, music and a cocktail reception (at 6pm). (MSG)

Brownie (class of ’81) and DC folkie Mary Chapin Carpenter took countrypolitan cosmopolitan, revving up Lucinda Williams’ “Passionate Kisses” into a deserved hit; later, she made another hit, “He Thinks He’ll Keep Her,” out of the insult of a 1973 Geritol commercials’ horrific tagline “My wife, I think I’ll keep her.” After recovering from a serious pulmonary embolism, Carpenter came back with her biggest-selling album since ’96, The Age of Miracles. Marc Cohn also performs. (RvB)

REV. HORTON HEAT Jul 5 at 9pm, Avalon, Santa Clara Ju

SMASH MOUTH Jul 7 at 7:30pm, Montalvo Arts Center

METRO FOUNTAIN BLUES FEST The festival returns with Fountain Blues Festival AllStars Band and Tommy Castro, Jul 9, St. James Park, San Jose

MAYHEM FESTIVAL Jul 10 at 2:15pm, Shoreline

AMERICAN IDOL LIVE Jul 13 at 7pm, HP Pavilion

EDDIE IZZARD Jul 16 at 8pm, Shoreline

INXS With Berlin, Jul 19 at 7:30pm, Mountain Winery

KID ROCK With Sheryl Crow, Jul 29 at 7pm, Shoreline

BLUES TRAVELER Aug 4 at 7:30pm, Montalvo Arts Center

KATY PERRY Aug 12 at 7:30pm, HP Pavilion

M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

Jun 117 at 7:30pm, Mountain Winery

74 M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

metroactive ARTS

Iranian Beat I?PK?D:@I:C< ?PK?D :@I:C< G\iZljj`fe`jk G\iZljj`fe`jkG\q__Xd8b_XmXjjZfccXYfiXk\j G\q__Xd 8b_XmXjj ZfccXYfiXk\j n`k_BXp_XeBXc_fi]fiXe\m\e`e^f]G\ij`Xejfle[j%

Jglie\[Xk_fd\#BXp_XeBXc_fi Xe[G\q__Xd8b_XmXjjb\\g G\ij`Xedlj`ZkiX[`k`feXc`m\Xe[n\cc 9p ANDREW GILBERT


FEJ@;<Ik_\f[[ gi\[`ZXd\ekf]@iXe`Xe ZcXjj`ZXcdlj`Z`Xej% ?\`ijkfX^cfi`flj Xe[jlgi\d\cpjfg_`jk`ZXk\[ kiX[`k`fen`k_iffkjjki\kZ_`e^ YXZbkfG\ij`XÊjgi\$@jcXd`Z JXjjXe`Xe;peXjkp#k_\pXi\ YXi\cpkfc\iXk\[Xk_fd\# n_\i\k_\Zc\i`ZXc^fm\ied\ek cffbjlgfeXepefej\ZkXi`Xe \ogi\jj`fen`k_^iXm\ jljg`Z`fe% Which is why Kayhan Kalhor, the unsurpassed master of the four-string spiked Persian violin, or

kamancheh, and Pezhham Akhavass, a rising star on the tombak goblet drum, no longer live in Iran. A San Francisco resident, Akhavass performs with Kalhor at Palo Alto’s Cubberley Auditorium on Saturday, a rare Bay Area recital by two artists determined to raise the profile of Iranian music in the West, where Iranian music is slowly putting down roots. Fed up with the restrictions placed on musicians in Iran, Akhavass left the country three years ago and has set about reinventing himself in the United States. Rather than moving to Los Angeles, where the largest Persian community outside of Iran has led some to dub the city Tehrangeles, he settled in the Bay Area.

“I have a lot of goals in front of me that I cannot find in Iran,” says Akhavass, 31. “There are lots of opportunities here. It’s very difficult to grow up as a musician in Iran. When I was young, I saw a lot of musicians who the government doesn’t allow to perform. Sometimes I think I wasted my 28 years there. I had a lot of respect, and I’m starting my life again. I couldn’t speak English well when I first came here, and I try to make it better every day.” He may not have been able to speak the language when he arrived, but Akhavass fully understood that the Bay Area allowed him unfettered creative freedom. He quickly set about staging concerts around the region, including several with women from a troupe specializing in traditional Persian dance, an art form that has disappeared in Iran due to restrictions on female performers. For Saturday’s concert, he and Kalhor are taking different liberties by stretching out on a series of instrumental duo improvisations,

an unusual format as Persian classical music is indelibly bound to luxuriant Farsi poetry. “We know each other, and we know our techniques, but we’re not going to rehearse,” Akhavass says. “We’re creating something new. We don’t have a singer here, and that’s central to Persian music. For this event, we’ll have a melodic and rhythmic instrument, but we can’t follow the exact traditional forms. We’ll play an introduction, and then improvise.” Akhavass’ ultimate ambition is to help lift Persian classical music’s profile to the same stature that India’s Hindustani and Carnatic traditions have attained in the West since the mid-1960s. He’s certainly picked the right collaborator, as no artist has done more to raise the international profile of Persian music than Kalhor. A founding member of Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble, Kalhor lived in Europe and the United States for about two decades and has forged deep ties with an array of Western artists, while maintaining close connections with the scene in Iran. He moved back to Tehran in 2003 looking to heal a scene wrenched apart by the Islamic revolution’s upheaval. “All of the old masters left Iran around the revolution in search of better situations and more concerts,” says Kalhor, 48, who now lives in the Washington, D.C., area. “There are thousands of brilliant young technicians in Iran now, but there’s this gap between two generations, and there’s a lot that’s missing in the music. This happened in every art form. There was this brilliant film generation before the revolution, but after nothing happened until a few years ago.” Born into a Kurdish family in Tehran, Kalhor was still a child when he started attracting attention with his preternatural talent on the kamancheh. He spent his teenage years as a featured soloist with the National Orchestra of Radio and Television of Iran. While immersing himself in the Persian classical repertoire, a body of music stretching back thousands of years known as the Radif, he also studied Kurdish folkloric music, which became a launching pad for his cross-cultural collaborations with



CreaTV San CreaTV San Jose Jose provides p rovides the the tools tools that that allow allow diverse d iverse communities communities tto o ttell ell ttheir heir stories stories through through video. video.

Share S hare yyour our sstory. tory.

On view is an exhibition of â&#x20AC;&#x153;Picassoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Picassosâ&#x20AC;?: 150 paintings, sculptures, drawings and prints from the artistâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s personal collection and every phase of his extraordinary career.

EspaĂąa at Twilight Wednesday Night Discount JUN 15â&#x20AC;&#x201C;AUG 31, 5â&#x20AC;&#x201C;8:45PM


Learn mor more. e. Sign up.

Call (408) 295-88155 ext. 301

Â&#x2122;&-/69JAI$H:C>DG$HIJ9:CI Â&#x2122;&%/NDJI= Â&#x2122;B:B7:GH6G:;G:: :c_dnVHeVc^h]^che^gZYeg^mĂ&#x2019;mZbZcj^ci]ZXV[Â&#x201A;! extended store hours, convenient parking and view the exhibition without the crowds. AVhii^X`ZiVi,/(%eb#HeZX^VaZkZcieg^X^c\0di]ZgY^hXdjcihdgd[[ZghYdcdi Veean#EZgbVcZciXdaaZXi^dc\VaaZg^ZhcdideZc#6YY^i^dcVaZkZc^c\k^Zl^c\ ]djghVkV^aVWaZdc;g^YVnC^\]ih# 7VhZYdcbZbWZgh]^eaZkZa

;dg^c[di^X`Zih/YZndjc\bjhZjb#dg\ PRESENTING SPONSOR

This exhibition is co-organized by the MusĂŠe National Picasso, Paris, and the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. It is supported by an indemnity from the Federal Council on the Arts and the Humanities. Major Patrons are Penny and James George Coulter and the Estate of Mary Price Moffatt. Lead Patrons are The Ray and Dagmar Dolby Family Fund, The Bernard Osher Foundation and Douglas A. Tilden. Lead Sponsors are the Muriel T. French Trust and Isabelle and Charles Picasso.


Kayhan Kalhor and Pezhham Akhavass Saturday, 8pm; $40/$45 Cubberley Auditorium, Palo Alto

MEDIA SPONSORS Golden Gate Park, San Francisco Pablo Picasso, Le baiser, 1969. MusÊe National Picasso, Paris. Š 2011 Estate of Pablo Picasso/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

musicians from India, Turkey and beyond. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I believe the Radif is the bricks to build the building with, not the building itself,â&#x20AC;? Kalhor says. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I think the Radif is a pure form to learn music, a musical alphabet. When you learn that, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re just in the beginning of the journey.â&#x20AC;? In addition to the Silk Road Project, Kalhor has performed widely in the United States with the Masters of Persian Music, an ensemble he co-founded with vocal legend Mohammad Reza Shajarian and Hossein Alizadeh, a virtuoso of the Persian plucked lute, or tar. His most striking recent project was Silent City, his 2008 collaboration with the innovative string quartet Brooklyn Rider. The title track is an almost half-hour piece he created in response to Saddam Husseinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s destruction of the Kurdish Iraqi city of Halabja at the end of the Iran-Iraq War. â&#x20AC;&#x153;There are very few pieces in life that affect you like this when you ďŹ rst hear them, maybe Mahler or Miles Davis or â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Rites of Springâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s that kind of revelation,â&#x20AC;? says composer Osvaldo Golijov, who ďŹ rst got to know Kalhor in 2000 when they both contributed to Kronos Quartetâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Nonesuch album Caravan. It was Golijov who brought Kalhor to the attention of Francis Ford Coppola, who featured his haunting kamancheh throughout the score to his 2007 ďŹ lm Youth Without Youth. When Golijov ďŹ rst tried to describe Kalhorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sound to the director, Coppola was unimpressed. â&#x20AC;&#x153;But when he heard it he wanted to use it all over the place,â&#x20AC;? Golijov says. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It has a tenderness thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not personal, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s anthropological. Kayhan is the master of that instrument. Heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s taken the kamancheh to places it has never traveled before, musically, emotionally and culturally. The civilization that he represents is very powerful and heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s at the top.â&#x20AC;?

the Metro photo exhibit

More listings:

metroactive ARTS




featuring local photographers

The Complete World of Sports (abridged) Wednesday, 2 and 8pm, Thursday–Friday, 8pm, Saturday, 3 and 8pm; Sunday, 2pm; San Jose Repertory Theatre; $35–$79 For its summer lineup, San Jose Rep brings the hilarious, fast-paced The Complete World of Sports (abridged) to town. A production of the Reduced Shakespeare Company, The Complete World of Sports (abridged) asks some burning questions: “Is bowling really a sport? What about poker or competitive eating?” No sport escapes unscathed in this satire.

South First Fridays @ 550 S First

Illustration by Chris Hack

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


The Sorcerer Saturday–Sunday, 8pm, plus Thursday– Friday (June 23–24), 8pm; Montgomery Theater, San Jose; $11–$36 This early collaboration between Gilbert and Sullivan, first performed in 1877, tells the tale of a man whose plan to bring a little equality to the world goes awry when a love potion works too well. For its version, Lyric Theatre of San Jose plans to give the operetta a Bollywood setting.

Frames of War June 18–Sept. 10; San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art; free The new show by Santa Cruz artist Hanna Hannah uses highly aesthetic means to address the blunt and brutal realities of combat, with a particular eye on the war in Iraq. Hannah’s large, finely detailed wall paintings are as formal in design as they are shocking in image and implication with scenes of devastation embedded in deceptively seductive landscapes. The opening reception is this Friday, 6–8pm.

*stage Opera

FIRST STREET SINGERS Performing favorite arias and duets. Fri, 8pm. Free. Caffe Trieste, San Jose.

Theater AVENUE Q The popular Broadway music about snarky puppets and people comes to town in a

San Jose Stage Company production. Wed-Thu, 7:30pm, Fri-Sat, 8pm, Sun, 2pm. Runs thru Jul 3. $25$50. The Stage, San Jose.

8pm. $10-$12. Campbell United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall.


For summer, the company mounts four productions in repertory. The first presentation is “Around the World in 80 Days”—this week Sat, 3 and 7:30pm. The second play is “The Emperor’s New Clothes”— this week Fri, 7:30pm. The series continues with “The Servant of Two Masters,” a comedy set in 18th-century Venice; Thu, 7:30pm. The

Palo Alto Players presents the Noel Coward comedy. Thu-Sat, 8pm, Sun, 2:30pm. Runs thru Jun 26. $21-$30. Lucie Stern Theater, Palo Alto.

CAFE CABARET: ON OLD BROADWAY Celebrate some of Broadway’s original melodies in this performance by Studio Theatre of California. Sat,


77 M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

K?<J<C=8JKIL<JKE8KLI<8]\n[Xpji\dX`ekfZXkZ_lgkfk_\ \e`^dXk`Znfibjf]j\c]$kXl^_kE\nPfibXik`jkA\i\d`X_DX[[fZb#n_f f]k\e[iXnjfe]fle[Xe[i\ZpZc\[jli]XZ\jjlZ_Xjfc[Yffbj%?`j\o_`Y`k ilejk_ifl^_JXkli[XpXk8eef;fd`e`feJflk_=`ijkJki\\k`eJXeAfj\% Jul 10. $15-$20. Northside Theatre Company, San Jose.


City Lights’ fifth show of the season is a comic drama by Lisa Loomer about a mother whose child is diagnosed with ADHD. Thu-Sat, 8pm, Sun, 2pm. Runs thru Jun 19. $15-$28. City Lights, San Jose.

Reduced Shakespeare Company presents this original take on the history of sports. Wed, 2 and 8pm, Thu-Fri, 8pm, Sat, 3 and 8pm and Sun, 2pm. Runs thru Jun 19. $29-$57. San Jose Rep.

DARWIN IN MALIBU Crispin Whittell’s comedy places Charles Darwin and Thomas Huxley in presentday Malibu and lets the sparks fly. Presented by Northside Theatre Company. Opens Thu, Jun 16. Thu-Sat, 8pm, Sun, 3pm. Runs thru


THE IMAGINARY INVALID Shady Shakespeare Theatre Company adapts Moliere’s classic take on the healthcare industry, bringing it to life in the era of glam rock. Opens Fri, Jun 17. Thu-Sat, 8pm, Sun, 2 and 7pm. Runs thru Jul 2. $16-$20. Historic Hoover Theatre, San Jose.

MID–PENINSULA SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL This year’s plays, running in repertory, are “Twelfth Night,” “Charlie’s Aunt” and “Macbeth.” Fri-Sat, 8pm, Sun, 7:30pm. Runs thru Jun 26. Full Circle Farm, Sunnyvale.



MOON OVER BUFFALO Bus Barn Stage Company mounts a comedy by Ken Ludwig about backstage misadventures. Wed, 7:30pm, Thu-Sat, 8pm, Sun, 7pm. $24-$30. Runs thru Jun 18. Bus Barn Theater, Los Altos.

SAN JOSE STAGE COMPANY Monday Night Live—Annual fundraiser that skewers local politicians; Supervisor Dave



whole series runs thru Jul 24. $10-$25. Sunnyvale Community Center Theater.



LOS GATOS (408) 395-7650


eer Peroni BW ine & LAHBLoE 6/u25s/1e1 to 7/2/11 AVAI

LIVERMORE (925) 249-9800



TO THE PUBLIC C! Come se e the be st Bocce p lay nation c ers in the om the Natio pete for nal Title!


metroactive ARTS 77

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


Cortese hosts. Mon, 8pm. $60-$100. San Jose Stage.

