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The Nature of Jean Schlumberger.

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September 2022 7

Photographer: David Scarola

Photographer: Matt Licari

Photographer: Matt Licari

This summer was marked by a renewed fervor to get out and about while supporting charitable causes, or just to, once again, enjoy the pleasure of the company of others. Simple things. A sense of normalcy. From New York City to the Hamptons, to Palm Beach and back, smiles and laughter returned to the art galleries and eateries, avenues and beaches, marinas, and front lawns. The sound of music and glasses toasting to the resilience and courage we found in ourselves and those around us. Our hard-working magazine staff hit the beaches, the bars, the galleries, and galas...and a good time was had by all.

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Some of our new readers might not know, that the same fabulous gold coast mansions and parties that inspired The Great Gatsby, were also the original inspiration for 25A Magazine. The original Metropolitan Magazine, published from the 1800s to the mid-1920s featured Fitzgerald as a literary contributor, and before him, Teddy Roosevelt acted as the editor of Metropolitan Magazine too, during WW1. Politics, art, and fashion were all written about with the type of flair, integrity, and intelligence that we try to honor today with the current version of Metropolitan. As we look to doing some big things with the magazines in the future, let us not forget our past as we try to make the most of the present.

The end of the summer typically brings with it reflections of time spent with family and friends, travel adventures and carefree fun, with an eye toward the opportunities and new beginnings of Autumn. I'm particularly excited about a new state-of-the-art Med Spa in Palm Beach I am involved with (Advanced Aesthetics) that will provide regenerative stem-cell therapy for aesthetic solutions.

As Fitzgerald wrote in The Great Gatsby, life was beginning over again with the summer.

"ICheers!had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer."

—F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby


September 2022 15 @caliclosetsnyc GREENVALE 25 Northern Blvd, Greenvale 516.334.0077 CONNECTICUT 565 Westport Ave, Norwalk 203.924.8444 From simple to intricate designs, California Closets systems are custom designed specifically for you and the way you live. Radtke.StefanPhoto:#0657205.HICCToperated.andownedindependentlyFranchisesreserved.rightsAllInc.Company,ClosetCalifornia©2021

Speaking of old friends, Jerry Garcia who would have been 80 years old on August 1st, was an old friend of author and longtime Grateful Dead Publicist Dennis McNally. Music writer Eric Jaacobi caught up with Dennis recently to find out what he's been up to. My old friend, Ahron Friedberg, MD shares his thoughts on finding joy in the workplace in his must-read new book, "Towards Happiness."


While publisher Chase Backer continues on with his unmatched entrepreneurial vision, opening up a state of the art Med Spa (Advanced Aesthetics) in Palm Beach, Metropolitan Art expert Rachel Vancelette has been jetting all over the world to cover the very latest in the art market. At the same time, longtime Hampton's art and society contributor Debra Rothberg has been spreading the good word and rubbing elbows all over the Hamptons with her artist hubby George Shulman.

Music, fashion, art, beauty, big ideas and big announcements coming this fall on the expansion of the Metropolitan brand...a hot time in the city... to quote Jim Morrison and the Doors:

16 Metropolitan Magazine | 25A

It's been a busy summer. The Hamptons has been a hotbed of art activity with copies of Metropolitan and 25A magazines getting scooped up quickly by loyal readers and curious newcomers.

Adam Kluger Editor in Metropolitan/25AChief Palm Beach


Morning found us calmly unaware Noon burn gold into our hair At night, we swim the laughin' sea When summer's gone Where will we be?

Just some of the artists we are delighted to include in this issue are old friends William Quigley, Max Moran, Luciana Pampalone, and sculptresses Carol Eisner and Linda Heller.

"Summer is only the unfulfilled promise of spring, a charlatan in place of the warm balmy nights"

- F. Scott Fitzgerald, This Side of Paradise


Tarra Iziah In Der Muhlen

IG: Photography:@tarra_iziah_in_der_muhlenLucianaPampalone

Today, as an emblem of Tiffany & Co. and a figure who changed the world of jewelry, altering the possibilities of what can be designed from nature’s sight and transformed into emblazoning pieces, Schlumberger’s extraordinary wonders have continued.

September 2022 17

Jean Sclumberger bird perched on a Tiffany Diamond






32 EL



58 THE

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516-935-1200 w

Where sound financial strategies create a solid basis upon which to grow wealth, for today and generations to come.

Where relationships grow with your assets, because you’re so much more than just your portfolio.

Where your financial well-being is priority one, backed by integrity, ethics and a passion for helping clients for nearly 40 years.

Where we take a side-by-side approach, building our own assets alongside yours.

First Long Island Investors. Where you belong.

Where peace of mind lives.







76 THE




118 SHE












117 ANN










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Models: Tracy Brank; Nicole Mariano; Cheyanne Metzger; Emma Kirkpatrick; Kayleigh Kirkpatrick; Queen



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September 2022 33


high-quality meats, fine imported spices, and local seasonal ingredients, each dish on the menu is based on classic Turkish recipes, reimagined by the culinary team lead by Mr. Yuzbasioglu and talented Executive Chef Guney. Many dishes originate from the Aegean and Anatolian part of Turkey, as well as special selections from the Mediterranean and South-Eastern region.


he Hamptons are enjoying an exquisite culinary experience with the opening of an outpost of Miami restaurant El Turco. Truly divine and fully authentic Turkish inspired food is captivating guests out East this season with authentic Turkish menu selections served with a helping of renowned Turkish hospitality.

El Turco East Hampton is the result of a casual meeting between one of El Turco’s founders and Frank Cilione, the longtime operator of the dual restaurant and nightlife venue on Three Mile Harbor Road in East Hampton. Soon thereafter, Mr. Cilione hired the original El Turco founders Nurdan Gur Yuzbasioglu, Gokhan Yuzbasioglu along with developer and visionary Cagri Kanver to assist in realizing their collective vision.

By Harry


Some of signature dishes include Roasted Beet Hummus, Kopoglu, Red Lentil Balls and Armenian style Pilaki. Main dishes that bring joy with just one bite will include such classics

Located close to the heart of East Hampton at 44 Three Mile Harbor Road, the new El Turco has come alive in the stunningly well-

designed space recently opened. El Turco has created a chef’s tasting experience that takes guests on a culinary journey with the best use of Turkish food reflective of the grand tastes and traditional expressions of the rich cultural heritage mixed with a modern presentation of bold



as Ali Nazik Kebab - a smoked pureed eggplant topped with cubes of sauteed lamb as well as a traditional Mediterranean style grilled Sea Bass. The menu also features a variety of fresh summer salads and other tantalizing small plates such as Manti - small beef dumplings topped with garlic yogurt, sumac and dry mint.

El Turco offers a unique dining experience in the Hamptons. Every aspect of each course is rooted with the uniqueness of the incredible dishes paired with unique Turkish ingredients and flavor notes. The offerings are presented with wine pairings and cocktails to elevate the dining experience. Guests experience a remarkable level of professional and warm service infused with Turkish cultural values of hospitality. An eclectic range of live entertainment & curated music are featured as guests enjoy food and drinks. Whether already a familiar Miami patron who is Out East or a visitor from New York, everyone who visits falls in love with the Turkish hospitality of El Turco.

With the original Miami location receiving a Michelin rating after only fifteen months in business and achieving an OpenTable Diners’ Choice Award for 2022, expectations are very high for El Turco East Hampton which recently was also awarded the OpenTable Diners’ Choice Award for 2022.

Dinner service takes place daily with the early evening seating showcasing more family-orientated meals. As the night progresses guests can expect a high energy yet tranquil dining atmosphere through until the early hours of the

Please visit


34 Metropolitan Magazine | 25A


who like to entertain at home fear not - El Turco Catering is offering traditional Turkish Cuisine delivered to your home as well as take-out options including delivery by UberEats.




September 2022 35



With an added value, a happy hour Monday to Friday afternoons brings further bliss and showcases such notable items as the colorful Pink Flamingo served with Tito’s vodka, frozen Whispering Angel rose, watermelon purée, lime juice; the Coconut Margarita with Casa Amigos tequila, coconut and lime juice; as well as the Watermelon Picante with Habanero infused Cazadores tequila, watermelon juice, lime juice, tajin rim.

atin America is associated with warmth, color, movement, and sensuality. For the most voluptuous meal in all of New York City this summer look no further than Baby Brasa.


36 Metropolitan Magazine | 25A

The romantic and lively establishment is a scrumptious setting where unique dishes are discovered. Awaken your senses in the most appealing way with such delights as appetizers of Chicken Empanadas with Flaky crust, manchego cheese, caramelized onions, chimichurri & rocoto aioli; as well as Crispy Rock Shrimp with Sriracha honey glaze, scallions, sesame seeds, served with chipotle

The Peruvian restaurant is known best as The Oasis of the Big Apple. The exotic and exquisite culinary experience found here has created a divine lifestyle for patrons to admire. A haven for the hippest of the in-crowd and the most glamourous trendsetters, dedicated loyalists and newcomers alike flock to the restaurant that serves up incredible dishes at this one-of-a-kind contemporary venue in The Village.

include Passion Fruit Salmon served with sautéed vegetable pineapple fried rice; Lomo Saltado with marinated grass-fed sirloin steak chunks, red onion, cherry tomatoes, scallions, cilantro & fingerling potatoes served with jasmine rice; and Spaguetti Huancaina in our traditional huancaína sauce made with Peruvian yellow pepper and white cheese with lomo saltado on top.

The food quality is complemented by the gorgeous venue. Art deco Tropical vibes surround you inside the dining room while the outdoor patio presents one the most fantastic foodie paradises in


By Ann Grenier



Deeply rooted in the heart of The Village, the pulse of the city beats strong here. The attractive surroundings and superbly delicious dishes are only rivaled by a staff that passionately serves you steaming plates and carefully curated cocktails. To experience the vibe here is to have an affair of all the senses as they get elevated to glorious heights. This is not just another meal. This is a deeply rooted tropical heat wave full of feverish spice that makes you perspire with desire. When here you fully crave amazing food, spectacular drinks and a unique rhythmic vibe that will have your taste buds dancing all night long.

New York entrepreneur Franco Noriega launched the grand culinary adventure of Baby Brasa when he opened doors for the now landmark location. The former model turned international sensation and judge of Mexico’s “MasterChef” has a vast and eclectic background, which includes establishing a renowned chef title with elite training at the International Culinary Center as well as launching a Beach Club in Ipanema Brazil.

September 2022 37

Milan Kelez

His well-known partnership with Milan Kelez at the restaurant has produced an outstanding list of memorable events and special evenings since the restaurant started operations in 2016. To party here is a golden gift granted by these two hospitality masters.

Please visit

all of Manhattan. No need to run off to Miami or south of the border. Just step inside the grand gardens of Baby Brasa and be transported away. Over 200 people can be seated at a time to equally experience the electrifying magnitude of exuberance and haute cuisine.

The season may have temperatures falling steadily but at Baby Brasa they continue to soar as the foodie and nightlife scene of New York City congregates at this beautiful oasis.

To begin, the award-winning Claude’s Restaurant showcases the talented skills of new Executive Chef, Giancarlo. Introducing a splendid new lunch and dinner menu to complement the restaurant's already delectable offerings, guests can expect

By Lillian Langtry

he Southampton Inn is once again living up to the crowning achievement of being the epicenter of prestigious hospitality in the Hamptons. The East End’s favorite vacation spot is more than just a place to sleep over a weekend. The ultimate seasonal stay can be found on the grounds.

to dine on Wild Seafood Spaghetti, Oven Roasted Cod, Free Range Chicken and Prime Sliced Aged Sirloin Steak. This and more all to be enjoyed amongst new décor inside and splendid outdoor tables in a divine garden setting that is gently illuminated with twinkling lights at night.


Claude’s Restaurant is proving a hit with diners and online restaurant booking website Opentable has made Claude’s an Opentable Diners Choice Award Recipient for 2022.

Claude’s is open daily for breakfast; lunch; weekend brunch and dinner Thursday through Monday.


38 Metropolitan Magazine |


You can dine in style or simply enjoy a casual meal with delicious lunch sandwiches or a superb hot breakfast. There are also some of the finest salads in the Hamptons.

From immaculate sleeping quarters to a renowned restaurant, the charming Southampton Inn has something special for everyone. Here guests can enjoy family friendly and pet friendly accommodations that sparkle with the Hamptons traditional feeling of relaxed beachfront comfort.

And the location of the property is truly ideal for any traveler looking to embrace all of the beauty of the region. Traditional activities to be explored in the Hamptons such as taking in the sun at nearby Coopers Beach or shopping in the village will always be highlighted during a trip out east. The Southampton Inn is an all-season haven.

For more information on how to book a safe, fun, and comfortable visit to the Southampton Inn see

September 2022 39

The appeal of Southampton Inn is even more defined when it comes to the one-of-a-kind property that creates a charming and relaxing stay. Rooms on the property make up a portfolio of elegant accommodations that feature 90 guest suites. In all the rooms guests find comfort in a spacious home away from home with individual temperature control, sparkling tiled bathrooms, refrigerators, and complimentary Wi-Fi. And to note, rooms are prepared and cleaned for arriving guests using cutting-edge sanitizing technology with Sterile-Bright™ UVC sanitizing lights.

Southampton Inn’s beautiful grounds consist of several acres of manicured lawns and gardens. Amenities on the property include all-weather tennis court, a game room for all ages, croquet and horseshoe toss, and giant Connect 4 all offered near the 50’ heated swimming pool. Guests can also enjoy complimentary towels, chairs and umbrellas for beach visits. Bikes can also be rented for joyful rides around the village at your leisure.

Best of all, the Southampton Inn’s Close proximity to the Long Island Railroad and Hampton Jitney stops gives guests a simple opportunity of riding out from the city and then just taking an Uber or taxi just a few miles to the property. Then once there everything in the surrounding village is easy to walk to, including art galleries, spas and shopping. Even getting to the beach is easy as Southampton Inn has a shuttle service (in season) to take you to the world-class Cooper's Beach less than two miles away.

angosteria offers made-in-Italy fine dining, focused on excellence and combining tradition with a contemporary, international approach. Nowadays, Gruppo Langosteria consists of six restaurants: four in Milano City, one in Paraggi (near Portofino), and one in Paris, all with the same fine-dining approach, but each with its own individual personality. Established and operated by Enrico Buonocore, Langosteria is rooted in the quest for excellence and painstaking care for details, embodying Italian style with an international reach.


the heatwave, and I could hear the sirens blaring from the motorcade transporting Macron and other dignitaries for the military parade.



