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Apple exec’s naughty Twitter account

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Running R unning the the Gambit Gambit Yes, Y es e , complaints complain nts of San Jose’s Jose’s “b eleaguered d identit y” ar “beleaguered identity” aree gr grossly ossly o verstated (“Responses (“R Reesponses to Reed’s Reeed’s overstated Baseball Gambit,” mbit,”” SanJoseInside, SanJoseInside, Gam

Aug. A ug. 11). It It’s ’s a small cr crowd owd indeed indeed— d— those th hose who use the excuse excuse of putting puttiing San Sa an JJose ose on the map map, p, when in actuality, ac ctuality, it it’s ’s all ab about out stuffing th their heir wallets w allets with mor moree mone money. y. GREG GR EG H HOWE OWE | SSAN AN JO JOSE SE

FFan aan Notes Notes I lo llove ve yyour our magazine b because ecause it keeps k e eeps me abr abreast east of all the musicc in our ou ur ar area. ea. Thank yyou. ou. BARBARA B ARBARA R RAMOS AMOS | SSAN AN JO JOSE SE

B Fit Bad [San [San n JJose ose Mayor Mayor Chuck Chuck Reed’s] Reed’s] eendorsement ndorsement [[of of L Larry arry P Pegram] egram m] d defies efies aall ll common common sense sense (“Curse (“Curse o off R Reed, eed,” The Fly, Reed T he F ly, Aug. Aug. 118). 8). R eed iiss iindeed ndeed politically deaf when po olitically ttone one d eaf w hen it it comes comes

tto o ssupporting upporting ccandidates. andidates. P egram is is Pegram ssimply imply a b ad fit fit ffor or tthe he council council and and bad tthe he city. city. Religious Religious zzealots eallots ccan an ccloak loak tthemselves hemselves iin nw hatever ggarments arments tthey hey whatever w ant tto o try try aand nd ffool o ool pe eople, b ut tthey hey want people, but ar re sstill till rreligious eligious zzealots. ealots. are B esides, h ow much much does does Pegram Pegram Besides, how rreally eallly w an nt this this job? job? He He first first want an nnounced he he was was moving moving aaway way announced an nd rrunning unning for for Congress—a Congress—a vvery ery and d iff ffeerent jjob ob d escription—then different description—then d ropped o ut o that. N ext, h dropped out off that. Next, hee d ecided iitt w ould b un to to be be a decided would bee ffun ccouncilmember. ouncilmember. H opping around around Hopping ffrom rom rrace ace tto o rrace ace is is not not the the sign sign of of ssomeone omeone committed committed to to public public p olicy. policy. I don’t don’t tthink hink we we will will have have to to w orry worry ab bout h im winning winning in in District District 9, 9, about him b ut II’m ’m sure sure it it will will get get ugly ugly soon soon no no but m atter what what his his “family “family values” values” are. are. matter DR. D R. D | SSAN AN JO JOSE SE

Pursuit P ursuuit of P Power ower Man Many ny issu issues es raised by by the right g wingg seem desig gned only to ffoster o oster division designed and political politiccal gain for fo or R eepublicans— Republicans— issues lik ay marriage likee ga gay marriage,, immigration and now the t mosque near ground ground zer o. The eal to the worst in zero. Theyy app appeal p eople and d pla ay on their ffears eears using people play rreligion, eligion, ra acism, homophobia and racism, xenophob ia to blo ck any any movement movement xenophobia block tow ard a more m e equitable mor equitable and caring caring toward world. This ower Thiis is the pursuit of p power at its i uglie liest. It makes mak kes the h world ld a ugliest. sadder and d more more dangerous dangerous place. place. MOSSS HENRY MOS HENRY | SAN SAN TA TA ROSA ROSA


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Team Buildings Team San Jose, the peculiar alliance of hoteliers, unions and city bureaucrats that runs the city’s entertainment and convention venues, is facing the biggest crisis in its short, contentious history. Last Wednesday, finance chief SCOTT P. JOHNSON issued a report showing that the quasi-public entity overshot its budget by $750,000, and tangled its bookkeeping so badly that director DAN FENTON can’t even say exactly where the missing money went. Then on Monday, City Councilmember Sam Liccardo turned up the heat, asking City Manager DEB FIGONE to dig into the hotel-tax-funded entity, which is run by Fenton and an executive committee including South Bay Labor Council boss CINDY CHAVEZ. Meanwhile, with the rest of the city reeling from massive budget cuts, Fenton took a little trip to Fort Lauderdale late last month to speak at a convention for the convention industry—the Destination Marketing Association International. As that organization’s outgoing chair, Fenton apparently needed the moral support of a large posse of Team San Jose staff members—he Don’t reportedly brought eight forget colleagues with him on to tip! the trip to the Sunshine State. Ironically, Fenton FLY@ was there to speak about METRONEWS. how cities can attract COM tourism while dealing with disasters: “very public environmental and political issues (i.e., oil spills, floods, volcanic ash, travel boycotts, etc.).” He should have added financial scandals to the list. Word is that Fenton also did a tongue-in-cheek skit at the convention about his desperate need of a “makeover and rebranding,” considering Team San Jose’s reputation in the trade press, as Mayor Chuck Reed so delicately put it, as “a disaster in the industry.” That comment came after Team San Jose was called on the carpet by a civil grand jury for its financial mismanagement—for the second time in three years. KERI MCLAIN, CEO of the local YWCA, is among those


Secret Tweets ;@J8GG<8I@E>@EBG_`cc`gJ_f\dXb\i[\c\k\[_`jKn`kk\iXZZflekX]k\iXi\gfik\i hl\jk`fe\[_`dXYflk_`jXggXi\ekcpeXl^_kpfec`e\]fccfn`e^_XY`kj%

8ggc\ÊjXek`$gfie\e]fiZ\i  ]fccfn\[XYleZ_f]gfiejkXij Xe[\jZfikjfeKn`kk\i 9p RYAN TATE


JK?<;@I<:KFIf] 8ggc\ÊjXggjkfi\# G_`cc`gJ_f\dXb\i `ji\jgfej`Yc\ ]fi\e]fiZ`e^8ggc\Êj Zfekifm\ij`Xccp[iXZfe`Xe gfc`Z`\jfe`G_fe\Zf[\ Xe[Zfek\ek%JfpflÊ[k_`eb _\Ê[_Xm\[fe\XY\kk\iafY Zc\Xe`e^k_\fec`e\jb\c\kfej flkf]_`jZcfj\k% Shoemaker added three of his own apps to the store after he began working there, Wired’s Brian X. Chen is reporting, including a urination simulator named “iWiz.” The publication of the apps appears to violate Apple’s own employment policy for app store employees. Meanwhile, Shoemaker has deleted a Twitter account that, we’ve

discovered, showed him following lots of escorts and porn stars, a public indulgence in precisely the sort of content his boss Apple CEO Steve Jobs has deemed too harmful and corrosive even to touch the app store. In comments to Wired, an Apple spokesman defended Shoemaker for selling his own apps. Shoemaker was, after all, hired away from the iPhone app company he started. But the spokesman also claimed Shoemaker’s apps were approved before his employment with Apple, adding: “Apple’s policy allows for employees to have apps on the App Store if they’re developed and published prior to their start at Apple.” But in fact, as Chen shows, three of Shoemaker’s seven apps went onto the app store weeks after his employment began, according to dates gleaned from Shoemaker’s Twitter accounts and from the iTunes profiles of his apps. Meaning the man charged with

enforcing Apple policy in the app store was thrice in violation of an Apple app store policy. And oh by the way, Apple recently had to deal with a scandal in which a midlevel Apple manager was accused, in a federal grand jury fraud and money laundering indictment, of accepting of more than $1 million in kickbacks from the iPhone and iPod accessories suppliers he oversaw. Don’t think for a second that the sort of people who develop crude body function apps are ethically apathetic; a noxious dispute between the competing flatulence apps Pull My Finger and iFart famously escalated into a court battle (Shoemaker himself is in the fart-app game with his pre-Apple offering Animal Farts). And App developers have already raised various red flags about Apple’s own actions in the app store, complaining of very unclear rules, seemingly arbitrary rejections, bans on competing technology, double standards on data collection and far reaching content rules that have seen fashion spreads, gay literature apps, gay sightseeing apps, political cartoons, celebrity caricatures and apps with pictures of girls in bikinis banned from the store.

Amid inquiries from Chen, Shoemaker deleted his Twitter account, @pbshoemaker. What an odd thing to do; other than supplying Chen with Shoemaker’s precise start date, the account didn’t offer much ammunition for Wired’s story, and in any case the magazine already had the tweets it needed in hand; Chen made a couple of them available for download from his post, adding, “When informed of our story, Shoemaker purged his Twitter account cited throughout the story and updated his LinkedIn profile to remove mention of [his app company] Gray Noodle.” Shoemaker’s sudden shyness might have had something to do with the fact that his Twitter account was following at least 16 porn stars and escorts via their accounts on the microblogging service. There is, of course, nothing wrong with that; Shoemaker should be allowed to have fun looking at the occasional scantily clad adult entertainer or sex worker’s musings about her day. It’s got to be a nice break from all the technical tweets the longtime developer has to wade through. And following or otherwise ogling escorts does not mean one is visiting with escorts. But Shoemaker might have wished he was more discreet with who he



who are beyond frustrated with TSJ, to the point where she moved her organization’s annual fundraising luncheon from the McEnery Center to Santa Clara because she couldn’t afford TSJ’s rates. “As much as we wanted to stay in San Jose, we had the obligation to move,” McLane says, sounding apologetic. Fenton, on the other hand, is chipper, according to a quote in the Biz Journal: “I continue to look at future opportunities to improve together,” he said. “We’re pleased to do it.”

Fire With Fire Considering how hard she’s been pushing for Measures V and W, former Vice Mayor PAT DANDO might be having second

followed on Twitter given his boss Steve Jobs’ avowed position on porn. His Twitter account, at a glance, did not fit well with the image Jobs has crafted for the app store as a place providing “freedom from porn.” Jobs, a Disney director and reportedly the single largest shareholder at the kid-friendly media company, has slammed Google’s Android platform, which competes with the iPhone, for allowing pornographic apps. “You can download porn, your kids can download porn,” he famously said of Android’s “porn store.” He told me in an email exchange that I might understand his antipathy to porn better “when you have kids.” If you look at Shoemaker’s account in Google’s cache, updated just over a week ago, you can see there were two porn stars listed right there on the front page of his profile, among his 18 most recent “follows.” Given all the flesh in the profile pictures, they tend to jump off the page. With 1,181 follows and 1,047 followers, one might argue, on the basis of just those two very visible follows, that Shoemaker perhaps had his account set up to follow all his followers back. In other words, maybe he was following porn stars involuntarily. But a look further into his follower list—Twitter orders them

chronologically—shows a veritable spree of escort-following activity. So many followers on one stretch could lead people to wonder just how many of Shoemaker’s 1,182 follows were in one “adult” profession or another, and whether he has a particularly intense interest in their nontextual activities. More to the point, it could lead people to wonder if it’s not hypocritical for Apple to repeatedly insinuate that merely allowing adults to look at porn through specialized apps on its tablet and phone-size computers is somehow immoral, corrupting and intrinsically harmful to families—given that the very Apple employee deemed moral, incorruptible and otherwise trustworthy enough to gatekeep said apps was publicly subscribing to 16 escort and porn star Twitter feeds, at minimum. If Shoemaker finds himself confronting questions along those lines, he might use this excuse, which we offer to him ready made (pretty much everyone’s been busted for some sort of sexytime, right?): The escort and porn feeds were research. How else are you going to keep these persistent, slippery little sex kittens out of the app store, if not by learning how they think, and what their plans are? They are very crafty. And very, very, very naughty.

thoughts about her star turn, back in 2000, in some San Jose Fire Fighters Union promotional videos. Since June’s primary election, the Chamber of Commerce chief has been outspoken about public employee cost-cutting. Now she’s at the forefront of the campaign to repeal binding arbitration, a move to reduce labor costs and the subject of the two November ballot measures. Of course, the fire and police unions are against the measures. And Dando can now be seen in two spots on, a firefighters union’s website, chatting about the importance of maintaining public safety funding. Backed by a high-energy soundtrack that would seem more appropriate to an ANGELINA JOLIE action-adventure flick, Dando seems to be opposing the very measures she is helping spearhead: “During my time as vice mayor and city councilmember, I was

very pleased that the city council had the wisdom to approve the strategy for making sure we had a fire department that would serve us well,” she says. The website, which is run by RANDY SEKANY’s Local 230, also offers up fear-inducing facts about how response times will be affected by the two referenda. Next to Dando’s mug, a blurb reads: “Is it possible that City Administrators have cut too far? None of us want anything similar to what happened on May 9, 2009.” That links to a Columbus Dispatch news story about a toddler and baby that were killed in a fire in Ohio. Perhaps Dando’s reaction to these videos will be the same as her response to SAL PIZARRO when he asked her about popping onstage with GEORGE CLINTON at the San Jose Jazz Festival on Friday the 13th. “It seemed like a really good idea when they suggested we do it.”

Ryan Tate writes the Valleywag blog at, where this article first appeared.

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Porny Twitter Account

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sv Discontent Grows With Facebook Places THERE’S A FUN and charming story on Advertising Age about a woman and her friends having a fun and charming dinner together. All is well C@KKC<9IFK?<I=XZ\YffbÊj e\nj\im`Z\kXb\jljfe\jk\g and good until Facebook Zcfj\ikfXnfic[n_\i\gi`mXZp Places, the new location`jXhlX`eki\c`Z% based service that promises to revolutionize something or other, spoils the fun. It seems that people don’t exactly want their exact location broadcast to all of their Facebook friends, especially without their express permission. Oh, no: it’s a moral conundrum. What happened here was that, while eating at a restaurant, the author checked into Facebook Places. Then she tagged the post with all of the people in her party. Now, all of these people’s friends will have seen that they were at a certain place at a certain time. Never mind the fact the such information, to a random friend on a hopelessly large friend list, is pretty much useless. What’s happening in the social dynamics of the situation? Let’s say Friend A is at the restaurant despite the fact that he told his brother that he was “too busy” to help him paint his room. Dark Side points. Let’s say Friend B told her boyfriend that she just wanted to stay home that night to finish something for work. Dark Side points. Let’s say Friend C skipped out going to a soccer game with his co-workers because he told them he was feeling sick. Dark Side points. And so on. Facebook Places inconveniently exposes the half-truths we tell each other that keeps society moving at a steady clip. But whose fault is that?

It’s partially Facebook’s for not requiring the approval of a Places tag. That seems like it would be pretty easy to exploit. “I’m going to tag that me and Jim were out all night drinking and visiting various gentlemen’s clubs. Take that, Jim!” Then Jim wakes up the next morning with an angry phone call from his girlfriend. “What were doing all night? You had better not be where it says you were!” Clearly Facebook should change the behavior of Places in that regard. And no, a hard-to-find “opt-out” clause does not count, Facebook. This is the type of service that people should have to “optin” voluntarily. This surreptitious claptrap is partially why people have such a love-hate relationship with you. —NICHOLAS DELEON, CRUNCHGEAR.COM

evan I don’t think people care about checkins as much as you guys think they do. Brabdon If you are actually at a location with some people, I would think most people would say, “Hey, I’m about to tag us on Facebook. Is that OK?” If you aren’t with someone and do this maliciously, unfriend the bastard. Done.

Ryan Merket My iPhone for Facebook app should send me a push notification when someone tries to tag me in Places, allowing me to opt-in to the request. Jeff I like to think that the vast majority of people are not lying all the time. If they are, serves them right. If anything I love the fact that this service catches you in your B.S. Jelly Munchkin The “well, if you’re doing something bad, it serves you right” argument is not a sufficient defense for the erosion of personal privacy. Unless, of course, you’d envision a world in which Facebook has become a proxy for the Behavior Police. Jeffj Someone should tag Mark Zuckerberg in Places to say he was at a gay strip bar. I bet you would see them implement tagging rules pretty quickly after that!

Block Zuck? Not So Fast One of the most fun ways to lash out at Mark Zuckerberg with zero chance of it having any impact whatsoever LEJKFGG89C< seems to 8=XZ\YffbZXd$ have been gX`ekfdXjj$YcfZb thwarted. DXibQlZb\iY\i^ Yes, the _Xj]X`c\[%8epfe\ Empire has jligi`j\[6 struck back, making it impossible—impossible!—to block the Facebook CEO on his own social network. Blocking someone on Facebook is a sort of last-straw maneuver when you don’t even want to ignore someone you had friended anymore, or want to prevent another member from contacting you in (nearly) every way possible. It’s a great way to be rid of that creepy guy who asks you “S’up?!” 2.5 seconds after you log on. To permanently excuse yourself from the “friend” who is actually a spam machine. To stop hearing from the high school friend you didn’t even like in high school. Blocking Zuckerberg isn’t about barring the door against a nuisance, but rather a harmless way to register a protest against any number of grievances about Facebook and its CEO—a pre-emptive strike against some who almost certainly would have had absolutely nothing to do with you anyway. made something of a campaign out of this by publishing the (deadly simple) instructions for blocking Zuckerberg, the same instructions for blocking anyone. As of today, however, those halcyon days are over—a victim, perhaps of’s success.

11 M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

the best of the local web

Now when you try to block Zuck, you get a message which says: “General Block failed error: Block failed.” Not for everyone, mind you. I checked. Facebook, in an email to, called this “an error” which is “generated when a person has been blocked a certain large number of times.”” —JOHN C. ABELL, WIRED .COM/EPICENTER

RichardNixon Better way to ignore him is to not use Facebook! phoester Facebook—biggest waste of time EVER.

iTunes Vulnerability: Gullible Users So these reports of a major security hole in iTunes, one through which people have had their PayPal accounts drained? Not much to them, I’m told. Or, rather, not much to their assertion that Apple (AAPL) is at fault here. There’s no security hole in iTunes and if you’ve been unfortunate enough to have hundreds of dollars in unauthorized purchases charged to your iTunes account it’s likely because you’ve fallen victim to a phishing scam—a variation on the one that’s been around for years now. Sources close to Apple tell me iTunes has not been compromised and the company isn’t aware of any sudden increase in fraudulent transactions. As for an official comment, Apple offers this bit of common sense advice:“iTunes is always working to prevent fraud and enhance password security for all of our users. But if your credit card or iTunes password is stolen and used on iTunes we recommend that you contact your financial institution. We also recommend that you change your iTunes account password immediately.” —JOHN PACZKOWSKI, DIGITALDAILY.ALLTHINGSD.COM

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at S San aan Jose Jose’s ’s Largest Gar Garage rage S ale a and Farmer ’s Markett Sale Farmer’s Hundreds of V Vendors endors selling ev everything erything yyou ou need for for yyour our home and family. family. Open Thursday, Thursday, Friday, Friday, Saturday Saturday and Sunday. Sunda y. 7:00am to 3:00pm 3630 HILLCAP HILLCAP A AVE., VE., V SAN JOSE, CA | 408-225 408-225-5800 5-5800 WWW.WESTWINDPM.COM WWW .WESTWINDPM.COM

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School Board Scam


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Creek Blvd. , Santa Cla (408) 985-29 ra 5450 Thornw 99 ood Drive, S an Jose (408) 281-82 20



QUALITY EDUCATION IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD! Begin a Master’s Degree or a Bachelor’s degree completion program in Spring 2011

Tuesday, September 7, 2010 at 6:00 p.m. CALL OR LOG ON TO RSVP AND SEE PROGRAM LISTINGS: 408-255-1701 - X 5:30 p.m. for MAT/Credential X 4:30-5:30 p.m. every Tuesday for M.S. Nursing/CNL* (*BSN-MSN, BS/BA-MSN) USF Cupertino Campus - 20085 Stevens Creek Blvd.,Cupertino, CA 95014

The executive director lied about his $11,000 cash advances from casinos and a 4 percent self-imposed salary reduction that he never took. Mr. Plotkin has resigned effective Sept. 1. Dana Tom, president of the Santa Clara County School Boards Association, is understandably outraged. “The biggest arrows in our quiver of support for public education are integrity and trust,” she said. “You can break trust in an instant, but it takes time to rebuild it.” We have too much public distrust of our system of public education already, and these types of despicable acts add to the perception that there is too much money in public education. This is certainly not the case in California. The CSBA is an advocacy group for school board members, superintendents and executive level district and county office staff, ultimately serving the children in public schools. Almost all 1,000 California school districts are members. The Santa Clara County Office of Education (SCCOE) pays $12,600 in annual dues. I just found out that the 2010–11 CSBA invoice has not yet arrived at the SCCOE. At the Aug. 17 board meeting, CSBA president Frank Pugh and the CSBA board directed staff to contract for an independent financial systems and

compensation review. I wonder whether or not we should withhold payment as a protest to the lack of fiscal oversight. While we purge wasteful positions or practices from all educational and governmental institutions let’s also examine the bold report by the Santa Clara County civil grand jury on school district consolidation. The report argues that consolidation from the current hodgepodge of districts into unified districts could reap a savings of up to $20 million in this county alone. Santa Clara Unified, the only district that has responded thus far to the grand jury’s report, said they review the recommendations in the report as “economically viable, managerially provocative, and politically, somewhere between improbable and impossible.” No doubt the process to consolidate takes courageous leadership on the part of superintendents and boards, but it is essentially left to the electorate to decide. I am a strong proponent of school district consolidation for educational benefits. I was hoping to see a heartfelt letter of apology to all school board members and children of California from Mr. Plotkin for aiding and abetting those voters who believe public systems are corrupt. Unfortunately, there was no letter I could find. —Joseph DiSalvo

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Educating Minds and Hearts to Change The World SAN FRANCISCO





Joseph Di Salvo serves as an elected member of the Santa Clara County Board of Education.

13 M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y



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15 M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


Fall Arts season’s soundings


UST AS the weather is finally starting to feel like summer, the fall arrives in earnest with performing arts seasons getting started as early as the public schools. The normally busy time of the year for the arts world is even more crowded than normal as the annual SAN JOSE MARIACHI AND MEXICAN HERITAGE FESTIVAL overlaps with the biennial 01SJ FESTIVAL. In a sense, both festivals celebrate a strain of timelessness in the midst of modernity. The Mariachi festival notes the centennial of the Mexican Revolution with an ambitious series of productions, exhibits and concerts that continue a tradition of artistic and political revolution. 01SJ deliberately looks backward to a grand tradition of inventive tinkering. Using the materials of the modern technological revolution, the many artists, free thinkers and hands-on DIY types at 01SJ will explore ways that people can harness tech to grapple with a world that sometimes seems to be spinning out of control. The festival encompasses a dizzyingly diversity of ideas, projects, collaborations and unique events; it also emphasizes San Jose and the valley’s vital part in a global nexus with far-flung artists putting their heads together with local creators. This web of connectivity can be seen at the downtown gallery ANNO DOMINI, which hosts many shows by vital young street artists from abroad, including Brazilian painter FERNANDO CHAMARELLI, whose work appears on our cover. In the DIY spirit of 01SJ, our Fall Arts Guide is designed to allow people to craft their own schedule of can’t-miss opportunities with the help of Metro’s critics, who have zeroed in on the highlights of the season in music, stage, film, visual arts, classical music and dance (fall art, food and wine festivals will be posted in full on the web). Our guide to fall is a living document that will be continuously updated and supplemented at and

music 16 images 28 film 20 classical & Dance 35 stage 23 performances 42

the music entertainment at 5pm and spin in between sets. Other acts include Jozes Than Wissem, who makes his own instruments and will By steve palopoli perform an acoustic set; Inca Ore, an experimental electro-vocalist who ABSOLUTE ZERO uses her microphone/synth setup The SubZERO Festival in downtown to modulate her sound; Global San Jose in June wasn’t just an Warning, a group featuring Greg event, it was a statement. It Zifcak from the electro-dance played to all of the city’s ABSOLUTEZERO duo Eats Tapes, that will strengths—innovative will be held as part take the festival’s theme of the 01SJ Festival and multicultural, with a “Build Your Own World” on Friday, Sept. 17, on mix of artistic traditions literally by constructing a South First Street, and new technologies, it beginning at 5pm; “paper environment” and was equal parts style and free. enlisting the audience to substance. SubZERO couldn’t tear it down at the end; 0th, have come at a better time; an all-girl performance-art type from its mind-bending headlining band who Skype in their vocals; performance by hip-hop producers and punk-droners Clipd Beaks. Also the Bangerz (with an assist from San performing is alt-rock quartet Jonas Jose Taiko) on down, it symbolized a Reinhardt, who headline the stage at re-emergence of cutting-edge art and San Carlos; San Jose Taiko, who seem music in the South Bay. The question to up for some edgy stuff lately and immediately became: what’s next? will do a “roving performance,” and It would have been a shame if the cumbia group TurboMex. 01SJ’s SubZERO had been an anomaly, an partners in the street fair include isolated incident that failed to build MACLA, the Museum of Quilts and any momentum for the downtown Textiles and the San Jose Institute of scene. But soon after came Left Contemporary Art. Coast Live, and then a sleeker, hipper version of the San Jose Jazz Festival. SAN JOSE MARIACHI AND And now comes an event even MEXICAN HERITAGE FESTIVAL more closer in spirit to SubZERO, the 01SJ Festival’s AbsoluteZERO. Under artistic director Linda The festival’s organizers had actually Ronstadt, the San Jose Mariachi and collaborated with Anno Domini’s Mexican Heritage Festival seems Cherri Lakey and Brian Eder on the to get more ambitious every year, first SubZERO festival, but this year, but this time she’s really outdone 01SJ organizers focused on their herself. Not content just to host the namesake event while the SubZERO stand-alone festival for two weeks crew went their own way. However, in September, festival organizers on Friday, Sept. 17, 2010 01SJ will have partnered with high-powered unveil SubZERO’s soulmate street nonprofit organizations around the fair. It has many of the same features, state to produce a series of concerts with, according to organizers, a bit emphasizing the importance of more of a technological bent. Along Latino culture in the United States. with some 100 arts projects along Politically, it’s a response to the South First, there will be two stages draconian immigration legislation of music in the SoFA district, on the passed in Arizona, and the wave of Reed Street end and the San Carlos anti-immigrant ignorance spawned end. DJ Tristes Tropiques will open in its wake. Politics aside, though, it’s

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untalented, a triumph of sheer entertainment but he was value. First, the “Weaving Moments always Together” concert in Hollywood better as features Carlos Santana, our own Waters’ Pete Escovedo, Lila Downs and Zack creative de la Rocha. foil. Once Then the series comes up here they split, for the Mariachi Festival, which with Gilmour is hosting the world premiere of carrying on the Adelita! The Women of the Mexican band, Pink Floyd Revolution. Written and directed by actually became the Dan Guerrero (who was selected bloated, bland rock by Ronstadt to take on this dinosaur it was always project), it’s being called seen. It was also SAN JOSE MARIACHI AND on the verge of turning the most ambitious piece too ambitious for MEXICAN HERITAGE into. What kept it from of Latino theater since its own good, somehow FESTIVAL Sept. 15–26 becoming that for all Zoot Suit. A multimedia losing more than half a million in downtown San Jose; those years was Waters’ mix of music and dance, dollars despite the fact that the most tickets are available see how different organizations at 800.745.3000. See uncompromising and it features Mexican album was at the top of the are rising to it. The San Jose sanjosemariachifestival. brutal creative nature. vocalist Eugenia Leon, Billboard charts for 15 weeks Jazz Festival successfully com for times. Through The Dark Side of as well as Mariachi Cobre and ended up selling 11 branched out into funk, THE MONTEREY the Moon, Animals, Wish You and Mariachi Los Camperos JAZZ FESTIVAL million copies. Waters turning convention on its Sept. 17–19 at the Were Here, The Wall and even de Nati Cano. The last day swore never to perform head with a genre-defying Monterey Fairgrounds, the much-maligned The Final Cut, of the festival, Sept. 26, features The Wall again until lineup. The Monterey Monterey; Waters oversaw the construction of a performance at HP Pavilion the Berlin Wall came Jazz Festival has taken 925.275.9255. epic rock manifestos that definitively with Latin superstars Los Tigres down, and when it did, the opposite tack this year, defined the album format. His music del Norte and guests Intocable. he embarked on an equally going for a jazz-fan comfortcould be pompous, depressing and There will also be a free outdoor oversized and far more profitable food approach to programming. excessive, but it also spoke to almost concert at Plaza de Cesar Chavez tour that was unfortunately Among the artists returning to the anyone willing to slip on a pair of that day with Ozomatli and Los watered down by its cast of guest MJF this year are Roy Hargrove, headphones and give a listen to Tex Maniacs. The festival features singers (Bryan Adams doing “Young Dianne Reeves, Chick Corea, Waters’ bitter assaults on the darkest a host of other events, including a Lust”? Really?). Waters’ solo work Christian McBride, Kenny Garrett, impulses and weaknesses of the performance of Guerrero’s previous, has never gotten its due, and despite Billy Childs and Chris Potter. And human condition. autobiographical play Gaytino on having been an ex-Floyd for the new additions are sure to click For better or worse, Sept. 16. There are also mariachi 25 years, he can’t seem to with the jazz-blues faithful: Harry The Wall has become his workshops and performances, leave The Wall behind. ROGER WATERS Connick Jr., Ahmad Jamal, Delbert personal rock legacy, documentaries, lectures and art performs THE WALL With the album having McClinton, Trombone Shorty, on Monday, Dec. 6, and partially because there throughout the festival. have been covered at this Angelique Kidjo, Les Nubians Wednesday, Dec. 8, has never been an album point in styles from rock and more. But there are still some at 8pm at HP Pavilion; like it before or since, to bluegrass to electro, he fascinating flourishes: Childs will $58.50–$253.50. ROGER WATERS and partially because it seems to have accepted— premiere his Music for Two Quartets, was so freaking gigantic in perhaps even embraced— Perhaps the grumpiest man in the a piece commissioned by the its scope and execution that it that it’s not going away, and is history of rock, Roger Waters is best festival, with the Kronos Quartet; continues to bowl over generation bringing it back to life with a tour known as the driving creative force Friday features a “New Grooves after generation seeking an escape that promises to be every bit as behind the best years of Pink Floyd. Party” with Nellie McKay, Rudresh from songs about girls, cars and outrageous as the original carnation. Sure, we all have a soft spot for Mahanthappa’s Indo-Pak Coalition ice-cold beer. The original 1980 tour original Floyd leader Syd Barrett, but and more; Les McCann will revisit for the album is legendary, with thanks to his overly romanticized his groundbreaking 1969 album of MONTEREY JAZZ FESTIVAL its huge inflatables, intricate plot and totally tragic descent into jazz-soul, Swiss Movement, with the and an actual 40-foot wall built madness, we’ll never know if he had help of saxophonist Javon Jackson, The state of the economy means between the band and the audience, more than one genius album in him. who will try to fill the gigantic shoes this is a challenging time for jazz it was like nothing anyone had ever And I wouldn’t call David Gilmour of the late Eddie Harris. festivals, and it’s interesting to

M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 2 5-3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

y mm To

Left: The Clipd Beaks perform at the AbsoluteZERO Festival. Right: The world’s best mariachis come to San Jose in late September.

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


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Tuesday, October 19 • 7pm Wednesday, October 20 • 10:30am & 5pm

Sunday, December 5 • 7pm



For the Performing Arts


19 M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 2 5-3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

Genghis Khan The Exhibition â&#x20AC;&#x201D; invades downtown for a limited engagement

DOWNTOWN SAN JOSE 50 blocks of exciting museums, galleries, theaters, restaurants, shops and nightlife. PARK YOURSELF HERE. Shop or dine at businesses displaying this sign and receive up to 2 hours of validated parking at participating parking lots and garages.



(Sept. 1) George Clooney plays a hit man on a last Italian job. The film is intriguing not just for Clooney completionists but also for its pedigree: director Anton Corbijn (primarily music video and the Ian Curtis biopic Control) adapts the story from the novel A Very Private Gentleman by Martin Booth, poet, publisher and sybarite (he was a translator of Chinese erotic poetry and a major expert on Alistair Crowley).

MACHETE (Sept. 3) Ol’ rockface Danny Trejo stars in Ethan Maniquis and Robert Rodriguez’s satirical grindhouser, which went viral on Cinco de Mayo and is being released in time for Mexican Independence Day. Various racists and opportunistic politicians (including Robert De Niro) walk on the fightin’ side of the big man. The cameo-rich cast includes Steven Seagal, Jeff Fahey, Jessica Alba, Cheech Marin, Don Johnson and, yes, Lindsay Lohan.

A Critic’s Dozen By Richard von Busack


(Sept. 3) Fatih Akin’s amiable yet hard-edged portraits of the new Germany make this relatively lighthearted comedy very promising. Here, a greasy-spoon operator in Hamburg finds a new lease on life when he hires a new chef.

THE TILLMAN STORY (Sept. 3) The documentary details how Pat Tillman—football hero and good-hearted kid from the Almaden Valley—ended up as an unwitting symbol of the Afghan war. Director Amir Bar-Lev interviews the surviving Tillmans and discovers the intelligent and free-thinking young man no one knew, particularly after the network news and the Bush administration were through with him.

A WOMAN, A GUN AND A NOODLE SHOP (Sept. 10) Zhang Yimou goes intimate after some wall-to-wall epics with a remake of the Coen brothers’ early film noir about murder and adultery, Blood Simple.



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THE TOWN (Sept. 17) Ben Affleck’s follow-up to Gone Baby Gone looks like some further Southie metaphysics. A Boston gunman (Affleck) gets involved with a bank teller (Rebecca Hall) he once stuck up. Jon Hamm of Mad Men, in what looks like a big-enough movie role at last, plays the FBI agent tracing him.

LET ME IN (Oct. 1) Boy (Kodi Smit-McPhee) meets girl (Chloe Moretz from Kick-Ass) of a kind in this remake of the intrepid Swedish vampire movie Let the Right One In. Matt Reeves of Cloverfield directs what one feels, with ever-childlike faith, a story that’s resistant to messing up.

THE SOCIAL NETWORK (Oct. 1) Ben Mezrich’s unauthorized, semifictional, padded and prolix book The Accidental Billionaires is the source for David Fincher’s version of the fractious beginnings of Facebook. Jesse Eisenberg plays Zuckerberg, and Andrew Garfield is Eduardo Saverin. Will Fincher (Se7en, Fight Club, Zodiac) bring some edge to story behind the fabulously popular website?

Hawthorne’s SCARLET LETTER gets updated in ‘Easy A’ with Emma Stone.

ENTER THE VOID (Oct. 8) This feature may steal the thunder of Clint Eastwood’s Hereafter (Oct. 22). It is Gaspar Noë’s sex-and-violence drenched spinoff of The Tibetan Book of the Dead, with a gaijin in Tokyo who is dead but refuses to leave his bardo, a fluorescent half-world cocreated by Marc Caro (of City of Lost Children). Noë’s willingness (and let’s face it, ability) to shock may be tempered here by sweeter fantasy.

THE NEXT THREE DAYS (Nov. 19) The redo of the French film Pour Elle has Paul Haggis shows off his post–Casino Royale moves. A husband (Russell Crowe) endeavoring to break his wife (Elizabeth Banks), out of prison, with the river-bound city of Pittsburgh itself as the outer perimeter of the lockup.

Claire F olg ert

George Clooney is guilty of nuzzling while driving (with Violante Placido) in THE AMERICAN.

(Sept. 17) “Not based on a true story, not inspired by real events,” this puzzling story is observed lo-fi camera–style by co-director Ariel Schulman, the brother of the subject, a photographer who strikes up an unusual friendship with a girl who wants to appropriate one of his pictures. Is it fiction or hand-held cinema verité? As in the story of fine artiste Mr. Brainwash in Exit to the Gift Shop, there’s more than an element of untrustworthiness in the narration.

EASY A (Sept. 17) Will Gluck’s comedy is witty enough to parallel the ordeal of a modern girl (Emma Stone) surrounded by born-again Puritans in an Ojai high school with the book she’s studying: The Scarlet Letter. Plus the adults along for the ride are impressively funny: Thomas Hayden Church, Patricia Clarkson, Stanley Tucci and Malcolm MacDowell.

Adam Shortt

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


Ben Affleck tries to stay ahead of the Boston police in THE TOWN.