THE SORCERER A young couple sets off a series of mishaps in this Bollywood-meets-Victorianera work by Gilbert & Sullivan, performed by Lyric Theatre. Opens Sat, 8pm. Thu-Sat, 8pm and Sun, 2pm. Runs thru Jun 26. $11-$36. Montgomery Theater, San Jose.


Collector’s conversation with Jean and Roger Moss, Sun, 2-4pm. San Jose.

“In the Abstract.” Abstract works by artists Paula Schales, Ewa Gavriellov and Neal Boor. Thru Jul 21. Los Gatos.

Fri, 9pm and Sat, 7 and 9pm: Live improv comedy. Fri, 11pm: The Midnight Show. Inside the Camera 3 building, San Jose.

ROOSTER T. FEATHERS Wed, 8pm: Doug Benson. $20. Thu, 8pm, Fri, 9pm, Sat, 8 and 10:30pm, Sun, 8pm: Greg Warren. $12-$18. Sunnyvale.

SAN JOSE IMPROV Wed, 8pm: Lahna Turner. $12. Thu, 8pm, Fri, 8 and 10pm, Sat, 7 and 9pm: Ralphie May. $20-$22. Sun, 7pm: Big, Bad & Sexy Comedy Tour. $10. San Jose.











A new musical-within-amusical about two young songwriters, presented by TheatreWorks. Wed, 7:30pm, Thu-Fri, 8pm, Sat 2 and/or 8pm, Sun, 2 and/or 7pm. Runs through Jun 26. $24$42. Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts. A search-and-rescue effort for a young girl prompts pilot Maxine to face fragments of her own past in this presentation by Dragon Productions Theatre Company. Thu-Sat, 8pm, Sun, 2pm. Runs thru Jun 19. $16$25. Lucie Stern Theatre, Palo Alto.



The comedian and actor speaks as part of the Unique Lives and Experiences series. Sat, 7:30pm. $40-$90. San Jose Civic Auditorium.

Midsummer Art Celebration. More than 100 artists display their works. Sat, 10am-6pm. Free. Santa Clara.


CANTOR ARTS CENTER “The Art of the Book.” A show about five fine presses in the Bay Area. Thru Aug. 28. “Illustrated Title Pages: 1500-1900.” A show of 80 illustrated book pages from the museum’s collection. Thru Oct 16. “True Colors: Rediscovering Pigments of Greco-Roman Marble Sculpture.” Thru Aug 7. WedSun, 11am-5pm, Thu, 11am8pm. Stanford.

HISTORY PARK SAN JOSE “Nature’s Beloved Son: Rediscovering John Muir’s Botanical Legacy.” A show dedicated to the many biological specimens collected by the naturalist. Runs thru Sep 11 at Pacific Hotel. “Celebrating Local Artists.” Thru Sep 18 at Pasetta House, History Park, San Jose.

SAN JOSE MUSEUM OF ART “Laboratory.” The museum’s new Beta Space hosts experimental shows. First exhibit features installations by Kevin Appel and Ruben Ochoa. Runs thru Aug. 14. “Roots in the Air, Branches Below: Modern and Contemporary Art From India.” Thru Sep 4. “The Modern Photographer:

More listings:

METROACTIVE.COM Observation and Intention.” Thru Jul 3. Tue-Sun, 11am5pm, closed Mon. San Jose.

SAN JOSE MUSEUM OF QUILTS & TEXTILES “Primary Structures.” A look at sculptural art knitting. “Southwestern Banded Blankets: Three Cultures, One Horizon.” Thru Aug 7. Tue-Sun, 10am-5pm. San Jose.

TECH MUSEUM OF INNOVATION Exhibits about science, technology and the world. Ongoing. Mon-Wed, 10am5pm, Thu-Sun, 10am-8pm. San Jose.

TRITON MUSEUM OF ART “Non-Traditional Landscapes.” Six artists display abstract images of landscape settings. Thru Jul 20. “Fire Strokes, in Memory of Won Choe.” Paintings by Mirang Woone.” Thru Jul 10. Tue-Wed and Fri-Sun, 11am5pm, Thu, 11am-9pm. Santa Clara.

Galleries OPENING GALLERY HOUSE “Bird Song and Other Stories.” Works by Trevlyn Williams and Martha Castillo. Jun 21Jul 16. Palo Alto.

MOHR GALLERY “Cars, Gates and Landscapes.” Paintings by Alexis Grant. Jun 17-Jul 31. Community School of Music and Art, Mountain View.

MOUNTAIN VIEW CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS Paintings by Gail Ragains. Jun 14-Aug 22. Mountain View.

SAN JOSE INSTITUTE OF CONTEMPORARY ART “Frames of War.” Works by Hanna Hannah. Reception Fri, 6-8pm. Jun 18-Sep 10. TueFri, 10am-5pm, Sat, noon5pm. San Jose.

CONTINUING ANNO DOMINI “Art of Zines 2011.” With many examples from the publishing undergrounds. Runs thru Jun 25. “What He Meant by the Self Was


ART ARK GALLERY “If Only.” A solo sculpture exhibit by Diana Mihalakis. (Call 408.691.5393 for viewing days and hours.) San Jose.

AVENUE 25 GALLERY “Visions of Childhood.” A show of works by California women artists presented by Peninsula Chapter of the Women’s Caucus for Art. Thru Jul 9. Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm. San Mateo.

BRUNI GALLERY Jazz portraits by Bruni, plus sports art by Mark Gray. Thru Aug 31. Daily, 1-6pm. San Jose.

CAFFE TRIESTE “Barbarians and Beauties.” New works about the life conflicts of women by Sandi Billingsley. Thru Jun 24. San Jose.

DOWNTOWN YOGA SHALA Call for info. San Jose.

FILOLI “Botanical Art Exhibit.” Jun 7-Jul 31. Reception Jun 30, 57pm. Woodside.

GOOD KARMA VEGAN CAFE “Alviso Slough.” Photographs by Josh Marcotte of the forgotten slice of Silicon Valley. Thru Jun 24. San Jose.

KALEID GALLERY “Layers of Age in Monster Land.” Installation and paintings by Sean and Steven Sczepanik. Thru Jun 25. San Jose.

LOS GATOS COMPANY “Variations, Different Faces of the Same Place.” Oil paintings of Los Gatos by Riki R. Nelson. Los Gatos.

MACLA “Navigations of the Fantastic.” A group show by Elizabeth Gomez, Betty Davis, Jose Arenas and Veronica Felix. Thru Aug 13. Wed-Thu, noon7pm, Fri-Sat, noon-5pm. San Jose.

MAIN GALLERY “Mysterious.” A show by six local artists. Thru Jul 3. WedSun, 10am-3pm. Redwood City.

METRO LOBBY “Lost San Jose: Signs of Exhaustion.” Photos by Josh

N?<E?8@IPD<KJ8CCPJXeAfj\JkX^\:fdgXepÊjgif[lZk`fef]k_\X[lckglgg\kdlj`ZXcÉ8m\el\HÊ ilejk_ifl^_Alcp*n`k_?Xcj\pMXiX[p#Dfe`hl\?X]\eXe[IfY\ik9i\n\iÆXe[]lqqp]i`\e[j% Marcotte. Thru June. Metro, San Jose.

MONTALVO ARTS CENTER “A Common Balance: Impossible Dream’n.” A sculptural installation in the Project Space Gallery in the form of a “grow lab” investigating biodiversity. Thru Jul 17. Thu-Sun, 11am-3pm. Saratoga.

OLIVE HYDE ART GALLERY “Hobnob.” A show featuring OHAG scholarship winners. Thru Jul 2. Thu-Sun, noon5pm. Fremont.

PHANTOM GALLERIES “Defragmentation 66.” An installation by Michele Guieu. Thru Jul 23. Storefront windows on South First Street, San Jose.

SANTA CLARA CITY HALL Biennial “Indoor Sculpture Exhibition.” Thru Sep. Santa Clara.

SLG BOUTIKI “The Punks of Steam Part One.” Pieces by local steampunk artists. Thru Jun 30. San Jose.

STANFORD ART SPACES Paintings by Haiying Wang, digital art by Mark McAfee Brown, photography by Gabe

Sheen. Thru Jul 23. Mon-Fri, 8:30am-5pm. Paul G. Allen Art Spaces Gallery, Stanford campus.

WORKS/SAN JOSE “Out of State 2011.” The first show at the gallery’s new space features pieces by SJSU BFA grads. Thru Jun 18. San Jose (now at 365 S. Market St.)


Plan ahead for this big event that brings together eight prominent local authors (including Greg Archer, Betty Auchard and June Chen) for a booksigning and panel discussion. Sat (June 25), 13pm. Barnes & Noble, Stevens Creek, San Jose.

NAFISA HAJI The author presents her second novel, “The Sweetness of Tears,” about a woman seeking the meaning of true spiritual devotion. Mon, 7pm. Kepler’s, Menlo Park.

LAURIE KING The Bay Area native speaks about her latest mystery book. Thu, 7pm. Cupertino Library.

DANIEL OROZCO Orozco’s latest collection is titled “Orientation and Other Stories.” Tue, 7pm. Kepler’s, Menlo Park.

ANN PATCHETT Patchett visits to discuss her novel, “State of Wonder,” set in the Amazon jungle. Wed, 7pm. Kepler’s, Menlo Park.

POETRY READING This month’s featured poet is Keith Ekiss; an open mic follows the reading. Third Thu of the month, 7pm. Willow Glen Branch Library, San Jose.

MATT RICHTEL The Pulitzer Prize winner and technology writer is the author of “The Devil’s Plaything.” Tue, 7pm. Books Inc., Palo Alto.

EL CAMINO YOUTH SYMPHONY Prior to departing for France on tour, the symphony performs a “bon voyage” concert. Sat, 7:30pm. $6-$12. Heritage Theater, Campbell.

ELMO’S HEALTHY HEROES Sesame Street’s favorite giggly monster hits the stage, along with Super Grover and Abby Cadabby, to explore exercise, nutrition and hygiene. Tue, 10:30am and 7pm. $16-$77. HP Pavilion, San Jose.

SAN JOSE YOUTH SYMPHONY The philharmonic orchestra performs pieces by Dvorák; Mendelssohn and Gershwin in this “bon voyage” concert before the group tours Europe. Sun, 7pm. $5-$15. Heritage Theatre, Campbell.


The kid-friendly track through Oak Meadow and Vasona parks opens for the summer. MonSun, 10:30am-4:30pm. $2. Oak Meadow Park, Los Gatos.


A benefit for the Silicon Valley Roller Girls. Sat, 11am-5pm. Fred’s Place, Mountain View.

FARMERS’ MARKET The downtown weekly market

is open for summer. Fri, 10am2pm. San Pedro Square, San Jose.

FATHERS DAY FAMILY DAY Pan for gold, race horses and take a hand-car ride. Sun, 11:30am-4pm. History Park, San Jose.

JUNETEENTH Annual celebration of African American culture and history. Featuring music from Ruben Studdard (“American Idol”) and Leeka James. Sat, noon-8pm, Sun, 11am-8pm. $5. Plaza de Cesar Chavez, San Jose.

SAN MATEO COUNTY FAIR Featuring exhibits, rides and entertainment. Thru Jun 19. San Mateo County Expo Center.

TIM TOSS MEMORIAL PANCAKE BREAKFAST A 13th annual remembrance. Sat, 8:30-10:30am. $7 adults, $2 children. First Presbyterian Church, San Jose.

VALLEY OF HEART’S DELIGHT An annual fundraiser for History San Jose. This year’s event honors Sharron and Carl Cookson. Wed, 5:30-9:30pm. $125. History Park, San Jose.

M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

Simply Our Truest Nature, Our Natural State.” New works by self-taught New York artist Jeremiah Maddock. Thru Jun 18. San Jose.

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

Focus Featur FFeatures es


metroactive FILM

Twee of Life ;F>>FE<:LK< ; F>>FE<:L :LK<:_i`jkfg_\iGcldd\iXe[<nXeDZ>i\^fi :_i`jkfg_\iGcldd\i Xe e[ <nXe DZ>i\^fi Ó^_k]fijZi\\ek`d\n`k_XeX[fiXYc\k\ii`\i`eÉ9\^`ee\ij%Ê Ó^ Ó^ Ó^_k ^_k ]]fi ]f fijZi\ f \\e k`d\ n`k_ Xe X[fiXYc\ k\iii`\i `e É9\^`ee\ij 9\^`ee\ij ^ %Ê

;`i\ZkfiD`b\D`ccjglj_\j  ; i\Zkfi ;`i \ D`b\ D`ccj glj_\j Xl[`\eZ\Yfle[Xi`\jaljkXc`kkc\ X Xl[`\e [` eZ\ e Yfle[Xi`\ \j aljk Xc`kkc\ `e9\^`ee\ij#Ylkk_\Zlk\k\ii`\i  ` 9\^`ee\ij `e 9 j# Ylk k_\Zlk\k\ii`\i j`^eXcj_`ji\Xc`ek\ek`fej j``^eXcj ^ _`j i\Xc `ek\ek`fej 9p p RICHA RICHARD RI RIC IC R D VON VON BUSACK BUSACK


K@JgifYXYcpleZXcc\[]fi K @Jgi g fYXYcp leZXcc\[]fi kf^f_Xij_fe9\^`ee\ij# kf ^f_Xij_ _ fe9\^`ee\ij# Xe\jj\ek`Xccpjn\\kXe[ Xe e \jj\ \ \ek`Xccp jn\\k Xe[ _Xidc\jjdfm`\%@kÊjc`b\ _Xidc\ _X \jjdfm`\%@kÊjc`b\ [f^$g`c`e^ g`c ^ fe XAXZbIljj\cc [f^$g`c`e^feXAXZbIljj\cc k\ii`\i%<m\eXjXk\ii`\i`j k\ i`\ % <m\ k\ii`\i \e Xj X k\ii`\i `j Yi\[kfY\jdXccXe[n`jk]lc# Yi\[ [ kf Y\ Y jdXcc Xe[ n`jk]lc# kfZfZb`kj_\X[hl`qq`ZXccp kf f ZZfZb Zf fZb`kj `kj _\X[ _\X[ hl`qq`ZXccp hl`qq`ZXccp n_\e`kÇjXpjÈjfd\k_`e^ n_ `k ÇjX n_\e XpjÈ p jfd\k_`e^ X[fiXYc\#9\^`ee\ijnXj X[f XYc\# X[fi XY 9\^`ee\ij 9 nXj Zffb\[]fidXo`dldXgg\Xc% Zf Zffb\[ ]fii dXo`dld Xgg\Xc% The he film m ha has as had its success success by by ccarefully arref efully patr patrolling rolling i the boundaries boundaries off what wh an au audience udience can can take. take. Could Could accept yyou ou ac cept a gay gay father? ga father? What if he

cour courteously o teously waited waited 40 yyears ears ffor or his o h w wif fe’s death to ccome ome out ould it o wife’s out?? W Would b o or him to ha ave a se fe in n bee OK ffor have sexx lif life hi is 70s, 70s, if all he w as into w as mild d his was was fr ottage? T o reinforce reinffo orce the lesson, frottage? To there’s th here’s a moment wher wheree the fathe father’s er’s lo over, Andy (Goran V isnjic) i is ttalking alk king lover, Visnjic) al lmost dir ectly to the audienc e: almost directly audience: “W What I do do esn’t eeven ven ccount ount ass se “What doesn’t sexx to o most p eople.” people.” Wee meet Oliv W Oliver er (Ew (Ewan an McGr McGregor) eggor) ass he’s he’s cleaning up his father’s father’s hou use house aft fter his death—that dolorous dolorous ttask assk after off trashbagging a par ent’s lif fe. In parent’s life. na arrated flashback,, we hear the narrated fa ather’s stor y. F our yyears ears ago father’s story. Four ago,, afte afterr decades de ecades of marriage, marriage, Hal ccame ame ou out ut ass ga ay. Christopher Plummer pla ays y gay. plays H ttalking Hal, alking straight to the camera camerra as oft ften as not. often

