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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

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Fass plays Frank GAME BOYS: Eight-year-olds Lennon Kelly and Calum Magee tested out the new Multi Use Games Area (Muga) space at Aldborough Place, off Portland Row, Dublin 1 yesterday, as Cllr Lucy McRoberts, representing Dublin’s Lord Mayor, Oisín Quinn, opened the new space complete with a floodlit allweather tarmac surface marked out for football and basketball Picture: Jason clarke

You wouldn’t like me when i’m ‘hangry’… HUSBANDS and wives are are more likely to quarrel if they are ‘hangry’ – hungry and angry, say scientists. Experts believe low levels of blood sugar may be linked to marital arguments, confrontations and even domestic violence. The antidote is to eat a carbohydrate snack or something sugary, suggesting that cake or chocolate might placate an angry spouse. ‘People can relate to this idea that when they

by John von RadowiTz

get hungry, they get cranky,’ said US researcher Dr Brad Bushman, from Ohio State University. ‘We found that being hangry can affect our behaviour in a bad way, even in our most intimate relationships.’ Dr Bushman’s team conducted a study with 107 married couples that involved sticking pins into voodoo dolls representing spouses.

Each husband and wife was allocated a doll and, acting alone, told to stick up to 51 pins in it at the end of each day, depending on how angry their spouse had made them. Participants also used a blood glucose meter to test their blood sugar for 21 days. The results, reported in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, showed that lower blood glucose in the evening coincided with more pins in the voodoo dolls.

Wives tended to stick more pins in the dolls than husbands, though not by many. ‘When they had lower blood glucose, they felt angrier and took it out on the dolls,’ said Dr Bushman. ‘Even those who had good relationships with their spouses were more likely to express anger if their glucose levels were low. ‘It’s simple advice: Before you have a difficult conversation with your spouse, make sure you’re not hungry,’ said Dr Bushman.

A world first...

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METRO HERALD Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Tuesday 15/04/2014

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World Art Day An international celebration of the fine arts established by the International Association of Art in 2012 to promote awareness of creative activity. The date coincides with the birthday of Leonardo da Vinci

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Emma Thompson, actress, 55; Ed O’Brien, Radiohead guitarist, 46; Seth Rogen, Canadian actor/comedian, 32; Emma Watson, actress, 24 (pictured); Maisie Williams, actress, 17.

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8. Provoke 9. Small 10. Type of cake 11. Citrus fruit 12. Stinging plant Solution tomorrow

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First-time buyers, let’s talk. When it comes to your mortgage, we’ll do whatever we can to make things easy. Call in to any of our 250 branches nationwide to talk to a mortgage expert or get started online in just 2 minutes. 1890 365 850 Offer available to first-time buyers who drawdown a mortgage between 2nd April 2014 and 30th September 2014. Not applicable with any other offer. There are lending criteria and terms and conditions, and security and insurance are required. The Bank reserves the right to seek refund of the payment from the customer if the mortgage is paid back within 5 years. Bank of Ireland Mortgage Bank trading as Bank of Ireland Mortgages is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

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Ballintoy Harbour, Co Antrim Featured Scene: Season 2, episode 2 – Theon Greyjoy in small tender from ship, sets foot back on the Iron IslandsGiant’s Causeway

Stormlands, Larrybane, Carrick-aRede, Featured Scene: Season 2, episode 3: Renly Baratheon’s camp Ballycastle


Tuesday, April 15, 2014 METRO HERALD

Downhill Beach, Co Derry Featured Scene, SeasonBallymoney 2, episode 1: Dragonstone – Melisandre, ‘For the night is dark and full of terrors’

Murlough Bay Featured scene: Season 3, episode 1: The scene where Theon rides on a horse with his Cushendall sister Yara Waterfoot


Carnlough Glenarm Ballygally Larne



The Stormlands, Cushendun Caves, Featured in Season 2, episode 4: At the behest of Stannis, Davos Seaworth lands Melisandre ashore. He Whitehead witnesses her giving birth to theCarrickfergus shadow baby

Whiteabbey Templepatrick

Start Titanic Belfast Finish Donegall Square North, Belfast

The Dark Hedges is a beautiful avenue of beech trees Featured scene, Season 2, episode 1: On the King’ s Road, Arya Stark has escaped from King’s Landing, disguised as a boy

‘The Northeners will never forget’: The Grand Partenza will bring 100 years of race history televised to 175 countries; 300,000 visitors expected at the 2014 fan zone; 1 million live spectators expected over three days in Ireland, north and south; and some 12million live spectators over three weeks of racing

Robb’s Camp, Audley’s Field, Strangford Lough Featured: Robb Stark first meeting Tulisa as she is tending the wounded on the battlefield

Kings of the North: Stage 2 of Giro will pass by Game Of Thrones sets by LiAM cOsTELLO

The fighT for Pink will well and truly have started by the time riders head north on the 218km stage two leg of the giro d’italia on May 10. As the battle rolls out on to open road to begin the loop around the northeast coast, teams will be given a Stark warning of the many kingdoms they will skirt past, where dark forces lie hidden. A shiv of Dragonglass is not a typical item a giro d’italia rider will carry in his race armour to help him through a stage. But here the desire for the Pink Throne rages more fiercely than ever before – there will be threats emerging from every direction, and in this race you win or die trying. Legend has it that race slayer Stephen roche went through hell to claim glory in the last century. having gone against his leader’s orders to hold back, roche rode into battle and lead a breakaway. his courageous decision was the right one and earned him the precious Troteo Senza fine (pictured right). having earned the ‘Triple Crown’ in the year of 1987, a feat that was only done once before and not since, king

roche described it as ‘a truly magical year’ and credits the ‘fight for Pink’ in italy for preparing him to go on and take other grand Wars in france and Spain respectively. roche compliments the giro on being ‘the toughest of all’. Apart from the strenuous climbs, the weather is a huge factor – here you will face ‘all four seasons in one stage’, so winter will always be coming. if that was not enough to contend with, Stephen also got to taste the scorn of the italian tifosi, who, he said, ‘spat rice and wine on him’ for the rest of the battle, after he tamed their local hero Visentini. Chaos will reign as the top pretenders to the Maglia rosa prepare to stake their claim, rider plotting against rider. War is coming and the price for glory is blood, sweat and tears.