21 M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 2 5-3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


South FIRST FRIDAYS an eclectic evening of arts and culture in downtown San Jose’s SoFA District (and beyond) on the First Friday of every month

SEPTEMBER 3rd ART WALK + STREET MRKT > It all kicks off at 7pm and goes ’til late! <

Anno Domini

Art Glass Center

Caffé Trieste


366 So. First Street

465 So. First Street

315 So. First Street

510 So. First Street

Estates of the Splendrous and Secret Alex McLeod solo exhibition McLeod constructs three-dimensional environments that investigate the tension between illusionary and physical space. His CGI prints of diorama-like environments are hallucinogenic visions projected into utopian realms, thus addressing and exploring issues of ecology, sustainability, and connectivity.

Join us at the San Jose Art Glass Center for live demos throughout the eventing in our workshop and visit the gallery featuring beautiful works by regional glass artists.

Opening reception of Gravity by artist Valerie Runningwolf. New encaustic works as well as mixedmedia pieces that are of traditional and contemporary ideas that awaken and encourage exploration. First Fridays are Opera Night! at Caffé Trieste, with some of the Bay Area's best opera singers performing your favorite arias and duets.

Join MACLA for a preview of Lineas: New Modes of Contemporary Urbanism featuring recent work by Tanya Aguíñiga and Teddy Cruz. Above image:Tanya Aguiniga, Felt Chairs, 2010

San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles 520 So. First Street On view: the premier International TECHstyle Art Biennial (ITAB): this juried exhibition showcases the work of artists combining fiber media with new technologies in their artistic processes, in the content of their work and as a means of artistic expression. Above image: Holding it In by Noel PalomaLovinski.

More Exhibitions:

SLG Art Boutiki & Gallery

So. First Billiards

KALEID Gallery

420 So. First Street

88 So. Fourth Street

577 So. Market Street

Cukui & Friends ImagiNatives: The 2nd Gathering. Here is another chance to enjoy the art at South First Billiards from the Cukui crew and their talented friends. New Artwork, Live Painting Session, Special Live Musical Guests, Clothing and Goods Market, Free Giveaways All ages until 10pm/21+ after 10pm

7-9pm Opening Receptions:

ART OF THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. - Those of us who survived the zombie apocalypse can now stop and appreciate the artwork they left behind.Art by Jeff Bambas, Bea Adams, James Brunner and more.

Coexist & Bisect Two new manifestations by René Lorraine Shadows of Light, from the Hidden Sun: a vision of the Authentic self. An exhibition of new collages by Ras Lowe Above image by Ras Lowe.

Higher Fire Clayspace 499 So. Market Street Phantom Galleries 386 & 388 So. First Street WORKS San José 451 So. First Street Downtown Yoga Shala 450 So. First Street Ball Stacking Event Gore Park (So. First & Williams) Good Karma Vegan Café 37 So. First Street Metro Photo Exhibit 550 So. First Street Art Ark 1035 So. Sixth Street

An indie diy urban faire featuring live music by Sean Hayes, Lisa Dewey & The Lotus Life, and Jhameel with special guest emcee Mike McGee! Also featuring 40 artists & indie creative vendors!

FREE and open to the public!

visit or call 408-271-5155 for more info



ILICON VALLEY residents can count themselves lucky to be surrounded by leading theater companies. Here’s a roundup of the fall’s most promising theatrical productions. Palo Alto’s TheatreWorks provides a transition into the fall season with The Light in the Piazza (Aug. 25–Sept. 19), a musical romance set in Italy. The play is notable for Adam Gretel’s adventurous, Tony Award–winning score, which has more in common with classical music and opera than with traditional show tunes. This production will feature a five-piece chamber orchestra and a cast singing in both English and Italian. A show of this level of sophistication will be in good hands with artistic director Robert Kelley. “He’s particularly good at taking those large, grand-scale musicals and making sure they still have a really intimate, emotional appeal,” says casting director Leslie Martinson. Next up at TheatreWorks will be Superior Donuts (Oct. 6–31), a warm and humorous play from the Pulitzer Prize–winning author Tracy Letts. The play focuses on a run-down


Chicago donut shop, an aging manager and an ambitious young employee who wants to reinvigorate the business. “It’s very much a play about what happens when a hopeless guy meets a guy with nothing but hope,” says Martinson. San Jose Repertory Theatre will launch its season on Sept. 2 with the West Coast premiere of Black Pearl Sings!. Set in the 1930s, this drama tells the story of Susannah, a researcher who sets out to record genuine African American songs. She finds what she is looking for in Pearl Johnson, a prisoner and treasure trove of authentic music, but the two women are suspicious of one another. “They have to learn to communicate with each other,” says director Rick Lombardo. “They have to learn how to trust each other. . . . It’s about trying to figure out how you begin to understand someone who is so distinctly different from yourself.” Pearl is soon singing, and Susannah joins in. “Over the course of the show they sing about 11 or 12 amazing folk songs, all a cappella,” says Lombardo. “So it’s also about the incredible power of the unaccompanied human voice. It’s a really wonderful night of theater.” The Rep’s other shows include a visit from the Flying Karamazov Brothers, a medical thriller called Secret Order, and Backwards in High

At San Jose Rep, Ginger Rogers twirls again in BACKWARDS IN HIGH HEELS.

Heels, a musical about Ginger Rogers. For those interested in another musical centered on the African American experience, catch The Color Purple (Nov. 23–28) at Broadway San Jose. Based on Alice Walker’s novel, this play won nearly a dozen Tony awards after its initial run on Broadway. If it sounds a bit too heavy, consider First Day of School (Sept. 23–Oct. 24) at the City Lights Theater. This sex comedy, which makes a satirical jab at suburban parents, was penned by Billy Aronson, creator of the concept of Rent and a contributor to Courage the Cowardly Dog and Beavis & Butthead. The oddly titled Abraham Lincoln’s Big Gay Dance Party, by Aaron Loeb, also uses humor to worry some significant issues. Both plays are South Bay premieres. San Jose Stage Company stars the season with Reasons to Be Pretty (Sept. 29–Oct. 24), the final entry in Neil LaBute’s trilogy focusing on the modern preoccupation with physical beauty. When a boyfriend tells his girlfriend that she looks “regular,” this flippant comment could end up destroying their




San Jose Center for the Performing Arts

Dragon Theatre, Palo Alto

Lucie Stern Theater, Palo Alto

BURN THE FLOOR Sept. 21–26. A brief run of the high-energy dance revue. RAIN—A TRIBUTE TO THE BEATLES Oct. 26–31. The Fab Four reconstructed. THE COLOR PURPLE Nov. 23–28.


LOVE SONG Sept. 10–Oct. 3. A romantic comedy about the permeable membrane between sane and crazy.

RENEGADE THEATRE SEXPERIMENT Historic Hoover Theater, San Jose KILLER JOE Sept. 10–Oct. 2. ALL THIS INTIMACY Nov. 5–27. A man with too many irons in the fire must deal all at once with the women in his life.

DEAD MAN’S CELL PHONE Sept. 11–26. A chance encounter with a corpse’s phone leads a women into a quest to solve a murder and fix her own life. A comedy by Sarah Ruhl. SUNSET BOULEVARD Nov. 6–21. The splashy stage version of the Billy Wilder masterpiece about an aging silent-film star’s dreams of a comeback with the help of a stranded screenwriter.


relationship. The company’s holiday show is a reprise of the very popular compacting machine known as Every Christmas Story Ever Told, which earned a rave from Metro the last time it was in town. One of the area’s smaller companies, Mountain View’s Pear Avenue Theater, muscles up to a very ambitious pairing of Part One of Angels in America with Thornton Wilder’s Our Town (Sept. 17–Oct. 16 and Sept. 24–Oct. 17, respectively)— two deeply American dramas—in tandem, with the same cast. Also promising is quirky Renegade Theatre Experiment, which is presenting Killer Joe, (Sept. 10– Oct. 2), a dark comedy about murder and double-dealing that sounds something like a Jim Thompson novel. It is the first play by Tracy Letts, who went on to write Bug.

Sept. 17–Oct. 17. CTRL + ALT + DELETE Nov. 5–21. A comedy by Anthony about the innovative drive in Silicon Valley as a man starts to sell his dream of a cell phone that is also a computer—and it’s not a Steve Jobs biography.

THE RETRO DOME San Jose SGT. PEPPER’S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND! SINGING CONTEST Aug. 27–29. THE FANTASTICKS Sept. 24–Oct. 24. The play has lasted 50 years (and outlasted its critics) with an emotional appeal that can’t be thwarted.


M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 2 5-3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

Fall Arts


M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


Fall Arts Stage

San Jose

TAIKO presents




Rhythm Spirit 2010

SECRET ORDER Oct. 14–Nov. 7. A thriller about cancer researcher tangling with politics, ethics and greed—a regional premiere of a play by Robert Clyman. 4PLAY WITH THE FLYING KARAMAZOV BROTHERS Nov. 10–14. A short run of the popular juggling and performance art wizards who once amazed passers-by on the streets of Santa Cruz. BACKWARDS IN HIGH HEELS Nov. 24– Dec. 19. A Hollywood wit once quipped that Ginger Rogers could do everything Fred Astaire could do—only backwards in heels. This musical biography looks at the life of the Golden Age star.

september 10-11, 2010 campbell heritage theatre

TICKETS: 408-866-2700

SAN JOSE STAGE COMPANY A SEASON IN HELL Sept. 17–19. A multimedia exploration of how America has descended into turmoil in the post9/11 era. This collaboration by Randall Packer, tenor Charles Lane, director Melissa Weaver and designer Gregory Kuhn is part of the 01SJ festival. REASONS TO BE PRETTY Sept. 29– Oct. 24. EVERY CHRISTMAS STORY EVER TOLD Nov. 17–Dec. 19.

TEATRO VISION Mexican Heritage Plaza Theater, San Jose GAYTINO! Sept. 16. Dan Guerrero’s drama about Chicano performer Lalo Guerrero and his friend the artist Carlos Almaraz; it touches on music, cultural identity and the gay experience. The show is done in conjunction with the San José Mariachi and Mexican Heritage Festival.

THEATREWORKS THE LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA Aug. 25– Sept 19 at Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts. SUPERIOR DONUTS Oct. 6–31 in Mountain View. A CHRISTMAS MEMORY Dec. 1–26.

TABARD THEATRE COMPANY STOMPIN’ AT THE SAVOY Oct. 8–24. Tabard and San Jose Jazz have gotten together to create a musical revue centered on the Big Band era. The play

San Jose Stage Company wants to deliver EVERY CHRISTMAS STORY EVER TOLD. aims to re-create a floor show from the prewar era, with numbers by Ellington, the Dorseys and more. DRIVING MISS DAISY Nov. 12–27. The story of a friendship between an African American chauffeur and a Southern grand dame garnered Oscars as a film and has been a considerable success in stage versions as well. THE GIFTS OF THE MAGI Dec. 3–19. For season fare, the company offers a pair of tales of O. Henry: “The Fit of the Magi” and “The Cop and the Anthem” in musiccomedy form and drawing on the talents of local school choirs.

BROADWAY BY THE BAY Performing Arts Center, San Mateo LA CAGE AUX FOLLES Sept. 16–Oct. 3. BROADWAY BY THE YEAR Nov. 18–21.

BUS BARN STAGE COMPANY Bus Barn Theater, Los Altos SMOKEY JOE’S CAFÉ Sept. 2–Oct. 2. A TUNA CHRISTMAS Nov. 18–Dec. 18.

EL TEATRO CAMPESINO El Teatro Playhouse, San Juan Bautista POPOL VUH Runs through Sept. 6. CORRIDOS! Sept. 16–Oct. 17.

LYRIC THEATRE Campbell Heritage Theater BABES IN TOYLAND Oct. 9–17.



Suzanne Vega

Joshua Redman


James Cotton

Average White Band

Eileen Ivers




An Ev Evening ening with John John Sebastian Sebastian

Quincy Jones J presents presents

James Cotton Cotton “Superharp”

FRI OC FRI, OCT T 22, 22 8PM

Alfredo Alfredo Alf d Rodriguez: R d i Young Y oung o g Cuban Piano Sensation! Sensatio on!

SAT, SA AT, T OC OCT T 16, 16 8PM

THUR, NO NOV V 11, 7:30PM

SUN, NO N NOV V 14, 7:30PM


Rockapella Holiday y Show Show

Simon Simone ne Dinnerstein Dinnerstein Bach’s Bach’ ’s Goldberg Goldberg Variations Variations a

Average A verag ge White White Band

SUN, NO N NOV V 21, 7:30PM

The Fountain The Fountain B Blues lues F Festival estival Allstars Alls tarrs Band with Chris Cain

Marcc Cohn Mar

SUN, DEC 12, 4PM & 7P 7PM PM

Suzanne V Vega ega T Trio rio WED, J JAN AN 26, 7:30PM

WED, NO NOV OV 17, 7:30PM

Taylor T a aylor o Eigsti Eigsti T Trio rio



Spencer Spenc er Day SUN FEB 13, SUN, 13 7PM

The Ultimate Ultimate Beatl Beatles e Re es Review view WED, APR 27, 7:30PM

Elvin El vin Bishop B / J.C. Smith

Jon Nakamatsu/David Jon Nakamatsu/David Benoit Benoit Duo Duo Piano Piano “Rhapsody “Rhap psody in Blue” SUN, J JAN AN 9, 7:30PM

Harlem Harl em m Gospel Choir THU MA THU, MAR AR 31 31, 7:30PM

WORLD W ORLD Eil Eileen een Iv Ivers ers


An Evening with Lang Lang

WED, NO NOV OV 3, 7:30PM

SUN, JAN 23, 7:30PM

THU, DE DEC EC 9, 7:30PM

The Ma Makaha akaha Sons

The Brubeck Brothers Brothe ers Quartet Quartet

SUN, J JAN AN 16, 7:30PM

SUN,, OC OCT T 17,, 7:30PM

Septeto Nacional Ignacio Septeto Piñeiro Piñeir o de Cuba

Hiroshima 3 Hiroshima 30th 0th Anniversary Anniv ersary “Legacy” “Legaccy” Tour Tour


SUN, OC OCT T 24, 7:30PM

Joshua Redman WED, J JAN AN 19, 7:30PM

The Ce Celtic eltic T Tenors enors

An Evening An Evening with with Lang Lang Lang Lang will will be be held held at at the Calif C ornia Theatr e, do wntown San Jose California Theatre, downtown

Second Second d City On T Tour: our: “Fair “F air & Unbalanc Unbalanced” ed” WED, FE FEB EB 23, 7:30PM


Elvin Bishop

Spencer Day

Simone Dinnerstein

Septeto Nacional Ignacio

Taylor Eigsti

Charming and d intimate intimate 300-seat 300-seat venue! venue! Mont Montalvo a vo member al members s rreceive e eive disc ec discounts! ounts! Montallvo Bo Montalvo Box x Offic Office, e 408.961.5858, M-F 10am-4pm e, 10a am-4pm mont or o Montalvo Mont al v o is a member-supp member-supported, port ed, nonpr nonprofit ofit or organization. ganization.

Tickets T Tick ets On Sale Sa ale No Now! w!

M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 2 5-3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

Carrriage House Carriage e Theatr Theatre e P erfforming Ar rts Series Performing Arts F ALL / S P R I NG G2 010 -11 FALL/SPRING 2010-11


M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


Fall Arts Stage SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY University Theatre THE SEAGULL Oct. 8â&#x20AC;&#x201C;16.

A7<5:3B7193BA=<A/:34@72/G A7 <5:3B71 5:3 B71 193BA=< A/:3 3 4@72/G /G

TWELFTH NIGHT Nov. 12â&#x20AC;&#x201C;20.



Saratoga Civic Theater




THE HALLELUJAH GIRLS Oct. 29â&#x20AC;&#x201C;Nov. 20. The big-band era lives in Tabard Theatreâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s STOMPINâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; AT THE SAVOY revue.

THE MUSIC MAN Sept. 25â&#x20AC;&#x201C;Oct. 16.



Sunnyvale Community Theater

Montgomery Theater, San Jose

SWEENEY TODD Sept. 17â&#x20AC;&#x201C;Oct. 10.

CINDERELLA Nov. 10â&#x20AC;&#x201C;21.

GODSPELL Oct. 29â&#x20AC;&#x201C;Nov. 21.

HAIRSPRAY Dec. 3â&#x20AC;&#x201C;12.

WEST VALLEY LIGHT OPERA Saratoga Civic Theater WHITE CHRISTMAS Nov. 13â&#x20AC;&#x201C;Dec. 11.

CALIFORNIA THEATRE CENTER Sunnyvale Community Center Theatre MISS NELSON IS MISSING! Oct. 9 and 16. HANSEL AND GRETEL Oct. 30 and Nov. 6. AMELIA EARHART, FLIGHTS OF FANCY Nov. 13 and 20.

W y

Da vid

t at

9@=<=A ?C/@B3B !

 >C<16 0@=B63@A #

B=A67 @3/5=<  '

PALO ALTO CHILDRENâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S THEATER Lucie Stern Community Center, Palo Alto CINDERELLA Nov. 3â&#x20AC;&#x201C;13. MADELINEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S CHRISTMAS Dec. 7â&#x20AC;&#x201C;19.

PENINSULA YOUTH THEATRE Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts THE WIZARD OF OZ Nov. 13â&#x20AC;&#x201C;21.



Triton Museum Hall Pavilion, Santa Clara University

Broadway San Jose heats up the Center for the Performing Arts in September with BURN THE FLOOR.

5/;3:/< oC2/;/<7 %

;72=@7 @3<<736/@@7A   @=03@B >C@3;=D3;3<B ;12=</:2%  

>:CA(AO\YOW8cYc'1V`WabWO\;Q0`WRS!BOYtQa?cO`bSb >:CA(AO\YOW8cYc'1V`WabWO\;Q0`WRS!BOYtQa?cO`bSb  !1VO\bWQZSS` '=ZWdS9WbbS`WRUS(E]`RT]`E]`R' '=ZWdS 9WbbS`WRUS( E]`R T]` E]`R' 0S``gAOYVO`]T ';W\Uca0WU0O\R"!;/<G;=@3 0S``gAOYVO` ]T ';W\Uca0WU0O\R" ' !; ;/<G ;=@3

B7193BA7<4=( B7193BA7<4=( ZWdSZgO`baabO\T]`RSRcj$#% #/@BA ZW ZWd SZg Z O`baabO O\TT]`R R SRcj R j $#% # /@BA

27 M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 2 5-3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

AB/<4=@2 A B/ /<4= =@2:7D3 :7D3:G 3:G  /@BA /@BA 20100 2011


M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


Fall Arts


Tech Dreams By Michael S. Gant


URRENTLY depending from the ceiling of the upstairs gallery at the San Jose Museum of Art is a flotilla of spindly sailing ships teetering through the air. Tim Hawkinson’s Aerial Mobile, constructed from bits of fabric, string and TV antennae, repurposes modern flotsam into a vision of the globalization of 19th-century trade across the high seas. It can be seen as part of a show called “Retro-Tech,” in which artists look backward from a technological perspective—instead of passively accepting technology, they approach modernity with the timeless eye of the tinkerer, operating on the mantra of “make it your own.” At the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, artists have reversed the process, using early photographic techniques—tintype, silver gelatin prints—in new ways to create surprising and startling portraits and landscapes. These exhibits and others, many of them already under way, point toward 01SJ, the biggest art event of this fall (and the fall before, since

it is a biennial). Over four days, Sept. 16–19, in downtown San Jose, 01SJ will explore a wide variety of ways in which artists, tech types, designers and any inquiring minds from all over the world and locallyl can collaborate on projects that put cutting-edge methods in the service of the imagination. In early September, workshops will hunker down on “garage-built” projects that will be on display in the big blue tent known as South Hall. The most ambitious of these looks to be a full-scale functional drive-in movie theater constructed from cast-off materials, among them cars plucked from a junkyard. The 01SJ sprawl encompasses the 3-D software alternative universes of Alex McLeod at Anno Domini; Christopher Baker’s interactive video piece at Santana Row; an audienceinfluenced installation of tech fashion at the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles; the AbsoluteZERO street fair (Sept. 17); the KarmetiK Collection, a robot/human musical collective; midnight sound-art concerts at Trinity Cathedral; Randall Packer’s “A Season in Hell,” a multimedia look at America in the age of terror; and a global-warming symposium. (See for details.) Beginning concurrently with 01SJ is the San José Mariachi and Mexican

Heritage Festival, which brings with it a long-awaited (and delayed from 2009) display of murals by José Miguel Covarrubias (1904–1957). Born in Mexico and moving to New York in the Jazz Age, Covarrubias drew cartoons for The New Yorker, studied Balinese, American Indian and Meso-American cultures and painted a renowned suite of six murals for the 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition in San Francisco. After years in storage, these illustrated maps of the Pacific Rim have finally been restored. Four of the wall-size pieces will be mounted at San Jose’s City Hall (Sept. 15–Feb. 28). The two big exhibits for the fall at the busy Cantor Arts Center at Stanford are “Go Figure!” a show of modern figurative piece by such notables as Robert Arneson, Joan Brown, Robert Graham and Manuel Neri” (opens Sept. 1). Starting Oct. 13 is “Vodoun/Vodounon: Portraits of Initiates,” photographic diptychs by Jean-Dominique Burton, a Belgian photographer. The pictures combine black-and-white portraits of voodoo adherents with color images of sacred spaces and objects.

BENOÎT MAUBREY of Audio Gruppe salutes the future at 01SJ. HUMAN NATURE A group show about our connections with animals: Aug. 27–Oct. 17 in the Project Space.

DE SAISSET MUSEUM Santa Clara University SING ME YOUR STORY, DANCE ME HOME Art and Poetry From Native California: Oct. 2–Dec. 5. LANDSCAPES Glimpses of Everyday California. Oct. 2–Jan. 28. CONTEMPORARY NATIVE WORKS FROM THE PERMANENT COLLECTION Oct. 2–Feb. 11. THE SAINTS OF MISSION SANTA CLARA Discovering the Meaning Behind the Art. Oct. 2–Dec. 5.


CANTOR ARTS CENTER Stanford University WILLIAM TROST RICHARDS—TRUE TO NATURE Drawings, Watercolors and Oil Sketches: Runs through Sept. 26. MAMI WATA Arts for Water Spirits in Africa and Its Diasporas: Runs through Jan 2. BUILDINGS ON PAPER Architectural renderings, including pieces by Frank Lloyd Wright: Runs through Oct 17. GO FIGURE! Modern figurative pieces, including drawings, partings and sculpture by Joan Brown, Duane Hanson, Manuel Neri and others. Opens Sept. 1. VODOUN/VODOUNON Portraits of Initiates, photographs by Jean-Dominque Burton of shrines and voodoo adherents in Benin:

Oct. 13–March 20. CHIAROSCURO WOODCUTS From 16thcentury Italy: Nov. 3–Feb. 27.

SAN JOSE MUSEUM OF ART DEGREES OF SEPARATION Contemporary Photography From the Contemporary Collection: Runs through March 14. RETRO-TECH Runs through Feb. 6. VITAL SIGNS New Media From the Permanent Collection: Runs through Feb. 6. NEW STORIES FROM THE EDGE OF ASIA: PLASTIC LIFE: Runs through Sept. 19. LEO VILLAREAL Runs through Jan. 9. THE MODERN PHOTOGRAPHER Observation and Intention: Oct. 1–July 3.

SAN JOSE CITY HALL THE LOST MURALS OF MIGUEL COVARRUBIAS An exhibit as part of the Mariachi and Mexican Heritage Festival: Sept. 15–Feb. 28.

MONTALVO ARTS CENTER Saratoga DAVID MIDDLEBROOK Sculpture on the grounds: Runs through Sept. 30. ANN WEBER: ODE TO MONTALVO Site-specific sculptures made from recycled materials: Runs through Oct. 31. RACHEL SUSSMAN: THE OLDEST LIVING THINGS ON EARTH Landscape photography with a twist: Oct. 29–Jan. 10.

TECHSTYLE SOFTWEAR, SURFACE AND SHAPE Sept. 16–Oct. 31. HIGH FIBER UNDER FIVE Sale of fiber art: Oct. 30–Nov. 8. CREAM OF THE CLOTH Quilts From the Marbaum Collection Nov. 16–Jan. 30.

TRITON MUSEUM OF ART Santa Clara ERIN GOODWIN-GUERRERO: CAUGHT BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH Runs through Sept. 19. FLIGHTS OF FANCY New works by Livia Stein: Runs through Sept. 19.


Bus Barn Stage Company

The Music of Leiber and Stoller Words and music by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller

September 2 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; October 2, 2010 (650) 941-0551

97 Hillview Ave., Los Altos 94022 Directed by Barbara J. Cannon Musical Direction by Spencer and Shenelle Williams Choreography by Lee Ann Payne

M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 2 5-3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

Our 15th Anniversary Season


M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


Fall Arts images


A CHILD’S WORLD Works by Squeak Carnwath and others: Runs through Sept. 26. STAN WALSH Selected works by ceramic and mixed-media sculptor: Sept. 25–Nov. 28. DAVID MIDDLEBROOK Sculptures: Oct. 2–Dec. 5.

ANNO DOMINI San Jose PANGEA Brazilian painter Fernando Chamarelli: Runs through Sept. 18. ALEX MCLEOD Sept. 3–Oct. 16. MOMO Oct. 1–Nov. 20. WENDELL MCSHINE Nov. 5–27. FRESH PRODUCE Exhibit and sale: Dec. 3–31.

MACLA San Jose LINEAS, NEW MODES OF CONTEMPORARY URBANISM New works by Tanya Aguiñiga and Teddy Cruz: Aug. 25—Oct. 16. GROUP SHOW Bay Area Chicano/Latino artists: Nov. 3–Jan 8.

MOHR GALLERY Community School of Music and Arts, Mountain View WILLIAM DUNN Watercolors: Runs through September. PANTEA KARIMI Prints: October– November. NORM ROSENBERGER Paintings: December–January.


GREAT GLASS PUMPKIN PATCH Exhibit Sept. 28–Oct. 3, sale Oct. 2–3.


At MACLA, Tanya Aguiñiga and Teddy Cruz examine urbanism through art. EXPOSED, TODAY’S PHOTOGRAPHY/ YESTERDAY’S TECHNOLOGY Runs through Sept. 19. LIZ STEKETEE, RECONSTRUCTED MEMORIES Runs through Sept. 19 CAPTURED, PHOTOGRAPHY’S EARLY ADOPTER: Runs through Sept. 19. FALL EXHIBITION AND AUCTION— Oct. 1–23. TONY MAY, OLD TECHNOLOGY Nov. 6– Feb. 26.

NATALIE & JAMES THOMPSON GALLERY San Jose State University 01SJ BIENNIAL EXHIBITION, MIGUEL PALMA an installation by Portuguese artist: Aug. 31–Sept. 24.


WORKS/SAN JOSE PAINTING THE TOWN Runs through Sept. 4. CITYSPACESHARE 2010 Part of 01SJ: Sept. 16–Oct. 1. MY FAVORITE NIGHTMARE Halloween reception Oct. 31 and First Friday reception Nov. 5, runs through Nov. 25.

South Bay Guitar Society

1st Fridays, 8-10pm Opera Night Caffe Trieste, 315 S. 1st St. SJ FREE

--Sat Sep 11, 8pm from Russia... Grisha Goryachev & from Belgium... Jerome Mouffe. Theatre On San Pedro Square, downtown San Jose $25/15


Sun Sep 19, 2pm Art & Wine Festival Central Park, Meadow Stage, 909 Kiely Blvd, Santa Clara FREE

brate e l e ! COur th






Sun Sep 26, 3pm Sunday Showcase Theatre On San Pedro Square, 29 N. San Pedro St, downtown San Jose $5

Fri Oct 8, 8pm from Paraguay... Berta Rojas. Le Petit Trianon Theatre, downtown San Jose $30/25/15



Sat Oct 2, 9:30am - 1pm Arts Walk Central Park Pavilion, 909 Kiely Blvd. Santa Clara FREE

Sat Nov 13, 8pm from Sweden... Johannes Moller. Le Petit Trianon downtown San Jose $30/25/15



Sat Oct 30, 5:30pm Masked Ball Halloween Opera Gala, Triton Mus of Art, 1505 Warburton, Santa Clara $50

Sat Feb 12, 8pm GFA 1st Prize Winner from France, Florian Larousse. Hoover Theatre, San Jose $25/15



Sat Dec 18, 7:30pm & Sun Dec 19, 3pm Truce of Carols and Amahl and the Night Visitors, Mission City Center for Performing Arts, 3250 Monroe St, Santa Clara $50/15

Fri Mar 18, 8pm from Japan... Masakazu Ito. Le Petit Trianon downtown San Jose $30/25/15


Fri Feb 18 & 25, 8pm & Sun Feb 20 & 27, 3pm, Mozart's Don Giovanni Mission City Center for Performing Arts 3250 Monroe St, Santa Clara $50/15

Oct. 8 - 24 , Nov. 1 2 - 27


Sat Mar 19, 8pm the Pacific Guitar Ensemble. Le Petit Trianon Theatre, downtown San Jose $30/25/15 -

Sat May 14, 8pm Showcase Concert Theatre On San Pedro Square $25/15 408 292-0704 408 749-7607

w See Ho n u They R-

-19 Dec. 3

Jan 28 Feb 20

San Jose Wind Symphony Edward C. Harris, Music & Artistic Dir.

Poltergeists, Passion & Paws ---

Sun Oct 31, 3pm “Halloween” Harum, Scarum Boo ---

Sun Dec 5, 2pm “Gilbert & Sullivan” Pirates & Pinafores Do your Holiday shopping at our Silent Auction!

Marc 4 - 27h


s and single tick n o i et ipt


For sub scr

Sun Feb 13, 3pm “Valentine’s Day” from San Jose with Love... ---

Sun Mar 27, 3pm “Applause for Paws” Sponsored in part by the Humane Society Silicon Valley. Special guests will have special handling...?? ---

(8 836-300) tabard 006


Celebrate. Tabard. All performances at

29 N. San Pedro • San Jose, CA 95110

above concerts at McAfee Center on Saratoga High School campus ---

Sun May 1, 2:30pm Los Gatos High School “From Symphony Hall” Piano Soloists: Avguste Antonov Los Gatos Community Concert Series ---

Mon Jul 4, 1:30pm Los Gatos High School Fantastic Fourth! “America’s Spirit” 408 927-7597

31 M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 2 5-3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

Mission City Opera

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y



*$1200 OFF MSRP on all 2010 GTV 250, $1000 OFF MSRP on all 2009 GTS 250 models - in stock $500 OFF MSRP on 2009 & 2010 S150, LX150 and LXV150 models with carburetor fuel systems.

Limited to in stock units, subject to prior sale - Offers expire Oct. 31, 2010 Piaggio© and Vespa© are U.S. and worldwide registered trademarks of the Piaggio Group of companies. Obey local traffic safety laws and always wear a helmet, appropriate eyewear and proper apparel.











Featuring 77 Clinical Practitioners Specializing in a Wide Range of Treatment Options Including:

A Little Summer Night Music


Saturday August 28, 2010 8 pm Sunday August 29, 2010 7 pm Le Petit Trianon, 72 N 5th St. San José


Layna Chianakas, mezzo-soprano and NONA (Nadine Trudel, cello and Gil Katz, bass) join the San José Chamber Orchestra for the world premieres of Kahea by Michael Touchi and Tribal by Gil Katz. Also included are works by Mozart, Steven Mark Kohn and Robert Cornejo. Tickets $35-$60

$10 student tickets!!!! (age 22 and under)

tickets – 408 295-4416 Supported, in part, by a Cultural Affairs grant from the City of San José.


Lucy Hu L.Ac., M.D. (China) I

Over 20+ years of TCM experience, specializing in pediatrics


Diabetes & Pre-Diabetes Allergies & Allergy Elimination Internal Medicine Digestive Disorders Chronic Pain Pediatrics Alzheimer’s Emotional & Mental Issues Heart Disease & much more!

Five BraNches university 25 Years of Excellence in Education & Healthcare 200 7th Avenue, Santa Cruz I (831) 476-8211 3031 Tisch Way, San Jose I (408) 260-8868

M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 2 5-3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M


M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


Accessible A c c e s sib l e L Lifestyles iffeest yles Unlimited Unlimited presents presents the the first ffiirst a annual nnu al

Do you Do you have have physical physica l impairments impairments (i.e. (i.e. paralysis) para lysis) tthat hat kkeep eep you you ffrom rom bbeing eing aactive ctive aand nd lliving iv ing llife ife ttoo iits ts healthiest? hea lthiest? Are Are you you tired tired of of the the same same old old humhumdrum d rum routine routine w where here tthe he aavailability vailabilit y ooff aactivities ctiv ities and and nutritional n utritiona l sservices/education er v ices/education aare re sscarce? carce? Th Then en C Camp amp Metabolic M etabolic is is looking look ing ffor or yyou! ou! Wee are W are not not a health hea lth care care facility facilit y or or provider, prov ider, but but our our vvolunteers olunteers have have experience experience in in Physiatry, Physiatr y, PT PT Adaptive Adaptive Camp Nutrition. Camp Metabolic C amp Admin Admin and and N utrition. C amp M etabolic iiss a week Redwoods near ttwo wo w eek residential residentia l camp camp set set in in the the Re edwoods n ea r Cruz, dedicated helpSSanta anta C ruz, rrun un bbyy vvolunteers olunteers aand nd d edicated ttoo h elpiing ng people people with with physical physica l limitations limitations increase increase healthy hea lthy aactivities ctiv ities in in their their lives lives and and adopt adopt good good nutritional nutritiona l habits h abits in in order order to to stay stay healthy hea lthy and and in in shape. shape.

Kickoff K ickoff Party Party â&#x20AC;&#x201C; F Friday, riday, Sept Sept 10 10 Conclusion C onclusion â&#x20AC;&#x201C; SSunday, unday, Sept Sept 26 26 Come us! C ome aand nd join join u s! C ((559) 559) 492-0022 492-0022

California Theatre, San Jose ROMANCE & CELEBRATION guest conductor George Cleve and baritone Nathan Gunn: Sept. 30 at 7:30pm, Oct. 2 at 8pm, Oct. 3 at 2:30pm. BROADWAY IN CONCERT, HELLO, DOLLY Oct. 8–9 at 8pm and Oct. 10 at 2:30pm. GYPSY AIRS, guest conductor Gregory Vajda and violinist Lajos Sarkozi: Oct. 16 at 8pm, Oct. 17 at 2:30pm. MOZART & SCHUBERT guest conductor Giampaolo Bisanti and soloist Meredith Brown on French horn: Dec. 4 at 8pm and Dec. 5 at 2:30pm.

CHANTICLEER, MEN’S VOCAL CHORUS OUT OF THIS WORLD works by Monteverdi, Palestrina: Sept. 23 at 8pm at Mission Santa Clara.

A CHANTICLEER CHRISTMAS Dec. 9 at Memorial Church, Stanford, and Dec. 22 at 6 and 8:30pm at Mission Santa Clara.


FREMONT SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Smith Center, Ohlone College, Fremont TRIUMPH OF THE SPIRIT featuring Henry Mollicone’s Final Light: Sept. 25 at 8pm. TCHAIKOVSKY’S NUTCRACKER: Dec. 4 at 2 and 7pm and Dec. 5 at 2pm.

IVES QUARTET Various locations WORKS BY HAYDN Schumann and Rudhyar, with guest pianist Gwendolyn Mok: Sept. 26 at 7pm at Le Petit Trianon, San Jose, and Oct. 1 at 8pm at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Palo Alto.

QUARTETTO GELATO mixed instrument ensemble. Oct. 17 at 2:30pm.

MASTER SINFONIA CHAMBER ORCHESTRA HANDEL AND HAYDN featuring Water Music and plus Martin’s Concerto for Seven Wind Instruments, Percussion and Strings. Oct. 24 at 3pm, Los Altos United Methodist. BACH AND MOZART with violinist Pip Clarke and the Piedmont Hills High School Chamber Orchestra: Nov. 6 at 7:30pm.




