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Montreal. We also discovered our name changed from Vincelett to Vancelette along the way. My family history is very close to Montreal in a small place called Boucherville! Enough with my fantasy of rediscovering family stories and bloodlines; let’s dig into this city old and new and see what one can discover! Venturing to Canada with an invitation to a TV production called The Social Movement, I was excited to be selected with 40 other Entrepreneurs

to tackle some challenging ideas and issues in the attempt “Change the world in 4 days.” The Amazon Prime production will be for another later article. I did feel fortunate for the new opportunity and I brought a bright-eyed, dreamy traveler who was ready to go tackle the world in 4 days! I admit I was extremely fortunate to have a local friend, curator Christopher Eamon. to call on for some great insider tips to the city! He is known for his major curatorial work with top contemporary artists and collectors’ circles in the

US and Canada (also for his wealth of knowledge for the rarified world of “video art”). Our friendship dates back longer than I can remember due to our common art industry ties. He knew the perfect spot in Montreal to rest and relax on arrival! HOTEL: Behold, The Gault Hotel is located in the heart of Old Montreal only steps away from downtown with amazing contemporary décor. The boutique hotel is housed in a historic building built in 1871 and seemed like a dream

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Metropolitan Magazine September 2019  

Metropolitan Magazine September 2019