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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

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‘Zombie’ card bid to shut drug clinic POSTCARDS depicting drug users as by DaviD KEarnS ‘the Walking Dead’ have caused uproar as a local business group launched a ‘the State’s own drug’. Condemning a lack of programmes at campaign to close a methadone clinic. The Dún Laoghaire Ratepayers Asso- the centre, Mr Kerrigan said almost a ciation (DLRPA) defended its cards, third of those it treated had been attendwhich it gave out to local businesses, ing for more than ten years. However, local Fianna Fáil councillor asking them to send them to Minister for Health Leo Varadkar, saying ‘their Jennifer Cuffe, a member of the Dún graphic nature underlines an unfortu- Laoghaire Drugs Task Force, described the ‘negative tactics’ employed by the nate graphic situation.’ DLRPA chairperson Peter Kerrigan DLRPA as ‘absolutely disgusting’. ‘This is an attempt to place the blame told Metro Herald: ‘This campaign is about getting the HSE to take action and of Dún Laoghaire town’s issues squareadmit that how they treat drug use in ly at the feet of a small minority by dehumanising and scaremongering,’ Ms this country is a complete failure. ‘We’re not attacking users. We’re at- Cuffe said. ‘DLRPA and others may not agree tacking a broken treatment system that has failed them as much as it has failed with the presence of a Drug Treatment our local community. Every Friday, Clinic in Dún Laoghaire but their atthere’s nowhere for the 100-plus people tempt to pin blame through demonising that come into Dún Laoghaire for their those unable to defend themselves for treatment, and they are left to wander Dún Laoghaire’s problems is pathetic.’ Speaking on RTÉ’s Liveline yesterday, the streets completely dazed to everya number of residents backed the camthing around them.’ The leaflet – which depicts a zombie paign, if not quite its method, to close the drug treatment figure with the title clinic. ‘These peo‘The Walking Dead’ ple need help, and – criticises the HSE while these postand the provision of cards aren’t the anmethadone to paswers, neither is tients at its clinic on having a treatment Patrick Street, just centre in the midoff the town’s main dle of a shopping street, claiming it area,’ said one is excessive and nothing more than ‘Negative tactics’: The DLRPA postcards caller.

THE LIFE OF BRIAN: Brian Farrell hosts the Today Tonight Election Debate – featuring ing Charles Haughey and Garret Fitzgerald ger – in 1982. Presidentt Michael D Higgins led tributes yesterday to the longtime RTÉ presenter and political analyst, who passed away at the age of 85 pAGE 5

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Stumbling out of his modest shack deep in the Kodal woods, this Nordic gent undertakes what is of course the typical winter pastime of necking vodka in an ice bath. Brrr! We wouldn’t recommend it... gometro.ie/ norwegian-bath

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014 METRO HERALD

No laughing matter Jokes about ultra-violent Love/Hate rape scene are ‘totally unacceptable’, says head of Dublin Rape Crisis Centre by ORNA CUNNINGHAM THE Dublin Rape Crisis Centre has heavily criticised those who made rape jokes on social media following Sunday night’s violent episode of RTÉ drama Love/Hate. In the series finale, one of the characters is savagely raped by other prisoners in jail, using a broken pool cue. The ultra-violent scenes, which saw the man left lying naked in a pool of his blood, shocked viewers, but others took to social media to make jokes about them. Ellen O’Malley-Dunlop told Metro Herald the jokes were not in only in poor taste, but are ‘unacceptable’. ‘The programme is extremely violent,’ she said. ‘The depiction was violent, and there’s no way of dressing it up – it was rape. ‘There were lots of jokes today on social media, but it’s totally unacceptable to joke about a crime as serious as that. Maybe it’s a way for people of distancing themselves from such a horrendous crime, but that is exactly what it is – a crime. ‘It’s the second-most serious crime on our statute books [after murder].’ Some of the internet-user-generated memes were images of the fictional gangster overlaid with text. One example read: ‘Fancy a game of pool? I do in me hole’. Another parodied the character’s catchphrase ‘coola boola’, with text reading ‘cuela boola’ in reference to the snooker cue used in the fictional assault. Self-identified ‘recovering musician’ and ‘writer for television’, Twitter personality Colm Tobin was heavily criticised after tweeting: ‘I reckon [the character]’s snookered. #lovehate.’ Despite multiple calls from Twitter users for him to delete the tweet it was still on his Twitter timeline yesterday. Ms O’Malley-Dunlop also criticised national broadcaster RTÉ for failing to put the number for the National 24-Hour Helpline for victims of rape on screen after the show – 1800 77 8888.

‘We would have liked to have a seen a segment saying “if you have been affected by the issues in the programme” to ring the helpline,’ she said. ‘It is so important that people not be silenced, and that perpetrators aren’t allowed to go free.’ And the taboo nature of the issue of male rape in society is a factor in men failing to come forwards and report rape, she said. According to the

Number’s up: Nidge’s son Warren in Sunday night’s episode

Centre’s 2013 statistics, some 18 per cent of rape victims are men, as are 10 per cent of the clients they aid. The offence depicted in the show was ‘rape by an object,’ said Ms O’Malley-Dunlop, and she said the scene ‘clearly demonstrated’ the truly violent nature of the crime. Rape is not a sexual act, she added, but one about violence and power, and added: ‘Hopefully this has enabled peo-

ple to talk about this hugely taboo subject – male rape and violence.’ The hit RTÉ show pulled in 1,005,400 viewers, with a 56 per cent share. A spokesman for the broadcaster said it received four complaints about the show, but could not say which scenes they were in reference to.

So where to now for Love/Hate? As THE nation struggles to come to terms with the end of a TV show, another day without Love/Hate passes and questions remain about the fate of the few that ‘survived’ the weekend’s cull. David Kearns makes some predictions. Firstly, just who exactly did Elmo annoy to not get even a passing mention in the uncompromising series finale? And, if Nidge really is dead, is the series as a whole? While we do not know if the King is dead – remember that 50 Cent survived getting shot nine times – it is more than likely that another season of the gangland saga is on the cards. But if it is, who’s left to pick up the reins now, considering that Tom Vaughan Lawlor last night did more to kill off Nidge than Patrick ever did? Effectively calling time on the character, he said he would take his ‘wonderful memories of Love/Hate’ into his ‘future work’. If there is to be a season six, who will star? Darren and John Boy are dead, Nidge is, ahem, MIA, Tommy is sleeping, and Fran and Elmo are currently behind bars. And while I love Porridge, I don’t think viewers will take to a light-hearted sitcom starring the pair. Maybe this is all bluff by RTÉ to keep us talking while they revive Nidge for a last roll of the dice. If that turns out to be the case, well and good – ‘long live the King!’ – but if not, then maybe it is best if he, and what he built, is left to rest in peace.

Too violent? No chance, we want more MORE than 80 per cent of us would like to see another series of Love/ Hate, according to a survey. More men than women want to see Nidgey and the lads back. Only 76 per cent of women surveyed want to see the series return compared to 93 per cent of men, according to a survey carried out by independent research firm iReach Insights. Managing director Oisín Byrne said: ‘This just goes to show the phenomenal popularity of Love/

Hate. Even though it looks like the main stars of the show are dead, with Nidge and Siobhán gunned down and Fran seemingly tortured to death in the season finale, we still want a sixth season.’ The survey covered many topics including who are people’s favourite characters and which characters they fancy. Nidge proved the most popular character with 30 per cent of those surveyed saying he was their

favourite. Fran was the second most popular at 20 per cent and Siobhán came third at 18 per cent. One in five women admitted to having a crush on one of the Love/ Hate characters. Despite the fact he has remained in a coma for the entire season, Tommy is a big hit with the ladies. The survey also showed 52 per cent of Irish adults said they watched Love/Hate and 80 per cent of those watched all five seasons.

METRO HERALD Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Unfare? Rise in taxi costs on the way TAXI prices could be on the increase after the National Transport Authority (NTA) published a number of recommended fare changes in its latest review. In the document, the NTA proposes an overall 4 per cent rise in fares to cover increased driver expenses. It revealed that costs for drivers have gone up by an estimated 0.8-1.7 per cent since 2010 and said an increase is warranted for the taxi industry. Under the proposals, the initial standard charge would decrease by €0.50c to €3.60. However, distance allowances could be halved for the first kilometre, giving passengers less travel time before increased rates apply. For the initial 14km of a journey, passengers would be expected to pay €1.10 per 1,000 metres – an increase of €0.7c. During the premium hours of 8am to 8pm, a €0.5c rise is recommended, totalling €1.40 per kilometre. Standard journeys over 40mins would also see a €0.5c increase per kilometre, with premium rates going up by €0.18c. Tariff C, an increased toll that applies to trips above 30km or 85minutes, would no longer be in place as part of the guidelines. According to the NTA: ‘Tariff C is rarely used and adds an unnecessary level of complexity to the fare card. It is recommended that Tariff C be removed.’


UPC agrees deal to block access to child porn sites

GARdA chiefs are trying to persuade a number of Ireland’s main internet providers to block child porn sites after striking a deal with one operator. Under a new agreement with the force, UPC will automatically refuse its customers access to any known websites distributing images of child sexual abuse. In a move acting Garda Commissioner Nóirín O’Sullivan has described as mainly a deterrent, UPC subscribers who knowingly or unwittingly visit illegal sites will be shown an advisory screen showing why they

by bRiAn HUTTOn are being blocked. UPC is the only provider in Ireland which has signed up to the protocol. dozens more have not yet agreed to similar measures. Ms O’Sullivan said the Gardaí are in

Only one Irish firm has so far signed up ongoing discussions with other companies to persuade them to do the same. It took ‘several months’ to reach


the agreement with UPC, she said. ‘This initiative will play an important role in tackling the use of child sexual abuse material online and dissuade some people from accessing it,’ she said. ‘However, we fully recognise that others who wish to view, distribute and make this vile material will use different means to access it and spread it online.’ Ms O’Sullivan said the new measures would free up Garda time to focus on those who were more determined to access child porn,

A COUPLE of local heroes will turn on the famous Grafton Street Christmas lights this year. Dublin band The Original Rudeboys, who will be joined by Love/Hate’s Laurence Kinlan at 5pm on Thursday, have said they are ‘delighted’ to have been asked to do the honours. Speaking about the announcement, the Original Rudeboys said: ‘We’re all from Dublin and Dublin is our home, it’s a great city. Christmas is a special time in town, there is always a great buzz around the city. ‘Growing up we always went into the town to see the Christmas lights and to be turning them on this year is special for us and all our family.’

through channels such as ‘the darknet’, a hidden corner of the internet which makes it hard to track down user addresses. Under the scheme, the Gardaí will regularly update UPC with a list of servers known to be distributing child porn so they can be blocked. Similar measures already exist in a number of countries, including the UK, France, New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, denmark, Norway and Switzerland. UPC said it will not store the details of users who have been blocked.

The band will also turn on the Henry Street lights on the northside this Sunday at 4pm and there will be lots of family entertainment, including Arnott’s Santa. DublinTown chief executive Richard Guiney said: ‘There is no place quite like Dublin at Christmas time, the illumination of the cityscape at night-time is a spectacular sight that adds to the festive atmosphere.’ See dublinatchristmas.ie for a full schedule

Locked gate delay Four restaurants in to rail passengers mall fail food tests HUMAN error was to blame for some commuters missing their train yesterday morning at Lansdowne Road station. A security firm that unlocks the gates to the station failed to open the gate at the main entrance. This meant commuters were unable to enter the station from the city inbound side while the train safety gates were down. The problem was resolved before 9am but not before causing disruption for commuters. A spokesperson for Irish Rail said this had been a mistake on the part of the security firm, that it was a once-off incident and added: ‘It will not be happening again.’