Winner’s trophy: The Trofeo Senza Fine (trophy without end) was designed to show that the Giro is a neverending story

METRO HERALD Tuesday, April 15, 2014



Tuesday, April 15, 2014 METRO HERALD

‘Lack of penalties’ in new child protection measures by jOAnnE AHERn

the cultural norm for anyone working with children.’ The Saving Childhood group said the Bill is a ‘long overdue piece of legislation essential to ensuring a more consistent and robust approach to the reporting and responding to child protection and welfare concerns’. The group includes Barnardos, CARI, Children’s Rights Alliance, Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, Empowering People in Care, the ISPCC and One in Four. While it congratulated the Minister ‘for her commitment to enacting this legislation’, it raised concerns about the lack of sanctions for those who fail to comply, and the lack of resources for implementation. Meanwhile, Fianna Fáil said the lack of sanctions ‘represents a watering down of the robust legislation that was promised’. Its Children spokesman, Robert Troy, said he would be making ‘a series of amendments’ to the Bill.

picture: jason clarke

CHILDREN’S groups have expressed concern about the lack of penalties for professionals working with children who fail to comply with the new Children First legislation. The Bill, which has been in the works since 1999, was published yesterday by Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Frances Fitzgerald. It legally requires ‘mandated persons’ to report concerns about children’s welfare to the Child and Family Agency. These include doctors, nurses, teachers, social workers, gardaí, psychologists, members of the clergy, and child protection officers. The Department has described it as ‘part of a suite of child protection legislation’, which already includes the Criminal Justice (Withholding of Information on Offences against Children and Vulnerable Persons) and the National Vetting Bureau acts. Minister Fitzgerald said: ‘This legislation is about making best safeguarding practice

PIPE DREAM: Faith Robinson launches Inter/Generation, Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council’s programme of architectural themed projects, taking place in the Grainstore, Cabinteely Park, over the Easter holidays. See

State is given two days to house teen A JUDGE has given child welfare agencies two days to find ‘proper accommodation’ for a 16-year-old boy who came back to Dublin to live after his parents left the country more than a year ago. The Irish-born youth, who is still a minor, had first appeared at the Children’s Court last week, where Judge John O’Connor had said it was ‘very worrying why a 16-year-old is with a 30-year-old in Dublin’. The teen was in court following his arrest for criminal damage to security tags on a pair of runners and tracksuit bottoms worth €104 last week. It had already emerged he had lived here until 2012 when his family returned to their homeland. His parents remain there but the boy returned to Ireland recently and is supported by another man, in his 30s, and they are both living in a hostel. The teenager had been granted bail and appeared again at the juvenile court yesterday accompanied by the man, a foreign national.

METRO HERALD Tuesday, April 15, 2014


60 seconds JOn HAMM, 43, will soon be putting Scotchswilling, womanising advertising man Don Draper behind him as Mad Men enters its final season

We left Don Draper in a bleak place at the end of the last season. Can you tell us anything about what’s in store this season? It was a big

deal for Don to be, essentially, fired from his job and it’s a bit of a wake-up call. Will it have the desired effect? I don’t know. Well, I do know because I’ve shot the first half of the season but I’m not going to tell you. I will say I think the one pattern we’ve established with Don is he tends to rise to challenges. When he is pushed far enough, he will eventually push back. But we rarely like to watch Draper being happy…

Don’s behaviour is pretty hard to excuse. Do you think he can even justify it to himself? I don’t know anybody

can relate to being in a place in your life when you think: ‘Is this all there is?’

What sort of other acting roles do you get offered?

When Mad Men first became successful, I was getting offered every movie people had on their desks that had a guy in a suit with a hat who was a Lothario. That was uninteresting to me because I do that for most of the year. So, what I looked for were things like The Town, a cops and robbers film, and Bridesmaids, where I got to run round like a silly idiot. That’s going to be the title of my autobiography, by the way: Silly Idiot.

How are you feeling about Mad Men coming to an end?

I think good things must come to an end and whereas some shows who walks through the world just sort of fade away or peter out, thinking ‘I am amazing’ 100 per the really good shows end. That cent of the time. I think said, I’m going to be an those people are crazy. absolute disaster when Or delusional. But I it does end. There think that is part of will be tears, there When Mad Don’s constant will probably be struggle, to try to Men ends, there will fist fights and behave in a way hair-pulling. It be tears, fist fights that keeps the will be Biblical people around in its emotion. and hair-pulling. him happy and to It will be Biblical in How do you keep himself happy, too. He is its emotion handle being also a person who is a sex symbol? The fundamentally idea of being a sex symbol bifurcated. He is two different is so silly to me. I’m sitting here people – Dick Whitman and Don now in my sweat pants with my Draper. Which one of those is dog, Cora, staring at me and going to win? wondering when she’s going to be fed. I don’t know anyone who In spite of his philandering approaches that status with and drinking, are there anything but bemused curiosity. It’s elements of Don you admire? something only other people can Yes, I admire his incredible creative bestow on you and it’s something I capacity. I think we are in a world – don’t relate to. I find it so at least creatively and artistically – confusing. that has so many outlets for expression but in which, very often, Do you feel pressure that mediocrity becomes the standard your next role has to equal, rather than excellence. And I think or better, this one? I don’t feel Don strives for excellence. That is like acting is a competition. We, as something I aspire to. What I don’t actors, are beholden to the scripts like about Don is he very often we get. I owe 100 per cent of my succumbs to his demons instead of success and career to [the show’s trying to rise above them and fight creator] Matt Weiner. I’m just a against them. But I identify with lucky fool. I do have a new film, that fight against demons, too. Million Dollar Arm [in which he plays a sports agent], coming out in Do you find it strange that May. We’ll see if people like me in both men and women idolise this other aspect or if they only him? He is certainly no role want to see me brooding and model. But I think there’s drinking and whoring around. something fundamentally in Don Jane Mulkerrins Draper that people can identify with – a dissatisfaction, a striving Mad Men begins tomorrow for something, a kind of ennui. I on Sky Atlantic at 10pm.

HOPPIng MAD: People look at a rabbit jumping over an obstacle at the traditional Easter market at the Old Town Square in Prague, Czech Republic, yesterday to celebrate Holy Week picture: reuterS

Mob seizes police facility in Ukraine

DOZENS of pro-Russian separatists stormed a police HQ in eastern Ukraine yesterday, defying government threats to take action against insurgents. Cheered on by hundreds of onlookers, the mob hurled rocks and smashed windows as they seized control of the facility in the city of Horlivka. The siege was the latest in a string of attacks on government buildings in the Russian-speaking enclaves of Ukraine. Again the insurgents demanded local referendums on being given greater autonomy by Kiev, or an option to join the Russian Federation.


Having previously refused to entertain such a vote, Ukrainian interim president Oleksandr Turchynov appeared to soften his stance yesterday. ‘We are not against holding a national referendum,’ he said. ‘I am certain a majority of Ukrainians will support an indivisible, independent, democratic and united Ukraine.’ Reports suggested Mr Turchynov would now be open to a referendum taking place alongside the presidential elections on May 25. However, his threat of a ‘large-

scale anti-terrorist operation’ to oust protesters from government buildings went unheeded as the 6am deadline to vacate passed without any sign of action. Meanwhile, EU foreign affairs chief Baroness Ashton last night declared sanctions against Russia would be extended, with more high-profile names being added to the list of those facing asset freezes and visa bans. She added that the EU ‘unreservedly’ condemned the actions of ‘armed individuals’ in eastern Ukraine, commending Kiev for the restraint it is showing as it tries to reduce tensions.