By Tara Quinn ; Editor: Danielle Harvey Photography by Tara Quinn

I had a one p.m. appointment to interview a young and rising star, Executive Chef Michele Biassoni. I was greeted at the door and seated in a luxurious heaven of views and décor. Cheval Blanc Paris is known to be frequented by celebrities due to their privacy and exclusivity. Newlyweds Jennifer Affleck (Lopez) and Ben Affleck were spotted this week during their honeymoon on the roof of Cheval Blanc Paris. Famous fashion designer Sarah Staudinger and Ari Emanuel recently wed in a star-studded

Executive Chef Michele Biassoni

40 Metropolitan Magazine | 25A

It was the afternoon of the famous Bastille Day in Paris. The streets were packed with tourists during

wedding of the century at the Saint-Tropez Cheval Blanc. Whether you are in the city of lights or situated by the sea, you will capture the soul of this LVMH Maison.

When we sat down together, Michele explained the inception of the restaurant concept in 2020 in Italy, how he thought about the organization, the menus, and operations. In March 2021, the management came to Paris.

His culinary arts influence started as a young boy. He traveled to Spain and Paris, learning the exceptionalness and balance of French cuisine. Then he studied Japanese culture, working in Tokyo for four years, where he said he was a student at the strongest school of arts he’d experienced in his life, and because of the discipline, respect, and excellence, it was one of his fondest memories.

Langosteria is part of his international experience and a stepping stone leading up to his young stardom as “the elite Executive Chef in Paris.” He told me he is still actively training and loves collaborating with his colleagues who have the same passion and strong heart to put in the work every day. It’s not only the dish, but also by design. “With a sustainable and consistent experience, the customer will know the moment they walk in the door at Langosteria that they will feel all this. They will know it’s Langosteria,” he said.

Then we talked wine! The cellar is a galaxy of glass and modern beauty. He said another important touch of Langosteria is the food and wine pairings. For instance, he pairs the blue lobster with Pinot Noir, Burgundy, or Italian San Genovese. Along with champagne, which is all French. “Of course, it is all French!” he said. His commitment to quality and exacting standards were palpable.

The menu changes every week, and the restaurant works remarkably close with the markets to remain fresh. “We work with seasonal production,” he said. “For example, a good porcini, you can have it one month or two months, but it depends if it’s raining or if there is humidity.” Extremely specific standards must be met to satisfy Biassoni’s strive for perfection. They use only white truffles; again, only during season. “Because it is the best,” he mentioned. “Truffles and scallops are one of my dishes.”

His delightful invitation to all future customers is to please come, “feel” the enchantment, the energy, and the beauty of Langosteria. Feel the flavor and the ambiance of the most spectacular Parisian atmosphere in the world. And this gorgeous young chef is easy on the eyes too. Look out, Thomas Keller, I see Executive Chef Michele Biassoni as the next rising Italian star of this generation.


Michele was working in Milano when he interviewed and was in training to open Langosteria, collaborating with the corporate chef for many months prior and then relocated to Paris in March with two sous chefs and one restaurant manager—all Italian staff.

September 2022 41

He brought out a crab dish for me to photograph. While pouring the sauce, he said, “You have two minutes.” Talk about precision. The moment I snapped this shot, it became a piece of art, timed chemistry, and fusion.


He loves to prepare all the dishes, down to marinating and seasoning. As for pastas, his favorite is the pomodoro. “The pomodoro is the simplest dish in the world, but it is also the most difficult dish,” he said to me with intention. “This is home for Italian people. Casa for us.” He smiled. “The tomatoes change, the seasons change, for example,” he said with conviction. “In the summertime, the tomato is sweet, so you take out the sugar. And in the wintertime, it’s icy, so you need to add the sugar. There is no exact recipe. It is the touch, the feeling, your heart, and the moments that make it different.” I could feel his love for cuisine. The architecture of his life, his precision, had brought him to this point. The hottest chef in Paris in my view.

He explained that 80 percent of the fish comes from Italy and Spain—only the best quality—and their king-crab signature comes from the Bering Sea between Alaska and Russia. The spiny lobster and blue lobster come from the Brittany region. “The best oysters in the world come from France,” he explained with extraordinary pride.

42 Metropolitan Magazine | 25A

As health conscious carnivores, we may opt for tasty procurements that our bodies will love. (Devoid of the inflammatory culprits, from feed to finish, commonly associated with beef and pork). A wide gamut of exotic game meats is sold online and shipped (frozen) to your door.

Jade Green Bamboo Sea Salt delivers antiinflammatory properties, anti-allergen properties and is rumored to possess cancer preventative elements too, making its coarse rocks a healthful and colorful addition to entertaining.

waved by torrid heat. A little drizzled oil, cracked pepper, and sensational SALT will do the trick for seasoning this gourmet gold! An enormous catalyst in changing our physique AND internal health composition, via food enjoyment without bloating and sordid health mayhem, is the bevy of nutritionally sound colored sea salts…

By Laurie-Beth Robbins

Salt is sprinkled into that forbidden camp for consumers en masse. Not all red meat is created equally. Similarly, our earth’s savory spice of life abounds in myriad forms.

These choices of meat are ideal for RAW zealots, (like me), who prefer Carpaccio or Steak Tartare to anything so much as even



eat is a four letter word to those eschewing steak due to its sizzling connotations of unhealthiness.

With a “click” on Amazon, all colored sea salts can arrive in your kitchen; and as a woman who prefers to eat at home and lives by the mantra, “There’s very little in life which a righteous steak dinner cannot fix,” I am grateful that steak, and salt, may be salubriously savored.

Robbins (“LBR”) is a writer, speaker, and evangelista of healthful exotic cuisine. Contact LBR directly:

When that gastronomical treasure arrives? The key is to barely sear the luscious loot. Do not overcook your epicurean bounty of sultry steak! With numerous game picks packing less fat than fish, your meal will “dry out” if overcooked.

Exotic game meats - ostrich, elk, kangaroo, caribou and more - are grass fed, lean, and packed with ambrosial and intoxicating flavor.

Black, Gray and Red Sea Salts hold trace minerals (calcium, magnesium and potassium) instead of straight sodium. As a result, blood pressure and swelling go down, taste heightens and a pop of color illuminates quite stunningly on our plates! Activated charcoal in the black salts and clay in the red, lend to our systems expelling toxins easier.

September 2022 43

Then look no further - Hennessy Beach Collective is all you need for your luxury beach day. With cabanas, umbrellas and chairs to choose from as well as a wide variety of packages. Such as picnics, charcuterie boards, flamingo floaties, free bikinis and so much more! Date nights, bachelorette parties, proposals, picnics, large events, birthdays, and more! We got you covered!

Are you looking for the perfect Palm Beach getaway?

DM us to book your service today @hennessybeachcollective


Instagram: @hennessysisterss | @hennessybeachcollective | @hennessybikini


AIR CHARTER - OFFICE ASSISTANT - FUEL & WASTE MANAGEMENT BANKING - FREIGHT FORWARDING - BLACK CAR SERVICE Office: 954.908.7559 | Cell: 954.684.9456 | Port of Palm Beach, Berth One Suite 100 |

Debora Radtke



Growing up in Wisconsin, Debora spent her childhood summers sailing on Lake Superior. “My family owned a series of sailboats, and my parents had a built-in crew of seven children,” she told me. She inherited a great love for boats, and she even had a small boat services business during high school. After exploring other career options in Minneapolis and St. Paul, she moved back home and got her captain’s license. “My friends asked me, ‘why are you wasting nine months out of the year in the snow and cold?’” she told me with a laugh. She took their advice and moved to Florida, where she worked on board yachts for 16 years, starting as a cook and stewardess, and later working as first mate to a very hands-on captain. “He did his own engineering, so I spent a lot of time in the engine room and learned a lot about that side of the business.” She then worked as a captain herself. In 2011, deciding she didn’t want to be at sea all the time, she moved her career shoreside. “I floundered for a couple of years, then eventually, I was fortunate to be in a position to start my own company.” Her various experience from the three major departments of the interior, engine room, and bridge of yachts equipped her well for founding American Yacht Agents. “This April is the seven-year anniversary of the launch of American Yacht Agents.”

46 Metropolitan Magazine | 25A

merican Yacht Agents is a full-service yachting agency based at the prestigious Berth One at the Port of Palm Beach. I recently had the opportunity to talk with owner Debora Radtke about her company and her experience in the yacht industry.

By Whitney Thompson

When Debora isn’t working, she rescues dogs, most recently bringing home Lily, a lab-beagle mix. She’s loved animals from the time she was a child. “I think everyone thought I’d become a veterinarian, but I didn’t have the patience to go through the schooling,” she laughed.

September 2022 47

You can reach American Yacht Agents at 954-684-7559 and captdeb@

Photography by Callie Jones

Debora credits the success of American Yacht Agents to the relationships she has been able to build throughout her career. When I asked Debora what sets her company apart, she replied, “I think it’s because I’ve been a captain. I really understand what captains go through, and I try to do everything I can to make things easier for them.” She added that with vessels growing in size and the increased regulations that captains need

American Yacht Agent’s tagline is “Simplifying your life.” They do this with their host of services including ensuring port state compliance of incoming vessels to concierge services upon arrival. “We work with a really great team of vendors to provide everything from dockage arrangement to black car services,” Debora told me. They also have a beautiful lounge for the crews. “We provide support for vessels all the way from Fort Pierce to Miami, occasionally Key West, and it’s expanding. This summer, we’re even providing assistance to Viking Ocean Cruises up on the Great Lakes.”

to follow, her company has built strong relationships with Customs and Border Patrol and the US Coast Guard to help stay on top of changing rules and effectively guide their clients. Debora also shared, “One of my primary philosophies in business is that it’s a collaborative effort. This is a small industry, and I firmly believe that if we all work together, we all grow.” Her team approach helps American Yacht Agents to best serve their clients’ needs.

By Adam Kluger

"I have a great team around me. There's an incredible responsibility to running the family business and it's not just about keeping the business alive. It's about growing and diversifying. My job is to develop the company to be bigger and stronger so the next generation can continue to build the legacy."

"Our mission is to continue the 130-year tradition of innovation and excellence, providing unique restaurant concepts, exclusive wedding venues, distinctive catering, and skillfully executed management," offers a friendly-but obviously quite busy-- Michael Lessing, President of Lessing's Hospitality Group

The Lessing family has provided food service to New Yorkers for over 130 years without interruption. Both the longevity and the success of this legacy company are unprecedented. For Michael, upholding and building upon the family legacy is a serious business that requires an extreme attention to team building and corporate culture.


Lessing's expanded their portfolio to Florida with the Pelican Club, Crane Club at Tesoro, Charlie & Joe's at Love Street, and most recently the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts.

"My family and I spend a lot of time in Florida, so the connection was already there,” Lessing says. “We noticed many people visiting from New York and realized our name is well known in the area. Pelican Club and the four restaurants at Charlie & Joe’s at Love Street in Jupiter all overlook a historic lighthouse. I don’t think there’s a better view in all of Florida.”

The secret to the Lessing family's success?

he hospitality conglomerate was founded by Maxwell Lessing in 1890 and is operated to this day by 15 Lessing family members. “The company has been going strong for six generations with most recently my son, Mike Jr. and my cousin Lawrence, coming on board.” Lessing says.


"We've always focused on being a family business, says Lessing, "and we've built a culture that ensures you don’t have to have the last name ‘Lessing’ to be a part of the family.”

No matter the state or venue, Lessing’s Hospitality Group always strives to make sure that every employee and guest feels like family.

48 Metropolitan Magazine | 25A


In 2021, through a partnership with Ellen Hart Sturm in New York City, Lessing’s Hospitality now operates the world-famous Ellen's Stardust Diner & The Iridium. The company is currently comprised of over 100 locations throughout the Northeast and Florida. Lessing’s operates 21 wedding and catering venues, 20 full-service restaurants, 2 pop-up kitchen concepts, over 60 corporate and academic dining centers, and a historic inn.


September 2022 49

Olivia Newton-John

50 Metropolitan Magazine | 25A **We do not own the rights to these photos

A talented British-Australian singer and actress, Olivia Newton-John teamed up with John Travolta in 1978 to create a big screen version of the Broadway musical Grease that smashed the box office and offered audiences memorable songs like, You're The One That I Want,(one of the best selling singles of all time), Summer Nights, and Hopelessly Devoted to You. The combination of the two stars dancing and singing together on the silver screen was... electrifying. Families lined up around the block at local movie theaters to see Grease over and over again.


By Adam Kluger



When asked about the reasons why Grease was such a success, Olivia Newton-John replied, "I think the songs are timeless. They're fun and have great energy. The '50s-feel music has always been popular, and it's nostalgic for my generation, and then the young kids are rediscovering it every 10 years or so, it seems. People buying the album was a way for them to remember those feelings of watching the movie and feelings of that time period. I feel very grateful to be a part of this movie that's still loved so much."

According to IMDB, Olivia Newton-John grew up in both England and Australia. In 1954 (at age 5), her family moved to Australia but she returned to live in England more than a decade later after


September 2022 51

livia Newton-John left us far too soon in August.

**We do not own the rights to these photos

The four-time Grammy Award Winner was a platinum recording hit-maker who had global record sales of over 100 Million records. Newton-John, who battled breast cancer three times, was a tireless advocate for breast cancer research. She was also an activist for various environmental and animal rights causes. Newton-John was appointed Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire (DBE) in 2020 for services to charity, cancer research, and entertainment.

winning a talent contest. In 1975, she moved to the United States where she had already become wellestablished as a pop and country singer. Best known as a singer, she had over 25 "Top 40" singles, more than half of which went "Top 10" on the US Billboard charts, including five #1 hits -- "I Honestly Love You" (1974), "Have You Never Been Mellow" (1975), "You're the One That I Want" (1978), "Magic" (1980) and "Physical" (1981). Well-known songs include "If Not for You", "If You Love Me, Let Me Know", "Let Me Be There", "I Honestly Love You", "Heart Attack", "Have You Never Been Mellow", "Summer Nights", "You're The One That I Want", "Hopelessly Devoted to You", "Magic", "Xanadu", "Physical" and "Twist of Fate". When MTV launched in the early '80's Olivia Newton-John scored her biggest hit with "Physical", which featured Newton-John in sexy workout attire putting oiled-up muscle men through their paces. "Physical" sold over two million copies and spent 10 consecutive weeks at #1 on Billboard's Hot 100.

