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A llocally ocally owned owned company. company.

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6 Send us your anonymous rants and raves about your co-workers or any badly behaving citizen—or about citizens you admire. I SAW YOU, Metro, 550 S. First St., San Jose, 95113, or via email.

Obtuse Intern

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Dog D og and P Pony onny IIff tthe he ccity ity m manager anager iiss rrunning unning [the [the hiring off a cchief] without h iring o hief ] w ithout tthe he ccouncil ouncil and mayor, need an nd m ayor, tthey hey n eed tto o be retired retired also Responds SJPD Chief al lso ((“Reed “Reed R esponds tto oS JPD C hief Rob Davis’ Announced Retirement, R ob D avis’ A nnounced R etirement,” San 28). however, S an JJose ose IInside, nside, JJuly uly 2 8). IIf,f, h owever, tthe he rruling uling ccoalition oallition ((six six vvotes) otes) iiss working with manager w orking w ith tthe he ccity ity m an nagger to to rrig ig process, tthe he p rocess, tthen hen that’s that’s a ““sunshine sunshine iissue. ssue.” Civil C ivil sservice ervvice jjobs obs aare re cconsidered onsidered ““public public ggoods, oods,” and an nd sso o tthe he process process with which w ith w hich they they are arre distributed distributed becomes be comes extremely extremely important. importan nt. Between waves off ““reform” and B etween w aves o reform” an nd

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“ab “abuse, buse,” w we’ve e’ve eended nded u up pw with ith a h hybrid ybrid patronage/civil p atronage/civil service servvice where where some some are blind based upon jjobs obs ar re sselected elected b lind b ased u pon merit m erit and an nd ability ability as as demonstrated demonstrated in in while sstandardized tandardized tests tests and and measures, measures, w hile other positions and o ther po sitions require require a dog dog an nd pony appointees. po ny sshow how tto o ““vette” vette” ap ppointees. Kind Kind off llike way o ike tthe he w ay tthey hey pick pick university university presidents p residents these these days. days. The political T he po liticall process process aactual ctual decreases d ecreases tthe he llikelihood ikelihood that that you you will best w ill gget et the the be st possible possible candidate. candidate. That means T hat m ean ns llower-ranked ower-ranked employees employees with w ith llonger onger tenure tenure are arre really reallly left left to to while rrun un tthings, hings, w hile the the figurehead figurehead d at at tthe he top top runs runs iinterference nterfference and and catches catches flack which higher fl acck ((for for w hich tthey hey eearn arrn ttheir heir h igher ssalary allarry and an nd nice nice rretirement). etirement). BLAIR B LAIR W WHITNEY HITNEY | SSAN AN JJOSE OS E


M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


Politics Isn’t Pretty Anybody who’s met AARON RESENDEZ can attest to his sincerity and old-school charm. The longtime community leader bleeds compassion the East Side. During his doomed run in June for a District 5 council seat, he visited competitor MAGDALENA CARRASCO’s father, who was ill and in the hospital, to offer support. That may be why Resendez is still frothing about that public upbraiding by RYAN FORD in front of the City Hall rotunda back in May. Resendez, who recently pulled papers to run for Alum Rock School Board in the fall, spoke at last week’s packed Rules Committee meeting. He was there to, once again, rebuke Ford—councilmember NORA CAMPOS’ Chief of Staff—for calling him “unethical” on May 21. Ford got his knickers in a knot over a Resendez campaign mailer that mentioned Resendez’s 2002 award from Campos’ office. Ford viewed that as a cheap political trick, since Resendez was running against Xavier Campos, Nora’s bro. Following a City Hall press conference, Ford got in Resendez’s face, then stormed off after a digital camera wielder Don’t moved in to record the forget fireworks. (It has since to tip! been uploaded to YouTube: Shortly FLY@ thereafter, Resendez METRONEWS. sent out an open letter COM demanding a public apology from Campos for “Mr. Ford’s insulting and disrespectful behavior.” He has yet to get one That’s why Resendez decided to escalate the matter to the city council. (Or could it be to drum up publicity for his upcoming school district run? Nah.) Ford, who has tried to stay quiet on the subject, stated on the record at last Wednesday’s meeting that he was just defending his boss and swore that he has always conducted himself with “professionalism and respect toward others.” After they spoke, Mayor CHUCK REED said he wasn’t aware there was a video of the Ford/Resendez contretemps. He asked City Attorney RICHARD DOYLE to call up the video and refer the matter to Campos’ office, then report back to the mayor on what, if anything, was being done.

Felipe Buitrago



The Great Green Grid GFN<IF9J<JJ<;;feMfe;fc\e#n_filejk_\@ek\cc`>i`[gifa\Zk`eGXcf8ckf]fik_\k_\<c\Zki`ZGfn\iI\j\XZ_ @ejk`klk\#[`jgcXpjXXjdXikd\k\i#X[ldYd\k\i#Xe[XcXdgYl`ckYp_`j[X[#n_fnXjXcjfXe\c\Zki`ZXc\e^`e\\i%

8jdXik^i`[k_Xkc\kjZfejld\ij Xe[lk`c`k`\jÓe\$kle\\e\i^plj\ dXpÓeXccpYpi\X[pkfcXleZ_% 9p MIKE MARTIN


?<<C<:KI@:gfn\i ^i`[_XjeÊkZ_Xe^\[ `ek_\cXjk(''p\Xij% @kÊj[\j`^e\[kfdfm\ \c\Zki`Z`kp`efe\[`i\Zk`feÆ ]ifddfjkcp]fjj`c$]l\c\[ ^\e\iXk`fegcXekjkf lj\ijÆXe[dXb\jfecp c`d`k\[lj\f]XlkfdXk`fe Xe[`e]fidXk`fek\Z_efcf^p% 8e[`kZXeÊkZfcc\Zkgfn\i Zfejldgk`fe`e]fidXk`fe`e i\Xck`d\% The smart grid would change that

dynamic with a two-way flow of both electricity and information. It would also open the door for renewable energy sources like wind and solar to get connected and start to reduce the national dependence on coal, oil and gas. Many homes and businesses in Silicon Valley and beyond already feature solar panels and even wind turbines that add electricity to the grid. But the current system of transmission lines isn’t able to determine how much renewable energy will be available at a given time—after all, solar power and wind power are both subject to fluctuation—so utilities produce the same amount of electricity regardless. And, in general, they have

to overcompensate. In order to match electricity supply with demand, utilities decide on a peak level of demand and then match it. Demand changes at every moment as individual devices turn on and off. Power generators are intermittent, too. Lots of coal-fired, gas-fired and nuclear power plants have unexpected shutdowns. Utilities have had to adapt to sudden changes in demand and supply since the current grid was built in the late 1800s. The only difference now is that they have a lot more clean and efficient renewable energy generators at their disposal—but not the technology to use them.

Enter the Smart Grid A smart grid—the electric grid gone digital—would allow power plants to respond, in real time, to power needs. The “real time” aspect is important. It means consumers will be able to decide



M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y




8 “Part “Parrt of of what what makes makes the the smart smarrt grid grid ‘smart’ ‘smarrt’ is is its its ability ability to to know know a lot lot about about the the energy-consuming energy-consuming devices devices in in our our homes, homes,” says says Susan Susan Lyon, Lyon, a privacy privaccy and and security security attorney attorney at at law law firm firm Perkins Perkins Coie Coie in in Seattle. Seattle. “Home “Home energy energy consumption consumption patterns patterns could could be be gathered gathered and and analyzed analyzed on on a roomroomby-room by-room and and device-by-device device-by-device basis. basis. Although Although this this sort sort of of information information may may not not be be considered considered terribly terribly invasive invasive for for some, some, for for others others anything an nything that that violates violates the the sanctity sanctity of of ‘home’ ‘home’ may may cause cause tremendous tremendous concern. concern.”

Who W ho P Pays? ays? IIn n yyears ears tto o ccome, ome, u utilities tilities aand nd ttheir heir ccustomers ustomers w ill rrecoup ecoup tthe he ssmart mart will ggrid’s rid’s sstartup tarrtup ccosts osts tthrough hrough iimproved mproved rreliability eliab bility aand nd eefficiency. fficiency. B ut tthere’s here’s sstill till But aq uestion o ho p ays n ow. P oliticall question off w who pays now. Political cconsiderations onsiderations aare re llikely ikely tto oh amper hamper eefforts ffo ff orts tto om ake cconsumers onsumers p ay ffor or tthe he make pay n ew ggrid rid aahead head o ime. new off ttime. B lacckouts ar re b ecoming m ore Blackouts are becoming more ffrequent requent aand nd aare re p redicted tto o iincrease, ncrease, predicted b ringing p lant sshutdowns, hutdowns, ffood ood bringing plant sspoilage, poilagge, ttraffic raffic llight ight ffailures ailures aand nd o ther other d angerous p roblems. W hen p ower dangerous problems. When power ffails, ails, b ig d ollarrs ar re llost: ost: $ 20 ttrillion rillion iin n big dollars are $20 d elayed ttrades rad des d uring a 2 000 blackout blackout delayed during 2000 iin nC hicaggo, $6 $6 b illion llost ost d uring tthe he Chicago, billion during 2 003 b lackout in in tthe he N ortheast. 2003 blackout Northeast. R eporting tthat hat o ur ccurrent urrent Reporting our ttransmission ran nsmission ssystem ystem iiss w oefully woefully u nderfunded—only 6 68 aadditional dditional underfunded—only 668 m iles o nterstate ttransmission ransmission h ave miles off iinterstate have b een b uilt ssince ince 2 000—the U .S. been built 2000—the U.S. D eparrtment o nergy ((DOE) DOE) rreports eports Department off E Energy tthat hat d eman nd ffor or eelectricity lectricity iiss eexpected xpected demand tto od ouble b 050, w hile tthe he ccost ost o double byy 2 2050, while off rraw aw m aterial als n eeded tto oo perate tthe he materials needed operate ggrid rid h as ttripled ripled ssince ince 2 006. has 2006. A nd tthrough hrough iits ts O ffice o lectricity And Office off E Electricity D elivery an nd E nergy R eliab bility, tthe he Delivery and Energy Reliability, D OE ccreated reated tthe he n ew S mart G rid DOE new Smart Grid T ask F orce. The The N ational IInstitute nstitute o Task Force. National off S tandarrds and and T an echnology ((NIST), NIST), Standards Technology m ean nwhile, iiss d eveloping ssmart marrt ggrid rid meanwhile, developing sstandards tandards tthrough hrough an no rganization organization ccalled alled tthe he S marrt G rid IInteroperability nteroperab bility Smart Grid P anel. Panel. V on D olen an nd IIntelliGrid ntelliGrid Von Dolen and aare re w orking w ith N IST tto o working with NIST d evelop sstandards tandarrds tthat hat w ill al llow develop will allow ccommunication ommunication b etween p ower between power ggenerators enerators aand nd aappliances. ppliances. ““We We n eed need tto ob ble tto o ssend end o ne ssignal ignal tthat hat b oth bee ab able one both M aytagg aand nd Whirlpool Whirlpool aappliances pplian nces w ill Maytag will b ble tto o gget, et,” h ays. bee ab able hee ssays.

““We We h ave eengaged ngaged h undreds have hundreds o rgan nizations an nd o ver 11,500 ,500 off o organizations and over iindividuals ndividuals tto od evelop a fframework, ram mework,” develop ssays ays G eorge A rnold, tthe he p anel George Arnold, panel ccoordinator. oordinator. ““Ultimately, Ultimately, h undreds hundreds o tan ndards w ill b eeded.” B ut off sstandards will bee n needed. But ggovernment overnment ag gencies aand nd p ower p lan nts agencies power plants al lone ccan’t an’t m ak ke tthe he ggrid rid ssmarter. marter. alone make ““Once Once p ower iiss iin n tthe he b uilding, iit’s t’s power building, tthe he p eople iinside nside w ho m ust u se iitt people who must use eefficiently. fficiently.” T his sshould hould h ap ppen, iin np art, aass This happen, part, ccustomers ustomers ar re ab ble tto ob etter m onitor are able better monitor w hen eelectricity lectricity iiss m ore o ess when more orr lless eexpensive xpensive tthroughout hroughout tthe he d ay, aand nd day, al lter ttheir heir u se aaccordingly, ccordingly, b ut ““this this alter use but iinformation nformation aalone lone ccannot an nnot aand nd w ill will n ot rreduce educe eenergy nergy cconsumption onsumption o not orr ccosts, osts,” ssays ays eengineer ngineer aand nd ssmart marrt ggrid rid eexpert xpert Michael Michaeel C. C. English. English. Even Even with with tthe he aadded dded iincentive ncentive o aving m oney, off ssaving money, p eople m ay p rove rreluctant eluctan nt tto o cchange han nge people may prove ttheir heir h ab bits—i.e., iin nd eciding w hen habits—i.e., deciding when tto ow ash cclothes lothes o ishes o un tthe he wash orr d dishes orr rrun aair ir cconditioner. onditioner. A p ublic eeducation ducation public ccampaign am mpaign w ill aalmost lmost ccertainly ertainly n eed tto o will need b art o mart ggrid rid rrollout. ollout. bee p part off a ssmart

The T he B Big ig Smart Smart Picture Picture Von V on Dolen Dolen believes believes the the smart smarrt ggrid rid iiss as as inevitable inevitable as as it it is is necessary—and necessary—and points p oints to to the the 2007 2007 energy energy bill, bill, which which mandated m andated a commitment commitment to to smart smarrt ggrid rid technology, technologgy, as as well well ass the the $4.3 $4.3 billion b illion for for smart smart grids grids included included American and iin n the the A merican n Recovery Recovery an nd Reinvestment Act. R einvestment A ct. Arnold points A rnold p oints out out tthat hat tthe he U.S. U.S. lleads eads tthe he world world iin n ssmart marrt ggrid rid development— development— particularly when p articularly w hen iitt comes comes tto o But, hee aadds, eestablishing stablishing sstandards. tandarrds. B ut, h dds, has already ““Italy Italy h ass al lread dy fully fully deployed deployed ssmart mart meters, nations are moving m eters, and an nd other other n ations ar re m oving rrapidly. ap pidly. China, China, for for example, example, iiss making making huge using h uge investments investments in in transmission transmission u sing advanced ad dvanced technologies. technologies.” Next-door N ext-door neighbor neighbor Canada Canad da has has as U.S. jjumped umped aahead head of of the the U .S. ““in in tterms erms of of and tthe he deployment deployment of of smart smart meters meters an nd Robb ccustomer ustomer ttechnologies, echnologies,” R obb adds. adds. Sweden S weden and an nd Denmark Denmark have have made mad de advances, U.K., iimportant mportan nt ad dvances, and and in in the the U .K., mandates ““there there aare re sstrong trong m an ndates to to have have a meter home 2020, ssmart mart m eter in in each eacch h ome by by 2 020,” hee ssays. h ays. But don’t B ut d on’t expect expect a coordinated coordinated worldwide happen w orldwide smart smarrt grid grid tto oh appen overnight. o vernight. IInstead, nstead d, experts experts ssay, ay, the the ssmart mart ggrid rid will will ccome ome online online iin n ssmall mall bursts, one b ursts, o ne ccity ity aatt a time. time.

M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

ahead o ahead off ttime ime w what hat tthey hey are arre willing willing to to pay. washing p ay. Run Run a w ashing machine machine at at night, night, ffor or instance, instance, and an nd pay pay a cheaper cheaper rate. rate. Tell utility T ell tthe he u tility ccompany ompany to to diminish diminish orr eeven during peak o ven shut shut down down sservice ervice d uring p eak usage u sage times, times, aand nd reduce reduce your your rrate ate eeven ven ffurther. urther. Adding A dding cconsumer onsumer ccontrol ontrol rrepresents epresents paradigm Rather a big big p aradigm sshift. hift. R ather than than power one-way ““broadcasting” broad dcassting” p ower down down o ne-way ttransmission ran nsmission llines, ines, tthe he ssmart mart grid grid promises p romises tthe he ssame ame iinteractivity nteracctivity tthat hat over ttransformed ran nsformed communication communication o ver the the IInternet. nternet. On On a digital digital network network of of power power llines, ines, transformers, tran nsformers, turbines, turbines, homes, homes, businesses b usinesses and and even even aautomobiles, utomobiles, eenergy nergy will will be be a two-way two-way street. street. Although A lthough tthe he United United States States lags lags behind b ehind Europe Europe and and Canada Canad da in in ssmart mart Electric ggrid rid iimplementation, mplementation, tthe he E lectric Power P ower Research Researrch Institute’s Institute’s IIntelliGrid ntelliGrid program p rogram m finds finds U.S. U.S. utilities utilities well well positioned p ositioned tto o assume assume the the lead lead d in in smart smart Based Alto, ggrid rid ttechnology. echnology. B ased iin n Palo Pallo A lto, demonstration IIntelliGrid ntelliGrid is is launching launching d emonstration projects over p rojects all all o ver the the country. country. Don Von Dolen, director D on V on D olen, d irector of of tthe he hee aand his IIntelliGrid ntelliGrid program, program, says says h nd h is are on ccolleagues olleaggues ar re focussing focussing o n ““demand demand rresponse”—integrating esponse”—integrating consumers consumers power aand/or nd/or ttheir heir appliances appliances with with tthe he p ower Electric Power ggeneration eneration process. process. The The E lectric P ower Research R esearrch Institute’s Institute’s ((EPRI) EPRI) ultimate ultimate ggoal oall iiss ggetting etting tthe he nation nation off off fossil fossil fuels. fuels. ““One One of of the the key key things things iin n looking looking at at tthe he ssmart marrt ggrid rid iiss rrenewable enewable ggeneration, eneration,” Von V on Dolen Dolen ssays. ays. “One “One of of tthe he challenges challenges with wind w ith w ind and and solar solar power power iiss wind iintermittancy—when ntermittancy—when tthe he w ind sstops tops blowing, down. b lowing, your your power power sshuts huts d own. need ““We We n eed a system system that that aallows llows us us tto o ssend end a ssignal ignall tto o cconsumers—or onsumers—or tto o ssmart marrt appliances—so ap ppliances—so we we can can n shed shed load load iin n a way way tthat hat iiss not not aan n inconvenience inconvenience people. tto op eople.” But off using B ut the the dream dream o using cell cell phones p hones and and smart smart meters meters tto o rreduce educe off. off eenergy nergy use use is is still still a ways ways o ff. Plenty ff Plenty o obstacles iinfrastructure nfrastructure and an nd iinvestment nvestment o bstacles rremain. emain. “The “The infrastructure infrasstructure cchallenges halllenges Ezcurra, CEO aare re enormous, enormous,” says says Gus Gus E zcurra, C EO Diego–based aand nd president president of of San San D iego–based Advanced A dvan nced Telemetry, Telemetry, a smart smarrt grid grid provider. ttechnology echnology p rovider. “Smart “Smarrt ggrid rid bee a d decades-long iimplementation mplementation will will b ecades-long eendeavor. ndeavor.” Other O ther cconcerns—chief oncerns—chief among am mong tthem, hem, new n ew questions questions about ab bout privacy privaccy aass private private utilities digital aand nd public public u tilities extend extend ttheir heir d igitall fingers homes—pose fi ngers into into individual individuall h omes—pose hurdles. aadditional dditional h urdles.

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sv Facebook Takes Over The Internet

The report will likely be the subject of intense investigation by investors and social scientists alike. What are people looking for online today? What needs does it compensate for in real life? Figure that out and someone can make a bundle. —DANNY WOOL, SV411.COM

IT WASN’T THAT long ago that the internet served two main functions: email and porn. According to a new Nielsen survey, web surfers today tend to spend more time on Facebook and game sites than email. (Porn was not included in the survey results, probably because B@CC<I8GGK_\=XZ\Yffb^Xd`e^X]Óc`Xk\ no one will Qp^eXÆZi\Xkfif]DXÓXNXijÆ`jjeX^^`e^lg answer kf('g\iZ\ekk_\\p\YXccjfek_\@ek\ie\k# XZZfi[`e^kfXi\Z\ekjlim\p% honestly). Of course, email is still a key component of the Internet, and one of the three major activities for which it is used. But where at one time it accounted for 28 percent of the time people spent online, this has dropped to just 8 percent. Facebook accounts for 85 percent of all time spent in the social networking category, while MySpace accounts for just 5.6 percent. No one even bothered to ask about Friendster or Ning, but they can’t be doing that well, considering that the ubiquitous Twitter gets just 1.1 percent. Of course, one can only wonder if Twitter allowed people 300 characters, whether they would double their time . . . One stat stands out: social networking now accounts for 23 percent of the time people spend online. That means about 20 percent of all time spent on the Internet is actually spent on Facebook. Games are the other big time-waster online, with Electronic Arts and Blizzard Entertainment accounting for 17 and 12 percent respectively. The infamous Zynga games Mafia Wars and Farmville each get about 5 percent, largely because they are so intimately tied to Facebook.

Does Facebook Have Google’s Social Strategy Plan? Facebook “knows all about Google’s social product plans,” and has obtained copies of proprietary Google documents outlining their social strategy. So said a Facebook engineer at the TechCrunch party at August Capital on Friday to all within earshot. Google has yet to confirm that they are launching a new social network, but rumors have been flying for the last several weeks. Google is conducting focus groups to gather information about consumers’ social habits as well. If Facebook does have these proprietary documents it’s possible they obtained them from a former Google employee who switched companies. Regardless, it’s reckless to boast about it. — MICHAEL ARRINGTON, TECHCRUNCH.COM

Kristopher Windsor Note to self: never go to a TechCrunch party.

Ballmer: Microsoft Will be in Tablets Microsoft—which foresaw the tablet PC, but failed to commercialize it—has a lot to prove in the market currently dominated by Apple’s iPad, and every intention of proving it. Bringing Windows-based slates to market “is job one urgency around here,” said CEO Steve Ballmer at the company’s Financial Analyst Meeting last Thursday. “No one is asleep at the switch. . . . We have got to make things happen.” And just how does the company propose to “make things happen”? Well, that’s not entirely clear. “We’re working with our hardware partners; we’re tuning Windows 7 to work on slates,” Ballmer explained. “We’ve got the user base, we’ve got the user familiarity. We’ve got everything on our side if we do things really right.” Of course that’s often the case with Microsoft. The problem is, it doesn’t always manage to do things really right. Certainly, it didn’t manage it with Windows Vista. Or Windows Mobile. Or Zune. Or, more recently, Kin. Who’s to say this time will be any different? —JOHN PAZCHKOWSKI, DIGITALDAILY. ALLTHINGSD.COM

Crowd Sorcerer Microsoft doesn’t have confidence in Windows Phone 7, which is why Ballmer won’t put it in a slate.

miguel Arrogant employees + alcohol = someone’s getting fired! Liz Between this and the lost/ stolen iPhone mess, I think Silicon Valley employees should drink at home! BreakingNewsBlog Have they hired a team of Russian sexy spies? :) Mark Carras I hope it is all true because this will be the most awesome battle between two titans we have seen in the tech world in awhile. I’m cooking up some popcorn.

EFK?@E>9LI><IJk\m\9Xccd\i `ej`jkjk_XkD`Zifjf]kn`cc_Xm\ Xgi\j\eZ\`ek_\kXYc\k^Xd\# n_`Z__\feZ\[\i`[\[Xj `ej`^e`ÓZXek%

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the best of the local web

Stevet12 I thought Steve Ballmer regarded tablets as unnecessary. Oh of course that was before Apple launched one and sold over 3 million.

Low-Tech Shatner on Twitter TV Show William Shatner confesses he has problems with the digital age. At 79 years old, he doesn’t use Twitter and can’t remember computer passwords. So what is the sci-fi icon doing in the first TV series dreamed up from a Twitter account? “It is beyond irony,” Shatner says of his role as an outspoken, politically incorrect dad in the new comedy series $#*! My Dad Says.

presented pr esented by by

August A ugust s 5 Foreverland F oreverla and

(+':?8I8:K<I8:KFIN`cc`Xd J_Xke\ij\\j`ifep`ek_\]XZkk_Xk _\`jjkXii`e^`eXj_fnYXj\[fe XgfglcXiKn`kk\i]\\[% “This show is the first show that was built on the electronic age. It is a show that stems from the culture of now,” Shatner told TV reporters gathered here for a presentation of upcoming programs on CBS. The ironies don’t end there.

Opener O pener

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Called “Shit My Dad Says,” Halpern’s Twitter feed now has some 1.4 million followers. It has produced a best-selling book.—JILL SERJEANT, WIRED.COM/EPICENTER

P laza de C esa ar Cha havez Plaza Cesar Chavez D owntown San nJ ose os Downtown Jose

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$#*! My Dad Says, which makes its CBS debut in September, is based on a Twitter feed started by struggling comedy writer Justin Halpern in 2003, which captured his own father’s salty language and forthright observations.

FREE F REE Thursday Thursda ay Concerts Con ncerts 5: 30 - 9 :15 5p .m. 5:30 9:15 p.m.

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Visit F Visit Fahrenheit’s ahrenh heit’s R Restaurant estaurant an and dL Lounge oung un e in the the P ark. S ervin ng creative creatiive sangria sa ia sangr Park. Serving ccocktails ocktails and and aaward ward winningg ccuisine uis i ine

Aug A ug 1122 Michael Michael R Rose ose – LIVE L 105 (R (Reggae) eggae) Aug A ug 119 9 Y&T Y&T – 98.5 98.5 KFOX KFOX (Classic (Classic Rock) Rock) A ug 26 Pato Pato B anton – ALICE@97.3 AL LICE@97.3 (R eggae) Aug Banton (Reggae)

A San San JJose ose D Downtown owntown A Association ssociation P Production roducction | Su Supported pported in par partt b by yaC Cultural ultural Aff Affairs airs gr grant a t fr an from om the the C City ity of S San an JJose ose | d design:tn esign:tn / | A Acts cts ssubject ubject tto o cchange hange

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14 An inside look at San Jose politics

Democrats’ Budget Plan For California’s Students


_fik\e`e^jZ_ffcp\Xij# ]licfl^_j#i\[lZ`e^k_\ eldY\ijf]Zflej\cfij Xe[c`YiXi`Xej#`eZi\Xj`e^ ZcXjjj`q\j#\c`d`eXk`e^ Xikjgif^iXdj#Zlkk`e^ kiXejgfikXk`feXe[X]k\i$ jZ_ffcjgfikjgif^iXdd`e^Æ k_\j\Xi\aljkjfd\f]k_\ Yl[^\k[\Z`j`fejk_XkjZ_ffc YfXi[jXi\dXb`e^`efi[\ikf [\m\cfgXYXcXeZ\[Yl[^\k% Unfortunately, school board members have no choice but to continue to gut public education and with it our future. These governing boards must make decisions without the luxury of knowing what in the hell the state budget will be. It’s almost August and once again the budget has not been agreed to by the deadline written into state law. Superintendent Chuck Weis asked the trustees of the County Board of Education to adopt a resolution in support of Assembly Speaker John A. Perez’s thoughtfully crafted bill, titled California Jobs Budget. Two of our local Assembly members, Jim Beall and Joe Coto, had requested County Board support. The California Jobs Budget categorically rejects the Governor’s $4.3 billion in Proposition 98 cuts and then fully funds California’s constitutionally mandated education requirement. The bill’s architecture is complicated,

and includes a quarter-cent decrease of the state sales tax, and a quarter-cent increase on local sales tax. The state reduction would be offset by a new oil severance tax. In addition, one- time revenue would be raised through securitization of Beverage Recycling Fees to the Beverage Recycling Fund. Most of this plan does not require a two-thirds vote because it is revenue neutral. I was very disappointed in the board’s disagreement on this issue. After considerable discussion, we could not agree with unanimity about something so vital to California’s future. I along with Member Beauchman and President Song voted to support the California Jobs Budget Resolution. Member Craig Mann was absent. Members Grace Mah, Jane Howard and T.N. Ho voted to abstain due to the partisan nature of the proposal. This California Jobs Budget is being put forward by the Democratic-controlled Assembly. If there is a Republican proposal to save school jobs and provide full Proposition 98 funding for schools, as is constitutionally required, that is revenue neutral, let’s see it. I don’t believe there is one that can gain the majority vote in both of our state houses. Children can longer be held captive by partisanship; rather we must come to a negotiated compromise on how to move forward for public education in these bleak economic times. We must act and now is the time. —Joseph Di Salvo

Doofinator9ZbdXgVih]VkZdcanildcVbZh[dgVcncZlW^aai]ZnegdedhZ# >iÉhZ^i]Zg/6#i]ZÆ?dWhÇW^aa!dg7#i]ZÆ[dgi]Z8]^aYgZcÇW^aa# Kevin O’Keeffe;gVcXZVcY<ZgbVcnheZcYaZhheZgeje^ai]VclZYd!VcY VX]^ZkZWZiiZggZhjaih#

DavidLZXVcÉiXdci^cjZid]VkZXjih"dcanWjY\Zih^cHVXgVbZcid#>iÉhcdi _jhiVWdjihX]ddah!WjiVWdjiX^i^ZhVcYXdjci^Zhidd#


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If you cannot access Open University information and forms online, pick up a FREE Open University registration information booklet at SJSU’s Spartan Bookstore or contact International and Extended Studies.

View courses online at Fall classes start Wednesday, August 25

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At some point it's about more than push-ups, honor and bravery.

Notre Dame de Namur University’s Human Services program gives tomorrow’s civic heroes a leg up. With personal attention, evening classes for working adults, and a convenient location at Mission College, Notre Dame provides the most important service of all – empowering individuals through education.

Classes begin September 8th, 2010. Visit us at or contact Barbara Caulley at

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Remembering Jim C<8G<IF==8@K? C < 8 G<IF==8 @K?A`dEpjk\[jkXik\[Én`k_efk_`e^Xe[dXeX^\[kf_fc[fekf_Xc]f]`k%Ê A` Epjk\[ A`d E k [ jkXik\[ k k [ Én Én`k_ `k_ efk_`e^ k_` Xe[ [ dXeX^\[ [ kf k _fc[ _ c[ fe kf k _Xc] _ c] f] ] `k%Ê `k Ê

:_\jj^\e`lj#ZXiZfcc\ZkfiXe[  :_ _\jj ^\e`ljj##ZXiiZfcc\ZkfiXe[ ^X[ÔpA`dEpjk\[gifm\[k_Xkk_\ ^X[Ôp pA`d Epjk\[ giifm\[k_Xkk_\ `dX^`eXk`feZflc[Y\dX[\i\Xc `d dX^`eXk`fe Zflc[ Y\dX[\i\X Xc 9p 9 pG GARY A RY SSINGH INGH


?IF ?IFL>?FLK`kj FL>?FLK `kj cfe^YXi$jkl[[\[ cfe e^YXi$jkl[[\[ _`jkfip#[fnekfne _`j kfip p## [fnekfne JXeAfj\e\m\i JXe e Afj\ e\m\i \og\i`\eZ\[XdXe#dpk_fi \og\i`\eZ\ \[XdXe# dpk_fi c\^\e[hl`k\XjgifmfZXk`m\# c\^\e[ hl``k\ Xj gifmfZXk`m\# dlck`[`d\ej`feXcXe[ dlck`[`d\ \ej`feXcXe[ \ek\ikX`e`e^XjAXd\jDXik`e \ek\ikX`e` e^ Xj AXd\j DXik`e Epjk\[#n_fgXjj\[XnXpfe E pjk\[# n_ _fgXjj\[ XnXpfe Alcp))Xkk_\X^\f]-0% Alcp )) Xk k_\ k X^\f] -0% He was was an independently independently wealthy wealthy Vietnam V iietnam vveteran, eteeran, mathematician, U.S. Grandmaster, U .S. Chess Gr randmaster, used-car used- car gadfly, ccollector, ollector, gad dflyy, cconspiracy onspiracy theorist, prolific pr olific writer, writeer, pianist,, disputed

Lutheran, ar Lutheran, art-class t- class mo model, del, choir singer, si i inger , homeless h l and d mental-heath mental-heat l h th h advocate ad dvocate and drinking buddy ffor or o anyone him.. an nyone who would listen to him wasn’t When he w asn’t checking in VA Hospital Palo Alto,, att the V A Hospit al in P alo Alto practicing Beethoven’s Moonlight p racticing Beetho ven’s Mo onlight Sonata So onata in the Music Building at SJSU purchasing moree SJ JSU or pur chasing yyet et one mor from Armyy u used ccar ar fr om the Salvation Arm on Taylor home me o nT ayylor Street, Street, he ffound o ound his ho watering in n the various w atering holes of the t neighborhood, looking n neighb orhood, often just lo okingg ffor o or other creative with. o ther cr eative minds to chat with h. was H w He as known ffor o or rreciting eciting Edgarr Poe’s Raven,” byy mem memory, A Allan P oe’s “The Ra aven,”” b mory, in n its entirety. entirety. Conversing C on nversing and drinking with was JJim i w im as sometimes just like like stream-of-consciousness rreading e eading his str eam- off- consciousneess

manuscripts,, which he manuscripts h often entiree handed to eeveryone veryone in n the entir bar.. Fant Fantasy blurred bar asy blurr ed with w rreality eality poetic fashion. in the most p oetic fas shion. Wee sp spent days, perhaps erhap W ent da ayys, p ps yyears, ears, philosophizing,, ar arguing, philosophizing guin ng, conspiring, conspiring, pontificating, p ontificating, ccomplaining, omplaining, lecturing, lecturing, psychoanalyzing ps ychoanalyzing and diagnosing other.. with each other Wee d laughed W drank k and d llaug ghed h d for for o hours h on end, often holdingg court court right Gordon inside the gate at Gor rdon Biersch Fernando Street, thoroughly on San F ernando Str e , thor eet, oughly perplexing moree civilized p erplexing the mor c ffolks o olks way Several who ambled their w ay in. Se ay veral of provided source those cconversations onversations pr p ovided sour ce used material ffor or ideas I us o sed in my my own writings,, this ccolumn especially. writings olumn esp eciallyy. JJim im was was also also a chess chess grandmaster grandmaster aand nd although although not not completely completely iinvincible, nvincible, he he could could usually usually destroy destroy who him. aanyone nyone w ho aattempted ttempted to to play play h im. Att the old Katie Bloom’s South A the o ld K atie B loom’s on on S outh First Street, bartender would F irst S treet, tthe he b artender w ould sset et up u p a chessboard chessboarrd on on the the bar, bar, and and tthe he matches would m atches w ould continue continue into into tthe he night. Even when out off n ight. E ven w hen hammered hammered o ut o his mind, most h is m ind, Jim Jim could could still still beat beat m ost

people. Hee aadored King’s Gambit, p eople. H dored tthe he K ing’s G ambit, hee lloathed queenside, and h oathed ccastling astling q ueenside, an nd hee w would on night h ould ccarry arry o n aall ll n ight aabout bout Ruy Lopez opening. Att tthe tthe he R uy L opez o pening. A he ssame ame hee w was deeply war ttime, ime, tthough, hough, h as d eeply aatt w ar with himself over having w ith h imself o ver h aving llost ost tthe he ““killer killer iinstinct” nstinct” ffor or tthe he ggame. am me. Over Ov er ccountless o ountless drinking sessions, sessions, elaborated JJim im elab orrated that the killer instinct at chess is what furnished him with passageway a passage way to a different diff ffeerent reality. reality. is,, hee ccould That is ould do things on the chessboard chessb oard that he ccouldn’t ouldn’tt do in life. For was rreal eal lif fe. F o him,, this w or as ttangible angible proof pr oof thatt imagination could could be be made real. reall. Over SJSU,, Jim Ov er at SJSU Jim deliberately deliberately seeped into circle people seep ed int to every every cir cle of p eople imaginable. was imaginabl le. He w as one of those ’60s characterss from from the ’6 0s who just never managed ne ver man naged to escape escape the sphere sphere of the ccampus am mpus ccommunity. ommunity. (There (There aree man manyy others—the others—theyy either wound ar mental up in men ntal institutions or simply became SJSU employees decades.) b ecame SJ JSU emplo yees ffor or dec o ades.) But not was B ut JJim, im, aatt lleast east n ot rrecently, ecently, w as never one n ever o ne ffor or ttraditional rad ditionall cconcepts oncepts llike ike Hee h had his pile—however ““work. work.” H ad h is p ile—however much, hee w would never m uch, h ould n ever ttell—and ell—and his used iinstead nstead sspent pent h is ttime ime ccollecting ollecting u sed parking all over downtown ccars, ars, p arrking tthem hem al ll o ver d owntown and police an nd ssubsequently ubsequently iirritating rritating p olice officers and meter maids o fficers an nd m eter m aids tthroughout hroughout His most was tthe he lland. and. H is m ost ffamous aam mous lline ine w as with nothing ““II sstarted tarted w ith n othing iin n llife ife aand nd managed hold on half off iit. m anagged tto oh old o n tto oh alf o t.” Theree iss no summar summary. Ther y. JJim im was was a man who couldn’t couldn’t be be rreduced educed to any any essential theoryy or practic practice. tial theor e. He one essent was totally postmodern, w as tot allyy p ostmodern, or perhaps perhaps moree sp specifically, mor eccificallyy, poststructuralist. poststructuralist. Theree wer were structures Ther re multiple structur es thought of though ht in his brain, each one navigating trajectory, na avigating v g its own trajector y, but somehow,, wer weree still all of which, whicch, somehow You cconnected. onnected d Y d. o ou ccan an ttake ake any any term from Deleuze Guattari’s fr om Dele euze and Guat tari’s A Plateaus Thousand Plat P teaus e and apply it to Easily. JJim. im. Easily y. He was was a glorious weed between b etween the t cracks of downtown life. San JJose ose public p lif fe. “Theree ar aree ttwo worth “Ther wo things wor th mentioning,” oncee told me me.. “One mentionin ng,” he onc is that thee imagination can can be be made thee chessb chessboard. rreal eal on th oard. The other is life. both that chess is lif fe. When b oth of these aree gone gone,, then quit.” ar tth it’s it’s time ti to t quit. it ”

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M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


All Fired Up J`c`ZfeMXcc\pÊjZfdg\k`k`m\YXiY\Zl\jkXij kliekf_`^_$k\Z_k\Z_e`hl\jkfklieflk kfg$efkZ_ki`$k`g9p STETT HOLBROOK


?<NFF;JDFB< Xe[XifdXf]j`qqc`e^ d\XknX]k`e^]ifd I`Z>`cY\ikÊjYXZbpXi[ jd\ccc`b\k_fj\]ifdXep fk_\ijlYliYXe_fd\feX cXqpn\\b\e[X]k\ieffe%9lk >`cY\ik`jeffi[`eXipYli^\i Ô`gg\i% Jk\gg`e^`ekf_`jJXeAfj\ YXZbpXi[`jc`b\\ek\i`e^Xe

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Kfgi\gXi\]fiXelgZfd`e^ YXiY\Zl\Zfek\jk#>`cY\ikXe[ k\Xdd\dY\i9\eCfY\ejk\`e \i\Zk\[Xn_`k\ZXefgp`e _`jYXZbpXi[le[\in_`Z_ kfgiXZk`Z\k_\`ijb`ccjfe k_\^i`cc%FidXb\k_Xk^i`ccj% >`cY\ik_XjXkfkXcf](' YXiY\Zl\jjZXkk\i\[Xifle[ _`jYXZbpXi[%?\jkXik\[flk feXZcXjj`ZN\Y\i%


19 M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


BARBECUE 18 He went on to a Weber “bullet,” a blunt, torpedo-shaped device that’s better suited to smoking. (Barbecuing, by the way, is slowcooking meat with indirect heat and smoke; grilling is cooking quickly and directly over a hot fire). He graduated to more sophisticated smokers and ultimately built his own rig, a trailer-mounted, smoke-blackened behemoth he affectionately calls “Sarah.” It’s named after Sarah Winchester because, like the legendary matron of the Winchester Mystery House, he just kept adding and adding new sections and features to the iron-clad, fire-breathing contraption.

