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Felipe Buitrago


Matt McHan at Roy’s Station


M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y



M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

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M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

6 Send us your anonymous rants and raves about your co-workers or any badly behaving citizen—or about citizens you admire. I SAW YOU, Metro, 550 S. First St., San Jose, 95113, or via email.

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this guy. this guy. He He has has been been able able to to pull pull the the w wo ol o ver e some peoples peoples eyes. eyees. wool over H ow ccan an iitt b ood tto o ccut ut tthe he p olice How bee ggood police de epartment, tment which w aas 6 00 offic ceerss department, was 600 officers sshort, hort, ffrom rom 11,500 ,500 tto o 11,000? ,000? T hink aabout bout Think it,, p eople; yyour our saf o feetty is at jeopar dyy. people; safety jeopardy. P eople o no ther fforums orums aare re aalready lready People on other ssaying aying tthey hey aare re w aiting ttwo wo h ours ffor or waiting hours th he p olice to ccome ome to a minor ac cideent. the police accident. W oon w ill h ave tthe he ccrime rime tthat hat S an Wee ssoon will have San Fr rancisco and Oakland alr eady do Francisco already do.. WILLIAM SSMOKE MOKE | SSAN AN JO JOSE SE

Safety Saf ety FFears eears An nyone that that trusts t Maayo or Reed, Reeed, Anyone Mayor F igone, Oliverio, Oliverio, is is a fool. fo ool. I have have Figone, be en in in city city government government for for 33 33 years yearrs been and never neveer seen seen a mayor maayor alienate all his work force. fo orce. You Yo ou would be be hard hard pr essed to find d if the librarians or the pressed p eople at the maintenance maintenance yard yard like like people

SShort-Timer? Short-Timer? I qu q estion Chief Batt’s Battt’s decision to question lleave eave O ak kland P olice D epartment aafter fter Oakland Police Department ssuch uch a sshort hort sstay tay ((“Is “Is A nthony B atts Anthony Batts C oming tto oS an n JJose ose tto oE scap pe T rouble Coming San Escape Trouble in n Oakland,”,, JJan. an. 20). W hat d oes tthat hat ssay ay ab bout tthe he iintegrity ntegrity What does about

o is ccommitments? ommitments? W ill h lso off h his Will hee al also cconsider onsider lea avving SJPD b effor o e the job is leaving before d one, aand nd h ass m ad de h is m arrk? done, hee h has made his mark? Chief Bat ttts has impr e ve cr essiv edentials, Batts impressive credentials, but in m n’’t b een in myy mind he hasn hasn’t been O akland llong ong eenough. nough. H is sshort hort ttenure enure Oakland His there lea avees me wonder ring what he will there leaves wondering do when the going gets tough. DAVE D AV VE BARTHOLOMEW BARTHOLOMEEW | SSAN AN JO JOSE SE

No M More ore FFantasies aanntasies Th hiis latest episo de of sla aughter rreminds eminds This episode slaughter me of V ir i ginia T eech, 32; C olumbine, 13 Virginia Tech, Columbine, dead; and others e hear tfeelt others.. After each, heartfelt wor rd ds ar ok keen, pra ayers e ar ffeered, words aree sp spoken, prayers aree off offered, and we debate how to insur iinsuree that it n ever h appens aagain. gain. W e’re ttold old tthat hat never happens We’re iitt p ulls tthis his ccountry ountry ttogether, ogether, tthat hat pulls w e’re aall ll A mericans, u nited. E xcept we’re Americans, united. Except tthat hat w e’re n ot. Ov erheaated rhetoric we’re not. Overheated

is b is being eing suggested suggested as as the the cause cause o off this this shooting, sho otingg, that th hat we need to be be more more our political discourse. ccivil ivil iin no ur p oliticall d iscourse. I tthink hink bee nice that would db nice but ineffective. ineff ffeectivve. address IItt ffails ails tto o ad ddress tthe he vviolence iolence tthat hat iiss woven society. wo oveen into o the fabric of our so cietty. Our peace-loving O ur leaders leaders say say we we are are a p eace-loving people, otherwise. p eople, butt history history says saayys other wise. We We on military sspend pend more more o n our our m ilitary tthan han aall ll other world o ther ccountries ountries iin n tthe he w orld ccombined ombined war aand nd have have been been aatt w aarr throughout throughout our our history. boys h istory. We We program program b oys aand nd men men for for fighting. fi ghting. We We perpetrate perpetrate violence violence against against women and d children. childrreen. Our ruthless eeconomy conomy squeezes squeezes most most people people iin n ways. terrible w ays y. Let’s out L et’s ssay ay iitt rright ight o ut lloud, oud, ““We We are are brutalize a vvery ery vviolent iolent country. country. y”” We We b rutalize many outside man ny outsi ide our borders borders and many man ny borders. iinside nside our our b orders. That’s That’s true. true. That’s That’s rreal. eal. To To solve solvve real-world real-world problems, problems, we have bee iin Fantasies h ave tto ob n reality. reality. F antasies will will not not serve ser ve us anymore. an nymor y re. MO SS HENRY H NRY | SANTA HE SANTA ROSA ROSA MOSS


M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y




Red-Eyed Monster A vandal who defaced the Quetzalcoatl sculpture in Plaza de Cesar Chavez this week may have helped align the piece with the intentions of the artist who created it. The notoriously monochromatic statue of the mythological Mayan Plumed Serpent now looks out at the downtown San Jose skyline with red eyes aglow. That is probably closer to what the renowned sculptor ROBERT GRAHAM had in mind when he conceived the artwork. QUETZY, as it’s come to be known, was originally supposed to be a grand project—a multicolored bronze god, with magnificent red-and-green wings, standing three stories tall. But the idea was met with an epic close-minded freakout. First, uptight old locals who were already appalled that downtown’s central plaza was at that same moment being renamed for a Chicano rabblerouser, protested the expenditure on a Mexican icon. Then, in 1994, a local Christian Don’t organization going forget by the Marvel Comics to tip! Superhero–inspired FLY@ name “Justice METRONEWS. Foundation” tried to COM strip the public money from the project claiming that it was an unconstitutional promotion of religion. They associated Quetzalcoatl with the serpent from the Garden of Eden (SATAN!) and with human sacrifice (a misreading of history, but whatever). To prove their point they cited the works of New Age hucksters JOSE ARGUELLES and HUNBATZ MEN, as obscure then as they are now. The lawsuit was dismissed, but in the course of things, the statue was defanged and downsized. Ever since the squat, gray-brown version of the piece was unveiled, many San Joseans have suspected that the artist deliberately dropped a turd on the lawn to retaliate for the city’s mucking

Stepping Up and Out FEK?<DFM<8ek_fep9Xkkj#j_fne_\i\Xkk_\jZ\e\f]X)''-gfc`Z\$f]ÓZ\ij_ffk`e^`eCfe^9\XZ_# _XjY\\efeXelgnXi[kiXa\Zkfip]fik_\gXjk[\ZX[\%

Fe_`jnXpkfn_XkdXpY\k_\ Y`^^\jkafYf]_`jZXi\\i#8ek_fep9Xkkj  `j\jZXg`e^kiflYc\`eFXbcXe[ 9pJOSH KOEHN


EK?FEP98KKJmoved his way up the ranks of the Long Beach Police Department over 20 years, steadily picking up specialized training as he earned awards and accolades before becoming chief. After seven years in that job, where he was able to oversee a significant reduction of violent crime, Batts moved on to Oakland with a promise to save the city—whose young African American men were being murdered at an alarming rate—and lead a department shaken by the killing of four officers. Fourteen months later, Batts is already planning to move again. He has by all accounts made genuine progress in Oakland. His supporters, who include

Assemblyman Sandre Swanson (DAlameda) and Oakland City Council President Larry Reid, point to his ability to engage the community while reducing crime, creating optimism within the department and the city at large. But there is also some criticism, emerging from Reid and others, since Batts let it be known that he may be jumping ship. A recent report by Ali Winston, a producer for KALW Radio in Oakland, suggests Batts might want to come here because Oakland faces a real threat of having its police department placed under federal receivership. The result would be a black eye on Batts’ mostly pristine record, despite his brief tenure in overseeing a department that was battling a multitude of issues well before his arrival. Winston reports that a Negotiated Settlement Agreement signed

in 2003, and originally designed to expire in 2008, has had the department under the watchful eye of independent monitor Robert Warshaw, a former assistant police chief in Miami. Reports from Warshaw, submitted to U.S. District Court Judge Thelton Henderson, conclude that the OPD is failing in its obligations to clean up its act following the infamous “Riders” scandal, which found evidence of police brutality and evidence planting more than a decade ago. The next report from Warshaw is expected to come this month, and attorneys representing more than 119 plaintiffs who filed suit against the city of Oakland for pervasive police misconduct said in a recent court filing that the OPD is unlikely to meet its goals and obligations once again. Judge Henderson seems to agree with this assumption, according to a court filing he wrote in December. “It is difficult to imagine that Defendants’ promises of substantial compliance in a few short weeks are grounded in reality,” Henderson wrote, adding that Batts should shoulder some of the blame. Henderson points to a use-of-force

intelligent and responsive, has spent his entire career in San Jose and was groomed to become chief by Davis, his predecessor, who retired under heavy criticism late last year. Deciding who is more prepared to lead San Jose in these uncertain times has made the decision more complex than the simplistic way some have tried to shape the debate: outsider vs. insider, black man vs. white man. “I’ll mention it since it’s the elephant in the room,” Liccardo says. “In regards to a police chief ’s ability to serve communities of color, it’s less relevant the color of the applicant’s skin and more relevant the quality of the candidate’s listening skills. “Race is always an issue in urban politics, but I’d like to believe we’re moving beyond white-vs.-black stereotypes in making choices about San Jose’s next leaders.” Liccardo notes that San Jose has an African American fire chief, William McDonald, and that the Independent Police Auditor, LaDoris Cordell, is also African American. But complaints of racial profiling and overly aggressive street policing downtown have many pushing for a fresh face, even if the decision is largely symbolic. “There needs to be a signal sent by the city that the issues of broken trust and the collective call for change

is being honored,” says Raj Jayadev of Silicon Valley DeBug, an Eastside organization that works with young artists and others who’ve had contact with the criminal justice system. Jayadev and other community activists have called for the selection process to be more transparent from the start. Now that the final two candidates names are public—even if they’re not officially acknowledged by the city—he believes the final interviews should be held in public. Councilman Pete Constant disagrees. He says Figone has kept things confidential to protect the integrity of the process. In Constant’s opinion, it’s already become tainted by the leaking of Batts’ name. “If he’s not selected, we have put him in an interesting position— where he has been somewhat chastised by his department for looking at the outside,” says Constant, himself a 14-year veteran of the SJPD. “If you want to attract the best candidates, honoring the confidentiality of the process is an important thing to do.” Constant says the San Jose’s chief of police job can properly be seen as a “crowning achievement” in a career. With a decision expected in weeks, Batts has never been as close to the top. Yet the consequences of his climb have never been greater.

Change Candidate After years of controversy under Chief Rob Davis, many in San Jose want a new kind of leadership at the SJPD. Councilman Sam Liccardo says the next chief will need to bring new ideas to the table. “Times of scarcity require innovative leaders,” Liccardo says, “and what we’re facing in San Jose today and for much of the foreseeable future will require enormous creativity.” The city has been pushing for pay cuts and reformed pension plans with police and firefighters in order to prevent layoffs. And a report on Monday that the city’s deficit was underestimated by roughly $20 million will require radical new thinking, Liccardo says. The path Batts has taken to this point stands in stark contrast to Figone’s other finalist, San Jose’s acting police chief, Christopher Moore. Moore, regarded as highly

with his more ambitious proposal. But there’s no evidence of that on Graham’s online portfolio, which proudly displays the piece along with his many other civic monuments, including the FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT Memorial in Washington, D.C., the CHARLIE “BIRD” PARKER Memorial in Kansas City, Missouri, and (ironically?) the Great Bronze Doors of the Catholic Diocese of Los Angeles’ Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. Of the Plumed Serpent, the late sculptor, an SJSU grad, said (ironically?): “It was created for the City of San Jose to symbolize the spirit of social


harmony and diversity.”

9 M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1, 2011 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

incident which, he said, “highlights potential problems . . . with the culture of the Department, up to and including the Chief of Police, who concurred with the investigative finding that the force was not excessive.” The OPD has said it is optimistic it will hit its deadline, but that the department has also been hamstrung in meeting expectations due to heavy cutbacks in staffing. John Burris, an attorney representing plaintiffs in the civil suit that led to the Settlement Agreement, said he can see why Batts might choose to move on. “If the department goes into receivership while he’s the chief, that raises questions about his leadership, of course,” Burris says. “A chief can look at it more than one way. He can run and try to get away or he can say, ‘I’m going to use my talents and get through this.’ That would speak well of any person. That’s part of what leadership is about.” But Burris doesn’t believe fear of blame is driving Batts’ decision. “Chief Batts is a very ambitious man and it’s not surprising to me that he would seek other opportunities to enhance his career,” Burris says. “Having observed him, and knowing the grand scheme of who he is, that’s what he’s geared for.”

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


sv Today, T o odayy, theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re around theyyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re hovering around makking that stake worth $608, making $5.6 billionâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;down billion nâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;down $300 million on news heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s stepping down as CEO. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s That â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a nasty nasty little drop drop any way you look at a it, though Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m sure sure the obscene size size of the remaining remaining sum makes it a bit easier to stomach. stomach P erhaps the th he residuals residuals from from that new Perhaps Eric Schmidt Schmiidt talk show reportedly reportedly in the ofďŹ ng will make up for for it. â&#x20AC;&#x201D;JOHN PACZKOWSKI, PACZKO WSKI, DIGIT DIGITALDAILY ALDAILLY .ALLTHINGSD.COM .ALL LT HING GSD.COM

K?<J<8I:?<I K?<J<8 I:?<I<i`ZJZ_d`[k <i``ZJZ_d`[k nXj^`m\e(''d`cc`f fe`e\hl`kp nXj^`m\e(''d`cc`fe`e\hl`kp ]fi_\cg`e^dXb\>ff^c\Xm\iY% ]fi_\cg`e^dXb\>f f^c\Xm\iY%

Eric Schmidt: Schmiddt: Still Richer Thann You Yoou ;I<8D;8K< ; I<8D ;8K<BXkpG\iipkfli\[=XZ\YffbcXjkn\\b% BXkpG\iipkfli\[=XZ\Yffb b cXjk n\\b%  E EfYf[p_XjXep`[\Xn_p% fYf[p_XjX Xep`[\Xn_p p%

Katyy Perry Perry Meets Meeets Mar rk Zuckerberg Zuckerbberg Mark Pop star Katy Pop Katy a Perry Perry swung through through Facebookâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Facebookâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s headquarters headquarteers ffor or a visit last laast week. What did she do there? there? Pose Pose with employees,, eat at the cafeteria, cafeteria, and not n much else as far far as a we can tell. tell. But it looked fun for for the employees! One thing that t stands out: Perryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Perryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s decision deccision to wear big heels heeels made her tower t above Facebookâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s em mployees. Or ternatiive employees. Or,, al alternatively, â&#x20AC;&#x201D;JAY AY YARROW, YARRO W, the people p p at Facebook are are just j short. short. â&#x20AC;&#x201D;JA VALLEYWAG.GAWKER.COM V ALLEY WAG.GA G WKER.COM Bs Baldwin Baldw win I love that they rented rented out plants plannts for for the day. dayy. Periphetes P eriphettes Glad to see Zuck and his cohorts cohort rts all remembered remembered their â&#x20AC;&#x153;eyes â&#x20AC;&#x153;eye e es uup her eâ&#x20AC;? lessons. It only takes one slip ffor or a shot tha at will go all round round the Internetâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; Internnetâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; hereâ&#x20AC;? that better men tha an me than

WHEN ERIC Schmidt ar aarrived rived at company Google in 2001, the co ompany was pulling in about $100 $ million a year year.. And under his â&#x20AC;&#x153;â&#x20AC;&#x153;adult adult supervisionâ&#x20AC;? s super visionâ&#x20AC;? that rrevenue evenue gr ew to upwar d of grew upward $29 billion. So itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s nott surprising to learn that Google has h gr anted granted equity him a $100 million eq quity award award as his term as CEO comes comees to a close, though it is unusual. Payouts given P ayouts like this are are typically t to new CEOs, not to sitting sitting ones or, or, Schmidtâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s as in Schmidt â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s case, to ones who aree stepping down. That award, ar Th hat this awar d, which will vest over four four o years, ffollows ollows Googleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s announcement anno ouncement that Schmidt is ceding g his rrole ole as Larry CEO to Google co-founder co-founder Lar ry Page likeâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; P age makes it seem almost a severance, sever ance, though of course Schmidt as will rremain emain with the company c executive chairman. shares, And with 9.2 million Google G shar es, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s money, it â&#x20AC;&#x2122;ss not like he needs the money y, suffered though his stake has suff ered a signiďŹ cant decline in value v since the companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s executive ofďŹ ce shakeannouncement, up. Prior to the annou uncement, weree trading Google shares shares wer trrading at around ar ound $641, $64411, making Schmidtâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s S Schmidt â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s stake billion. worth about $5.9 billi on.

$10K iT iTunes Tuunes W inner Hung Up Winner On Ap Apple pple The winne winnerr of the Appleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 10 billionth App download downlload sweepstakes nearly made a horrible ho orrible mistake: She hung up the phone when Apple called to say sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d won.. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I thoughtt it was a prank prank call,â&#x20AC;? says Gail Davis of Orpington, Kent, Kent, U.K. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I said, â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Thank â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Than nk you very much, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m not interested,â&#x20AC;&#x2122; inter ested,â&#x20AC;&#x2122; and I hung up.â&#x20AC;? CultofMac Speaking exclusively e to C ultofMac .com, Davis Davis says it was actually one of herr two daughters who downloaded downloade ed the 10 billionth app, winning the th he family family a $10,000 iTunes iT Tunes u gift card. card. Her H daughters, 14 and 17, 177, had downloaded downlloaded several several apps in the morning. mornin ng. One of them, the free free Paper P aper Glider Glider app, was the magic 10 billionth h app.

K<:?E8@M< K<:?E 8@M< @ >X`c;Xm`j`jZi\[`k\[ >X`c ;Xm`j `jZi\[`k\[ n`k_[fn n`k_[fnecfX[`e^k_\('Y`cc`fek_ necfX[`e^k_\('Y`cc`fek_ `G_fe\Xg `G_fe\Xgg\m\ek_fl^_j_\_Xj gg\m\ek_fl^_j_\_Xj e\m\i e\m\ifne\[Xe`G_fe\% fne e\[ Xe `G_fe\%


“The girls came down and said it wasn’t a prank,” prank,” Daviss explains. “I panic.” had a moment of pani ic.” Apple Davis tried to ring App ple back, but operator got an oper ator on thee company’s ultimately helpdesk, who was ul timately unable to help. help An Apple executive execcutive rrang ang later.. back a couple of hourss later “I was hugely rrelieved,” elieved,” says Davis. worried.” “I was getting rreally eally wor w ried.” from Cue, The first call was fr om m Eddy C ue, Apple’s VP of iTunes. iT Tu unes. The T second call from was fr om one of Cue’s Cue’ss colleagues. Steve I definitely “If it had been S teve Jobs J would have thought itt was a windup,” said Davis. up, aree they going to What ar to do with the windfall? moree apps, of windf all? Download mor m course. Davis says herr daughters aree alr already ar eady planning which w apps to download ffor or their iPod iPod o touches. Davis and her husband d don’t currently cur rently have iPods iPods that that can run “We’re upgrading ading apps. “W e’re thinking of upgr party,” our nanos so we can join join the party y,,” KAHNEY, she said. —LEANDER K AHNEY Y, CULTOFMAC.COM CUL LTOFMAC.COM C COM

David Mur Murray rray I would woould have hung up too. A fter all the spam m I get telling After me I got a fr ee gift card, card, or won such free moneyy, I wouldd have figur ed and such money, figured it was a scam and cursedd them out. How often does somebo ody rreally eally call somebody telling you that you won money and it is actually true? Ç?<I<%ÈN`ee\if] Ç? K_ K_\Dfeb\pjPfl Fi[\i\[ÊjC`k\iXc Fi :Xgk`fe:fek\jk :X

P13RC3 P13RC C3 Good thing the winner wasn’t a rreal eaal apple enthusiast who wasn’t has spent a bunch of money on apple products. Go ood thing it went to a lady products. Good doesn’tt even have an iP od touch. who doesn’t iPod Good thing the person who won doesn’t doesn’t t download an app—FAIL app—FA app AIL know how to Pauly P aauly Good thing you’re you’re not bitter. bitterr. Good thing you’re y e not jealous. Good thing you’r you’r you’ree not a selfish and petty person. Good thing you’re y e such a fine example of you’r a worthwhilee human being. FFAIL. AIL A . Melanie Melan nie Gail, You Yoou should get an AppleTV. AppleTV.

Hamad d AApple pple wins again!

The Monkeys M eys Monk Y oou Ordered O dered Or You Count me in i with Elaine Benes (and, presumably, generally pr esumablyy, Larry Larry David): I gener ally don’tt find New don N Yorker Yorker cartoons to be all. literally, funny at al ll. But rrecaptioned ecaptioned liter allyy, they’ree fucking they’r fuccking hilarious. Sadly Sadly, y, the author of “The Monkeys You You Ordered” Or dered” h has as just posted an entry suggests that sugge ests Condé Naste might be trying to o shut the site down. I say Condé Naste should buy the site the and hire hire th he guy. guyy. — JOHN GRUBER, DARINGFIREBALL.NET D ARINGFIR REBALL.NET

M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

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M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

12 An inside look at San Jose politics

Parking and San Jose’s Anti-Business Attitude


<8ICP)'p\XijX^f#@nifk\XZfclde]fifli[fnekfne Zfddle`kpe\njgXg\i#City Times#i\^Xi[`e^k_\gfc`Zpf] k_\:`kpf]JXeAfj\Xe[`kji`[`ZlcfljgXib`e^cXnj%>l\jj n_Xk6Efk_`e^_XjZ_Xe^\[%N_\e\m\ipflnXekkfZ_Xe^\k_\ Y\_Xm`fif]g\fgc\fiXe`dXcj#pflXggcp`ek\id`kk\ekjk`dlclj kfZ_Xe^\k_XkY\_Xm`fi%8eDDZXe[pfiXe\c\Zki`Zj_fZb XjXi\nXi[]fiZ\ikX`eXZk`fejZXeZ_Xe^\k_\Y\_Xm`fif]k_\ jlYa\Zk%8jb9%=%Jb`ee\i The City’s parking rules accomplish this by giving tickets out near the wonderful, new Paesano’s Ristorante in the outskirts of downtown San Jose, situated in the newly designated Little Italy. You’d think the City of San Jose would make a super effort to encourage people to visit the area. Not our city. On Thursday evening, I decided to have dinner at this new restaurant. I fed the meter two hours worth of quarters. I went inside and had a nice glass of wine served by the lovely and attentive Josephine and owner Pino. I was not in a hurry, so I drank my Italiano vino slowly and ordered the insalate verde. Delicious. I then looked up and saw the meter maid parading outside, giving fines for frequenting this fine dining establishment. Tickets are given out all day until 10pm! And the ticketing people are relentless. Luckily, this time, I had eight minutes left on my meter, so I did not receive a ticket. Pino came out with a pocketful of quarters, lamenting that the city and its stupidity was making it tough on his business and customers. His clients feel on edge because the parking situation will add 25 percent to the restaurant bill if a ticket is given out. So there we were, standing in the

rain, with Pino shoving quarters into the meter. Four dollars worth so far! Back inside we went so I could finish my dinner and chat with some friends. Safe in the city that does whatever it can to hurt businesses and train customers/citizens to stay away. As I left the restaurant and walked to my car, I saw a white envelope on my windshield. How could this be? Pino, the gentleman, had just put four quarters in my meter. I checked the time on the ticket. Yes, indeed, it was 9:15pm and I had received the ticket eight minutes before. Darn! I never should have stopped and chatted with some friends. I could have made it out without adding $40 to my bill. Our lovely cash-strapped city, with silver-spoon fed union members, has continued to thwart businesses thriving in the downtown area. When will our foolish government wake up and “train” our citizens to come downtown and dine and shop? Instead they train us to avoid coming downtown. I hope Pino will prevail in getting the meters changed to more reasonable hours. Let’s make San Jose a business friendly city. At least after normal working hours. —David Cohen

Blair WhitneyI]ViVgZV]Vhi]ZhZbZiZgZYhedihl^i]h]dgii^bZ VaadlVcXZhVcYadc\Zc[dgXZbZci]djgh#>i]^c`^hlVhYdcZhdeZdeaZ\d^c\idi]Z VgZcVldjaYcÉihlVbei]^hVgZV½Wji½^ihgZVaanWVY[dgadXVaWjh^cZhh#I]Zl]daZ ^YZVd[eVg`^c\bZiZghlVhidXgZViZijgcdkZg^c[gdcid[adXVaWjh^cZhhhdeZdeaZ XdjaYeVigdc^oZi]Zb#>ihbdge]ZY^cidVXVh]Xdl½ David Cohen is the former publisher of Metro.

13 M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

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Sheer Hill ;=C<B/7<;/< ;=C<B/7<;/<B!sjefsĂ&#x2013;t!tjhobm!tvhhftut!uibu!opu!pomz!eje!if!tvswjwf!uijt B!sjefsĂ&#x2013;t!tjhobm!tvhhftut!uibu!opu!pomz!eje!if!tvswjwf!uijt! hobsmz!ijmm!po!mbtu!tvnnfsĂ&#x2013;t!BJET0MjgfDzdmf!sjef-!if!nbz!fwfo!ibwf!fokpzfe!ju/


Win Free Stuff


M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


I8M@KP[`ZkXk\jk_\ kil\jkdXekiXfe <Xik_1N_Xk^f\jlg dljkZfd\[fne%

But give me a bicycle and a mountain, and Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll break that law or die trying. Whether by blessing or curse, I am drawn irresistibly to hills and the roads that go up them. I scorn horizontal distances, thriving instead on elevation gain. And while I do worship the beauty of the high countryâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;its animals, the trout streams staircasing down its canyons, the sun slipping through its peaks every eveningâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;in the end, mine is a world of numbers. As a pragmatic hill hunter, I am always seeking to optimize my â&#x20AC;&#x153;rise over run.â&#x20AC;? I wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t rest well at night if I havenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t climbed at least 3,000 feet that day, and doing so with as little forward motion as possible is ideal. For instance, I can pedal up Highway 9 from Saratoga to Skyline Boulevard to achieve precisely this ďŹ&#x201A;oor minimum. Page Mill Road is another model of efficiency, a 7.5-mile climb of 2,000 feet beginning in Palo Alto. In the Marin Headlands, the popular McCullough-Conzelman climb goes up 700 feet in just 1.5 miles. Far away, in Turkey, where I recently toured alone, I pedaled one afternoon from a sea-level valley of banana orchards up 6,000 feet in just 20 miles, into a landscape of goatherds, brown bears and wind-scraped crags. And one of the best climbs on earth, which Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve yet to attempt, may be the paved road up Haleakala Volcano on Maui; it climbs 10,000 feet in 36 miles. While long, steep climbs may get the endorphins jumping, shorter, steeper ascents provide a different category of

challenge that I often canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t resist. In San Francisco, one can ďŹ nd slippery slopes that tilt to preposterous angles. Among such trophies, 15 percent hills are warm-ups and 20-percenters are sometimes worth looking at twice. But itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the 30 percent inclines that get my blood boiling. I even know of one that measures almost 40 percent. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a steep road I ride, but in this life Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m not alone. On my daily outings, I have come to know by face several dozen other hill hunters. They come in different molds. There is the competitive sort, blinded by the sweat in their eyes and bent on annihilating distances. For example, while pedaling the McCullough-Conzelman climb in November, a man composed of Lycra, Gu and carbon pulled alongside me. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Hey, man, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re really moving!â&#x20AC;? he shouted ďŹ ercely, seemingly doped on blood. â&#x20AC;&#x153;You should get yourself a road bike!â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll never part with my Surly,â&#x20AC;? I vowed. â&#x20AC;&#x153;You race?!â&#x20AC;? he screamed in my ear. I couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t resist: â&#x20AC;&#x153;No. I just kick ass.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;You ever hear of the Everest Challenge?!â&#x20AC;? I said that I hadnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t but, to play his game, asked if he had heard of a two-mile climb in Hawaiiâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; â&#x20AC;&#x153;No, no!â&#x20AC;? he bellowed. â&#x20AC;&#x153;FIFTEEN THOUSAND FEET!! The hardest ride in the WORLD!!â&#x20AC;? He let that sink in a moment, his eyes ablaze, sweat streaming off his nose, then whispered gravely, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve done it.â&#x20AC;? I didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t like this man. So I ditched him. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve made friends with other hill hunters, cool-headed, calm men and women who are as glad to slow down

and chat as they would be to say â&#x20AC;&#x153;On your leftâ&#x20AC;? to a peloton of racers. One of these riders is a softspoken man who takes long, steady climbs as medicine and therapy. Years ago, he found himself uncharacteristically winded while riding a routine slope. He went to the doctor and found his worst fears conďŹ rmed: cancer. Today he credits cycling as a factor in his recovery. I believe, as my friend does, that a little hill climbingâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;or a lotâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;can only do a body good. True: Hills can hurt, and I confess now that some days I shrink from the mere thought of ďŹ ghting gravity all the way up a mountain. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s then that I rediscover the pleasure of passing an afternoon the way most people preferâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;without sweating a drop. But always the urge returns to pounce on the nearest road that goes up, to get high once more on the burn of muscle, the stretch of the lungs and the pounding of my heart. I can remember when I didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t require such physical activity to keep me sane. Somehow, within the past six years, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve become hooked. Anyone who exercises should give hills a chance, for the exhilaration that comes after 30 minutes or so of working out arrives almost instantly when one assumes vertical motion. Hill climbing compresses the act of exercising. Calories burn faster, muscles fatigue sooner, bodies grow stronger. On hills, too, incidental world records are easily set. I, for example, once pedaled a durian fruit fresh from Thailand to the top of Mount Tamalpaisâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;an event I suspect had not happened before in the history of the universe. Sadly, while hills today might measure my rise, someday they will only trace my fall. As I grow older, the grades that I ride regularly will seem to grow steeper, and one by one I will have to cast them off as physical feats beyond my abilities. Broderick Street in San Franciscoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Marina District, at 38 percent, will probably be the ďŹ rst one to go, thereby announcing that I have begun lifeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s long descent. With time and age, more routine climbs will join the ranks of the unclimbables, and the hour will come when I summit my last peak. I may not have known it then, but I know this now: I will arrive at the top, inhale the view, perhaps even see a sunset, then take my descent and, for whatever reason it may be, never go up again. For gravity wins in the end. â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Alastair Bland

15 M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y



Mountain Blend

J8:B@E>FLK J 8:  K_\Y\XeYX^ji`j\kXccXkDflekX`eK_le[\i`eBfeX%

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E K?< ?@CCJXYfm\ EK?<?@CCJXYfm\ BX`clX$BfeXj`kjX B X`clX X$BfeX j`kj X gcXekXk`feÓcc\[n`k_ gcXekX Xk`feÓcc\[ n`k_ Zf]]\\Y\Xej#[feb\pj# Zf]]\\ Y\Xej# [feb\pj# \ofk`ZÔfn\ij#d\[`Z`eXc \o fk`ZÔfn n\ij# d\[`Z`eXc k\XgcXekj#^\\j\#g`^jXe[ k\X gcXekj## ^\\j\#g`^j Xe[ XjkfZbiffdYlijk`e^n`k_ X jkfZbiff fd Ylijk`e^n`k_ gfn\i_flj\$`e[ljki`XcZf]]\\$ gfn\i_fl j\$`e[ljki`XcZf]]\\$ dXb`e^dXZ_`e\ip% d Xb`e^dXZ_`e\ip% Ass a ccat A at resembling resembling Morris Morris lounges lounges bench e neexxt to me, me, I’m on a picnic bench next w atching a an eepisode episode of Dirt ty J obs o , with watching Dirty Jobs, the hosts visiti ing this exact exact location— location— visiting

Mountain M ountain T Thunder hunder Coffee—and Coff ffeee—and yyakking akking about about composted composted donkey donkey p oop with one of the emplo oyeees. I poop employees. ssomehow omehow ffeel eel cconnected onnected w ith aancient ncient with H Ha awaiian a go ds. Hawaiian gods. I’m only irk keed because because I didn’t didn’t irked eeven ven rrealize ealize that Alask fliees Alaskaa Airlines flies d dir ect to K ona,, Hawaii, o Haawaaii,, from from San JJose; o ose; direct Kona, tturns urns o ut I didn’t didn’t need need to to go go through through out H onolulu. But But all all is is well. well. I have have a new new Honolulu. rrespect espect for for Alaska Alaska A irlines, as as well well as as Airlines, th he San JJose ose Minet the Minetaa International A Airp ort. The Big Island of Hawaii Haawaaii iss a Airport. m yythical plac ver ther aas one e, mythical placee if eever theree w was one, an nd if Alask can help people peop ple and Alaskaa Airlines can eexperience xperience it it while while simultaneously simultaneously es sccaping a the cconfines onfines of San Jose, Jose, then th hen escaping th hat airline shall b commended. that bee commended.

Like champagne, cham mpagne, one one cannot cannot claim claim Like an ny coffee coff ffeee is 100 100 percent percent Kona Ko ona that any it’s actually from from m Kona. Ko ona. If you yo ou do, do, unless it’s you o ’re a fraudster. fraudster. A charlatan. ch harlatan. A quack. you’re Throughout the rest rest off the world, Throughout Ko ona coffee coff offeee on the shelf, shelff, when one sees Kona it’s usually a blend—not blend—no ot the pure pure stuff. stuff ff. it’s For the real real deal, deal, one must m journey journey For here, to to the the heavily heavily forested forested hills hills and an nd here, the misty misty green green shadows shadows of of the the Big Big the Island’s northwest northwest quadrant. quadrant. Some Some of of Island’s coff ffeee on earth eaarth grows grows here. here. the richest coffee Actually getting getting to to Mountain Mountain Actually advveentu ure in itself. itselff. Thunder is an adventure Locaated in the Kaloko Kaloko Cloud C Forest Located Forest of Kona, Kona, the the plantation plan ntation seems seems hidden hidden of Tw wo twisting tw wisting roads—Kaloko roads—Kalok o ko at first. Two Drive and and Hao Hao o Street—crisscross Street—crisscross each eacch Drive three times, times, resembling resem mbling two tw wo sine other three waves 180 180 degrees degrees out out of of phase. phasse. Driving Driving waves up Kaloko, Kaloko, one one has hass to to remember remember to to up “go past passt the the third third Hao Hao Street” Street” aand nd “go Mountain Thunder. Thunder. turn right to find Mountain Whew. There’s There’s a mixed mixed metaphor metap phor here here Whew. somewhere, but I just can’t caan’t place place it. somewhere, arrivve, John John Langenstein, Langenstein, After I arrive,

n these parts, parts, effortlessly eff ffo ortlessly a legend in shepherds me me through through the the cloud cloud shepherds for o est,, swiping swip ping branches away away from from our forest, faces ass we we navigate navigate the the trails. trails. A light light faces drizzle begins beggins to fall. There There are are donkeys, donk keys, drizzle wild parrots, parrots, invasive invasive ginger ginger crops, crops, an n wild an ncient llava ava tube tube and and shimmering shimmering ancient spider webs webs everywhere. everywhere. I learn learn more more spider ab bout coffee coff ffeee beans bean ns in in the the span span of of about minutees than I’ll ever ever e b 20 minutes bee able to rememberr. remember. At a clearing, cleaaring, we arrive arrivve at a At homemade gazebo gaazzebo area arrea overlooking overlooking homemade igantic coffee coff ffeee orchard orchard spanning spanning the the a ggigantic rest o the horizon. horizon. Ripe Ripe red red coffee coff ffeee rest off the berries hang han ng from from plants plan nts everywhere everywhere berries look. The The tour tour also allso includes includes the the I look. presence of of two two loudmouth loudmouth groups groups of of presence geese—To ou ulouse geese and Chinese geese—Toulouse geese—which always always seem seem to to be be right right geese—which way, no matter matttter where where we go. go. in our way, comb bined squawks squaawks w make mak ke a Their combined beautifullyy horrendous horrendous racket. rack keet. beautifully Langensstein explains explains that the Langenstein elevation of of this this particular particular part part of of the the elevation Kona area area isn’t isn’t even even that that preferable preferable Kona for o coffee, coff ffeee, compared compared to other locales, locales, for but the the folks folks at at Mountain Mountain Thunder Thunder but ow make m mak ke it all happen. happen. somehow unately, I don’t don’t have have time time for for Unfortunately, tour, which which provides provides a glimpse glimpse the full tour, en n e coffee ntir coff ffeee process—hand process—hand into thee entire g, wet w milling, millingg, par ching, weeding, parching, g, hulling, hullingg, sizing, hu sizingg, grading and roasting, orting of of the the different diff ffeerent grades grad des color sorting coff offeee. Again, Again,, this is the real real of Konaa coffee. McCoy, not no o some thir ot d-rate blend. McCoy, third-rate If one one has has the the dough, dough, personalized personalized If bags of of Cloud Cloud Forest Forest Reserve Reserve are are bags available for for $55 $55 a pound, pound, straight straight from from available the industrial industrial roaster roaster and and tthe he packaging packaging the machine. The The bag bag comes comes labeled labeled with with machine. the customer’s customer’s own own name, name, and an nd the the the no ot aavailable vvailable an nywher y e else. else. batch is not anywhere was a last September, September, and after That was my ttrip, rip, I vowed vowed to to return. return. Next Next time, time, it it my haave to o be be on Alaska Alask ka Airlines. Airlines. will have With that, that, we we end end on on an an even even With hap ppier note. note. Just Just two two w eeks ago, aggo, the the happier weeks first annual annual G ood Food Food Awards Awards went went first Good Saan Francisco. Francisco. That eexact xxact same down in San coff ffeee—Cloud Forest Forest Reserve—was Reserve—waass coffee—Cloud coff ffeee one of the winners in the coffee category. It It was was Mountain Mountain Thunder’s Thunder’s category. nation nal award. awar a d. Mahalo! first national

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Dan P Pulcrano ulcrano

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M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M



M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y



Esppressso EEspresso EEngine Eng gine i e J`c`ZZfeMX J`c`ZfeMXcc\pilejfedfi\k_Xe^`^XYpk\jXe[ J`c` Xcc\p cc ilej fe dfii\ k_Xe k_ ^`^X ` Ypk\j Y k Xe[ [ TE TT HOL HOLBROOK BROO OK d`ZifgifZ\jjfij%@kÊj]l\c\[YpZf]]\\% d`Z ZifgifZ\jjfiij%@kÊj ]l\c\[ [ YpZf]]\\%BBYY SSTETT


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Caffeine C aff ffeeine is the one socially s cially so accepted drug ffor accepted or our work o work-obsessed - obsessed culturee in which longg days cultur daays y and long nights ar ueur. C off ffeee is aree de rigu rigueur. Coffee the juice juice that k keeps eeps Si Silicon ilicon V Valley’s aalley’s cir cuitry buz zing. circuitry buzzing. A ccording to a study stud dy published According last yyear ear b ondo on Scho ol of byy the L London School Hygiene and Tr opical Medicine Tropical Medicine,, ccaffeinated aff ffeeinated work ers ar re b etter workers are better work ers. The study ffound ou ound that workers. ccaffeine aff ffeeine “signific antly rreduced educed the “significantly numb er of err ors”” and d incr eased number errors” increased work p erfo ormance. performance. The take-away take-aaway mess sage? F orget message? Forget rrest. est. Ha ave another lat t . te Have latte. While the study ffocused ocused c on “shift work ers”—those who work hours workers”—those other than 9 to 5—thee data data rreinforce einffo orce what man ny of all alr eaady know: many already ccoffee off ffeee helps yyou ou to st ay aler stay alertt and get thr ough the da ay. Did yyou ou think yyour our through day.

employer w employer was as pr providing oviding yyou ou with free fr ee p pots ots of o ccoffee off ffeee just to b bee nice? nice? Get back to t work. O oursse, ccoffee off ffeee is mor Off ccourse, moree than fuel ffor or wo o worker orker b bees. ees. When made well with fr ffresh-roasted esh-roasted b eans, beans, ccoffee off ffeee hap pens to ttaste aste really really good, good, happens pr omote cconversation onversation and make make promote p eople hap ppy. It’s It’s one of life’s liffe’s little little people happy. pleasur es. pleasures. Bef for o e ther ttheree wer cial net works Before weree so social networks and onlinee communities, communities, the ccoffeehouse off ffeeehousse w as wher on was wheree Silic Silicon V aalley net w ed in rreal work eal time Valley networked time.. And while patr rons ar more apt to have haave patrons aree more their nosess in their laptops these da ayys (no doubt d connecting with days connecting their “c om mmunity”) Silic on V alle a y “community”) Silicon Valley ccoffeehouses, off ffeeehousses, ccafes affees and coffee coff ffeee bars ar hu ubs of fac e-to -face social social aree still hubs face-to-face interaction n. interaction.