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Hollywood's Suzanne Somers told the Daily Mail, “Everyone would want an Olivia Newton-John in their life... Olivia taught me not to be afraid when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. … Olivia provided great comfort for me when diagnosed 25 years ago. Her fight was my fight, as she won, I won.”

Olivia Newton-John's death brought immediate reaction throughout the music industry, Dolly Parton tweeted,"So sad to have lost my special friend Olivia Newton-John...So happy that our lives crossed paths. I know her voice is singing beautifully with the angels."

September 2022 53

John Travolta paid tribute to his beloved Grease co-star after learning news of her passing — “My dearest Olivia, you made all of our lives so much better. Your impact was incredible. I love you so much. We will see you down the road and we will all be together again. Yours from the first moment I saw you and forever! Your Danny, your John.”

Pop Star Mariah Carey tweeted, "I first fell in love with Olivia's voice when I was a little girl and heard 'I Honestly Love You... Songs like 'Magic,' 'Suddenly' and 'Have You Never Been Mellow' showcased her beautiful airy tone and signature sound. And THEN there was GREASE. I was obsessed. I dressed up as Bad Sandy for Halloween in 5th grade and thought I was everything."


Before entering the commercial and fashion industries, Licari received his BFA in Photography from SUNY Purchase worked in the image archives of the Richard Avedon Foundation and the Guggenheim Museum, as a photo-lab technician, and as a retoucher.

intimate, raw on-location pictures, often trading between the specialized technique of large-format film and handheld digital cameras. This workflow allows him to seamlessly toggle between styles and deliver a variety of powerful work to commercial brands and editorial magazines alike. His lively personality and enthusiasm for the arts has enabled him to make compelling images of highprofile celebrities like Tom Hanks, Pete Townshend, R.E.M, Blondie, Elvis Costello, Kathy Griffin and many more.

Licari lives in New York and regularly guest lectures at a circuit of NYC and East Coast universities and mentors photography students. He also skateboards and plays keys in a rock band in his spare time.

Matt Licari is represented by Rosana Gonzalo worldwide.

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September 2022 55


att Licari is a New York City born-and-raised photographer who has been making photographs since 2003.

Since 2011 Licari has employed a dualist approach to imagery, creating both clean and crisp studio photographs alongside


Licari’s early pictures depicted close friends, family and street scenes in his native neighborhood of The Bronx. This combination of intimate portraiture and peripheral environs remains a cornerstone of his work today.

This image was made on a sweltering hot day in late summer in Southhampton, NY. We were playing off the swimsuits and the idea of leisure, luxury and simplicity - not over styled, not over lit (from a lighting standpoint), not over posed (we had models trade between poolside reclining and entering / exiting the pool until the actions became natural).

Shooting Tom (Hanks) and Sean (Lennon) were both rewarding, they were collaborative, communicative and receptive to trying things. We shot film on both shoots which was bold for them (because they can't see the results, so it requires a certain level of both confidence in oneself and trust in the photographer). Elvis (Costello) was also wonderful and playful. I enjoy most people I work with, actually.

I was and am a dedicated skateboarder, which was how I originally became interested in image making. Very quickly I found there was more to shooting photographs than action pictures, and people became my subject (and remains so, 20 years later).

Tell us the back story to this gorgeous photo


How did you get into photography?

Any favorite models or celebrities?

Future plans?

In terms of photography, I am releasing a printed (and possibly digital NFT) coffee table book of a series I've been making on film for close to 4 years. This will release in mid to late 2023 and a portion of revenue will go directly toward non profit mental health resources. (Stay tuned / follow my socials for this). My old band also just reformed so catch me onstage making a fool of myself in the tristate area!

Photography by Matt Licari

September 2022 57

More than anything, my contemporaries, and those who create work without being noticed for it. In addition and separately from that category, I also regularly return to images by Jed Devine, Marshall Scheuttle, Joel Sternfeld, Sally Mann, Judith Joy Ross, Diane Arbus, Roger Fenton, etc. Perhaps more than imagery, music inspires me. Hard to describe how, but it is my main form of inspiration / art-intake.

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ouglas Elliman Realty, one of the largest independent residential real estate brokerages in the United States, announced today that the Erin Boisson Aries Team of New York City, Mario Stocco of Florida and Francisco Rizo of Texas have been named the exclusive marketing and sales representatives for The Reserve at Mayakoba, a new collection of luxury residences within the celebrated Mexican Caribbean resort.

By Clara Morgan A LATIN BEAUTY

Located on 620 acres of pristine lagoons, jungles and beaches along the shores of the famed Riviera Maya, in Mexico’s Yucatán

Developed by leading asset management firm Sancus Capital Partners in partnership with Inmobilia, one of the most important real estate developers in the Mexican Southeast, The Reserve at Mayakoba will offer exceptional privacy and enviable amenities across 66,408 square meters of landscaped grounds, footpaths and canals. Designed by the prestigious international architecture studio

58 Metropolitan Magazine |

peninsula, the Mayakoba Resort is home to award-winning hotels, restaurants, spas and a PGA-sanctioned golf course, all designed to preserve and enhance the native landscape.

September 2022 59

Pricing for the residences range from $700,000 USD to $3,700,000


In addition to providing residents with priority access to the resort’s twenty-three restaurants, four spas and the Greg Norman-designed El Camaleón golf course, The Reserve at Mayakoba will offer independent entrances to the resort and additional security booth access to the residences. “The Reserve at Mayakoba exemplifies modern design in delicate balance with the natural environment,” Carlos Orozco of the Reserve at Mayakoba. “Featuring innovative architecture conceived in response to its unique setting, the exciting new development will offer residents a truly unparalleled experience of the Riviera Maya.”


L35 in association with Sepúlveda Arquitectos, the development will be completed in two phases and comprise eight towers of nine units, for a total of 144 residences.

“The Reserve at Mayakoba is the culmination of the vision of two leading luxury real estate developers in the region, Sancus Capital and Inmobilia. This partnership, it’s carefully planned architecture and Mayakoba’s unsurpassed natural beauty make it the most exciting project in the Mexican Caribbean. Douglas Elliman’s track record and experience in high end developments makes them the ideal marketing partner for such a unique property. We are very happy with this alliance and believe it is the right formula for success.” Said Carlos Orozco of the Reserve at Mayakoba.

* For more information about The Shipyard, please contact or 631- 315-9633


G2D Group is dedicated to investing in Long Island’s neighborhoods while providing contemporary, sophisticated tenant-focused developments.


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walk-in closets, and in-unit washers and dryers. Other warm minimalist touches include LED lighting, modern bathrooms with stall showers and soaking tubs, and high ceilings. Some residences include private balconies with stunning views of the Peconic River. The Shipyard also offers a breathtaking spacious rooftop lounge, business center and private gym for residents to enjoy.

he Shipyard, located at 331 East Main Street on the boardwalk in the center of Downtown Riverhead, NY is a contemporary, four-story residential building consisting of 36 luxury units. The Shipyard is the newest premium property developed by the Huntington NY based G2D Group.

The impressive, state-of-the-art complex boasts modern amenities and stellar conveniences. 24-Hour video surveillance, "Smart" Key Fob entry control from the resident's own mobile phone for added security, private parking lot, and concierge cleaning services - handyman, and dog walking. Premium interior finishes include slab stone backsplashes, Quartz countertops, Stainless Steel professionalgrade appliances, wine refrigerators,

Imagine the bliss of stress-free travel. You’ll never again have to worry about your home while you’re off on some idyllic trip. When you hire the ModernButler team to manage your home, you’ll relax knowing we have it covered. And when you return, you’ll experience that Five-Star luxury resort feeling with our exquisite attention to detail. From packing and organizing, staff training and arranging repairs, appointments and reservations, to that last minute cocktail party, we’ll take care of everything, whether you’re at home or away. To make your home your personal heaven, reach us at 561-310-3815 or

elite home management m ary Butler, Founder | m odernButler llC | i nfo@ m | 561-310-3815 We’ll MA n Age Your ho M e. g o h Ave S o M e F un.

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radford Rand and his team at renowned events company RAND Luxury produced a private charity brunch & concours in collaboration with Ferrari of Long Island. The exclusive, Invitation-Only concours was Sold Out weeks in advance and was hosted at the private Bridgehampton estate of Kenneth & Maria Fishel.


Notable Attendees included Rebecca Minkoff, New York Giants Mario Manningham, Dina and Ali Lohan, Ian Duke, Maria and Ken Fishel, Chloe Malas, Brian Mazza, Bianca Peters, Leesa Rowland, Ann Liguori, Frank Cilione, Chari Kanver.

The annual event showcased one of the largest gatherings of collectible spectacular vintage and new Ferrari Motorcars the Hamptons has ever seen and the collection of vehicles present was estimated in value over $50 Million.

The Event benefitted The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), which is dedicated to finding cures for cancer, and the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation (SASF).

A series of automotive connoisseurs and celebrity judges reviewed nearly 70 handmade Italian masterpieces in the concours led by Chief Judge Glenn Simon. In addition, The Hamptons Concours also featured new vehicles from luxury brands Including Aston Martin, McLaren, Porsche, Lamborghini and Bentley. The Winners of the Hamptons Concours 2022 were:

62 Metropolitan Magazine | 25A

The invited guests were greeted with “Ferrari” sparkling wine courtesy of Palm Bay, fine cuisine from Lessings and hand-rolled cigars from Cohiba. Bradford Rand said of the event, “The turnout has been amazing on this banner year for the prestigious Ferrari marque with some concours participants flying exemplary examples of this supercar from the West Coast.”

By Harry Brads

Photo credit: & Patrick McMullan

Winner: Brent Martini (1967 330 GTS)

Winner: Morgan Chen (2021 812 GTS)

Winner: Andres & Otto Gonzalez (2020 488 Pista)

Winner: Brent Martini (1967 330 GTS)

Winner: Bruce Vanyo (1950 195 Vignale)

Winner: Angelo Natale (2009 Scuderia Spider

Future Collectors Award: (“Kids Choice Award” Presented by Chase Rand)

Platinum Award: Ben Roberts (2002 575M)

Platinum Award: Tom Papadopoulos (1962 250 GT Pininfarina Cabriolet)

Best in Show Award: (Presented by Kenneth & Maria Fishel)

Class II: (355, 360, F430)

Platinum Award: Ron Reali (2018 812 Superfast)

Winner: Glenn Simon (2005 575 Superamerica)

September 2022 63

Platinum Award: Christopher Polke (2020 488 Pista Spider)

Class V: (F12, 812, SF90)

Hagerty Spirit of Motoring Award:

Winner: Sean Ramsammy (1992 512 TR –identical to the white Testarossa used in the hit TV Show, Miami Vice)

The event sponsors included: Ferrari of Long Island, Icon Aircraft, Manhattan Motorcars, Ferrari Club of North America (Empire State Region), Aston Martin of Long Island, McLaren of Long Island, Audette Motorcycles, Morgan Stanley, Cohiba, DeLonghi, Emilie Heathe, Ferrari Owners Club (NorthEast Region), FORME, Kaleiya, Sports Car Market, MarocMaroc, Peter Elliot, Putnam Leasing, Rebecca Minkoff, Hagerty, Kitty Kat


Class III: (Ferrari 550, 575)

Prior Studios, Valmont & Cloud Water. Spirits Sponsors from Sazerac included: Buffalo Trace, Eagle Rare Single Barrel, Ferrari Sparkling Wine, Marie Brizard, Sazerac de Forge Cognac, Sazerac Rye, Scapegrace, Tromba Tequila, Tommy Bahama Spirits and Van Gogh Vodka.

Please visit:

Class I: (Pre-1990)

Award: Ryan Friedman (1999 F355 Fiorano)

Class IV: (California, 450, 488)



t is often said that people make their own change. They either change themselves to fit the world, or they try to change the world to fit them. Diana Davis falls into that courageous latter group. When she learned about the appalling situation of corruption and organized pedophilia hiding under the guise of a twisted religion that was, and is, rampant in the USA, she made a movie about it. She had never made a film before and had no money.....but she regarded these facts as minor obstacles.



Bringing it in way under budget and ahead of schedule, the film she produced, “Cathedral Canyon”, went on to win Audience Choice Award at the Palm Beach International Film Festival and Special Achievement at The Worldwide Women’s Film Festival where much of the film's audience horrified to learn for the first time, the extraordinary story of what was going on in their own country and pitched in to help. This is how one person can decide to make a difference and galvanize others to do the

to make this her mission. Diana started MoviesMakingADifference, 501c3. Its' ambition was to produce inspiring and commercial films that highlight social ills and injustice and plow the proceeds back into the non-profit to benefit the victims of these issues. And that is exactly what MMAD does.


By Paul Oliver

In the absence of any action by politicians, Diana and her team at MMAD started raising money for the victims and survivors of the cult Church that i spired that first film. A Church that forces its' followers into child marriage, forced labor and are often even starved out by their Church or excommunicated with little education or knowledge of the outside world should they fall into disfavor.

64 Metropolitan Magazine | 25A

“Cult Cartel” Premiered on the Rooftop of the beautiful Ben Hotel in West Palm Beach last year. Donny Most was on hand along with first time star and ex-FLDS member Young Barlow, who portrayed a young man not unlike himself. A third film, “Carmelita” is entering it’s preproduction stage and will be a murder mystery, tackling the very real atrocities on both sides of our Mexican border. The script has already earned accolades from former CEO of MGM Roger Birnbaum, and actors Danny Trejo and Emilio Rivera.