@]XN\Y\iÊj k_\MNYl^f] YXiY\Zl\j#k_\ 9`^>i\\e<^^ `jXDXj\iXk`% FiXK\jcX% But lately, Gilbert has developed a fondness for a stout, ceramic-walled barbecue called the Big Green Egg. If a Weber’s the VW bug of barbecues, the Big Green Egg is a Maserati. Or a Tesla. It’s so fuel-efficient and burns so slowly and evenly that he rarely has to add additional lumps of charcoal. They sell for about $1,000, and in spite of their simple, 1,000-year-old Chinese design, they are high-performance barbecuing machines. He owns three of them. For Gilbert, barbecue isn’t just a way to cook meat. It’s a way of life “It’s an obsession,” he says. “It’s a way of going over the top. It just sung to me. There’s something really primal about it.”

Smoke Signals This being Silicon Valley, Gilbert, a 58-year-man with a mustache and hair pulled back into a ponytail, has married the low-tech smoker with some very new technology. After

losing a mystery-meat competition in which contestants had to cook kangaroo meat, Gilbert makes sure he has an Internet connection at contests to make sure he can Google any technical questions that evade him. “We’re all wired up now,” he says. He also uses a device called the Stoker, a power draft system developed by Rock’s Bar-B-Que in Newark. The device automatically kicks on a fan to stoke the fire when the temperature falls below a pre-set temperature. The device has an Ethernet connection that transmits messages about temperature via Twitter. It’s even possible to control the device remotely from a computer or a smart phone, but Gilbert isn’t the kind of guy to monitor his meat from afar. He is hands-on. Today, his hands are on a slab of pork ribs that he has just pulled off the grill. In his estimation, the ribs were substandard. Too dry. While his style of cooking varies depending on where in the United States he is competing or who the judges are, there are certain standards set by the Kansas City Barbecue Society (KCBS) that he’s always shooting for. KCBS sanctions and judges BBQ competitions across the United States and promotes barbecue as America’s national cuisine. It’s the largest society of barbecue enthusiasts in the world. By KCBS standards, when you bite a rib it should leave a clean bite mark, but the meat should not fall off the bone. Meat that falls off the bone is overcooked. Instead, the meat should be offer slight resistance as it pulls away. “We’ve been known to cook 10 racks of ribs in order to serve six good ones,” Gilbert says. For me, the ribs were outstanding even if they were a shade too dry. The meat was succulent, juicy and carried a beautiful glaze from Gilbert’s delicious homemade tangysweet barbecue sauce. In competition, competitors cook to a different standard. Judges evaluate barbecue on the basis of texture, flavor and presentation. All KCBS-certified judges must swear an oath before they are allowed to pass judgment:




                  !!     "             #  $ # #  #

 "  %





&!!' ( )  * '+ (  , ) '  %   %

M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M









M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


Bring Your Fashion SAN JOSE: 1959 w. san carlos 408.292.6100 SAN JOSE: blossom hill rd. 408.269.1000 SANTA CRUZ: 811 pacific av. 831.458.0555

23 M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

Felipe Buitrago



“I do solemnly swear to objectively and subjectively evaluate each Barbeque meat that is presented to my eyes, my nose, my hands and my palate. I accept my duty to be an Official KCBS Certified Judge, so that truth, justice, excellence in Barbeque and the American Way of Life may be strengthened and preserved forever.” But because judges sample so much barbecue in a contest, he or she may only take one or two bites of each contestant’s entry before moving on to the next competitor. That means competitive ’cuers like Gilbert have to get everything right in just one bite, and therefore their meats are intensely flavored, more hyperdelicious that what you would find in a barbecue restaurant. “You want to cook something that’s going to dance on the judge’s tongue,” Gilbert explains.

Fire in the Belly For Gilbert, the secret to great barbecue is threefold: fire control,

using good meat and having a pleasing “signature,” the spices and marinades that make the product your own. But he also says barbecuing at this level where competitors compete for sometimes thousands of dollars against dozens of other teams and spend almost 24 hours tending their fires right up until the judging is an intensely mental game, too. Those not fit for the rigors of competition get burned. “When most people think of barbecue they think of beer-guzzling bubbas in the backyard with a Weber,” he says. Technically, Gilbert did have beer on hand in his backyard among the relics of old Webers, but I would not call him a bubba. Gilbert, a program director of a special education school, takes a more cerebral approach to barbecue than most. He’s noticed, for example, that when people like his barbecue sauce they smack their lips and aerate their mouth as if they were tasting wine. He also looks at


M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


BARBECUE 23 the composition of judges, noting their training and their age and considers what their reference points of barbecue may be. “It’s a moving target,” he says. “What won last year might not win this year. It really is a mental game.”

The Disciple Gilbert holds an informal contest in his backyard once a year where teams can hone their craft and get extensive feedback from judges. At official contests, all competitors get is a numerical score. It was at one of these backyard scrimmages that Ryan Pang met Gilbert. If Gilbert is Silicon Valley’s barbecue guru, Ryan Pang is one his disciples. “He’s got the passion,” says Gilbert. “He’s been bitten by the bug.” Pang and his Bad S Barbecue team (the S is for Sunnyvale) are upand-comers on the barbecue scene. Pang is a loquacious, bespectacled private chef who graduated with honors from the Culinary Institute of America. Pang has also worked at Manresa, Maggiano’s, Liquid Sushi and other Silicon Valley restaurants. His food service knowhow gives him an edge in the barbecue world. Although he and his friends have been competing for less than a year, they have already collected some impressive winnings. Inspired by the TV show BBQ Pit Masters and Gilbert’s barbecue gettogethers, he and his buddies decided to go pro and compete. “We just kind of ran with it from there,” he says. Like many barbecuers, it took a while for Pang and his crew to settle on the right equipment. They started with a Brinkman barbecue, a simple, entry-level unit. “It’s the cheapest smoker you can buy,” he says. “It’s like a tin can.” They learned the intricacies of smoke and fire control and soon needed to upgrade. After trying out different smokers, they decided to build their own. Making heavy use of Craigslist, they cobbled together a smoker made from a 1940s General Electric refrigerator, an old water heater, an insert fireplace and a discarded steel bed frame for a fire grate. “Even if we’re not winning we’re

going to have a great conversation piece,” he says The pieced-together Frankenstein contraption is really quite a beauty, and it makes some great barbecue. (Check out the team’s website at for photos). Pang and team received two “grand champion” awards at contests in Redding and San Jose and third place at the Alameda County Fair for ribs and chicken.

DXb`e^ _\Xmplj\ f]:iX`^jc`jk# k_\pZfYYc\[ kf^\k_\iX jdfb\idX[\ ]ifdX(0+'j >\e\iXc<c\Zki`Z i\]i`^\iXkfi# Xefc[nXk\i _\Xk\i#Xe `ej\ikÓi\gcXZ\ Xe[X[`jZXi[\[ jk\\cY\[ ]iXd\]fiX Ói\^iXk\% “What we’ve done far surpasses any expectations of what we’d do,” he says. The team has also picked up sponsorships from Mary’s Organic Chicken and Lazzari charcoal. The highest praise came from Gilbert who told Pang he had “refrigerator envy” upon seeing their rig. “He’s sort of like our idol,” says Pang. In spite of their success they got skunked at a contest held in Campbell last month in conjunction with the Big Bands and Barbecue festival. Pang and more than a dozen


25 M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M


Mfk\]fipfli]Xmfi`k\i\jkXliXekj#jgXj#ZclYjfii\kX`cjkfi\jGcljdXep dfi\ZXk\^fi`\j%;\X[c`e\]fiZXjk`e^pflimfk\`jJ\gk\dY\i/% N`ee\ijn`ccY\XeefleZ\[`eD\kifÊjJ\gk\dY\i))`jjl\%

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


Factory showroom now open!

1931A Old Middlefield Way

Mountain View 94043

Weekdays 10 to 5

or by appointment


27 M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

Felipe Buitrago



other teams were bested by the Lord of the Ribs, a barbecue team made up of four brothers. They got second place in the chicken category, but Pang was disappointed with their results. Since the event was not a KCBS-sanctioned event, Pang spent a lot of his energies helping the organizers put the event together, maybe at the expense of his barbecue. I tried his tri-tip and it tasted just fine to me, well crusted and flavorful on the outside and juicy tender inside. For the “open category” in which contestants can submit anything of their choosing, Pang rolled sliced tri-tip with horseradish cream, crispy onions and pickled red onions on top. Tasted like a winner to me. The event had the feel of giant tailgate party. In between tending the fires and checking their meat, teams lolled about in lawn chairs drinking bottled water and beer while trying to stay cool. There’s a lot of camaraderie among the teams, too. Pang picked up the meat for all his adversaries and even sold them some wood. In the end, San Jose’s Lord of the Ribs received its first-ever grand champion award to top them all, an honor given to the team with the top scores over all categories.

“It was awesome,” says team leader Ellias Van Ekelenburg. The team uses a pellet-fed smoker that some barbecuers look down upon because of its ease of use. Barbecuers who use pellet smokers are called “pellet heads.” But Van Ekelenburg and his fellow pellet heads won the day. Each brother on the team has his specialty. Van Ekelenburg’s is barbecued chicken, a dish that takes him two hours to prepare, not counting the cooking time. “It just looks amazing. A lot of judges will eat with their eyes. It starts from there.” For his part, Pang has a few more events he and his team are planning to compete in this summer. Next year, he is planning to step up into the big leagues and compete in higher-profile contests with bigger cash prizes. “We’re just trying to cover our costs,” Pang says. “We’re not trying to turn a profit.” But for the full-time professional chef turned part-time professional barbecuer, the thrill of the grill fulfills a higher calling. “The biggest thing about food for me is satisfying other people,” he says. “It’s what I want to do . . . and when I do it I want to do it right.”

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


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Thai Memories

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P ;8; _X[ kf ^`m\ lg P;8;_X[kf^`m\lg X ]\n k_`e^jn_\e X]\nk_`e^jn_\e _ \ dfm\[]ifd _\dfm\[]ifd 9 Xe^bfb kf 9Xijkfn 9Xe^bfbkf9Xijkfn X kk_\X^\f]()%Jfd\n\i\ Xkk_\X^\f]()%Jfd\n\i\ Y \XiXYc\jXZi`ÓZ\j#c`b\^`m`e^ ^ Y\XiXYc\jXZi`ÓZ\j#c`b\^`m`e^ lgk_\b`e[f]`ek\ej\_ld`[`kp l gk_\b`e[f]`ek\ej\_ld`[`kp kk_XkdXb\jk_\X`idfi\ _XkdXb\jk_\X`idfi\ [i`ebXYc\k_XeYi\Xk_XYc\% [ i`ebXYc\k_XeYi\Xk_XYc\% But B ut some some w were ere not not so so good, good, like like rrealizing ealizing one one d ay, 40 40 years years later, later, that that day, h is tthree hree h alf-Thai aadult dult cchildren hildren knew knew his half-Thai m ore aabout bout ttortellini ortellini tthan han they they did did more aabout bout ttom om yyam. am. S o, iin n a rrecent ecent aattempt ttempt tto o rright ight So, ssome ome o hose w rongs iin no ur cculinary ulinary off tthose wrongs our u pbringing, my my dad dad d took took us us to to dinner dinner upbringing, aatt h is llocal ocal ffavorite, avorite, San San Jose’s Jose’s House House his o iam m, aand nd p romised an an authentic authentic off S Siam, promised T haai d h inner—one w ithout pad pad thai, thai, Thai dinner—one without ffor or eexample, xam ample, w hich is is basically basicallly the the which eequivalent quivalent o B&J ssandwich—or an ndwich—or aatt off a P PB&J lleast easst aass authentic authentic as as possible, possible, given given the the o ptions o n tthe he m enu. options on menu.

Thai T hai rrestaurants estaurants iin n tthe he S South outh B Bay ay blur with ttend end to to b lur aafter fter aawhile, while, w ith llittle ittle differentiation between menus d iff ffeerentiation b etween m enus eexcept xcept iin n but over off tthe tthe he spelling, spelling, b ut o ver tthe he ccourse ourse o he meal pointers make m eal I llearned earned a ffew ew p ointers tto om ake mee seem more myy ffather’s m seem a llittle ittle m ore llike ike m ather’s daughter next order. d aughter tthe he n ext ttime ime I o rder. For no hard-and-fast F or sstarters, tarters, tthere here aare re n oh ard-and-fast Thai but rrules ules to to T hai ffood, ood, b ut tthere here aare re ssome ome principles. The first gguiding uiding p rinciples. T he fi rst iiss tthat hat tthe he meal, well dish, balance m eal, aass w ell ass eeach ach d ish, sshould hould b alance harmony ccontrasting ontrassting eelements, lements, ccreating reating h arrmony flavors aamong mong sspicy, picy, ssweet, weet, ssalty alty aand nd ssour our fl avors blending wet dry aass well well aass b lending w et aand nd d ry ttextures extures bee ccalled iin n what what ccould ould eessentially ssentially b alled tthe he ultimate matrix. u ltimate ccooking ooking m atrix. Secondly, off o ordering dinner S econdly, tthe he aart rt o rdering d inner means m eans sselecting electing a ssoup, oup, a ccurry, urry, a ffried ried dish, dish, dish d ish, a ssteamed teamed d ish, a ““yam” yaam m” d ish ((aa hard-to-translate h ard-to-tran nslate ccharacteristic haracteristic ggenerally enerally with bright flavor, aassociated ssociated w ith a ffresh, resh, b right fl avor, aass in in tom tom yyam) am) aand nd eenough nough rrice ice ffor or There bee p plenty eeveryone. veryone. T here sshould hould aalso lso b lenty off prik nam pla, o prik n am p la, a ggarlic-lime-chile-fisharlic-lime-chile-fishhelps ssauce auce ccondiment ondiment tthat hat h elps tto o eenhance nhance off aany dish meal but tthe he flavor flavor o ny d ish aatt aany ny m eal b ut which many don’t provide w hich m any rrestaurants estaurants d on’t p rovide unless u nless aasked. sked. Representing uss tthat night R epresenting ““yam” yam” ffor or u hat n ight

w as m ieng-kum (($8.95), $8.95), a ssalad allad d ffrom rom was mieng-kum n orthern T hailand tthat’s hat’s eeaten aten w ith northern Thailand with tthe he h ands. F or tthis, his, D ad iinstructed nstructed u hands. For Dad uss tto o cchoose hoose a p alm-size llettuce ettuce lleaf eaf an nd palm-size and aadd dd ttoasted oasted ccoconut, oconut, d ried sshrimp, hrimp, dried ssliced liced gginger, inger, rred ed o nion, p ean nuts, llime ime onion, peanuts, p ieces, ttamarind amarind ssauce auce aand nd T hai cchiles hiles pieces, Thai ((affectionately aff ffeectionately k nown aass ““kee kee n oo,” o known noo, orr ““mouse mouse d roppings”) tto o ttaste. aste. droppings”) F or o ur ffried ried d ish, w rdered ttod od For our dish, wee o ordered m un p la (($8.95), $8.95), a ttype ype o sh ccake. ak ke. ““It’s It’s mun pla off fi fish llike ike tthe he T hai vversion ersion o eatloaff,f”” m ad Thai off m meatloaf, myy d dad ssaid. aid. C onsidered a p oor m an’s d ish, fi sh Considered poor man’s dish, fish ccake ake ttraditionally raditionallly ccombines ombines lleftover eftover fi sh fish aand nd sspices pices iin n a ffried ried p atty aand nd h as tthe he patty has ssame ame ccomfort-food omfort-food aappeal ppeal tthat hat A merican American m eatloaf d oes ((or or u sed tto, o, aanyway). nyway). meatloaf does used D ad d sselected elected ttwo wo ssoups oups o ff tthe he Dad off m enu tthat hat ttogether ogether ccreated reated tthe he iideal deal menu fl avor b alance. T om k ha ggai ai (($14.95) $14.95) iiss flavor balance. Tom kha ssignificant ignifican nt ffor or sspotlighting potlighting tthe he d istinctly distinctly T hai k ha rroot, oot, m ore ccommonly ommonly k nown Thai kha more known aass ggalangal, aallan ngal al, w hich iiss ssimilar imilarr tto o gginger inger which iin n aappearance ppearan nce b ut m ore ccitrusy itrusy an nd but more and lless ess b iting iin nfl avor. T his ccoconut-based oconut-bassed biting flavor. This ssoup oup iiss rrich ich aand nd sslightly lightly ssweet, weet, u nlike tthe he unlike ggang-jued ang-jued w oonsen ssoup oup (($13.95) $13.95) tthat hat w woonsen wee p aired iitt w ith, w hich iiss a llight, ight, sspringy, pringy, paired with, which ssilver-noodled ilver-noodled ssoup oup lloaded oaded w ith ggreens, reens, with cchicken hicken aand nd p rawns. prawns. A ggood ood rregional egionall p ick ffor or ccurry urry iiss pick m ussaman (($12.95), $12.95), a ssouthern outhern d ish tthat hat mussaman dish eembodies mbodies tthe he T hai-Muslim fl avor aand nd Thai-Muslim flavor iiss p opular o nT hai ffamily am amily ttables ab bles aacross cross popular on Thai tthe he ccountry. ountry. B esides eegg gg rrolls, olls, tthis his iiss tthe he Besides o nly d ish tthat hat I vvividly ividly rremember emember m only dish myy

T hai ggrandmother randmother m aking. M ussam man n Thai making. Mussaman h as lless ess h eat tthan han m ost T hai ffood ood aand nd iiss has heat most Thai m ore cclosely losely rrelated elated tto oC hinese fl avors more Chinese flavors b ecause iitt ffeatures eatures tthe he aanise, nise, ccinnamon, innamon, because ccloves, loves, p epper aand nd ffennel ennel ffound ound iin n pepper C hinese fi ve-spice p owder. Chinese five-spice powder. IIff m ad ccould ould o nly p ick o ne d ish myy d dad only pick one dish o n tthe he m enu, iitt w ould b aw m ok on menu, would bee h haw mok (($14.95). $14.95). A ccentral entrall T hai ccross ross b etween Thai between ccurry urry an nd ccustard, ustard, tthis his d ish ttraditionally raditionally and dish ssteams teams p rawns, ccalamari, alamari, ccatfish atfish aand nd eegg gg prawns, iin nab anana lleaf. eaf. IItt al lso sspotlights potlights tthe he banana also T hai ssuperstar uperstar iingredient ngredient tthat hat m ather Thai myy ffather fforages oragges ffor or iin n ffriends’ riends’ yyards: ards: k affir llime ime kaffir lleaves. eaves. H sed tto o ssend end m o sschool chool Hee u used mee tto w ith a llittle ittle T upperware ffull ull o hem, with Tupperware off tthem, jjust ust iin n ccase. ase. H lso llikes ikes tto om ake m ticky rrice ice Hee al also make mee ssticky an nd m ango ((in in vvery ery llarge, arge, eenviable nviable and mango q uantities, I m ight aadd) dd) w henever II’m ’m quantities, might whenever h ome. W hile tthis his d ish m ay sseem eem a llittle ittle home. While dish may h ackneyed tto o tthose hose ffrequenting requenting T hai hackneyed Thai rrestaurants, estaurants, tthere’s here’s a rreason eason w hy iit’s t’s why eeverywhere: verywhere: T hai p eople llove ove iit. t. Thai people IIn n ffact, act, tthe he q uality o estaurant’s quality off a rrestaurant’s ssticky ticky rrice ice aand nd m ango iiss o ne o he b est mango one off tthe best iindicators ndicators o ood T hai rrestaurant. estaurant. B off a ggood Thai Byy tthe he ttime ime w eached d essert aatt H ouse o wee rreached dessert House off S iam, h owever, tthey hey w ere o ut o angos, Siam, however, were out off m mangos, w hich, tthough hough d isappointing, iiss a ggood ood which, disappointing, ssign ign tthat hat tthey hey aare re p articular aabout bout tthe he particular k ind o angos tthey hey u se. kind off m mangos use. O ther b asic ssigns igns tto o llook ook ffor: or: D o tthey hey Other basic Do sserve erve jjasmine asmine rrice? ice? A re tthey hey ggenerous enerous Are w ith ffresh resh h erbs aand nd fl avorings ssuch uch with herbs flavorings ass k affir llime ime lleaves, eaves, llemongrass emongrass aand nd kaffir ggalangal? alangal? D o tthey hey k now h ow tto om ak ke Do know how make p rik n am p la w hen iit’s t’s rrequested? equested? A re prik nam pla when Are tthe he cchopsticks hopsticks cconspicuously onspicuously m issing missing ffrom rom tthe he ttable ab ble ssetting? etting? IIff tthe he rrestaurant estau aurant iiss aable ble tto o aanswer nswer aall ll o hese q uestions llike ike H ouse o iam off tthese questions House off S Siam d id—with a sstrong trong ““yes”—then yes”—then yyou ou did—with k now yyou’re ou’re iin n ggood ood h ands. know hands. B ut tthe he rreal eall ssecret ecret tto o aan n aauthentic uthentic But T hai d inner iiss n ot w hat tto oo rder b ut Thai dinner not what order but h ow tto o eeat at iit. t. T hai ffood ood sshould hould m ost o how Thai most off al ll b aten w ith a ssense ense o dventure all bee eeaten with off aadventure an nd a w illingness tto o gget et b urned. L iterally. and willingness burned. Literally. R estauran nts h ave ttwo wo sspice pice ccategories: ategories: Restaurants have o ne ffor or T hai p eople, aand nd o ne ffor or n onone Thai people, one nonT hai p eople. M ad ttypically ypically ssweats weats Thai people. Myy d dad tthrough hrough tthe he eentire ntire m eall, p ausing meal, pausing b etween fforkfuls orkfuls o urry tto ow ipe h is between off ccurry wipe his b row, b ut I iimagine magine tthe he h eat m akes brow, but heat makes h im ffeel eel m ore aatt h ome, aass iiff h ere iin n him more home, hee w were T hailand aagain, gain, an nd w ere aall ll tthere here Thailand and wee w were w ith h im. with him.

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Moree din Mor dining ning cover coverage age

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CCAPERS APERS W Well-heeled ell-heeled sports sports bar bar and and restaurant. restaurant. $$$. $$$. Capers Capers is is a sophisticated sophisticated restaurant restaurant that that uses uses sports sports as as its its theme. theme. Well-devised Well-devised menu menu full full of of inventive inventive recipes recipes and and delicious delicious finger finger foods. foods. 11am-10:30pm 11am-10:30pm Mon-Thu, Mon-Thu, 11am-midnight 11am-midnight Fri-Sat Fri-Sat and and 9:30am-10:30pm 9:30am-10:30pm Sun. Sun. 1710 1710 W. W. Campbell Campbell Ave. Ave. 408.374.5777. 408.374.5777. MICHI M ICHI JJapanese. apanese. $ $$. $. SSushi ushi standards standards are are transformed transformed into into palate-awakening palate-awakening presentations; presentations; culinary culinary boundaries boundaries are are stretched. stretched. 11am-10pm 11am-10pm daily. daily. 2220 2220 S. S. Winchester Winchester Blvd. Blvd. 408.378.8000 408.378.8000 or or 378.0838. 378.0838.

NEGEEN N EGEEN PPersian. ersian. $$. $$. Mira Mira gghasemi, hasemi, ggrilled rilled aand nd ppuréed uréed eeggplant ggplant iin n a ttomato omato ssauce auce with w ith sscrambled crambled eeggs, ggs, aand nd kkashk-e-bademjan, ashk-e-bademjan, ppuréed uréed with mint eeggplant ggplant ttopped opped w ith m int aand nd a ccreamy reamy yyogurt ogurt ssauce, auce, aare re ggreat, reat, as as are are the the kebabs. kebabs. Don’t Don’t miss Persian m iss tthe he eexcellent xcellent P ersian iice ce Monccream. ream. 111:30am-10pm 1:30am-10pm M onTThu, hu, 111:30am-midnight 1:30am-midnight FFri-Sat ri-Sat 801 W.. aand nd 111:30am-9pm 1:30am-9pm SSun. un. 8 01 W Hamilton H amilton Ave. Ave. 408.866.6400. 408.866.6400.

OLIO O LIO M Mediterranean. editerranean. $ $$$. $$. Olio Olio sserves erves ssimple imple bbut ut eexpertly xpertly Mediterranean pprepared repared M editerranean ffood ood tthat hat ddips ips iinto nto tthe he uunderexplored nderexplored cuisines cuisines ooff North Africa. N orth A frica. SSmall mall bbut ut ssmart mart wine Dinner w ine llist. ist. D inner 5-9pm 5-9pm SunSunTThu hu aand nd 55-10pm -10pm FFri-Sat. ri-Sat. 3384 84 EE.. Ave. CCampbell ampbell A ve. 4408.378.0335. 08.378.0335.

PSYCHO P SYCHO DONUTS DONUTS D Donuts. onuts. $.. P Psycho Donuts $ sycho D onuts hhas as ttaken aken rrings ings ooff ffried ried ddough ough iinto nto nnew ew with flavors tterritory erritory w ith fl avors llike ike Monster aapricot, pricot, tthe he CCookie ookie M onster with Oreos) ((topped topped w ith O reos) aand nd Do-Nilla with D o-Nilla ((sprinkled sprinkled w ith bbits its wafers) ooff vvanilla anilla w afers) aand nd tthe he Psycho Donut, iintimidating ntimidating P sycho D onut, a

maelstrom ooff m maelstrom marshmallow, arshmallow, ppretzel retzel and and chile chile powder. powder. 6am6amMon-Thu, 6am-11pm 55pm pm M on-Thu, 6 am-11pm FFri, ri, 77am-11pm am-11pm SSat, at, 77am-5pm am-5pm SSun. un. Blvd #C. 22006 006 S. S. Winchester Winchester B lvd # C. 4408.378.4540. 08.378.4540.

SSUSHI USHI ZZONE ONE Japanese. Japanese. $$. meets $ $. FFun un ssushi ushi m eets ffun un ssurroundings urroundings iin n tthis his zzone. one. 111:30am-2:30pm 1:30am-2:30pm aand nd 55-9:30pm 9 :30pm SSun-Thu un-Thu aand nd 111:30am1:30am22:30pm :30pm aand nd 55-10pm -10pm FFri-Sat. ri-Sat. Aquino Rdd # #1. 7755 SS.. SSan an TTomas omas A quino R 1. 4408.866.1323. 08.866.1323.

TIGELLERIA T IGELLERIA. Italian. Italian. $ $$. $. menu TTigelleria’s igelleria’s m enu ccenters enters fine oon nfi ne ccheeses heeses aand nd IItalian talian with ssalumi alumi ppaired aired w ith ttigelle, igelle, flatffree-flowing, ree-flowing, ppiping iping hhot ot fl atmini bbreads reads tthe he ssize ize ooff m ini ppitas. itas. TThe he bbread read fforms orms tthe he aaddictive ddictive meal. hheart eart ooff tthe he m eal. LLunch unch 111:30am-2pm 1:30am-2pm aand nd ddinner inner 55-Ave. 110pm 0pm ddaily. aily. 776 6 EE.. CCampbell ampbell A ve. 4408.884.3808. 08.884.3808.

TWIST T WIST CCAFE AFE A AND ND B BISTRO ISTRO French French and and American. American. $$$. $$$. Twist Twist describes describes itself itself as as “American “American food food with with a French French twist,” twist,” but but the the menu menu includes includes Middle Middle Eastern, Eastern, Asian Asian aand nd IItalian talian iinfluences, nfluences, too. too. Cafe Cafe 9am-3pm 9am-3pm Tue-Sat, Tue-Sat, 9am-2:30pm 9am-2:30pm Sun; Sun; Bistro Bistro 559pm 9pm Wed-Thu Wed-Thu and and 5-10pm 5-10pm Fri-Sat. Fri-Sat. 247 247 E. E. Campbell Campbell Ave. Ave. 408.374.8982. 408.374.8982.

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ALEXANDER’S A LEXANDER’S SSTEAKHOUSE TEAKHOUSE American-Asian American-Asian ssteakhouse. teakhouse. $$$$. $$$$. Alexander’s Alexander ’s is is much much more more than than a steakhouse. steakhouse. Add Add a 5500-bottle wine multiple 00-bottle w ine llist, ist, m ultiple dining dining rooms rooms and and AsianAsianaccented accented ambience ambience and and you’ve you’ve got got a standout standout South South Bay Bay restaurant. restaurant. Full Full bar. bar. 5:30-10pm 5:30-10pm Mon-Thu, Mon-Thu, 5:30-11pm 5:30-11pm Fri-Sat Fri-Sat and and 5-9pm 5-9pm Sun. Sun. 10330 10330 N. N. Wolfe Wolfe Rd. Rd. 408.446.2222. 408.446.2222.

¿= book online $ = $10 $$ = $11-$15 $$$ = $16-$20 $$$$ = $21 and up Ranges based on average cost of dinner entree and salad, excluding alcoholic beverages

CCAFE AFE TORRE TORRE New New IItalian. talian. $$$. $$$. A gem gem ttucked ucked aaway way iin n aan n unassuming with unassuming little little mall, mall, w ith a sophisticated sophisticated interior interior aand nd congenial congenial hosts. hosts. Even Even bbetter etter iiss the the great great pasta pasta aand nd sseafood. eafood. Beer, Beer, wine. wine. 11:30am-2pm 11:30am-2pm aand nd 5-9:30pm 5-9:30pm Mon-Thu Mon-Thu and and 55-10:30pm 10:30pm Fri-Sat. Fri-Sat. Closed Closed SSun. un. 20343 Blvd. 20343 Stevens Stevens CCreek reek B lvd. 408.257.2383. 408.257.2383. CCUPERTINO UPERTINO B BAKERY AKERY IIndian ndian aand nd bakery. bakery. $. $. Don’t Don’t bbee ffooled ooled Bakery bbyy the the nname. ame. Cupertino Cupertino B akery iiss rreally eally a great great SSouth outh Indian Indian many rrestaurant. estaurant. Unlike Unlike m any South South IIndian ndian restaurants, restaurants, CCupertino upertino Bakery Good B akery isn’t isn’t vvegetarian. egetarian. G ood llunch unch buffet buffet for for $7.99. $7.99. Don’t Don’t miss m iss tthe he dosa dosa aand nd utthappam. utthappam. 111:30am-9:30pm 1:30am-9:30pm daily, daily, bbut ut weekdays w eekdays kkitchen itchen ccloses loses 2:302:30Dee Anza 55:30pm. :30pm. 102521 102521 S. S. D Anza Blvd. B lvd. 4408.517.9000. 08.517.9000.

DYNASTY D YNASTY SSEAFOOD EAFOOD Hong ong KongKongRESTAURANT R ESTAURANT H $$$. Dynasty sstyle tyle CChinese. hinese. $ $$. D ynasty Hong sspecializes pecializes iin nH ong KKong-style ong-style sseafood. eafood. TThe he sseafood eafood iiss vvery ery ffresh, resh, eespecially specially tthe he ccreatures reatures minutes sswimming wimming m inutes bbefore efore tthey hey aarrive rrive oon n yyour our pplate. late. Good G ood ddim im ssum, um, ttoo. oo. FFull ull bbar. ar. 111am-2:30pm 1am-2:30pm aand nd 55-9:30pm -9:30pm Mon-Thu M on-Thu aand nd 110am-3pm 0am-3pm aand nd N.. 55-9:30pm -9:30pm FFri-Sat. ri-Sat. 110123 0123 N Wolfe Rdd ((in W olfe R in CCupertino upertino SSquare). quare). 4408.996.1680. 08.996.1680.

FFLORENTINE LORENTINE R RESTAURANT ESTAURANT $.. B Bold flavors, IItalian. talian. $ old fl avors, ffresh resh iingredients ngredients aand nd llavish avish pportions. ortions. Beer, wine. CCasual asual ttoo ddressy. ressy. B eer, w ine. Dee A Anza Blvd. 110257 0257 SS.. D nza B lvd. ((plus plus ssix ix with oother ther llocations, ocations, ssome ome w ith ffull ull Mon-Thu, bbars). ars). 111:30am-9pm 1:30am-9pm M on-Thu, 111:30am-10pm 1:30am-10pm FFri-Sat ri-Sat aand nd 44-9pm 9 pm SSun. un. 4408.253.6532. 08.253.6532.

FFONTANA’S ONTANA’S CCalifornia/Italian. alifornia/Italian. $$$. $ $$. A ssteady teady pperformer, erformer,

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31 M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

Flij\c\Zk`m\c`jk f]Xii\X i\jkXliXekj`eZcl[\j Flij\c\Zk`m\c`jkf]Xi\Xi\jkXliXekj`eZcl[\j k_fj\ k_Xk_Xm\Y\\e]XmfiXYcpi\m`\n\[ `e k_fj\k_Xk_Xm\Y\\e]XmfiXYcpi\m`\n\[`e gi`ek YpD\kif]ff[ Zii`k`Zj Xe[fk_\ijk_Xk_Xm\ gi`ekYpD\kif]ff[Zi`k`ZjXe[fk_\ijk_Xk_Xm\ Y\\e jXdgc\[Ylkefkk i\m`\n\[ `egi`ek% 8cc m`j`kj Y\\ejXdgc\[Ylkefki\m`\n\[`egi`ek%8ccm`j`kj Yp fli ni`k\ij Xi\ dX X[\ Xefepdfljcp p# Xe[ Ypflini`k\ijXi\dX[\Xefepdfljcp#Xe[ Xcc \og\ej\jXi\ gX`[ YpD\kif% Lg[Xk\j]ifd Xcc\og\ej\jXi\gX`[YpD\kif%Lg[Xk\j]ifd m`^`cXek i\X[\ij Xe[ c`jk\[ c i\jkXliXk\lij Xi\ m`^`cXeki\X[\ijXe[c`jk\[i\jkXliXk\lijXi\ _\Xik`cp\eZfliX^\[2 gc\Xj\ jlYd`k m`X \dX`c kf _\Xik`cp\eZfliX^\[2gc\Xj\jlYd`km`X\dX`ckf nj%Zfd% j_fcYiffb7d\kife\n j_fcYiffb7d\kife\nj%Zfd%


M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


SVDINING 31 Fontana’s rrarely Fontana’s arely ddisappoints isappoints Beer, wine. ppasta asta llovers. overs. B eer, w ine. Mon-Thu, 111:30am-9pm 1:30am-9pm M on-Thu, 111:30am-10pm 1:30am-10pm FFri, ri, 55-10pm -10pm SSat at aand nd 44:30-9pm :30-9pm SSun. un. Blvd. 220840 0840 SSteven teven CCreek reek B lvd. 4408.725.0188. 08.725.0188.

GGOCHI OCHI Japanese. Japanese. $ $$$. $$. G Gochi ochi is is a globally globally inspired inspired iizakaya zakaya (small (small plates) plates) restaurant. restaurant. Most Most of of the the food food iiss sstraighttraightup up Japanese Japanese fare, fare, but but tthere here are are a few few American, American, FFrench rench and and Korean Korean twists. twists. Highly Highly recommended. recommended. 19980 19980 Homestead Homestead Rd. Rd. 408.725.0542. 408.725.0542. LLOON OON WAH WAH CChinese. hinese. $ $.. TThe he wokkkitchen itchen pproduces roduces ggood ood w okmain ccentric entric ddishes, ishes, bbut ut iits ts m ain ddraw raw iiss ffresh, resh, hhand-pulled and-pulled Beer, wine. nnoodles. oodles. CCasual. asual. B eer, w ine. Mon-Thu 111am-9:30pm 1am-9:30pm M on-Thu aand nd Dee 111am-10pm 1am-10pm FFri-Sun. ri-Sun. 11146 146 D Anza Blvd. A nza B lvd. 4408.257.8877. 08.257.8877.

SSan an Jose Jose ¿book oonline ¿book nline aatt

AMATO’S A MATO’S SSandwich andwich shop. shop. $.. TThe make $ he ssandwiches andwiches m ake ffor or ggreasy, reasy, ssloppy, loppy, fferociously erociously ddelicious elicious eeating. ating. TThere here aare re 3344 vvarieties, arieties, ccategorized ategorized iin n tthree hree ggroups: roups: hhot, ot, ccold, old, sspecialty. pecialty. Mon-Fri Mon-Fri 10am10am111pm, 1pm, SSat at 110am-9pm, 0am-9pm, SSun un Ave. 110am-7pm. 0am-7pm. 11162 162 SSaratoga aratoga A ve. 4408.246.4007. 08.246.4007.

AMBER A MBER IINDIA NDIA N Northern orthern Indian, Indian, tandoori. tandoori. $$. $$. The The sister sister to to the the popular popular Mountain Mountain View View restaurant, restaurant, Amber Amber India’s Row India’s SSantana antana R ow llocation ocation continues continues to to offer offer elegantly elegantly prepared prepared Indian Indian cuisine cuisine in in a stylish stylish setting. setting. 11:30am11:30am2:30pm, 2:30pm, 5-10pm, 5-10pm, Mon-Thu. Mon-Thu. noon-3pm, noon-3pm, 5-10:30pm 5-10:30pm Fri-Sat, Fri-Sat, noon-3pm, noon-3pm, 5-10pm 5-10pm Sunday. Sunday. 377 377 Santana Santana Row. Row. 408.248.5400. 408.248.5400. B.B.’S B .B.’S SSMALL MALL W WORLD ORLD CCAFÉ AFÉ $$. FFilipino ilipino aand nd IItalian. talian. $ $. TThis his iiss tthe he kkind ind ooff ffood ood yyou ou ccould ould iimagine magine yyour our ggrandmother randmother sserving erving iiff sshe he hhappened appened ttoo bbee FFilipino ilipino aand nd hhad ad aan n aaffection ffection B.B.’s ffor or IItalian talian ffood. ood. B .B.’s iiss oopen pen ffor or llunch unch aand nd ddinner, inner, bbut ut llunch unch sseems eems ttoo bbee tthe he bbigger igger ddraw. raw. Prices many P rices aare re llow, ow, aand nd tthe he m any mean ssteam team ttable able iitems tems m ean tthe he ffood ood iiss rready eady rright ight aaway. way. 111am1amMon-Fri; 33pm pm aand nd 55-8pm -8pm M on-Fri;

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N.. FFirst 111am-4pm 1am-4pm SSat. at. 22561 561 N irst SSt.t. 4408.383.9135. 08.383.9135.

