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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


More than a city: Barcelona


‘I’m lIke RAIn mAn’

Courtney Love Life »p13

Super hit of Dublin stargazer

Grief: A relative faints as news of the death sentences is reported Picture: reuters

‘Butcher’ judge sentences 683 to death at mass trial

A JUDGE at a mass trial in Egypt has sentenced 683 people to death – including the Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Badie. The ruling follows the murder of a policeman and acts of violence linked to riots after president Mohammed Morsi was ousted last summer. Judge Said Youssef referred his

judgment to the Grand Mufti – the nation’s top Islamic official – for approval. A final decision will be issued in the Minya court in June. As the ruling was announced, female relatives of the defendants fainted and wailed as others cried out: ‘Why? This is unfair.’ One said: ‘This judge is a butcher.’

AN AMATEUR astronomer has celebrated his by eD cARTy latest celestial discovery from his back garden with with the naked eye, it’s about 100,000 times fainter,’ a cup of tea. Dave Grennan, 42, hit the jackpot in the heavens Mr Grennan said. The stargazer has written a specific computer proover his suburban Dublin home on Good Friday using a telescope he built himself which picked gramme to allow his telescopes to target certain galup a 170million-year-old dying sun 100 times the axies even if he is not in the shed. He then reviews hundreds of images with the naked eye. size of ours. ‘One of the misconceptions is that I’m out there in ‘It was 11 o’clock at night when I got the first look at this and by 1am I was fairly certain and at that the freezing cold and dark with a big coat on looktime of night there was nothing else for it but a ing through a telescope at the sky – most of the time, I’m inside watching TV.’ strong cup of tea,’ he said. When Mr Grennan made his second supernova ‘What excites me about this is the telescope – I built it myself, right down to the polishing of the discovery in 2012 he was contacted by Lomonosov Moscow State University which lenses.’ admitted its scientists had failed Mr Grennan, a 9-to-5 software to pick up on the discovery weeks developer, has discovered three earlier. supernovae or exploding stars Mr Grennan made the first disover four years from a shed at the covery of a supernova from Irish bottom of his garden in soil in 2010 and two years before Raheny. The latest discovery was that he discovered an asteroid confirmed by the International and named it after his late mothAstronomical Union which gave er, Catherine Griffin, who enit the unique name Supernova couraged his interest in the stars 2014as. when he was a boy. It was made in a galaxy which at Astronomy Ireland’s David this time of year appears beside Moore said: ‘He’s certainly Irethe constellation known to most land’s most prolific supernova people as the Plough. hunter.’ ‘You won’t see any trace of this Grennan: The hunt for supernova

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METRO HERALD Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Tuesday 29/04/14

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World Dance Day Feel the rhythm as the International Dance Council and UNECSO look to raise awareness and promote the use of dance in education

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Kevin Moran, footballer, 58; Daniel Day-Lewis, actor (pictured), 56; Michelle Pfeiffer, actress, 55; Andre Agassi, tennis player, 44; Uma Thurman, actress, 43; Kian Egan, singer, 34.

The solutions from 1 to 12 are all six-letter words ending with the letter D in the centre. Moving clockwise from 1, the letters in the outer circle will spell out the name of a British soap star. 1. Confused 2. Water nymph 3. Knocked slightly 4. Exotic bloom 5. Dozed briefly 6. Gave a sharp cry 7. Imitated


8. Ejected from office 9. Sluggish 10. Swollen 11. Did as ordered 12. Caught

Yesterday’s solution: Boris Yeltsin

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014 METRO HERALD

Shoes made out of metal and silver are guaranteed to last for 1,000 years

Totter on for centuries in steel-ettos

Heel-ing good: The steel shoes are comfy as well as tough, says designer Chris Shellis. But men will have to hope their date is a good dancer Pictures: caters

BREAKING a high heel has ruined many a night out. But this pair of stilettos should be going strong long after your dancing days are done. Made of stainless steel and solid silver, they come with a 1,000-year guarantee. Better still, you shouldn’t be hobbling home after the club because, despite appearances, they are designed

by nicOLE LE MARiE with comfort in mind. Each pair has silicone liners and uppers that flex away from the foot. ‘I know what women go through wearing heels,’ said maker Chris Shellis, from Birmingham. ‘They take them off and have bunions and

blisters everywhere. These shoes are comfy without compromising on looks.’ You’ll need €1,200 to foot the bill for the Borgezie Riviera shoes. But if tottering about in heels remains in vogue in 2114, the investment will have been worth it. ‘Women could hand them down to their granddaughters,’ said Mr Shellis.

Fifty years of skirt they all Quant-ed in swinging 60s IT’S short – but it’s been around for a long time. The miniskirt is celebrating its 50th birthday after taking the fashion world by storm in 1964. And its designer Mary Quant has admitted she ‘couldn’t have imagined’ it would still be worn by millions of women half a century on. She said: ‘It seemed then to be obvious, and so right. ‘I had myself in mind when I designed it. ‘I liked my skirts short

because I wanted to run and catch the bus to get to work. ‘It was that feeling of freedom and liberation.’ Quant – who named the skirt after her favourite car – began using shorter hemlines in the late 1950s. But she claimed her London customers should share the credit for her famous creation. ‘It was the girls on King’s Road who invented the mini,’ the 80-year-old said. ‘I was making clothes which let you run and

dance and we would make them the length the customer wanted. I wore them short and the customers said “shorter, shorter”.’ Jenny Lister, a curator at the Victoria and Albert Museum, said the skirts had been a powerful symbol. ‘Fashion then was led by older, wealthier women,’ she said. ‘It was tailoring and twin sets. With miniskirts, you see the switch to young women leading fashion.’

Maximum mini: Pattie boyd in London’s West End (above), and Judy Watson and Wendy Robinson in beach gear in 1968 (right) Pictures: Pa

METRO HERALD Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Gilmore brushes off call to step down

Trains halted by woman in jump threat TRAIN services in Dublin were halted yesterday morning after a woman ‘threatened to jump on to the line’ at Connolly Station. The female passenger was reportedly exhibiting dangerous behaviour towards herself. She appeared ‘to be threatening to jump on to the line’, said a spokesperson. Dublin Fire Brigade and Ambulance Service were called to the scene and all services were suspended for 20 minutes shortly after 10am, but the incident was quickly resolved. The woman was uninjured. Services between Pearse Station and Clontarf Road were affected for a short time.

Tram sex pest sought out Rihanna fans A CONVICTED sex offender who sexually assaulted two teenage girls on the Luas while they were travelling to a Rihanna concert has been given a four-year sentence with two years suspended. John Daly, 53, of Cabra Park, Phibsboro, was arrested three months later as he was about to board the tram at the O2 after a One Direction concert. He had been a suspect after gardaí viewed Luas CCTV footage when the then 13-yearold and 16-year-old girls had reported him in October 2011. Judge Mary Ellen Ring noted the accused would have known the concert would have attracted a young and mostly female audience.

Gilmore: Job to do

TÁNAISTE Eamon Gilmore yesterday shrugged off a call from Labour MEP Phil Prendergast for him to step down as party leader and was adamant he would lead Labour into the next general election. Mr Gilmore insisted he supported Ms Prendergast in her bid to retain her seat in the Ireland South constituency of the European Parliament elections and stressed that standing by each other was a core

Pressed on the issue, Mr Gilmore acknowledged it was not helpful to engage in what was essentially ‘a family row’ within weeks of an election. ‘I don’t think that is wise,’ Mr Gilmore said. ‘I have a job to do. I intend to complete that job. I intend to continue leading this party,’ he added while speaking in Athenry, Co Galway, at the opening of a HSE facility.

Months out of homes as fire damages sewage pipe by ORnA cunningHAM

RESIDENTS of a north Dublin apartment block face up to two months out of their homes after a fire described by gardaí as ‘maliciously’ started broke out in the underground car park of the complex. ‘Five or six’ blasts shook Richmond Hall in Fairview at around 4.30am yesterday morning when four cars and a motorbike were set alight. Residents were evacuated as 12 units of the fire brigade arrived on the scene to tackle huge plumes of black smoke emerging from a grate over the car park on street level as the blaze spread. Though no injuries were reported, extensive damage to sewage pipes in the car park resulted in flooding and meant residents of two buildings were forced to vacate the premises yesterday, with emergency accommodation provided in the nearby Regency Hotel. Engineers were at the scene last night to determine the extent of the damage and length of time residents would be out of their homes, but some were told they could face between six to eight weeks in temporary accommodation. Apartment dweller Eoin Ryan, 32, said he heard a number of blasts. ‘I heard maybe five or six loud bangs which sounded like cars exploding. But when I looked out the window I could see smoke billowing up from the vents.’ Another resident said it had earlier sounded like someone was trying to ram the car park’s secure gates in a vehicle. Gardaí are treating the area as a crime scene.

Are you self motivated? Do you have a ‘can do’ attitude but feel restrained by your current role?

Due to recent client wins and strong growth in recent months Careers Register is excited about expanding our teams. • Recruitment • Accounting • Insurance • Telecoms

Shady characters

Ireland assistant manager and dog lover Roy Keane is pictured with guide dog Roy to launch Irish Guide Dogs’ new Shades campaign. People are asked to wear their own shades on Friday

Call to publish water affordability study

recruitment consultants

We are seeking ambitious candidates with a proven track record in any of the following disciplines:

value of the Labour party. Mr Gilmore, asked if there would now be sanctions against Ms Prendergast, who had earlier insisted her call reflected the views of party members, said: ‘Look, I’m relaxed about it, sometimes people say things in the heat of an election campaign. ‘As far as I am concerned, she is the Labour Party candidate in Ireland South. I support her, the party supports her.’

Picture: conor mccabe

• Sales • Banking / Funds • Legal • Retail

For a confidential discussion, please send your CV to,

Erica Skelly | Manager - Financial Services 01 500 5906 | 086 387 0647 Careers Register is the Financial & Legal arm of Cpl Resources Plc. Our business is built by forging strong relationships and delivering an exceptional service to our candidates and clients and last year we placed over 22,000 people in jobs across our business.

THE Government has been accused of causing unnecessary unease in the public for its failure to publish the ESRI research on water affordability. In a letter to Environment Minister Phil Hogan, the Society of St Vincent de Paul’s national president Geoff Meagher said

the concerns of low-income groups and people with medical conditions had been ‘left to last’ when the department commissioned the research. The SVP said the consultation process and the press analysis based on leaks and counter leaks had added to the public distrust

in relation to water charges. Mr Meagher said the SVP was being asked to give its views on consultation documents relating to Irish Water but that it needed ‘adequate information on tariffs, affordability measures and allowances and the reasoning and research behind them’.

Lawyer denies Anglo all-clear A FORMER lawyer for Anglo Irish Bank has denied giving the all-clear to a €450million loans-for-shares deal involving the bank’s stock. Robert Heron, who advised the now defunct lender in 2008 on a plan to unwind a 29 per cent shareholding which threatened the bank’s standing on world markets, said he had been

unaware a hand-picked group of clients were being lent money for the trade. He told a sentencing hearing of former Anglo directors Pat Whelan and Willie McAteer – found guilty before Easter over some of the loans – that he did not advise bankers that the plot did not breach company law. The hearing will finish today.

Heron: Advice


Tuesday, April 29, 2014 METRO HERALD

TCD team find autism and schizophrenia gene link

by DAviD kEARns

Tech firm to take on 40 new staff JOBS Minister Richard Bruton announced 40 new roles with Irish technology company Diona as it opened its new global HQ at Lr Mount Street, Dublin 2. Diona, which employs more than 90 staff and had revenues of €6million in 2013, plans to hire 40 staff in software engineering, services and business support over the next 12 to 18 months. The company, which was founded in 2012 by Dublinborn Graham Stubbs, Anil Singaraju and John Polakowski, recently secured a €4m investment from the Ulster Bank Diageo venture fund.