M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

FFelipe elipe B Buitrago uitrago


K\i` ?fg\ jgXib\[ LI$:8=< L I$ :8 =<K\i`?fg\jgXib\[J`c`ZfeMXcc\pÊjZf]]\\Yffdn`k_k_\fg\e`e^f]Cfj>Xkfj:f]]\\IfXjk`e^:f%`e(0/)% j J`c`Zfe MX Xcc\pÊj Zf]]\\ Yffd n`k_ k_\ fg\e`e^ f]Cfjj >Xkfj :f]]\\IfXjk`e^:f% `e (0/)% (

In the Beginning Beginnning It all started started in Los Los Gat Gatos tos in 1982. 1982. Way Wa ay back then,, there there was was no Internet. Cell Cell phones did d not exist. exist. Apple was was in its infancy. infanccyy. HewlettHewlettPackard P ackard was was making dot dot matrix printers.. Yahoo, printers Yaahoo, go google oglee and twitter twitter were were just goofy gooffy words, words, and Facebook Facebook ffounder o ounder Mark Z Zuckerberg uckerb berg hadn’t hadn’t eeven ven been been born born yet. yet. It w was as also very very difficult difficcult to get a good go od cup of coffee. coff ffeee. But that year, year, L Los os G Gatos atos nativ nativee Teri T eri e Hop Hopee struck upon upon n a novel novel idea: Instead of driving to San Saan Francisco Francisco or the East Bay Baay for for o a cup cu up of freshfreshrroasted oasted coffee, coff ffeee, she would wou uld open open a cafe caffe in her hometown. Hope H ope h had ad fond fond m memories emories of of the the aaroma roma aand nd ttaste aste of of fresh-roasted fresh-roassted coffee coff ffeee

aatt a rroastery oasteryy sshe he vvisited isited w with ith h her er m mother other iin nd downtown owntown S San an n JJose ose ass a cchild. hild. F For or h her, er, tthe he ssmell mell o off ccoffee off ffeee w was as ccomforting, omffor o tingg, stimulating and euphoric euphoric.. “It had su such uch a pr profound offound o eff effect ffeect on m myy sensor sensoryy memor memory,” y,” she sa says. ays y. While Gr Graffeo raff ffeeo and Trieste in San F Francisco ran ncisco aand nd P Peet’s eet’s iin nB Berkeley erkeley sold go good od ccoffee, off ffeee, Hop Hope’s e’s idea ffor or o her b business usiness w was as d as different. iff ffeerent. S She he ccombined ombined rretail etail ccoffee-bean off ffeee-bean n ssales, alles, a rroastery oastery an and nd a ccoffee off ffeee b bar ar aall ll p provided rovided w with ith b beans eans sshe he p procured rocured h herself. erself. D Doing oing aall ll tthree hree u under nder o one ne rroof oof w was ass ssomething omething tthat hat hadn hadn’t ’t b been een n widely tried at the time time.. Although hp people eople wer weree sk skeptical eptical ab about out such h a business—and that it would b bee run b byy a woman—the L Los os Gatos C Coffee off ffeee R Roasting o oasting C Co. o. has b become ecome a Silic S Silicon on V Valley aalley institution that help helped ed d giv givee rise to a thriving ccoffeehouse off ffeeehousee sc scene ene that k keeps eeps the

South Ba Bay ay a-t a-twitter. witttter. When Hop Hopee first op opened, ened,, shee off offered ffeered a menu of just five five coffee coff ffeee e drinks drinks,, and for for o many many customerss the lattes lattes and macchiatos macchiatos were were fforeign o oreign territory. territory. “The “Theyy needed to b bee educ educated. ated. People People at that time tim me thought coffee coff ffeee came came in a can.” can.” In addition to a place place for for o go good od ccoffee, off ffeee, the cafe caffe offered off ffeered a space space for for o the community community to gather aaway way from from home and from from work, a so-called so - calleed ““third third place.” place.” “It was was a phenomenon that didn’t d ’t didn eexist xist in our cultur culturee at the time. time. Ther Theree w was as a need ffor or o it,”” she explains. exp plains. “I think ther there’s e’s a need for fo or hum humans mans to b bee to together. gether. This is a sec second ond fam family mily ffor o or many many people. people. It It’s ’s feels feels e saf safe fe and a ccomforting.” omffor o ting.” The Los Los Gatos Coffee Coff ffeee Roasting Roastin o ng Co. Co. b became ecame so successful successful that Starbucks Starb bucks

onc oncee came came calling. calling. Hope H e recalls Hop recalls that the Seat Seattle tle company compan ny tempted her with $5 million ffor o or her business. business. And if she wouldn wouldn’t ’tt sell,, the coffee coff ffeee giant threatened threatened to open open an outlet acr across oss the street street and d put her out of business business,, she says. saayys. Hop Hopee declined the th he offer. off ffeer. It wasn’t wasn’t enough money, money, and d she didn’t didn’t w want an to give give up her busin business. ness. “I really really love lov what I do do.” .” So do her emplo employees, yees, se several veral of whom who ha have ave b been e with her ffor een o or yyears. ears. Kentucky-born Kentucky--borrn T Tim im McKinne McKinney has been been Hope’s Hope’s rroast oaast master for fo or mor moree than a quarter-century. quarteer- century. A Ass a pioneering business, b business , the cafe caffe has inspir inspired ed many man ny o others across across the valle valley, y, and Hope Hope ha has as mentored mentored many man ne newcomers, wcomers, esp especially eciaally women.

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M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


mind body & spirit

g Classes & Instruction

Focus Learn How To Meditate And Why! Enjoy life! Calm the mind. Improve relationships. Make better decisions. Meditation and Buddhist View with Reed Sherman. Everyone is welcome. No previous experience necessary. $10 per class. Every Wednesday evening, 7:30-9, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Los Gatos, 15980 Blossom Hill Rd. Los Gatos, 95032. Call Kelsang Gamo 408/226-0595 for information or visit us at

g Massage & Relaxation

Massage By Michael Great massage by Asian man. In $50. Outcall $70. By CMT. For days 408-400-9088 or after 7pm 408-893-1966.

the green spa Massage Therapy Open 7 days 9am-9pm

(408) 379-3838 816 W Hamilton Ave Campbell (cross st San Tomas)




FFor or Every Every Taste Tast a e Today, T odaay, it it’s ’s rar raree to find a ccommercial ommercial block blo ck or mall not o occupied ccu upied b byy a ccafe affe or coffeehouse. coff ffeeehouse. While W Seattle Seat tle is rregarded egarded as America’s America’’s ccoffee off ffeee capital, capital, iit’s it ’s eas easyy to find fi d a great great cup off coffee coff ffee ffe in Silic Silicon on Valley Valle a y with plenty p plent y of atmosphere atmosphere disp dispensed ensed d on the side side.. Good Go od coffee—fresh-roasted coff ffeee—fresh--roasted premium pr emium beans beans eexpertly xpertly t br brewed—is ewed—is essential,, but so to too o is a distinctiv distinctivee

@kÊÊj\Xjp @kÊj\Xjpkf j p kf Óe[X^i\Xk Ó Óe[X^i [ ^i\Xk k Zlgf]Zf g ] f]]\\ ] ]] Zlgf]Zf]]\\ `eJ`c`Zfe ` J`c` e `eJ`c`Zfe M Xcc\pn` X p `k_ MXcc\pn`k_ g gc\ekpf] c kp ]] gc\ekpf] Xkdfjg_ k g_\i\ _ Xkdfjg_\i\ [` [`jg\ej\ g \[ \[ [ [`jg\ej\[ fek_\j` _ `[ `[\% ` fek_\j`[\% setting in which that brew setting b ew is ser br served. ved. Ass the ac accompanying local A companying list l of lo cal ccafes affees reveals, reveals, there’s there’s a cafe caffe for for o every every ttaste—Bohemian aste—Bohemian coffeehouses, coff ffeeehouses e , ffolksy olksy live-music o live-music venues venuees and fr frenetic enetic ccafes affees where where the tinkling tinklin ng of spoons spoons in cups keep keep pace pace with h the clatter clatter of fingertips finger tips on laptops as a the digital digital generation stays stayys connected conneected with the help of W WiFi iF i i and lots of o caffeine. caff ffeeine. But it all starts starts with h the coffee. coff ffeee. We’re W e’re living in the golden golden age of the mightyy bean, might bean, an era oft often ften rreferred effeerred to as coffee’s coff ffeee’s ““third third w wave.” ave.” The first wave wave of American Am merican coffee coff ffeee culturee began cultur began in the 19 19th 9th century century with canned canned coffee—coffee coff ffeee— coff ffeee of dubious quality quality but full fu ull of potent potent ccaffeine aff ffeeine to keep keep an ind industrializing dustrializing nation on the go. go. The second second w wave ave b began egan in the 1960s 19 60s when Peet’s Peet’s in Berk Berkeley B eley sold fresh-roasted fr esh-roasted beans. beans. A lit little tle shop ccalled alled Starbucks Starbucks in Seattle Seaattle got into

introduced the action and soon soon intr oduced the nation to such java jaava v exotica exotica as espresso, espr esso, cappuccino cappuc a cino and the soy soy Frappucino milk Frapp pucino as well as coffee coff ffeee beans b eans bearing bearring ccountry ountry of origin. Francisco’s Caffe San Franci sco’s C aff ffee Trieste (which op ened a location lo ocation in San Jose Jose a ffew ew opened yyears ears back) ), V eesuvio’s and Graff ffeeo back), Vesuvio’s Graffeo had stepp e onto the sc ed ene earlier stepped scene earlier,, but the It a alian-inspir ed,, b ohemian Italian-inspired, bohemian h haunts t didn’t didn’t have have national ha ti l Starbucks Peet’s. ambitions like like St arbucks or P eet’s. third The thir d wave wave of ccoffee off ffeee ffocuses ocuses not just on n country country of origin but also on par particular rticular farms and even even Likee wine lo lovers, individual farmers. farmers. Lik vers, now speaks the coffee coff ffeee aficionado a speaks details of det ails like liike altitude, altitude, climate and as well as roasting soil composition composition o roasting st yle, brewing brewiing technolo gy and w ater style, technology water temperature temp erature in the pursuit of the perfect p erfeect cup p off ccoffee. off ffee. ffe

Refined Refine ed Beans If tthere’s If here’s a place place that thatt iinvites nvites ccoffee offee worship, w orship, iit’s t’s downtown downtown San San Jose’s Jose’s Red R eed Berr Berry. y. The ccoffee off ffeee bar is small, maybe m ayb e a h half-dozen alf- dozen ta tables. bles. T The he white mela melamine amine resin resin bar in invites vites patrons p atrons tto ob belly elly u up p aand nd linger linger over o ver cups of o extraordinary extraordinar y ccoffee. off ffeee. Red R eed Berr Berryy serves ser ves a rrevolving evolving list of premium p remium ccoffee offee ffrom rrom llocal o cal ro roasters: asters: Barefoot, B arefo ot, Verve, Verve, R Ritual, itual, D Dee La P Paz az and Ec Ecco. co. A specials specials b board oard lists the brews br ews of th the he day. dayy. “We’re “W We’re at a the intersection between between artt and ffood,” ar ood,”” says saayys manager Chris Yu Y u Gaoiran n as he crafts a cup of ccappuccino. appuccino o. Samplingg ccoffee Samplin off ffeee made with a gleaming Dalla D Corte Corte espr espresso esso machine th that hat allows him to brew brew with a choi choice ice of three three different diff ffeerent temperatures temp eratures (the hot hotter ter the w water, ater, the more more acidic a and intensely flavored fla avored th the he espresso), espresso), it it’s ’s eas easyy to appreciate appreciaate that ccoffee off ffeee is an agricultural agricultura al pr product oduct and must be be handled with wiith care. care. Ad double ouble sshot hot o off eespresso spresso iiss standard st andard in nR Red eed Berr Berry’s y’s ccappuccinos. appuccinos. Oncee the es Onc espresso spresso is in a cceramic eramic cup ((don’t don’t iinsult nsult tthe he ccoffee off ffeee b byy aasking sking ffor or iitt tto o ggo o iin nap paper ap per ccup; up; ttake ake fi five ve m minutes inutes to enjo enjoy oy it on o the sp spot), ot),, Y Yu u Gaoiran sswirls wirls the frothy frroth hy brew brew to inc incorporate orporate the crema, crema,, which w set settles tttles on the top and has a biting b flavor fla avor o that that’s ’s b best est when


M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

“I think I pla played ayed a si significant ignificant role role in it evolving evolving the way way it did.” did.” And evolve evolve it did.

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y




blended into the espr espresso. essso. Then he adds a str stream eam of thick, “micro-foamed” densely aerated “micr o -ffo oamed” that’s poured steamed milk that ’s p o ed into the our sitting ccoffee off ffeee rather than sit ting on top of likee a cloudy lump lump.. The rresult it lik esult is bitter, smooth, pleasantly bit ter, smo o rich and a oth, little sublime. lit tle ssweet. weet. It is sublim me. Yu describes Y u Gaoiran describ e rroasting es oasting brewing being likee and br ewing ccoffee off ffeee as b eing lik sculpture, skilled sculptur e, when skille d hands chip essence aaway way to rreveal eveal the esse ence of the bean b ean within. “Everyone the “Ev eryone along th he supply chain important,” says, from is vvery ery imp ortant,”” he sa ayys, fr om grower barista. Although gr ower to barist a. Alt though the WiFi, Yu Gaoiran says ccafe affe has W iF i i,, Y u Gao iran sa ayys most customers stop in for for o a quick chat. original social He ccalls alls ccafes affes e ““the the orig ginal so cial network.” net work.” He cites a quote from from m compulsorycompulsoryeducation Taylor Gatto educ ation critic JJohn ohn T ayylor Gat tto t to bolster point: “We networks b olster his p oint: “W We liv llive ve in net works not n ot ccommunities, ommunities, aand nd eeveryone veryone I because know is lonely b ecausee of that.” good insists, serve A go od ccafe, affe, he insi sts, ser ve up ccoffee off ffeee as well as ccommunity. omm munity.

CCoffee off ffeee Ess Essence ennce One of the st stars ars in Sili Silicon icon V Valley’s aalley’s ccoffee off ffee sc ffe scene ene is i Sant S Santa ta Clara Cl C Clara’s ’s Bar B Barefoot effoott Coffee C off ffeee Works. Works o . The 7-year-old 7-year- old ccompany ompany w was as named as one of the top ffour o our rroasters oasters in th the he ccountry ountry b byy Food F ood & Wine Wine i magazine magazine. e. The roaster roaster and ccafe affe w was as rrecently ecently sold, but ffounder ounder And o Andy dy N Newbom ewbom still sour sources ces the ccoffee off ffeeee himself himself. f. was He w as in El Salvadorr this month doing just that. Insidee the ccafe, affe, located incongruously lo cated rather inc ongrruously in an unremarkable shopping unr emark kable bl shoppin h ing ccenter enter off ff Camino Real, walls aree hung El C amino R eeal, the w alls ar farmers.. with photos of ccoffee off ffeee farmers The bags of ccoffee off ffeee ffor o sale on or bear the shelf b ear not justt the origin of the ccoffee off ffeee but also the t name of grew the farmer who gr ew it. The ccafe affe makes espresso drinks, mak es espr esso drinks s, of ccourse, ourse, brew bar wheree but also has a br ew ba ar wher fresh-roasted ccoffee off ffeee is made with fr resh-roasted beans order. b eans to or der. opened, When h the h ccafe affe fi first op ened, d the h was moree menu of ccoffee off ffeee drinkss w as mor sugary, eextensive, xtensive, with lots off sugar y, whipped-cream-on-top beverages, whipp ed- cream- on-top b everages, this summer,, but after a rremodel emodel th his summer placee has pair paired down the plac ed d own its menu serves back-to-basics and ser ves a back k--to -b basics ccoffee off ffeee cconnoisseur onnoisseur menu.

“It ’s all been been a journey journey to get here,” here,” “It’s sa ays y Ollie Mo M ore, ccafe affe manager. manager. “It says Moore, to ok a lit tttlle bit of time to show took little p eople what wh hat we wer about.” people weree about.” What th hey’re ab out is respecting respecting they’re about the ccoffee off ffeee farmers with each cup of ccoffee off ffeee the e. “The end rresult esult is theyy mak make. going to b est rrepresentation epresentation bee the b best of the ccoffee off ffeee we ccan ff an manage ,” he says. saayys. manage,” “II ha ave a product p oduct that I believe pr believe in have and that I can can share share with p eople. It ’s people. It’s an eextension xtensio on of the relationship relationship we ha ave with our farmers .” have farmers.”

K_\k_`i[nXm\ K _\k_`i[nXm\ f ]Zf]]]]\\ f]Zf]]\\ ]fZl lj\j efk lj\jefk ]fZlj\jefk aaljkfeZflekip ljkfeZflekip p f ]fi`^`e  f]fi`^`e Y lkXcjf YlkXcjf f egXik`ZlcXi fegXik`ZlcXi ]]XidjXe[\m\e XidjXe[\m\e e ``e[`m`[lXc e[`m`[lXc c ]]Xid\ij% Xid\ij% attracts diverse The ccafe affe at tracts a div erse clientele—students, clientele —students, business ttypes ypes and eeven ven families. f families . unpretentious ““It’s It’s a rreasonably easonably u npretentious placee eeven plac ven though we kind of consider consider ourselves snobs,,” he sa says. ourselv es ccoffee off ffeee snobs ayys. Barefoot Bar effoot rrecently ecently closed ttwo wo new locations ne w lo catiions in San Jose Jose because because poor of p oor sales: salles: the Karma Bar inside Good Karma Roll Go od Karm ma restaurant restaurant and the R o oll Up adjacent U p Bar adj jacent to the ccompany’s ompan ny’ ys facility. aree still in rroasting oasting fa acility. Plans ar new the works to open open a ne w cafe caffe in soon-to-open the so on-to - open San Pedro Pedro Square Square market. mark et. appeal Santaa Clara The app peal of the Sant ccafe, affe, and ccafes affes e in general, general is the social so cial interaction interaction coupled coupled with good good ccoffee. off ffeee. “W We’re so ssocial cial cr eatures at the end “We’re creatures of the da ay,” he sa ayys. “We “W We like like to b day,” says. bee ar ound ea ch other. other. A coffeehouse coff ffeeehouse around each do es a really reallly good good job of securing does that ffor o or p e eople . people.

N8B<$LG:8CCIfjXeeXFik`qi`^_k Xe[DXij_XXi\YXi`jkXjXkPfli:f]]\\:lgj n_fj\im\dfi\k_Xek_\jXd\fc[^i`e[f]Zf]]\\%

Their Cups Runneth Over

9\ZXlj\jfd\k`d\jX^ff[Zlgf]Zf]]\\`jc\jj `dgfikXekk_Xen_f_Xe[j`kkfpflBY LISA MOCK


:8EK@CP:C8;NFD<E ZXej\ccaljkXYflk Xepk_`e^%@k`jk_\i\]fi\ jligi`j`e^k_Xk`kkffbk_`j cfe^]fik_\j\opZf]]\\ j\im\ijXcc]\dXc\ ki\e[kf Zfd\kfEfik_\ie:Xc`]fie`X% In 1999, Mary Keller, the owner of NATTÉ LATTÉ in Port Orchard, Wash., realized that she would need something to separate her

kiosk from the many cafes in the surrounding area, so she put her baristas in bright-pink hot pants. The gimmick worked so well that soon sexy and sexier coffee stands were cropping up in other locations in Washington and Oregon. Until this past summer, Silicon Valley lagged in the bikini-barista category, but then Robert Martinez, a savvy contractor looking to support himself and his four sons

through the financial crisis, came on the scene. He had heard of the “bikini coffee business model” from a friend and decided to take a trip to Washington with his fiancée to check it out. “My fiancée takes care of the smart stuff, while I’m more of a relationship counselor for the girls,” Martinez explains. “Her last name is ‘Man,’ so for those who are wondering, this place is owned by a man, except she’s a woman.”

Martinez seems warm and caring; he says he has no physical contact with the girls and asks his sons to follow his example. “The only time [the baristas] will get a hug from me is on their way out if they’re fired.” YOUR COFFEE CUPS, with its logo of a female form steaming out of a coffee cup, is located on 46685 Mission Blvd. in Fremont, conveniently close to a freeway exit. Women clad in bikinis and various other sexy getups serve coffee beverages ranging in sizes from B to D cup. Mr. Espresso is the coffee provider, Harney and Sons Tea does the tea and Yandy Sexy Costumes does, well, the sexy costumes. There have been other sexy coffee ventures in the South Bay in the past, specifically SUGAR’S coffee bar in San Jose, which closed in 2009 after consistent scrutiny from local police. Sugars tried to emulate the atmosphere of the many Vietnamesestyle coffeehouses dotting San Jose’s strip malls and back alleys, where coffee is served by Vietnamese women in smoke-clouded rooms. The main draw of these places is the voluptuous waitresses (who at Sugar’s wore bikini tops and short shorts), as well as the barlike atmosphere. Before it closed in 2009, Sugar’s was being watched by police, who thought that like its Vietnamese counterparts it would also attract gang activity. Owner Tony Nunez thought of the police attention as nothing more than harassment. Your Coffee Cups, being a drivethrough, does not invite loiterers and has had no legal troubles. When asked whether there have been any issues over the girls’ outfits, Martinez says that he’s done the research and there’s nothing illegal about working in a bikini. “We make sure that nothing shows. This is a much safer environment for the girls to work in than a bar where there are a bunch of drunk guys hanging around,” Martinez figures. “Guys will say something stupid once in a while, but here they get no support from their buddies. After all it’s daytime, and it’s just coffee. We close at 6.” It is a good way for the girls to make money in a safe and supportive environment, so more power to them. And by the way, the coffee’s pretty good, too.

M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

Felipe Buitrago


M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


Vote Vot V Vo oot EEarly! Ea arrly lyy! y! We’vve moved We’ve mooved the Best off Silicon Silicon Valley Vaalley to to March, March, so so get rready eady ttoo joinn the vvalley’s alley’’s big biggest gest and best readers’ reader e s’ poll. Online Onnline balloting balloting iss no noww open and features features ne neww categories! cattegories! VVote oote on online: nline: Metr Winners will Winners w be announced announced e in the Best of Silic SSilicon on V Valley alle a y 2011 2011 issue on M March March 99. All ballots ballots will w be entered entered int intoo a dr drawing awing ttoo win cool cool prizes prizzes (one (one entry per person). peerson).

JXp n_Xk pfl n`cc XYflk JkXiYlZbjXe[ G\\kkÊj# Ylk k_\p _Xm\ JXpn_Xkpfln`ccXYflkJkXiYlZbjXe[G\\kÊj#Ylkk_\p_Xm\ Yffjk\[k_\c\m\cf]Zf]]\\`ek_`jZflekip%N_`c\k_\knf_\Xm`\j Yffjk\[ k_\ c\m\c f] f Zf]]\\ `e k_`j Zflekip% N_`c\ N k_\ knf _\Xm`\j [fd`eXk\k_\Zf]]\\dXib\kXe[_Xm\k_\`i[\mfk\\j#J`c`Zfe [fd`eXk\ k_\ Zf]]\ \\ dXib\k Xe[ _Xm\ k_\`i [\mfk\\j## J`c`Zfe M Xcc\p _Xj X ]\ik`c\ \# _fd\^ifne Zf]]\\_flj\ \ jZ\e\ Xcc `kj fne% MXcc\p_XjX]\ik`c\#_fd\^ifneZf]]\\_flj\jZ\e\Xcc`kjfne% K_\j\ gcXZ\j efk fecp f j\im\ Óe\ Zlgj f] af\#Ylk k_\pb\\gcfZXc K_\j\gcXZ\jefkfecpj\im\Óe\Zlgjf]af\#Ylkk_\pb\\gcfZXc [fccXijg\iZfcXk`e^`ek_\Zfddle`kp% [fccXij g\iZfcXk`e^ ^`e k_\ Zfddle`kp% N_Xk ]fccfnj `j X j\c\Zk`m\# j fg`e`feXk\[ Xe[ [ Yp ef d\Xej N_Xk]fccfnj`jXj\c\Zk`m\#fg`e`feXk\[Xe[Ypefd\Xej \o_Xljk`m\ c`jk f] J`c`Zfe J MXcc\p Zf]]\\_flj\jj#ZX]\j Xe[ \o_Xljk`m\c`jkf]J`c`ZfeMXcc\pZf]]\\_flj\j#ZX]\jXe[ Zf]]\\ YXij% N\ m`jj`k\[ \XZ_ Xe[ \m\ipfe\ Xe[ X Xi\ gifYXYcp Zf]]\\YXij%N\m`j`k\[\XZ_Xe[\m\ipfe\Xe[Xi\gifYXYcp fm\iZX]]\`eXk\[]fic`]\%@]n\d`jj\[fe\f]pfli]Xmfi`k\j#gc\Xj\ fm\iZX]]\`eXk\[ ]fi c`]\% @] n\ d`jj\[ fe\ f] pfli]Xmfi`k\j#gc\Xj\ \dX`cljXkj_fcYiffb7d\kife\nj%ZfdXe[n\ZXeX[[kfn_Xk \dX`c lj Xk j_fcYif ffb7d\kife\nj%Zfd Xe[ n\ ZXe X[[ kf n_Xk n`ccjli\cpY\X^ifn`e^c`jkf]J`c`ZfeMXcc\pZX]\jfec`e\% n`cc jli\cp p Y\ X ^ ^if fn`e^ ^ c`jk f] J`c`Zfe MXcc\p p ZX]\j fec`e\% :feki`Ylkfij1 Bi`jk`e\ 9Xlk`jkX# :feki`Ylkfij1Bi`jk`e\9Xlk`jkX#D`Z_X\cJ%>Xek#Jk\kk?fcYiffb#<i`ZAf_ejfe# 9 D`Z_X\c J% >Xek#Jk\kk ?fccYiffb#<i`Z Af_ejfe#  Afj_Bf\_e#C`qXDfZb#A\jj`ZXJXcXej#E\XcJfc[f]jbpXe[I`Z_Xi[mfe9ljXZb% Afj_ Bf\_e# C`qX DfZb# A\jj`ZX A JXcXejj# E\Xc Jfc[f]jbpXe[ [ I`Z_Xi[ mfe 9ljXZb%

:8DG9<CC :8 DG9<CC C

and some tempting tem mpting desserts. Open Open till 9pm weekdays and and till 10pm weekends.

CCoffee off ffeee Society


The Pruneyard, Pruneyard, 1875 S. Bascom Bascom Ave., Ave., nside tthe he Suite 112,, Campbell; Campbell; p ; 408.377.7734. 408.37777..7734. IInside

sprawling sprawling Pruneyard, Pruneyard, this this bustling bustling CCoffee offee Society outlet outlet (the (the mini-chain mini-chain can can also also be be Society found found at the Oaks Oaks and the Cupertino Cupertino library) library) nicely complements the nearby neaarby CCamera amera 7 Cinemas Cinemas complex complex and and sstays tays open open late late for patr onns debating the (11pm/midnight) for patrons pros Amenities pros and cons of recent recent releases. releeases. A menities include a large, large, tree-shaded tree-shadedd patio, plentiful seating inside around smalll tables, ATM, around smal ATM, WiFi WiFi and a large large selection of food food and gelatos, as well as a walk-up window. window w. A significant emphasis emphasis is is placed placed on on ccoffee-bean offee-bean connoisseurship with dozens dozen ns of varieties available in bulk quantities.. The The most forbidding was forbidding coffee coffee drink drink w as the the Lightning Lightning Bolt Bolt Quad, with four four shots of o espresso. espresso. Chai Chai drinkers drinkers are are also also well well served served with with lots lots of of choices.

DeliZioso D eliZioso

2415 2415 1 Winches Winchester ster Blvd., C Campbell; ampbell; or maximum convenience, convenience 408.379.8092. 408 408.379.8092 379 80922. 2 FFor

espresso Drinx deliverss espr esso drive-thru style in CCampbell ampbell Plaza. Plaza. The The place uses Mr. Mr. EEspresso spresso beans, which made for for a surprisingly rich cup of coffee cooffee on my visit, especially considering the t modest size of the oper operation. ation. The The h service service is friendly, friendlyy, and Drinx starts early (5:30am/6am) (55:30am/6am) and stays open all the way too 8pm.

Orchard Or chard Valley Vaalley Coffee Coff ffeee 349 E. C Campbell ampbell A Ave., vve., C Campbell; ampbell; 408.37 408.374.2115. 4.2115.

Orchard O rchard V Valley alleyy CCoffee offee is a classic coff coffeehouse: eehouse: with a bbig, ig, rrambling ambling sspace pace w ith pplenty lenty ooff ttables ables aand nd ccomfy omfy cchairs hairs aand nd ccouches ouches ggreat reat ffor or ssitting itting iin n quality ffor or a little qua ality time with a book, the warm gglow low ooff a llaptop aptop aand nd a ccup up ooff hhouse-roasted ouse-roasted coffee. coff ee. TThe he bigg window looking out on EEast ast CCampbell ampbell A Avenue venue m makes akes ffor or eexcellent xcellent ppeople eople coffee watching. TThe hee urn-dispensed coff ee outshines espresso drinks. the espr esso drink s.

1412 14 4112 C Camden amden A Ave., ve., C Campbell; ampbell; 408.371.37 408.371.3747. 47.

Off a busy burst of Camden Off Camdenn near Highway 17, quirkyy 17 7, DeliZioso (formerly (formerly Sip Sip CCafe) afe) is a quirk space with a slate floor, floor, ffaux auux fireplace fireplace and a couple l off unexpected t d rooms roooms connected t d by brief hallways. A Although lthoughh new, new w, it already already boasts a community feeling feeling with local newspapers and magazines magazinees and book bookss for for borrowing, WiFi. aree fr from bor rowing, plus Wi Fi. The The beans b ar om Barefoot, B arefoot, but the main attraction attrraction seems to multiple be the mul tiple pump nozzles nozzzles for for making one’s solid-food one ’s own yogurt cups. TThe hee solid-f ood sandwichess, Delizioso pizza menu includes sandwiches,

Psycho P sycho D Donuts onuts 2006 Winches Winchester ster Blvd., Campbell; Campbell; This his place has attitude, fr from om 408.378.4540. 408.37 8.4540 0. T

the with the pphoto hoto bbooth ooth w ith ccrazy razy pprops rops to to tthe he ffun un skeleton-rich art on the walls to the donuts themselves. SSelections elections include “Comfortably “Comfortably Numb,” Numb,” a don donut ut which tells you to “Sit “Sit back & relax don’t relax . . . ’cuz ’cuz you y don ’t have any other choice,” then invites yo you ou to “find your inner chocolate


M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

Coffeehouse C Cof off fffe ffffeeho house > >L@; >L@;<


M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


Weekend Explorations just got faster!

Coffeehouse Cof offe f ffeehouse se >L@; >L@;< < in this filled chillaxin’ chillaxin’ dude.”” A Added dded bonus: bbaristas aristas are are dressed dressed in in nurse’s nurse’s uuniforms. niforms. TThe he coffee although scarce, coff ee is decent al though seating seeating is scar ce, and, being in a strip mall, this this is really really not aan n iinspiring nspiring pplace lace ttoo hhang ang oout ut aand nd ccompose ompose poetry, Open poetry y, but it is a fun sugar fix. fi O pen late; tthere’s here’s aalso lso a llocation ocation iin n ddowntown owntown SSan an JJose ose on SSecond econd SStreet treet at CCamera amera 3.

:LG<IK@EF :LG<IK@E EF Café Caf fé Roc Rococo oco 21250 S Stevens tevens Cr Creek eek Blvd., C Cupertino; upertino; 408.999.9999. LLocated ocated in De D Anza Anza College’s College’s ®

dining hall, Cafe Cafe Rococo Rococo se erves or ganic serves organic coff ee fr om Organico Organico Sierra Sierra N evada. coffee from Nevada. CConvenient onvenient for for the sleepy student, s R Rococo’s ococo’s espr esso is subtle, velvety and slightly sweet; espresso a good good ooption ption for for tthe he uuntrained ntrained ccoffee offee taste taste buds. R ococo is favored favored for forr its house-made, Rococo flavor ed ice teas, teas too. too A ver ry small selection flavored very of biscottis and muffins are are available.

CCoffee off ffeee Society 21265 S Stevens tevens Cr Creek eek Blvd. Blvd.,, C Cupertino; upertino; 408.725.8091. A Across cross the street street fr from om

Put more time into your WEEKEND by riding the NEW Caltrain Baby Bullets. Less time on the train means more time at hundreds of fun destinations between San Francisco and San Jose. Hurry because weekend Baby Bullets are only here for a limited time. Fast service to 4't.*-t4.t)*-t3 8$t1"t.5 7t46/t4+

De Anza Anza College, College, Coffee Coffee Society Society o brings crowd working working on group group in a young, hip crowd projects projects and typing away on laptops. Coffee Coffee Society’s back room room is lined lineed with lounging Society’s couches and filled bookcases. bookcaases. The The baristas are are witty and charming and annd serve serve up artfully made lattes and cappuccinos, cappuccinos, the beans of which are are roasted roasteed in-house and sold by the pound. Open Open late. laate.

Roasted Ro asted CCoffee off ffeee Bean 19110 S Stevens tevens Cr Creek eek Blvd., C Cupertino; upertino; 408.725.1919. 408.725. 1919. IIff one enterss from from the back

oasted CCoffee o ee B off ean parking lot, the R Roasted Bean appears to be an art boutiq boutique que rrather ather than a coffeehouse. vases coffeehouse. CCeramic eramic vase es line the tables and counter as well as disp displays plays of scar scarves ves and other locally made kni knick-knacks. ck-knack ck knacks. TThe he owner personally roasts roasts the th he beans. The The result result is an espresso espresso with a light, earthy, earthyy, homemade quality withou withoutt a tr trace ace of bitter aftertaste. aftertaste. The The sshop hop sserves erves aan n array array of of fresh fresh pastries and dessertss and is furnished with tall, comfortable comfortable stools stools against sleek wooden floors. With soft, classical c music and a homey, homey, ccolorful olorful quality, quality, the the Roasted Roasted Coffee Coffee Bean Bean dr draws aws an older older,, quieter quietter cr crowd. owd. FFree ree WiFi. WiFi. Open Open 6am (7am on Sunday) Sunday) to 7pm.