FOUR restaurants in one Dublin shopping mall were forced to shut their doors last month over food safety concerns. The businesses, all located in the Moore Street Mall on Parnell Street, Dublin 1, were forced to temporarily close by the Food Safety Authority. In each case, they were found to be in breach of European Community foodstuffs legislation. The closures were issued to food retailers Spicy Bite; Lasani; Netedo’s; and the Oriental Pantry Food Express on October 6. Following further inspections the restaurants have now reopened. In total, 15 food vendors in Ireland failed to meet the necessary safety requirements.


Cranberries singer taken into custody over assault

Tributes for broadcaster who ‘set the standard’ TRIBUTES have poured in for former RTÉ broadcaster and academic Brian Farrell, who passed away at the age of 85. He joined RTÉ in February 1962, just six weeks after the station began transmitting. He went on to work on a wide range of current affairs Farrell: Died at 85 programmes, including 7 Days, Frontline, Today Tonight and Prime Time. Noel Curran, director general of RTÉ, described Mr Farrell as a witty and supportive person, who had a hugely positive presence on the current affairs team. He added: ‘I consider it a privilege to have worked with him. Our thoughts are with his family.’ Away from broadcasting, the Manchester-born man also taught at the Department of Politics in University College Dublin. Speaking from Malawi, President Michael D Higgins expressed sadness at his passing. He said: ‘Brian Farrell was an outstanding broadcaster and political commentator and in so many ways he set the standard for others to follow.’

Tuesday, November 11, 2014 METRO HERALD

No need to argue: Dolores O’Riordan was released without charge picture: pa

THE lead singer with rock group the Cranberries has been released without charge after being arrested over an alleged assault on a transatlantic flight. Dolores O’Riordan was detained at Shannon Airport after a female flight attendant suffered an injured foot during an incident on the service from New York. The musician was taken in for questioning after the plane landed at 4.47am but later transferred to hospital. A garda was allegedly assaulted during the arrest. It is understood Ms O’Riordan complained of being ill in Shannon Garda Station, a doctor was called and on the medic’s advice she was taken to hospital in Limerick for assessment. A Garda spokesman confirmed the singer was released from custody after 3pm. ‘Investigations are ongoing and a file on the case is being prepared,’ the spokesman said. Ms O’Riordan was also discharged from hospital.


The incident occurred in the business section of Aer Lingus flight EI 110 from New York’s JFK airport shortly before it came in to land in Shannon. It is understood the air hostess suffered a suspected fracture in one of her feet and was taken to hospital for X-ray and medical treatment. The Garda who was injured did not require hospital care. O’Riordan, 43, was detained under section four of the Criminal Justice Act and was questioned on allegations of assault. Gardaí had the power to detain her for a total of 24 hours. Originally from Limerick, the singer is a multi-award-winning musician after becoming lead singer of the Cranberries when she was just 18 years of age. She is married with three children and has been living in Dublin. The Cranberries went on to be one of the biggest bands of the 1990s, selling tens of millions of records.

METRO HERALD Tuesday, November 11, 2014



world digest

Pistorius’ legs ‘don’t fit tag’ Win for make-up women

sOuTH AfRicA: Oscar Pistorius could be forced to stay in prison because an electronic tag will not fit his prosthetic legs. The 27-yearold hoped to be under house arrest after ten months of his five-year jail term for killing Reeva Steenkamp. Prosecutors plan to appeal his conviction and sentence on December 9.

iNDiA: Female make-up artists can now work their magic on Bollywood stars after a 60-year ban was lifted. A group of women won a challenge to the unofficial ban at the supreme court in New Delhi. The professional body responsible said it was trying to ensure that male artists were not deprived of work.

Woman stabbed by jihadi

€1.1bn subway hub opens

isRAEL: A woman of 25 was stabbed to death and two men wounded by a Palestinian jihadi. The attacker – named as convicted terrorist Maher Hamdi Hashalmon, 30 – was shot and arrested near Alon Shvut on the West Bank yesterday. Earlier, an Israeli soldier was stabbed near a Tel Aviv train station.

AMERicA: New York’s biggest underground terminus has opened in lower Manhattan by the new World Trade Center. Nine subway lines meet at the €1.1billion Fulton Center and its atrium encased in glass and steel. The 125-yearold Corbin Building has also been restored.

48 pupils die, dozens hurt in suicide blast at Nigeria school A SUICIDE bomber has killed at least 48 pupils and wounded 79 in an attack on a school in Nigeria. The blast ripped through the building yesterday as students gathered for morning assembly. Militant jihadi group Boko Haram is believed to be responsible, police said. About 2,000 children at the boys’ science and technical school in Potiskum, Yobe state, were assembled for the principal’s Monday morning speech when the attacker struck. The device is thought to have been detonated by a bomber who had been disguised as a student. He was wearing school uniform and carrying a type of rucksack popular with pupils. Musa Ibrahim Yahaya, 17, said: ‘We were waiting for the principal to address us, at around 7.30am, when we heard a deafening sound and I was blown off my feet. ‘People started screaming and running and I saw blood over my body.’ Adamu Alkassim, who lives near the

HONg kONg: Rurik Jutting grins as he leaves court. The British banker, 29, faces psychiatric tests to see if he can stand trial. He is charged with murdering two women picture: afp/getty


and finally... cROATiA: A dog is a celebrity in his village after learning how to open car doors. Owner Hrvoje Muzevic is so proud he changed the Great Dane’s name from Roman to Chosen One. ‘He uses his teeth. I have no idea how he learnt it,’ said Mr Muzevic.



by ANNA sLATER school, told The News Nigeria that the scene was a ‘mass of abandoned footwear and blood’. Soldiers rushed to the school, which was scattered with bodies, but were chased away with stones by people angry at the military’s inability to halt Boko Haram’s attacks. Dozens of survivors are being treated for serious injuries and many will need amputations, according to hospital workers. The region has been in the grip of fighting between government forces and Boko Haram which has targeted schools in north-eastern Nigeria teaching a ‘western’ curriculum. It is the second attack in Potiskum in a week after 15 people were killed by a bomb blast at a Shia religious ceremony. Boko Haram’s most high profile attack came in April when militants kidnapped 276 schoolgirls in Borno – 219 of whom are still being held.



Christmas Starts Here Come experience Town at its best! For full details of events and entertainment see

www.dublinatchristmas.ie #dublinatchristmas

Merciless attack: Injured boys share a hospital bed in Potiskum picture: ap


Morrison and PR guru settle their legal battle VAn MoRRISon has written a letter to a public relations guru to set the record straight over the handling of allegations that he fathered a child with his former tour manager. the publicity-shy musician was at the centre of a global media storm in 2009 after a statement was posted on his website announcing the birth of George Ivan Morrison III – little Van, as he was known. John Saunders, a top public relations figure in Dublin and across Europe, conducted a series of interviews on Morrison’s behalf at the time to deny the reports or that he knew the mother, Gigi lee. It subsequently emerged Ms lee, from Fort Worth, texas, worked as a manager on some of Morrison’s tours. Mr Saunders took proceedings

The singer was at the centre of media storm against the Belfast-born singer in 2012. At a brief hearing in the high Court in Dublin, lawyers confirmed a settlement had been reached between Morrison and Mr Saunders over public statements released in the wake of the baby’s birth being announced. John Kerr, junior counsel for Mr Saunders, told the court that the two sides had reached an agreement over the fallout from the allegations. ‘on terms that include a letter that the plaintiff John Saunders acted with integrity and on the express instructions of the defendant Van Morrison,’ Mr Kerr told the court. Undisclosed damages and legal costs have also been agreed, the high Court heard.

A TechNology company is creating 72 jobs in the west of Ireland, it has been announced. Avaya, a business communications technology company, said the roles will be highly skilled and based at its customer engagement centre in galway. The firm already employs more than 400 people at its operation in the city. Taoiseach enda Kenny said it was great news for galway: ‘Supporting sectors where highly skilled jobs can be created is one of our priorities and Avaya’s expansion is very welcome in that regard.’

Man killed in car crash

by ED cARTy Mr Saunders’ solicitor, Paul tweed, said his client was happy with the outcome: ‘John Saunders has no further comment to make other than to say he is satisfied that the record has now been set straight with what has been a vindication of his stated position.’ the letter from Morrison to Mr Saunders is not being published. tragically, 44-year-old Ms lee and her son George Ivan Morrison III – named little Van on the mystery internet posting – died within 10 months of each other. the tour manager suffered throat cancer and died in the Marie Curie hospice in Belfast in october 2011. her son died aged 13 months the previous January after reportedly suffering a diabetic coma while in texas. Morrison, 69, who is married to former Miss Ireland Michelle Rocca, with whom he has two children, has always denied being the boy’s father. the mystery internet posting on the singer’s website on December 29, 2009, announcing the birth of little Van was quickly removed at the time and declared a hoax by Morrison.

Denial: Van Morrison said he was not the father of former tour manager’s baby picture: pa

Apple boss Steve Jobs which had been placed at a university campus in the city was dismantled because his successor has announced he is gay. Speaking at the concert, John said: ‘As a gay man, I’ve always felt so welcome here in Russia. Stories of Russian fans who fell in love dancing to nikita mean the world to me. If I’m not honest about who I am, I couldn’t write this music. It’s not gay propaganda. It’s how I express life.’

Tech firm to add 72 jobs

Red alert: Messages smeared across the office door in Marino

MinisTER’s OfficE TARgETED

A LAbOUR TD has labelled a recent attack on his offices as ‘ridiculous’. Junior minister Aodhán Ó Ríordáin expressed his shock on Twitter yesterday after his constituency office door was vandalised with graffiti. Curry is also believed to have been smeared across the office entrance in Marino, north Dublin. Alongside a picture pictur posted online, Mr Ó Ríordáin (left) wrote: ‘My office door this morning. This is getting ridiculous.’ A brown substance, first thought to be something more sinister, can be clearly seen in the photograph. The words ‘Scum’ and ‘Traitor’ were also scrawled on the door. Fellow Labour politician Ciara Conway, who is based in Waterford, branded the incident as ‘horrible’. It is thought that the unusual attack was politically motivated, with Labour politicians coming under increasing scrutiny over water charges. Mr Ó Ríordáin has also backed reform of the direct provision system for asylum seekers.

Elton’s Russian stand Stunning violin theft Elton John spoke out about gay persecution in Russia as he performed a concert in St Petersburg and said the world would lose its ‘humanity’ if people were punished for their sexuality. he has previously been a critic of the problems in Russia and made his views known while he was on-stage at the city’s Ice Palace on Sunday night. his performance in St Petersburg comes just days after a sculpture commemorating former

Tuesday, November 11, 2014 METRO HERALD

The man who masterminded the theft of a €4million Stradivarius violin has admitted that he used a stun gun to attack a musician carrying the 300-year-old instrument, saying he intended to sell it to help people he believed were wrongly evicted from an apartment building he managed in Milwaukee, US. A judge rejected that argument from Salah Salahadyn, calling it a ‘Robin hood’ mentality, and sentenced him to seven years

in prison. ‘There’s a right. There’s a wrong. Don’t confuse them,’ Judge Dennis Moroney told Salahadyn. Salahadyn, 42, stole the violin in January as Frank Almond, a concertmaster at the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, walked to his car carrying the instrument after a performance. Salahadyn said he approached Almond, reached out for the violin and shocked the musician with a stun gun before jumping into a getaway car.

A MAN was killed in a singlecar crash in Wicklow. The 22-year-old driver died after his car crashed into a ditch at Milltown lane in Ashford at around 11.50pm on Sunday night. A 26-year-old man, who was a passenger in the car, sustained minor injuries and was taken to St columcille’s hospital in loughlinstown. gardaí are appealing for anyone who witnessed the incident to contact Wicklow garda Station on 0404-60140, the garda confidential line on 1-800-666-111 or any garda station.