‘Lack of surveyors could stall builders’

picture: Ap

IRISH researchers have made a breakthrough discovery of a link between the underlying cause for schizophrenia and autism which could lead to personalised gene treatments for both diseases. Researchers into schizophrenia at Trinity College and in the US found a striking connection between the disease and autism and other learning conditions. Prof Aiden Corvin, head of the Psychosis Research Group at Trinity College, told Metro Herald: ‘The study provides new insight into the causes of schizophrenia and proves that the mutations associated with schizophrenia, autism, and probably many other psychiatric disorders, most likely come about from the same “master” genes.’ Taking the research a step further, the team found the unrelated genes were responsible for the development of other genes commonly found in those suffering from schizophrenia and autism. ‘It’s like reading a book and finding the meaning and nature of a word changed because of the wrong letter inserted in the wrong place.’ said Prof Corvin, who said Irish people’s willingness to help with the study had made the find possible.

A NEW HOPE: Udomsak Ratanotayo and Suttinan Boonsomkiat wear stormtrooper costumes while donating blood at the Thai Red Cross in Bangkok. Thai Star Wars fans will donate blood and give toys at an orphanage as part of an awareness campaign

Win the 500,000th Leap Card plus a One4all Card loaded with €500 all this week

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SkILLS shortages are threatening the pace of recovery of Ireland’s construction sector, warned surveyors who said the lack of qualified graduates would stall the industry. The Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland (SCSI) has said there is likely to be a 25 per cent drop in graduates over the next few years. Blaming a very low number of CAO applications in recent years, the SCSI said there was likely to be almost 1,110 new positions in the next four years and up to 2,400 if economic recovery is faster than expected.

METRO HERALD Tuesday, April 29, 2014


60 seconds Joan Wasser, aka JOAn As POLicEwOMAn, has worked with everyone from Rufus Wainwright to Lou Reed. She returns to Dublin tomorrow with new album The Classic in tow

I believe you had a bit of an accident a few weeks ago?

Yeah I dislocated my knee. It’s a previous condition, but when it happens it really is not fun. We didn’t have to cancel any shows or anything, I just had to go to hospital, but I’m better now.

Holidays at home saw increase last year

NEW figures show Irish people are spending more holidaying at home than ever before. Quality, value, and good weather helped to push spending on domestic holidays up by more than seven per cent last year – fuelled mainly by significant

growth in the self-catering and camping sector. A new survey by the Central Statistics Office revealed that the number of domestic overnight trips taken in Ireland last year rose by 10.7 per cent compared to 2012, while the average length of

stay for domestic holidays increased by 6.3 per cent. All areas of the country experienced an increase in holiday trips during 2013, with traditional hotspots in the West and South doing particularly well and the South East a favourite.

The PR machine is telling me you are in the ‘best place’ of your life now and that the new album reflects this – it does seem to be much more upbeat – so what’s the reason? Ha – well, I wrote and

recorded three records which some people enjoyed, and on this one I going great – we are doing nine allowed myself to do exactly what I shows in Germany and then we get wanted. Of course it’s only one’s into Switzerland, Italy… that’s as self that holds you back, and there far ahead as I can think for now. are a lot of creative ways in which you can hold yourself back. So on What’s the reaction to the this record I made a conscious new material from album effort to follow an idea to the end The Classic? It’s really good. It’s without criticising myself, or been overwhelmingly positive, so critiquing. I can get two chords into that’s good for me. a song, or one line in, and I tell myself it’s not good or not what I When you tour on a new am supposed to be doing, whatever album, do you ever get that is. So I just tried to always anxious about how the new finish the idea I had. And what happens when I do that is that I get material will be received? used to singing whatever it is, and Sure, of course. I never know by the time I have finished until I know, right? it, it’s something I What do you do enjoy singing and I think maybe to get around someone else that? Do you There are a lot of might enjoy it burst straight creative ways in too. So I did that into the new consciously on which you can stuff or ease it this record. I had hold yourself back into the set? the confidence to Oh in the set it’s a do that this time. new material Does that onslaught. I just let them have it right from the confidence come from start, and that usually works. within or was there an external factor? I recorded three What have you been up to records I toured on and people for the last while? You came to the shows and liked them, haven’t been over to Ireland so that gave me confidence. When I in a while – there was a time put out my first record I didn’t know if anybody apart from my when we were nearly going family and friends would hear it. to just give you the keys to

How is the tour going? It’s

let yourself in, you were over so much? Writing and recording

the new album took a little bit, and then I wrote two other albums – a record with [ex-Japan frontman] David Sylvian, we have about half of that recorded, and one with a collaborator called Benjamin Davis – we made a project called 2001 and we are recording that as soon as I get home in May.

Why 2001? Well now, I know why but I’m not ready to divulge that just yet (laughs)… I also did a lot of performing all over the world. I did some touring with Lou Reed – I opened for him and sang in his band and that was incredible, life changing. I did a show at the Barbican, I wrote a track on Nina Persson’s new album… stop me when you are bored…

You always get a good reception when you play here. Are there any other places you are surprised by your popularity and the reception you get? I’m pretty

much shocked when I am anywhere and people show up. Honestly, not that I don’t think I am worth hearing, I am just so pleased people leave their houses to hear me play. I am extremely grateful for that. We are doing nine dates in Germany and they have all been packed. I mean, how does that happen? But I work really hard and sometimes it pays off.

Adam Hyland

Joan As Policewoman plays The Button Factory tomorrow. The Classic is out now.

Getting animated about fundraising Debbie Deegan of charity To Russia With Love and writer/director Damien O’Connor helped launch a unique online initiative by Brown Bag Films which presents a four-minute animated film charting 20 years in the life of a Russian orphan on PiCTuRe: BRyan BRoPhy

Bison bred at Fota sent back to the Romanian wilds n AN ESTIMATED 4,300 pigs have died in a blaze at a farm in the North. The ‘intense’ fire destroyed three sheds at premises in Bessbrook, Co Armagh, near the border. The Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service said: ‘Three sheds were totally destroyed in the blaze and unfortunately 800 sows and approximately 3,500 piglets died in the incident.’ Firefighters called to the blaze at Derrywilligan Road at about 5.40am on Saturday took seven hours to bring the fire under control. Five fire appliances were called as well as water tankers and a hydraulic platform.

HALf a dozen rare European bison by EMiLy BEAMEnT bred in captivity in Ireland and the UK have been sent to Romania to be Romania’s Carpathian Mountains. Sean McKeown, fota’s park direcreintroduced into the wild. European bison were driven to ex- tor, said: ‘It’s great to see two young tinction in the wild by the early 20th bison we have reared form part of this century as a result of hunting and de- important reintroduction programme for this species that was once extinct struction of their habitat. Captive breeding programmes in in the wild in Romania.’ The bison, monitored with radioEuropean zoos and reintroductions have led to a gradual increase in num- collars, will become part of a herd of bers, and the project in Romania aims European bison introduced to the park to establish a self-sustaining popula- from captive populations in Germany, Sweden and Switzerland. tion there. The move was carried out by the Asfree-ranging and semi-free herds have already been established in pinall foundation in association with the wildlife parks, Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, and in partnership Russia, Ukraine and Slovawith the Vanatori kia. Neamt Nature Park, The six female captivethe European Bison bred bison from fota Wildbreeding prolife Park, Cork, and two gramme and Eurowildlife parks in the UK pean Wilderness were transported to VanaSociety. tori Neamt Nature Park in Into the wild: Bison


Tuesday, April 29, 2014 METRO HERALD

METRO HERALD Tuesday, April 29, 2014

★★ ★ ★


Scripted? You must be having a Goggle


oggLEBox couple June and Leon Bernicoff have hit back at claims their loveable sound bites are being scripted on the hit Channel 4 show. The popular pair cleared the air after one cast member on the show, which features real-life families reacting to TV shows from their sofas, claimed some participants were told how to react and scenes were re-shot. ‘It’s been suggested that the show is scripted – believe me, if you knew Leon you’d know that just isn’t possible!’ insisted 75-year-old June, who has become a hit with viewers thanks to her squabbles with her cheeky hubby. ‘If they asked him to say something, he’d say the opposite,’ she adding, saying that no camera crew are in the lounge during the time of filming. Revealing the production process, she told the Radio Times: ‘I would

Banter: June and Leon Bernicoff say a minimum of 12 hours over two or three days. ‘The production crew come round and have a cup of tea, which is nice because we like having guests. ‘They set up the cameras and then leave the room. So they’re next door when we’re being filmed and it’s not intrusive at all.’ However, hubby Leon, 78, says it

wouldn’t hurt if his outrageous flirting with his wife of 54 years wass edited for the sake of their kids. ‘My daughter isn’t always pleased. She doesn’t like it when I’m rude. You know the one when I mentioned June’s knicks? She didn’t like that,’’ he said. But he does admit they can request TV bosses to edit him out of scenes if he crosses the line. ‘I sometimes say things… butt generally June gets them cut out if they upset her. She’ll say, “Don’t put that in”,’ he added. For now, though, he’s happy to give ve his two cents worth on his least favourite act on the box. ‘I can’t stand Ant and Dec. They’re re not song and dance men, they’re not comedians – they’ve done very well with no talent,’ he blasted. ‘Even I could do a better job. And Tess Daly…’

Read my finger: Jennifer Lawrence uses sign language to greet the cameras as she and lover Nicholas Hoult arrive in Paris. The 23-yearold X-Men star and Hoult, 24, had just got off the Eurostar when they were spotted. Lawrence showed her displeasure by hiding behind a newspaper and giving paparazzi the finger. She is thought to be filming The Hunger Games: Mockingjay in the city picture: splash


Tuesday, April 29, 2014 METRO HERALD

Tom Hardy is taking his role in the upcoming Elton John biopic Rocketman so seriously he’s resorted to wearing the singer’s old clothes. ‘When I play a real person, I like to have bits of them,’ Hardy, 36, said. ‘Since I can’t take physical body parts and sever those, I try and grab as much ‘‘kit’’ off them as possible.’

Was Bloom cosying up to Gomez?

Allen’s battle of the sexes Lily Allen claims she is unfairly targeted by feminists. But the singer insisted she would not tone down her shock tactics after mocking Beyoncé on stage at G-A-Y in her bra and knickers. ‘I do feel betrayed by my sex,’ the 28-year-old told Glamour. ‘People have got their own agendas these days. It’s obvious when it’s about ego and them wanting to sound clever. It’s sad. Exhausting. Your own sex, in the name of feminism, hitting you back down.’ See the full shoot in the June issue of Glamour, on sale Monday Picture: DAmon HeAtH

Mother’s verdict is in on George’s new girl Amal George Clooney’s mother has given her blessing to the woman who has broken millions of hearts. Nina Clooney said her 52-year-old son’s fiancée, British lawyer Amal Alamuddin (right), is a ‘lovely girl’. Mrs Clooney added: ‘You can say I’m extremely happy. I like her very much.’ She told MailOnline the brunette has both ‘brains and beauty’. Mrs Clooney and her husband Nick, 80, met the 36year-old when they accompanied the happy couple to a private White House screening of The Monuments Men in February.

Katy and riri make a scene Katy Perry and Rihanna refused to let a man come between them after they performed a ‘lesbian love scene’ during a 5am bender. The former BFF’s, who are said to have fallen out last year after RiRi got back with Chris Brown, appeared to have their friendship back on track as they celebrated their pal Walshy Fire’s birthday at 1Oak in New York City. Joined by Leonardo DiCaprio, 39, and the Roar

singer’s rumoured new squeeze DJ Diplo, 35, the pair gave guests an eyeful as they provocatively danced with each other. According to one eyewitness at the club, ‘Rihanna and Katy (were) doing a bump-and-grind dance together’ that was ‘one step away from a lesbian love scene’. Perry (pictured) was later seen ‘spraying her pals with bottles of Cristal,’ the New York Post reported.