=I<DFEK =I<D F EK K Your Y our o Coffee Coff ffeee Cups Cupps 46685 Mission Blvd., Fr Fremont; emo ont; 510.57 510.578.6999. 8.6999.

At about At about 10am 10am on on W Wednesday, ednesday, a yyoung oung woman w oman wearing wearing solid solid white white thigh-high thigh-high trench walkss stockings and a short tr encch coat walk

25 to her to her jjob ob at at tthe he m mall. all. She She eenters nters a ssmall mall pink and white white booth with glass windows, takes off herr coat and T-shirt T-shirt and proceeds proceeds When ttoo adjust adjust hher er bikini. bikini. W hen she she iiss rready, eady, she she first coffee order day.. It’s takes her firs st coff ee or der of the day It’s just another day at Your Your Coffee Coffee CCups, ups, an espresso espresso drive-through drive-thr ouggh in Fremont Fremont where where the baristas provided (all women) wear skimpy outfits pr ovided by with YYandy andy Sexy Sexy Costumes Costumes w ith a different different ttheme heme from B-- to D cup each day. day. Coffee Coffee ranges ranges fr om B quite decent. sizes and is actually a

CFJ8CKFJ C FJ 8 CK FJ Main Street Sttreet Cafe Caffe And Books Boooks 134 Main S St., t.,, LLos os Al Altos; tos; 650.948.8040. B BookookMain savvy M ain SStreet treet CCafe, afe, with its cool colors warm aand nd w arm gglow, low, iiss aan n iinviting nviting ddowntown owntown br brewhouse. ewhouse. CCustomers ustomers can congr congregate g egate g ffor or cappuccino a classic cap puccino or sample one of the kkitchen’s itchen’s llatest atest ccreations, reations, ssuch uch aass tthe he rroasted oasted rred ed pepper and a Gouda soup or the warm bissque. With a str strong artichoke bisque. ong community heritage (it has h been in the neighborhood ffor or 20 years), th thee caf cafee fr frequently equently hosts events, book booksignings signingss by local authors and a bridge cclub lub eevery very TThursday. hursday. O Opens pens eearly arly aand nd cclosing losing midafternoo midafternoon. n.

Village V illagee Pantry Pantry 184 Second S St., t LLos t., os Al Altos; tos; 650.941.0384. 650 9441.0384. 650.94 1 0384

Bringing som Bringing some me quirk and unconventionality is the V Village illagee P Pantry antry in downtown LLos os A Altos. ltos. TThe he homey coff ccoffee ee shop garners a colorful cr owd, and all a ar crowd, aree welcomed by the charming ffamily amily ooff hhosts. osts. TThe he ddining ining rroom oom cconsists onsists ooff with a sshort hort bbar ar w ith ssmall mall ttables; ables; tthere here iiss ggarden arden seating in th the he back. House special specialty: ty: freshly freshly shredded shredded ha hash sh br browns. owns. O Open pen until 2pm.

CFJ>8KFJ C FJ > 8K FJ Blv Blvdd Coffee Coff offeee 15525 LLos os Ga Gatos atos Blvd, Suite C., LLos os Gatos; 408.356.466 65. FFamily-run 408.356.4665. amily-run Blvd Blvd Coffee Coffee has

developed a loyal following following for for its organic, organic, ffair air ttrade rade coffee coffee and and naked naked lattes. lattes. Naked Naked llatte? atte? It’s It’s a double double shot shot of of epresso epresso made made with a specia special al fil filter ter fitted to the espr espresso esso m achine that that yields yields an an uuncommonly ncommonly rrich ich aand nd machine cr eamy coffee. coffee. e If If espresso espresso isn’t isn’t your thing the creamy ccafe afe also also ffeatures eatures a brew brew bar bar where where each each cup cup off coffee coff ffee is i made m d to t order order d before b fore your weary bef II-need-caffeine -need-caffeine e eyes. FFans ans of Blvd Blvd CCoffee offee ttake ake note: note: TThe he cafe cafe opens opens in in its its new new location location across acr oss the street sttreet next to JJ Magoo’s Magoo’s on FFeb. eb. 1.

Caffe Caff ffee Fl Florian lorian 15567 Union A Ave., vve., LLos os Gatos; 408.377 408.377.1631. 7.1631.

IIn n a midsize midsize sshopping hopping m mall all aatt tthe he eastern eastern

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=L<C@E>K?<<:FEFDP = L<C@E> K?<<:FEFDPK_\ K_\c`e\XkI\[IfZb:f]]\\`eDflekX`eM`\n c`e\ XkI\[ IfZb :f f]]\\ `e DflekX`eM``\n Xkk\jkjkf`kjXY`c`kpkfb\\gJ`c`ZfeMXcc\pnfib\ijgif[lZk`m\% Xkk\jkj kf `kjXY`c`kpkf k b\\gJ`c`ZfeMX Xcc\pnfib\ijgif[lZk`m\%

outskirts of Los Los Gatos, CCaffe affe Florian Florian salutes tthe he ttropical ropical oorigins rigins of of tthe he coffee coffee bean bean with an abundance of eleph hant logos and elephant decorations; coffee-bean decor ations; burlap coff ee-bean bags and vintage coffee coffee urns add to the t theme. IInn aaddition ddition ttoo tthe he sstandard tandard selections selections ooff eespresso, spresso, cappuccino cappuccino aand nd latte latte ddrinks, rinks, the the caffeinated freezy menu includes quite a ffew ew caff einated fr eezy specials. The The caf cafee supplements supplemeents its drinks drinks selection. with a modest pastry select tion. Hanging out iiss encouraged encouraged with with WiFi, WiFi, a sofa sofa aand nd a shelf shelf of of bookss and magazines to wh while stray ay book hile away a str hour or two. TThis his bustling ddaytime aytime operation operation opens at 6am and closes att 5pm.

Great Gr eat Bear Coffee Coff ffeee e 19 N. Santa Cruz Ave., Avve., Los Los Gatos; Gaatos; 408.395.8607. 408.395.86077.

Cafes have devoted ffollowings, Cafes ollowinngs, g , and Gr Great eat Bear attracts B ear Coffee Coffee in downtown LLos o Gatos attr os acts a crowd cr owd of regulars. regulars. A And nd why not? TThe he houserroasted oasted coffee, coffee, spacious spacious tables, tables, extensive extensive ffood ood menu and local art on the wall w make the Gr Great eat Bear great Open B ear a gr eat hangout. O pen till 9pm most night and 10pm on weekends. weekendds.

Los Gatos Los Gatos CCoffee off ffeeee Ro asting CCo. o. Roasting 101 W W.. Main S St., t., LLos os Gatos; 408.354.3263. 4

TThis his is the place that started starteed it all, all at least Valley. crowded, but ever in Silicon Silicon V alley. Always Always cr o owded, accommodating, LLGCRC GCRC occupies occupies thr ee three nookss contiguous rooms rooms that offer offer e plenty of nook to call your own. With house-roasted housse-roasted coff ee coffee aree coveted in hand, the benches out front frront ar ffor or taking in a sunny day and and watching the cyclists, dog walkers and annd Los Los Gatos denizens on parade. parade. Days begin b at 6am and

run until 6pm m (9pm TThursday–Saturday). hursday–Saturday).

Berkeley Friday, January 28 6 p.m.

Campbell Saturday, January 29 10:30 a.m.

Pleasant Hill Saturday, January 29 10:30 a.m.

2956 San Pablo Avenue Second Floor

1 West Campbell Avenue Building A

100 Ellinwood Way

RSVP today or learn more at: or call 800.696.5358


Financial aid available

CCafe Caf fe Bo B Borrone rrone

Individuals with disabilities needing special assistance should call 925.969.3362 before the event.

1010 El Camino Camin no Real, Menlo P Park; ark; The he ffocal ocal ppoint oint ooff CCafe afe 650.327.0830. 650.327 7..0830 0. T

Borrone Rose B orrone iiss iits ts lluminous uminous aand nd llively ively ppatio. atio. R ose and R oy B orrone o opened this caf Roy Borrone cafee 20 years has grown ago, and it ha as gr own into a destination ffor or ccafe afe goers, goers, eespecially specially tthose hose w who ho llike ike ttoo ssee ee drinkss and gourmet and be seen. IInside, nside, hot drink delicacies await aw wait in true P arisian splendor Parisian splendor.. Borrone who CCafe afe B orrone iiss ffor or tthose hose w ho eenjoy njoy ppublic ublic camar aderie, because it certainly dr aws the camaraderie, draws crowds, way.. LLive cr owds, but in n a good way ive jazz and bblues lues bbands ands oon n FFriday riday nnights. ights. O pen llate ate Open Monday except M ondaay and SSunday. unday.

Menlo Cafe C e Caf 620 Santa Cr Cruz uz Ave., Ave., Menlo Park; Park; saran650.321.6666. 650.321.6666 6. Dark-chocolate tones, saran-

wrapped wr apped goodies gooodies and the whistle of the espresso espr esso maker makker are are the signs of a classic cafe, caf e, and Menlo Menlo Cafe Cafe entertains all three. three. A popular after-meeting afterr-meeting place, it only brews brews coffee ffair-trade air-trade cof ffee and is one of the precious precious ffew ew inexpensive inexpenssive spots left in the area. area. SServes erves breakfast, breakfast, lunch and is also widely known ffor or itss “Wild and N Nutty” utty” turkey salad. Open O pen till 3:30pm 3:30 0pm (Sunday (Sunday to 3pm).


A Nonprofit University Accredited by WASC An Affiliate of the National University System

M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

FFelipe elipe Buitrago Buitrago


Coffeehouse Cof offe f ffeehouse se >L@; >L@;< <

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


D@CG@K8J D@CG@K8J Olaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Olaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Exotic Exotic Coffee Coff ffeee ff 187 S. Main S St., t., Milpitas; 40 408.956.5378. 08.956.5378. A An n

:@47/65@Â&#x2039;;9(7,A,Â&#x2039;)9<5*/Â&#x2039;>05,;(:;05.:Â&#x2039;+(@(;;/,:7(Â&#x2039;-<5    > >00      




A African frican wild-coff wild-coffee ee cafe cafe th that hat ser serves ves beans har vested in myriad diff errent countries harvested different in A Africa, frica, the fruit pulped, the ber berries ries ffast ast ffermented ermented and shipped too CCalifornia. alifornia. FFive ive percent proďŹ ts AIDS, per cent of the pr oďŹ ts go to t ďŹ ght AI DS, and the coff coffee ee is uniquely low in acid. acid

Seattleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Seattleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Best Coffee Coff ffeee Borders Books, 15 Ranch Dr Borders D Dr.,., Milpitas; 408.934.1180. 408.934. 1180. LLocated ocated inside inside the chain

book store, this cafe cafe offers offerss a place to lounge bookstore, over magazines, marinatin ng in cups from from marinating this coff ee from from a caf at attempts to coffee cafee tha that combine franchising franchising with small-cafe small-cafe quality. quality.

DFLEK8@EM@<N D F LEK8 @E E M@<N Bean Scene Scene Cafe Caffe 500 C Castro astro St., St., Mountain View; V 650.903.4871. T The he Bean Bean SScene cene oonn Mountain Mountain

Viewâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s downtown Castro Viewâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Castro SStreet treet sits next to the cityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s CCenter enter ffor or Performing Perform ming A Arts rts and City City H all. W hile ddecoration ecoration iinn tthe he llong, ong, narrow narrow Hall. While ccafe afe is is ssparse, parse, tthe he ttables ables aand nd cchairs hairs by by the the large, lar ge, welcoming fountain fountain outside make for for a good place to enjoy a bev beverage. verage. B Breakfast reakfast ssandwiches, andwiches, ssavory avory and and sweet sweet ccrepes repes and and hhouse-made ouse-made ssoups oups available available ffor or purchase purchase as well as salads and ice cr reamâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;blended creamâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;blended espr esso fr eddos. Bean Bean SScene ceene also offers offers espresso freddos. eempanadas mpanadas aand nd ssells ells w wine ine aand nd bbeer. eer. Open Open 7:30am to 5:30pm.

Caffino 19447 W. 1947 W. El Camino Camino Real, Mountain Mou untain View; 650.428.0970. C CafďŹ no afďŹ no iiss a ddrive-through rive-through

coff coffee ee cubicle, convenient ffor or the sometimes nnecessary ecessary ccaffeine affeine bboost oost w while hile rrunning unning eerrands. rrands. LLocated ocated iin n tthe he m middle iddle ooff a sstrip-mall trip-mall pparking arking llot ot oon n EEll CCamino, amino, CCafďŹ no afďŹ no sserves erves aallll traditional coffee drinks. tr aditional coff ee to-go dri nks. CCoffee offee quality vvaries, aries, but but CafďŹ noâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s CafďŹ noâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s m many any cchoices hoices ooff bblended lended sweet drink drinks, s, like the O Oreo reo FFresco, resco, will ďŹ x low.. O Open 5:30am any sugar low pen at 5:30 0am weekdays ffor or serious commuters, 6am oon n weekends; stays open till ar around ound 7pm most nights.

Clocktower Coffee Clocktower Coff ffeee ff Ro asting CCo. o. Roasting 205 E. MiddleďŹ eld Road, Mountain M View; 650.210.8032. C Clocktower locktowerr has the ser serene ene

atmosphere atmosphere of a library library but bu ut with the homey, homeyy, feel-good feel-good touch of a Hallmark Hallm mark storeâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;due storeâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;due perhaps to the numerous, numerous,, colorful cards cards and gifts that ďŹ ll the shopp in front front of the clean counter. counter. Independent Independennt and family family owned, Clocktower Clocktower roasts roasts its own beans. (The (The roaster roaster is located away aw way from from the quiet

27 patrons.) patr ons.) TThe hee espresso espresso is light and ďŹ nishes with a nice, bitter bite. The The pastries and aree locally sourced desserts ar sourced around around SSanta anta CClara, lara, and a small selection of soup and available salads is ava ailable as well. Clocktower Clocktower has a â&#x20AC;&#x153;private â&#x20AC;&#x153;private conference coonference roomâ&#x20AC;? roomâ&#x20AC;? and caters to Open local businesses. businesses. O pen 5:30/6am to 7/8pm.

Crossings Cr ossinngs Cafe Caffe 2101 Shower Showers rs Dr Dr.,., Mountain View; Crossings rossings Cafe Cafe is located in 650 650.559.998 559 998 89 C 89. 650.559.9989.

front Antonio front of the SSan an A ntonio CCaltrain altrain station at the corner of o a neat, rresidential esidential complex. Couches Couches andd lounge chairs frame frame the back circulaar shop, and murals murals of tr ains of the circular trains brighten thee walls. Crossings serves Crossings ser ves a nice selection of breakfast breakfast sandwiches, bagels with lox andd various spr spreads, eads, as well as sandwiches,, homemade soup and veggie and falafel wraps. falafel wr w aps. Fresh Fresh orange orange juice and smoothies accompany a the espr espresso esso menu, all handsomely chalkboardd art. handsom mely written as chalkboar Open Oppen 7:30amâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;7pm; 7:30am mâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;7pm; p ; closed SSunday. undayy.

Dana St Street treet Roasting Roasting Co. Co. 7744 44 W W.. Dana St., St., Mountain View; 650.390.9638.

Off downtown Off downtow wn Castro Castro Street, Street, Dana SStreet treet Roasting R oasting CCompany ompany hosts hosts the the eclectic, eclectic, hippie hippie crowd cr owd of M Mountain ountain View. View. TThe he coffee coffee roaster roaster is front on display in the fr ont half of the shop, with seating rightt around around and in fr front ont of it. Owner Owner Nick N ick Chaput Chaput is well versed on his coffee coffee beans. EEvery very year year,, hee takes a trip to CCosta osta Rica Rica to meet m eet with with coffee coffee growers, growers, taking taking an an eemployee mployee with him. him The Thee rresulting esulting espresso espresso is smooth, smooth aalmost lmost creamy, creamy, with with hints hints of of chocolate. chocolate. The The ccafe afe aalso lso sserves erves cchai hai m ade from from a blend blend of of made spicees. A small selection of salads, gingery spices. soup and san ndwiches is available, as well as sandwiches gluten-free and milk milkshakes. gluten-fr ee cookies c shakes. TThere here is very little art decorating decorating the dilapidated walls, atmoosphere ffeels but the atmosphere eels laid-back rrather ather than sloppy Live music on weekends. O pen sloppy.. Live Open late except on o Sunday. Sunday.

Papachhay P Papachay Peruvian eruvian CCoffee off ffee ffe Mountain Vi View ew Farmers Market, C Caltrain altrain Papachay apachay Station, S tation, Sunday Sund day 8amâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;2pm. P

Coffee Coffee can be b found found every Sunday Sunday at the Mountain Mountaiin View View Farmers Farmers Market Market with its owner, owner, Max, Max, greeting greeting and answering questions off customers. Papachay Papachay beans are are organic organic and a sourced sourced from from Maxâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Max â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s private, sustainable farm farm in Peru. Peru. They They make for for a smooth, dark, dark, rich blend of coffee. coffee. Papachay Papachay beans are are shade shhade grown grown without pesticides, sun-dried and annd hand-picked. p

Red Rock Roock Coffee Coff ffeee CCo. o. 201 C Castro astro St., St., t Mountain View; 650.967.4473. 650.9677.44 . 4773.

Red R Red Rock ock isn isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t â&#x20AC;&#x2122;t so much a caf cafee as a nonpr nonproďŹ t oďŹ t creativity collective of cr eativity and free-ďŹ&#x201A;owing free-ďŹ&#x201A;owing caffeine. caffeine. The The coff coffeehouse eehouse ser serves ves expertly crafted Barrel cr afted cups of FFour our B arrel CCoffee offee and a small menu of pas pastries tries and snack, but what rreally eally

29 FFelipe elipe Buitrago Buitrago

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8IK=LCJ@GG@E> 8 IK=LC J@GG@E>8e 8e`Zfe`ZdliXcYpAf_eGl^_gi\j`[\j e `Zfe`Z dliXc YpAf_eGl^_gi\j`[\j g  fm\i >i\Xk 9\Xi :f]]\ \\ `e Cfj >Xkfj% fm\i>i\Xk9\Xi:f]]\\`eCfj>Xkfj%

sets the place apart is its art-house artt-house vibe and Rock community-mindedness. Red Red e R ock hosts a lineup of local art, art live musicc (folk (folk mostly mostly, y, plus open-mic some pop and jazz), open-m mic events (most notably CCavin avin and King’s M Monday o onday sessions) aand nd eeven ven a sshort-film hort-film ccompetition. ompetition. TThe he sspace pace upstairs is routinely routinely reserved reservedd ffor or community meetings. ggroups roups to to hold hold m eetings. TThe he cafe cafe even even ooperates perates a rrecording ecording sstudio tudio to to nurture nurture local local until talent. Open Open most nights un til 10 or 11pm.

Spicaa Coffee Spic Coff ffeee & T Tea eea

650 Castro Castro St., St., Mountain View; Vieew; 650.254. 650.254.1110. 1110.

The front The front window of Spica Spica CCoffee offee and Tea Tea e is cards, scarves adorned d d with ith gifts, ift bags b andd car d scar ds, ves aand nd jjewelry ewelry ffor or ssale. ale. SSeating eating iiss scrunched scrunched in in shop, pictures the Asian/jazz-themed Asian/jazz-themed sho op, and pictur es of individual customers fill the the back wall. TThe he shop sells sandwiches, including including a glutenfree fr ee option, although although the price priice is steep at $11. Gluten-free G luten-free bake bake mixes mixes aare re aalso lso aavailable. vailable. The The espresso espr esso has a snappy snappy, y, tangy tangy punch, mirroring mirroring woman the personality of the woma an running the

shop. shop. H However, owever, aamid mid iits ts bbusy usy cclutter, lutter, the the little little shop on Castro comfortable quality.. Castrro retains retains a comf ortable quality

Sufi Coffee Coff ffeee Shop ff

815 W W.. El C Camino am mino Real, Mountain View; One ne of the many quotes 650.962.9923. 650.962.9923 3. O

aadorning dorning the the walls walls of of this this tiny tiny coffeehouse coffeehouse rreads: eads: “Wisdom “Wisdoom is learning what to overlook.” While CCarry arry this this when when visiting visiting Sufi. Sufi. W hile tthe he sshop hop on first inspection inspection feels feels like a safe safe getaway getaway, y, espresso a place ffor or rumination, rumination, the espr esso needs work. Try Try r instead insteead Sufi’s Sufi’s fragrant fragrant rred ed lychee tea or the on-site on--site roasted roasted traditional traditional Turkish Tuurkish and Ethiopian Ethiopiann coffees. coffees. The The entry courtyard courtyard is with ppaved aved w ith a fake-grass fake-grass carpet carpet aand nd a seating seating area ar ea that feels feells like an outdoor living room. room. Bee m mindful: B indful: rumination rumination can can oonly nly last last so so long long at Sufi. Sufi. There There is a two-hour time limit for for sitting in the cafe. cafe. Open Open 9am until about 7pm, M Monday–Sunday. ondayy–Sunday.



Spanish translator available

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M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M


M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


Coffeehouse Cof offe f ffeehouse se >L@; >L@;< < G8CF8CKF G 8 C F  8 CK F


LLytton ytton Ro Roasting asting CCo. o. 401 LLytton ytton A Ave., ve., P Palo alo Al Alto; to; 650.324.4320. 650.324.4320.

Café Caf fé Epi 405 University A Ave., vve., P Palo alo Al A Alto; to; ci oon n pparle arle ffrancais, rancais, aalthough lthough 650.328.4888. IIci

EEnglish nglish is understood, too; this t enormously ppopular opular sspot pot sports sports a fine fine selection selection of of ddesserts esserts iin n tthe he uunder nder $ ange, iincluding ncluding $55 rrange, ccrème rème bbrûlée. rûlée. LLunch unch iincludes ncludes ggrass-fed rass-fed bburgers urgers aand nd m arinated eeggplant, ggplant, aass w ell aass aan n marinated well extensive selection of wine s. Good coff ee, too. wines. coffee, O pen late. Open

Caffe Caff ffee del D Doge oge 4419 119 University A Ave., ve., P Palo alo Al A Alto; to; 650.323.3600.

Sunnyy, airy and open late, this cafe Sunny, cafe works works IItalian talian memories (a TTV V set, sett, volume off off,, Under nnder the TTuscan uusscan SSun un when was playing U we visited). IItt ser serves ves 10 di different fferent seasonal coffees, coffees, including Blue Blue Mountain Mountain o fr from om Jamaica, amaica ffamous amous as the one onne Ian Ian FFleming leming Jamaica, claimed was the world’s best. b TThe he tall Americano-style cup of house hoouse coff ee, in a Americano-style coffee, slightly darker IItalian talian rroast, oasst, goes with the large large and sumptuous cake cakes. es. N Nice ice hidden area upstairs in the back of o the caf e. area cafe. Open late. Open

CCoupa oupa Caf Cafe fe

This side-street This side-strreet cafe, cafe, small but essential ffor or the coffee coffee e fiend, has a hard-to-beat hard-to-beat selection and and an excellent price for for takehome coffee coffeee beans. Lytton Lytton offers offers six styyles of water-processed different diff erent styles water-processed decaf (one is organic) organnic) and at least a dozen other coff ees originating origiinating from from places like the coffees Naturally, KKona ona CCoast oast and a IIndonesia. ndonesia. N aturallyy, cups of coff ee ar ved on the pr emises fr eshly coffee aree ser served premises freshly sushi shares made; a sush hi bar shar es the space.

Michael’s Michae el’s Gelato Gelato & Cafe Caffe 440 Universi University ity A Ave., vve., P Palo alo Al Alto; to; 650.322.8200.

More than a dozen flavors of gelato fr More from om Berkeley Gelateria Naia Naia a in B erkeley are are sold here, here, perf ect to follow follow o talian rroast oast perfect up a cup of IItalian coffee even coff ee or eve en a hot dog. TThis his friendly secret small cafe’s cafe’s best secr et is the outside patio where, from upstairs, wh ere, fr om a pair of tiled tables, keepp watch on the passers-by on one can kee University U niversity Avenue. Avenue. The The Dalmatian coast theme of thee place is a story in itself; argues management ar the management gues that you can sometimes get g better pizza and gelato in CCroatia roatia thann in that boot-shaped nation across Adriatic. acr oss the A driatic.

Palo P alo Alto Altto Baking CCo. o.

538 Ramona S St., t., P Palo alo Al Alto; to;; 650.322.6872.

381 S. C California aliforrnia A Ave., ve., v P Palo alo Al Alto; to; The he P Palo alo A Alto lto Baking Baking Co. Co. 650.321.3234. 650.321.323 4. T

Located in a Mission Located Mission R Revival evivval building with fireplace and exposed timbers, fir eplace p p timbbers,, the ffamilyamilyy owned CCoupa oupa gives a sens sensee of the old CCalifornia alifornia ffantasy antasy of rancho rancho lif life. e. However However,r, the sspecialties pecialties here here are are Venezuelan Venezuelan dishes dishes and and coffees coff ees and spicy hot chocolate. choccolate. N Noo wonder it’s it ’s crazily crazily popular with thee laptop brigades. FFood ood includes a rrange ange of cchoices hoices as well as variations on empanadas with w and delicious sauces. M Monday–Sunday, onday–Sunday, 7am–11pm. 7 Mall ((Coupa Coupa also also has has a ccafe afe aatt 571 571 EEscondido scondido M all on the Stanford Stanford campus.)

serves serves Peerless Peerless Coffee Coffee poured poured on the spot or waiting waiting in urns for for the commuters hustling to the t nearby CCaltrain altrain station. Here Here is fresh freshh bread bread in numerous numerous varieties for for customers customers on their way home. Among Among treats sold soold here here is something you don’t don’t the treats see much in the valley: hamantashen, the triangular-shaped Jewish Jewish pastry made triangular-shaped specially for for the Purim holiday, holidayy, but good all year round roun nd (four (four different different flavors; the poppy-seed is the best). Open Open till mid- or late-afternooon. late-afternoon.

Douce D ouce France Fraance

Palo P alo Alto Altto Cafe Caffe

855 El C Camino amino Real T Town own and o a Country Recalling ecalling Village, P Palo alo Al Alto; to; 650.322.3601. 650.322.3601. R

2675 Middlefi Middlefield field Road, P Palo alo Al Alto; to; 650.322.8644.

tthe he ccafes afes ooff ““Sweet Sweet FFrance” rance” aare re ttables ables sshaped haped like gigantic bottle caps of eau e miner al, vintage mineral, FFrench rench pposters osters aand nd a vvariety ariety ooff ppatisserie atisserie tr eats, galettes and so fforth orthh to go with the caf treats, cafee au lait and a nutella cr epe worthy w of the ones crepe in P aris. O pen till 7pm; 4pm on SSunday. unday. Paris. Open

FFraiche raaiche Y Yogurt oogurt 644 Emerson E S St., t P t., Palo alo l Al Alto; to; 650.566.0055. to 650 566 0055

Fraiche ser Fraiche serves ves excellent coffee cofffee fr from om B Blue lue B ottle, the noted micr o-roasters that take their Bottle, micro-roasters name fr om one of the first caf ccafes es in Europe, Europe, from established in V ienna in 168 83. TThe he OaklandOaklandVienna 1683. based company delivers bea ans within 48 hours beans ooff rroasting. oasting. A lso a pplus: lus: FFraiche raiche YYogurt’s ogurt’s cclean lean Also intimate space and the fr fresh essh yogurt. V Very ery rich, yet very heal healthy. thyy. Open Open very late. l

Am midtown idtown iinstitution nstitution w with ith a lleather eather ccouch ouch bookss ffor and a shelf ooff book or rreaders, eaders, it is a veritable m useum ooff llife ife bbefore efore SStarbucks tarbucks aarrived rrived oon n tthe he museum though scene, thoug h they have moved with the times ((the the P PA A CCafe afe w was as oone ne ooff tthe he fi first rst ttoo iinclude nclude WiFi). on-premises, Wi Fi). TThey hey rroast o on-pr oast emises, selling wholebbean ean CColombian, olombian, CCosta osta R Rican ican aand nd KKenya enya A AA A coffees. the coff ees. TTry rry th he ““mochacinnos” mochacinnos” ffor or something ffancy, ancyy, fr frothy othy and wiry wiry..

Printers P rinterrs Inc. Inc Cafe Cafe 320 S. C California alifornia o S St. t. P Palo alo Al Alto; to; 650.323.3347. 650.323.3347.

Palo Alto’s Palo Alto’s Connoisseur Connoisseur Coffee Coffee Company, Companyy, which roasts roastss daily in small batches, provides pr ovides thee beans (they had Brazil Brazil Santos Santos and Mocha Mocha Java Java during our visit). Brewed Brewed coffee coff ee comes comees in four four sizes starting at $1.40, and sp specialties pecialties include a cafe cafe Borgia Borgia (chocolate milk m and espresso). espresso). Another Another plus:

9I@DI<8G<I 9I @DI < 8 G<I:flg :flgX:X]\jg\Z`Xc`q\j`eM\e\ql\cXeZf]]\\% gX :X]\ jg\Z`Xc`q\j`eM\ \e\ql\ccXeZf]]\\%

the CCalifornia alifornia Street Street passin passing ng scene visible from fr om cafe cafe tables outside an and nd a small art gallery in the back.

The P Prolific rolific Ov Oven e en 550 W Waverley averley S St., t., P Palo alo Al Alto; to; 650.326.8485. IItt

should should be be called called “the “the prodigious prodigious oven” oven” ffor or tthe he generosity goods generosity of the baked goo ods sold at this brass-railed, brass-railed, ceiling-f ceiling-fanned anned caf cafe. e. SSimilarly imilarly venerable is the company th hat makes its venerable that coffee, coffee,, South South San San Francisco’s Francisco’s M Mountanos ountanos Brothers, a ffamily amily fi rm ooff ssome ome fi ve Brothers, firm five generations (the elder gene eration rreportedly generations generation eportedly used to sell cups of coff coffee ee ttoo FFDR DR himself). This bbeloved eloved ccafe afe ccan an m ake yyou ou a w hite This make white amel coff ee to goo with the sweets. mocha car caramel coffee Open Open late except M Monday onday an and nd SSunday. unday.

Tootsie’s T oootsie’’s at the Stanford Stanf for o d Barn 700 W Welch elch Road, P Palo alo Al Alto; to; 650.566.8445.

Authentic Italian Authentic Italian espresso espr p esso imported p from from IItaly taly is served served at this Stanford Stanford favorite. favorite. The The latte macchiato goes well with w a croissant croissant limited grab or a frittata. SSpace pace is limite ed inside, so gr ab a seat outside and enjoy th the he scene. O Open pen till late afternoon.

University Univ ersity Coffee Coff ffeee e Cafe Cafe 271 University A Ave., ve., v P Palo alo Al Alto; t 650.322.5301. to;

Get past the bustling b bistr bistrolike olike tables in front, express coffee fr ont, and there’s theere’s an expr ess coff ee bar in the back of this thhis 17-year-old 17-year-old institution, with a chalked menu meenu of different different cappuccinos, llattes attes and and straight-up straight-up coffees. coffees. In In between between tthe he two two halves halves is is an an enormous enormous roaster roaster the the size of a Smart Smaart car, car, where where the estate-grown estate-grown coffee coff ee beans are are prepared prepared on the premises. premises. Open O pen till 11pm m and beyond on the weekends.

I<;NFF;:@KP I<; N FF ; :@KP Cafee La T Caf Tartine artine a 830 Middlefie Middlefield eld Road, Redwood City; The he coff coffee ee her heree is decent, but 650.4 474.2233. 4 .T 650.474.2233.

if that’s that’s all you you are are looking for, forr, you might as well go somewhere somew where else. The The real real draw draw of this place is the pastries, paastries, which are are pretty pretty great. great. TThey hey aalso lso hhave ave a ggood ood llunch unch m enu. LLocated ocated menu. across acr oss the street street from from Century Century Theatres, Theatres, it’s it’s iinn a long long echoey echoey space space that’s that’s pleasant pleasant in in appearance, appear ance, but b t a little littl cold ld in i its it vibe, ib andd a bbit it loud loud when when things things get get busy. busy. But But if if you’ve you’ve just caught a flick, and you’re you’re feeling feeling a bit ddrowsy, rowsy, this this the the perfect perfect place place to to stop stop for for an an espresso espr esso and something sweet. Free Free WiFi WiFi is available. Open Opeen late.


M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

FFelipe elipe B Buitrago uitrago


M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


Coffeehouse Cof offe f ffeehouse se >L@; >L@;< < Caffino 2797 El C Camino amino Real, Redw Redwood wood City; The he coffee coffee is is not very good 650.299.9816. T

at this drive-thru coffee coffee booth, boooth, but if you absolutely, positively, can’t car,r, absolutelyy, positively y, can ’t leave your car this might this m ight bbee yyour our bbest est option. option. The The staff staff don’t don’t seem especially sad or spiteful to be cooped up in their little box—in box—in fact fact they’re they’re pretty pretty friendly, friendlyy, and they work woork quickly, quicklyy, which is a plus for for those who have havve no time to enter a building, building, no no ttime ime ttoo sit sit down down aand nd rrelax elax iinn a puffy chair chair,r, and no time for great for rreally eally gr eat coffee. coffee. Caffino Caffino oopens pens early, early, and and offers offers no no amenities, unless straws amenity.. straws aare re an amenity

Canyon Can yon Coffee Coff ffeee Ro R Roastery astery 3203 Oak Knoll Dr Dr.,., Redwoo Redwood od City; ocated iin n a ssmall mall sshopping hopping 650.366.2326. LLocated

center center iin n tthe he rresidential esidential nneighborhood eighborhood of EEmerald Redwood merald Hills, this is one of R edwood City’s coffee City’s hidden gems. TThe he cof ffee is ffantastic. antastic. They rroast oast it right behind th he counter They the counter,, and as a result, result, the shop tends tends to smell pretty pretty wonderful. It It may not not be in the most convenient spot for for most people, people, but it’s it’s worth going out of the wayy for. for. It’s It’s a pleasant place to hang out, even though thoough it lacks lacks couches and Wi WiFi, Fi, and ther there’s e’s soft rrock ock on the radio. Open only.. radio. O pen until 6pm. CCash ashh or check only

Main Street Street Coffee Coff ffeee ff Ro asting CCo. o. Roasting 150 Elm S St., t., Redwood City;; 650.368.3430.

TThis his bbreakfast reakfast aand nd llunch unch sspot pot iiss jjust ust a bblock lock from it’s away fr om downtown, butt it ’s hidden away in an attractive attractive though easily easily overlooked of Western building between the warehouse warehouse e Western FFireplace ireplace and Insulation, Insulation, and a the back-lot of the Ford Ford dealership. All All the same, they seem to have no trouble trouble finding fi customers, that’s though that ’s not all that surprising. TThe he coff ee is top-notch, roasted roasteed on-site, and coffee aren’t around they ar en’t messing ar ounnd when it comes ttoo ffood, ood, eeither. ither. IInside nside iit’s t’s rrelaxed elaxed aand nd pleasant. TThe he back patio manages m to ffeel eel cclassy lassy aand nd ccharming harming ddespite espite iits ts iindustrial ndustrial WiFi, ssurroundings. urroundings. YYou ou ccan an aask sk ffor or W iFi, bbut ut you won’t won’t get it if the plac place ce is too busy busy,, oorr iiff yyou’re ou’re ssitting itting ttoo oo ffar ar aaway way ffrom rom tthe he antenna. Be Be aware, aware, they close close at 2pm.

The Mo Movie ovvie Gr Groove ooove and Bar Grind Coffee Coff ffeee Ba ar 1200 El C Camino amino Real, Redwo Redwood ood City; The he M Movie ovie Gr Groove oove was alr already eady 650.367.7222. 650.367 7..7222. T

well established as the bestt place to rrent ent D DVDs VDs in R Redwood edwood CCity ityy when n a ffew ew yyears ago g and they decided to diversify an nd try their hand at coff coffee. ee. IItt turns out they’r they’ree pr pretty etty good at that, too. FFeaturing eaturing a wide selection s of rroasts oasts from around fr om ar ound the globe, theyy have as good coffee city.. a cup of coff ee as you can find fi in the city Unfortunately, espresso U nfortunatelyy, the espr essoo is not quite up to the same level. TThe he staff is friendly ffriendly. y. TThere’s here’s a mural movie nneat eat m ural ooff m ovie ccharacters haracters hhanging anging oout ut iin n coffee Adam West’s a celestial coff ee shop, ffeaturing eatuuring A dam W est’s

31 Batman sitting Batman sittinng with Christopher Christopher Reeve’s Reeve’s and Wonder Woman, SSuperman uperman an nd LLynda yynda CCarter’s arter’s W onder W oman, and other suc ch appr opriate gr oupings. FFree ree such appropriate groupings. WiFi available. Open Wi Fi available e. O pen 7am–8pm.