Every year 1.2 million children (population of Dublin) are trafficked

Find out how you can help stop this. Drop in and visit our stand in Dublin City Civic Offices, Wood Quay, tomorrow Wednesday November 12th

Tearfund Ireland 2nd Floor, Ulysses House 22–24 Foley St, Dublin 1 enquiries@tearfund.ie

Registered Charity No. CHY 8600 Photo: Kieran Dodds/Tearfund

METRO HERALD Tuesday, November 11, 2014

★★ ★ ★


Y NICKI FANS ANGR AZI’ VIDEO OVER ‘N s upset fans after Nicki MiNaj ha enced by Naziappearing to be influw video. style imagery in a ne ts herself as a en The rapper, 31, pres e animated clip th in r to cta di powerful ly. On ck for tra ded by an army Minaj is seen surroun d red flags, k an of soldiers and blac mblance to the se re e m so ar be ich wh swastika. but your video ‘i really do love you ke it down or Ta . for Only is not okay itter user. Tw apologise,’ said one

Taking the nick: Fans call for video ban Picture: getty

One Direction are set to perform in a well-loved fictional location – albert Square. The band will sing new song Night changes and current single Steal My Girl from the bridge on the set of EastEnders for this year’s BBc children in Need appeal on Friday. The group said in a statement: ‘it’s a charity that we hold very close to our hearts.’ Meanwhile, it’s a busy time of the year for Harry Styles and co after it was revealed that One Direction are also in the line-up for the new Band aid single to raise funds for the fight against ebola.

Instantly Delicious

New Heinz Cup Soups. Instant Satisfaction.


Stereo Kicks: X Factor hasn’t killed us... yet!

BOYBAND Stereo Kicks have likened appearing on The X Factor to being in Hollywood horror flick Final Destination – after revealing they have cheated death three times. The eight-piece band have been caught in a fire, were on a terrifying flight that dropped in mid-air and one member was lucky to escape serious injury when a speaker fell on his head ‘Someone wants us dead,’ Tom Mann told Guilty Pleasures in an exclusive chat. ‘It’s like Final Destination. We nearly died on the flight back from judges’ houses in Bermuda. The plane dropped about 100ft and I was nearly crying,’ the 21-year-old said. ‘At Bootcamp,

there was a fire at our hotel. Everyone was panicking.’ Youngest bandmate Charlie Jones, 14, has, arguably, the scariest neardeath story. ‘At Bootcamp, a massive speaker fell on my head,’ he said. But bystanders overlooked his pain to rush to the aid of Xtra Factor host Sarah-Jane

Crawford. ‘Everyone was like, “Are you OK Sarah-Jane?” She was 10ft away,’ he squealed. Having survived brushes with death and two sing-offs, the lads are thrilled to be among the eight acts who will perform at The X Factor Live 2015 arena tour. ‘It’ll be incredible,’ said Charlie.

Dicing with death? Stereo kicks fear the reaper is after them Picture: sPlash news

Dark clouds: Swift sings while gazing up at the sky


happy to be behind Taylo the inspiration songs becau r Swift’s break-up he says. ‘we se they’re so good, w experience, so rite from personal us to be like, it’d be hypocritical of “O about us”,’ th h you can’t write e 20 during a Goo -year-old said gle they’re good Hangout. ‘and son really lucky in gs. So i’m that sense.’

Swift takes a stab x e d a m g n i y a l p at ink xt boyfriend may th TaylOr SwiFT’S ne involved with her after twice about getting atic new video, which am she unveiled her dr crazy ex stereotype. e th e ac br em r he hes sees ld back as she smas ho t n’ es Swift, 24, do a golf club, up a classic car with es and th cuts up her ex’s clo cake d stabs a heart-shape in ife kn ’s er tch with a bu Space. the video for Blank g in be and despite leaked ahead of e schedule, fans wer – es ais pr ’s singing Swift t es ‘b e th as it hailing ade. m er ev e’s sh ’ eo vid

revenge is sweet: Swift as bitter girlfriend


What’s the problem? A stony-eyed Beyoncé in her skintight swimsuit

ACE FORD ★ tCHCRmAW sta an nding as

Album track hope: Kiesza

Beyoncé o ffers Jay Z swimsuit support

Picture: getty

KIESZA is hoping to work with Rihanna after getting one of her tracks on the shortlist for RiRi’s comeback album. The Hideaway hitmaker, 25, said: ‘She was really excited by the song. I hope we can get to work together – she’s an amazing artist.’ The Canadian singer, speaking to Guilty Pleasures in the Patron Tequila backstage bar at the MTV EMAs, admitted she still doesn’t it. know if the tune has made

X FACTOR judge Cheryl FernandezVersini draped herself in €1million of diamonds after landing her fifth No.1 with I Don’t Care. The 31year-old wore a 35-carat Burmese yellow sapphire and diamond ring on Sunday’s results show with 15-carat canary yellow diamond drop earrings.

JUSTIN BIEBER made no attempt to be the life and soul of the party at punk pastor Carl Lentz’s birthday bash in New York. The 20-year-old singer (pictured) arrived with his Xbox and plugged it in to a console in a private room at Jay Z’s 40/40 club. Instead of dancing the night away with his hipster holyman pal, 35, he played games including Fifa soccer.

Queen: Co-star Elizabeth Banks

Game: J-Law shines Pictures: ePa/aP/rex

JARED LETO sprang a surprise on his 30 Seconds To Mars bandmates with the news that they had won best alternative act at the MTV EMA’s. Filming the glorious moment for their acceptance video, Leto said: ‘These guys have no idea what’s happening right now, but we won best alternative at EMA – boom!’ The look of shock on their faces was priceless as they embraced in a celebratory group hug.

the boot SHARON OSBOURNE has stuck and her ell Cow on Sim s into former bos Cheryl ge, jud tor Fac X an as nt me replace Fernandez-Versini. ed to The 62-year-old said the pair fail ck. eba com TV ir the on e uin be gen Ozzy at Turning up to watch her hubby ted: ran she w, sgo Gla in the MTV EMAs l B. ‘I’ve watched a little bit. I like Me ge. jud est hon y ‘I think she is the onl Rant: Sharon Osbourne ’ She’s not naughty, she’s honest.

JENNIFER LAWRENCE batted off a throat infection to take centre stage at the world premiere of The Hunger Games’ Mockingjay movie last night. The 24-year-old dazzled in a white diamond-shaped quilted dress designed by Christian Dior as she joined co-stars Liam Hemsworth, Elizabeth Banks and Natalie Dormer in London’s Leicester Square. She put a weekend of suffering from strep throat to discuss playing Katniss Everdeen for the third time. Even though her character leads a revolution in the futuristic action adventure, Lawrence said she is far from a dissident in real life. ‘I’m definitely not a rebel. I am a rule follower,’ she told Guilty Pleasures. ‘I get anxiety if I break rules,’ she laughed. The film is in cinemas from November 20.

Big Chris: Chris Hemsworth

Surprise gong: 30 Seconds To Mars

Sharon: Si and Cheryl’s act is genuinely fake

cLAssy JEnnifER’s ALL wHiTE On nigHT

Don’t Hideaway, RiRi, Kiesza needs you!

was the las out surrounded he enjoyed a night e former Gossip Th by a bevy of ladies. unt Boujis, west ha b le ce t hi , 29 r, Girl sta Candice and her London, with sister quarterback ys hubby, Dallas Cowbo rrounded by su s wa e ‘H o. Tony Rom witness told us. girls all evening,’ a ve room to ‘He didn’t even ha ured below) ict dance.’ Crawford (p rty tried to keep the pa going after they all staggered out at 3am.

BEYONCÉ k she showe illed two birds with o d while flau support for her hu ne stone as bby’s musi nting her k c iller curves. Ever the d a skintight oting wife, queen B e Z’s hit 99 P swimsuit with revise y, 33, rocked roblems. d lyrics to Jay Glaring into th e cam on full sho w, she ma era with her thigh g the cheeky de sure all ap my ass ain outfit that read: ‘99 eyes were on ’t one.’ Problems but

Tuesday, November 11, 2014 METRO HERALD

Mel just won’t let decision B

MEL B HAS vowed she’ll make sure axed Paul Akister will perform on The X Factor Live tour. The 39-year-old was livid that Louis Walsh failed to save Akister, 25, following a sing-off with Jay James Picton on Sunday night. ‘I’m going to speak to somebody about that. People want to hear Paul’s voice,’ Scary told Guilty Pleasures. Blasting judge Walsh, 62, for taking the decision to deadlock, she ranted: ‘I said: “I am so angry at you.” Louis told me to “shut up”. I won’t tell you what I said to him after that.’

10 METRO HERALD Tuesday, November 11, 2014


s h g i s f o e g d i Br by pETER wOODMAn THIS is the dizzying view that will have visitors to London’s Tower Bridge gasping, seen through a new glass floor on its overhead walkways. More than €1.3million has been spent on upgrading the landmark, which draws 600,000 tourists a year. The west walkway – 42m above the River Thames – reopened to the public yesterday. The east walkway will be unveiled on December 1. The bridge, which is celebrating its 120th anniversary, opens about 1,000 times a year to let boats through.

End of the road: A bridge lift seen through the new floor picture: getty

Bird’s eye: Cyclists crossing. Top, a visitor tries out the walkway pictures: pa

‘RussellBrandits’ in video known as... Parklife


visit www.celticlodge.ie

Russell BRAND has teamed up with the Rubberbandits to make a spoof video to the tune of Blur’s Parklife – in which he pokes fun at uK politicians. The funnyman had recently found himself mocked after many people thought his wordy rants sounded like the lines of the 1994 track. Many posted the phrase ‘Parklife’ after his messages on Twitter, as they compared his comments to the lines delivered by actor Phil Daniels in the song. Now Brand has responded by performing a short version of the track, for which he teamed up with limerick musical comedy act the Rubberbandits, using sections of the original Blur promo. Brand has been railing against the political system recently with a new book called Revolution and his parody contains reference to ex-eton pupils in positions of power and the inequalities of the class structure in the uK. And he explains that he is being mocked because his ideas are at odds with the way he speaks, by beginning the track: ‘Verbal dexterity plus estuary accent is what leads to parody of... (Parklife).’ Brand – currently on Amazon’s bestseller list – posted the video on YouTube yesterday.

Spoof: Russell Brand’s Parklife parody pokes fun at various UK politicians


Tuesday, November 11, 2014 METRO HERALD


Lucky: A propeller hangs out of the side of the plane

I was propellerly scared! by AnnA sLATER A PLANE passenger narrowly escaped death after being struck on the head by a propeller blade that sliced through the cabin in a crash landing. Christina Kurylo was aboard a Canadian flight from Calgary to Grand Prairie when it burst a tyre during take-off. The Jazz Aviation plane skidded along the runway, causing one of its propellers to snap off and spin through the air before it became lodged in the fuselage. Miraculously, window seat passenger Ms Kurylo suffered only a bump and bruising to her head. She was treated for concussion and will make

Crash: Investigators stiga rs (left) look over o the scene. Ms Kurylo (above) with friend Pictures: AP

a full recovery, her doctors said. ‘I could have died, you know,’ she told Global News. Recollecting the crash last Thursday, she added: ‘All

of a sudden, I got hit in the head. It’s bits and pieces for me after that. I am lucky to be alive.’ The propeller knocked off her

glasses and she was covered in plexiglass after it tore through the cabin, she said. Of the 75 passengers and crew

onboard, only four – including Ms Kurylo – were injured. All have since been released from hospital after receiving treatment.

TV ads ‘sexualise e-ciagrettes’ Anti-smoking campaigners have accused tV advertisements which show e-cigarette use for the first time of ‘sexualising’ vaping. the ads for ViP e-cigarettes, which feature a woman exhaling vapour, debuted in the Uk last night following a change in the law. But campaign groups have said the tobacco-free gadgets should not be

aimed at a general audience and questioned whether new advertising rules are fit for purpose. Deborah Arnott, chief executive of anti-smoking charity AsH, said: ‘Vaping is safer than smoking but it’s not harmless and e-cigarettes should only be promoted to smokers. ViP are clearly trying to create media controversy with these ads.’