BANGKOK B ANGKOK TASTE TASTE TThai. hai. $$. $$. Humble mall with H umble sstrip trip m all ggem em w ith Beef Pi-Roj a lloyal oyal ffollowing. ollowing. B eef P i-Roj Veggies iiss a hhouse ouse ffavorite. avorite. V eggies Rama llove ove tthe he R ama ttofu. ofu. 111am-3pm 1am-3pm Mon-Fri, M on-Fri, 55-9:30pm -9:30pm ddaily. aily. 11769 769 Blossom Hill Rd. B lossom H ill R d. 4408.358.2525. 08.358.2525.

BILL’S B ILL’S CCAFÉ AFÉ D Diner. iner. $ $.. Serving Serving only only breakfast breakfast and and lunch, lunch, Bill’s Bill’s knows knows its its way way around around typical typical diner diner standbys—eggs standbys—eggs (scrambles (scrambles and and hollandaisehollandaiselaced laced “benedictions”), “benedictions”), pancakes pancakes and and expertly expertly grilled grilled sandwiches sandwiches and and burgers. burgers. 6:30am-3pm 6:30am-3pm daily. daily. 302 302 N. N. Bascom Bascom Ave Ave (at (at Naglee). Naglee). 408.287.2455. 408.287.2455.


restaurant” in in every every sense sense of of restaurant” the term, term, this this popular popular chain chain the lives lives by by the the red-white-andred-white-andblue blue credo credo that that bigger bigger is is definitely definitely better. better. 11am-11pm 11am-11pm Sun-Thu, Sun-Thu, 11am-12:30am 11am-12:30am SatSatSun. Sun. Westfield Westfield Shoppingtown Shoppingtown Oakridge, Oakridge, 925 925 Blossom Blossom Hill Hill Rd. Rd. 408.225.6948; 408.225.6948; and and Valley Valley Fair, Fair, 3041 3041 Stevens Stevens Creek Creek Blvd, Blvd, 408.246.0092. 408.246.0092.

CCITRUS ITRUS N New ew A American. merican. $ $$$. $$. Row’s Hotel IIn n SSantana antana R ow’s cchic hic H otel Valencia, V alencia, CCitrus itrus ppeels eels bback ack tthe he myth. Here, hhotel otel ddining ining m yth. H ere, ddiners iners match main m atch ttheir heir oown wn m ain ddishes ishes with w ith ttheir heir cchoice hoice ooff rrub, ub, ssauce auce aand nd sside ide ddish. ish. FFun un ccontinues ontinues iin n sskilled killed ddesserts. esserts. 55:30-9:30pm :30-9:30pm Mon-Sat. Row. M on-Sat. 3355 55 SSantana antana R ow. 4408.423.5400. 08.423.5400.

CCAO AO N NGUYEN GUYEN VVietnamese, ietnamese, Chinese-Vietnamese. Chinese-Vietnamese. $. $. G Gargantuan argantuan m menu enu ffeatures eatures Vietnamese menu nnearly early 2200 00 V ietnamese m enu ooptions, ptions, iincluding ncluding ssmoked moked dduck, uck, ssautéed autéed ffrogs rogs aand nd cclay lay ppot ot ccatfish. atfish. CCasual. asual. 110am0amMon-Fri, 9am-10pm 110pm 0pm M on-Fri, 9 am-10pm Rdd # #A-16. SSat-Sun. at-Sun. 22549 549 SS.. KKing ing R A-16. 4408.270.9610. 08.270.9610.

CCOCOLA OCOLA FFrench rench bbakery. akery. $ $..


CCONSUELO ONSUELO M Mexican. exican. $ $$. $. G Good ood regional regional Mexican Mexican food food made made with with lesser-known lesser-known ingredients ingredients in in an an attractive, attractive, upscale upscale atmosphere. atmosphere. The The food food is is served served tapas tapas style style and and meant meant to to be be shared. shared. Fantastic Fantastic tequila tequila list. list. 11:30am-10pm 11:30am-10pm Mon-Fri, Mon-Fri, 11am-11pm 11am-11pm Sat, Sat, Sun Sun 11am11am11pm. 11pm. 377 377 Santana Santana Row Row #1125. #1125. 408.260.7082. 408.260.7082.

American. American. $$. $$. Classic Classic latelatenight night post-party post-party hang hang out, out, this this Vegas-style Vegas-style coffee coffee shop shop serves serves up up the the faves: faves: burgers, burgers, spaghetti spaghetti and and meatloaf meatloaf on on Tuesdays. Tuesdays. Full Full bar. bar. Open Open 24/7. 24/7. 3197 3197 Meridian Meridian Ave. Ave. 408.269.7891. 408.269.7891.

CCASA ASA V VICKY ICKY FFamily-style amily-style Mexican. $.. N Nothing M exican. $ othing ffancy, ancy, bbut ut Mexican a hhearty earty bbrand rand ooff M exican wrought ffood ood w rought ffrom rom ppopular opular Breakfast ffamily amily rrecipes. ecipes. B reakfast pplates lates warm aand nd w arm ssweet weet ppastries astries iin n aabundant bundant ssupply. upply. 77amam77pm pm ddaily. aily. 7792 92 EE.. JJulian ulian SSt.t. 4408.995.5488. 08.995.5488.

CCASABLANCA’S ASABLANCA’S CCAFÉ AFÉ M Middle iddle EEastern. astern. $$. $$. Casablanca’s Casablanca’s win CCafe afe is is not not going going to to w in any any aawards wards ffor or aatmosphere tmosphere oorr rrestaurant estaurant design. design. But But it it should should win w in aawards wards ffor or its its ffalafel. alafel. In In aaddition ddition to to wonderfully wonderfully creamy creamy hhummus, ummus, ttangy angy ttahini ahini sauce sauce aand nd pickled pickled red red ccabbage, abbage, the the ffalafel alafel deluxe deluxe iiss gilded gilded with with sstrips trips ooff bbaked aked eeggplant, ggplant, fried fried ccauliflower auliflower aand nd ffried ried potatoes. potatoes. IIff yyou ou llike ike iitt sspicy, picy, tthe he rribbon ibbon ooff sshatta hatta ((hot hot sauce) sauce) delivers delivers a blast blast of of cchile hile ppepper epper hheat. eat. 110am-9:30pm 0am-9:30pm ddaily. aily. 11185 185 Ave. LLincoln incoln A ve. 408.993.8636. 408.993.8636.

CCHEESECAKE HEESECAKE FACTORY FACTORY American. A merican. $ $$. $. A ttrue rue ““American American

fine while CCocola ocola iiss a fi ne pplace lace ttoo w hile aaway way aan n aafternoon fternoon ssipping ipping ttea ea with aand nd ssampling ampling a ppear ear ttart art w ith vvanilla anilla ccustard ustard aand nd sslivered livered aalmonds. lmonds. FFor or hheartier eartier ffare, are, ttry ry tthe he ggourmet ourmet ssandwiches. andwiches. 8am-11pm 8am-noon 8 am-11pm SSun-Tue, un-Tue, 8 am-noon Wed-Sat. Row W ed-Sat. 3333 33 SSantana antana R ow #1045. # 1045. 4408.551.0018. 08.551.0018.

THE T HE COUNTER COUNTER H Hamburgers. amburgers. $. $. The The Counter Counter takes takes the the quintessential quintessential American American burger burger and and turns turns up up the the Americanness Americanness by by letting letting diners diners choose choose from from dozens dozens of of options options to to build build a custom custom burger. burger. 11am11am10pm 10pm Mon-Thu, Mon-Thu, 11am-11pm 11am-11pm Fri-Sat Fri-Sat and and noon-9pm noon-9pm Sun. Sun. 3055 3055 Olin Olin Ave Ave #1035 #1035 (Santana (Santana Row), Row), San San Jose, Jose, 408.423.9200. 408.423.9200. And And 369 369 California California Ave, Ave, Palo Palo Alto, Alto, 650.321.3900. 650.321.3900. CCRAWDADDY RAWDADDY CCajun. ajun. $$. $$. CCrawdaddy rawdaddy sspecializes pecializes iinn flown bboiled oiled llive ive ccrawfish rawfish fl own iin n ffrom rom LLouisiana. ouisiana. The The mud mud bbugs ugs are are served served steaming steaming in in a pplastic lastic bag bag sswimming wimming in in a bbuttery, uttery, ggarlic-laced arlic-laced sauce sauce tthat hat ranges ranges from from mild mild to to rridiculously idiculously hot. hot. 3-10pm 3-10pm MonMonFFri ri aand nd nnoon-10pm oon-10pm SSat-Sun. at-Sun. Rd. 7779 79 SStory tory R d. 4408.286.2729. 08.286.2729.


33 M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


SVDINING 32 3 2 DEEZI’S D EEZI’S CAFÉ CAFÉ PPersia. ersia. P Persian. ersian. $$. Deezi $ $. D eezi iiss a hhearty earty llamb amb sshank hank sstew tew aand nd iit’s t’s quite quite good good But menu hhere. ere. B ut tthe he ssoul oul ooff m enu iiss tthe he kkebabs, ebabs, aand nd tthe he kkoobideh oobideh kkebabs ebabs aare re ooutstanding. utstanding. Made M ade ffrom rom gground round bbeef eef with bblended lended w ith ppuréed uréed oonions, nions, ggarlic arlic aand nd vvarious arious sspices, pices, tthe he meat sskewered kewered aand nd ggrilled rilled m eat sstick tick iiss bbeautifully eautifully ggrilled rilled aand nd ssoo ttender ender aand nd jjuice-filled uice-filled iitt when ssquirts quirts w hen yyou ou bbite ite ddown own oon n iit.t. TThe he jjoojeh oojeh ((chicken) chicken) kkebab ebab well. sscores cores aass w ell. TTry ry tthe he ffresh resh made m ade ddogh ogh ((aa yyogurt ogurt ddrink). rink). Mon-Thu 111:30am-9:30pm 1:30am-9:30pm M on-Thu aand nd 111:30am-10pm 1:30am-10pm SSat-Sun. at-Sun. 11312 312 Ave. SSaratoga aratoga A ve. 4408.244.0300. 08.244.0300.

DIA D IA D DEE P PESCA ESCA M Mexican. exican. $ $.. Ass yyou might A ou m ight gguess uess ffrom rom tthe he Pesca means nname ame ((Dia Dia ddee P esca m eans fishing” ““gone gone fi shing” iin n SSpanish), panish), tthe he rrestaurant estaurant sspecializes pecializes iin n sseafood—fish eafood—fish ttacos, acos, cceviche, eviche, sshrimp hrimp ccocktails ocktails aand nd ssoups. oups. IIt’s t’s all all good. good. 10:30am-8:30pm 10:30am-8:30pm N.. B Bascom Ave. ddaily. aily. 5555 N ascom A ve. 4408.287.3722. 08.287.3722.

DII D D DA A Vietnamese Vietnamese vegetarian. vegetarian. $. $. Quick, Quick, friendly friendly service service and and a comprehensive comprehensive menu, menu, with with food food tthat’s hat’s simple, simple, low-key low-key and and homey. homey. The The jackfruit jackfruit salad salad is is surprisingly surprisingly fresh, fresh, sided sided with with a chile-tamarind chile-tamarind sauce. sauce. 9am9am9pm 9pm daily. daily. 2597 2597 Senter Senter Rd. Rd. 408.998.8826. 408.998.8826. DII LLAC D AC VVegetarian egetarian Asian. Asian. $ $$. $. A bite bite of of veggie veggie heaven. heaven. The The spacious spacious Di Di Lac Lac serves serves up up an an appetizing appetizing array array of of foods foods all all of of which which are are made made fresh fresh daily, daily, including including the the soy soy milk milk and and tofu. tofu. 9am-9pm 9am-9pm daily. daily. 1644 1644 E. E. Capitol Capitol Expwy. Expwy. 408.238.8686. 408.238.8686. EEDNA DNA R RAY AY CChinese. hinese. $ $$. $. N Now ow in in a new new location, location, Edna Edna Ray Ray continues continues to to serves serves classics classics of of Chinese-American Chinese-American food food with with the the same same quantity, quantity, familiarity familiarity and and reasonable reasonable prices. prices. You’ll You’ll find find all all three three here, here, and and then then some. some. 11:30am-9:30pm 11:30am-9:30pm daily. daily. 1181 1181 Lincoln Lincoln Ave. Ave. 408.280.7738. 408.280.7738. EELL HABANERO HABANERO Cuban Cuban aand nd Mexican. $$. M exican. $ $. TThe he CCuban uban ffood ood iiss made tthe he sstar tar hhere. ere. TThe he ffood ood iiss m ade ffrom rom ffamily amily rrecipes ecipes aand nd hhas as a hhearty, earty, hhomespun omespun aappeal. ppeal. Ropa R opa vvieja ieja iiss a cclassic lassic ooff CCuban uban ccooking ooking aand nd tthe he sstewed tewed bbeef eef ddish ish iiss a ssolid olid cchoice hoice hhere ere aass iiss tthe he ooily ily bbut ut ddelicious elicious winner. vvaca aca ffrita rita iiss aanother nother w inner. Appetizers A ppetizers aare re sstrong, trong, ttoo, oo, bbut ut sskip kip tthe he ddisappointing isappointing CCuban uban

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ssandwich. andwich. 11am-9pm 11am-9pm ddaily. aily. CClosed losed Monday. Monday. 3132 3132 Williams Williams Rd. R d. 408.557.8914. 408.557.8914.

EELL TULE TULE M Mexican. exican. $ $$. $. M Most ost menu ooff tthe he m enu iiss ddevoted evoted to to Mexican-American M exican-American sstandards, tandards, menu bbut ut tthe he sseparate eparate m enu ooff Oaxacan O axacan sspecialties pecialties is is where where EEll TTule ule rreally eally sshines. hines. TThe he black black mole m ole iiss uuncommonly ncommonly ddelicious elicious while w hile llesser-known esser-known ddishes ishes llike ike ttlayudas layudas aand nd molotes molotes are are aalso lso ggood. ood. 110am-9pm 0am-9pm ddaily. aily. 55440 440 Dr.r. 4408.227.1752. TThornwood hornwood D 08.227.1752.

FFISH ISH MARKET MARKET SSeafood. eafood. $ $$$. $$. TThis his latest latest terrific-looking terrific-looking member m ember ooff tthe he ddynasty ynasty aattracts ttracts lines lines of of customers customers ttoo iits ts bbars—wine, ars—wine, ssushi, ushi, ooyster—with yster—with aann extensive extensive menu m enu ooff ffresh resh seafood. seafood. LLuscious uscious ddesserts esserts too. too. Full Full bar. bar. M-Thu, 111am-9:30pm 1am-9:30pm M -Thu, 111am1am110pm 0pm FFri-Sat, ri-Sat, nnoon-9:30pm oon-9:30pm Blossom Hill Rd. SSun. un. 1007 1007 B lossom H ill R d. 4408.269.3474. 08.269.3474.

5-SPOT 5 -SPOT CHIVAS CHIVAS GRILL GRILL $$.. Mexican-American Mexican-American diner. diner. The The brick-walled brick-walled 5-Spot 5-Spot is is a perfect perfect mix mix of of American American food, food, past past and and present. present. The The diner diner still still serves serves classic classic American American diner diner food food as as well well as as Mexican Mexican standards. standards. 7am-9pm 7am-9pm daily. daily. 869 869 S. S. First First St. St. 408.294.4979. 408.294.4979. FFLOWER LOWER FFLOUR LOUR FFrench rench bakery. flower bakery. $. $. Mimi Mimi Brown’s Brown’s fl ower shop/bakery shop/bakery charms charms visitors visitors with with freshly freshly made made to-droolto-droolfor for pastries, pastries, ready-to-go ready-to-go sandwiches sandwiches and and service service with with a smile. smile. 8am-6pm 8am-6pm Mon-Sat, Mon-Sat, 8am-4pm 8am-4pm Sun. Sun. 896 896 Willow Willow St. St. 408.279.0843. 408.279.0843. FFOOD OOD TOPIA TOPIA CChinese hinese and and Taiwanese. Taiwanese. $. $. Food Food Topia Topia serves serves a great, great, low low priced priced menu menu of of Taiwanese Taiwanese and and Chinese Chinese food food in in atmosphere atmosphere welcoming welcoming to to non-Chinese. non-Chinese. Go Go for for the the beef beef noodle noodle soup, soup, pickle pickle and and fish fish fillet fillet soup soup and and the the fried fried chicken chicken roll. roll. No No alcohol alcohol served. served. 1600 1600 S. S. De De Anza Anza Blvd. Blvd. 408.873.7628. 408.873.7628. FFRANKIE, RANKIE, JOHNNIE JOHNNIE & LLUIGI UIGI Family SStyle tyle Italian. Italian. $$. $$. T OO! Family TOO! TTraditional raditional IItalian-American talian-American ffavorites—spaghetti avorites—spaghetti aand nd with ppizza—served izza—served w ith pplenty lenty Big ooff eelbow lbow rroom. oom. B ig pportions ortions wholesome aand nd w holesome ffamily-style amily-style sservice. ervice. 111am-9:30pm 1am-9:30pm SSun-Thu, un-Thu, 111am-9:30pm 1am-9:30pm FFri-Sat. ri-Sat. 55245 245 Prospect Rd, Bar. P rospect R d, SSan an JJose. ose. FFull ull B ar. 4408.446.9644. 08.446.9644.

FFRATELLO RATELLO IItalian. talian. $$. $$. Bursting Bursting with flavors, w ith ssimple imple fl avors, FFratello ratello


boasts boasts native native Italian Italian dining dining without without affectation. affectation. 5-9:30pm 5-9:30pm Tue-Sun, Tue-Sun, Fri-Sat Fri-Sat 5-10pm, 5-10pm, 559pm 9pm Sun. Sun. 1712 1712 Meridian Meridian Ave. Ave. 408.269.3801. 408.269.3801.

FUEL R FUEL RESTAURANT ESTAURANT AND AND ontemporary LLOUNGE OUNGE CContemporary V Vietnamese. ietnamese. $$. $$. Fuel’s Fuel’s menu menu iiss m more ore ttraditional raditional tthan han oother ther m modern odern V Vietnamese ietnamese rrestaurants estaurants bbut ut sstill till m mixes ixes with tthings hings uupp w ith nnonregulation onregulation iingredients. ngredients. LLunch unch 111am1amMon-Fri 22:30pm :30pm M on-Fri aand nd SSat-Sun. at-Sun. Dinner Mon-Wed, D inner 55-10pm -10pm M on-Wed, 55-11pm -11pm TThu-Sat hu-Sat aand nd 55-9pm -9pm Winchester Blvd. SSun. un. 3385 85 SS.. W inchester B lvd. 4408.248.0018. 08.248.0018.

GGIORGIO’S IORGIO’S FFamily-style amily-style IItalian. talian. $. $. Simple Simple Italian Italian cooking—the cooking—the rugged rugged kind kind with with Southern Southern Italian Italian leanings, leanings, full full of of robust robust flavors flavors and and tangy tangy tomato tomato sauces. sauces. 11:30am-9:30pm 11:30am-9:30pm MonMonThu, Thu, 11:30am-10:30pm 11:30am-10:30pm Fri-Sat, Fri-Sat, 11:30am-10pm 11:30am-10pm Sun. Sun. 1445 1445 Foxworthy Foxworthy Ave. Ave. 408.264.5781. 408.264.5781. GGOJO OJO ETHIOPIAN ETHIOPIAN RRestaurant estaurant $.. SSimplicity EEthiopian. thiopian. $ implicity rreigns eigns hhere; ere; jjust ust EEthiopian thiopian ffood—chicken, ood—chicken, bbeef, eef, llamb, amb, vvegetarian—and egetarian—and EEthiopian thiopian flavors ccoffee. offee. TThe he fl avors ttaste aste eeven ven with wine. Beer, bbetter etter w ith hhoney oney w ine. B eer, wine. Noon-9pm w ine. N oon-9pm SSun-Thu, un-Thu, W.. nnoon-10pm oon-10pm FFri-Sat, ri-Sat, 11261 261 W SSan an CCarlos arlos SSt.t. 4408.295.9546. 08.295.9546.

GGOVEA’S OVEA’S M Mexican. exican. $ $.. A community community hub hub that that serves serves up up wonderfully wonderfully fresh, fresh, oldoldfashioned fashioned Mexican Mexican food food with with no no trendy trendy gimmicks. gimmicks. Both Both the the restaurant restaurant and and the the food food are are wholesome wholesome and and filling. filling. 10am10am9pm 9pm Mon-Thu, Mon-Thu, 10am-10pm 10am-10pm Sat-Fri, Sat-Fri, 9am-9pm 9am-9pm Sun. Sun. 1996 1996 Tully Tully Rd. Rd. 408.270.0973. 408.270.0973. GGREAT REAT WALL WALL Chinese. Chinese. $$. $$. mall TThis his sstrip trip m all hhideaway ideaway sserves erves sskillfully killfully pprepared repared CChinese hinese ddishes ishes iin n aan n where aatmosphere tmosphere w here ssandals andals aand nd TT-shirts -shirts aare re tthe he pperfect erfect Beef ffashion. ashion. B eef aand nd bblack lack mushrooms, m ushrooms, ssalt alt and and pepper pepper sspareribs pareribs aand nd ccashew ashew marks. cchicken hicken eearn arn hhigh igh m arks. 111am-2:30pm, 1am-2:30pm, 44:30-9pm :30-9pm Mon-Fri, M on-Fri, nnoon-9pm oon-9pm SSat. at. 11409 409 Bird Ave. B ird A ve. TTake ake oout ut aavailable. vailable. 4408.287.1688 08.287.1688 oorr 2287.1689. 87.1689.

HABANA H ABANA CUBA CUBA Cuban Cuban aand nd Brazilian. $$. B razilian. $ $. A cculinary ulinary ooasis asis flavors, Habana ffull ull ooff ggood ood fl avors, H abana CCuba uba eexudes xudes ccultural ultural delights. delights. SSensuous ensuous ffoods oods ooff tthe he CCaribbean aribbean aand nd CCuba, uba, llong ong oon n




<JJ<IKJXi\efkJ`c`ZfeMXcc\pÊjjkife^jl`k% D\[`fZi\Zi…d\Yi”c„\#_f$_ldjc`Z\[Z_fZfcXk\ ZXb\Xe[le`ejg`i\[#fm\ijn\\k\e\[]il`k [\jj\ikjXYfle[%9lk[`^Xc`kkc\[\\g\i#Xe[fe\ZXe Óe[X]\nflkgfjkjf]Zi\Xk`m`kp% Saratoga’s SENT SOVI features an appealing patio menu and equally appealing desserts like the “caramel corn”: popcorn-flavored mousse, brown-butter almond cakes and caramelized bananas. It is the perfect size to share and offers sweet and salty in equal measure. “The berries and Gewürztraminer terrine” is summer on a plate. Layers of berries and fruit in a gelee of the sweet wine are paired with limoncello and raspberry sorbets and shiso coulis. It’s light and cool with beautiful flavors and restrained sweetness. At the other end of the spectrum, RUFFLED FEATHERS EATERY is downtown San Jose’s answer to the health conscious and socially aware consumer. Seventy percent of the restaurant’s produce is local, and the only things frozen are the house-made gelatos and sorbets. They offer preservative-free food and have a pastry chef onsite to produce all KXjk\[X^i\Xk   of their light and fresh desserts, a rarity for most [\jj\ikcXk\cp6  casual restaurants. The custard-soaked strawberry bread pudding is a winner. It’s crisp and buttery on Let us know: top and crowned with fresh strawberries and housembalderas@ made vanilla gelato. The ginger orange panna cotta is good, too. It’s the perfect texture, creamy and light at the same time. Finding good desserts is a rarity, but finding a good vegan dessert made without butter, eggs or cream is a pleasant surprise. At TIGELLERIA in Campbell, “Budino al Cioccolato is a mousse made with a blend of organic tofu, chocolate and sugar. The resulting texture is thick and dense and intensely chocolatey and can be served with rum-soaked amaretti cookies. Vegan or not, this dessert was incredible. There is a soft flavor in the background recognizable as soy, but the imported Italian cherries that top the mousse cuts through that flavor and brings excitement to the dish. A Cappuccina 2003 Carmenos complements the dish exquisitely. The mousse is served in a flip-top Mason jar with a heart-shaped spoon that adds to its appeal and represents the amount of love put into it by the chef— and that is above all, what makes a great dessert.—Mariel Balderas

tomato and tomato and peppers, peppers, slowslowmeats rroasted oasted m eats aand nd earthy earthy Beer bblack lack bbeans. eans. B eer aand nd wine. wine. 111am-2pm, 1am-2pm, 55-9pm -9pm TTue-Thu, ue-Thu, 44110pm 0pm Fri-Sat, Fri-Sat, 44-9pm -9pm SSun. un. 238 238 Race R ace SSt. t. 4408.998.2822. 08.998.2822.

THE T HE H HAPPY APPY BAMBOO BAMBOO V Vegetarian. egetarian. $ $.. TThe he m menu enu aatt Happy Bamboo tthe he H appy B amboo iiss aalmost lmost most aallll vvegan egan aand nd m ost ooff iitt Vietnamese V ietnamese or or Asian-inspired. Asian-inspired. TThere’s here’s aalso lso a vvegetarian egetarian ttuna una ssalad alad aand, nd, oout ut ooff nnowhere, owhere, Hungarian H ungarian ggoulash oulash aand nd

spaghetti. spaghetti. 11:30am-9pm 11:30am-9pm Tue-Sun. Tue-Sun. Closed Closed Mon. Mon. 1711 1711 Branham Branham Lane. Lane. 408.694.0740. 408.694.0740.

HOSHI H OSHI JJapanese. apanese. $$. $$. Hoshi Hoshi is is one one Silicon Silicon Valley’s Valley’s standouts standouts ffor or ssushi ushi aand nd small small plates. Great plates. G reat sake sake selection, selection, too. too. LLunch unch 11:30am-2pm 11:30am-2pm Mon-Fri Mon-Fri and and dinner dinner 55-9pm -9pm Mon-Sat. Mon-Sat. 2246 46 SSaratoga aratoga Ave. Ave. 408.554.7100. 408.554.7100.

filling fi lling foods foods with with an an Asian Asian Pacific Allll ddaily P acific aattitude. ttitude. A aily with sspecials pecials ccome ome w ith a sscoop coop ooff macaroni m acaroni ssalad alad aand nd ssteamed teamed rrice. ice. SSkip kip tthe he qquesadilla uesadilla aand nd nnachos achos aand nd hhead ead sstraight traight ffor or With tthe he aahi hi ppoke. oke. W ith ttropical ropical match. ddrinks rinks ttoo m atch. 111am-1:45pm 1am-1:45pm TTue-Fri, ue-Fri, 55-9:30pm -9:30pm TTue-Wed, ue-Wed, 55-10:30pm -10:30pm TThu-Sat, hu-Sat, 111am1am22:30pm :30pm SSat-Sun, at-Sun, 55-9pm. -9pm. 2230 30 JJackson ackson SSt.t. 4408.279.4888. 08.279.4888.

HUKILAU H UKILAU H Hawaiian. awaiian. $$. $$. SSimple, imple, sslightly lightly ssalty, alty, stomachstomach-


M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

Dessert Doings

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


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SVDINING 35 3 5 HUNAN H UNAN T TASTE ASTE. $$$. $. CChinese. hinese. TThe he rrestaurant estaurant ccontinues ontinues ttoo ppack ack tthem hem iin n bbecause ecause tthe he food food is is so so good. good. As As tthe he nname ame iimplies, mplies, tthe he rrestaurant estaurant fiery, sspecializes pecializes iin n tthe he fi ery, Hunan hhearty earty food food of of China’s China’s H unan making pprovince, rovince, m aking iitt oone ne ooff tthe he Bay ffew ew rrestaurants estaurants iin n tthe he B ay Area A rea ttoo ddoo sso. o. 111am-2:30pm, 1am-2:30pm, Mon-Sat. 998 N.. 44:30-8:30pm :30-8:30pm M on-Sat. 9 98 N FFourth ourth SSt.t. 4408.295.1186. 08.295.1186.

IISABELLA’S SABELLA’S PPeruvian. eruvian. $ $$. $.

Moree di dining coverage Mor ining cover age $$. $ $. LLayang ayang Layang Layang shines shines with w ith clean, clean, fresh fresh flavors flavors and and iingredients ngredients aand nd offers offers a great great Malaysian eentry ntry iinto nto M alaysian food. food. SService ervice iiss ffast ast aand nd friendly, friendly, a ffeat eat given given hhow ow harried harried the the waitstaff w aitstaff can can be. be. Wine Wine and and Mon. Dee bbeer. eer. CClosed losed M on. 1480 1480 SS.. D Anza Blvd. A nza B lvd. 408.777.8897. 408.777.8897.

LLEE P PAPILLON APILLON CContemporary ontemporary $$$$. FFrench. rench. $ $$$. FFrom rom sstart tart ttoo finish, Papillon fi nish, a meal meal at at Le Le P apillon who ccasts asts a sspell pell on on eeveryone veryone w ho eenters. nters. TThe he ffeeling eeling is is only only when walk bbroken roken w hen yyou ou w alk oout ut tthe he ddoor oor aand nd aabruptly bruptly sstep tep bback ack iinto nto tthe he real real world world outside. outside. Full Full bbar. ar. LLunch unch Thu Thu and and Fri, Fri, dinner dinner nnightly. ightly. 410 410 SSaratoga aratoga Ave. Ave. 4408.296.3730. 08.296.3730.

One Bay’s O ne ooff tthe he SSouth outh B ay’s Peruvian ffew ew ooutposts utposts ooff P eruvian much ffood, ood, Isabella’s Isabella’s hhas as m uch ttoo rrecommend. ecommend. TTacu-tacu, acu-tacu, a sstarchy, tarchy, bbeany eany bblob lob eenlivened nlivened with w ith oonions, nions, ggarlic, arlic, ooregano regano with aand nd oother ther sspices pices sserved erved w ith a tthin hin ssteak, teak, iiss ggreat. reat. SSeafood eafood ddishes ishes llike ike tthe he cceviche eviche aand nd mariscos ccau-cau au-cau m ariscos aare re aalso lso miss ggood. ood. Don’t Don’t m iss tthe he ddelicious elicious morada, Peruvian cchicha hicha m orada, a P eruvian made with ppunch unch m ade w ith ppurple urple ccorn, orn, ppineapple ineapple aand nd aapple pple jjuice uice tthat’s hat’s boldly boldly seasoned seasoned with with Monccinnamon. innamon. 111am-10pm 1am-10pm M onTThu, hu, 111am-11pm 1am-11pm FFri-Sat ri-Sat aand nd Winchester 22-8pm -8pm SSun. un. 7700 00 SS.. W inchester Blvd. B lvd. 4408.248.PERU. 08.248.PERU.

MAGGIANO’S M AGGIANO’S LLITTLE ITTLE IItaly taly Italian. Italian. $$. $$. Like Like a warm warm Italian Italian embrace, embrace, tthis his SSantana antana Row Row superstar superstar pproves roves a welcome welcome haven haven for for company company lunches lunches and and congenial congenial dinner dinner parties. parties. The The ffood ood is is a cut cut above above standard, standard, with with roast roast cchicken hicken and and veal veal marsala marsala standing standing out. out. 11am-10pm 11am-10pm Mon-Thu, Mon-Thu, 11am-11pm 11am-11pm FFri-Sat, ri-Sat, nnoon-10pm oon-10pm Sun. #1000. Sun. 3055 3055 Olin Olin Ave. Ave. # 1000. 408.423.8973. 408.423.8973.

KAHOO K AHOO JJapanese. apanese. $ TThe he

MENARA M ENARA M Moroccan. oroccan. $ $$$. $$.

ppeople eople qqueuing ueuing uupp aare re rramen amen who aaficionados ficionados w ho kknow now a ggood ood when find bbowl owl ooff rramen amen w hen tthey hey fi nd And oone. ne. A nd tthey’ve hey’ve ddefinitely efinitely ffound ound oone ne hhere. ere. 111:30am-2pm 1:30am-2pm aand nd 55-10pm -10pm TTue-Thu; ue-Thu; 111:30am1:30am33pm pm aand nd 44:30-9:30pm :30-9:30pm Moorpark Ave. SSat-Sun. at-Sun. 44330 330 M oorpark A ve. 4408.255.8244. 08.255.8244.

KRUNGTHAI K RUNGTHAI. TThai. hai. $ $$. $. Perennial Metro Of” P erennial M etro ““Best Best O f” winner, w inner, KKrungthai rungthai hhas as bbeen een aaround round ssince ince 11988, 988, bbut ut sstill till ttastes astes ffresh resh aand nd nnew. ew. 111am1amMon-Fri 33pm pm aand nd 55-10pm -10pm M on-Fri aand nd 640 nnoon-10pm oon-10pm SSat-Sun. at-Sun. 6 40 SS.. Winchester Blvd. W inchester B lvd. 4408.260.8224. 08.260.8224.

KUBOTA K UBOTA JJapanese. apanese. $ $$. $. A bbeautiful eautiful ddining ining rroom oom tthat hat sserves erves eexquisite xquisite rrice, ice, lluscious uscious rribs ibs aand nd ddecent ecent ssushi. ushi. FFull ull Mon-Sat, bbar. ar. 55:30-10pm :30-10pm M on-Sat, 55-9:30pm N.. FFifth 9 :30pm SSun. un. 5593 93 N ifth SSt.t. 4408.279.8440. 08.279.8440.

KUMAKO K UMAKO RRamen. amen. $. $. Japantown Japantown now now has has its its missing missing ingredient—good ingredient—good ramen. ramen. Kumako’s menu Kumako’s m enu iiss ssimple, imple, ramen, ramen, curry curry rice rice and and a few few appetizers. appetizers. 11:30am-2:30pm 11:30am-2:30pm and and 5:30-9:30pm 5:30-9:30pm Mon-Sat. Mon-Sat. 211 211 E. E. Jackson Jackson St. St. 408.286.2111. 408.286.2111.


SSince ince 1977, 1977, Menara’s Menara’s bbeen een tthrowing hrowing bback ack tthe he ppillows illows aand nd mint bbellying ellying uupp ttoo m int ttea ea rrituals, ituals, bb’stilla ’stilla ((pigeon pigeon ppie) ie) aand nd rrabbit abbit menus ttagine. agine. FFull ull ddinners inners m enus iinclude nclude vvegetarian egetarian ooption; ption; ssolid olid wine 6-10pm w ine llist. ist. 6 -10pm ddaily. aily. 4411 EE.. Gish Rd. G ish R d. 4408.453.1983. 08.453.1983.

MT. M T. H HAMILTON AMILTON GGRANDVIEW RANDVIEW Cowboy CContinental. Cowboy ontinental. $$$. $$$. TThe he Grandview G randview iiss aann old-school old-school rroadhouse oadhouse with with a warm warm aatmosphere. tmosphere. Add Add ddishes ishes llike ike ssurf urf aand nd turf, turf, rrack ack ooff lamb lamb cchasseur hasseur aand nd chicken chicken Cordon Cordon Bleu B leu aand nd you’ve you’ve got got yourself yourself a destination. destination. 5-10:30pm 5-10:30pm Wed-Sun. Mt.t. H Hamilton W ed-Sun. 9944 M amilton Rd. Rd. 4408.251.8909. 08.251.8909.

MY M YK KHE HE QUAN QUAN H HUE UE $. $. Vietnamese. Food Food from from central central Vietnamese. Vietnam Vietnam is is underrepresented underrepresented in in SSan an JJose ose aand nd tthat’s hat’s part part of of what what makes makes this this small small restaurant restaurant such such a find. find. The The things things to to get get here here are are the the excellent excellent noodle noodle soups. soups. 9am-9pm 9am-9pm every every day day except except Wed. Wed. Cash Cash only. only. 960 960 Story Story Rd. Rd. 408.920.9603. 408.920.9603. THE T HE M MYNT YNT IIndian. ndian. $. $. TThe he Mynt’s M ynt’s lunch lunch buffet buffet is is a Silicon Silicon Valley while V alley sstandout, tandout, w hile tthe he menu ssit-down it-down ddinner inner m enu hhas as


well. pplenty lenty ttoo ooffer ffer aass w ell. LLunch unch Mon-Sun, 111:30am-2:30pm 1:30am-2:30pm M on-Sun, Mon-Thu ddinner inner 55:30-9:30pm :30-9:30pm M on-Thu aand nd 55:30-10pm :30-10pm FFri-Sat. ri-Sat. 55210 210 Prospect Rd. P rospect R d. 4408.973.9673. 08.973.9673.

OMOGARI O MOGARI Korean. Korean. $. $. Omogari Omogari makes makes getting getting to to know know Korean Korean food food easy. easy. The The menu menu includes includes pictures pictures of of many many dishes, dishes, the the service service is is friendly friendly and and the the food food is is consistently consistently good. good. Try Try the the dae dae gee gee bul bul go go gi, gi, spicy spicy marinated marinated pork. pork. Open Open 11:30am11:30am9:30pm 9:30pm Mon-Sat. Mon-Sat. 154 154 E. E. Jackson Jackson St. St. 408.280.6588. 408.280.6588. ORLO’S O RLO’S New New A American. merican. $ $$$. $$. On On the the lush lush grounds grounds of of the the historic historic Hayes Hayes Mansion, Mansion, this this is is one one beautiful, beautiful, luxurious luxurious dining dining room, room, with with menu menu and and excellent excellent service service to to match. match. 5:30-9:30pm 5:30-9:30pm Tue-Sat. Tue-Sat. Hayes Hayes Conference Conference Center, Center, 200 200 Edenvale Edenvale Ave. Ave. 408.226.3200. 408.226.3200. PASTA P ASTA P POMODORO OMODORO IItalian. talian. $.. EExuberant, $ xuberant, iinexpensive nexpensive aand nd made ffast ast ccuisine uisine m ade ttoo oorder rder with High aand nd sserved erved w ith ssparkle. parkle. H igh make cconcept oncept aand nd llow ow ccosts osts m ake Pasta Pomodoro P asta P omodoro a ddream ream ttrattoria rattoria ffor or llovers overs ooff rrobust obust flavors. IItalian talian fl avors. 111am-10pm 1am-10pm Mon-Sun. Alameda. M on-Sun. 11205 205 TThe he A lameda. 4408.292.9929. 08.292.9929.