Pampleemousse Pamplemousse Patisserie P atisserie e and Café Café 2401 Br 2401 Broadway oadw way S St., t., Redwood City; 650.599.971 4. A Att P Pamplemousse, amplemousse, they are are 650.599.9714.

very good att making pastries and desserts, pretty pretty good at making lunch and not that makking coff good at making coffee. coffee ee. Their Their coff ee would cribed as ““acceptable.” acceptable.” TTheir heir best be desc described macaroons macaroons would w best be described as “a “a rainbow rainbow of tastiness.” t Their Their quiche would best be desc described “lorraine.” Noo Wi WiFi, cribed as “lor raine.” N Fi, but p to eat, especially if you like a pleasant place staring at de desserts. esserts. Open Open till early evening.

Sportivo Sportiv vo Coffee Coff ffeee Bar 965 Br Brewster ewster A Ave., ve., v Redwood City; 650.365.3500. 650 650.365.350 365 3500. 0C Currently urrently tl Sportivo Sportivo ti features featur t es

comic-book art a on the walls, while patrons patrons sip tasty tasty fair-trade fair-trade coffee, coffee, The The cafe cafe has has a bunch bunch of big comfortable comfortable couches, a bookcase full of puzzles, games gam mes and books. books. It’s It’s pleasant and gets a lot of sunlight. Free s Free WiFi. WiFi.

Summit Summi it Coffee Coff ffeee 2137 Roosev Roosevelt velt Ave., Ave., Redwood City; 650.474.2201. 650.4 74.220 01. T There’s here’s the SSummit ummit in the

shop’s theree ar aree the inspir inspirational shop’s logo, ther ational posters p of climbers climbers summitingg mountains, and then there’s himself,, who you theere’s SSummit ummit himself can usually find fi behind the counter, counter, friendly, friendly, quick to introduce himself. introduce o himself. The The coffee’s coffee’s not bad, they serve serrve breakfast, breakfast, and there there are are free free bagels for for dogs. There There are are a couple of TVs, TVs, which are are sometimes silently tuned to infomercials. infomercials. They They have a couch and board board games. A Allll th things hings consider considered, ed, it it’s ’s a pleasant place to han hangg out. Wi WiFi. Open Fi. O pen till 8pm Monday–Friday, Monday–Friiday, 5pm SSaturday. aturday.

J8EAFJ< J8 E AF J < Aloha Coffee Coff ffeee & Pure P ure W Water at a er 1179 Br Branham anham Lane, San Jose; 408.267.1317. 408.2677.13177.

A sign over the t door says to “hang loose,” which is exactly exaactly the style of this tuckedaway potpou potpourri urri shop. IInn addition to a coffee small coff eee menu ffeaturing eaturing the delicious brand, Aloha offers Hawaiian br and, LLion, ion, A loha off ers a wide smoothies, variety of sm moothies, a bottled-water station, a co cornerstore-esque rnerstore-esque rrack ack of rramen amen noodles and cookies, and a boutique of flor al-print shirts, s dr esses, leis and KKukui ukui floral-print dresses, necklaces. SSeating eating is limited to one table benchh, and since the idea is to and a bench, standardd tr trappings hang loose, the standar appings of coffeehouse coff eehousee technology (i.e., WiFi) WiFi) won’t won’t be Monday–Friday, ffound. ound. M ondday–Friday, 8am–7pm.

Caffe Caff ffee T Trieste r e riest

170 S. Market St., St., San Jose; 408.971.8000. 44 41 Saratoga Saratoga A ve., San Jose e; 408.2 47..4888. 441 Ave., Jose; 408.247.4888.

315 S. First S St., t San Jose; 408.287 t., 408.287.0400. 7..0400.

Bijan iiss a small Bijan small aand nd ccozy ozy sspace. pace. There There aare re several sever al dark round round tables lining linning the windows, IItalian-style talian-style chandeliers, chandeliers, ttall all cceilings eilings and and sstone tone floors. floors. IItt is is easy easy ttoo gget et llost ost iin n the the somewhat over overwhelming whelming eight eight glass displays of pastries ranging ranging from from cr cream-filled eam-filled Napoleons, N apoleons, éclairs and slicess of princess cake to cookies, gelato and cr ccroissants. oissants. This This is aalso lso a great great place place ttoo gget et a sspecial-occasion pecial-occasion cake as evidenced by the se several veral ffaux aux cakes decorating decor ating the counters andd numerous numerous ppastry astry photos photos mounted mounted oon n tthe he wall. wall. Sadly, Sadly, the the cappuccino was completely unremarkable, unremarkable, but the delicious, almondy, almondyy, moist, m raspberry/ raspberry/ apricot Linzer Linzer tart made up for for it.

Cafe Caf fe D DoCanto oCanto 7 N. 33rd 33rd St., St., San Jose; 408.272.2929. 408..272.2929. T The he

comes genuine article when it com mes to measuring uupp to to tthe he sstandards tandards ooff a neighborhood neighborhood coffeehouse wheree old men coff eehouse seen in movies, moviess, wher ssit it at at small small tables tables and and bicker bicker about about trivial trivial iissues. ssues. This This establishment, establishment, located located in in SSan an Portugal, JJose’s ose’s LLittle ittle P ortugal, has ffew e frills but does ew offer off er some powerful espresso espressso as well as a ddeli eli that that features features pprosciutto rosciutto ssandwiches andwiches and and aree reasonable, other bocadillos. The The prices ar reasonable, but make sure sure to bring cash h. A ssuming they cash. Assuming understand P Portuguese, ortuguese, patrons patrons can stay abreast issues abr east on international iss sues with an assortment of international international newspapers or a upper corner.. small television in the uppe er right corner

Cafe Caf fe 1850 50 W W.. San Fernando S St., t., San n Jose; 408.293.1850. 408.293. 1850. C Coffee offee is an option o her here, e, but

it ’s better to visit the more-or-less more--or-less sandwich it’s evel of the Knight shop, located in the lower le level Ridder R idder bbuilding, uilding, around around llunchtime. unchtime. SSuits uits fr om neighboring offices will will gener ally fform orm from generally a line around around 1pm to satisfyy their cravings cravings ffor or hot paninis, wr aps and pitas. p Prices wraps ar reasonable ffor or everything, everythin ng, including aree reasonable smoothies and P eet’s coffee coffee drinks, drinks, and Peet’s br eakfast is served served until 11a am. breakfast 11am.

Caffe Caff ffee A Adria dria 61744 Bollinger Road, San Jo 617 Jose; ose; 408.257 408.257.3444. 7..3444.

Attention ttoo ddetail Attention etail m makes akes CCaffe affe A Adria dria a nnice ice Westside strip little oasis in a W estside str rip mall. TThe he rroom oom iiss ssimply imply cclassic lassic ccontempo, ontempo, w with ith aallll tthe he bbasic asic nnecessities, ecessities, iincluding ncluding ffree ree W WiFi, iFi, a hhalf-dozen alf-dozen t bl table-and-chair d h i islands i l d andd a couple l off comfy armchairs—nothingg fancy, fancy, but it feels feels rright. ight. TThere here aare re a hhalf-dozen alf-dozen ttables ables ooutside utside which work as well as they can given their view.. A And espresso drinkss parking-lot view nd the es spresso drink aree perf perfectly fine—especially ar ectly fine—especia ally the house specialty special ty Aztec Aztec mocha, which which is, we’re we’re told, delicious. Opens just plain insanely delicious s. O pens 6 or 7am; closes midafternoon.

Italian coffee Italian coffee is ar arguably guably the best coff coffee ee iin n tthe he w orld, ssoo iit’s t’s no no wonder wonder that that CCaffe affe world, TTrieste, rrieste, with iits ts O ld World World techniques and Old friendly mann ner (its logo is “br ew each cup manner “brew like it ’s for for you”) yoou”) caught on when it first it’s ar rived from from Italy Italy in 1950. Although Although Trieste Trieste r arrived is now a mul tibranch venue, it is no Starbucks Starbucks multibranch and only sets up shop in cities with a bburgeoning urgeoning ccoffee offee cculture. ulture. The The Trieste Trieste oon n FFirst irst SStreet treet hhas as a w arm, w ooden iinterior, nterior, aan n warm, wooden upstairs loft and a espr esso drink espresso drinkss that come ttopped opped with with pretty pretty foam foam drawings. drawings. The The space space is light and airy aiiry because of the large large skylight. skylight. TThere here are are daily daily hhappy appy hours hours and and bbeers eers oon n ttap ap next to the espresso esspresso machine. The The caf cafee hosts art shows andd lively evening perf ormances, performances, with singer/songwriters, singer/ssongwriters, folkies folkies and opera opera sstars, tars, plus plus a vital vital open-mic open-mic session session oonn TTuesday. uesday u . Open Openn till midnight on the weekends ffor or that big-city feel. big-ccity feel.

CCoffee off ffeee Net N 4660 P Pearl earl A Ave., v San Jose; 408.267 ve., 408.267.1800. 7.1800.

:@E<D8:8==<@E< : @E<D 8:8 ==<@E<K_\Dfm`\>iffm\Xe[>i`e[:f]]\\9Xi K_\ Dfm`\ f >iffm\Xe[ >i`e[:f]]\\9Xi 9 

Coffee Net Coffee Net has haas the look and ffeel eel of a Peet’s, P eet’s, but the th he Pearl Pearl Avenue Avenue establishment comes minuss the cr crowds owds and day tr traders aders consuming ta ables as their own personal tables office space. The The traditional traditional fare fare of lattes, cappuccinos, pastries (the croissant croissant are are excellent) and and gift baskets can be found found throughout arranged thr oughout tthe he neatly ar ranged dining section, whic which h is set in tables of two and outdoor includes outd door seating. seating The The ambience can be a bit off-k off-kilter, kilter, as oldies and a somewhat odd collection collection of ’80s love ballads fill the air,, and the WiFi air W Fi is a bit spotty Wi spotty.. Opens Opens 6/7am, stayss open until late afternoon some days and annd 9pm TTuesday–Friday. uesday– u Friday.

f]]\ij;M;i\ekXcjXe[^ff[Zf]]\\% f]]\ij ;M; i\ekXcjXe[ ^ff[ Zf]]\\% Z

Crema Coffee Crema Coff ffeee Roasting Ro astinng Co. Co. 950 The Alam Alameda, meda, San Jose; 408.295.5690.

Crema is a cu Crema cute, ute, well-kept little cafe cafe with patrons. a wide id demog ddemographic graphic hi off patr t ons. There Ther h e is i a great gr eat outdoor outdoor patio, perfect perfect for for warm, sunny days. IItt is obv obvious vious that this was once a house. TThe he coffee coffee is good, although although the barista, who said she had worked there there for for three three years, did not know where where the beans came from. from. TThe he atmosphere atmosphere is neat, quiet and cozy with leather armchairs and a handful of comfy c small round round tabletops tabletops spanning two rooms. rooms. TThere here is a large, large, g old-fashioned old-fashioned coffeecoffeeggrinding rinding machine machine in in the the center center of of one one of of the the rrooms ooms as as well well as as 20 20 wall-mounted wall-mounted coffee coffee dispensers in various degrees degrees of fullness. TThis his is a great great place to come for for a slow, slow, quiet and easygoing easygoinng morning. Open Open late.

Elva’s Elv a’’s Coffee Coff ffeee St Stop op 2206 Lincoln A Ave., ve., San Jose; 408.269.2245. 408.269.2245. A little too far farr fr om the downtown str etch from stretch of Lincoln Lincoln A veenue, with not-quite-enough Avenue, parking, one would w never know at first glance

that Elva’s Elva’s is a gr great eat spot to fuel up or rrefuel. efuel. TThis his little place is nevertheless is well worth w checking out. A true mom-and-pop runn by EElva lva and Frank Frank Acevedo, Acevedo, Elva’s Elva’s is belov beloved ved by (from neighborhood rregulars egulars ffor or its pastries (fr om KKelly’s elly’s B Bakery akery in Santa Santa CCruz), ruz), for for Frank’s Frank’s homemade soups p and for for Elva’s Elva’s citrus tea—but mosly it it’s ’s beloved for for Frank Frank and EElva. lva. Open Open mornings and early afternoo afternoons. ons.

Fireside Fir eside Coffee Coff ffeee 1710 Moorpark A Ave., ve., San Jose; 408.94 408.947.8847. 47..8847.

Connected to and oper Connected operated ated by an EEvangelical vangelical LLutheran utheran chur ch acr oss the t church across street str eet fr from om SSan an JJose ose CCity ity CCollege, ollege, FFireside ireside CCoffee offee has one of the str anger locale es, but stranger locales, it does off offer er a rrelaxed elaxed setting and fri friendly endly staff here ar ortaable staff.. TThere aree a number of comf comfortable chairs and couches to unwind in withh a latte, and, as the name would sugges st, the suggest, cafee comes complete with a fir fireplace, caf eplacee, which isn ’t a bad idea in the final couple m onths isn’t months of winter winter.. Prices ar aree very rreasonable, easonable, and ffood ood options include tasty M ain SSt. t. B agels. Main Bagels.

Hannah 754 The Alameda, San Jose; 408.971. 408.971.1207. 1 7. 1207

The space The space is is tiny, tiny, with with only only six six small small round round ttables ables and and two two easy-chairs, easy-chairs, but but it it is is pleasing pleasing to the eye with its pr pressed essed aluminum ceiling, ili matching t hi bar b andd lar llarge, ge, red redd espresso esspresso machine, m achine, w which hich takes takes uupp a ggood ood deal deal of of the the limited counter space. TThe he Peerless Peerless co offee is coffee ggood ood if if nothing nothing special, special, but but the the homemade homemade cupcakes, candies and pastries mor moree than make up for for it. This This is a family-run family-run business, business, w hich is is obvious obvious bbyy the the warm, warm, personable personable which way in which customers ar aree treated. treated. Just Just about everyone is greeted greeted by name and an nd their

beverage of choice. The beverage The red red velvet cupcakes ar Open till 6pm. 6 aree addictive. Open

Heartbeat Cafe Caffe 14392 Union Ave., Ave., San Jose; J 408.369.9078. 408.369.9078.

Heartbeat H eartbeat Cafe Cafe gives gives off off the the feeling feeling of of accidentally interrupting interruptingg a great great aunt’s aunt’s afternoon tea party, party, butt it isn’t isn’t exactly a stuffy affair. affair. Priding itself itseelf on its dedicated, laid-back regulars, regulars, the coffeehouse c eehouse nestled coff in the center of Cambrian Cambriaan Park Park Plaza has an intimate feeling—when feeling—w when taking a seat in the dining area, area, it’s it’s almost almost like entering a European European baby boomer’s boomeer ’s living room. room. TTeapots eapots e and rest rest upon the line the walls and store’s doesn’t stor e’s partitions, but ass if to show it doesn take itself too seriously, seriouslyy, the place features features a lone tea cup hanging upside-down over the counter. counter. An An assortm ment of healthhealthth assortment cconscious onscious sandwiches sandwiches aand nd wraps wraps are are ppaired aire with pastries and gelatoo in addition to the standardd fare standar fare of coffee coffee drinks drinks and smoothies. smoothi TThe he fresh fresh cakes in the cooler c are worth a try. tr are

Housee of Bage Hous Bagels els 505 E. San Carlos Carlos St., St., San Saan Jose; 408.294.6615 408.294.66

This popular hangout for This for SSJSU JSU students and Naglee Naglee Park Park residents resideents features features quick service ser vice ffor or espresso espresso dri drinks, inks, fresh fresh bagels and a wide variety of sandwiches. saandwiches. There There is outdoor seating with umbrellas umbrellas for for those who have the time to ssit it and sip a while. House of Bagels Bagels stays open o on the big holidays when other places e plaaces go dark—a rreal plus ffor or people who need need caffeine caffeine on a daily da basis. General General hours ar aree 6/7am to 3/4pm 3/4pm.

34 3

M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

Bijan Bakery Bakery & Cafe Caffe

FFelipe elipe B Buitrago uitrago


M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y



Coffeehouse Cof offe f ffeehouse se >L@; >L@;< < Hydration Tea Hydrraation Coffee Coff ffeee e &T ea e 310 S. Third Third S St., t., San Jose; 408.298.9968. 4

Hydration is a good place to get a cup of Hydration coffee, coff ee, a quick bento box bite or a flavor flavored ed bubble drink. TThe he cafe cafe is located loocated in a cozy V ictorian with an inviting-looking inviting--looking patio for for Victorian warm afternoons or eveni ings. Sound Sound tends evenings. to rreverberate everberate off the har d dwood hardwood floors and ffaux aux linoleum–painted tables, tables, but it does it not get overly crowded. crowded. This This is a good choice for for students looking lookinng for for a place to get some real real studying done. doone. O Opens pens 11am/ noon and stays open late.

It’s It’ ’s a Grind 90 Sk Skyport yport Dr., Dr., San Jose; 408.451.9724. 40 08.451.9724. • 5420 Thornwood Dr. across from Oakridge Mall • 408.578.8500

Chances ar Chances aree that this is nott going to be work aanyone’s nyone’s llocal ocal sspot pot uunless nless tthey hey llive ive oorr w ork next door It is in no way a destination d cafe. door.. It cafe. CClose lose ttoo tthe he aairport, irport, iitt ffeels eels llike ike iitt ccould ould be be anywhere. anywher e. O On n the other han hand, nd, being so out ooff tthe he w ay iitt iiss eextremely xtremely qquiet. uiet. TThe he ssmall mall way outdoor courtyar courtyardd is cheerf cheerful ful on sunny days, and the interior is pleasant pleasantly ly clean and completely fr ee of char acteer. TThe he walls ar free character. aree hung with paintings of ffamous am mous musicians, and ther ed boar theree ar aree boxes of well-love well-loved boardd games her e. While the co offee is completely heree and ther there. coffee uuneventful neventful tthe he llemon emon bbars ars aare re ffresh resh aand nd delicious. IIff one has time too kill bef ore a flight, before this is as good a place to pa ass an hour as any y. pass any. Open O pen weekdays 6:30am–7 6:30am–7pm. 7pm.

Lime Tree Tree Espresso Espress e o 171 Br Branham anham Lane, San Jos Jose; se; 408.360.8927 408.360.8927. 7.


MAKE USF YOUR EDUCATIONAL DESTINATION IN 2011! Begin a Master’s Degree or a Bachelor’s degree completion program in Fall 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011 at 6:00 p.m. CALL OR LOG ON TO RSVP AND SEE PROGRAM LISTINGS: 408-255-1701 - email: X

5:30 pm - MAT/Credential (next meeting 2/1/11) X 4:30-5:30 p.m. every Tuesday for M.S. Nursing/CNL* (*BSN-MSN, BS/BA-MSN) USF Cupertino Campus 20085 Stevens Creek Blvd.,Cupertino, CA 95014

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Way W ay down down iinn south south San San JJose, ose, iin n tthe he SSnell nell B ranham SShopping hopping CCenter, enterr, LLime ime TTree ree EEspresso spresso Branham is a surprisingly restful, restful, uncrowded uncrrowded oasis, full of lar ge, overstuffed overstuffed easy chairs. chhairs. TThe he latte was large, just right the day I was ther e and the selection e, there, ooff ppastries astries was was ssweet weet enough enough w ithout bbeing eing without over whelming. TThe he chalkboa ard special of the overwhelming. chalkboard day boasted bur burritos ritos for for som something mething mor moree Barefoot substantial. B arefoot CCoffee offee by the beans smoothies is available, along with smoo othies and even post-holiday Candy Candy CCane ane Mochas. Mochas. o The walls are are The h hung with ith an eclectic l ti assortment assorttment t t off artt andd one lar ge tapestry Open at 6am 6 and closing large tapestry.. Open midafternoon (except noon on Sunday). Sunday).

MoonBean’s MoonBean’ ’s Coffee Coff offeee

33 everywheree except Australia Antarctica. everywher e A ustralia and A ntarctica. FFor or $ 2, M oonBean’s aallows llows ccustomers ustomers ttoo ppick ick $2, MoonBean’s ffrom rom oover ver 330 0 different different ttypes ypes of of coffee coffee and and hhave ave a ppersonally ersonally bbrewed rewed ppour-over our-over 16-ounce 16-ounce WiFi. cup. Wi Fi. SStays taays open till midevening.

On Fourth: Fourrth: A Novel Novel Cafe Cafe Fourth and San S Fernando str streets, eets, San Jose; 408.80 408.808.2491. 08.2491. LLocated, ocated, as the name

Dr.. indicates, onn the FFourth ourth SStreet treet side of the Dr M artin LLuther uther KKing ing JJr.r. LLibrary, ibrary, A N ovel CCafe afe Martin Novel wide ttakes akes aadvantage dvantage ooff tthe he w ide eescarpment scarpment ooff concrete risers concr ete rise ers leading to the glass-walled plentiful lobby ffor or ple ntiful outdoor seating; the slanting insid inside de space is a bit cr cramped amped by comparison. IIn espresso drinkss n addition to espr esso drink (beans by TTully’s), ully’s), O n FFourth ourth off ers many On offers sandwiches (ready-made (ready-made and bespoke), salads, wraps wraps and paninis for for hungry, hungry, timepressed pr essed students. studdents. The The sleek interior, interiorr, with its R estoration Hardware–style Hardware–style light fixtures, fixtures, Restoration is softened by b wall hangings in the form form of bookshelves book shelves full of nostalgic family family photos. photos ATM WiFi A TM aand nd W iFi ((piggybacking piggybacking oon n SSJSU’s JSU’s connection). Keeps Keeps library library hours.

Philz Coffee Coff offeee 118 P Paseo aseo dee San Antonio, San Jose; 408.971.4212 2. Philz coffee 408.971.4212. coffee is a pretty pretty cool

concept concept because because it’s it’s more more than than just just a cup cup of coffee, coffee, it’s it’ss a coffee coffee cocktail. Phil, who has personally sampled saampled hundreds hundreds of different different types of beans, beans, thinks thinks that a cup of coffee coffee is more more interesting, interessting, intense and balanced if it is is made made from from different different kinds kinds of of beans, beans, and and he is right. One One can choose from from numerous numerous blends blends of of light-, light-, mediummedium- or or dark-roast dark-roast coffees coffees with milk and sugar added to taste. The Tesora Tesor e a blend blend is a good one for for firstThe timers. The at this SJSU The décor d SJSU hangout is reminiscent reminiscent of a college dorm. There There are are students students lounging, lounging, “studying” “studying” aand nd cchatting hatting each each other other up up in in a tiny, tiny, crowded crowded and and buzzing buzzing space full of squishy, squishy, mismatched leather couches thatt look like they’ve seen plenty of use. The The hospital-like, hospital-like, fluorescent fluorescent lighting glares glares garishly garishhly off the putty-colored putty-colored walls and floor; nonetheless, noonetheless, the atmosphere atmosphere is warm, warm, friendly friendly and and not not conducive conducive to to iintense ntense book learning, learning, perfect perfect for for your average average student. Open Opeen late except on Sunday. Sunday.

6221 Santa Teresa Ter e esa Blvd., San n Jose; 408.281.8128. M MoonBean’s oonBean’s perf perfectly ectly pulls off

Red Berry Berry Coffee Coff ffeee Bar

the task task of of aggressively aggressively appreciating appreciating coffee coffee the p etentiousness. pr while avoiding any hint of pretentiousness. The family-owned family-owned shop has has been situated in The Santa Teresa Teresa Shopping Shopping Center Center for for a decade decade a Santa now w, and that time has allowed allowed the cafe cafe to now, find its its comfort comfort zone. zone. The The walls walls feature feature the the find work of of local local artists artists and and a modern modern seating seating work arrangement wraps wraps around aroundd the conspicuous arrangement steam-engine-like steam-engine-like coffee coffee maker maker in in the the middle middle of the the store. store. The The 7-foot-tall 7-foot-tall beast beast is is called called of “The “The San San Franciscan,” Franciscan,” and and it’s it’s used used to to brew brew the coffee coffee every morning. What W truly makes MoonBean’s sspecial, pecial, tthough, hough, iiss tthe he CCoffee offee MoonBean’s Brew Bar, Barr, which features features beans beeans from from virtually Brew

Located acr Located across o fr oss from om the SSan an JJose’s ose’s towering Red Berry Bar CCity ity Hall, tinyy R ed B erry CCoffee offee B ar takes iits ts ccoffee offee sseriously. eriously. TThe he m inimalist ccafe afe minimalist single-origin coffee from premier ffeatures eatures sing gle-origin coff ee fr om pr emier rroasters—Barefoot, oasters—Barefoot, V erve, D az, R itual Verve, Dee LLaa P Paz, Ritual aand nd EEcco. cco. TThe he ccappuccino appuccino ccomes omes sstandard tandard with w ith ttwo wo sshots hots ooff eespresso spresso aand nd iiss tthe he eepitome pitome coffee craftsmanship from grower, of coff ee cr afftsmanship fr om gr owerr, to rroaster, oaster, ttoo bbarista. arista. W iFi iiss aavailable. vailable. TThe he ccafe afe WiFi menu aalso lso ooffers ffers a ssmall mall bbut ut aappealing ppealing m enu ooff sweet and sa avory snack s. O pen M onday– savory snacks. Open Monday– 7:30am–8pm, FFriday, ridayy, 7:30a m–8pm, and SSaturday–Sunday, aturday–Sundayy, 9am–3pm.

2311 E 23 E.. S Santa anta C Clara lara S St., t., S San an JJose; ose; 4408.286.0508. 08.286.0508.

*With purchase of complete pair (frames & lenses). Flat top 28 lined bifocals or standard progressive lenses included. See store for details. At participating locations. Offer expires 3/31/11. **Offer valid on the purchase of frames and lenses. Free second pair of pres tion eyeglasses can be chosen from our large special frame selection with single-vision clear lenses. See store for details. At particip locations. Offer expires 3/31/11. ***After manufacturers instant rebate. Offer includes 8-boxes for a one-year supply of EasyWear 5

:FE:<EKI8K<;>FF;E<JJ :FE :<E KI 8K<;>FF;E<JJI\[9\iip:f]]\\9XiYXi`jkX I\[ 9\iip :f]]\\ 9X Xi YXi`jkX  IpXeN`j\Yi\njlgXZlgf]\jgi\jjf% IpXeN``j\ Yi\nj lgX Zlg f]\jgi\jjf%

Roy’s Roy’s Station

197 Jackson S St., t., San Jose; 40 408.286.2236. 08.286.2236.

cafe well cafe serves serves Illy Illy coffee coffee aass w ell as as a small small menu of pastries pasttries and savory snacks. snacks. You You dram Amaretto, can also get a dr am of A maretto, Kahula Kahula or Bailey’s adde coffee. Wine and beer Bailey’s addedd to your coffee. are are available, too. TThe he outdoor seeking on the the pplaza laza feels feels downright downright continental continental aand nd offers offers a rrespite espite from from the television inside.

Roy’s SStation Roy’s tation is thus namedd because it station. actually used to be a gas st tation. TThe he rrestored estored shiny shiny, y, old-f old-fashioned ashioneed gas pumps aree not just ffor and CCoca-Cola oca-Cola machine ar or show, show w, they actually ser serve ve ass rreminders eminders of the cafe’s Roy the grandfather caf e’s past. IIn n ffact, act, R oy is th he gr andfather of JJasmine, asmine, the current current owner. ownerr. It’s It’s no wonder that she and her father father spent speent three three years working w orking on on the the remodel remodel themselves themselves and and aree still very much involved in all aspects ar of the business. It It is clear that thhat the space spotleessly clean and is loved because it is spotlessly impeccably manicured manicured down dow wn to the clawffoot-tub-turned-planter, oot-tub-turned-planter, embellishing embellishing the the cute outdoor patio. Roy’s Roy’s serves seerves Verve Verve coffee, coffee, SSatori atori tea, pastries from from Golden Goolden Bakery Bakery in Milpitas M ilpitas and homemade cupcakes cupcakes made by a momster.” lady who calls herself the “cookie “cookie c momster.” Roy’s R oy’s has has become become the the neighborhood neighborhood gathering spot, attracting attracting locals, loocals, passers-by, passers-byy, students and parents parents with kids. k Open Open till 8 or 9pm except Sunday Sunday at 5pm. 5pm m.

1 N. First S St., t., San S Jose; 408.292.8292. T Taza aaza Bistro B istro & CCafe afe sits on one of the busiest cor ridors of downtown d which makes it corridors easyy to walk right g on byy and miss this Mediterranean Pairing M editerraneaan sandwich shop. P airing some excellent excellent Greek Greek salads with options pastrami that include falafel falafel or a pastr ami sandwich breathlessly that one of the thhe employees br eathlessly described as ““awesome,” awesome,” TTaza aza a is a solid bet cafee has a limited ffor or lunch on the t go. TThe he caf selection when wheen it comes to coff coffee, ee, but the brew br ew is solid nonetheless. FFor or those looking to eat the most moost important meal of the day cheap, breakfast on the cheap p, a filling br eakfast of eggs, potatoes andd toast can be had for for under $5.

Stretto St Str etto Cafe C fe Caf

Top T oop Nosh N sh No sh Cafe C fe Caf

In Europe, In Europe, Cafe Cafe Stretto Stretto iiss the the equivalent equivalent ooff aree everyw everywhere. But don’t SStarbuck’s. tarbuck’s. TThey hey ar where. B ut don ’t hhold old tthat hat aagainst gainst tthem. hem. TThis his outpost outpost ooff EEuropean uropean coffee coffee culture culture feels feeels like an urban ssecret, ecret, a ppocket-size ocket-size ccafe afe connected connected ttoo Hotel. ddowntown owntown SSan an Jose’s Jose’s FFairmont airmont H otel. TThe he

Willow Glen’s Glen’ss TTop oop N Nosh osh is known ffor or its coffee savory pies, but b the coff ee cognoscenti also seek outt this sleek cafe cafe ffor or its superior coffee brewed order from from coff ee br eweed to or der fr om beans fr om pr emium B ayy Area Area rroasters oasters IIntelligentcia ntelligentcia premium Bay

170 S. Market S St., t., San Jose; 408.998.1900. 4 408.998. 1900.

Taza T aaza Bis Bistro stro & Caf Cafe fe

1167 Lincoln A Ave., vve., San Jose; 408.995.667 408.995.6674. 4.


M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

FFelipe elipe Buitrago Buitrago


Coffeehouse Cof offe f ffeehouse se >L@; >L@;< <

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


Entertainment Auditions We’re looking for great performers on and off the stage for our 2011 season! PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITIE Children’s Show Hos Country & Pop Singe Modern, Jazz & Pop Dance Costume Characte

OFFSTAGE POSITION Theater Attendan Theater & Event Technicia Costumer/Dresse Stage Manager/Superviso

Auditions and Interview Dates at the Showtime Theater:

Saturday, January 29 Sunday, January 30 Saturday, February 5 For more info or to apply online, visit

and EEccolo. ccolo. Get a cup or a FFrench rench pr press. ess. Great Gr eat loose-leaf teas, too,, from from TTeance, eeance, one of the Bay Bay Area’s Area’s pr premier emier sour sources ces ffor or fine Open tea. O pen till 7pm except SSunday. unday.

Willow Glen Coffee Willow Coff ffeee ff Ro asting CCo. o. Roasting 1383 Lincoln A Ave., ve., 408.297 408.297.9077. 7..90777. T This his cute cute

neighborhood neighborhood coffeehouse coffeehouse boasts boasts not not one one but two names. Whether itt is called “Willow Glen Coffee Coffee Roasting Roasting Co.” Co.” (a ( mouthful) or the short and sweet “Monsieur “Monssieur Beans” Beans” is a matter of choice. The The small, small, friendly space is is very very much much a neighborhood neighborhood joint joint aand nd the the barista knows most of the customers by both both name name and and drink. drink. The The walls walls are are painted painted a happy happy orange orange color color with with lots lots of of bright bright red red accents. The The wooden chairs chairrs are are all handpainted works works of art and the th he couches are are well worn and soft. The The coffee cofffee itself has a nice flavor but is a bit on the thhe weak side. Still, Still, this the perfect perfect place to get geet a morning fix while leafing through through the paper. p paper . Open Open late. late

J8EK8:C8I8 J8 EK8 :C8 8 I8 Barefoot Bar effooot CCoffee off ffeeee Bar 5237 Stevens Stevens Creek Creek Blvd., Santa Saanta Clara; Clara; Don’t on’t bbee m misled isled bbyy tthe he 408.248.4500. 408.2 48.4500. D

sshopping-center hopping-center llocation: ocation: tthis his iiss a temple temple ooff coffee of its bland coff ee connoisseurship in spite s surroundings. from sur roundings. Barefoot Barefoot sources sources its beans fr om ffarmers armers iitt knows knows bbyy nname. ame. TThe he coffee-fanatic coffee-fanatic aree more coffee sommeliers staff ar more like coff ee so ommeliers than java jockeys. They They know the their eir stuff and want ttoo share share it. it. The The ccafe afe iitself tself iiss aappealing ppealing as as well well w with ith ggood ood music music aand nd ttables ables llarge arge and and small small ssuitable uitable for for cconversation onversation ooff ssome ome alone alone time time with w ith aan n expertly expertly rrendered endered ccappuccino. appuccino. Open Open till 9pm (10pm on Wednesdays). Wednesddays).

Bellano Coffee Coff ffeee 3985 S Stevens tevens Cr Creek eek Blvd., Santa Clar Clara; a; amily-own il nedd Bellano Bellano ll Coffee Coff ffee 408.244.2457. 408 408.2 244.2 44 24577. FFamily-owned

strives to be an example of o how good coffee coffee can be. Each Each espresso espressso is ground ground to order, order, and the shop prides priddes itself on single-origin beans gleaned gleaned from from local roasters roasters Verve Verve in Santa Santa Cruz Cruz r and Zoka in Seattle. Seattle. Baristas Baristas are are knowledgeable know wledgeable about their beans, and as a testament testaament to their solid customer service, service, drinks driinks are are brought brought personally to one’s one’s table. FFun un note: TThe he coffeehouse coffeehouse has a hidden dinosaur theme, and it it’s ’s quite amusing trying trying to find them all. O Open ppen until 7pm. p

CCoffee off ffeee FFactory aactory 3787 S 3787 Stevens tevens Cr Creek eek Blvd., Santa Clar Clara; a; ahogany columns, high 408.296.7600. 408.296.7 600. M Mahogany

ceilings and marble tables give g the Coffee Coffee Factory Factory in Santa Santa Clara Clara a palatial pallatial ambience. Absent Absent here here is the mad rush rush of most cafes. cafes. Instead Instead it is the place to enjoy enjjoy some solitude

35 with a warm drink—it’s drink—it’s also ideal for for meetings m eetings and and study study groups groups as as there there are are WiFi. pplenty lenty ooff ooutlets utlets aand nd ffree ree W iFi. Completing Completing the the windows sstately tately ttheme heme aare re bbakery akery w indows ddisplaying isplaying ttiramisu iramisu sslices, lices, ééclairs clairs aand nd ccream ream ppuffs uffs ((aa neighborhood Open neighborhoo od ffavorite) avorite) ffor or sale. O pen till 9pm.

Java Ja va Town Town 2792 El Camino Camino Real, Santa Clar Clara; a; 408.244.9157. 408.2 44.9157. C Customer ustomer photographs photographs and

notes postedd on the wall are are indicative of cafee JJava ava Town’s Town o ’s community appeal. TThe he caf with satisfies wit h a diverse variety of house coff coffees ees ((French, Frennch, A Amaretto, maretto, hazelnut truffle) espressos. arrive and espr essos. CCustomers ustomers who ar rive early enough can also enjoy pastries str straight aight out of the oven.

Missionn City Coffee Coff ffeee Ro astinng Co. Co. Roasting 2221 The Ala Alameda, ameda, Santa Clar Clara, a, Santa Clara; Clar a; 408.26 408 408.261.2221. 26 61 2221 T 61.2221. This his spr sprawling awling

coffeehouse University coffeehousee near SSanta anta CClara lara U niversity esh-roasted br serves serves fr fresh-roasted brews ews and a full menu of san sandwiches, ndwiches, salads and pastries. The adjoinin ng rroom oom hosts a variety of live The adjoining music with an Bay a emphasis on ffolk. olk. SSouth outh B ay Folks, Folks, a gr grassroots asssroots community of musicians, singers and songwriters, turn out each Thursday ffor orr a night of unplugged, openThursday mic entertai entertainment. nment. SStays tays open till late.

J8I8KF>8 J8 I8 8K F>8 Big Basin Bassin Cafe Cafe 14471 144 71 Big Basin Basin W Way, ayy, Sar Saratoga; atoga; 408.7 408.741.1185. 411.1185.

Along with nearby Along n Blue Blue R Rock ock SShoot, hoot, Big Big Basin B asin CCafe afe iiss popular popular with with cyclists cyclists aand nd downtown passersby ppassersby.. B ig Basin Basin roasts roasts its Big organic coffee own or ganic coff ee and makes locally named blends like LLee M Mouton outon N Noir oir (an old rrestaurant estaurant Montalvo iin n ddowntown owntown SSaratoga), aratoga), M ontalvo aand nd TTollgate. ollgate. o TThere’s here’s a small menu of pastries, sunny, sandwiches d i h andd soup. TThe h sunny he y, light-filled li ht fill d w windows indows aand nd ccomfy omfy ccouch ouch aadd dd ttoo tthe he aappeal ppeal friendly, Open Dog friendly y, too. O pen 6/7am to 6/6:30pm.