no northside Dart Delayed Suas project for Easter Sunday is ‘worth exploring’ THERE will be no northside Dart service to or from Connolly Station on Easter Sunday, to allow for track and points replacement. Portmarnock, Clongriffin, Howth, Sutton, Bayside, Howth Junction and Donaghmede, Kilbarrack, Raheny, Harmonstown, Killester and Clontarf Road stations will be closed all day, Irish Rail said. Dublin Bus will accept valid rail tickets on scheduled services between closed Dart stations and the city centre, it added. Southside Dart services between Greystones/Bray and Connolly are not affected. Dundalk/Drogheda commuters will also be affected on Sunday. Services will operate to/from Malahide station with onward bus transfers to Connolly/Pearse stations. Belfast services will operate to/from Drogheda station with onward bus transfers to Connolly. Irish Rail is advising intending passengers to check the bank holiday timetable on

THE Suas cable car project is still up in the air after councillors on the Dublin South East Area Committee agreed to defer a planned motion on the topic to next month’s meeting. The decision was taken to allow Dublin City Council officials get detailed location maps of the area involved and will now take place at May’s meeting of the area committee, the final one before the upcoming local elections. The €80million project would see a cable car run along the Liffey from the Docklands to Heuston Station. Speaking to Metro Herald yesterday, Cllr Brian Lacey said he believes councillors have an ‘obligation to encourage people to bring forward ideas’ and said the Suas was one ‘worth exploring’.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014 METRO HERALD

Leap on Dublin Bus

Capping and Tickets Leap on Dublin Bus

Dublin Bus is simplifying its range of ticket options and moving to Leap Card. You can buy a Leap Card at your local Leap Card agent, see As part of the move, some prepaid tickets have been withdrawn from sale. In most cases daily and weekly capping on Leap Card is the most suitable alternative. If capping doesn’t suit you, some Rambler tickets can now be loaded onto a Leap Card.


The introduction of capping means no matter how many journeys you make, you will never be charged more than the daily and weekly limits (exceptions apply see Simply use the Travel Credit on your Leap Card and your fare will be capped at the following rates.

Adult Student Child

Dublin Bus Only Cap Daily Weekly €6.90 €27.50 €5.00 €20.00 €2.50 €8.20

Multi Operator Cap (Dublin Bus / Luas / Dart / Commuter Rail) Daily Weekly €10.00 €40.00 €7.50 €30.00 €3.50 €14.00


Dublin Bus Rambler tickets can now be bought and loaded onto a Leap Card at any Leap Card agent. Once a ticket has been loaded onto your Leap Card, validate it at the validator on the right hand side as you enter the bus, holding the Leap Card static at the validator for a full second until a green or orange light appears. Ticket Validator

Dublin Bus tickets now available on Leap Card

5 Day Rambler Adult 30 Day Rambler Adult 1 Day Rambler Family 2 Adults & 4 Children (U16yrs) 5 Day Rambler Student 30 Day Rambler Student

For more information visit or follow @dublinbusnews on

€27.50 €137.50 €12.65 €20.00 €100.00

METRO HERALD Tuesday, April 15, 2014

★★ ★ ★


The f-ing award goes to... Swearing, gross-out snogs and wardrobe malfunctions at the MTV Movie Awards

MTV movie winners ence,



ARK WAHLBERG’S Fbomb-laden acceptance speech set the tone for a night of naughty flashes and incestuous snogging Movie of the year: at the MTV Movie Awards. es: Gam er The Hung The 42-year-old was not exactly Catching Fire chuffed to receive his gold popcorn : ation On-screen transform ‘generation award’ and insisted it meant Jared Leto, Dallas he was ‘too f****** old to come back’ Buyers Club again. ce: rman perfo edy Com ‘This is not the Channing-TatumJonah Hill, The Wolf you’re-dancing-around-chicks-wantOf Wall Street you award. This is the “you’re f****** Villain: Mila Kunis, Oz done” award. But look, it was a great The Great And Powerful run,’ said the Transformers 4 actor. Shirtless performance: Zac Efron, That British star Rita Ora also had Awkward Moment m Tatu organisers sweating when she stripped ning Chan rd: awa r blaze Trail Zac Efron on stage as she ton Anis ifer Jenn ter, Poul Will kiss: Best rs gave him the ‘best shirtless performand Emma Roberts, We’re The Mille ance’ for his role in That Awkward MoJay , Boys t stree Back ent: Musical mom nson ment. Baruchel, Seth Rogen and Craig Robi Her efforts to raise the temperature perform in Heaven, This Is The End at LA’s Nokia Theatre were The generation award: Mark Wahlberg surpassed by Rihanna, who appeared to ter, Breakthrough performance: Will Poul reveal she was wearing no pants under rs Mille The We’re a daring skirt during a duet with Pitt, Brad ce: rman perfo s*** as d Scare Eminem. World War Z The blushes kept coming when er, Walk Paul and el Dies Vin Onscreen duo: trailblazer award winner Channing Fast & Furious 6 Tatum was left red faced by host CoIs This nna, Cameo performance: Riha nan O’Brien who showed him a picture The End of his penis on a camera phone. Hero: Henry Cavill as Clark Kent, Comic actor Seth Rogen grossed out l Stee Man Of the crowd when he took to the stage to #WTF moment: Leonardo DiCaprio, present the best kiss prize to British t Stree The Wolf Of Wall star Will Poulter. lene Shai : Favourite character Rogen picked a competition winner Woodley, Divergent out of the crowd for a snog, only to

Female performance: Jennifer Lawr The Hunger Games: Catching Fire The Male performance: Josh Hutcherson, Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Stripped: Zac Efron accepts the award for ‘best shirtless performance’ from singer Rita Ora

Tributes paid to late stars

THE late Paul Walker and Philip Seymour Hoffman were remembered. Walker’s Fast & Furious co-star Jordana Brewster paid tribute to the actor’s ‘pure kindness’ as she choked back tears. Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson said he still thinks of Seymour Hoffman every day.

claim the woman was his mother. Poulter won the gong for a threeway kiss with We’re The Millers co-stars Emma Roberts and Jennifer Aniston. The 21-year-old read a ‘text’ from Aniston that said: ‘I’m watching this on TV. Stop telling people we’re a real thing. I was forced to kiss you and I didn’t come tonight as thought I’d have to come near you again and it’s probably best you stay in England. ‘P.S. You look like a dorky Tintin.’ Meanwhile, Mila Kunis, 30, kept fans guessing over rumours she and fiancé Ashton Kutcher, 36, were expecting by No pants: ts: Rihanna perf performs ms in a daring skirt on stage with shielding her tummy from view. Eminem PicTureS: AP/reuTerS

Professor Green has postponed his tour for a second time because his life has taken a ‘mental’ turn. Green, 30, disappointed fans after the gigs – which he already cancelled in November last year and rescheduled to May – got pushed back to November. ‘The last 18 months have been mental, turbulent, up and down, round and round, amazing... above all incredibly stressful,’ he said in a statement. The rapper, real name Stephen Manderson, admitted drink-driving last month.