PIZZA P IZZA A ANTICA NTICA UPTOWN UPTOWN Pizza. $$. P izza. $ $. TThe he sstony tony oovens vens ooff Pizza Antica P izza A ntica tturn urn oout ut tthinhinwith ccrusted rusted ddesigner esigner ppies ies w ith ggourmet ourmet ttoppings oppings iin n ccasual asual eenvirons. nvirons. FFine ine ppasta asta aand nd meat m eat ddishes ishes aalso lso aavailable. vailable. Open O pen ddaily aily ffor or llunch unch aand nd ddinner. inner. 111:30am-10pm 1:30am-10pm SSununTThu, hu, 111:30am-11pm 1:30am-11pm FFri-Sat. ri-Sat. Row #1065. 3334 34 SSantana antana R ow # 1065. 4408.557.8373. 08.557.8373.

PRESIDENT P RESIDENT RESTAURANT RESTAURANT Mongolian $.. TThis M ongolian bbarbecue. arbecue. $ his mom-and-pop m om-and-pop eeatery atery ggears ears iitself tself ttoward oward tthe he ccommon ommon man with m an w ith tthe he uuncommonly ncommonly llarge arge aappetite. ppetite. TThrown hrown iinto nto tthe he bbargain argain iiss a CChinese hinese ssteamteamttable able bbuffet. uffet. 111am-3pm, 1am-3pm, 44:30:309pm Hillsdale Ave. 9 pm ddaily. aily. 11190 190 H illsdale A ve. 4408.978.7188. 08.978.7188.

RAMEN R AMEN H HALU ALU JJapanese apanese $$. nnoodles. oodles. $ $. SSurfer-themed, urfer-themed, ccasual-but-comfy, asual-but-comfy, cchef hef KKumao umao Arai’s A rai’s nnoodle oodle hhouse ouse iimports mports ttraditional raditional ttechniques echniques to to pproduce roduce hhearty, earty, aaromatic romatic bbowls owls with sstocked tocked w ith ppork-, ork-, ssea-saltea-saltoorr ssoy-sauce-flavored oy-sauce-flavored bbroth. roth. CCash ash oonly. nly. CCall all ahead; ahead; hours hours are are iirregular. rregular. 3375-M 75-M SS.. SSaratoga aratoga Ave. A ve. 4408.246.3933. 08.246.3933.


RASA R ASA M MALAYSIAN ALAYSIAN Malaysian. Malaysian. $$. Rasa Malaysian $ $. R asa M alaysian iiss a hhomey omey rrestaurant estaurant tthat hat ooffers ffers a nnumber umber ooff ssolid olid eexamples xamples ooff Malaysian M alaysian ffood ood iincluding ncluding ssatay atay cchicken, hicken, cchar har ttway way kkeow eow aand nd ssambal ambal kkangkung. angkung. 111am-3pm 1am-3pm Mon-Fri aand nd 55-9pm -9pm M on-Fri aand nd 111am1am9pm Ave. 9 pm SSat. at. 11290 290 CColeman oleman A ve. 4408.980.0668. 08.980.0668.

REHOBOTH R EHOBOTH. EEthiopian. thiopian. $$. $$. JJapantown apantown isn’t isn’t aallll JJapanese apanese Rehoboth ffood. ood. R ehoboth aadds dds sspice pice with ttoo tthe he nneighborhood eighborhood w ith iits ts menu ddiverse iverse m enu ooff EEthiopian thiopian sstandards. tandards. CCarnivores, arnivores, vvegetarians egetarians aand nd vvegans egans aare re aallll well Good w ell ttaken aken ccare are oof.f. G ood ccoffee, offee, Mon-Thu ttoo. oo. 111:30am-9pm 1:30am-9pm M on-Thu 665 aand nd 111:30am-10pm 1:30am-10pm FFri-Sat. ri-Sat. 6 65 N.. SSixth N ixth SSt.t. 4408.947.1717. 08.947.1717.

REYHAN R EYHAN. $. $. Persian. Persian. Reyhan Reyhan restaurant restaurant is is located located in in the the most most unlikely unlikely of of areas—an areas—an industrial industrial strip strip of of Almaden Almaden Road Road in in south south San San Jose. Jose. As As such, such, the the place place is is kind kind of of an an oasis—an oasis—an oasis oasis of of kebabs. kebabs. 11am-8pm 11am-8pm daily. daily. 1625 1625 Almaden Almaden Rd. Rd. 408.293.3600. 408.293.3600. SSELAM ELAM. $$.. EEthiopian thiopian and and Eritrean. Often Eritrean. O ften iit’s t’s the the places places you you have have to to work work to to find find that that turn turn out out to to be be the the good good ones. ones. Selam Selam is is tucked tucked away away in in a mall mall off off Winchester Winchester Boulevard, Boulevard, but but the the food food is is a real real standout. standout. 10am-10pm 10am-10pm daily. daily. 3120 3120 Williams Williams St. St. 408.984.9600. 408.984.9600. SIENA MEDITERRANEAN SIENA MEDITERRANEAN BISTRO B ISTRO M Mediterranean. editerranean. $$$. $$$. Tucked Tucked into into picturesque picturesque Willow Willow Glen, Glen, this this tiny tiny bistro bistro offers offers big big tastes. tastes. Entrees Entrees such such as as Moroccan Moroccan Cornish Cornish game game hen, hen, venison venison medallions medallions and and seasonal seasonal risotto risotto battle battle for for your your appetite appetite with with a bread bread pudding pudding dessert. dessert. Patio Patio dining dining available. available. 1359 1359 Lincoln Lincoln Ave. Ave. 408.271.0837. 408.271.0837.

SINO R SINO RESTAURANT ESTAURANT AND AND Modern CChinese. hinese. $ $$$. $$. LLOUNGE OUNGE Modern Sino Sino is is owned owned by by Christopher Christopher Yeo, Yeo, the the restaurateur restaurateur behind behind Straits. Straits. The The restaurant restaurant offers offers both both traditional traditional Chinese Chinese cooking cooking and and a few few modern modern

riffs. riffs. Good Good dim dim sum, sum, too. too. 11am11am10pm 10pm Sun-Tue, Sun-Tue, 11am-midnight 11am-midnight Wed-Sat. Wed-Sat. 377 377 Santana Santana Row. Row. 408.247.8880. 408.247.8880.

SSTRAITS TRAITS R RESTAURANT ESTAURANT Asian $$$. Byy Asian FFusion. usion. $ $$. B night night iit’s t’s a jam-packed jam-packed hipster hipster clubhouse; clubhouse; by by day day it’s it’s Singaporean Singaporean chef chef Chris Chris Yeo’s Yeo’s llatest atest cchic hic ffusion usion venue. venue. Small Small plates plates share share the the menu menu with with entrees entrees such such as as the the lobster lobster and and shrimp shrimp pad pad thai. thai. Outdoor Outdoor seating seating is is available. available. 11am-10pm 11am-10pm SunSunWed, Wed, 11am-midnight 11am-midnight Thu-Sat. Thu-Sat. 333 333 Santana Santana Row Row #1100. #1100. 408.246.6320. 408.246.6320.

SSUSHI USHI B BOAT OAT Sushi Sushi bbar/ ar/ JJapanese apanese sspecialties. pecialties. $. $. With With a ddécor écor tthat hat iiss uupbeat pbeat aand nd ssophisticated ophisticated aand nd ssushi ushi tthat hat iiss aass ddazzling azzling aass hhandmade andmade Boat walks jjewelry, ewelry, SSushi ushi B oat w alks oon n water! w ater! 111am-9:30pm 1am-9:30pm ddaily. aily. Ave. #119, 11600 600 SSaratoga aratoga A ve. # 119, Westgate Mall. W estgate M all. 4408.378.4000. 08.378.4000.

SSUSHI USHI FFACTORY ACTORY SSushi ushi $$. bbar/Japanese. ar/Japanese. $ $. IIt’s t’s all all here: here: meals ssushi, ushi, bbento ento bbox ox m eals aand nd tteriyaki eriyaki aand nd at at great great prices. prices. 111:30am-9:15pm 1:30am-9:15pm ddaily. aily. 44632 632 Meridian Ave. M eridian A ve. 4408.723.2598. 08.723.2598.

TAIWAN T AIWAN RESTAURANT RESTAURANT CChinese. hinese. $ $.. FFor or nnearly early 2255 yyears ears Willow Glen tthis his W illow G len llandmark andmark hhas as sserved erved a nnonstop onstop sstream tream ooff SSzechuan, zechuan, CCantonese antonese and and TTaiwanese aiwanese sspecialties. pecialties. Casual. Casual. Beer, wine. Ave. B eer, w ine. 11306 306 LLincoln incoln A ve. Mon-Sun. 111am-3pm, 1am-3pm, 55-9pm -9pm M on-Sun. 4408.289.8800. 08.289.8800.

THEA T HEA GGreek reek aand nd TTurkish. urkish. $$. $$. While While some some dishes dishes have have a tenuous tenuous connection connection to to Turkey Turkey and and Greece, Greece, the the pretty pretty restaurant restaurant serves serves a number number of of standouts standouts like like the the roasted roasted prawns, prawns, octopus octopus salad salad and and excellent excellent moussaka. moussaka. Full Full bar. bar. Open Open daily daily for for lunch lunch and and dinner. dinner. 11:30am-3pm, 11:30am-3pm, 5-8:30pm 5-8:30pm daily. daily. 3090 3090 Olsen Olsen Dr. Dr. 408.260.1444. 408.260.1444. TLAQUEPAQUE T LAQUEPAQUE NO. NO. 3 Mexican. $. Mexican. $. Willow Willow Glen’s Glen’s No. TTlaquepaque laquepaque N o. 3 ooccupies ccupies tthat hat ssweet weet sspot pot bbetween etween a ttaqueria aqueria and and a more more formal formal And ssit-down it-down rrestaurant. estaurant. A nd tthen hen tthere here aare re tthose hose hhighly ighly ggulpable ulpable cchavelas. havelas. 77am-9pm am-9pm Mon-Sat. 699 Ave. M on-Sat. 6 99 CCurtner urtner A ve. 4408.448.1230. 08.448.1230.

THREE T HREE FFLAMES LAMES CContinental. ontinental. $$. Willow Glen with $ $. A W illow G len ffavorite avorite w ith menu. Among aan n eenormous normous m enu. A mong tthe he bbest est cchoices hoices aare re sscampi, campi,

rrack ack ooff llamb amb aand nd ppepper epper ssteak. teak. CCasual. asual. FFull ull bbar. ar. 111am-3:45pm, 1am-3:45pm, Mon-Thu. 44-10pm -10pm M on-Thu. CClosed losed aatt Meridian 111pm 1pm FFri-Sat. ri-Sat. 11547 547 M eridian Ave. A ve. 4408.269.3133. 08.269.3133.

VIN V IN SANTO SANTO Italian Italian $ $$. $. A bbeautifully eautifully ssimple imple aand nd llow-lit ow-lit ddining ining rroom oom ssets ets tthe he sstage tage ffor or oofferings fferings ooff eearthy arthy aaromas, romas, well-seasoned bbold old ssauces auces aand nd w ell-seasoned market-fresh meats m arket-fresh m eats aand nd wine pproduce. roduce. EExtensive xtensive w ine llist ist well pplays lays hhost ost nnearly early aass w ell aass tthe he iinformative nformative sservers. ervers. 55-10pm -10pm TTue-Sat, ue-Sat, 55-8pm -8pm SSun. un. 11346 346 Ave. LLincoln incoln A ve. 4408.920.2508. 08.920.2508.

WAHOO’S W AHOO’S FISH FISH TACO TACO FFish ish $.. B Beachside ttacos/Cal-Mex. acos/Cal-Mex. $ eachside sshack hack decor decor gives gives Wahoo’s Wahoo’s a Disney D isney qquality. uality. FFish ish iiss tthe he ddish ish aatt tthis his LL.A.-based .A.-based ffast-food ast-food flame-broiled sstaple, taple, sserved erved fl ame-broiled oorr bblackened lackened iin n a sspicy picy CCajun ajun rrub ub iin n ttacos, acos, bburritos, urritos, bbowls owls and and Beer. ssalads. alads. B eer. 110:30am-9pm 0:30am-9pm SSun-Wed, un-Wed, 110am-10pm 0am-10pm FFri-Sat. ri-Sat. Olin Ave Row). 33050 050 O lin A ve ((Santana Santana R ow). 4408.244.3991. 08.244.3991.

WILLOW SSTREET WILLOW TREET W WOODOODizza. $ $$. $. SSilicon ilicon FFIRED IRED PIZZA PIZZA PPizza. Valley’s V alley’s tthree hree Willow Willow Street Street pizza pizza locations locations prepare prepare the the definitive definitive upwardly upwardly mobile mobile California California pizza. pizza. Crispy, Crispy, thin thin crusts crusts breathe breathe with with accents accents of of almond almond from from the the Italian Italian woodwoodfired fired oven. oven. Check Check out out the the new new Neapolitan-style Neapolitan-style pizzas— pizzas— delicate, delicate, light light and and satisfying. satisfying. Hearty Hearty pastas, pastas, salads salads and and sandwiches, sandwiches, too. too. 11:30am-9pm 11:30am-9pm Sun-Wed, Sun-Wed, 11:30am-9:30pm 11:30am-9:30pm Thu, Thu, 11:30am-10pm 11:30am-10pm Fri-Sat. Fri-Sat. 1072 1072 Willow Willow St. St. 408.971.7080. 408.971.7080. For For other other locations locations see see www. www.

YANKEE Y ANKEE P PIER IER AAmerican merican seafood. $ $. Veteran Veteran seafood. $$. rrestaurateur estaurateur B Bradley radley O Ogden gden bbrings rings a bbit it ooff CCape ape CCod od ttoo Row, with menu SSantana antana R ow, w ith a m enu fish rranging anging ffrom rom oold-fashioned ld-fashioned fi sh aand nd cchips hips ttoo ggourmet ourmet ooysters ysters mouth-watering Maine aand nd a m outh-watering M aine llobster obster rroll. oll. SSunday unday bbrunch runch iiss aalso lso aavailable. vailable. 111:30am-9:30pm 1:30am-9:30pm SSun-Thu, un-Thu, 111:30am-10pm 1:30am-10pm FFririRow #1100. SSat. at. 3378 78 SSantana antana R ow # 1100. 4408.244.1244. 08.244.1244.

YAS Y AS PPersian. ersian. $ $$. $. In In kkeeping eeping with w ith this this ancient ancient cuisine’s cuisine’s ttraditions, raditions, eentrees ntrees aare re ddressed ressed with uupp w ith tthe he cclean, lean, ffresh resh ttastes astes ooff llemon emon aand nd ssaffron, affron, aand nd wear ddesserts esserts w ear a ddistinctive istinctive water. Beer, wine. hhint int ooff rrose ose w ater. B eer, w ine. 111am-9pm 1am-9pm ddaily. aily. 11138 138 SSaratoga aratoga Ave. A ve. 4408.241.5115. 08.241.5115.

M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

RANGOLI R ANGOLI Indian. Indian. $ $.. Rangoli Rangoli spices spices up up the the Cambrian Cambrian area area with with excellent excellent Indian Indian food. food. The The restaurant restaurant is is beautiful beautiful and and its its food food and and service service largely largely match match its its décor. décor. Lunch Lunch buffet buffet 11:30am-2:30pm 11:30am-2:30pm Mon-Fri, Mon-Fri, dinner dinner 5-9:30pm 5-9:30pm Sun-Thu, Sun-Thu, 5-10pm 5-10pm Fri-Sat, Fri-Sat, brunch brunch noonnoon3pm 3pm Sun. Sun. 3695 3695 Union Union Ave. Ave. 408.377.2222. 408.377.2222.

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


metroactive m metr troacctive ttive

CCHOICES HOICES B BY: Y: 8Xife:Xie\j 8Xife :Xie\j 9\Xl;fnc`e^ 9\Xl;fnc`e^ I`Z_Xi[mfe9ljXZb I`Z_Xi[ mfe 9ljXZb

DAVE KOZ MARY CHAPIN CARPENTER DXip:_Xg`e:Xig\ek\iZf$_\X[c`e\jn`k_J_Xne:fcm`eXkDflekX`eN`e\ip%

*w wed we ed ((HED) H E D) P P.E. .E.

Blank nk Club, C San S n Jose Wed $18/$20 W ed – 8pm; $18 8/$20 $ (hed) TThe cryptic tic (hed d)) p.e. (“hed” means mea ans higher thought, thhought, and “p.e.” “p.e.” for st stands for o planet plane neet earth) is one of the from th he few few bands that that lasted fr om t rap-metal the rap-metal ap- ta explosion e of the early rly ’90s. But they t y don’t don’t like that labbel, label, bel so they they’ve the vee come up with their he own: “G-punk.” “ unk.” “G-pu n They’ve also come message. Well, com me with wit a me essage. W ell, a ffew ew actually: messages, ges actua ually: “The Bible is Bullshit!!! Bullshit! lls !! Thee Government is Us!!!! 9/11 R ng Us! Raping !!! 9/ /11 was an inside jjob!!!” job! b!!!” ! With thatt many a exclamation points, oints it must m be b serious. Known ffor or their live shows, shoows, w these SoCal SoCal

natives thr throw ow w heavy metal, hiphop, rreggae eggae and a old-school punk blender into a blende er and pour it on audience. aree KKutt the audience e. Opening ar utt CCalhoun, alhoun,, Bigg B,, Johnnyy Richter and Blesstenation. Blesstenatio n. (BD)

*tthu hu

MARY CCHAPIN MARY HAPIN CCARPENTER ARPENTER & SSHAWN H AW N CCOLVIN O LVIN Mountain Winery, W Winery y, Saratoga Saratoga 7:30pm; $35-$75 Thu – 7:30pm; Some sweet music tonight in the hills. Brownie Brow wnie (class of ’81), ex-Princeton ex -Princetonn Day School alumnus

and D.C. ffolkie olkie Mary Chapin arpenterr took countrypolitan CCarpenter cosmopolitan, cosmopol litan, revving revving up Lucinda Lucinda Williams’’ “P “Passionate Kisses”” into Williams assionate Kisses a deserved deserveed hit;; later, later, she made another hit, h “He Thinks Thinks He’ll He’ll KKeep eep Her,” insultt of a 1973 Her ,” out of the insul Geritol commercial’s coommercial’s horrific horrific “My wife, tagline: “M My wif e, I think I’ll keep her.” (When her .” (Whe en the FFTC TC finally nailed Geritol for for misleading advertising, TTime ime magazine maggazine noted “the judge, prosecutor, pr osecutoor, and FTC FTC lawyer in last week’s action acction were were all women.”) from After rrecovering ecoovering fr om a serious pulmonary pulmonar ry embolism, CCarpenter arpenter is back on the the road road with her biggest album selling alb bum since ’96, The Age of Miracles Mirraaclees; at tonight tonight’s ’s show, show, she’ll she’ll playy with her band, while her Simpsonss co-star Shawn Colvin, with whom whom Carpenter Carpenter played in a in 1988, performs trio way back b performs a solo acoustic acouustic set. (RvB)

;Xm\Bfqf]k\e d`jkXb\j_`j jXofg_fe\]f Xjdfb`e^g` i g\Æn`k__`cX i`flji\jlckj

FFOREVERLAND O R EV E R L A N D Music in the P Park, ark, San Jose free Thu – 5:30pm; fr ee 14-piece San Francisco’s Frrancisco’s 14 -piece Michael Jackson Foreverland Jack soon tribute band For everland playedd its first gig only five days before Pop bef ore the King of P op was ffound ound dead. Several S Sever al months later they from Jackson rreceived eceiveed a letter fr om the Jack son estate demanding they change their name, n which was originally Neverland. That’s Neverl and. That ’s a lot of grief for for a bandd just trying to pay homage to Jackson Jackkson while having tons of fun.. With ffour our vocalists,, crispp horns and a tight rhythm section, Foreverland For eveerland isn’t isn’t the kind of tributee band that wants to do an impression great impr esssion of the gr eat Michael Jackson. it’s Jack soon. No, it ’s a wedding-band career. versionn of his car eer. And people everywhere aree having a blast in everyw where ar (AC) spite of o themselves. (A C)

*ffri ri

WARREN W ARREN G Voo Voodoo odoo LLounge, ounge, San Jose Fri – 9pm; $15 Warren career W arren G’s car eer began with 213, group 213 3, a hip-hop gr oup that also included inc luded then-unknowns Snoop Dogg Dog gg and Nate Dogg. He went on memorable to contribute c some memor able tracks andd laid-back rhymes y to tr acks on Dre’s Dre’s The Chronic Chronic and Snoop’s Snoop’s Doggystyle Dog ggystyle. (Go ahead and give “Aint Nuts”” “Ainnt No Fun” Fun” and “Deez Nuts another anoother listen.) “Regulate,” a duet with witth his old pal Nate Dogg, was a No.. 2 Billboard Billboard single in 1994. He even eveen lost 31 pounds on Celebrity Fit Club! Even though his career career

oncerts * cconcerts Aug 4 at 6:30pm, Los Los Gatos TTown oown Plaza




BACK B ACK TO SSCHOOL CHOOL D DAY, AY, EENTICE NTICE A AND ND 5 5606 606 Aug 6, noon–3pm, Wahoo’s, Wahoo’s, Santana Row

KRISTEN K RISTEN STROM STROM QUARRTET, QUARRTET, GERSHWIN GERSHWIN TO GUINGA GUINGA A 6 at 7:30pm, Aug 7:30pm, Theatr Theatree on San Pedro Square, P edro Squar e, San Jose

LLOS OS LLONELY ONELY B BOYS OYS Aug 6 at 7pm, 7 Mountain Winery


TOBY T OBY KEITH KEITH Aug 6 at 7:15pm,, Shoreline Shorrelinee

SSOUTH OUTH FFIRST IRST FFRIDAY RIDAY ART A RT EEVENT VENT Aug 6, all evening, gg, South h First Street, Street, San Saan a Jose J e




isn’t what it was back in th isn’t the he ’90s, Warren fight W arren G continues to figh ht the good fight, put out solid rrecords, ecords, and make plenty of rreality-show eality--show appearances. (AC) C)) appear pp ances. ((A

*ssat at

ssound. ound. This This show show is is a release release pparty arty ffor or ttheir heir llatest atest EEP. P. KKinetik, inetik, the the SSoothing oothing Sound Sound of of FFlight light, O Our ur Living Living Memory Memory and and David David and and Goliath Goliath open. open. (BD) (BD)



Montalvo Arts Arts Center, Centerr, Saratoga Sarratoga Fri – 7:30; $40-$85

Homestead H omestead Lanes, Cupertino Cup pertino Sat – 8pm; $5

Streetlight R Streetlight Records, ecordss, San Jose free Sat – 4pm; fr ee

Having been nominated for for “Performer “P erformer of the Year” Year ” and and “Broadcaster “Br oadcaster of the YYear” ear ” at a the 2010 American Smooth Jazz Jazzz Awards, continues A wards, Dave KKoz oz continue es to find success in a career career that thaat has already alr eady spanned 20 years. As As a just saxophonist, he delivers ju st what easy, sultry ffans ans want: easy y, sul try songs songgs that aree equal parts R & B, jazz, funk ar broadcaster, and pop. As As a br oadcaster, he digs deep into the world of smooth smoooth jazz to further acquaint his audience auddience genree at lar large. (AC) with the genr ge. (A C C)

M etal uused sed to to be be ugly. ugly. I mean, mean, Metal rreally eally ugly. ugly. From From Lemmy’s Lemmy’s warts warts to to Udo U do Dirkscheider’s Dirkscheider ’s bulbous bulbous melon melon ttoo Mick Mick Mars’ Mars’ complex complex features features ttoo Billy Billy Milano’s Milano’s girth, girth, metal metal was music w as tthe he m usic ffor or tthe he rrest est ooff uus. s. SSympathy ympathy Ends Ends has has the the chops chops minus m inus the the homeliness. homeliness. They They look look nnice ice and and dress dress spiffy, spiffy, but but their their music m usic takes takes the the front front seat. seat. After After ggoing oing through through some some member member sshuffling, huffling, they’ve they’ve incorporated incorporated a more m ore melodic melodic death death metal metal slant slant iinto nto their their already already thrash/hardcore thrash/hardcore

It’s It ’s unclear if Call Call Mee Ugly are are making a polite request requuest or an Either way,, these outright demand. Eit ther way aree all ffairly attractive guys ar airly att tractive and insults their need ffor or insul tss is downright pperplexing. p g But who am I to judge? j g In addition to havingg low selfesteem, CCall all Me Uglyy clearly have a love ffor or all things Sublime S and dub-fused, the simple, dub-fuse ed, dance-pop songs they made popular popular in the They’ree driving all the way ’90s. They’r from Garden Valley (it’s down fr om Gar den V alley (it ’s past Sacramento—give Sacr amento—give it it a Google!),


so the least you can c do is swing by (AC) and criticize theirr physique. (A C)

C H E LS E A CHELSEA HANDLER H ANDLER Mountain Winery, Wineryy, Saratoga Saratoga Sat – 8pm; $50-$110 $50--$110 Regrettably Regrettably filed under the CCannot annot Get, Do Not Not Want Want to Get category is this Jersey Jeersey celeb of glamour-starved Aree we glamour-star ved frame. frame. Ar suree she isn’t sur isn’t rreally eally the oneliner-generating liner-gener ating avatar of Ann Coulter? Coul ter? Maybe it’s itt’s me, watching h without her ith t a skinful skin kinful f l off Belvedere B l d e Belveder Vodka. is a fir firee V odka. Lindsay Lohan Lohan o crotch! Jennifer cr otch! Jennif er and a Angelina Or maybe rreally eally hate each other! o it was the time I read read three three of her dentist’s columns in a rrow ow w at the dentist ’s office and went, “W ““Wait, ait, what is this tripe, Ann Landers?” Landerrs?” (RvB)

CCINDERELLA INDERELLA A AT T SSUNSET, UNSET T,, A BA BALLROOM LLROOM O OPERA PERA A 7 at 7pm, Au Aug 7 downtown do wntown n Redwood City Cit



SSOUTH OUTH BAY BAY GUITAR GUITAR SOCIETY SOCIETY SHOWCASE SHOWCASE SERIES SERIES Aug 8 at 3pm 3pm,, Theatr Theatre re on San P Pedro edrro Square, Squar e, San Jose J se


RUSH R USH T TIME IME M MACHINE ACHINE T TOUR OUR Aug 9 at 7:30pm, Shoreline Shor horeline e ne

SSAN AN JJOSE OSE JAZZ JAZZ FFESTIVAL ESTIVAL Aug 13-15, 13-15, downtown wn San n Jose Jos

M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M



lisstings: More M ore listings:

ARTS A RT S metroactive metr o oactive




Sculpture on the Grounds Through Oct. 31; Montalvo Arts Center, Saratoga Two artists contribute pieces designed to complement the landscaped grounds at Montalvo. Los Gatos’ David Middlebrook exhibits three new pieces, with an emphasis on egg forms (ends Sept. 30). Ann Weber’s “Ode to Montalvo” (pictured) is a series of large sculptures fashioned from recycled cardboard in shapes that conjure up natural shapes like seed pods and cocoons.

Don Cole

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


J@E>@E>J<EJ8K@FEJ  DXo\e\:fc\kk\G_\cgj#c\]k #GXkkp J_Xeefe>l^^\e_\`d#Z\ek\i Xe[CXM\ie\?`cXipC`kkc\  i\c`m\k_\`idlj`ZXcaflie\pXkk_\I\kif;fd\%

Mami Wata

Boogie Woogie

Aug. 4–Jan. 2; Cantor Arts Center, Stanford Some 500 years of African-born art, both folk and contemporary, are covered in a show devoted to representations of water spirits. The materials in the show encompass sculpture, masks and altars of “Mother Water.” The examples come from Africa and countries in the diaspora, including Brazil and the United States; pictured is a Haitian fabric piece by Roudy Azor.

tage *sstage Dance D ance

FFRANKLIN RANK KLLIN SSQUARE QUARE SSTREET TREET DANCE D ANCE TThe h aannual he nnual SSanta anta CClara lara SStreet treet D ance w ill ffeature eature tthe he SSun un Dance will KKings. ings. FFri, ri, 77-9:30pm. -9:30pm. FFree. ree. FFranklin ranklin SSquare, quare, SSanta anta CClara. lara.

NAVARASA—HER N AVARASA—HER CCHOICE HOICE Artistic A rtistic director director ooff LLasya asya D ance CCompany, ompany, V idhya Dance Vidhya SSudbramanian, udbramanian, sshowcases howcases 10 10 women mythology, w omen ffrom rom IIndian ndian m ythology, fiction fi ction and and hhistory. istory. SSun, un, 44pm. pm. $15. McAfee $ 15. M cAfee TTheatre, heatre, SSaratoga. aratoga.

Theater T heater ANYTHING A NYTHING GGOES OES Foothill M Foothill Music usic TTheatre heatre rrevival evival ooff CCole ole P Porter orter hhit. it. R Regular egular sshows hows Thu-Sat, Thu-Sat, 8pm, 8pm, SSun, un, 22pm. pm. TTh hru A ug 115. 5. $ 10-$26. FFoothill oothill Thru Aug $10-$26. CCollege, ollege, LLos os A ltos Hills. Hills. Altos

AUDITIONING A UDITIONING T THE HE A AINSLEYS INSLEYS TTheatreWorks heatreWorks ooffers ffers tthe he world world

premiere premiere of of a comedy comedy about about a family family of of auctioneers. auctioneers. Tue-Wed, Tue-Wed, 7:30pm, 7:30pm, Thu-Fri, Thu-Fri, 8pm, 8pm, Sat, Sat, 2 and and 8pm, 8pm, Sun, Sun, 2 and and 7pm. 7pm. Thru Thru Sun. Sun. $19-$67. $19-$67. Lucie Lucie Stern Stern Theater, Palo Alto. Theater, P alo A lto.

CCINDERELLA INDERELLA A AT T SSUNSET UNSET On Purpose! On Purpose! Productions Productions ppresents resents opera, opera, ballroom ballroom ddancing ancing aand nd cclassical lassical music. music. SSat, at, 77-8pm. -8pm. FFree. ree. Courthouse Courthouse Redwood SSquare, quare, R edwood City. City.

DEREK D EREK W WALCOTT’S ALCOTT’S O OMEROS MEROS A rre-telling e-telling of of Homeric Homeric epic epic set set Walcott’s oon nW alcott’s native native island island of of St. St. LLucia. ucia. TTue, ue, 8 8pm. pm. FFree. ree. SStanford tanford University U niversity P Pigott igott Theater. Theater.

EMBERS O EMBERS OFF W WAR: AR: T THE HE IILLIAD LLIAD O ONSTAGE NSTAGE An 8 An 80-minute 0-minute vversion ersion ooff Homer’s H omer ’s great great poem poem brought brought ttoo the the stage. stage. Wed, Wed, 8pm. 8pm. Free. Free. Pigott P igott Theater, Theater, Stanford. Stanford.

LLOS OS GGATOS ATOS SSHAKESPEARE HAKESPEARE FFESTIVAL ESTIVAL Three plays Three plays in in repertory. repertory. This This week: w eek: TThu: hu: ““The The IImportance mportance of of Being B eing Earnest.” Earnest.” FFri: ri: “Treasure “Treasure IIsland.” sland.” SSat: at: “The “The Taming Taming of of tthe he Shrew.” Shrew.” A Allll sshows hows aatt 8pm. 8pm. TThru hru SSat. at. O ak Meadow Meadow Park, Park, Oak LLos os Gatos. Gatos.


NICE N ICE JEWISH JEWISH GIRLS GIRLS GGONE ONE B AD BAD A bbawdy awdy m musical usical ccomedy omedy tthat hat sskewers kewers sstereotypes tereotypes ooff JJewish ewish w omen. TThu, hu, 8pm. 8pm. $20/$25. $20/$25. women. TTheatre heatre oon n SSan an P Pedro edro SSquare, quare, SSan an JJose. ose.

RENT R ENT City LLights City ights TTheater heater CCompany ompany ppresents resents tthe he popular popular updated updated musical m usical bbased ased oon n ““La La Boheme.” B oheme.” TThu-Fri, hu-Fri, 8pm, 8pm, Sun, Sun, 77pm. pm. Thru Thru Aug Aug 29. 29. $25-$40. $25-$40. CCity ity LLights, ights, SSan an JJose. ose.

SSEASCAPE EASCAPE Edward Albee’s Edward Albee’s ccomedy omedy aabout bout llife ife and and communication communication Dragon iiss ppresented resented bbyy D ragon Productions. 8pm, P roductions. TThu-Sat, hu-Sat, 8 pm, SSun, un, 2pm. 2pm. $16-$25. $16-$25. Dragon Dragon Palo Alto. TTheatre, heatre, P alo A lto.

IFDg\i]fid`e^]fi>@jkf[\Xc`e^n`k_j`jk\i i`mXcip#J`jk\ijf]Jn`e^#efngcXp`e^Xkk_\ I\kif;fd\#kXb\jXl[`\eZ\jfeXki`gnXp[fne d\dfipcXe\n`k_n\cc$jle^_`kjfe^jYc\e[\[n`k_X         k\cc$Xccgcfkc`e\%J\cc`e^dfi\k_Xe0'd`cc`fei\Zfi[j#         k_\8e[i\njJ`jk\ijn\i\fekfgf]k_\`i^Xd\`ek_\           cXk\Ê*'jXe[[li`e^Nfic[NXi@@%J`jk\ijf]         Jn`e^Y\^`ejn`k_k_\pfle^\jkj`jk\i#GXkkp       J`jk\ijf] J_Xeefe>l^^\e_\`d #i\ZXcc`e^_\ik`d\     Jn`e^ jg\ekn`k__\ij`jk\ij#CXm\ie\?`cXipC`kkc\        Xe[DXo\e\:fc\kk\G_\cgj %GXkkpi\d`e`jZ\j      Friday–Saturday, XYflkj`e^`e^n`k__\ifc[\ij`jk\ijXifle[       8pm, Sun, 2pm k_\g`XefXkk_\X^\f].#n`k_CXm\ie\#k_\          Through Aug. 15 fc[\jkXe[(+Xkk_\k`d\#XcnXpjk\cc`e^k_\d         @ The Retro kfj`e^cfl[\ifijf]k\ifi`ekle\%K_\p]fl^_k          Dome, San Jose c`b\Xccj`jk\ij[f#Ylkdlj`Zb\gkk_\`iYfe[         jkife^%

Throughout World War II, they spent their time overseas proudly singing to the troops, anything to keep the morale up and the men safe. In this time, the sisters faced their own struggles with their overprotective father, the death of their mother and Maxene secretly wedding the group’s manager. Sisters of Swing! is the first of four productions in this year’s Off-Broadway San Jose Series and makes a great starter. This portrait of the girls’ lives is both fun and infectious. The cast pulls off such famous numbers as “Bei Mir Bist du Schön,” “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree” and “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” with ease.

SSHADY HADY SHAKESPEARE SHAKESPEARE The ssummer The ummer rrep ep sseason eason oopens pens tthis his week week w with ith “Much “Much Ado Ado ((About About N Nothing).” othing).” FFri-Sun, ri-Sun, 7pm. 7pm. Runs R uns iinn rotation rotation with with “The “The Merchant M erchant of of Venice” Venice” tthrough hrough SSep ep 55.. $25. $25. Sanborn-Skyline Sanborn-Skyline Park, P ark, SSanta anta CCruz ruz M Mountains. ountains.

SSHAKESPEARE HAKESPEARE SANTA SANTA CRUZ CRUZ ““The The Lion Lion in in Winter,” Winter,” “Love’s “Love’s


Audience participation is encouraged. Their rendition of “Six Jerks in a Jeep” sold the show for me. From the lyrics to the choreography, everything was on cue. Even the gentlemen from the audience played along perfectly and couldn’t have been any better or exciting to watch. Mark Martinez steals the show in multiple parts: as the sisters’ manager, as the boy looking for his two front teeth in “All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth” and as Carmen Miranda. From his bright-yellow, low-cut dress and wig to boyish suspenders and a lisp, he kept everyone entertained from beginning to end.—Jen Nowell

an eclectic evening of arts and culture in downtown San Jose’s SoFA District (and beyond) on the First Friday of every month

AUGUST 6th ART WALK + STREET MRKT > It all kicks off at 7pm and goes ’til late! <

Anno Domini

Art Glass Center

Caffé Trieste


366 So. First Street

465 So. First Street

315 So. First Street

510 So. First Street

Pangea Fernando Chamarelli (Brazil) Chamarelli lives in a multicultural country of contrasts. Through his use of mosaic, geometric elements, organic forms and harmonic lines connecting symbols, legends, philosophies, religions and the customs of ancient and modern civilizations, he creates colorful, exotic and surreal characters. Music by DJ Basura

Lionel Chapital and Lori Peterson are collaborating live on the torches at the Art Glass Center this Friday. They will be making the flowers of your choosing in a vase blown on the spot for $45. Preorders available: call us at (408) 971-1530.

Are you Normal Enough? by Michael Foley is a collection of oddities. Selected paintings and photography that show the eccentricities that surround us on a daily basis. First Fridays are Opera Night! at Caffé Trieste, with some of the Bay Area's best opera singers performing your favorite arias and duets.

The Art of Politics: Three Generations of Political Printmaking in the Bay Area featuring Juan Fuentes, Melanie Cervantes, Jesus Barraza, Leslie Lopez and Natalia Garcia Pasmanick. Join us for a gallery walk through and an engaging conversation about their work on Friday, August 6, @ 7pm Above image: Hip Hop is Love, Leslie Lopez & Jesus Barraza. Screenprint, 2010

San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles 520 So. First Street In the Main Galleries: Alfred Shaheen: Fabric to Fashion, Wendeanne Ke’aka Stitt: Contemporary Kapa, and Grand Appliqué: Hawaiian Quilts Special events: hula performance by Halau Napuaokamokihana’ ohaikapolioluana, and the making of Hawaiian kapa cloth by Wendeanne Ke’aka Stitt

Lucy Liew

Above image: Monstera dress by Alfred Shaheen; 1950s.