By staying involved with the survivors long after the cameras stopped rolling, she had a devoted and talented team (28 of whom are the actual survivors themselves) who were ready for work as production started again. The first scenes of the sequel, 'Cult Cartel', were shot in and around Palm Beach before the production returned to Arizona to historically shoot inside the infamous town of Colorado City, a town where viewing movies had been banned, let alone one shot there. Donny Most - Ralph Malph of ‘Happy Days’ fame, Jud Tylor - Samantha from ‘That 70’s Show’ and Winsor Harmon - Thorne from “The Bold & The Beautiful’ star in the film and work coaching their remarkable cast members some of whom with no formal schooling, had difficulty reading the script.

September 2022 65

Diana Davis |

MMAD has been able to fulfill their initial mission and go even further. They have found shelter and furnishings for those that became homeless after being expelled from the Church and being stripped of their possessions as a result. Diana’s partner, Chip Williams, an addiction counselor, purchased a home as a Safe House for emergency rescues until they find proper placement. MMAD has found scholarships for drug/alcohol treatment programs, job training, transportation, employment and dental care. For others, one of the most important has been the ability to study for and achieve a GED since schooling was not available in the community. Diana often convinces the courts that these young people do not belong in jail when they escape and often end up in the hands of even more predators, often traffickers. When provisions are needed; personal hygiene items, blankets, sewing machines and fabric to help. MMAD also flies to other states to meet those left stranded by their so-called Church and offer them help. And then sometimes it is as simple as just taking the time to listen, talk, guide, inspire and be inspired, for some survivors to continue to forge ahead. Last year Diana stopped counting as she aided her 150th survivor.

Photography, Hair & Makeup by

All this started by one lady determined to be MakingADifference.


The essay “Office Politics vs. Your Moral Compass” examines this effect. The point is that while we need to find work that pays, we should not lose sight of other considerations, such as whether we’re comfortable doing what we do and feel right about compromises that we’re called on to make. Actually, what we do affects us and the people around us. We can’t dissociate ourselves from the

the American Society of Psychoanalytic Physicians. Recent books include Psychotherapy and Personal Change: Two Minds in a Mirror (Routledge 2021) and Through a Screen Darkly: Psychoanalytic Reflections During the Pandemic (Routledge 2021). Sandra Sherman, J.D., Ph.D., formerly a Senior Attorney in the U.S. government and Professor of English at two major universities. Currently, a Principal at ChildsPlay International, an organization that helps children around the world to realize the benefits of play. She is the author of four books on cultural history, and co-author of several books on neuroscience, as well as co-author with Dr. Friedberg of Psychotherapy and Personal Change and Through a Screen Darkly PSYCHOANALYSIS SELF DEVELOPMENT 9 781032 276274 ISBN 978-1-03-227627-4 Routledge titles are available as eBook editions in a range of digital formats


Ahron Friedberg, M.D. with Sandra Sherman

66 Metropolitan Magazine | 25A

Thoughconsequences.we’veall grown up with that famous line from The Godfather – “It’s not personal. It’s just business.” – the fact is that work is personal, and an extension of who we are in relation to others.



The book includes a series of essays by Dr. Ahron Friedberg, prominent Manhattan psychiatrist, concerning how his patients sought to achieve greater happiness during challenging periods of their lives, and how as a consequence they grew personally and professionally. Each chapter considers a core topic through the lens of Dr. Friedberg’s practice, demonstrating how patients worked through difficult, sometimes chronic personal issues. Throughout, there are useful summaries of key points. While candidly acknowledging that each life is different, Towards Happiness offers practical examples that can enhance readers’ efforts to achieve greater levels of happiness and reorient their lives towards a deeper capacity for happiness.

Harold Bronheim, M.D. Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Icahn School of Medicine, Mt. Sinai

find meaning in my work as a psychiatrist because I can follow the progress of the people whom I treat. Following their progress – often over several years – is a source of emotional feedback. It reinforces my sense that I chose the right profession, that is, one that calls on my need to be empathic, to listen, and help troubled individuals understand how to lead a more satisfying life.

The first essay in Towards Happiness, “The Context is Personal,” talks about how the happiness that work can provide is different from other kinds of happiness, for example, the kind we feel in a romantic relationship. It’s grounded in the knowledge that we are performing well and can feel good about what we’re doing. So, even if we are not happy in another aspect of our lives, work may be a source of healthy self-esteem.

Happiness offers a series of true-to-life stories about real people and follows their literal pursuit of happiness. Their trials and travails offer guidance by example. The stories follow the protagonists as they try, make mistakes, brush themselves off, try again…there is a sense of real life, as well as of real drama. But more to the point, anyone can learn from these relatable immensely human accounts. The lessons are ones that you can actually use because you see how each lesson was learned.” Arnold Richards, M.D. Founding Editor, International Psychoanalysis “In

Drawing on a range of clinical cases, Towards Happiness presents an engaging, insightful look at how we define and achieve happiness in core aspects of our lives: work and money, wellness and personal growth, sex and love, family and friendship, and aging.

Towards Towards Happiness, Dr. Friedberg has made an incredibly sensitive study of actual lived experience. In this collection of intimate portraits, he demonstrates the imagination, courage, wisdom, and unflagging effort necessary to create happiness where it has been lost.”

Another essay, “Retirement,” talks about a patient who retires without making provision for a continuing source of meaning and purpose. He flounders. The lesson is that throughout life, even when we have formally stopped working, we still need some attachment to an occupation that sustains our sense of self and our productive relationship to the world.

Towards Happiness offers honest insights into the compromises, sacrifices, and resulting degrees of success that characterize pursuing happiness, and will be of great interest to psychoanalysts, clinical psychologists, and other mental health professionals. It will also be useful reading for anyone seeking to understand the achievement of happiness in their own lives.

Another essay, “The Right Fit,” examines the struggle of some people to find work that provides meaning and purpose. Sometimes we need to try several professions until something feels right. It’s normal. We shouldn’t resist the need to find satisfying work, since what we do profoundly affects how we feel about ourselves. We can’t be happy if we don’t care about our work or it just doesn’t feel like us, that is, if it doesn’t call on our talents and may conflict with our convictions.


Of course, it’s important to earn a living. But in Towards Happiness, I take a somewhat different tack. That is, I argue that staying in a lucrative position only for the money can actually trip you up. It can make you feel awful.

By Ahron Friedberg, M.D.


Ahron Friedberg, M.D. Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Editor, The Academy Forum of the American Academy of Psychodynamic Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis. Book Editor, Psychodynamic Psychiatry Co-Chair, International Council of Editors of Psychoanalytic Journals. Served twice as National President of


artist Steve Keene, perhaps best-known for his iconic album art for bands like Pavement, The Apples in Stereo, and Silver Jews, has painted a series of 7 different covers on 50 chipboard sleeves containing the forthcoming lathe-cut 10” vinyl release of “Midterms” (out in August). The paintings include Keene’s interpretations of the EP’s original cover in addition to 6 images corresponding to each track on the release.


Lippy has always been at the forefront of creating art that helps find meaning in life. Starting in 2003, he produced ESOPUS, the esteemed arts publication declared “a thing of lavish, eccentric beauty” by The New York Times. For his “one-man magazine,” Lippy handled all design, editing, publishing, distribution, and selection of/interaction with contributors, ranging from writers like Karl Ove Knausgaard and Francine Prose to art world superstars like Jenny Holzer, Marilyn Minter, Anish Kapoor, and Kerry James Marshall, from filmmakers such as actor Lisa Kudrow and director David

The work led to a partnership with several New York city institutions including MoMA, New York Public Library, The Kitchen, and National Sawdust to create performances, exhibitions, lectures, and other events. The nonprofit corporation formed to serve as the umbrella organization for all activities, The Esopus Foundation Ltd., received major funding from organizations ranging from the NEA to The Andy Warhol Foundation.

od Lippy, the polymath creative force behind the award-winning arts publication Esopus, recently released his latest musical project, Midterms, a six track EP following the recent release of the single “Bob” which features also on this project.

Lynch to musicians and composers like Kimya Dawson, Sharon Van Etten, and Carter Burwell.

For a preview of “Happy Ending” one of the tracks on the newly released Album please follow this link https://bit.

The other songs on the album deal with issues ranging from toxic television personalities and celebrity culture to armchair activism and apathy in general.

The message behind the rest of Midterms EP is anything but vague: “This country is grappling with a dark period of hyperpolarization, distrust in institutions, and economic instability,” Lippy says. “Midterms is my attempt to come to terms with, and maybe even try to make some sense of, this reality.”

Midterms is the third album from Lippy following the wellreceived LPs Here We Are (2019) and Yearbook (2021), both produced by the legendary Kramer (Low, Galaxy 500).


By Harry Brads

September 2022 67




Lippy has also made a name for himself as a book designer (most recently creating the cover for Louis Menand’s critically acclaimed The Free World (FSG); artist (earning a coveted MacDowell Colony Residency in 2018 to complete a series of drawings related to his work on Esopus); curator (responsible for exhibitions at White Columns and Pioneer Works, among other venues); writer for Artforum and other publications; and filmmaker, whose 2000 short film Cookies played at 20 film festivals around the world.

Please visit


Although Dennis is still an active Grateful Dead historian, he has taken on a similar publicist role with other notable acts, Zero and the Phantom Blues Band. The former being the jam-band brainchild of legendary guitarist Steve Kimock, and the latter being a supergroup of elite session musicians that have recorded with The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Cocker, Taj Mahal, and many more.

that permeates the Dead’s vast catalog of live recordings. Many Grateful Dead fans can name a location and date wherein their favorite version of a song was performed. Each improvisation attracts different ears. The jam band idea is largely credited to the early American jazz musings of artists like John Coltrane. Funnily enough, Dennis told me that Jerry had once said “look, we weren’t good enough to play it twice the same way, so we had to

uch lore surrounds the career of the Grateful Dead. Fortunately, us laymen can get a peek behind the acid-soaked curtains with the help of Dennis McNally. After speaking with Dennis it is clear that he is far more than the bands’ former publicist, he is a member of the Grateful Dead family. His story is one that any young creative should look to for inspiration. Shortly after publishing a biography on Jack Kerouac, McNally sent copies to Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter via the Dead’s fan-mail address. Some might assume the copies of McNally’s book were bound for the abyss, but one ended up in Jerry’s hands and he thoroughly enjoyed it. McNally and Garcia met and chatted about the Kerouac biography at an audition for comedic skits that would be used in Dead Ahead, a concert film recorded at Radio City Music Hall. The skits in the film were co-written and hosted by Al Franken, yes, THAT Al Franken, but that’s another story. Some of the Grateful Dead staff members suggested that McNally write a biography for the band and after some time as a dedicated documentarian, he was appointed publicist. It isn’t easy to articulate the massive cultural impact of the Dead, but if anyone can do it, it’s Dennis.

By Eric Jaacobi

68 Metropolitan Magazine | 25A

is a universal language, he and I spoke about the fact that music takes on a dialect depending on where it is produced or performed. He recounted a conversation between the band members and a high Egyptian official wherein the official asked the band if the locations of their performances caused their music to change, to which Phil Lesh replied “exactly, that’s why we want to play at the pyramids.”



It is important to note that Dennis is not just an encyclopedic reference to all things Grateful Dead. He’s written several books, one of which being On Highway 61: Music, Race and the Evolution of Cultural Freedom. Many people, myself included, are fascinated by the people that surround musical movements. I asked Dennis to speak about the familial nature of the Dead’s fanbase. This eventually led Dennis and I to speak about the regionality of music, something

Robert Cenedella (B.1940)

September 2022 69

So Many Roads Grateful Dead 1965-Forever 2021. 55” x 96”. Triptych. Oil on Primed Linen Panel

Artist Robert Cenedella (b. 1940) presents his newest painting, So Many Roads (2021), honoring the legacy of the Grateful Dead, the eclectic band that reimagined the way we listen to music by transforming numerous genres, like folk, bluegrass, jazz, country, and blues, into rock and roll.


Also known as Grateful Dead 1965-Forever, this historic, mural sized painting is meant to be enjoyed by all Deadheads. Whether they are seasoned veterans who knew what it was like to be at a show over the past six decades, or newcomers who have just recently gotten onto the proverbial ‘bus,’ their interpretation of this painting will be unique in scope, but similar in awe.

Interview with Parrish Director, Dr. Mónica Ramírez-Montagut

70 Metropolitan Magazine | 25A


What are some of your long-range objectives for the Parrish Art Museum?

Photos by: Jessica Dalene; David Benthal

The Parrish will be a forward-thinking and arts leading institution focused on cutting edge artists while simultaneously being grounded and committed to revealing our illustrious past and the revision of our collections. We will continue to be an important destination to local, national, and international audiences who will leave our museum feeling energized, engaged, and inspired by the talent in this region.


I am inspired by the fact that the Parrish embodies a tremendous 125year history of artists working in the East End ranging from late 1800s Impressionists such as William Merritt Chase and Modern American masters like Fairfield Porter, to the preeminent Abstract Expressionist artists such as Jackson Pollock, Lee Krasner, and Helen Frankenthaler, to groundbreaking pop artist Roy Lichtenstein, to incredibly relevant living artists such as Rashid Johnson, Jacqueline Humphries, Eric Fischl, and Cindy Sherman just to name a few. I am also enthralled

by our building designed by the Pritzker Prize recipient firm Herzog & De Meuron and inspired by these artists’ studios and their sensibility to the light in this region. The building allows for the visitor to look out to the meadow and the nature that inspired many of these artists. The Parrish is terrific destination offering access to excellent art, excellent architecture grounded in the nature and creative force of this region, and excellent education and interpretation programs that render the visitor experience like no other in the world.

We will focus on serving our diverse constituents in breadth and also in depth. We will engage our community stakeholders and civic leaders in discussions before establishing the exhibition and public program calendars to make sure we are meeting diverse visitors’ expectations, that our audiences feel acknowledged and represented, and that we offered top notch, relevant content. For example, there will be some exhibitions that focus on the creative process of prominent artists and other exhibitions that focus on themes such as biodiversity and the environment—important, relevant issues to our East End residents.

By Rachel Vancelette

he Parrish Art Museum celebrated an entire weekend of festivities with a Midsummer theme, including a live auction, dinner soiree, and many dancing the night away. The event honored and celebrated noted creatives Miyoung Lee and Jasper Johns, along with Racquel Chevremont and Mickalene Thomas, who curated the current Parrish exhibition "Set It Off."