Brahms, and the rare Symphonic Minutes by Dohnányi. Rounding out SSV’s 2010, Giampaolo Bisanti tilts toward sunny Italy in performances on Dec 4–5. Two Rossini overtures, a Schubert “middle period” symphony, a Mozart horn concerto (featuring soloist Meredith Brown) and a Mendelssohn overture fill up the program. Barbara Day Turner’s SAN JOSE CHAMBER ORCHESTRA has a hard time choosing which of her programs is most exciting. Wisely, she “loves” the next program each time out. Her season, at the intimate and ultralively Petit Trianon opens Aug 28–29 with Mozart’s iconic Eine kleine Nachtmusik and Robert Cornejo’s Mestengo plus two premieres, Michael Touchi’s Kahea, “inspired by Hawaiian creation myths and written specifically for Layna Chianakas’ unique vocal and dramatic abilities,” and Gil Katz’s Tribal, influenced by an eclectic



EVERAL years ago, at a gathering of music critics, composer Kirke Mechem described the difference between opera and musical theater: opera is for people who love music and like theater; those who favor musical theater like music but love theater. For these purposes, we’ll return opera to the classical-music tradition, and laud OPERA SAN JOSE for opening its new season with a virtually brand-new opera, David Carlson’s Anna Karenina. Conductor Stewart Robertson, who premiered the work with the Florida Grand Opera and subsequently performed and recorded it elsewhere, will be on the podium in eight performances of the West Coast premiere at the California Theatre, Sept. 11–26. In setting the Tolstoy masterpiece to music, Carlson wisely put his score at the service of story and actors, just the kind of work that underscores OSJ’s mission. SYMPHONY SILICON VALLEY welcomes back to its podium George Cleve

to open the new season with bass-baritone Nathan Gunn singing Gustav Mahler’s Songs of a Wayfarer (Sept. 30–Oct. 3). Gunn is enjoying an international career, including the Paris Opera DVD of Prokofiev’s War and Peace and a crossover recital CD on Sony. The haunting Mahler songs, abundantly recycled into the composer’s First Symphony, will be framed by Schumann’s Spring Symphony and Beethoven’s Symphony no. 7 (famously dubbed “apotheosis of the dance” by Richard Wagner). SSV’s season continues Oct. 16–17 when Hungarian-born Gregory Vajda conducts a program inspired by the Gypsy cultures of Romania, Hungary and Spain. Fellow Hungarian Lajos Sarkozi, 19-yearold violin prodigy and heir to a long line of celebrated Gypsy musicians, who first caught the attention of the classical music world while performing in restaurants in Prague, will be featured in Ravel’s Tzigane and Sarasate’s Gypsy Airs. (What strange irony following the government of Nicolas Sarkozy’s recent deportation to Romania of nearly 100 Roma Gypsies.) Vajda will also conduct popular works by Kodály, Bartók and



classical & dance

The Wilis do the wave at Ballet San Jose’s production of GISELLE in October.

mix of musical genres expressing the inner struggle between primal instincts and rational reactions. At BALLET SAN JOSE, the emphasis this season is on story ballets (which, come to think of it, are like operas with dance moves). The first full-length work out of the gate is Giselle, with choreography by Dennis Nahat and guaranteed to give audiences “the Wilis.”

MOZART’S PASSION with guest performers pianist Keith Kirchoff and the Evergreen Valley High School Chamber Orchestra: Sept 25 at 7:30pm. PASSIONS IN CONTRAST with violinist Pip Clarke and the Piedmont Hills High School Chamber Orchestra: Nov. 6 at 7:30pm.

MISSION COLLEGE SYMPHONY Mission College Main Building, Santa Clara SPRINGTIME IN NOVEMBER including Appalachian Spring: Nov. 7 at 2pm.

MUSIC AT MENLO WINTER SERIES Center for the Performing Arts, MenloAtherton High School EMERSON STRING QUARTET Oct. 3 at 4pm.


M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 2 5-3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

Fall Arts


M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


Focus â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Learn How To Meditate - And Why! Enjoy life! Calm the mind. Improve relationships. Make better decisions. Meditation and Buddhist View with Reed Sherman. Everyone is welcome. No previous experience necessary. $10 per class. Every Wednesday evening, 7:30-9, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Los Gatos, 15980 Blossom Hill Rd. Los Gatos, 95032. Call Kelsang Gamo 408/226-0595 for information or visit us at


The best Professional massage in the Bay area. Saratoga Ave. near Westgate Mall. 10am-8pm. 408-728-0717

Massage By Michael

Great massage by Asian man. In $50. Outcall $70. By CMT. For days 408-551-0767 or after 7pm 408-893-1966.

mind body & spirit

37 M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 2 5-3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

presented pr esented by by

August A ugust s 26 Pato P ato B Banton an nton Opener O pener

Whiskey Whi skey Avengers Avengers 2010 Summer Summer e Concert Concert S Series eries June J une 3 C Cold old War Wa ar Kids Kids – Channel Channel 9 92.3 2.3 ((Alternative Alternative R Rock) ock) June Lenny with Prince Damons FM J une 10 Lenn y Williams Williams wit w h Pr ince D amons – KBLX KBLX 1102.9 02.9 F M ((R&B) R&B) J un ne 1177 Ska talites – MOViN MOViN 997 997 (Ska/Reggae) (Ska/Reggae) June Skatalites

FREE F REE Thursday Thursda ay Concerts Con ncerts 5: 30 - 9 :15 5p .m. 5:30 9:15 p.m. P laza de C esa ar Cha havez Plaza Cesar Chavez D owntown San nJ ose os Downtown Jose

J une 24 BoD eans – KF OG G9 7.7 S J/104.5 S F (R ock/Pop) June BoDeans KFOG 97.7 SJ/104.5 SF (Rock/Pop) J uly 1 Th e Eng lish Bea ALICE@97.3 (Ska/New ALI (Ska/New W ave) July The English Beatt – ALICE@97.3 Wave) J July uly 8 T Tonic onic aand nd Gr Green een n River River Ordinance Ordinance – MIX 106 1106.5 .5 (R (Rock/Pop) ock/Pop)

408 -279-1775 408-279-1775 m

July Carlos LIVE (Reggae) J uly 15 Don Don C arlos – LIV VE 105 (R eggae) J uly 22 22 The The G aslight An t em – Channel th Channel 9 2 3 ((Alternative 2.3 Alternative R o k) oc July Gaslight Anthem 92.3 Rock) J uly 229 9 Pete Pete Escovedo Escovedo Or O chestra – KR ZZ 93.3 93.3 La La R aza (Latin/Jazz) (Latin n/Jazz) July Orchestra KRZZ Raza Aug 5 Foreverland Foreverland – 98.1 98 8.1 KISS FM (Michael (Michael JJackson ackson T ribute B and) Aug Tribute Band)

Visit F Visit Fahrenheit’s ahrenh heit’s R Restaurant estaurant an and dL Lounge oung un e in the the P ark. S ervin ng creative creatiive sangria sa ia sangr Park. Serving ccocktails ocktails and and aaward ward winningg ccuisine uis i ine

Aug A ug 1122 Michael Michael R Rose ose – LIVE L 105 (R (Reggae) eggae) Aug A ug 119 9 Y&T Y&T – 98.5 98.5 KFOX KFOX (Classic (Classic Rock) Rock) A ug 26 Pato Pato B anton – ALICE@97.3 AL LICE@97.3 (R eggae) Aug Banton (Reggae)

A San San JJose ose D Downtown owntown A Association ssociation P Production roducction | Su Supported pported in par partt b by yaC Cultural ultural Aff Affairs airs gr grant a t fr an from om the the C City ity of S San an JJose ose | d design:tn esign:tn / | A Acts cts ssubject ubject tto o cchange hange

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


Fall Arts classical & dance Programs P rograms Offered: Offered:


T e el : 408-733-1878 Tel F ax:: 408-992-0448 Fax: Ema ail: inf Email:


THE 3 B’S WITH PIANIST JON NAKAMATSU Oct. 15 at 8pm in San Mateo and Oct. 16 at 8pm in Cupertino.

Consultation C onsultation & Treatment from Treatme ent fr om Chinese Medicine Chinese M ediccine Specialist Specialist

HOLIDAY CONCERT Nov. 19 at 8pm and Nov. 21 at 1:30pm at Stanford Memorial Church.

Our clinic opens openss 7 days days a w week eek


FALL F ALL 2010 2 A ccepting A p pplic ations! Accepting Applications!

Center for the Performing Arts, Menlo-Atherton High School

Classes lasses b begin egin - 7th hS September eptember 2010

ROBERT LEVIN PLAYS MOZART Sept. 28 at 8pm. BACH’S WEDDING CANTATA Oct. 19 at 8pm. NATHAN GUNN sings Mahler songs for Symphony Silicon Valley, Sept. 30–Oct. 3.

VIVALDI’S FOUR SEASONS Nov. 9 at 8pm. HANDEL’S MESSIAH Dec. 7 at 7:30pm.

REDWOOD SYMPHONY NEW CENTURY CHAMBER ORCHESTRA First United Methodist, Palo Alto AN EVENING WITH BASS PLAYER EDGAR MEYER Sept. 24 at 8pm. WALTZING IN APPALACHIA with works by composer and fiddler Mark O’Connor: Nov. 19 at 8pm.

NOVA VISTA SYMPHONY RUSSIAN ROMANTICS ”Tales of Love and Courage”: Oct. 16 at 8pm, DeAnza Performing Arts Center, Cupertino. HOLIDAY MAGIC Dec. 4 at 7:30pm, Church of the Ascension, Saratoga.

PALO ALTO CHAMBER ORCHESTRA Eagle Theatre, Los Altos High School MUSICAL MAIDEN with cellist Michelle Djokic performing works by Lully, Mendelssohn and Harrison: Oct. 23 at 8pm. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUDWIG with pianist David Deveau: Dec. 18 at 8pm.

PALO ALTO PHILHARMONIC Various locations in Palo Alto BAROQUE CONCERT Sept. 18 at 8pm, Art Center Auditorium ORCHESTRA CONCERT I with works by Ravel, Deussen, Saint-Saens and Prokofiev, featuring pianist Sandra Wright Shen: Oct. 30 at 8pm, Cubberley Theatre. FALL CHAMBER CONCERT Nov. 20 at 8pm, Art Center Auditorium. ORCHESTRA CONCERT II Dec. 11 at 8pm, Cubberley Theatre.

Cañada College Main Theatre, Redwood City FREE OUTDOORS CONCERT works by Shostakovich, Paganini and Copland: Sept. 19 at 6pm, Courthouse Square. HAPPY 25TH ANNIVERSARY with guest violinist Stephen Waarts: Sept. 25 at 8pm. HALLOWEEN CONCERT Oct. 30 at 3pm. GLOBAL SONORITIES Nov. 20 at 8pm.



SAN JOSE CHAMBER ORCHESTRA Le Petit Trianon San Jose LITTLE SUMMER NIGHT MUSIC with mezzo-soprano Layna Chianakas: Aug. 28 at 8pm and Aug. 29 at 7pm THERE IS A TIME with guest soloist Viviana Guzman on flute: Oct. 24 at 7pm. WINTER’S GIFTS: BELLS with Choral Project and Sonos Handbell Ensemble: Dec. 19 at 7pm at Mission Santa Clara.

PENINSULA SYMPHONY Performing Arts Center, San Mateo, and Flint Center, Cupertino


39 M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 2 5-3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M







Bring Your Fashion SAN JOSE: 1959 w. san carlos 408.292.6100 SAN JOSE: blossom hill rd. 408.269.1000 SANTA CRUZ: 811 pacific av. 831.458.0555

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


Fall Arts classical & dance


VILLA CHAMBER MUSIC SERIES Montalvo Arts Center, Saratoga ST. MICHAEL TRIO explains Mendelssohn: Oct. 17 at 3pm. THE PARKER QUARTET Nov. 14 at 3pm.

Dance BALLET SAN JOSE GISELLE Oct. 22–24. OPERA SAN JOSE starts its season with a premiere of ‘Anna Karenina.’


ABHINAYA DANCE COMPANY SAN JOSE SYMPHONIC CHOIR HOMECOMING CONCERT with Nova Vista Symphony, works by Mozart: Oct. 3 at 5:30pm, St. Andrew’s Episcopal, Saratoga. THE MANY MOODS OF CHRISTMAS Dec. 4 at 7:30pm, Church of the Ascension, Saratoga. YOU-SING-IT MESSIAH with Mission Chamber Orchestra: Dec. 6 at 7:30pm at California Theater, San Jose.

SCHOLA CANTORUM RENAISSANCE GEMS Oct. 16 at 8pm, Sunnyvale Presbyterian, and Oct. 17 at 4pm, First Congregational, Palo Alto. CHRISTMAS CAROL SING Dec. 5 at 3pm, First Congregational, Palo Alto. WELCOME YULE! Dec. 11 at 8pm, Campbell United Methodist, and Dec. 12 at 4pm, First Congregational, Palo Alto. MESSIAH SING Dec. 13 at 7:30pm, Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts.

SILICON VALLEY SYMPHONY DOUBLE-BARRELED BBBS, Nov. 19 at 7:30pm, Foothill Presbyterian, San Jose, and Nov. 20 at 7:30pm, St. Mark’s Episcopal, Palo Alto.

STEINWAY SOCIETY Le Petit Trianon, San Jose JOEL FAN Sept. 11 at 7:30pm. RUTH SLENCZYNSKA Oct. 9 at 4pm, SJSU Music School. DIANE WALSH Oct. 30 at 7:30pm. SERGIO TIEMPO Nov. 20 at 7:30pm. STEPHANIE PIENCK Dec. 11 at 2:30pm.

HERITAGE, WITH GAMELAN SEKAR JAYA Oct. 24 at 2pm, Schultz Center, Palo Alto.

SJDANCECO California Theatre, San Jose THERE IS A TIME Fall season show, with works by José Limón: Oct. 21–22.

SANTA CLARA BALLET Santa Clara Convention Center


SMUIN BALLET Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts


WESTERN BALLET Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts THE NUTCRACKER: Dec. 3–5.

Opera MISSION CITY OPERA Center for the Performing Arts, Santa Clara TRUCE OF CAROLS and AMAHL AND THE NIGHT VISITORS Dec. 18–19.

OPERA SAN JOSE California Theatre, San Jose ANNA KARENINA Sept. 11–26. TOSCA Nov. 13–28.

WEST BAY OPERA Lucie Stern Theatre, Palo Alto LA FORZA DEL DESTINO, Verdi: Oct. 15–24.

41 M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 2 5-3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M


Mfk\]fipfli]Xmfi`k\i\jkXliXekj#jgXj#ZclYjfii\kX`cjkfi\jGcljdXep dfi\ZXk\^fi`\j%;\X[c`e\]fiZXjk`e^pflimfk\`jJ\gk\dY\i/% N`ee\ijn`ccY\XeefleZ\[`eD\kifÊjJ\gk\dY\i))`jjl\%

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


Fall Arts



The performing-arts series on, in and about the historic Phelan estate is a study in eclecticism. The fall highlights include a performance by the highly praised Taylor Eigsti Trio, just off a performance at the Stanford Jazz Festival, a blues throwdown with famed harmonica player James Cotton and the ballet-expanding troupe Hope Mohr Dance. The Summer Concert series at the Garden Theatre continues through Sept. 17. Carriage House HOPE MOHR DANCE Oct. 15 at 7pm. KRONOS QUARTET explores new sound-making tools for its concert at Stanford on Oct. 13.

STANFORD LIVELY ARTS The annual performing arts series at Stanford ententacles a variety of genres (see Classical for some highlights), loosely grouped this year around the theme of “Memory,” and featuring a number of commissioned works. All concerts are at 8pm unless otherwise shown. DANIEL PEARL WORLD MUSIC DAYS Oct. 7 at Memorial Church. AWAKENING: A MEDITATION ON 9/11 with the Kronos Quartet and Cantabile Singers: Oct. 13 at Memorial Auditorium. THE PUNCH BROTHERS WITH CHRIS THILE Oct. 15 at Dinkelspiel Auditorium. SHUBHA MUDGAL Indian vocalist: Oct. 20 at Dinkelspiel. ST. LAWRENCE STRING QUARTET Oct. 24 at 2:30pm at Dinkelpsiel. TOSHI REAGON blues singer, and BIGLovely: Oct. 29 at Dinkelspiel. BANG ON A CAN ALL-STARS Nov. 5 at Dinkelspiel. GAMELAN CUDAMANI music and dance from Bali: Nov. 7 at 2:30pm at Memorial Auditorium. SANKAI JUKU Butoh group from Japan: Nov. 9 at Memorial Auditorium. CHRISTIAN MCBRIDE with Inside Straight, jazz: Nov. 13 at 8pm at Dinkelspiel. MIDORI AND ROBERT MCDONALD classical duet: Nov. 17 at Dinkelspiel.

JAMES COTTON Oct. 16 at 8pm. BRUBECK BROTHERS QUARTET Oct. 17 at 7:30pm. HIROSHIMA Oct. 24 at 7:30pm. JOHN SEBASTIAN Oct. 22 at 8pm. EILEEN IVERS Celtic violin Nov. 3 at 7:30pm. MARC COHN Nov. 11 at 7:30pm. ELVIN BISHOP AND J.C. SMITH Nov. 13 at 8pm. ALFREDO RODRIGUEZ Cuban jazz pianist: Nov. 14 at 7:30pm. AVERAGE WHITE BAND Nov. 17 at 7:30pm. SIMONE DINNERSTEIN Goldberg Variations: Nov. 21 at 7:30pm. TAYLOR EIGSTI TRIO jazz: Dec. 5 at 7pm. THE CELTIC TENORS Dec. 9 at 7:30pm. ROCKAPELLA HOLIDAY SHOW Dec. 12 at 4 and 7pm. Grand Hall, Villa ST. MICHAEL TRIO Oct. 17 at 3pm. THE PARKER QUARTET Nov. 14 at 3pm. Garden Theatre ROBERT CRAY BAND/BIG BAD VOODOO DADDY Sept. 11 at 7pm. PETER YARROW AND NOEL PAUL STOOKEY Sept. 12 at 7pm. CHRIS BOTTI: Sept. 15 at 7pm. CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVISITED Sept. 17 at 7:30pm.



SEPT. 25 Homegrrlz, a queer-themed variety show with Yosimar Reyes. OCT. 1 Blank Data and D’Lo. OCT. 2 Ramble-Ations, a show by hop-hip artist D’Lo.

D’LO brings genrebending hip-hop to MACLA in October.

OCT. 22–23 Empanada, a comedic drama in progress by Anel I. Flores. OCT. 29 Teen Poetry Slam. NOV. 3 Spoken word with Elijah Lozano and music by TurboMex. DEC. 3 Holiday Culture

MEMORABLE DATES AUG. 27–28 San Francisco Mime Troupe performs Posibilidad. (Friday at 7pm, Saturday at 4pm). Mitchell Park, Palo Alto. SEPT. 10–11 San Jose Taiko presents Rhythm Spirit 2010 Concert (Friday at 8pm, Saturday at 2 and 8pm). Campbell Heritage Theatre. SEPT. 11 Alex de Grassi, steel-string guitar, opens Sunnyvale Evenings of Cultural Arts. He will perform a live score for Ozu’s 1934 silent film A Story of Floating Weeds (Saturday at 8pm), Sunnyvale Theater. SEPT. 11 South Bay Guitar Society presents Grisha Goryachev and Jerome Mouffe. Theatre on San Pedro Square. SEPT. 11 Tally HoeDown, with wine tasting, and barbecue, by Allied Arts Guild (Saturday at 6pm). Menlo Circus Club, Menlo Park. SEPT. 12 Target Family Day with a Hawaiian theme. Sunday, 11am–3pm). Redwood City. SEPT. 16 Fiestas Patrias (Thursday, 5–8m). Redwood City.

(Tuesday at 7pm, Wednesday at 10:30am and 5pm). Flint Center, Cupertino. OCT. 20–21 Author Carl Phillips, presented by SJSU Center for Literary Arts at King Library and University Theatre. OCT. 20–24 Disney on Ice, Mickey & Minnie’s Magical Journey. HP Pavilion, San Jose. OCT. 23–24 Silicon Valley African Film Festival with Oriki Theater. Community School of Music and Art, Mountain View. NOV. 3 Flute and Harp Melodies from Around the World (Wednesday at 7pm). Community School of Music and Art, Mountain View. NOV. 5 “Letter From Composers” (Friday at 7pm). Community School of Music and Art, Mountain View. NOV. 7 Duos by Bach and others with violinist Anthony Doheny and pianist Nicholas Isaacs (Sunday at 5pm). Community School of Music and Art, Mountain View. NOV. 16 Novelist, poet and spoken-word artist Maggie Estep. SJSU University Theatre. NOV. 27 LoveNotes Quartet. Sunnyvale Theater. DEC. 5 Straight No Chaser, male a cappella group (Sunday at 7pm). Flint Center, Cupertino. DEC. 11 Patrick Ball, Celtic harp (Saturday at 8pm) Sunnyvale Theater.

SEPT. 18 Vagabond Opera, a Bohemian cabaret. Redwood City, 6pm. SEPT. 25 Salsa Festival (Saturday, noon–8pm). Redwood City. OCT. 8 South Bay Guitar Society presents Peruvian guitarist Barta Rojas. OCT. 14 Filmmaker Michael Moore receives John Steinbeck Award at fundraiser on SJSU campus. OCT. 16 Los Cenzontles, mariachi (Saturday at 8pm). Sunnyvale Theatre. OCT. 17 An Evening With Ken Page, presented by Broadway by the Bay. Hotel Sofitel, Redwood City.

TAKÁCS QUARTET, CLASSICAL Dec. 3 at Dinkelspiel.

The downtown center for Latino arts offers themed performance for all of the South First Friday art crawls as well as workshops and performances by visiting artists.

OCT. 19 Shubha Mudgal, Stanford Lively Arts “informance” (Tuesday at 6pm). Community School of Music and Art, Mountain View.

A CHANTICLEER CHRISTMAS Dec. 9 at Memorial Church.

SEPT. 3 A performance installation called “Inside the color/sound box” by Adam

OCT. 19–20 Nickelodeon’s Storytime Live! Presented by Jam Theatricals

STRAIGHT NO CHASER sings without instruments Dec. 5 at Flint Center.

43 M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 2 5-3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

SINGLE IN THE BAY AREA? Activate your social life! Events and Adventures is an activities club specializing in friendship and fun for singles. Just some of our popular events:

s Moonlight cruises s Volleyball s Whitewater rafting

s Bike ride picnics s Mexico getaway s Weekends in Tahoe ...and more!


The Best New W Way ay to Meet Singles! S


M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

Felipe Buitr B Buitrago ago



Bistro Boost

F:<8E9I<<Q< F :< 8 E9I <<Q<K_\ K_\j\X]ff[jXcX[Xk9`jkif<cXe`jXi\d`e[\if]k_\Xi\XÊjZlc`eXipi`Z_e\jj% j\X]ff[jXcX[ Xk 9`jjkif <cXe `j X i\d`e[\i f]k_\ Xi\X X Êj Zlc`eXipi`Z_e\jj%

GXcf8ckfÊj9`jkif<cXegifm`[\j  GXcf f 8ckfÊj9`jkif <cXe < gifm`[\j   k_\jdXcckflZ_\jXe[  k_\jdXcckfl lZ_\j Xe[   Y`^kXjk\jf]XZcXjj`ZY`jkif Y` `^kXjk\j f]XZcXjj`Z Y`jkif 9p 9 p STETT STE TT HOLBROOK H O L B RO O K


FL FLBEFN_fnpfl L BEFN_fnpfl ZXe ecffb Xk X Yffb fe ZXecffbXkXYffbfe pfl lij_\c] ]fi p\Xij pflij_\c]]fip\Xij Xe[ [e\m\i i\X[`k#Ylk Xe[e\m\ii\X[`k#Ylk k_\e fe\ [Xp [ pfl[\Z`[\ kf k_\efe\[Xppfl[\Z`[\kf g`Zb `k lg# Xe[ `k kliej flk g`Zb`klg#Xe[`kkliejflk kkfY\X^i\Xki\X[#Xe[pfl kf Y\X ^i\Xki\X[# Xe[pfl n nfe[\i n_ _p `k kffb pfl jf nfe[\in_p`kkffbpfljf cfe fe^ ^ kf ÓeXccp p i\X[ `k6 K_XkÊj cfe^kfÓeXccpi\X[`k6K_XkÊj _fn _fn @ ]\\c XYflkGXcf8ckfÊj _fn@]\\cXYflkGXcf8ckfÊj 9`jki 9`jkif <cXe e% 9`jkif<cXe% I’ve I’v ve driv driven en or w walked alked b byy the rrestaurant estau es aurant do ozens of times, times, but for fo or dozens some rreason eason ne ver stopp ed in. Last Last never stopped w week week, m ans ffor o or a restaurant restaurant myy pla plans rreview evieew visit n nearby ffell eell thr ough,, and nearby through,

I needed n a Plan B. B. And ther theree w was as Bi istro Elan. Bistro The minute I walked walked in, I kn new that I had been been rremiss. emiss. Thee knew rrestaurant e aurant has the clean and elega est ant elegant lo ook of a classic bistro, bistro, fr om its look from w aiters in black bow bow ties to the white w waiters ttablecloths. a ablecloths . But it ’s the ffood ood that it’s rreally e eally I’d b een made it clear that I’d been m missing one of Silic on V aalley’s gem ms. Silicon Valley’s gems. Lindskog and hi is Chef Ambjorn Lindskog his w wif fe, Andr ea Hy de, ha ave owned tthe he wife, Andrea Hyde, have rrestaurant e aurant ffor est or 15 yyears, o ears, and their at tttention to detail detail is appar ent, wi ith attention apparent, with fr esh- cut flowers and an app ng ealin fresh-cut appealing ba ack kyyard patio that ffeels eeels lik cret backyard likee a sec secret ga arden. garden. The menu is Fr ench at its roots rootss French bu ut with a C aliffo ornia sensibilit ggiven en but California sensibilityy giv itss reliance reliance on lo cal and seasonal local pr roduce. The kitchen sour ces mos st produce. sources most off its produce produce from from the C aliffo orniaa California

A venue farmers mark e right out the et Avenue market fr ont do or. The rresult esult is i a shor front door. shortt but inst antly lik eable menu u that rreminds eminds instantly likeable me ane w of wh hy we ’re so luck ky to anew why we’re lucky liv ortherrn C aliffo ornia. livee and eat in N Northern California. Ther e’s a brief but well l- chosen (and There’s well-chosen rreasonably easonably pric ed) win ne list that ’s priced) wine that’s str ong on b oth C aliffo orrnia and Fr ench strong both California French wines wines.. Meals st art with eexcellent xcellent e br ead start bread and a lit tle b o l of bri owl ght-gr green little bowl bright-green C astelvetrano oliv es. F o me or Castelvetrano olives. For me,, the st arters ar x xciting par starters aree the most eexciting partt of the menu. Mak eelline straight Makee a b beeline to the Kashiw ase Farm ms p each and Kashiwase Farms peach ffeta eeta salad ($12.75). The supr emely supremely delicious p eaches ar a their p eak peaches aree at peak now w, and their ssweetness weetneess is made ffor or o now, the sharp ang off the ffeta. et e a. What sharp,, salt saltyy ttang rreally eally seals the deal is the t draping of osciutto pap ery slic es of L ercia pr papery slices Laa Que Quercia prosciutto o ver the top e. So go od. I over top.. So simple simple. good. would eat this all yyear ear long long,, but the p eaches will b ll to o so on,, and peaches bee gone aall too soon, that ’s par kes this salad so that’s partt of what mak makes app ealing. Enjo hile yyou ou ccan. an. appealing. Enjoyy it wh while The same is true ffor or o the English p ea pea panc akes ($13). Bright -ggreen, fr eshpancakes Bright-green, freshshelled p eas and juicy y, ssweet weet cherr peas juicy, cherryy

tomato es cr reate a b ed of je wels on tomatoes create bed jewels which c liee de eeliccaatee, sup supr eemely e y light g delicate, supremely p ea panc ak kes made fr om those same pea pancakes from fr esh p eas. fresh peas. Also vvery ery go od is the Dungeness good crab salad with efruit w aavocado, vocado, grap grapefruit pistachios superb and pist ach hios ($14) and the sup erb house-cured gravlax house - cured d gra avvlax ($13.50), vvelvety elvety ribbons paired ribb ons of salt ssalt-cured - cured salmon pair ed with slic ed Chio ggia b eets, aavocado vocado sliced Chioggia beets, and w atercrress with an electric lime watercress and ginger vinaigr etttte. The ttangy angy vinaigrette. chilled cucu umber soup ($9.95) is as cucumber rrefreshing efreshing as a it is delicious delicious.. D uck cconfit onfit iiss ggood ood w ay tto o ggauge auge Duck way tthe he k itchen’s p roficiency. B istro E lan’s kitchen’s proficiency. Bistro Elan’s w ell-rendered vversion ersion (($21) $21) o he d ish well-rendered off tthe dish iiss jjuicy uicy an nd d eeply fl avorfful w ithout and deeply flavorful without be ing ttoo oo ssalty. alty. T al he ccreamy reamy lleek eek aand nd being The P arrmesan n rrisotto isotto sserved ervved w ith iitt iiss ggood, ood, Parmesan with ttoo. oo. I lloved oved tthe he ssautéed au utéed A lasska h allibut Alaska halibut (($26). $26). T he fi sh w as eexpertly xpertly ccooked, ooked, The fish was fl avorfful an nd m oist, aand nd tthe he b rownflavorful and moist, brownb utter sshallot hallot ssauce au uce d ribbled o ver iitt h ad butter dribbled over had m pooning u p eevery very llast asst b it. mee sspooning up bit. F or d essert r , yyou ou w ould be h arrd For dessert, would hard p ressed tto ofi nd a m ore pe rffect cchocolate hocolate pressed find more perfect ssoufflé oufflé (($8). $8). T he fl ourless cchocolate hocolate The flourless ccake ake iiss a ssolid olid cchoice, hoice, aass iiss tthe he n ectarrine nectarine ffrangipane ran ngipan ne ttart arrt ((both both $ 8). $8). Bistr o Ela an isn ’t p erfeect. Ser vers Bistro Elan isn’t perfect. Servers ccan an ttake ake thee Fr ench bistr o thing a French bistro lit tle to o lit terally and ccome ome off as little too literally rather offic ious and irrit able, but the officious irritable, st aff is ne ver e theless pr offessional e and staff nevertheless professional at tentive. attentive. The flatir ron steak and frites ($28) flatiron is a mainst ay of bistr o menus mainstay bistro menus,, but the b eef w a strikingly bland and as beef was less than te nder. While the kitchen tender. handled oth her seaf food dishes well, the other seafood panseared yellowfin yellowfin tuna ($2 5) ffell eell pan-seared ($25) flat. The fish h itself w as ccooked ooked a ffew ew was minutes to o long too long,, and the abundant b éarnaise sa auce o verpowered the béarnaise sauce overpowered fla avor of th fish. The pluot crisp flavor thee fish ($9) w as clu unk ky, o verly ssweet weet and an was clunky, overly ine xpertly thr tthrown own to gether desser t. inexpertly together dessert. B ut tthe he q uiet ssophistication ophistication o he But quiet off tthe d ining rroom, oom, tthe he ssuperior uperior p roduce dining produce aand nd ggenerally enerally w ell-prepared ffood ood m ak ke well-prepared make B istro E lan a sstandout tandout rrestaurant estauran nt tthat hat Bistro Elan d eserves yyour our aattention. ttention. deserves

9`jkif<cXe ++/:Xc`]fie`X8m\%# GXcf8ckf -,'%*).%')/+

45 M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 2 5-3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

nfejb!tqpot nfejb!tqpotpst tpst qsftfoujoh!tqpotps qsftfoujo h!tqpotps uisff!tubs!tqpotps uisff tuub bs!tqpotps

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y



Moree din Mor dining ning cover coverage age

CCampbell ampbell CCAPERS APERS W Well-heeled ell-heeled sports sports bar bar and and restaurant. restaurant. $$$. $$$. Capers Capers is is a sophisticated sophisticated restaurant restaurant that that uses uses sports sports as as its its theme. theme. WellWelldevised devised menu menu full full of of inventive inventive recipes recipes and and delicious delicious finger finger foods. foods. 11am-10:30pm 11am-10:30pm Mon-Thu, Mon-Thu, 11am-midnight 11am-midnight Fri-Sat Fri-Sat and and 9:30am-10:30pm 9:30am-10:30pm Sun. Sun. 1710 1710 W. W. Campbell Campbell Ave. Ave. 408.374.5777. 408.374.5777.

PSYCHO P SYCHO D DONUTS ONUTS D Donuts. onuts. $. $. Psycho Psycho Donuts Donuts has has taken taken rings rings of of fried fried dough dough into into new new territory territory with with flavors flavors like like apricot, apricot, the the Cookie Cookie Monster Monster (topped (topped with with Oreos) Oreos) and and Do-Nilla Do-Nilla (sprinkled (sprinkled with with bits bits of of vanilla vanilla wafers) wafers) and and the the intimidating intimidating Psycho Psycho Donut, Donut, a maelstrom maelstrom of of marshmallow, marshmallow, pretzel pretzel and and chile chile powder. powder. 6am6am5pm 5pm Mon-Thu, Mon-Thu, 6am-11pm 6am-11pm Fri, Fri, 7am-11pm 7am-11pm Sat, Sat, 7am-5pm 7am-5pm Sun. Sun. 2006 2006 S. S. Winchester Winchester Blvd Blvd #C. #C. 408.378.4540. 408.378.4540.

LLA AP PIZZERIA IZZERIA IItalian. talian. $ $$. $. La La


¿book ¿ book oonline nline aatt

Pizzeria Pizzeria specializes specializes in in simple simple pizzas pizzas that that stand stand on on the the strength strength of of a few few high-quality high-quality ingredients, ingredients, expertly expertly prepared. prepared. Open Open for for lunch lunch and and dinner dinner daily. daily. 11am-10pm 11am-10pm Sun-Tue, Sun-Tue, 11am11am11pm 11pm Wed, Wed, 11am-midnight 11am-midnight Thu-Sat. Thu-Sat. 373 373 E. E. Campbell Campbell Ave. Ave. 408.370.0826. 408.370.0826.

MICHI M ICHI Japanese. Japanese. $ $$. $. SSushi ushi sstandards tandards aare re ttransformed ransformed iinto nto ppalate-awakening alate-awakening ppresentations; resentations; cculinary ulinary bboundaries oundaries aare re sstretched. tretched. 111am-10pm 1am-10pm ddaily. aily. 22220 220 SS.. Winchester Blvd. W inchester B lvd. 4408.378.8000 08.378.8000 oorr 3378.0838. 78.0838.

NEGEEN N EGEEN PPersian. ersian. $ $$. $. M Mira ira

Russian. $$. R ussian. $ $. TThis his iiss a ssmall mall Russian with R ussian ggrocery rocery sstore tore w ith a ggood ood llittle ittle rrestaurant estaurant ttucked ucked Borscht iin n tthe he ccorner. orner. B orscht ssoup, oup, ppelmeni elmeni aand nd ssolyankya olyankya ssbornaya, bornaya, a tthick hick ssoup oup sstudded tudded with mild w ith cchunks hunks ooff m ild ppork ork ssausage, ausage, bblack lack oolives, lives, ppickles ickles aand nd bbarley arley aallll ssatisfy. atisfy. 111am1am8pm Winchester 8 pm ddaily. aily. 11712 712 SS.. W inchester Blvd. B lvd. 4408.379.6680. 08.379.6680.

$ = $10 $$ = $11-$15 $$$ = $16-$20 $$$$ = $21 and up Ranges based on average cost of dinner entree and salad, excluding alcoholic beverages

9pm Wed-Thu 9pm Wed-Thu and and 55-10pm -10pm Ave. FFri-Sat. ri-Sat. 2247 47 E. E. Campbell Campbell A ve. 4408.374.8982. 08.374.8982.

SSan an Jose Jose ¿ book online ¿book online at at

AMBER A MBER INDIA INDIA N Northern orthern $$. IIndian, ndian, ttandoori. andoori. $ $. TThe he ssister ister Mountain ttoo tthe he ppopular opular M ountain View Amber V iew rrestaurant, estaurant, A mber Row IIndia’s ndia’s SSantana antana R ow llocation ocation ccontinues ontinues ttoo ooffer ffer eelegantly legantly pprepared repared IIndian ndian ccuisine uisine iin n a sstylish tylish ssetting. etting. 111:30am1:30amMon-Thu. 22:30pm, :30pm, 55-10pm, -10pm, M on-Thu. nnoon-3pm, oon-3pm, 55-10:30pm -10:30pm FFri-Sat, ri-Sat, nnoon-3pm, oon-3pm, 55-10pm -10pm Row. SSunday. unday. 3377 77 SSantana antana R ow. 4408.248.5400. 08.248.5400.