SLG Art Boutiki & Gallery

So. First Billiards

KALEID Gallery

420 So. First Street

88 So. Fourth Street

577 So. Market Street

ImagiNATIVES group show featuring HB Crew, Sean Boyles, Cukui, Dee Jae Pa’este & NOA Music by: Rome (Forever Hungry) Troy Curtis (SJ) Clothing market by Cukui, Konscious Klothing, Sean Boyles & INVS

7-9pm Opening Receptions:

ART OF THE GEEKS - The Boutiki proudly presents a showing of the work of graphic novelist Gene Luen Yang. Included will be art from his acclaimed American Born Chinese as well as his earlier books. Book signing by Gene, live music and all the usual Boutiki fun.

All ages until 10pm/21+ after 10pm

Floral Fantasy by Lucy Liew-a lush garden of floral fantasies that are a fusion of the real and the fantastic. Portraits by Nora Schwallercapturing moments of loss, a feeling that is visually altered by the portraits fanciful nature.

More Exhibitions: Higher Fire Clayspace 499 So. Market Street Phantom Galleries 386 & 388 So. First Street WORKS San José 451 So. First Street Downtown Yoga Shala 450 So. First Street Good Karma Vegan Café 37 So. First Street Metro Photo Exhibit 550 So. First Street Art Ark 1035 So. Sixth Street

An indie diy urban faire featuring live music by Rykarda Parasol, Panthelion and The Emerald Hill with special guest MC Mike McGee! Also featuring 40 artists & indie creative vendors!

FREE and open to the public!

visit or call 408-271-5155 for more info

M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M



M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


ARTS RT S metroactive metr oactivve A 40 Labor ’s LLost” Labor’s ost” and and “Othello” “Othello” rrun un iin n rrepertory epertory tthru hru A ug 229. 9. See See Aug ffor or ddetails. etails. U C-Santa CCruz. ruz. UC-Santa

SSISTERS ISTERS O OFF SSWING!: WING!: THE OFF T THE T HE SSTORY TORY O HE A NDREWS SSISTERS ISTERS ANDREWS Am musical usical ccelebration elebration ooff tthe he sswing-era wing-era ssinging inging sstars, tars, kknown nown Under Apple ffor or “Don’t “Don’t SSit it U nder tthe he A pple Woogie TTree” ree” aand nd ““Boogie Boogie W oogie Bugle Boy.” 8pm, B ugle B oy.” FFri-Sat, ri-Sat, 8 pm, SSun, un, 22pm. pm. Thru Thru Aug Aug 15. 15. $24-$36. $24-$36. Retro Dome, TThe he R etro D ome, San San Jose. Jose.

THE WANDERINGS THE WANDERINGS OF OF O DYSSEUS ODYSSEUS A nnew ew ttake ake oonn the the timeless timeless ttale ale aass ppart art ooff SStanford tanford SSummer ummer TTheater heater sseries. eries. TThu, hu, 77pm, pm, Fri-Sat, Fri-Sat, 8pm, 8pm, Sun Sun 2 and and 77pm. pm. Thru Thru Aug Aug 15. 15. $10/$20. $10/$20. N itery TTheater, heater, SStanford. tanford. Nitery

William bbyy llandscape andscape aartist rtist W illiam Richards. TTrost rost R ichards. TThru hru SSep ep 226. 6. Highlights ““Collection Collection H ighlights FFrom rom Ancient EEurope urope 11500-1800, 500-1800, A ncient Greece Rome. G reece aand nd R ome. A nnew ew llook ook at at the the museum’s museum’s ppermanent ermanent holdings. holdings. “Buildings “Buildings on on Paper: Paper: Architectural Architectural Drawings.” Drawings.” Thru Thru Oct Oct 17. 17. Wed-Sun, Wed-Sun, 11am-5pm, 11am-5pm, Thu, Thu, 11am-8pm. 11am-8pm. Stanford. Stanford.

Recent w Recent works orks by by the the painter. painter. ““Flights Flights of of Fancy: Fancy: New New works works by by LLivia ivia SStein.” tein.” TThru hru SSep ep 119. 9. TueTueWed W ed aand nd Fri-Sun, Fri-Sun, 11am-5pm. 11am-5pm. TThu, hu, 11am-9pm. 11am-9pm. Santa Santa Clara. Clara.



“Run! JJump! “Run! ump! Fly! Fly! A Adventures dventures in in Action.” A ction.” A sshow how about about tthe he joy joy ooff bbeing eing physically physically active. active. Thru Thru SSep ep 9. 9. Mon-Sat, Mon-Sat, 10am-5pm 10am-5pm aand nd SSun, un, noon-5pm. noon-5pm. SSan an Jose. Jose.

HISTORY H ISTORY P PARK ARK SSAN AN JJOSE OSE “Explore SSan “Explore an Jose Jose Parks— Parks— Open O pen ttoo tthe he P Public ublic SSince ince 1850.” 1850.” TThru hru JJan an 223. 3. A Att P Pacific acific H Hotel otel Gallery. G allery. Tue-Sun, Tue-Sun, noon-5pm. noon-5pm. SSan an JJose. ose.


CComedy omedy CCOMEDYSPORTZ OMEDYSPORTZ An iinteractive An nteractive improvised improvised ccomedy omedy sshow. how. FFri, ri, 9 aand nd 111pm 1pm 9pm. $12-$15. aand nd SSat, at, 7 aand nd 9 pm. $ 12-$15. CComedySportz, omedySportz, San San Jose. Jose.

IIMPROV MPROV Wed, 8 Wed, 8pm: pm: Chicano Chicano Kings. Kings. $1. $1. TThu, hu, 8pm, 8pm, Fri, Fri, 8 and and 10pm, 10pm, Sat, Sat, 7 aand nd 9 9pm, pm, SSun un 7pm: 7pm: Jo Jo Koy. Koy. $20. $ 20. Tue, Tue, 8pm: 8pm: Improv Improv StandStanduupp CComedy omedy CCompetition. ompetition. $10. $10. SSan an JJose. ose.

ROOSTER R OOSTER T T.. FEATHERS FEATHERS Wed, 8 Wed, 8pm: pm: New New Talent Talent SShowcase. howcase. $ 10. Thu, Thu, 8pm, 8pm, $10. FFri-Sat, ri-Sat, 9 pm, SSun, un, 8pm: 8pm: Willie Willie 9pm, Barcena. B arcena. $ $15.75. 15.75. Sunnyvale. Sunnyvale.


Museums M useums OPENING O PENING CCANTOR ANTOR A ARTS RTS CENTER CENTER “Mami W “Mami Wata: ata: A Arts rts ffor or W Water ater Africa SSpirits pirits iinn A frica aand nd IIts ts Diasporas.” D iasporas.” A Aug ug 44-Jan -Jan 22.. WedWedSSun, un, 11am-5pm, 11am-5pm, Thu, Thu, 11am11am8 pm. Stanford. Stanford. 8pm.

CCONTINUING ONTINUING CCANTOR ANTOR A ARTS RTS CENTER CENTER “True ttoo N “True Nature.” ature.” D Drawings, rawings, watercolors w atercolors aand nd ooilil ssketches ketches

More M ore listings:


“Retro-Tech.” A group “Retro-Tech.” group show show aabout bout aartists rtists rreusing eusing old old aand nd nnew ew technologies. technologies. Thru Thru Feb Feb 6. 6. ““Degrees Degrees ooff SSeparation: eparation: CContemporary ontemporary P Photography hotography Permanent FFrom rom tthe he P ermanent Mar CCollection.” ollection.” Thru Thru M ar 14. 14. “Vital “Vital SSigns: igns: New New Media Media From From the the Permanent P ermanent CCollection.” ollection.” . Thru Thru 6.. “New FFeb eb 6 “New Stories Stories From From the the Edge Plastic Edge of of Asia: Asia: P lastic LLife.” ife.” TThru hru SSep ep 19. 19. Tue-Sun, Tue-Sun, 11am-5pm, 11am-5pm, cclosed losed Mon. Mon. San San Jose. Jose.

SAN JJOSE SAN OSE M MUSEUM USEUM O OFF QUILTS Q UILTS A AND ND T TEXTILES EXTILES For SSouth For outh FFirst irst FFriday, riday, m museum useum ppresents resents a performance performance by by Halau Napuaokamokihana. H alau N apuaokamokihana. ““Hawaii’s Hawaii’s Alfred Alfred Shaheen: Shaheen: FFabric abric to to FFashion.” ashion.” TTextiles extiles wear Oahu aand nd aaloha loha w ear ffrom rom aann O ahu manufacturer. Appliqué: m anufacturer. ““Grand Grand A ppliqué: Hawaiian Quilts.” H awaiian Q uilts.” Works Works by by CCarol arol KKamaile. amaile. “Wendeanne “Wendeanne KKe’aka e’aka SStitt: titt: CContemporary ontemporary KKapa.” apa.” FFiber iber art art bbyy Santa Santa CCruz ruz 8.. TTue-Sun, aartist. rtist. All All end end Aug Aug 8 ue-Sun, 110am-5pm. 0am-5pm. SSan an JJose. ose.

TECH T ECH M MUSEUM USEUM ”Genghis KKhan.” ”Genghis han.” A nnew ew sshow how aabout bout tthe he ttechnological, echnological, martial m artial and and ssocial ocial aadvances dvances ooff Mongol warrior. tthe he M ongol w arrior. Mon-Wed, Mon-Wed, 9am-5pm, 9am9 am-5pm, aand nd TThu-Sun, hu-Sun, 9 am8pm. 8 pm. SSan an Jose. Jose.

TRITON T RITON M MUSEUM USEUM O OFF ART ART ““A A CChild’s hild’s World.” World.” A sshow how with works aabout bout iinner nner yyouth, outh, w ith w orks bbyy SSqueak queak CCarnwath, arnwath, EEnrique nrique CChagoya hagoya aand nd oothers. thers. ““Erin Erin Goodwin-Guerrero: G oodwin-Guerrero: Caught Caught Between B etween Heaven Heaven and and EEarth.” arth.”

GGalleries alleries Opening O pening “Pangea.” W “Pangea.” Works orks bbyy FFernando ernando CChamarelli hamarelli of of Brazil. Brazil. Reception Reception FFri ri ffor or SSouth outh FFirst irst FFridays, ridays, with with DJJ B D Basura. asura. SShow how rruns uns tthrough hrough SSep ep 118. 8. San San Jose. Jose.

ART A RT A ARK RK A ggroup roup sshow how on on the the theme theme ““Where Where I’m I’m From” From” R eception Reception FFri, ri, 8 -10pm. Show Show runs runs 8-10pm. tthrough hrough A ug 227. 7. SSan an JJose. ose. Aug

ART A RT GGLASS LASS CCENTER ENTER JJOSE OSE For SSouth For outh FFirst irst FFriday, riday, LLionel ionel CChapital hapital aand nd LLori ori Peterson Peterson ccollaborate ollaborate live live on on blown blown glass. glass. SSan an JJose. ose.

CCAFFE AFFE TRIESTE TRIESTE ““Are Are You You Normal Normal Enough?” Enough?” SSelected elected ppaintings aintings and and pphotographs hotographs aabout bout eeccentricity ccentricity Michael bbyy M ichael Foley. Foley. For For South South FFirst irst FFriday, riday, O Opera pera San San JJose ose ssingers ingers performs. performs. Show Show runs runs tthru hru A Aug ug 228. 8. SSan an JJose. ose.

DOWNTOWN D OWNTOWN Y YOGA OGA SSHALA HALA Works bbyy EEmily Works mily Lounsbury. Lounsbury. SStarts tarts FFri. ri. SSan an Jose. Jose.

GGOOD OOD K KARMA ARMA V VEGAN EGAN CCAFE AFE ““A A Little Little Bird Bird TTold old Me.” Me.” Works Works bbyy CChristine hristine Benjamin Benjamin and and Sid Sid EEnck, nck, JJr.r. Aug Aug 6 6-28. -28. San San JJose. ose.

HIGHER FFIRE HIGHER IRE CCLAYSPACE LAYSPACE AND A ND GGALLERY ALLERY FFor or SSouth outh FFirst irst FFriday, riday, a ssneak neak ppeak eak ooff nnew ew ggallery. allery. 499 499 S. S. Market M arket SSt,t, SSan an JJose. ose.

KALEID K ALEID GGALLERY ALLERY Works bbyy LLucy Works ucy Liew Liew aand nd Nora Nora SSchwaller. chwaller. Aug Aug 6-27. 6-27. San San Jose. Jose.

METRO M ETRO LOBBY LOBBY “(Whatever). SSometimes “(Whatever). ometimes No No TTheme heme is is a Good Good Theme.” Theme.” A pphoto hoto sshow how by by FFirst irst SSt.t. Photo Photo CCollective. ollective. Reception Reception Fri Fri with with music m usic by by Talk Talk Tina Tina and and Dirty Dirty P illows. San San Jose. Jose. Pillows.

PHANTOM P HANTOM GGALLERIES ALLERIES Works iinn windows Works windows aalong long SSouth outh FFirst irst SStreet treet by by Abe Abe Menor Menor and and Paolo P aolo FFachinetti. achinetti. San San Jose. Jose.

SSLG LG A ART RT B BOUTIKI OUTIKI ““The The Art Art ooff tthe he G Geeks.” eeks.” Works Works

45 43



Art Walk


LDD<In\Xk_\iYi`e^jflkk_\Yflc\mXi[`\i `edfjkf]lj#Xe[k_\i\`jefY\kk\iYflc\mXi[ kfjkifcck_XeJXeAfj\ÊjJflk_=`ijkJki\\k]fiX YXcdp\[`k`fef]Jflk_=`ijk=i`[Xpj%K_\dfek_cpXik         Xe[^Xcc\ipZfe]XYkXb\jgcXZ\8l^%-#jkXik`e^XkXYflk          .gdXe[ilee`e^Xcc\m\e`e^%K_`j`ejkXccd\ekgifm`[\j        Z_XeZ\jkfZXkZ_lgn`k_jfd\j_fnjk_XkXi\\e[`e^          n_`c\^c`dgj`e^jfd\e\nXii`mXcj%     MACLA’s bracing selection of bold, clever, pointed and sometimes didactic agit-art—“The Art of Politics: Three Generations of Political Printmaking in the Bay Area”—features works by Juan Fuentes, Melanie Cervantes and others. Right next door, the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles showcases a variety of fabric and fashion designs from Hawaii. Both shows end this weekend.


Jflk_=`ijk  =i`[Xpj Aug. 6, 7pm, South First Street, San Jose

Anno Domini presents a new show called “Pangea” by Brazilian artist Fernando Chamarelli, who creates symbol-laden paintings with mosiaclike elements. The reception includes music by DJ Basura. At Caffé Trieste, Michael Foley exhibits photos and paintings that delve into the fringes, extremes and oddities of the urban experience; singers from Opera San Jose will perform. Slave Labor Graphics’ Art Boutiki presents selections from the graphic novels of Gene Luen Yang, plus live bands. The group show at South First Billiards, called “ImagiNATIVES,” comprised pieces by HB Crew, Sean Boyles and others. In Metro’s lobby, strollers can find a new selection of contributions from the First Street Photo Collective. The whole event is tied together with an outdoor DIY festival with vendors and music by Panthelion, the Emerald Hill and MC Mike McGee. —Michael S. Gant by graphic by graphic nnovel ovel bbyy G Gene ene LLuen uen YYang. ang. A Aug ug 6 tthru hru tthe he eend nd of of tthe he month. m onth. SSan an JJose. ose.

SSOUTH OUTH FFIRST IRST BILLIARDS BILLIARDS “ImagiNATIVES,” a ggroup “ImagiNATIVES,” roup sshow how w ith HB HB Crew, Crew, SSean ean B oyles, with Boyles, CCukui ukui aand nd m more, ore, pplus lus m music usic by by R ome and and a cclothing lothing m art for for Rome mart SSouth outh FFirst irst FFriday. riday. SSan an JJose. ose.

SOUTH FFIRST SOUTH IRST FFRIDAYS RIDAYS Art venues in the SSoFA Art oFA District will be open all evening ffor or the art walk. (7-IIncludes ncludes a SStreet treet Market Market (7 Aug 11pm) and live music. A ug 6, Free. 8pm-late. Fr ee. Downtown SSan an JJose. ose.

BOOK SIGNING Friday, August 6th, 7PM 2200 Eastridge Loop San Jose (408) 270-9470 Forrest Griffin will sign his books only. No memorabilia, please.

WORKS/SAN W ORKS/SAN JJOSE OS E “Walls of SSilicon “Walls ilicon V Valley: alley: P Past, ast, Present, Pr esent, Futur Future.” e.” A gr group oup show.. For South show South First Friday, Fridayy, mural a mur al will be painted live. Aug A ug 6-Sep 6-Sep 4.


Get more info and get to know your favorite writers at BN.COM/events All events subject to change, so please contact the store to confirm.

M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M


M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


ARTS RT S metroactive metr oactivve A 43 4 3 CCONTINUING ONTINUING FFILOLI ILOLI GGARDENS ARDENS ““America America tthe he B Beautiful,” eautiful,” a sshow how ooff student student artwork. artwork. TThru hru Sep Sep 12. 12. SStudent tudent aappreciation ppreciation dday ay A Aug ug 114. 4. Woodside. Woodside.

CCITY ITY W WINDOWS INDOWS GGALLERY ALLERY “Earth-Bound.” A sshow “Earth-Bound.” how ooff works works bbyy cclay lay ssculptors, culptors, iincluding ncluding SStan tan W elsh aand nd D iane LLevinson. evinson. City City Welsh Diane H all, SSouth outh Fourth Fourth St, St, San San Jose. Jose. Hall,

GGALLERY ALLERY HOUSE HOUSE “Open SSpaces, “Open paces, Abstract Abstract P Places.” laces.” Works W orks bbyy M Martha artha CCastillo astillo iin n Williams cclayprint layprint aand nd TTrevlyn revlyn W illiams iin n watercolor. watercolor. TThru hru Aug Aug 21. 21. Tue, Tue, 111am-4pm, 1am-4pm, Wed-Sat, Wed-Sat, 11am-8pm, 11am-8pm, Palo Alto. SSun, un, 111am-3pm. 1am-3pm. P alo A lto.

MACLA M ACLA “The A “The Art rt ooff P Politics: olitics: TThree hree Generations G enerations ooff Political Political P rintmaking iin n tthe he B ay A rea.” Printmaking Bay Area.” FFor or SSouth outh FFirst irst Friday, Friday, ggalley alley hhosts osts a w walk alk aand nd ttalk alk w with ith aartists. rtists. TThru hru A Aug ug 77.. W Wed-Thu, ed-Thu, nnoon-7pm, oon-7pm, Fri-Sat, Fri-Sat, noon-5pm. noon-5pm. SSan an JJose. ose.

MAIN M AIN GALLERY GALLERY “New W “New Work ork bbyy O Old ld FFriends.” riends.” TThru hru Aug A ug 8 8.. R Redwood edwood CCity. ity.

PALO P ALO A ALTO LTO ART ART CENTER CENTER “Secret D “Secret Drawings.” rawings.” A sshow how bbased ased oon n tthe he Surrealist Surrealist iidea dea ooff tthe he exquisite exquisite ccorpse. orpse. ““Dream Dream figures SSequences.” equences.” CCeramic eramic fi gures bbyy M ichael LLucero, ucero, Beverly Beverly Michael M ayeri aand nd oothers. thers. ““Surreal Surreal Mayeri Reinventions.” R einventions.” Thru Thru Sep Sep 4. 4. TueTueSSat, at, 110am-5pm, 0am-5pm, Thu, Thu, 7-9pm, 7-9pm, SSun, un, 11-5pm. -5pm. P alo A lto. Palo Alto.

SAN JOSE SAN JOSE INSTITUTE INSTITUTE OF OF CCONTEMPORARY ONTEMPORARY ART ART “Exposed: TToday’s “Exposed: oday’s P Photograph/ hotograph/ YYesterday’s esterday’s TTechnology.” echnology.” Artists A rtists w working orking iin n oold-school ld-school pphoto hoto techniques. techniques. Thru Thru Sep Sep 119. 9. “Conservation “Conservation of of Intimacy.” Intimacy.” Bernie IInstallation nstallation bbyy B ernie LLubell. ubell. TThru hru Sep Sep 19. 19. Tue-Fri, Tue-Fri, 10am-5pm, 10am-5pm, SSat, at, nnoon-5pm. oon-5pm. San San Jose. Jose.

SSUNNYVALE UNNYVALE ART ART GALLERY GALLERY Oils, aacrylics Oils, crylics aand nd m more ore bbyy A Angelo ngelo LLopez, opez, Rita Rita LLouis ouis aand nd oother ther Reception aartists. rtists. R eception SSat, at, 22-5pm. -5pm. Runs R uns tthru hru Aug Aug 30. 30. Open Open Daily Daily till till 8pm, 8 pm, Sun Sun till till 6pm. 6pm. Sunnyvale. Sunnyvale.

VIEWPOINTS V IEWPOINTS GALLERY GALLERY “Color . . . Squared.” “Color Squared.” W Works orks bbyy 1144 aartists. rtists. R Reception eception A Aug ug 113, 3, 55pm. pm. Runs R uns tthru hru Sep Sep 4. 4. Daily Daily 11am11amAltos. 55pm, pm, SSun, un, 111am-3pm. 1am-3pm. LLos os A ltos.

M ore listings: More


Books B ooks

A rredondo. SSat, at, 8pm. 8pm. Free. Free. Brix, Brix, Arredondo. SSan an JJose. ose.



The aauthor The uthor sshares hares ““The The SSurf urf Guru,” G uru,” a bbook ook ooff bbrilliant, rilliant, aadventurous dventurous sstories. tories. Tue, Tue, 7pm. 7pm. FFree. ree. Kepler’s, Kepler ’s, Menlo Menlo Park. Park.

A nnew ew jjuried uried aart rt sshow how ccombined ombined w ith Music Music oon n tthe he Square Square with pperformance. erformance. FFri, ri, 6 6-8pm; -8pm; ffree. ree. CCourthouse ourthouse Square, Square, Redwood Redwood City. City.



TThe he U UFC FC fi fighter ghter will will aautograph utograph hhis is nnew ew bbook, ook, ““Be Be R Ready eady W When hen the the SSh*t h*t G Goes oes D Down.” own.” FFri, ri, 77pm. pm. B Barnes arnes Noble, &N oble, EEastridge, astridge, San San Jose. Jose.

Featuring SSeason Featuring eason SSix ix “Project “Project R unway” fi nalist CCarol arol Hannah. Hannah. Runway” finalist SSat-Sun, at-Sun, 110am-6pm. 0am-6pm. Free. Free. Bella Bella B ridesmaid, Los Los Gatos. Gatos. Bridesmaid,



The aauthor The uthor ooff fi five ve nnonfiction onfiction will bbooks ooks w ill ttake ake ppart art in in a poetry poetry rreading. eading. Mon, Mon, 7pm. 7pm. Free. Free. Willow Willow Glen G len LLibrary. ibrary.

Free llessons Free essons in in the the fox fox trot. trot. TTue, ue, 6 -8pm. Courthouse Courthouse SSquare, quare, 6-8pm. R edwood CCity. ity. Redwood


Art aand Art nd w wine ine ffestival estival w with ith bbands, ands, llocal ocal talent, talent, aarts rts and and ccrafts. rafts. SSatatSSun, un, 110am–6pm; 0am–6pm; free. free. Los Los Gatos Gatos Grounds, CCivic ivic Center Center G rounds,

The aauthor The uthor ppresents resents “New “New Wrinkle,” W rinkle,” which which helps helps people people with ccope ope w ith oold ld age. age. Wed, Wed, 7pm. 7pm. Books Mountain View. B ooks IInc., nc., M ountain V iew.


BACK B ACK T TO O SSCHOOL CHOOL IN IN STYLE STYLE Santana R Santana Row ow iinvites nvites students students ttoo with ggoo bback ack ttoo sschool chool iinn style style w ith ggiveaways iveaways aand nd llive ive bands. bands. Fri, Fri, aallll Row. dday. ay. SSantana antana R ow.

CCHILDREN’S HILDREN’S T THEATRE HEATRE IIN NT HE P ARK THE PARK Fairy ttales Fairy ales aand nd cchildren’s hildren’s sstories tories bbyy P Peninsula eninsula YYouth outh TTheatre. heatre. This This w eek: FFri, ri, 6:30pm, 6:30pm, “Once “Once Upon Upon week: a SShoe.” hoe.” FFree. ree. ParkStage ParkStage ooutside utside Mountain View M ountain V iew CCenter enter for for tthe he P erforming Arts. Arts. Performing

CCIRCUS IRCUS V VARGAS ARGAS Presented by Presented by Tabares Tabares EEntertainment. ntertainment. TThu, hu, 77:30pm, :30pm, FFri, ri, 44:30 :30 and and 7:30pm, 7:30pm, Sat Sat and and SSun, un, 1:30, 1:30, 4:30 4:30 and and 7:30pm, 7:30pm, Mon, M on, 7pm. 7pm. $40/$45. $40/$45. Westfield Westfield Oakridge. O akridge.

FFOOTLOOSE OOTLOOSE By Peninsula By Peninsula Youth Youth Theatre. Theatre. FFri, ri, 77:30pm, :30pm, Sat, Sat, 2 and and 7:30pm, 7:30pm, SSun, un, 1pm. 1pm. Thru Thru Aug Aug 8 18/$20. 8.. $ $18/$20. M ountain V iew CCenter enter for for tthe he Mountain View P erforming Arts. Arts. Performing

vents *eevents Big B ig D Deals eals

ARREDONDO CCLOTHING ARREDONDO LOTHING SSHOW HOW The fall/winter The fall/winter 2010 2010 ccollection ollection by by designer designer Robert Robert


HEMPCON H EMPCON A cchance hance ttoo llearn earn m more ore about about medical m edical marijuana. marijuana. Fri, Fri, 2-10pm, 2-10pm, SSat, at, 11am-10pm, 11am-10pm, Sun Sun 11am-8pm. 11am-8pm. $18/$20. Hall, $ 18/$20. SSouth outh H all, San San Jose Jose CConvention onvention CCenter. enter.

NEIGHBORHOOD N EIGHBORHOOD GGARAGE ARAGE SSALE ALE Funds w Funds will ill bbee donated donated ttoo Trace Trace EElementary lementary School School for for supplies supplies llost ost in in the the fire. fire. Sat, Sat, 7am. 7am. Lincoln Lincoln High H igh SSchool, chool, SSan an Jose. Jose.

PORTERA CCOMMON PORTERA OMMON CCOMMUNITY OMMUNITY CCELEBRATION ELEBRATION The eevent, The vent, ffeaturing eaturing m music, usic, ddancing, ancing, ffood, ood, ddrink rink and and pprizes, rizes, will w ill benefit benefit five five South South Bay Bay ccharities. harities. Wed, Wed, 6-9pm. 6-9pm. Rock Rock Bottom Brewery, B ottom B rewery, CCampbell. ampbell.

SALINAS M SALINAS MUSIC USIC & A ARTS RTS SSUMMIT UMMIT A ffamily amily m music usic aand nd aarts rts eevent vent designed designed ttoo iinspire nspire an an aappreciation ppreciation of of the the aarts. rts. SSun, un, 111am-4pm. 1am-4pm. FFree. ree. Natividad Natividad Creek Creek Park Amphitheater, P ark A mphitheater, SSalinas. alinas.

SAN JJUAN SAN UAN A ANTIQUES NTIQUES MARKET FFLEA LEA M ARKET A llarge arge sselection election of of good good old old tthings. hings. SSun, un, all all day. day. Downtown Downtown Bautista. SSan an JJuan uan B autista.

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8cXdXi LeiXk\[2.*d`e% Fg\ej8l^%-7:Xd\iX.# :XdgY\cc

45 M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

metroactive FILM

b oat out thr ough se eascapes of a boat through seascapes pr p offound o and deep p blue, blue, snorkeling snorkelingg profound ffor or o langoust as, sp eaarfishing or langoustas, spearfishing put ting out a p oleleess line ffor or o putting poleless barracudas They br ring their b oat barracudas.. They bring boat to shor ub its hull with shoree only to scru scrub white sand, get a ffew ew supplies and chat with the otherr fishermen— henc ysterio ous moment, with hencee one m mysterious a to othless old fellow fello e ow reciting reciting a love love toothless p oem to the ccamera. ameraa. poem Most dir ectors wo ould be be tempted directors would to cr eate pump ed-u ed u opp up ortunities create pumped-up opportunities ffor or o cconflict onflict and rresolution. eso olution. Here, Here, the disharmonies b e ween JJorge et orge between and Nestór Nestór don’t don’t ge et more more serious get than a debate o ver the t question of over how str ong coffee coff ffeee ought o to b e; the strong be; old man, like like so many maan ny Mexicans, Mexicans, is a Nescafe Nescaffe drinker; drinker; Jorge’s Jor o ge’s time in It aly is signaled by by the t presence presence of a Italy tin esso p ot. Si imilarlyy, the only tinyy espr espresso pot. Similarly, flar e-up b etween Jorge Jor o ge and his son is flare-up between a brief moment of iimpatienc impatiencee when the kid snarls some fishing line. line. Old N estór insistss on his happiness ess Nestór her H heree at this edge of the world. He tells us “F ishing is about a out luck ab l and “Fishing patienc e,” which is aalso what film m patience,” dir ecting is ab out. Somewhere S m wher Some he e directing about. along the line JJorge orgee must ha ave b eeen have been educ ated, which mi ight h haave b educated, might have been how he met a Eur op pean girl (we we see ee European him in R ome o in hom me-mo mo ovie pr eRome home-movie pretitles) He knows th titles). he L atin names mes m es ffor or or the Latin the flora and fauna,, and also so how ow to t help ttame ame a lo vely white wh ccattle attle egr gret e lovely egret that w addles in ffor or o some free freee ffood. ood. d waddles o oretell the loss Some moments fforetell to ccome: ome: on the da ay when Nat atan n day Natan is going return return acr o the A oss tlantic t , across Atlantic, JJorge orge is glimpsed, b e o ent ver thee bent over hammo ck, sleepingg with w his hii head hammock, oss the chest of his acr h son. Alamar la r across is a beautiful, beautiful, brief mo m v that vie h t movie rreminds eminds one some w what of C arr rroll rr o somewhat Carroll Ballar d’s visions of nature, n natur e, though Ballard’s it surpasses them eeven ven for fo or quietness tne tn ne and tenderness It’s an unf ffo o ced, or d tenderness.. It’s unforced, languor ous lo ok at a water water world, d, d languorous look fr ee of o vercooked narrativ n a free overcooked narrativee and rresplendent esplendent with tr opical skies under der tropical which eevery very da ay, an nd every every scene, scene en , iss a day, and fr esh st art. fresh start.

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y



metroactive FILM





(Unrated; 72 min.) See at left.

(Unrated; 73 min.) See review on page 45.

DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS (PG-13; 114 min.) See review on page 49.



(PG-13; 100 min.) See review on page 48.

(Unrated; 98 min.) â&#x20AC;&#x153;Entertainingâ&#x20AC;? isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t the ďŹ rst word that comes to mind to describe a Todd Solondz ďŹ lm, but this weirdly lighthearted sequel to the stacked, loaded and fairly repulsive Happiness seems like the work of a director with a longer view. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not that the overt politics make the difference, or that the cast has more facility with


Runaways THE QUIET MOMENTS that make up the indie ďŹ lm Kisses, directed by Irelandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Lance Daly, might be sold on the same shelf as Once, but this tale of young runaways in Dublin is much better in music, sentiment, tempo and, most importantly, humor. Any story of lost kids needs humor among the sadness and disgust, and this comes from the ďŹ lmâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s opening shot, a close-up of an upside-down goldďŹ sh wearing that particularly reproachful look that only a dead goldďŹ sh can have. The humor here, to say the least, is the dry kind.


â&#x20AC;&#x153;Smart Entertainment. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d be a Schmuck to miss it.â&#x20AC;?


Dylan (Shane Curry) and Kylie (Kelly Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Neill) are next-door neighbors in B`jj\j a part of Ireland one would prefer to Unrated, 72 min. drive through at 65mph. A vast, cold Opens Aug. 6 @ and smelly-looking fen faces the two Camera 12 in childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s houses. From the way Kylie San Jose tries to avoid the man, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s clear that her Uncle Maurice (Sean McDonagh) makes her do things. Dylan, even at age 11, has developed a face like a ďŹ st, as well as a ďŹ ne case of stress-induced asthma. After a ďŹ ght breaks out between the two, Dylan and Kylie make a break for it. They hitch a ride to Dublin. Dylanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s brother vanished into Dublinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s skid row two years before, and Dylan has half an idea to track the long-missing brother down. Daly makes this adventure impressionistic, with a focus on the kidsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; faces and the city they discover. The two runaways are guided by songs by Bob Dylan. The only problem is that Kisses starts to look a bit aimless in the center. Until the arrival of an involved action sequence involving a runaway car full of perverts and LED-lit, wheeled sneakers, the ďŹ lm spins its wheels. Yet Curry has all the menace and weakness of a mistreated kid. His voice isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t completely there, and the conviction in the lines sometimes wavers. Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Neill, by contrast, has the adroitness and softness that Christina Ricci had as a child actor. All told, Kisses is a winner, a smart, sweet ďŹ lm with gentleness that never devolves into mere softness.Ă&#x2020;I`Z_Xi[mfe9ljXZb

humor (though they do)â&#x20AC;&#x201D;there seems to be more affection for the characters and the messes they make or worsen. The three sisters from Happinesssâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Joy, Trish and Helenâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;have come up in the world. Trish (Allison Janney) is living in Florida, putting her marriage to a rapacious child molester behind her and dating a physically disagreeable Zionist (Michael Lerner); her son, Timmy (Dylan Riley Snyder, freckled and cast for his resemblance to Lassieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s partner Timmy), is awaiting his bar mitzvah and dealing with his twin anxieties about pedophiles and terrorists. Meanwhile, sad-sack Joy (Shirley Henderson) is still carrying her acoustic guitar around, though now sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s being pestered by vicious ghosts (Paul Reubens is one of them). The â&#x20AC;&#x153;Floridaâ&#x20AC;? surroundings (actually the parts of Puerto Rico stuck in the mid-1960s) and the acid-washed colors stress the grotesque comic side of this tale of family dislocation. The highlight is a wonderfully juicy bit by Charlotte Rampling as a bitter Ăźber-cougar; she keeps pitching her lines higher and higher, until sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a one-woman Strindberg festival. (Opens Fri at Camera 3 in San Jose.) (RvB) (R; 105 min.) A look at the life of Jack Harris (played by Luke Wilson) who pioneered adult entertainment sites on the web. (Opens Fri valleywide.)

THE OTHER GUYS (PG-13; 107 min.) Will Farrell and Mark Wahlberg star as bumbling cops who try to show off their crimeďŹ ghting skills. Also stars Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne Johnson. (Opens Fri valleywide.)








(PG-13; 107 min.) The high-stakes world of dance comeptitionsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;look out for ďŹ&#x201A;ying feet. (Opens Fri valleywide.)

TWELVE (Unrated) Joel Schumacher directs a drama about a troubled young drug dealer; stars Chace Crawford and Emma Roberts. (Opens Fri at Century Capitola 16.)

Revivals CABARET


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(1972) This Weimar-themed ďŹ lm seemed indescribably apropos when it came out. The invincible Nixon had been re-elected for another term; among the chronically paranoid (i.e. moviegoers), it seemed that nothing



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M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

6        %  "     6      #     !      %   5   " !   