Are you sure you’ve really split? Gwyneth and chris get cosy

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s increasingly amicable ‘conscious uncoupling’ sounds more like a budding romance than a separation. After holidaying together in the wake of their split and keeping the wedding rings on, they put on a big show at Robert Downey Jr’s 49th birthday bash. ‘They were lovey-dovey and playful,’ revealed one party guest. ‘They

were with the kids, they held hands and laughed and joked as a family. ‘It was not the typical picture of a divorce. If the reports had not come out you would think “Wow, they are a perfect couple”,’ the guest added. The 41-year-old and the Coldplay singer, 37, appeared so into each other, a U-turn on their separation statement wouldn’t surprise their inner circle.

Ladies and The Vamps by SEAMUS DUFF The Vamps will be making sure they lock their hotel rooms from now on... after fans burst in to find two of them naked. The band’s lead singer Brad Simpson revealed all about the late-night encounter – but it was guitarist James McVey and bassist Connor Ball who were exposed to the excited followers. ‘We were in a hotel in Manchester and we tend to leave the room doors on a latch so we can just come in and out,’ explained Simpson, 18. ‘We didn’t realise that some fans had got into the hotel. Connor and James were in bed and about five fans just walked into their rooms.’ ‘We were naked,’ McVey, 19, confirmed, adding the visitors had seemed less interested in their bodies than in trying to recruit them to their Twitter itter followings. ‘We said “Please can you leave?” ?” And we can’t follow them on Twitter because they didn’t give their Twitters to us,’ he laughed. Ball, 18, added: ‘We got them out very quickly. We were a bit scared.’ The lads also opened up about their celebrity crushes – with McVey admitting ‘a few actresses tickle my fancy’, including Georgia May Foote, 23, who plays Katy Armstrong in Coronation Street. The fresh-faced pop-rocker admitted, however, that his pulling approach needs work. ‘I’m not confident at all. I just abuse them on Twitter and send

Room with a view: Brad view Simps Simpson spilled the beans on fr his friends’ naked hotel encoun encounter PicTure: SPLASH

them loads of tweets,’ he said. Bandmate Tristan Evans, 19, also has his sights set on a lady in the limelight – but worries she might prove too hot for him to handle. ‘I like Iggy Azalea. I haven’t tweeted her to let her know. I’m just waiting to meet her and then see if she’s too gangster for me. She would destroy me,’ he laughed. Meet The Vamps, the debut album by the band, is available to buy now.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014 METRO HERALD

Miley Cyrus has given away her puppy Moonie because it was ‘too soon’ to replace Floyd, her dog killed by a coyote earlier this month. The 21-year-old has given the pup to a friend’s mother and tweeted: ‘I’m scared 2 have a tiny dog.’

Lana Del Rey sparks a frenzy with new single West Coast Lana Del Rey lit up the Coachella music festival by puffing away on a cigarette as she performed new song West Coast for her fans. The singer, 27, asked fans for permission to light up, telling them: ‘I can’t think if I can’t smok smoke’. She then ran through a selection of her hits, including Summertime

Festival girl: Lana Del Ray at the Coachella music festival, where she debuted her new single Picture: reuters

Sadness and Video Games, with cigarette in hand, before debuting the single from upcoming album Ultraviolence. The New York native performed to a star-studded crowd at the US festival, including Lindsay Lohan, 27, and Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul, 34, and his film director wife Lauren Parsekian, 26. But fans unable to attend the festival

Christina Hendricks insists she would rather have a puppy than join the celebrity baby boom. The 38-year-old claimed she and hubby Geoffrey Arend were happy to miss out on dirty nappies and sleepless nights. ‘We got a puppy and that’s my idea of starting a family,’ she said. ‘People say, “Oh, that’s practice for parenting” but, if it’s practice for anything, it is to be a mom to another puppy. It’s just very normal for people to say “Well, when you guys have kids…” And then when I say, “Actually, I don’t think we’re going to do that”, people will say “Oh, you say that now”. But she added: ‘There’s a small chance I could change my mind.’

in Indo, California, on Sunday were left fuming after her performance was one of the few not live streamed. One fan complained on Twitter: ‘I would like to have a sit-down conversation with the person that decided not to live stream Lana Del Rey’s Coachella performance’. After performing, Del Rey went to watch a few sets with Nina Dobrev, the Vampire Diaries star.

Rebecca Ferguson is pregnant with her third child. The X Factor graduate tweeted: ‘I am having a new baby. Children are such a blessing and I’m grateful to God for my new little gift xx.’ The 27-year-old also posted a picture of two swans with the caption: ‘There’s a little heart beating next to mine.’ The Liverpudlian – whose son and daughter are from a previous relationship – began dating a friend a year ago.

10 METRO HERALD Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bombing kills 71 in Nigerian capital A HUGE explosion ripped through a bus station yesterday during the morning rush hour in Nigeria’s capital, killing at least 71 and wounding 124 in the worst terrorist attack ever in Abuja. President Goodluck Jonathan visited the scene and blamed Boko Haram, an Islamic extremist group which operates in the north east of Nigeria and which had threatened to attack the capital. One official said he believed the bomb was buried in the earth while others said the explosives were hidden in a vehicle. The blast destroyed 16 luxury buses and 24 mini buses and cars, and left a hole 1.2m deep in the ground of Nyanya Motor Park about 16km from the city centre.


Piece mocking surveillance scandal is overnight sensation for resident

i spy a new banksy by DAniEL binns

Secretive street art: Has Banksy been at it again with this mural that pokes fun at government surveillance? Picture: PA

WAKING up to find graffiti sprawled on the side of your house usually fills homeowners with anger. But Karen Smith is delighted with the street art sprayed on her home – as it’s believed to be the work of Banksy. The artwork depicts three 1950s-style secret agents bugging a telephone box near the UK’s GCHQ spy centre in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire in England. It bears all the hallmarks of Banksy’s work, say experts, even though the guerilla artist has not yet officially confirmed it is his latest creation. Mrs Smith, 48, heard voices outside her home all night on Sunday but thought nothing of it until she saw men loading a white tarpaulin into a van. She thinks the artwork is ‘pretty good’ but won’t profit from it as she rents the home from a private landlord. ‘It livens the street up a bit,’ she said. ‘A lot of people have been looking at it.’ The politically motivated piece comes in the wake of the scandal over surveillance by GCHQ and the NSA, revealed by whistlebower Edward Snowden. Britain’s Guardian and the Washington Post last night won the Pulitzer Prize for their exposure of the scandal.



Tuesday, April 15, 2014 METRO HERALD


Anti-semite ‘shot christians’ Mother mauled by bear

AMERicA: The murder suspect who shot dead people at Jewishrelated sites in Kansas on Sunday killed two Christians. White supremacist Frazier Glenn Cross, 73 (pictured), shot a doctor and his 14-year-old grandson before killing an unnamed woman.

and finally...

AMERicA: A MOTHER-of-three escaped death when a 90kg bear clamped her head in its mouth and tried to drag her off into woods. Terri Frana, 45, needed 30 staples in her head after the animal attacked on Saturday. ‘It was terrifying, she just kept biting,’ said Mrs Frana from Orlando, Florida.