SSUSHI USHI ZZONE ONE JJapanese. apanese. $$. $$. FFun un sushi sushi meets meets ffun un surroundings surroundings in in this this zzone. one. 11:30am-2:30pm 11:30am-2:30pm and and 559:30pm 9:30pm Sun-Thu Sun-Thu aand nd 111:30am1:30am2:30pm 2:30pm and and 5-10pm 5-10pm Fri-Sat. Fri-Sat. 75 Aquino Rdd #1. 75 S. S. SSan an TTomas omas A quino R #1. 408.866.1323. 408.866.1323.


TIGELLERIA T IGELLERIA. IItalian. talian. $ $$. $.

oonly nly bbreakfast reakfast aand nd llunch, unch, Bill’s way B ill’s kknows nows iits ts w ay aaround round ttypical ypical ddiner iner sstandbys—eggs tandbys—eggs ((scrambles scrambles aand nd hhollandaiseollandaisellaced aced ““benedictions”), benedictions”), ppancakes ancakes aand nd eexpertly xpertly ggrilled rilled ssandwiches andwiches aand nd bburgers. urgers. 6:30am-3pm N.. 6 :30am-3pm ddaily. aily. 3302 02 N Bascom Ave Naglee). B ascom A ve ((at at N aglee). 4408.287.2455. 08.287.2455.

gghasemi, hasemi, ggrilled rilled aand nd ppuréed uréed eeggplant ggplant iin n a ttomato omato ssauce auce with w ith sscrambled crambled eeggs, ggs, aand nd kkashk-e-bademjan, ashk-e-bademjan, ppuréed uréed with mint eeggplant ggplant ttopped opped w ith m int aand nd a ccreamy reamy yyogurt ogurt ssauce, auce, aare re ggreat, reat, as as are are the the kebabs. kebabs. Don’t Don’t miss Persian m iss tthe he eexcellent xcellent P ersian iice ce Monccream. ream. 111:30am-10pm 1:30am-10pm M onTThu, hu, 111:30am-midnight 1:30am-midnight FFri-Sat ri-Sat 801 W.. aand nd 111:30am-9pm 1:30am-9pm SSun. un. 8 01 W Hamilton H amilton Ave. Ave. 408.866.6400. 408.866.6400.

Tigelleria’s menu Tigelleria’s m enu ccenters enters on on fine fine cheeses cheeses and and Italian Italian salumi salumi paired paired with with tigelle, tigelle, free-flowing, free-flowing, piping piping hot hot flatflatbreads breads the the size size of of mini mini pitas. pitas. The The bread bread forms forms the the addictive addictive heart heart of of the the meal. meal. Lunch Lunch 11:30am-2pm 11:30am-2pm and and dinner dinner 5510pm 10pm daily. daily. 76 76 E. E. Campbell Campbell Ave. Ave. 408.884.3808. 408.884.3808.

OLIO O LIO M Mediterranean. editerranean. $$$. $$$. O Olio lio


sserves erves ssimple imple bbut ut eexpertly xpertly pprepared repared Mediterranean Mediterranean ffood ood that that dips dips into into the the North uunderexplored nderexplored ccuisines uisines ooff N orth Africa. A frica. SSmall mall bbut ut ssmart mart wine wine llist. ist. Dinner D inner 5-9pm 5-9pm SSun-Thu un-Thu aand nd 55-110pm 0pm Fri-Sat. Fri-Sat. 3384 84 EE.. CCampbell ampbell Ave. A ve. 408.378.0335. 408.378.0335.

¿= book online

French French and and American. American. $$$. $$$. Twist Twist describes describes itself itself as as “American “American food food with with a French French twist,” twist,” but but the the menu menu includes includes Middle Middle Eastern, Eastern, Asian Asian aand nd IItalian talian iinfluences, nfluences, too. too. Cafe Cafe 9am-3pm 9am-3pm Tue-Sat, Tue-Sat, 9am-2:30pm 9am-2:30pm Sun; Sun; Bistro Bistro 55-

Humble mall with H umble sstrip trip m all ggem em w ith Beef Pi-Roj a lloyal oyal ffollowing. ollowing. B eef P i-Roj Veggies iiss a hhouse ouse ffavorite. avorite. V eggies Rama llove ove tthe he R ama ttofu. ofu. 111am-3pm 1am-3pm Mon-Fri, M on-Fri, 55-9:30pm -9:30pm ddaily. aily. 11769 769 Blossom Hill Rd. B lossom H ill R d. 4408.358.2525. 08.358.2525.

BILL’S B ILL’S CAFÉ CAFÉ Diner. Diner. $ $.. SServing erving

CCAO AO NGUYEN NGUYEN VVietnamese, ietnamese, $.. CChinese-Vietnamese. hinese-Vietnamese. $ Gargantuan menu G argantuan m enu features features menu nnearly early 2200 00 Vietnamese Vietnamese m enu ooptions, ptions, including including smoked smoked dduck, uck, ssautéed autéed frogs frogs and and cclay lay ppot ot catfish. catfish. Casual. Casual. 110am-10pm 0am-10pm Mon-Fri, M on-Fri, 9am-10pm 9am-10pm SSatatRdd # #A-16. SSun. un. 2549 2549 SS.. KKing ing R A-16.


47 M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 2 5-3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

Flij\c\Zk`m\c`jk f]Xii\X i\jkXliXekj`eZcl[\j Flij\c\Zk`m\c`jkf]Xi\Xi\jkXliXekj`eZcl[\j k_fj\ k_Xk_Xm\Y\\e]XmfiXYcpi\m`\n\[ `e k_fj\k_Xk_Xm\Y\\e]XmfiXYcpi\m`\n\[`e gi`ek YpD\kif]ff[ Zii`k`Zj Xe[fk_\ijk_Xk_Xm\ gi`ekYpD\kif]ff[Zi`k`ZjXe[fk_\ijk_Xk_Xm\ Y\\e jXdgc\[Ylkefkk i\m`\n\[ `egi`ek% 8cc m`j`kj Y\\ejXdgc\[Ylkefki\m`\n\[`egi`ek%8ccm`j`kj Yp fli ni`k\ij Xi\ dX X[\ Xefepdfljcp p# Xe[ Ypflini`k\ijXi\dX[\Xefepdfljcp#Xe[ Xcc \og\ej\jXi\ gX`[ YpD\kif% Lg[Xk\j]ifd Xcc\og\ej\jXi\gX`[YpD\kif%Lg[Xk\j]ifd m`^`cXek i\X[\ij Xe[ c`jk\[ c i\jkXliXk\lij Xi\ m`^`cXeki\X[\ijXe[c`jk\[i\jkXliXk\lijXi\ _\Xik`cp\eZfliX^\[2 gc\Xj\ jlYd`k m`X \dX`c kf _\Xik`cp\eZfliX^\[2gc\Xj\jlYd`km`X\dX`ckf nj%Zfd% j_fcYiffb7d\kife\n j_fcYiffb7d\kife\nj%Zfd%


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Moree dining Mor dining coverage coverage





?<LI98E]Xid`e^dfm\d\ekk_XkÊjZifgg`e^ lgXZifjj8d\i`ZX_XjY\\ejcfnkfkXb\iffk `eJ`c`ZfeMXcc\p%9lkJXeAfj\ÊjM\^^`\clk`fe`j c\X[`e^k_\nXp% Located under the shadow of the Interstate 680 overpass in Emma Prusch Park, VEGGIELUTION’s 1-acre farm has become a green oasis in a sea of asphalt. The farm provides local youth and their families with access to open space, healthy local food and educational programs that empower youth and adults to transform their bodies, communities and planet. Volunteers and youth program participants at the farm manage a large composting operation, grow and transplant seedlings from a small greenhouse and complete all other farm jobs. Farm produce is distributed to volunteers and is available to the public at a sliding-scale farm stand and at local soup kitchens. That’s what I call community service. Now it’s your chance to be of service to Veggielution. The nonprofit farm and education program is holding its annual fundraiser Sept. 11. The “Bounty of Heart’s Delight” fundraiser dinner will include a menu created by San Jose chef JOSEPH GAUDET. The event will begin M\^^`\clk`fe at Veggielution’s farm with entertainment, ;`ee\i appetizers and a tour of the farm. Dinner will be served at EULIPIA, in downtown San Jose. Sept. 11; www.bounty The cost of the dinner is $100. The prime beneficiary of the dinner is the VeggieYouth program. The year-old program creates a safe space for high school youth to spend time outside connecting with their food and with each other. The summer program is in session now with students drawn from the East Side Union High School District and other local schools. The 15 youths participate in team-building games, educational presentations, farm work, cooking and communal eating. Eventually, they will take on responsibilities like leading groups of volunteers during workdays. Veggielution hopes the program will be a transformative experience for the participants and turn them into community leaders excited about healthy living and sustainable agriculture. I interviewed Veggielution executive director Aime Frisch last year for a story I wrote on urban agriculture, and I was impressed by what I saw. From humble beginnings (OK, they are still pretty humble), they have created a real model for positive change. She sees the farm and locally grown food in general as a “hub issue” that addresses several social ills—access to fresh produce for low-income communities, food security, the environment and childhood obesity. “This is a place to get people to think past just buying food at the grocery store,” she said. “I’ve had people pick a carrot for the first time and say, ‘This is the greatest carrot of my life.’ . . . Sustainably farmed food shouldn’t be just for the affluent. [With Veggielution] we’re actually creating what we want to see.”—Stett Holbrook

49 M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 2 5-3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


SVDINING 4408.270.9610. 08.270.9610.

CCASABLANCA’S ASABLANCA’S CCAFÉ AFÉ M Middle iddle EEastern. astern. $$. $$. Casablanca’s Casablanca’s win CCafe afe iiss nnot ot ggoing oing ttoo w in aany ny aawards wards ffor or aatmosphere tmosphere oorr But rrestaurant estaurant ddesign. esign. B ut iitt sshould hould win w in aawards wards ffor or iits ts ffalafel. alafel. IIn n wonderfully aaddition ddition ttoo w onderfully ccreamy reamy hhummus, ummus, ttangy angy ttahini ahini ssauce auce aand nd ppickled ickled rred ed ccabbage, abbage, tthe he with ffalafel alafel ddeluxe eluxe iiss ggilded ilded w ith sstrips trips ooff bbaked aked eeggplant, ggplant, ffried ried ccauliflower auliflower aand nd ffried ried ppotatoes. otatoes. IIff yyou ou llike ike iitt sspicy, picy, tthe he rribbon ibbon ooff sshatta hatta ((hot hot ssauce) auce) ddelivers elivers a bblast last ooff cchile hile ppepper epper hheat. eat. 110am-9:30pm 0am-9:30pm ddaily. aily. 11185 185 Ave. LLincoln incoln A ve. 4408.993.8636. 08.993.8636.

CCITRUS ITRUS N New ew American. American. $$$. $$$. IIn n SSantana antana R ow’s cchic hic H otel Row’s Hotel Valencia, V alencia, CCitrus itrus ppeels eels bback ack tthe he myth. Here, hhotel otel ddining ining m yth. H ere, ddiners iners match main m atch ttheir heir oown wn m ain ddishes ishes with w ith ttheir heir cchoice hoice ooff rrub, ub, ssauce auce aand nd sside ide ddish. ish. FFun un ccontinues ontinues iin n sskilled killed ddesserts. esserts. 55:30-9:30pm :30-9:30pm Mon-Sat. Row. M on-Sat. 3355 55 SSantana antana R ow. 4408.423.5400. 08.423.5400.

9am-9pm 9 am-9pm ddaily. aily. 11644 644 EE.. CCapitol apitol EExpwy. xpwy. 4408.238.8686. 08.238.8686.

9pm 9pm Sun. Sun. 1712 1712 Meridian Meridian Ave. Ave. 408.269.3801. 408.269.3801.



Chinese $ Chinese $$. $. TThe he ssetting etting is is fi fitt menu ffor or rroyalty, oyalty, and and there’s there’s a m enu ttoo match: match: llobster obster with with sspecial pecial Peking ssauces, auces, P eking duck, duck, eemeraldmeraldmustard ccolored olored m ustard greens, greens, eeven ven Orr ttry more ssuckling uckling ppig. ig. O ry tthe he m ore ddelicate elicate ffare: are: ddim im sum sum every every llunch. unch. 111am-2:30pm, 1am-2:30pm, 5-9:30pm 5-9:30pm Mon-Fri, M on-Fri, 110am-3pm. 0am-3pm. 5-9:30pm 5-9:30pm Rd, SSat-Sun. at-Sun. 11001 001 SStory tory R d, ssecond econd floor. fl oor. 4408.286.6668 08.286.6668

Vietnamese. $$. menu V ietnamese. $ $. Fuel’s Fuel’s m enu more iiss m ore ttraditional raditional tthan han modern oother ther m odern Vietnamese Vietnamese mixes rrestaurants estaurants bbut ut sstill till m ixes with tthings hings uupp w ith nonregulation nonregulation iingredients. ngredients. LLunch unch 111am1amMon-Fri 22:30pm :30pm M on-Fri aand nd Sat-Sun. Sat-Sun. Dinner Mon-Wed, D inner 5-10pm 5-10pm M on-Wed, 55-11pm -11pm TThu-Sat hu-Sat aand nd 5-9pm 5-9pm SSun. un. 385 385 S. S. Winchester Winchester Blvd. Blvd. 4408.248.0018. 08.248.0018.

Chinese. $$. $$. N Now ow EEDNA DNA R RAY AY Chinese.

GGREAT REAT WALL WALL Chinese. Chinese. $ $$. $. This This strip strip mall mall hideaway hideaway serves serves skillfully skillfully prepared prepared Chinese Chinese dishes dishes in in an an atmosphere atmosphere where where sandals sandals and and T-shirts T-shirts are are the the perfect perfect fashion. fashion. Beef Beef and and black black mushrooms, mushrooms, ssalt alt and and pepper pepper spareribs spareribs and and cashew cashew chicken chicken earn earn high high marks. marks. 11am-2:30pm, 11am-2:30pm, 4:30-9pm 4:30-9pm Mon-Fri, Mon-Fri, noon-9pm noon-9pm Sat. Sat. 1409 1409 Bird Bird Ave. Ave. Take Take out out available. available. 408.287.1688 408.287.1688 or or 287.1689. 287.1689.

in in a new new location, location, Edna Edna Ray Ray continues continues to to serves serves classics classics of of Chinese-American Chinese-American food food with with the the same same quantity, quantity, familiarity familiarity and and reasonable reasonable prices. prices. You’ll You’ll find find all all three three here, here, and and then then some. some. 11:30am11:30am9:30pm 9:30pm daily. daily. 1181 1181 Lincoln Lincoln Ave. Ave. 408.280.7738. 408.280.7738.

Cocola Cocola is is a fine fine place place to to while while away away an an afternoon afternoon sipping sipping tea tea and and sampling sampling a pear pear tart tart with with vanilla vanilla custard custard and and slivered slivered almonds. almonds. For For heartier heartier fare, fare, try try the the gourmet gourmet sandwiches. sandwiches. 8am-11pm 8am-11pm Sun-Tue, Sun-Tue, 8am-noon 8am-noon Wed-Sat. Wed-Sat. 333 333 Santana Santana Row Row #1045. #1045. 408.551.0018. 408.551.0018.

EELL H HABANERO ABANERO CCuban uban and and Mexican. Mexican. $$. $$. The The Cuban Cuban food food is is the the star star here. here. The The food food is is made made from from family family recipes recipes and and has has a hearty, hearty, homespun homespun appeal. appeal. Ropa Ropa vieja vieja is is a classic classic of of Cuban Cuban cooking cooking and and the the stewed stewed beef beef dish dish is is a solid solid choice choice here here as as is is the the oily oily but but delicious delicious vaca vaca frita frita is is another another winner. winner. Appetizers Appetizers are are strong, strong, too, too, but but skip skip the the disappointing disappointing Cuban Cuban sandwich. sandwich. 11am-9pm 11am-9pm daily. daily. Closed Closed Monday. Monday. 3132 3132 Williams Williams Rd. Rd. 408.557.8914. 408.557.8914.

CCONSUELO ONSUELO Mexican. Mexican. $$. $$. G Good ood regional regional Mexican Mexican food food made made with with lesser-known lesser-known ingredients ingredients in in an an attractive, attractive, upscale upscale atmosphere. atmosphere. The The food food is is served served tapas tapas style style and and meant meant to to be be shared. shared. Fantastic Fantastic tequila tequila list. list. 11:30am-10pm 11:30am-10pm Mon-Fri, Mon-Fri, 11am-11pm 11am-11pm Sat, Sat, Sun Sun 11am11am11pm. 11pm. 377 377 Santana Santana Row Row #1125. #1125. 408.260.7082. 408.260.7082.

FFOOD OOD T TOPIA OPIA CChinese hinese aand nd Taiwanese. Taiwanese. $. $. Food Food Topia Topia serves serves a great, great, low low priced priced menu menu of of Taiwanese Taiwanese and and Chinese Chinese food food in in atmosphere atmosphere welcoming welcoming to to non-Chinese. non-Chinese. Go Go for for the the beef beef noodle noodle soup, soup, pickle pickle and and fish fish fillet fillet soup soup and and the the fried fried chicken chicken roll. roll. No No alcohol alcohol served. served. 1600 1600 S. S. De De Anza Anza Blvd. Blvd. 408.873.7628. 408.873.7628.


DIA D IA DE DE PESCA PESCA Mexican. Mexican. $ $..

FFRANKIE, RANKIE, JJOHNNIE OHNNIE & LLUIGI UIGI amily SStyle tyle Italian. Italian. $ $$. $. T TOO! OO! FFamily

HOSHI H OSHI JJapanese. apanese. $$. $$. Hoshi Hoshi is is one one Silicon Silicon Valley’s Valley’s standouts standouts for for sushi sushi and and small small plates. plates. Great Great sake sake selection, selection, too. too. Lunch Lunch 11:30am-2pm 11:30am-2pm Mon-Fri Mon-Fri and and dinner dinner 5-9pm 5-9pm Mon-Sat. Mon-Sat. 246 246 Saratoga Saratoga Ave. Ave. 408.554.7100. 408.554.7100.

CCOCOLA OCOLA FFrench rench bbakery. akery. $ $..

Ass yyou might A ou m ight gguess uess ffrom rom tthe he Pesca means nname ame ((Dia Dia ddee P esca m eans fishing” ““gone gone fi shing” iin n SSpanish), panish), tthe he rrestaurant estaurant sspecializes pecializes iin n sseafood—fish eafood—fish ttacos, acos, cceviche, eviche, sshrimp hrimp ccocktails ocktails aand nd ssoups. oups. IIt’s t’s all all good. good. 10:30am-8:30pm 10:30am-8:30pm N.. B Bascom Ave. ddaily. aily. 5555 N ascom A ve. 4408.287.3722. 08.287.3722.

DII LAC D LAC VVegetarian egetarian Asian. Asian. $ $$. $. A bbite ite ooff vveggie eggie hheaven. eaven. TThe he Dii LLac sspacious pacious D ac sserves erves uupp aan n aappetizing ppetizing aarray rray ooff ffoods oods aallll which made ooff w hich aare re m ade ffresh resh ddaily, aily, milk iincluding ncluding tthe he ssoy oy m ilk aand nd ttofu. ofu.

TTraditional raditional IItalian-American talian-American ffavorites—spaghetti avorites—spaghetti aand nd with ppizza—served izza—served w ith pplenty lenty Big ooff eelbow lbow rroom. oom. B ig pportions ortions wholesome aand nd w holesome ffamily-style amily-style sservice. ervice. 111am-9:30pm 1am-9:30pm SSun-Thu, un-Thu, 111am-9:30pm 1am-9:30pm FFri-Sat. ri-Sat. 55245 245 Prospect Rd, Bar. P rospect R d, SSan an JJose. ose. FFull ull B ar. 4408.446.9644. 08.446.9644.

FFRATELLO RATELLO Italian. Italian. $ $$. $. Bursting Bursting with flavors, w ith ssimple imple fl avors, FFratello ratello bboasts oasts nnative ative IItalian talian ddining ining without w ithout aaffectation. ffectation. 55-9:30pm -9:30pm TTue-Sun, ue-Sun, FFri-Sat ri-Sat 55-10pm, -10pm, 55--



M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 2 5-3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

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Moree din Mor dining ning cover coverage age

HABANA H ABANA CUBA CUBA CCuban uban aand nd Brazilian. $$. B razilian. $ $. A cculinary ulinary ooasis asis flavors, ffull ull ooff ggood ood fl avors, Habana Habana CCuba uba eexudes xudes ccultural ultural delights. delights. SSensuous ensuous foods foods ooff the the CCaribbean aribbean aand nd CCuba, uba, llong ong oon n ttomato omato aand nd ppeppers, eppers, sslowlowmeats rroasted oasted m eats aand nd eearthy arthy Beer wine. bblack lack bbeans. eans. B eer aand nd w ine. 111am-2pm, 1am-2pm, 5-9pm 5-9pm TTue-Thu, ue-Thu, 44-110pm 0pm FFri-Sat, ri-Sat, 44-9pm -9pm SSun. un. 2238 38 Race R ace SSt.t. 4408.998.2822. 08.998.2822. Vegetarian. $.. TThe menu V egetarian. $ he m enu aatt Happy Bamboo tthe he H appy B amboo iiss aalmost lmost most aallll vvegan egan aand nd m ost ooff iitt Vietnamese V ietnamese or or Asian-inspired. Asian-inspired. TThere’s here’s aalso lso a vvegetarian egetarian ttuna una ssalad alad aand, nd, oout ut ooff nnowhere, owhere, Hungarian H ungarian ggoulash oulash aand nd sspaghetti. paghetti. 111:30am-9pm 1:30am-9pm TTueueMon. Branham SSun. un. CClosed losed M on. 11711 711 B ranham LLane. ane. 4408.694.0740. 08.694.0740.

HUKILAU H UKILAU H Hawaiian. awaiian. $$. $$. SSimple, imple, sslightly lightly ssalty, alty, stomachstomachfilling fi lling foods foods with with an an Asian Asian Pacific Allll ddaily P acific aattitude. ttitude. A aily with sspecials pecials ccome ome w ith a sscoop coop ooff macaroni m acaroni ssalad alad aand nd ssteamed teamed rrice. ice. SSkip kip tthe he qquesadilla uesadilla aand nd



M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


SVDINING 51 nachos aand nachos nd hhead ead sstraight traight ffor or tthe he ahi ahi ppoke. oke. With With tropical tropical match. ddrinks rinks ttoo m atch. 11am-1:45pm 11am-1:45pm TTue-Fri, ue-Fri, 55-9:30pm -9:30pm Tue-Wed, Tue-Wed, 55-10:30pm -10:30pm TThu-Sat, hu-Sat, 11am11am22:30pm :30pm Sat-Sun, Sat-Sun, 5-9pm. 5-9pm. 230 230 JJackson ackson SSt.t. 4408.279.4888. 08.279.4888.

KAHOO K AHOO Japanese. Japanese. $ The The people people queuing queuing up up are are ramen ramen aficionados aficionados who who know know a good good bowl bowl of of ramen ramen when when they they find find one. one. And And they’ve they’ve definitely definitely found found one one here. here. 11:30am-2pm 11:30am-2pm and and 5-10pm 5-10pm Tue-Thu; Tue-Thu; 11:30am11:30am3pm 3pm and and 4:30-9:30pm 4:30-9:30pm Sat-Sun. Sat-Sun. 4330 4330 Moorpark Moorpark Ave. Ave. 408.255.8244. 408.255.8244. KRUNGTHAI K RUNGTHAI. TThai. hai. $ $$. $. Perennial Perennial Metro Metro “Best “Best Of” Of ” winner, winner, Krungthai Krungthai has has been been around around since since 1988, 1988, but but still still tastes tastes fresh fresh and and new. new. 11am11am3pm 3pm and and 5-10pm 5-10pm Mon-Fri Mon-Fri and and noon-10pm noon-10pm Sat-Sun. Sat-Sun. 640 640 S. S. Winchester Winchester Blvd. Blvd. 408.260.8224. 408.260.8224. KUBOTA K UBOTA JJapanese. apanese. $ $$. $. A beautiful beautiful dining dining room room that that serves serves exquisite exquisite rice, rice, luscious luscious ribs ribs and and decent decent sushi. sushi. Full Full bar. bar. 5:30-10pm 5:30-10pm Mon-Sat, Mon-Sat, 559:30pm 9:30pm Sun. Sun. 593 593 N. N. Fifth Fifth St. St. 408.279.8440. 408.279.8440. KUMAKO K UMAKO RRamen. amen. $ $.. Japantown Japantown now now has has its its missing missing ingredient—good ingredient—good ramen. menu ramen. Kumako’s Kumako’s m enu is is simple, simple, ramen, ramen, curry curry rice rice and and a few few appetizers. appetizers. 11:30am11:30am2:30pm 2:30pm and and 5:30-9:30pm 5:30-9:30pm Mon-Sat. Mon-Sat. 211 211 E. E. Jackson Jackson St. St. 408.286.2111. 408.286.2111. LLAYANG AYANG LAYANG LAYANG M Malaysian. alaysian. $$. $$. Layang Layang Layang Layang shines shines with with clean, clean, fresh fresh flavors flavors and and ingredients ingredients and and offers offers a great great entry entry into into Malaysian Malaysian food. food. Service Service is is fast fast and and friendly, friendly, a feat feat given given how how harried harried the the waitstaff waitstaff can can be. be. Wine Wine and and beer. beer. Closed Closed Mon. Mon. 1480 1480 S. S. De De Anza Anza Blvd. Blvd. 408.777.8897. 408.777.8897. LLEE PAPILLON PAPILLON CContemporary ontemporary French. French. $$$$. $$$$. From From start start to to finish, finish, a meal meal at at Le Le Papillon Papillon casts casts a spell spell on on everyone everyone who who enters. enters. The The feeling feeling is is only only broken broken when when you you walk walk out out the the door door and and abruptly abruptly step step back back into into the the real real world world outside. outside. Full Full bar. bar. Lunch Lunch Thu Thu and and Fri, Fri, dinner dinner nightly. nightly. 410 410 Saratoga Saratoga Ave. Ave. 408.296.3730. 408.296.3730. MAGGIANO’S M AGGIANO’S LLITTLE ITTLE Italy Italy $$. warm IItalian. talian. $ $. LLike ike a w arm IItalian talian

Moree dining Mor dining coverage coverage

eembrace, mbrace, tthis his SSantana antana Row Row welcome ssuperstar uperstar pproves roves a w elcome hhaven aven ffor or ccompany ompany llunches unches aand nd congenial congenial dinner dinner pparties. arties. TThe he ffood ood iiss a cut cut above above sstandard, tandard, with with roast roast cchicken hicken aand nd veal veal marsala marsala standing standing out. out. Mon-Thu, 111am-10pm 1am-10pm M on-Thu, 111am1am111pm 1pm FFri-Sat, ri-Sat, nnoon-10pm oon-10pm SSun. un. 3055 3055 Olin Olin Ave. Ave. #1000. #1000. 4408.423.8973. 08.423.8973.

MENARA M ENARA M Moroccan. oroccan. $ $$$. $$. SSince ince 1977, 1977, Menara’s Menara’s bbeen een tthrowing hrowing bback ack tthe he ppillows illows aand nd mint bbellying ellying uupp ttoo m int ttea ea rrituals, ituals, bb’stilla ’stilla ((pigeon pigeon ppie) ie) aand nd rrabbit abbit menus ttagine. agine. FFull ull ddinners inners m enus iinclude nclude vvegetarian egetarian ooption; ption; wine 6-10pm ssolid olid w ine llist. ist. 6 -10pm ddaily. aily. 4411 Gish Rd. EE.. G ish R d. 4408.453.1983. 08.453.1983.

MT. M T. H HAMILTON AMILTON GRANDVIEW GRANDVIEW Cowboy CContinental. Cowboy ontinental. $$$. $$$. The The Grandview G randview iiss aann oold-school ld-school warm rroadhouse oadhouse with with a w arm Add aatmosphere. tmosphere. A dd ddishes ishes llike ike ssurf urf aand nd turf, turf, rack rack ooff llamb amb cchasseur hasseur aand nd cchicken hicken CCordon ordon Bleu B leu aand nd you’ve you’ve got got yourself yourself a ddestination. estination. 5-10:30pm 5-10:30pm Wed-Sun. Mt. Hamilton W ed-Sun. 9944 M t. H amilton Rd. Rd. 4408.251.8909. 08.251.8909.

PRESIDENT P RESIDENT R RESTAURANT ESTAURANT Mongolian Mongolian barbecue. barbecue. $. $. This This mom-and-pop mom-and-pop eatery eatery gears gears itself itself toward toward the the common common man man with with the the uncommonly uncommonly large large appetite. appetite. Thrown Thrown into into the the bargain bargain is is a Chinese Chinese steam-table steam-table buffet. buffet. 11am11am3pm, 3pm, 4:30-9pm 4:30-9pm daily. daily. 1190 1190 Hillsdale Hillsdale Ave. Ave. 408.978.7188. 408.978.7188.

RAMEN R AMEN H HALU ALU JJapanese apanese $$. nnoodles. oodles. $ $. SSurfer-themed, urfer-themed, ccasual-but-comfy, asual-but-comfy, cchef hef KKumao umao Arai’s Arai’s nnoodle oodle hhouse ouse iimports mports ttraditional raditional ttechniques echniques ttoo pproduce roduce hhearty, earty, aaromatic romatic with bbowls owls sstocked tocked w ith ppork-, ork-, ssea-saltea-salt- or or soy-saucesoy-sauceflavored fl avored broth. broth. CCash ash oonly. nly. Call Call aahead; head; hours hours are are irregular. irregular. 3375-M 75-M SS.. SSaratoga aratoga Ave. Ave. 4408.246.3933. 08.246.3933.

RANGOLI R ANGOLI IIndian. ndian. $. $. Rangoli Rangoli sspices pices uupp tthe he CCambrian ambrian aarea rea with w ith eexcellent xcellent IIndian ndian ffood. ood. TThe he rrestaurant estaurant iiss bbeautiful eautiful aand nd iits ts ffood ood aand nd sservice ervice llargely argely match m atch iits ts ddécor. écor. LLunch unch bbuffet uffet Mon-Fri, 111:30am-2:30pm 1:30am-2:30pm M on-Fri, ddinner inner 55-9:30pm -9:30pm SSun-Thu, un-Thu, 55-10pm -10pm FFri-Sat, ri-Sat, bbrunch runch nnoonoonUnion Ave. 33pm pm SSun. un. 33695 695 U nion A ve. 4408.377.2222. 08.377.2222.

REHOBOTH R EHOBOTH. EEthiopian. thiopian. $$. $$. JJapantown apantown isn’t isn’t aallll JJapanese apanese Rehoboth ffood. ood. R ehoboth aadds dds sspice pice


with ttoo tthe he nneighborhood eighborhood w ith its its menu ddiverse iverse m enu ooff EEthiopian thiopian sstandards. tandards. CCarnivores, arnivores, vvegetarians egetarians aand nd vvegans egans are are well Good aallll w ell ttaken aken ccare are oof.f. G ood ccoffee, offee, ttoo. oo. 111:30am-9pm 1:30am-9pm Mon-Thu M on-Thu aand nd 111:30am-10pm 1:30am-10pm 665 N.. SSixth FFri-Sat. ri-Sat. 6 65 N ixth SSt. t. 4408.947.1717. 08.947.1717.

REYHAN R EYHAN. $$.. PPersian. ersian. R Reyhan eyhan restaurant restaurant is is located located in in the the most most unlikely unlikely of of areas—an areas—an industrial industrial strip strip of of Almaden Almaden Road Road in in south south San San Jose. Jose. As As ssuch, uch, tthe he pplace lace iiss kkind ind of of an an oasis—an oasis—an oasis oasis of of kebabs. kebabs. 11am-8pm 11am-8pm daily. daily. 1625 1625 Almaden Almaden Rd. Rd. 408.293.3600. 408.293.3600. SSELAM ELAM. $. $. EEthiopian thiopian and and Often EEritrean. ritrean. O ften iit’s t’s the the places places work find yyou ou hhave ave ttoo w ork ttoo fi nd tthat hat tturn urn oout ut ttoo bbee tthe he ggood ood oones. nes. SSelam elam iiss ttucked ucked aaway way iin na mall Winchester Boulevard, m all ooff ff W inchester B oulevard, bbut ut tthe he ffood ood iiss a rreal eal sstandout. tandout. 110am-10pm 0am-10pm ddaily. aily. 33120 120 Williams W illiams SSt. t. 4408.984.9600. 08.984.9600.

SSIAM IAM TThai. hai. $$. $$. SSiam iam iiss a sweet sweet little little Thai Thai restaurant restaurant between between Valley Valley Fair Fair and and Santana Santana Row. Row. The The menu menu offers offers a lineup lineup of of Thai Thai standards standards and and crowd-pleasing crowd-pleasing combinations combinations with with Americanized Americanized names names like like “cashew “cashew lover,” lover,” “Thai “Thai angry” angry” and and “pleasing “pleasing garlic.” garlic.” There’s There’s pplenty lenty ttoo rrecommend. ecommend. 11:30am-2:30pm, 11:30am-2:30pm, 5-9pm 5-9pm TueTueSat. Sat. 10pm 10pm Fri. Fri. 2910 2910 Stevens Stevens Creek Creek Blvd. Blvd. 408.246.0304. 408.246.0304. SINO R SINO RESTAURANT ESTAURANT Modern odern AND A ND LLOUNGE OUNGE M CChinese. hinese. $$$. $$$. Sino Sino is is owned owned bbyy CChristopher hristopher YYeo, eo, tthe he rrestaurateur estaurateur bbehind ehind SStraits. traits. TThe he restaurant restaurant offers offers both both ttraditional raditional Chinese Chinese cooking cooking aand nd a few few modern modern rriffs. iffs. Good Good ddim im ssum, um, ttoo. oo. 111am-10pm 1am-10pm SSun-Tue, un-Tue, 11am-midnight 11am-midnight Wed-Sat. W ed-Sat. 377 377 SSantana antana Row. Row. 4408.247.8880. 08.247.8880.

SSUSHI USHI B BOAT OAT Sushi Sushi bar/ bar/ Japanese Japanese sspecialties. pecialties. $. $. With With a décor décor that that is is upbeat upbeat and and sophisticated sophisticated and and sushi sushi that that is is as as dazzling dazzling as as handmade handmade jewelry, jewelry, Sushi Sushi Boat Boat walks walks on on water! water! 11am-9:30pm 11am-9:30pm daily. daily. 1600 1600 Saratoga Saratoga Ave. Ave. #119, #119, Westgate Westgate Mall. Mall. 408.378.4000. 408.378.4000. SSUSHI USHI FFACTORY ACTORY SSushi ushi bar/Japanese. $$. bar/Japanese. $ $. IIt’s t’s all all here: here: sushi, sushi, bento bento box box meals meals and and teriyaki teriyaki and and at at great great prices. prices. 11:30am-9:15pm 11:30am-9:15pm daily. daily. 4632 4632 Meridian Meridian Ave. Ave. 408.723.2598. 408.723.2598.