M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


Sam Emerson Š 2009, Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics


metroactive FILM could stop the slide into disaster. In the midst of political misery, Cabaretâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s snapshot of Berlin on the brink was an understandable hit. Star Liza Minnelli, never better, is Sally, a charming, sponging nightclub singer in Berlin on the eve of the Nazi takeover; the would-be tough girl falls for the proper Englishman Michael York. The hallucinogenic


sordidness of the Kit Kat Club is embodied by the snakelike MC (Joel Grey). (Plays Aug 6 in San Jose at the California Theatre; showtime is 7pm; courtyard opens an hour and a half earlier at 5:30pm for sale of snacks and adult beverages.) (RvB)

COLD MOUNTAIN (2003). An uneasy mixture of The



;lmXccc\]k jgilZ\jlg]fi_`jfne]le\iXcn`k_ k_\_\cgf]ClZXj9cXZbXe[9`ccDliiXp%


Not High Enough AT SOME LEVEL, praising a movie for its acting is like praising it for its photography alone: like saying itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s less than a sum of its parts. The history of the Robert Duvall star vehicle (whether itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s called The Apostle or Assassination Tango) demonstrates why great character actors are rarely sufďŹ cient as lead actors. That same way of holding the screen in two or three small moments, the dynamics of what a character actor doesâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;all of that >\kCfn sometimes seems monotonous in a full-length ďŹ lm. Get Lowâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hushed PG-13; 100 min. direction by Aaron Schneider, which Opens Aug. 6 tells you, this is important, this is like @ Camera 7 in Faulkner, casts a spell, but itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s some Campbell & CinĂŠarts kind of numbing, tranquilizing spell; Santana Row the ďŹ lm canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t unstir itself from the level of an anecdote. In the 1930s South, a hermit named Bush emerges from decades of solitude. He comes to a nearby small town and make plans for his funeral, which he intends to hold while heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s still alive. He ďŹ nds no trouble with this idea from the local funeral-home director (Bill Murray), who expands on the event to bring music and a rafďŹ&#x201A;e to draw in the community; part of the draw will be Bush telling the secret that made him hide his face in the woods for so many years. Murray is the ďŹ lmâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s saving grace; he has the true comedianâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s solitude and the driest lines resound like terriďŹ c jokes. One loves him and turns a blind eye to his anachronistic dialogue as he mentors a younger salesman (Lucas Black). If it was always Gene Hackmanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s aim to â&#x20AC;&#x153;play common men uncommonly,â&#x20AC;? Black gives an example of a man playing a common man commonly.Ă&#x2020;I`Z_Xi[mfe9ljXZb

Odyssey, Western-movie terseness and New Age fanciness. In the winter of 1864â&#x20AC;&#x201C;65, the Confederate deserter Inman (Jude Law) treks home like Ulysses. His journey alternates with scenes of Ada (Nicole Kidman), the woman he loves, a city refugee surviving off her farm with the help of her pal Ruby (RenĂŠe Zellweger, who got the Oscar for her hamming). Kidman ďŹ nally has a leading man as pretty and willowy as herself, but the title says it all: the embrace gives off no heat. Stanford Universityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Charles Junkerman introduces the ďŹ lm. (Plays Aug 9 at 7pm in Palo Alto at Stanford Universityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Annenberg Auditorium; free, part of the Odyssean Cinema series.) (RvB)


FLO RIDA â&#x20AC;&#x153;CLUB CANâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;T HAND TREY SONGZ â&#x20AC;&#x153;ALREADY TAKELE ME,â&#x20AC;? ROSCOE DASH AND T-PAIN (f N,â&#x20AC;? ea â&#x20AC;&#x153;MY OWN STEPâ&#x20AC;? t. FABO)

(1990) Patrick Swayze stars as a lovelorn revenant, able to materialize during a key moment of erotic pottery-throwing (with co-throwee Demi â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Concrete Kittenâ&#x20AC;? Moore). This tearjerker unleashed â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Unchained Melody.â&#x20AC;? Dragging its chains and cackling, the escaped yet inescapable melody began a reign of terror on AM radio until it was shot by a SWAT team. The weed of crime bears bitter fruit. (Plays Aug 5 in Redwood City at sundown in Old Courthouse Square; free.) (RvB)

THE GOONIES (1985) Children ďŹ nd a pirate map and start a quest for a treasure guarded



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AND AT THEATRES EVERYWHERE Check Local Listings or Text STEP with your ZIP CODE to 43KIX (43549)

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'#$  0$#/  1,







HAROLD AND MAUDE (1972) Hal Ashby’s locally shot cult film about a wealthy but morbid young eccentric (Bud Cort) who

caps his love affair with death by falling for an elderly bohemian (Ruth Gordon). How well it has aged, and how well its Cat Stevens score sounds, may depend on who you were when you first saw it. (Plays Aug 4 at 7pm in Campbell at Camera 7; free; local filmmaker Jarrod Whaley will introduce.) (RvB)

JUDGMENT AT NUREMBERG (1961) An expansion of Abby Mann’s television play, but it still scans like TV despite the prestigious cast: Spencer Tracy as the judge; Maximilian Schell as the defense attorney; Marlene Dietrich as a

general’s widow; Montgomery Clift as the victim of Nazi eugenics; Judy Garland as a woman arrested for loving a Jewish man; and Richard Widmark as the Army prosecutor. (Plays Aug 4-6 in Palo Alto at the Stanford Theatre.) (RvB)

NILES FILM MUSEUM Regularly scheduled programs of silent films. Aug 7: Coleen Moore in Orchids and Ermine (1927) regarding a romance of class-crossed love, with Mickey Rooney (age 9) as a snazzily dressed Little Person. Billed with “Felix Turns the Tide” (1922) and




K89C<K8CBJk\m\:Xi\ccc\]k `jk_\jZ_dlZb n_fZXd\kfGXlcIl[[Êj[`ee\i%

Faux Pas THE ONLY thought that went through my head after seeing Dinner for Schmucks was “Am I a schmuck for actually sitting through this?” Filled with moronic and brazen silliness, Dinner for Schmucks features star Steve Carell playing a kind of ultra–Michael Scott from The Office for almost two hours. Carell plays Barry, an abject case of one of the most undeviatingly simple and dim-witted individuals imaginable. He is courted by Tim (Paul Rudd), a rising executive in his company looking for the perfect guest for ;`ee\i]fi his boss’s monthly event, a dinner JZ_dlZbj for idiots, in hopes of earning a promotion. Tim struggles in his PG-13; 114 min. dealings with Barry and battles Plays valleywide with his moral conscience the entire film. The message is essentially that an abnormally idiotic man can ruin your entire life but you should not make fun of him because of it. Interestingly, the denouement contradicts the exact purpose of the movie for the audience. Only, the reason I wasn’t laughing had nothing to do with the societal lesson director Jay Roach was attempting to shovel at me.


Filled with buffoonery, the film does boast some moments of incomprehensible social awkwardness that will have audiences twisting in their seats. In small roles, Zach Galifianakis (The Hangover), Jemaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords) and Lucy Punch (Hot Fuzz) provide many of the better laughs, with their over-the-top brand of absurd characters. Overall, however, there’s just not enough there to warrant a trip to the theater. Rudd and Carell, while not the worst actor pairing, do not have a great deal of chemistry and struggle to create a real feeling of comic repartee. Bring me the check and don’t expect much of a tip, if any, after this disastrous dinner.— DXicfeDXcfe\p

M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

by a gross family. The stars are Josh Brolin, Sean Astin, Corey Feldman, Martha Plimpton and Ke Huy “Short Round” Quan. Billed with short films from the Cinequest Adobe Youth Voices program; a “Goonies Treasure Hunt” culminates with the finalists’ chance to open up the treasure box for the grand prize; details at (Plays Aug 11 in San Jose at sundown in San Pedro Square.) (RvB)

50 M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


Color Coded IN THE LATE â&#x20AC;&#x2122;40s, the British directing team of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger made two delirious, well-on-to-hallucinogenic Technicolor ďŹ lms in which the vibrant (vibrating almost) saturated colors were as much a part of the emotional texture of the stories as the acting. Of course, faded prints canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t convey the true spectacle of Black Narcissus (1947) and The Red Shoes (1948), which is why these two Criterion releases, immaculately and lovingly restored, are so valuable to ďŹ lm fans.

metroactive FILM â&#x20AC;&#x153;Big Moments from Little Pictures.â&#x20AC;? Will Rogers burlesques a handful of hits, bullďŹ ghting a paciďŹ st cow, having an archery contest with Robin Hood, and honks in a bandana whilst spooďŹ ng the popular melodrama â&#x20AC;&#x153;Over the Hill to the Poor House,â&#x20AC;? based on Will Carletonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s egregious poem of the same name. Bruce Loeb

A few missteps (especially Mary Hallatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s grating comic relief as Angu Ayah) mar Black Narcissus, but The Red Shoes is well-nigh perfect. Real-life ballet star Moira Shearer (whose red hair positively ďŹ&#x201A;ames onscreen) plays Victoria Page, an aspiring dancer. She vacillates between her love for a somewhat priggish composer (Marius Goring) and the imperious entrepreneur Boris Lermontov (Anton Walbrook). The fatal choice between high art and mundane romance deďŹ nes every step of the storyâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;and is then gloriously embodied by the 20-minute Red Shoes ballet, a tour de force that combines choreography, color, trick photography and surrealistic sets to supreme effect. This two-disc set includes a variety of extras, most notably an interview with Powellâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s widow, ďŹ lm editor Thelma Schoonmaker. Ă&#x2020;D`Z_X\cJ%>Xek

at the piano. Aug 8, 4pm: Four with Laurel and Hardy. (Plays Aug 7-8 at 7:30pm in Fremont at the Edison Theatre.) (RvB)

SOME LIKE IT HOT/GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES (1959/1953). Two half-frozen and broke Chicago musicians (Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis) of the

Peter Travers

â&#x20AC;&#x153;SALT IS A RED-HOT THRILLERâ&#x20AC;Ś HANG ON FOR THE RIDE.â&#x20AC;? Joe Neumaier

In Black Narcissus, a group of nuns, led by tightly wound Deborah Kerr, venture to a Himalayan redoubt that once housed harem girls but has now been granted to the church. High atop an impossible precipice where the wind never stops howling, the nuns succumb to stirrings of Eastern sensuality, particularly in the form of the only 9cXZbEXiZ`jjlj man in sight: rakish, devil-may-care Mr. Dean (David Farrar). Worst hit K_\I\[J_f\j of all is sister Ruth (Kathleen Byron), Criterion who ďŹ&#x201A;ips entirely, emerging from $39.95 each the cocoon of her white wimple as a red-lipped, red-dressed seductress in a breathtaking transformation. Without shooting a frame in India, this studio-bound production, thanks to Jack Cardiffâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cinematography, manages to be a completely convincing dip into the fever-dream of the British obsession with the Raj. The disc includes two excellent making-of features with enlightening interviews with Cardiff and Byron.




Roger Ebert



Jazz Age accidentally witness a gangster massacre. Disguised as women in an all-girl orchestra, they hit the road for Florida. Their new pal in the orchestra is the tightly clad Sugar Kane (Marilyn Monroe, never better), a ukulele player with a weakness for saxophonists. Lemmon and comedian Joe E. Brown (your standard comedic Palm Beach millionaire) wrap up the ďŹ lm with a famous last line. The last great screwball comedy. BILLED WITH Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Howard Hawksâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; brash musical about â&#x20AC;&#x153;two little girls from Little Rockâ&#x20AC;?: half-bright golddigger Lorelei Lee (Marilyn Monroe) and her shrewder pal Dorothy (Jane Russell). Sexy, campy and always funny, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a different movie on the big screen than it is on TV. (Plays Aug 4 and 6â&#x20AC;&#x201C;8 in San Jose at the Retro Dome.) (RvB)

Reviews AGORA (Unrated; 126 min.) A beautifully dressed disappointment, highlighting a lovely Rachel Weisz as a pagan logician holding out against insurgent faith. Hypatia (Weisz) is a woman with the rare privilege of being allowed to teach philosophy; her two prize students, both very fond of her, are the slave

For showtimes, advance tix and more, go to

Best Theaters -- SJ Merc, Metro & Wave Readers Always Plenty of Free Validated Parking All Sites Seniors & Kids $6.75 / Students $7.50 â&#x20AC;˘ * = No Passes $7 b4 6pm M-F / 4pm S-S, Holidays â&#x20AC;˘  = Final Week  = Presented in Sony 4K Digital (C7 only) â&#x20AC;˘ Pruneyard/Campbell â&#x20AC;˘ 559-6900       â&#x20AC;˘ Pruneyard/Campbell â&#x20AC;˘ 559-6900


   â&#x20AC;˘ 41 N. Santa Cruz â&#x20AC;˘ 395-0203 *DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS (PG-13)    INCEPTION (PG-13)    â&#x20AC;˘ 201 S. 2nd St, S.J. â&#x20AC;˘ 998-3300



   â&#x20AC;˘ 288 S. Second, S.J. â&#x20AC;˘ 998-3300 *LIFE DURING WARTIME (NR) *FAREWELL (NR) OPENS 8/13! EAT PRAY LOVE EXPENDABLES



51 THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT (R; 104 min.) Crisis occurs when a very settled lesbian marriage is challenged by the arrival of the sperm donor (Mark Ruffalo) who fathered one of the coupleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s children. Julianne Moore as a classic California girl: no intellectual, very earthy, a blurter-out of things she probably

shouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have said; Annette Bening, amusingly dour, is her hard-working spouse. Director Lisa Cholodenko and co-writer Stuart Blumberg takes their ďŹ lm away from the realm of the typical gay and lesbian ďŹ lm fest talkathon and up to speed with the blogs and with the ďŹ ction of Mary Gaitskill. (RvB)

CHARLIE ST. CLOUD (PG-13) A poignant drama about a young man who has trouble coping with the death of his brother.

FAREWELL (Unrated; 113 min.) Intelligent, atmospheric Cold War thriller, directed by Christian Carion, based on a real-life case. In 1981, in Moscow, Pierre (Guillaume Canet), a French technocrat, is mistakenly approached by Grigoriev (Serbian director Emir Kusturica). This Soviet ofďŹ cer, sick of his government, aims to help push it over from the inside by passing on information to the West. The Russian is surprised to ďŹ nd out that Pierre has almost no connections with the secret service. Pierreâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s government asks the amateur spy to carry on, and a friendship develops. The art direction is immaculate; Carion aims to take you on a trip to the vanished USSR, dwelling over the frightening Martian/Gothic towers and neongreen corridors. (RvB)




    0 '$#$&*$ %   



  0 #*$+,.!'$*!   



   0 $' !*"-+)( 

I AM LOVE (R; 120 min.) Tilda Swinton plays Emma, the wife of a distant businessman, who carries on an affair with a chef: Antonio (Edoardo Gabbrilini), a handsome devil with a tattooed bracelet. Director Luca Guadagnino touches upon the best novels about adultery: the name Emma, as in Bovary, is certainly signiďŹ cant. The director has one especially intelligent idea: the idea of how food and taste express information. (RvB)

INCEPTION (PG-13; 148 min.) The basic idea of Christopher Nolanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ďŹ lm is simple. Led by Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio), a sort of Impossible Mission Force, working for a Japanese trillionaire (Ken Watanabe), descends into the sleeping subconscious of the plutocratâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s young rival (Cillian Murphy), using technology that allows them to design dreamscapes. Throughout the ďŹ lm, Nolan insists on the practical effect: the miniature and the set, as opposed to CGI. The ďŹ lm is audacious and frequently thrilling, especially when Nolan folds Paris in on itself and Escherizes interior spaces. (RvB)


M E TR O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

Davus (Max Minghella) and the wellborn Orestes (Oscar Isaac). The ďŹ lm depicts an ant-hill-like squabble of different faiths, centered around the viciousness of the local Christian bishop. Weisz looks very fetching in togas, but the force of Hypatiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sweet, no-monkey-business character is stressed rather than her gravity of an intellectual. (RvB)

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


Beyond ““Sprawl Sprawl II II ((Mountains Mountains B eyond Mountains),” M ountains),” which which revels revels in in the the nighttime redemption off m midnight n ighttime re demption o idnight make-out away m ake- out ssessions essions aand nd getting getting aw way on bikes. ffrom rrom tthe he ccops ops o nb ikes. But B ut there’s there’s a post-jaded post--jaded eelement lement drags, tthat hatt d rags, eespecially specially on on “Suburban “Suburban War.” Halfway W ar.” H alfway through, through, the the song song breaks but b reaks iinto nto a faster faster ttempo, empo, b ut iit’s t’s unlike danceeentirely ntirely u nlike tthe he jjoyful oyful d ancebreak Funeral’s b reak release release of of Fu neral’s ““Wake Wake Up”—instead, pound U p”—instead, the the ttoms oms p ound dreadfully, d readfully, the the violins violins ooze ooze drama drama mermaid aand nd tthe he m ermaid voices voices chime chime in in off m meaning ssome ome vvague ague ssymbol ymb ol o eaning while his w hile Butler Butler complains complaiins tthat hatt h is old old don’t know him ffriends riends d on’t k now h im aanymore. nymore.

metroactive MUSIC

Living With Sprawl DF;<IED<E D F;<I ED<E8iZX[\=`i\_XjZi\Xk\[XeXcYldXjYfi`e^Xjk_\jlYliYjk_\dj\cm\j% 8iZX[\ =`i\ _Xj Zi\Xk\[ Xe X XcYld Xj Yfi`e^ Xj k_\ jlYl liYj k_\dj\cm\j%

K_\e\ni\Zfi[]ifd8iZX[\=`i\#  K_\e\ni\Zfi[] ifd8iZX[\=`i\# ÉK_\JlYliYj#Ê`jefdfi\kfn\i`e^ ÉK_ ÉK_\ K_ JlYliYj Jl j##Ê`j efdfi\ kfn\i`e^ ^ k_XeXiXeZ_$jkpc\Yle^Xcfn  k k_Xe k_Xe X iXeZ_ iXeZ_$jjkpc\ jjkpc\ Yle^Xcfn n 9P 9P



?< E<N 8iZX[\ =`i\ ?<E<N8iZX[\=`i\ i\c\Xj\# i\c\ c\ \Xj\# K_\ K_\JlYliYj JlYliYjj## n_`Z_ZXd\flkfe n_`Z_ ZXd\ flk fe Kl\j[Xp#`jXZfeZ\gk Kl\j[Xp# `j X ZfeZ\gk XcYldXYflkk_\jlYliYj# XcYld XYflk k_\ jlYliYj# lj`e^Xj`kjdlj\k_\kiXZk lj`e^ Xj `kj dlj\ k_\ kiXZk _fd\j#j_fgg`e^dXccjXe[ _fd\j# j_fgg`e^ dXccj Xe[ YX[e\`^_Yfi_ff[gcXee`e^ YX[ e\`^_Yfi_ff[ gcXee`e^ k_XkZfdgi`j\dlZ_f] k_Xk Zfdgi`j\ dlZ_ f] 8d\i`ZX% 8d\i`ZX% IItt iiss an an intensely intensely anticipated anticipated

reecord, n record, not ot lleast east b because ecause tw two o p revious A rcade Fi re aalbums lbums previous Arcade Fire b rilliantly llived ived u p tto o ttheir heir tthemes, hemes, brilliantly up m usically—the aascending scending m ajesty o musically—the majesty off Fu uneral, tthe he eeerie erie p aranoia o eon Funeral, paranoia off N Neon B ible. Bible. A nd iindeed, ndeed, tthe he b and d elivers And band delivers aagain: gaiin: llistening istening tto oT he SSuburbs uburbs iiss The aalmost lmost aass b oring aass aactually ctually lliving iving boring iin n the the ssuburbs uburbs tthemselves. hemselves. T he ttrademark rademark eelements lements tthat hat The o nce b uilt ttowers owers o ombast— once built off b bombast— ttorrential orrential d rums, ggroup roup ““ooaaho oaahdrums, o oaah- ooaahs,” fe rvent sstrings, trings, ooaah-ooaahs,” fervent W in B utler’s q uaking, cconfessional onfessional Win Butler’s quaking, vo oice—are aall ll h ere, b ut tthey’re hey’re n ot voice—are here, but not

building much taller b uilding m uch ta ller tthan han a rranchanchbungalow. sstyle tyle b ungalow. forr m most IIn n a contender contender fo ost underwhelming opening u nder whelming o p ening aalbum lbum off tthe year, Suburbs” ttrack rack o he ye ar, ““The The S uburbs” cclops lops around around a Floyd Floyd Cramer–style Cramer– r style piano figure donkey on p iano fi gure llike ike a d onkey o n iits ts way Butler w ay tto o tthe he gglue lue ffactory actor y aass B utler ho-hums with h o -hums aabout bout lleaving eaving ttown own w ith malaise permeates am alaiise that that p ermeates the the whole whole aalbum. lbum. quirky Man”— IIn n tthe he q uirky ““Modern Mo dern M an”— taken 9/8 ta ken aatt a 9 /8 ttime ime ssignature— ignatture— Butler B utler aadmits, dmits, “I “I feel feel llike ike II’m ’m llosing osing feeling,” while off w wasted tthe he fe eling,” w hile tthemes hemes o asted hours, packing h ours, sself-doubt, elf- doubt, p acking iitt iin, n, praying God llosing osing ttouch ouch aand nd p rayying to to G od dot other d ot tthe he o ther ssongs ongs llike ike ffading ading billboards. ffreeway rreeway b illboards. Tempo-wise, band T empo -wise, tthe he b and gains gaiins speed sp eed ffrom rrom down-stroked down-stroked quarter-notes quar ter-notes on Start” o n ““Ready Ready tto oS tar t” tto o eeighth-notes ighth-notes on Room” o n tthe he sstandout tandout ““Empty Empty R o om” danceable on tto od anceable ssixteenth-notes ixteenth-notes o n

ÉK_\ ÉK_\JlYliYjÊ \JlYliYjÊ ZcfgjXifle[ Zcfg gjXifle[ X=cf fp[ p X=cfp[ :iXd d\iÅjkpc\ :iXd\iÅjkpc\ g`Xe efÓ^li\ g`XefÓ^li\ c`b\ X[feb\p c`b\X[feb\p fe` kjnXp fe`kjnXp kfk_ _\^cl\ kfk_\^cl\ ]XZk kfip ]XZkfip Much will bee made M uch w ill b made of of this this record’s re cord’s theme theme in in the the larger larger media, media, bee gracious, band aand nd tto ob gracious, tthe he b and ssticks ticks with hour-long w ith iitt for for the the eentire ntire h our-long But despite aalbum. lbum. B ut d espite iits ts jjabs abs aatt millionaires, prisons, m illionaire r s, private private p risons, strip strip malls m alls aand nd ssprawl, prawl, something something iiss aamiss. miss. The T he band band doesn’t doesn’t appear app ear lazy lazy sso o much much as as shell-shocked—as shell-shocked—as if if tthinking hinking aabout bout suburbia suburbia for for an an period resulted eextended xtended p eriod of of ttime ime re sulted iin n ssongs ongs tthat hatt ssound ound sstunned, tunned, iinstead nstead off sstunning. o tunning. Terry T erry Gilliam Gilliam directs directs a llive ive YouTube off the Y ouTube webcast web cast o the band’s band’s Madison Square Garden M adison S quare G arden show show on on Thursday, T hursday, Aug. Aug. 5. 5.

8iZX[\=`i\ K_\JlYliYj D\i^\I\Zfi[j

53 M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

Buy tickets at To charge by phone (800) 745-3000. Limit 8 tickets per person. All dates, acts and ticket prices are subject to change without notice. All tickets are subject to applicable service charges.

MUSIC USIC metroactive metr oactive M

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


Moree listings: Mor



Los Lonely Boys Friday, 7pm, at Mountain Winery, Saratoga; $40-$80

I seriously doubt these guys were ever lonely, but since their 2004 hit “Heaven” they’ve been spending most of their nights with thousands of fans. What these Texans did, essentially, was to find a way to bring Tex-Mex to the mainstream, a feat that no one has really ever been able to pull off, though a few have come close. They’re back after bassist Jojo Garza’s recovery from a vocal cord injury that delayed their new record and tour. (SP)

Toby Keith

Friday, 7:30pm, at Mountain Winery, Saratoga; $28-$74 The Dixie Chicks said their “FUTK” t-shirts stood for “Friends United in Truth and Kindness,” but we all know what they were really saying was “Fuck You Toby Keith.” And really, more power to them. Keith’s jackass song “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue” put him in the ranks of authority bootlickers like Lee Greenwood and Charlie Daniels who never understood that real country is outlaw music. (SP)

The Ataris

Monday, 8pm, at Blank Club, San Jose; $10/$12 Pop-punk hitmakers the Ataris found name with a song that namechecks Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (“San Dimas High School Football Rules” ) and a punk cover of the Eagles (“Boys of Summer”). But they had their best 30 seconds with “The Radio Still Sucks,” wishing that someone would break Marilyn Manson’s neck and angrily declaring “I’m really fucking sick of Beck and 311.” That was maybe a decade ago, so they might just outlast their sworn enemies. (SP)


Rock/Pop R ock/Pop AVALON A VALON Fri: TTrinere. Fri: rinere. SSat: at: KKool ool KKatz atz CD CD Release Party. R elease P arty. SSanta anta CClara. lara.

THE T HE BLANK BLANK CLUB CLUB Wed, W ed, 77pm: pm: (hed)p.e., (hed)p.e., Kutt Kutt Richter, CCalhoun, alhoun, Big Big B, B, Johnny Johnny R ichter, Blesstenation. $18/$20. B lesstenation. $ 18/$20. FFri, ri, 9pm: New Wave Prom w/ DJs 9 pm: N ew W ave P rom w /D Js Vitus V itus & KKevin. evin. $5. $5. Sat, Sat, 9pm: 9pm: Ugly SSloe, loe, SSwitchblade witchblade Riot, Riot, U gly Winner. W inner. $7. $7. Mon, Mon, 8pm: 8pm: the the Ataris, A taris, Gasoline Gasoline Heart, Heart, Don’t Don’t Panic. P anic. $10/$12. $10/$12. SSan an Jose. Jose.



Thu, 7pm: Thu, 7pm: LLive ive m music. usic. SSat, at, 9 pm: Live Live m usic. SSunnyvale. unnyvale. 9pm: music.

FFri, ri, 8:30pm: 8:30pm: Live Live music. music. SSat, at, 8:30pm: 8 :30pm: LLive ive music. music. Campbell. Campbell.



Wed: Jack Wed: Jack Rip Rip O Off. ff. SSun: un: CChili hili Sauce. Sauce. M on: EElement. lement. Mon: CCampbell. ampbell.

Wed, W ed, 8 8pm: pm: LLive ive music/jam music/jam nnight. ight. SSan an JJose. ose.


Wed W ed aand nd FFri, ri, 8 8:30pm: :30pm: The The Blackouts. B lackouts. Thu, Thu, 9pm: 9pm: Ted Ted B. B. Greg Band. SSun, un, 4-8pm: 4-8pm: G reg CCross ross B and. SSunnyvale. unnyvale.

Fri, 110pm: Fri, 0pm: N Notorious. otorious. SSat, at, 110pm: 0pm: Superbad. Superbad. SSan an JJose. ose.

BRITANNIA A BRITANNIA ARMS RMS DOWNTOWN D OWNTOWN Thu, 110pm: Thu, 0pm: LLove ove SStoned. toned. SSan an JJose. ose.


LLOS OS GGATOS ATOS FIESTA FIESTA DE DE ARTES ARTES SSat, at, 2-3:30pm: 2-3:30pm: R Rock ock Solid. Solid. FFree. ree. Main Main SStreet, treet, Los Los Gatos. Gatos.


55 M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M


R SPUTI N MUSIC & DVDS The Last Gr eat Recor d St or e Decrepit Birth Polarity Nuclear Blast America Cult tech-death gods raise the bar on their Nuclear Blast debut.

Live at the Fillmore in SF with the Summer Slaughter tour 8/23!!

12.99 CAMPBELL 1820 S. Bascom Ave across from the Pruneyard MOUNTAIN VIEW 630 San Antonio Blvd. at El Camino Real


M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


MUSIC USIC metroactive metr oactivve M 54 MILPITAS BACKYARD MILPITAS BACKYARD BOOGIE B OOGIE TTue: ue: JJessica essica JJohnson. ohnson. Pinewood Park, Milpitas. P inewood P ark, M ilpitas.

MORGAN H MORGAN HILL ILL FRIDAY FRIDAY NIGHT NIGHT SSERIES ERIES Fri, 77pm: Fri, pm: Usual Usual SSuspects. uspects. FFree. ree. CCommunity ommunity CCenter enter Amphitheatre, Morgan Hill. A mphitheatre, M organ H ill.

MOUNTAIN VIEW MOUNTAIN VIEW SUMMER SUMMER SSOUNDS OUNDS Thu, 6:30-8pm: Thu, 6:30-8pm: The The Shanks. Shanks. Downtown FFree. ree. D owntown Castro Castro SStreet treet Dana Mountain View. aatt D ana SStreet, treet, M ountain V iew.

NICKEL N ICKEL CCITY ITY Fri, 6 Fri, 6:30pm: :30pm: Knockout, Knockout, Silosybe, Silosybe, tthe he Fort Fort Nelson Nelson ZZoo, oo, Evening Evening Has Bad H as SStruck, truck, B ad TTouch, ouch, EEra ra 6:30pm: EEscape. scape. SSat, at, 6 :30pm: tthe he Days Dirty, New EElevens, levens, 5 D ays D irty, TToo N ew Beginnings, B eginnings, IIpswich, pswich, tthe he American Arm A merican LLegal egal SSystem, ystem, A rm tthe he Alarm. Alarm. SSan an JJose. ose.

NUMBER N UMBER ONE ONE BROADWAY BROADWAY Wed, 9 Wed, 9pm: pm: JJCC SSmith mith Band. Band. Fri, Fri, 9:30pm: 9 :30pm: Groove Groove KKings. ings. LLos os Gatos. G atos.

QUARTER Q UARTER NOTE NOTE Wed, 8 Wed, 8:30pm: :30pm: Pro Pro Jam Jam Night. 8:30: N ight. TThu, hu, 8 :30: TThrowback hrowback TThursdays. hursdays. Fri, Fri, 9pm: 9pm: Madman’s Madman’s $10. 9pm: LLullaby. ullaby. $ 10. Sat, Sat, 9 pm: Rhyme Rhyme and Vol. and Reason, Reason, V ol. 5. 5. $5. $5. Mon, Mon, 8:30pm: 8 :30pm: Alvin Alvin Draper Draper Jam. Jam. SSunnyvale. unnyvale.

REDWOOD CCITY REDWOOD ITY M MUSIC USIC O ON N T HE SQUARE SQUARE THE Fri, 6 Fri, 6pm: pm: SSteve teve LLucky ucky & tthe he Rhumba Rhumba Bums. Bums. Free. Free. Downtown D owntown Redwood Redwood CCity. ity.

SANTA CLARA SANTA CLARA CONCERTS CONCERTS IN IN THE T HE PARK PARK SSun un 2:30pm: 2:30pm: Sidesaddle Sidesaddle & CCo. o. Park, FFree. ree. CCentral entral P ark, SSanta anta CClara. lara.

SSHORELINE HORELINE AMPHITHEATRE AMPHITHEATRE Mon, 7pm: Mon, 7pm: Rush, Rush, the the Time Time Machine $23.50/$119.50. M achine TTour. our. $ 23.50/$119.50. Mountain M ountain View. View.

SSOUTH OUTH FIRST FIRST BILLIARDS BILLIARDS Fri: SSouth Fri: outh First First FFridays. ridays. SSat: at: Oppression. LLyrical yrical O ppression. SSan an JJose. ose.

SSTREETLIGHT TREETLIGHT RECORDS RECORDS SSat, at, 44pm: pm: FFish ish Cat Cat FFish. ish. SSun, un, Darling, 33pm: pm: Summer Summer D arling, tthe he Americas. A mericas. SSan an JJose. ose.

SUNNYVALE SUMMER SUNNYVALE SUMMER SSERIES ERIES Wed, 55:30pm: Wed, :30pm: Julio Julio Bravo Bravo y SSuu Qrquesta Qrquesta SSalsabor. alsabor. FFree. ree. Downtown D owntown Sunnyvale. Sunnyvale.

Moree listings: Mor




Wed: B Wed: Battle attle ooff tthe he Bands. Bands. San San JJose. ose.

Wed, 6 Wed, 6:30pm: :30pm: Janis Janis Mann. Mann. Free. Free. LLos os Gatos Gatos Town Town Plaza. Plaza.



Fri, 9 Fri, 9pm: pm: Warren Warren G. G. $15. $15. San San JJose. ose.

Wed: O Wed: One ne N Night ight Stand. Stand. TThu: hu: Rough House. R ough H ouse. Fri: Fri: Dog Dog House House Riley, Hammer. R iley, Blues Blues H ammer. $10. $10. Sat: Sat: OGR, Garcia. O GR, John John G arcia. $10. $10. Sun: Sun: Alvin Draper. Mon: Dennis A lvin D raper. M on: D ennis Dove. D ove. TTue: ue: Blue Blue J, J, Liar’s Liar ’s Clud. Clud. SSan an JJose. ose.

WAHOO’S W AHOO’S Fri, nnoon-3pm: Fri, oon-3pm: Back Back to to School School Day. music D ay. LLive ive m usic bbyy Entice Entice ((12:30pm) 12:30pm) and and 5606 5606 (1:45pm) (1:45pm) pplus lus giveaways. giveaways. SSantana antana Row. Row.

WILDWOOD W ILDWOOD SSTOCK TOCK Sun, nnoon-6pm: Sun, oon-6pm: Rock Rock SSolid, olid, Grain, Never G rain, N ever tthe he SSame, ame, Whiskey Whiskey CCircus ircus & Mike Mike Gurley. Gurley. Free. Free. Wildwood W ildwood Park, Park, Saratoga. Saratoga.

WOODHAM’S W OODHAM’S LLOUNGE OUNGE FFri-Sun: ri-Sun: P Pro ro Jam. Jam. SSanta anta Clara. Clara.

World W orld ALBERTO’S A LBERTO’S Wed: B Wed: Bachata. achata. TThu: hu: Salsa Salsa w/ w/ Pantea. P antea. FFri: ri: SSalsa alsa FFridays. ridays. SSat: at: Nights. w/ LLatin atin N ights. TTue: ue: SSalsa alsa w / Pantea. Mountain P antea. M ountain View. View.

CCASCAL ASCAL Fri, 9 Fri, 9pm: pm: KKaweh. aweh. Sat, Sat, 8:30pm: 8:30pm: Mountain JJames ames Robinson. Robinson. M ountain View. V iew.

PARRANDA P ARRANDA N NIGHTCLUB IGHTCLUB Thu, 9 Thu, 9pm: pm: Banda Banda 300, 300, DJ DJ Akustik. A kustik. FFri, ri, 8pm: 8pm: Norteño Norteño and and Bandas B andas llive. ive. Sunnyvale. Sunnyvale.

JJazz/Blues azz/Blues ANGELICA’S A NGELICA’S B BISTRO ISTRO Thu, 44pm: Thu, pm: Dan Dan Dillon, Dillon, 7:30pm: 7:30pm: Blues B lues JJam. am. SSat, at, 8 aand nd 10pm: 10pm: Blues JJust ust Cream, Cream, the the CCrossCut rossCut B lues Band. Mon: B and. M on: RWH RWH Jazz Jazz Triad. Triad. Tue, Tue, Dan Dillon, 44pm: pm: D an D illon, 7pm: 7pm: Jazz Jazz open open sstage tage hosted hosted by by Angelica’s Angelica’s JJam am Band. Redwood B and. R edwood City. City.

CCAFFE AFFE T TRIESTE RIESTE Fri, 8 Fri, 8pm: pm: Opera Opera Night. Night. Sat, Sat, 8pm: 8pm: Band. EEmperor mperor Norton’s Norton’s JJazz azz B and. SSan an JJose. ose.


LLILLY ILLY MAC’S MAC’S Sat: JJazz Sat: azz & B Beyond eyond SSeries. eries. SSunnyvale. unnyvale.

LLOFT OFT BAR BAR A AND ND B BISTRO ISTRO Thu, 77-10pm: Thu, -10pm: Live Live jjazz. azz. SSan an JJose. ose.

MOROCCO’S M OROCCO’S RESTAURANT RESTAURANT Thu, 55pm: Thu, pm: Hot Hot M Moroccan oroccan N Night. ight. Duo w/ Andrew FFri, ri, 55pm: pm: JJazz azz D uo w /A ndrew DiRzza Rick D iRzza & R ick TTutunjian. utunjian. SSat, at, 55pm: pm: LLemo. emo. SSun, un, 5pm: 5pm: Moroccan Moroccan Music Night. M usic N ight. Mon: Mon: Jim Jim Farber. Farber. Ron TTue: ue: R on JJazz azz LLive ive and and the the 650 650 CConnection. onnection. SSan an JJose. ose.

PARK P ARK V VALENCIA ALENCIA Sat, 11-4pm: Sat, -4pm: A Taste Taste of of Jazz. Jazz. Row. FFree. ree. Santana Santana R ow.

POOR P OOR HOUSE HOUSE B BISTRO ISTRO Wed, 6 Wed, 6pm: pm: Ron Ron Thompson Thompson and and FFriends. riends. Thu, Thu, 6pm: 6pm: Lara Lara Price Price Band. aand nd YYesterdays esterdays B and. FFri, ri, 7pm: 7pm: Band. 6pm: CChris hris CCain ain B and. Sat, Sat, 6 pm: the the CCalifornia alifornia Honeydrops. Honeydrops. SSun, un, Red nnoon-6pm: oon-6pm: tthe he R ed SStripe tripe Drummers, SSteel teel D rummers, the the Red Red Stripe Stripe Girls, G irls, Rusty Rusty Zinn Zinn CD CD Release. Release. SSan an JJose. ose.

QUARTER Q UARTER N NOTE OTE Wed, 8 Wed, 8:30pm: :30pm: P Pro ro Jam Jam N Night. ight. SSat, at, 44pm: pm: CCool ool Fire Fire SSoul oul Jazz. Jazz. Brisket SSun, un, 11pm: pm: B risket and and Blues Blues w/ BBQ Will w /B BQ and and W ill Roc Roc Griffin Griffin of of Vicious Groove. V icious G roove. SSunnyvale. unnyvale.

SSANTANA ANTANA R ROW OW TTue, ue, 6:30-8:30pm: 6:30-8:30pm: KKristen risten Bank SStrom trom at at LLeft eft B ank Brasserie Brasserie Mechanics aand nd JJazz azz M echanics aatt Rosie Pub R osie McCann’s McCann’s IIrish rish P ub & Restaurant. R estaurant. SSan an JJose. ose.


Thu: B Thu: Blues lues JJam am w/ w/ Aki Aki Kumar. Kumar. 8pm: FFri, ri, 8 pm: Loma Loma Prieta Prieta Rockers. Rockers. 8pm: SSat, at, 8 pm: LLen en Cat. Cat. CCampbell. ampbell.

Fri, nnoon: Fri, oon: LLive ive music. music. Sat, Sat, Nagle 77:30pm: :30pm: FFrancesca rancesca N agle w/ w/ Primary P rimary Colors. Colors. $10/$20. $10/$20. SSunnyvale. unnyvale.



Wed, 77:30pm: Wed, :30pm: Jazz Jazz Jam. Jam. Thu, Thu, 8pm: 8 pm: Russo-Alberts Russo-Alberts TTrio. rio. Hotel Hotel ddee Anza, Anza, SSan an Jose. Jose.

JJAZZ AZZ O ON NM MAIN AIN Mon, 6-8pm: Mon, 6-8pm: Kristen Kristen Strom Strom Quintet. Q uintet. FFree. ree. Main Main SStreet, treet, ddowntown owntown Redwood Redwood CCity. ity.

Wed, 8pm: Wed, 8pm: Joshua Joshua Redman Redman Trio. Trio. Dinkelspiel. D inkelspiel. Fri, Fri, 8pm: 8pm: SSJW JW AllAllSStar tar Jam Jam SSession. ession. Dinkelspiel. Dinkelspiel. 8pm: SSat, at, 8 pm: TTaylor aylor EEigsti igsti Group Group Becca ffeaturing eaturing B ecca SStevens. tevens. Dinkelspiel. D inkelspiel. $22/$36. $22/$36. All All oon n SStanford tanford CCampus. ampus.



WildwoodStock 2010 WHEN Caroline Irvine lost her battle with breast cancer one year ago this week, her friend Nickie Thomson couldn’t believe it. Both the wives of musicians in the South Bay band Grain, Irvine had told her she was determined not to die—she could hold out, she said, until she could be cured. Thomson was convinced she could do it, too, which made it all the more Sunday, Aug. 8, shocking when Irvine was gone within 10 months. noon–8pm In her memory, Thomson decided to do the 60mile, three-day Susan G. Komen walkathon on Wildwood Park in Saratoga Oct. 1 this year, and this week she has put together “Wildwoodstock 2010,” a fundraiser that will go to support her team (“Mama-Geddon”) in the Free; donations accepted. event. The event is free, but donations are accepted. Performing will be Grain, the rootsy local rock band that features both Caroline’s husband Dave Irvine and Nickie’s husband John Thomson; Michael Gurley, the Saratoga native who found fame with his band Dada and their 1992 hit “Dizz Knee Land”; and SoCal’s Whiskey Circus. —Steve Palopoli

THEATRE T HEATRE O ON N SSAN AN P PEDRO EDRO SSQUARE QUARE Fri, 7:30pm: Fri, 7:30pm: Kristen Kristen Strom Strom Quartet. $15. 8:30pm: Q uartet. $ 15. SSat, at, 8 :30pm: Out Out Blue ooff tthe he B lue aand nd CChristina hristina Li. Li. $10. Winds $ 10. SSun, un, 33pm: pm: IIvory vory W inds & $5. SSteve teve LLin. in. $ 5. SSan an JJose. ose.