Big Word Word Cafe Cafe 122411A Sar 12241A Saratoga-Sunnyvale attoga-Sunnyvale Road, Sar Saratoga; atoga; 408.996. 1616 6. B 408.996.1616. Big ig W Word ord Cafe Cafe is arranged arranged as

a spacious, neat n sitting rroom oom adorned with eclectic, welcoming welcoming couches. TThe he coff ee coffee organic and trade, purchased from is or ganic an nd ffair air tr ade, pur chased fr om M Moschetti oschetti es espresso spresso in V Vallejo. allejo. The The caf cafee has organic an array arrayy of sandwiches s made with or gganic br bread ead fr from om Bread Bread and Bun Bun CCompany ompany as well as homemade homemade soup and cake. CCalypso alypso lemonades, SSweet weet Leaf Leaf tea and Jones Jones sodas Open also sold. O p 6:30am–5pm Monday– pen Monday– FFriday, ridayy, 7am– 7am–3pm –3pm Saturday. Saturday.

Blue Ro Rock ock Shoot 14523 Big Ba Basin asin Way, Wayy, Sar Saratoga; atoga;

8KFL:?F==IFK? 8 KFL:? F= =IFK?9\ccXef:f]]\\kXb\jk_\ZXgglZZ`efkf_`^_Xik% 9\ccXef :f]]\\kXb\j k_\ ZXg gglZZ`efkf _`^_ Xik%

408.872.0309. S Stepping tepping in into to the two-

story Blue Blue Rock Rock Shoot Shoot feels feelss like entering a logg cabin in Bear Bear Valley. Valleyy. Wooden Wooden o rrailings, ailings, g tables and chairs give the place a cool, p comfortable comfortable Western Western vibe with w spacious outdoor balcony seating. A back rroom oom serves serves as a stage with tabl tablee seating for for jam sessions and open-mic nights. nigghts. TThe he cafe cafe pizzzas, sandwiches, has a large large menu, with pizzas, salads, bagels and desserts. dessertss. In In addition to coffee coffee from from Barefoot Barefoot Coffee Coffee e R Roasters, oasters, B Blue lue Rock WiFi Rock serves serves tea, wine and beer. beer. FFree ree Wi Fi and open late.

CCoffee off ffeee Gr Grounds ounds

14567 Big Basin Way, Wayy, Saratoga; Saratoga; 408. 872.0810. With its window at sidewalk

level, Coffee Coffee Grounds Grounds provides provides an intimate, quaint space to sip espresso espressso in downtown SSaratoga. aratoga. The The coffee coffee is fair-trade fairr-trade certified. TThe he place is ffamily amily run andd boasts a quiet, homey EEuropean uropean air. air. Coffee Coffeee Grounds Grounds serves serves wraps on-site, wr aps and crepes crepes made on n-site, as well as Berkeley. ice cream cream from from Latest Latest Scoop Scooop in B erkeley. TThe he shop sells all-natural all-natural Boylan Boylan cane sugar and SStewart’s tewart’s sodas as well as locally Open 8/8:30am–5pm. made honey. honey. O pen 8/8:30a am–5pm.

JLEEPM8C< JLEEPM 8 C< C CCoffee off ffeee & Mor Moree

100 S. Murphy A Ave., ve., v Sunnyva Sunnyvale; ale; 408.2 408.245.1900. 45.1900.

Hidden at the end of Sunnyvale’s Sunnyvvale’s newly

renovated renovated ddowntown owntown Murphy Murphy Avenue, Avenue, CCoffee offee aand nd M More ore ooffers ffers aan n eextensive xtensive llist ist of of ffood ood and and misfit bbeverages. everages. TThe he shop shop hhosts osts the the m isfit ccrowd rowd of SSunnyvale, unnyvale, all of whom seem rrelaxed elaxed in tthe he cchairs hairs aand nd ssofas, ofas, aacknowledging cknowledging one one another The “More” “More” in the shop title refers refers to another.. The made tthe he nnumerous umerous sandwiches sandwiches and and ssalads alads m ade on-site. Soup, Soup, tir amisu, chicken, hummus, tiramisu, potato pasta and pot tato salads are are made next door at the Del M o onte, a Mediterranean Mediterranean restaurant. restaurant. Monte, from CCoffee offee and More More purchases purchases beans fr om America’s Best Roasting A merica’s B esst CCoffee offee R oasting CCo. o.

Sunnyvvale Art Sunnyvale Gallery Cafe Cafe

251 W W.. El C Camino am mino Real, Sunnyvale; Though hough quaint and petite408.737 7..8188 8. T 408.737.8188.

from looking fr om the outside, locally owned and oper ated SSunnyvale unnnyvale Art Art Gallery serves serves not operated only as a cafe cafe but also as an art-supply shop, flower boutiq que and gallery for for local artists. boutique IItt sits behind a large large circular circular window with a comf ortablee, family-room family-room feel. feel. Step Step just comfortable, around counter, stretches ar ound the co ounterr, and the shop str etches ffar ar back wher re beautiful work where workss of art hang. IInn aaddition ddition ttoo ccoffee offee ffrom rom SSanta anta CCruz ruz R oasting CCo., o the caf o., ves or ganic M ighty Roasting cafee ser serves organic Mighty leaf tea and sells s artist-named sandwiches (i.e., the M ichelangelo) with A sian ingr edient Michelangelo) Asian ingredient spread. flairs such as kimchee and sesame spr ead. O pen-mic nig ghts TThursdays hursdays at 7pm; open Open-mic nights 8/9am until 8pm, except SSunday. unday.

M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

FFelipe elipe Buitrago Buitrago


M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

Gary En Eng ng



Pure Peru

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Shopping C Shopping Center. enter. L Located ocated o off ff L Lawrence awrence E xpressway just just east easst of of 101, 101, the the Expressway ccollection ollection of of sshops hops sseems eems u nremarkab ble unremarkable to o the untrained eye, eye, but a closer lo ook look rreveals eveals e the variet ty of South Ba ay din ning variety Bay dining in n one stop e’s the gr eat Hong stop.. Ther There’s great K ong S aigon d im sum sum restaurant restauran nt ass Kong Saigon dim w ell aass a Japanese Jap panese restaurant, restauran nt, a Mexican Mexican n well rrestaurant, estau uran nt, a V ietnam mese rrestaurant, estaurant, a Vietnamese p izza p lace, a b ubble tea tea eemporium mporium and and pizza place, bubble eeven veen a Chinese gr ocery stor e. L ast week, w grocery store. Last I made m discoveery at the vvery ery end of o a discovery th he shopping ccenter: enter: Pur oP eru. the Puro Peru. This P eruvian restaurant restaurant actuall ly Peruvian actually ttook ook the the p lacce of of another an nother Peruvian Peruvian n place rrestaurant estau urant I never never made mad de it it to. to. The The o wners have have done done a great great job job with with the the owners di ining room—brownish room—brownish walls, walls a , terraterrradining ccotta otta tile det ot ails and a tidy y--lookingg details tidy-looking ccorner o orner (beer and wine only). bar (beer My only grip es ar ’s often gripes aree that it it’s ttoo oo cold, cold, aand nd they they eendlessly ndlessly p lay D VDs play DVDs

of P eru uvian v cconcerts on erts on onc n a TV that Peruvian d ominates tthe he d ining rroom. oom. W ho w aan nts dominates dining Who wants tto ow atch T Vw hen tthey hey ggo oo ut tto o eeat? at? watch TV when out But that ’s eas sy to fforgive orgive b o ecause ser vice that’s easy because service iiss ffast ast an nd aattentive, ttentive, an nd tthe he sstaff taff cclearly learrly and and lik kes e ttalking alking ab out P eru uvvian ffood. ood. likes about Peruvian P eru uvian v cuisine soun nds eexotic, xotic, but Peruvian sounds aatt lleast east ass ffar ar ar ass iit’s t’s eexpressed xpressed iin nS ilicon Silicon V aalley, it ’s quite ttame. ame. Ther T e’s a lot Valley, it’s There’s o eat aand nd po tatoes, aand nd rrice ice an nd off m meat potatoes, and be ans—often aall ll o n tthe he ssame ame p late. IItt beans—often on plate. man ny w ayys, it rresembles esembless Spanish ffood, ood, many ways, with paellalik ke dishes g and fried paellalike dishes,, grilled seaf food and ste wed mea ats. seafood stewed meats. Ther e’s a JJapanese apanese infl fluence that runs There’s influence thr ough the cuisine as eevidenced videnced b rthrough byy stir stirfr ado ($13.50): fryy dishes such as lomo salt saltado strips of b eef and vvegetables egetables a pan fried beef e/w with a light so oy sauc wine glaze and soy sauce/wine ffried ried po tatoes. IItt ttastes asstes ssomewhat omewhat aass iiff a potatoes. 1970s Midwestern hous sewiffe decided to housewife get a lit tttle zan ny and spic ce up the same little zany spice old steak and p otatoes. potatoes. O ther h st andar d ds d ttake ak ke familiar f ili Other standards iingredients ngredients an nd rrender ender tthem hem iinto nto and something diff ffeerent. T a ttacu acu acu de different. Tacu ccarne arne (($14) $14) iiss b asically a ffried ried p atty basically patty o ice an nd b ean ns w ith a tthin hin ssteak teak off rrice and beans with and fried egg on top H or o top.. How’ How’ss that ffor ccomfort omfort ffood? ood? B ut tthere’s here’s ssomething omething But ab out the fried ric db ean about ricee and bean

cconcoction oncoction that ’s esp ecially delicious that’s especially delicious.. C ausa d llo (($8.50) $8.50) cconsists onsists o Causa dee po pollo off basic ally sup persmooth mashed p otatoes basically supersmooth potatoes llayered ayered w ith o verly m ayonnaisey with overly mayonnaisey cchicken hicken ssalad alad ad an nd a ssquiggle quiggle o ore and off m more ma ayo on top p. Skip this one mayo top. one.. F or m e, tthe he rreal eal gglory lory o eruvian For me, off P Peruvian ffood ood is cceviche, evicche, and Pur oP eru ser ves Puro Peru serves one of the b est vversions ersions of the citrusbest marinated seaf sseafood food ($14) I’v veer had. I’vee eever It ’s a simple dish: chunks of fr esh fish It’s fresh and shellfish h that ar ook ked” e ”b aree “c “cooked” byy the ccitrus itrus aacid cid o imes. O nions, cchiles hiles an nd off llimes. Onions, and cilantr o add d heat and depth of fla avor. cilantro flavor. B ut tthere’s here’s ssomething omething eextra xtra iin n tthe he But “leche de tig gre,” as the opaque juic tigre, juicee that bathes the seaf food is ccalled. alled. It has seafood aw onderffully ssavory, avoryy, ffaintly aintly ggarlicky arlicky wonderfully eessence ssence tthat hat h ad m pooning iitt u p had mee sspooning up after the sea affood w as gone seafood was gone.. Closely rrelated e elated to cceviche eviche and almost as go od w as as the tiradito de p escado good was pescado (($11), $11), sstrips trips o imilarly m arinated fi sh off ssimilarly marinated fish painted with h aji amarillo eam my, amarillo,, a cr creamy, yyellow ellow ssauce au uce m ad de ffrom rom a d istinctive made distinctive but mild-fla avo ored pur éed chile p epper. mild-flavored puréed pepper. In additio on to the cceviche, eviche, one of m addition myy ffavorite avorite tthings hings aatt P uro P ero iiss aactually ctually Puro Pero fr ee. It ’s the lit ttle t b owl of “chic ano” free. It’s little bowl “chicano” yyou ou gget et be fore tthe he m eall al long w ith tthe he before meal along with P eru uvvian-style y corn corn nuts. nuts. Chicano Chicano is an Peruvian-style opaque fish br oth tinged with cilantr o broth cilantro and what ttastes a astes lik likee a squir squirtt of lime juic e. It ’s bra acingly fr esh,, pleasantly salt ty juice. It’s bracingly fresh, salty and ttastes astes li ik ke it ’s rreally eally go od ffor or o yyou ou if o like it’s good yyou’re o ou’re ccoming omiing down with a ccold. old. T he cchupe hupe p d am marones (($14), $14), a The dee ccamarones m ilk an nd cchile hile pe pper–based sshrimp hrimp milk and pepper–based ssoup, oup, w as as ggood o ood b ut w ould h ave be en was but would have been be tter w ithout tthe he ad ddition o om uch better without addition off sso much rrice. ice. B ut rrice ice iiss a b ig p art o eruvian n But big part off P Peruvian ffood, ood,, so I gu uess that ’s m oblem. guess that’s myy pr problem. F or ssomething omething tto od rink, ttry ry tthe he For drink, maracuyá ($ $2),, a house -made passion($2), house-made ffruit ruit be verag age, o he cchicha hicha m orad da beverage, orr tthe morada (($2), $2), a sslightly lightly vviscous iscous d rink m ad de w ith drink made with p urple ccorn, orn, p ineap pple jjuice uice aand nd aapple pple purple pineapple juic e. juice. A nd ffor or d essert be ssure ure tto oo rder And dessert order tthe he al lfajores, cchewy hewy d ulce d eche alfajores, dulce dee lleche sandwiched db ettween w ttwo wo w discs of flak ky, between flaky, b uttery sshortbread hort r bread ssprinkled prinkled w ith buttery with p owered sug gar. Delicious powered sugar. Delicious.. Shoppingg ccenters enters ar ’s at. aree wher wheree it it’s

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39 M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y



More dining coverage

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

Flij\c\Zk`m\c`jkf]Xi\Xi\jkXliXekj`eZcl[\j k_fj\k_Xk_Xm\Y\\e]XmfiXYcpi\m`\n\[`e gi`ekYpD\kif]ff[Zi`k`ZjXe[fk_\ijk_Xk_Xm\ Y\\ejXdgc\[Ylkefki\m`\n\[`egi`ek%8ccm`j`kj Ypflini`k\ijXi\dX[\Xefepdfljcp#Xe[ Xcc\og\ej\jXi\gX`[YpD\kif%Lg[Xk\j]ifd m`^`cXeki\X[\ijXe[c`jk\[i\jkXliXk\lijXi\ _\Xik`cp\eZfliX^\[2gc\Xj\jlYd`km`X\dX`ckf j_fcYiffb7d\kife\nj%Zfd%

Downtown San Jose ¿book online at

AMICI’S EAST COAST PIZZERIA Pizza. $. Amici’s specializes in thin-crust, New York-style pizza. With its upscale atmosphere and friendly service you’ve got one of downtown San Jose’s best pizza shops. 11am-10pm MonThu, 11am-11pm Fri, 11:30am11pm Sat and 11:30am-10pm Sun. 225 W. Santa Clara St. 408.289.9000.

ARCADIA Steakhouse. $$$. Celebrity chef Michael Mina reworked the menu at Arcadia in the summer of 2006 to create a modern steakhouse, a change that has made it the destination restaurant it was originally supposed to be. Lunch 11:30am-2pm Mon-Fri and dinner 5:30-10pm SunThu, 5:30-11pm Fri-Sat. 301 S. Market St. 408.278.4555. BELLA MIA Italian-American. $$$. One of downtown San Jose’s most attractive eateries, Bella Mia serves regional dishes with flair. Full bar. 11:30am-9pm Mon-Thu, 11:30am-10pm Fri, 4:30-10pm Sat, 4:30-8pm Sun. 58 S. First St. 408.280.1993.


BILLY BERK’S Eclectic. $$. Billy Berk’s restaurant looks and taste likes the offspring of the Hard Rock Cafe and Chili’s. The downtown San Jose restaurant offers a populist mix of American, Mexican and Asian food. Most dishes are designed for sharing—appetizer-size portions, nibbles and finger foods that pair well with the prodigious drink list. 11:30am10pm Mon-Wed, 11:30am-10pm Thu, 11:30am-11pm Fri, 5-11pm Sat, Bar open till midnight. 99 S. First St, San Jose. 408.292.4300.

CITY BAR AND GRILL CLASSICAmerican. $$$. Bigshouldered food in handsome surroundings is the rule. The steaks are big and juicy, the pot pies better than Grandma used to make. Full bar. 300 Almaden Blvd, inside the Hilton. 408.947.4444.

DALAT Vietnamese. $$. San Jose’s second-oldest Vietnamese restaurant continues to draw those in search of delicious traditional fare. Surroundings are clean and friendly. Open daily for lunch and dinner. 408 E. William St. 408.294.6989. E&O TRADING COMPANY Southeast Asian. $$$. Entrees come on playful serving dishes and are beautifully spiced with multiculti flavors, from Bali to Ceylon and back through Malaysia. Full bar. Open 11:30am to 10:30pm, until midnight on weekends. 11:30am-10pm Mon-Thu, 11:30am-10:30pm Fri, 510:30pm Sat, 5-9pm Sun. 96 S. First St. 408.938.4100.

EMILE’S Contemporary French. $$$. White-tablecloth amenities without the stuffiness. An old favorite comes back strong with a new bistro. Full bar. Closed SunMon. Reservations suggested. 11am-2pm Thu-Fri, 5-10pm Tue-Sat. 545 S. Second St. 408.289.1960.

EULIPIA New American. $$$. The revamped menu emphasizes robust flavors and beautiful presentations. Several standouts have been retained from the previous menu, as have the sexy Eulipia cocktails. Full bar. 5:30-10pm Tue-Sat, 4:30-9:30pm Sat. 374 S. First St. 408.280.6161.

FLAMES EATERY AND BAR American. $$. In Silicon Valley, the home-grown Flames restaurant chain is the area’s


¿= book online $ = $10 $$ = $11-$15 $$$ = $16-$20 $$$$ = $21 and up Ranges based on average cost of dinner entree and salad, excluding alcoholic beverages

definitive coffee shop. shop And now they’ve opened in downtown San Jose to great acclaim. 7am-midnight daily. 88 S. Fourth St. 408.971.1960.

4TH STREET PIZZA CO. Pizza. $. 4th Street Pizza Co. occupies a prime corner spot on East Santa Clara and Fourth with big windows to watch the comings and goings at City Hall across the street. The thin-crust margherita fell short but the thicker-crust pies are better. 11am-9pm Sun-Thu and 11am-10pm Fri-Sat. 150 E. Santa Clara St. 408.286.7500. GUMBO JUMBO Cajun fusion. $$. Gumbo Jumbo charts new territory with dishes such as Cajun lemon-grass chicken, garlic shrimp noodles and crawfish egg rolls. And don’t miss the boiled crawfish. 11:30am-2:30pm and 5:3010pm Mon-Wed, 11:30am2:30pm and 5:30pm-midnight Thu-Fri, 3pm-midnight Sat and 3-10pm Sun. 80 N. Market St. 408.294.8626.

HOUSE OF SIAM Thai. $. This popular establishment runs the gamut of Thai treasures. Casual. Beer, wine. 11:30am2:30pm Mon-Fri, 5-10pm daily. 151 S. Second St. 408.295.3397. IL FORNAIO Regional Italian. $$. Embraced by the graceful Sainte Claire Hotel, this location (there are several up and down the coast) transports the diner. The menu showcases a different region of Italy monthly. 7am-10pm, 10:30am-11:30pm Mon-Thu, 8am-11pm Fri-Sat, 8am-10pm Sun. Full bar. 302 S. Market St. 408.271.3366.



M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y




8EAFJ<ÊJC`kkc\@kXcpdXpi`j\X^X`e`]Afj_lX ;\m`eZ\eq`$D\cXe[\i_Xj_`jnXp%;\m`eZ\eq`$ D\cXe[\i`jZ_X`idXef]C`kkc\@kXcp`eJXeAfj\#Xe \]]fikkfi\$Zi\Xk\k_\feZ\$k_i`m`e^Zfddle`kpf]@kXc`Xe Ylj`e\jj\j`ek_\fc[I`m\iJki\\k[`jki`ZkY\_`e[k_\?G GXm`c`fe%=fi;\m`eZ\eq`$D\cXe[\i#n_fnfibj`ek_\n`e\ `e[ljkip#k_`j_XjY\Zfd\Xefk_\i]lcc$k`d\#XcY\`klegX`[afY% Devincenzi-Melander has always been passionate about his heritage. Before he was 20, he started the Young Italians Club, a social club where young Italian-Americans could meet, hang out and learn or improve upon their Italian language skills. Perhaps he inherited his ardor from his grandfather John Devincenzi, who founded San Jose’s first Italian cultural festival. When asked why he works so hard to re-create Little Italy, he says he wants to preserve the legacy of the area’s Italian-Americans. “It used to be that all the orchards and canneries were owned by Italians,” he says. “They were the largest ethnic population.” Italian immigrants came to Silicon Valley, then known as the Valley of Heart’s Delight, in waves in the 1920s and ’30s. They came for the climate, which was conducive to farming. They set up farms and shops that have now largely been replaced by shopping centers. Once they were they established themselves, many ItalianAmericans moved from San Jose to the suburbs, and the coherency of the community drained away. Surprisingly, one of the first businesses to support the new Little Italy was Henry’s Hi-Life, a not very Italian, but popular and long-standing barbecue joint. As Devincenzi-Melander tells it, Henry’s Hi-Life used to be the Hotel Torino, a place where Italian immigrants would stay. “There was a restaurant downstairs, and it used to be a real cultural center for the new Italian community. Now there is plaque commemorating the history of the hotel.” Throughout all this, the city of San Jose has been supportive. Unfortunately, its support has not been fiscally expressed. Little Italy of San Jose is now a nonprofit organization and Devincenzi-Melander has resolved to raise funds from the community the old-fashioned way. He has had help from Helen Marchese-Owen, a third-generation Italian-American who has been involved with community volunteerism for over 30 years. He has also formed partnerships with local investors John Sobrato and Frank Fiscalini, among others. When asked why she had decided to participate in the project, MarcheseOwen says that her grandparents on her mother’s side owned two Italian grocery stores in San Jose: “The project is very personal and dear to my heart.” She is involved for grandchildren who did not get to meet their greatgreat-grandparents but who should know that “there is history here, people who all form a community. We all used to know one another and were there for each other. Things used to be done by a handshake. I’d like to see a little of that again.” In addition to Henry’s Hi-Life, Little Italy now boasts two truly Italian businesses, the Sabatino Memorial Family Resource Center, an Italian school for kids ages 5–11, run by Teresa Sabatino; and Paisano’s, an Italian restaurant, which recently opened in a newly renovated Victorian. Little Italy is busy looking for more businesses, and while a community cannot be built overnight, those involved are dedicated to making it happen. Although it may seem that Little Italy is being built from scratch, in fact it is just being resurrected. It will be interesting to watch the progress and to discover whether the past will be able to help the future. For more information, go to—Lisa Mock

M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

Rebuilding the Past


M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


SVDINING 40 LA PASTAIA Italian. $$. La Pastaia remains a stalwart of downtown San Jose’s dining scene. Set inside the Hotel De Anza, the rustic Italian restaurant has big city style to spare. Lunch 11am-3pm Mon-Fri and noon2pm Sat-Sun; dinner 5-9pm Mon-Thu, 5-10pm Fri-Sat and 5-9pm Sun. 233 W. Santa Clara St. 408.286.8686. LA VICTORIA TAQUERIA Mexican. $. La Vic’s famously addictive orange hot sauce merely tops off its tasty taqueria fare: big burritos of the breakfast and lunchtime varieties, overflowing nachos, delectable chile rellenos. 7am3am daily. 140 E. San Carlos St. 408.298.5335.

LOS CUBANOS Cuban. $$. Cuban food exudes an earthy, slow-cooked seduction and Los Cubanos has it in spades. Lunch 11am-2:30pm; dinner 5-9pm Tue-Thu, 5-10pm Fri, 3-10pm Sat and 3-8:30pm Sun. 22 N. Almaden Ave. 408.279.0134.

More dining coverage

MORTON’S STEAKHOUSE Steakhouse. $$$$. Morton’s, a Chicago-based chain of restaurants with more than 80 locations across the United States and abroad, offers delicious, premium-priced steaks. The rest of the menu is a mixed bag. 5:30-11pm MonSat, 5-10pm Sun. 177 Park Ave. 408.947.7000.

MUCHOS Mexican. $. A small player with a big rotisserie, this taqueria cultivates a devout lunch following. All standards get billing, but the mesquiteroasted chicken is the star. Beer. 11am-10pm daily. 72 E. Santa Clara St. 408.277.0333. NAGLEE PARK GARAGE New American. $$. Lots of restaurants would like to think of themselves as friendly neighborhood joints but few deliver. The Garage does. Small but satisfying menu of well executed comfort food classics. 5-9:30pm Tue-Thu, 510pm Fri, 9am-1pm, 5-10pm Sat, 9am-1pm Sun. 505 E. San Carlos St. 408.286.1100. NHA TOI Vietnamese. $-

MCCORMICK AND SCHMICK’S Seafood. $$$. Harks back to big-city fish houses with stately, masculine interiors. Menu follows the freshest fruits of the sea, grilled, panseared, steamed. Desserts will hook you. 11:30am-10pm daily, 11pm happy hour Fri-Sat. 170 S. Market St. 408.283.7200.

$$. Nha Toi is the place for northern style Vietnamese food—less sweet than southern Vietnamese food and less spicy than the food of central Vietnam, yet it makes wider uses of aromatic ingredients 9am10pm daily. 460 E. William St. 408.294.2733.

MEZCAL Regional Mexican. $$. Mezcal specializes in delicious regional cuisine from the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca. People who need nachos and sour-creamtopped burritos on the menu will probably be miffed, but for those willing to venture beyond the same old MexicanAmerican standards, Mezcal offers an excellent point of departure. 11:30am-11pm SunFri and 5-11pm Sat. 25 W. San Fernando St. 408.283.9595.


MOROCCO’S Moroccan. $$. Morocco’s is the kind of restaurant downtown San Jose needs more of: distinctive food cooked and served by people with a personal investment in customer happiness. Morocco’s personal touch is all over the restaurant. Lunch 11am-3pm Mon-Fri, dinner 5-11pm MonSat and Sun 5-9pm. 86 N. Market St. 408.998.1509.

American. $$. For five decades OJ’s has been serving classics of American and Italian-American food with heaping portions of big city attitude and glamour. The restaurant underwent an extensive remodel, but the menu is the same as it ever was. 11am-1am daily. 301 S. First St. 408.292.7030.

PAGODA RESTAURANT Chinese. $$$. The cuisines of China share top billing with the opulence of the décor. Pagoda offers the gamut of regional all-stars. Dressy. Full bar. 610pm Tue-Sat. Fairmont Hotel, 170 S. Market St. 408.998.3937.

PAOLO’S New Italian. $$$$. Filled with artistic spins on California-meets-Italy, the kitchen turns out elegant entrees spearheaded by seasonal vegetables. The impeccable service


compensates for the modest portions. Full bar. 11:30-2:30 Mon-Fri, 5:30-10pm MonSat. 323 W. San Carlos St. 408.294.2558.

POOR HOUSE BISTRO New Orleans. $$. The Poor House Bistro offers a low-priced menu of Crescent City classics like po’ boys, barbecued shrimp, gumbo and muffaletta. Live music on Fridays and Saturdays. Open 11am-9pm Mon-Sat. Open Sundays for major HP Pavilion events. 91 S. Autumn St. 408.292.5837. SCOTT’S SEAFOOD Seafood. $$$. Culture lovers and power brokers alike find impeccable sourdough, a sea of marine treats and other entrees and a panoramic view (there’s a sister eatery in Palo Alto). For maximum pleasure, get there at sunset. Full bar. 11:30am5pm Mon-Fri, 5pm-close Sat, 4:30pm-close Sun. 185 Park Ave. 408.971.1700.

71 SAINT PETER New American. $$$. This romantic eatery offers upscale Mediterranean food in an intimate setting Beer, wine. Closed Sun. 71 N. San Pedro St. 11:30am-1pm, 5-9pm Mon-Sat. 408.971.8523.

SONOMA CHICKEN COOP Mixed. $. If you don’t mind carrying your own tray and fighting for a table you’ll be rewarded with hearty spitroasted chicken that requires at least six napkins. 31 N. Market St. at San Pedro Square. 11am-9pm Sun-Thu, 10pm FriSat 408.287.4098.

VEGETARIAN HOUSE Vegetarian. $. This meat-free stalwart offers vegetarian dishes from around the world with a side serving of religious reading material from spiritual leader Ching Hai. 11am-2pm, 5-9pm Mon-Fri, 11am-9pm Sat-Sun. 520 E. Santa Clara St. 408.292.3798.

VUNG TAU VIETNAMESE $$. Traditionalists might gripe that they can get authentic Vietnamese food for less elsewhere, but it’s hard to top Vung Tau for its fresh, quality ingredients and sleek yet comfortable décor. Encyclopedic menu. Open daily 10am-3pm and 5-9pm. 535 E. Santa Clara St. 408.288.9055.

45 M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y



CHOICES BY: 9\Xl;fnc`e^ D`Z_X\cJ%>Xek Jk\m\GXcfgfc` I`Z_Xi[mfe9ljXZb


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Montalvo Arts Center, Saratoga Wed – 7:30pm; $40-$45 What do Tupac Shakur, Lil’ Kim, Eazy-E, Ludacris, Will Smith, Destiny’s Child, Jars of Clay, Billy Bragg and REM have in common? Suzanne Vega, of course. More specifically, they’ve all sampled or covered “Tom’s Diner,” the a cappella Vega number with the catchiest vocal hook of the 1980s (and, I would say, the second catchiest “do-do-do” harmony after Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side”). The vocal is so perfect that—true story—the inventor of the MP3 made it the first song to be converted into his new format,

in order to test whether he was capturing the seductive, chilly-andyet-still-warm subtleties of Vega’s voice (he wasn’t, which sent him back to the lab for tweaks). Since Solitude Standing, the 1987 album that broke “Tom’s Diner,” Vega has had an offbeat and varied career; she’ll run through it acoustic-style for this show. (SP)


Caravan Lounge, San Jose Thu – 9pm; free In a world where rebellion is for sale, anarchy is a T-shirt design and even a toddler can have a Mohawk, San Jose’s Anti-Social is one of the last honest punk bands. They’ve stayed true to both their ethics and

their sound. With a mixture of early ‘80s Brit and ’90s melodic punk, these boys call it like they see it, whether it be hypocritical religious leaders who are all about the dough, or tough-guy morons who try to start fights at shows. (BD)

for creating irony. Other than that, pretty cool, with insane drumming and cookie-monster-to-a-scream vocals by Clarence Chi. Aethere, the Parade, Picture Me Broken, Ten Days New, Hometown and We Stand United open. (SP)

section, with a bit of the grunge tantrum in the vocals and surfmusic arabesques in the guitar solo. The flavors work together, but I wish they’d let the poor girl they tied up in their promo picture sing a few numbers. They play an acoustic set at this exhibition of works by Kori Thompson, which also features DJing from David Ma. TCC also perform Saturday at the Blank Club. (RvB)




Saratoga Rec Center, Saratoga Fri – 6pm; $10

The Usuals, San Jose Sat – 7pm; free

JJ’s Blues, San Jose Sat – 9pm; $20

Here’s my thing, right up front: the word “soothing” does not belong anywhere near a prog-metal band that plays seven-minute jams. I hope all five members of this Santa Clara outfit get down on their knees every night and thank Jeebus

What to say of this outfit whose downloadable single “This Girl, This Grail” suggests a yearning for both the physical and the spiritual? It is not an offense to the ears: a compaction of late-20th-century Motown bass line, crime-jazz horn

When it comes to the music business, it’s who you know, right? Eh—not always. Having a blues legend for a father couldn’t keep John Lee Hooker Jr. from a life of addiction, jail and divorce. But he pulled himself back from



* concerts


Jan 26 at 7:30pm, CCity Lights Theatre, San Jose

M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M


James Vidal


PAMELA Z Jan 28 at a 6pm, Montalvo Arts Center

SILICON VALLEY SYMPHONY SIL Jan 28 at 7:30pm, Foothill Presbyterian, San Jose; Foo Jan 29 at 7:30pm, St. Mark’s Episcopal, Palo Alto

VOICES OF MUSIC BAROQUE VO Jan 28 at 8pm, First Lutheran Ja Church, Palo Alto.

AL JARREAU Jan 29 at 8pm, Campbell Heritage Theatre

MASTER SINFONIA Jan 29 at 7:30pm, St. Bede’s EEpiscopal Church, Menlo Park; Jan 30 at 3pm, Los Altos United Methodist Church

SHALL WE DANCE SJ Jazz Ja Society Benefit, Jan 29 at 6:30pm, San Jose Athletic Club 6:3

SHAWN THOMAS Jan 29 at 7pm, Campbell United Church of Christ

WILD CHILD Jan 29 at 8pm, Fox Theatre, Redwood City

ST. T LAWRENCE LAW STRING QUARTET fdgjfeXik`jk Xjj`jk #;Xm`[DX;A Xe[Bfi`K_ kfi liX eZ `Œf cXG Y\c 8eX JXkli[XpXkk_\LjlXcj% K_fj\:_Xid`e^:iffbj the edge, going on to record the Grammy-nominated Blues With a Vengeance. He may be the first artist in any genre to win a “Best New Artist Debut” award the same year he won a “Comeback Artist of the Year” award, in 2004. Clearly, Hooker Jr.’s MIA years had left the world extremely confused about the heir to the throne. But he made his comeback complete with 2008’s All Odds Against Me, which snagged him another Grammy nom. His sound mixes his father’s trad blues with the Motown sound of his native Detroit, as showcased vividly on his live album from last year. (SP)

BERRY SAKHAROF Stanford Memorial Auditorium, Palo Alto Sat – 8pm; $28-$68 An eon ago, the Andalusian

philosopher and poet Ibn Gabirol wrote in Hebrew, adding his words to the golden age of tolerance and cross-cultural wisdom in Moorish Spain. During our current strife between believers and infidels, that long ago backdrop sounds as impossible to believe in as Camelot. But Israeli rocker Berry Sakharof tries to revive it during a rare California tour, playing songs indebted to this poet and philosopher. Previously, Sakharof’s band Minimal Compact released six albums, breaking up just as they were on the verge of the U.S. tour. Now soloing at Stanford, guitarist Sakharof (who sounds a little like a Middle Eastern Carlos Santana) is performing “Red Lips,” a conceptual project inspired by Ibn Gabirol. (RvB)

*sun *tue LUIS MIGUEL

HP Pavilion, San Jose Sun – 8pm; $39.50-$99.50 A lot of people wonder: what is the deal with Luis Miguel? Why is it that one of the world’s biggest pop stars—who’s sold millions of records, become the favorite son of Mexico (or rather, sun, since he’s known as “El Sol de Mexico), and been winning Grammys since he was 15 years old—is so secretive? Why does he travel with a security detail in convoys of trucks, refusing to reveal any details of his private life? I, and only I, know the answer. He is Zorro. (SP)


San Jose Improv Tue – 7pm; $45 plus two-drink minimum Saigon-born Dat Phan made a name for himself as the first winner of the popular TV show Last Comic Standing; he has gone on to appear on The Family Guy, The Tonight Show and even The Tyra Banks Show. He headlines “Laugh*Sing*Dance*Care,” a fundraiser for the PACE Clinic; that stands for Partners in AIDS Care & Education. The evening includes standups Mary Grimes, Jon Talbert and Sasha Stephane and drag specialists the Divas. (MSG)

Jan 30 at 2:30pm, Dinkelspiel Auditorium, Stanford Dink

JEFF DUNHAM Feb 2 at 77:30pm, HP Pavilion, San Jose

MINGUS DYNASTY Feb 2 at 8pm, Dinkelspiel Auditorium, Stanford

OZZY OSBOURNE, SLASH Feb 3 at 7:30pm, HP Pavilion

SOUTH BAY GUITAR SOCIETY Anniversary gala, Feb 4 at 6:30pm, Le Petit Trianon, San Jose

ACROBATS OF CHINA Feb 11 at 7:30pm, Flint Center, Cupertino

LAVAY SMITH Feb 12 at 8pm, Sunnyvale Theatre

THE BARBER OF SEVILLE Opera San Jose, Feb. 12–27, California Theatre, San Jose

SPENCER DAY Feb 13 at 7pm, Montalvo Arts Center

SUPER LOVE JAM Feb 14 at 7:30pm, HP Pavilion

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


*stage Theater

COMPLETE FEMALE STAGE BEAUTY City Lights puts on the South Bay premiere of Jeffrey Hatcher’s drama about a 17th-century English actor who specialized in female roles. Thu-Sat, 8pm, Sun, 7pm (Jan 30) and 2pm (Feb 6, 13 and 20). Runs thru Feb 20. $15-$28. City Lights, San Jose.

THE DRESSER A look behind the curtain in a drama by Robert Harwood about a famed Shakespearean actor and his dresser, presented by San Jose Repertory Theatre. Runs Jan 27-Feb 20. Previews ThuSat, 8pm, Sun, 2 and 7pm, Tue, 7:30pm. Opens Feb 2, 8pm. $35-$74. The Rep, San Jose.

A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM A Sondheim musical romp presented by South Bay Musical Theatre. Opens (with champagne reception) Sat, 8pm. Also this week, Sun, 2:30pm. Regular shows Thu (Feb 17), 8pm, Fri-Sat, 8pm, Sun, 2:30pm. Runs thru Feb 19. $23-$33. Saratoga Civic Theatre.

NO GOOD DEED Frankie Payne, female private detective, looks for redemption in the middle of an Irish gang clash in Boston. Presented by Pear Avenue Theatre Company. Thu-Sat, 8pm, Sun, 2pm. $25/$30. Runs thru Jan 30. Pear Ave, Mountain View.

OUROBOROS Renegade Theatre Experiment tells the interlocking stories of two American couples on a nightmarish journey of fate and coincidence in Italy; the play’s ending diverges depending on the night of the performance. Thu-Sat, 8pm, Sunday, 7pm. Runs thru Feb 5. $12-$28.50. Historic Hoover Theater, San Jose.