Judging by Orlando Bloom’s reaction, he and Selena Gomez are more than just friends. As photographers busted the actor, 37, cosying up to Justin Bieber’s ex for a kerbside chat, he raised suspicions by dashing off. Bloom angered Gomez’s onoff lover by flirting with her in California in March. And, it

seems, they are at it again, as onlookers said they looked ‘in good spirits’ at the Chelsea Handler show in LA on Saturday. Bloom is going through an amicable divorce from model Miranda Kerr while Gomez, 21, is said to be on less friendly terms with Bieber.

10 METRO HERALD Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Audio clip reveals ferry nightmare A SOUND file recovered from the mobile phone of one of the child victims of the South Korean ferry disaster reveals they were asking if they were going to die. One voice can be heard shouting: ‘Mum, dad, dad, dad! What about my younger sibling?’ Almost 200 died when the vessel went down.


Prostitutes ‘made €8m for Air France sex traffickers’

A SENIOR Air France executive and his wife amassed an €8million fortune forcing prostitutes to have sex with up to five clients a day, it is alleged. Together with a third man, the couple now face up to 20 years in prison after being charged with offences including pimping and people trafficking. All are said to have flown women to

by AiDAn RADnEDgE Paris from Rio de Janeiro as they set up a lucrative but illegal sex business. Up to ten call-girls operated out of four upmarket apartments across the city, including one in the prestigious Rue de Rivoli. The workers were paid a pittance, and

the couple used their connections at Air France to get discount flights to Brazil to maintain a steady supply of women. Identified only as Alain D, 54, the executive is married to a Brazilian, Claudia, 51, who used her connections in her home country to find the ‘prettiest prostitutes available’. He worked at Charles de Gaulle, the main airport for Paris. The third man, identified as Jose W, aged 50, portrayed himself as a mystical guru who charged the women up to €500 a time to ‘cheer them up and help them regain confidence in themselves,’ according to a source who spoke to Le Parisien newspaper. The three were finally caught when one of the Brazilians filed a complaint about pimping and people trafficking. All have now been charged and are in custody at Fresnes prison near Paris, said a police source close to the case. He said the complainant arrived in Paris ‘as a student’ four years ago but was ‘forced by the couple’ to start having sex with up to five clients a day in the Rue de Rivoli flat. Advertisements for the prostitutes appeared online, and the charge for sex was about €150, meaning the women could generate about €7,500 a day. An Air France spokesman said the company currently had ‘no information’ about the case.

Amnesty call for Greece refugee rules GREECE must face legal action for putting refugees at risk by forcing them to return to Turkey, Amnesty International has said, adding that the practice is a violation of international law. ‘The treatment of refugees and migrants at Greece’s borders is deplorable,’ said Amnesty executive director Colm O’Gorman. ‘They have been stripped naked, had their possessions stolen, and held at gunpoint before being pushed back to Turkey.’ Amnesty is calling on the EU to start legal proceedings against Greece as it is unlawful to deny the possibility to request asylum. In January, 11 refugees, eight of them children, lost their lives when a fishing boat sank as it was being towed by Greek coastguards back to Turkey.

Guilty: Max Clifford leaves court with his daughter Louise in London yesterday

PR guru Clifford guilty of indecently assaulting girls VICTIMS of celebrity publicist Max Clifford said their faith in justice had been restored after he was convicted of sexually molesting them. One victim, who was 15 when the PR guru, who dismissed his accusers as ‘fantasists and opportunists’, began abusing her, told the BBC: ‘He was an opportunist. He saw a vulnerable person and took advantage of somebody who was a child. ‘To see him then go on to become very high profile, to speak openly

about other paedophiles and damn them and create a persona of a respectable high-profile man, who was lauded by the media, was sickening to say the least.’ Clifford is the first person arrested under Operation Yewtree, set up in the wake of the Jimmy Savile claims, to be convicted. The 71-year-old, from Surrey, was found guilty of eight charges, cleared of two others and one undecided. Clifford is due to be sentenced on Friday.


Tuesday, April 29, 2014 METRO HERALD

Mayor shot in back as police station seized

Devastation: At least 16 people have been killed by a half-mile wide tornado that ripped through Little Rock and Mayflower, Arkansas, on Sunday. Trailers and motorhomes were piled on top of each other, cars flipped over and houses wrenched off their foundations by the terrifying funnel cloud Picture: AP

Tramp who sleeps on a bed of ashes KEEPING warm at night is not a problem for homeless Ludvik Dolezal – because he sleeps buried in a pile of hot ash. But the downside to keeping out the cold has seen him being dubbed Europe’s dirtiest man. The 58-year-old is loath to have a wash because he is suffering from a psychological disorder which

makes him want to share his life with fire and ash. He spends his days burning whatever he can get his hands on, and every night crawls into a bed of warm embers to sleep. Explaining his bizarre lifestyle, Mr Dolezal said: ‘One day, I simply decided to quit my job, that was years ago. Since then, I’ve been staying here with the fire.’


He has burned his duvet and mattress to keep a fire going at his home, an abandoned farmhouse in the town of Novy Bydzov, in the Czech Republic. ‘I look like hell but people help me... they bring old tyres and I burn them,’ said Mr Dolezal. ‘I keep the fire going all day and at 7.30pm I go to sleep,’ he added.

THE mayor of Ukraine’s second city was shot in the back yesterday while pro-Russian insurgents seized control of more government buildings in the east of the troubled nation. Hennadiy Kernes, Kharkiv’s mayor since late 2010, was attacked as he cycled in the suburbs of the city and underwent surgery on a ‘very serious wound’ to his chest and abdomen. The 54-year-old’s office said he was recovering but his life was still in danger, while the hospital said he was in a ‘grave but stable’ condition. His friend and former Kharkiv governor, Mykhailo Dobkin, said his assailants wanted him dead to cause unrest in the relatively unscathed city. ‘If you want to know my opinion, they were shooting not at Kernes, but at Kharkiv,’ he said.

Great Fun, Fantastic Exercise, Meet New People!

We just can’t take the noise any mow GERMANy: A noisy lawnmower has landed warring neighbours in court. Gaby and Martin Neumann were friends with Hannah and Leon Moench until they bought the mower and ran it for nine hours a day in Neunkirchen Seelscheid, near Cologne. The din was measured at 62db by the Neumanns – the equivalent of a car driving around their home. ‘It is really annoying,’ Mrs Neumann told the high court, which ordered magistrates to settle the matter.

Non-contact Mixed teams

40 min games

9 Week league

Dublin Venues

Evening matches

Learn as you play 4 All shapes, sizes & sporting abiliites

pHILIppINEs: Activists try to tear down barbed wire near the presidential palace in Manila during a rally against a defence deal which would give US troops greater access to military bases Picture: AP

singer paul simon is arrested AMERIcA: Paul Simon and his wife, Edie Brickell, have been charged with disorderly conduct after they were involved in a ‘family dispute’. The couple were arrested in New Canaan on Saturday and released pending a court hearing on Monday, according to police in Connecticut. Simon (pictured), a 12-time Grammy winner, married 47-year-old Brickell in 1992.

and finally... GERMANy: Sweet fans will soon be able to tuck into the first ever blue gummy bears. Maker Haribo said: ‘We have avoided blue in offered products up until recently because it just looked much too artificial and not very appetising.’

Meanwhile, masked militia captured a city hall building and police station in the city of Kostyantynivka, 100 miles from the Russian border. After the seizure, about 15 armed men stood guard, with some handing out St George’s ribbons, the symbol of the pro-Russia movement. The latest events came as the US imposed sanctions on members of Russian president Vladimir Putin’s ‘inner circle’, including Igor Sechin, head of oil giant Rosneft, and Sergei Chemezov of the hi-tech company Rostec, in retaliation to ‘Russia’s continued illegal intervention in Ukraine’. However, the Kremlin continued to distance itself from the upheaval and hit out at Kiev’s ‘witch hunt’ of pro-Russia activists.


Missing flight hunt set to be expanded

AUsTRALIA: The submarine hunt for the missing flight MH370 is set to be expanded to include a huge area of the ocean floor, prime minister Tony Abbott announced yesterday. New equipment will be brought in to broaden the search started by the US Navy’s Bluefin 21 robotic sub. ‘It is highly unlikely at this stage that we will find any aircraft debris on the ocean surface. By this stage, 52 days into the search, most material would have become waterlogged and sunk,’ Mr Abbott said.


Summer is almost


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You need to be street smart whe shopping for chocs

ver easter, I bought three KitKat boxes and a Cadbury egg from a street vendor on Henry Street for €5. No problem there. Pretty soon, my two-year-old son was scraming for chocolates, so I opened one of the boxes. My wife and I were totally shocked to see the KitKat Chunky bar was already powdery white and dry. So I checked the expiration date on the box. It said December 2014 on the cleverly pasted white expiry label. But a closer look showed an official date underneath the fake white one. It took five minutes to carefully tear the fake label off the box to see the real date. voila, you’re not supposed to eat it – March 2013, and the same on the other two boxes and the egg. We got our money back from the woman. But in an eU country how is it possible for goods unsafe for children to be sold on the city’s main shopping street? Not so bunny @metrohnews and #metromailbox

Quick pic

■ The Labour Party seem to be on track to follow Green Party to non-existence by repeating the same mistake as their predecessor as minority coalition partner. This coalition needs to stop covering up mistakes and start taking up responsibility. Their cover-up of blunders by ministers at Health, Justice and now environment is going to cost them big time. SN ■ If there is some reason for everyone’s aversion to opening the window on the Dart, could you please let me know? Sick of sticky air, body odour and lack of oxygen and yet when I open a window, the whole carriage looks at me like I’m Satan! Mystified ■ Yeah robert, I was wondering the same thing myself about Chris O’Dowd, he seems to be everywhere. I suppose he’s thinking in the fickle world of showbiz you have to make the most of it. When does he sleep though? Mooner

in the know, on the go

City streak: Mauro Pastore captured Dublin evening rush-hour traffic perfectly with this great photo

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● I know. I’ll invent a bed that has robot legs and a GSM chip in it so when you call it it comes down the stairs to you.



RAnDOM AcTs Of kinDnEss

● We had a high chair that turned into a table and chair. For both our (now) teenagers. @barbarascully

YEH big RiDE

● Why does *everyone* seem to refer to women entrepreneurs on #ddirl as ‘girls’? *smacks head* Sheesh. PS go get me some coffee, will you?

● To the construction worker at 7:30am last Thursday at the 41 stop on Abbey Street measuring out poles. You are unbelievably gorgeous with your hazel-brown beard.


The one in trench coat and cowboy boots.

@metrohnews #metromailbox

YOuR RusH-HOuR cRusH

This May, the world’s most revered monster is reborn as Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures unleash the epic action adventure “GODZILLA.” From visionary new director Gareth Edwards (“Monsters”) comes a powerful story of human courage and reconciliation in the face of titanic forces of nature, when the awe-inspiring Godzilla rises to restore balance as humanity stands defenceless. Starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ken Watanabe, Elizabeth Olsen, Juliette Binoche, Sally Hawkins, David Strathairn and Bryan Cranston.