Plummer’ Plummer’ss sterling pr offeessionalism and restraint, restraint, e , eeven ven professionalism in sc enes of w asting aaway way on a scenes wasting deathb ed,, ha ave b een essential e to deathbed, have been the raptur ous wor d off mouth ffor or o rapturous word Beginner rs. He ’s pr obab bly going to the Beginners. He’s probably Osc ars, but w atching Plummer P in Oscars, watching the ccontext ontext of this wh whimsical, himsical, ttwee wee script is lik atching a man pla ay likee w watching play Rachmaninoff on a to oy piano toy piano.. Oli Oliv er’’s own so cial i l llif fe isn iisn’t ’t as bus b Oliver’s social life busyy as that of his out and proud proud dad. He meets a girl at a costume costum me par ty. She ’s party. She’s aw andering Fr ench aactress ctress who wandering French will only enter entertain tain him m in her hotel rroom, oom, to k eep the ccommitment om mmitment keep light. She is ccalled alled Ann na, and Anna, she ’s pla ayed b ie L aurent she’s played byy Mélani Mélanie Laurent ((Inglourious Inglourious Basterds). Basterds). Their ho okup is a meet m - cute of the hookup meet-cute purest pur est marzipan; he he’s ’s Fr Freud, eud,, she she’s ’s Charlie Chaplin (or en nough like like him enough that ther e’s no legal ra amifications). there’s ramifications). And Anna is eeven ven silen nt lik silent likee Chaplin: She ccarries arries a note pad; pad d; the doctor doctor has fforbid o orbid her to sp eak kb ecause of speak because a ccase ase of lar yngitis. A similar s motif laryngitis. appeared app eared in dir director ector Mik M Mikee Mills’ earlier film Thumbsuck ker, wher Thumbsucker, wheree the

girl w as a whisperer. w whisp erer. I’m not sure sure if was Mills do essn’t want want to assay assaay romantic romantic doesn’t dialo gue b ecause it’s it’s all lies, lies, or dialogue because b ecause hee ccan’t an’t figur because figuree out what a girl would d sa ay. say. Beginner rs, with its sense of a Beginners, to o -gentlee graphic no vel come come to too-gentle novel lif fe, is a b o ohemian movie in which life, bohemian movie ther e’s nott much engagement with there’s the nonb o ohemian eal nonbohemian world. In rreal lif fe, that ’s wher omes life, that’s wheree the friction ccomes in, the strife striiffe that ccauses auses cr eativity. creativity. Beginner rs’ world is a closedclosed off art art Beginners’ closed-off ghet to. Ev ven Oliv er’s job is dealing ghetto. Even Oliver’s with otherr ar tists; his clients ar artists; aree the rreal-life eal-liffe ba and the Sads. Sads. band This her rmetic qualit xplains hermetic qualityy eexplains wh hy a do why dogg is so essential to the stor y. Hal’s Hal’s terrier Ar thur is adopted story. Arthur b er. The animal sp eaks in byy Oliv Oliver. speaks subtitles ommenting on the action, subtitles,, ccommenting sometime sometimess giving wise advic advicee to Oliv er to thr tthrow ow a ring ar ound Anna: Oliver around ““Are Ar A e we married m yyet?” et??” the do dogg asks asks.. Mills isn n’t bad with a landscape; landscape; isn’t the w an whites w digital filmmaking wan of digital pa ay off du uring a morning walk walk in the pay during hills near Do D dger St adium,, which Dodger Stadium, lo ok as misty miisty as a Corot. Corot. look Mar a K age eller adds some salt in Maryy P Page Keller flashback scenes s enes as Oliver’s sc Oliver’s mother. mother. She ’s whim msical, too, too, but it’s it’s a more more She’s whimsical, aggr essive whims y; she likes likes to mak aggressive whimsy; makee sc enes, sile ently harassing the cultur scenes, silently culturee vultur es att LACMA. LACMA. CMA vultures Beginner rs pr ovides eexcellent xcellent Beginners provides cr oss-programming g cross-programming to the sup erhero Stürm und Drang superhero Drang,, but it is eexcruciatingly xcruciatin ngly cute cute.. The downside of a stor for o aging children children is, is, in storyy for a wor d, childishness, childishness, and Beginner rs word, Beginners has it hea avy v : the ttalking alking p ooch, the heavy: pooch, rroller-skating oller-skatting dates followed fo ollowed b byy slumb er parties, p ties, the lit par tttle ccartoons artoons slumber little scribbled out o by by Oliv er at his desk Oliver and the D ick and JJane ane book book vie w of Dick view passing history: hisstory: “This is the president president . . . this is the living room. room. . .”). .”). The fath her’s stor father’s storyy is eclipsed b byy the son ’s own dithering: He’s He’s a child not son’s quite gr ow wn up yyet et even even at middle grown age n history of the gaygaayage.. The noble history rights mo vement, appr opriated ffor or o movement, appropriated this mop e’s tale, tale, isn’t isn’t enough to give give mope’s this mo viee a spine movie spine..

Beginners Beginnners R;; 105 min. R Opens Opens Friday


metroactive FILM THE ART OF GETTING BY (PG-13; 84 min.) Freddie Highmore and Emma Roberts star in the story of a outsider who hooks up with a popular girl at school. (Opens Fri.)


This coming-of-age dramedy set in the 1980s in the seaside Welsh city concerns Oliver (Craig Roberts), who deals with the beginning of a first big romance, even as his parents’ marriage is hitting the shoals, thanks to the arrival of Mom’s old boyfriend (Paddy Considine). (Opens Fri at Camera 12 in San Jose.)

(2010) A crime film from L.A. about Vietnamese-American gangsters. (Plays Jun 16 and 19 in San Jose at Camera 12.) (RvB)



(PG-13, 138 min.) A memory of loss transfixes a man of today, Jack (Sean Penn). Jack is led back to his early

(Unrated) A brilliant documentary about a brilliant guy nobody knows about. Nancy Kates, Bennett Singer and Sam Pollard’s documentary flaunts the remarkable significance of civil rights and human-justice leader Bayard Rustin (1912–87). Rustin was openly gay and unashamed in the ’40s. He was a World War II conscientious objector who defied segregation laws. He effectively put together the historic 200,000-person march on Washington, D.C., to demand racial justice for black people, the one at which Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his famous “I have a dream” speech. The film portrays Rustin as even more ideologically sound than King, who espoused peaceful resistance while surrounding his home with armed guards. It shows Rustin holding his own in debates against black power revolutionaries Malcolm X and Stokely Carmichael over the best direction for the civil rights movement. Everyone should see this film; it’s more important than whatever you’re doing right now. (Plays Jun 17 at 6:30pm in San Jose at the Billy De Frank LGBT Center, San Jose; free.) (AG)

(PG-13; 112 min.) See review on page 82.


childhood home in the outskirts of Waco, Texas, in the late 1950s. In this world, his father is Jack’s ruler and his bitter enemy. In his lean, unsparing performance, Brad Pitt recalls the fierceness of the fathers of those days. The calm center of this film is the mother Mrs. O’Brien. Jessica Chastain plays this “lover of the way of grace,” and she is as much a dancer as an actress. With a strong theme of feminine mercy vs. masculine authority; with its acute longing for reconciliation with the past; with its tender faith that “No one who loves the way






BEGINNERS (R; 105 min.) See review on page 80.

GREEN LANTERN (PG-13; 105 min.) Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively star in this week’s installment of the summer superhero comic-book adaptation sweepstakes. (Opens Fri.)

MR. POPPER’S PENGUINS (PG) Jim Carrey stars in a family comedy about a man who must tend for a sextet of penguins. (Opens Fri.)

SUBMARINE (R; 97 min.) Dylan Thomas called Swansea “the graveyard of ambition,” and the local burghers were proud enough of that backhanded compliment that they put it in copper letters in the pavement right by the train station.





Palo Alto (800) FANDANGO 914#

San Jose (800) FANDANGO 983#

M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J U N E 1 5-2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M


M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5-2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

Francois Duhamel



metroactive FILM of grace comes to a bad end,” director Terrence Malick’s new film is peaceful, and yet it breaks out in storms of color and rage. (Plays at selected theaters and opens Fri at Camera 7 in Campbell.) (RvB)

TOAST (Unrated; 96 min.) See review on page 84.

THE TRIP (Unrated; 107 min.) Sideways without the women. Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan show off their celebrity impersonations as they tour various high-class restaurants and have


a chat. The director is the prolific Michael Winterbottom. (Opens Fri at Camera 3 in San Jose and the Aquarius in Palo Alto.) (RvB)

YELLOWBRICKROAD (Unrated) The Bloody Disgusting film festival presents its June offering: this mysterious ’70s style horror story about the vanishing of a New Hampshire town in 1940. The incident is investigated by a team of researchers who don’t like what they find. (Plays Jun 15 at 10pm at the AMC Mercado in Santa Clara.) (RvB)


KFJ<IM<8E;GIFA<:K Af\c:flike\pjZi\\ej_`jcXk\jkÉJlg\i/Ê]ffkX^\%

E.T. Film Home LILLIAN, OHIO, Ohio, pop 12,000. Super 8 begins here in the winter of 1978, at the local steel mill. In slightly slowed motion, a camera tracks to the sign above the f loor announcing that it’s been 800-plus days since the last accident. Mournfully, a man on a ladder changes that number to “one.” The scene dissolves into a swing set in the snow, where Joe (Joel Courtney) is sitting by himself. By the summer of 1979, Joe and the rest of his four-man gang are enjoying the last day of school. They’re incubating a zombie film. The director is the husky Charles (the Seth Rogen– like Riley Griffiths). Charles’ choice for the female lead is Alice, played by Elle Fanning, who is perfect for the part: pretty, but not distractingly so, and pinched by sorrow. The gang sneaks out for a clandestine shoot outside the railroad station. Sometime past midnight, there’s a train wreck of absolutely lyrical destruction. Very quickly, sinister Air Force Col. Nelec (Noah Emmerich) turns up and commences something distressingly called “Operation Walking Distance.” Director J.J. Abrams is replaying the classic 1950s space-monster movie, though few of them were shot with

this kind of daring or visual density. Yet Abrams doesn’t make more than a mere visual connection between his monster and the titanism of the steel mill, despite the ending. How can the filmmakers avoid nostalgia when they did such a tender recreation of the era? But Super 8 has one monster Jlg\i/ trapping people, when it could have had two of PG-13; 112 min. them: a creature on the Plays loose and the Molochvalleywide like mills, sitting and waiting. Also, there are some plot holes that will open up when people start mulling over Super 8. Abrams’ praiseworthy emphasis on practical effects over CGI make this creature as tangible as the world it attacks. But when we at last get a good look at the monster, it turns out to be Abrams’ partner Steven Spielberg. The insistence on sentimental awe overcoming invigorating terror is the mark of Spielberg. Super 8 takes a bad curve into the most tear-jerking kind of family. Entertaining and deft as it is, Super 8 has the kind of ending you want to walk off like a sports injury. —Richard von Busack

RELEASED BY TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX. © 2011 Twentieth Century Fox.









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SARATOGA 14 Redwood City Cupertino (888) AMC-4FUN San Jose (888) AMC-4FUN (800) FANDANGO 990#


CENTURY 22 San Jose (408) 984-5610







! $ !$&% %!&!$"( 3088 Olsen Dr 800/FANDANGO 983# &&$$&"$) "$"$%"'!!"$ &"! !%"(& %


%#! !&!"#%%% "$%"'!&"'#"!%#&






For a sneak peek of BEGINNERS and more of the best in modern romance:

M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J U N E 1 5-2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M


M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5-2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


metroactive FILM


Revivals THE ADVENTURES OF PRISCILLA, QUEEN OF THE DESERT (1994) Playfully gauche tranny version of Three Coins in the Fountain with, surprisingly, some of the best Australian landscapes ever caught in a ďŹ lm. Terence Stamp steals this picture about a troupe of female impersonators heading for a gig in the casinos in Alice Springs in a pink school bus. Lovable, in a word; you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t feel cornered by it. (Plays Jun 17-19 in San Jose at the Retro Dome.) (RvB)


:8LK@FE#:?<=8KNFIB?\c\eX9fe_Xd:Xik\i Yi`e^je\n\cXekfXYfpĂ&#x160;jb`kZ_\e`eĂ&#x2030;KfXjk%Ă&#x160;

Young Foodie THE TEST for the plausibility of a memoir: How bad does the author make himself look? In some respects, Toast does make its author look warty. The film is based (demurely) on the semiautobiographical book by the noted food writer Nigel Slater. In the British Midlands of the 1960s, Nigel is a pale shy boy (played by Oscar Kennedy in youth, and Freddie Highmore in his teenage years). His lovely mother (Victoria Hamilton) is in failing health. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not her culinary skills young Nigel will miss, since she has trouble with rudimentary tasks like opening a can. On special occasions, the boy is fed with the best of British haute cuisine. Maybe nothing since Fawlty Towers (or Life Is Sweet) has demonstrated how awful that could be. Nigelâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s choleric, formidable father (Ken Stott) chases away the handsome organic gardener the boy has a crush on. Further servant trouble occurs when Mrs. Potter arrives. The new cleaning woman seduces the old widower, who has been keeping a beady gaze on the tops of her stockings; sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s also a knockout cook. In despair, Nigel learns to cook at a home economics class, in hopes of winning his father back.