A comedy with dramatic overtones by Steven Dietz about love, desire and betrayal. A Dragon production. Thu-Sat, 8pm, Sun, 2pm. Runs thru Feb 13. $16-$25. Dragon Theatre, Palo Alto.

More listings:

METROACTIVE.COM Fri 9pm, Sat, 8 and 10:30pm, Sun, 8pm: Reuben Paul with Geoffrey Tate and Joe Nguyen. $12-$18. Sunnyvale.

Mark Kitaoka



SAN JOSE IMPROV Wed, 8pm: Black & Blue Comedy. $12. Thu, 8pm, FriSat, 7 and 9pm, Sun, 7pm: Rex Navarrete. $16-$18. San Jose.

SEE HOW THEY RUN British playwright Philip King’s comedy with mystery overtones. A Tabard Theatre production. Runs Jan 28-Feb 20. Fri, 8pm, Sat, 3 and 8pm, Sun, 2pm. $15-$24. Theatre on San Pedro Square.




A Palo Alto Players production of a drama about author C.S. Lewis. Thu-Sat, 8pm, Sun, 2:30pm. Runs Jan 21-Feb 6. $21-$30. Lucie Stern Theater, Palo Alto.

SYLVIA A comic romance by A.R. Gurney about a man, a woman and a dog. Runs Jan 27-Feb 19. Preview Thu, 8pm. Opens Fri (with champagne reception), 8pm. Regular shows Wed (Feb 9 and 16), 7:30pm, Thu-Sat, 8pm, Sun (Feb 6 and 13) 3pm. $24-$32. Bus Barn Theater, Los Altos.


JLJG<E;@E>;@J9<C@<=I\Y\ZZX;`e\jXe[DXib8e[\ijfe G_`cc`gjjfikk_ifl^_jfd\YX]Ô`e^Zcl\j`eÉK_\*0Jk\gj%Ê


Suspense Comedy

ART MUSEUM OF LOS GATOS “Configurations: Bodies in Motion.” Figurative works by Michael Azgour, Nancy Bowman and Christofer Charles. Jan 27-Mar 18. Reception Sun, noon-1pm. Los Gatos.

SAN JOSE MUSEUM OF ART “Robert Mapplethorpe: Portraits.” Photographs of New York celebrities and artists of the 1970s and ’80s. Jan 29-Jun 5. San Jose.


A stage adaptation by TheatreWorks of the famous British spy caper. Tue-Wed, 7:30pm, Thu-Fri, 8pm, Sat, 2 and 8pm, Sun 2 and 7pm (2pm only Feb 13). Runs thru Feb 13. $27-$42. Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts.




Local author Jim Colgan’s mystery is mounted by Arclight Rep. Thu-Sat, 8pm, Sun, 2pm. Thru Jan 29. $15/$25. WORKS/San Jose.


“The Veil: Visible and Invisible.” Group show of works focusing on the societal uses of the veil. Thru Mar 11. “The Saints of Mission Santa Clara: Discovering the Meaning Behind the Art.” Thru Mar 11. Santa Clara University.



Dat Phan, original winner of “Last Comic Standing,” hosts a nigh full of comedy and more for Laugh*Dance*Care, a fundraiser for Partners in AIDS Care and Education. Tue, 7pm (dinner available). $45. San Jose Improv.

ROOSTER T. FEATHERS Wed, 8pm: New Talent Showcase. $10. Thu, 8pm,

“Vodoun/Vodounon: Portraits of Initiates.” Portraits of Vodoun followers and their shrines in Benin by JeanDominque Burton. Thru Mar 20. Thru Feb 27. Wed-Sun, 11am-5pm, Thu, 11am-8pm. Stanford.

“Learn to Play Too.” The group show about games and recreation is expanded in a second part. Thru Feb 24. Tue-Thu, 11am-3pm. De Anza College, Cupertino.

HISTORY PARK SAN JOSE “Celebrating Local Artists: The Fifth Anniversary of the


IF THE THOUGHT of murder, Nazis and the risk of losing government secrets to foreign agents doesn’t have you rolling in the aisles, then you probably haven’t ascended The 39 Steps. This latest production from TheatreWorks mixes espionage, Alfred Hitchcock and vaudeville in a hilarious caricature of over-the-top spy stories. The play’s source material is John Buchan’s novel, The Thirty-Nine Steps, written in 1915, but Patrick Barlow’s stage version follows Alfred Hitchcock’s 1935 film adaptation in characters, dialogue and plot. Richard Hannay (Mark Anderson Phillips), a bored London gentleman, unwelcomingly finds adventure in a mysterious German woman who draws him into a deadly chase across Europe when she reveals that foreign agents are attempting to smuggle state secrets out of the country. Hannay largely acts as the straight man to scores of characters played by three other actors: Rebecca Dines, Dan Hiatt and Cassidy Brown. The constant onstage costume and character changes alter between blatantly obvious and completely hidden, both providing some of K_\*0Jk\gj the funniest bits in the show. Costumes aren’t the only thing the TheatreWorks production creatively uses. The set and props Through Feb. 13 are also quite effective. At one point, Hannay Mountain View Center jumps from a bridge (a ladder) and, with the for the Performing Arts help of creative lighting, appears to plummet to $19–$56 the water below. Other props are intentionally unrealistic, such as Hiatt and Brown gently shaking a blue sheet to represent the water around Pamela’s (Dines) feet. The jokes are as old as vaudeville. However, the cast delivers everything so perfectly that the payoff is always worth it. Though it is an homage to the Master of Suspense (using film titles and scores and one of the director’s famous cameos), the show thrives on breaking the fourth wall and stepping outside of the material to ham it up with tongue planted firmly in cheek. In a fast-paced chase scene on a train, Hiatt and Brown play six characters and steal the show by bringing together with perfect timing all of the elements that make the show wonderful: physical comedy, pantomime to fill out a sparse set, machinegun dialogue and actors playing multiple roles. The second act wants to tone down the humor and falls back on the suspenseful plot. The performance is a comedy but the plot is still a thriller, and only one can be the driving force behind the production. When comedy is in control, The 39 Steps is near flawless, but when drama dominates, no one’s smiling. Luckily, Phillips anchors the second half with passionate acting and carries the plot between laughs. As a film, The 39 Steps is one of Hitchcock’s less popular works, but in this production, no matter which way you turn, it leads to a comical farce worthy of popular praise.—Matthew Craggs

49 M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y




B\ccpI`e\_Xikc\]k #JXiXCleXXe[DXik`e>X^\e%

Staged Deceit TRUTH is often an elusive commodity when it comes to the theater. No one onstage speaks it in the literal sense, although the words that come out of their mouths can have truth to them. Some actors utter their lines in a truthful way, causing us to believe they are in agony or ecstasy, the owners of broken hearts or ones bursting with joy. Others stand and deliver with robotic precision, hitting all their marks, never flubbing a line, and we don’t believe a word they say. Steven Dietz’s Private Eyes, the new offering from Dragon Productions, pushes this underlying conundrum by adding multiple layers of deliberate deceit. The action begins with an innocent enough lie by Lisa (Kelly Rinehart) as she’s auditioning for Matthew (Fred Pitts), who is casting a play. In her scene, she plays a waitress, which means she must speak to an empty chair. Have you ever been a waitress? Matthew asks her. No, she replies. They do the scene again, only this time with Matthew filling the empty seat. The effect Gi`mXk\<p\j is immediate, as Lisa’s part comes alive with the help of a colleague. Matthew, however, is a Through Feb. 13 tough sell, remarking that doing the scene with Dragon Theatre, Palo Alto her had merely convinced him that her assertion $16–$25 that she had never been a waitress must be true. Or is it? The audience is not supposed to know who’s telling the truth about this or that minor circumstance, or even if the scene we are watching is a part of the play that Lisa is auditioning for or something most of us might call reality. It’s a perfectly fine premise, but the novelty of this cat-and-mouse game that Dietz appears to delight in wears a bit thin. Why, we wonder, is all of this so important? Well, in truth, if that’s the right word, it’s not, but some fine acting makes Private Eyes well worth watching. Rinehart’s Lisa is game and expressive, vulnerable about being put in the position of having to perform for a man who holds her fate in his hands, conflicted about her revealed infidelity to her husband. This is potentially potent stuff, but I wish Dietz had given his character a reason for cheating on her husband. I could not discern her core motivation, beyond the sexual excitement that accompanies sneaking around, and we get no glimpse of defects in her husband’s behavior that might have pushed her down the path of duplicity. Martin Gagen’s Adrian, Lisa’s director in the play within this play, is another standout. He owns his character and effortlessly bends it to his will. The yin to his yang, or perhaps it’s the other way around, is Fred Pitts, whose Matthew is at his best when he’s responding to the mischief that’s been sown at his expense with passive-aggressive mischief of his own. Rounding out the cast is Sara Luna as various incarnations of Corey, a beautiful and dangerous muse, and Vic Prosak, whose turn as the sometimes-surreal Frank, whose ostensible job is to help his fellow characters, and us, make sense of the blizzard of deceptions on view.ÆBen Marks

M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M


M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y




Spencer Day and Special Fair & Unbalanced Valentine Celebration Dinner the best of Second City Sun, Feb 13, 7pm Starting at $30

Wed, Feb 23, 7:30pm Starting at $36

Hailed by the New York Times as “A Comedy Empire,” Chicago’s Second City has garnered an impressive reputation as the premier training ground for the comedy world’s best and brightest. With a stellar alumni list that includes Bill Murray, John & Jim Belushi, Mike Myers, Tina Fey, Joan Rivers, Chris Farley, Rick In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Montalvo Moranis, John Candy, Bonnie Hunt and many more, this touring company is always is offering an elegant candlelit 3-course daring, original and hilarious. The gourmet dinner prepared by Le Papillon troupe will perform social and political and served in the historic Villa at 5pm! satire in scripted scenes, music and $120 per person for dinner and concert. improvisation. Not-to-be-missed! Call Le Papillion (408) 296-3730 for the menu and to make your reservations today! Vocalist-songwriter-pianist, Day is an artistic vagabond. He borrows from numerous sources including jazz, musical theater, cabaret, soul, folk, traditional and contemporary pop. His big single TILL YOU COME TO ME hit number one on the Smooth Adult Contemporary radio chart!

Carriage House Theatre Box Office, 408.961.5858, M-F, 10am-4pm or Free on-site parking!

15400 Montalvo Road Saratoga, CA 95070

A8:B8E;AFPKi`j_K`ccdXeXe[=i\[J_Xib\p jkXi`eÉJ_X[fncXe[j%Ê

Chronicles THE EXISTENCE of evil has always been a dilemma for religious thinkers. If God exists and is good, why does he allow people to suffer? C.S. Lewis, the great academic, Christian apologist and author of the Narnia books, thought he had the answer. Pain, he reasoned, keeps us from growing content with this life, focusing our attentions instead on the next life—it is actually a gift from God. Lewis eventually saw this theory challenged in an especially painful way by the death of his wife, Joy Gresham. William Nicholson’s Shadowlands, a fictionalization of the brief romance between Joy and Lewis, began life in 1985 as a BBC television movie before graduating to the stage in 1989. It later moved to Broadway and was J_X[fncXe[j made into a motion picture (also written by Nicholson), garnering several awards and Palo Alto Players nominations along the way. A production Through Feb. 6 directed by Marilyn Langbehn is now being staged by Palo Alto Players. Lucie Stern Theater, 1305 Middlefield Road, In the play, C.S. Lewis (“Jack” to his friends, Palo Alto since he never liked the name “Clive”) finds his Tickets $26–$30 quiet bachelor life at Oxford disrupted by the appearance of his future wife, an American exCommunist. Already acquainted as pen pals, the two quickly become close friends and are soon married, though just “technically,” so that Joy can remain in England. Only after she is stricken with cancer does Jack declare his love for her and his desire to marry her in earnest. Whether his feelings are late blooming, or whether he was simply too inhibited to express what he always felt, seems open to interpretation. At any rate, his life is transformed: almost as soon as he learns to love, he is confronted with a terrible loss. His notion of pain as a gift provides no comfort in the face of this tragedy, and though he continues to assert his old beliefs, he doesn’t really seem to believe them anymore. The two lead actors play their parts with warmth and dignity. Fred Sharkey is enjoyable and quite convincing as the reserved hero, while Trish Tillman as Joy provides good contrast as the brash, forward woman who offends Jack’s stodgy friends, including Rev. Harry Harrington (Kyle Green) and the caustic Christopher Riley (Michael Fay). John Anthony Nolan is a delight to watch as Jack’s stuffy yet likeable older brother, Major “Warnie” Lewis. It’s a great evening, sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking, but always captivating. —Sean Conwell

metroactive ARTS



“The Modern Photographer: Observation and Intention.” Thru Jul 3. “Retro-Tech.” Thru Feb 6. “Vital Signs: New Media From the Permanent Collection.” Thru Feb 6. “Degrees of Separation: Contemporary Photography From the Permanent Collection.” Thru Mar 14. TueSun, 11am-5pm, closed Mon. San Jose.

“Street Scenes.” Oil paintings by Karina Svalya. Reception Jan 28, 6-8pm. Show runs thru Feb 6. Tue-Sun, 11am5pm. Big Basin Way, Saratoga.

SAN JOSE MUSEUM OF QUILTS AND TEXTILES “Cream of the Cloth: Quilts From the Marbaum Collection.” “Yvonne Porcella: Bold Strokes.” Both shows run thru Jan 30. Tue-Sun, 10am-5pm. San Jose.

TECH MUSEUM OF INNOVATION “Body Worlds Vital.” MonWed, 10am-5pm, Thu-Sun, 10am-8pm. San Jose.

TRITON MUSEUM OF ART “Heidi Brueckner.” Thru Feb 20. “2010 Statewide Watercolor Competition/ Exhibition.” Thru Feb 27. “Sweet Obsession.” Works by Lynn Powers. Thru Feb 27. TueWed and Fri-Sun, 11am-5pm. Thu, 11am-9pm. Santa Clara.

Galleries OPENING BRUNI GALLERY The gallery celebrates its move to a new location (1171 Lincoln Ave in Willow Glen) with a show of jazz portraits. Starting Feb 1. San Jose.

MACLA “Novelas, Love and Other Adventures.” A group show about graphic novels and comic books, featuring Jaime Hernandez, Rio Yañez and Mayra Ramirez. Jan 26-Mar 26. Reception Feb 4, 7pm. San Jose.

CONTINUING DOWNTOWN YOGA SHALA Works in clay by Paul Rubio. Thru Jan 28. San Jose.

GALLERY HOUSE “Small Works.” Thru Feb 5.

PALO ALTO ART CENTER Patrick Dougherty sitespecific project will be on display thru Jan, 2011. “The Nature of Entanglements.” Photographs of Dougerty’s installations in various locations. Thru Mar 31. “Architecture of Memory.” Sculpture by Mildred Howard. Thru Mar 31. Palo Alto.

SAN JOSE INSTITUTE OF CONTEMPORARY ART “Old Technology.” A retrospective of works by SJSU artist Tony May. Thru Feb 26. Tue-Fri, 10am-5pm, Sat, noon-5pm. San Jose.


A discussion by the author about dark matter and other astronomical questions in his new work, “The 4 Percent Universe.” Thu, 7pm. Free. Kepler’s, Menlo Park.

SILICON VALLEY READS The local event begins with a look at Michelle Richmond’s novel “The Year of Fog.” Wed, 7:30pm. Free. Campbell Heritage Theatre.

JANE SMILEY A Kepler’s-sponsored event with the author of “The Man Who Invented the Computer.” Thu, 7pm. Computer History Museum, Mountain View.


THE ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER Presented by California Theater Center. Sat, 11am and 1pm. $11/$12. Sunnyvale Community Center.

FERDINAND THE BULL Palo Alto Children’s Theatre.

Fri, 7pm, Sat-Sun, 2 and 7pm. Runs thru Feb 13. $8/$12. At Lucie Stern Community Center, Palo Alto.

M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

McKay Gallery.” Thru Mar. TueSun, 11am-5pm. San Jose.

Tue, 11am-4pm, Wed-Sat, 11am-8pm, Sun 11am-3pm. Enter through Printer’s Ink, Palo Alto.



More listings:


*events ARTS PANORAMA A gala event for Silicon Valley Arts Coalition features wine, food, dessert social, silent auction and sample performances by member arts groups. Fri, 6:30pm. $25. Le Petit Trianon, San Jose.

DISHCRAWL A new foodie event with visits to several restaurants in downtown San Jose. Wed. $16. (See http://dishcrawl. com/discoversj for details.)

DIY ART Portraits of the Figure is a drawing program by the museum in conjunction with Robert Mapplethorpe show. There will be a clothed model and supplies will be provided. Sat, 1-3pm. Free with admission of $8. San Jose Museum of Art.

LIBRARY BOOK SALE A monthly book extravaganza with low prices. Sat, 10am5pm, Sun, 1-5pm. King Main Library, San Jose.

NATIONAL PUZZLE DAY A competition for serious jigsaw-puzzle fans working in teams. Sat, 10am-5pm. $15 to register. Jigsaw Java, Redwood City.

STRIKEFORCE EVENT Nick Diaz vs. Evangelista Cyborg and more. Sat. HP Pavilion.

TALES AND NO TALES CAT SHOW A competition for felines. Sat, 10am-5pm, Sun, 9am5pm. $6. Santa Clara County Fairgrounds.

WELLNESS FESTIVAL A gathering of healthoriented folks with guest speakers and businesses. Sun, 2-7pm. $10. Cubberley Theater, Palo Alto.

WORLD SERIES TROPHY The Giants triumphal trophy tour continues with a stop in San Jose. Tue, 3-6pm. San Jose Municipal Stadium.


M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


:IFJJ@E>FM<I<[nXi[BpeXjkfeK_fdXj>fii\Y\\Zb dXb\j

Kit Wilder




;PE8D@:K<EJ@FE A\i\dpBfm`kZ_#8e[i\XDff[pZ\ek\i  Xe[8dp9i`fe\j`eDXi^Xi\kN`e^ifm\ÊjÉ;Xib<[^\jÊ

Reversing Roles

Wingrove Redux

JEFFREY HATCHER’S plays tend to revolve around historical events, and Compleat Female Stage Beauty, presented by City Lights Theater Company, is no exception. The main character, Edward Kynaston (Thomas Gorrebeeck), is a man who specializes in playing females roles on the stage the 17th century. Kynaston is lauded by English society at a time when the law required all female roles to be played by men. A closeted homosexual, Kynaston has a taste for upper-class indulgence that includes George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham (Robert Campbell). Kynaston, pronounced “Kinnison” and sometimes called “Kin,” revels in his fame and glory for his portrayal of Desdemona in Shakespeare’s Othello, especially her death scene—that is, until, the aspiring Margaret Hughes (Robyn Winslow) plays Desdemona in a secret theater. Hughes has seen Kynaston’s :fdgc\Xk performance many times and has copied his =\dXc\JkX^\ every move, right down to the eye bats.

A RECENT 30th-anniversary concert given by San Jose’s modern-dance gem the Margaret Wingrove Dance Company drew from decades of Wingrove’s award-winning choreography. Interestingly, the program showcased not so much an evolution as a range. Wingrove’s work, like the human psyche, like the relationships that inform it, is a study in contrasts: soft and hard, for example.


King Charles II (George Psarras), an avid theater buff, decides to change the law and decrees Through Feb. 20 men forbidden to play female roles. Kynaston’s City Lights Theater Co., world comes crashing down suddenly. He has San Jose to reinvent himself. After humorously insulting $15–$28 socialite Sir Charles Sedley (Dale Albright), he loses his lover, who confides that when he slept with Kynaston, he imagined being with Kynaston’s fictional characters. He is shunned and beaten by thugs. He tries to act the part of Othello to the court but soon realizes he performs too much like his old female characters. Kynaston becomes an outcast and is reduced to dancing in shady burlesque theaters. He is eventually found by his old stage dresser Maria (Kate McGrath), who helps him out and tells him his portrayal of Desdemona couldn’t be more wrong. Desdemona wouldn’t just accept death with meagerness; she would fight for her life. Gorrebeeck is wonderful as Kynaston, coming to terms with himself, sexually or otherwise. Psarras plays King Charles II with superb pompous regality. Gough’s Thomas Betterton comes across perfectly as the stressedout theater owner. Campbell is equally as good as the snobbish Villiars. I started to get annoyed with Therese Schneck’s portrayal of the king’s mistress, Nell Gwynn. But I later realized that was the point. She’s an annoying dimwit. Bravo. As Margaret Hughes, Winslow displays excellent comedic timing, and her serious dramatic parts were flawless. The most believable character turns out to be Maria. McGrath is totally natural in her small but significant part. Compleat Female Stage Beauty is a history lesson wrapped up in a fascinating story.ÆBeau Dowling

Premiered at the end of the show, Wingrove’s latest piece, Transcend, presents the soft, rounded movements of five dancers so gentle and fluid as they amble, walk in circles and show affection that the women in shimmery dresses appear to be part of a water ballet. Transcend was counterbalanced at the beginning of the production with Dark Edges (1990), where three taut bodies in jungle piebald leotards move combatively to percussive bells and occasionally stabbing violins. The program also included the Paradise Dance Hall (2008) number from The Glass Menagerie, seductive as a tango, with the thrown-back shoulders of the couple (Shannon Bynum and Travis Walker), and yet plaintive as its wailing Cirque de Soleil guitar. In Shatterings (1989), inspired by the untimely death of Wingrove’s son, brief, angry shoves surprise us from amid the slow sadness, the leaning support and the son’s leg tremors or listing shoulder (Travis Walker). Fittingly, two of the company’s longtime dancers brought amazing solo performances to the program. Lori Seymour, reprising 1999’s Tulips based on a poem by Sylvia Plath, oozed down a banister at the San Jose Stage Theatre in her white hospital garb to a hospital-white set. In the poem, the winter whiteness is disturbed by heart-red tulips, which Plath, narrated by Judith Miller, calls “sinkers around my neck.” Seymour’s aberrant gestures (like arm-rocking a baby too quickly) capture Plath’s sardonic tone; her outstretched positioning echoes the vulnerability of openness evoked by the open-slit Johnny and the words. Howerton pours his elegant style into Lenguaje de Incendios, in moves that seem shaped around the natural curves of his line. Howerton meets the floor as if the shivering glissandos of the music were a sleeve he slides into. In the lines of Octavio Paz, the inspiration for this dance, there is “a silent man up against a wall,” perhaps an impending firing squad (“freedom is calling me to death”), and Howerton dances both the freedom, in dreamy, crescent-bodied swirls, and the death, with an arm clutched to his middle. The 30th-anniversary program has been committed to DVD with clarity and unobtrusive camera, and even short dances, like the insectlike delight, Snare Game (1987), draw you to multiple viewings. Many dance aficionados will say that good dance, recorded, loses its ephemeral immediacy, but this DVD confirms that what might be lost in these areas is gained in depth. —Marianne Messina

55 M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

TTakashi aakashii Seida, Courtesy of Sony Pictur Pictures es Classics


metroactive FILM

Barney’s Rubble

9Xie\pGXlc >`XdXkk` Xe[@qqp;ljk`e?f]]dXe KNFF=8B@E; K NF F= 8 B@E;9Xie\pGXlc>`XdXkk` X @qqp ;ljk`e?f]]dXe  Xe[ Xi\Yfk_`iXjZ`Yc\`eÉ9Xie\pÊjM\ij`fe%Ê X Yfk_ Xi\ k `iXj XjZ`Yc\`eÉ9Xie\pÊj M\ij`fe%Ê \

Dfi[\ZX`I`Z_c\iÊjefm\c`j  Dfi[\ZX` I`Z_cc\iÊj efm\c`j  Yfk_X_\cgXe[X_`e[iXeZ\kf Y Yfk_ k_ X _\cg Xe[X _`e e[iXeZ\kf  Ócdm\ij`fef]9Xie\pÊjM\ij`fe  Ó dm\ij`fe f]9Xiie\pÊÊj M\ Ócd \ij`fe e 9p RICHA RICHARD CH H RD V VON ON BUS BUSACK ACK


?<:B@E> Dfi[\ZX` ?<:B@E>Dfi[\ZX` I`Z_c\iÊj(00.efm\c I`Z_ `Z_c\iÊj (00.efm\c 9Xie\pÊjM\ij`feX]k\i 9Xie e\pÊÊj M\ \ij`feX]k\i j\\`e^k_\e\nÓcd j\ j\\`e e^ k_\e\nÓcd X[XgkXk`fe#@i\Xc`q\[k_Xk`k X[ [XgkXk`fe gkX e#@ i\Xc`q\[ k_Xk `k nXjeÊkk_\ljlXcZXj\f]k_\ nXjeÊk k_\ \ ljlXc ZXj\f] k_\ dfm`\il`e`e^k_\YffbYlk dfm` il`e dfm`\ e`e^k_\YffbYlk f]k_\Yffbjfikf]il`e`e^ f] k_\ Yffb f b jfik f] il`e`e^ k_\dfm`\% k_ _\ dfm`\% _\ dfm`\ fm Reading R eading the the R Richler ichler aand nd lliking iking i fine it fi was disappointed d disapp ointed that fine,, I was d irector R ichard JJ.. L ewis’ vversion ersion o director Richard Lewis’ off B Barn neey’s Version Ver erssioon sk ews melo dramatic Barney’s skews melodramatic and nd inappr i op priately t touching inappropriately touching.. W orthwhile as as tthe he fi lm iis, s, iitt rrobs obs u Worthwhile film uss o off ssome ome o he ssalt alt an nd aacid cid o ichler’s off tthe and off R Richler’s

last n last novel: ovel: aan n oddly oddly sprightly sprightly and an nd profane payback. pr rofane pa ayback. y Taking novel aside,, though, T aking a the no vel e aside though Lewis’ L ewis’’ comedy comedy is an unusually and iintelligent ntelligent an nd sarcastic sarrcastic film. film. It It has has sscope, cope, taking taking place placce over over the the course course of of decades between d ecades roughly roughly b etween the the 1950s 1950s aand nd tthe he 11990s. 990s. It It eexalts, xalts, and an nd wraps wraps in in some pricey lingerie,, the surprisingg so ome pric ey lingerie beauty Rosamund b e ty of R eaut osamund Pike, o Pike, as well different, aass tthe he eextremely xtremely d iff ffeerent, aand nd yyet et eequally quallly ssurprising urprising beauty beauty of of Minnie Minnie Driver. D river. JJewish-Canadian ewish-Canad dian Princess Princess tturns urns out out to to be be a great great look look for for this this Irish Ir rish woman, go figure. figure. In some satin saatin underclothes during u nderclothes d uring a ghastly ghasstly Roman Roman honeymoon, Driver does h oneymoon, D river d oes a rrobust obust burlesque off Sophia b urlesque o Sophia Loren’s Loren’s ssimilar imilar ar negligee ne egligee parts parts in the early 1960s. 1960s. Back in the real real world of runty, runty, men, Dustin ccoarse oarrse m en, D ustin Hoffman Hoff ffm man n gets gets

some of his own back after the sweatsweatsoaked endured ole he end soak ed dad rrole dured in LLittle ittle Fockers. Hee ssports RAF mustache F ockerrs. H ports aan nR AF m ustache perhaps dental prosthetic, and p erhaps a dent al pr p osthetic, bit off a T Terry Thomas his ab it o erry T homas ggap ap tto oh is Hoffman up tteeth. eeth. H off ffm man n iiss a ttreat reat ttearing earing u p pretentious wedding with ap retentious JJewish ewish w edding w ith a unspeakable wealth of unsp eakablee stories. stories. Ass his son, a chip off A ff the block, block, Paul Giamatti Barney P aul G iam matti iiss tthe he B arrney iin n question, harried but wealthy q uestion, a h arrried b ut w ealthy Montreal producer, Montr eal TV pr oducerr, a vveteran eteran life wheree antiof a long lif fe in a land wher Semitism wells up S emitism w ells u p ffrom rom ttime ime tto o Barney notorious ttime. ime. B arney iiss aalso lso n otorious aass prime murder tthe he p rime ssuspect uspect iin n tthe he m urder drug-wracked buddy Boogie of his drug-wrack ed bu uddy Bo ogie Speedman, ((Scott Scott S peedman, llooking ooking llike ike a Matthew llow-cal ow- cal ssubstitute ubstitute ffor or M atthew McConaughey), body was McC onaughey),, whosee b ody w as never Boogie’s dramatic n ever ffound. ound. B oogie’s d ramatic purpose obvious: purp ose is ob vious: yyou o ccan ou an hold any kind off d discursive, an ny k ind o iscursive, ffrolicking rolicking narrative n arrattive ttogether ogether aass llong ong ass yyou ou assure dead body as ssure tthe he rreader eader tthere’s here’s a d ead b ody ccoming oming up. up. Barney’s marriages were B arney’s tthree hree m arriages w ere catastrophes different varieties.. catastrophes of diff ffeerent varieties

married artist He first ma arried an insane ar tist Lefevre), ((Rachelle Rachelle L efevre), tthen hen a rraving aving (Driver) materialistt (Driv er) and then finally (Pike), Miriam (P Pike), a woman way way too too good He fiendishly fell go od for for o him. h feell in love third wife-to-be lo ve with his h thir d wif fe-to -be during second wedding.. oursee of his sec the ccourse ond wedding Ass Miria Miriam, ravishing, A am, Pike Pike is ra avvishing, and it’s easyy to b believe it ’s eas elieve her as a radio personality; Shakespearean p ersonality; the Shak espearean training sh shows hows in the music of her vvoice. oice. But B if Miriam seems underwritten—a too-poised, under written ten—aa to o -p poised,, studiostudio movie figure—blame Richler.. It It’s mo vie figu ure—blame Richler ’s hard believe har d to b e ve in Miriam clinging elie principle,, to a single youthful youthful principle particularly par ticularlly when principles tend to age. soften in older o age. Ass this artist A a tist of the perfect ar perfect e squelch, Giamatti G Giamat ti is bracingly cast, cast, and one can’t can a ’t imagine anyone anyone else part. in the par t Barney t. Barney is similar to Sideways, Miles in Si ideways, with quantities desperation porcine of desp eraation and p orcine wrath. wrath dirtier, born But Barney Barney is a little little dir tier, a b orn troublemaker, ub blemaaker, more more sinning than sinning nin ng against. aggainst. This character is just plain too ain to o much m ffor o or some viewers, viewers, a big ig bite b of o horseradish for for o the shrinking palate.. rink king palate p Thee film m vversion ersion has a “seriously folks” ending ks”” endi ing in which Barney Barney is rredeemed edeemed through through shame and physical suffering. I’d ph hyysiccal su uff ffeering. I’ d rather not specify suffering, grounds sp ecif iffy thee suff ffeering, on the gr ounds anyone portions that an yon ne ordering ordering huge p ortions smoked sandwiches, of smok ed d meat sandwiches s,, Montecristos Montecrist tos and single malt is pay going to p ay the Grim Waiter at point. some p oin nt. murder And thee mur der is clumsily solved solved through through a TV newscast. newscast. The book book had it perfect. There, mystery perfeect. Ther e, the m ystery of Boogie was Bo ogie w a rresolved as esolved in an instant; instant; was likee Alec Guinness’’ fateful it w as lik the blink at th he end of Kind Hearts and Coronets, wheree he rrealizes C ooronets, wher w ealizes that the hangman’s hangman ’s got him, eeven ven though he’s temporarily escaped noose. he ’s temp o orarily esc aped the no ose. Barney, Barne y, an n intellectual who likes likes to pose would rrecognize p ose as a vulgarian, v ecognize Pascal’s P ascal’s idea ideea of life liffe as a comedy comedy with bloody way a blo ody finish. fi The w ay Lewis Lewis films this,, it it’s bloody this ’s a comedy comedy with a blo ody finish. aawful w wful finis sh.

9Xie\pÊjM\ij`fe I2(*)d`e% Fg\ej=i`[Xp#:`e„8ikj JXekXeXIfn

metroactive FILM BARNEYâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S VERSION (R; 132 min.) See review on page 56. (Plays at Guild in Menlo Park and opens Fri at CinĂŠArts Santana Row.)

BIUTIFUL (R; 147 min.) See review on page 58. (Opens Fri.)

FROM PRADA TO NADA (PG-13; 107 min.) A comedy about two suddenly impoverished sisters who go to live with their aunt in Los Angeles; based on Austenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Sense and Sensibility and starring Camilla Belle and Alexa Vega. (Opens Fri.)

THE ILLUSIONIST (PG; 80 min.) See review on page 59. (Opens Fri.)

INSIDE JOB (PG-13; 108 min.) A whirlwind tour through the economic rubble of 30 years of deregulation of banks and ďŹ nancial institutions. Charles Fergusonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s enraging documentary discovers that the famous revolving door turns 360 degrees; grossly overpaid gamblers from Goldman Sachs and elsewhere are returned to government ofďŹ ces they left for Wall Street. Some of these spoilsmen go to formerly honorable Ivy League institutions, there to legitimize the kind of ďŹ scal policies that made them superrich. Few have regrets,

sequences). Complications ensue when the evil foreign-devil British imperialist overlords bring in a vicious Western-style boxer (Darren Shahlavi) called Mr. Twister: is this, indeed, S. Y. Marshakâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s old Soviet joke that went to the Peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Republic after the Communists fell? Who knows, but Twisterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s unbearable insults to China in general and Chinese martial arts must be met in the ring in an astounding match between kung fu and boxing. Recommended. (RvB) (Opens Fri at Camera 12 in San Jose.)

but some have anger at being asked impertinent questions about ethics by a lowly submillionaire with a camera. The ďŹ lm records a nonpartisan disgrace. One of the prime disappointments of the Obama administration is the way he found work for the familiar rogues from the Meltdown of â&#x20AC;&#x2122;08. Ferguson asks great questions. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t expect a lot of great answers about how a gloriďŹ ed Ponzi scheme left most of America either overworked or unemployed, heavily in debt and a few millimeters away from homelessness. (RvB) (Opens Fri at Camera 3 in San Jose.)

THE MECHANIC (R; 92 min.) Jason Statham is on the loose again. (Opens Fri.)