Hungry commuters in bun fight IT’S not just a deep-fried Mars bar that can satisfy a sweet-toothed Scot. A bun fight broke out yesterday among hungry commuters craving a sugar rush after a doughnut giveaway turned sour. Passengers at Livingstone North in West Lothian were handed free boxes of Krispy Kremes but some, not realising they were being given away, missed out on the freebies and demanded fellow

travellers share the glazed goodness. One passenger said: ‘It caused quite a barney when people wouldn’t share them. One guy got very p***ed off at me and started shouting that whoever had a box should share them.’ Another tweeted: ‘Hairy moments on train at Livi this morning – people shouting at each other and scrapping for free doughnuts – a real bun fight.’

Get into the Christmas spirit with Aware on December 13th for our 10k & 5k run in the Phoenix Park, Dublin. Whether you’re a runner, jogger or stroller, everyone is welcome. Enter today at www.aware.ie

Saturday 13th December Phoenix Park, Dublin GET INVOLVED JOIN US ON

/AwareIreland @Aware

12 metro herald Tuesday, November 11, 2014


60 seconds Mailbox

like to make it a Christmas tour but it ends in mid-December. We only do it every two years now. With a recession going on you can’t expect people to buy tickets every year.

Are you working on a new album? Not really. We might

never make another album. I’m not sure there is now such a thing as a commercial album for a longestablished group – you just do songs and hope they’ll get used on an advert, in a film or on a TV show. For me the album format was a physical thing and you don’t have to do that now.

Spandau Ballet have just made a documentary – would you make one? I’d

Madonna’s Into The Groove and immediately the label scheduled it for the first single, so we didn’t do it.

chuffed any time anyone does one. Tony Christie did a version of Louise that was a stronger record than ours. Mandy smith did a cover of Don’t You Want Me – she was in the news at the time so I was hoping it would be a hit. I wanted Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers to do one. Marilyn Manson and shirley from Garbage recorded Don’t You Want Me but didn’t release it so I’m still hopeful for that.

Don’t You Want Me got back into the Top 20 this year – what was that like? It passed me

Rogers to do a cover of one of our songs

Are you pals with other 1980s acts? We’re in sheffield and most

of them live in London but we run into them from time to time. It’s fun when we’re on a bill with Bananarama. They’re nice and entertaining and I’m always happy when I see them walking into the hotel. We supported them in Manila a little while ago – they had more hits than us there.

Heaven 17 (formed in the 1980s by ex members of the Human League) have been performing Don’t You Want Me live – any thoughts? It

might be a bit weird to see that. We’ve thought of doing covers of other synth songs but shied away from it in case we ended up on the same bill as the original performers. We used to do a cover for each album but it got to the point where, if you mentioned it, the record company wanted to put it out as a single. We said we were going to do

GORILLA TACTICS: No, it’s not our editor on a Monday morning, this is one of the magnificent gorillas in Dublin Zoo, here looking dec decidedlyy unimpressed with Paul Garry’s prying camera

Have you got any favourite covers of your songs? I’m so

Treadaway is one of my favourite actors at the moment. I watched him in the TV series Penny Dreadful and he was the best one in it.

Facebook.com/ metroherald

@metrohnews #metromailbox

Quick pic

by because I don’t really believe in the charts any more. They no longer prefer to do a fictionalised musical. seem tied to people committing You wouldn’t have to change much themselves towards you. If people about our story to make it have to pay £1 from their work as a film. There pocket that means was that film about something. If they just glam, Velvet watch you on Goldmine – then so I really wanted Dolly YouTube, something like what? that about us Parton and Kenny You turned would be nice.

Who would play you? Harry

Text: ‘Mail’ to 53131*

*Please include a name and location. Emails with attachments cannot be received. Texts cost €0.30 per message + standard network charges. SP. Oxygen8 Communications, 4th Floor, Malt House North, Grand Canal Quay, D2. Customer service number 0818286606

Phil oakey, 59, is the lead singer with synth-pop heroes The Human League, who notched up hits in the 1980s with Don’t You Want Me and Mirror Man

You’re doing another winter tour – are you part of the festive experience? I hope so. I’d

Email: mail@metroherald.ie

down the chance of having your names put on the Sheffield Walk of Fame – why? They only asked

us in the second year they were doing it. In the first year, they asked people who’d had two hits then moved out of sheffield. We’ve stayed in sheffield, built a studio and employed local musicians and they’d forgotten about us – but fair enough. There are lot of people who talk about being sheffielders but who don’t have much to do with the city.

What’s the worst piece of career advice you’ve been given? ‘You need to put guitars on that record.’ It was a battle for the first three records. We were always being told you can’t make a record just using synthesizers.

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had? I was a hospital porter,

which had its bad aspects. I had to move dead bodies but I got used to it pretty quickly. One weekend the mortuary assistant couldn’t come in so I had to lay out a body because people were coming to look at it. I had to make the body look presentable. That was hard work.

andrew Williams www.thehumanleague.co.uk

Send your photos to pictures@ metroherald.ie with ‘Quick pic’ as the subject and we will print the best each day in the paper

aviva latecomers a pain for older fans


as anyone else in the aviva on saturday infuriated with all the late arrivals to the stadium? I went with my 77-year-old father and for him it was physically exhausting to stand up and sit down repeatedly while so-called ‘rugby supporters’ strolled in casually after kick-off (probably so as not to waste a drop of their pre-match pint) and insisted on squeezing past us into their seats. and then, once it appeared everyone had arrived, there were more streams of people going back and forth to the bars – mid-play – so more up and down for my elderly father, who just wanted to enjoy this exciting and fast-paced match. The IRFU should be closing the bars during play so as not to have

this continuous obstruction for older supporters, even if Guinness are the series sponsors. If you love your national team, get to your seat on time and stay there while our boys are battling on the field. But if you’re only coming to be seen or because it’s fashionable, stay at home and let a real supporter have your ticket. Sean ■ What’s with all the Love/Hate coverage in every newspaper? It’s a sad reflection of today’s media when a fictional character getting gunned down is front-page news. Oh, and stop publishing spoilers! Hate/Hate ■ I’ve recently been off the booze but when I went out for the first time the other day, it dawned on me that it’s now near impossible to get a pint for under a fiver. Now I

yeh big ride ● To Jessica’s sisters Rebecca and Michelle, yehs are both bleedin’ massive too! Maybe I’ll get an invite to the mammy’s for Sunday dinner? M ● To the positively beautiful barista in my regular coffee haunt. You know who you are. I don’t want to spill the beans... Skinny Latte ● To the dark-haired guy who gets on at Skerries in your blue coat – you are the man. The hot man... Secret Admirer

your rush-hour crush

remember why I gave it up... Ripped Off ■ Ireland beat south africa and already we’re talking about the World Cup! We really are unbelievable in this country. How many times have we been down this road before where one excellent sporting win cannot be taken in isolation and is instead built up to be certifiable proof that we are the best in the world. While we were certainly awesome on saturday in bringing down the No.2 team, the World Cup is a year away – a long time in a game that is seeing more and more injuries to high-profile players. We may have sean O’Brien and Cian Healy back by then but who knows who could be injured badly in the meantime? Rucker

good on ya

● I would like to say a big thank you to the person who found my annual travel card on the Dart and went to all the trouble to enable me to collect it at Pearse Station. Your kindness is much appreciated. Darina McDonald

random acts of kindness

in the know, on the go


Tuesday, November 11, 2014 METRO HERALD


Ski Valmorel It’ll warm up the whole family

Saturday Kitchen

James Martin reflects on his cooking nous

Holy cow! Orna Cunningham steaks out Beeftro

Glory be!

It’s Chiloé

Chile’s mystery island gives up her secrets – just beware the toy monkeys…


14 METRO HERALD Tuesday, November 11, 2014



A Saturday job


the extra space a book allows, the recipes come peppered with helpful tips and strategies for spending time in the kitchen more efficiently. Read through the method right to the end before you begin. Prepare the ingredients. Organise your kitchen and your equipment before the main event and you’ll be a better and more relaxed cook, whether you’re feeding your family or presenting your dishes live to the nation. As for store cupboard basics, these are so important for the home cook. At the top of our list is cold-pressed rapeseed oil, a deliciously nutty, creamy British oil with half the saturated fat of olive oil and a very high smoke point, so you can use it for roasting or frying. Fresh herbs and chillies are cheapest when grown from seed in a windowbox then used as and when needed. Spices are the easiest way to make food exciting – buy these whole then lightly roast and/or grind. Fill your cupboards with sea salt and black peppercorns, stock cubes, panko breadcrumbs, tinned tomatoes, dried pasta and shop-bought pastry. Deciding what to cook from Saturday Kitchen is the real big challenge. There’s just so much to choose from: modern classics to French, Italian, Indian and Chinese-inspired dishes. But the common theme is seasonality. It’s what excites the Saturday Kitchen brigade most.

ell, here we are. eight years have passed since I uttered my first few mumbled lines on a Saturday morning, live on the airwaves. None of us working on that first broadcast could have predicted what a massive success the show would become or how long it would run for. That is testament to the great team we have behind the camera, from pot washers, runners and directors to the whole production staff. Despite the 5am starts, every one of us remains passionate about the show. We have about eight minutes on the live show to demonstrate a stunning, tasty dish, so planning and coordination are key. Forget fancy gadgets, the studio kitchen has the same basic things you have at home – a fridge, a cooker, some quality pots and pans and obviously someone to do the cooking. The best chefs in the world cook at our hobs, and when I’m peeling, chopping or whisking for the likes of Michel Roux, Antonio Carluccio and Pierre Koffmann, my job feels like a dream come true. I don’t have to go to Michelin-starred restaurants to see what the top chefs are practising. I can watch their signature dishes cooked right in front of me and ask questions (and perfect new cooking methods) along the way. Now all these ideas and techniques are right in front of you, in this collection of our favourite seasonal dishes from the past couple of series. Taking advantage of

Saturday Kitchen Suppers (Orion) is out now


‘Pangritata, also known as “poor man’s Parmesan”, is breadcrumbs fried or toasted with garlic oil and herbs. It is a great way of adding flavour and crunch to your food at very little expense.’ ServeS 6 For the pangritata 2tbsp olive oil ♦ 1 lemon, zest and juice (reserve the juice for the tagliatelle) ♦ 1 garlic clove, finely chopped ♦ 2tsp finely chopped thyme leaves ♦ 2tbsp finely chopped flat-leaf parsley ♦ 1 red chilli, de-seeded and finely chopped ♦ 150g fresh breadcrumbs (any kind is fine) For the tagliatelle and asparagus 500g fresh egg tagliatelle ♦ 2tbsp olive oil ♦ 1 bunch of asparagus, trimmed ♦ 50g butter ♦ sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

Step 1 First make the pangritata.

with bars from the griddle pan, add the butter, a little of the pasta Put the olive oil into a hot frying water and lemon juice. Season pan. Add the lemon zest, garlic, with salt and pepper thyme, parsley, chilli and to taste. breadcrumbs and stir for a Step 4 To serve, couple of TIP remove the minutes until the Pangritata ca n b asparagus from e breadcrumbs are kept in the beautifully crisp and several days.fridge for the pan, cut into pieces and golden. big batch of Make a it a Step 2 Cook the n d use return to the it to jazz up se pan. Add the tagliatelle in salted a so n al greens, salad asparagus and boiling water until s, any simple p fish or juices to the pasta al dente. asta and toss until all Step 3 While it is dish. the pasta is coated. cooking, preheat a Add a couple of griddle pan and drizzle the tablespoons of the pangritata and olive oil over the asparagus. Add toss together. the asparagus and, once marked

keep mine simple with a light chocolate sponge and CHOCOLATE CHESTnuT yuLE LOg ‘Itraditional French rich chestnut and mascarpone filling.’ combined, then fold in the edges. Bake for 18-20mins ServeS 6-8 You’ll need a Step 2 Melt chocolate in

School Disco

Shared Party Nights


To coincide with the release of the new Saturday Kitchen book, series host James Martin reflects on the things he’s learned

f rom


Package Include: » Prosecco reception on arrival rson » Sumptuous five course banquet meal per pe » Christmas decorations & party novelties » “The Scene” Band will be rocking it old skool » Followed by DJ ‘til late » Late Bar ‘til 1.30am When booking use promo code December: Thurs 11th &18th Fri 5th, 12th & 19th. Sat 6th,13th & 20th