As Mrs. Potter, Helena Bonham Carter delivers juicy vaudeville comedy in a chain-smoking, butt-wiggling part. She overpowers Toastâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s serious side, its insistence that we must always remember that this is a story of a boy with greatness in him. We can believe KfXjk Nigelâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s loneliness, especially when a suite Unrated; 96 min. of well-picked Dusty Thursday, Springfield songs sums June 16, 7pm; it up. But Carterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Saturday, June 18, noon Potter is so much Camera 3, funâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;her conniving is so San Jose coolâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;that we canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t share Nigelâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s snobbish outrage that his father is marrying a mere cleaning woman. Does director S. J. Clarkson believe Nigelâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s opinion that Mrs. Potter is far too common? Possibly, given the end titles. Toast begins a six-film series of British indie films playing locally under the title â&#x20AC;&#x153;From Britain With Love.â&#x20AC;? Upcoming features include In Our Name, about a female Iraq War vet trying to readjust (June 23 and 25); Debs Gardner-Patersonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Africa United (June 30 and July 2) and A Boy Called Dad (July 21 and 23). â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Richard von Busack

(1951/1955) The Gershwin score is the salient feature of the Gene Kelly/Leslie Caron musical, which introduced America to French impressionism. BILLED WITH Daddy Long Legs. Fred Astaire plays the benefactor of an orphan, who grows up to be Leslie Caron. Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s an unignorable gap in age of about 30 years between the leads, but the ďŹ lm boasts Thelma Ritter as Astaireâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s secretary and the debut of â&#x20AC;&#x153;Somethingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Gotta Give.â&#x20AC;? (Plays Jun 18-20 in Palo Alto at the Stanford Theatre.) (RvB)

BYE BYE BIRDIE (1956) The ďŹ lm is based on the furor that occurred when Elvis went into

For showtimes, advance tix and more, go to

Best Theaters -- SJ Merc, Metro & Wave Readers All Shows Before 12 noon Now Only $5.00 Always Plenty of Free Validated Parking All Sites Seniors & Kids $6.75 / Students $7.50 â&#x20AC;˘ * = No Passes $7 b4 6pm M-F / 4pm S-S, Holidays â&#x20AC;˘  = Final Week â&#x20AC;˘ Pruneyard/Campbell 559-6900     = Presented in Sony 4K Digital (C7 â&#x20AC;˘only)

  â&#x20AC;˘ Pruneyard/Campbell â&#x20AC;˘ 559-6900 Student Night Wednesdays -- $6 after 6pm *SUPER 8 (PG13) D-BOX SEATING *TREE OF LIFE (PG-13) -- On 2 Screens! *GREEN LANTERN in RealD 3D (PG-13) X-MEN: FIRST CLASS (PG-13) MIDNIGHT IN PARIS (PG-13) BRIDESMAIDS (R) COPPELIA (HD Opera)--Sun 11am/Wed 7pm

   â&#x20AC;˘ 41 N. Santa Cruz â&#x20AC;˘ 395-0203    *SUPER 8 (PG-13) THE HANGOVER 2 (R)

   â&#x20AC;˘ 201 S. 2nd St, S.J. â&#x20AC;˘ 998-3300 Student Night Wednesdays -- $6 after 6pm *GREEN LANTERN (3D and 2D) (PG-13) *MR POPPERâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S PENGUINS (PG) *SUPER 8 (PG-13) *SUBMARINE (R) *X-MEN: 1st CLASS (PG-13) *JUDY MOODY (PG) THE HANGOVER 2 (R) KUNG FU PANDA 2 (in 2D and 3D) (PG)  PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN (in 2D) (PG-13)  THOR (in 2D) (PG-13) BRIDESMAIDS (R)

   â&#x20AC;˘ 288 S. Second, S.J. â&#x20AC;˘ 998-3300 *THE TRIP (NR) 13 ASSASSINS (R) MY PERESTROIKA (NR) OPENS 6/24! CARS 2 3D BAD TEACHER BUCK DISCOUNT (10 Admits/$60) / GIFT CARDS



the army, though it refers to one of Elvisâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s better imitators, Conway Twitty (born Harold Jenkins). This sometimes ďŹ&#x201A;at but always engaging musical concerns the drafting of teen-idol Conrad Birdie (Jesse Pearson). Birdieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s songwriter (Dick Van Dyke) fears the cancellation of his meal ticket. What most people remember is Kim (Ann-Margret), Birdieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s No. 1 fan, taking girl power to school as she wriggles through the title song. (Plays Jun 16 at sundown in Redwood City at Old Courthouse square; free.) (RvB)

GREASE (1978) The sing-along version. Take John Travolta out of this supposed classic musical set in a fake-1950s high school, and all that would remain are some good moments with Stockard Channing and the interestingly tense theme song. Part of Starlight Cinema series. (Plays Jun 15 at sundown in San Jose at Post and Market; free.) (RvB)

NILES FILM MUSEUM Regularly scheduled programs of silent ďŹ lms. Jun 18: Easy Street (1917). â&#x20AC;&#x153;Everyone likes to see a copper get it where the chicken got the axe,â&#x20AC;? Charlie Chaplin noted, describing his story of a reformed bum who becomes a patrolman on the worst street in town. Also: Charlie Chase in Leo McCareyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Mumâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the Word (1926); Laurel and Hardy in Leave â&#x20AC;&#x2122;Em Laughing (1928); and Buster Keatonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s wondrous Cops (1922), proving that Chaplinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s principle isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t diluted when the policeâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;well uniformed, solemn and scary, unlike the Keystonersâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;attack in army strength. (Plays Jun 18 at 7:30pm in Fremont at the Edison Theatre.) (RvB)

THE ROAD TO RIO/ THE ROAD TO UTOPIA (1947/1946) The pair (lecherous fraidy cat Bob, crooning chick magnet Bing) take an ocean liner to South America. Dorothy Lamour turns up, acting strangely. BILLED WITH Road to Utopia, which keeps the fourth wall well and truly broken. In this berserk sourdough comedy, Chester (Bob Hope), afďŹ&#x201A;icted with gout and dentures, is preparing for bed at 8pm. Suddenly, a knock on the door disturbs him and his grayhaired wife (Dorothy Lamour). Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s their virile old friend Bing with his two â&#x20AC;&#x153;nieces,â&#x20AC;? coming to reminisce. Once they were stowaways on the run after their grift in San Francisco panned out. In Skagway, they met Lamour. In inserts, a perplexed Robert Benchley explains, to the best of his ability, whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s going on. During

85 point is stretched into a culturevultureâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s version of Play It Again, Sam. Midnight in Paris is a harmless, gentle nothing, but itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s also a moldy vision of the city during its era of artistic adventurousness. (RvB)


MY PERESTROIKA (Unrated; 88 min.) A documentary about Russians living through the collapse of the Soviet Union.

THE HANGOVER PART II (R; 102 min.) Maybe the saddest words in the movie, as the ensemble stirs from an evening of blackout debauchery in Bangkok: â&#x20AC;&#x153;I think it happened again.â&#x20AC;? The script takes far too much time to explain why Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms) and Alan (Zach GaliďŹ anakis) got back together in the ďŹ rst place. Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a hostage this time (Mason Lee, Angâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s son, as a Stanford pre-med). And thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no place for women. Look at Lee unveiled, and see the ďŹ nal destination of the bromance ďŹ lm. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hard to get into the spirit of things until Ken Jeongâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s profane Mr. Chow turns up; Jeong shows more talent in his, eh, little part, than the rest of the cast can prove (theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been rejiggered for the sequel as either too sleazy or too mushy). Runner-up for humor after Jeong is a spider monkey, who does a lot of things that the SPCA wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t like. (RvB)

MIDNIGHT IN PARIS (PG-13, 94 min.) Whatever happens, one canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t go wrong ďŹ lling up the screen with Paris. Woody Allenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s newest includes some sweet vistas. Owen Wilson is Gil, a disenchanted Malibu screenwriter who wants to be a novelist. As a result, he gets midnight visitations by F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda. (The gilded couple is played by Tom Hiddleston, Loki in Thor, and Alison Pill.) The nights continue, and Gil meets the artistic and literary lights of the 1920s, magically reincarnated. One night, he meets a ďŹ&#x201A;apper (Marion Cotillard) with a similar yet drastically different taste for nostalgia. The not very pungent

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES (PG-13; 137 min.) A three-way race for the fountain of youth tangles Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp), an old girlfriend (PenĂŠlope Cruz) and the ever-rotting Barbossa. Geoffrey Rush takes over the ďŹ lm through sheer avidity; he has become a privateer, and his attempts to ape courtly manners are the funniest thing in a movie coming up short on comedy. The younger love interest is heavily Twilighted, with a chaste Christian meeting vampire mermaid. (RvB)

X-MEN: FIRST CLASS (PG-13, 132 min.) This on-again off-again prequel uses Cold War paranoia and the Cuban Missile Crisis to add historical resonance to the comic-book strife between Professor Xavier (James McAvoy), the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most powerful psychic, and his rival, Michael Fassbender as the bitter concentration camp survivor Erik,

(PG-13, 130 min.) Cast to earth in rural New Mexico, the son of Odin (Anthony Hopkins) must redeem himselfâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;


     % & 



 # #$


      && -   ,   $ && ,-.       '/  # 0 1  + && ,-.

     & .  ,   + && ,-.          & 2        0 & ( &&


who is later to become master of magnetism Magneto. Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a clever spy-movie motif; Fassbender is very suave in black turtleneck or scuba suit going on the trail of a powerful ex-Nazi. He, Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon) has a private nuclear submarine loaded with a serious collection of post-Impressionist art as well as a lingerie-clad psychic moll, Emma Frost (January Jones). This is, as it sounds, great fun. But someone also thought this movie should be Harry Potter. Thus dead-on-the-screen scenes of the students sharing their powers over Cokes and Oreos. (RvB)

(*"' ,(/#' ,/(&#,(' )++ + ,(+ 

(R; 126 min.) Takashi Miikeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s excitingly novel take on the samurai ďŹ lm. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the late 1800s; samurai are used to rank as a decoration, requiring no duties. None among them is ready for what swordďŹ ghting entails. Unfortunately, the shogunâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s brother, Lord Naritsugu (Goro Inagaki), is a Caligula type. Recruited to do something about the situation is Shinzaemon, played by Koji Yakusho, maybe the most stirring Japanese actor since Mifune. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a suicide mission; the rebels will be greatly outnumbered. The time honored mixed-bag group of ďŹ ghters is assembled: most ďŹ&#x201A;amboyant is Yusuke Iseya as a ragged, mosquitobitten warrior who is lethal with a sling. The ďŹ lm is capped with a war to end all samurai battles, and frankly you hope it does. (RvB)


       ! "#   

#$% & '('&&

              ) * ")            + && ,-.

(co-written by former Metro staffer Zack Stentz) reďŹ&#x201A;ects 1950s ďŹ lms about the perplexity of scientists in the bomb-haunted New Mexican desert meeting a creature from another world. (RvB)




even as his disposed brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) schemes to keep him in exile forever. The part of Thor is a star-making performance for Chris Hemsworthâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;an Australian actor who remembers the old ways of movie heroism. Director Kenneth Branagh ďŹ nds the perfect tone of nobility without too much loft. The movie has its Shakespearean side; itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s as full of grand, ringing voices as it is of ďŹ ght scenes and ďŹ reworks. Natalie Portman is endearing as the scientist befuddled by the arrival of a god. She looks pleasingly discomďŹ ted to be close to someone who is betterlooking than she is. The witty script

,+) #%.'  +* '#'!#''(+  "-*+0-'  + '0(-*'& ' &#%#'!* ++,( *(&(+ & ,*(' /+(& /#,"+-$ ,%#' 


             ODUCTION    MUSICBY      R P 



       SUPERVISIO         EX EC UTUCIVERES   WRITTEN     & DI RE CTED    PROD BY   BY           


()-*"+ '  ++*0,( ', *(', +, '  ',*0) *) *+('"(-+ "(% ++ +* #'%#&#, +-))%0 '.#%% /"#% +-))%# +%+, This film is rated PG-13. Theatre is overbooked to ensure a full house. Passes received through this promotion do not guarantee admission and must be surrendered upon demand. Seating is on a first come, first served basis. EXCEPT FOR MEMBERS OF THE REVIEWING PRESS. No one will be admitted without a ticket or after the screening begins. All federal, state and local regulations apply. A recipient of tickets assumes any and all risks related to use of ticket and accepts any restrictions required by ticket provider. Columbia, SJ Metro, and their affiliates accept no responsibility or liability in connection with any loss or accident incurred in connection with use of a prize. Tickets cannot be exchanged, transferred or redeemed for cash, in whole or in part. We are not responsible if, for any reason, winner is unable to use his/her ticket in whole or in part. Not responsible for lost; delayed or misdirected entries. All federal and local taxes are the responsibility of the winner. Void where prohibited by law. No purchase necessary. Participating sponsors their employees and family members and their agencies are not eligible. NO PHONE CALLS!


M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J U N E 1 5-2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

a husky-mushing sequence, the noted humorist debuts the now old joke â&#x20AC;&#x153;If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re not the lead sled dog, the view never changes.â&#x20AC;? (Plays June 15-17 in Palo Alto at the Stanford Theatre.) (RvB)

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


metroactive MUSIC

Under the Skin B<PN@KE<JJ B <PN N@KE<JJAXjfeN\Yc\pi\`em\ekjZXYXi\kXk8eef;fd`e`feJle[Xp% \Yc\p i\`em\ekj ZX \Yc\p XYXi\k Xk Xk 8eef 8eef ;fd`e` fe Jle[ [Xp p% AXjfe N\

AXj AXjfeN\Yc\pYi`e^j_`j_pgefk`Z AAX X fe N\ \Yc\pYi`e^j _`j _ _pgefk`Z dlj`ZXcgfn\ijkf8eef;fd`e` dlj dlj`ZXcgfn\ij kf 8eef 8 ;fd`e` 9 RICHA 9p RICHARD R C R D VON CH VON BUSACK BUSACK


?< ?<=@IJKK@D<@jXn < =@IJKK@D<@ jXn AAXjfeN\Yc\p#@nXj Xjf fe N\Yc\p p# @ nXj _X _Xi iYfi`e^ f Xjljg`Z`flj _XiYfi`e^Xjljg`Z`flj ccldgk_XknXje\Xikf cld dgk_Xk nXj e\Xi kf Y\`e^Y`fgj`\[%8jdlZ_Xj@ Y\ Y\`e^ Y gj`\[% Y`fg j 8j dlZ_ Xj @ c`b\[k_\g\i]fidXeZ\jgXZ\# c`b [k_\ c`b\[ k g\i]fidXeZ\ g jgXZ\# k_ ( ZXejj f] 9l[n\`j\i k_\ k_\(ZXejf]9l[n\`j\i cXZb\[k_\fZkXe\kf[`jkiXZk c b\ k_\ cXZb\[ _ fZkXe\ kf[`jkiXZk d\]ifd ] k_ _\ \ilgk`fe \ f] d\]ifdk_\\ilgk`fef] Z_`Zb\e]\Xk_\ijXccfm\i Z_`Zb\e _` b\e ]\ _`Z ] Xk_\ij _ Xcc cc fm\i dp_`[\#Xe[Xjk\X[`cp dp p _`[\# Xe[Xjk\X[`cp YcXeZ_`e^c`m\iXkĂ&#x201C;ijkaljk YcXeZ_`e^ Z_ ^c`m\i XkĂ&#x201C;ijk aljk ^_fjkcp#efnXn_`k\ij_X[\ ^_fjk p# ef ^_fjkcp fn X n_`k\i j_X[\ f]c`cp f]c`cp `c %%

I kne knew k w well welll that both both symptoms symptoms w wer ere side eff ffeects ect of the â&#x20AC;&#x153;King of were effects

Diseases, D iseasses,â&#x20AC;? whose whose quivering quivering subject subject Iw as about about to become. become. Webleyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Weebleyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s was h y ypnotic show fr eed me of terr or, hypnotic freed terror, eeven ven as as â&#x20AC;&#x153;Danceâ&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;Dan nceâ&#x20AC;? urged urged the the chronically chronically te erriďŹ ed to get used to their terriďŹ ed m mor tality. Soon Soon I witnessed Webleyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Weebleeyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s mortality. eendrunkening ndrunkening of of the the audience audience using using no n o aalcohol, lcohol, d during uring h his is â&#x20AC;&#x153;Drinking â&#x20AC;&#x153;Drinking S ongâ&#x20AC;? (a (a dizzying dizzying trick trick his his fans faan ns have have Songâ&#x20AC;? w witnessed). W eearing a battered battered fedora, feedora, Wearing pu umping a piano accordion accordion and pumping si inging in a vvoice oice that goes goes from from singing cr racked goatish roar roar to C esar Romero Ro om mero cracked Cesar menace, m enace, Webley Webley is is one one of of the the most most m mesmerizing cabaret artists artists around. aroun nd. cabaret T he Seat tle-based musician has ha ad a The Seattle-based had llong ong decade decad de of of hard harrd playing, playing, and and he he h as quite a road road ahead of him. has One of his ďŹ rst stops will be be S undayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s all-ages alll-ages show show at at Anno Anno Sundayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s D omini. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be, be, he he says, says, â&#x20AC;&#x153;about â&#x20AC;&#x153;ab bout half half Domini.