IP MAN 2 (R; 108 min.) Idealistic, rousing and ďŹ&#x201A;uidly shot martial arts ďŹ lm recalls the golden age of Hong Kong action; as in the old days, you hardly need to have seen the ďŹ rst IP Man to get a grip on the plot. A humble yet formidable master (the likable Donnie Yen) teaches Wing Chun martial arts in corrupt post-war Hong Kong. Heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s pinioned in-between the police (represented by perennial fat-guy weasel Kent Cheng) and a rival master (Sammo Hung, who directed the action

NO STRINGS ATTACHED (R; 110 min.) Street credless but not so bad romcom is a strong comeback for Ivan Reitman, despite how he stalls it out with delays and uncomfortable slang (crunk jokes? Really?). Can we believe that Natalie Portman is a beautiful L.A. physician who works like a maniac and wants a sex life with no demands? Why not. Can Ashton Kutcher play Adam, a likable but not brilliant

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MODERN MASTERPIECE.â&#x20AC;? -Matt Holzman, NPR

â&#x20AC;&#x153; BRAVO


           -Peter Travers, ROLLING STONE








â&#x20AC;&#x153;KUNG FU â&#x20AC;&#x153;GREAT


REIGNSâ&#x20AC;&#x201C; SUPREME!â&#x20AC;? VARIETY For showtimes, advance tix and more, go to


â&#x20AC;&#x201C; TWITCH



â&#x20AC;&#x201C; SCREEN DAILYÂ





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   â&#x20AC;˘ 201 S. 2nd St, S.J. â&#x20AC;˘ 998-3300    Student Night Wednesdays -- $6 after 6pm *THE RITE (PG-13) *THE MECHANIC (R) *BIUTIFUL (R) 127 HOURS (R) *IP MAN 2 (R) *THE WAY BACK (PG-13) *NO STRINGS ATTACHED (R) THE FIGHTER (R) THE KINGâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S SPEECH (R) TRUE GRIT (PG-13) GREEN HORNET 3D (PG-13) BLACK SWAN (R)


   â&#x20AC;˘ 288 S. Second, S.J. â&#x20AC;˘ 998-3300 *THE ILLUSIONIST (PG) INSIDE JOB (PG-13) MADE IN DAGENHAM (R) OPENS 2/4! SANCTUM 3D








THEATER RENTALS -- CALL 395-6465 "'%$%79%27>;350:&0?;'&' )3;2+7<9,#"&7 * 


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%#! !&%!"#%%%"$%"'!&"'#"!%#& &&$$&"$%"$"$%"'!!"$ &"!!%")& %

57 M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M




M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6- F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

Jose Haro



metroactive FILM aspiring TV scriptwriter who lucks into meeting the demands of the above-mentioned Emma? Naturally. Can both of these status-crossed lovers be linked by issues about their respective fathers, which would give them a lack of trust? Simplicity itself; Alvinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own dad here is a former â&#x20AC;&#x2122;80s sitcom star played ably and wickedly by Kevin Kline. Reitman cast half the under-30 standup comedians in L.A. to show up in bit parts. Greta Gerwig steals every scene sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s in. But Portman is as uneasy with crude comedy as Kutcher is with the sophisticated side of wit. Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a smarter, meaner indie comedy in this ďŹ lm, and Reitman beats it down and stalls it; it arrives at its point and then sticks around for a half-hour looking for something to do. (Opens Fri.) (RvB)




Misery SWIPING THE CROWN of thorns from Gaspar NoĂŠâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s brow is Alfonso GonzĂĄlez Iùårritu (Babel, etc.). In the press notes for Biutiful, Iùårritu sounds like that beercommercial character Montaigne, the Worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Most Interesting Man: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Modern society suffers, among many things, from a profound thanatophobia.â&#x20AC;? Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s usually fear of life, not death, that audiences are accused of. Either that, or theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re accused of participating in corporate death culture. In Barcelonaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s rugged Santa Coloma district, Uxbal (Javier Bardem) has learned that he has stage-four prostate cancer. He has rather a lot on his insufficiently washed plate: his estranged wife, Marambra (Maricel Ă lvarez), is a promiscuous bipolar case who is too close to Uxbalâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s brother, Tito (Eduard FernĂĄndez). And his two children are growing up neglected. Seeing the end in sight, Uxbal works night and day; heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a liaison man between the neighborhoodâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s teeming illegal immigrants and the cut-rate employers who hire them. Since Uxbal is psychicâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;more speciďŹ cally, he sees dead peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;the moribund man makes some money on the side, transcribing parting words from the newly deceased. Ă lvarez has a beguiling nose, and when she puts hers next to Bardemâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own

Roman beak, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s visual harmony at work. She has the dread charm of someone in the manic stage, all lit up like a Christmas tree with bad chemicals. But Iùårritu makes the decision to let us know how out of control Marambra is too early on: when she wakes up Tito by dancing topless on his back 9`lk`]lc and spilling red wine over him. The wine cascade is R; 147 min. meant to be a visual rhyme Opens Friday, with the bloody urine Camera 12, Uxbal keeps spouting. San Jose, and CinĂŠArts The beauty of anything Palo Alto but rot is either missing or bruised. Barcelonaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s coast might as well be as far away as Borneo; eventually, we see one sunset over the water, and the sun is diffracted into the shape of a mushroom cloud. The only beach we see washes up cadavers. There is no fun for the poor in a neighborhood IĂąarritu rhapsodizes about (â&#x20AC;&#x153;It has the DNA of a perfect U.N.â&#x20AC;?), neither in color itself (everything in queasy neon and shiny with grease) nor in sex. At a strip club, with mutant dancers decorated with extra nipples on their asses, BituďŹ ul goes beyond its belabored world-is-a-ghetto point right into straight disgustorama. â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Richard von Busack

(PG-13; 112 min.) Based, lightly one suspects, on Father Gary Thomas of San Joseâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own career, as recorded in Matt Baglioâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s nonďŹ ction book. In Rome, a skeptical Midwestern priest (Colin Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Donoghue) apprentices with Father Lucas, a cracked male


cat-lady of an exorcist (Anthony Hopkins). Director Mikhal Halfstrom doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t so much direct as he sics Hopkins at the part. Hopkins gives approximately 1,400 percent of his talent in the possession scenes (this is a man after all who played both Van Helsing and the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most evil human); heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s perhaps even more delicious when heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not horsing the devil and just emitting abstract Pinterian sighs at the slipperiness of Satan. The movie doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t parse: Satan wants us to not believe he exists, ergo he causes people to talk like deathmetal musicians and crow that heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s going to eat the maggots off of dead ďŹ&#x201A;esh. Make up your mind, Beelzebub! The best effects are the simplest: a moment of nasty shock as Lucas strikes a child or when he sits half-dressed in the rain: indeed, Hopkins adds Lear to this. Nothing like a Welshman if you want to beat the devil, as per Exorcist II: The Heretic. See at a bargain matinee and marvel at the richness of this ageless, virile yet feline actor, and damnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d be him who cries hold, enough. (Opens Fri.) (RvB)


 "  -. )-20*+(/6!(302*0)4-1.% 0- $  

59 5

REVIEW DANGEROUS/SPECIAL AGENT (Both 1935) Bette Davis got her ďŹ rst Oscar playing a hard-drinking actress who is saved from the gutter by a new man (Franchot Tone) in Dangerous. BILLED WITH


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3',#$(" !.(4  ( )+$". 2



KI@:BJK<IAXZhl\jKXk`c`m\jX^X`e `eXe`dXk\[]fid`eĂ&#x2030;K_\@cclj`fe`jk%Ă&#x160;

Rabbit, Run IT IS a pretty thing, but can you call The Illusionist Jacques Tati? Sylvain Chomet directs this animated feature based on an unproduced script by the auteur of M. Hulotâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Holiday, and others. If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve got a taste for squabbles, observe the one that Tatiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s grandson, Richard McDonald, has commenced; by his lights, the Tati script was autobiographical family property, unfairly sold oďŹ&#x20AC;. (McDonaldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s open letter to Roger Ebert makes it sounds like the purloined manuscript in Nabokovâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Pale Fire, procured with a contract signed â&#x20AC;&#x153;in some peculiar form of red ink.â&#x20AC;?) Compared with Chometâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s The Triplets of Belleville this new ďŹ lm seems underpowered and faint. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hard to make an entire movie out of wistfulness.




TatischeďŹ&#x20AC; (Tatiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s real name) is an aging stage magician, chased out of his customary theaters by the rise of rock & roll. Heading to Scotland, the magician gets a gig in Edinburgh. He holes up in a theatrical hotel with other small-timers, among them a whisky clown and a ventriloquist slowly giving up the ghost. (The end is near; even the magicianâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s rabbit hates him.) But TatischeďŹ&#x20AC; has company: a young girl he found cleaning up in a Scottish island pub follows him to the city, believing his conjuring tricks are authentic magic.

The ligne claire cityscapes glow enchantingly; the tinted melancholy seascapes show that if 2-D animation is really on its way out, Hayao Miyazaki wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be its only pallbearer. Staging a ďŹ lm in the early 1960s was a well-chosen breaking point of old and new kinds of show business. Animated characters K_\ always shine best when @cclj`fe`jk they sing and dance, and PG; 80 min. Chometâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s caricatures of Opens Friday, the wildly popular mop Camera 3, tops â&#x20AC;&#x153;Billy Boy and the San Jose Britoonsâ&#x20AC;? are the funniest things in the ďŹ lm. Chomet captures, without overemphasis, the changing times through moments such as a Wurlitzer jukeboxâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ďŹ rst entrance into a rural village pub. Chomet keeps things dry and subtle; he shares Tatiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s famously democratic framing of a scene, in which all characters are equal participants. But The Illusionist is more like a stray bit of Ealing Studios comedy transformed into animated form. And the moment when the cartoon version encounters the real thing (when TatischeďŹ&#x20AC; enters a theater playing Mon Oncle) punctures The Illusionistâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most diďŹ&#x192;cult illusion: the attempt to persuade us that we have Tati back from the grave.Ă&#x2020;Richard von Busack

M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J A N UA R Y 226 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | SA ANJOSE.COM | M . EEVT R OAC OA T I V E . C O M


Special Agent. Davis stars as the secretary to a mob boss (Ricardo Cortez) being investigated by a newspaperman who is also a government investigator. (Plays Jan 27-28 in Palo Alto at the Stanford Theatre.) (RvB)

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


metroactive FILM HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERERâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S STONE/ HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS (2001/2002) The ďŹ rst two in a series thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s improved hugely over the years (maybe because of different directors than Chris Columbus). The origin story has the orphaned Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) taking his legacy spot at Hogwarts. The ďŹ rst hour is crammed rigid with characters. As a ghost, John Cleese only has time to say, in essence, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Hello, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m a ghost.â&#x20AC;? But two thingsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;a suave, touching conversation with a boa constrictor and a street of wizardsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; shops hidden behind an enchanted brick wallâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;give the ďŹ lm a mysterious cinematic charge. Then it gets noisy: Indiana Jones at Eton. BILLED WITH Chamber of Secrets: Meet


Dobbyâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Jar Jar Binksâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; English cousin; other new faces include the inept and full-of-himself Gilderoy Lockhart (Kenneth Branagh), the evil Aryan Draco (Tom Felton) and his supercilious father, Lucius (Jason Isaacs). (Plays Jan 28-30 in San Jose at the Retro Dome.) (RvB)

THE MARK OF ZORRO/ THE PRISONER OF ZENDA (1940/1937) The most romantic version of the story of the enigmatic avenger of California, a land plagued by misrule and greedy landlords, then as now. Rouben Mamoulian directs the ďŹ lm as a series of black/white contrasts: white-hot, sun-struck villages and the black rider (Tyrone Power) who awakens them. Our heroâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s entrance, dousing a candle with a ďŹ&#x201A;ick of his blade, making it seem as if a dark room is illuminated by his eyes. The catlike

Basil Rathbone plays Capt. Pasquale, nastily switching his sword back and forth in preparation for the lethal close-quarters duel in the ďŹ nale. BILLED WITH The Prisoner of Zenda. The ineffable swashbuckler, with Ronald Colman in the dual lead, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. as the pleasant but lethal Rupert of Hentzau and Madeleine Carroll as the princess. (Plays Jan 29-31 in Palo Alto at the Stanford Theatre.) (RvB)

NILES FILM MUSEUM Jan 29: Hula (1927) with Clara Bow as Pineapple Princess â&#x20AC;&#x153;Hula Calhounâ&#x20AC;?; Victor Fleming directs and Duke Kahanamoku is aboard as â&#x20AC;&#x153;Hawaiian Boy.â&#x20AC;? Also the shorts Choose Your Weapons with Bobby Vernon and The Bakery with Larry Semon. Bruce Loeb at the piano. (Plays Jan 29 at 7:30 in Fremont at the Edison Theatre.) (RvB)

Reviews ANOTHER YEAR (PG-13; 129 min.) As suffused with harmony as a great work of Asian art, alive with the wit and compassion that have made Mike Leigh a master director of comedies. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a study in dichotomy: an aging, hard-working couple (Ruth Sheen, Jim Broadbent) in the suburbs of London contrasted with the life of their high-maintenance friend Mary (Lesley Manville). If Another Year is a four-paneled study instead of a wide canvas like Secrets and Lies, the ďŹ gures are deep and well conceived, perhaps idealized but not sweetened. Manvilleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s acting, absolutely wounding to watch, shows what itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s like to be an exile from the world. Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s genuine horror in her desperation. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s like watching a woman freeze to death in front of us. (RvB)


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(R; 120 min.) Cindy (Michelle Williams) is a nurse married to Dean (Ryan Gosling), a housepainter; the two are seen on their ďŹ rst dates and years later at what may be the end of their marriage. Director Derek Cianfranceâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s intimate and frighteningly close study of the bad side of love has problems: confusing time frames and some bits of info that seem to have been left in the directorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s head during the harrowingly long pre-production. What we start to see, thanks to Williamsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; acting, is something bigger than this coupleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s feud. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s more like the war of the body and the soul. Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s too much challenge to the average insipid romcom for this ďŹ lm to be ignored. More than anything, Blue Valentine makes it clear what a terrible thing â&#x20AC;&#x153;romantic destinyâ&#x20AC;? would be if it really existed. As for Williams: she simply gives the single best female performance of the year. (RvB)

THE KINGâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S SPEECH (R; 118 min.) Colin Firth gives a deeply affecting portrayal of a shamewracked man born and bred to be a spokesman, yet who is handicapped with a crippling stammer. In the 1930s, Firth is the Duke of York, a family man with a wife named Elizabeth (Helena Bonham Carter). The stammering duke, known to his family as â&#x20AC;&#x153;Bertie,â&#x20AC;? is the ofďŹ cial spare to the heir, next in line to the Prince of Wales (a superlatively cast Guy Pearce embodies this Edwardâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s upper-class shadiness and monstrous entitlement). The prince is the love slave of a twice-married American named Simpson; his affair and his

indifference to world troubles are pushing events to a constitutional crisis. The man tapped to solve it is Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush), an Australian speech therapist tasked with helping the duke ďŹ nd his voice on the eve of Englandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s entry into World War II. Most of the ďŹ lm is an inspired actorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s duel about the conďŹ&#x201A;ict between pride and need. Rushâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s wit and nimbleness counterpoint this story of majesty, which is almost exactly as tragic as it is comic. (RvB)

SEASON OF THE WITCH (PG-13, 95 min.) Nicolas Cage plays a knight named Behmen who with his best pal (living Picasso minotaur Ron Perelman) spent the early 1300s putting his sword through Saracens, before cutting and running from the Crusades. In a citadel town, a dying cardinal (Christopher Lee) asks the knights to haul an imprisoned witch (Claire Foy) to an abbey a weekâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ride away. She seems like such a nice girl, though, and thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s an element of doubt: what if sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s actually an innocent victim of superstition? This question (soon solved, unfortunately) isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t the point; a few extraneous characters whose fate is quite foreseeable follow the two leads on a trip from the Wormwood Forest to the Abbey of the Zombies. Cage, looking quite well fed, takes the knightly high road; the script is littered with lines like â&#x20AC;&#x153;Honor is not to be discarded or forgotten.â&#x20AC;? This ďŹ lm, however ... (RvB)

THE WAY BACK (R; 103 min) Peter Weirâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ďŹ rst ďŹ lm in seven years is based on the true story of an escape from one of Stalinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Gulags during the 1940s. The prisoners ďŹ&#x201A;ed on foot from Siberia to the Himalayas (and beyond). Colin Farrell is the standout as a tattooed Russian criminal who forces his way into the escape attempt; he revs up this ďŹ lm with an ingratiating accent and hard-bitten mottos: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Grateful is for dogs!â&#x20AC;? The ďŹ lm excels in passages and images; the frost of white whiskers on Ed Harrisâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; chin makes him look like an old but still dangerous lion. When the prisoners are coal mining, amid mechanical roars and belching steam hoses, Weir shows us how to ďŹ lm confusion without making it look confused. And thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a death scene in the desert performed with such grace that it is an instant classic. The problem is that the ďŹ lm sometimes looks like itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s missing reels, even as it goes overlong Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s an almost masterpiece, dampened by Weirâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s straight-forward tale-telling when he might well have shaded this ďŹ lmâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s burning suns with a shadow of a doubt. (RvB)

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M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y



Tonight at Noon: A Love Story, was released in 2002), producer and allaround crusader that brought about the shift in the public perception of Mingus. Now his work is widely performed and he’s celebrated as one of the great American composers. There have been strokes of luck along the way—she discovered his epic masterpiece, a composition over 4,000 measures long which Mingus himself had tried to perform and record with disastrous results before abandoning it in 1962, and produced its first performance, which ran over two hours long, in 1989. Sue Mingus will speak at Stanford on Tuesday, Feb. 1, as part of the Mingus-related events (the Mingus Dynasty septet she founded will perform Wednesday, Feb. 2, and the Mingus Big Band comes to Stanford April 13). She spoke to Metro about her work and her husband’s legacy.

62 M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

metroactive MUSIC

A Mingus Among Us

D<KIF1N_XkÊj[`]]\i\ekefn n_\epfljg\XbkfXl[`\eZ\j XYflkpfli_ljYXe[k_Xen_\e pfljkXik\[kf[f`k6

K?<D8EN?FJK8IK<;8;PE8JKP <D8EN?FJK8IK<;8;PE8JKP < ?F :_Xic\jD`e^ljÊnfib`jY\`e^Z\c\YiXk\[Xccj\Xjfecfe^Xk :_Xic\jD`e^ljÊnfib`jY\`e^Z\c\YiXk\[Xccj\Xjfec JkXe]fi[C`m\cp8ikj%?`jn`[fn#Jl\D`e^lj#jg\XbjfeKl\j[XpXe[D`e^lj;peXjkpg\i]fidj=\Y%)%

K_\b\\g\if]:_Xic\jD`e^ljÊ mXjkc\^XZpÆ_`jn`[fnÆZfd\j kfJkXe]fi[XjgXikf]Xp\Xi$cfe^ Z\c\YiXk`fef]k_\aXqq^i\Xk 9p STEVE PALOPOLI


?<EA\eep9`cÓ\c[ Óijkn\ekkfE\n Pfib#:_Xic\j D`e^ljÊY`^YXe[ nXjgcXp`e^k_\c\^\e[Xip aXqqZclY=\q\m\ipDfe[Xp e`^_k%J_\c`m\[e\XiYp Xe[n\ekkfj\\k_\dXj f]k\eXjgfjj`Yc\%D`e^ljÊ g\i]fidXeZ\jc\]khl`k\Xe `dgi\jj`fe%

“I’d never heard a big band play that way before,” says Bilfield, the artistic and executive director of Stanford Lively Arts. Nor had she ever seen audiences respond to a musician the way they did to Mingus. “It was about listening to the music,” she says of those shows. “Yes, you’d have a drink, but you’d e really quiet. There was a reverence and respect in that room. It had the quality of a scared space.” With those Monday nights as a formative experience, perhaps it’s no surprise that Bilfield has returned to Mingus’ music all these years later,

as Stanford Lively Arts undertakes a season-long celebration of the jazz great. Much has changed about the way the world looks at Mingus in the more than 30 years since his death in 1979. A larger-than-life figure whose collaborations—and feuds—with other jazz geniuses like Charlie Parker and Duke Ellington are the stuff of legend, Mingus was once known more for his performances as a bandleader and bassist than for his work as a composer. In fact, many of his compositions were so experimental for their time that it was widely believed they couldn’t be played without Mingus’ direction. The person most responsible for challenging that myth is his widow, Sue Mingus, who started the group Mingus Dynasty to show that her late husband’s music could and should be performed. It was her hard work as an archivist, author (her memoir,

JL<D@E>LJ1 I think people have understood a different side of Charles Mingus than when I started. When I first started the Mingus Dynasty, no one could imagine a Mingus band without Mingus. It seemed unthinkable, because he was such an outsized personality and dominated the stage and his band. Nobody thought of him first and foremost as a composer. They thought of him as a bandleader and a personality on stage and a virtuoso bass player. But they did not think of him first as a composer, as they did with Ellington. That’s the big change in perception of Charles since he died 32 years ago. He’s now understood as one of our foremost American composers. He’s left one of the largest legacies of American composition, second only to Ellington.

PflÊm\Y\\e`ejkild\ekXc`e Z_Xe^`e^k_Xkg\iZ\gk`fej`eZ\ _`j[\Xk_%pflÊm\XcnXpjjX`[_\ nXjXZfdgfj\iÓijk% Well, he said that. I took my cue from Charles. He always said he was first and foremost a composer. He said, “People don’t say that,” but he knew who he was. A few months after he died, [New York

Jfk_\nfic[_XjĂ&#x201C;eXccpZXl^_klg kfn_\i\D`e^ljnXj,'p\XijX^f6 Absolutely. I think thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s exactly what it is. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s easy now, because thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a big pool of musicians that learned what was considered to be such difficult, inaccessible music way back when. Our ears have grown up to the music; thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s really what happens when you have very original music like this. People have to absorb the sound. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re now in our third year of our Mingus high school competition, which will be next month, and you should hear these young kids play the devil out of this music. K\ccd\XYflkk_\[`jZfm\ip f]Ă&#x2030;<g`kXg_%Ă&#x160; Well, a musicologist from Canada [Andrew Homzy] came. He was teaching Mingusâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; music, and he asked what music I had. I pointed to a chest that had a whole bunch of music piled together. He asked

if he could come and put it in order. He and his wife came back and forth from Montreal to New York for several months, and catalogued everything. It was during that cataloguing process that he discovered it, after he kept ďŹ nding a piece that began with measure No. 2053, that was called â&#x20AC;&#x153;Peggyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Blue Skylight.â&#x20AC;? He pieced it together like a detective. We actually discovered later on that were more pieces probably meant to be part of Epitaph, like â&#x20AC;&#x153;Black Saint and the Sinner Lady,â&#x20AC;? which was on the same kind of score paper. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve discovered a number of things since then. It probably would have been a fourhour concert. As it was, [conductor] Gunther [Schuller] called it the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Gotterdammerung of Jazzâ&#x20AC;? when he came over to look at it. PflĂ&#x160;m\kXcb\[XYflk_fn#ZfekiXip kfk_\dXep]Xdfljjkfi`\jXYflk _`jk\dg\i#D`e^ljnXjXg\XZ\]lc Xe[^\ekc\dXe`e_`jgi`mXk\c`]\% 9lk[fpflk_`eb_`jcXi^\i$k_Xe$ c`]\i\glkXk`fe_XjY\\e_\cg]lc`e b\\g`e^_`jc\^XZpXc`m\6 No, I think Charlesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; reputation as â&#x20AC;&#x153;Jazzâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Angry Manâ&#x20AC;? was more hurtful than helpful, and I think thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s still a residue of that, where people focused on the personality rather than the music. That was an uphill battle for me in the beginning. I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t think that helped Charles. He had battles to ďŹ ght, some of which were unnecessary, but a lot of which had to do with the times and the lack of acceptance of his music and his color. In retrospect, certainly he did a lot of things that were unforgivable, but he also spoke out on every occasion very boldly and with great courage, when not everybody did.

Jl\D`e^lj jg\XbjKl\j[Xp=\Y%( # .1*'gd#G`^fkkK_\Xk\i# JkXe]fi[2]i\\

K_\D`e^lj;peXjkp g\i]fidjN\[e\j[Xp =\Y%) Xk/gd# ;`eb\cjg`\c8l[`kfi`ld# JkXe]fi[2*/Ă&#x2026;+)

63 M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

jazz promoter] New Audiences was doing a Mingus tribute at Carnegie Hall. They asked me to get a number of bands to perform, and I got the people I knew. I got Sonny Rollins and Lyle Hampton and Dexter Gordon. I forget, I think there were four bands. And then I formed a band to play Mingus music, it was the ďŹ rst. Julie Lokin, who was one of the heads of New Audiences, came up with the idea of â&#x20AC;&#x153;Mingus Dynasty.â&#x20AC;? There was already an album of Charlesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; called Mingus Dynasty, and it was a natural name for a band carrying on the music. I put together a band knowing nothing about doing anything like that. I looked at those seminal Columbia albumsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;we just celebrated the 50th anniversary last year of those albumsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;and it was four horns and a rhythm section. I hired all the musicians who had played with Charles, except of course the bass player, and it took off. [Newport Jazz Festival producer] George Wein immediately asked if he could book it for the summer festivals. The most interesting aspect of that Mingus tributeâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;it was a two-day tribute at Carnegie Hallâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; was that nobody played Mingus music except our band. That was the cue that people were not playing Mingusâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; music, they did not think of him as a composer.

More listings:

metroactive MUSIC


M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


Wallpaper Thursday at VooDoo Lounge in San Jose, 9pm, $12/$15 The hip-hop duo drop their first mixtape, It’s Got My Name on It, next month, though Eric Frederic admits, “It’s a thinly veiled disguise for an album. We’re bringing all the guns out on this.” Read the interview at (SP)

Cado & Christian Zeller Saturday at Café Trieste in San Jose, 8pm; free Brazilian export Cado moved to Portugal and then San Jose as a kid, and began playing the music of his native country as a teenager. Now he sings in three languages, and like Seu Jorge pulls off a mystifying blend of blend of genres that leans heavily on samba, folk, rock and bossa nova. He’ll play solo and with coheadliner Christian Zeller of Los Hot Boxers. (SP)

Al Jarreau Saturday at Heritage Theater in Campbell, 8pm; $61 Not even a near-death experience can keep Al Jarreau down. That’s what the six-time Grammywinning jazz and soul singer had last year when he was rushed to a hospital with a condition that seemingly could be best categorized as “all of the above.” However, the 61-year-old Jarreau, probably best known for the Moonlighting theme, has made a complete recovery and is back on the road. Maybe Dianetics does work. (SP)


Rock/Pop ANGELICA’SBISTRO Fri, 8pm: Corinne Marcus & Kindred Spirits. Plus Megan Keely. $10. Redwood City.

BOSWELL’S Thu: Bitchin’ Camaros. Fri: Suga Daddy. Sat: Chili Sauce. Sun: John Rip Off. Mon: Drive! Campbell.

BRITANNIA ARMS CUPERTINO Fri, 9pm: Nigel & Clive. Sat, 6pm: Afton Presents. Cupertino.



Thu: Anti-Social. Fri: Unconventional Thought Process. Sat: The Trims. San Jose.

Fri, 8pm: Hieroglyphics. $20. Santa Clara.


THEBLANKCLUB Wed, 9pm: The Record Winter, Ab & the Sea, Young Science. Free. Sat, 9pm: Those Charming Crooks, the Abstracts, Dirty Pillows. $8. San Jose.

BOGART’SPUB Sat: Four-One-Five. Sunnyvale.

BLINKY’S CAN’T SAY Sat, 9:30pm-1:30am: Leon. Rock and blues. Free. Santa Clara.

BRITANNIA ARMS ALMADEN Thu, 10pm: After Party. Fri, 10pm: Spazmatics. Sat, 10pm: Superbad. San Jose.

Sat, 9pm: Instinct. Santa Clara.

CLUB FOX Thu, 9:30pm: Dias de Borrasca, 7vidas, Absence of Light. $5-$10. Redwood City.

FOX THEATRE Sat, 7pm: Wild Child. Tribute to the Doors. $20/$25. Redwood City.

THE GRAPEVINE Thu, 7pm: Given to Fly. Sat, 7pm: Mike Medina. San Jose.


Sun: Mutant Jazz Trio. San Jose.

Wed: Bachata. Thu: Salsa with Pantea. Fri: Salsa. Sat: Rock en español. Mountain View.



Sat: Bay Area Heat. Sunnyvale.

Sat, 8pm: Live flamenco. $10. Redwood City.

MURPHY’SLAW Fri: Mid Life Vices. Sat: C. Wheal Band. Sunnyvale.

NETO’SGRILL Wed and Sat: Kurt and Johnny. Fri: Dos Guys. Santa Clara.

NICKELCITY Fri, 6pm: MIrros, Endings for Anastasia, Gravel. All ages. Sat, 6pm: Rapid Fire, Shovelhead, Shadow of Doubt, Stoned on Sunday, Chris Vaughn. San Jose.

9LIVES Sat, 8pm: BlowUpDollz. 18+. $8/$10. Gilroy.

NUMBERONEBROADWAY Wed, 9pm: JC Smith Jam Band. Free. Thu, 9:30pm: Marvin Banks. Free. Fri, 9:30pm: Spang-a-lang. $10. Sat, 9:30pm: Jam Funkshus. $10. Los Gatos.

OLDWAGONSALOON Sat, 9pm: The Honey Wilders, the Soft White Sixties. 21+. No cover. San Jose.

ARYAGLOBALCUISINE Fri-Sat, 8pm: Live music and belly dancing. Cupertino.

REDROCKCOFFEECO. Fri, 8pm: A Juniper Jupiter. Free. Mountain View.

SARATOGARECCENTER Fri, 6pm: The Soothing Sound of Flight, Aethere, the Parade, Picture Me Broken, Ten Days New, Hometown, We Stand United. All ages. Saratoga.

Wed, 8:30pm: The Girlz Band. Thu, 8:30pm: Contemporary or Latin jazz. San Jose.

GRAND DELL SALOON Thu, 8pm: Blues jam with Aki. Sat, 8pm: Tip of the Top. Campbell.

HEDLEY CLUB Wed, 7:30pm: Hedley Club Jazz Jam. Thu: 8pm: Russo Alberts Trio. Fri, 8:30pm: Lori Rivera. Sat, 8:30pm: Rick Vandivier. Hotel de Anza, San Jose.



Wed: Rock. Thu: Latin fusion. Fri, 9pm: Bachata, rock en espanol. Sat, 9pm: Salsa, merengue, cumbia, urban and Latin fusions. Tue: Salsa. San Jose.


Sat, 8pm: Al Jarreau. $61. Campbell.

Fri, 7pm: Cado, Christian Vela. Brazilian. Free. Sat, 7pm. Kavanaugh Brothers. Celtic. Free. San Jose.

Wed, 9pm: Suska. Thu, 9pm: Jimmy Dewrance. Fri, 7pm: John Garcia, Nuthin’ but Trouble. $10. Sat, 7pm: John Lee Hooker Jr., Last Minute Blues Band. $20. Sun, 9pm: Larry Valdez. Mon, 9pm: Oliver and Friends. Tue. 7pm: Live blues. San Jose.



Wed, 6pm: Bluegrass with Victor & Margaret. Fri, 6pm: World music and belly dancer Adriana. Sat, 6pm: Jason Bellenkes Duo. Jazz. Sun, 6pm: Moroccan music and belly dancing. Mon: French Music Night. Tue, 6pm: Purple Hat. San Jose.

Fri, 9pm: Steven Gary. Sat, 9pm: Chris Burkhardt. San Jose.


RISTORANTEFRATELLO Fri, 7pm: Claudio. Italian classic guitar and vocals. San Jose.

THEQUARTERNOTE Sat, 9pm: Diva Ladee Chico. $8$10. Sunnyvale.


SENZALA Fri: Bossa nova at noon, and Capoeira show at 7:30pm. Sat, 7:30pm: Monte Negro. Sunnyvale.

STEPHENSGREEN Tue, 7:30pm. Irish music. Mountain View.


POOR HOUSE BISTRO Wed, 6-9pm: Ron Thompson and friends. Thu, 6-9pm: Pam Hawkins & Yesterdays Band. Fri, 6-9pm: Chris Cain Band. Sat, 69pm: Lara Price & Blues Band. Sun, noon-4pm: School of the Blues Student Jam. San Jose.

RED ROCK COFFEE CO. Sun, 2-4pm: Hot Club of Palo Alto. Free. Mountain View.

SAN JOSE ATHLETIC CLUB Sat: Shall We Dance? San Jose Jazz fundraiser for children’s musical education. Music from the SJ Jazz Orchestra, ballroom dancing demonstrations and more. $150-$165. San Jose.

SENZALA Wed: Cartoonjazz Orchestra. Thu: Ames Jazz Band. Sunnyvale.



Fri: Better Days Band. Campbell.

Sun, 5:30pm: Jazz. Cupertino.




Thu, 9pm: Wallpaper, the Dance Party, Rubberneck Cinema . $12. San Jose.

Wed, 7:30pm: Anton Schwartz Quartet. $13-$15. San Jose.

Sun, 6-9pm: Touch ‘N’ Go. Tue, 6pm: Modesto Briseno Septet. Willow Glen.



Fri, 6:30-9:30pm: Friday Night Live, with Jams Mango Band. Willow Glen.

Wed, 7-11pm: Blues jam. $5. Sat, 8pm: Roy Rogers & the Delta Rhythm Kings. Plus Jake Nielsen and Junior Boogie. $18/$20. Redwood City.

Wed: Lee Pardini. Thu: Neil Kelly Jazz Trio. Sat: Russell Barber & Billy Davis Band. San Jose.



Sat, 8:30pm: Repaid in Blood, Decaying Culture. All ages. $5. Homestead Lanes, Cupertino.

Fri-Sat, 8pm: Kristen Strom. Sun, 1:30pm: John Worley & friends. Morgan Hill.


WOODHAM’S LOUNGE Fri and Sun: Pro Jam with rock and blues musicians. Santa Clara.


65 M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M



M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


metroactive MUSIC

rock en espanol. Sat, 9pm: Salsa, merengue, cumbia, urban and Latin fusions.Tue: Salsa. San Jose.


C&W/Folk BOGART’SLOUNGE BOSWELL’S Sun: Mike Leatherman. Campbell.

CLUBFOX Fri, 7pm: Ruth Gerson, Kim Baker. $16/$18. Redwood City.

More listings:


Wed, Fri and Sun, 8pm-2am: KJ Dennis. Sunnyvale.

BRITANNIAARMSCUPERTINO Sun-Tue, 10pm: Karaoke. Cupertino.



Sun, 7pm-close: Uncle Dougie Show. Palo Alto.

Sat, 8pm: Evie Ladin Band. $15/$17. Sun, 7pm: JT Nero. $15. Santa Clara.


B4TWELVE Sat, 9:30pm: Hot Mess. Palo Alto.

THEBLANKCLUB Thu, 9pm: Atomic. New Wave, electro with DJ Basura. $5. Fri, 9pm: Club Satori. DJs Vitus & Kevin spin gothic, industrial, New Wave and death rock. San Jose.

Wed-Sat and Tue, 9pm: Uncle Dougie Show. No cover. San Jose.

REDROCKCOFFEEROASTING Sat, 8pm: Red Rock in the Round. Singer-songwriter night. All ages. Free. Mountain View.

BRITANNIAARMSALMADEN Wed and Sun, 10pm: DJ Hank. Mon, 9pm: Beer Pong. San Jose.



Wed, 9pm: California Cowboys. Thu-Fri, 9pm & Sat, 10:15pm: Diablo Road. Fremont.



Fri-Sun, 9:30pm-1:30am: Karaoke. Willow Glen.

Thu: DJ David Q. Fri, 10pm: DJ Benofficial. Sat, 10pm: DJ Aspect. San Jose.

Wed, 6pm: Country Classics. San Jose.



Thu and Sun-Mon, 8:30pm: Bruce of KOR Karaoke. No cover. Mountain View.

Wed: Raygay. Thu: Latin. Fri: ’70s and ’80s. Sat: House. Sun & Tue: Lounge. Menlo Park.



THREEFLAMESRESTAURANT Thu, 9pm: Live country music with Cowboy Larry. Willow Glen.

Open Mic BRITANNIAARMSCUPERTINO Wed, 9:30pm: Open Mic Night. Cupertino.

CAFFETRIESTE Tue, 7pm: Open mic. Free. San Jose.

MOUNTAINCHARLEY’S Wed, 8-11pm: Live music, comedy and poetry. Los Gatos.


Thu: Singles party with DJ. Los Gatos.

PEACOCKLOUNGE Thu, 9pm: Brian. Sun, 9pm: DJ and karaoke. Tue, 9pm: Ryan. Sunnyvale.

QUARTERNOTE Tue, 9pm: Sherrie and Sue. No cover. Sunnyvale.

WILLOWDEN Wed, 9:30pm: DJ Junior. Thu, 9:30pm: Uncle Hank. San Jose

Wed, 9pm: Wine Wednesday. Thu, 9pm: The Heit Thursdays. Fri, 9pm: Fourth Friday. Sat, 9pm: Strikeforce After Party. Mon, 9pm: Industry. Tue: Partyoke. Beer pong and karaoke. San Jose.

FIBBAR MAGEES Wed: SIN. Sat: Club FM. Sunnyvale.

KING OF CLUBS Fri, 9:30pm: Club Brinca. Tue, 9pm: Nox. Mountain View.


7BAMBOO Wed-Sat, 9pm: Karaoke. Tue, 9pm: Karaoke. San Jose.

WOODHAM’SLOUNGE Wed-Thu, Sat-Sun, Tue: 9:30pm: Vinnie. Santa Clara.

Thu, 8pm: DJ Akustik. No cover. Fri, 8pm: DJ Mayo. Sat, 8pm: DJ Mayo and DJ Akustik. Sun, 7pm: Latin Beat. Sun, 9pm: Sonidero Night. Sunnyvale.

Dance Clubs




Wed, 8pm: Salsa Wednesdays. Thu: DJs. San Jose.

Sat, 10pm-2am: DJ music. San Jose.



BRITANNIAARMSALMADEN Wed and Sun, 10pm: DJ Hank. San Jose.

Wed: Rock music.Thu: Latin fusion. Fri, 9pm: Bachata and

ALEX’S49ERINN Nightly except Sun, 9pm-2am: Karaoke. San Jose.

BLINKY’SCAN’TSAY Fri, 9pm: Danielle. Santa Clara.

Thu-Sat: DJs and dancing. Sun: Reggae. San Jose.

Fri: Fabulous Fridays. Sat: Celebrity Saturdays with DJ D-Roc. Mountain View.

67 M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

SVCLUBS CLUBS S metroactive metr oactive SV

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


JG@:< JG@ :<:_\8cmXiX[fjg`Z\[lgk_\e`^_kfeJXkli[Xp% :_\ 8cmXiX[f jg`Z\[lgk_\e`^_kfeJXkli[ :_\8cmXiX[f jg`Z\[ lg k_\ e`^_k fe JXkli[ [Xp p%

MFF;FFCFLE>< M F ;FF FF ; CFLE>< ;`ikYX^;Xe ;`ikYX^;XeÊj]XejZXd\flk`e]fiZ\ Êj]XejZXd d\flk`e]fiZ\  ]fi_`jK_lij _ j[Xpj_fn n% ]fi_`jK_lij[Xpj_fn%

8QL:8I 8QL :8InXjjn\\kX nXjjn\\kXe[kXekXc`q`e^JXkli[Xp% Xe[kXekXc`q`e^JXkli[Xp p%

69 M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y




San Jose’s First Cannabis Buyers Collective PHONE: (408) 247 0400 NEW HOURS:

Mon-Fri 11am-9pm, Sat 11am-7pm, Closed Sunday


*Free $7 edible, with $15 donation, not valid with any other offers or discounts

Weekly Specials! 10% OFF all day! Tuesday & Wednesday


Behind the IN-N-Out & LOWE’s off Coleman Ave. SJCBC

1082 Stockton Ave San Jose, CA

To join SJCBC you must be 20 years or older and a California resident. Up to 2 days waiting period for new members. Bring your valid California ID/drivers license and recommendation for medical cannabis signed by your doctor. Our waiting period can be waved for many severe medical conditions such as: Cancer, AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Seizure disorders, PTSD, Tourette’s, Glaucoma, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and other severe pain conditions.