Metro Herald have teamed up with Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures to give you the chance to see the film first at the European Premiere in London on Sunday May 11th. You and a friend could be taking your place in the VIP area on the red carpet to see the stars arrive and then be among the first to see one of the most eagerly anticipated films of the year. The prize includes return flights for two from Dublin, an overnight stay in a top London hotel and transfers. To be in with a chance to win just answer this question:

Bryan Cranston, who plays Joe Brody in GODZILLA, is best known for the role of Walter White, the terminally ill high school teacher turned meth producer and dealer in this critically lauded television series that ran for 5 seasons. Name the series.

TERMS & CONDITIONS: The competition closes at Midday 2nd May 2014. The winner will be chosen at random from the entries received and notified by telephone or email. Entrants must be over 18 years old, hold a valid passport and be able to depart from Dublin on 11.05.2014 to return on 12.05.2014. Prize includes overnight accommodation in a central London hotel and airport transfers. Usual Metro Herald rules apply. The Editor's decision is final. By entering this competition you agree to sign up to the Metro Herald promotions list - To optout text NOMETRO to 51155. SP. Oxygen8 Communications, 4th Floor, Malt House North, Grand Canal Quay, D2. Customer Service number 0818 286 606

A. Breaking Bad B. Game of Thrones C. Mad Men Text GODZILLA, followed by your answer A, B or C, your name, email and postal address to 53133

(texts cost 60c + standard network charge).

GODZILLA roars into cinemas in 3D and 2D nationwide on May 15th

©2014 Warner Bros. Entertainment. All rights reserved. GODZILLA TM & ©TOHO Co., Ltd.

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Courtney Love

Hellraiser, rock widow… and maths genius?

2 for 1

on all main courses*

Everyday, 4pm - 7pm


*From A La Carte menu, lowest priced item free


D ’ O L I E R C H A M B E R S , 1 6 D ’ O L I E R S T R E E T, D U B L I N 2 W W W. G A L L A H E R S B I S T R O . C O M




14 METRO HERALD Tuesday, April 29, 2014


D to advertise, call 01 7055010

My daughter has called me an epic slut The rock‘n’roll stories are legendary but the real Courtney Love is a musical talent to be reckoned with. Amy Dawson tries to keep up


“I’m like Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man. My math is perfect” and ran down Park Lane naked in front of a journalist, and who had a fling with Steve Coogan without realising he was Alan Partridge – it’s easy to forget she’s also a visceral, raw rock talent. It’s worth watching 1990s clips of the swaggering, red-lipsticked Love as the frontwoman of Hole, a band matching buzzing, well-articulated feminine rage with undeniably brilliant melodies, to remember that the cartoonish figure is also the real deal. Now, ten years clean, she’s back with a new EP and a set of solo dates, while a reunion of the seminal Hole line-up also seems to be on the cards (although it’s unclear whether her ex-bandmates are all definitely on board). ‘We are the last ones standing if we do it,’ she says. ‘Everyone has reformed, everyone! But we wouldn’t do it with old material, we would only do it with two killer tracks and the potential to do an album.’ An even more surprising reunion came at Nirvana’s recent induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, where Love shared an emotional hug with former Nirvana drummer and Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl. The

Hole again: Courtney Love is back on stage – and a reunion of her old band Hole has been talked about pair have had an acrimonious public battle over the past two decades about the rights to Nirvana’s music. She’s says she’s now on great terms with her daughter Frances, from whom she was once estranged (Frances even filed a restraining order against her in 2009). So things seem fairly rosy, though it’s never long before Love reverts to her constant fixation, the €430million Cobain fortune she claims has been stolen from her and Frances and fraudulently invested. However, she is characteristically exuberant in the way she talks about it, casually explaining that she started taking cocaine because it helped her do the legal maths involved. ‘The FBI looked at my boxes,’ she says breezily, ‘and were like, “there is a 28-page letter to Stella McCartney in here” – who I didn’t even know, by the way – “but the math on the back is impeccable”. So I am psychotic but I am also like Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man. My math is perfect.’ She may be prone to the odd flight of fancy but one thing Love certainly is, is bloody funny. And she’s refreshingly outspoken, more than prepared to let rip into the likes of Katy Perry – ‘I mean magical t**s that explode and Marie Antoinette bird cages, I can’t deal’ – though also keen to insist she never had sex with Perry’s ex-husband Russell Brand, despite reports to the contrary. The list of Love’s known conquests – which includes Billy Corgan, Trent Reznor, Ed Norton and supposedly Kate Moss – is impressive. But when she drops in a reference to ‘Liam’ (Gallagher) I am intrigued – we all know about Love’s spankathon with Blur bassist Alex James but I’ve never heard of her sexually venturing into the other corner of the Britpop boxing ring.


I tried out for the Mickey Mouse Club when I was 11. But I read a Sylvia Plath poem about incest, so that wasn’t really flying with Disney.

Only dumb people are happy.

If you treat a girl like a dog, she’s going to p*** on you. Cocaine is like really

‘Liam played me Songbird at 10am right here in the Groucho,’ she explains. ‘And he goes, “what do you think of me?” I mean, he was lovely but had really bad breath from being up all night and his eyebrows kind of met in the middle… and I just thought he looked like a 13th-century serf from Monty Python. And I blurted it out loud. He didn’t get insulted, he didn’t understand me. But Frances, who loves Oasis more than Nirvana, was furious I didn’t sleep with him. She texted me saying: “Mommy you are an epic slut but you never slept with Liam Gallagher!”’ With that parting shocker, we’re told to wrap things up. ‘I’m sorry if I’ve gone on,’ Love says. ‘I tend to take over. What have we talked about? Well, we’ve clarified a few people that I haven’t slept with.’ Sometimes it’s just easier to do that than the other way round, isn’t it, I say brightly – although I think she twigs I’m not saying this from experience. ‘you’re so cute,’ she says, giving me a goodbye hug and destroying my rock chick credentials just that little bit more.

Love’s new single Wedding Day/You Know My Name will be available to download from Sunday.

y, you are very well prepared,’ says Courtney Love, peering down at three pages of neatly typed questions as I sit down next to her on a Groucho Club sofa. I’ve worn my best leather and biker boots get-up in honour of the occasion, but rock’s most controversial chick has instantly outed me as a secret geek. In the end, I don’t ask any of them because Love, 49, cannot really be steered. Vacillating between a pot of tea and an espresso martini, wearing leather trousers and a pair of phenomenal stripper shoes she soon whips off her feet, she pinballs from topic to topic. It’s best to just go with the flow – but try to avoid crashing into any rocks. Amid all the celebrity flurry surrounding Love – Kurt Cobain’s widow, a former crack addict, the woman who once had a Brazilian

evil coffee. I want every girl in the world to pick up a guitar and start screaming.

I’m not a woman, I’m a force of nature

Faces of Love: With husband Kurt Cobain and daughter Frances in 1993 (above); back performing on stage (below)

Tuesday, April 29, 2014 METRO HERALD



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Serving up a feast fit for a queen Much-loved by locals and visitors alike, the Dunboyne Castle Hotel boasts delicious fare in a beautiful setting, writes Orna Cunningham


ANG on,’ I say, turning to my companion, ‘this is it?’ I’m not underwhelmed by Dunboyne Castle Hotel and Spa (in fact, I’ve spotted, and already have designs on, the outdoor Jacuzzi). Rather, I’m amazed by how quickly we’ve arrived. A little over a half an hour from my Fairview front door, the hotel is set in a verdant corner of Dunboyne, Co Meath, a two-minute drive from the town centre. It’s a popular wedding reception venue – indeed, as we queue to check in I feel sadly underdressed, and very under-hatted. Various birds of paradise totter about in full weddingready plumage, the reception abuzz with excited children and suitably dapper tuxed best men. It’s clear Dunboyne – an integrated mix of the grand former house, resident ruins and a modern, well-appointed hotel and spa – ticks two boxes: convenience and a beautiful setting. However, it’s a third asset and what I immediately spy adorning the plates in the dining room that draws me in – the menu, and specifically chef John Nagle’s speciality dessert, smashed chocolate. Chef Nagle assures us (and I well believe it) that time and again, returning guests will lay a gentle hand on their waiter’s arm and ask, with hopeful eyes, for the cocoa-laden luxury. For us, it’s paired with rich coffee and completes a wonderful meal. We start in the library, behind the reception area, with a glass of wine. A heady and warm Malbec readies my palette and guides my grumbling stomach across the hall to an opulent dining room, all soft lights and cornicing for the feast ahead. And a feast it is, laid out along a thrillingly long dining table. This is food made with care and a love for the aesthetic that in no way compromises on taste. I start with pan fried scallops, fat, firm, luxuriant and buttery, sitting in cauliflower purée with crumbly pancetta and herbs. The huge fishy dollops are fully

Starter’s orders: The pan fried scallops flavoursome, the texture smooth and round. I try my best to savour every mouthful, but it’s all over far too soon. But my heartbreak dissipates when a succulent-looking assiette of pork lands in front of me. The fillet, wrapped in smoked bacon and complemented by pork belly confit is fleshy, hot and thick, with odours of the smokehouse lingering on the palate. The pork belly, its fat almost caramelised and cracking, is sticky and pliable, a delicious mouthful verging on sweet and salty. Veg isn’t an afterthought either – the carrot is sweet and puréed to a consistency I previously thought achievable only by a very talented Irish mammy, and accompanied by savoy cabbage. A redcurrant jus adds perfect balance to the meaty course. In for a penny, I think, before pouncing on the chocolate dessert option. The rectangular slab of chocolate and pistachio mousse is light but firm, sweet and micro-bubbly, paired with

FOOD NEWS CRAFTY Beer lovers are in for a treat this bank holiday weekend as Killruddery Farm Market will play host to the annual Craft Beer & Cider Market, aimed at highlighting some of Ireland’s very best local brewers. Long-renowned as the place to indulge in locally-sourced goodies, this summer Killruddery will offer a selection of seasonal beers and ales on the first Saturday of every month at its new themed market. Among the brewers this Saturday will be Kildare-based Trouble Brewing, the Dungarvan Brewing Company and the White Gypsy Brewery. The Farm Market is located just outside Dublin at Killruddery House and Gardens and runs from 10am to 4pm every Saturday.

a generous blob of white chocolate ice-cream and a green vanilla tuile. It’s almost too artistic to eat (but of course, I manage it). Of course, we finish with coffee and the smashed chocolate – a brick of dark, milk and white varieties, melted, poured and liberally drizzled, before garnishing with pistachio nuts, dried cranberries, pink pralines, roasted hazelnuts, flaked almonds and plump raisins. We’re eating in one of the smaller dining rooms, but there are a number of different venues throughout the hotel. The Ivy, the large airy restaurant (where breakfast, lunch and dinner are served) is again special-occasion ready, silverware laid out with military precision of alignment and glassware sparkling in the early spring sunshine, spilling through its windows. The restaurant, recently awarded two AA Rosettes for culinary excellence, is a firm favourite with local foodies – for both its regular, sumptuous and very Irish fare, as well

OH ME OH MAYO If you feel like dusting off your sombrero this weekend then look no further than Bison Bar & BBQ, which will be celebrating all things Cinco de Mayo this bank holiday. From Saturday to Monday you’ll be able to enjoy two soft shell tacos packed to the brim with slow-roasted pork shoulder, home-made salsa and re-fried beans with a side for just €9.95. If that’s not enough, Bison Bar is also looking to tempt you with its new Tequila Tasting Tour – four diverse and delicious tequilas for €15. Also up for grabs each day is a Bison Bar piñata – just tweet a picture to @BisonDublin of your extra tasty tacos or tequilas and include #BisondeMayo for your chance to win a free meal. TOP CELLAR Arnotts has teamed up with award-winning Mullingar-based vintners Wines Direct to ensure your cellar remains well-stocked. Based at the Liffey Street entrance, the new store aims to bring a different wine experience to Dublin. As such, all of the wines available will be exclusive to the store and are sourced from independent family-run producers, including this Guerinda Crianza (€18.25).

as its occasional one-off events. (Celebrity chef Neven Maguire will host a cookery demonstration on May 7.) Many of the recipes are vegan and lactose-free and the various different dishes we eat are available on its extensive menus, at very reasonable prices. The Terrace is a warm, conservatory-like room, with nibbles available throughout the day and Sadlier Bar is where we retire for a nightcap, with warm bellies and fuzzy, winedrunk heads, before passing out peacefully in large, soft beds. And thankfully, I get my wish the next morning, as I allow the warm waters of the outdoor Jacuzzi to wash away any shadows from a night of indulgence. All information – whether related to food, occasions, bookings, or the resident Seoid Spa – is available at www.dunboynecastlehotel. com, or by phone on (01) 4366 801. Email:

Virtually clueless about Digital Marketing? Diploma in Digital Marketing Starting soon For more information Call 01-4727101

16 METRO HERALD Tuesday, April 29, 2014



★ Must see ★


maSterchef ireland

happy valley BBC1, 9pm

Last Tango In Halifax writer Sally Wainwright is back on her home Yorkshire turf. But Happy Valley, the name given to Calderdale thanks to its flourishing drugs trade, is a rather different beast. There’s a link in the presence of Sarah Lancashire, Last Tango’s lesbian head teacher, but this time, Lancashire is Catherine, a police sergeant on the Sowerby Bridge beat. She’s a confident, no-nonsense type but news of the release of a criminal from her past brings bitter memories bubbling to the surface. Also starring Steve Pemberton.