OCHMetro and receive a free bottle of Prosecco for your table!

www.ocallaghanhotels.com Events.dublin@ocallaghanhotels.com 8/10 Merrion Street Lower, Dublin 2

23x33cm Swiss roll tin

For the sponge 175g dark

chocolate, roughly chopped ♦ 6 eggs, separated ♦ 175g caster sugar ♦ 50g plain flour ♦ 2-3 tbsp icing sugar, for dusting For the filling 150g tin sweetened chestnut purée ♦ 150ml double cream, lightly whipped ♦ 50g mascarpone ♦ 75g cooked chestnuts, roughly chopped Step 1 Preheat oven to 180C/350F/Gas 4. Lightly grease Swiss roll tin and line with non-stick baking paper.

a bowl over a pan of simmering water (bowl must not touch the water). Whisk yolks and sugar in a large bowl until pale. Stir in the flour until combined, then stir in the melted chocolate. Step 3 Meanwhile, whisk the egg whites until stiff peaks form. Use a large metal spoon to gently fold spoonfuls of the whites into the chocolate mix until just combined. Do not overmix. Step 4 Spoon mixture into the prepared tin, spreading evenly to the

until cake has risen and springs back when a finger is pressed gently into it. Leave to cool for a few minutes. Step 5 Place a tea towel over cake with a board on top. Flip it over so cake is face down. Remove tin and peel off paper. Cover with another towel and make filling. Step 6 For the filling, mix chestnut purée, whipped cream and mascarpone until just

chopped chestnuts. Step 7 Using a palette knife or spatula, spread filling over sponge, leaving 2cm around the edge. Step 8 Starting at the cake’s longest side, gently roll up the sponge, as you would a Swiss roll, using towel as a guide. Keep first roll tight so you get a good spiral. Transfer to a serving tray and decorate with a dusting of icing sugar and bark.



Tuesday, November 11, 2014 ME METRO HERALD

STEAK your claim HHHII Beeftro puts a new slant on the steakhouse, but it

has a couple of teething problems, finds Orna Cunningham


There’s no need to worry, though. ITTING in Beeftro, I’m To begin, we overestimate our own reminded of Jay Rayner’s capacities and order two starters – hilarious Guardian review hot chicken wings (a good gauge of of London’s Beast last a place) and chorizo bread in roasted month, in which he called the restaurant the incarnation of ‘the cheese, a little like a miniature loaf in a fondue. While a little low on unmitigated male ego’. chorizo, the latter is elastic, crunchy, However, what the heavy-handed and – covered in melting cheese – English eatery overdoes in its very bad for you indeed. masculine posturing, Beeftro We order a carafe of Tempranillo achieves with subtlety. This is a and I opt for a special, the steak boys’ restaurant, as designed by the Benedict, with garlic mushrooms on girls. It’s all dark wood and gleamthe side. The waitress is initially ing white tile, expansive space, dim confused when I inquire as to what red bulbs casting a romantic glow kind of steak it is under all that over the counter and dark red egg, but I’m quite happy to leather couches, thoughthear it’s a rump, which I fully evoking the vy on a request blue. My rawness of blue steak. e h o o It is t a – companion, a bigThis particular n o the carb ity chunk-of-meat fan, Beeftro is the second major p he chooses the filet in Dublin, the t mignon, medium original at home in because rbled ma cooked, which comes Dundrum. We escape inside is ction with chips, and we order the rain on Balfe perfe a truffle oil mash. Street and duck into the When our steaks arrive, they calm on a Saturday are alone on the plate, no decoration lunchtime. The smiling hostess needed. However, mine is bereft of greets us with a little sincere banter, its egg and sauce topping. I’m before we settle into deep leather seats. Only open two and a half weeks, the interior gleams like a new penny. Beeftro’s no bistro, though. It’s a steakhouse, and the menu claims ‘there is no best meat in the world’ and they ‘do things differently by offering a selection of cuts that are as delicious and as tender as the traditional ones’. I wonder is this shorthand for ‘we’re going to serve Red raw: The you cheap meat and charge you for leather couches our “philosophy”’.


Herby Crusted Chicken •Servings: 4 •Preparation ion time: 10 minutes •Cooking ooking time: 25-30 minutes

Ingredients •1 Knorr Mixed Herb Flavour Pot •4 level tablespoons breadcrumbs •4 level tablespoons Parmesan

cheese, grated •4 skinless chicken breasts •4 sprigs tomatoes on the vine •1-2 tablespoons oil Method •Pre-heat the oven to •Pre-hea 170° C //160° C fan/ Gas mark 4. •Blend the Knorr Flavour Pot, Fla breadcrumbs and br cheese ttogether to form a rough crumble. •Place the chicken •Plac breasts on a gr greased baking tr tray, pile the herb crumble ev evenly over the breasts. Place tomatoes on

confused, but it seems our waitress is too. Gesturing to the specials she realises what I want and races away to the kitchen with my steak. My companion tucks in, but he’s not thrilled. His filet is indeed chargrilled, and the inside perhaps a little bloodier than I would consider a medium to be, but the chef has erred on the side of char in this instance. I agree that it is too heavy on the carbon – a major pity, because the inside is marbled perfection. My steak arrives back quickly and I immediately realise why – my egg is not poached, but rather fried, and crispy around the edges, a personal bugbear of mine and the first time I’ve seen an eggs Benedict served this way. I’m reluctant to approach the waitress about the same dish again, however, and I tuck in. The steak is good, with good bite,

the tray and drizzle with oil and bake for 25-30 minutes , or until cooked through. •Serve with the roasted tomatoes , and potato wedges.

blue as I requested but not stringy or chewy. I nick a few chips from my pal, who is polishing off his filet


despite his protestations and revel in their oilsoaked, salty crunch. I also devour the garlic mushrooms, presented in a small cast iron pan, and the truffle oil mash, a heavily flavoured pot of blitzed potato, swimming with oil and a sliver of the precious mushroom on top. For dessert, we share a raspberry, lime marshmallow and chocolate sundae. The marshmallow is homemade, the raspberry frozen and the chocolate warm and dripping. Beeftro is new, and you can tell – there are teething problems to be sorted out. The phone number on the website is only for the Dundrum restaurant and the staff are a little panicky when problems arise – and we eat on a very quiet day. However, they are only teething problems – and Beeftro will no doubt soon enter the pantheon of city centre steakhouses. Now is a good time to get in before the buzz hits, too – and this week all meals are 20 per cent off to celebrate the restaurant’s opening. Beeftro, Balfe Street, Dublin 2, 01-677 9377, beeftrodublin.com

esday, November 11, 2014 16 METRO HERALD Tuesday,


S ’ T H G I N TO

V T 0 1 P TO



Music In The Air Taking a look at classical music on the box

The Missing James Nesbitt is on the hunt for or his sson

1. The Missing

BBC1, 9pm If, like us, you’ve watched much of this superb drama through your fingers – either because it’s too tense or too damn sad – then prepare yourself as a new lead forces the Hugheses to reconsider their relationship and Ian (Ken Stott) is still up to what we can only assume is no good. The biggest mystery, though, is how this sprang from the brains behind deservedly forgotten comedies like Honest and Roman’s Empire.

2. Music In The Air Sky Arts 2, 6.45pm

Live music on television can be a mixed bag but classical music buffs have few options these days. Sky Arts 2, as the de facto home for the genre, examines 50 years of the classical on the small screen, from Leonard Bernstein’s lectures to Live From The Met.

3 Elementary Lucy Liu is back as Watson to Jonny Lee Miller’s Holmes

The Nation’s Favourite Queen Song What would you vote for?

3. Elementary

Sky Living, 9pm

Forever doomed to toil in the shadow of Sherlock, this series is great fun in its own right thanks to its sacrilegious attitude towards the Conan Doyle canon and sparky interplay between Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu. As the third series begins, Holmes (Miller) returns from the UK estranged from Watson (Liu) and with a new sidekick in tow (Mr Sloane’s Ophelia Lovibond).

4. The Nation’s Favourite Queen Song

UTV, 9pm Bohemian Rhapsody? Don’t Stop Me Now? The Invisible Man? If you’re in any doubt about the genius behind these songs (or two of them, anyway), think how good they – and plenty of other Queen hits – still sound after repeated massacres on talent shows and West End stages. Matt Lucas counts down the best while the band members tell the stories.

5. Penelope Keith’s Hidden Villages More4, 9pm

No one would mistake Penelope Keith for Bruce Parry but this threeparter is still a perfectly amiable travelogue, sending the erstwhile


5 Penelope Keith’s Hidden Villages East Anglia is first up

YOUR GUIDE TO THIS EVENING’S ESSENTIAL VIEWING Margot to explore the ossifying traditions of village life. She starts among the thatched cottages and wheelbarrow displays of East Anglia.

6. Imagine… The Divine Miss M

BBC1, 11.05pm Bette Midler overwhelms Alan Yentob with sheer force of personality in this grandly entertaining profile, following La Midler’s tumultuously showbiz rise from canning pineapples in Honolulu to knocking ’em dead in Vegas. She can fly higher than an eagle, you know, and if you don’t believe us,

stay tuned for a typically brassy live show which follows at 11.55pm.

7. Homeland

RTÉ2, 9.30pm The espionage factor is turned up to 11 this week as Carrie (Claire Danes) challenges a resentful Fara (Nazanin Boniadi) to show more commitment to their work and puts her operation in motion – but as events reach a crucial point, there is a shock in store.

8. Hotel In The Clouds

UTV, 8pm If you’ve got €24,000 of loose

change jangling around in your pockets, you might want to spend a night at the Shard’s Shangri-La Hotel. This fly-on-the-wall documentary follows some of the inexperienced staff getting on-thejob training in how to run a five-star hotel in London’s tallest building.

9. Bad Robots

E4, 10pm Michael Gambon’s had some rum gigs over the years but voicing an irritable robot may just take the biscuit in this silly new take on the hidden-camera prank show, as technology is ungrateful enough to

turn on unwitting members of the human race.

10. Today’s Film: Series 7: The Contenders

Film4, 1.40am Slotting neatly into the lineage of movies like The Running Man and The Hunger Games, this 2001 satire directed by Daniel Minahan rode the reality show boom to depict six TV show contestants in a game of kill or be killed. It’s a bit rough and ready but has a certain B-movie charm. Stars Brooke Smith, Glenn Fitzgerald and Marylouise Burke



Tuesday, November 11, 2014 METRO HERALD

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Consoles in disguise

These Transformers are likely to blow the fragile minds of fan boys everywhere, says James Day


CAn genuinely look back on that day in the school holidays when a courier arrived on my doorstep with a Sega Mega Drive as one of the most magical of my life. Thanks, mum. Given that I was also a huge Transformers cartoon fan, had these two bad boys been on sale at the time, there’s a good chance it would have blown my fragile little mind. Introducing Optimus Prime PlayStation and Mega Drive Megatron – retro consoles that transform into your very own Autobot and Decepticon. The creations from Japanese toy maker Takara Tomy are part of the 30th-anniversary celebrations for the cult cartoon. Unfortunately, neither are fully working consoles, despite both coming complete with controllers, a memory card with Prime, and a

snApsHOT Transformers that turn into retro games machines might be the coolest toys ever

Sonic the hedgehog cartridge with Megatron, but we’re still sold nonetheless. Japanese retailers have both 19cm-high toys priced at ¥10,000, that’s around €70, and we’re hopeful they’ll be here for Christmas, with hobbyLink Japan advertising november 30 as a release date. The 30th anniversary of hasbro’s comic creation has sparked a number of limited-edition collectors items, but for sheer originality we haven’t found anything to rival these two… or have we? Takara Tomy has somehow managed to go one step further by building a 4ft-tall fully working Transformer with the help of a robotics company. Project J-Deite Quarter is a small-scale Transformer humanoid, and the first step to building an 8ft-tall version by 2016 and a full-size 16ft finished product by 2020. Stick some artificial intelligence in there and we may have to call on he-Man.


blasts from the past: fans will be thrilled with these 30thanniversary Transformers, which doubleup as classic gaming consoles

Timeless classic or an all-new ball game? The big release fooTball Manager 2015 (PC/Mac) The Football Manager games are the industry’s iPhones. They’re always released with updates, tweaks and an occasional feature or two rather than something altogether new. And, much like Apple’s devices, they are revered by fans, who would buy each upgrade without really caring about any similarities. But this year, developer Sports Interactive has overhauled the game

and offered far more of a leap forward than usual. Football Manager 2015 has been rebuilt with a new, fancy user interface (UI) that makes finding the right statistics at the right time so simple, you wonder why it’s taken so many generations to get to this point. Yes, the Football Manager games are effectively made up of screens and screens of stats and numbers, but they don’t have to look like spreadsheets. And making the UI more intuitive helps the budding manager get on with the task of choosing the right team, tactics and strategies.