53 M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 2 5-3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


metroactive m metr troacctive ttive

CCHOICES HOICES B BY: Y: 8Xife:Xie\j 8Xife :Xie\j 9\Xl;fnc`e^ 9\Xl;fnc`e^ IpXeFjk\iY\Zb IpXe Fjk\iY\Zb Jk\m\GXcfgfc` Jk\m\ GXcfgfc` I`Z_Xi[mfe9ljXZb I`Z_Xi[ mfe 9ljXZb


CURREN$Y @e9i`kX`e#[f k_\pZfem\ik


N_\e_\Ă&#x160;jfele[\iZfm\iXjj`^ed\ekj#Jg\Z`Xc8^\ek Xb% :_ @jXX :_i`j g\i]fidj XjjĂ&#x2030;:_i`j@jXXb%Ă&#x160; e[g\i]fidjX fe \jdfe[ ;\ _ _\jk\i :_\jk\i;\jdf :_

*tthu hu


VooDoo V ooDoo oDoo Doo oo Lounge, Loungee, San Jose Thu â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 9pm; $15 $5 How who H ow ccan an yyou ou nnot ot llove ove a rrapper apper w ho pputs uts a ddollar ollar ssign ign iinto nto hhis is nname? ame? New N ew Orleansâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Orleansâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; CCurren$y urren$y has has been been ggaining aining cconsiderable onsiderable aattention ttention over over tthe he llast ast sseveral everal yyears ears pputting utting oout ut mixtapes. Hee eeven made m ixtapes. H ven m ade tthe he cover cover ooff X XXL XL m magazine agazine iin n 22009, 009, tthen hen uused sed the the bbuzz uzz ttoo ppromote romote the the release release of of hhis is debut debut aalbum, lbum, aappropriately ppropriately titled titled e Th TThis his Ainâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Ainâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t N Noo M Mixtape ixtape. TThis his year, year, he he made made the the jump jump to to major major label label Def Def Jam Jam Records Records and and has has been been doing doing well well for for himself, himself, mixing mixing laid laid back, back, nonchalant nonchalant rhymes rhymes with with his his signature signature mellow mellow grooves. grooves. (AC) (AC)

PATO P ATO B BANTON A N TO N Music in thee P Park ark Cesar Plaza de Ces sar Chavez, San Jose 5:30pm; free Thu â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 5:30p pm; fr ee dude, An evolved A l d reggae reggae e d d as wellll as a beloved entertainer whose collaborators ffamous amous colla aborators cannot be this listed, lest th his blurb rread ead like a phone book. V. V. partial to his duet covering with UB40 co overing the old Eddy Grant thee Equals hit â&#x20AC;&#x153;Baby Gr ant and th Come Back.â&#x20AC;? LLondon ondon born, raised raised in Birmingham,, Banton has a modest mission: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Myy main goal has always spread Beauty & been to spr ead TTruth, ruth, r through Goodness th rough g reggae reggae gg music.â&#x20AC;? Recent work by Banto includes a 100-minute-long 100-minute-long concept album Urantia based on thee Ur antia Book, a spirit-writtenn later testament of high-ďŹ ves Jesus that hi igh-ďŹ ves Buddha and encompassess (yay!) evolution. encompasse (RvB)

*ffri ri

CCHRIS HR IS IISAAK SA A K Mountain n Winery, Wineryy, Saratoga Saratoga Fri-Sat â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 7:30pm; $45.50-$95 SStockton-bred, tockton--bred, blue-color-born yodeler,, interviewer, yodeler innterviewer, recent recent inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fameâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;and Fameâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;and pretty pretty good cartoonist. cartoonis t. Chris Isaak had a national hit h in 1987 with the excellent orison to Orbison â&#x20AC;&#x153;Blue Hotel,â&#x20AC;?â&#x20AC;? bu but itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Hotel Hotel, ut it â&#x20AC;&#x2122;ss the moan on 1989â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 1989 s â&#x20AC;&#x153;Wicked Gameâ&#x20AC;? G Game â&#x20AC;? that sums up the particularly particular rly cinematic music of this roots rootss rocker/balladeer rocker/balladeer whose work is now noow part of the fabric fabric of David Lynch Lynnch and Stanley Stanley Kubrickâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Kubrickâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s (RvB) ďŹ lms. (RvB B)

KUNG FFU KUNG U VAMPIRE V AMPIRE Avalon Avalon, n, Santa Clara Clara Fri â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 7pm; 7 $10 Flowing Flowin ng with a sinister sound and presence, a mesmerizing mesm merizing pr esence, Kung Kung Fu Vampire V ampire can kill you 10 different different ways. Not only is this 10-piece goth and a funkâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;infused jazzy hip-hop outďŹ tâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hip-hoop outďŹ t â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s music magnetic, but itss stage show ffeatures eatures the Vampire V ampire doing back ďŹ&#x201A;ips, to the accompaniment mind-altering accom mpaniment of mind-al tering ďŹ ree dancers; it itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s visualss and even ďŹ r version of danse like a hip-hop h macabre macabbr b e theater theater. th t . (RO)

KEPI K EP I GGHOULIE HOULIE Texas T exas e Toast To oast House, San Jose free Fri â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 6pm; 6 fr ee What W hat ddoo Kepi Kepi Ghoulie Ghoulie and and EEric ric Fanali Fanali hhave ave iin n ccommon? ommon? EEasy, asy, theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re both both



survivors. survivors. Kepi Kepi started started the the Groovie Groovie Ghoulies Ghoulies in in freakinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; freakinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; 11983, 983, with with an an all-male all-male lineup lineup that that pretty pretty much much nobody nobody remembers. remembers. He He weathered weathered a parade parade of of drummers drummers that that would would impress impress even even Spinal Spinal Tap, Tap, constantly constantly changing changing musical musical trends, trends, and and even even a breakup breakup with with his his wife wife and and longtime longtime guitarist guitarist Roach. Roach. Somehow Somehow he he has has managed managed to to make make some some of of the the best best punk punk Ramones-inspired Ramones-inspired punk-pop punk-pop on on the the planet planet ((if if yyou ou ddonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t onâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t aatt lleast east have have R Re-Animation e-Animation Festival Festival iinn yyour our collection, collection, what what are are yyou ou tthinking?), hinking?), and and he he continues continues ttoo ddoo ssoo aass a ssolo olo artist. artist. Fanali Fanali has has somehow, somehow, tthrough hrough the worst the sceneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sceneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s bbest est aand nd w orst years, years, managed managed to to keep keep bbringing ringing ggreat reat music Bay music to to the the SSouth outh B ay ffor or 1144 yyears. ears. Enough Enough ssaid. aid. SSoo tthatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the the common common sense Ghoulie sense answer answer to to why why KKepi epi G houlie (with (with opener opener Gnarboots) Gnarboots) is is pplaying laying this Grand this anniversary anniversary show show for for G rand Fanali Fanali Presents. Presents. As As ttoo tthe he ffollow-up ollow-up question, question, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Why â&#x20AC;&#x153;Why 14 14 years?,â&#x20AC;? years?,â&#x20AC;? yyouâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll ouâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll have have to to ask ask FFanali. anali. ((SP) SP)



Augg 29 at 6pm, Shoreline Au Shoreline

BONE B ONE BA BASH ASH X XI, I, WITH WITH ZZ ZZ TOP TOP SSep ep 3 at 6pm, Shoreline Shoreline

GGREEN REEN DAY DAY S 4 at 7pm, Shoreline Sep Shoreline

CCRAIG RAIG FFERGUSON ERGUSON S 10 at 8pm, Sep 8 Mountain Winery

THE T HE DOOBIE DOOBIE BROTHERS BROTHERS Sepp 11 at 7:30 7:30pm, 0pm, Mountain Winery

ROBERT R OBERT CRAY CRAY BAND BAND Sep 11 at 7:30pm, 7 Montalvo Arts

OPERA SAN OPERA SAN JOSE, JOSE, A NNA K ARENINA ANNA KARENINA Sep 11-26, 11-26, California California Theatre, Theatre, San Jose

SSHERYL HERYL CROW CROW Sepp 14 at 7:30 7:30pm, 0pm, Mountainn Winery W ery Wine

PARAMORE P ARAMORE Sep 17 at 6:30pm, HP P Pavilion avillion

LLOS OS TIGRES TIGRES DEL DEL NORTE NORTE Sep 26 at 7pm, HP P Pavilion avilion vilio

CCARRIE ARRIE U UNDERWOOD NDERWOOD Sep 27 2 at 7pm 7pm, m, HP P Pavilion, av avilion, Sa Jose San


*ssat at NVS N VS

Homestead Lanes, Cupertino Cuperttino Sat – 8pm; $5 II’m ’m jealous jealous of of NVS’ NVS’ nname. ame. But But not not who eeveryone veryone w ho hhas as hheard eard them them iiss too too kkeen een on on it. it. Most Most bands bands proudly proudly post post aany ny ggood ood ppress ress aabout bout tthem. hem. NVS NVS ddisplays isplays the the glowing glowing rreviews eviews aass well well aass the the negative: negative: “You “You stole stole yyour our nname ame ffrom rom aanother nother bband and in in the the ‘80s. ‘80s. . . .You .You NOT aare re N OT original original in in tthe he lleast.” east.”TThe he first fi rst part part iiss true. true. There There was was a cheesecheeserrock ock bband and in in tthe he llate ate ’’80s 80s and and early early NVS. But ’’90s 90s ccalled alled N VS. B ut they they ssucked, ucked, eeven ven for for that that time time period. period. This This NVS NVS melodic pplays lays m elodic ppunk unk aand nd aalternative lternative rrock ock aand nd eenjoys njoys ppulling ulling pranks, pranks, llike ike pplanting lanting fake fake news news stories stories aabout bout murdering tthe he singer singer m urdering a fellow fellow band band

Sepp 30, Oct 2-3, 2-3, 3 California California or Theatr Theatre, e, Jose San n Jos se

ALICE A LICE IN IN CHAINS CHAINS O 11 at 7pm, Oct 7 SSJSU JSU Event nt Cente CCenter nter

member m ember oonstage. nstage. TThis his iiss oone ne ooff tthose hose rrare are bbands ands tthat hat jjust ust ggets ets iit.t. FFTB TB aand nd Relapse R elapse oopen pen tthe he sshow. how. ((BD) BD)

PAT T PAT TILLMAN ILLMAN FFOUNDATION O UN DATI ON BENEFIT B ENEFIT Britannia Arms Almaden, Almadeen, 5 5027 027 A Almaden lmaden Expwy, Expwy, San San Jose Jose adults, 1pm; $20 adul ts, $10 kids kids Nothing against Americ American can Idol Season 2 finalist Je Jennifer nnifer Fuentes Haywar Hayward, it’s d, but it t’s not her headlining perf performance that’s ormancee that ’s the main attr attraction action at the Brit B tonight. Hayward Hayward is one of manyy people who’ve who’ve come together to t make this benefit for for the Pat Pat Tillman Tillman Foundation happen, andd it it’s ’s the organization’s namesake organization’s namesak ke who’s who’s the rreal tragic eal star. star. His tr agic death d eight years ago in Afghanistan Afghanistan by friendly fire—so shoockingly fire—so shockingly

covered and coldly cover ed up u by the exposure Army—led to the ex xposure of truths some unpleasant tru uths about military.. The TTillman our military illm man Military program seeks correct Scholars pr ogram se eeks to cor rect providing another one byy ppr ovidingg college g scholarships to vets, and all proceeds from pr oceeds fr om this barbecue b and silent auction will goo to it. (SP)


Mountain Winery Tue $55-$149.50 T ue u – 7:30pm; $55-$149.50 career spanning With a car eer spann ing four four Firee decades, Earth, Windd & Fir proven place have pr oven their pla ace in music

history.. “Boogie W Wonderland” history onderland” and “September”” wer weree their most “September from era. popular songs fr o the disco er om a. They even pulled off a hit in the Bee Gee’s Gee’s bomb Sgt. S P Pepper’s epper ’s Club LLonely onelyy Hearts Clu ub Band with their version of “Got too Get YYou ou Into My Life.” Life.” But what made m their mix of funk, soul, pop an and nd jazz indelibly cool was their sou soundtrack undtrack ffor or blaxploitation godfather goddfather Melvin Van Van Peebles’ Peebles’ 19711 classic SSweet weet SSweetback’s weetback’s Baadasssss Baaddasssss Song. Formed by brothers brotheers Maurice and Verdine Verdine White, who whho still lead it today, today, the dozen-piece dozen--piece band was still unknown andd (according (according to legend) living in i a single apartment when Van Van Peebles Peebles ushered ushered in the modern modern soundtrack soundtrack era era by releasing releasing it it before before the film as a way to create create some buzz. It worked, and almost almoost 40 years later, later, the group group is a legend.(BD) leggend.(BD)


JJOAN OAN SEBASTIAN SEBASTIAN Oct 17 at 5pm 5pm,, HP P Pavilion, avilion, San SSa Jose. ose ose.

LLADY ADY A ANTEBELLUM NTEBELLU L M Oct 29 at 7:30pm, 7:30pm, SJSU SJSU U Event E t Center Ce

M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

CCELTIC ELTIC W WOMEN OMEN Aug 29 at 7:30 7:30pm, 0pm, Mountain Winery


More listings:

metroactive ARTS



San Francisco Mime Troupe

Friday at 7pm, Saturday at 4pm; Mitchell Park, Palo Alto; free In the face of a persistent jobless pseudo-recovery, we need the blatant agit-comedy of the San Francisco Mime Troupe more than ever. For its 51st season, the group is touring with its free (because money is tight) show Posibilidad, or Death of the Worker. It tells the cautionary tale of some workers losing their jobs, their benefits and their hopes who suddenly stand up, initiate their own stimulus package and take over their factory.

9pm, Sun 7pm: Jeff Garcia. $17/$20. Tue, 8pm: Rice, Beans & Watermelon Comedy Tour. $12. San Jose.

ROOSTER T. FEATHERS Wed, 8pm: New Talent Showcase. $10. Thu, 8pm, Fri-Sat, 9pm, Sun, 8pm: Amy Schumer. $12. Sunnyvale.




Kit Wilder

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


City Lights, San Jose; through Aug. 29 The very popular, often sold-out production of Rent nears an end at City Lights. This local staging has been widely praised for its pacing, energy and humor in a tale torn from La Bohème and thrust into the age of AIDS. This week’s shows include a special sing-along fundraiser night on Wednesday.

*stage Dance

DANCESCAPES Ariel Studio presents its summer dance concert, Sun, 5 and 8pm. $12/$15. Historic Hoover Theatre, San Jose.

daughter, who falls for a young Florentine. All three face a lifechanging journey. Tue-Wed, 7:30pm, Thu-Fri, 8pm, Sat, 2 and 8pm, Sun, 2 and 7pm. Thru Sep 19. $22/$70. Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts.



The San Francisco Mime Troupe opens its 51st season with a story of workers who try to take back control after losing their jobs when a factory shuts down. Fri, 7pm, Sat 4pm. Free. Mitchell Park, Palo Alto.



Short plays by Bay Area writers mounted by the Cardboard Box Theatre Project. Fri, 8pm, Sun, 7pm. Pay what you can. WORKS/San Jose.

THE KING AND I The Rodgers and Hammerstein classic musical presented by South Valley Civic Theatre. Fri-Sat, 8pm. Thru Aug 28. $14/$18. Morgan Hill Community Play House.

THE LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA TheatreWorks presents the story of a protective American mother vacationing with her

The last weekend for City Lights Theater Company’s version of the updated musical based on “La Boheme.” ThuSat, 8pm, Sun, 2pm. Thru Aug 29. $25/$40. City Lights, San Jose.

RENT SING-A-LONG A special benefit sing-a-Long performance and reception. The night begins with a champagne reception at 7pm; the show starts at 8pm. All proceeds benefit City Lights Theater Company. Wed, 7pm. $50. City Lights, San Jose.

SHADY SHAKESPEARE “Much Ado (About Nothing).” This week: Thu-Fri, 7pm. Runs in rotation with “The Merchant of Venice.” This week: Sat-Sun, 7pm. Festival runs thru Sep 5. Free, parking $6. SanbornSkyline Park, Santa Cruz Mountains.

SHAKESPEARE SANTA CRUZ “The Lion in Winter,” “Love’s Labor’s Lost” and “Othello” run in repertory thru Aug 29. See www.shakespeare santacruz for details. UC-Santa Cruz.

Comedy CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS Sat, 8pm: Brian Regan. $38.50. San Jose.

COMEDYSPORTZ An interactive improvised comedy show. Fri, 9 and 11pm and Sat, 7 and 9pm. $12/$15. ComedySportz, San Jose.

IMPROV Wed, 8pm: Unfiltered Underground. $10. Thu, 8pm, Fri, 8 and 10pm, Sat, 7 and

“True to Nature.” Drawings, watercolors and oil sketches by landscape artist William Trost Richards. Thru Sep 26. “Buildings on Paper: Architectural Drawings.” Thru Oct 17. “Collection Highlights From Europe 1500-1800, Ancient Greece and Rome.” Thru Dec 30. “Mami Wata: Arts for Water Spirits in Africa and Its Diasporas.” Thru Jan 2. Wed-Sun, 11am-5pm, Thu, 11am-8pm. Stanford.

HISTORY PARK SAN JOSE “Explore San Jose Parks— Open to the Public Since 1850.” Thru Jan 23. At Pacific Hotel Gallery. Tue-Sun, 11am5pm. San Jose.

SAN JOSE MUSEUM OF ART “New Stories From the Edge of Asia: Plastic Life.” Thru Sep 19. “Leo Villareal.” A retrospective of works by an artist at who was among the first to use LEDs and computerized imagery in his pieces. Thru Jan. 9. “RetroTech.” A group show about artists reusing old and new technologies. Thru Feb 6. “Vital Signs: New Media From the Permanent Collection.” Thru Feb 6. “Degrees of Separation: Contemporary Photography From the Permanent Collection.” Thru Mar 14. Tue-Sun, 11am-5pm, closed Mon. San Jose.

SAN JOSE MUSEUM OF QUILTS AND TEXTILES “ITAB: International TECHstyle Art Biennial.” A juried show of works by artists who combine fiber arts with new technologies. Thru Oct 31. TueSun, 10am-5pm. San Jose.

TECH MUSEUM ”Genghis Khan.” A new show about the technological, martial and social advances of the Mongol warrior. Mon-Wed, 10am-5pm, Thu-Sun, 10am8pm. San Jose.

TRITON MUSEUM OF ART “Erin Goodwin-Guerrero: Caught Between Heaven and Earth.” Recent works by the painter. Thru Sep 19. “Flights of Fancy: New works by Livia Stein.” Thru Sep 19. “A Child’s World.” A show about inner youth, with works by Squeak Carnwath, Enrique Chagoya and others. Thru Sep 26. TueWed and Fri-Sun, 11am-5pm. Thu, 11am-9pm. Santa Clara.

Galleries OPENING GALLERY HOUSE “The Unique Print.” Works by Martha Castillo, Starr Davis, Madeline Ettin, Cassandra Gay and Sydell Lewis. Aug 27-Sep 18. Reception Fri, 6-8pm. Tue, 11am-4pm, Wed-Sat, 11am-8pm, Sun, 11am-3pm. Palo Alto.

MACLA “Lineas: New Modes of Contemporary Urbanism.” An exploration of globalism and localism with works by Tanya Aguiniga and Teddy Cruz. Aug 25-Oct 16. San Jose.

MONTALVO ARTS CENTER “Human Nature.” The exhibit features works by Tim Hawkinson, Celeste Boursier-Mougenot, Ariane Michel, Misako Inaoka and Dana Harel that focus on our relationships with animals. Aug. 27–Oct 17. Project Space Gallery, Saratoga.

CONTINUING ANNO DOMINI “Pangea.” Works by Fernando Chamarelli of Brazil. Thru Sep 18. Tue-Fri, noon-7pm, Sat, noon-5pm. San Jose.

ART ARK A group show on the theme “Where I’m From.” Thru Aug 27. San Jose.

CAFFE TRIESTE “Are You Normal Enough?” Selected paintings and

photographs about eccentricity by Michael Foley. Thru Aug 28. San Jose.

CITY WINDOWS GALLERY “Earth-Bound.” A show of works by clay sculptors. Levinson. City Hall, South Fourth St, San Jose.

DOWNTOWN YOGA SHALA Works by Emily Lounsbury. Thru Aug. San Jose.

FILOLI GARDENS “America the beautiful,” a show of student artwork. Thru Sep 12. Woodside.

GALLERY SARATOGA “Gourds and Gorgeous.” Flower photos by Judith Turner and gourd creations by Jo Cooley. Thru Sep 5. Daily (except Sun) 11am-6pm. Saratoga.

GOOD KARMA VEGAN CAFE “A Little Bird Told Me.” Works by Christine Benjamin and Sid Enck, Jr. Thru Aug 28. San Jose.

KALEID GALLERY Works by Lucy Liew and Nora Schwaller. Thru Aug 27. San Jose.

KAVLI INSTITUTE FOR PARTICLE ASTROPHYSICS A display of 19 works, including the “Galactic Mysteries” series, by Leah Lubin. SLAC National Accelerator Lab, Stanford.

MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. LIBRARY “Anna Karenina—The Making of a Modern American Opera.” Material from collection of composer David Carlson. Thru Aug 30. “Animals of the Bible” by Tamar Assf. Thru Aug 31. San Jose.

METRO LOBBY “(Whatever). Sometimes No Theme Is a Good Theme.” A photo show by First St. Photo Collective. Thru Aug. San Jose.

MONTALVO ARTS CENTER “Sculpture on the Grounds.” In-site works by David Middlebrook, Ann Weber and Ali Maschke-Messing. Thru Oct. Saratoga.

MOHR GALLERY Watercolors by William Dunn. Thru Sep 20. Community School of Music and Arts, Mountain View.

“Secret Dr “Secret Drawings.” awings.” A show based on the Surrealist Surrealist idea of the exquisite corpse. “Dream “Dr eam Sequences.” Sequences.” CCeramic eramicc figures Michael figur es by M ichael LLucero, ucero, Mayeri Beverly M ayeri and others. Reinventions.” ““Surreal Surreal R einventions.” TThru hru SSep ep 4. TTue-Sat, uue-Sat, 10am-5pm, Palo TThu, hu, 7-9pm, 7-9pm, SSun, un, 1-5pm. P aloo Alto. A lto.

PHANTOM P HANTOM GALLERIES GALLERIES Works in windows along Works SSouth outh First SStreet treet by A Abe be Menor Paolo M enor and P aolo Fachinetti. SSan an JJose. ose.

SAN JJOSE SAN OSE IINSTITUTE N ST I T U T E O OFF CCONTEMPORARY ONTEMPORARY ART A RT ““Exposed: Exposed: Today’s Tooday’s Photogr Photograph/Yesterday’s aph/Yeesterday’s TTechnology.” eechnologyy.” . A rtists working Artists in old-school photo techniques. TThru hru SSep ep 19. ““Conservation Conservation of IIntimacy.” ntimacy.” IInstallation nstallation by Bernie Lubell. Lubell.. TThru hru SSep ep 19. TTue-Fri, uue-Fri, 10am5pm, Sat, Sat, noon-5pm. SSan an JJose. ose.

SLGG ART SL ART BOU BOUTIKI TIKI “The A “The Art rt of the Geek Geeks.” s.” Works Workks by gr graphic aphic novel by Gene LLuen uen Yang. Yaang. Thru Thru Aug. Aug. San San JJose. ose.

SUNNYVALE SUNNYV VAL A EA ART RT GALL GALLERY ERY Oils, acrylics and mor Oils, moree by Angelo A ngelo LLopez opez and other artists. Thru Thru Aug Aug 30. Daily til tilll 8pm, Sun Sun till 6pm. SSunnyvale. unnyvalee.

VIEWPOINTS V IEWPOINTS GALLERY GALLERY “Color ... SSquared.” “Color quared.” W Works orks by 14 artists. TThru hru Sep Sep 4. MonMonSSat, at, 11am-5pm, SSun, un, 11amAltos. 3pm. LLos os A ltos.


$.50 ssoft $.50 oft covers. covers. Sun, Sun, 11pmpm55pm. pm. $5 $5 a bag bag day. day. San San Jose. Jose.

L. H HUNTER UNTER LLOVINS OVINS Lovins will pr Lovins present esent her case for for a rrenewed enewed ener energy gy economy. economy y. SShe he will also provide pr ovide examples of communities and companies currently cur rently cutting costs and driving innovation with these str strategies. ategies. Wed, Wed, check-in 6:30pm/7pm program. pr ogram. $12/$18. CCubberley ubberley Palo CCommunity ommunity TTheatre, heatre, P alo Alto. A lto.

HOWARD H OWA ARD N NORMAN ORMAN A book booksigning signing ffor or author of the novel “What IIss LLeft eft the Daughters. W ed, 77pnm. pnm. Free. Free. Wed, KKepler’s, epler ’s, Menlo Menlo Park. Park.

kids *kids

CHILDREN’S DI CHILDREN’S DISCOVERY SCOVERY MU SEUM MUSEUM “Run! JJump! “Run! ump! Fly! A Adventures dventures in A Action.” ction.” A show about the joy of being physically active. TThru hru SSep ep 9. M Mon-Sat, on-Sat, 10am5pm and Sun, Sun, noon-5pm. SSan an JJose. ose.

vents *eevents Big D Deals eals CLASS CLA SS O OFF 1960 The 50th class reunioun The reunioun ffor or W Washington ashington and LLogan ogan High Schools. Schools. SSat, at, 6pm. $80. Fr emont/Newark Hil ton Fremont/Newark Hilton Newark. Hotel, N ewark.

“W “Walls Walls of SSilicon ilicon V Valley: alley: P Past, ast, ast, Pr esent, Futur e.” A gr oup Present, Future.” group show.. TThru show hru SSep ep 4. SSan an JJose. ose.



CET will celebr celebrate ate 43 years of serving ser ving the community and 143,000 lives tr transformed. ansformed. Fri, 5:30pm-midnight. $150. TThe he Fairmont Hotel, SSan an JJose. ose.

BRAD B RAD H HERZOG ERZOG The author of the travel The travel book book ““Turn Tuurn LLeft eft at the TTrojan rojan Hors Horse: e: A Would-Be Would-Be Hero’s Hero’s A American mericann O dyssey” speak s. Odyssey” speaks.

MARTIN M ARTIN LLUTHER UTHER KING, KING JR. JR. LIBRARY LI BRAR RY BOO BOOK K SALE SALE The FFriends The riends ooff tthe he LLibrary ibrary aare re hhosting osting a hhuge uge bbook ook ssale. ale. TThe he rrevenues evenues ffrom rom tthe he ssales ales aare re ddonated onated ttoo tthe he llibrary ibrary ffor or a vvariety ariety ooff ddifferent ifferent pprograms rograms tthat hat bbenefit enefit tthe he ccommunity. ommunity. SSat, at, 110am-5pm. 0am-5pm. $ $11 hard hard ccovers, overs,

DANCING D ANCING ON T THE HE SSQUARE QUARE Free lessons in SSalsa Free alsa with Vera V era Quijano. TTue, uue, 6-8pm. CCourthouse ourthouse SSquare, quare, R Redwood edwood CCity. it . ity

FERRARIS & FFIREFIGHTERS: FERRARIS IREFIGHTERS: RED HOT DAY AR ED H OT D AY More than 30 privately More owned Fer Ferraris raris on show show, w, firefighters fir efighters grilling on the BBQ,, fir BBQ firee engines on display display, y, music, dancing and rraffle affle

prizes. SSun, un, 11am-5pm. $25. CCampbell ampbell Historic M useum Museum Ainsley and A insley House.

HIDDEN V HIDDEN VILLA ILLA END END OF OF SUMMER SU MMER CCONCERT ONCERT Chelle & Friends perf Chelle perform orm New Orleans N ew O rleans sound ffollowed ollowed by the LLatin atin rhythms of Orquesta d’Soul. O rquesta d’ Soul. SSun, un, 5:307:30pm. Fr Free, ee, parking is $10. Dana CCenter enter LLawn, awn, LLos os A Altos ltos


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ITALIAN IT TA ALIAN AMERICAN AMERICAN FFAMILY AMILY FE STA FESTA With ffood, ood, fine wines, live music, children’s children’s activities and cr afts. Sat, Sat, 11am-8pm, crafts. SSun, un, 11am-6pm. Guadelupe R iver Park, Park, San San Jose. Jose. River

JJAZZ AZZ ON ON THE THE GRASS GRASS Presenting live jazz, dancing Presenting and a picnic lunch with the SSteve teve TTurner uurner JJazz azz CCombo. ombo. SSun, un, 12:15pm. $5 donation. Foothill Pr Presbyterian esbyterian CChurch, hurch, SSan an Jose. Jose.

LONGAY CCONSERVATORY LONGAY ONSERVATORY O UITAR O PEN HOUSE HOUSE OFF GGUITAR OPEN An intr An introductory oductory off offering ering describing the ““Suzuki Suzuki Guitar Method” M ethod” and what it means to enr enroll oll in their pr program. ogram. Plus a rrecital ecital by students of the conser conservatory. vatory. SSat, at, noon. SSanta anta t CClara. l a. lar

MALICJEWELS JJEWELRY MALICJEWELS EWELRY A ND GGIFT IFT SSHOW H OW AND A thr three-day ee-day fr free ee shopping event, ffeaturing eaturing a wide variety of jewelry that is suree to please every taste sur and budget. Fri, noon-6pm, SSat, at, 11am-6pm, SSun, un, 11am5pm. SSanta anta CClara lara CConvention onvention CCenter. enter.

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VIVACE V IV VACE YOUTH YOUTH CHORUS CHORUS OPEN O PEN H HOUSE OUSE A demonstr demonstration ation of the chor al music process process choral based on KKodaly odaly music methodology y. CChildren hildren ar methodology. aree welcome to participate with singers. TThu, hu, 5-77pm. SSan an JJose. ose. 5-7pm.

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PALO P ALO A A ALTO LTO FE FESTIVAL STIV VA AL O OFF THE T HE ARTS ARTS Three hundr Three hundred ed artists fr from om throughout thr oughout the United SStates tates will gather to show their one-of-a-kind art pieces. SSculptures, culptures, paintings, ceramics, cer amics, fine jewelry, jewelryy, photography photogr aphy and mor moree will all be shown. SSat-Sun, at-Sun, 10am6pm. Fr Free. ee. University A Avenue, venue, Palo Alto. P alo A lto.

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M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


metroactive FILM


9FFDKFNEDPJK<IP 9 FFDKFNEDPJK<IP8j\XiZ_]fidli[\i\[nfd\e`eAlXi\q[i`m\jk_\k_i`cc\iÉ9XZbpXi[%Ê 8 j\XiZ_ ]fidlii[\i\[ nfd\e `e AlXi\q[i`m\jj k_\ k_i`cc\i É9XZbpXi[%Ê

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J<M<E$=@CDmXi`\kp J<M M<E =@CD mXi`\kp M<E$=@CD gXZble[\ik_\DXpX gXZb Zble[\i k_\DXpX <ek\ikX`ed\ek`e[`\$ <ek\ e \ikX`ed\ek`e[`\$ ÓcdcXY\c`jkfli`e^ Ócd d cXY\c X `j kfli`e^ `e\`^_kdXib\kjn`k_ `e e \`^_k \ _k dX Xib\kj n`k_ jgfejfij_`gYp9cfZbYljk\i jgf jgfejfij_` `gYp 9cfZbYljk\i Xe[M\i`qfe%K_\j_fn_`kj Xe[M\i`qf fe% K_\ j_fn_`kj JXeAfj\j_fn`e^`eifkXk`fe J e Afj\ JXe f j_ _fn`e^`e ifkXk`fe jkXik`e^8l^%).Xk:Xd\iX. jkXik`e^ k 8l^% ).Xk :Xd\iX . 8l `e:XdgY\cc% `e e:XdgY\ : g \cc% The T he septet septet of of fi films lms ffeeds eeds various varrious ttastes, astes, ffrom rom ffamily-friendly aam mily-friendly tto oD avid David F incher grisly. grisly. The The eeasy assy be st o how iiss Fincher best off sshow B ackyard, an an ambitious, ambitious, well-directed am well-directed Backyard, tthriller hriller b Carlos C arrrera ((best best k nown byy Carlos Carrera known ffor or 2002’s 200 0 2’ 2 s The The C rime ooff F ather A maro). Crime Father Amaro). T he setting setting is is Juarez’s Juarrez’s Maquiladora Maquiladora The

zone iin zone n tthe he m mid-1990s, id-1990s, tthe he pe perfect rffect hunting killer: h unting ggrounds rounds ffor or a sserial erial k iller: boom drawing a boo m ttown own d rawing ccheap heap p llabor ab bor up depressed u p ffrom rom tthe he eeconomically conomicallly d epressed off M Mexico. The protagonist ssouth outh o exico. T he p rotagonist iiss unpretty hardboiled aan nu npretty h arrdboiled ffemale emale ccop, op, Blanca Bravo dee llaa R Reguera), B lanca B ravo ((Ana Ana d eguera), who hate w ho iiss ttrying ryying tto o ssolve olve tthe he h ate against women have ccrimes rimes ag gainst w omen tthat hat h ave made despite m ade JJuarez uarrez iinfamous—this, nfamous—this, d espite police po olice ccorruption orruption aand nd ggovernment overnment obstruction. o bstruction. She helped byy vvolunteers well S he is is h elped b olunteers ass w ell bearlike DJJ ((the aass a be arrlike rradio adio D the eexcellent xcellent Cosio), who keeps on JJoaquin oaq quin C osio), w ho k eeps ttabs ab bs o n tthe he official vvarious arious o fficial sstories tories ass tthey hey cchange han nge day day. ffrom rom d ay tto od ay. Carrera has made movie C arrrera h ass m ad de a m ovie tthat hat have been make, ccouldn’t ouldn’t h ave be en ssafe afe tto om ak ke, killers are ssince ince tthe he k illers ar re sstill till aatt llarge, arge, despite fictional whose d espite a fi ctional ccharacter haracter w hose final fi nal ccornering ornering aand nd cconfession onfession ggives ives

tthe he aaudience udience ssome ome cclosure. losure. IIt’s t’s how well made and sstrange trange tthen, hen, h ow w ell m ad de an nd Backyard cconcentrated oncentrated B ackyard iis—how s—how iitt ggives ives off iinformation yyou ou a vvolume olume o nformation aand nd yyet et doesn’t how opposes d oesn’t ssprawl; prawl; h ow iitt o pposes tthe he borderlands iichorchor- aand nd iiodine-colored odine-colored bo rderlands films became popular ttag-team ag-team mfi lms tthat hat be came sso o po pularr w ith tthe he rrise ise o aul H agggis an nd A with off P Paul Haggis and A.. G onzales IInnaritu. nnaritu. Gonzales T he subplot subplot ab bout JJuanita, uan nita, a The about C hiap pas ggirl irl ((Asur Asur Z agada)) w ho sseems eems Chiapas Zagada) who d estined tto o ffall aalll iinto nto tthe he m urderers’ destined murderers’ h an nds, iisn’t sn’t m ean nt tto o ccream ream u hands, meant uss w ith ttragedy; ragedy; w ee h ow m uch tthe he with wee ssee how much eexcitement xcitement aand nd o pporttunity o he opportunity off tthe ccity ity ggets ets u nder JJuanita’s uanita’s sskin. kin. T he under The fi lm d oesn’t jjudge udge h er, eeven ven w hen tthe he film doesn’t her, when eexcitement xcitement tturns urns h er h ead. her head. E ven iiff tthe he po lice cchief hief llaments am ments tthe he Even police n ay, n uede ((“don’t “don’t h ave iit, t, ccan’t an’t noo hhay, noo ssee ppuede have d o iit”) t”) u nofficiall m otto o he JJuarez uarrez do unofficial motto off tthe ccops, ops, B ackyard fi nds ssome ome sstark tark be au uty Backyard finds beauty iin n tthat hat ccity, ity, aass w ell aass iin n tthe he m ountains well mountains an nd tthe he ssavaged avaged d esert ar round iit. t. and desert around L asstly, d eguera’s B ravo d eserves a Lastly, dee llaa R Reguera’s Bravo deserves b ravo o er o wn. bravo off h her own. T ropico de de Sangre Sangre h ass M ichelle Tropico has Michelle R odriguez aass tthe o he m arrttyr M inerva Rodriguez martyr Minerva M irab bel ggrowing rowing u p iin nT rujillo’s Mirabel up Trujillo’s D ominican nR epublic b efore—as w Dominican Republic before—as wee

ssee ee iin nap retty cclumsy lumsy bracketing bracketing pretty ssequence—she equence—she aand nd h er ssisters isters w ere her were po liticallly aassassinated ssasssinated in in 1960. 1960. The The politically rreign eign o rujillo, a C aribbean Caligula, Caligula, off T Trujillo, Caribbean iiss sstray tray h istory for for most most viewers, viewers, history d espite ssuch uch m ovies ass IIn n tthe he T ime despite movies Time ooff tthe he B utterfl r ies, T he F east ooff tthe he G oat Butterflies, The Feast Goat aand nd tthe he bad bad H arold Robbins Robbins rroman oman n Harold à cclef lef The The A dventurers, w hich iiss m ore Adventurers, which more sspecifically pecifically ab bout P orfirio Rubirosa. Rubirosa. about Porfirio T rujillo was was as tthe he kind kind of of feverish feverish tintinTrujillo po dictator who who rrenamed enam med the the nation’s nation’s pott dictator h ighest mountain mountain and and the the capital cap pitall ccity ity highest aafter fter h imself. Certainty, Certainty, novice novice director director himself. JJuan uan D elancer h as ccooked ooked u p a sscary cary Delancer has up T rujillo (Juan ( Juan n Fernández). Fernández). Trujillo R odriguez, w ho co-produced, co-produced, saw saw Rodriguez, who tthis his ass a chance chance to to play play girly girly instead instead d o ust ssteely; teely; her her Minerva Minerva Mirabel, Mirabel, off jjust a ccrusading rusading llawyer, awyer, gets gets to to do do a little little d an ncing, iiss sserenaded erenaded while while ssurrounded urrounded dancing, b an ndles and and models models some some chic chic 1950s 1950s byy ccandles o utfits. T his iiss an an honorable honorable tale talle aabout bout outfits. This ab rave woman; woman; unfortunately, unfortunately, the the brave SSaw-level aw-level aatrocities trocities ar re ggrisly, risly, tto o tthe he are p oint o mbiguity ((sometimes sometimes yyou ou point off am ambiguity w onder w here the the historical historicall lesson lesson wonder where eends nds aand nd exploitation exploitation begins). begins). T he Rio-based, Rio-bassed, SSex ex aand nd tthe he C ityish The Cityish fi lm IIn nT herapy cconcerns oncerns 4 0ish m ad film Therapy 40ish mad h ousewife, M ercedes (Lilia (Lilia Cabral), Cabrall), housewife, Mercedes m ath tteacher eaccher by by day, day, painter painter by by math aavocation. vo ocation. S he u nveils h er llife ife to to She unveils her aan nu nseen ttherapist, herapist, regarding regarding the the unseen d issatisfac action tthat hat led led to to her her divorce, divorce, dissatisfaction w hich h er ex-husband ex-husband ((José José M eyer) which her Meyer) d escribes aass “t urning one one boring boring life life describes “turning iinto nto ttwo wo exciting exciting ones. ones.” T he jjokes okes ar re The are ggood, ood, aand nd tthe he pace pace iiss ssprightly prightly in in José José A lvarenga Jr. Jr.’s slick, slick, am musing girls’girls’Alvarenga amusing n ight-out m ovie. Sadly, Sad dly, some some retro retro night-out movie. aattitudes ttitudes ar re revealed: revealled: Mercedes’ Mercedes’ best best are b uddy iiss ab bsolutely sshocked hocked to to hear hear buddy absolutely tthat hat her her friend friend m asturbates. masturbates. A lso iin n tthe he lineup: lineup: SSólo ólo Q uiero Also Quiero C aminar, aabout b bout a squad squad o omen Caminar, off w women ttaking aking on on drug drug dealers; deallers; C hasing 33000, 000, Chasing w hich cchronicles hronicles R oberto Clemente’s Clemente’s which Roberto ssearch earrch ffor or h is 3,000th 3,000th hit hit juxtaposed juxtap posed his w ith a tale tale of of a sick sick child child who who steals steals with a ccar ar aand nd h eads tto oP ittsburgh tto o ssee ee heads Pittsburgh iitt h ap ppen; and an nd T he D ry LLand, and, ab bout happen; The Dry about a rreturning eturning Iraq Iraq vvet et (Ryan (Ryan nO ’Nan n) O’Nan) d ealling with with his his experiences experiences in in Texas, Texas, dealing w ith Melissa Melissa Leo Leo ass his his mother. mother. See See with p age 60 for for a rreview eview of of T he K id: page The Kid: C hamaco. Chamaco.