THREE FFLAMES THREE LAMES RESTAURANT R ESTAURANT Sun and Sun and Tue, Tue, 77:30pm: :30pm: Modesto Modesto Briseno Willow Glen. B riseno SSeptet. eptet. W illow G len.

UNWINED U NWINED Thu, 77pm: Thu, pm: Randy Randy Whiting. Whiting. Sat, Sat, 77-9:30pm: -9:30pm: Jazz Jazz Night. Night. San San Jose. Jose.

LLILLY ILLY M MAC’S AC’S Sun, 55-8pm: Sun, -8pm: LLive ive IIrish rish M Music. usic. SSunnyvale. unnyvale.

O’FLAHERTY’S O ’FLAHERTY’S Sun aand Sun nd TTue, ue, 55pm: pm: TTraditional raditional music. IIrish rish m usic. SSan an JJose. ose.

MISSION M ISSION CCITY ITY R ROASTING OASTING CCO. O. Fri, 8 Fri, 8pm: pm: H Houston ouston JJones. ones. $15/$17. $ 15/$17. Santa Santa CClara. lara.

RED R ED R ROCK OCK CCOFFEE OFFEE CCO. O. Fri, 8 Fri, 8pm: pm: JJohanna ohanna Koons Koons w/ w/ Please Mountain P lease Do Do Not Not Fight. Fight. M ountain View. V iew.

CC&W/Folk &W/Folk




Thu: M Thu: Mike ike LLeatherman. eatherman. CCampbell. ampbell.

Wed-Sun: CCountry Wed-Sun: ountry m music. usic. FFremont. remont. Wed, W ed, 6 6pm: pm: SSidesaddle idesaddle & Co. Co.

TTue, ue, 6pm: 6pm: Carolina Carolina Special. Special. SSan an Jose. Jose.

THREE FLAMES FLAMES RESTAURANT RE STAURANT Thu, 9pm-closing: Live country music, Doug Rose Productions Pr oductions w/Bit and Spur Larry. Band featuring featuring Cowboy Lar ry. Willow Glen.



M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M T

=<<;PFLIJFLC   >iX`e_\X[c`e\jk_\Yi\Xjk$ZXeZ\i ]le[iX`j\iXkN`c[nff[GXib`eJXiXkf^XJle[Xp%

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


MUSIC USIC metroactive metr oactivve M 577 5 MISSION M ISSION CCITY ITY R ROASTING OASTING CCO. O. Thu, 77pm: Thu, pm: SSouth outh B Bay ay FFolks olks O Open pen Mic. M ic. SSanta anta CClara. lara.

RED R ED R ROCK OCK CCOFFEE OFFEE CO. CO. Mon, 77pm: Mon, pm: CCavin avin aand nd KKing’s ing’s Open Mic. Mountain View. O pen M ic. M ountain V iew.

THREE T HREE FFLAMES LAMES Wed, 8 Wed, 8pm: pm: O Open pen M Mic. ic. W Willow illow Glen. G len.



Wed: Guitar Her Wed: Heroo Tournament Tournament o plus karaoke. karaoke. Thu, 9pm-1am: 9pm-1am: KKaraoke. araoke. Santa Clara. Clara.

Thu, 9 Thu, 9pm: pm: D DJJ Brian. Brian. Sun, Sun, 9pm: 9pm: DJJ aand 9pm: DJ, D nd kkaraoke. araoke. TTue, ue, 9 pm: D J, ddancing, ancing, kkaraoke. araoke. SSunnyvale. unnyvale.



TTue-Wed, ueu Wed, 9pm: Karaoke. Karaoke. San Jose.

TTue, ue, 9pm: 9pm: SSherrie herrie and and Sue. Sue. No No ccover. over. Sunnyvale. Sunnyvale.



Thu 8pm: Karaoke. Thu, Karaoke. aoke San Jose. Jose

TTue, ue, 8:30-11:30pm: 8:30-11:30pm: KKaraoke. araoke. No No Row. ccover. over. Santana Santana R ow.


Karaoke K araoke

Mon: Monday Night Madness. San Jose.


Thu-Sat, 9pm: Uncle Dougie Show.. No cover. Show cover. San Jose.

Wed-Sat, 9 Wed-Sat, 9pm: pm: KKaraoke. araoke. TTue, ue, 9pm: 9 pm: KKaraoke. araoke. SSan an JJose. ose.

Moree listings: Mor



RUDY’S R UDY’S P PUB UB Wed, 110pm-1:30am: Wed, 0pm-1:30am: DJ DJ P Purple. urple. Palo Alto. P alo A lto.

SSAN AN JJOSE OSE B BAR AR & GGRILL RILL TTue, ue, 10pm-close: 10pm-close: Kamikaze Kamikaze KKaraoke. araoke. SSan an Jose. Jose.

SSHOOTERS HOOTERS BAR BAR & GGRILL RILL Thu, 9 Thu, 9:30pm-1:30am: :30pm-1:30am: KKaraoke. araoke. SSunnyvale. unnyvale.


ALEX’S A LEX’S 4 49ER 9ER IINN NN Nightly eexcept Nightly xcept SSun, un, 9 9pm-2am: pm-2am: KKaraoke. araoke. San San JJose. ose.

Wed, 8pm: Karaoke Wed, Karaoke Night. San Jose.


FFri, ri, 9pm: 9pm: R Ryan. yan. SSan an Jose. Jose.

Fri-Sun, 9:30pm-1:30am: 9:30pm-1:30am: KKaraoke. araoke. Willow Glen.




Fri, 9pm-1am: Fri, 9pm-1am: D Danielle. anielle. SSanta anta CClara. lara.

Wed, 9pm: Karaoke Wed, Karaoke Night. Milpitas.



TTue, ue, 77pm: pm: SSteve teve TTiger. iger. CCupertino. upertino.

Fri: Vinnie. Mon: Karaoke Karaoke in the lounge w/ Vinnie. Tue: Tue: u August. Cupertino. Cupertino.

HUDDLE Wed--TThu and Sun, 9pm: Wild Wed-Thu Nights KKaraoke. araoke. Fremont. Fremont.

WILLOW W ILLOW D DEN EN Wed, 9 Wed, 9:30pm: :30pm: Thomas. Thomas. SSan an JJose ose

WOODHAM’S W OODHAM’S LLOUNGE OUNGE Wed, Thu, Wed, Thu, Sat Sat aand nd SSun: un: 110pm: 0pm: Vinnie. V innie. Santa Santa CClara. lara.

Dance D ance Clubs Clubs AGENDA A GENDA Wed, 8 Wed, 8pm: pm: SSalsa alsa Wednesdays. W ednesdays. TThu: hu: SSLAP!. LAP!. Planet FFri: ri: tthe he Workout. Workout. SSun: un: P lanet Reggae. R eggae. SSan an JJose. ose.



Wed, FFri, Wed, ri, Sun, Sun, 8 8pm-2am: pm-2am: KKaraoke. araoke. Sunnyvale. Sunnyvale.

Sun, 9:30pm-1:30am: 9:30pm-1:30am: KKaraoke. araoke. Campbell. Campbell.



TTue: ue: D DJJ D Davey avey KK.. CCampbell. ampbell.

Wed, W ed 8pm: DJ Desmond. ed, Desmond San Jose.

Wed, 7:30pm: Wed, 7:30pm: Bachata Bachata w/ w/ Pantea. w/ P antea. TThu: hu: Salsa Salsa w / Pantea. Pantea. FFri: ri: SSalsa alsa FFridays. ridays. Sat: Sat: Latin Latin Night. Pantea. N ight. TTue: ue: Salsa Salsa w/ w/ P antea. Mountain View. M ountain V iew.



BRITANNIA A BRITANNIA ARMS RMS CCUPERTINO UPERTINO Sun-Tue, 110pm: Sun-Tue, 0pm: KKaraoke. araoke. CCupertino. upertino.

Thu, 9pm: DJ Davey K. No cover.. CCampbell. cover ampbell.



Wed, 9 Wed, 9pm: pm: KKaraoke araoke w w/ / August. August. SSan an Jose. Jose.

BRITISH B RITISH B BANKERS ANKERS CCLUB LUB Mon, 9 Mon, 9:30pm: :30pm: KKaraoke. araoke. M Menlo enlo Park. P ark.


Thu, Sun-Mon, 8:30pm: Bruce cover.. of KOR KOR KKaraoke. araoke. No cover View.. Mountain View

Wed: CComedy Wed: omedy Club Club After After Party. Party. DJJ Spinning TThu: hu: Urban Urban D Spinning Beats’ Beats’ Brazilian. aand nd B razilian. Fri Fri and and Sat: Sat: Live Live Hot SSalsa alsa Music. Music. Sun: Sun: Sizzlin’ Sizzlin’ H ot Mon: SSundays. undays. M on: Salsa Salsa Dancing. Dancing. Beats Pong TTue: ue: B eats aand nd Beer Beer P ong w/ w/ Mike M ike JJones. ones. San San Jose. Jose.

LILLY LILL LY MA MAC’S C’S Thu, 9pm: DJ Thomas “Soulman.” Sunnyvale.

Thu: M Thu: Melissa elissa aand nd H Heather. eather. Santa Santa CClara. lara.




Mon, W Mon, Wed, ed, 9 9pm-1am: pm-1am: D DJJ CCurtis. urtis. Noo ccover. 9pm: Western N over. TTue, ue, 9 pm: W estern Noo ccover. kkaraoke. araoke. N over. SSan an JJose. ose.


Thu, 8pm: Chris. Santa Clara. Clara.

Fri-Sat, 9:30pm: Karaoke. Karaoke. Clara. Santa Clar a.

BRITANNIA B RITANNIA ARMS ARMS A ALMADEN LMADEN Wed W ed aand nd SSun, un, 110pm: 0pm: DJ DJ Hank. Hank.

1011 PACIFIC AVE. SANTA CRUZ 831-423-1336



plus Split Lip Rayfield also Hillstomp $12 Adv./ $16 Dr. Drs. 7 p.m., Show 8 p.m. -YPKH`(\N\Z[‹AGES 16+

SMASH MOUTH $20 Adv./ $25 Dr. Drs. 8 p.m., Show 9 p.m.

?<:8EGC8P=FID@C<J     DXiZljD`cc\ig\i]fidjk_\dlj`Z f]D`c\j;Xm`jXkk_\JXeAfj\AXqq=\jk8l^%(*Å(,%

San Jose Jazz Festival THIS YEAR’S San Jose Jazz Festival features everything from funk gods George Clinton, Maceo Aug. 13-15 Parker and Tower of Power, to a whole stage devoted to blues, to salsa, to . . . oh, yeah, jazz! Well, Plaza de it’s all jazz, as the very forward-thinking organizers Cesar Chavez have come to realize, but there’s a good number of top traditional acts, as well. Besides the Mothership Per-day landing, highlights to watch for include bassist and admission is $15 producer Marcus Miller performing the music of Miles Davis, including Tutu, the 1986 album Miller wrote and produced for the jazz legend. —Steve Palopoli

Thu, 110pm: Thu, 0pm: D DJJ Benofficial. Benofficial. Mon, Mon, 9pm: Pong. 9 pm: Beer Beer P ong. SSan an JJose. ose.


BRIX B RIX Wed: Whip Wed: Whip IItt O Out. ut. TThu: hu: H Huntress. untress. FFri: ri: Breathless Breathless FFriday riday Nights. Nights. SSat: at: SSinful, inful, FFashion ashion SShow. how. Sun: Sun: CChill. hill. Mon: Mon: Marathon. Marathon. Tue: Tue: Take Take It It Off. O ff. SSan an JJose. ose.


Thu: Soul Soultry. try. Mon: Monday Night Madness. Tue, Tue, u 9pm: College Night. San Jose.

KINGG OF CL KIN CLUBS UBS Fri, 9:30pm: Noche V Vaquera aquera w/ DJ Jose KKuervo uervo and DJ SStam. tam. Sat: Azukar w/ DJ 3D. TTue, ue, u 9pm: Club Nostalgia, Goth, industrial and darkwave. $8. View.. Mountain View

LLOFT OFT B BAR AR AND BI BISTRO STRO Fri-Sat, 10pm10pm-1:30am: 1:30am: Live DJ DJ.. San Jose.

Wed, 9pm-1am: Wed, 9pm-1am: D DJJ CCurtis. urtis. P Plus lus 9pm-1am: kkaraoke. araoke. TThu, hu, 9 pm-1am: KJ KJ JJR. R. 8pm: DJJ LLV. 9pmSSun-Mon, un-Mon, 8 pm: D V. TTue, ue, 9 pm11am: am: KJ KJ JR. JR. SSan an JJose. ose.

DIVE D IVE B BAR AR Thu, 9 Thu, 9pm: pm: D DJJ O Otrebor, trebor, DJ DJ V Venom enom DJJ CC-Note. 9pm: 3347 47 aand nd D -Note. FFri, ri, 9 pm: DJ DJ Dave. 9pm: DJJ O Otrebor, DJJ D ave. Sat, Sat, 9 pm: D trebor, D Venom DJJ CC-Note DJJ V enom 3347, 47, D -Note aand nd D JJara. ara. SSan an Jose. Jose.

EELL R RANCHO ANCHO SSPORTS PORTS BAR BAR Fri-Sat, 8 Fri-Sat, 8pm: pm: O Old ld SSchool chool D Dance ance Party DJJ N Neto. P arty ffeat. eat. D eto. SSan an Jose. Jose.

FFAHRENHEIT AHRENHEIT U ULTRA LTRA LOUNGE LOUNGE Wed, W ed, 9pm: 9pm: R Reggae eggae R Riddims. iddims.

SSABOR ABOR T TAPAS A AP PAS B BAR AR Thu: Major Thursdays. Rotating DJs. TTue: ue: u TTwo wo Buck TTuesdays, uuesdays, party.. San Jose. College dance party

SSAN AN JO JOSE SE BAR BAR & GRILL GRILL Thu: Thursday Night Live. FriDJ.. San Sat: Video Killed the DJ Jose.

TOON’S T OON’S OON Thu: R&B Singoff Contest. Fri: TTop oop 40 Hip-hop party w/ DJ Classic. Sat: DJ TTito. ito. Sun: Hip-Hop Showcase. Mon: Fun, Fun, Fun. TTue: uue: Ladies night. San Jose.

VOODOO V OODOO LLOUNGE OUNGE PARRANDA P A ARRANDA NI NIGHTCLUB GHTCLUB Thu, 8pm: DJ Akustik. No cover cover.. Fri, 8pm: DJ Mayo. Sat, 8pm: DJ Mayo M andd DJ Akustik. Ak tik Sun, S 7pm: Latin Beat. Sun, 9pm: Sonideroo Night. DJs spinning Sonider more. salsa, cumbia and mor e. Sunnyvale.

PEARL Sat: CD rrelease elease party ffor or DJ Romeo Reyes. San Jose.

Fri: W Warren arren G. $15. Sat: First Saturdays. Satur days. $10. San Jose.

WET Fri: SStatus, tatus, Br Brody ody Jenner Jenner’s ’s Sparks. Birthday w/ Clinton Spark s. Sat: Blueprint w/ DJ Felli Fel. TTue: ue: u Pink TTuesdays. uuesdays. San Jose.

ZZEN EN LLOUNGE OUNGE Thu: College Night. Fri: Fabulous w/ DJ Menace. Sat: Celebrity w/ DJ D-Roc. View.. Mountain View

Aug 5 Smoov-E Atrium (Ages 16+) Aug 6 Eviscerate Atrium (Ages 21+) Aug 7 The Original Snail Atrium (Ages 21+) Aug 8 Birdhouse Atrium (Ages 21+) Aug 11 Natives of the New Dawn Atrium (Ages 21+) Aug 12 Te Vaka Atrium (Ages 21+) Aug 13 Hayride to Hell Atrium (Ages 21+) Aug 14 Cylinder Atrium (Ages 21+) Aug 15 Harry & the Hitmen Atrium (Ages 21+) Aug 16 Xavier Rudd (Ages 16+) Aug 19 Ted Nugent (Ages 21+) Aug 23 Bad Brains (Ages 16+) Aug 24 The Hold Steady (Ages 16+) Aug 27 Jackie Greene (Ages 21+) Aug 28 Hieroglyphics (Ages 16+) Sep 2 Israel Vibration (Ages 21+) Sep 4 The Holdup (Ages 16+) Sep 11 Benny Benassi (Ages 16+) Sep 25 Collie Buddz (Ages 16+) Sep 29 Atmosphere (Ages 16+) Oct 2 Easy Star All-Stars (Ages 16+) Oct 3 O.A.R. (Ages 16+) Oct 7 Tech N9ne (Ages 16+) Unless otherwise noted, all shows are dance shows with limited seating. Tickets subject to city tax & service charge by phone 866-384-3060 & online

M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M T



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Urinate less often and sleep through the night Prostalex Plus is unique because it works with the complex male biochemistry to help boost your prostate function and give you back the youthful, healthy prostate performance you had in your earlier years.That means with Prostalex Plus you won’t have to look for a restroom wherever you go, you can sleep through the entire night without having to get up to urinate, and you’ll no longer suffer with urgency, low-flow, or dribble. And unlike prescription drugs, Prostalex Plus has no side effects, it works fast, and requires no doctor’s visit. That makes Prostalex Plus perfect for adult men of all ages who want to regain their youthful prostate performance in the privacy of their own home.

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(sanus victus) capsules



metroactive SVCLUBS



M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

DLJ@:@EK?<G8IBKliYXe\[i\Xc\jkXk\`ZfeDXibI`kZ_`\ ZXjkjXjg\ccXkDlj`Z`ek_\GXib%

A LT E R N AT I V E MEDICINE M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


63 M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M


A LT E R N AT I V E MEDICINE M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


65 M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M


A LT E R N AT I V E MEDICINE M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y


67 M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

Visit us in the 215 are area ea at HempCon, August 6 - 8 We welcome new patie patients! ents! First Visit - *Free edible or prepre-roll -roll of your choice Second Visit - *Free glass *with minimum 1/8 oz contribution

t All Meds $25-$55 per 1/8 oz (tax incl.) 25 strains t i off medical di l canna cannabis abis bi t 25+

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ing dd He


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DATING SERVICE Long-Term/Short-Term Relationships, FREE-2-TRY! 1-877-722-0087 Exchange/Browse Personal Messages 1-866-3621311.Live adult casual conversations 1-877-599-8753 Meet on chat-lines. Local Singles 1888-869-0491 (18+) New!! Talk Live!! 1-866-362-1311 (AAN CAN)

g Adult Massage

Gorgeous Latina

Sexy fun couple offers a full body rubdown. In/outcalls. MC/Visa, Jason & Michelle 408-482-3044


Nice Massage By a hot, blonde, Latina Transsexual. Call for appt. 24/7. 408-391-8528

Asian Lady

Oil massage. 7 days. 10am9pm. Call Steve, CMT for appt. 408-224-0504

China Is Here!


Forever Day Spa

Offers a full body rubdown. In/outcalls. MC/Visa 408-813-8074, Jason

1-866-601-7781 Naughty Local Girls! Try For Free! 1877-433-0927 Try For Free! 100’s Of Local Women! 1-866517-6011 Live Sexy Talk 1877-602-7970 18+ (AAN CAN) Playful Latina awaits your call. Incalls only. Se Habla Espanol/English. 408-627-3493, Letie

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Chinese girl wants to relax all your muscles. Private location. 408-661-7200

Four Handed Massage

Sunny & Patty True sisters, 45 & 48. Sexy, mature blondes. See them together or alone. Patty 510-739-1417 or 510-878-8631, Sunny

Asian Tracy 42 Years old. 4028-40. Best job. In & out motels & anywhere. 408-449-2779

Pretty Girl Friendly, lovely Asian girl offer special massage. Saratoga Ave. 408-249-7228, Helen

Country Hill Day Spa Grand opening! Best in relaxation, hot tub, steam shower. 12201 #B SaratogaSunnyvale Road. 408-865-1559, Hiring


Exotic Shemale

MEN Cruising MEN

Young, soft, passable TS. I’m new in town. 5’7”, offer massage in a discreet location. 424-246-0585, Zoe

Adult Entertainment Phone Entertainment

Match & reply FREE! 408/5141111 Or 650/223-0505 Use FREE code 5823, 18+

SF, 23 yrs. Cute, blonde. I love a guy with a great sense of humor, cute smile and warm heart. Are YOU the one? I’m waiting. Call me NOW! 408-512-3310. Must be 18+.

Meet Sexy Spanish Ladies Now

23 yrs old offers a good massage to nice gentlemen. Se Habla Espanol. Santa Clara. 408-417-1451, Sandy

Free w/code 7656, Call 408-380-0587 or 800-831-1111

Silk Day Spa

Where Hot Men

Enjoy a nice massage by beautiful Asian women. 408-600-7969, Julie

Gorgeous Lady

Taiwan #1 Massage

Nice place, clean, private, body relaxing. Natural with soft hands & smooth skin. 408-500-7663

Nice, pretty girl offers good massage for nice Gentlemen. 408-469-7650

*Loving Massage Tall, sexy White woman will work till all stress is relieved. Safe & clean. 408-266-2136

Enjoy a nice massage. Private rooms & showers. 982 S. De Anza Blvd., San Jose. 408-777-8088

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Peony Day Spa

Waiting to serve you with an incredible massage in Sunnyvale. 408-509-9796

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C[[j ^ejBWj_de i_d]b[i DEM

iiÌ …œÌʏ>̈˜ Ș}iÃt


408.380.0587 œÜÊ«>ÀÌʜvÊ̅i ˆÛiˆ˜ŽÃÁ˜iÌܜÀŽt

…œÀ>Êi˜Ê ë>šœ


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Code 2912 DE 2912 CO



Amy’s Massage Enjoy a nice massage at Amy’s Massage Salon in Santa Clara. 408-469-5469


VIP Massage

FREE to listen and reply to ads

Asian beauties are ready to help you feel relaxed with a nice massage. 408-722-2234

Magic Touch Tall, curvy, sensuous brunette offers an erotic massage. Outcalls only. Dyanna, CMT. 408-993-1176

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Golden Star

massage facials accupuncture

Sexy, long black haired Latina offers an erotic massage. S.J. Se hable Espanol. 831-227-9188, Gissele

Busty Blonde Tranny



Cute Latina

Exotic Latina Table & prostate massages, by a real Pro. In an upscale, discreet location. 24/7. 408-393-0842, Lily

g Single Services

Young beauty, skillful theraHook Up! pist, private room and show- Call 408-342-4129 or er. 7259 Sharon Dr., San Jose. 1-800-777-8000. Free w/code 408-996-9690 2217.

Caucasian, pretty Lady offers a wonderful, relaxing massage in her quiet home. 408-644-5084


$100 Per Hour

San Jose (408) 514.0101 Palo Alto (650) 223.0299 Fremont (510) 401.0122 Santa Cruz (831) 515.1001 San Francisco (415) 430.0088

Massage Haircut Facial



1521 Grant Rd Mtn View, 94040

316 S. Monroe St. #120

Susan’s Massage

408.509.8798 Landess & Piedmont

Amazing Massage

408.626.9688 2604 Union Ave. & S. Bascom Ollen Health Care

For other local numbers call

1-888-MegaMates 1-888-634-2628


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M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M


M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y







@cfm\kf[i\jjlgXe[^fjfZ`Xc`q\n`k_g\fgc\%DpYfp]i`\e[#_fn\m\i#ZXe fecpjd`c\]i`\e[cpXe[Z_`kZ_Xk]fiXYflk)'d`elk\jY\]fi\_\j\Xkj_`dj\c] `ejfd\Zfie\iXe[jkXikji\X[`e^k_\_fjkÊjYffbj%CXjkk`d\n\n\ekkf X[`ee\igXikp#@]fle[_`dXcfe\`eXiffdg\kk`e^k_\fne\iÊj[f^@[f `ekif[lZ\_`dXifle[Xe[\eZfliX^\_`dkfY\dfi\flk^f`e^%?\jXpj_\Êj efkd`j\iXYc\YlkaljkZXeÊk[fk_`jjfZ`Xcjkl]]]ficfe^%Jf#ZXe`knfibn`k_X j\c]$gifZcX`d\[`ekifm\ikXe[XgXikp^`ic6ÆJfZ`Xc9lkk\iÔp It’s a party! You’re in your element, making the rounds, meeting tons of new people, racking up invites to parties after the party, and your boyfriend’s, well, probably in that little crawl space under the host’s stairs. Sartre once said, “Hell is other people at breakfast.” An introvert sees no reason to narrow it down to a particular time of day. My own introvert boyfriend is charming and fun one on one, but his favorite kind of party is one that’s canceled, and his preferred RSVP would be something Ving Rhames said on the set of Out of Sight: “I don’t want to talk to anybody I don’t already know.” Ever since Freud decided (sans evidence) that introverts were repressed, narcissistic trolls under the bridge, extraversion has been considered the ideal and introverts have been seen as socially stunted. Introversion is also wrongly conflated with shyness, but shyness is fear- and shamebased—quite different from seeing no reason to say anything to strangers unless you or they are on fire. More and more, research points to a strong biological basis for personality. Brain imaging shows distinct differences in introverts and extraverts. Studies by neuroscientist Debra L. Johnson and others found that extraverts, who get

energized from external stimulation like meeting new people, have increased blood flow to rear areas of the brain for sensory processing (like listening, touching, watching). Introverts, who tend to be more pensive and introspective, and are easily overwhelmed by too much external stimulation, showed more blood flow altogether (indicating more internal stimulation), over more complicated pathways, with more activity in frontal regions for inward tasks like problemsolving, reasoning, and remembering. Put that together with a Chinese study adding evidence that introverts get socked with a higher level of cortical arousal from stimuli, and you get the idea that urging introverts to be more outgoing is a bit like urging scissors to be more like a stapler. So, can it work between you and a boyfriend who probably researches the host’s wallpaper so he can dress to blend into the background? Well, maybe—if you’re independent enough to show up to most events without him as Your DateTM. Be sensitive to his feelings, try to get there early (when the houseplant-toguest ratio is greatest), and be okay with him eventually slinking off to read The Life History of the Dung Beetle or talking to the dog (who’s sometimes the most interesting person at the party).

SIN GLES Call Cal ll NOW!

San Jose

SAN AN MA MATEO: ATEO: T 650 650-288-1428 288 1428 ANTTA ROSA: R 707-206-6499 SANTA AKLAN ND: 510-379-5736 OAKLAND:

PLEASA ANTON: 925 925-271-5600 271 5600 PLEASANTON: SAN JO OSE: 415-992-5756 JOSE: SANT TA CRUZ: 831-706-4477 SANTA

408-512-3310 40 08-512-3 3310

COLLECT CT CALL BILLING! B 1-866-607-5282 1-900 PRICING OPTIONS! 1-900-622-1100

you’re looking for a conversational role model, lean more toward Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry than Kurt Hummel in Glee. People on dates often blurt out dumb stuff because they’re nervous and sitting across from somebody and have nothing on their mind but “I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY!” You can avoid this if you plan dates that have you going places, seeing sights, and showing off your keen powers of observation by pointing out things of interest; for example, “Wow, look at that man running away with your pocketbook.”

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DIAL #CLICK K (#25425)


18+ 8+ *Charges *Chargees may apply to certain certain features.





san jose

408-565-8099 SAN FRANCISCO 415-992-5768 OAKLAND 510-380-8004 SAN MATEO 650-288-4150 Try our 900 number: 1-900-287-2200 at $20/45 min. †Carrier charges may apply.

C[[j ^ejBWj_de i_d]b[i DEM

@jk_\i\XepnXp]fiXdXeflkfeX[Xk\n`k_XnfdXekflkk\ik_\g_iXj\ ÇN_ffgj`\[X`jpÈXe[efkj\\XIfX[Ilee\iZcfl[n_\i\j_\nXjaljkj`kk`e^6 ÆAljk:li`flj Just wondering ... under what circumstances would a man (you?), on a date with a woman, be compelled to utter the phrase “Whoopsie daisy”? Dropped your knitting? Or was it your Hello Kitty wallet and matching compact? There are some women who like to date girlier types, and they’re called lesbians. Otherwise, unless you’re joking, and your date shares your sense of humor, you probably will see a cartoon puff of smoke in her wake if you talk like her elderly aunt. You don’t have to grunt and adjust yourself every two minutes, but if



408.380.0587 Ej^[h9_j_[i0'$.&&$.)'$''''

Jho_j\eh<H;; Code 2912





Santa Cruz San Francisco San Mateo/Palo Alto Oakland Concord


Other Cities


831-515-0303 415-829-1 1 1 1 650-832-0202 510-343-1 1 1 1 925-695-0606 1-888-257-5757

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San Jose


1-900-484-2525 $25/50min

| Mobile pay, text “QUEST” to 77003 $9.99/20min |*18+.No liabil. iRestr ty ictions appl. y

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Legal & Public Notices

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #539839 The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Silver Creek Hair & Nails,

5659 Silver Creek Valley, San Jose, CA, 95138, Van Kim Huynh, 1319 Runshaw Pl., San Jose, CA, 95121. This business is conducted by a individual. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on July 5th, 2010. /s/Van Kim Huynh This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 7/06/2010. (pub Metro 7/14, 7/21, 7/28, 8/04/2010 )

M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M



M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y



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PLACING AN AD 71 Legal & Public Notices 75 Home Improvement 75 Real Estate

Call the Classified Department at 408.298.8000 Monday through Friday, 8.30am to 5.30pm.

Fax your ad to the Classified Department at 408.271.3520.

@ Please include your Visa, MC, Discover or American Express number and expiration date for payment.


Mail to Metro Classifieds, 550 South First Street, San Jose, CA 95113.

DEADLINES: For copy, payment, space reservation or cancellation: Display ads: Thursday 3pm Line ads: Friday 3pm

. Design and implement kernel level drivers, firmware and software for HW subsystems. System Design Engineer (SYSDE13): Characterize graphics cards & optimize the memory interface perforJobs mance. Manager Section Product Engineering (MGRPE01): Provide manageSr.FinancialAnalyst ment direction of all phases SanDiskCorp,Milpitas,CA of a product from manufacseeks Sr. Financial Analyst, turing introduction to comReq. MBA & 5yrs exp. pletion. ASIC Design Engineer Pls mail resumes to: (ASICDE79): Design & impleHR, SanDiskCorp, ment the industry’s leading 601 McCarthy Blvd Graphics, Video/Media & Milpitas,CA 95035 Communications Processors. (Req#:6274BR) Systems Software Engineer (SSWE81): Design, trouPT Deli Help bleshoot & debug system Fast Pace Environment! level software for new prod10:30am-3pm, no evenings or weekends. Starts at $9 per ucts & enhancements. Systems Software Engineer hour. Apply at (SSWE69, SSWE79): Support 1150 Murphy Ave., Suite A, new high performance San Jose, 95131 chipset business. If interested, ref job code and send to: NVIDIA Corporation NVIDIA Corporation. market leader in graphics & digital media processors, has Attn: MS04 (L. Molina). engineering opportunities in 2701 San Tomas Expressway, Santa Clara, CA 95050. Santa Clara, CA: Systems Software Engineer (SSWE80): Please no phone calls, emails or faxes.

g Employment

Visit our offices Monday through Friday, 8.30am

 to 5.30pm at 550 South, First Street, San Jose.


Nokia Inc. has Engineering exp/degreed positions Ericsson Inc. has employment opportunities in San Jose, CA in Palo Alto, CA. for the following positions: Member of Research Staff: *Contribute to the technology creation in mobile IP & related technologies, such as privacy preserving system architectures & database query restrictions for privacy & other duties/skills required. [Job ID: NOK-PA10-MRS] Senior Research, Systems Software: Carry out innovative & carry out research responsibilities to include working with embedded middleware & systems SW involving C/C++, networking stacks & interfaces (IP, TCP, UDP, Bluetooth, USB), system configuration & boot-up, firmware, & ARM assembly; Symbian SW development including Symbian OS internals, fundamental concepts, software developments, device driver architectures, debugging & performance analysis & other duties/skills required. [Job ID: NOK-PA10SRSW]

Senior Software Engineer (Job Code SJ0006MHL): Perform forwarding software development in “C” and Assembly for programmable NPU engines. Development Test Engineer (Job Code SJ0002SCH): Deliver security capabilities on Redback platforms. Software Engineer (Job ID SJ0005KSA). Design, implement and test routing/MPLS software for carrier class edge routers. Software Engineer (Job ID SJ0005SNA): Work with a team to deliver carrier class features for MPLS, VPNs and IPv4/v6 routing. Send your resume (must reference job title and Job Code) to Ericsson Inc. at:

Cisco Systems, Inc

is accepting resumes for the following positions in San Jose/Milpitas/Santa Clara, CA: IT Analyst (SJ6): Responsible for evaluating Mail resume to and documenting business Nokia Recruiter, needs, recommending busi3575 Lone Star Circle, Ste. 434 ness process and Information Ft. Worth, TX 76177 Technology solution alterna& note specific ID#. tives and coordinating delivery of technical soluMarketing Manager tions to clients. Manager, Cisco Systems, Inc. is accept- Software Development ing resumes for the following (SJ23): Lead a team in the positions in San Jose/ design and development of Milpitas/Santa Clara, CA: company’s hardware or softMarketing Manager (SJ59): ware products. Electrical Plan and develop global mar- Product Engineer keting programs that are (SJ87): Interface with compascalable and repeatable, ny wide Business Units, targeting a global data center Manufacturing, Partners and buying audience (server, stor- CA personnel. Application age, application, network Design Engineer (SJ88): Lead decision makers). user interaction design from Please mail resumes with ref- concept to implementation in coordination with other intererence number to Cisco Systems, Inc, Attn: J51W action designers, researchers, visual designers, 170 W. Tasman Drive, Mail prototypers, engineers and Stop: SJC 5/1/4, product managers. Solution San Jose, CA 95134. No phone calls please. Must Consultant (SJ89): Scope and be legally authorized to work provide project management for implementation projects, in the U.S. as well as deliver on-site conwithout sponsorship. EOE. sulting services, acting as the primary interface with customers.


$1,000+ per day returning phone calls. IRS APPROVED “ I received $11,000 cash to my front door in my first 72 hrs.” (888) 821-4273

Bartender / Cocktail Servers Full Time or 6 AM Part Time shift available. Alex’s 49er Inn, San Carlos & Bascom. Apply mornings only.

Please mail resumes with reference number to Cisco Systems, Inc, Attn: J51W 170 W. Tasman Drive, Mail Stop: SJC 5/1/4, San Jose, CA 95134. No phone calls please. Must be legally authorized to work in the U.S. without sponsorship. EOE.

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Bartenders Needed Fun jobs. Great money. Earn $25-40/hr. Call for certification and placement information. $199 tuition with this ad. 888.901.TIPS or visit

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Gain National Exposure Reach over 5 million young, educated readers for only $995 by advertising in 110 weekly newspapers like this one. Call Jason at 202/289-8484

Classes & Instruction

High School Diploma! Fast, affordable and accredited. Free brochure. Call Now!. 1-888-532-6546 ext. 97 (AAN CAN)

g Family Services

Health Services

USING ONE OF THESE? Do You Have Asthma?

Enrolling people with asthma, ages 18-65, for the next few months into a 10 week research study using an investigational oral medication. Qualified participants will receive study related medical exams and study medication at no cost, and may receive compensation up to $1,060.00. Allergy & Asthma Associates of Santa Clara Valley Research Center

4050 Moorpark Avenue, Suite 6 San Jose, CA 95117

408.553.0709 ext. 237

Need Mus c? Go Mus c?


Fam y Serv ces

Profess ona Serv ces


Redu e GREA pa n om a oo ng and Bod P e ng Doe n n e e e w h he nk o kn ea a 4 Hou Ca 8 8 8 8 6523 www newhea h man om AAN CAN

More han $10 000 n Cred Card Deb ? Redu e Pa men A e na e o Bank up ee Quo e No Ob ga on Se e You Deb n 2 48 Mon h ee Con u a on 800 964 0593 AAN CAN

Tak ng V agra?


a k w h a ng agen pe a ng n ma h ng b h mo he w h am e na on w de ng e pen e pa d Ca 24 7 Abb One ue G Adop on 866 4 3 6293 AAN CAN

Learn Gu ar rom a Pro A S e A Age e on made o ha e un 408 227 585 o e A k o e e

Vo ce Lessons E pand ange e b on den e n u on a o a a ab e o ongw ng and gu a Rea onab e a e n u o awa d w nn ng oa ongw e Debo ah e o www debo ah e o om 408 275 0802


Adver se Your Serv ces

Be een b one o he a ge mo a e aud en e n he Sou h Ba V me oa e om o a 408 200 300

The Me ropo a n Pa o A o

Mon h and hou mu ehea a pa e Mu n umen e ed and n age ke and amp e e e 650 279 793

For Sa e B



The Evo ut on o a Sc ence by L Ron Hubba d

You fi book on he app ed ph o ophy wh ch how you he oad o a be e e w h ewe p ob em u ge read and u e Pr ce $15





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CCANCER ANCER ((June June 221–July 1–July 222): 2): A August ugust iiss B Banish anish YYour our Superstitions Month, Superstitions M onth, CCancerian. ancerian. TToo ccelebrate elebrate tthis his auspicious auspicious ffestival, estival, ppurge urge yyourself ourself ooff eevery very iirrational rrational belief belief aand nd uunfounded nfounded ffear ear yyou ou ccan an sstand tand ttoo llive ive without. But mind may without. B ut aalso lso kkeep eep iin nm ind tthat hat yyou ou m ay hhave ave ttoo keep while. keep a ccrazy razy ddelusion elusion oorr ttwo, wo, aatt lleast east ffor or a w hile. YYou’ve ou’ve become might become ssoo uused sed ttoo yyour our cchronic hronic aanxiety nxiety tthat hat iitt m ight bbee risky risky ttoo gget et rrid id ooff iitt aallll aatt oonce. nce. SSoo pproceed roceed ddeliberately, eliberately, casting casting ooff ff oone ne ffalse alse bbelief elief ttoday oday aand nd aanother nother qquaint uaint fallacy figment fallacy ttomorrow omorrow aand nd a tthird hird rrotten otten fi gment ooff yyour our imagination week. Byy SSeptember may imagination nnext ext w eek. B eptember 11,, yyou ou m ay bbee surprised surprised ttoo ssee ee hhow ow hhigh igh yyou’ve ou’ve rratcheted atcheted uupp yyour our level level ooff ffearlessness. earlessness. LLEO EO ((July July 223–Aug. 3–Aug. 222): 2): FFor or a sspecial pecial eepisode pisode ooff hher er

Oprah Winfrey wanted TTV V ttalk alk sshow, how, O prah W infrey w anted a sstage tage sset et tthat hat was workers w as ffabricated abricated oout ut ooff cchocolate. hocolate. IItt ttook ook w orkers 11,400 ,400 When hhours ours ttoo cconstruct onstruct iit. t. W hen tthe he dday ay ccame ame ttoo uunveil nveil monument, Oprah tthe he ddecadent ecadent m onument, O prah ooffered ffered hher er aaudience udience members m embers tthe he cchance hance ttoo ttear ear iitt aapart, part, eeat at iit, t, aand nd ttake ake iitt hhome ome aass pplunder. lunder. TThey hey ddismantled ismantled iitt iin n hhalf alf aan n hhour. our. LLet et tthis his bbee a ccautionary autionary ttale, ale, LLeo. eo. I ddearly early hhope ope tthat hat work will tthe he ccreation reation yyou’re ou’re bbeginning eginning ttoo w ork oon nw ill eendure ndure meaning ffor or a llong ong ttime ime aand nd ccontinue ontinue ttoo pprovide rovide m eaning aand nd makes ppleasure leasure ffar ar ppast ast tthe he ttime ime iitt m akes iits ts iinitial nitial ssplash. plash. Build B uild yyour our bbaby aby ttoo llast. ast.