Halo: THe MasTer CHief ColleCTion (X0) With a new generation of games consoles comes a new generation of gamers, and we’ve already seen the re-release of several titles glammed-up just for them. PlayStation 4 had The Last Of Us: Remastered and now the Xbox One gets a new-gen version of Halo. Or, more accurately, all of the Halos featuring central character Master Chief. Halos one to four have been reworked to suit the enhanced graphics capabilities of Microsoft’s latest machine and they look superb.


step up: animations are more realistic There are some spectacular new features too, with added personalisation options that help you craft the type of manager you want to be. During the match you can also get

Completing the collection and reinforcing its outstanding value is the Ridley ScottHalo: timely facelift produced Halo: Nightfall TV series, and an invite to the multiplayer beta of Halo 5: Guardians. Tasty. RH

more involved, with the ability to shout touchline commands to individual players. And the 3D match graphics have been completely rejigged with new animations for all players, including the goalkeepers, new stadium and fan sprites, and new ball physics that aid realism. Countless other add-ons have been introduced too and the end result is that FM 2015 feels like the most expansive and realistic simulation about the beautiful game yet. Football Manager can be a lifestealer and, yeah, you might lose a friend or two in the process, but can any of them reward you with european and domestic cup glory? Thought not. Rik Henderson

android Wear is Google’s first smartwatch operating system based, of course, on the hugely successful android smartphone platform. To get involved all you’ll need is an android Wear smartwatch – there are currently six to choose from – and an android smartphone. Your android Wear experience will be the same no matter what smartwatch you decide to slap on your wrist, and your chosen techtimepiece will work with any android handset. You’ll have several pre-selected watch faces to choose from – some swanky, some not so swanky – and it’s as easy as pressing and holding the display to scroll through them. Notifications and Google Now play a big part of the android Wear experience, too. You’ll be notified of incoming texts, Whatsapp messages, tweets you’re mentioned in, Facebook updates, emails and more. You can manage the notifications on your smartphone’s companion app and you can even blacklist app notifications on your smartwatch itself. a great deal of android Wear is driven by you saying, ‘OK, Google’, followed by an instruction. ‘Remind me… take a note… send a text… navigate to’, that sort of thing. There’s no phone-call option yet, although you can answer calls from your watch and dictate messages to send without taking your phone out of your pocket. Like android on your phone, there is plenty of app action on offer, including Google Maps, Runtastic and endomondo. paul Lamkin, editor of Wareable. com



features@metroherald.ie to advertise, call 01 7055010

Valmorel my belle Valmorel was named the ‘most improved family resort’ in the World Snow Awards 2014. Lara Dunn reveals its many charms


he last time I travelled the switchback roads up to the village of Valmorel I was just 18 – more years ago than I care to admit – and I was more than a little nervous about the prospect of three months working in a ski resort. I’m sure it would have been marginally less nerve-wracking if I’d actually been able to ski or speak passable French at the time. Now I’m back to see what’s changed in the two decades since I was a chalet girl. And it’s a very different story. The title of ‘most improved family resort’ is a biggie, and while as a Night youth I’d meander my way through delights: deligh Valmorel to my humble lodgings, this Crowds fill the time I’m staying at the hotel du Rue du Bourg Bourg. Renovated only last season, in the centre this 52-room hotel (from €108 per of Valmorel person per night, hoteldubourg.com) blends a relaxed and homely feel with a friendly live music bar serving ex- apartments with one to three bedcellent Belgian beers, an inrooms and a great fusion of house spa and quirky detraditional local archisign details such as tecture and modern moose heads decoratdesign based on ing the walls. It’ss in stone walls and the heart of the villots of wood. Valmorel makes the lage, a five-minute The 34-apartwalk from the best of every flake of its ment resimain chairlifts snow thanks to its dence has a and a few paces proximity to the high fully kittedfrom the Télémountain pass of Col de la out spa, a covbourg cable car. Madeleine and the barrier ered car park, Close by is the formed by the Lauzière ski lockers, newly opened fourmountain range heated ski racks star CGh Résidence and even ev a breakfast La Grange aux Fées (from delivery service. That €245 for seven nights, cghmakes a change from the residences.co.uk), a collection of 18-year-old me being the one giving luxury ski-in, ski-out self-catering out the menus…


Out on the slopes, I can see why this has ‘family-friendly’ written all over it. Despite its relatively modest altitude (1,215m-2,550m), Valmorel makes the best of every flake of its snow thanks to its proximity to the high mountain pass of Col de la Madeleine and the barrier formed by the Lauzière mountain range, meaning it experiences around 15 per cent more snow cover than other resorts at similar altitudes. The result is 165km of piste for families, novices and intermediate skiers looking for lots of engaging runs that link together beautifully. It’s here I’m treated to a blast from the past: my guide Fred, responsible for a great deal of the logistical running of the resort, originally taught me to ski all those years ago. Valmorel offers plenty to non-skiers and youngsters too, with a multiple sledge ‘snake-gliss’ (that’s sledging cong conga-style) descent from the Pierrafort cable car. For me, though, the highlight of my stay was a descent of the Col de la Madeleine by dog sled. The They’re predominantly rescue dogs and seem to love every minute of the incredibly scenic journey down this iconic mountain pass – best known as a fixture of the Tour de France – before finishing in the ski area of St François Longchamp. I may not be 18 again but now, at least, I am old and wise enough to enjo all the pleasures the resort has enjoy of to offer, rather than just its bars.

sa savoie-mont-blanc.com

Wheelie great: The Tour de France route through the Col de la Madeleine

GE GETTING THERE: Crystal Ski Holida offers all-inclusive packages Holidays to Valmorel www.crystalski.ie. www.valmorel.com

Slope off: The Lauzière mountain range (above) and Valmorel’s Hotel du Bourg (right)

how it was & how it is VALMOREL THEN...

■ Plenty of self-catering and private apartments ■ A handful of hotels ■ Skiing and the beginnings of snowboarding ■ Fluorescent all-in-ones ■ Moon boots


■ Trendy selfcatering apartments

and Club Med ■ Skiing, snowboarding, dog sledding and snake-gliss ■ Après-ski mountain biking – real mountain biking on the Crève-Coeur piste ■ Stylish separates, musthave helmets ■ Hi-tech PrimaLoft snow boots


18 METRO HERALD Tuesday, November 11, 2014



Tuesday, November 11, 2014 METRO HERALD

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Sea legs: left, Chiloé’s traditional stilt houses built over the water; and (right, from top) local schoolchildren, a craft shop and kayaking on the calm waters of the archipelago

Wet, wild and…


elieve the myths about Chiloé and you are likely to meet a choice of revolting creatures while you’re on the island. But which one first? The flying hag who vomits her intestines? The sexually ravenous old lady whose breath kills woodland animals? Or the dreaded Trauco, a foul-smelling gnome who gives young virgins erotic dreams, occasionally impregnating them too? Nope, it was 25 threadbare toy monkeys dangling from trees that truly terrified me. The shabby simians are the ‘interactive’ element of Parque ecológico y Mitológico de Chiloé (you press their tummies to emit screeching sounds), which is either the world’s most pathetic theme park or its best, depending on your fondness for being scared. Until recently the only way to reach Chiloé, an island off Chile’s

(whisper it) weird

collected: rusty old irons, ovens, radios, even her wedding shoes from 55 years ago. After our tour, she serves home-baked biscuits in her kitchen. Despite not knowing each other’s languages, we get along like a casa on fire, and are soon looking into Chilean adoption procedures. Back on the boat, i eat freshly harvested choro zapatos – ‘big-as-ashoe mussels’ – donating a 30-yearold specimen to the skipper because exploring the Chiloé Archipelago. it’s weird eating something in While the vessel bobs along, the the same age bracket as yourself. snow-crested Andes loom on one indeed, Chilote cuisine is as side, while penguins otherworldly as its citizens. dive-bomb -bomb on the other. At Yumbel market mark in The boat usually alights Castro (Chiloé’s second at Tenaún, naún, knocking city) you’ll you’ see on the door of a purple potatoes, es fli Air France local woman, who fist-sized ‘elephant from Dublin to fetches keys to the garlic’ and ga nearby iglesia, one ‘Jurassic rhubarb’ Santiago via Parisl . of Chiloé’s 14 alongside Chilean nationa Unesco-listed homemade chicha carrier LAN flies from ulli (cider) sold in wooden churches. Santiago to Mocop She then serves used Pepsi bottles. (Chiloé). nalca (Chilean Chiloé’s signature Chiloé’ rhubarb) pisco sours. dish is curanto, bestAnother stop is at isla appreciated after a soggy Mechuque. Trudging udging through boat ride. it is prepared by muddy, silent alleyways trailed by digging a hole in the ground, Chile’s national animal (the stray heating up stones, heaping on dog), it’s like stepping into a clams, cholgas (mussels – good for vanished world. like much of ‘sexual appetite’, according to our Chiloé, it is famed for its palafitos, guide), pork, chicken and potatoes, stilt houses built over water and then cooking. Served with Chilean daubed in jazzy colours. Only 500 wine, it’s delicious. Chilean meals people live on Mechuque but there often last three hours, begging the is a museum. At Museo Don Checo, question: why aren’t they fat? a sprightly septuagenarian called Ask a local and they’ll smirk, Berta greets you at her door with a muttering something about sexual slobbery granny kiss. Since her appetite. There could be some truth husband died, she’s crammed her to those tales of raunchy witches house with paraphernalia she’s and randy gnomes, after all.

Purple potatoes, pisco-sour-wielding old dears and a lecherous, smelly gnome – why the little-known Chilean island of Chiloé could be South America’s most magical place. By Christian Koch Patagonian coast, was by a 30minute ferry ride from the mainland. But a new airport now connects it to the country’s capital, Santiago. Wherever you’re travelling from you should be prepared for rain – there’s precipitation on Chiloé 230 days a year. When you arrive, locals excuse the drizzle by saying, ‘The island’s crying with happiness’. The only break from this fleece-donning inclemency is from December to

TRAvEL DEALs Of THE wEEk n Destination: Costa Rica. Price: €1,745pp + taxes. Details: 14 nights’ accommodation, return flights, tours and transfers. Travel dates: May 1–June 30, 2015, and September 1–October 31, 2015. Contact: Nuevomundo (01) 2412360, or email info@nuevomundo.ie. n Destination: Northern India cultural tour. Price: €2,390pp. Details: 15-day tour; accommodation as per the itinerary; daily breakfast; return flights to Delhi; transfers in a chauffeured air-conditioned vehicle; English speaking guide, taxes and charges. Contact: www.Gohop.ie, tel: (01) 2412389. n Destination: Lapland. Price: From €1,209 (adult), €999 (child). Details: Departs Dublin Dec 15 & 17 , two nights 3* accommodation. Flights, transfers and taxes; reindeer ride, husky rides, meals, ski suits and boots,


March; it’s also the best time to see Magellanic penguins off Chiloé’s Pacific-facing coast. The rain, which blesses Chiloé with misty, green landscapes, can be a good excuse for staying indoors all day guzzling head-spinning pisco sour cocktails, but it doesn’t prevent visitors from getting out and about. My luxurious lodge Tierra Chiloé is all-inclusive and offers a boat tour (including on-board champagne)

private meeting with Santa included. Contact: Sunway Holidays. tel: (01) 2311800. n Destination: Sailing Cuba – Havana to Havana. Price: €1,769pp (twin share); solo traveller from €2409pp. Details: Flights, accommodation, and sightseeing as per itinerary. Six nights aboard a 24m catamaran in southern Cuba. One night in Havana. Accom: Seven twin/double occupancy cabins, each with small bathroom including shower (six nts). Small group experience – max 14, avg 10. Contact: Sunway Holidays. tel: (01) 2311800. n Destination: Eastern Caribbean cruise. Price: €1,339pp. Ocean view upgrade from €60pp. Balcony from €115pp. Details: March 20, 2015; 1 night 3* accommodation + 8 night full-board cruise. Return flights ex. Dublin. Contact: American Holidays, tel: (01) 673 3894, www.americanholidays.com.