DXpX@e[`\J\i`\j 8l^%).ÅJ\gk%) :Xd\iX.`e:XdgY\cc


metroactive FILM ANIMAL KINGDOM (R; 113 min.) A crime story set in Australia with Guy Pearce pitted against an extended crime family. (Opens Fri at CinĂŠArts Santana Row.)

THE LAST EXORCISM (PG-13; 87 min.) Promises, promises. A horrifying faux-documentary chronicle of a priest at work trying to cast out evil. (Opens Fri.)

LEBANON (R; 93 min.) An Israeli ďŹ lm about the 1982 excursion into Lebanon as seen b y a tank crew. Read a full review online at (Opens Fri at Camera 3 in San Jose.)

MAOâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S LAST DANCER (PG; 117 min.) Bruce Beresford

Matt Dillon (who made essentially the same movie last year with Armored), Hayden Christensen, Chris Brown and Michael Ealy. (Opens Fri.)



See story on page 58. (Aug 27â&#x20AC;&#x201C;Sep 2 at Camera 7 in Campbell.)

(PG-13) Read a review at www.metro (Plays valleywide.)



a (R; 113 min.) A French ďŹ lm about a notorious gangster (Vincent Cassel). (Opens Fri at CinĂŠArts Palo Alto and Santana Row.)





The invasion of downtown during Zombie-O-Rama includes a screening of last yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s satire, starring Jesse Eisenberg, Woody

(PG-13) A bank robbery goes wrong in a crime thriller starring Idris Elba,



THE LAST EXORCISM gives you good reason to

be VERY afraid of the dark! Peter Travers, ROLLING STONE

For showtimes, advance tix and more, go to

Best Theaters -- SJ Merc, Metro & Wave Readers Always Plenty of Free Validated Parking All Sites Seniors & Kids $6.75 / Students $7.50 â&#x20AC;˘ * = No Passes $7 b4 6pm M-F / 4pm S-S, Holidays â&#x20AC;˘  = Final Week  = Presented in Sony 4K Digital (C7 only) â&#x20AC;˘ Pruneyard/Campbell â&#x20AC;˘ 559-6900       â&#x20AC;˘ Pruneyard/Campbell â&#x20AC;˘ 559-6900 EXPENDABLES (R)--12:50pm, 6:30 INCEPTION (PG-13)--4:00, 9:45 *NANNY McPHEE RETURNS (PG) *PIRANHA 3D (R) EAT PRAY LOVE (PG-13) THE EXPENDABLES (R)  INCEPTION (PG-13) GET LOW (PG-13) KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT (R) MAYA INDIE FILM SERIES -- Aug. 27-Sept. 2 GOTTERDAMMERUNG (Opera in HD)--Sun/Wed



   â&#x20AC;˘ 41 N. Santa Cruz â&#x20AC;˘ 395-0203    EAT PRAY LOVE (PG-13) INCEPTION (PG-13)

Jeanne Wolf, PARADE

   â&#x20AC;˘ 201 S. 2nd St, S.J. â&#x20AC;˘ 998-3300 Student Night Wednesdays -- $6 after 6pm *THE LAST EXORCISM (PG-13) *TAKERS (PG-13) EAT PRAY LOVE (PG-13) THE EXPENDABLES (R) *LOTTERY TICKET (PG-13) *PIRANHA 3D (R) *THE SWITCH (PG-13) THE OTHER GUYS (PG-13) *NANNY McPHEE RETURNS (PG) *VAMPIRES SUCK (PG-13) INCEPTION (PG-13) SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD (PG-13)




DISCOUNT (10 Admits/$60) / GIFT CARDS





M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 2 5-3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M


directs a story based on the life of Chinese dancer Li Crunxin. (Plays at the Aquarius in Palo Alto and CinĂŠArts Santana Row.)

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 2 5-3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


metroactive FILM


Harrelson, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin. Zombie wannabes can crawl through San Joseâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s SoFA District before and after the screening. (Plays at sunset Aug 25 in downtown San Jose at S. First and Williams Street; free.) (RvB)


biz voices adorn the mix: Welsh dialect comedian Richard Haydn as the caterpillar, Sterling Holloway as the Cheshire Cat and boisterous Jerry Colonna as the March Hare. (Plays Aug 26 in Redwood City in Old Courthouse Square at sundown; free.) (RvB)




(Both 1957) Fred Astaire plays a ďŹ ctionalized version of fashion photographer Richard Avedon in Funny Face. During a photo shoot in a New York bookstore, he is taken with the

(1951) Never anyoneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s favorite Disney movie, it was a project that had been thought about for decades at the studio. Some deďŹ nitive show-






Boxed In

TAKING a drama and making a melodrama requires some serious reverse engineering. You need terriďŹ c coincidences, synchronicity like nobodyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s business and surpassing blindness to circumstances. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not enough for Abner the kid (Alex Perea) of Miguel Necoecheaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s The Kid: Chamaco to discover that his sister, Silvana, is carrying on with his new coach, Jimmy Irwin (Kirk Harris), a noted Yankee boxer recuperating from a loss in Mexico City. In fact, Abner must show up at the hotel where Irwin is staying at precisely the moment necessary to see Silvana and Irwin kissing, the two having met by complete coincidence at this hotel. Mexico City is a small world, and this boxing melodrama aims to make it smaller. Taking the part traditionally played in the genre by Irish priests, the reliable Martin Sheen is Dr. Irwin, Jimmyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s father, a gringo volunteer expiating a sin he never gets to speak of in detail. There seems to be a kind of anti-choice side to this penanceâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;a bad abortion the doctor performed. (On the bright side, the doctor hands out birthcontrol pills.) It all comes together, of course, in the boxing ring, with everyone nicely redeemed. The storyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s purpose is a symbolic troubled friendship between Norte Americanos and Mexicans, with all forgiven at the end. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s stitched together with cross-cultural subtitles in gringo and Spanish, as the conversation switches back






and forth across the language line. The English-to-Spanish translations are more modest, and why? Not only can everyone in Mexico understand the phrase â&#x20AC;&#x153;fuck you,â&#x20AC;? they also know it doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t mean â&#x20AC;&#x153;ÂĄvete el diablo!â&#x20AC;? Director/co-writer Necoechea brings some Mexico City K_\B`[1 :_XdXZf ďŹ&#x201A;avor, for instance a cabbie asking for Unrated; 97 min. â&#x20AC;&#x153;80 pesitas.â&#x20AC;? The Kid: Fridayâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;Saturday, Chamaco is enlivened Monday with some gusty Camera 7, Campbell moments with Michael Madsen as Jimmyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s gruffster manager. If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re Michael Madsen, you will get to wear a Hawaiian shirt to work every day for the rest of your life. Other contributions to your credulity are sneeze-worthy: that a brother will never ďŹ gure out his sister is una puta con el corazon del oro, even if she hangs out in front of a hot-sheet hotel in ďŹ shnet stockings; that the father of an Olympic boxer will not, somehow, know how to hold punching pads for his son to train with; that when a character dies, someone else will need to be informed that â&#x20AC;&#x153;her death still affects himâ&#x20AC;? even if the body hasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t had time to get cold yet. The Kid: Chamaco shows as part of the Maya Indie Festival, about which, see page 58. â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Richard von Busack























HAIRSPRAY (2007) The sing-along tribute to the kind of exuberant, fast and funny musical that has seemed extinct since the 1950s. John Watersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;

musical celebrates how the 1960s tackled the idea that there was just one way to be beautiful. (Plays Aug 27-29 in San Jose at the Retro Dome.) (RvB)

PSYCHOTRONIC FILM FESTIVAL KFJCâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s semiannual exhibit of ďŹ lm tidbits, snippets, niblets, niblicks and tippets. (Plays Aug 28 at 7pm in Los Altos Hills at Foothill Collegeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s room 5015; $5 admission, $2 in quarters for the parking meters.) (RvB)

THE SCARLET EMPRESS/KISMET (1934/1944) The Marlene Dietrich/ Josef von Sternberg rich farrago on the life of Catherine the Great, from

convent to hilarious last two-shot. Dietrich plays the innocent German princess corrupted by a nest of mad royals, including Sam Jaffe (an evil Harpo Marx look-alike) and Louise Dressler as the profane old empress. The cinematography is superb beyond all reason, with Dietrichâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s face ďŹ ltered through shimmering clouds of smoke and layers of gossamer veils. BILLED WITH Kismet. Ronald Colman plays a sophisticated beggar in ancient Islam; Dietrich is a gilded wife of a portly vizier (Edward Arnold) clearly too slow for her. (Plays Aug 25-27 in Palo Alto at the Stanford Theatre.) (RvB)




M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 2 5-3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

offbeat beauty of the store assistant (Audrey Hepburn) and sweeps her into the Paris fashion world. BILLED WITH Love in the Afternoon. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s an awkward farce about a Parisian private detective (Maurice Chevalier) whose music-student daughter is courting an infamous seducer (Gary Cooper). Audrey Hepburn gives this feeble ďŹ lm some beauty and energy. (Plays Aug 28-31 in Palo Alto at the Stanford Theatre.) (RvB)

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 2 5-3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


For a chance to win a Run-ofEngagement pass, good for two to see

send your name and mailing address to

with subject line: THE AMERICAN Deadline for entries is Wednesday, September 1, 2010.

No purchase necessary to enter contest. One entry per person/household. Late and duplicate entries will be disqualified. Passes, each good for two people, are in limited supply and available while supplies last. Winners picked by random drawing of all valid entries received by deadline and notified by mail. Run-of-engagement passes received through this promotion do not guarantee admission to the theatre. Seating is on a first come, first served basis. Theatre is open to paying customers. All federal, state and local regulations apply. A recipient of tickets assumes any and all risks related to use of ticket and accepts any restrictions required by ticket provider. Focus Features, SJ Metro, Terry Hines & Associates and their affiliates accept no responsibility or liability in connection with any loss or accident incurred in connection with use of a prize. Tickets cannot be exchanged, transferred or redeemed for cash, in whole or in part. We are not responsible if, for any reason, winner is unable to use his/her ticket in whole or in part. Not responsible for lost; delayed or misdirected entries. All federal and local taxes are the responsibility of the winner. Void where prohibited by law. Participating sponsors their employees and family members and their agencies are not eligible. NO PHONE CALLS! TICKETS RECEIVED THROUGH THIS PROMOTION ARE NOT FOR RESALE.


63 M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M


M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


MUSIC USIC metroactive metr oactivve M

More M ore listings:


Garrison Keillor Wednesday, Aug. 25, at 7:30pm at Mountain Winery, Saratoga; $39.50-$95 Avuncular humorist is a mix of the austere and the scatological. Objections to his brand of sweet corn—skits that should have been buried years ago, fogeyish pronouncements on marriage—are common. Keillor’s life’s work is a fantasy of a Midwest where all eccentrics are tolerated, and all open-minded people are made welcome. (RvB)

Melissa Etheridge Thursday, Aug. 26 at 7:30pm at Mountain Winery, Saratoga; $39.50–$104.50. Holy crap, do you realize it’s been almost 20 years since Melissa Etheridge came out? It blew people’s minds in 1993, but looking back, Yes I Am as an “event” seems so quaint. Since then, she’s beaten breast cancer, won an Oscar (for “I Need to Wake Up” from An Inconvenient Truth), married, separated and had a child from the donated sperm of David Crosby. (SP)

Dave Matthews Band Saturday, Aug. 28, at 7pm at Shoreline, Mountain View; $40-$70 I’ve struggled with the Dave Matthews Band since they first rose to stardom in the mid-’90s. I want to like them, but I can’t get into their jam-bandy soft rock. And I’m pretty sure every one agrees with me, because at last count Matthews had only sold around 30 million albums. (AC)


Rock/Pop R ock/Pop

D Daddy. addy. SSun: un: CChili hili SSauce. auce. M Mon: on: D rive! CCampbell. ampbell. Drive!



Wed aand Wed nd SSun: un: EEmerging merging Local Local Artist A rtist SShowcase. howcase. FFri: ri: KKung ung Vu Vu Vampire. V ampire. SSanta anta CClara. lara.

THE T HE B BLANK LANK CCLUB LUB Wed, 9 Wed, 9pm: pm: B Byy Sunlight, Sunlight, Man Man Uok, U ok, SSilian ilian R Rail. ail. FFri, ri, 9pm: 9pm: Blasphemous B lasphemous Rumours Rumours Mode ((Depeche Depeche M ode Tribute), Tribute), Luv’n Luv’n R ockets ((Love Love & Rockets Rockets Rockets TTribute). ribute). $ $10. 10. Sat, Sat, 9 9pm: pm: D Dead ead B eat w /D abriel 77 77 & DJ DJ Beat w/ DJJ G Gabriel JJulian ulian D Destrukt. estrukt. SSan an JJose. ose.

Fri, 10pm: Fri, 10pm: Spazmatics. Spazmatics. Sat, Sat, 110pm: 0pm: Junkshaker. Junkshaker. SSan an JJose. ose.

BRITANNIA A BRITANNIA ARMS RMS DOWNTOWN D OWNTOWN TThu, hu, 110pm: 0pm: Baru. Baru. SSan an JJose. ose.


GGRAPEVINE RAPEVINE Thu, 77pm: Thu, pm: D Daemon aemon CCity ity LLights ights &P eter CChung. hung. SSat, at, 77pm: pm: M ike Peter Mike Medina. M edina. SSan an JJose. ose.

LOS GGATOS LOS ATOS M MUSIC USIC IIN NT THE HE PARK P ARK Sun, 55-7pm: Sun, -7pm: TThe he SSun un KKings, ings, Debbie D ebbie TThacker. hacker. FFree. ree. CCivic ivic CCenter enter Lawn, Lawn, LLos os G Gatos. atos.


Fri, 8:30pm: Fri, 8:30pm: Live Live m music. usic. Sat, Sat, 8:30pm: music. 8 :30pm: Live Live m usic. Campbell. Campbell.

Fri, 77pm: Fri, pm: SShane hane D Dwight. wight. FFree. ree. CCommunity ommunity CCenter enter Amphitheatre, A mphitheatre, M Morgan organ H Hill. ill.




Wed, W ed, 8 8pm: pm: LLive ive music. music. SSan an JJose. ose.

Thu, 7pm: Thu, 7pm: Live Live music. music. Sat, Sat, 9pm: 9pm: LLive ive m usic. SSunnyvale. unnyvale. music.


Wed: B Wed: Blind lind P Pilots. ilots. FFri: ri: IIsis sis aand nd Mid tthe he CCold old TTruth. ruth. SSat: at: M id LLife ife Vices. V ices. SSunnyvale. unnyvale.

BOSWELL’S B OSWELL’S Wed: JJack Wed: ack R Rip ip O Off. ff. TThu: hu: 10 10 TTilil 22.. FFri: ri: TThe he P eelers. Sat: Sat: Suga Suga Peelers.

Wed: G Wed: Greg reg CCross ross B Band. and. TThu, hu, 9pm: B.. FFri: 9 pm: Ted Ted B ri: TThe he Blackouts. Blackouts. SSun, un, 44-8pm: -8pm: Greg Greg Cross Cross Band. Band. SSunnyvale. unnyvale.

NICKEL N ICKEL CCITY ITY FFri, ri, 6 6:30pm: :30pm: SStickup tickup KKid, id, P Point oint


M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M



More M ore listings:

MUSIC USIC metroactive metr oactivve M

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y




8J:C<8E8J?<N8EKJKF9<       Brian Regan thinks it’s odd that people pay so much attention to the lack of swear words in his act. Seriously, WTF?

Brian Regan BRIAN REGAN definitely looks at the world from a unique perspective. Unfortunately, the off-kilter spin he puts on his comedy is often lazily labeled “observational humor.” Perhaps this is because Jerry Seinfeld considers Regan one of his favorite standup acts, but in any case it doesn’t do much to adequately define the wordplay and surreal tangents in Regan’s bits on topics as varied as learning Spanish, kidnapping Russell Crowe and writing banana jokes for Planet of the Apes. Another curious Saturday, 8pm quirk of Regan’s reputation is the media obsession with the fact that he doesn’t curse or do lewd Center for the material in his act. In fact, it’s difficult to find a story Performing Arts about him that doesn’t make it seem as if his lack of in San Jose profanity is just as—or even more—important than his jokes. “I cringe when I read the ‘clean’ headline $38.50 in a newspaper. I feel like it oversimplifies what I’m trying to do,” he told me. “I don’t sit down and think, ‘Man, I’m going to write some clean jokes!’ It’s like someone looking at an Ansel Adams photo and going ‘Wow, those are black and white! Look how black and white those are!’ It’s like, yeah, but aren’t they pretty good photographs too?” —Steve Palopoli

65 of V of View, iew, FFour our O CClock lock H Heroes, eroes, TThe he SSheds, heds, A Allys llys A Anatomy, natomy, CCulo ulo AB Baca, aca, CCasanova. asanova. SSan an JJose. ose.

Hormones Allll G Girl Tribute H ormones A irl TTr ribute ttoo tthe he R Ramones, amones, U UTP. TP. $8. $8. Mon, Mon, 8:30pm: 8 :30pm: A Alvin lvin D Draper raper JJam. am. SSunnyvale. unnyvale.



Wed, 9 Wed, 9pm: pm: JJCC SSmith mith B Band. and. TThu: hu: After Vintage Band. A fter Party. Party. FFri: ri: V intage B and. SSat: at: M Megatones. egatones. LLos os G Gatos. atos.

Fri, 6 Fri, 6pm: pm: N Native ative EElements. lements. FFree. ree. Downtown Redwood D owntown R edwood CCity. ity.

QUARTER Q UARTER N NOTE OTE Wed, 8 Wed, 8:30pm: :30pm: P Pro ro JJam am Night. 8:30: N ight. TThu, hu, 8 :30: TThrowback hrowback 8:30pm: TThursdays. hursdays. FFri, ri, 8 :30pm: SSaint’s aint’s & Sinners. Sinners. $10. $10. Sat, Sat, 9pm: 9 pm: 5 FFingers ingers ooff D Death, eath, TThe he

THE T HE R REFUGE EFUGE Wed, W ed, 6pm: 6pm: FFireworks, ireworks, tthe he SSwellers, wellers, M Man an O Overboard, verboard, TTransit, ransit, I tthe he M Mighty ighty American pplus lus tthe he A merican SScene. cene. CCupertino. upertino.

SSAN AN JJOSE OSE M MUSI USI IIN NT THE HE P PARK ARK Thu, 5:30pm: Thu, 5:30pm: P Pato ato B Banton, anton, Whiskey W hiskey A Avengers. vengers. FFree. ree. Plaza Plaza ddee CCesar esar Chavez, Chavez, San San Jose. Jose.

SSOUTH OUTH FFIRST IRST B BILLIARDS ILLIARDS Wed: ZZombie Wed: ombie CCrawl rawl aafterparty. fterparty. TThu, hu, 8pm: 8pm: IIndie ndie Music. Music. FFri, ri, 9pm: 9pm: Ultrasound. U ltrasound. Sat, Sat, 10pm: 10pm: Stems Stems ooff Wisdom. W isdom. SSan an Jose. Jose.

SUNNYVALE SSUMMER SUNNYVALE UMMER SSERIES ERIES Wed, W ed, 55pm: pm: P Pacific acific SStandard tandard TTime. ime. Downtown FFree. ree. D owntown SSunnyvale. unnyvale.


67 M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M


)5(( $'0,66,21




-C L

F E S T I VA L C I S U M & A RT 7,676

1$/$5 (;&(37,2 ,&(9(5<:+(5( 86 67(//$5/,9(0 6Â&#x2021;)$%8/286)22' '5,1.

+,%,76 (1352'8&7 ( *$5'(1(; 25*$1,& *5( 63/$<6Â&#x2021;+20 ', 6 (6 /1 (/ +($/7+ : ,&52%5(:6

,1(6Â&#x2021;0 5()5(6+,1*: 02-,726Â&#x2021;6$1*5,$ 0$5*$5,7$6Â&#x2021; 23<282))5,*+7$77+()(67,9$/ 6

675((7 +75$,/'5 $1'&+85&+ &$/75$,1 /,* 1*$7&$6752 ., $5 3 /( <& ,& 6(&85(% &(5(021<

0%5$1&( 63(&,$/5(0( (52(6)520 + Watch NFL 72+21257+( Week 1 LO U N G E TY P IG S K IN PA R 5 (( 1 ' 6 & : ,7 +* ,$17 /(



VÂ&#x2021;'HS QÂ&#x2021;(PHU 7KH*URRYH.LQJ 7KH5HFRUGÂ&#x2021;%RE&XOEHUWVR XVLF +HDUW6WULQJV0 II VÂ&#x2021; LQG W: LHQ QF =RR6WDWLRQÂ&#x2021;2 $ UÂ&#x2021; UWH IX QN UD .DZHKÂ&#x2021;$U\HK)

6 3$5. 523(57,(6.,'by Best Buy 3 5 ( < ( 3 6 1 $ 7,6+0 age, Presented V

XVHPHQW5LGH ol of Rock St Microsoft SchoÂ&#x2021;0RQVWHU6OLGHÂ&#x2021;&OLPELQJ:DOOÂ&#x2021;$P

\$UW GV2Q$UW 6XSHU&RRO%RG 7KHDWHUÂ&#x2021;+DQ 7KULOOLQJ0RWLRQ 352 8' /<3 5(6

,1 )2 /, 1(  


(17 (' %<

0 ,5 $0 $5 (9    _: : : ZZ ZF

Win an XBOX 360!


(1 76 & 20 _ 12

3 (7 6 3/ ($ 6( Buy tickets at To charge by phone (800) 745-3000. Limit 8 tickets per person. All dates, acts and ticket prices are subject to change without notice. All tickets are subject to applicable service charges. 7Z HHW  09$:

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


MUSIC USIC metroactive metr oactivve M 66 TOON’S T OON’S Thu: TTest Thu: est YYour our TTalent, alent, R R&B &B SSingoff. ingoff. SSan an JJose. ose.

VENUEZ V ENUEZ Fri-Sat, 8 Fri-Sat, 8:30pm: :30pm: LLive ive bbands. ands. SSanta anta CClara. lara.

VOODOO V OODOO LLOUNGE OUNGE TThu, hu, 9 9pm: pm: CCurren$y. urren$y. $ $15. 15. SSan an JJose. ose.

WOODHAM’S W OODHAM’S LLOUNGE OUNGE FFri-Sun: ri-Sun: P Pro ro JJam. am. SSanta anta CClara. lara.

World W orld ALBERTO’S A LBERTO’S Wed: B Wed: Bachata. achata. TThu: hu: SSalsa alsa w with ith Pantea. P antea. FFri: ri: SSalsa alsa FFridays. ridays. SSat: at: Nights. with LLatin atin N ights. TTue: ue: SSalsa alsa w ith Pantea. Mountain View. P antea. M ountain V iew.

ARYA A RYA GGLOBAL LOBAL CCUISINE UISINE Fri-Sat, 8 Fri-Sat, 8pm: pm: LLive ive m music usic aand nd bbelly elly ddancing. ancing. CCupertino. upertino.

AZUCAR A ZUCAR Fri, 9 Fri, 9pm-midnight: pm-midnight: ““Son Son ddee CCali,” ali,” llive ive SSalsa alsa m music. usic. SSat, at, 9pm-midnight: 9 pm-midnight: ““Orquesta Orquesta SSaboricua” aboricua”& vvariety ariety llive ive SSalsa alsa m usic. SSan an JJose. ose. music.

BRITANNIA B RITANNIA A ARMS RMS CCUPERTINO UPERTINO Sun, 9 Sun, 9pm: pm: TThe he P Peatot. eatot. CCupertino. upertino.

CCASCAL ASCAL Fri, 9 Fri, 9:30pm: :30pm: D Danilo. anilo. SSat, at, 8:30pm: Robinson. 8 :30pm: JJames ames R obinson. Mountain M ountain V View. iew.

MOROCCO’S M OROCCO’S RESTAURANT RESTAURANT Wed: M Wed: Moroccan oroccan M Music usic N Night. ight. FFri, ri, Bossa Nova with Mucho 77pm: pm: B ossa N ova w ith M ucho Axe. A xe. SSat, at, 77pm: pm: SShea hea V Van-Winkle. an-Winkle. SSan an JJose. ose.

PARRANDA P ARRANDA N NIGHTCLUB IGHTCLUB Thu, 9 Thu, 9pm: pm: B Banda anda 3300, 00, D DJJ Akustik. 8pm: Norteño A kustik. FFri, ri, 8 pm: N orteño aand nd Bandas B andas llive. ive. SSunnyvale. unnyvale.

SSENZALA ENZALA Fri, nnoon: Fri, oon: LLive ive m music. usic. TTue, ue, $5. 77:30pm: :30pm: JJam am SSession. ession. $ 5. SSunnyvale. unnyvale.

JJazz/Blues azz/Blues ANGELICA’S A NGELICA’S B BISTRO ISTRO Wed, 8 Wed, 8pm: pm: JJust ust CCream. ream. TThu, hu, Dan Dillion 44pm: pm: D an D illion aand nd 77:30pm: :30pm: Blues 8pm: Hookslide. B lues JJam. am. FFri, ri, 8 pm: H ookslide. 6pm: Mon: RWH SSat, at, 6 pm: 227strings. 7strings. M on: R WH Dan & tthe he JJazz azz TTriad. riad. TTue, ue, 44pm: pm: D an Dillion Pro D illion aand nd 77pm: pm: P ro jjazz azz jjam am

Band. hhosted osted by by Angelica’s Angelica’s JJam am B and. Redwood R edwood CCity. ity.

FFAIRMONT AIRMONT HOTEL HOTEL LLOBBY OBBY LLOUNGE OUNGE Wed, 8:30pm: Wed, 8:30pm: TThe he G Girlz irlz B Band. and. TThu, hu, 8 8:30pm: :30pm: CContemporary ontemporary oorr LLatin atin jazz. jazz. FFri-Sat, ri-Sat, 9pm: 9pm: JJazz azz aand nd pop pop ddance ance bands. bands. Mon-Tue: Mon-Tue: Piano P iano Music. Music. Fairmont Fairmont H Hotel, otel, SSan an JJose. ose.

More M ore listings:

METROACTIVE.COM M ETROACTIVE.COM Sun, 1pm: Sun, 1pm: B Brisket risket aand nd B Blues lues with w ith B BBQ BQ aand nd W Will ill Roc Roc Griffin Griffin ooff Vicious V icious Groove. Groove. SSunnyvale. unnyvale.

SSANTANA ANTANA R ROW OW TTue, ue, 6:30-8:30pm: 6:30-8:30pm: B Brian rian H Hoo Q uartet aatt Left Left Bank Bank Brasserie Brasserie Quartet Worley aand nd John John W orley at at Thea Thea Mediterranean M editerranean Cuisine. Cuisine. San San JJose. ose.



Thu, 8 Thu, 8pm: pm: Blues Blues JJam am with with Aki Aki KKumar. umar. Fri, Fri, 8 8pm: pm: TTip ip ooff tthe he TTop. op. SSat, at, 8pm: 8pm: Kenny Kenny Blue Blue Ray. Ray. CCampbell. ampbell.

Sun, 5-8pm: Sun, 5-8pm: The The Four Four Feathers Feathers ffeaturing eaturing Cubby Cubby Ingram. Ingram. Tue, Tue, Modesto Briseno 77:30pm: :30pm: M odesto B riseno Willow Glen. SSeptet. eptet. W illow G len.



Thu, 8 Thu, 8pm: pm: Russo-Alberts Russo-Alberts TTrio. rio. FFri, ri, 8 8:30pm: :30pm: W Wendy endy W Walker. alker. SSat, at, 8:30pm: Novo 8 :30pm: EEdd JJohnson ohnson & N ovo Quartet. Anza, TTempo empo Q uartet. Hotel Hotel ddee A nza, SSan an JJose. ose.

Thu, 77-9pm: Thu, -9pm: Don Don Balistreri. Balistreri. Sat, Sat, 77-9:30pm: -9:30pm: JJazz azz N Night. ight. SSan an Jose. Jose.

JJAZZ AZZ ON ON THE THE PLAZZ PLAZZ Wed, 6:30pm: Wed, 6:30pm: B Barbara arbara Morrison, Honoree, M orrison, JJazz azz LLegend egend H onoree, with w ith FFull ull SSpectrum pectrum JJazz. azz. FFree. ree. Gatos Plaza. LLos os G atos TTown own P laza.

JJ.J.’S .J.’S B BLUES LUES CCAFE AFE Wed: SSuska Wed: uska V Varda arda and and the the SSugar ugar SSweet weet Blues Blues Band. Band. Thu: Thu: JJimmy immy D Dewrance. ewrance. FFri: ri: V Vicious icious Groove, But G roove, Nuthin’ Nuthin’ B ut TTrouble. rouble. $10. Blues Hammer. $10. $ 10. SSat: at: B lues H ammer. $ 10. SSun: un: G Gene ene W Washington. ashington. M Mon: on: Waynes Way Band. W aynes W ay B and. Tue: Tue: Blue Blue J, J, Dennis D ennis and and Stuart. Stuart. San San Jose. Jose.

LLILLY ILLY MAC’S MAC’S Fri: SStatic Fri: tatic SShock. hock. SSat: at: JJazz azz & Beyond B eyond SSeries. eries. SSunnyvale. unnyvale.

LLOFT OFT B BAR AR A AND ND BISTRO BISTRO Thu, 77-10pm: Thu, -10pm: Live Live jazz. jazz. SSan an JJose. ose.

LLUNCHTIME UNCHTIME O ON N THE THE SSQUARE QUARE Wed, 11:30am: Wed, 11:30am: KKristen risten TTrayer. rayer. M Mon, on, 111:30am: 1:30am: G Groovy roovy Judy. Judy. Courthouse Courthouse SSquare, quare, R Redwood edwood CCity. ity.

MOROCCO’S M OROCCO’S R RESTAURANT ESTAURANT Thu, 8 Thu, 8pm: pm: Ron Ron Scott Scott aand nd the the 650 6 50 CConnection. onnection. Sun: Sun: Jason Jason B ellenkes D uo. SSan an JJose. ose. Bellenkes Duo.

POOR P OOR H HOUSE OUSE B BISTRO ISTRO Wed, 6pm: Wed, 6pm: R Ron on TThompson hompson aand nd FFriends. riends. TThu, hu, 6pm: 6pm: Jay Jay & tthe he Po Po Boys B oys ffeaturing eaturing SSid id M Morris, orris, Bob Bob Welsh W elsh and and Dave Dave Chavez. Chavez. Fri, Fri, 6 pm: LLara ara P rice 110 0 ppiece iece B lues 6pm: Price Blues Band, B and, CD CD release release pparty. arty. Sat, Sat, 6pm: 6 pm: JJohn ohn G Garcia arcia B Blues lues Band. Band. SSun, un, 12pm: 12pm: SSchool chool ooff tthe he B Blues lues SStudent tudent Performance. Performance. San San Jose. Jose.

WINE W INE AFFAIRS AFFAIRS Wed, 77:30pm: Wed, :30pm: CChris hris TTrujillo. rujillo. TThu, hu, 77:30pm: :30pm: JJason ason LLewis ewis TTrio. rio. SSat, at, 8:30pm: 8 :30pm: R Russell ussell B Barber arber & B Billy illy Davis Band. D avis B and. SSan an JJose. ose.

CC&W/Folk &W/Folk CCAFFE AFFE TRIESTE TRIESTE Fri, 8 Fri, 8pm: pm: JJon on R Rubin. ubin. SSat: at: Brothers KKavanaugh avanaugh B rothers CCeltic eltic EExperience. xperience. SSan an Jose. Jose.

O’FLAHERTY’S O ’FLAHERTY’S SSun un aand nd Tue, Tue, 55pm: pm: Traditional Traditional IIrish rish music. music. SSan an Jose. Jose.

RED R ED ROCK ROCK COFFEE COFFEE CO. CO. Sat, 8pm: Sat, 8pm: B Bennett ennett JJackson. ackson. Mountain M ountain View. View.

THE T HE SSADDLE ADDLE RACK RACK Wed, 9 Wed, 9pm: pm: CCalifornia alifornia Cowboys. Cowboys. TThu-Fri, hu-Fri, 9pm 9pm aand nd Sat, Sat, 10:15pm: 10:15pm: Diablo D iablo R Road. oad. Sat, Sat, 7:15pm: 7:15pm: Wild Wild Heart. aatt H eart. Fremont. Fremont.

SST. T. SSTEPHEN’S TEPHEN’S GGREEN REEN Wed, 8 Wed, 8:30-11:30pm: :30-11:30pm: CCrubeens. rubeens. TTue, ue, 7:30pm: 7:30pm: IIrish rish M usic. Music. Mountain M ountain View. View.

SSAM’S AM’S B BBQ BQ Wed, 6 Wed, 6pm: pm: CCountry ountry CClassics. lassics. Tue, Tue, 6 pm: LLeftover eftover CCrow. row. SSan an JJose. ose. 6pm:

THREE FFLAMES THREE LAMES R ESTAURANT RESTAURANT Thu, 9 Thu, 9pm: pm: LLive ive ccountry ountry music, music, D oug R ose Productions Productions w / Doug Rose w/ B it aand nd Spur Spur B and featuring featuring Bit Band CCowboy owboy LLarry. arry. W illow G len. Willow Glen.

Open O pen M Mic ic



Wed, 8:30pm: Wed, 8:30pm: P Pro ro JJam am N Night. ight. SSat, at, 4pm: 4pm: CCool ool FFire ire SSoul oul JJazz. azz.