71 M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y



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W San Carlos St





Race St

 T A F     F I U  G )PNFP





A LT E R N AT I V E MEDICINE M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


73 M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


A LT E R N AT I V E MEDICINE M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


75 M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


A LT E R N AT I V E MEDICINE M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


77 M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


A LT E R N AT I V E MEDICINE M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


79 M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


A LT E R N AT I V E MEDICINE M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y



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67 81 M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

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were conveniently located). Chances are, you realized she was out of your league, but ďŹ gured you could bribe her into marrying you. You perhaps assumed that marriage would inspire her to act wifelike; as in, like a partner not a prostitute with a decorating budget. You claim you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want to end your marriage. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re probably making a common error in rationalityâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; deciding to continue investing based on how much youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve already invested instead of on what the future payoffs will be (or, in your case, payouts). You also claim to love your wifeâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;not for her stunning exterior, but for who she is on the inside (um, greedy, selďŹ sh, narcissistic and snippy?). Come on. Surely what you love is preserving your egoâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;telling yourself whatever it takes to avoid admitting, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Gee, was I ever gullible.â&#x20AC;? Hey, whatever makes you happy, but it wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t change who youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re withâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;a woman who sees you as her $chmoopie, her moneybunny, her blank checkiepoo. That aside, you canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t help but admire the lady for being a gogetter (why wait for the divorce to take a guy for all heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s worth?).

@Ă&#x160;m\Y\\en`k_dpYfp]i`\e[Ă&#x201C;m\dfek_j#Xe[nXekkfdXb\_`dXifdXek`Z [`ee\i%N_Xkj_flc[@j\im\6N_Xkj_flc[@n\Xi6N_Xknflc[dXb\`kifdXek`Z# ]leXe[jg\Z`Xc]fi_`d6?fnZXe@jligi`j\#\oZ`k\Xe[Z_Xid_`d6Ă&#x2020;:cl\c\jj I ďŹ nd that nothing says â&#x20AC;&#x153;I love youâ&#x20AC;? like a case of anaphylactic shockâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;when the dinner meant to take a guyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s breath away becomes the dinner that causes him to stop breathing. A severe allergic reaction is the sort of thing that can happen when you ask a total stranger what your boyfriend of ďŹ ve months would ďŹ nd tasty, romantic and sexy. (Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t bother making dessert. The hospital will give him a fruit cup after heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s deintubated.) Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s actually romantic and special

is getting the sense that the person youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re dating gets youâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;that theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been paying attention to what youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re into and even remarks youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve made in passing. This evening should reďŹ&#x201A;ect that, and you should have fun ďŹ guring out what, exactly, would surprise, excite and charm the guy. If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re totally at a loss, pay attention to what he says and does in the future, and for now, do as I do: Come to the door naked with a chicken on a spear. (My UPS man really seems to like that.)

Â&#x;)'((#8dp8cbfe#Xcci`^_kji\j\im\[%>fkXgifYc\d6Ni`k\8dp8cbfe# ,,'J%=`ijkJk%#JXeAfj\#:80,((*#fi\dX`cX[m`Z\Xdp7Xfc%Zfd%

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TAURUS T AURUS ((April April 20–May 20–May 20): 20): Sometimes Sometimes I fly fly in in my my dreams. dreams. The The ecstasy ecstasy is is almost almost unbearable unbearable as as I soar soar high above the landscape. landscape But there’s th here’ss something I enjoy dr dreaming more, that’s eaming about even mor re, and that ’s running. For For years years I’ve I’ve had had recurring recurring dreams dreams of of sprinting sprinting for for sheer sheer joy joy through through green green hills hills and and meadows, meadows, often often following following rivers rivers that that go go on on forever. forever. I’m I’m never never short short of of breath. breath. My My legs legs never never get get tired. tired. I feel feel vital vital and and vigorous vigorous and and fulfilled. fulfilled. Does Does it it seem seem odd odd that that I prefer prefer running running to flying? I think I understand why. why. The flying dreams dreams represent represent the the part part of of me me that that longs longs to to escape escape the the bonds of earth, to be free free of thee suffering suffering and chaos here. here. My My running running dreams, dreams, on on the the other other hand, hand, express express the part of me that loves being in a body and exul exults ts in world. Given in the the cchallenges hallenges ooff tthis his w orld. G iven yyour our aastrological strological omens, whatever omens, Taurus, Taurus, I tthink hink yyou’re ou’re rready eady ffor or w hatever iiss your personal equivalent of runn running dreams. ning in your dr eams. GEMINI ((May May 221–June 1–June 220): 0): A An n iinterviewer nterviewer aasked sked me me if if there’s there’’s aany ny sspecial pecial rritual itual I do do before before writing writing these these horoscopes. horoscopes. I told told her her that that I often often say say a prayer prayer in in which which I affirm affirm my my desire desire to to provide provide you you with with these these three three services: services: 1. 1. that that what what I create create will will be be of of practical will practical uuse se ttoo yyou; ou; 22.. tthat hat iitt w ill hhelp elp yyou ou ccultivate ul tivate your rrelationship inner elationship with your inne er teacher; 3. that it will will iinspire nspire yyou ou ttoo ttap ap iinto nto aand nd uuse se tthe he ssubstantial ubstantial freedom want. freedom yyou ou hhave ave ttoo ccreate reate tthe he llife ife yyou ou w ant. I hhope ope I’m Gemini, I’m ddoing oing a ggood ood jjob, ob, G emini, bbecause ecause iin n tthe he ccoming oming weeks will with weeks yyour our iinner nner tteacher eacher w ill bbee ooverflowing verflowing w ith practical practical clues about the art of lliberation. iberation. CANCER (June 21–July 22): “S “Spring Spring dawn: TTurning urning u toward sight bird.” toward the storm cloud, I lost sig ght of the bir d.” Julius Lester serve serve as a Let this haikulike poem by Julius Cancerian. You’re You’r o re at risk of getting cautionary tale, Cancerian. so fearfully fearfully fixated on a storm cloud cloud that you may lose track, track, metaphorically metaphorically speaking, speaking, of of a rare rare and and lose beautiful bird. bird. And the thing is, the t storm cloud isn’t isn’t even even harboring harboring that that big big a ruckus. ruckus. It It will will pour pour out out its its flash flash and and dazzle dazzle quickly, quickly, leaving leaving virtually virtually no no havoc havoc in in its wake. That’s That’s why it would be a shame for for you to let your perverse with perverse fascination fascination wit th it cause you to get separated inspiration. separated from from a potential source source of inspir ation. LEO LE O ((July July 223–Aug. 3–Aug. 222): 2): SShockwaves hockwaves ooff ttoxic oxic misinformation misinformation pulse pulse through through the the Internet Internet on on a regular basis. basis. One One of of the the latest latest infections infections attacked attacked the the regular subject subject of of astrology. astrology. An An astronomer astronomer in in Minneapolis Minneapolis proclaimed proclaimed that that due due to to the the precession precession of of the the equinoxes, equinoxes, everyone’s everyone’s aastrological strological sign sign is is wrong. wrong. He He was was perfectly perfectly mistaken, mistaken, of of course, course, for for reasons reasons I explain explain here: here: http:/ // / / stroHoax. But Buut few few journalists in the the major major media media bothered bothered to to check check the the accuracy accuracy of of the the sensationalist sensationalist allegation allegation before before publishing publishing it, it, and and soon the collective imagination was on fire. fire. Hundreds Hundreds of of thousands thousands of of people people suffered suffered unnecessary unnecessary identity identity crises and ffelt elt emotions that were weere based on a fallacy. fallacy. In In the the coming coming week, week, Leo, Leo, you you should should be be on on high high alert alert for for a comparable comparable outbreak outbreak or or two two in in your your personal personal sphere. sphere. Be Be vigorously vigorously skeptical—not skeptical—not just just toward toward the the stories stories other other people people tell, tell, but but also also toward toward the the theories theories and fantasies fantasies that rise up in your youur own brain. brain. Don’t Don’t believe everything you think. VIRGO VIR GO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22): You Yoou u are are usually cconscientious onscientious about about attending attending to to the the details. details. It’s It’s one one specialties of your special ties to take care care of o little necessities. YYou ou often often know know what what to to do do in in order order to to fix fix mistakes mistakes and messes caused by the imprecision imprecision e of other people For now, people. now, though, though I encourage encouurage you to take a break break from from all all that. that. In In my my opinion, opinion, you you need need to to rregenerate egenerate and and replenish replenish yourself, yourself, and and a good good way way to to accomplish that is to let your mind mind go blissfully blank. Att least consider it, please. Give yourself permission to A sspace pace out out about about the the intricacies. intricacies. Steep Steep yourself yourself in in the the primordial primor dial ooze where where everything everythinng is everything.

LIBRA ((Sept. Sept. 23–Oct. 23–Oct. 22): 22): I’ll I’ll be be interested interested to to see see hhow ow yyou ou sshift hift your your attitudes attitudes about about love love in in the the coming coming weeks, w eeks, Libra. Libra. Fate Fate will will be be bringing bringing you you good good reasons reasons move ttoo m ove away away from from long-held long-held opinions opinions about about the the

nnature ature of of romance romance and and intimacy. intimacy. Your Your subconscious subconscious mind will be stirring stirring r with new dispensations about hhow ow bbest est to to deal deal with with and and express express your your life-giving life-giving llongings. ongings. All All in in all, all, the the process process should should be be pretty pretty eenjoyable, njoyable, especially especially if if you you relish relish psycho-spiritual psycho-spiritual rriddles iddles that that impel impel you you to to probe probe deeper deeper into into the the mysteries of togetherness. togeetherness.

SCORPIO SC ORPIO (Oct (Oct. t. 23–Nov. 23–Nov. 21): “Dear Rob: I am a professional professional obsesser. obsesser. I mean I obsess on things a lot. But When But here’s here’s tthe he tthing. hing. W hen I ddoo oobsess bsess on on something something and work with manic manic intensity to achieve it, I am changed changed in in the the process—frequently process—frequently to to the the point point of of no longer desiring desirin ng what I was once obsessed by! This makes me crazy! crazy!! Any advice?” —Flagrant —Flagrant Scorpio Dear Dear Flagrant: Flagrant: This This is is a gift, gift, nnot ot a pproblem. roblem. FFiguring iguring out what you don’t don n’t want is a key ffactor actor in developing self-knowledge. self-knowledge. And And often often the the only only way way ttoo ddoo tthat hat is want. Ultimately is by by pursuing pursuing what what you you tthink hink yyou ou w ant. U l timately you’ll you’ll be be purged purged of of your your llesser esser llongings ongings aand nd superficial superficial wishes wishes and and be be able able ttoo ccrystallize rystallize a cclear lear vision more vision of of what what you you truly truly desire desire m ore tthan han aanything nything else. SSAGITTARIUS AGITT TARIU A US (Nov (Nov.. 22–Dec. 21): “The greatest greatest challenge to any thinker is stating the problem problem in such a way that thaat will allow a solution,” said pphilosopher hilosopher Bertrand Bertrand Russell. Russell. In In other other words, words, the the words aree crucial. wor ds you use too describe your dilemma ar IIff yyou’re ou’re llazy azy oorr ppessimistic essimistic aabout bout fframing raming yyour our bbig ig question you minimize question, minimize your chances for for finding a uuseful seful answer. answer. If If you’re you’re precise precise and and creative, creative, you’re you’re more m ore likely likely to to attract attract the the information information and and inspiration inspiration you need. This is always true, of course, but especially so ffor or you right now nnow..

CAPRICORN CAPRIC ORN (Dec. 22–Jan. 19): A “karma whore” whore” iiss ssomeone omeone who who performs performs an an abundant abundant number number of ffavors avors and acts actts of kindness in the hope of aaccumulating ccumulating extra extra good good karma. karma. Judging Judging from from the the aastrological strological omens, omens, I’m I’m thinking thinking this this week week will will be be prime time for for you yoou to flirt with being such a person. Why? Because W hy? B ecause the the blessings blessings you you bestow bestow in in the the near near futuree are futur are more more likely than usual to generate generate specific blessings comingg back your way. way. You Yoou don’t don’t necessarily have to go to ridiculous ridiculous extremes—holding extremes—holding the door oopen pen ffor or five five people people behind behind you, you, allowing allowing ten ten cars cars merge ttoo m erge in in front front of of you you on on the the highway, highway, flinging flinging out casual but sincere sincere compliments with reckless reckless aabandon. bandon. But But from from what what I can can tell, tell, the the more more help help you you dole out, the more morre you’ll get in return. return.

AQUARIUS A QUARIUS ((Jan. Jan. 20–Feb. 20–Feb. 18): 18): You You may may have have no no idea idea of of how how much much power power you you have have right right now now to to start start fresh—to fresh—to escape escape the muddle of murky murky old failures. failures. Your Your imaginationn might not yet be sufficiently lubricated lubricated to to glide glide you you into into the the expansive expansive version version of the future future youu deserve. deserve. But I’m hoping that this little little horoscope horoscope of of mine mine changes changes all all that. that. I’m I’m praying praying that that you you are are already already registering registering the the pleasant pleasant shock shock I’m trying to jolt jolt you with, and are are awakening to the rampant rampant possibilities. possibilities. On your mark. Get set. Go! PISCES PISCES (Feb. 19–March 19–March 20): I’ve never been a ffan an ooff gurus. gurus. My My view view is is that that everyone everyone should should be be his or her own guru. guuru. But there there was one guy whose aantics ntics were were pretty pretty entertaining. entertaining. He He was was one one of of those those ccrazy razy wisdom wisdom types types who who borrowed borrowed liberally liberally from from the the ttrickster rickster archetype. archetype. This This is is what what he he told told his his followers followers aabout bout how how to to interpret interpret their their dreams dreams in in which which he he aappeared. ppeared. “If “If you you dream dream of of me me and and I’m I’m not not kicking kicking me.” yyour our bbutt, utt, it it wasn’t wasn’ n t rreally eally m e.” II’ll ’ll ssay ay tthe he ssame ame tthing hing to you, Pisces: The Th he only teachers worth listening to, sstudying, tudying, and and dreaming dreaming about about in in the the next next two two weeks week s will be those whoo kick your butt.

Homework: T Homework: To o rread ead m myy rresponse esponse tto o tthe he IInternet nternet based on wrong rrumor umor tthat hat aastrology strology iiss b ased o nw rong here: / assumptions, go g her e: http:/ // / stroHoax.

Go to REALASTROLOGY.COM to check out Rob Brezsny’s Expanded Weekly Audio Horoscopes and Daily Text Message Horoscopes. Audio horoscopes are also available by phone at 1-877-873-4888 or 1-900-950-7700

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ARIESS (Mar ARIE (March ch 21–April 19): W What hat rrewards ewards do you deserve for for all all tthe he ggood ood lliving iving aand nd tthe he hhard ard w ork deserve work you’ve done since your last birth birthday? hday? And what amends make mediocre amends should should you you m ake ffor or tthe he m ediocre lliving iving aand nd the the work work you’ve you’ve sshirked hirked ssince ince yyour our llast ast bbirthday? irthday? If week If you you choose choose this this w eek ttoo ttake ake ccare are ooff tthese hese ttwo wo matters will matters with with purposeful purposeful cclarity, larity, yyou ou w ill eensure nsure tthe he best will best possible possible outcomes. outcomes. TThe he rreward eward yyou ou eearn arn w ill bbee the will the right right one, one, aand nd tthe he aamends mends yyou ou ooffer ffer w ill pprovide rovide the proper proper correction. correction.

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84 M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

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K 8CC K8CCjkXik\[n`k_X C jkXik\[ j n`k_ X jj`dgc\[\j`^e%@e)''0# `dgc\ [\j`^e% @e )''0# D`b\D`ccXi\jZi\Xk\[ D `b\ D`ccXi\j Zi\Xk\[ XeÇ@?\XikJAÈK$j_`ik# X Xe Ç@ ?\Xik JAÈ K$j_`ik# fen_`Z_k_\_\Xikkffbk_\ fe n_`Z_ Z_ k_\ k _\Xik kffb k_\ j_Xg\f]Xj_XibÊjdflk_% j_Xg\ f] X j_XibÊj dflk_% ?\gi`ek\[lg*'fijff]k_\ ?\ gi`ek\[ e [ lg *' fi jf f] k_\ j_`ikjXe[^Xm\k_\dXnXp j_`ikj Xe[ ^Xm\ k_\d XnXp ]fi]i\\% ]fi ]i\\% They The hey wer were ere so well received received that hee st started arted selling selllingg them out of his backpack ackp ck and d eventually eventually approached approached stores about sto stor es ab out carrying carr a ying them. He

found, fo ound, however, however, that the cut they they were w e offering wer off ffeering him didn’t didn’t cover cover the th he time tiime that he put into making them theem and an nd that he could could make make a lot more morre money m mone y selling them himself; but he needed a storefront. n storefront. Enter Enter Mike’s Mike’s sister, sister, Marie. Marie. Having Having recently reecently relocated relo cated back back to to San San Jose Jose from frrom San Francisco, Francisco, with several several years yeears of of retail retaiil experience exp erience under under her her belt, b elt, she she joined joined Mike Mike and and they they started sta t r ted making making plans plans to to open op en a shop shop off their own. “One day, dayy, Mike Mike came came home and an nd asked, asked, ‘When ‘When was was the the last last time time you’ve you o ’ve been been to The Alameda?,’” Alameda?,’’” recounts rec e ounts Marie explaining explaining the inspiration inspiration to to move move onto onto the the

historic str street. eet. He had d made se several veral T-shirt on The Alameda T -shirt deliveries deliveries o nT he A lameda and was was increasingly increasingly aware aware of its rrebudding ebudding as a cultural culturral hot spot. spot. Millares siblings The Millar es sibling gs ffound ound o a building b uilding that thatt suited suited their their needs needs aand nd opened opened The The U Usuals; suals; a boutique b outique named for fo or the eeveryday, veryda day, usual clothing the arr y. theyy ccarry. name ““The The n ame ccame ame ffrom rrom tthe he ttype yp e of dep dependable endable clothin clothing ng we wanted wanted tto op ut forth,” for th,” Marie Marie eexplains. xplains. “We “We put utilize u tilize the the b basics, asics, w with ith llayering ayyering and and a mixing of colors colors and d patterns, patterns, but b ut then then w we’ll e’ll drop drop in in some some re really ally unusual ac cessories.” accessories.” With W iith a look look around around d The Usuals, Usuals, one ccan an see the vision n of the Millar es manif fested. e T The arry Millares manifested. Theyy ccarry eeveryday ver ydaay nec essities li ike jeans necessities like jeans,, solidccolor olor ttops, ops, ssimple, imple, ye yett sstylish tylish jjackets ackets T-shirts featuring aand nd art-focused ar t-focused T -shirts fe aturing a plethora of lo cal ccompanies om mpanies local including Might Thrreads, Higher Mightyy Threads, C ulture, Folded, Folded, tthe he T ea Shack, Shack, 5594 94 Culture, Tea

and Mik Mike’s e’s own Deadstok. Theyy also The alsso sell a smattering smatteringg off o o one ne o off a k kind ind jjewelry ewelry and and accessories—made ac cessoriess—made with everything ever ything ffrom ro r m ttraditional raditional b beads eads aand nd ggems ems vintage trinkets to vint agee trink ets and ffound o ound iitems—by tems—by llocal o cal aartists rtists ssuch uch aass Bela Bela Koi, K oi, Aileen n Quiambao, Quiambao, Shannon manyy mor more. Amidon and a man e. addition being apparel In addit tion to b eing an appar el The aand nd accessory accessory sshop, hop, T he Usuals Usuals is is aalso lso aan n up-and-coming up -and- coming ggallery allery for for local the lo cal urban-art urban-ar u urban art scene. scene. “Our Our main urban clothing at a ffocus o cus is casual, casual, a reasonable re asonable price,” price,” says says Marie, Marie, “but “but it’s boutique it ’s a b outique and gallery.” gallery.” From supporting Fr he outset, supp orting om the th local scene been the lo cal art a t sc ar ene has b een high priorityy for priorit for o the Millares. Millares. They They have h ave v regular regular show show openings, openings, print print T-shirts llimited-run imited-run T -shirts of of their their current current aartist, rtist, bring bring in in llocal ocal DJs—the DJs—the rresident esident crew crrew is the Bangerz—and ggenerally enerally support support the the San San Jose Jose artt and music scene. urban ar scene. “It’s lifestyle “It ’s lif fes estyle clothing so it made include sense to in nclude all parts parts of the lifestyle we’re lif feestyle we e’re ffocusing ocusing on,”” explains explains Marie.. “This Marie “Th his is an unexpected unexpected setting setting to find art, art, t but we’re we’re just bringing what’s here what ’s already already e here to light.” light.” To handle T o hand dle the gallery gallery side of things,, thee Millar Millares things es teamed up with Anabella a local Anab ella Piñon, P local artist artist and who curator wh ho has her finger on the pulse of the th he San Jose Jose urban-art urban-art scene. scene. “We picked person,” “W We pic cked up the right p erson,”” says Marie. sa ays y Marie e. “She loaded us up [with artists] ar tists] for for or the rest rest of the yyear.” ear.” migratoryy tr trend Despite the migrator end of artists for ar tists to head h fo or San Francisco, Francisco, New York N ew Y ork o or Los Los Angeles to pursue are a career career in n art, art, the Millares Millares are ccommitted ommitted d to showing that San JJose ose is an area a ea rich in talent ar talent and increasing incr easingg in opportunities opportunities for for o artists. ar tists. “People likee the theyy ha have “P eople ffeel eel e lik ave to go somewhere somewh here else to show their ttalents, alents, but bu ut the San Jose Jose music and arts big,” ar ts scene scene is getting getting rreally eally big ,” says saayys Mike. Mik e. “People “Peo ople know the Sharks and Tech Silicon Valley, the T ech e and a Silic on V alle a y, but there’s lot heree than that. that.”” ther e’s a lo ot more more her

K_\LjlXcj (')'K_\8cXd\[X#JXeAfj\ 8iki\Z\gk`fe]fi    Bfi`K_fdgjfe#   =i`[Xp#.Å('gd

ad. 888.901.TIPS or visit

AppliedMicro in Sunnyvale, CA seeks Manager 1 Eng. to mnge. 3-5 people & define project milestones; set objectives & goals; conduct staff perform. reviews & deliver ee feedback; mentor & coach design team on tech. issues; & interact w/sr. mngement. & customers. Position reqs.: exp. working w/teams across various geog. locations; good comm. & document. skills; focus on contin. methodology improvement, meet w/ext. vendors to eval. tools & solutions; good understanding of complex SOC’s based on PowerPC, Static Timing Analysis & timing closure skills; must have dvlpd. timing using PrimeTime & Einstimer on complex high speed SOCs; exp. closing timing on high speed protocols such as DDR3, Ethernet, PCI-Express, Serial Rapid I/O; exp. working w/physical design teams (Cadence/Synopsys PD method. & tool sets) & dvlping. floor planning & clock tree insertion/synthesis guidelines (HTree & processor clock mesh); & strong knwldge. of backend flow, esp. IBM (cu11, cu08), TSMC (90nm, 40nm) & Fujitsu (65nm) flows. Min. edu. & exp.: MS in Electrical Eng. or rel. + 6 yrs. FT exp. in job offered or rel. (or PhD. + 4). Mail resumes to: Tonya Johnson, Director, HR, Applied Micro Circuits Corp, 215 Moffett Park Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94089. EOE.

Classes & Instruction High School Diploma! Fast, affordable and accredited. Free brochure. Call Now!. 1-888-532-6546 ext. 97

Scientific and Spiritual Implications of Psychic Abilities Learn Remote Viewing with Russell Targ. His work in remote viewing has been widely published. Date: Sunday, January 23, 2011 Time: 6:30-9:30pm Networking Admission: $5 $20 (sliding scale) Website:

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Pregnant? Considering Adoption? ALL CASH VENDING Talk with caring agency speIN YOUR LOCAL AREA. cializing in matching birthBe your own boss-25 machines/candy all for $9,995.00. 1-877-915-8222 Vend 3. 880 Grand Blvd, Deer Park, NY.

mothers with families nationwide. Living expenses paid. Call 24/7 Abby’s One True Gift Adoptions. 866/413-6293




K_\Zlii\ekX[ZXdgX`^e]fiJXdl\c8[XdjY\\idXb\jk_\jfd\n_Xk[lY`flj ZcX`dk_Xkk_\ZfdgXepÊjY\\i#jkfi\[`eYifneYfkkc\j#`jY\kk\igi\j\im\[k_Xe Y\\i`eZc\Xifi^i\\eYfkkc\j%Jf#k`d\kfYi\XbflkpfliY\Xb\ijXe[k\ccd\`]k_\i\ `jXepmXc`[`kpkfk_`jZcX`d#fi`]`kÊjaljkk_\ljlXcdXib\k`e^YXYYc\%Æ;Xm`[

Although we spurn outright trivia, David, we recognize that some of the questions we deal with at the Straight Dope are more consequential than others. The theory of relativity, species collapse, and so on—this is the stuff of party chatter. Every so often, however, we get to settle one of the great questions of our times. Today is such a day. Despite the occasional introduction of civet feces or other eccentric ingredients, beer is an essentially simple product, typically made from water, malted grains, yeast and hops. These seemingly uncomplicated fixings give rise to more than 600 volatile compounds, with chemical reactions continuing the entire time the beer ages. As with most chemical reactions, heat speeds them up, as can the energy in light. Some of these reactions can yield a mellower flavor. Too much light, however, and your brew may be “lightstruck,” meaning you get skunky beer. The first reference to lightstruck beer dates from 1875, but the cause was unknown until the late 20th century. The culprit: hops. You may ask: what are hops, anyway? Hops are the conelike flowers of the climbing plant Humulus lupulus, used to give beer its bitter flavor. When light reacts with certain hopderived compounds, it creates a variety of unpleasant-smelling and -tasting chemicals, the biggie being 3-methyl-2butene-1-thiol, or MBT. There are several ways to prevent beer from becoming lightstruck: brew it without hops, use light-resistant hop extract instead, or add antioxidants. Since all these things affect the taste, most brewers prefer to keep the beer away from light. Packaging beer in cans is one obvious solution, but beer snobs historically have shunned cans, claiming they impart a metallic taste. Modern high-tech coatings have largely allayed such concerns, and some now claim cans are the ideal way to package beer. But you asked about glass. Colored glass can filter out both visible and ultraviolet light. Brown glass tends to block more light than green; clear glass, predictably, doesn’t block much at all. Since dark beers absorb more light than

light beers, it’s essential to store stouts, bocks and the like in brown bottles, while lighter beers can be happy in green ones. Or so goes the theory. To see how things worked out in practice, we turned to the lab. My assistants Una and Fierra, both experienced home brewers, cooked up a batch of extra-hoppy German-style beer which they dubbed “Cecil’s Dopetoberfest,” containing a modest 4.6 percent alcohol by volume. They bottled it in brown, green and clear glass and let it age for six weeks in a cool basement. Next they grouped the bottles into five sets of three and left them outdoors in direct sunlight for different lengths of time, keeping control samples safely hidden. The five groups of bottles were exposed to three, eight, 24, 48 and 72 hours of sunlight respectively. Thanks to cold weather, keeping the bottles cool while in the sun wasn’t a problem, although incursions by squirrels and possums required occasional intervention. After their time in the sun, the bottles from each group plus several control bottles were refrigerated to 35 degrees Fahrenheit and sampled in a doubleblind taste test. Results: © éDQSGQDDGNTQRNERTMDWONRTQD there was no significant difference between the beers. © éDQDHFGSGNTQRNERTMSGDBKD@Q‘ bottled beer had developed a skunky odor and bitter chemical taste. The other bottles were uniformly good. © éDQÆÈGNTQRNERTMŒSGDBKD@Q‘ bottled beer produced a strong skunky odor and taste. The greenbottled beer started to taste metallic. © éDQÈÌGNTQRŒSGDBKD@Q‘ANSSKDCADDQ became more disgusting. The greenbottled beer had acquired a strong metallic taste. The brown-bottled beer remained indistinguishable from the control. © éDQËÆGNTQRHMSGDRTMŒSGDAQNVM‘ bottled beer was starting to go. Conclusions: (1) In this world of mendacity and fraud, at least one ad claim has a basis in fact—brown bottles do protect beer better than green or clear. (2) Notwithstanding (1), in the war of beer vs. sun, don’t bet against the sun.

67 85 M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 2 6 - F E B R UA R Y 1 , 2 0 1 1 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

clocks as high as 300; DRC, LVS issues & expertise in DFM & Xalk or SI anal. using seeks Staff Physical Design Cadence tools eg. SOCE/Celtic Eng. for physical des. from & Synopsys tools eg. PTSI, netlist to GDSII in 45nm or Logical Equivalence Check 28nm tech. node, chip des. & (LEC) using Cadence tools eg. phys. des.; handle complex conformal, low power impledesigns & address issues rel. to mentation (using state retendes., floorplan, power, routing, tion power gating) & analysis techn. nodes, EDA tools, flows, involving CPF etc. Min. reqs.: scripts, etc.; interface w/ des. MS in Electrical Eng. or rel. + 4 groups & produce high qual. yrs. FT exp. in job offered or rel. phys. implement. & participate (Or BS + 6 or PhD. + 2). Mail in establish. & define phys. resumes to: des. method. & flow automaTonya Johnson, Director, HR, tion using ind. std. tools & Applied Micro Circuits Corp, scripting languages incl. TCL, 215 Moffett Park Drive, PERL. Position reqs.: expertise Sunnyvale, CA 94089. EOE. in advanced static timing concepts using source synchroBartenders Needed nous interfaces & constraint Fun jobs. Great money. Earn dvlpmnt.; balance clock trees $25-40/hr. Call for certificaw/extremely complicated tion and placement informaclock structures w/count of tion. $199 tuition with this

AppliedMicro in Sunnyvale, CA


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Homes Under $600K Boulder Creek

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K_\I\kif;fd\`jk_\e\n\jkX[[`k`fekfX K_\ \I\kif ;fd\`j k_ _\e\n\jk X[[`k`fe kfX Zffcfc[n\jkJXeAfj\e\`^_Yfi_ff[% Zff fcfc[n\jk JXe Afj\ e\`^_Yfi_ff[%


?<E<@>?9FI?FF; ?< E<@>?9 9FI?FF; Xifle[?Xk_XnXp Xifle[ ?Xkk_XnXp GXib`en\jkJXeAfj\# G Xib `e n\jjk JXe Afj\# dfjk f] n_ _`Z_ nXj dfjkf]n_`Z_nXj Yl`ck `e k_\ d`[$kf f$cXk\$(0,'j# Yl`ck`ek_\d`[$kf$cXk\$(0,'j# f]]\ijfc[$jZ_ffcjlYliYXe f]]\ij fc[$jZ_ffc jlYliYXe j  c`m`e^n`k_Xgclj1j_fgg`e^# c`m`e^ n`k_ X gclj1 j_fgg`e^# [`e`e^#dfm`\jXe[\m\e [`e`e^# dfm`\j Xe[ \m\e c`m\ k_\Xk\i Xe[ dlj`Z d c`m\k_\Xk\iXe[dlj`Z  n`k_`e nXcb`e^ [``jkXeZ\% n`k_`enXcb`e^[`jkXeZ\% Knfj_fgg`e^Z\ek\ijXkk_\ Knf j_fgg`e^ Z\e ek\ij Xk k_\ Zfie\i f] JXiXkf^X X 8m\el\ Zfie\if]JXiXkf^X8m\el\ Xe[:XdgY\cc8m\el\& Xe[ :XdgY\cc 8m\ \el\& Gifjg\ZkIfX[ÆN\jk^Xk\ Gifjg\Zk IfX[ÆN N\jk^Xk\ DXcc Xe[ <c GXj\f [\ DXccXe[<cGXj\f[\ JXiXkf^XÆ]\Xkli\Xccf] JXiXkf^XÆ]\Xkli\ \ Xcc f] k_\ XYfm\% k_\XYfm\% In addition to a ttwo-story wo o -story Target Tar a get y’s onlyy shopping(with the valle valley’s ccart ar t esc alator), Westgate Weestgaate is home escalator), tto o tthe he R etro D ome, aan no ld C entur y Retro Dome, old Century Theatr es mo vie house that ’s b een Theatres movie that’s been rrefitted efitted as a p erfo ormin ng-ar ts vvenue. enue. performing-arts Ther e’s a musical musical theat ter tr oup e There’s theater troupe in residence, residence, plus old-t time movies, movies, old-time b ands aand nd comedy comedy aacts cts p laying there there bands playing six nights a week. A cross the str eet at El E P aseo, Across street Paseo, ther e’s an AMC multip plex with 14 there’s multiplex scr eens, as well as Piz za My Hear t, screens, Pizza Heart, L mi’s C affe. Lee Boulanger and Mim Mimi’s Cafe. It ’s not Sant ana R ow ow, but it works It’s Santana Row, works.. H omes iin n tthe he n eighb orho o d h ave v Homes neighborhood have

held h eld ttheir heir vvalue, alue, e b but ut tthere here are are sstill till bee had. some dealss to b 1330 1330 Garrans Garrans Drive, Drive, right right near near Hathaway Park, was Hathaw way P ark, w as built in 1958, the same yyear ear that The The Donna Donna Reed Reed has bedrooms Show started. star ted. IItt h as tthree hree b edro oms bathrooms her aand nd tw ttwo ob athrooms ((almost at almost llike ike h er house) feet. has h ouse) iin n 11,303 ,303 ssquare quare fe et. IItt h as a new kitchen pretty n ew ggourmet ourmet k itchen aand nd iit’s t’s p retty Moreland Middle School cclose lose tto oM oreland M iddle S cho ol Country Lane aand nd C ountr y La ne eelementary. lementar y. IIt’s t’s $629,000. listed ffor o or $ 629,00 0. Around Around the the corner corner at at 735 735 Saratoga Sarato ga Ave., there’s A ve., ther e’s a home built in 1955— that gave Gunsmoke, the yyear ear th hat ga ave us Gunsmok e, Alfred Hitchcock, Captain Kangaroo Alfr ed Hit aaptain Kangar oo chhcock, C Mickey Club.. IIt’s and The Mi ickey Mouse Club t’s had makeover on byy a h ad a m akeover o n tthe he iinside nside b professional designer.. pr offessiona e al designer There two bedrooms There aare r tw re ob edrooms aand nd baths, house 1 11/2 /2 b atths, aand nd tthe he h ouse ccan an grow family:: L Located gr ow with the family o cated on a 77,000-square-foot ,0 0 0-square-fo ot lot, lot, there’s there’s plentyy of rroom plent oom to eexpand xpand out back. There’s yard Ther e’s a ffenced-in e ed-in yar enc d with a deck barbecue forr aand nd b arbecue aarea. rea. IIt’s t’s sselling elling fo $939,950. A ffew blocks Payne ew blo o cks aaway, way, at 331 P ayne y Ave., four-bedroom, twoAve v ., tthere’s here’s a fo ur-bedroom, tw obathroom 1,690-square-foot bathroom 1,6 90-square-ffo ot place place priced $549,000. The kitchen priced att $ 549,0 0 0. T he k itchen iiss nice, with nice, w ith gglass-door lass- do or ccabinets, abinets, aand nd there’s room with there’s a ggreat r att lliving re iving ro om w ith ab brick fireplace doors rick fi nd gglass lass d o ors replace aand leading to the backyard. t back yard. —Danny Wool Wool

a beautiful building site in the sun. Half acre. Private gated road. Easy location. All utilities in place. Plans included, too. Excellent neighborhood. Owner financing. $249,000. Donner Land & Mortgage Co., Inc. 408-395-5754

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Expand range, flexibility, confidence. Instruction also available for songwriting and guitar. Reasonable rates. Instructor: award-winning vocalist/songwriter, Deborah Levoy. 408/275-0802.

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Stout Recording Recording, Mixing, Mastering 24 Track Analog, 24 Bit Digital Randy Burk, Producer/Session Drummer $35.00 an hour. Oakland 510-567-8572

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Boulder Creek 290 acres ! Run your dirt bikes or quads or take a hike and have a lot of fun on the 11 parcels ranging in size from 18- 40 acres. Santa Clara county. Sun, Views, Spring, Creek. Off grid. Excellent Owner financing. $1,150,000. Donner Land & Mortgage Co., Inc. 408-395-5754

g Out of Area

Land for Sale, Acres, Lots, Custom Homesites ARIZONA LAND FOR SALE 2 TO 5 ACRE PARCELS 1 800 797 0054, Red Hawk AT J-6 Ranch see

Boulder Creek 10 acres. Ridge top. 3 mile private bumpy road leads to this quiet and serene site. Beautiful view and plenty of sun. Off grid. Owner Financing. $189,000. Donner Land & Mortgage Co., Inc. 408-395-5754

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OWN 20 ACRES Only $129/mo. $13,900 near growing El Paso, Texas (safest city in America!) Low down, no credit checks, owner financing. Free map/pictures. 866-257-4555 (AAN CAN)

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ALL AREAS - ROOMMATES.COM Browse hundreds of online listings with photos and maps. Find your roommate with a click of the mouse! Visit: (AAN CAN)

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ALL AREAS - ROOMMATES.COM. Browse hundreds of online listings with photos and maps. Find your roommate with a click of the mouse! Visit: (AAN CAN)

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Senior Living 62 Years or Older Shire’s Apartments for Seniors. 2 bedroom $875, 1 bedroom $700. New stove, new paint, new floors. Immediate move-in. Very clean, non-smoking, library, private patio garden, affordable parking. Dave 408.297.7476 180 North 4th St, San Jose

Shires Apartments for Seniors

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Celebrate Lunar New Year now with Orchids & Chrysanthemums Please call Angelic Nguyen

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24P 24P | C A,ALLEYVSILICON AURBEF26-RYAUNAJ | 4 6 4.ON26,.LVO Matt McHan at Roy’s Station 2 0 1 11,RYA | V O L . 2 6 , N O . 4 6 | S I L I...

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