Getting there

20 METRO HERALD Tuesday, November 11, 2014



METROSCOPE by Patrick Arundell

NEMI by Lise

Aries Mar 21 – Apr 20

If you have a deadline to meet, the day can prove to be tense. The best way to make any major decisions is to trust your instincts, as the MercuryNeptune link suggests your thinking can be hazier than usual. For your forecast, call 15609 114 70

Taurus Apr 21 – May 21

Important interactions need careful handling, as talks may stumble, with both parties finding it hard to compromise. Yet, if you are open to unpick this you’ll find that such sticking points are much ado about nothing. For your forecast, call 15609 114 71

Gemini May 22 – Jun 21

METROKU Easy, Moderate and Challenging

Do you feel uneasy without knowing why? If so, today’s influences can provide some clues, as the Mars-Pluto link hints at a need to avoid impulsive purchases. Your desires can take a firm hold. Look to focus on those pleasures which are less materialistically based.

For your forecast, call 15609 114 76

scorpio Oct 24 – Nov 22

Has something been getting to you lately? If so, your feelings can be even closer to the surface as potent aspects reach a peak. It’s best to be patient with yourself, especially as the solution you’ve been seeking may be more obvious than you think. For your forecast, call 15609 114 77

sagittarius Nov 23 – Dec 21

There seems to be an ongoing conflict about whether you can justify any outlay. Mind, with an emotionally charged Cancer moon, this could prompt you to do it anyway. Is it another person who will tempt?

For your forecast, call 15609 114 72

For your forecast, call 15609 114 78

cancer Jun 22 – Jul 23

capricorn Dec 22 – Jan 20

For your forecast, call 15609 114 73

For your forecast, call 15609 114 79

If it feels that other people are laying down the rules, do your best to remain on good terms. And it’s not just a case of avoiding flak from others, but also of knowing how to deal with any creative blocks.

You’re likely to be powered up today and full of energy and drive, which might incline you to forget about others in your determination to reach a chosen goal. Someone may give you a gentle nudge about this.

Leo Jul 24 – Aug 23

Aquarius Jan 21 – Feb 19

You may sense a need for change and make yourself responsible for implementing it. As much as you might want to rebel, sticking to what you know you need to do can be the best option for now, at least.


around others, as certain people could be rather on edge today. As the Moon links with Mars, Pluto and Uranus, someone might react out of all proportion to an idea of yours.

For your forecast, call 15609 114 74

Virgo Aug 24 – Sep 23

A romantic relationship may sizzle with passion. Great if you both want the same things. If a new dalliance tempts and you feel drawn to this person, will you live in the moment and go for it, or will you be mindful of the consequences? For your forecast, call 15609 114 75

Libra Sep 24 – Oct 23

You’ll need to navigate carefully

While others are busy supporting you today, you could be your own worst enemy when it comes to promoting your ideas and getting ahead. In fact, it might seem like you’re sabotaging your best efforts. How? Well, this could be down to a lack of confidence. For your forecast, call 15609 114 80

Pisces Feb 20 – Mar 20

A persuasive person might want to rope you into a plan or scheme of theirs, even if you’re not really that interested. Be firm with them, especially if you have key plans that you’re keen to implement. Despite this, another proposal can capture your imagination. For your forecast, call 15609 114 81

Lead (7) Moist (5) Breach (3) Lying down (9) Deceive (11) Piercing (11) Antagonist (9) Aged (3) Lure (5) Versus (7)

DOWN 1 2 3 4 5 8 11 13 14 16 18 20

Fracture (5) Perform (3) Inactive (4) Riotous (9) Worthiness (7) Apex (6) Course (9) Powerful (6) Rally (7) Embrace (5) Brink (4) Strike (3)

Solutions to previous puzzle: Across: 7 Recrimination; 8 Distance; 9 Easy; 10 Lament; 12 Indeed; 14 Reform; 16 Relate; 18 Chic; 20 Taciturn; 22 Perpendicular. Down: 1 Dedicate; 2 Writhe; 3 Omen; 4 Inferior; 5 Attend; 6 Toss; 11 Tempting; 13 External; 15 Occupy; 17 Let out; 19 Heed; 21 Crib.

ENIGMA In the leg, this bony ridge Twixt knee and ankle forms a bridge. One more thing I should remark: The only bone you’re said to bark. WHO AM I? A singer and pianist, I was born in Essex in 1979. My debut album was Pointless Nostalgic. My album Twentysomething

was the fastest selling album in British jazz history. WHO, WHAT, WHERE & WHEN? WHO... was the son of Percival in Arthurian legend who inspired a Wagner opera? WHAT... sort of creature is a chacma? WHERE... is the most populous island in Western Samoa? WHEN... did the Easter Rising take place in Dublin?


6 7 9 10 12 15 17 19 21 22



Astrology calls cost 1.27 euros per min from a BT landline. Live Services cost 2.40 euros per minute. Calls from mobiles/other networks may cost more. Callers must be 18 or over to use this service and have the bill payers permission. For entertainment purposes only. All calls are recorded. PhonePayPlus regulated(ComReg in ROI) UK SP: StreamLive Ltd, NR7 0HR, 08700 234 567. ROI SP:Moveda, 1 Courtyard Business Park, Orchard Lane, Blackrock, Co Dublin, 0818 241 398

QUIZ ANSWERS: ENIGMA: Shin. WHO AM I? Jamie Cullum. WHO, WHAT, WHERE & WHEN? Lohengrin; A baboon; Upolu; 1916.


For a live one-to-one consultation with one of my gifted psychics, call 15809 113 68 or 1800 719 688 to book using credit card

rugby guinness autumn series


schmidt: O’Connell is ‘mana’ from heaven by DAnny HOgAn

Tuesday, November 11, 2014 METRO HERALD


f1 DEbRiEf Adam Hay-Nicholls from Sao Paulo @AdamHayNicholls Tw

abu double spells trouble for hamiltoN


ico RosbeRg reasserted himself in brazil by taking his first win since July’s german grand Prix and cut Lewis Hamilton’s lead to 17 points. There are still 50 to play for with Abu Dhabi’s finale offering double points but now the Mercedes duo have just one more chance to seize the drivers’ title. You can already feel the tension and we’re still several thousand miles away from the Yas Marina paddock. The question many in F1 are debating is whether Rosberg will be considered a worthy champion should he win it only by aid of this controversial first-time double points rule. He has only won five races to Hamilton’s ten. Under the normal points structure, Hamilton would be safe if Rosberg won the final round so long as he finished sixth or higher. However, under double points, Lewis needs to finish second in the

Joe scHMiDT cannot fathom the debt ireland owe lock Paul o’connell for continuing to clatter his body through Test skirmishes. ireland’s head coach hailed the 35-year-old’s cavalry-charge performance in saturday’s 2915 victory over the springboks in Dublin. Kiwi boss schmidt, at a loss to encapsulate his admiration for o’connell, settled on Maori term ‘mana’ – and there can be few higher honours a New Zealander bestows on a foreigner. With no one set translation, ‘mana’ can mean a force of nature, but commonly describes a person of great prestige and character. ‘He has an incredible amount of respect: a word that sums him up is that he’s just got “mana”,’ said schmidt. ‘He’s a guy who does not know how to give up, he prides himself on being as well prepared as he can be and he has massive respect within the group because of how he delivers. When he’s done, he delivers

1 Defeats for South Africa to a northern-hemisphere team since 2010 – as of Saturday

again. Not many guys have the mental capacity that Paul o’connell has. ‘There are a lot of guys who physically get into good shape, but he’s one of the most mentally tough players i’ve been involved with.’ o’connell and springboks talisman Victor Matfield spent the week’s build-up trading compliments before conniving to get the better of each other at the Aviva stadium. ireland and o’connell subdued south Africa’s maul enough to prove pivotal to victory, with Rhys Ruddock and Tommy bowe’s tries backed up by Johnny sexton’s 16-point boot. Matfield may have edged the lineout, but schmidt underscored his decision to select o’connell as captain by praising his tenacity. ‘Again, i’m sure other people have managed to do it, it’s just for us he’s probably a line in the sand,’ said schmidt. ‘i’m not sure myself how he does it, because i think i’d be crumpled and that would be at the start of the game.’ Neither men shied away from ireland’s desire for a southern scalp this autumn, to tee up the long grind to Rugby World cup 2015. ireland face georgia on sunday before closing

Back in business: Rosberg

what a mana: ireland captain Paul O’Connell receives attention during Saturday’s game picture: iNpho

with Australia. ex-Leinster and clermont coach schmidt admitted saturday’s triumph against the world’ No.2 team has set a new standard. ‘it’s probably a benchmark result for us,’ he said. ‘We are performance driven and our performance at times was superhuman; the amount of


‘Past performance guarantees nothing in the future and i think all Test players understand that. ‘The only thing that guarantees performance is the best preparation you can put yourself through and then hopefully that performance will be good enough to get the result.’

Strange stories from the world of sport

A win-wing situation SEATTlE SEAHAwKS mascot Taima wasn’t shy during the team’s victory over the New York giants. The augur hawk flew off into the stands, landing on one petrified punter’s head (right). But the story had a happy ending with the fan giving Taima a friendly stroke before she flew back to her handler.

times guys had to get up and make repeated tackles against such big strong carriers. ‘At the same time next week could be entirely different. it’s hard to say one Test will influence another. ‘if you look back four weeks ago, south Africa were superb against the All blacks.

it’s the autumn testes series wARNiNg: This item may contain nuts. Quite the uncharacteristic ballsup appeared on the BBC website’s rugby union section last weekend. wales and Scarlets lock Jake Ball was named as ‘Jake Ballsack’ on the welsh team-sheet for their autumn Test against Australia. Ball’s team-mate Jamie Roberts spotted the error and couldn’t resist pointing it out, tweeting: ‘Haha spot the error @BBCSport @BBCwalesSport ...i’ll give you a clue – he plays

second row for us!!’. A BBC Sport spokeswoman told walesonline.co.uk: ‘we are investigating how this error occurred and the piece was amended as soon as it was spotted. ‘we apologise for any offence that may have been caused.’ No need to say sorry. in fact, we welcome this creative approach – perhaps there’s even an audience for some fruity livetext action in future: ‘ireland’s Tommy Bow-nads offloads’ or ‘England’s Chris Knobshaw uses his soft hands’.

event of a Rosberg win in Abu Dhabi. given Mercedes have had 11 one-two finishes this year, of which Hamilton led eight, he is clearly the title favourite but car frailty has probably cost Lewis three wins and, therefore, i can only imagine the stress the 29-year-old is under going into this decisive finale. should Lewis DNF, Nico’s only got to finish fifth or higher and he’s champion. but in the end, each driver has the same chances and it’s the guy with the most points at the end of the season who gets the trophy. Rosberg has impressed on many occasions this year and, if he does finish Abu Dhabi on top, he deserves it. if he needed reminding, Hamilton learned the hard way in sao Paulo that a slip of concentration can result in a slide off the track which he did on lap 28. He’s said he thinks it cost him the win but i disagree. Rosberg was in control the whole race and dominated every session of the weekend. Rosberg has said the spin gives him hope. ‘it’s good to see, and i hope it’s slightly dented his confidence,’ said the german, candidly. ‘i need to win in Abu Dhabi and he needs to help me out.’

