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illennials currently make up over 30% of the workplace and by 2025 will make up 75%. At the same time, about 10,000 Baby Boomers retire daily leaving more and more open leadership positions. Due to the shift in leadership, millennials are taking on higher level roles faster and earlier than ever before. Organizations and their leaders, now more than ever, have a need to develop clear communication strategies across generations to ensure a strategic succession plan and open communication among employees, their managers and the organization. As a retention, recruitment, and engagement strategy, C-Suite executives can offer millennials the opportunity to learn and grow. By providing this generation with a clear leadership ladder and access to internal and external professional development programs they can see a future at your organization. Reverse mentoring programs between millennials and baby boomers have also proven to be successful where both parties can share the skills and experience with one another. This allows baby boomers to give millennials access to meetings and individuals they may not work with and for millennials to share their expertise in other areas. It helps to enhance community and build one-on-one relationships.

Alissa Carpenter founded Everything’s Not Ok and That’s Ok Coaching in 2015 to help organizations effectively communicate and identify individual and team strengths in multi-generational workforces. After more than a decade in higher education at top-tier institutions, including the Wharton School, she uses her unique sightline into the young professional mindset, shedding light on the widespread need for relationship building and interpersonal communication skills. Now as an organizational trainer, consultant, and speaker, Carpenter works directly with organizations and their leaders to bridge communication barriers between teams, generations, geography, and job functions; providing her clients with a strategic communication plan. Her insider knowledge spans industries from broadcasting, medical, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, industrial, education to government; working with nonprofits to Fortune 500 companies. Her expertise has been featured on NPR, ABC, FOX, CBS, and quoted in various media outlets including CNN Money and Moneyish (a Dow Jones Site). She was also a Forbes Contributor and is currently writing a book focusing on communication and relationship building in the workforce.

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