acccordion, half half guitar guitarr and and piano. piano.â&#x20AC;? H eâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s accordion, Heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Excelsiior to the stage. stage. still hauling his Excelsior usly trick ky--toHe amps this notoriou notoriously tricky-toamplify am mplify instrument instrument with with internal internal condenser mics: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d â&#x20AC;&#x153;Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d never neever use use a condenser MIDI.â&#x20AC;? Two Two miles miles from from the the Oklahoma Oklahoma border, on on his his way way to to a show show in in Kansas Kan nsas border, City, Webley Weble e y talks talks via cell cell phone. phone. â&#x20AC;&#x153;II City, used to to really really go go through through accordions acccordions used faasst. I buy buy them them used. used. I still still have have a pile pile fast. of them,, either destroyed destroyed or in various states of of disrepair. disrepair. I used used to to have have tto o states replace the bellows bellows on the ones I use replace about annually. annuallyy. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d rip one apart apart every every about year. Either Either Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve gotten gotten older older and an nd year. weak ker, or or Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve learned learned to to be a little little weaker, nicer.â&#x20AC;? nicer. Webley is is looking looking forward forw ward to to Webley performing perfforming along along side side his his friends friends from from Corpus Callosum Callosum (see page p Corpus 91). â&#x20AC;&#x153;I met my ďŹ rst show show in San Jose, Jose, them during my in September September 2001, 2001,â&#x20AC;? Webley Webley says. says. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We â&#x20AC;&#x153;We in were playing plaayying at a coffee coff ffeeee shop show were organ nized by by the the band ban nd Xiu Xiu Xiu. Xiu. Avery Avery organized an nd Dax Dax were were playing playing there, there, and and we we and keept in touch over over the years. years.â&#x20AC;? kept

Just before beffor o e Webley Weble e y arrives arrives Just downtown n,, heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s playing pla p ayyingg a party party p downtown, weekend at a the shores shores of a reservoir reservoir weekend Colusa County. County. There, There, Bay Baay Area Area in Colusa man- off--many--media Chick en JJohn ohn man-of-many-media Chicken organiized a contest contest to build has organized semiďŹ&#x201A;oatable a b oats: instead of semiďŹ&#x201A;oatable boats: M , a sort sort of â&#x20AC;&#x153;Drowning â&#x20AC;&#x153;Drowning Burning Man, Man.â&#x20AC;? Webley Weeb bley will also be be playing plaaying y Man.â&#x20AC;? three- daayy stretch stretch at the Oregon Oregon a three-day Country Fair, F , and later, Fair later, heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll take take Country Europ pean tour stretching stretching up a European from the A tlantic to the Adriatic. Adriatic. from Atlantic Weble e y has haas pla ayed locally locally at Cotati Cotati Webley played Accordian n festival feestival and the 21 Grand Accordian perfo orman nce spac performance spacee in Oakland; there, he was was one of the founders founders o there, Monsteers of Accordion, Accordion, which of Monsters expanded to an annual has now expanded n with a roster roster of dozens of institution musicians. musicians. Plaaying y been Webleyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Weebleyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Playing music has been siince July July 1998, 1998, when he only job since em mployment as a rrecording ecording left his employment in Seat tle. He plays plaayys engineer in Seattle. c epusculaar opuses, cr opuses, Weimar Weeimar dirges dirges crepuscular a eclectic eclecttic ccovers. overs. Webley Weble e y makes makes a and c tim me moan out of OutKastâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s OutKastâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s closing time â&#x20AC;&#x153; yY â&#x20AC;&#x153;He aa.â&#x20AC;? Arguably A guably best-loved Ar best-loved of â&#x20AC;&#x153;Hey Ya.â&#x20AC;? h tunes is i â&#x20AC;&#x153;Dance â&#x20AC;&#x153;Dance While the Sky Sk ky his C D â&#x20AC;? written written in 1999. 1999. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Crashes Down,â&#x20AC;? song laden n with what the obscenely obscenely song c chipp er would w call ďŹ nde-siecle chipper call ďŹ n-de-siecle m morbidit y: â&#x20AC;&#x153;When someone proffers proff ffeers morbidity: you a pear/ pearr/ You Yo ou sink your your teeth in you unaaware/ That T beneath the skin unaware/ just beneath pestileence and rot.â&#x20AC;? rot.â&#x20AC;? lies pestilence en neath-the-skin mysteries mysteries Ah, b beneath-the-skin Reem membering my my own ďŹ rst again. Remembering experience at his shows, shows, I decided to experience stupiid question. Had he studied ask a stupid m somewhere? somewhere? shamanism donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;tt know where where thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a â&#x20AC;&#x153;I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t place to study sttudy shamanism.â&#x20AC;? shamanism.â&#x20AC;? Webley Weebley place stu udied music and theater, theater, said, â&#x20AC;&#x153;I studied I m aware aware of watching watching the ways wayys and Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m gr oups of people people interact. When groups comes to o ritual and celebratory celebratory it comes experiences e , our cultures cultures blockades blockades experiences, way weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re we w â&#x20AC;&#x2122;re allowed to interact. I the way donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want wan nt to say saay Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m doing anything anything donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t shamanisttc or ritualistic. ritualistic. But the fact shamanistc t lack of that connection connection that I see the cultture fuels the way way I shape shape in our culture my shows.â&#x20AC;? shows.â&#x20AC;? my

JJason ason W Webley ebley Sunday, Sundayy, 7pm; $7 Anno Anno Domini, D SSan an JJose ose

87 M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

More listings:

metroactive MUSIC

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y



Wheels of Steel Finals Wednesday at Fahrenheit in San Jose, 9pm; $7 After 11 weeks of intense sets, only the best that are still standing in Fahrenheit’s DJ battle series. It’s all come down to this one night, and the winner walks away with the grand prize of $2,000 and the chance to do a 30-minute set on 99.7FM. (SP)

Pinup Productions’ Battle of the Bands Prelims Friday at the Refuge in Cupertino, 6pm; $8 A new round of Pinup’s venerable band battle has begun. There can be only one grand prize winner, and this year’s crop features some well-established locals. Competing in this preliminary round are The Antioxidants, the Trims, Pantheon, A City in Arms, Quiet Game Starting Now, and more. (SP)

English Beat Friday at Blank Club in San Jose, 8pm; $20 The best thing about Dave Wakeling’s defection from England is that we got him here in NorCal, making it possible for him to swing through the South Bay with regularity. And the best thing about that is that the writer of 2Tone ska hits like “Mirror in the Bathroom,” “Save It For Later,” “I Confess” and “Hands Off She’s Mine” is as good as ever live. Buck-O-Nine and Monkey provide support for this exskavaganza. (SP)


Rock/Pop ANGELICA’S BISTRO Fri, 7pm: Catherine Rose Smith. No cover. Redwood City.



Fri, 8pm: The English Beat, Buck O Nine, Monkey. $20. Sat, 9pm: Blue Order (New Order tribute), Luv’N Rockets, Reptile House (Sisters of Mercy tribute). $10. San Jose.

Wed: Jack Rip Off. Thu: Sexy Back. Fri: The Peelers. Sat: Garcia Bros. Sun: Chili Sauce. Mon: Top Secret. Campbell.



Fri, 10pm: Spazmatics. Sat, 10pm: Groovenugget. San Jose.

Sun, 6:30pm: Jason Webley, Corpus Callosum, Shipwreck. $7. San Jose

BRITANNIA ARMS CUPERTINO Fri, 9pm: Street Life. Cupertino.

AVALON Sat, 7:30pm: Summer Love Tour. The Delfonics, Aalon, the Philly Intruders, Chicano All-Stars. $25. Sun, 7pm: Mickey Avalon. $20. Santa Clara.

BLINKY’S CAN’T SAY Sat, 9:30pm-1:30am: Dave Crimmen. Rock and blues. Free. Santa Clara.

BRITANNIA ARMS DOWNTOWN Fri, 10pm: Fast Times. San Jose.


89 M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


Live music photos

More listings:

metroactive MUSIC CAPERS Fri-Sat, 8:30pm: Live music. Campbell.

CLUB FOX Thu, 7pm: Thomas Mapfumo and the Blacks Unlimited. $16/$20. Fri, 8pm: Led Zeppelin Live starring Heartbreaker. $18/$20. Sat, 7pm: Sophie B. Hawkins. $26/$32. Sun, 7pm: Les Dudek, the Humdaddyz. $16/$20. Redwood City.

MURPHY’S LAW Fri: The Mofo’s. Sat: Vegas Night. Sunnyvale.

MUSIC IN THE PARK Thu, 5:30pm: Freddie McGregor. Free. Plaza de Cesar Chavez, San Jose.

NAGLEE PARK GARAGE Wed: Ben Henderson, Wild Reeds. San Jose.



Fri, 7pm: Vegas Nights. Sat, 9pm: Summer Season. $5. Santa Clara.

Sat, 9pm: Rasco, Rappin’ 4 Tay. $5. San Jose.


SOUTH FIRST BILLIARDS Fri: Alien Nation Boom Bap presents Tornado Benefit. Sat: Projekt Seer, Panthelion, Solis Cin, Matty Slims and more. San Jose.

STATION 55 Fri-Sat, 9pm-1am: Live music. Gilroy.

STREETLIGHT RECORDS Sat, 4pm: Passion Kings. Free. San Jose.

TEMPLE BAR & LOUNGE Sat, 8pm: Live music. San Jose.

Fri, 6:30pm: INFM, Frost Hammer, For a Better Kind, 12 Gauge Promise, Ransom in Braille, Through New Eyes, To Memory and Me. Sat, 6:30pm: HeroShot, R Is for Rocket, Strawberry Girls, AndroidOH, Mon Pubis, MakeShift SpaceShip. San Jose.




Sat, 7pm: Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj. $29.50-$350. San Jose.

Fri, 8pm: MAXX12, Madeline Minx, the Keystone Palo Alto All-Stars. $10. Sat, 8pm: Rough House. $10. Gilroy.

Sun, 6pm: The Ataris (acoustic), Don’t Panic, Two Star Hotel, Edrip and Edrip. $10/$12. Los Gatos.




Wed: Jam night with Flea Amigos and Deeva Stativa. Thu: Joint Chiefs. Fri, 9:30pm: The Groove Doctors. $10. Sat, 9:30pm: Pacific Standard Time. $10. Los Gatos.

Fri, 8pm: Hit & Run. Willow Glen.



EVERGREEN BRANCH LIBRARY Sat, 2-4pm: Communist Kayte, Hometown, Til I Fall. All ages. Free. San Jose.

FOX THEATRE Fri, 7pm: Parokya ni Edgar, Kamikazee, Kitchie Nadal. $16/$20. Redwood City.


Fri, 6pm: OTR. Sat, 6pm: Due West. Gilroy.

LILLY MAC’S Fri: Floyd’s Ordeal. Sat, 9:30pm: Cadillac Jack. Sunnyvale.

LOS GATOS CIVIC CENTER PLAZA Sun, 5-7pm: Livin’ in the USA. Music in the Park series. Los Gatos.

LOS GATOS LODGE Fri: Zenith Ark Project. Sat: The Ones. Los Gatos.

MEMORIAL PARK Thu, 6:30-8pm: Mariachi Azteca. Summer Concert Series. Cupertino.

MOJO LOUNGE Thu: Blood and Water. Fri: The RevTones. Sat: Los High Tops. Fremont.

MONTALVO ARTS CENTER Fri, 7:30pm: Soul Asylum, dada. $45 and up. Saratoga.

MOUNTAIN WINERY Thu, 7:30pm: Big Head Todd & the Monsters. $39.50-$59.50. Fri, 7:30pm: Diana Krall. $59.50$129.50. Tue, 7:30pm: Mary Chapin Carpenter, Marc Cohn. $35-$75. Saratoga.

Thu, 7:30pm: Almost Honest, Distant Dice. $10. San Jose.

VASONA COUNTY PARK Sat, 5-7pm: Vasona Vibrations. Weekly summer concert. Free. Los Gatos.

WOODHAM’S LOUNGE Fri and Sun: Pro Jam with local rock musicians. Santa Clara.

Fri: Brothers Goldman. Sat: Scary Larry. Sun, 5pm: Tomorrow’s Dream. No cover. Sunnyvale.

Sat, 9pm: Bohica, Alexx Calise, Mukagee, Forever the Day. $5. Homestead Lanes, Cupertino.



Fri, 8pm: Dan Krikorian. Benefit show for Krikorian’s aunt, who is suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease. Sat, 8pm: Dogcatcher, Stevie Scott. Mountain View.

AGENDA LOUNGE Wed: Salsa night. San Jose.

ALBERTO’S REDWOOD CITY Fri, 6pm: Tempest. Irish rock. Music on the Square series. Free. Downtown Redwood City.

THE REFUGE Fri, 6pm: Battle of the Bands preliminary round, featuring the Antioxidants, the Trims, Pantheon, a City in Arms, Conversions, Playing in the Streets, Quiet Game Starting Now. Cupertino.

SJSU EVENT CENTER Thu, 8pm: Los Tigres del Norte. Save the Music for Our Kids benefit. $35-$50. San Jose.

Wed: Bachata. Thu: Salsa with Pantea. Fri: Salsa. Sat: Latin night. Mon: Argentine Tango. Tue: Salsa with Pantea. Mountain View.

ARYA GLOBAL CUISINE Fri-Sat, 8pm: Live music and belly dancing. Cupertino.

AZÚCAR Thu, 9pm: DJ Che live video mixing. Fri, 9pm: Latin rock en espanol. Sat, 9pm: Salsa, merengue, cumbia, urban & Latin fusions. Tue, 9pm: Salsa. San Jose.


91 M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M T



M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


1011 PACIFIC AVE. SANTA CRUZ 831-423-1336 4HURSDAY *UNEÂ&#x2039;In the AtriumÂ&#x2039;AGES 16+ plus The Midtones




-YPKH`1\ULÂ&#x2039;AGES 21+

plus Devils Brigade !DV$RSs$RSPM3HOWPM :H[\YKH`1\ULÂ&#x2039;AGES 16+


plus Mayday !DV$RSs$RSPM3HOWPM

3ATURDAY *UNEÂ&#x2039;In the AtriumÂ&#x2039;AGES 21+


Beso Negro !DV$RSsPMPM 3UNDAY *UNEsIn the AtriumsAGES 14-19


CURRENT HIGH SCHOOL OR VALID GOVâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;T ID REQUIRED SD Entertainment Group presents Santa Cruzâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Teen Nightclub Every Sunday until August 21 !DV$RSs$RSPM3HOWPM

Club 143

;\LZKH`1\ULÂ&#x2039;AGES 16+


plus Strung Out also Blitzkid s$RSPM3HOWPM *UNBlack Love Atrium (Ages 21+) *UNA Band of Orcs Atrium (Ages 16+) *UNLujan & the Yard Stylee All-Stars Atrium (Ages 21+) *UNClub 143 Atrium (Ages 14-19) *ULThe Jacka (Ages 16+) *ULRev. Horton Heat (Ages 21+) *ULThe Holdup (Ages 16+) *ULInfected Mushroom (Ages 18+) *ULY & T (Ages 21+) *ULMidnite (Ages 16+) *ULHayride to Hell (Ages 21+)

Unless otherwise noted, all shows are dance shows with limited seating.

metroactive MUSIC 91 CASCAL Thu: Live music. Fri, 9:30pm & Sat, 9pm: Live music. Mountain View.