Felipe is no pit flop JoiNiNg the Silver Arrows on the podium was local boy Felipe Massa, which was wonderful to see. He had by far the loudest reception from the stands. Despite starting third the result was a welcome surprise for the Brazilian (pictured), having received a penalty for speeding in the pitlane and then making the mistake of attempting to pit at McLaren instead of Williams. Deputy team principal Claire Williams tried to stifle a laugh. Had it been the other way around and a McLaren had pitted at Williams, Ron Dennis’ reaction would have been icy.

22 METRO HERALD Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Berahino’s not going anywhere, says Peace West Brom chairman Jeremy Peace insists star striker saido Berahino is not for sale. Berahino has revealed his Champions League ambitions after being called up to the england squad for the first time. Manchester United, Chelsea, tottenham and Liverpool have all been linked with the 21-yearold (above) but Peace says he is in ‘preliminary talks’ over a new contract. In a statement, Peace said: ‘I wish to assure supporters saido Berahino will not be going anywhere in January or, I hope, next summer. ‘It is not in our minds at all to

Promise: Peace trade a footballer the club has worked so diligently to develop. ‘He is contracted to play for Albion until at least the summer of 2017 and we are happy to sit down with him and discuss extending that commitment on terms which recognise his continuing improvement. We have begun that process. ‘We are delighted this development has now taken him to the england senior squad. ‘However, it seems to have generated unwarranted and excitable speculation about his future – which I wish to stress remains very firmly aligned to this football club.’


We’re in fear of White Hart pain, says Adebayor eMMAnUeL AdeBAyor says tottenham’s players are so paralysed by fear at White Hart Lane because of the negative atmosphere generated by the fans they would rather play away. the togo international, speaking after sunday’s 2-1 home defeat against stoke, claimed the players were afraid to get on the ball but insisted boss Mauricio Pochettino was not to blame for the team’s poor form. spurs have also lost at home to West Brom, newcastle and Liverpool this season and are currently 12th in the Premier League. ‘Will it help playing away from home? to be honest, I think so,’ Adebayor said. ‘At least you know I am going to be having the majority of opposition fans booing me rather than our own fans booing me. ‘And I am not just talking about me, I am speaking on behalf of all the players. ‘I think it might be better to play away from home. When you are playing at home and your own fans start booing you after a few minutes, then it is harder. ‘When you are playing in front of your own crowd you want them to support you. ‘But now it is like going through a sad moment and your family not welcoming you home – that’s the worst thing ever because you have nowhere to go. ‘It’s hard for the players. It’s not their fault and it’s not the fans’ fault either because the


‘Will it help playing away from home? Yes, to be honest, I think so’ fans want to see a result, the fans want to see a response and things are not going our way at the moment.’ spurs have lost five league games already in the current campaign and have seven fewer points than they did under Andre Villas-Boas at the same stage last season. Villas-Boas was sacked in december last year but Adebayor insists Pochettino is not to blame for the club’s poor form. ‘obviously all

managers bring their own philosophies, the way they see football, the way they see games,’ Adebayor said. ‘But come on, this the third or fourth manager in two or three years, so we just have to stop it now being about the manager. ‘He’s a good manager and we just have to find a way so that we can try to understand what he wants to tell us and how he wants us to play, and put that on the pitch.’

McCarthy faces fitness race for Scots game rep of ireland

did you know?

Berahino has scored eight goals in 13 games for West Brom this season, making him the highest scoring Englishman in the Premier League

Under pressure: Spurs boss Pochettino

by gAvin BROWn

Concern: McCarthy has a hamstring complaint

EvErton midfielder James McCarthy will travel to Dublin to have his fitness assessed by the republic of Ireland’s medical team ahead of matches against Scotland and the United States. McCarthy, who turns 24 tomorrow, played the full 90 minutes of his side’s 1-1 draw at Sunderland on Sunday but came off the pitch complaining of a hamstring injury. He will undergo assessment on the problem when he joins up with the rest of a 27-man squad which has been selected for the Euro 2016 qualifier against Scotland on Friday and a friendly against the United States next week.

republic of Ireland manager Martin o’neill (right) has included Derby defender Cyrus Christie and Ipswich striker David McGoldrick after their eligibility documentation was finalised last week. the pair both qualify through having Irish grandparents. o’neill had initially named a provisional 35-strong squad last month but injuries have had an effect with some players having to withdraw. ‘Marc Wilson misses out due to a torn hamstring during Stoke’s win over tottenham yesterday,’ said a statement on the Football Association of Ireland’s website.

football premier league


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pictureS: Sportimage/pa

ade on...being called lazy

Central role: Oscar is enjoying life

‘For 13 years I’ve been a professional and I’ve had to deal with that. If I make a mistake it doesn’t mean I’m lazy, I will always try my best, but the funny thing in football is, when you score two goals everyone is like, “Wow, he’s back on form and back to his best”. But even when things aren’t going my way I am still trying the same.’

Another five years of Blues for Oscar

Per tells Gunners to take things seriously

Angry: Mertsesacker

Per Mertesacker says arsenal must heed the lessons of back-to-back collapses against anderlecht and swansea and start playing ‘serious football’ if they are to get their season back on track. the Gunners looked to have all three points in the bag at the Liberty stadium

on sunday after taking the lead through alexis sanchez. But late goals from Gylfi sigurdsson and Bafetimbi Gomis gave swansea a 2-1 victory and left arsene Wenger’s side with another hangover just days after they wasted a 3-0 lead against anderlecht. ‘We have to play serious football and

not lose the ball but they got us on the break, and that’s completely unbelievable,’ said Mertesacker. ‘We need to keep possession and be patient. that’s what I mean by serious football. We have to take the [international] break really seriously and work hard on these issues.’

Chelsea’s Brazilian midfielder Oscar has signed a new five-year deal at the club. The 23-year-old, who joined the Blues from Internacional in 2012, has played a key role for the Premier League leaders this term and has now committed his future to Stamford Bridge until 2019. ‘I am so happy because I love playing for Chelsea and living in England,’ said Oscar. ‘I have enjoyed playing here for two years, and now I have five more, so I am very happy.’ Since Jose Mourinho’s return to west London last summer Oscar has been earmarked for a pivotal role, with the Portuguese’s insistence he play the No.10 position seen as a major factor in Juan Mata’s exit to Manchester United. Oscar has repaid his manager’s faith, and that of Roberto Di Matteo who signed him, with a total of 27 goals in 126 appearances. He has also amassed 40 caps for Brazil since making his debut against Argentina in 2011 and has scored 11 times, including the only goal in the 7-1 humbling by Germany in last summer’s World Cup semi-final.


Chelsea goals so far this season for Oscar – he has 27 since his arrival at Stamford Bridge in July 2012


Spain check for Fab-rication Vincente Del Bosque is not taking Jose Mourinho’s word on cesc Fabregas’ fitness ahead of spain’s euro 2016 qualifier against Belarus on saturday. Blues boss Mourinho said it was ‘a gamble’ to play Fabregas (left) in the weekend win over liverpool because of hamstring problems. But spain coach Del Bosque said: ‘it’s not a lack of confidence in [chelsea’s] medical staff but after playing 95 minutes we’d like to examine him.’

3 Week lay-off facing Edin Dzeko after doctors with

the Bosnia national team confirmed the Manchester City striker has a ‘very serious’ calf injury.

Hearts’ defender Callum Paterson has been drafted into the Scotland squad to play Ireland at Celtic Park. The 20year-old uncapped rightback was brought in by Gordon Strachan after Phil Bardsley was injured

Balotelli’s chance

COACh Antonio Conte has urged Mario Balotelli to prove himself after his recall to the Italy side. ‘Mario has a chance to show what he can be,’ he said. ‘Should he not prove himself, it’ll be for a reason.’

Seasiders hit hard BLACkpOOL have accepted a fine of £30,000, half of which is suspended, after fielding an ineligible player, Donervon Daniels, against Millwall in August.

fixTuREs (7.45pm unless stated) Johnstone’s Paint Trophy Northern Section quarter-finals Bury v Tranmere.................................................................... Southern Section quarter-finals Bristol City v AFC Wimbledon .............................................. Crawley Town v Gillingham .................................................. Leyton Orient v Northampton..............................................


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Schmidt sings of Paul things bright and beautiful

Time to

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Feud: Keane in his role with Villa, and (inset) in happier times with Alex Ferguson

and make-up

Roy and Fergie should bury the hatchet, says O’Neill RePublic of ireland boss Martin O’Neill would like to see assistant Roy Keane reconcile with former manager Alex Ferguson. As a manager and captain combination at Manchester united, Ferguson and Keane were one of the most successful partnerships the game has seen, winning seven Premier leagues and a champions league together. Their relations have grown increasingly sour, though, with fallouts common since Keane – who is also assistant manager at Aston Villa – left Old Trafford in 2005. Their respective autobiographies also increased tensions, but O’Neill wants the two men to finally put their differences to bed. O’Neill said: ‘Manchester united have been incredibly successful and these men were two fundamental factors in this. ‘The manager’s obviously very important, having been able to oversee success for such a consid-


Appearances Keane made for Manchester United in a 12-year spell under legendary boss Ferguson

by sAM cOsTELLO erable amount of time. ‘To stay at any football club for such a length of time is incredible; to stay at a club like Manchester united that was demanding then sustaining such success is even more so. ‘Roy Keane was a vital cog in that. if you were to ask Sir Alex Ferguson, i’d bet one of the top three or four signings he made would be Roy Keane. And he signed some very fine players. ‘That’s how important Roy was to him. ‘The two of them were brilliant for each other over a number of years and i think that’s something that shouldn’t be forgotten over time. ‘People can have their arguments and who am i to step into anyone else’s argument, who am i to inter-

vene? i’m not [doing] that, but what i do maintain is that the two of them were magnificent for each other and from an outsider’s viewpoint it would be nice if at some stage or another they recognise that publicly. ‘i know that deep down they know they were superb for each other.’

Strachan calls for match focus instead of fan fury at Celtic Park MARK McGhee believes respect rather than rancour will dominate Scotland’s euro qualifier against Republic of ireland at celtic Park. Much of the attention will be on Aiden McGeady and James Mccarthy, two Scottish-born players who opted to play for the country of their grandparents. Scotland boss Gordon Strachan has no problem with the Tartan Army booing the duo as long as it is for footballing reasons, but former Scotland defender Gordon McQueen insists they deserve ‘a horrible reception’ for pledging their allegiance to ireland.

Assistant manager McGhee, however, does not believes the Scotland supporters will target McGeady and Mccarthy. Speaking at Scotland’s Mar hall training complex, where the Scots will prepare for the crucial Group D encounter with Martin O’Neill’s side, he said: ‘i can’t imagine that. i really can’t see that. ‘There are two groups of players and staff who know each other and who have a huge amount of respect for each other. i sat beside Martin

Scots free: (L-r) McCarthy and McGeady

O’Neill last week at brentford. ‘i think it has the makings of a hugely competitive game, but i think it is a game that will be played in the best spirit. ‘Anything else will be drowned out by the support that hopefully the Scotland fans give their own team, rather than wasting energy on anything else. ‘i know from european nights that the atmosphere that can be generated at Parkhead, like ibrox, is just sensational.

Scottish optimism continues to grow after taking four points from their first three fixtures, including a 2-2 draw with Poland in Warsaw in their last outing. however, McGhee admits their points tally is no more than expected as they welcome a buoyant irish side who have seven points from their opening three games and are behind group leaders Poland only on goal difference following a confidenceboosting 1-1 draw in Germany . ‘This game will go a long way to decide whether we qualify.’

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