ScÚp TG4, 9.55PM The Irish language newsroom drama continues with the discovery by Diarmuid (Denis Conway) and Rob (Don Wycherley) that the office has been ransacked and a young man lies injured on the floor. Meanwhile, there’s an even bigger shock in store for Diarmuid when he finds out his teenage daughter Erin (Megan Armitage, pictured) is up on the roof, with a ‘legal high’ to blame for the tragedies.


Available to rent/buy now


DEMAn D anchorman 2: the legend continUeS

Will Ferrell’s San Diego TV news presenter Ron Burgundy and his hapless cohort return to wreak havoc on the new-fangled invention of 24-hour TV news in this 1980s-set followup to the 2004 cult hit. It’s longer, and messier, than the original but just about manages to stay ‘classy’ thanks to Ferrell and the old team spinning out some sublimely silly improvisations.


A lushly shot indie psych-drama, with echoes of 1960s French classic La Piscine, from first-time feature director Alex Walker. Uptight British couple Paul and Camilla take a holiday in an idyllic South of France gîte in a bid to save their marriage but the arrival of uninvited guests – a rich American and his young French girlfriend – brings a spiral of sexual tension, spilled secrets and violence.

the following Sky Atlantic, 10pm

Film Star trek Film4, 9pm

A sci-fi reboot that achieved the mission impossible of not only pleasing fans but winning over non-Trekkies too. Returning to the world of the original TV series, this actioner sees the first ‘meetcute’ between Jim Kirk (Chris Pine) and his pointyearred companion, Spock (Zachery Quinto) as they train at the Starfleet Academy.

reServoir dogS 5USA, 10pm

Men in suits walking in formation, a certain earremoving scene: Quentin Tarantino’s debut is the definition of cool cult classic. The plot sees eight men come together to pull off a jewellery store heist. Using aliases, they only know each other as Mr White (Harvey Keitel), Mr Orange (Tim Roth), Mr Pink (Steve Buscemi), Mr Blonde (Michael Madsen) etc. A stylish ensemble drama lashed with that trademark Tarantino gore.


live Uefa championS leagUe TV3, 7.30pm

Despite sliding ratings, a third season of this thriller with Kevin Bacon on the trail of cult leader James Purefoy has already been announced, so expect plenty of cliffs to be hung in tonight’s season finale, which only screened in the US last night. It’s Bacon’s twitchy turn as ex-FBI man Ryan Hardy that holds it together.

RTÉ1, 8.30pm

With the final prize in sight the competition heats up as tonight the three finalists will learn about the best of South African ingredients at South Africa’s most lauded fine dining restaurant, The Tasting Room. Its head chef, Margot Janse, will introduce the contestants to new ingredients and tastes and create a dish using the ingredients of the day. Then the trio will be set the challenge of creating their own fine dining dish, inspired by Margot’s philosophy and using the local ingredients that they have just discovered. How will the dish go down with Nick, Dylan and Margot? Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow night when the trio head to Cape Town where they will join Luke Dale Roberts and his team at the Test Kitchen.

over to bill BBC1, 10.35pm

This comedy pilot from Red Dwarf writer Doug Naylor stars Hugh (Outnumbered) Dennis, Neil (Men Behaving Badly) Morrissey and Helen (Call The Midwife) George. That’s a wide potential fanbase for the tale of a weatherman having a midlife crisis (Dennis). A black cloud of depression will set in within two minutes and is unlikely to shift.

later live with JoolS holland BBC2, 10pm

law & order: Special victimS Unit Channel 5, 11pm

Jeremy Irons makes a surprise guest appearance in the US procedural warhorse as a recovering sex addict turned therapist who believes his addiction can be cured. Unsurprisingly, bull-headed man’s man Stabler (Christopher Meloni) is having none of it. Karim Benzema’s strike in the first leg has given Real Madrid a slender lead to take to Bayern Munich’s Allianz Arena as this Champions League semi-final builds to a climax. With Bayern (pictured is head coach Pep Guardiola) forced to take the game to Real, the Spanish side will be looking to nab a vital away goal – a situation tailor-made for players such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale. Tommy Martin presents the action with commentary from Trevor Welch and Mark Lawrenson and analysis with Neil Lennon.



prime time RTÉ1, 9.35pm

On tonight’s programme, as Sligo County Council faces a multi-million euro legal bill over the Lissadell House case, the team debates the issue of where walkers and landowners stand now, in terms of the right to roam in the countryside, and the right of landowners to limit access to their land?

living the wildlife RTÉ1, 7pm

In the final instalment, Colin Stafford Johnson returns to a favourite childhood haunt in Co Wicklow, where he meets up with Angus Tyner, who has spent 15 years creating a wildflower meadow and dragonfly pond in his garden. With the help of an identification card from the Biodiversity Centre in Waterford, Colin tries to identify 21 species including the Common Blue and Azure Damselflies.


TG4, 10.25pm This week’s documentary, Justice For My Sister, examines the issue of femicide – the most extreme form of violence against women – by taking an intimate look at one family’s loss in Guatemala. Rebeca, 34, is determined to see that her sister Adela’s killer is brought to justice. She makes tortillas at home and sells them in order to raise her five children, as well as the three children Adela left behind.

mr drew’S School for boyS Channel 4, 9pm


RTÉ2, 9.55pm A day out at the racetrack leads to a discovery by Emily about the identity of the main conspirator against her father, while Victoria sets up a trap. Will Emily fall for it? Meanwhile Luke Gilliam returns to accept an award for his natural gas company, which he set up with the payout from Grayson Global. Jack is back in town from LA with a big plan to take down Luke and his sham clean air business.

Is Coldplay’s latest, Ghost Stories, set to be a Chris and Gwynnie break-up album? Listen out for clues as Martin (above) and his anthemically inclined band play tracks from their eagerly awaited set, topping an impressive line-up that also features Damon Albarn with tunes from his first proper solo album, highway rock from the Black Keys and Algerian singer Aziza Brahim. The soul vibe of Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings rounds things out nicely.

Before Educating Yorkshire came along and stole its thunder, Educating Essex had being a cool teacher nailed. So here the fightback begins: Educating Essex’s head teacher has graduated to this spin-off series, in which the unflappable Stephen Drew takes on a class of nine to 12year-old boys who have all been excluded from their previous schools. Can he put a stop to the mayhem of fighting and tantrums and turn their lives around? And, while he’s at it, can he sort out the parents?



Tuesday, April 29, 2014 METRO HERALD

17 to advertise, call 01 7055010

Pay attention! It will all be worth the effort in the end

APP hAPPy new releases

On The lam (iOS, 89c) Dubbed the most realistic fugitive simulator ever made, On The Lam is a game where your goal is to escape the country – and the law – by any means. The crime can be murder, prison break or terrorism with a realistic response from authorities tailored from real-life cases. A superbly layered, if morally dubious, game of cat and mouse ensues. Presentation is rough around the edges but On The Lam is a painstakingly researched cult classic in the making.

ALsO OuT more new releases JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle (PS3) is the latest in a long line of famous manga and anime adaptations and, as usual, it’s been interpreted as a suitably surreal fighting game. There are no big new ideas but the visuals are excellent and the controls accessible even for novices. The approach to downloadable content, though, is clearly aimed at fleecing overly loyal fans. Demon Gaze (PSV) is another game aimed squarely at anime and role-playing fans and, again, it’s none too subtle about it, with it’s heavily sexualised characters and clichéd scenarios. For genre fans, though, it’s an enjoyable dungeon crawler and, although not as nuanced or addictive as the similarly pitched Etrian Odyssey, it’s a competent time-waster with some attractive artwork. In terms of downloads, this week sees the release of Octodad: Dadliest Catch (PS4), a version of the award-winning indie game that sees you controlling an octopus posing as an ordinary suburban dad. The game makes the most of its absurd set-up but it’s more frustrating than enjoyable to actually play. DJ


t seems fitting that Dark Souls II has taken such a long and tortured route to the PC, since it’s a series famed for the demands it makes of players. Console versions are already on sale but this one with improved graphics is finally out today. Usually described as one of the most difficult video games ever made, Dark Souls II is rarely spiteful just for the sake of it. It wants you to win but it demands you earn that victory. At first sight, it appears to be a fairly standard third-person action role-player where almost nothing is spelled out for you, from the details of the story to the many arcane items and seemingly un-

Bridging a gap: The new edition of Dark Souls has better graphics and a thorough explanation of controls



beatable enemies. However, Dark Souls II is more accessible than its predecessor and at least explains the controls properly, making it easier for you to travel across its larger game world. Immersing yourself in the online community of fan-made wikis is a big part of the experience, as is calling other people into your game to help out, but most of all, Dark Souls II is about refining your skills and understanding the world and its occupants.

You could say it’s simply making sure you’re paying attention but then that’s something modern video games are increasingly unwilling to do. the PC version’s improved graphics relate to frame rate, resolution, texture quality and lighting. Gamers took particular issue with how these elements appeared simplified compared with previews. the PC version is an improvement, if still not as good as initially implied. Whether Dark Souls II is better than its predecessor is still open to debate but together the two titles represent some of the most rewarding challenges in all gaming.

Even Steven (iOS, €2.69) Whether it’s stag dos, hen parties, a minibus to the big match or organising a holiday with friends, it’s easy to lose track of IOUs. Even Steven aims to make organising group expenses easy and stop endless emails. The app takes the stress out of calculations and includes a currency converter for foreign jaunts. We like the money pool feature where a shared list can be made of where kitty money has gone if you’ve already coughed up, avoiding awkward arguments.