DANA STREET ROASTING CO. Every second Mon, 7pm: Ukulele jam. Mountain View.

HUKILAU Fri: Shaka. Sat: Na Kalohe Kane. San Jose.

LILLY MACâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S Sun, 6pm: Traditional Irish music. Tue, 7:30pm: Irish dancing. Sunnyvale.

MOROCCOâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S RESTAURANT Wed, 5pm: Flamenco music. Fri, 5pm: World music and belly dancer Adriana. Sat, 5pm: Vic Moraga. Sun, 5pm: Moroccan music. Mon, 5pm: Magic Mondays with Avenue 7. Tue, 5pm: Vic Moraga. San Jose.

PARRANDA NIGHTCLUB Thu-Sat: Live music. Sunnyvale.

Tickets subject to city tax & service charge by phone 866-384-3060 & online

RISTORANTE FRATELLO Fri, 7pm: Claudio. Italian classic guitar and vocals. San Jose.


Alberts Trio. Fri, 8:30pm: Ed Johnson & Novo Tempo Quarter. Sat, 8:30pm: Sandra Aran. San Jose.


J.J.â&#x20AC;&#x2122;S BLUES CAFE

Live music every other Wed, 6:30-9pm. San Jose.

Wed, 9pm: Blues Angel. Thu, 9pm: Madylan Rose. Fri, 9pm: Vicious Groove. $10. Sat, 9pm: Humdaddyz. $10. Sun, 7pm: Larry Valdez, Jimmy D. Mon, 9pm: Waynes Way. Tue, 7pm: Dennis & Stuart, Blue J. San Jose.

LOFT BAR AND BISTRO Thu, 7-10pm: Live jazz. San Jose.

LOS GATOS BREWING CO. Fri: Dueling pianos. Los Gatos.


CLUB RODEO THE GRAPEVINE Thu, 7pm: Hootenanny. Sat, 7pm: Mark Rodriguez. Willow Glen.

MISSION CITY COFFEE ROASTING Fri, 8pm: Stevie Coyle, James Hurley. Sat, 7:30pm: Maybe Tuesday. Sun, 5pm: Vocal showcase. Santa Clara.



Thu, 6pm: The Secret Show. Sat, 6pm: Mother Serpent. Campbell.

Thu & Sat: Dueling pianos. San Jose.


MOROCCOâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S RESTAURANT Thu, 5pm: Jason Bellenkes Duo. San Jose.

MURPHYâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S LAW Fri: Dave Abbott. Sat: Live music. Mon: Pro blues jam. Sunnyvale.

NETOâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S GRILL

Wed, 9pm: California Cowboys. Thu-Fri, 9pm & Sat, 10:15pm: Diablo Road. Fremont.

SAMâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S BBQ Wed, 6pm: Sidesaddle & Co. Tue, 6pm: Cabin Fever. San Jose.

THREE FLAMES RESTAURANT Thu, 9pm: Doug Rose and Bit and Spur Band. Willow Glen.

Fri, noon: Live music. Sunnyvale.

Tue: Jam with Dennis Dove. Santa Clara.



Tue, 7:30pm. Irish music. Mountain View.

Sun: Live blues. San Jose.




Fri, 9pm: Levitate. Sat, 9pm: Chris Burkhardt. San Jose.

Wed, 7pm: Open mic. Redwood City.



More listings:


POOR HOUSE BISTRO ANGELICAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S BISTRO Thu, 7pm: Blues jam. Fri, 8:30pm: John Garcia Blues Band. $15/$20. Sat, 8:30pm: Rooster Teeth Band. $12/$16. Redwood City.

ART BOUTIKI Every second Thu, 7pm: Jazz jam. All ages. Free. San Jose.

BLUZ BY-YOU Tue: Tuesday Bluesday. Santa Clara.

Wed, 6-9pm: Ron Thompson and friends. Thu, 6-9pm: Kid & Lisa Andersen Duo. Fri, 6-10pm: Annie Sampson Blues Band. Sat, 6-10pm: Pat â&#x20AC;&#x153;Lady Guitarâ&#x20AC;? Wilder Band. Sun, 2-6pm: Zydeco Motor Dude. San Jose.

Open Mic BAMBOO LOUNGE Mon, 7pm: Musical open mic for singer-songwriters. Sign up at 7pm. Free. San Jose.

BAREFOOT COFFEE ROASTERS Wed, 7pm: Musical open mic. Sign up by 5pm. Santa Clara.

BLUE ROCK SHOOT TESSORAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S Fri-Sat, 8:30pm: Live music. Campbell.

Thu, 7:30pm: Open mic. Saratoga.


Wed, 9:30pm: Open-mic night. Cupertino.

Wed, 7-11pm: Blues jam. $5. Redwood City.

Sun, 8pm: Jerry Sauceda & Friends. Tue, 7:30-10:30pm: Modesto Briseno Septet. Willow Glen.




Thu & Sat, 7pm: Live jazz. San Jose.

Fri, 7pm: Open mic. San Jose.


Thu, 7pm: South Bay Folks Open Mic. Santa Clara.


Thu, 8pm: Blues Jam with Aki. Fri, 8pm: Rock Solid. Sat, 8pm: West Side Shakers. Campbell.

HEDLEY CLUB Wed, 8pm: Hedley Club Jazz Jam. Thu, 8:30pm: Russo

Wed-Thu, 7:30pm: Live music. San Jose.

CAFFE TRIESTE Tue, 7pm: Open mic. Free. San Jose.





Corpus Callosum FOR THE PAST ten years, Corpus Callosum have stood virtually alone in the South Bay as a gang of misfit performance art minstrels, playing both rock shows and art shows but never quite fitting into either world. “I don’t like the distinction between performance art and music. I like both at the same time,” says the band’s Stevie Hryciw. Sunday, June 19 Between their blend of indie folk, and their performances—a DIY mixture of puppetry, hand-made props, stilt-walking Anno Domini and surreal theatrics—they are indeed hard to classify. But wherever they go, they hypnotize crowds. Take for instance a 7pm; $7. punk show they played last January at the Homestead Lanes. They managed to get a room full of punk kids to sit quietly for 45 minutes. “We like working with spaces we’re given. We bring our own atmosphere and a feeling that you can be surprised at a familiar environment in a new way,” says Qarly Canant. Since they play so often at rock venues, they always have to be ready to make last-minute adaptations to how they can use props and what theatrics are even possible to execute in their shows. “The performance that we bring is shaped by the venue. We show up early and try to do something with that space,” says Jason Samaha. Corpus Callosum are now embarking on a whole new era. They are curating a series of bimonthly music and theater performances at the AD Gallery titled “The Uncanny Valley of the Heart’s Delight.” This Sunday will feature the equally experimental Jason Webley (see story, page 86). Every other month, there will be an entirely new, distinct Corpus Callosum performance, as well as different bands and performance artists that they’ve hand-selected. “We’re bridging two worlds,” says Dax Tran-Caffee. Not only will a steady venue afford them the opportunity to develop more elaborate theatrical elements, but as organizers, they are changing their relationship to the South Bay music scene. They won’t be simply traveling misfits, but ringleaders of the bizarre, bringing unusual acts to San Jose that would have never found its way here otherwise. It is appropriate that the first word in the name of this series is “uncanny,” since that pretty much summarizes the sensation Corpus Callosum hopes their performances create for their audiences. “We are trying to prolong the moment between perceptions and understanding, creating something familiar yet strange,” Tran-Caffee explains. Hryciw puts it another way. “We want to disturb people in a way they will like.”—Aaron Carnes

M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M T



M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y



BLUE PHEASANT Tue, 7pm: Steve Tiger. Cupertino.

Sun, 7pm-close: Uncle Dougie Show. Palo Alto.

Wed, 8-11pm: Live music, comedy and poetry. Los Gatos.


ORCHARD VALLEY COFFEE Thu, 6pm: South Bay Acoustic Music Group open mic. Hosted by Celtic Rose. Campbell.




Tue, 6pm: Open-mic night. San Jose.

Tue: DJ Davey K. Campbell.

QUARTER NOTE Sun & Wed-Thu: Pro jam. Sunnyvale.

RED ROCK COFFEE CO. Mon, 7pm: Cavin and King’s Open Mic. Mountain View.


Wed, Fri and Sun, 8pm-2am: KJ Dennis. Sunnyvale.

Wed-Sat and Tue, 9pm: Uncle Dougie Show. No cover. San Jose.

GALAXY Thu, 9pm-2am: August. Milpitas.

BOULEVARD TAVERN Thu: Karaoke. Los Gatos.

BRANHAM LOUNGE Thu and Mon: Karaoke. San Jose.

BRITANNIA ARMS ALMADEN Wed and Sun, 10pm: DJ Hank. San Jose.


First and third Thursday of every month, 7pm: The Canvas. Open to all performers. Sunnyvale.


Fri-Sun, 9:30pm-1:30am: Karaoke. Willow Glen.

Sun-Tue, 10pm: Karaoke. Cupertino.





Wed, 8pm: Open-mic night with Anita. Willow Glen.

Thu-Sat, 9:30pm: Karaoke. Gilroy.

Wed, 9pm: August. San Jose.




Fri, 9:30pm: Vinnie. Mon, 9pm: Vinnie. Tue, 9pm: August. Cupertino.



Wed-Sat, 9pm: Karaoke. Tue, 9pm: Karaoke. San Jose.

ACAPULCO RESTAURANT & CANTINA Sat, 7pm-midnight: KJ Bob and Starmaker Karaoke. Santa Clara.

Mon, 9:30pm: Karaoke. Menlo Park. Tue: Karaoke. San Jose.

Wed-Thu and Sun, 9pm: Wild Nights Karaoke. Fremont.



Thu, 10pm: Melissa and Heather. Santa Clara.

Sun, 9:30pm-1:30am: Karaoke. Campbell.



Mon, 9pm: Joe. San Jose.

Wed, 8pm: DJ Desmond. San Jose.


ALEX’S 49ER INN Nightly, 9pm-2am: Karaoke. San Jose.

AZÚCAR Wed, 9pm: English and Spanish karaoke. San Jose.


Wed and Mon-Tue: Stephanie. Thu and Sat: Randy. Fri: Jerry Sauceda. San Jose.



Thu & Sun-Mon, 8:30pm: Bruce of KOR Karaoke. Mountain View.

Wed: Karaoke. Thu, 9pm-1am: Karaoke. Santa Clara.

DIVE BAR Wed, 9:30pm: Karaoke. San Jose.


Sat, 9pm: August. Santa Clara.

Wed-Sat and Tue, 9pm2am, and last Sun of every month, 2-7pm: B&S Karaoke. Campbell.



Fri, 9pm: Ryan. San Jose.



Thu, 9pm: DJ Davey K. Campbell.


LILLY MAC’S Thu: Karaoke. Sunnyvale.

MARIANI’S Thu, 8pm: Chris. Santa Clara.

MOJO LOUNGE Wed, 9pm: Vic. Fremont.


Fri, 9pm-1am: Danielle. Santa Clara.

Thu, 8pm: Karaoke. San Jose.

Fri, 6:30-10:30pm: Bands with live karaoke. Santa Clara.




Mon, 8:30pm-1:30am: DJ Curtis. San Jose.

Fri-Sat, 9:30pm: Karaoke. Santa Clara.




Fri-Sat, 9pm: Karaoke. Sunnyvale.

Tue, 9pm: Partyoke. Beer pong and karaoke. San Jose.

Wed-Thu and Mon, 8pm: Karaoke. No cover. Sunnyvale.

Wed and Fri-Sat, 8:30pm: Doug. Sunnyvale.


95 M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M T


More listings:


M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y




Mickey Avalon MICKEY AVALON took a page out of Eminem’s playbook when he recorded his solo self-titled debut album in 2006. The difference is that when Avalon works out his demons, there isn’t a clear line between fantasy and reality as there is with Eminem. It’s also less clear where the line between humor and self-parody vs. dark autobiographical admissions is. Maybe that’s because Sunday, June 19 Avalon has lived a harder life. He was a heroin addict, a gay male prostitute and survived on the streets of Avalon in Hollywood. He raps about all this in the most over-theSanta Clara top ways possible. It’s clever and funny, but it’s honest, too. Brutally honest. It’s not often that you hear a rapper 8pm; $20. bounce back and forth between outright boastfulness and self-deprecation—except, again, for Eminem. He’s got a simple flow, no fancy tricks, just old-school rhythms, but the beats are heavily inspired by ’80s synth-pop, which all seems oddly appropriate for his dirty lyrics. He calls himself a “glam rap star” which makes sense considering that he looks nothing like a rapper. He lives and breathes rock & roll excess on and offstage. It’s obvious that he wants to shock with his hyper-sexual chants and uncomfortable, painful life story, which is what people love and hate about him. Maybe he thinks it’s all funny. Maybe he thinks it’s terrible. Or maybe a little of both. Avalon has a thick skin and isn’t letting on where he’s coming from, even when he’s rapping about where he came from. —Aaron Carnes

95 OFF THE HOOK Sun, 8pm: DJ Joe. Campbell.

OFFICE BAR Fri-Sat, 9pm-2am, and Sun, 7pm: Karaoke. Mountain View.

O’FLAHERTY’S IRISH PUB Mon, 9pm: Matt. San Jose.

PEACOCK LOUNGE Thu, 9pm: Brian. Sun, 9pm: DJ and karaoke. Tue, 9pm: Ryan. Sunnyvale.

PIONEER SALOON Tue, 8:30pm: Acoustic karaoke with Sam Marshall. Woodside.

POINCIANA LOUNGE Wed, 9:30pm: Wildside Ent. No cover. Santa Clara.

QUARTER NOTE Mon-Tue, 9pm: Karaoke. No cover. Sunnyvale.

REDI ROOM Thu, 9pm: Joseph. San Jose.

ROSIE MCCANN’S Tue, 8:30-11:30pm: Karaoke. No cover. Santana Row.

RUDY’S PUB Wed, 10pm-1:30am: Purple. Palo Alto.

SAN JOSE BAR & GRILL Tue, 10pm-close: Kamikaze Karaoke. San Jose.

SHERWOOD INN Wed-Sun, 8:30pm: Thomas. San Jose.


M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M T



M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


More listings:

metroactive MUSIC 97 SHOOTERSBAR&GRILL Thu, 9:30pm-1:30am: Karaoke. Sunnyvale.


TEQUILASHOT’S BAR Wed, 9pm: Larry. Thu-Sun, 9pm: August. Milpitas.

BRITANNIAARMS DOWNTOWN Thu: VJ Mixing with DJ David Q. Sat, 10pm: DJ David Q. San Jose.