What inspires you about the Parrish Art Museum mission?

How do you envision the visitor experience of The Parrish Art Museum moving into the future?

The newly appointed museum director Dr. Monica Ramirez-Montagut kicked off the festivities for the most anticipated weekend of the season. She is joining at a critical time when the museum celebrates its 10th Anniversary in the Herzog & de Meuron building along with an important milestone of its 125th-Anniversary as an art institution on the East End. Montagut, formerly the executive director at Michigan State University's Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum, has held prior curatorial roles with the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum and the Guggenheim, among others; looking to pave a new vision for the Parrish Art Museum. Arriving with a fresh and innovative perspective, she sits down to discuss the community's future and the importance of engaging, educating, and envisioning the future together.

The key to the Parrish’s success and relevancy is to have broad community support all around. We are increasing the diversity and numbers of our board members who in turn will encourage their own communities to be more involved in the Parrish’s programs and giving circles. It is important that we have this broad community of members and ongoing supporters at many different levels, which will ensure a more representative, sustainable future. We welcome everyone to become a member of the Parrish! Those who would like to be more involved can join the Director’s Council and Director’s Circle groups.

The Parrish’s 125th anniversary of the museum's founding and the 10th anniversary of the museum with its distinctive Herzog & de Meuron-designed building, with the recent celebration with the Midsummer Dance and Dinner, reuniting the support of community could you tell us about the key highlight of the event?

As mentioned, we will be engaging diverse stakeholders from different communities to discuss our ideas before we turn them into plans. And the deliverables on the walls of the museum will include more points of access for viewers, for example, more extended labels, videos showing the artists working in their studios, a bit more about our incredible history of artists in the East End and our remarkable building and contemporary architecture. The idea is that the visitor experience will offer something for everyone.

What artists in 2022 are inspiring you?

I am inspired by so many artists it is very difficult to narrow it down, but currently I am looking at the work by Sanford Biggers, Simone Leigh, Carmen Herrera, Diana Al-Hadid, Zilia Sanchez, Hung Liu, Betsabee Romero, Eddie Martinez, Enoc Perez—and the list keeps going…

What is the key to success when communicating with the public?


For me the sense of community and a sense of enthusiasm and optimism for the future of this museum was the absolute highlight of the night. The feeling of coming together to elicit the positive transformation of our institution which will poise us to be an arts leading institution for the 21st century was palpable in the room. There was tons of momentum from coming together after tough two years, to gather, heal, and set off on a new, refreshed pathway that will serve, illuminate, and inspire us all.

With 12,000 sq. ft of exhibition space, how do you see the community playing a role in the museum’s future programming and activities?

September 2022 71

I believe making sure that accessibility is a priority is the best way to communicate to the public— particularly those visiting us for the first time (which is 60-70% of our visitors) and experiencing modern and contemporary art for the first time. We need to communicate to that audience—not only to those who are already experts in the field, which is how arts institutions have operating for a while. We must make an effort to be generous and provide a textured, rich, and inspiring visitor experience, one that feels relevant to visitors of all ages from different backgrounds, cultures, and abilities.


Can you speak to us about your key people and supporters of the Parish’s mission, who continue to realize its success? How can one become involved?


72 Metropolitan Magazine | 25A

Chiara (2013) Painted welded steel 80 x 40 x 32 inches

Carole Eisner has worked with scrap and recycled metal for 40 years creating elegant, abstract forms welded in steel. The artist's compositions reflect the surprising malleability she finds with metal. She works with “the debris of our civilization,” reclaiming and reassembling disregarded fragments of buildings and bridges into art. Eisner's longevity as an artist is a testament to the natural marriage between her monumental outdoor sculptures and the climate of public spaces. Eisner received a BFA from Syracuse University. A life-long New Yorker, the artist splits her time between New York City and Weston, Connecticut.


oing on our Four Year anniversary this 25,000 sq ft Art & Design luxury Showroom, represents over 30+ world class galleries from across the world. This one of a kind venue embodies a year round art fair atmosphere that allows Collectors, Designers and guest to shop from a diversity of fine art, antiques, sculpture, photography, glass and design objects. Enjoy year-round exhibitions, lectures, events and pop ups, extending the boundaries of meaningful art exhibitions and fostering a public engagement in our community. Backed by the Palm Beach Show Group, the leading full-service show production in the nation, specializing in world-class fine art, antique & jewelry shows from

September 2022 73


Dixie Hwy, Lake Worth Fl 33460 Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 10 am to 5pm Phone:

coast to coast. Together we provide an unparalleled experience for exhibitors and attendees. With a carefully cultivated Showroom, we continue to cater to both seasoned and new collectors- offering the opportunity to attend unique events, connect with international and emerging artists, and shop for the unique, the rare and the


Beauty of Darkness is a new series created when pushed outside of my comfort zone to the outer edge of spacial time. It is when life calling is no longer a mystery but complete transparency of why we are here. Questions regarding our primal existence are answered through our everyday natural habitat. When suddenly the universe is shown in black and white without any hint of color. This series was first inspired when Carol was a child and a neighbor called her mother at 3:00am. The call was to announce that her rare queen of the night flower had blossomed and and would wilt before dawn. It only occurred every seven years and y mother had wanted us to experience it. It was an exciting moment together amongst friends and marvel over the mystery of nature. In her new series you will see love, loss, passion, depth texture and the beauty of darkness.”


74 Metropolitan Magazine | 25A

KASHA McKee launches a new body of conceptual photographs in iconic heart shapes. Within these heart shapes are objects that were chosen as symbols of the human element that are universally loved. From the love of family, country and adventure to the simple joy of marshmallow candy, this series of conceptual photographs send a message of unity.

September 2022 75


Each piece is compiled of mesmerizing layers that tempt the viewer to stare and become a part of it. This is break through work for the artist who intends only to perpetuate authentic, contemporary art for the world stage.


76 Metropolitan Magazine | 25A

By Rachel Vancelette



atermill Center's "enchanted forest" welcomed art collectors, art lovers and art industry insiders for the summer's most anticipated outdoor event of the season. Mega dealers Marc and Arne Glimcher to fashion designer Nicole Miller, mogul Paul Miller (DJ Spooky), and jewelry mavin Helen King of Van Cleef & Arpels were all spotted at STAND: The 30th Anniversary of the Watermill Center Summer Benefit. Guests mingled and explored for discoveries of the latest artistic interventions, contemporary artists, performances and new art installations; the weekend soiree ushered in new assertions for renewal of spirit and creative adventures of discovery.


After a few years of a break on the annual Hampton's benefit calendar, guests and patrons revisited the inspiring "enchanted forest" with its unique performances and art extravaganza. The gala looking to reunite the worlds of the arts, design, theatre, and fashion (following the pandemic break of two years) is in support of Watermill's year-round artistic programming. The event honored Mario Barcadi and was curated by Noah Khosbin, presenting the art bonanza and art auction for guests to participate during scheduled performances. Capturing visitors and welcoming them to wander into the landscape to discover new artists, The Watermill Center remains a unique laboratory for the arts and humanities, providing a global community the time, space and freedom to create and inspire.

The Watermill Center's rural campus combines multifunctional studios with ten acres of manicured grounds and gardens, housing a carefully curated art collection, expansive research library, and archives illustrating the life and work of Artistic Director Robert Wilson. The Center's facilities enable Artists-inResidence to integrate resources from the humanities and research from the sciences into contemporary artistic practice. Through year-round public programs, The Watermill Center demystifies the artistic process by facilitating unique insight into the creative process of a rotating roster of national and international artists.

September 2022 77

Founded in 1992 by avant-garde visionary Robert Wilson, The Watermill Center is an interdisciplinary laboratory for the arts and humanities situated on ten acres of Shinnecock ancestral territory on Long Island's East End. With an emphasis on creativity and collaboration, The Center offers year-round artist residencies and education programs, providing a global community with the time, space, and freedom to create and inspire. Honorary Chairs include a powerhouse list from the world of entertainment, arts and theater- Marina Abramovic . Pedro Almodóvar . Laurie Anderson . ANOHNI . Giorgio Armani . Mikhail Baryshnikov . Tony Bennett . Steve Buscemi . Lucinda Childs . Alba & Francesco Clemente . Alan Cumming . Willem Dafoe . Marianne Faithfull . Renée Fleming . Lady Gaga . Frank Gehry . H.R.H. Princess Caroline von Hannover . Steven Holl . Jenny Holzer . Nina Hoss . Anjelica Huston . Jim Jarmusch . Emilia & Ilya Kabakov Harvey Keitel . Jeff Koons . Annie Leibovitz . Edward Mapplethorpe . Charlotte Rampling . Charles Renfro . Isabella Rossellini . Salman Rushdie . Susan Sarandon . Richard Serra . Cindy Sherman . Sharon Stone . Rufus Wainwright & Jörn Weisbrodt . Tom Waits . Christoph Waltz

78 Metropolitan Magazine | 25A

September 2022 79

80 Metropolitan Magazine | 25A

September 2022 81


By Kate Shields

82 Metropolitan Magazine | INSPIRATION + VIVID COLOR

rtist Juano Diaz’s artistic practice is executed by private commission and can be found in many high-profile international private and corporate collections around the globe. At the same time, this contemporary artist engages across multiple mediums, including photography, painting, and film (most often found with great splashes of vivid color!) and often found collaborating with some of the top creatives in their fields. Diaz›s practice of digital collage and painting are now appearing in multiple forms, including limited edition prints, major album covers and even unique limited series jigsaw puzzles. Art


Diaz’s international artistic subjects come to life each year which include noted celebrities and friends of the artist, such as Madonna, Grace Jones, Pharrell Williams and many more. Mingling among the glitterati of art, fashion, entertainment and photography, Diaz has his mind set on new visions of the future. The critical launch of the international album cover

collectors are now inquiring about the latest private commissions just before significant announcements of the latest international projects hit the wires and drop for the world to see!

September 2022 83

You mentioned that “you want to bring out the soul” of your subjects. Can you tell us a little about your inspiration for your artwork ‹I Want to Be A Star, Not a Gallery Mascot’ 2021, presenting Jean Michel Basquiat?

Can you tell us about your career in art and what advice you would provide to your younger self?

Music, Color, Reading. I’m so inspired by art and mostly, I look to the past; I love the work of Gustave Dore, who was born in 1832. He illustrated the bible so beautifully. His etchings and illustrations can seem quite dark, depicting hellish beings yet, also full of stunning angels with rays of light around them. I was exposed to his work very early in my life by a nun who cared for me in a children’s home in Glasgow when I was six years old.

will bear his latest commissioned artwork, a new personal memoir, and the drop of his bespoke limited-edition art prints this month has him certainly on the way to reaching new heights. He sits down to discuss his latest inspirations and creative practice.

There was no better way than having him bursting through his own work, glowing with talent and wisdom. I love the quote that has been added to his hat and, in the end, made the image’s title. It says so much about the art world and rings so true more today than ever.

Your artwork has been transformed into new special limited-edition art prints. Can you tell us more about this collaboration?



I love old black and white historical images. Sam Bolton, who originally shot the black and white photograph of Jean Michel Basquiat, is such a brilliant photographer. Sam has documented some of the most incredible historical figures in art. I wanted to make the image look like it was taken “now.” I wanted to show Jean Michel Basquiat as a young, cheeky, genius spirit.

Rachel Vancelette was introduced to me by the amazing Robert Dupont (Warhol

What inspires you?

Factory Boy), who has generously championed my work. Rachel is just so inspirational with the setup of her company Art X Puzzles. The platform is a genius way to support artists during this horrible pandemic and the world changes we are going through by promoting art and making limited edition high-end art puzzles. It is such a brilliant idea. I am so over the moon to be up there in the company with artists like Kenny Scharf. I’m honored that Rachel has asked me to be the first limited edition run of art prints with my Basquiat image.

84 Metropolitan Magazine | 25A

I have worked as an artist even without making a penny doing it. I have put everything I have earned in day jobs back into my art to purchase canvas, paints, and digital software. I can't live without art; it’s connected to my core. I just keep going and pushing myself to master my craft; if one person gets it, I’m happy, but ultimately, I’m doing it because I need to. If I could advise my younger self, I would say keep going, keep giving, and learn the business, lol.

September 2022 85


What are your future goals and hopes for 2022? The goal is to have a solo show here in the UK and one in NYC. It’s one thing having art online, but art has to be seen and one really has to see my work in person to appreciate it; that’s the same for all art, really. That is the genius about owning original prints and editions; one gets to have art on your walls to appreciate in your home and in-person.

I have my new book coming out very soon and a film by the fantastic Sophie Fiennes. I’m also working with some major talents on album art, I can’t say much about that, but you will all know when it arrives; it is pretty huge for me! I just want to keep making art and collaborate with unique talents to tell visual stories through art.

Speaking to the last years of many changes due to the pandemic, has this changed your artistic practice? Yes, it has made me look inward. I have just signed up with a prominent literary agent and have been writing my memoir about my life, including the stories of my adoption and art journey. Being in lock-down gave me that time to reflect on why I do this art. I also found myself during the pandemic reaching out to other artists more, just to simply talk art.


When did you first create art and who is your inspiration?

to change the way I looked and sometimes I would dress up as James Dean or Boy George, or an angel. I was so inspired to create. I think being put into care and being adopted gave me an obsession with my identity. ‘Who was I?’ This obsession developed into a love for portraiture and storytelling through images. I like to explore this in my work, ‹who are these people in the images?› I also like and enjoy giving clues within each piece.


However, I simply reach out via the internet and ask the person I’m making an image of to take a photo of themselves on an iPhone or license vintage images directly from a photographer and re-imagine them. It would be fantastic to own a big studio and build a set, but I simply don’t need it; everything is done remotely and with computers and paint. It is actually a quiet process which is bliss. But I’m honored to have been trusted with the images of some of these artists. For example, the amazing David LaChapelle recently collaborated with me for an artwork. I made an incredible image of him and think it is one of my favorite image I have made.

Can you tell us about your relationships and friendships with top performers, celebrities and international photographers, from which your subjects predominantly derive?