Wed, W ed, 6 6:30pm: :30pm: O Open pen M Mic. ic. TTue, ue,

773 3


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Buy tickets at To charge by phone (800) 745-3000. Limit 8 tickets per person. All dates, acts and ticket prices are subject to change without notice. All tickets are subject to applicable service charges.

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y



M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y



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MUSIC USIC metroactive metr oactivve M 77-11pm: -11pm: Pro Pro Jazz Jazz Jam. Jam. Redwood R edwood CCity. ity.

BAREFOOTCCOFFEE BAREFOOT OFFEE ROASTERS R OASTERS Wed, 7pm: Wed, 7pm: M Musical usical oopen pen m mic. ic. SSign ign uupp bbyy 55pm. pm. SSanta anta CClara. lara.

BRITANNIA B RITANNIAA ARMS RMSCCUPERTINO UPERTINO Wed, 9:30pm: Wed, 9:30pm: Open Open Mic Mic N Night. ight. CCupertino. upertino.


BRITANNIA A BRITANNIA ARMS RMS CCUPERTINO UPERTINO Sun-Tue, 10pm: Sun-Tue, 10pm: KKaraoke. araoke. CCupertino. upertino.

BRITANNIA B RITANNIA A ARMS RMS SSAN AN JJOSE OSE Wed, 9 Wed, 9pm: pm: KKaraoke araoke w/ w/ A August. ugust. SSan an JJose. ose.

BRITISH B RITISH B BANKERS ANKERS CCLUB LUB Mon, 9 Mon, 9:30pm: :30pm: Karaoke. Karaoke. Menlo Menlo Park. P ark.


TTue, ue, 7pm: 7pm: Open Open Mic. Mic. San San JJose. ose.

Thu, 10pm: Thu, 10pm: Karaoke Karaoke w/ w/ M Melissa elissa aand nd H Heather. eather. SSanta anta CClara. lara.



Fri, 77-10pm: Fri, -10pm: Singers Singers aand nd m usicians. San San JJose. ose. musicians.


Wed aand Wed nd M Mon, on, 9 9pm-1am: pm-1am: D DJJ CCurtis. urtis. N cover. Tue, Tue, 9pm: 9pm: Noo cover. Western W estern kkaraoke. araoke. No No cover. cover. SSan an JJose. ose.

Karaoke in in the the lounge lounge w/ w/ Karaoke Vinnie. Tue, Tue, 9pm: 9pm: August. August. Vinnie. Cupertino. Cupertino.

HUDDLE H UDDLE Wed-Thu aand Wed-Thu nd SSun, un, 9 9pm: pm: W Wild ild Nights N ights KKaraoke. araoke. FFremont. remont.

KATIE K ATIE B BLOOM’S LOOM’S Sun, 9 Sun, 9:30pm-1:30am: :30pm-1:30am: KKaraoke. araoke. CCampbell. ampbell.

KCC B K BAR AR A AND ND R RESTAURANT ESTAURANT Wed, 8 Wed, 8pm: pm: D DJJ D Desmond. esmond. SSan an JJose. ose.

KHARTOUM K HARTOUM Thu, 9 Thu, 9pm: pm: D DJJ D Davey avey KK.. N Noo ccover. over. CCampbell. ampbell.



Thu aand Thu nd SSun-Mon, un-Mon, 8 8:30pm: :30pm: Bruce Noo ccover. B ruce ooff KKOR OR KKaraoke. araoke. N over. Mountain View. M ountain V iew.

Thu aand Thu nd TTue, ue, 9 9pm-1am: pm-1am: Brian Brian JJames. ames. P alo A lto. Palo Alto.



Thu, 9 Thu, 9pm: pm: D DJJ TThomas homas ““Soulman.” Soulman.” SSunnyvale. unnyvale.

Karaoke K araoke

Wed: G Wed: Guitar uitar H Hero ero TTournament ournament pplus lus kkaraoke. araoke. TThu, hu, 9 pm-1am: 9pm-1am: KKaraoke. araoke. Santa Santa Clara. Clara.





Thu, 7pm: Thu, 7pm: SSouth outh B Bay ay FFolks olks Open Open M ic. Santa Santa Clara. Clara. Mic.

RED R EDR ROCK OCKCCOFFEE OFFEECCO. O. Mon, 7pm: Mon, 7pm: Cavin Cavin aand nd King’s King’s O Open pen Mic. M ic. Mountain Mountain View. View.

Wed-Sat, 9pm: Wed-Sat, 9pm: Karaoke. Karaoke. TTue, ue, 9pm: 9 pm: Karaoke. Karaoke. SSan an JJose. ose.


TThu: hu: SSingles ingles pparty. arty. LLos os G Gatos. atos.


Wed aand Wed nd FFri-Sat, ri-Sat, 8 8:30pm: :30pm: D Doug. oug. SSunnyvale. unnyvale.

EELL R RANCHO ANCHO SSPORTS PORTS B BAR AR TThu, hu, 8pm: 8pm: KKaraoke. araoke. San San Jose. Jose.

Nightly eexcept Nightly xcept SSun, un, 9 9pm-2am: pm-2am: KKaraoke. araoke. SSan an JJose. ose.



Mon: M Mon: Monday onday Night Night Madness. Madness. SSan an Jose. Jose.

SSat, at, 9 9pm: pm: KKaraoke. araoke. SSanta anta CClara. lara.

BLINKY’S B LINKY’SCCAN’T AN’TSSAY AY Fri, 9 Fri, 9pm-1am: pm-1am: D Danielle. anielle. SSanta anta CClara. lara.

BLUE B LUEB BONNET ONNETB BAR AR Wed-Thu aand Wed-Thu nd M Mon, on, 8 8pm: pm: KKaraoke. araoke. N Noo cover. cover. Sunnyvale. Sunnyvale.

FFri-Sat,: ri-Sat,: KKaraoke. araoke. SSanta anta CClara. lara.

Wed aand Wed nd TTue, ue, 9 9:30pm: :30pm: KKaraoke. araoke. SSan an JJose. ose. Wed-Sat aand Wed-Sat nd TTue, ue, 9 9pm-2am, pm-2am, aand nd llast ast SSun un ooff eevery very m onth, 22month, 77pm: pm: B &S KKaraoke. araoke. CCampbell. ampbell. B&S

FFLAMES LAMES COFFEE COFFEE SSHOP HOP Thu-Sat, 9pm: Thu-Sat, 9pm: U Uncle ncle Dougie Dougie SShow. how. N cover. San San Jose. Jose. Noo cover.

GGALAXY ALAXY Thu, 9pm-2am: Thu, 9pm-2am: Karaoke Karaoke w/ w/ August. A ugust. M Milpitas. ilpitas.



BLUE B LUEP PHEASANT HEASANT TTue, ue, 77pm: pm: SSteve teve TTiger. iger. CCupertino. upertino.

Fri-Sat, 9 Fri-Sat, 9pm-2am, pm-2am, aand nd SSun, un, 77pm: pm: KKaraoke. araoke. M Mountain ountain V View. iew.

PEACOCK P EACOCK LLOUNGE OUNGE Thu, 9 Thu, 9pm: pm: D DJJ B Brian. rian. SSun, un, 9 9pm: pm: DJJ aand D nd kkaraoke. araoke. TTue, ue, 9 9pm: pm: DJ, D J, ddancing ancing aand nd kkaraoke. araoke. SSunnyvale. unnyvale.

PIONEER P IONEER SSALOON ALOON TTue, ue, 8 8:30pm: :30pm: A Acoustic coustic kkaraoke araoke w/ w / SSam am M Marshall. arshall. W Woodside. oodside.


Fri-Sun, 9 Fri-Sun, 9:30pm-1:30am: :30pm-1:30am: Willow KKaraoke. araoke. W illow Glen. Glen.



Wed, FFri Wed, ri aand nd Sun, Sun, 8 8pm-2am: pm-2am: KKaraoke. araoke. SSunnyvale. unnyvale.

Wed, 9 Wed, 9pm: pm: KKaraoke araoke N Night. ight. Milpitas. M ilpitas.



TTue: ue: D DJJ D Davey avey KK.. CCampbell. ampbell.

FFri, ri, 9 9pm: pm: V Vinnie. innie. M Mon, on, 9pm: 9pm:

Thursday, August 26‹In the Atrium‹AGES 21+


plus Sarah McCoy & the Zippidy Yeahs also Sometimes Jones $5 doors • 8:30 p.m./9 p.m.

-YPKH`(\N\Z[‹AGES 21+

2)+31-/:--6plus Honeymoon $18 Adv./ $22 Dr. • Drs. 8 p.m., Show 9 p.m. :H[\YKH`(\N\Z[‹AGES 16+

HIEROGLYPHICS featuring Del Tha Funky Homosapien, Souls of Mischief, Casual, Pep Love

plus Serendipity Project, Chosen Few, DJ Aspect

Wed, 9 Wed, 9:30pm: :30pm: W Wildside ildside EEntertainment. ntertainment. N over. Noo ccover. SSanta anta CClara. lara.

$18 Adv./ $23 Dr. • Drs. 8 p.m., Show 9 p.m. Saturday, August 28‹In the Atrium‹AGES 21+



Moon Cadillac

$5 at the doors • Drs. 8:30 p.m., Show 9 p.m. Sunday, August 29‹In the Atrium‹AGES 21+

TTue, ue, 9 9pm: pm: SSherrie herrie aand nd SSue. ue. N Noo ccover. over. SSunnyvale. unnyvale.



Sep 2 Israel Vibration (Ages 16+) Sep 2 Mystic Roots Band Atrium (Ages 21+) Sep 3 The Fixx (Ages 21+) Sep 4 The Holdup/Smoov-E (Ages 16+) Sep 4 Extra Large Atrium (Ages 21+) Sep 5 Cobra Skulls Atrium (Ages 16+) Sep 11 Benny Benassi (Ages 16+) Sep 20 Willie Nelson has canceled

TTue, ue, 8 8:30-11:30pm: :30-11:30pm: KKaraoke. araoke. N Noo ccover. over. SSantana antana R Row. ow.


1011 PACIFIC AVE. SANTA CRUZ 831-423-1336



Fri-Sat, 9pm-1:30am: Fri-Sat, 9pm-1:30am: KKaraoke. araoke. SSunnyvale. unnyvale.

M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M



More M ore listings:


RUDY’S R UDY’S P PUB UB Wed, 110pm-1:30am: Wed, 0pm-1:30am: D DJJ P Purple. urple. Palo P alo A Alto. lto.

SSAN AN JJOSE OSE B BAR AR & GGRILL RILL TTue, ue, 110pm-close: 0pm-close: KKamikaze amikaze KKaraoke. araoke. SSan an JJose. ose.

plus Pride Subject also Euphoria v.SC $5 doors • 8:30 p.m./9 p.m.

Return tickets to place of purchase for a refund

Sep 25 Collie Buddz (Ages 16+) Sep 29 Atmosphere (Ages 16+) Oct 2 Easy Star All Stars (Ages 16+) Oct 3 O.A.R./ Dirty Heads (Ages 16+) Oct 7 Tech N9ne/ E-40 (Ages 16+) Unless otherwise noted, all shows are dance shows with limited seating. Tickets subject to city tax & service charge by phone 866-384-3060 & online

774 4

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


MUSIC USIC metroactive metr oactivve M

More M ore listings:


TThu, hu, 10pm: D Mon, DJJ Benofficial. Mon, 9pm: Beer P ong. San San Jose. Jose. Pong.


Thu, 9 Thu, 9:30pm-1:30am: :30pm-1:30am: KKaraoke. araoke. SSunnyvale. unnyvale.




Thu: D Thu: DJJ TTosh. osh. Sat, Sat, 9pm: 9pm: B Barb arb Rocks R ocks P Presents. resents. CCupertino. upertino.


SSun: un: KKaraoke. araoke. SSan an JJose. ose.

TOON’S T OON’S Wed, 8 Wed, 8pm: pm: B Beer eer P Pong ong ccontest. ontest. SSan an JJose. ose.

VENUEZ V ENUEZ Wed, W ed, 9 9pm: pm: W With ith JJulz. ulz. SSanta anta CClara. lara.

WILLOW W ILLOW DEN DEN Wed, W ed, 9 9:30pm: :30pm: TThomas. homas. SSan an JJose ose

WOODHAM’S W OODHAM’S LLOUNGE OUNGE Wed, TThu, Wed, hu, SSat at aand nd SSun: un: 110pm: 0pm: Vinnie. V innie. SSanta anta CClara. lara.

Dance D ance Clubs Clubs AGENDA A GENDA Wed, 8 Wed, 8pm: pm: SSalsa alsa W Wednesdays ednesdays w w/ / N’Rumba. N ’Rumba. TThu: hu: SSLAP!. LAP!. SSat: at: TThe he SSlump lump ffeaturing eaturing H Hyphidelity. yphidelity. SSun: un: P lanet Reggae. Reggae. SSan an JJose. ose. Planet

ALBERTO’S A LBERTO’S Wed, 77:30pm: Wed, :30pm: B Bachata. achata. TThu: hu: SSalsa. alsa. FFri: ri: SSalsa alsa FFridays. ridays. SSat: at: LLatin atin Night. N ight. TTue: ue: SSalsa alsa w with ith P Pantea. antea. M ountain V iew. Mountain View.


BRITANNIA A BRITANNIA ARMS RMS DOWNTOWN D OWNTOWN Fri: D Fri: DJJ KKay ay Rich Rich and and D DJJ CCheck heck O.. SSat: O at: G B Beats eats tthe he SSoulchild oulchild Metrorock. DJJ D David Q.. aand nd M etrorock. Tue: Tue: D avid Q SSan an JJose. ose.

Wed: W ed: D DJJ Davey K. Campbell. Campbell. Fri, 9:30pm: Noche Noche Vaquera Vaquera w/ D DJJ Jose Jose Kuervo Kuervo and DJ DJ SStam. tam. Sat: Sat: Azukar Azukar w/ DJ DJ 3D. TTue, uue, 9pm: CClub lub Nostalgia, Nostalgia, Goth, IIndustrial ndustrial and Darkwave. $8. Mountain View. M ountain V iew.

LLOFT OFT B BAR AR AND BISTRO BISTRO Fri-Sat, 10pm-1:30am: Fri-Sat, 10pm-1:30am: Live Live DJ. DJ. SSan an JJose. ose.



Wed: CCollege Wed: ollege N Night ight D DJ. J. TThu: hu: 118 8 aand nd U Upp Girls Girls N Night ight Out. Out. Fri: Fri: G Goth oth Night. Album Party. N ight. SSat: at: A lbum Release Release P arty. SSun, un, 4-8pm: 4-8pm: Reggae. Reggae. Tue: Tue: Beer Beer Pong. P ong. M Menlo enlo Park. Park.

Wed, 7pm: House P Wed, Party. arty. TThu, hu, 7pm: Throwback Throwback Thursdays. Thursdays. LLos os Gatos.

BRIX B RIX Wed, 9pm-2am: Wed, 9pm-2am: Whip Whip IItt Out. Out. Huntress. Breathless. TThu: hu: H untress. FFri: ri: B reathless. SSat: at: SSinful. inful. SSun, un, 9 9pm-2am: pm-2am: Afterglow. Marathon. A fterglow. Mon: Mon: M arathon. Tue: Tue: TTake ake It It Off. Off. San San Jose. Jose.

CC&J’S &J’S SSPORTS PORTS B BAR AR Wed aand Wed nd Sat, Sat, 10pm: 10pm: DJ DJ in in the the Mix. M ix. SSanta anta CClara. lara.

CCARDINAL ARDINAL LLOUNGE OUNGE Wed, 9pm-1am: Wed, 9pm-1am: DJ DJ Curtis. Curtis. Plus Plus kkaraoke. araoke. Thu, Thu, 9pm-1am: 9pm-1am: KJ KJ JR. JR. SSun-Mon, un-Mon, 8pm: 8pm: DJ DJ L.V. L.V. Tue, Tue, 9pm-1am: 9 pm-1am: KJ KJ JR. JR. San San Jose. Jose.

Wed, 110pm-1am: Wed, 0pm-1am: CComedy omedy CClub lub After A fter P Party. arty. TThu, hu, 8 8pm-1am: pm-1am: U Urban rban DJJ SSpinning D pinning B Beats’ eats’ aand nd B Brazilian razilian N ights. SSun: un: SSalsa alsa N ight. M on, Nights. Night. Mon, 8 pm-1am: SSalsa alsa LLessons. essons. TTue, ue, 8pm-1am: 9 pm-1am: CCollege ollege N ight B eats 9pm-1am: Night Beats Beer Pong w/ Mike aand nd B eer P ong w /M ike JJones. ones. SSan an JJose. ose.




Fri-Sat, 6 Fri-Sat, 6pm: pm: DJ DJ or or live live bband. and. No No ccover. over. Santa Santa Clara. Clara.

DIVE D IVE B BAR AR Thu-Fri, 9:30pm: Thu-Fri, 9:30pm: DJ DJ Otrebor. Otrebor. SSat, at, 9:30pm: 9:30pm: DJ DJ C-Note. C-Note. Sun, Sun, 33110pm: 0pm: DJ DJ Venom Venom 3347. 47. San San Jose. Jose.

PARRANDA P ARRANDA NI A NIGHTCLUB GHTCLUB Thu, 8pm: DJ Thu, DJ Akustik. Akustik. No No cover. cover. Fri, 8pm: DJ DJ Mayo. Mayo. SSat, at, 8pm: DJJ M D Mayo ayo and DJ DJ Akustik. Akustik. Sun, Sun, 7pm: Latin Latin Beat. Sun, Sun, 9pm: Night. DJs SSonidero onidero N ight. With local D Js spinning salsa, cumbia and more. mor e. Sunnyvale. Sunnyvale.

PEACOCK PEA COCK LLOUNGE OUNGE Fri, 8pm: DJ DJ dancing. Sat, Sat, 9pm: DJ. D J. Sun Sun and TTue, ue, u 9pm: D DJJ and dancing. Sunnyvale. Sunnyvale.

PEARL Thu: Bands and Beer Pong. Thu: Pong. Fri: Filthy Fil thy Class. Class. Sat: Sat: International International Affair A ffair featuring featuring Jay Jay Sean’s Sean’s Official O fficial D DJ, J, D DJJ B BIKS. IKS. San San Jose. Jose.


Wed-Sat: D Wed-Sat: DJs Js aand nd ddancing. ancing. Row. SSantana antana R ow.

Fri-Sat, 8 Fri-Sat, 8pm: pm: Old Old School School Dance Dance P arty ffeat. eat. D eto. San San Jose. Jose. Party DJJ N Neto.

Thu: Major Thu: Major Thursdays. Thursdays. Fri: KKomodo omodo & Isaac Isaac B. Sun: Sun: Reggae. R eggae. TTue: uue: TTwo wo Buck TTuesdays, uuesdays, CCollege ollege dance party party.. SSan an JJose. ose.




Wed, 9pm: Wed, 9pm: R Reggae eggae Riddims. Riddims. TThu, hu, 9pm: 9 pm: SSoultry. oultry. Fri, Fri, 9pm: 9pm: Special Special eevent. vent. M on, 8pm: 8pm: Monday Monday Night Night Mon, M adness. TTue, ue, 9 pm: College College Madness. 9pm: Night. N ight. SSan an JJose. ose.

Thu: TThursday Thu: hursday N Night ight LLive. ive. FriVideo DJJ w/ SSat: at: V ideo Killed the D VJJ V V Vinyl. inyl. SSun: un: SSinful inful SSundays. undays. Mon: Pato M on: P ato Banton. SSan an JJose. ose.


Wed: Beer P Wed: Pong. ong. Fri: Hip-hop DJJ Tito. w/ D Tito. SSat: at: DJ DJ Classic. Classic. Sun: Sun: Hip-hop. Mon: Mon: Fun, Fun, Fun!. TTue: uue: LLadies’ adies’ Night. Night. SSan an Jose. Jose.

Wed-Sun and Wed-Sun and TTue, ue, 77pm-close: pm-close: D DJJ aand nd ddancing. ancing. B Big ig bband, and, sswing. wing. N Noo ccover. over. CCupertino. upertino.

BRANHAM B RANHAM LLOUNGE OUNGE Wed: H Wed: Humpday. umpday. TThu: hu: D DJJ aand nd KKaraoke. araoke. FFri: ri: LLadies adies N ight. SSat: at: D Night. DJJ DJJ CChaos. Happy JJazzy azzy aand nd D haos. SSun: un: H appy Hour Allll D Day. Mon: DJ. $22 H our A ay. M on: D J. TTue: ue: $ TTuesdays. uesdays. SSan an JJose. ose.

Thu, 6 Thu, 6:30-8:30pm: :30-8:30pm: SSingle ingle M Malt alt TTasting. asting. SSat: at: CClub lub FFM. M. Sunnyvale. Sunnyvale.

FFIREHOUSE IREHOUSE GGRILL RILL Sat, 9 Sat, 9pm: pm: P Party arty LLike ike IIt’s t’s 1999 1999 w/ w/ DJJ KKylelicious. D ylelicious. SSunnyvale. unnyvale.

GGALAXY ALAXY Mon: Ladies’ Mon: Ladies’ Night. Night. No No cover. cover. Milpitas. M ilpitas.

BRITANNIA B RITANNIA A ARMS RMS A ALMADEN LMADEN Wed W ed and and SSun, un, 110pm: 0pm: D DJJ H Hank. ank.

IILLUSIONS LLUSIONS SSUPPER UPPER CLUB CLUB Fri, 9 Fri, 9pm-2am: pm-2am: MTV MTV Reality Reality SShow how A Audition. udition. P Palo alo A Alto. lto.


VOODOO V OODOO LLOUNGE OUNGE Fri, 8pm: Styles Styles and Miles, Miles, B Boy Battle. $10. San San Jose. Jose.

WET Fri: EEpic pic w/ DJ DJ SSky ky Nellor. Nellor. Sat: Sat: Prodigy Pr odigy of Sound Sound w/ D-Miles. D-Miles. SSan an JJose. ose.


metroactive SVCLUBS



M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M


M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


77 M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 2 5-3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E TR OAC T I V E . C O M


A LT E R N AT I V E MEDICINE M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 2 0 1 0 | M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


79 M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 2 5-3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E TR OAC T I V E . C O M


A LT E R N AT I V E MEDICINE M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


81 M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 2 5-3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E TR OAC T I V E . C O M


M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


“ The Bay Area’s Premiere Delivery Experience”


GRAM of choice (For new members or members who refer new patients)

San Jose


420 Evaluations

WinFree Stuff Enter to win online


83 M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 2 5-3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E TR OAC T I V E . C O M


M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


We welcome new pat patients! tien First Visit - *Free gourmet ed edible dible of your choice Second Visit - *Free glass

Co le m an

ing dd He

W San Ca Carlos rlos St



t et S z ark Wo y NM k y Wa adalu pe P

Pa rk Av e


t rS ylo Ta t W eA rS ba lam na n St in ed l ia a C W Ju


We accept



Av W e


t All Meds $25-$55 per 1/88 oz (tax incl.) grade ade marijuana t 25+ strains of medical gra t See our strain menu at staff help p you select the best medicine t Knowledgeable for your needs t We always package your medicine in front you. discount for Seniors,, Vets, Disabled t10% and ASA Members

Race St


*with minimum 1/8 oz contribution

85 M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 2 5-3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E TR OAC T I V E . C O M


M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


Over 40 Busty Lady

Phone Entertainment

Bambi loves cream, fetish & Domination. Incall. 38D-24-36 leggy blonde. 408-605-3465

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g 1000’s of LOCAL SINGLES Browse & Respond FREE! Straight 408/514-0101 Gay/Bi 408/514-1111 Use FREE Code 7562, 18+

Sexy couples & select singles in an Elegant E.Bay location. Hot tub & group playrooms. 510-388-5108

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Sweet Cakes

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MEN Cruising MEN

g Match & reply FREE! 408/514-1111 or 650/223-0505 Use FREE code 5823, 18+ Adult Entertainment

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34C-30-36 with big eyes, sexy hips & sensual personality is waiting for your call. Se habla Espanol. 408-561-6978, Mercedes

New Girl In Town 5’8”, 36 DD-26-42, Brunette, Latina. 408-518-9186, Sasha

Island Beauty Sweet & sexy, playful & fun. 23 yrs. old, 36C-26-36. In/outcall, 24/7. 408-561-6599, Elizabeth

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g Miscellaneous

DATING SERVICE Long-Term/Short-Term Relationships, FREE-2-TRY! 1-877-722-0087 Exchange/Browse Personal Messages 1-866-3621311.Live adult casual conversations 1-877-599-8753 Meet on chat-lines. Local Singles 1888-869-0491 (18+) New!! Talk Live!! 1-866-362-1311 (AAN CAN)

gg TV/TS

Relaxing Massage

Hot, tanned Latina with big brown eyes & a nice smile is waiting for your call. Se Habla Espanol 408-648-3636

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Adult Massage

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Asian Princess

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g A Relaxing Massage

Oil massage. 7 days. 10am9pm. Call Steve, CMT for appt. 408-224-0504

Ripped Muscular Model Totally ripped handsome model offers a full body rubdown. In/outcalls. MC/Visa 408-813-8074, Jason

Country Hill Day Spa Grand opening! Best in relaxation, hot tub, steam shower. 12201 #B SaratogaSunnyvale Road. 408-865-1559, Hiring

*Loving Massage Tall, sexy White woman will work till all stress is relieved. Safe & clean. 408-266-2136

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Beautiful Girl

Awaits you. Shower available. In & outcalls. 408-469-0423

By Pete. Relaxing, discreet full body massage. In/out, open 7 days. 408-515-5778

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Gorgeous Latina


Forever Day Spa

Full Body rubdown by nude, well endowed, body builder. Available everyday, weekends until midnight. Men only. 831-335-8113, Steve

Great relaxation with Aroma therapy. Shower available. 43496 S. Grimmer Blvd. Fremont. 510-651-1899

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Playful Latina awaits your call. Incalls only. Se Habla Espanol/English. 408-627-3493, Letie

Asian Sweety

Peony Day Spa

Awaits you for an exciting massage in Santa Clara. 408-794-5834

Enjoy a nice massage. Private rooms & showers. 982 S. De Anza Blvd., San Jose. 408-777-8088

Beautiful Girls Free haircut with massage. Open 7 days. 5520 Monterey Rd. S.J., CA. 95138. 408-629-4136

Amy’s Massage Enjoy a nice massage at Amy’s Massage Salon in Santa Clara. 408-469-5469

Sexy White Beauty Awaits

Young beauty, skillful therapist, private room and shower. 7259 Sharon Dr., San Jose. 408-996-9690


Pretty Girl


Friendly, lovely Asian girl offer special massage. Saratoga Ave. 408-249-7228, Helen

European Blonde Caucasian, pretty Lady offers a wonderful, relaxing massage in her quiet home. 408-646-8848

SF, 23 yrs. Cute, blonde. I love a guy with a great sense of humor, cute smile and warm heart. Are YOU the one? I’m waiting. Call me NOW! 408-512-3310. Must be 18+.

Meet Sexy Spanish Ladies Now

Amazing Massage

C[[j ^ejBWj_de i_d]b[i DEM

iiÌ …œÌʏ>̈˜ Ș}iÃt


408.380.0587 œÜÊ«>ÀÌʜvÊ̅i ˆÛiˆ˜ŽÃÁ˜iÌܜÀŽt

…œÀ>Êi˜Ê ë>šœ


/,9Ê Jho_j\eh<H;; /

408.626.9688 2604 Union Ave. & S. Bascom Ollen Health Care


{än°Înä°äxnÇ "̅iÀÊVˆÌˆiÃÊV>\Ê£°nää°nΣ°££££ FREE to listen and reply to ads

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1521 Grant Rd Mtn View, 94040

316 S. Monroe St. #120

Top Massage

Best in Town 408.422.7866

Susan’s Massage

408.509.8798 Landess & Piedmont

San Jose (408) 514.0101 Palo Alto (650) 223.0299 Fremont (510) 401.0122 Santa Cruz (831) 515.1001 San Francisco (415) 430.0088

Perfect Spa Massage

Whole Body Massage

408.775.1320 1711 Hamilton Ave Suite E

Your services ALL over the SOUTH Bay, call Michael R. Hill at 408-200-1308


Golden Star

facials accupuncture

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Asian beauties are ready to help you feel relaxed with a nice massage. 408-722-2234 Awaits you an exciting massage in N. San Jose. 408-545-8189

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Free w/code 7656, Call 408380-0587 or 800-831-1111 Tall, curvy, sensuous brunette offers an erotic massage. Outcalls only. Dyanna, CMT. 408-993-1176 Nice place, clean, private, body relaxing. Natural with soft hands & smooth skin. 408-500-7663

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Single Services

Call 408-342-4129 or 1-800777-8000. Free w/code 2217.

Silk Day Spa

True sisters, 45 & 48. Sexy, mature blondes. See them together or alone. Patty 510-739-1417 or 510-878-8631, Sunny

Sunny & Patty


Facials • Haircuts • Massage 408.260.8987 833 S. Winchester

We offer a sensual full body rubdown. In/outcalls. MC/Visa, Jason & Michelle 408-482-3044

Hot Asian Lady With a desire to please you. Enjoy a nice massage by Your special needs are My fantasy. Sensual, erotic, adult beautiful Asian women. massage. Safe, clean close to 408-600-7969, Julie freeways. Love Bridgett 408-306-2367

Grand Opening

Tranquility Day Spa

Sexy Fun Couple


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K_\i\Êje\m\iX^ff[k`d\kfYi\Xblgn`k_pfli^`ic]i`\e[#Ylkk_\i\`jXi\Xccp YX[k`d\#Xe[k_XkÊjn_Xk@Z_fj\%@[`[`kfm\ik_\g_fe\Xjj_\nXjYfXi[`e^ XgcXe\kfXkk\e[_\iY\jk]i`\e[Êjn\[[`e^%@k_fl^_k`knflc[Y\^ff[]fi _\ikfY\n`k_]i`\e[jX]k\i_\Xi`e^k_\e\nj#Ylk`kil`e\[_\in\\b\e[%J_\ gi\kkpdlZ_k_`ebj@ÊdXk\ii`Yc\j\c]$Z\ek\i\[`[`fk#Xe[j_\Êji`^_k%?\i\Êjk_\ ^ff[gXik1@nXek_\iYXZb%@Êdi\Xccpefkjli\n_p@[`[`k`ek_\ÓijkgcXZ\%@ ^l\jj@k_fl^_kj_\Ê[Y\Y\kk\if]]n`k_flkd\#Xe[\eafpZ`kpc`]\n_`c\j_\Êj pfle^Xe[j`e^c\%J_\Êj)-#@Êd*(% Efn@ZXeÊkjc\\g#\Xk#fik_`ebn`k_flk_\i# Ylkj_\nfeÊk\m\ekXcbkfd\%N\lj\[kfcfm\j`kk`e^`eXZ_X`ikf^\k_\iXe[ i\X[`e^pfliZfcldefen\\b\e[j%@Ê[^`m\Xepk_`e^kfY\YXZb`ek_XkZ_X`i n`k__\i#i\X[`e^k_`jXe[pfliXejn\i%Æ?\XikYifb\e Accidents do happen. If you aren’t careful, you might walk into a plate glass window or methodically go on the Internet to gauge the exact time your girlfriend’s plane is leaving, dial her cell, wait for her to answer, and—whoops!—announce that you’re dumping her . . . just in time for the flight attendant to announce “Please turn off all electronic devices, and sit back and enjoy your flight.” There actually is a good time to break up with somebody, and it’s when you’re sure the relationship’s over. Accordingly, there’s a good time to figure out why you’re breaking up, and that’s before you do the deed. And, why did you break up with your girlfriend? Here’s the good part: You’re still not sure! Luckily, you don’t let that stop you from spinning this as some benevolent act on your part. Yeah, sure, you only dumped her to make her happy. You just want her to enjoy herself while she still has her youth. (After all, at 26, she only has six decades before she needs a hip replacement.) Want to do a good deed? Buy a homeless guy new shoes and a turkey sandwich. Want to do right by your girlfriend? Figure out why you

dumped her. Commitment issues? Preemptive abandonment (ditching her before she ditches you)? Only if you let her know exactly what she’s dealing with can she assess whether it makes sense to give you another shot, in a way she can’t with “it was just one of those random acts of blithering idiocy.” If you’ve had a pretty good record with her up till now (you’ve never left her at the mall or anything), you might be able to worm your way back in. You need to express deep remorse for what you did and beg her to take you back (be specific about why she’s so great and why you’re great together). Of course, getting her to even talk to you will take an act of romantic restitution. (Think John Cusack as Lloyd Dobler, standing under his girlfriend’s bedroom window, boom box over his head, blasting Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes.”) Women are suckers for a having a great romantic story to tell, especially one where the guy shows that he gets what an idiot he was to ever take the woman for granted—and not just because he called a friend: “Broke up with her this morning.” Friend: “Dude. She was hot. What’d you do that for?” Guy: “Damn, you’re right. I’ll call back and tell her I was just messing around.”





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San Jose

SAN AN MA MATEO: ATTEO: 650 650-288-1428 288 1428 ANTTA ROSA: R 707-206-6499 SANTA AKLAN ND: 510-379-5736 OAKLAND:

PLEASA ANTON: 925 925-271-5600 271 5600 PLEASANTON: SAN JO OSE: 415-992-5756 JOSE: SANT TA CRUZ: 831-706-4477 SANTA

408-512-3310 40 08-512-3 3310

COLLECT CT CALL BILLING! B 1-866-607-5282 1-900 PRICING OPTIONS! 1-900-622-1100

DIAL #CLICK K (#25425)

79¢/MIN. 79¢/ MIN. BOOST, BOO OSTT, A AT&T. TT&T. 99¢/ 99¢/MIN. MIN. VERIZON

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san jose

408-565-8099 SAN FRANCISCO 415-992-5768 OAKLAND 510-380-8004 SAN MATEO 650-288-4150 Try our 900 number: 1-900-287-2200 at $20/45 min. †Carrier charges may apply.

@i\Xccpc`b\k_`j^lp@Êm\jkXik\[[Xk`e^%N\Êm\fecpb`jj\[feZ\%?\ÊjefkX ^i\Xkb`jj\i%:Xepflk\XZ_jfd\Yf[pkfb`jjY\kk\i6Dp^`ic]i`\e[jjXpXYX[ b`jj\i`jX[\XcYi\Xb\i%ÆNfe[\i`e^ With friends like yours, Snow White would still be in a coma. The prince would maybe put too much saliva into the kiss, and she’d wake up for a moment—just long enough to exclaim, “Eeeuw! You kiss bad!”—then pull the silk pillow over her head and go back to bed for the rest of her life. Come on, the guy kissed you once. Even criminals get a second chance. You can’t change a man’s character, but

you can whisper in his ear, “softer” or “a little slower.” Don’t make it about what he’s doing wrong but about what you really like. Kiss him the way you want to be kissed. If need be, tell him what turns you on, like how you love gentle biting on your bottom lip (as grateful as you are to have discovered what it’s like to close your eyes and be licked upside the mouth by a romantically minded Great Dane).

Ÿ)'('#8dp8cbfe#Xcci`^_kji\j\im\[%>fkXgifYc\d6Ni`k\8dp8cbfe# ,,'J%=`ijkJk%#JXeAfj\#:80,((*#fi\dX`cX[m`Z\Xdp7Xfc%Zfd%

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Lapha & Company, Inc. High School Diploma!

Penis Enlargement

seeks a SAP BW Consultant in various unidentified job sites in the U.S. Send resume to 111 W. St., John Street, Suite #1270, San Jose, CA 95113.”

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Business Operations Specialist in Sunnyvale, Ca. Research and evaluate online games market to develop business processes. Requires Master’s degree plus 2yrs. exp. Send resume to: Gla-Net, Inc., ATTN Human Resources, 555 North Mathilda Ave. Ste 220, Sunnyvale, CA, 94085

Computers Software Engineer for Software Development Company in Mountain View, CA 94041. E-mail Resume to naan studio, Attn: Watanabe,

Fast, affordable and accredited. Free brochure. Call Now!. 1-888-532-6546 ext. 97 (AAN CAN)

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Reach over 5 million young, educated readers for only $995 by advertising in 110 weekly newspapers like this one. Call Jason at 202-289-8484. This is not a job offer. (AAN CAN)

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Full Time or 6 AM Part Time shift available. Alex’s 49er Inn, San Carlos & Bascom. Apply mornings only. Career Development

Bartenders Needed Fun jobs. Great money. Earn $25-40/hr. Call for certification and placement information. $199 tuition with this ad. 888.901.TIPS or visit

Music Bands Thug World Records explosive label with major features lil Wayne G-Unit E-40 Snoop Dog and more free Downloads mp3s Ringtones videos Representing San Jose. 408/561-5458

gg Auditions

Movie Extras earn up to $150/day to stand in backgrounds of major film. Experience no required. Call Now! 1-888-664-4621

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Learn Guitar From a Pro All Styles, All Ages. Lessons made to have fun. 408/227-1585 office. Ask for Jesse.