Mass DNA test to find rapist Film wins a fair fu awards

FRANcE: A school is to DNA test 527 staff and students in a bid to identify the person who raped a 16-year-old girl in a toilet. Headteacher Chantal Devaux said the mass screening was ‘the only way to advance the investigation’. The attack took place in September at the Fenelon Notre-Dame school in La Rochelle. The cost to analyse the samples is estimated to be €5,000.

cHiNA: Forget 12 Years A Slave or Gravity – it was kung fu epic The Grandmaster that cleaned up at the Hong Kong Film Awards. The movie, featuring Zhang Ziyi (pictured), 35, won a record 12 prizes, including best film and best director.

You’re wailing to evade court, ‘bulldog’ Nel tells Pistorius by jOEL TAYLOR

OSCAR PISTORIUS wailed and sobbed in court yesterday as he was accused of ‘concocting’ stories about the night his girlfriend was shot dead. Shortly before the murder trial adjourned for the day, chief prosecutor Gerrie Nel said: ‘You’re getting emotional now because you’re getting frustrated because your version [of events] is improbable. You’re not using your emotional state as an escape are you?’ Pistorius, accused of deliberately firing his 9mm pistol at Reeva Steenkamp, broke down crying four times. He wept when he was asked to repeat the order to leave that he says he shouted to the ‘intruder’ before firing through the toilet door of his home. Pistorius sobbed and wailed again when Mr Nel insisted that he knew he was firing at his girlfriend. Mr Nel says she was hiding from him after they had a bitter argument in the early hours of February 14 last year. ‘I did not fire at Reeva,’ wailed Pistorius as the judge announced the day’s second unscheduled break. After the judge left the courtroom, Pistorius

Murder scene: The toilet door stood sobbing with his body trembling and turned away from the gallery. Mr Nel again accused Pistorius of tailoring his version to fit evidence at the scene. Mr Nel, nicknamed ‘bulldog’, listed alleged inconsistencies in Pistorius’s account and told him he had ‘concocted’ his version of the shooting. ‘You’re tailoring your version as you’re sitting there,’ Mr Nel said. Mr Nel alleged the Olympic runner lowered his aim with his 9 mm pistol to ensure he hit Ms Steenkamp, 29, as she fell back against a magazine rack. Pistorius, 27, who denies murder, faces more questions about the toilet cubicle today when the case continues.

Mother ‘suffocated’ six babies A MOTHER accused of killing six babies told police she strangled or suffocated them then hid them in boxes in her garage. Megan Huntsman, 39, gave birth to seven babies between 1996 and 2006 and immediately killed six of them – the seventh was stillborn, police said. She was arrested after her estranged


husband, Darren West, found the bodies in her home in Pleasant Grove, Utah, on Saturday. Ex-convict Mr West is not a person of interest in the case, say police. Asked how Mr West could not have known about the bodies, Capt Michael Roberts said: ‘That’s the million-dollar question. Amazing.’

cHiLE: A rescue worker bows his head in despair after fires killed 12 people, destroying 500 homes in Valparaiso reuters

cHiNA: Toddlers are likely to bawl when older children hog the swings at the park, but not for those living in the south-west city of Chongqing, where a 400m-long swing set with 200 seats has been built to celebrate the area’s sunny climate.

12 METRO HERALD Tuesday, April 15, 2014



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Seeing fit to lay down the rules on etiquette in the gym


dismissal of a recognised mental health issue is ignorance personified. Finally, freedom of speech does not mean freedom from rebuke – if he persists in making ridiculous and demeaning statements then he must accept we have the freedom to call him out on his b******t. Helen Ryder

ules for the gym: 1. When working out, don’t use your mobile. 2. When lifting don’t grunt all the time. 3. Dropping weights/banging them means the weights are too heavy for you to use safely. 4. Monopolising equipment with rests between sets is annoying when other people are waiting. 5. You can’t use two machines at the same time. 6. People sweat, so as long as you shower beforehand and give the machine a quick wipe, no problem. 7. The gym floor is not a catwalk. 8. Watching people intently is out, as is aggressively giving unwanted advice. 9. lastly, be considerate: many using gyms are insecure about their bodies – a cruel comment/look Jboy can be devastating.

■ I thought the Albert Hall concert sounded like a bad night in the local pub. By omitting the traditional, it failed miserably to bring the grandeur, the glory and the soul of real Irish music to a wider audience. That The Minstrel Boy was spoken not sung and that The Auld Triangle went on forever – and was the highlight – says it all. The rest was mid-Atlantic, discordant and non-Irish. A Leavy

■ so John Waters ‘lost a stone in weight’ over the Pantigate affair? I am sure that the gay men and women around the world who have lost their jobs, their families and their lives due to homophobia feel sorry for him. And depression is real and painful – his

■ Is anyone else getting sick of seeing teenybopper boy bands, like the Vamps and One Direction, who aside from looking pretty seem to know little about real music. Can we have more real musicians please. Ropey Like Jagger

Quick pic

SWEET VALLEY HIGH: Ciaran Nolan took this stunning shot from up on Glendalough last weekend. Now we feel worse about our desk jobs. Cheers, Ciaran... Send your photos to pictures@ with ‘Quick pic’ as the subject and we will print the best each day in the paper

gOOD On yA

yEH big RiDE

● A big thank you to the hero in the jeep on M50 near Dundrum who stopped to help four women who had a blowout! We all resolved to spread the goodness and do a good turn. Toni, Pam, Fiona & Helen

● To Athy Girl (Carlow IT), we get on at the same stop. Studying law has taught me justice is blind, but I’m not – you are beautiful! Coffee sometime? Athy Boy

● Good on ya to Koh for a great lunch as always. You guys rock. Thai Me Up

● Kelly C, your beauty is unmatched in all the realms. You are my queen and I your loyal servant. Nice dragons, baby! Gamey





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● People need to get with the times and respect the 24 hour rule regarding shows and spoilers #Ruined @CLEV04


Win tickets to the UK Premiere Screening of FRANK! To celebrate the release of the highly anticipated film, FRANK, from Irish director Lenny Abrahamson (Adam & Paul, Garage and What Richard Did), we’ve teamed up with Element Pictures Distribution to offer you and a guest the opportunity to go to the star-studded UK premiere. Taking place in London on Friday 25th April, we have this amazing trip up for grabs for one lucky Metro Herald reader.

FRANK is an offbeat comedy about a young wannabe musician, Jon (Domhnall Gleeson), who finds himself out of his depth when he joins an avant-garde pop band led by the mysterious and enigmatic Frank (Micahel Fassbender), a musical genius who hides himself inside a large fake head, and his terrifying bandmate Clara (Maggie Gyllenhaal). Written by Jon Ronson (The Men Who Stare At Goats) and Peter Straughan (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, The Men Who Stare At Goats), FRANK is based on the memoir by Jon Ronson. It is a fictional story loosely inspired by Frank Sidebottom, the persona of cult musician and comedy legend Chris Sievey, as well as other outsider musicians like Daniel Johnston and Captain Beefheart.