I was adopted from a children’s home in Glasgow back in 1983. During my time there, from about age four to six, I would draw my mother’s face over and over. A nun who looked after me shared bibles, for which one was illustrated by Gustave Dore. It sparked my love for illustration and art. When I was a kid, I would photograph myself and draw over the photo with paints

I first started out with my art viewed and seen by French artists Pierre et Gilles in Paris. Before I knew it, I modeled for them in 2007 in three of their iconic images, which went from there. I modeled for Thierry Mugler and other iconic figures in art and fashion, and once you get into that world, it’s easy to access and meet well-known faces.

September 2022 87

You became an artist without going to art school. How did you teach yourself?

My first artistic love was filmmaking, and I took some courses in a while during my undergraduate studies. I saw how quickly it polluted my ideas and made me fall a little more and more out of love with the art form after each class.


By Alexa Modugno

Recently, Alex took part in a mural project in Phoenix, AZ where he cleverly and fantastically illustrated childhood dreams and perseverance. Alex chose the path of the artist while his parents anxiously insisted

here is a distinctive dream-like quality that makes Alex Cohen’s artwork stand out amongst the rest. Having zero experience as an artist whatsoever up until after college, he began using art as a form of therapy, to tap into his emotions and feel wholesome while producing something that was prolific and eyecatching. Alex - and others - soon discovered that he had a knack for visual art and what began as therapy, not only turned into a passion but also a professional career. His mind conjures eccentric idiosyncratic scenes that are unmistakably Alex Cohen.


that a “traditional” job would be more lucrative. However, once he found his artistic voice, Alex became sure that he chose the right path and he has become an inspiration to everyone who ever doubted themselves or to anyone who struggled to simply imagine their future.

88 Metropolitan Magazine | 25A

I started painting for the first time in Art Therapy in rehab and fell in love with it instantly. The vibrations from the brush were

With a flawless technique, you would never guess that Alex taught himself how to paint. Once he was able to tap into his true creativity, he was enthusiastically encouraged as his potential was realized and he continued to create with his tremendous growing talent. While at the start of his career his audience was limited, after some viral Instagram posts his art took off and in 2021 he was asked to do a live painting at an event at Art Basel 2021.

Alex incorporates his personal experiences, growing up under immense pressure to thrive academically in a severe illiberal and demanding environment. He struggled with his mental health throughout childhood and adolescence, seriously hindering his ability to succeed in his studies. Once finally able to find his creative voice, art was the missing puzzle piece that resonated within Alex, completing his search for a life purpose. He believes that to create, is to let go of fears and past negative experiences, and Alex will continue to evolve, as he turns more and more heads.

September 2022 89

What was your childhood like and do you think if you were an artist it’d enhance it?

the closest feeling I could get to taking drugs without actually taking them. I knew after my experience with film classes, I needed to protect the painting with all my heart from anything that could hurt it. In all honesty, I learned how to paint by doing it a lot and making a lot of mistakes. Looking at artists I admire, trying to emulate, making more mistakes, and then learning from those experiences.

I don’t paint because I want to, I paint because I have to. If I don’t paint, to put it simply, I lose my mind.

It depends on what you think good art is. Some people classify good art as what most closely resembles a still photograph, whereas others care about what they are actually looking at, and what can’t already be done by a camera. I think anyone can make “interesting” art and that it’s just a matter of unleashing your mind. OCD is the common enemy that prevents most people from ever pursuing art and or feeling good about their creations. Once you can let go of perfectionism and accept that you are going to make mistakes, you open yourself up to a completely new world of artistic opportunity.

Life is really about contrasts and dichotomies, what activities, foods, drugs, etc make you feel the most different from what you are already experiencing. When I first tried to get sober in 2018, I knew I needed to find an activity that got me from point A to point B without further jeopardizing my mental healthwhich was already in a fragile state - but what activity could have the same impact of drugs? Not just take me away from the pain and discomfort, but help me learn how to better live with that discomfort. Painting is a practice in learning how to screw up, not give up, and then trying to make that screw up into something beautiful. I find this relates to life in many ways.

How would you classify your “style”?

90 Metropolitan Magazine | 25A

Don’t listen to your parents.

at the end of the day. Did the painting make you feel or think about something? If it did either, then it has accomplished its goal. I love experiencing creating in different styles because it teleports me into different and oftentimes new worlds.

Stylistically, I have no idea what category I fall under. However, I do know that what I enjoy doing the most is juxtaposing street art and “fine art”, with the goal in mind to show viewers and myself that there are no such things as “higher art” forms. Any style can achieve my artistic goals and create an emotional response from viewers, which is all that I care about

Tell me a little about your issues with substance abuse and mental health and how it relates to your art.

It relates to all of my art, if I hadn’t had these issues in the first place, I probably wouldn’t have ever felt “crazy” enough to pick up a paintbrush and try to make something out of it.

What inspires you to create?

Growing up, playing sports, and trying to be cool were always the most important things to me. I secretly always loved absorbing art in all of its forms, however, I was too scared of rejection to ever attempt it myself. I wish I just didn’t give a f*ck about what other people thought and was just able to be myself, but we all know that’s the hardest thing in the world to do when you’re growing up.

What’s one piece of advice you have for your younger self?

Do you think anyone can be an artist and tell me why you like being an artist.

September 2022 91


By Rachel Vancelette

92 Metropolitan Magazine | 25A

I have always tried to shoot “lifestyle” rather than posing my subjects for the session. I will instead try to capture their soul, a fleeting moment.

Inspiration comes from being able to capture a feeling for the moment. something real, documenting a story…I want the viewer to be able to feel they were there inside the photography.

The photographer known for traveling the globe for outlets such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, Grazia, and Marie Claire has decided to change the traditional narrative by slowing down to capture the moments of everyday life. His photography practice evokes creativity and spontaneity of the “now” along with incorporating his own unique fashion twist. His subjects continue to be snapped up by Hampton’s local art collectors as his photography studio continues to welcome new clients to create engaging new memories

From subjects such as your favorite Hampton’s surfing spot to images of your dog running freely down the beautiful beach, photographer Danny Sit, known for his international photography, is undoubtedly making a new mark.

Keep shooting, all the time, every day, even if it is just a shot of a landscape or your dog; study, copy and follow the photographers you admire. Eventually, you will develop your own style as your vision is never going to be exactly the same.

What is something that may surprise us about you?

Many of the models that I use to shoot for catalogs are now approaching fifty. We still inspire each other to continue the photography process. I’m working on a series of nudes… models over 50. I find beauty in every age. It’s not boudoir photography, but we continue to have fun shooting!

Shooting across the world for magazines like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour and Cosmopolitan, can you tell us more about the evolution of your photography over the years?

September 2022 93

I hate being photographed. I get self-conscious and awkward.

and capture quiet moments. Sit’s photography practice looks at capturing those unique fleeting moments and presents refreshing new subjects of both tranquility and beauty of all ages.

As a resident of Southampton, can you tell us more about your local subjects, inspiration and practice since the pandemic?

Website |

What inspires you about the photographic process?

Shooting basically came to a standstill when the pandemic hit. A friend has a dog walking/boarding business, so I started shooting dogs. Again, I try to capture a feeling, even with the dogs.

You opened your first photography studio in Houston, Texas, earning a nomination for American Photographer Magazine’s Fashion Photographer of the Year; what advice would you give your younger self and other inspiring photographers?

Anything else you would like to add?

Photography by Danny Sit

96 Metropolitan Magazine | 25A ARTIST LINDA HELLER


September 2022 97



The intersection of this new work is reminiscent of Warhol’s monumental ensembles with Basquiat, Picasso’s stage sets for Diaghilev, or the ambitious scaled reverence enshrined in Abstract Expressionism such as the collaboration between Sir Cecil Beaton and Jackson Pollock. With The Chin Twins as the central characters, Nigel Barker and William Quigley create a new palette of possibilities that blurs the boundary between art and life; an interdisciplinarity collaboration viewers will continue to return to as a reference of contemporary conversation between these artists.

A collaborative dance on canvas through the eyes of photographer Nigel Barker and painter William Quigley


"I have worked in the fashion industry for over 30 years and my biggest blessing as a photographer and creator was finding not just one muse but two, 28 years ago! To be able to collaborate and photograph the same two people who themselves are so intimately connected is an artist's dream. Our body of work is thousands of images deep now and when we shoot it’s like a dance but one where you know every step yet it’s still always a surprise. We met William Quigley 15 years ago at an exhibition of photos I had in conjunction with the release of a documentary I directed called Haiti: Hunger & Hope. I knew of Bill’s work and was thrilled he would come to see me. The more I got to know the man, the more I realized that was the kind of person he was. kind, generous, curious, humble, and collaborative. Funnily enough I have always hoped we would do something special together and this collection of images is the perfect example of all the things I love. In this series of pictures you will find movement, dance, strength, intimacy, passion and drama combined with Bill's drawings, painting and doodling that represent to me, the mind, and soul, as if you were able to harness and illustrate your brain waves and emotions in ink. The

98 Metropolitan Magazine | 25A

B NY Gallery at 62 Newtown Lane, East Hampton, NY presents an artistic collaboration between legendary photographer Nigel Barker, movement artists The Chin Twins and painter William Quigley. The 2-week exhibition opened Saturday July 16th 6:00pm – 9:00pm in an industrial space turned gallery found at the back lot of Schenck Fuels until July 26th.

Nigel Barker (b. 1972 London, UK) is a renowned fashion photographer and TV personality who served as judge and photographer for 18 seasons on America’s Next Top Model, the host of The Face with Naomi Campbell and the host and executive producer of Top Photographer currently in production for season 2. Barker’s presence in the fashion and entertainment industry has resulted in an array of exciting projects including the creation of his own furniture line “The NB Collection”, 2 coffee table books including the NY Times Best seller "Models Of Influence”, a skate board collection with ShutNYC, 3 signature fragrances with Demeter, a unique custom NB Photobooth, the first ever specialty Gin & Tonic glass and many more innovative projects. He is also a Founder and partner in the new NYC/LA gym, The DOGPOUND. He is currently the Brand Ambassador and Creative Consultant for 21c Chicago - The Museum Hotel.

“I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work with Sarah Scribner, AB NY Gallery and artists on the caliber of Nigel, and the Chin Twins. Nigel, Crissy and Kimmy are giving, kind, humble, successful, down to earth, who do so much for others and absolute masters in their respected fields of photography and dance. Our alliance has challenged me to go beyond my own familiar visual vocabulary and create something uniquely special together. It’s taken near 2 years to develop a concept that compliments the Twins incredible athletic versatility and eloquence and Nigel’s amazing ability to stop time. The light and way he captures their difficult seemingly effortless movements in full motion immediately made me think of Matisse’s 1909 painting Dance 1 and the monumental collaborations of Warhol, Clemente and Basquiat’s as an impetus for scale. The intensity of their poses and confident clarity unveiled a whole new palette of color, shapes and possibilities that probably would never have been exposed otherwise. Our Collaboration has opened a window to wiggle in a new world where the choreography has emerged as a transient 4-piece ensemble merging paint, photography, and dance upon a vibrant 2-dimensional stage in a series of colorful, large scale, shaped performances on canvas.” – William Quigley, June 2022

series is powerful yet ethereal, striking yet calming, very much like my two muses.” – Nigel Barker, June 2022

IG: Cristen@nigelbarkerandKimberly

Chin (b. 1975 Fairhope, Alabama), otherwise known as @ChinTwins, of Chinese, Irish, and Norwegian descent, started their careers straight out of high school. Discovered in Miami before successfully modeling in Milan, Paris, London and New York; working for magazines such as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Allure and Elle as well as shooting campaigns and walking the runway for the biggest names in fashion like Yohji Yamamoto, Kenzo, Gaultier, Armani, Valentino and Gucci. As young girls both sisters shared a love for yoga, ballet, dance and jazz. Their passion for the arts gave them the grace and poise which was instrumental in their huge success in the fashion industry, often being asked to create shapes and poses that simply only they could achieve. Kimmy and Crissy now in their forties with 5 children between them, are arguably in the best shape of their lives. The creation of their first joint Instagram account in 2014 has grown into a community of followers 98K strong and growing fast. Many of whom tune in to the @ChinTwins for inspiration in mind, body and soul. They have also rekindled their modeling career with their

Barker is on the board of JumpStart, the early education charity as well as a champion Ambassador for the Special Olympics, Ambassador for the Make A Wish Foundation and an Ambassador for United Nations Girl Up Initiative. He lives in Woodstock NY with his wife Cristen and two children Jack and Jasmine.

newfound social media influence collaborating with Fashion brands like Wolford, Hanro, Cynthia Rowley, Mara Hoffman, Fleur Du Mal, La Perla and Pamella Roland to Athletic brands like ALO, Athleta, Carbon 38 and Nike. Now living over a 1000 miles apart their story remains intertwined as they emulate each other and continue daily to share their stories, motivating and helping this global community of likeminded people to think and move outside the box. Both certified RYT 200 Yoga instructors, these mothers, wives and sisters are taking the ever-evolving world of health, fitness and yoga by storm, and encompassing what it means to be modern women today. IG, Twitter & FB: @chintwins |

William Quigley (b. 1960 Philadelphia, PA) attended Philadelphia College of Art, University of Pennsylvania, Tyler School in Rome, and Columbia University Graduate School of the Art from 1980-87. Before attending graduate school his first show in 1985 right out of college was in a 2 person show with Andy Warhol at Henry S. McNeil Gallery in Philadelphia. His work has been exhibited internationally in prestigious group shows, art fairs and museums including Art Basel, Art Miami, Scope, Miro Foundation Mallorca, Beyeler Foundation Switzerland, Doug Cramer Collection, the Broad Collection, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Charles Craigg Santa Barbara Museum, LACMA and MOCA LA and galleries such as McNeil Gallery, Manny Silverman, Galerie Ferran Cano Spain , Ernest Beyeler in Basel, Pablo’s Birthday NY etc. Currently he is working with Julie Keyes, Karl Hutter Fine Art and AB NY Gallery, which he founded in LA 1994. AB closed in 1996 and reopened 26 years later in East Hampton 2021. Although not having many major auction house records to date his work can be found in over 450 private and public collections, with the Tokita, Millner and Marber families owning over 30 pieces and quite a few supporters owning more than 10. In 2021 he partnered with crypto entrepreneur WAX founder William E. Quigley forming his brand Skrapper Punk. To date they dropped 3 successful NFT selling out over 2500 NFTs. The first Skrapper Babe Ruth, 714 NFTs sold out in less than a minute. Known for portraiture, his work consists of a wide exploration of abstraction using a variety of materials, subject matter, and text. Quigley’s passion to help others runs just as deep as his desire to paint. He hopes to continue using his art and shows to raise as much awareness for those in need as humanly possible.