David Jenkins

TAkE THREE handheld Consoles Nintendo 3DS Xl The Game Boy turned 25 this week; a quarter of a century later, Nintendo is still leading the handheld charge. The larger version of the 3DS should be celebrated, despite the gimmicky technology, because of its original games, such as the adventures of ace attorney Phoenix Wright. €219.99, PlayStation Vita Slim After a slow start, the slimmed-down Vita is finally showing some muscle with forthcoming titles such as gun-toting, frenzy-filled Borderlands 2, household

name Minecraft and the beautifully dark Murasaki Baby, which preys on your deepest childhood fears. Frank from House Of Cards wants one – surely that’s endorsement enough. €219.99, Nvidia Shield PC gaming isn’t just for laptops. Nvidia’s Android-powered handheld has received some much-needed functionality, such as the ability to stream PC games and Bluetooth connectivity for keyboards and mice. It’s never had a British release but the forthcoming beefed-up Nvidia 2 means a US price slash for the current model makes importing one a viable proposition. €235, James Day

Tiny Beats (iOS, €3.59) An unborn-baby heartbeat monitor that uses your iPhone, Tiny Beats is designed for use from week 30 of pregnancy. It records a baby’s heartbeat and calculates its BPM (beats per minute), while you can share results on social media. Important warning: only to be used in Airplane Mode with wi-fi turned off. It does not emit waves but instead amplifies sounds like a stethoscope. Not for medical use, nor to replace a medical professional. James Day

18 METRO HERALD Tuesday, April 29, 2014


BARCELONA: Gareth Makim takes a stroll through the Catalan city


he story goes that, upon hearing of the dictator Franco’s death in 1975, a supermarket owner in Barcelona opened his store and found his entire supply of cava sold out in less than half an hour. With a glint in his eye, the tale is relayed by the supermarket owner’s son, our tour guide César, and it neatly sums up my impression of a city where Catalans have maintained a fierce sense of pride in their past and their present without losing any of their ability to have a good time. My first experience of this was at the famous Camp Nou stadium where the locals are at their most tribal and passionate. here, football is more than a simple sport; matches are a venue for expression of their collective identity and the history of FC Barcelona is tightly woven with that of the city and the region. Few clubs can boast of such an emotional connection with their fans, helped as it is by an ownership structure that eschews wealthy oligarchs in favour of a ‘membership’ numbering 170,000, which elects those who run the club. Under Franco’s rule, the Camp Nou held a special place in the people’s hearts, and was known as the only place where Catalans could speak in their native tongue (strength in numbers, and all that). Now the region’s uneasy relationship with the rest of Spain continues to be played out in the bitter rivalry with Real Madrid. While the club has stopped short of outwardly campaigning on the issue of Catalan autonomy itself, it seizes every opportunity to trumpet its connection to the people, from its motto – Mes Que Un Club, or More Than A Club – to its adoption of the bright red and yellow stripes of the Catalan flag for its 2013 away kit. Inside the ground on matchday, the 90,000-plus crowd, even in a comfortable triumph over lowly Grana-

D to advertise, call 01 7055010

More than a city

Resurgence: The seafront of Barcelona was transformed from industrial use in the run-up to the 1992 Olympics da, is in full voice, most notably at the 17:14 mark in either half for the chant of ‘Independence!’ – a nod to the Catalan defeat at the Siege of Barcelona in 1714. The extensive stadium and museum tour (€17 to €23,, is filled with the usual cornucopia of historical facts, interactive exhibits and treasured club memorabilia, but also plenty of lofty claims about ‘inter-class consciousness’ and ‘projecting an image of Catalonia to the world’, ideals which are perhaps harder to reconcile with the recent arrival of huge Nike

swooshes and omnipresent billboards touting various arms of Qatari wealth. The following day’s activities continued to impress upon me the sheer pride the city’s people take in what is theirs as we began a walking tour at Antoni Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia (from €14.80), a behemoth of a cathedral at which construction began in 1882 and continues to this day. Originally funded entirely from the pockets of the local ‘sinners’, building work progressed at a snail’s pace, but a tourism boom that began following Barcelona’s hosting of the

1992 Olympic Games means more than 3million annual visitors are contributing to the project, speeding up construction to the extent that it should be finished within 13 years, at which point La Sagrada will be willingly handed over to the Catholic Church despite its failure to contribute in any material way to the building work. The ever increasing dissatisfaction with the political status quo was also on show, as we run into a well organised and peaceful march on the stunning Passeig de Gracia against economic cuts that, for many, dou-

TRAvEL DEALs Of THE wEEk n Destination: Summer in Orlando Price: From €599 per person Details: Spend 7 nights in the Rosen Inn Point Hotel. Price includes return flights ex. Dublin, accommodation, taxes and charges. Add on car hire from €18per day. Based on 2 adults and 2 children sharing. For travel May/Jun. Contact: American Holidays, tel: (01) 673 3894. n Destination: 12 Night Mediterranean fly/cruise Price: €1,059 per person Details: Price includes flights to Venice and home from Barcelona. 12 nights on board Norwegian Spirit based on 2 sharing ocean view cabin incl meals & entertainment. For travel July 17. Contact: Tour America, tel: (01) 817 3500. n Destination: Gumbet, Turkey Price: €369pp Details: Stay in the Kaseria Hotel on a

B&B basis for 7 nights. Price includes return flights ex. Dublin, accomm., return transfers. Prices based on two people sharing. For travel May 16. Contact: Wingsabroad. Tel: (01) 871 9444. n Destination: Turkey – Kusadasi. Price: From €359pp. Details: 7 nights staying at the four-star Sea Pearl Hotel on B&B basis. For travel May 10. Price includes flights, transfers and taxes and 20kg luggage allowance and rep service, flight supplement may apply. Contact: Sunway, tel: (01) 231 1800. n Destination: Thailand Price: €879pp per person Details: Spend 11 nights at the Bill Resort Koh Samui from only €879pp. Price includes: Return flights, 11 nights accommodation, taxes and charges. For Travel Aug 26. Contact: Tel: (01) 241 2389.

bles as an opportunity to call for an independent Catalonia, tired of ‘subsidising’ poorer parts of Spain. As we continued through the narrow winding streets of the bustling Gothic Quarter, César returns to the subject of the Olympics, citing them as a big reason behind Barcelona’s resurgence (and if you think I wasn’t wandering around the city humming Freddie Mercury’s ode to the city, well…). The industrial seafront was transformed into attractive beaches, shops and marinas, bringing locals back into the city and holiday-makers flooding back to the region. We learned an expensive lesson when ordering a light tapas snack at a curbside café, however, with the bill for three small dishes and two beers lightening our wallets to the tune of over €50. The evening ended in much finer style at the eastern-themed Carpe Diem Lounge Club, or CDLC, one of the many eateries and drinking holes located on the seafront. The relaxed lounge-style atmosphere was home to a particularly louche crowd that appeared to have fully bought into the indoor use of a full range of accessories, including hats, scarves, sunglasses and nonchalance. But one highlight for any foodie heading to Barcelona has to be a trip to the nearby Torres vineyards. Situated just a half-hour outside the city in Vilafranca del Penedes, the family-owned and run winery is open to the public (tours from €6.70, including a glass of wine). With the likes of Vina Sol and Sangre de Toro in its portfolio, the brand is hugely popular in Ireland (we’re the second highest consumers of Torres wines after Iceland) and following a brief history of Torres’ rapid growth and an informative tour of the winery, we are fortunate enough to sample some of the produce in the company of boss Miguel Torres junior and his father Miguel senior, the highlight of which is undoubtedly the renowned Mas Le Plana. This Cabernet Sauvignon (approx. €50) helped put Torres and, indeed, Spanish wine on the map when it defeated the best the French had to offer in a blind tasting in 1979. even a neophyte wine taster such as myself could tell it was something special, and made a lengthy stop in the duty free shop at the airport a must before our flight home.

GETTING THERE Gareth travelled with online travel agency – flights from Dublin to Barcelona from €120pp return with Aer Lingus or Ryanair, with accommodation at NH Rallye Hotel, a five-minute walk from Camp Nou, (www.nh-hoteles. es), rooms from €80 per night.



Tuesday, April 29, 2014 METRO HERALD


Parties on the poop deck

Jonathan Thompson sails off to Croatia to sample a champagne lifestyle that won’t bust your budget


onning a tin hat for a night out seems extreme but it’s a direct order from the captain. i’m certainly glad of it when the shots start flying. The barman smacks another full tequila glass against the helmet, causing my skull to reverberate, cartoon-style. Above me, a bevy of French girls dancing on the bar shriek: ‘Down eeeeeeeet.’ Welcome to Hvar, the St Tropez of the Adriatic, where the young, rich and beautiful come to party – and where our yacht pulled up a few hours earlier. That’s right, our yacht. For the record, i’m neither rich nor beautiful and not that young either. But for a few days, i’m living the champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget. And it tastes great. Mention sailing holidays and many people will think of wellto-do empty nesters in waterproof dungarees. But the wind is blowing in a new direction, with

pARTy ahoy! There are plenty of lively ports to pop into among the 1,000 Croatian islands, islets and reefs. HVAR With throbbing restaurants, bars and hotels, Hvar’s town dates to the Venetian Republic and is a favourite among international Alisters. Leading nightspots include the Kiva Bar, Hula-Hula and Carpe Diem. RAB Santos or the Lounge Bar Escape are the places to be seen on Rab but the island’s picturesque port has more relaxed café bars as well. During the day, popular beach parties are held at the Livacina cocktail bar. PAG Croatia’s top spot for summer beach clubs, Pag is the fifth largest Croatian island and has the longest coastline. Head to Zrće beach near Novalja, where bars are granted 24-hour licences, and join the crowds at Kalypso, Papaya or Aquarius.

companies aiming to make yachting more attractive and affordable to the easyJet set. one such firm is London-based Yachts And Friends, which has organised this trip to Croatia’s Dalmatian islands for around €558 per head. Budget airline routes, burgeoning music festivals and recent EU membership has already made the Croatian coast a hot ticket, and the best seats from which to enjoy it are aboard a yacht. our trip begins with a short flight into Split, Croatia’s second largest city and the mainland sailing hub for the 1,000 or so islands along its rugged coast. At the town’s marina we become acquainted with Elise, our sleek, 50ft-long floating home for the next few days. our skipper, an ebullient twentysomething Londoner called Charlie, proves instantly likeable and, within minutes of casting off, any nerves associated with a life aquatic have been swept away in a wave of cava-soaked enthusiasm. There are three of us on the cruise – all Brits towards the poop deck end of the good ship 18-35, and all sailing novices. We needn’t have worried. Charlie handles Elise effortlessly and it’s left to us to relax and soak up the sunshine, dipping in and out of the crystalclear water as we explore the Dalmatian islands. our first port of call is the island of Vis, from where we watch the sky bloom into a melange of pinks and oranges over sundowners at Fort george. originally built by the British navy in 1813, it has undergone a €1million facelift and is now a hip restaurant and event destination, with a cocktail bar in the ramparts staffed by models from Berlin. After dinner in the fairy tale-like garden of a konoba (a Croatian inn), we head back to the boat. Each of us has our own cabin and we’re lulled to sleep by the soft rocking of the sea. next day we’re off early,

‘beating hard’ up the coast (a far less traumatic experience than i envisaged). Charlie barks instructions as we zigzag into the wind. We pull ropes, tighten winches and throw our bodyweight around enthusiastically, happy to feel like members of a crew. The light has a golden hue as we glide into Hvar, the picturesque port town on the island of the same name. Thanks to visits from the likes of Beyoncé, Prince Harry and Tom Cruise, this is the place to be seen in the Adriatic. A groove armada of music, yachts and expensive clothes fills the harbour, as pleasure cruisers unload their tipsy, suntanned cargo on to the marble quayside. our night begins with cocktails at the infamous Hula-Hula, a sprawling bar built among rock Hit the deck: Drink, swim and eat your way around some of the Dalmatian coast pools, before we head to another hidden konoba for a seafood feast. The beauty of seeing this part of the world by yacht is not just entry to inaccessible gems in terms of coves and beaches but also local bars and restaurants. Charlie, like all good skippers, is fixer as much as sailor and knows all the faces – and the tricks – in the towns we sail into. That’s why i don’t argue when he suggests the tin helmet in Kiva Bar later that evening. it’s a Saturday night and Hvar town is heaving: picture ibiza meets King’s Landing from game of Thrones. Sadly, our tin helmets don’t protect us from dragon-sized hangovers the next morning but Charlie has an answer for that too, taking us to a hidden spot where we dive into crisp, deep aquamarine waters. That’s the beauty of this trip: everything has been thought of. it’s like the perfect hotel – with a different, heart-racing view from the veranda every morning. it’s little surprise the Croatian islands are so popular among the rich and beautiful, because they abide by the first rule of showbusiness: always leave them wanting more.

oments M y a d i l o H ring Worth Sha

Trips from €558, excl flights.