To win simply answer the following question:

Which Oscar nominated Irish actor plays the title character Frank? A. Michael Fassbender Terms and Conditions: The competition closes at Midday 18th April 2014. The winner will be chosen at random from the entries received and notified by telephone or email. Entrants must be over 18 years old, hold a valid passport and be able to depart from Dublin on 25.04.2014 to return on 26.04.2014. Prize includes overnight accommodation in a central London hotel and airport transfers. Usual Metro Herald rules apply. The Editor's decision is final. By entering this competition you agree to sign up to the Metro Herald promotions list - To optout text NOMETRO to 51155. SP. Oxygen8 Communications, 4th Floor, Malt House North, Grand Canal Quay, D2. Customer Service number 0818 286 606.

B. Colin Farrell

C. Cillian Murphy

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Crime does pay Swedish author CAMILLA LÄCKBERG on her unorthodox route to success

An Ideal Husband Oscar Wilde Mon / Matinees: €25 Tues – Thur: €32 Fri – Sat: €35 (01) 874 4045

★★★★ irish examiner ★★★★ irish mail on sunday

“sparkling social comedy” irish independent

“outstanding” evening herald “irresistibly appealing” irish independent

“graceful and compelling” sunday business post


14 METRO HERALD Tuesday, April 15, 2014



My love affair with crime started at 7 T

he first thing one notices about Swedish crime-writing sensation Camilla Läckberg is that she is really quite beautiful. The 39-year-old is one of those people who looks far better in real life than in photos. The second is Läckberg’s disarming honesty about her approach to crime fiction. Not for her the agenda-driven, left-wing-leaning narratives of Stieg Larsson and henning Mankell, two of Sweden’s most lauded crime authors. ‘My job is to simply tell a good story and to entertain the reader,’ she says in her lightly-accented english. ‘We are all so stressed and have so many troubles with the economy and troubled marriages and whatnot – I want to help people escape for a few hours.’ It is an approach that has certainly worked for Läckberg. She has sold more than 10 million books in 55 countries. That figure includes 4.7 million in Sweden – she is the country’s most popular author, outselling even Stieg Larsson. her new novel, Buried Angels, which focuses on the disappearance of a family from their holiday home on an island, is out in Ireland this month. We are sitting in her local coffee shop in a well-to-do suburb of Stockholm. The café is thronging with Swedish yummy mummies, its front lined with baby buggies – the Swedes tend to dock their infants in the same way cowboys once parked their horses outside Western saloons. Läckberg spends the entire hour of our chat almost eating a salad roll. But every time she raises it to her mouth, her desire to answer my questions overcomes her need to eat. ‘I tell a story, and as a side-effect my own experiences, my own political views will absolutely appear in the books, but it’s really not my

Young, beautiful and not afraid to market her talent, Camilla Läckberg was shunned by literary circles. But the writer has a potent formula, says Paul Connolly

agenda. A lot of the authors such as Mankell have always been politically active. I’m just not a very political person.’ Läckberg, in some ways, is a defiantly old-fashioned crime writer. For example you cannot imagine too many young crime guns citing as an influence one of the genre’s crustiest icons. Läckberg doesn’t give a monkey’s. ‘My love affair with crime started when I was seven with finding Death On The Nile by Agatha Christie on my father’s bookshelf. I fell in love with the Agatha Christie books. Christie is now seen as incredibly uncool, but her structure is still important. I love the traditional way of telling a crime story. I love the whodunnit – I think there should be a fair chance for the reader to be able to guess who the murderer is.’ however, Läckberg is not just about slavish adherence to the Christie whodunnit template. She is also very adept at mixing ordinary life with crime melodrama. Since her break-out novel, 2003’s The Ice Princess, her dual protagonists, crime author erica and her policeman husband Patrik, living on the idyllic western Swedish island of Fjallbacka, have become as big a draw to readers as Läckberg’s inventive murder mysteries. ‘I took a very traditional crime structure but added the everyday life of a very normal couple. That means I have a combination of extraordinary drama which is the crime plot, but also ordinary drama – the things that we don’t think of as drama but can be very dramatic. Moving in together, having babies, dealing with the in-laws, etc.’ It is a potent blend.

Indeed Läckberg’s soapy, multi-charactered drama most readily bring to mind San Francisco writer Armistead Maupin’s glorious Tales Of The City series. Swedish literary circles, however, tend not to look too kindly on Läckberg. She is seen as rather vulgar, an attitude which stems from her relentless and remorseless efforts to brand her books. It is a subject that Läckberg attacks with relish. ‘I was in one of the earliest meetings with my publishing house and they were about to have a marketing meeting. They didn’t want me in the meeting even though I have a degree in marketing. I should’ve been there. I was the subject of the meeting. So I insisted and they relented. During the meeting I used the word “product” about the book.’ She stops here and almost explodes with glee. ‘You should have heard the silence in the room when I said that. Then one of the publishers says a bit huffily, “It’s not a product, it’s a book”. So I had to explain to him that, yes, it’s a book and, yes, it carries a lot of great values and extra things that, say, a sports shoe doesn’t, but the principle is still the same. It’s a product that you have to move from the shelves to the customer. They resisted at first but I persisted and never backed down from the discussion about branding and marketing. Do you know what? Time has proven me right.’And she grins and finally takes a great big bite of her roll. Buried Angels (Harper Collins) is out now

yOuR nExT READ Books to while awaY Your coMMute The ColleCTed Works of AJ fikry BY GaBrielle Zevin

(little, Brown) heartbroken after the death of his pregnant wife, bookshop owner aJ Fikry holes up in island Books, refusing to answer his phone and drinking himself into oblivion. when a baby girl is abandoned in the shop, with a note from her mother saying she wants her child to grow up surrounded by books, aJ discovers a new purpose. i’m a pushover for sweet tales about

bookshops and this does not disappoint. each chapter opens with a book recommendation to Maya, the now grown-up baby who will soon have to cope without her adoptive father. this is a novel packed with the love of a life lived around books. as the new owner of island Books says at the end of this sad and sometimes funny story: ‘i like talking about books with people who like talking about books… there ain’t nobody in the world like book people’. Cathy Rentzenbrink

shoTgun lovesongs BY nickolas Butler

(Picador) the seismic pull of one’s hometown – in this case in rural wisconsin, america – is the force that fuels this powerful debut novel, whose quartet of main characters left home to forge new lives. Yet the impulse ‘to run away from this little old town’ later battles with the desire to return, and they must reassess the place that shaped them. Music echoes throughout as both a

theme and structural device. the novel centres around four friends henry, lee, kip and ronny who have divergent life trajectories. Musician lee found fame writing ‘songs about our place on earth’. henry married his first love. ronny became a rodeo star, while kip made his mark in the city. it is lee’s story that is most resonant: ‘i came back and i found my voice, like something that had fallen out of my pocket, like a souvenir long forgotten’. a novel by a writer who has clearly also found his own voice. Anita Sethi



ot much can surpass the crisp skin and succulent flesh of roast chicken at Easter. New spring lamb is so young I’d rather wait until June or July for more flavour – so it’s poultry for me this weekend. Before you think about cooking your bird, you need to shop wisely. A poorly-reared creature sold suspiciously cheaply will normally result in anaemic, flabby meat. Make sure you get one reared outdoors with enough space to roam (muscles mean flavour). It’s worth spending the most you can on a free-range roast chicken for a family occasion. I start by testing a recipe by Edinburgh chef Martin Wishart ( as he opts for what some call ‘a wet roast’. I slather the chicken with 60g soft butter and wedge the bird (he recommends a 2kg one) in the oven at 200C with veg dotted around it