METROACTIVE.COM MOTIF Thu: DJs. Fri: Tease Friday. Sat: DJ I. Saturday. San Jose.


Wed-Sat: DJs. Menlo Park.

Wed: House Party. Thu, 7pm: Throwback Thu. Los Gatos.



Thu: Therapy. Fri: Flirty Fridays. Mon: Power Hour. San Jose.

Sat, midnight: D1ME, a DJ series. Fairmont Hotel, San Jose.




Wed & Sat: DJ. Santa Clara.

Mon, 8pm-midnight: DJ Curtis. Willow Glen.


Thu, 8pm: DJ Akustik.. Fri, 8pm: DJ Mayo. Sat, 8pm: DJ Mayo. Sun, 7pm: Latin Beat. Sun, 9pm: Sonidero Night. Sunnyvale.

WILLOWDEN Wed, 9:30pm: DJ JR. San Jose

Thu-Sat, 9:30pm: DJs. San Jose.

ELRANCHO SPORTSBAR Fri-Sat, 8pm: Old School Dance Party. San Jose.

SABOR TAPAS BAR Thu-Sat: DJs and dancing. Sun: Reggae. San Jose.

SAN JOSE BAR & GRILL THEELEGANTPUB WOODHAM’SLOUNGE Wed-Thu, Sat, Tue: 9:30pm: Vinnie. Santa Clara.


Thu, 9pm: Throwback Thursdays. Fri, 9pm: DJ. Sat, 9pm: Snapshot Saturdays. Evergreen Inn, San Jose.


Wed, 8pm: Salsa Wednesdays. Thu-Fri: DJs. San Jose.

Wed, 9pm: Wheels of Steel DJ battle. Thu, 9pm: The Heit Thursdays. Fri, 9pm: 2011. Sat, 9pm: DJ. Mon, 9pm: Industry. Tue: Partyoke. Beer pong and karaoke. San Jose.



Thu, 9pm: DJ Che live video mixing. Fri, 9pm: Latin rock en espanol. Sat, 9pm: Salsa, merengue, cumbia, urban & Latin fusions. Tue, 9pm: Salsa. San Jose.

Thu-Sat, 9:30pm-1:30am: DJs and dancing. Campbell.


Thu: SOFA King Thursdays. Fri: Video Killed the DJ. Sat: Sultry Saturdays. Sun: Sinful Sundays. Mon: Manic Mondaze. San Jose.

KINGOFCLUBS Fri, 9:30pm: Club Brinca. Tue, 9pm: Nox. Mountain View.

Fri: Bikini Bash. Sat: DJ Cams & Britney Spears After Concert CD Giveaway. San Jose.

WILLOW DEN Thu, 10pm: DJ Uncle Hank. Fri, 12:30-2am & Sat, 10pm-2am: DJ Truth. Willow Glen.

ZEN LOUNGE Thu: 2 4 Thursdays. Fri: Fabulous Fridays. Sat: Celebrity Saturdays with DJ D-Roc. Mountain View.

BLINKY’SCAN’TSAY Thu: College night. Santa Clara.

BLOWFISHSUSHI Wed-Thu and Sat: DJs and dancing. Santana Row.

BRANHAMLOUNGE Wed: Humpday Wednesdays. Thu: DJ. Fri: Ladies Night. Sat: DJ Chaos. Sun: Beer pong. Tue: $2 Tuesdays. San Jose.

San Francisco’s City Guide

BOBBY BLAND If you only buy one blues album, you’ll be in good hands with ‘Two Steps From the Blues.’ Jun 18 at Yoshi’s SF.

MATT & KIM The most gleeful batch of jubilation to hit the stage since Up With People. Jun 18 at the Fox Theater.

MOUNTAIN GOATS John Darnielle and fellow erudite tunesmiths patiently perform amid shouts for “No Children.” Jun 20 at the Fillmore.

ODD FUTURE BRITANNIAARMSALMADEN Wed & Sun, 10pm: DJ Hank. Thu: VJ Don. Mon, 9pm: Beer Pong. Tue: Pub-stumpers Trivia. San Jose.


Tyler, Hodgy, Syd and the rest of this year’s darlings lay waste to all common sense. Jun 21 at the Regency Ballroom.

JAGA JAZZIST Norwegian electro-jazz 10-piece makes rare appearance in the States. Jun 22 at Great American Music Hall.

More San Francisco events at

99 Albert Bracamonte

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M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

Albert Bracamonte

Dan Pulcrano

metroactive SVSCENE

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K`dDZ>iXn[i\nY`^XkJ?FI<C@E< feJXkli[Xp%

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101 M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


A LT E R N AT I V E MEDICINE M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


103 M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


A LT E R N AT I V E MEDICINE M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y



As a member of YB Collec A ctive you ar e entitled to o rreceive eceive a FREE YB Collective are P asssport™. What is YB Pa assport™ and how doe s it benefit you? The Passport™. Passport™ does Y B passport™ was design ned to inform, educate e, and advise you of YB designed educate, yyour ourr rresponsibility esponsibility as a Can nnabis Patient. Furtherm more, as a member of Cannabis Furthermore, Y Collective, YB C her ein, we pledge p our collective po olicy to bring you the herein, policy fi fines nesst customer service and d highest quality medic ine for the best price finest medicine p osssible as a non-pr ofit mu utual benefit company possible non-profit mutual company.. Each ach time you visit a YB Collective, ve, your y YB Passport™ wil willl be stamped, when you u fill up the visitation log in the Pas Passport, ssport, you will rreceive eceive ONE O Oz of our T Top op o She Shelf elf herb or $250.00 in sstore tore credit.

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109 M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


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67 111 M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

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M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

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DpZf$nfib\inXji\Xccp_le^lgfeX^lp%J_\nXjZfem`eZ\[_\c`b\[_\i# Xe[j_\[`[Xcck_\Ô`ikpk_`e^jpflX[m`j\#Ylk_\e\m\idX[\Xdfm\%K_`j n\ekfe]fidfek_jj`eZ\j_\#c`b\pfl#k_fl^_knfd\ej_flc[e\m\i#\m\iXjb XdXefeX[Xk\%@ÓeXccpg\ijlX[\[_\ikff]]\ikfdXb\_`dX_fd\$Zffb\[ d\Xc%?\k_Xeb\[_\iYlkjX`[_\_X[X^`ic]i`\e[%Jf#efnj_\ZXeglkk_`j Y\_`e[_\i%J_\ÊjXZklXccpi\c`\m\[j_\ÓeXccpdX[\Xdfm\%ÆN`j\=i`\e[ When a woman flirts and flirts with a guy, and he still doesn’t ask her out, she knows there must be a reasonable explanation: 1.) Hairball stuck in his throat. 2.) He sprained his tongue. 3.) He’s temping as a monk. The woman can either wait months and months for him to cough up that hairball or accept that there’s probably a more reasonable explanation: He’s not interested, not available or not man enough to tape hair on his chest and squeak out “You doin’ anything Friday night?” A guy who’s not that interested might still go out with a woman if she asked. Great—if she wants a man who’s not that into her but who’ll hang around for a while (longer when his favorite TV show is in reruns). In the case of “not man enough,” some women tell themselves, “No problem! I’m man enough to ask him!” They end up with a “not man enough” instead of a man. A little water and sunlight will grow carrot greens out of carrot tops in a jar lid, but there’s yet to be a relationship that’s produced spontaneous growth of testicles. Enabling “not man enough” can have some unpleasant repercussions. What the man-worm lacks in assertiveness, he usually makes up for in passive-

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@ek_\nXb\f]k_\g\e`jg_fkfkn\\kk_XkjkXik\[ÇN\`e\i^Xk\#È@Êd nfe[\i`e^n_\k_\infd\eXi\XZklXccpklie\[fen_\ek_\p^\kXg_fkff] jfd\[l[\ÊjgXZbX^\%Æ:li`flj>lpN_fÊjE\m\i;fe\JlZ_XK_`e^ Note that there’s a restaurant called Hooters but none called Testicles. While men get aroused by visuals alone, women typically need touch and emotion. Dr. Meredith Chivers’ sexualarousal studies show that women do get turned on by video of strangers having sex (including, weirdly, strangers who are bonobo chimps), but strange men’s disembodied bits really don’t do it for most. (What, you were expecting “Wow, you stuck a camera phone in your crotch just for me?”) Once a woman’s involved with a guy, she might be into the occasional peenmail. But, emailing a woman you don’t

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FREE WILL ASTROLOGY ARIESS (March ARIE (March 21–April 19): The Th he film TTuck uck u Everlasting tells tells the the story story of of a family family that that becomes becomes immortal immortal after drinking from from a magical spring. sppring. The two parents parents and and their their two two sons sons hide hide their their gift gift from from the the world, world, but but eventually a mysterious man in a yellow suit finds out about about their their secret secret and and stalks stalks them. them. At At one one point point in in his his search, search, this this man man has has a conversation conversation with with a young young pastor. pastor. “What “What if if you you could could be be eternal?” eternal?” he he asks asks the the priest. priest. “Without “Without having having to to face face the the uncertainty uncertainty of of death. Invincible to disease. Forever Forever e young.” The priest is rattled. rattled. “You “YYou o speak blasphemy, blasphemyy, sir,” sirr,,” he protests. protests. “Fluently,” “Fluently,” replies replies the the man man in in the the yellow yellow suit. suit. You You have have that mandate right now Aries: too speak blasphemy fluently, fluently, as as well well as as any any other other rebellious rebellious diction. diction. It’s It ’s time to rise up and express express the unspeakable, the controversial, controversial, the revolutionary. revolutionary. TAURUS T AURUS ((April April 20–May 20–May 20): 20): There’s There’s substantial substantial


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evidence that the Amazon Riverr used to flow in the opposite direction direction from from what whaat it does now. now. Ages A ges ago, ago, its its currents currents traveled traveled westward westward from from the the Atlantic A tlantic Ocean toward toward the Pacific Pacifi fic ( AmazonReversal). A mazonReversal). I’d I’d like like you you to to hold hold that that image image firmly fi rmly in in mind mind as as you you contemplate contemplate a monumental monumental shift shift ooff ccourse ourse in in your your own own life. life. Let Let it it serve serve as as a surprising surprising ssymbol ymbol of of what’s what’s possible—as possible—as a promise promise that that you you ccould ould actually actually manage manage to to reverse reverse a current current that that may may seem immutable.

GEMINI ((May May 21–June 21–June 20): 20): In In Mark Mark Harris’s Harris’s novel novel Bang the Drum Slowly, Slowlyy, pprofessional rofessional baseball baseball players players cheat cheat their their fans fans out out of of money money by by engaging engaging them them in in a card card game called TEGWAR, TEGW WAR, A which which is an acronym acronym for for The Exciting Game Without Any Rules. Judging from from your current omens, Gemini, I’d say it’s current astrological astrological omens, it’s prime prime time time for for you you to to play play a more more ethical ethical version version of of this game. Strictly Strictly speaking, the game can have rules, but but they they may may be be changed changed at at any any time, time, and and new new ones ones may be added as needed. The object obbject of your brand brand of of TEGWAR TEGWAR is is to to have have as as much much smart smart fun fun as as possible possible without anyone getting hurt. CANCER (June 21–July 22): “The “TThe only way to let

yyour our dreams dreams come come true true is is to to wake wake up,” up,” said said poet poet Paul Paul Valery. V alery. Here’s Here’s how I think that aapplies pplies to you right now.. You’ve now You’ve become too engrossed engrosssed in the mythic, pphantasmagorical hantasmagorical feelings feelings of of your your fantasies, fantasies, and and tthat’s hat’s interfering interfering with with your your ability ability to to muster muster all all of of the the kkick-ass ick-ass pragmatism pragmatism and and supercharged supercharged willpower willpower you you will need to actually make your fantasies fantasies come to life. life. IIn n oother ther words, words, Cancerian, Cancerian, I advise advise you you to to snap snap out out of of yyour our creamy creamy dreamy dreamy haze haze with with a self-induced self-induced wakeup wakeup call. Stop Stop floating and start grunting. grunnting.

LEO LE O (July 23–Aug. 22): As As we began b our first session, the 79-year-old Jungian psychotherapist psychootherapist looked at me with mischief in her eyes and and said, “Go ahead— surprise me! What have you got?” gott?” I was torn. Part Part of me felt challenge, meeting her felt like rising to her challenge, dare. dare. I fantasized fantasized about about telling telling her her such such wild wild versions versions of of my my adventures adventures that that they they would would outstrip outstrip any any tales tales she’d But she’d hheard eard iin n hher er llong ong sservice ervice aass a ddeep eep llistener. istener. B ut in in the the end end I chose chose to to tell tell the the truth. truth. I felt felt it it was was more more important mysteries important to to explore explore my my life’s life’s aactual ctual m ysteries tthan han to to entertain entertain her. her. And And that that was was the the first first healing healing she she helped helped me me achieve. achieve. I suspect suspect a similar similar test test is is ahead ahead for for you, Leo. Would Would you rather rather be be honest or impress impress people? VIRGO VIR GO ((Aug. Aug. 23–Sept. 23–Sept. 22): 22): I predict predict that that at at no no time time in the coming weeks weeks will anyonee be justified in saying to you, “Your “Your ego has been writing writing checks checks that your body Nor will body can’t can’t ccash.” ash.” N or w ill aanyone nyone hhave ave aany ny rreason eason to to tell tell you, you, “You’d “You’d better better start start running running if if you you hope hope to to catch catch up up with with your your dreams,” dreams,” or or “You “You may may be be an an old old soul but you’ve been acting like a naive punk.” No, Virgo, Virgo, I firmly believe that none of those accusations will will be be hurled hurled at at you. you. Why? Why? Because Because from from what what I can can tell, tell, all all of of the the various various parts parts of of your your psyche psyche will will be be in in a greater greater state state of of collaborative collaborative unity unity than than they’ve they’ve been been in for for a long time. Your Yoour alienation alienatioon from from yourself will be at an all-time low, low, as will your levels leevels of hypocrisy. hypocrisy. LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22): I’m brave brave in some ways,

ccowardly owardly in in others. others. I’ve I’ve gone gone parasailing, parasailing, performed performed oonn big big stages stages in in front front of of thousands thousands of of people, people, assisted assisted iinn the the birth birth of of two two children children and and explored explored the the abyss abyss of of myy own m own unconscious. unconscious. On On the the other other hand, hand, I’m I’m scared scared of of myself cconfined onfined spaces, spaces, can’t can’t bbring ring m yself ttoo sshoot hoot a ggun un aand nd aam m a sissy sissy when when it it comes comes time time to to be be around around people people who are are dying. I imagine that you, yoou, too, have areas areas

9p p ROB ROB BREZSNY BREZ SNY n\\bf]Ale\(, n\\b f]Ale\ (,

of of courage courage and and timidity, timidity, Libra. Libra. And And I suspect suspect that that in in the the coming coming weeks weeks you you will will be be called called to to a challenge challenge in in both both areas. areas. See See if if you you can can transfer transfer some some of of the the nervy nervy power you’re you’re able to summon in one sphere sphere to bolster you in thee place where where you’re you’re a wimp.