MUSIC LESSONS $15 Per Lesson. Guitar, piano, drums, voice, bass. Call 408-268-6703

Voice Lessons Expand range, flexibility, confidence. Instruction also available for songwriting and guitar. Reasonable rates. Instructor: award-winning vocalist/songwriter, Deborah Levoy. 408/275-0802.

Pregnant? Considering Adoption? Talk with caring agency specializing in matching birthmothers with families nationwide. Living expenses paid. Call 24/7 Abby’s One True Gift Adoptions. 866/413-6293

Visit our offices Monday through Friday, 8.30am

 to 5.30pm at 550 South, First Street, San Jose.



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USING ONE OF THESE? Do You Have Asthma?

Enrolling people with asthma, ages 18-65, for the next few months into a 10 week research study using an investigational oral medication. Qualified participants will receive study related medical exams and study medication at no cost, and may receive compensation up to $1,060.00. Allergy & Asthma Associates of Santa Clara Valley Research Center

4050 Moorpark Avenue, Suite 6 San Jose, CA 95117

408.553.0709 ext. 237

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Legal & Public Notices

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #541055 The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: 1. Huong Que, 2. HQ Dining, 3005 Silver Creek Rd., #152, San Jose, CA, 95121, Kim Houng Food & Beverage. This business is conducted by a Corporation. The state of Corporation: California. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on. /s/Thanh Truc Nguyen CEO

#3269586 This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 8/06/2010. (pub Metro 8/25, 9/01, 9/08, 9/15/2010)

The changes would go into effect between October 2010 and January 2011.

The following proposals will be considered: ∑ Suspend all weekend service Public Hearing & Reduce weekday early Meetings on Proposed ∑morning, midday and/or late Fare Increase & evening service ∑ Suspend service south of Service Suspension Tamien station to Gilroy The Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board will take com- ∑ Discontinue staffed ticket offices at San Francisco and ment on proposed Caltrain fare and related fee increases San Jose Diridon stations and service suspensions at a ∑ Increase the Full Fare Oneway base or zone fares by 25 public hearing to be held cents and corresponding Sept. 2, 2010 at 10 a.m. at changes to related fare media the Caltrain Administrative ∑ Increase Go Pass price to Office, 1250 San Carlos Ave. $155 in San Carlos. ∑ Modify parking fees and Caltrain also will hold commu- regulations nity meetings at four locations ∑ Revise codified tariff to to inform the public about the reflect ClipperSM card impleproposed fare increases and mentation – service suspensions and to ∑ explain mandatory Clipper receive comments. SM fee established by MTC,

∑ discontinue the monthly pass grace period, ∑ discontinue use of 8-ride by more than one passenger per ticket, and ∑ redefine youth to 17 years old and younger Three drop-in community meetings will be held Thursday, Aug. 19 from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. at: - San Francisco Caltrain Station, 700 Fourth St. in San Francisco - Caltrain Administrative Office, second floor auditorium, 1250 San Carlos Ave. in San Carlos - San Jose Diridon station, 65 Cahill St. in San Jose A fourth drop-in community meeting will be held at the Gilroy station Thursday, Aug. 19, beginning with the first train arriving at 5:30 p.m. and continuing through the last train at 7:47 p.m.

M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 2 5 -3 1 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M





AU G U S T 2 5 -3

20 0



FREE WILL ASTROLOGY ARIES A RIES ((March March 221–April 1–April 119): 9): W Why hy sshould hould yyou ou w work ork harder tthan han eeveryone veryone eelse? lse? W hy iiss iitt uupp ttoo yyou ou ttoo ppick ick harder Why up the the sslack lack w hen oothers thers aare re ssuffering uffering ffrom rom ooutbreaks utbreaks up when of laziness laziness aand nd iincompetence? ncompetence? A nd w hy sshould hould yyou ou bbee of And why the fearless fearless lleader eader w ho iiss ffocused ocused oon nfi xing tthe he gglitches litches the who fixing and smoothing smoothing oover ver tthe he rrough ough ppatches atches w hen nnoo oone ne and when else seems seems ttoo ccare are w hether tthings hings ffall all aapart? part? II’ll ’ll ttell ell yyou ou else whether why, Aries: Aries: bbecause ecause iit’s t’s the the Karmic Karmic Correction Correction phase phase why, of your your llong-term ong-term ccycle—a ycle—a ttime ime w hen yyou ou ccan an aatone tone of when for past past m istakes, ppay ay ooff ff oold ld ddebts, ebts, aand nd m ake uupp ffor or for mistakes, make less-than-conscientious m oves yyou ou ggot ot aaway way w ith oonce nce less-than-conscientious moves with upon a ttime. ime. upon TAURUS T AURUS ((April April 220–May 0–May 220): 0): ““What What iiss tthe he ssource ource of our our fi rst ssuffering?” uffering?” w rote pphilosopher hilosopher G aston of first wrote Gaston Bachelard. ““It It llies ies iin n tthe he ffact act tthat hat w esitated ttoo sspeak. peak. Bachelard. wee hhesitated It was was bborn orn iin n tthe he m oment w hen w ccumulated ssilent ilent It moment when wee aaccumulated things w ithin uus.” s.” LLuckily uckily ffor or yyou, ou, TTaurus, aurus, tthe he ccosmic osmic things within rhythms aare re aaligned ligned iin n ssuch uch a w ay aass ttoo ffree ree yyou ou ffrom rom rhythms way at least least ssome ome ooff tthat hat oold ld ssuffering uffering iin n tthe he ccoming oming w eeks. at weeks. expect tthat hat yyou ou w ill hhave ave m ore ppower ower tthan han uusual sual ttoo I expect will more say what what yyou’ve ou’ve nnever ever bbeen een aable ble ttoo ssay ay aand nd eexpress xpress a say part ooff yyou ou tthat hat hhas as bbeen een bburied uried ttoo oo llong. ong. part GGEMINI EMINI ((May May 221–June 1–June 220): 0): M More ore tthan han 22,000 ,000 ppeople eople have cclimbed limbed ttoo tthe he ttop op ooff M t. EEverest, verest, aand nd 1122 m en have Mt. men have w alked oon n tthe he m oon. B ut oonly nly ttwo wo hhumans umans hhave ave have walked moon. But ever vventured entured ttoo tthe he llowest owest sspot pot oon n oour ur pplanet. lanet. IIn n ever 1960, JJacques acques P iccard aand nd D onald W alsh rrode ode iin na 1960, Piccard Donald Walsh bathyscaphe aallll tthe he w ay ddown own ttoo tthe he M ariana TTrench, rench, bathyscaphe way Mariana which iiss aalmost lmost sseven even m iles bbeneath eneath tthe he ssurface urface ooff tthe he which miles Pacific O cean. YYour our aassignment ssignment iin n tthe he ccoming oming w eeks, Pacific Ocean. weeks, Gemini, iiss ttoo m ove iin n ttheir heir ddirection, irection, m etaphorically Gemini, move metaphorically speaking. IIn nm strological oopinion, pinion, aascending scending aand nd speaking. myy aastrological soaring sshouldn’t houldn’t bbee oon n yyour our aagenda. genda. IIt’s t’s ttime ime ttoo ddive ive soaring into tthe he m ysterious ddepths. epths. into mysterious

CCANCER ANCER ((June June 221–July 1–July 222): 2): I ppropose ropose tthat hat w wee ddoo to Mercury Mercury w hat aastronomers stronomers ddid id ttoo P luto iin n 22006: 006: to what Pluto demote iit. t. A fter aall, ll, iit’s t’s smaller smaller than than both both Saturn’s Saturn’s demote After moon Titan Titan aand nd JJupiter’s upiter ’s m oon G anymede. W ho w ants moon moon Ganymede. Who wants to bbestow estow tthe he m ajestic ttitle itle ooff ““planet” planet” oon n ssuch uch a to majestic piddling ppeewee? eewee? IIn n ffact, act, llet’s et’s make make the the change change now, now, piddling just in in ttime ime ffor or M ercury’s rretrograde etrograde pphase, hase, w hich just Mercury’s which began recently. recently. TThat hat w ay w on’t hhave ave ttoo gget et aallll rriled iled began way wee w won’t up about about tthe he ssupposedly upposedly ddisruptive isruptive eeffects ffects tthis his aaspect spect up portends. H ow ccould ould a bbarren arren rrunt unt llike ike M ercury sstir tir portends. How Mercury up any any kind kind ooff m eaningful rruckus? uckus? I hhereby ereby ddeclare eclare up meaningful you free free aand nd cclear lear ooff tthe he w hole M ercury rretrograde etrograde you whole Mercury superstition. P lease pproceed roceed oon n tthe he aassumption ssumption superstition. Please that the the pperiod eriod bbetween etween nnow ow aand nd SSeptember eptember 1122 that will be be aan n eexcellent xcellent ttime ime ttoo ddeepen eepen aand nd rrefine efine yyour our will communication w ith aanyone nyone yyou ou ccare are aabout. bout. communication with LLEO EO ((July July 223–Aug. 3–Aug. 222): 2): A CChinese hinese ccompany ompany rreached eached

oout ut ttoo m mail ttoday. oday. ““Dear Dear SSir,” ir,” tthe he m essage mee bbyy eemail message bbegan, egan, ““As As tthe he lleading eading pprofessional rofessional cconveyor onveyor bbelt elt m anufacturers iin n SShanghai, hanghai, w resent ttoo yyou ou oour ur manufacturers wee ppresent vvery ery bbest est ssincere incere rregards, egards, ddesiring esiring ttoo fi nd oout ut iiff tthere here find iiss a cchance hance ffor or uuss ttoo bbee yyour our ttop-rate op-rate cconveyor onveyor bbelt elt ssupplier.” upplier.” I w rote bback, ack, tthanking hanking tthem hem ffor or ttheir heir ffriendly riendly wrote iinquiry. nquiry. I ssaid aid tthat hat ppersonally ersonally I ddidn’t idn’t hhave ave aany ny nneed eed ooff cconveyor onveyor bbelts elts right right now, now, but but I told told them them I would would check check w ith m eo rreaders eaders ttoo ssee ee iiff tthey hey m ight A ccording ttoo with myy LLeo might. According m ead ng oof the he aastrological o og a oomens, men you ou see, ee you’re ou e my reading eentering n e ng a time me w hen it m a e sense en e too eexpand pand aand nd when makes efine your ou aapproach pp oa h too w o It’ll bbee a ggood ood time, me for o refine work. eexample, amp e too gget e m o e eefficient fi en aand nd step ep uupp pproduction. odu on more SSoo hhow ow aabout bou it?? D ou nneed eed aany n conveyor on e o bbelts? e ? Doo you

VIRGO V RGO (Aug. Aug 223–Sept. 3–Sep 222): 2 O Our u sun un doesn’t doe n really ea

hhave a e a nname. ame TThe he w o d “sun” un is a ggeneric ene term e m that ha can an word e e too aany n oof trillions on oof stars. a SSoo I’dd likee too ppropose opo e refer ha you ou come ome uupp w h a nname ame for o it. It could ou d bbee a that with nnickname name oor a title, e likee “Big B g SSinger” nge oor “Aurora Au o a R e Rex” oor “Joy o SShouter” hou e oor “Renaldo.” Rena do I hhope ope this h eexercise e e will w gget e you ou in n the he m ood too fi nd nnames ame for o a whole who e host ho mood find oof oother he uunder-identified nde den fied things h ng in n your ou life, e likee the he m e ou feelings ee ng that ha aaree swirling w ng aaround ound inside n de you ou mysterious gh nnow, ow aand nd your ou longings ong ng for o eexperiences pe en e that ha ddon’t on right eexist yet, e aand nd your ou dreams d eam aabout bou the he eelusive u e blessings b e ng ou w an soo bad. bad you want

LLIBRA BRA (Sept. Sep 223–Oct. 3–O 222): 2 TThe he oodometer dome e w will turn un

oover e soon, oon m e apho a speaking. pea ng TThe he bbigg supply upp oof metaphorically he stuff u you ou stocked o ed uupp oon naw h e bback a is aabout bou too the while un oout. u TThe he lessons e on you ou bbegan egan studying ud ng a year ea aago go run hhave a e bbeen een completed, omp e ed aat least ea for o nnow, ow aand nd you’re ou e nnot o e ready ead for o the he nnext e round ound oof teachings. ea h ng TThese he e aaree yet u some ome oof the he indicators nd a o that ha suggest ugge you ou should hou d set e just aaside de time me for o reflection efle on aand nd eevaluation. a ua on TThe he w o dm a world may ome ppounding ound ng aat your ou ddoor, oo ddemanding emand ng that ha you ou m a e come make

9p 9 p ROB RO B BREZSNY BREZSNY n\\bf]8l^ljk), n\\b f]8l^ljk ),

a ddramatic ramatic ddeclaration eclaration oorr ttake ake ddecisive ecisive aaction, ction, bbut ut iin n m pinion yyou ou sshould hould sstall. tall. YYou ou nneed eed ttoo ssteep teep iin n tthis his myy oopinion ppregnant regnant ppause. ause.

SSCORPIO CORPIO ((Oct. Oct. 223–Nov. 3–Nov. 221): 1): M Most ost ddiscussions iscussions oon n TV TV nnews ews sshows hows iinvolve nvolve sso-called o-called eexperts xperts sshouting houting simplistic may simplistic oopinions pinions aatt eeach ach oother. ther. TThey hey m ay pprovide rovide some meager some m eager eentertainment ntertainment vvalue, alue, bbut ut aare re rrarely arely enlightening. enlightening. IIn n ccontrast ontrast ttoo tthese hese ppaltry altry spectacles spectacles were Paris’ Guerbois were tthe he ssalons alons aatt P aris’ CCafe afe G uerbois iin n 11869. 869. A group writers group ooff hhard-working ard-working aartists rtists aand nd w riters ggathered athered there Monet there ttoo iinspire nspire eeach ach oother. ther. TThe he ppainter ainter CClaude laude M onet wrote wits, wrote that that their their discussions discussions “sharpened “sharpened one’s one’s w its, encouraged encouraged ffrank rank aand nd iimpartial mpartial iinquiry, nquiry, aand nd pprovided rovided enthusiasm weeks One enthusiasm tthat hat kkept ept uuss ggoing oing ffor or w eeks . . . O ne always more more always ccame ame aaway way ffeeling eeling m ore iinvolved, nvolved, m ore determined, more determined, aand nd tthinking hinking m ore cclearly learly aand nd ddistinctly.” istinctly.” That’s That’s the the kind kind of of dynamic dynamic interaction interaction you you should should seek seek out out iin n aabundance, bundance, SScorpio. corpio. SSAGITTARIUS AGITTARIUS ((Nov. Nov. 222–Dec. 2–Dec. 221): 1): IIn n tthe he m movies ovies I’ve I’ve sseen een tthat hat ddepict epict bbattle attle sscenes cenes ffrom rom hhundreds undreds ooff years whose years aago, go, eevery very aarmy rmy hhas as nnumerous umerous ssoldiers oldiers w hose job flags job iitt iiss ttoo ccarry arry ffestive estive fl ags aand nd ppennants. ennants. IIff tthis his iiss aan n accurate what mean? accurate ddepiction epiction ooff hhistory, istory, w hat ddoes oes iitt m ean? TThat hat powerful were powerful ssymbols ymbols w ere ccrucial rucial ttoo iinspiring nspiring tthe he ttroops’ roops’ heroic heroic eefforts? fforts? TThat hat ttouches ouches ooff ccolor olor aand nd bbeauty eauty llifted ifted their morale? were more their m orale? TThat hat tthey hey w ere m ore iinclined nclined ttoo ddoo ttheir heir best were best iiff iinspired nspired ttoo iimagine magine tthey hey w ere pparticipating articipating iin n an Whether myy ttheories an eepic pic sstory? tory? W hether oorr nnot ot m heories aapply pply ttoo what what aactually ctually hhappened appened bback ack tthen, hen, tthey hey aapply pply ttoo yyou ou now. fight what now. As As yyou ou ggoo fforth orth ttoo fi ght ffor or w hat yyou ou bbelieve elieve iin, n, bring bring yyour our eequivalent quivalent ooff aan n eevocative vocative eemblem. mblem.

CCAPRICORN APRICORN ((Dec. Dec. 222–Jan. 2–Jan. 119): 9): U Using sing a rradio adio telescope, Germany’s Max Planck telescope, aastronomers stronomers aatt G ermany’s M ax P lanck Institute Institute for for Radio Radio Astronomy Astronomy hhave ave bbeen een sscanning canning the the center center of of the the galaxy. galaxy. They’re They’re looking looking for for evidence evidence of of amino amino acids acids that that could could be be the the building building blocks blocks of of life. life. So So far far their their hunt hunt has has been been inconclusive. inconclusive. In In my my opinion, more opinion, tthough, hough, tthey’ve hey’ve sstumbled tumbled uupon pon aan n eeven ven m ore appealing appealing ddiscovery: iscovery: TThe he hhuge uge ddust ust ccloud loud aatt tthe he hheart eart of Milky Way, of tthe he M ilky W ay, tthey hey ssay, ay, ttastes astes llike ike rraspberries aspberries aand nd smells smells llike ike rrum. um. TThat’s hat’s the the kind kind ooff sswitcheroo witcheroo I ppredict redict for weeks, may for yyou ou iin n tthe he uupcoming pcoming w eeks, CCapricorn. apricorn. YYou ou m ay not find, not llocate ocate tthe he ssmoking moking ggun un yyou’re ou’re hhoping oping ttoo fi nd, bbut ut in with in tthe he pprocess rocess ooff ssearching earching I bbet et yyou’ll ou’ll hhook ook uupp w ith something something even even better. better. AQUARIUS A QUARIUS ((Jan. Jan. 220–Feb. 0–Feb. 118): 8): EEach ach oone ne ooff uuss iiss a blend most blend ooff llife ife aand nd ddeath. eath. IIn n tthe he m ost lliteral iteral ssense, ense, oour ur bodies bodies aalways lways ccontain ontain oold ld ccells ells tthat hat aare re ddying ying aand nd nnew ew cells more cells tthat hat aare re eemerging merging aass rreplacements. eplacements. FFrom rom a m ore metaphorical ways metaphorical pperspective, erspective, oour ur ffamiliar amiliar w ays ooff sseeing eeing and and tthinking hinking aand nd ffeeling eeling aare re cconstantly onstantly aatrophying, trophying, even modes Both winning even aass ffresh resh m odes eemerge. merge. B oth llosing osing aand nd w inning are woven are w oven iinto nto eevery very dday; ay; ssinking inking ddown own aand nd rrising ising up; up; sshrinking hrinking aand nd eexpanding. xpanding. IIn n aany ny ggiven iven pphase hase ooff our more our llives, ives, oone ne oorr tthe he oother ther ppolarity olarity iiss uusually sually m ore pronounced. But pronounced. B ut ffor or yyou ou iin n tthe he fforeseeable oreseeable ffuture, uture, Aquarius, will Welcome Aquarius, tthey hey w ill bbee eevenly venly bbalanced. alanced. W elcome ttoo tthe he Season Rot Regeneration. Season ooff R ot aand nd R egeneration.

PISCES P ISCES ((Feb. Feb. 119–March 9–March 220): 0): A Allure llure m magazine agazine ssought ought

women who oout ut LLuca uca TTurin urin aand nd TTania ania SSanchez, anchez, tthe he w omen w ho wrote w o e the he bbook oo P Perfumes: e ume TThe he A too Z G Guide u de. “What Wha are a e the he sexiest-smelling e e me ng pperfumes e ume oof aall time?” me? they he asked. was a ed TTurin u n aand nd SSanchez an he said a d CChinatown h na own w a aat the he top wearing Opium op oof their he list. TTheir he eexplanation: p ana on “If w ea ng O p um is likee w walking with a ng aaround ound w h a bbullhorn u ho n shouting, hou ng ‘Come Come and whispering and gget e it!’, CChinatown h na own is likee ddiscreetly ee w h pe ng the what he same ame thing.” h ng TThe he CChinatown h na own aapproach pp oa h is w ha I recommend weeks, Pisces. e ommend for o you ou in n the he coming om ng w ee P e

Homework: Homewo k What Wh ha book do you suspect suspec would wou d change your you lifee if you actually ac ua y read ead it?? When will you get w ge around a ound to o reading ead ng it?? Testify Tes e y at a T u h oos e @gma @ com

Go to REALASTROLOGY.COM to check out Rob Brezsny’s Expanded Weekly Audio Horoscopes and Daily Text Message Horoscopes. Audio horoscopes are also available by phone at 1-877-873-4888 or 1-900-950-7700

Classifieds G o Ca a n S a on 7 50 Mon e e S n G o Commen a o ma be ub m ed up un he pub hea ng b e ma hange @ a a n om phone 800 660 4287 Y 650 508 6448 ma Ca a n o PB Se e a PO Bo 3006 San Ca o CA 94070 306 De a o he e e and a e p opo a w be a a ab e o e ew a www a a n om and a he Ca a n Adm n a e O e b Aug 6 Hea ng mpa ed and non Eng h peak ng pub hea ng a endee who w h o o e o a ommen a he pub hea ng o ommun

mee ng ma a ange o gn anguage o o e gn an guage an a on b a ng 650 508 6242 a ea h ee bu ne da p o o he hea ng o mee ng Pa a e o de adu òn en E pano ame Ca a n a 650 508 6242 po o meno e d a abo a e an e de a eun one Pub Me o 8 8 8 20 0

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I\Z\ekcpXeflkYl`c[`e^XkXelZc\Xigfn\igcXeki\Z\`m\[X^cXeZ`e^Ycfn ]ifdXkfieX[f%=fikleXk\cpefi\Xc_XidnXj[fe\#Ylk`kjkXik\[d\ nfe[\i`e^1Xi\elZc\Xigfn\igcXekjYl`ckkfn`k_jkXe[X[`i\Zk_`k]ifd XkfieX[f6Æ;\\9Xie\kk#=fikNfik_ There’s a range of possible answers to this question: 1. Yup, 100 percent guaranteed. 2. Hope so. 3. Oh, shit. No one can ever honestly give answer No. 1. Nuclear-power engineers like to think they can use answer two without crossing their fingers. However, they thought the same thing at the Bureau of Underwater Oil Well Leaks. The close encounter with a tornado you’re probably referring to involved the Fermi 2 nuclear plant in Michigan. Although the reactor shut down due to a partial loss of emergency backup power, actual physical harm was limited to a hole in the roof, siding stripped from an outbuilding and some damage to the cooling tower, which is actually less scary than it sounds. Tornado-related structural damage comes from three sources: the wind itself, suction and flying debris. In the early Atoms for Peace days, the Atomic Energy Commission merely required that plants be able to withstand high winds, but in the late ’60s regulators began thinking harder about suction and debris. To get a better handle on how bad tornadoes could get, the government looked at the research of Ted Fujita, creator of the F-scale of tornado intensity, which rated twisters from F0 to F5 based on the damage they caused. In 1974 the first major regulations for tornadoresistant design came out, requiring that nuclear plants in most of the U.S. be capable of surviving a total wind speed of 360 miles per hour—a figure that was literally off the charts, as the F-scale topped out at 318 mph. That raised the question of how tornado-resistant pre1974 plants were. A mid-’70s study of nine early plants found the odds of serious tornado damage in any given year were less than one in 5 million, with damage likely limited to the backup power systems. The chance of a tornado-induced core meltdown was calculated at 1 in 15 million over a reactor’s 30-year life span. To the jaded modern ear, those numbers may sound too reassuring to be right, and in fact research established that severe damage can occur at much lower speeds than Fujita initially thought. This gave rise to the Enhanced Fujita scale, or EF-scale, introduced in 2007, which greatly lowered estimated wind speeds for

the most destructive tornadoes. The current design standard requires that nuclear plants be able to withstand “the most severe tornado that could reasonably be predicted to occur at the site,” based on a study of more than 50 years of tornado data. Today nuclear plants in the Midwest and Great Plains must be designed for total wind speeds of 230 mph, which reflects a better understanding of how much damage can occur at that speed. A nuclear plant must be able to safely survive the impact of a one-inch steel ball hurtling through the air at 17 mph, a 15foot length of 6-inch-diameter steel pipe flung at 92 mph, and a 4,000-pound car flying at the same speed. What kind of tornado damage have nukes suffered to date? Nothing that came close to releasing radiation, although buildings and equipment have certainly gotten roughed up some. The first incident occurred at the Grand Gulf Nuclear Generating Station in Mississippi, which encountered an F3 tornado on April 17, 1978, while the plant was still under construction. Damage was limited to the electrical switchyard and a cooling tower, which lost a big chunk of concrete from the top. In 1998 the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Plant in Ohio was hit by an F2 tornado, which damaged the switchyard and communications and forced the plant into automatic shutdown after external power was lost. Due to the lack of power, a spent-fuel storage pond got warmer than the operators would have liked, but no radiation was released. On August 24, 1992, Hurricane Andrew, then a Category 4 storm caused extensive but ultimately minor damage to the Turkey Point Nuclear Generating Station in Florida. The reactor shut down following loss of outside power and phone systems plus damage to the fire protection systems, emergency generator and several outbuildings. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission seems anxious to demonstrate that it’s not taking a casual attitude toward these things. In 2009 it rejected the Westinghouse AP-1000 reactor design— regulators feared the shield building, with walls of steel and concrete three feet thick, might not be strong enough.

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=K?<I =K?<I<ÊJfe\k_`e^k_Xk I<ÊJfe\ k_`e^k_Xk nXjfYm`flj]ifdCX[p n X fY Xj Ym`flj ]ifdCX[p >X^XÊji\Z\ekZfeZ\ik`e > >X^X Êj i\Z\ekZfeZ\ik`e JXeAfj\#`kÊjk_Xkn`^j# J JXe Afj\#`kÊjk_Xk n`^j# _X`ig`\Z\jXe[n\Xm\jXi\ _X`i _X`ig`\Z\j X g \Z\j Xe[n\Xm\jXi\ YXZbn`k_Xm\e^\XeZ\% YX YXZb n`k_X n` X m\e^\XeZ\% From F Fr om yyellow ello ow extensions extensions to blonde b obs to neon n purple and pink wigs, wigs, bobs th HP P the Pavilion avili v ion was was swimming swimming in faux f tr essees last a week as fans tresses emulated mul ed the eir “Lady “Lady Godga.” Godga.” their W eearing fake faak ke hair is widespread widespread Wearing

in n the entertainment entertainment industr industry, y, bu but ut predominance it seems that the pr edominance of o obvious out-there ob bvious wigs and out -there hair has h a new level summer,, rreached e eached new le vel this summer laypeople. eeven ven ffor or la o ayypeople. Wigs W igs aare re no no longer longer the the sole sole domain domain off o one’s nana o ne’s n ana or or that that crazy crazzy cat cat lady lady down Take, d own tthe he sstreet. treet. T ake, ffor or example, example, number tthe he electric-blue electric-blue n umber Katy Katy Perry Perry wore w ore in in the the music music video video for for summer summer jjam am ““California am California Girls, Girls,” or or the the fleet fleet of of Technicolor hairpieces T echnicolor h airpieces rapper rap pper Nicki Nicki Minaj M inaj parades parades around around in in onstage. onstagge. Consider likes Paris C onsider also the lik es of P aris and Beyoncé, H Hilton Beyoncé, who change their looks theyy mu must th heir lo oks so often that the st have entirely dedicated ely dedic ated to ha ave rrooms ooms entir

their lac lace-front e-front wig ccollections. o ollections . N ot that an Not anyy of thiss is rrevolutionary. evolutionary. Hairpie eces wer Hairpieces weree an essential element in cr reating the creating massiv ed ’’dos dos of the 19 60s, massivee bump bumped 1960s, a la Barbra Str eisand. W igs i ha ave also Streisand. Wigs have long b een p opular in the Afric an been popular African Americ an ccommunity ommunity as a mor American moree chic er alternati ive to going to chic,, cheap cheaper alternative the b eauty salon on a weekly basis. basis. beauty Plus ther on nvenience theree is the cconvenience factor ing about about with factor.. Instead of fussi fussing one ’s lo cks eevery very morn ning, one ccan an one’s locks morning, just pull the hair back k, at tach the back, attach wig and head out the door. door. W iigs also Wigs ers the giv i e wear h optio ion off matching hi give wearers option m ods. One da mo ay, their manes to their moods. day, the an b ed dhead, the ne xt theyy ccan bee a fier fieryy rredhead, next a sultr y, eexotic xotic brunet tte, the ne xt a sultry, brunette, next blonde bombshell. bombshell. P eople rreally eally have haave b een sp orting People been sporting fak erry first inklings fakee hair sinc sincee the vvery of civilization. The an ncient Eg yptians ancient Egyptians

Felipe Buitr B Buitrago ago


wore wore wigs to t shield their shaved shaaved heads from from the sun’s su un’s rays raayys (they ((they helped help ped with head lice, lice, too). to oo). Later, Later, nobody nobody in a 17th- or 18th-century 18th- century European European royal royal court court would woulld have haave been been caught caught dead without a full f powdered powdered wig secured secured safely saffeely to hiss or her scalp. scalp. The key key to t wearing a wig nowadays, nowadaays y, though,, is to t go for for o the obviously obviously fake fake or the uncannily real. uncannily a real. Gaga,, Perry Perrry and Minaj hit the pin on the head d with this faux look. look. By choosing models choosing synthetic synthetic y models that look look in no way to anything way close c anything that would grow grow w out of a human scalp, scalp, the wigs themselves themsselves become become eye-catching eye- catching fashion accessories accessories all their own. Local Local wig shops sh hops like like Y YONG’S ONG’S FASHION FASHION W IGS and CCIAO! IAO! WIGS WIGS & M MORE ORE in San WIGS JJose ose ar aree gr great e plac eat places es to find at attentiontentionseeking wig wigs gs lik likee this—though alw always ays y salespeople before trying check with salesp eople b effo ore tr ying hairpiecee when shopping shopping.. on a wig orr hairpiec Then the there ere ar aree ccelebrities elebrities lik likee Oprah and T yyra Banks Tyra Banks,, who use human-hai human-hairr lac lace-front e-front wigs as a ccovert overt w ay to change their lo ok at the way look dr drop op of a h hat. at. Though pric pricey ey (the (theyy st art at ab o $150 and go up to the out start about thousands) thousands),, lac lace-front e-front wigs ar aree the hot test thin ng in the faux-hair mark et hottest thing market at the mom moment. ment. C onstructed ffrom rom aan nu ltrasheer Constructed ultrasheer llace ace ccap ap w with ith eeach ach sstrand tran nd aattached ttached iindividually, ndividually, llace-front ace-front w igs u se a wigs use ttranslucent ran nslucent ffront ront ssection ection tto o ccreate reate aan n iinvisible nvisible h airline tthat hatt llooks ooks iincredibly ncredibly hairline rreal. eall. W When hen w worn orn p properly roperly aand nd ssecured ecured tto o tthe he ccranium ranium with with double-sided double-sided tape tap pe orr gglue, option one o lue, tthis his iiss tthe he cclosest losest o ption o ne h as tto o a ggenuine enuine h airdo. T here’s al lso has hairdo. There’s also tthe he cchoice hoice o off h half-wigs, alf-wigs, w weaves eaves an and nd eextensions, xtensions, w hich b lend o ne’s o wn which blend one’s own h hair aiir w with ith ffake ake sstrands ak trands tto oh help elp ccreate reate a ffuller, uller, m ore rrealistic ealistic llook. ook. more P erhaps the t b est eexample xample of how Perhaps best not to wearr a wig ccan an b bee seen in the latest inst alllment of the T wilight w saga. installment Twilight Insipid dial logue isn ’t the only thing dialogue isn’t dragging th hose films down—the those limp merki ins strapp ed to the heads merkins strapped of actors Kr ristin Ste wart and T ayylor Kristin Stewart Taylor L autner in Ne w Mo on and Eclipse ar Lautner New Moon aree cringe -worthily t bad. cringe-worthily

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metroactive SPORTS

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Beautiful Murphy

GI<$D8EL=8:KLI<;?FD< G I<$D8EL=8:KLI<;?FD<KK_\]fid\i_fd\f]JleepmXc\g`fe\\i _\]fid\i_fd\f]JleepmXc\g`fe\\i  DXik`eDlig_pAi%nXjYl`ck`eDX`e\Xe[j_`gg\[XZifjjk_\Zflekip% DXik`eDlig_pAi%nXjYl`ck`eDX`e\Xe[j_`gg\[XZifjjk_\Zflekip%



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The T he k kitchen itchen h has ass rrecently ecently b been een u pgraded w ith sstainless tainless ssteel teel aappliances, ppliances, upgraded with h ardwood fl oors aand nd ggranite ranite hardwood floors ccountertops. oun nttertops. T he ccoffered off ffeered cceilings eilings The aadd dd a h int o ndoor eelegance, legance, an nd tthe he hint off iindoor and rrecessed ecessed llighting ighting ssets ets o ff tthe he ffeatures eatures o off off tthe he rrooms. ooms. T his h ouse iiss aavailable vailable ffor or This house $ 639,999. $639,999. A stunning stunning ffour-bedroom, our-bedroom, ttwo-bath wo-bath h ome at at 11107 107 Lorne Lorne W ay iincludes ncludes an an home Way o pen lliving iving rroom oom and an nd d ining rroom oom aarea rea open dining w ith a fi replacce, p orcelain tile tile fl ooring with fireplace, porcelain flooring aand nd a ggreat reat vview iew ffrom rom tthe he fl oor-tofloor-tocceiling eiling windows windows o the p rofessionally off the professionally llandscaped an ndscap ped b acckyarrd.What ssets ets tthis his backyard.What p roperty ap parrt, h owever, iiss tthat hat it it o ff ffeers property apart, however, offers a solution solution for for w hen Grandma Gran ndma an nd when and G randpa ccome ome tto o vvisit: isit: iitt iincludes ncludes a Grandpa d etacched, 2 40-squarre-foot guest guest house, house, detached, 240-square-foot w ith iits ts o wn b edroom aand nd b ath. T his with own bedroom bath. This h ome can can b ad d ffor or $928,000. $928,000. home bee h had A he o ther eend nd of of tthe he p rice Att tthe other price sspectrum: pectrum: 11050 050 B orregas A ve. iiss a p retty, Borregas Ave. pretty, p re-manufaacctured mini-villa mini-villa w ith ttwo wo pre-manufactured with b edrooms an aand nd ttwo wo b aths. The The h ome iiss bedrooms baths. home llocated ocated iin naq uiet senior senior ccommunity, ommunity, quiet aand nd h ass aadvantages dvantagges ffor or aanyone nyone w ishing has wishing tto o rretire etire in in lluxury. uxury. T here’s a ggourmet ourmet There’s k itchen w ith o nyx ccountertops ountertops and an nd kitchen with onyx sstainless tainless ssteel teel M iele ap pplian nces, aass well well Miele appliances, aass a ccozy ozy b reak kfast n ook, w ith fl oor-tobreakfast nook, with floor-tocceiling eiling plantation plantation sshuttered huttered w indows. windows. A fter a q uiet m eal, spend spend tthe he day day After quiet meal, rrelaxing elaxing in in tthe he ttheater heater rroom oom with with its its b uilt-in ssound ound system. system. T he fl oors aare re aall ll built-in The floors m arble ttiles iles and an nd tthe he walls walls are arre fi nished marble finished iin naT uscan glaze glaze tto o ggive ive the the home home aan n Tuscan eelegant legant M editerranean ffeel. eel. Mediterranean A ,425 ssquare quare ffeet, eet, iit’s t’s a d eal ffor or Att 11,425 deal jjust ust $229,000. $229,000. A nd tthere’s here’s something something And p oetic aabout bout lliving iving iin nap re-faab b iin n tthe he poetic pre-fab ccity ity w here tthe he fi rst p re-manufactured where first pre-manufactured h ome in in C alifornia, M arrtin Murphy Murphy JJr. r.’s, s, home California, Martin o nce sstood. tood. once


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