DELI 147 Metro Life has been whiling – read munching – so many lunch hours away in Parnell Street’s newest foodie mecca, 147 Deli, it’s beginning to become a problem. Owner Barry Stephens previously set up The Food Room in Clontarf and is likely to be in it for the long haul with his latest solo venture. Not only is his new café worth a visit for the loveliness of its design – alluring grey facade, oversized map of Dublin printed along one wall, slick fixtures and fittings – the food is invariably fresh and flawless. Sandwich specials (chilli cheese dog, pictured) change weekly – its a fillet-of-fish number for mid-April – but it’s hard to be tempted away from staples such as pulled pork rolls and decadent two-cheese and meatball subs (Provalone cheese, meatballs and tomato sauce topped with rocket and parmesan). There’s also hearty, homemade soups and salads for

and 400ml cider poured over. After one hour, as instructed, I remove it but it’s still pink inside. By the time this stubborn old bird is finished, the veg are quite soft from simmering, and the cider, meant for gravy, has evaporated. And the meat? It’s beautiful – dribbling with bits that slop messily down my chin. the skin is good but moist. But I’m not satisfied yet. I turn to another excellent chef, Adam Byatt (, whose book How to Eat In has a recipe called ‘Roast chicken my way – with all the trimmings’. ‘I always poach my chickens before roasting,’ he says. ‘this results in a tastier bird, and although it sounds more complex, it actually shortens the overall process.’ I plunge my chicken into a pan brimming with simmering chicken stock, bay leaves and peppercorns. I simmer for a minute then remove it, reserving the poaching liquid. Later on I season it, smother with butter and roast – this time at 200C for 35mins with the assumption it’s cooked a bit from the poaching. Mine isn’t so I roast

to advertise, call 01 7055010

it for another 20mins. Like my previous test, the flesh is a wet snog of perfection but the skin remains a little pliable. More work, then. A solution could be found in Jamie oliver’s beer butt chicken. You lower the chicken’s rear on to a half empty can. It doesn’t look pretty but the beer steams up inside the chicken, resulting in lagery loveliness. For something more elegant, a brining method by Heston Blumenthal suits me better. I dissolve 300g salt in 5 litres of water and slide my bird in the concoction the night before. there follows a fussy procedure of putting the chicken in the oven on low heat, then removing, then putting it back in later. But Heston’s method produces the best results. then along comes a rival in Margot Henderson’s simple roast chicken from You’re All Invited (Penguin). Hers is just covered in good old-fashioned butter at 200C. the lemon and thyme stuffing is a mellow combo and helps to keep the flesh gloriously moist. the skin is crunchy crispy heaven. Move over, Nando’s.

the health conscious and yummy pastries and coffees for the rest of us. And if you find more welcoming staff in the north city centre, we want to hear from you… EIGHT DEGREES GONG There was good news for homegrown beer producers Eight Degrees Brewing over the weekend when they collected a bronze medal at the World Beer Cup for their Amber-Ella. Specially brewed for last year’s Irish Craft Beer and Cider Festival, expect Amber-Ella to be returning to off-licences and watering holes very soon... HATCH AND SONS Summer is almost here and Hatch And Sons, the artisan deli in the basement of the Little Museum Of Dublin on St Stephen’s Green, has responded


Choose a bird for the perfect Easter roast Chloe Scott cooks tried and tested recipes for roast chicken

Tuesday, April 15, 2014 METRO HERALD



You’ll need two baking trays 1.7kg free-range chicken ♦ 4l water ♦ 250g salt ♦ 60ml white wine or cider ♦ 1 lemon ♦ 1 bulb of garlic ♦ 120g softened butter ♦ 15ml olive oil ♦ Salt and pepper ♦ 4 shallots, halved ♦ 8 Desiree potatoes, halved ♦ 2tbsp goose fat or olive oil (goose fat adds more crispiness)

METHOD Step 1 The night before: Pour the

water and salt into a large clean vessel and stir well. Carefully submerge the chicken – pour in more water if needed – then cover with cling film and refrigerate overnight.

Step 2 The next day: Remove the chicken. Pat dry with a clean tea towel or kitchen towel. Place on a baking tray on the side for 1hr so it’s at room temperature. Preheat the oven to 200C.

Step 5 Chop the garlic bulb in half and pop in the cavity, along with half a chopped lemon and some thyme. Step 6 Roast in the oven at 200C. After 10min, turn it down to 180C and put the tray of potatoes into the oven. Add the shallots to the chicken pan. From there, cook everything for 60-70min, turning the potatoes now and again. Step 7 In the final 10min of

cooking, crank the oven back up to 200C again to maximise crispness. To test if the bird is ready, poke a skewer into the thickest part of the thigh – the juices should be clear, not pink.

Step 8 Remove from the oven and

Step 3 Parboil the potatoes in on

place carefully on to a serving plate, leaving as many juices as possible in the baking tray (to make gravy with). Cover the plate with foil and rest for 20min. Leave the potatoes in until they’re golden and crisp.

Step 4 Massage the chicken with

Step 9 To make the gravy, place the tray with the chicken’s juices over a hob on low heat. Deglaze by adding 100ml white wine and simmer for a few minutes, then add 100ml water and whisk, scratching the sticky meaty bits off the tray. Taste and season if you need to. Strain for a smoother consistency. Add a sprinkling of rosemary if you wish. Pour it into the gravy jug. Serve with roasties and gravy.

the hob for about 7min. Place a second baking tray with the goose fat (or olive oil) in the oven for 1-2min so the fat heats up. Remove it – be careful not to burn yourself – and smother the potatoes with the fat or oil in the tray. Season with salt and pepper. the butter under and over the skin, covering it. To finish, rub with the olive oil so everything is coated – you want the crispiest skin in town. Season well. Make sure you’ve got the chicken in the tray that you’re to

in kind, with a summer picnic package. Priced at €12 and promising a minimum saving of over €2, picnics include a blaa sandwich of your choice, bottle of Llewellyn’s Irish apple juice, DP Connolly crisps plus a tasty, home-baked cake (brownie or lemon/coconut square, pictured).

roast it in. Now carefully, from a jug, pour a good glug of white wine or cider (approx 60ml-100ml) into the cavity.