CyCLE AND CRUISE CROATIA Combing action with relaxation, Cycle And Cruise Croatia explores the Dalmatian Coast over eight days. Setting off from historic Dubrovnik in a classic ‘Oldtimer’ cruiser, travel to a number of beautiful islands including Mljet and Korcula, landing on some to cycle along their quiet roads. In the evenings, enjoy Croatian food, either on board or in traditional seafront restaurants. Commencing May 24, this holiday includes seven nights on board; most meals; transport; a 27-gear Giant Roam hybrid bike with lockable front suspension; and the service of a driver, boat crew, and tour leader/cycle guide. Tour involves cycling 106km over six days (an average of 18km per day) and is graded easy. €1,030 per person (saving €316). For further information or to book, visit


n with o c l a F f o the fun



Ju d n a y a M for ges,

liday Villa d Kids’ Clubs sorts an e R ld r o W

Ho Including


Book your Summer 2014 Holiday! ONLINE: CALL: VISIT: 1850 45 35 45 Falcon Travel Shops Local Travel Agent Subject to availability. Terms and conditions apply. Falcon is fully bonded and licensed by CAR (TO 021). Departures from Dublin, Cork and Shannon Airports.

Michel Molder PhotograPhy

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20 METRO HERALD Tuesday, April 29, 2014




by Patrick Arundell

NEMI by Lise

Aries Mar 21 – Apr 20

After all the uncertainty lately, the Solar Eclipse may inspire changes that move you towards greater security. There’s a focus on development that has something natural and harmonious about it, enhancing good feelings about your future. For your forecast, call 15609 114 70

Taurus Apr 21 – May 21

The Solar Eclipse can act like a turbocharged New Moon, bringing opportunities for change. Though the status quo can appeal, today’s line-up might make you want to pay more than lip service to your biggest dream. For your forecast, call 15609 114 71

METROKU Easy, Moderate and Challenging. For solutions, visit

Gemini May 22 – Jun 21

The Solar Eclipse might coincide with some powerful dreams that have special guidance. You can also become aware of how, by changing old beliefs to more life-enhancing ones, your life experience could get better over the long-term.

– Oct 23

With a positive focus on the sign of Taurus, a desire to align yourself with growth and greater security can benefit you. You might want to take advantage of lucrative opportunities that come your way. If it feels good, go for it. For your forecast, call 15609 114 76

scorpio Oct 24 – Nov 22

An influx of good fortune could enhance a key relationship, bringing stability and the potential for progress. Today’s Eclipse might soon bring changes to your love life or other important associations. For your forecast, call 15609 114 77

sagittarius Nov 23 – Dec 21

Today’s line-up encourages you to think in terms of long-term goals, rather than short-term satisfaction. Today’s Solar Eclipse can entice you to commit to a project that could be very successful over the months ahead.

For your forecast, call 15609 114 72

For your forecast, call 15609 114 78

Cancer Jun 22 – Jul 23

Capricorn Dec 22 – Jan 20

Today’s line-up could ring in the changes for group affiliations. If an association has become so-so, it may be time to let it go. However, there’s a chance that people who enter your life right now, might have a transformative effect on you. For your forecast, call 15609 114 73

Leo Jul 24 – Aug 23


Libra Sep 24

Romance, leisure and pleasure get the Solar Eclipse treatment today, perhaps encouraging you to take a new path concerning your love life, or any creative opportunities. Be prepared for unexpected twists of fate. For your forecast, call 15609 114 79

Aquarius Jan 21 – Feb 19

The Solar Eclipse might entice you to push ahead with a goal or plan, or you may have one thrust upon you that you hadn’t anticipated. Whatever changes come your way can lead to greater growth and stability and put you in the limelight.

Though the effects of today’s Solar Eclipse can last for up to six months, you could get an inkling of how things are shaping up. The good news is that whatever changes you may be considering could pave the way for greater security.

Virgo Aug 24 – Sep 23

Pisces Feb 20 – Mar 20

For your forecast, call 15609 114 74

You may feel as though you’ve struck gold as the opportunity you’ve been working towards could be about to show up. The Solar Eclipse can initiate changes that put you firmly on your path to good fortune and happiness. However, it won’t come for nothing. For your forecast, call 15609 114 75

For your forecast, call 15609 114 80

A message or even a stray line of conversation, could encourage ideas that spark changes. Today’s focus on communication, along with a Solar Eclipse in Taurus, makes this a time of new beginnings. If you’re offered an opportunity, consider it.

For your forecast, call 15609 114 81

DOWN 2 Sphere (3) 3 Weird (5) 4 Rouse (6) 5 Glance (7) 6 Aid (4,7) 7 Respect (9) 10 Positions (4,2,5) 11 Valid (9) 14 Missions (7) 16 Tie (6) 19 Guide (5) 21 Look at (3)

Yesterday’s Solutions Across: 7 Exempt; 8 Covert; 10 Elector; 11 Verse; 12 Shut; 13 Short; 17 Crash; 18 Lean; 22 Dress; 23 Requite; 24 Ravage; 25 Pieces. Down: 1 Reverse; 2 Revenue; 3 Spite; 4 Convert; 5 Heart; 6 Steer; 9 Orchestra; 14 Presage; 15 Bewitch; 16 Intense; 19 Adore; 20 Heavy; 21 Equip.


a year later.

WHO AM I? An athlete, I was born in Cheshire in 1973. I came fourth in the 10,000m at the Sydney Olympics. I won the London Marathon at the first attempt in 2002 and smashed my own world record in winning it

WHO, WHAT, WHERE & WHEN? WHO… wrote the collection of tales, Just So Stories? WHAT... was 12-year-old Vicki Van Meter the youngest female pilot to cross? WHERE... in the body does nephritis strike? WHEN... did the South African government lift the ban on the ANC?

A jolly swagman once made camp, Beside this outback feature damp, And, if not still, it flowed, Enshrined within this Aussie ode.


ACROSS 1 Australian missile (9) 8 Sheep (3) 9 Remark (11) 11 Utmost (7) 12 Problem (5) 13 Thwarted (6) 15 Continue (4,2) 17 Antic (5) 18 Search (7) 20 Destroyed (11) 22 Curve (3) 23 Artifice (9)

Astrology calls cost 1.27 euros per min from a BT landline. Live Services cost 2.40 euros per minute. Calls from mobiles/other networks may cost more. Callers must be 18 or over to use this service and have the bill payers permission. For entertainment purposes only. All calls are recorded. PhonePayPlus regulated(ComReg in ROI) UK SP: StreamLive Ltd, NR7 0HR, 08700 234 567. ROI SP:Moveda, 1 Courtyard Business Park, Orchard Lane, Blackrock, Co Dublin, 0818 241 398


Crossword No. 962 See next edition for solutions

QUIZ ANSWERS: ENIGMA: Billabong. WHO AM I? Paula Radcliffe. WHO, WHAT, WHERE & WHEN? Rudyard Kipling; The Atlantic; Kidneys; 1990.


For a live one-to-one consultation with one of my gifted psychics, call 15809 113 68 or 1800 719 688 to book using credit card

cycling giro d’italia


rider Joaquin Rodriguez – have never won a Grand Tour. Sky had initially planned to send Richie Porte but then moved the Australian to its Tour squad after the promising rider struggled with illness. ‘Sure they had some problems but in terms of moving someone who was supposed to ride the Giro to the Tour, to be honest I didn’t like that very much,’ said Vegni, who was more empathetic concerning Nibali: ‘Vincenzo won the Giro in such extraordinary style last year, it’s only normal for him to try and win the Tour this year.’ Vegni is hoping reform of the sport’s calendar can be speeded up to make it easier for riders to enter both the Giro and Tour.

snOOkER Neil Robertson twice narrowly missed out on claiming his 100th century break of the season on his way to booking a place in the world championship quarter-finals. The world No.1 defeated Mark Allen 13-7 at the Crucible but his landmark ton will have to wait for another day after the Australian fell agonisingly short in the final two frames – missing pots when on 94 and 92. The match resumed with Robertson leading Allen 9-7, but the Australian wasted no time in racing to victory, with successive breaks of 59, 69, 94 and 92. ‘At 9-7 I was delighted because I won quite a lucky frame,’ said Robertson. ‘I had quite an unbelievable fluke on the green, so to come out today, I knew I had to come out and play really well. Tour de force: Vincenzo Nibali, who won the Giro last year, won’t be in race

leinster know tough task awaits in Ulster rugby rabo pro 12

by gARETH MAkiM Leinster are preparing for Friday’s Pro12 battle against Ulster in full knowledge it is a trip into the lions’ den. Mark Anscombe’s side are coming off the back of a defeat in Glasgow that leaves them scrapping for the final place in the semi-finals and needing victory against the defending champions this week or in their final outing against Munster in Limerick to nail down their play-off berth. Add to that a side still smarting from their heartbreaking Heineken Cup exit at the hands of saracens and the emotionally-charged summer departures of key men such as captain Johann Muller and Leinster have their work cut out at a redeveloped ravenhill to get the win they need to clinch a home semi-final.

Cav’s the alpha male for Omega

cycling Mark Cavendish won a second successive stage of the Tour of Turkey to retain the overall lead. The Manxman, making his return from illness, took the 174kilometre second stage from Alanya to Kemer, benefiting from a supreme leadout by the Omega Pharma-QuickStep sprint train. ‘In the end it was perfect. They delivered me perfectly to the line,’ said Cavendish (pictured), whose primary objective this season is the Tour de France, especially the opening stage in Yorkshire.

THEy sAiD iT ‘I’ve been a little hit and miss at Wentworth but I think this year my game is in much better shape.’ Rory McIlroy confirms plans to tee it up at the BMW PGA Championship, the European Tour’s flagship event, in Surrey on May 22

Things are looking up: Dave Kearney says the break has been good for Leinster after their Heineken Cup defeat

‘It’s good to focus on a big end of season’ ‘i think they could be [a little desperate],’ said Leinster skills and kicking coach richie Murphy. ‘it’s their home game, the opening of the new stadium, one of their big rivals going there. i think i heard Muller during the week saying they had two cup finals to play and they will probably need five points to make sure they are in the playoffs, so it’s a tough situation to be in.’ For Leinster, who had a rare week off last week following their own exit from european competition, the


spORT DigEsT Fail of the century, but Robertson is not ton just yet

TOp RiDERs ABsEnT fROM giRO D’iTAliA As THEy fAll fOR lURE Of TOUR When the Giro d’Italia starts next week with three stages in Northern Ireland and Ireland, there will be a notable lack of star quality in the 198-rider field. Defending champion Vincenzo Nibali, 2008 winner Alberto Contador, reigning Tour de France winner Chris Froome and his Sky teammate Bradley Wiggins are all skipping the Italian classic to focus on the Tour this year. ‘Absolutely,’ Giro director Mauro Vegni said when asked if he was upset about all the big names missing. ‘I’m not going to pretend that’s not the case.’ The two favourites for the May 9 to June 1 race – Tour runnerup Nairo Quintana and Spanish

Tuesday, April 29, 2014 METRO HERAlD

picture: inpho

Pro12 represents their chance to end the campaign on a high and Dave Kearney believes the down time has sharpened that focus. ‘it’s always good to take a few days to yourself and take your mind off things,’ the ireland wing

said. ‘straight after the Heineken Cup we had that Ospreys defeat as well, so that was probably still hanging over us a bit, so it’s good to get rid of that now and focus on a big end to the season.’ Leinster will be without sean

O’Brien and Fergus McFadden as they continue their recoveries from shoulder and knee injuries but are optimistic both eoin reddan (shoulder) and Luke Fitzgerald (groin), who is back in full training, will be available.