IG: @quigleyart |

September 2022 99



A technology driven company brings PhyDigital Fine Art and Sculpture asset NFT’s to the fine art sector and digital world using blockchain technology bringing proof of authenticity. They allow artists to choose from 7 of the top major blockchains in the crypto market today. Through their sister company,, they animate physical work to sell as collections on NFT Markets.

The wrapping tissue is FSC Certified which ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits. The shoe rods which maintain the shoes’ shape during transport are 100% biodegradable.

By Debra Rothberg

Illustrious Progressive Producer of Hamptons Fine Art Fair and Collector Rick Friedman knows NFTs are a must have for Art Collectors.

They have seen and experienced the quick rise and fall of the “JPG” era and now anticipate a market for traditional art collectors to experience the evolution of NFTs. Mintersmarket. com also offers collectors the ability to have their digital NFTs framed on high resolution screens and shipped directly to their

Linton has pledged to commit 5% of the profits to wildlife conservation and to plant a tree for every purchase, alongside the brand’s reforestation partner, One Tree Planted.

ighlighted in its own ample white tent adjacent to its main the Fairs entrance. Its door framed by two large white sheathed figurative contemporary sculptures visitors were graciously greeted by Mintersmarket. com founders Darian Castro (CEO) and Steve Max (COO). Their vision is to bring fine art to the NFT community and redefine the future of NFTs, curated by this sister company

a passion to see real artists market their work all over the world, is helping both content creators and traditional artists break into the NFT world that typically does not cater to the global market for NFT collectors.


100 Metropolitan Magazine | 25A

homes and installed professionally to display their newest digital art piece.



At the event, Stein handed Maloney a hat that she wore as they were photographed, that read Todd “TJ” Stein, Community Advocate. Todd is exactly that. His passion to help elders began soon after Thanksgiving 2018, when he returned from a business trip concerned about his father’s well-being. He devoted the next year to help his father, Marvin who was wrongfully placed into guardianship, have his rights restored. Today, Todd’s goal is to help others in need navigate the complex programs available, especially for seniors on limited income. Todd’s parents are now good friends and are living together because of Stein’s efforts - after 25 years of marriage and 30 years of divorce. He takes great care of his parents who both have 24hour home health aides. Their story brought Todd’s passion to a new level. He’s a true advocate and leads by example!

September 2022 101

n a recent summer evening, a fundraiser was held for Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney in Todd "TJ" Stein's UES apartment. Stein has lived in this same apartment building since he was a child. It’s a rent-stabilized unit he now shares with his Mother (88) and father (91) (who fought in Madison Square Garden’s Golden Gloves in the 1940’s). You might call this situation unique and last year it became the cover story of The New York Times Sunday edition. The apartment, a convertible 3 bedroom, was buzzing with over 60 guests. The guest list included Brady Dalton Richards, a star of Broadway’s Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, who took the night off to attend the event. Richards, a graduate of Syracuse University, was introduced to Stein through the alumni program set up by former alum, Aaron Sorkin. And, Richards wasn’t the only performer who attended. Since Stein attended the elite Professional Children’s School and has many famous friends, other folks who attended were Trini Alvarado, a schoolmate who appeared in numerous films, an opera singer, who appeared at the White House, as well as neighbors, childhood and college friends, and a few members of a local Democratic Club.

Stein’s goal is to run for District Leader in 2023 in AD 76. In addition to elder issues, his platform includes helping small business, affordable housing and advocating for cleaner and safer streets. After suffering a traumatic bicycle accident in 2020, he became a passionate advocate for safer streets for pedestrians and bicycle riders. For additional information, please visit

At the end of the evening, the fundraiser was a huge success. Stein is ready to help the community and bring solutions to the issues that are paramount to him.


By Adam Kluger

Stein was born, raised, and resides on the UES. He started in public school, later pursued acting in high school, and, while he was not as famous as some of his classmates like Sarah Jessica Parker, he was working in the industry. The party was beautifully catered by local small businesses. The Congresswoman greeted guests and stayed for photographs with many. Stein introduced Maloney and talked about how they first met at a UES rally. He said he was most impressed that “when Maloney meets someone, she always

remembers them and that she will never quit fighting”. His speech lasted a few minutes and then the Congresswoman spoke and mingled.

ink paintings and Alexander Polzin's Parthenope alongside permanent installations by Yoko Ono, Buckminster Fuller, and Willem de Kooning.



Guests included Alice Aycock, Tony Bechara and Desiree Von la Valette, Halim Bulos, Stacy Engman, Edwina von Gal, Dakota Jackson and RoseLee Goldberg, Anna Kulinova, Nathan Lane and Delvin Elliott, Stewart Lane and Bonnie Comley, Laura Lobdell, Fern Mallis, Jean Shafiroff, Leann Pei, Harry Santa-Olalla, Lee Skolnick, Barbara Slifka, David White (Mr.StarCity), Robert Wilson, stylish sister duo Tanya and Temidra Willock, and Victoria Wyman, as well as LongHouse Reserve Board of Trustees, Sherri Donghia, Dr. Derick George, Ayse Kenmore, Mark and Elizabeth Levine, Deborah Nevins, Peter H. Olsen, Suzanne Slesin and Michael Steinberg, and James

“Having so many of the talented makers of our new artworks with us is in keeping with LongHouse’s tradition of honoring makers” said executive director Carrie R. Barratt. “LongHouse is so fortunate to have such a wealth of talent and support in our community,” offered co-president Dianne Benson. “You could feel the love and support in the air” added co-president, Nina Gillman.

102 Metropolitan Magazine | 25A

Among the artists attending were Cheng Tsung Feng, who traveled with his team from Taiwan, inviting guests to enter his bamboo pavilion, Fish Trap VI; Steven Ladd stood inside his piece (created with his brother William Ladd), Right Here, Right Now; Moko Fukuyama engaged us with her Hell Gate Keepers; and Fitzhugh Karol shared Friendship, his immense totems honoring the spirit of trees. Other work on the property for the first time included Bjorn Amelan's sumi



Benefit is LongHouse Reserve's largest event of the year, with all proceeds going towards their mission of teaching living with art in all its forms; this includes diverse educational outreach, community programming, and maintenance of the grounds to keep it open for all. Sponsors included Macari Vineyards, Springs Brewery, Baked by Melissa, Marders, Diversified Services Inc., Power Equipment, and Riverhead Building Supply. Music provided by The Cherry Bombs, Joy Jan Jones, Royal KhaoZ and Certain Moves, with choreography and movement from Hadam Sung.

ast Hampton's LongHouse Reserve celebrated its community of artists - past, present, and future - at their annual Summer Benefit, July 23rd. Titled ONWARD, a favorite expression of its founder Jack Lenor Larsen. Banished was the old-style sit-down dinner under a tent. Instead, LongHouse spread couches, canopied beds, rugs, and chairs throughout the garden under the stars, with five buffets bosting everything from poké bowls to a raw bar. The art auction proved a centerpiece, while multiple bands kept 300 revelers dancing till nearly midnight -- many of them sporting caftans.

September 2022 103


or the past 22 years, the Hampton Designer Showhouse, has been the showcase for some of America’s premier design talent and has raised nearly $2M for Stony Brook Southampton Hospital since its inception.

This year it transformed a 1830s historic stately home and gardens generously provided by Victoria Meakin and David Feldman of New York City into a modern decorative masterpiece in only 5 weeks! Part of the Mayo Family Farm, the Showhouse property is surrounded by a nature preserve, part of the Peconic Land Trust, which protects Long Island’s working farms and natural lands for communities to enjoy for years to come.

“Funds that the Showhouse raises each year help support the robust network of services that Stony Brook Southampton provide to the community on the South Fork of Long Island.” Robert Chaloner Chief Administrative Officer of Stony Brook Southampton Hospital Participated Designers include Amy Kummer Interiors, Baltimore Design Group, Barbara Ostrom Associates, Chad James Group, Collette Home, Courtney Sempliner Designs, Dee Ann Design, Donna Benedetto Designs, Elsa Soyars Interiors, Kim Tomasino Interiors, Laurie Duke Design, Leila Pinto Fine Art, The Lewis Design Group, LGC Interior Design, Mabley Handler Interior Design, Robert Brown Interior Design, Sea Green Designs, SilverLining, Inc., Sloane Luxury Interiors, and Tiffany Eastman Interiors.

The Hampton Designer Showhouse, located at 120 Edge of Woods Road in Southampton, NY,





With renowned designers, Jamie Drake and Alexa Hampton as Honorary Design Chairs, features the work of top interior designers from the Hamptons, New York City and nationwide. The renovation features updates to the 7,500-sf main house, as well as the expansive surrounding property that includes stunning vistas over protected marshland.

Open daily for public tours beginning Sunday, August 14, through Sunday, September 25, 2022, Monday through Sunday, 11:00am – 5:00pm (last admission 30 minutes before closing). Children six and under, infants, strollers and pets are not admitted in the Showhouse. Admission to the Showhouse

104 Metropolitan Magazine | 25A


About Stony Brook Southampton Hospital

recognized as one of the country’s most successful Showhouses. Hampton Designer Showhouse Foundation, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) corporation. The Advisory Board Members of Hampton Designer Showhouse Foundation, Inc. includes Jamie Drake, Alexa Hampton, Tony Manning, Greg McKenzie, Brian Brady and Scott Sanders.

about the Showhouse and/or to purchase tickets to the Preview Party and/or daily tours, please visit

September 2022 105 is $40 and includes a copy of the Showhouse Journal. or email Social Media @HamptonDesignerShowhouse (Facebook), @HamptonDesigner (Twitter), and #HamptonDesignerShowhouse.

Design Sponsors Bevolo Gas & Electric Lights, Brown Jordan, The Corcoran Group, Cosentino, Design Within Reach JennAir, Ligne Roset, OMNIA Industries, Palm Beach Design Masters, P.C. Richard & Sons, Sherwin-Williams, The Tile Shop, Vaughan Designs, and York

About Hampton Designer Showhouse

The Hampton Designer Showhouse is produced by Hampton Designer Showhouse Foundation, Inc. (HDSF, Inc.). HDSF, Inc. is led and operated by a dynamic team of experts from the worlds of marketing, public relations, fundraising and special events production. They have combined their talents to produce what is now

With 124 beds, Stony Brook Southampton Hospital (SBSH) is staffed by more than 280 physicians, dentists, and allied health professionals representing 48 medical specialties. A campus of Stony Brook University Hospital, SBSH offers a diverse array of clinical services, ranging from primary medical care to specialized surgical procedures, including cardiac catheterization, orthopedics and bariatrics. The sole provider of emergency care on Long Island’s South Fork, Stony Brook Southampton Hospital is a Level III adult Trauma Center. The hospital includes The Phillips Family Cancer Center, a Heart and Stroke Center, Breast Health Center, The Center for Advanced Wound Healing, Wellness Institute, and 32 satellite care centers throughout the South Fork of Long Island. The hospital is the largest employer on the East End with more than 1,200 employees. To learn more, visit

Through the Lens



106 Metropolitan Magazine | 25A

Whether it is a magazine cover, a charitable cause, or a special occasion, the photographers with Annie make an occasion more memorable. Annie and her associate photographers embody the essence of professionalism, seamlessly moving through any assignment with finesse and an innate ability to capture the moment at its heart. To book a photographer, contact

September 2022 107

American Humane, the country’s first national humane organization, held a “Loving Animals” salon dinner under the stars in Water Mill, New York on July 6 honoring the important role dogs play not only in our dayto-day life but also importantly on those days when life is a challenge.

American Humane Board Members were also honored at Calissa on July 6 as Humane Heroes for their leadership of the prestigious charity. Honorees included Herb Krauss, Sharon Jablin, Dawn Assenzio, Marilyn Pelstring and Abigail Trenk.

Author, artist, and proud “dog dad,” Topher Brophy, who gained international attention on social media through creative and imaginative photos of him and his dog, Rosenberg, provided his personal insight on struggling with mental health issues and how Rosenberg has helped make him a better person. Topher’s story is detailed in his soon-to-be-released book, “Dog Dad,” of which proceeds

“Our dogs are our best friends, always there to offer a warm hug or snuggle, an affectionate kiss and unconditional love – which is so critical to each of us,” said Dr. Robin Ganzert, president and CEO of American Humane. “We are thrilled to gather so many people here at Calissa to shine a bright light on what our dogs mean to us, especially during our most difficult days.”



benefit American Humane’s 107-year-old rescue program, which last year, saved, sheltered, fed and protected more than 1 million animals. Gathering under the stars once more in Sagaponack, NY on July 13th, American Humane guests drank in the delicious views and wines on tap at the gorgeous Wolffer Estate Vineyard. Jean Shafiroff, an American Humane Board Member and local philanthropic leader, was paid special tribute to as a Humane Hero during the evening’s festivities for all she does to help animals in need.

Additional notables spotted at both events included American Human national ambassadors Caroline Harless and Leigh Anne Kazma, and Megan McCartney, Steven and Sandra K. Schoenbart, Amanda Stankiewicz, Lauren Day Roberts, Luciana Pamplone, and Mitch Kates and Kristen Baran amongst many others.

During those moments, our furry best friends offer us the solace and comfort that sometimes can’t be found anywhere else.

108 Metropolitan Magazine |

September 2022 109

110 Metropolitan Magazine | 25A

September 2022 111

On July 8, fashion designer Kobi Halperin, Karen Murray's Fivestory and American Humane joined forces at a Sip and Shop in Southampton, New York to help attendees find their favorite new frock while raising awareness about American Humane’s mission and enjoying a glass of sparkling. Guests spotted included Michelle Worth, Jean Shafiroff, Chrissy Oakes, Mitchell and Liz Rodbell, Lori Traub, Marilyn Pelstring, Abigail Trenk who all enjoyed meeting Karen Murray’s adorable fur

112 Metropolitan Magazine | 25A

Attendees enjoyed a stunning waxing gibbous Moon while dining al fresco on lobster rolls, hot dogs and fried chicken. After dinner, guests kicked off their shoes and enjoyed music and s’mores roasted over a beach bonfire in front of the stunning moonlit ocean.

and trains them to be service animals for veterans suffering the invisible wounds of war – traumatic brain injury and Post Traumatic Stress.