SCORPIO SC ORPIO ((Oct. Oct. 23–Nov. 23–Nov. 21): 21): The The Kinky Kinky Dream Dream and and

Funkyy Paradise of your astrological Funk Paradise chapter c astrological cycle has arrived—a ar rived—a phase phase when you’ll have poetic license to let your imagination imaginattion run wilder than usual. In fact, fact, iit’ll t’ll be be prime prime time time to to escape escape into into fantasyland fantasyland and and ttry ry on on a new new identity identity or or two, two, complete complete with with a host host of of ooutlandish utlandish nicknames. nicknames. Your Your new new hip-hop hip-hop name name could could bbee Extasy Extasy TrixxMaster. TrixxMaster. Your Your pro pro wrestler wrestler name name could could bbee Velvet Velvet Soul Soul Pandora. Pandora. Your Your mystic mystic superhero superhero name name ccould ould be be Mountain Mountain Wind Wind Storm. Storm. Your Your Irish Irish prostitute prostitute nname ame could could be be Luscious Luscious X. X. Mahoney. Mahoney. Your Your rock rock star star from could be Destiny Acrobat. fr om the future future name n Acrobat.

SSAGITTARIUS AGITT TARIU A US ((Nov. Nov. 22–Dec. 22–Dec. 21): 21): The The coming coming

weekss could be a Golden Age for week for your perceptiveness. perceptiveness. IIff yyou’re ou’re even even moderately moderately aligned aligned with with the the cosmic cosmic rrhythms, hythms, you you will will be be able able to to discern discern hidden hidden agendas agendas tthat hat no no one one else else has has spotted, spotted, catch catch clues clues that that have have bbeen een hidden hidden and and be be able able to to recognize recognize and and register register interesting inter esting sights sights you’ve previously previously been blind to. TToo maximize your your ability to cash in on this fantastic fantastic opportunity,, say this affirmation frequently: opportunity frequently: “My eyes aree working twice ar twice as well as usual. I can see things I don’t notice.” don ’t normally no otice.”

CAPRICORN CAPRIC ORN ((Dec. Dec. 22–Jan. 22–Jan. 19): 19): If If you you were were the the star of a fairy fairy tale tale in which a spell had been placed on on you, you, you you would would find find a way way to to break break that that spell spell sometime sometime in in the the next next seven seven months. months. If If you you were were the hero hero of a myth myth about a royal royal child abandoned in the wasteland by your evil nurse and raised raised by emotionally clumsy clum msy but well-meaning gnomes, your exile exile would would soon soon end; end; your your real real parents, parents, the the king king and and queen, queen, would would find find you you after after a long long search, search, and and your birthright would be restored. w restored. Now translate translate these themes into intto the actual circumstances circumstances of your life, life, Capricorn. Capricorn. Are Arre you ready ready to do what it takes to achieve achieve a healing healing and and restoration restoration that that have have been been a long time coming? comingg? AQUARIUS A QUARIUS ((Jan. Jan. 20-Feb. 20-Feb. 18): 18): What What is is sacred? sacred? The The

pphilosopher hilosopher Friedrich Friedrich Nietzsche Nietzsche said said it it was was anything anything tthat hat yyou ou cannot cannot or or will will not not laugh laugh at. at. But But I have have the the eexact xact oopposite pposite view. view. If If I’m I’m unable unable to to crack crack a joke joke holy,, then it it’s about what I rregard egaard as holy ’s not holy. holy. For me, what ppart art ooff w hat makes makes an an idea idea or or person person or or object object holy holy iiss iits ts ppower ower to to animate animate my my sense sense of of humor humor and and put put me in the mood to play. play. Where Where do you stand on this Aquarius? iissue, ssue, A quarius? If If you’re you’re aligned aligned with with my my view, view, you you will w ill hhave ave some some wonderful wonderful opportunities opportunities to to commune commune with the sacred sacred in in the coming days.

PISCESS (Feb. 19–March PISCE 19–March 20): In the chorus of my

band’s song “Apathy “Apa A athy and Ignorance,” Ignorance,” I sing, “What is the difference difference between apathy and ignorance?” ignorance?” aand nd the the other other two two singers singers chant, chant, “I “I don’t don’t know know and and I make ddon’t on’t ccare.” are.” I rrecommend ecommend yyou ou m ake tthat hat chant chant your your mantra m antra in in the the coming coming days, days, Pisces: Pisces: “I “I don’t don’t know know and and I don’t don’t ccare.” are.” YYou ou rreally eally ddoo nneed eed ttoo eexperiment xperiment with with a mischievous state state of mind that is blithely heedless ooff what what anyone anyone thinks thinks about about anything. anything. You You have have the the privilege free right and the priv vilege to be fr ee of expectations, pprecedents recedents aand nd ddogmas. ogmas. TTrust rust yyour our iintuition ntuition aabove bove influences! It’s all other influenc ces! It ’s an excellent time to at temporarily declaree your independence fr from least tempor arilyy declar om eeverything verything tthat’s hat’s not not interesting interesting or or useful useful or or helpful helpful or appealing.

Homework: Wh What hat part of yourself ar aree you most give part peace sscared cared of? of? IIss iitt ttime ime tto og ive tthat hat p art a p eace offering? off ering? Testify Testif e fy at Fr

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M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5 -2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

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67 113

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5-2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


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EMPLOYMENT K\Z_efcf^pE\ngfik:fig% has opening in Santa Clara, CA for Product Mgr, Electro-Optics to define & deliver precision photonics products. Reference job # 84ZSYQ & mail resume to Newport, Attn: S. Quintanilla, 3635 Peterson Way, Santa Clara, CA 95054.

í Call 408.298.8000 Mon-Fri, 8:30am-5:30pm í Email Please include your VISA, MC, Discver or AmEx number and expiration date for payment í Fax your ad to 408.271.3520

5400 Legacy Drive, Plano, TX 75024. No phone calls pls. Must be legally authorized to work in the U.S. w/o sponsorship. EOE.

J\Zli`kp&9fleZ\ijE\\[\[ wanted 5 nights a week 9pm-2am. Apply mornings only. Alex’s 49er Lounge 2214 Business Circle, San Jose. 408/279-9737

í Mail to Metro Classified, 550 South First Street, San Jose, CA 95113

í Visit our offices Mon-Fri, 8:30am-5:30pm í Deadlines: For copy, payment, space reservation or cancellation: Display ads: Thursday 3pm, Line ads: Friday 3pm

enhance or distinguish product placement within the competitive arena. Develop business plans and product positioning in the marketplace. Oversee market research, monitor competitive activity and identify customer needs. Establish pricing strategies. Mail resume to : Openwave Systems, Inc., Attn:Linda Lee, 2100 Seaport Blvd., Redwood City, CA 94063. Must reference job code 7962.

Jf]knXi\ Hewlett-Packard Company has an opportunity for Software Designer in Cupertino, CA Reqs: BS & 5 yrs exp.& Expertise in business domain of Project & Portfolio Mgmt; Java/J2EE architecture; & Release & Config Mgmt. Exp. w/Design & implementation of complex webbased apps; Oracle DBs; & Struts, Hibernate, GWT & Spring Tech. List full name, address & email address on resume. Ref Job# CUPJMA2 & send resume to Hewlett-Packard Company, H1-6E-28

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Fg\enXm\Jpjk\dj#@eZ% has the following job opportunity in Redwood City, CA: Sr. Product Manager: Develop specific marketing plans and activities for specific product(s) or product line(s) to establish,

Efb`X@eZ%_Xjk_\ ]fccfn`e^gfj`k`fej`e JleepmXc\#:81 Senior Engineer, Application SW: Design & implement software to integrate partner’s offerings/ experiences into MeeGo codebase; work with Linux based embedded systems development & mobile app development, & development in Maemo open source mobile Linux platform; & other duties/skills as required. [Job ID: NOK-SV11-SREAS] Senior QA Engineer: Involves handson QA duties; design & execute test plans & test cases, generate test reports & submit bugs via defect tracking applications such as Bugzilla or Jira; work with protocols such as TCP/IP, UDP & HTTP; perform network-level troubleshooting & analysis of data packets; & other duties/skills as required. [Job ID: NOK-SV11-SQA] Mail resumes to Nokia Recruiter, 3575 Lone Star Circle, Ste. 434, Ft. Worth, TX 76177 & note specific Job ID#.

Efb`X@eZ%_XjXgfj`k`fe `eJleepmXc\#:81 Senior IT Operations Engineer: Responsible for the organization’s Ovi Visual Search live service in production QA & development environments & work with software development & deploy to production servers to include handling Unix Systems Administration; & other duties/skills as required. [Job ID: NOK-CA11-ITOE] Mail resumes to Nokia Recruiter, 3575 Lone Star Circle, Ste. 434, Ft. Worth, TX 76177 & note Job ID#.

D\dY\if]K\Z_e`ZXcJkX]]1 develop web applications of an appliance that manage data and virtual machines in large-scale clusters and product design specification documents. Req. BSCS/ BSCE & 5 yrs progressive exp in the job offered. Req exp in: web application development using Adobe & Java; exp with ServiceOriented Architecture (SOA) and development exp with web service technologies including XML, HTML, JavaScript, SOAP, and REST. Proficient in Flash Builder and Photoshop. Resume to Nutanix, Inc, 1735 Technology Dr, # 575, San Jose, CA 95110. Attn: HR Job# MTS/UI1

DXeX^\i#=`idnXi\ <e^`e\\i`e^ (Job ME001): deliver high perf. embedded firmware; oversee

& email address on resume. Ref Job# CUPNSA2 & send resume to Hewlett-Packard Co., H1-6E-28, 5400 Legacy Dr, Plano, TX 75024. No phone calls pls. Must be legally authorized to work in the U.S. w/o sponsorship. EOE.



wanted 9pm-1:30am. Must have equipment. Apply mornings only. Alexâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 49er Lounge 2214 Business Circle, San Jose. 408/279-9737

Extra Income! Assembling CD cases from Home! No Experience Necessary! Call our Live Operators Now! 1-800-405-7619 EXT 2450 www.

@ek\ieXk`feXcKiX[\ 8[m`jfi Position available in San Jose, CA. Analyze current business objectives and compare them to company generated data, including ďŹ nancial information and governmental data. Review all internally generated company data, analyze whether speciďŹ c imported products were proďŹ table after compliance with trade laws. Devise and implement new procedures relating to importation of products to maximize proďŹ ts and minimize losses. Prepare periodic reports outlining compliance procedures and recommendations for product continuation or elimination. Bachelorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s degree in Law. Foreign equivalent acceptable. Please submit resume to NBC Stationery and Gift, Inc., Attn: Satoru Kadota, 1518 Webster St. # 218, San Francisco, CA 94115

=Xj_`feDXib\kI\j\XiZ_ 8eXcpjk1 research/analyze fashion market trend & new markets, develop marketing & business strategies for womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fashion (Job#G64) Res to: Ninaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Fashion Inc, 925 Blossom Hill Rd, #1043, San Jose, CA 95123

<e^`e\\i`e^1 Broadcom seeks all levels of Engineers/Scientists (SW, HW, FW, Systems, Design, Layout, QA, ConďŹ guration/Release, Test, Field Apps, and others) in Silicon Valley, CA. Education/experience requirements will vary by position level/type. Must have unrestricted U.S. work authorization. Mail resumes to HR Operations Coordinator, 5300 California Avenue, Bldg. 2, #22108-A, Irvine, CA 92617. Must reference job code ENG7-SVCA

?@I@E>I<8CKFIJEFN 80% commission No desk fees No boring oďŹ&#x192;ce meetings Work from home with complete broker support Must have current real estate license and dues paid Call Broker Rich Rodino Cal Estates Realty 408-260-2740

?\nc\kk$GXZbXi[:fdgXep has an opportunity for Software Designer in Cupertino, CA. Reqs: BS &5 yrs exp. Exp. w/ SW devâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t; Using & developing Java/J2EE apps; Developing in Python or Ruby; & XML & SQL. List full name, address

<e^`e\\i Barracuda Networks has openings in Campbell, CA for QA Engr (QAECA) to create test plans & test cases for Spam Firewall product features. Req. BS+0. Business Dvlpmnt Engr (BDE-CA) to architecture & installation of Network Security Appliance. Req. MS+0. Submit resume to Barracuda Networks, 3175 S. Winchester Blvd., Campbell, CA 95008, Attn: HR/job code. Must ref job code in order to be considered.

115 M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J U N E 1 5-2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

ďŹ rmware projects; coding, add features, ďŹ x bugs. Network Engineer/Tech. Support Wireless Specialist (Job ME002): troubleshoot wired/wireless networks; read/ interpret wireless/wired traces. Vocera Communications, Inc., 525 Race St., San Jose, CA 95126.

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5-2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


<c\Zkife`Zj<e^`e\\i1 Design/test electronic components/ circuits for commercial telecommunication products. Ooma, Inc., Job ME001, 1840 Embarcadero Road, Palo Alto, CA 94303.

8Zk`m`jkj Earn $300+ per day gathering signatures. Unlimited income potential, ďŹ&#x201A;exible hours. 408/830-4164; 954-616-7736

<Xie.,$)''?fli Media Makeup Artist Training. Ads, TV, ďŹ lm, fashion. One week class. Stable job in weak economy. Details at 310/364-0665. (AAN CAN)

8:KFIJ&DFM@<<OKI8J Needed immediately for upcoming roles $150-$300/day depending on job requirements. No experience, all looks. 1-800-560-8672 A-109. For casting times/locations. (AAN CAN)

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HOME SERVICES IlePfli?fd\J\im`Z\j 8[@eD\kifĂ&#x160;j:cXjj`Ă&#x201C;\[ J\Zk`fe

Mf`Z\C\jjfej Expand range, ďŹ&#x201A;exibility, conďŹ dence. Instruction also available for songwriting and guitar. Reasonable rates. Instructor: award-winning vocalist/songwriter, Deborah Levoy. 408/275-0802.


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M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | DAT E J U N E 1 5-2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

;>8I>I>DJH7JH>C:HH C6B:HI6I:B:CI **'(*%

>RS] ]^K^OWOX^ aK] ÇVON aS^R ^RO -Y_X^c -VO\U YP

=KX^K -VK\K -Y_X^c YX # Z_L 7O^\Y  "  

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J U N E 1 5-2 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


i\Xc\jkXk\ SALES 9flc[\i:i\\b a beautiful building site in the sun. Half acre. Private gated road. Easy location. All utilities in place. Plans included, too. Excellent neighborhood. Owner financing. $195,000. Donner Land & Mortgage Co., Inc. 408-395-5754

9flc[\i:i\\b 290 acres ! Run your dirt bikes or quads or take a hike and have a lot of fun on the 11 parcels ranging in size from 18- 40 acres. Santa Clara county. Sun, Views, Spring, Creek. Off grid. Excellent Owner financing. $1,150,000. Donner Land & Mortgage Co., Inc. 408-395-5754

Jk\ccXiNXpÅ 9flc[\i:i\\b 10 acres. Gorgeous. Well. Lots of friendly terrain. $349,000 with owner financing. Donner Land & Mortgage Co., Inc. 408-395-5754


Cfj>XkfjDflekX`ejÅ FidjYp:lk$f]]% 20 acres. Full Sun. Huge Monterey Bay views. Perfect for solar. Owner financing. $ 265,000. Donner Land & Mortgage Co., Inc. 408-395-5754

Cfj>XkfjDflekX`ej 4 acres. A perfect spot for the home you have been dreaming of. Incredible view and Full Sun. Shared well. Power at lot line. Some reports. Paved access. Plans included. Owner financing. $399,000. Donner Land & Mortgage Co., Inc. 408-395-5754

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