Former Ireland and KR star Tandy dies RUgBy lEAgUE

Former Hull KR and Ireland forward Ryan Tandy (left) has died aged 32, reportedly of a drug overdose. Australia-born Tandy was found at his parents’ home in New South Wales. He played for the Robins during the 2007 season and also had spells with Widnes and Whitehaven. Tandy represented Ireland at the 2008 World Cup but his career was ended by a life ban in 2010 after being convicted of match-fixing when he was at Canterbury Bulldogs.

22 METRO HERALD Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Bowing out: Phillips

Fox-in-the-box Phillips calls time on fantastic career leiceSTeR striker kevin Phillips has announced he is to hang up his boots this weekend – making his final appearance for the Foxes on Saturday to bring his 20-year professional career to an end. The 40-year-old joined Watford in 1994 from non-league Baldock before moving to Sunderland, where his prolific form earned england recognition and the Premier league Golden Boot for 30 goals in 1999-2000. Phillips later joined Southampton, Aston villa, West Brom, Birmingham, Blackpool, crystal Palace and latterly leicester. last May he scored an extratime penalty in the championship playoff final to send Palace back to the Premier league. He said: ‘i feel now, with sore ankles and the way my body is, it’s not going to get any easier.’



gunners closing in on ticket to Europe

Routine win boosts bid for top four pREMiER LEAguE


ARSeNAl.............................3 NeWcASTle ...................... 0

Arsenal ...................3 Newcastle ............0 koscielny 26, ozil 42 Giroud 66 Att: 60,023

by jAck fOx

toP Four run-in


ARSENAL moved a step closer to securing Champions League football for a 17th consecutive season with victory at the Emirates Stadium. The win helped the Gunners open up a four-point gap over top-four rivals Everton, with just two games of the campaign remaining. The result meant more misery for Newcastle, who slumped to a sixth straight Premier League defeat for the first time since 1987, despite having boss Alan Pardew back on the touchline after his seven-match ban.

West Brom (h) ..........................Sun, May 4 Norwich (a) .............................. Sun, May 11


Man City (h)................................Sat, May 3 Hull (a) ...................................... Sun, May 11

todAy’S FixtureS Uefa Champions League Semi-Final Second Leg (7.45pm) Bayern Munich (0) v Real Madrid (1) .TV

138 PL appearances as a sub for Magpies’ Shola Ameobi

3 Point deduction for AFC

Wimbledon after fielding an ineligible player. The Dons fall from 14th in League Two to 18th, after Jake Nicholson’s substitute appearance against Cheltenham on March 22.

The game had offered little by way of action until the unlikely boot of Laurent Koscielny broke the deadlock from a set piece on 26 minutes, when the French defender managed to get a toe on the end of Santi Cazorla’s free-kick for his second league goal of the season. Despite the best efforts of Magpies keeper Tim Krul, the hosts doubled their lead just before the break. The Newcastle No.1 twice denied Olivier Giroud before the ball fell kindly for Mesut Ozil, who swept home from close range. Arsenal continued to dominate after the break and were rewarded for their efforts with a third on 66 minutes as Giroud diverted Ozil’s cross past Krul with a deft header. A raft of substitutions did little for the visitors’ cause, whose hopes of salvaging something from the game had long since past as it became more a case of damage limitation.

Stockdale: Fulham were just so tense DAviD STockDAle believes nerves and naivety cost Fulham in Saturday’s 2-2 home draw with Hull. Felix Magath’s side are staring relegation in the face after the Tigers came back from 2-0 down to earn the Tigers a point. cottagers keeper Stockdale (pictured) said: ‘When you are anxious to get the 90 minutes over and take the three points, things can go astray. There was a lot of tension in the ground and we did things we would not normally do at home. That was our downfall.’

City’s fair play deal MANcHeSTeR city and Paris St-Germain are among a number of clubs who have been offered settlements for breaching financial fair play rules by Uefa’s club financial control board. The clubs, understood to be fewer than 20 in total, can either accept sanctions – which could come in the form of a reprimand, a fine or restrictions on the squad for european competition next season – or try to negotiate a lesser punishment.

Post-er boy: Ozil celebrates after making it 2-0 before half-time PicTURe: ePA

Go-slow suits speed-merchant Walcott ArsenAl forward Theo Walcott will not rush his return from a serious knee injury and could miss the start of next season. The england international saw his World Cup dreams ended after rupturing the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee during the closing stages of Arsenal’s FA Cup third-round victory over Tottenham. The 25-year-old says he will only consider playing again when he feels completely ready. Walcott,

whose pace has been badly missed by Arsene Wenger’s men, said: ‘I am not pushing myself to be fit for the World Cup or anything like

‘I’m not pushing myself too quickly’ that. I want to be back quickly, of course, but safely, too. I want to try and be back for the early part of next season, that is the goal, so

there will be a lot of hard work throughout the summer and during the World Cup.’ Walcott insists his route back to fitness is going to plan, saying: ‘It has nearly been four months now and my recovery has gone on track so far. ‘I don’t see any point in being down in the dumps about the injury because it has already happened and there are a lot of people with worse problems in the world.’

Recovering well:Walcott

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014 METRO HERALD 23

Alves gives the bigots lots of food for thought A rAcist who threw a banana at Barcelona’s Dani Alves saw his stunt backfire spectacularly yesterday as a host of top players throughout the world lined up to mock the gesture. Alves drew attention to the incident at Villarreal by picking up the banana and eating it. the Brazilian’s reaction drew widespread praise and yesterday chelsea trio David Luiz, Oscar and Willian, Barca team-mate Neymar and Zenit st Petersburg’s Hulk were among his compatriots who used social media to post pictures of themselves with bananas, many featuring the phrase ‘we are all monkeys’. Manchester city striker sergio Aguero and tottenham’s Belgian duo Nacer chadli and Mousa Dembele also showed solidarity. in a statement, Barcelona said the club ‘wishes to express its complete support and solidarity’ with Alves.

Rivals united: Suarez and Hazard, left, picked up their awards hours after Liverpool were beaten by Blues pA

Reds won’t get the title Blues after setback, says Rodgers by jOn HARvEy Brendan rodgers insists his Liverpool side will take the Chelsea defeat on the chin as they bid to keep their title chances alive. The 2-0 loss at anfield means the reds are no longer in control of their own destiny with Manchester City three points behind with a superior goal difference and a match in hand now the favourites. By the time the reds play Crystal Palace next Monday they could be third in the table and will be relying on everton taking points off City at Goodison Park on Saturday. There was a tangible deflation within the club after Sunday’s defeat but

Staying positive: Rodgers rodgers will not allow that to affect a team which had previously won 11 successive league matches. ‘The games we have won have been exceptional and to lose against Chelsea is a big disappointment because we haven’t had many games we have lost,’ said the reds

suAREzBynuMBERs 31 Goals in 31

Premier League appearances (all starts) this season

20 Have been scored with his right foot, seven with the left and three headers 7 Strikes have been

from outside box

143 Shots from Suarez – 76 have been on target 12 Assists provided for team-mates 0 Red cards 5 Bookings

boss. ‘This is a great group of players and we will take this on the chin and will continue to work. We’ll recover and go again and hopefully get the win against Crystal Palace. ‘We need to win our two games and see where it takes us and we will be fine.’There was some cheer for Liverpool on Sunday when Luis Suarez was named PFa Player of the Year, saying ‘95 per cent’ of the award was thanks to his team-mates. Chelsea midfielder eden Hazard was runner-up with Manchester City star Yaya Toure finishing third. Hazard also won the Young Player of the Year award.

HAzARDBynuMBERs 14 Goals in 33

Premier League appearances (31 of them starts) this season

87 Chances

created for teammates in league matches this term

7 Goal assists 50 Shots he has had – 31 of them on target

86 Times fouled

0 Red cards 2 Bookings

Slip jig: Alves picks up the banana…

… and then takes a bite out of it

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Rodgers vows to fight to the very end in Reds title bid

«see pAge 23

Pep talk: Giggs is ‘the new Guardiola’

MANCHESTER United have been told to end the search for a new boss, with one of their own players claiming they have a new Pep Guardiola on their hands in the form of Ryan Giggs. The Welshman was appointed caretaker manager after the sacking of David Moyes last week and led United to a 4-0 win over Norwich in his first game in charge on Saturday. But he is not thought to be considered a serious candidate for the job, with United expected to opt for an experienced coach such as Holland boss Louis van Gaal. However, Anders Lindegaard has added to the clamour for Giggs to get the job, comparing his team-mate to Bayern Munich boss Guardiola. ‘It probably sounds rather naive and impetuous, but to me we are dealing with a new Guardiola,’ said the goalkeeper. ‘His last speech before the team went on the pitch before the match against Norwich was spine-tingling. The similarities with Sir Alex Ferguson are striking. ‘What we have seen in the first week has been

Nearly there: Leinster assistant coach Richie Murphy said Sean O’Brien is making good progress with his shoulder injury picture: inphO

by GAvin bROwn

more than convincing. The question is whether he is already ready to meet the enormous potential he possesses.’ Talks with Van Gaal are reportedly ongoing, but former United captain Roy Keane has denied claims he could return to Old Trafford as the Dutchman’s assistant. Keane said: ‘People keep asking me, ironically, about other jobs. I have got a job and I am very happy in my job.’ Keane admitted he harbours hopes of a return to management one day, although he insisted that is not currently his main focus. He said: ‘In my quiet moments, I obviously want to go back into being a manager myself.’ Asked if his dream was for that to be at Old Trafford, he said: ‘No, I don’t think that way. ‘You have to be careful what you wish for. I am just really appreciating the opportunity I have at the moment. What happens further down the road...’


Kos and effect: Laurent Koscielny, right, celebrates scoring Arsenal’s first goal of the night against a listless Newcastle with Olivier Giroud. The Gunners won 3-0 to tighten their grip on the Premier League’s fourth spot mATch reporT – pAge 22


O’Brien has Argentina tour in his sights after making rapid recovery from injury Sean O’Brien’S rapid recovery from shoulder surgery continues apace, with the Leinster flanker now targeting a return to action before the end of the season. O’Brien suffered a dislocation over the Christmas period that looked set to rule him out until pre-season, but Leinster assistant coach richie Murphy yesterday confirmed the flanker was ‘ahead of schedule’, with a potential Pro12 final on May 31 and

ireland’s tour to argentina in June squarely in the 27-year-old’s sights. ‘[Sean’s] doing really well. He’s ahead of where he should be at this stage and he is progressing really well, training really hard in the gym,’ Murphy said. ‘He’s pushing really hard. He’s not a million miles away from being right. He’s seeing a specialist and we will get a further update on his progress later on this week.

‘We’ll see where he is at that stage, but any of the physio staff, any of the rehab staff that have been dealing with him, are really happy with where he is. He is ahead of schedule. ‘i’m not saying that he’ll definitely go [to argentina]. But it’s a possibility that he might be ready at that stage,’ Murphy added.


LeinsTer v uLsTer – p21

Metro Herald, Tuesday, April 29, 2014  
Metro Herald, Tuesday, April 29, 2014