Photos by Jill Nelson /

“American Humane is honored to have brought together so many fabulous people in support of our efforts to save, shelter and protect animals in need and to bring home our brave military K-9s so they can be reunited with their beloved handlers,” said Dr. Robin Ganzert, American Humane’s president and CEO. “Supporters who attend our events, and generously contribute to American Humane, make it possible for us to save lives – often lives on both ends of the leash. We couldn’t do this amazing work without them, and are proud to be making new friends here in the Hamptons so we can touch even more lives.”


July 10, as the sun set over Quogue Beach, American Humane hosted its 2nd Annual Dogs on the Dunes event with 100 guests to raise awareness of this historic 145-year-old organization and its mission to be first to serve animals in need of saving, shelter and protection. American Humane, the country’s first national humane group, not only helps animals in need but also works alongside military members to reunite them with their military working dogs, after they are retired overseas with no way home. And, through its famed Pups4Patriots program, American Humane finds dogs in need of forever-loving homes

September 2022 113

114 Metropolitan Magazine | 25A

September 2022 115

The Season has already had many memorable contests and moments and in the past month and many more are to come with upcoming contests including;

he Greenwich Polo Club, one of the premier polo clubs in the world, hosted the East Coast Gold Cup Final 2022 between Teams La Fe (players: Louis Devaleix, Robbi Bibao, Agustin Palomeque and Lucas Diaz Alberdi) and Level Select CBD (Andrew Gundlachh, Enrique Zavaleta, Joaquin Panelo and Ezequiel Martinez Ferrario). The tournament saw four teams compete in the East Coast Gold Cup leading to its thrilling finale where Level Select CBD triumphed with a final score of 5-6.

having won the most high-goal polo tournaments of any team over the course of the past 25 years, including the US Open Polo Championship in 2005. Legendary teams and players including Mariano Aguerre, Facundo Pieres, Hilario Ulloa, Nacho Figueras and many others, converge on the club every year to compete for some of Polo’s most prestigious titles.

Nestled in the beautiful backcountry of Connecticut, the Greenwich Polo Club has hosted many of the top tournaments in Polo, including the esteemed East Coast Open. It is also home to the acclaimed White Birch polo team, one of the most successful teams in history,

Each Sunday match is attended by thousands of spectators flocking from New York City, Fairfield and Westchester counties, to witness the highest caliber of polo while enjoying an afternoon with friends and family. Greenwich Polo Club has also hosted many dignitaries and celebrities and in 2013 Prince Harry chose Greenwich Polo Club to host the Sentebale Royal Salute Polo Cup.

116 Metropolitan Magazine |

Sunday September 4th, 2022 - East Coast Open


GREENWICH POLO CLUB’S Spectacular Season Showcases

Sunday September 11th, 2022 - East Coast Open Final

For more information, schedule and tickets please visit: www.

Greenwich Polo Club’s Official sponsors this Season include; Audi, Celebrity Cruises, Barados, Falcon Jets, Codiga 1530 Tequila, HSS Stamford, Societe Generale, Morano Group and Roller Rabbit.

Established in 1981, the Greenwich Polo club is considered as one of the top high-goal venues in the world. Greenwich Polo Club runs 10 matches almost every Sunday through September. Sunday High Goal Public MatchesGates open at 1:00 pm, the match begins at 3:00 pm and ends around 5:00 pm.


By Elizabeth Langevin

Saturday, October 8th, 2022 – CS14*/2* Greenwich Show Jumping

ports Broadcasting trailblazer and award-winning Talk Show Host Ann Liguori will be hosting her 24th Annual Ann Liguori Foundation (ALF) Charity Golf Classic on Thursday, September 22nd, 2022, at the Maidstone Club in East Hampton, N.Y. The annual charity outing benefits not-forprofits that work in the field of cancer research and care including the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and East End Hospice.

Sponsors for the annual event are ABM, STRUCTURE TONE, PLATINUM, and Tommy & Shounda Foster. Donors for the charity tournament include Dooney & Bourke, DunDonald Links, Dunning Apparel, Dune Jewelry & the Hamptons Rope Collection, Eye King, FRENCH POOL TOY Wine, Golf in a Box, Hotel Indigo EAST END, Hubert Prive Golf Sculptures, IBKUL Athleisure Apparel, Linda Hartough, Hidden Links, North & West Coast Links Golf IRELAND, No Sweat, PEAKVISION Sunglasses, SwingLube, TaylorMade and Tour Edge.


“This is a disease we are all too familiar with,” says Liguori. “We are all directly or indirectly affected by this dreadful disease and anything we can do to fight cancer has been a mission of mine for decades since our family lost my Dad to cancer in 1981. We also lost my brother to leukemia when he was 22. My sister Jean, brother Dan and I, are committed to this cause forever.”

“We’re thrilled to honor Hall of Fame guitarist Alex Lifeson, who is a passionate golfer as well. And Dan Pontecorvo, our Business Honoree, is a shining light! And we so appreciate the support from our amazing sponsors, golfers, donors, and volunteers. And the golf community is so very generous, which we’re so grateful for,” adds Liguori.

September 2022 117

Photo credits: Neil Tandy, Ann Liguori Foundation

Dan Pontecorvo, Global Director of Real Estate & Engineering, Jane Street Capital, is the 2022 ALF Business Honoree, and Alex Lifeson, Hall of Fame Guitarist, RUSH, will accept the 2022 ALF Music Honoree Award at the Award’s Dinner that evening.

In addition to Ann’s philanthropic work, the broadcaster hosts a weekly ‘Talking Golf’ show on WFAN-NY, April – September, Sunday mornings, 7:00AM – 8:00AM, where she was the first woman to host a call-in sport’s show. The ‘Hey Liguori, What’s the Story’ show aired every week on WFAN for 24 years. Ann was also the first woman to host her own prime-time show on The Golf Channel. Ann’s ‘Sports Innerview’ cable show aired weekly for 17 years as Ann interviewed the top legends in sports. And the ‘Sports Innerview’ radio show airs Saturday morning’s on WLIW.

Ann recently was honored with the ‘Winnie Palmer Award,’ at the MET Golf Writers National Award’s Dinner, previously awarded to Barbara Nicklaus, Nancy Lopez, Tom Watson, Ernie Els and Gary Player, to name a few.

For more info on the Ann Liguori Foundation, visit www.annliguori. com/philanthropy/

By Harry Brads

Ann is the Global Ambassador for IBKUL Athleisure line (www. and has collaborated on a jewelry line with DUNE JEWELRY called the Hamptons Rope Collection.


By Clara Morgan Women’s Health

“Women have been understudied, underdiagnosed and undertreated for too long,” said Stacey E. Rosen, MD, senior vice president of women’s health at the Katz Institute for Women’s Health. “Our experts focus on the unique health needs of women and collaborate to create a new model to improve the health of women. We’ve launched a revolution in women’s health.”

Northwell Health is New York State’s largest health care provider and private employer, with 21 hospitals, 850 outpatient facilities and more than 12,000 affiliated physicians. Northwell cares for over two million people annually in the New York metro area and beyond, thanks to philanthropic support from our communities with a team of some 80,000 employees – 18,900 nurses and 4,900 employed doctors.

Photo credit: Northwell Health Services

rammy, Emmy and Tony Award-winning songwriter and performing artist Cyndi Lauper performed at Northwell Health’s fourth annual Summer Hamptons Evening (SHE), which raised $925,000 for the Katz Institute for Women’s Health. The event was held in Water Mill at the residence of Victoria Moran-Furman, who hosted alongside presenting sponsors Iris and Saul Katz, the benefactors of the Katz Institute for Women’s Health, Eric Moran and celebrity event planner Larry Scott of Lawrence Scott Events.

SHE Event Raises $1M for

Supporters of the event are raising health for the women in our communities — from Manhattan to Montauk. Northwell’s Katz Institute for Women’s Health has created the only network of experts — including clinicians, scientists and researchers — who are uniquely qualified to address the healthcare needs of women.

Dr. Rosen joined Tara Narula, MD, associate director of the Lenox Hill Women’s Heart Program and CBS News senior medical correspondent, to address attendees during the event, which was emceed by Rosanna Scotto, anchor of “Good Day New York” on WNYW-Fox 5 News.

Additional sponsors for the evening included: Lead Sponsors: American Securities Foundation/Michael G. Fisch, and Iris & Michael Smith; Premier Sponsor: Beth and Peter Hammack; and Champion Sponsors: Christie & Bob Donaldson, Alicia Grande and Grande Cosmetics, Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, Alyssa & Todd Katz, Dayle & Michael Katz, Dr. Karen Kostroff & Dr. Jon Cohen, Karen & Dr. Lyle Leipziger, The Lipsay Family Charitable Foundation, Denise Neiditch Breger and Ruth & Michael Slade.

The Katz Institute for Women’s Health provides an innovative model of care, delivering an integrated approach to women’s health and wellness. Supporters of SHE and the Katz Institute advance our Outpacing the Impossible campaign and become champions for women.


118 Metropolitan Magazine |

Please visit

September 2022 119


The Foundation’s Host committee included Antonella Bertello, John Crawford, Rocco DiSpirito, Kim Renk Dryer, Elena Gibbs, Geri Garvin, Missy Hargraves, Asia Lee, Rolise Rachel, Randi Schatz, and Dawn

he Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation’s 13th Annual Unconditional Love Gala returned to the Hamptons on a beautiful evening on storied Gin Lane in Southampton, NY. The grand soiree was among the highlights of the summer season out East. Chaired by Jean Shafiroff, the event honored Jonathan McCann, founding President of SASF and William Bratton, former Police Commissioner of New York City. The Honorary Chair was Georgina Bloomberg. The annual event has been the most important fundraiser for the shelter for over a decade featuring a reception, seated dinner and dancing. In addition, a live and silent auction helped raise much-needed funds for the animals.

120 Metropolitan Magazine | 25A

Notable attendees included Bill Bratton, Jean Shafiroff, Jonathan McCann, Martin Shafiroff, Rikki Klieman, Pat Deshong, Rocco DiSpirito, Morgan Oliveira, Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman, Magdalena Schneiderman, NYS Assemblywoman Rebecca Seawright, Jaclyn Brunckhorst, Greg D’Elia, Mayor Jesse Warren, Martyna Sokol, Jill Rappaport, Kim and Greg Dryer, Elizabeth Shafiroff, Debbie Bancroft, Ian Duke, Elena Gibbs, Lucia Hwong Gordon, Ann Liguori, Susie Wagner, Greg D’Elia, Nancy Stone, Terry Moan, Jonathan McCann, Dede Gotthelf, Eve Brookville and David

Animal Shelter Foundation Board Members include Susan Allen, Beau Hulse, Wendy Wegner, Bonnie Klapper, Renee Schlather, Brigid Fitzgerald, Dorothy Frankel, Sarah Freedman, Jordan Lippner, Marcy MacMillan, DMV, William Matuska, and Lorraine Egan. Platinum Vice Chairs include Susan Allen, Allen Wyoming Foundation, and Leslie L. Alexander Foundation. Diamond Vice Chair Jonathan McCann and Martin & Jean Shafiroff. Corporate Chair, Stifel. Silver Vice Chairs Fiona & Stanley Druckenmiller, Lorraine, Bill & Lynn Egan, Karen & John Ferguson, Paul Herman, Beau & Patricia Hulse, Southampton Hospital Foundation, Bonnie Klapper & Lonny Schwartz, Mrs. Nicholas D. Mastronardi.

The evening started off with a silent auction as well as a cocktail hour that included chilled, Summer in a Bottle rosè by Wölffer Estate Vineyards, freshly made Tito’s Handmade Vodka and Uni Tequila cocktails, and passed hors d’oeuvres by Robbins Wolfe catering. Attendees were then treated to a three-course meal featuring James Beard Award Winning Chef, Rocco Dispirito’s Tindle chicken parmigiano, an indulgent, plant-based dish.



Proceeds from this event directly supported the more than 5,000 animals who enter the SASF’s doors each year. The Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, open admission, no kill organization that relies on donations and grants from the community. From caring and finding homes for stray and abandoned animals to providing low-cost veterinary care and dog training so that animals can remain in their homes, the shelter has become a vital resource in our community. No animal is left behind.

By Lillian Langtry


Jessica Strain along with the Team from the foundation including Executive Director Pat Deshong, Operations Director Beatrix Parash, and Director of Marketing, Nicole A. Tumilowicz.

Please visit

September 2022 121

New York Knicks, Rangers, Mets, and Islanders, as well as tickets to a Billy Joel concert (to be attended in his private booth). The gift bags included a $250 serum by Clinical Skin, $100 gift card from Bionova, Aloisa beauty, socks by Bombas, Petralyte, Cafe Vitoria, Serenity Tea, Kim Renk Jewelry, Burlap & Barrel Royal Cinnamon, and glutenfree nut bread by Rocco DiSpirito. Generous restaurant donations were made by The American Hotel, Dopo La Spiaggia, Union Steak & Sushi, Union Burger, Page 63, The Bell & Anchor, Lulu Kitchen & Bar, Manna, and Sen Restaurants.

In her address, Jean Shafiroff Chair of the Gala commented, “we were so pleased to honor Bill Bratton and Jonathan McCann. This year we welcomed both a number of long-standing supporters and in addition many new supporters. We also saw the attendance of many new young juniors – which is wonderful as they represent the next generation of animal lovers and supporters”.

Highlights of the live and silent auction items included: The Boca Raton, Sailhamptons with a Hinckley picnic boat, Atlantis Bahamas, Sun Valley Resort, Yacht Kingfisher, The Baker House 1650, London Jewelers, and artwork from Camilla Webster, Leila Pinto, Hakob Hakobian, and George Schulman. Other items included tickets to The

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars NA, LLC, P.O. Box 1227, Westwood, NJ 07675-1227 Tel: 1-877-877-3735


© Copyright Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. The Rolls-Royce name and logo are registered trademarks.

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