VIRGO V IRGO ((Aug. Aug. 223–Sept. 3–Sept. 222): 2): N New ew A Age ge aauthor uthor B Bob ob Frissell wrote Frissell w rote a bbook ook ccalled alled N Nothing othing iinn TThis his B Book ook IIss TTrue, rue, But But IIt’s t’’s Exactly Exactly How How Things Things Are. Are. IItt ccontains ontains a hhost ost ooff seemingly far-fetched far-fetched theories theories about about UFOs, UFOs, crop crop circles, circles, seemingly ascended ascended masters, masters, earth earth changes changes and and monuments monuments on on Mars, Mars, all all of of which which adds adds up up to to a beguiling beguiling Theory Theory of of Everything Everything about about the the hidden hidden nature nature of of reality. reality. I see see your your life life right right now now as as having having resemblances resemblances to to this this curious curious tome. tome. If If I had had to to give give a title title to to the the next next chapter chapter of might Happening of yyour our sstory, tory, iitt m ight bbee ““Nothing Nothing TThat’s hat’s H appening Will Will Make Make Much Much Sense Sense Until Until It It Has Has Finished Finished Happening, Happening, Whereupon Whereupon It It Will Will Yield Yield a Burst Burst of of Insight Insight About About the the Big Big Picture Picture of of Your Your Destiny.” Destiny.” LLIBRA IBRA ((Sept. Sept. 223–Oct. 3–Oct. 222): 2): O One ne ooff tthe he bbest est w ways ays ttoo ccultivate ultivate your your own own radiant radiant brilliance brilliance or or native native talent talent is is ttoo llook ook ffor or eexcellence xcellence iin n oother ther ppeople. eople. SSoo iiff yyou ou ssuspect uspect tthere’s here’s ssome ome hhalf-hidden alf-hidden oorr ppartially artially ddormant ormant rreservoir eservoir within mother ooff ggenius enius w ithin yyou—a ou—a m other llode ode ooff iintelligence ntelligence tthat hat yyou ou hhave ave nnot ot bbeen een ffully ully ssuccessful uccessful iin n ttapping apping make iinto—I nto—I ssuggest uggest yyou ou m ake iitt a ppoint oint ttoo iidentify dentify tthe he Whether ggenius enius iin n eeveryone veryone yyou ou kknow. now. W hether iit’s t’s your your cousin’s cousin’s flower kknack nack ffor or fl ower aarrangement rrangement oorr yyour our cco-worker’s o-worker ’s moods ttelepathic elepathic ccapacity apacity ttoo rread ead tthe he m oods ooff ppeople eople sshe he

SSAGITTARIUS AGITT TA ARIU US (Nov (Nov.. 22–Dec. 21): My Sagittarius friend Lisa dreamed dreamed she was at a party with Jon Carroll, admires. dream, Carroll, a writer she admir es. In the dr eam, she managed to joinn a cir circle cle of people with whom he was conversing. conversing. Twice Twice she tried to insinuate her way into the conversation conversation with comments she thought were ignored her.. were flattering flaattering to Jon. But he ignor ed her Finally she opened picturee book she open ned an oversized pictur had with her an andd showed him a striking photo of a huge nest containing contaaining a speckled, glittery dragon’s dragon’s egg. This caught caught his eye. He took her by the arm to a table where pored ascinating where they por ed over this ffascinating image together. dream, together. Learn from from Lisa’s Lisa’s dr eam, Sagittarius. To captivate the attention of the people you’ree To e you’r interested interested in, appeal apppeal not to their vanity but to their imagination. CAPRICORN CAPRIC ORN N (Dec. 22–Jan. 19): Homeboy Industries is an organization organization in East Los Los Angeles that helps former former gang members find jobs. One of its most successful successsful programs programs has trained trained more more than a hundr hundred ex-cons That’s ed ex-co ons as solar panel installers. That ’s the kind of dramatic dram matic conversion I’d like to see you make in your own ow wn life, life, Capricorn—getting Capricorn—getting face face to face face with the most most messed-up part of yourself and conspiring to transform transf a orm it into something brighter and more more useful. useful. Now would be an excellent time to dive into that worthy worthy project. project. AQUARIUS A QUARIUS ((Jan. Jan. 220–Feb. 0–Feb. 118): 8): II’m ’m aallll iin n ffavor avor ooff fires yyou ou ppumping umping uupp yyour our yyearning earning aand nd sstoking toking tthe he fi res ooff yyour our aambition mbition aand nd ffantasizing antasizing iin n eexplicit xplicit ddetail etail aabout bout a ffantastic antastic ddream—on ream—on oone ne ccondition: ondition: TThe he oobject bject ooff yyour our ccraving raving hhas as ttoo bbee rreal eal aand nd aachievable. chievable. IItt ccan’t an’t bbee aan n iimpossible mpossible iidol dol oorr rremote emote ddelusion, elusion, nnor or ccan an iitt bbee aan n eescapist scapist ddistraction. istraction. TThe he llonging onging yyou ou must ffeel eel m ust eempower mpower yyou, ou, nnot ot ddemoralize emoralize yyou. ou. TThe he morning must vvision ision tthat hat ggets ets yyou ou aactivated ctivated eeach ach m orning m ust bbee manifest ssomething omething yyou ou ccan an aactually ctually m anifest bbyy ccarrying arrying oout ut master willing a ddetailed, etailed, sstep-by-step tep-by-step m aster pplan. lan. IIff yyou’re ou’re w illing myy ggo-ahead ttoo ssatisfy atisfy tthese hese pprovisions, rovisions, yyou ou hhave ave m o-ahead ttoo more wild with gget et m ore tthan han a llittle ittle w ild w ith ddesire. esire. PISCES P ISCES ((Feb. Feb. 119–March 9–March 220): 0): W When hen yyou ou ttry ry ttoo

with ccommunicate ommunicate w ith a bbaby, aby, yyou ou gget et nnowhere owhere iiff yyou ou Nor ttalk alk aass yyou ou nnormally ormally ddo. o. N or ccan an yyou ou rrely ely oon n yyour our uusual sual aassumptions ssumptions aabout bout hhuman uman bbehavior ehavior aass yyou ou rread ead tthe he bbaby’s aby’s vverbal erbal ccues ues aand nd bbody ody llanguage. anguage. work when TThere’s here’s a ssimilar imilar pprinciple rinciple aatt w ork w hen yyou ou iinteract nteract with w ith aanimals: nimals: YYou ou hhave ave ttoo sspeak peak a ddifferent ifferent llanguage. anguage. And Pisces. A nd tthat hat bbrings rings uuss ttoo yyour our ccurrent urrent cchallenge, hallenge, P isces. will LLife ife iiss ccurrently urrently ssending ending yyou ou ssignals ignals tthat hat w ill rremain emain iincomprehensible ncomprehensible iiff yyou ou iinsist nsist oon n iinterpreting nterpreting them them ffrom rom tthe he vviewpoint iewpoint ooff a rrational ational aadult. dult. TToo ddecipher ecipher tthe he mindset eencrypted ncrypted ccode, ode, yyou’ll ou’ll hhave ave ttoo gget et iinto nto a m indset tthat hat iiss eequal qual pparts arts cchild, hild, aanimal nimal aand nd aangel. ngel.

Homework: Im Imagine magine that seven years fr from om now you wan nt a new car eer or line of work. want career What will it be? b Write: Write: T ruthr r ooster@gmail. Truthrooster@gmail. com.

Go to REALASTROLOGY.COM to check out Rob Brezsny’s Expanded Weekly Audio Horoscopes and Daily Text Message Horoscopes. Audio horoscopes are also available by phone at 1-877-873-4888 or 1-900-950-7700


Pregnan ? Cons der ng Adop on?

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wants w ants ssomething omething ffrom, rom, yyou ou ccan an ffuel uel yyour our oown wn lluminosity uminosity bbyy nnoticing oticing aand nd aappreciating ppreciating oothers’. thers’. SSCORPIO CORPIO ((Oct. Oct. 223–Nov. 3–Nov. 221): 1): IImagine magine yyou ou aand nd I and We’re and a bbunch unch ooff oour ur ffriends riends aare re 7 yyears ears oold. ld. W e’re playing playing the the rough rough game game “King “King of of the the Mountain” Mountain” on on a huge huge ppile ile ooff ddirt. irt. SSince ince tthere here aare re ssome ome ggirls irls among we’ve among uus, s, w e’ve cchanged hanged tthe he nname ame ooff tthe he ggame ame ttoo “Awesome Magic Boss Mountain.” “Awesome M agic B oss ooff tthe he M ountain.” TToday, oday, yyou’re ou’re the warding the strongest strongest oone, ne, w arding ooff ff aallll cchallenges hallenges ttoo yyour our authority, who authority, ppushing ushing aaway way eeveryone veryone w ho ttries ries ttoo kknock nock you you ooff ff yyour our pplace lace aatt tthe he ttop. op. IIt’s t’s llike ike yyou ou hhave ave eextra xtra power power yyou’ve ou’ve nnever ever ddisplayed isplayed bbefore; efore; aass iiff yyou’re ou’re drawing drawing oon n rreserves eserves ooff ddetermination etermination aand nd sstamina tamina that were that w ere ppreviously reviously uunavailable. navailable. I bbelieve elieve tthis his iiss a metaphorically metaphorically aaccurate ccurate pportrayal ortrayal ooff yyour our aactual ctual llife ife right right now. now.


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ThugWor dRecords com

ARIESS (Mar ARIE (March ch 21–April 19): Th Thee ancient Gr Greek eek act, enc courage people to god Dionysus did not, in ffact, encourage get sloppy drunk, lose contr control, and ol, an nd do stupid things. His preference free from preference was that they fr ee themselves fr om their inhibitions by imbibing mo moderate derate amounts of alcohol. With this medicinal spur spur,r, they might get unstuck from from their worn-out old behavior patterns and invite rrefreshing wildness efreshing doses of w ildness into their lives. Healing was the intention, not cr craziness aziness and frenzy. frenzy. It is true that if someone was not willing to escape their rigidity—if they clu clung ung to their hidebound attitudes and refused refused to open upp to the call of selftransformation—Dionysus transformation—Dionysus might mighht lure lure them into reckless reckless kl inebriation. i b i ti Keep Keep these th th ht in thoughts i mind i d in i the coming weeks, weeks, Aries.

73 M E T R O S L C O N VA L L E Y

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M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | AU G U S T 4-1 0 , 2 0 1 0 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y

metroactive STYLE

A Flair for the Dramatic ;I<JJKF@DGI<JJ ; I <JJKF@DGI <JJFe\ Fe\f]IfY\ik8ii\[fe[fÊjj`^eXkli\YXcc^fnejXYfm\ f]IfY\ik8ii\[ [fe[fÊj j`^eXkli\ YXcc^fnej X XYfm\ 22 i`^_k 8ii\[fe[f`e_`jj\n`e^jkl[`f% i 8ii\[ \[ [fe[f`e_`jj\n`e^jkl[`f%

 JXeAfj\]Xj_`fe[\j`^e\i JXe JX e Afj\]Xj_`fe e[\j`^e\i IfY\ik8ii\[fe[fkXb\j I fY\i Y\ik k 8ii\[fe[f kX Xb\j   \m\e`e^n\Xikfk_\e\ok \m\e`e^n\Xikfk_\ e\ok   c\m\cXk9i`oj_fn c m\c c\ m Xk 9i`oj_fn 9p 9 p J JESSICA ESS IC A FROMM F RO M M


<I? <I?8GJ@KÊJX < ?8GJ @KÊJX n\[[`e^#Xgifdfi n\ [[`e^# X gifdfi aaljkXi\Xccp_fk[Xk\# ljkX i\Xccp_fk [Xk\# Ylkjfd\k`d\jX^`ic Ylk kjfd\k`d\jX^`ic nXekjkfn\Xijfd\k_`e^ jfd\k_`e^ n Xekjkf n\Xi n kkfkXccp[`]]\i\ekXe[le`hl\Æ kfkXccp kXcc [`]]]\i\ek Xe[ le`hl\Æ k_\jfikf]flkÓkfe\nflc[ k_\ jfik f]] flkÓk l fe\ nflc[ e\m\iÓe[XkDXZpÊj%<ek\i e\m e\m\i Ó Xk DXZp Óe[ DXZpÊj%<ek\i <ek\i k_\nfic[f]_Xlk\Zflkli\% k_ k_\ nfic[f] f _Xlk\ Zflkli\% French Fr enc nch ffor orr “high dr o dressmaking,” essmaking,” haute h te ccouture outurre are are custom-fitted, custom-fitted, eexclusive xclusiv lusi e garments ga garm ments put together together with heavy hea eaavy v attention attttentiion to detail detail by by skilled ttailors ailor for ailors ffo or o private priivate clients. clients. most W When mos stt people people think “haute

coutur couture,” o e,” they they think of P Paris, aris, whe where re th he term is actually legally protected proteccted the an nd can can only b ertain and bee used b byy ccertain qu ualified design houses qualified houses.. But downtown San Jose–based Jose–based d fa ashion designer R ROBERT OBERT ARREDONDO ARREDONDO fashion wants w ants to change that p perception. erception. “T The tradition of working one-onone- on n“The on ne with the designer ting the m one designer,, let letting them kn now eexactly xactly what it is that yyou’re ou’rre know lo ooking ffor, or, and ha o avving somethin ng looking having something sp pecially eciall made ffor o or yyou o that ou ’s mad de specially that’s made eexactly x xactly to yyour our measur ements an nd measurements and yyou o know no one else is going to ou ha ave it —that’s the kind of ser vice I have it—that’s service w ant to bring to a wider cliental,” cliental,”” want sa ayys Arredondo. Arredondo. says ““It’s It’s [[couture] couture] n ot jjust ust ffor or p eople not people w ho ccan an aafford ff ffo ord tto op ay tthousands housands who pay

of d of dollars ollarrs ffor or ssomething. omething. IItt ccan an aalso lso b or ssomebody omebody w here a ccouple ouple bee ffor where h undred is is m ore iin n ttheir heir p rice rrange. ange.” hundred more price S pecializing in in women’s women’s Specializing eeveningwear, veningwearr, A rredondo w ill b Arredondo will bee u nveiling h is F alll/ Winter 2 010 unveiling his Fall/Winter 2010 ccollection ollection at at B BRIX RIX N NIGHTCLUB IGHTCLUB iin n d downtown owntown S San an n JJose ose tthis his S Saturday. aturday. T he ffree ree A ARREDONDO RREDONDO CCLOTHING LOT H I N G The FASHION FASHION SHOW SHOW starts starts att 8 8pm. pm. T he 333-year-old 3-year- old d ressmaker ssays ays The dressmaker tthat hat h rst b ecam me iinterested nterested iin n hee fi first became ssewing ewing aand nd ffashion ashion b ack iin nm iddle back middle sschool. chool. B he ttime ime h as iin nh is Byy tthe hee w was his m id-teens, A rredondo ssays ays h ad mid-teens, Arredondo hee h had ffallen aalllen iinto nto a llifetime ifetime llove ove o reating off ccreating o ne- of-a--kind b all ggowns owns an nd one-of-a-kind ball and lluxurious uxurious d resses. dresses. ““II d id a llot ot o rom d resses b ack did off p prom dresses back w hen I w as iin nh igh sschool, chool, sso o tthat’s hat’s when was high w here I ggot ot a llot ot o xperience aass where off m myy eexperience ffar aarr aass p atttern m aking aand nd cclothing lothing pattern making cconstriction, onstriction,” h ays. hee ssays. A rredondo w ent o nto tthe he Arredondo went onto F ashion IInstitute nstitute o esign aand nd Fashion off D Design

Micaela M icaelaa G Goo


Merchandising San Francisco. By M erchandising iin nS an F rancisco. B y 2000s, hee h had his tthe he eearly arly 2 000s, h ad ssegued egued h is ttechnical echnical ttraining raiining iinto nto a ccareer areer iin n making ffreelance reelance ccouture, outure, m ak king iindividual ndividual made-to-measure pieces private m ade-to -measure p ieces ffor or p rivatte Bay Area. cclients lients aaround round tthe he B ay A rea. Arredondo Arr edond do names off aavantvant v garde English likee the late gar de Engli ish designers lik ALEXANDER ALEX ANDER MC M MCQUEEN, QUEEN, JOH JOHN N GALLIANO GALLIANO and VI VIVIENNE VIENN NE W WESTWOOD ESTWOOD as his design muses muses.. Thiss season,, he has eexpanded xpanded Arr Arredondo edondo Clothing to include da day ay wear wear,, separ separates rates and ccocktail ocktail at attire. tire. He sa says ayys he w was as lar largely gely influenc influenced ed b byy suiting and a men men’s ’s st styles yles in the ccollection ollection he h will b bee un unveiling veiling this week weekend. end. ““It’s It’s iinspired nspired b byy cclassic lassic m menswear enswear p pieces, ieces, llike ike tthe he b button-down utton- down sshirt, hir t, tthe he T T-shirt, -shirt, tthe he p pant, ant, tthe he p pleatedleatedffront ro r nt ttrouser,” rouser,” h hee ssays. ayys. ““I’m I’m ta taking king more aand nd ttranslating ranslat ating tthem hem iinto nto a m ore fe minine ssilhouette. ilhouette. II’m ’m ta king tthe he feminine taking iidea dea o off tthe he m masculine, asculine, ta taking king llike ike a ccasual asual llook, ook, aand nd cchanging hanging iitt aand nd m making aking iitt a llittle ittle b bit it m ore r ssexy.” exy.” more A Arredondo, rredondo, a d downtown owntown S an n JJose ose rresident esident h imself, San himself, iiss a rregular egular aatt B Brix’s rix’s w weekly eekly W ednesday ttrivia rivia n ight. H Wednesday night. Hee ssays ays h hee aactually ctually b booked ooked tthe he n ightclub aass tthe he vvenue enue tto o nightclub sshow how h his is ffall aalll 2 2010 010 ccollection ollection ttotally otally b ccident. byy ac accident. ““II jjust ust m mentioned entioned tto o JJoe oe tthe he b ar m anagger tthat hat ‘‘hey, hey, I w ant bar manager want tto od do o a sshow how b but ut I h haven’t aven’t been able find place, what b een ab ble tto ofi nd a p lace, w hat do hee ssays. d o yyou ou gguys uys tthink?’” hink?’” h ays. ““And And tthe he n ext d ay h alled m nd ssaid aid tthat hatt next day hee ccalled mee aand tthey hey w wanted an nted tto oh host ost iit. t.” A rredondo ssees ees h is u pcoming Arredondo his upcoming ffashion ashion sshow how aass an no opportunity pportunity ffor or p otential cclients lients tto o eexpose xpose tthemselves hemselves potential tto oh is w ork, aass w ell aass p ossibly b ook his work, well possibly book aan n aappointment. ppointment. ““It’s It’s m ore o umping-off p oint more off a jjumping-off point ffor or p eople tto o gget et iinspired nspired an nd ssay, ay, ‘‘Oh, Oh, people and Ih ave tthis his eevent vent ccoming oming u p, I tthink hink I have up, m ay llook ook iinto nto h aving ssomething omething m ade may having made eespecially specially ffor or m e, iinstead nstead do ust ggoing oing me, off jjust tto o tthe he m all o oing tto oad eparrtment mall orr ggoing department sstore, tore,” A rredondo eexplains. xplains. ““So, So, iit’s t’s Arredondo k ind o ery ttangible angible b usiness ccard, ard, kind off a vvery business iiff yyou ou w ill, tthe he sshows hows tthat hat I d o. IIt’s t’s an n will, do. eexample xample o off m myy ttechnique. echnique.”

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metroactive SPORTS

CF:8C?<IF C F:8 C?<IFK_\ K_\<Xik_hlXb\jÊJk\m\e9\`kXj_fli#X^iX[lXk\f]C\cXe[ <X Xik_hlXb\jÊJk\m\e 9\`kXj_fli##X ^iX[lXk\ f]C\cXe[ ?`^_#`jgcXp`e^]fik_\k\Xd_\nfij_`gg\[XjXb`[% ?`^_# `j gcXp`e^]fik_ _\ k\Xd _\nfij_`gg\[ Xj Xb``[%



k\m\e 9\`kXj_ k\m\e9\`kXj_fli[`[eÊk _fli [`[eÊk Z\c\YiXk\X]k\ijZfi`e^ Z\c\Yi Xk\ X]k\ \i jZfi`e^ _`jÓijkDCJ^fXc _`j Óijk DCJ ^fXc X^X`ejk:_`mXjLJ8`e8gi`cÆ X^X`ejk:_`mXjLJ8 `e8gi`cÆ k_\d`[Ó\c[\i&[\]\e[\ialjk k_\ d`[Ó\c[\i&[\]]\e[\i aljk iXeYXZb`ekfgfj`k`feXj`] iXe YXZb `ekf gfj``k`feXj `] k_\YXcc_X[jX`c\[fm\ik_\ k_\ YXcc _X[jX`c\[ [ fm\ik_\ ZifjjYXi% ZifjjYXi% ““People People always always ask, ask, ‘Hey, ‘Hey, w why hy didn’t didn’t yyou ou ccelebrate?’” elebrate?’” Beitashour Beitashour says. says. “I “I was was upset when because wee w were u pset w hen I sscored cored b ecause w ere was minute llosing osing 33–2 –2 aand nd tthere here w as a m inute ssomething omething lleft eft iin n iinjury njury ttime. ime.” The Chivas was T he tthird hird ggoal oal the the C hivas sscored cored w as on his mind, hee ssays. was sstill till fresh fresh o nh is m ind, h ays. IItt w as a ttweener weener ball ball tthat hat split split Beitashour Beitashour and and Hernandez. ffellow ellow defender defender JJason ason H ernandez. The wasn’t T he ggoal oal w asn’t a ccheapie, heapie, eeither. ither. The ball deflection T he b all ttook ook a d eflection ttoward oward Beitashour waiting box, B eitashour w aiting just just outside outside tthe he b ox, but bounced That b ut b ounced aaway way ttwice. wice. T hat fforced orced Beitashour Beitashour to to use use all all his his length length jjust ust tto o strike with strike the the ball ball w ith a lleft-footed eft ft--footed ssliding liding volley. hee volley. “It’s “It’s not not about about celebrating, celebrating,” h says. says. “It’s “It’s the the whole whole rresult. esult. It’s It’s the the tteam eam result. result. We We still still lost. lost.” Beitashour Beitashour says says he he hates hates losing losing because nature— because of of his his competitive competitive n ature— something, something, he he says, says, that that his his friends friends aand nd family of.f. family say say he he has has a little little too too much much o His State His coach coach at at San San Diego Diego S tate witnessed witnessed tthat hat ccompetitive ompetitive fire fire every every day. day. “He’s “He’s got got great great mental mental strength, strength,” ssays ays SDSU Lev Kirshner. SDSU men’s men’s ssoccer occer ccoach oach L ev K irshner. “He hee iiss “He is is a fierce fierce ccompetitor ompetitor aand nd h willing win. willing to to do do whatever whatever iitt takes takes to to w in.” Beitashour’s on Beitashour’s workman workman attitude attitude o n the pride the pitch pitch is is also also rooted rooted in in his his p ride iin n tthe he club Beitashour club he he grew grew up up rooting rooting for. for. B eitashour was was a four-time four-time letter letter winner winner at at Leland Leland

High. ““It’s High. It’s w where here I w wanted anted tto op play, lay,” Beitashour B eitashour ssaid. aid. ““It’s It’s m myy h hometown ometown tteam. eam. I ggrew rew u up pw watching atching them, them, now now I gget et tto o llive ive tthe he d dream. ream.” Ass a kid, A kid, B Beitashour eitashour llooked ooked u up p tto o Landon L andon D Donovan, onovan, h hee ssays. ays. A And nd n now ow h hee has h as tto o ffocus ocus o on n sstopping topping h him. im. Beitashour B eitashour rreceived eceived llittle ittle aattention ttention ffrom rom M MLS LS tteams eams d during uring h his is ttime ime aatt SDSU. S DSU. B But ut h hee w was as iinvited nvited tto o a ccamp amp iin nB Belgium elgium w where here h hee w was as o offered ffeered a ff professional p rofessional ccontract, ontract, aand nd h hee ssaid aid iitt w was as aatt tthat hat m moment oment tthat hat h hee knew knew he he could could make m ake iitt p professionally. rofessionally. IIn n tthe he 2 2010 010 M MLS LS Superdraft, Superdraft, tthe he Earthquakes E arthquakes sselected elected B Beitashour eitashour iin n tthe he ssecond econd rround, ound, aand nd h hee m made ade h his is first first aappearance ppearance on on A April pril 110 0 aagainst gainst tthe he Chicago C hicago F Fire, ire, sstarting tarting iin nm midfield. idfield. Hee ssays H ays tthe he b biggest iggest ttransition ransition ffrom rom tthe he ccollege ollege tto o tthe he p professional rofessional ggame ame iiss pace off tthe decisiontthe he p ace o he ggame. ame. ““Your Your d ecisionmaking has bee a llot quicker, m aking h as tto ob ot q uicker,” Beitashour B eitashour ssaid. aid. ““You You ccan’t an’t ssit it w with ith tthe he ball b all aand nd ttake ake a llook. ook. Y You ou h have ave tto o be be more m ore deceptive. deceptive. Y You ou ccan’t an’t llook ook where where yyou ou aare re p passing. assing. T They hey rread ead yyour our eeyes. yes.” Hee ssays H ays h hee ccan an iimprove mprove b byy ““playing playing quicker q uicker w when hen I d don’t on’t h have ave tthe he b ball all aand nd knowing k nowing w what hat tto od do o ttwo wo o orr tthree hree ssteps teps aahead head o off ttime. ime. ““Sometimes Sometimes I d do o tthat hat aand nd eeverything verything jjust ust fl flows ows aand nd o other ther ttimes imes I aam m jjust ust cconcentrating oncentrating o on n ggetting etting tthe he b ball all tto om myy ffeet eet aand nd h having aving a ggood ood ttouch, ouch, aand nd b byy tthat hat ttime ime o one ne o orr ttwo wo ssteps teps h have ave aalready lready happened. h appened.”

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CECIL@METRONEWS.COM I\Z\ekcpdpiffddXk\#kfc[d\XYflkk_\(0*)Ç\dlnXiÈ`e8ljkiXc`X%?\jX`[ (0*)nXjX[ipp\Xik_XkdX[\)'#'''\dlji\jkc\jj#ZXlj`e^k_\dkf`emX[\X i\j`[\ek`Xce\`^_Yfi_ff[\edXjj\%K_\8ljkiXc`Xed`c`kXip_X[kfkXb\k_\d flkn`k__\XmpXik`cc\ip%@jk_`jkil\6Æ<mXe#>i\\ejYfif#Efik_:Xifc`eX gunner was too busy hanging on for dear life to squeeze off a single shot. By Nov. 8 the army had reportedly used 2,500 rounds of ammo to kill just 200 emus, leading the prime minister to suspend the campaign while anti-emu forces regrouped. When one politician facetiously suggested that the troops be awarded medals, another retorted that the medals should go to the emus, since they had “won every round so far.” A renewed assault beginning on Nov. 13 wasn’t noticeably more effective, with a meager kill rate of 100 emus a week. The enemy proved to be fast, smart and (Meredith insisted) capable of surviving multiple bullet wounds. By early December emu incursions had subsided, due more to the wheat harvest than casualties. Hostilities ceased on Dec. 10. The official final tally: 9,860 bullets to kill 986 emus, an implausible ratio of 10 bullets per emu. The embarrassed government resisted calls to repeat the experiment and instead adopted a more successful policy of supplying farmers with free ammunition and setting a bounty on the birds. The emu war wasn’t the last time the Australian army faced off against marauding wildlife. In 1992 an upsurge of feral cats in the Diamantina region of western Queensland threatened native fauna, including the letter-winged kite. So many cats were lounging in newly empty kite nests, Professor Jack Pettigrew of the University of Queensland reported, that at night their glittering eyes made the trees look like they’d been strung with Christmas lights. Pettigrew’s team culled quite a few cats, but things didn’t get serious until the environment minister saw a newspaper photo of two seemingly well-fed feral cats relaxing in a nest. Cute kitties, many readers doubtless said, but the minister, evidently a bird lover, thought: these brutes must be exterminated. The army was called out and bagged 423 felines. No word on tactics, weaponry or ammo expenditure, but the lessons of history having been learned, I’m confident it was one bullet, one cat. (Thanks to Terri-Anne Kingsley for research assistance.)

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Tell a story like this about virtually any other country and my reaction is going to be: this guy needs to change the filter on his hash pipe. With Australia, however, it’s never wise to dismiss crazy claims out of hand. Sure enough, though the account you heard was embroidered, the essence of the emu-war story is true. After World War I the Australian government encouraged returning soldiers to raise wheat and sheep in the sparsely populated state of Western Australia. More than 5,000 hardy souls did so, but following some initial success, most struggled. Among the challenges: uncooperative weather, rampaging rabbits, and emus. (I get most of this from a 2006 article by Murray Johnson in the Journal of Australian Studies.) The emu is a large flightless bird similar to the ostrich; it breeds in the Australian interior but ranges widely in search of food and water. Extensive fences normally kept emus out of coastal cropland, but high postwar prices led to fencing shortages, and new farms and water supplies made for attractive emu habitat. Initially considered protected game, emus were reclassified as vermin when they became pests to the farmers. Emu culls racked up high body counts, with more than 3,000 killed in 1928 alone. But it wasn’t enough, and in late 1932 some 20,000 emus surged into the western wheat fields. Facing the destruction of their crops, the beleaguered farmers sent a deputation to Perth to see . . . well, you might suppose they’d have demanded an audience with the minister of agriculture. But no—these men had been soldiers before they were farmers. So they went to the minister of defense, who authorized military action against the emus, provided the farmers covered the cost of bullets, bunks and bread. Arriving in the town of Campion on Nov. 2, 1932, Major G.P.W. Meredith’s troops drew first blood later that day, then established base camp on a local farm. On Nov. 4 an ambush of 1,000 emus went awry when the machine gun jammed after only a dozen kills. An attempt to chase them with a truckmounted gun likewise failed, as the

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N<EKP$=@M N<EKP$=@M<P<8IJ M< P<8IJ X^f#9\iip\jjX X^f # 9\iip\ \jjX d`^_kjk`cc_Xm\ d`^_k jk`cc _Xm\ Y\\eZfej`[\i\[k_\ Y\\e Zfej`[\i\[ k_\ ]il`kYXjb\kf]JXekX:cXiX ]il`kYXjb\kf]JXekX:cXiX :flekpĂ&#x2020;fe\f]k_\cXjkgXikj :flekpĂ&#x2020;fe\f]k_\cXjkgXikj f]k_\MXcc\pkfjlZZldYkf f]k_\MXcc\pkfjlZZldYkf [\m\cfgd\ek%<m\ekf[Xp [\m\cfgd\ek%<m\ekf[Xp k_\i\Xi\X]\nX^i`ZlckliXc k_\i\Xi\X]\nX^i`ZlckliXc c _fc[flkje\jkc\[k_ifl^_flk _fc[flkje\jkc\[k_ifl^_flk k_\e\`^_Yfi_ff[%F]Zflij\# k_\e\`^_Yfi_ff[%F]Zflij\# dfjkf]k_\j\gcfkj_Xm\Y\\e dfjkf]k_\j\gcfkj_Xm\Y\\e kiXej]fid\[`ekfjlYliYXe kiXej]fid\[`ekfjlYliYXe j`e^c\$]Xd`cp_fd\j% j`e^c\$]Xd`cp_fd\j% IItâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s tâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a yyoung, oung, d diverse iverse n neighborhood, eighborhood, with own w ith sseven even sschools chools aand nd iits ts o wn sschool chool district. And now may bee a ggood d istrict. A nd n ow m ay b ood ttime ime bee sshopping home Berryessa. tto ob hopping ffor or a h ome iin nB erryessa. part off tthe decade, prices IIn n tthe he eearly arly p art o he d ecade, p rices $700,000 per unit. aaveraged veraged aabout bout $ 700,000 p er u nit. But 2007, when market B ut aaround round 2 007, w hen tthe he m arrket drooped dramatically, off h homes d rooped d ramatically, tthe he ccost ost o omes plummeted byy aass m much $200,000. p lummeted b uch aass $ 200,000. only past months IItt iiss o nly iin n tthe he p ast ffew ew m onths tthat hat ttheyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve heyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve sstarted tarrted tto o cclimb limb aagain gain ggradually, raduallly, with Prices now w ith ccaution. au ution. P rices n ow aaverage verage aabout bout $535,000. buyerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s market. $ 535,000. IItâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s tâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a b uyerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s m arket. Three T hree ssimilar imilar ttownhouses ownhouses aare re now on aavailable vailab ble rright ight n ow o n tthe he ssame ame sstreet. treet. Rymar Way 11081 081 R ymarr W ay is is sselling elling for for $288,000; $288,000; Rymar Way $300,000; 11087 087 R ymar W ay iiss ggoing oing ffor or $ 300,000; 2598 Rymar $289,000. aand nd 2 598 R ymar iiss sselling elling ffor or $ 289,000. The T he llots ots aare re eeach acch 11,602 ,602 ssquare quare ffeet; eet; tthe he ďŹ rst homes are ďŹ rst ttwo wo h omes ar re 11,028 ,028 ssquare quarre ffeet eet 2598 They aand nd 2 598 iiss 11,042 ,042 ssquare quarre ffeet. eet. T hey aall ll have master bedrooms 2.5 h ave ttwo wo m asster b edrooms aand nd 2 .5 baths. One outstanding off eeach b aths. O ne o utstanding ffeature eature o acch

home h ome iiss tthe he ďŹ ďŹ replace replace iin n tthe he lliving iving rroom. oom. A ffew ew b blocks locks aaway, way, aatt 2 2047 047 Limewood Limewood D Drive, rive, iiss a ggorgeous orgeous ffourourbedroom, home on 6,099bedroom, ttwo-bath wo-bath h ome o na6 ,099square-foot square-foot lot. lot. T The he h house ouse iitself tself iiss 11,399 ,399 square square ffeet, eet, w with ith ttwo wo sstories. tories. IIn n tthe he b back ack is is an n eenormous normous eenclosed nclosed yyard. ard. The woodThe living living rroom oom ffeatures eatures a w oodburning burning ďŹ replace, ďŹ replace, aand nd tthereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a separate separate dining dining rroom oom aand nd ffamily amily room. room. The The b bedrooms edrooms aand nd ffamily amily rroom oom are are ccarpeted, arpeted, w while hile tthe he k kitchen itchen h has as a laminate laminate ttile ile ďŹ&#x201A; ďŹ&#x201A;oor. oor. T The he h house ouse h has as recently recently been been rrefurbished, efurbished, an and nd tthere here aare re double-pane double-pan ne windows windows tthroughout. hroughout. This This iiss a n nice ice h home ome ffor or a ggrowing rowing family, family, and, and, p priced riced aatt jjust ust $ $515,000. 515,000. Nearby, Messina Drive, Nearrby, aatt 11753 753 M essina D rive, iiss another another ssweet weet ffour-bedroom, our-bedroom, ttwo-bath wo-bath home home that that ccomes omes w with ith a b bunch unch o off perks. perks. Built Built iin n 11971, 971, iitt h has as rrecently ecently b been een refurbished refurbished and and rremodeled, emodeled, an and nd n now ow features hardwood ďŹ&#x201A;ooring, dual-pane features h ardwood ďŹ&#x201A; ooring, d ual-pan ne windows windows and an nd rrecessed ecessed llighting. ighting. The kitchen kitchen h ass n ew ggranite ranite The has new countertops and and iincludes ncludes al ll o he countertops all off tthe essential appliances, appliances, iincluding ncluding a essential premium B osch d ishwasher. T he premium Bosch dishwasher. The master bathroom bathroom iiss a ggem, em, w ith ggranite ran nite master with countertops, cceramic eramic ďŹ&#x201A; ooring aand nd a countertops, ďŹ&#x201A;ooring freestan nding cceramic eram mic ssoaking oaking ttub. ub. freestanding Since tthis his iiss B erryessa, w eâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve ccome ome Since Berryessa, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve to expect expect tthe he w ood-burning ďŹ replacce to wood-burning ďŹ replace in tthe he lliving iving rroom, oom, w hich ggives ives iitt ssuch uch in which homey ffeeling. eeling. T he h ouse iiss b uilt a homey The house built on a 55,663-square-foot ,663-square-foot lot, lot, and and there there on is a b eautiful p ainted rredwood edwood d eck is beautiful painted deck in tthe he ggarden arden tto o llay ay b ack an nd eenjoy njoy in back and the mountain mountain b reeze w ith ffamily amily aand nd the breeze with friends. A 588,000, tthis his h ouse iiss a rreal eal friends. Att $ $588,000, house bargain. bargain. Then aagain, gain, rright ight n ow, al lmost Then now, almost everything iin nB erryessa iiss a b argain. everything Berryessa bargain.

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