2 for 1

on all main courses*

Everyday, 4pm - 7pm


*From A La Carte menu, lowest priced item free


D ’ O L I E R C H A M B E R S , 1 6 D ’ O L I E R S T R E E T, D U B L I N 2 W W W. G A L L A H E R S B I S T R O . C O M

16 METRO HERALD Tuesday, April 15, 2014



★ Must see ★

Drama shetlaNd BBC1, 9pm

Best known for her glamorous, red-carpet role as Xposé presenter, Lisa Cannon has taken a turn for the somewhat curious as she embarks on an eight-week challenge to become a professional powerlifter. In just two short months, Lisa will undergo a gruelling gym-based training plan in her attempt to become a pro-lifter, akin to one Jodie Marsh, and compete in the Powerlifting Championships.

There’s been foul play on Fair Isle and DI Jimmy Perez (Douglas Henshall) looks like he’s got the weight of the world on his shoulders as he closes the series by striving to single-handedly solve the puzzle of the murder that has sent shockwaves across the isolated North Sea rock. It’s a chilly, salty tale that would have been better told in the dark midwinter, not when spring is knocking at the door. But if you’ve a soft spot for chunky knits, it does the job.

New worlds


Available to rent/buy now

DEMAn D a story oF chIldreN aNd FIlM

A highly personal, typically passionate look at how childhood has been depicted in movies from film-maker and critic Mark Cousins, who largely avoids Hollywood in favour of digging out obscure classics from around the world to create a fascinating toy box of cinematic treats, touching on everyone from Tarkovsky to Koreeda as he picks out prevailing, universal themes.


The latest film from French director Claire Denis (White Material, Beau Travail) is maybe not among her best work, as this disjointed revenge thriller has such a jumbled structure it makes your head spin. But its neo-noir stylings, Tindersticks score and dark heart offer an unsettling comment on amoral capitalist times – frustrating and haunting in equal measure.

Factual the towN that caught tourette’s TV3, 10pm

This hour-long documentary examines a peculiar occurence in the small New York town of Le Roy where a seemingly spontaneous and sudden outbreak of Tourette’s syndrome in 2011 among a group of teenage girls attending the same high school sees them all simultaneously begin to develop symptoms of the neuropsychiatric disorder.

waterMeN: a dIrty busINess BBC2, 9pm

Drains blocked with soiled nappies, overflowing sewage pipes… suffice to say, life at a big water company is not all glamour. This fly-on-theoverflow series is up to its elbows in filth as it explains why we all fork out so much for our water. There’s some fun with fire hydrants in a summer heatwave but mostly it’s whiffy stuff.


lIve preMIer league Football Sky Sports 1, 7pm

Having dropped out of the race for the Premiership title, Arsenal now have their eyes on the FA Cup as a chance to bag some long-overdue silverware. But they’re also locked in a battle with Everton for fourth spot in the league and a guaranteed place in the Champions League – so a win over midtable West Ham is a necessity. Cue Arsene Wenger doing his worried owl bit on the sidelines. Kick off 7.45pm. Metro Herald predicts: 1-0

south park

Comedy Central, 10pm & 10.30pm

oNly Fools aNd horses

Life has turned upside down for Beth since we first met her flouncing about her garden in a virginal white frock. Now she’s caught up in a shipwreck on US shores and finds herself taken in by a local American-Indian. It’s another intense episode with the mistreatment of America’s indigenous population pushed to the forefront.

Think of Del Boy and you think wide-boy well before ‘new man’. But with the help of a self-help manual, he’s out to impress Raquel by getting in touch with his feminine side and all sorts of similar malarkey. With all that going on, no wonder he’s taken his eye off the Trotter finances, which are quickly going down the plughole.

Channel 5, 9pm

Gold, 10pm

Sky Living, 9pm

It’s the subtle chemistry between Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu as Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson that peps up this spin on Sherlock, even when the plots aren’t exactly up to the Conan Doyle standard. Tonight, the boundaries between the duo shift yet again as they investigate the death of a cancer researcher.

Sky Superheroes, 8pm Before the Amazing SpiderMan 2 arrives in cinemas this week, remind yourself what happened previously. Andrew Garfield is the one pulling on the Spidey Spandex in an origins story that comes with a sprinkle of comedy, with real-life girlfriend Emma Stone as his leading lady.

★ INdepeNdeNce day

E4, 7.30pm

See Will Smith in his first man-versus-alien role, as he teams up with Bill Pullman and Jeff Goldblum to take on a mysterious alien species hell bent on destroying Earth. Directed by Roland Emmerich, who gave us The Day After Tomorrow and Godzilla, this actionpacked sci-fi spectacular won an Oscar (for best visual effects) and broke box-office records set by Jurassic Park three years earlier but its gung-ho jingoism is a little hard to stomach in the post-9/11 era.

★ gavIN & stacey

harry browN 5USA, 10pm

BBC3, 8pm & 8.30pm

Michael Caine and Plan B star in the action thriller, which sees an elderly ex-Royal Marine seek revenge after his best friend is murdered by a gang in south London. With little evidence to put the perpetrators away, the ex-veteran takes matters into his own hands in this downbeat state-of-thenation story.

Simon Baker’s Patrick Jane, the Californian Bureau of Investigation’s smoothest of smooth independent consultants, has a new trick up his sleeve tonight as he takes on the persona of sophisticated art thief to nail a gang who committed an armed raid on a gallery. A playful episode from a show that never takes itself too seriously.


the aMazINg spIder-MaN

One thing you can always be sure of in this reliably scabrous animation is they’ll always find a way of killing Kenny. But that won’t be too much of a stretch in the second of this double bill as the action shifts to Somalia, where Cartman has designs on becoming a pirate. Hang on a minute, was that him in Captain Phillips…?

C4, 9pm

the MeNtalIst


MaN v Food

Dave, 7pm & 7.30pm Not strictly speaking a comedy but you will be in severe danger of splitting your sides – and heaving – as mighty nosher Adam Richman accepts the challenge of wrapping his chops around a 5lb ‘sandwich’ in Des Moines, Iowa, followed by taking on monster burritos in the Gigante Comida Challenge in Knoxville, Tennessee.

lIsa caNNoN: preseNter to powerlIFter TV3, 8PM



When they’re interviewed, neither Ruth Jones nor James Corden, writers of this classic Essex-Wales cultural exchange sitcom, definitively closes the door on revisiting Nessa, Smithy and the rest. But until the next special updating us on events in Billericay and Barry Island, here’s a rewind to the opening episodes of series two. The honeymoon is over for lovebirds Gavin and Stacey as Nessa’s big news sends shockwaves through both families, with Smithy looking like he’s been hit by a truck.

paraNorMal actIvIty ITV2, 10.50pm

The first in what has become a series of heart-poundingly scary thrillers that see a young couple being haunted by a supernatural presence in their new home. New residents Katie and Micah document the spooky happenings by setting up cameras around the house – cue wayward doors, flickering lights and other demonic shenanigans.



Tuesday, April 15, 2014 METRO HERALD

17 to advertise, call 01 7055010

Don’t like to move it, move it

APP hAPPy new releases

Blab (iOS, free) The much-hyped messaging app is the first of three new offerings from bebo (remember that?) where users – known as blabbers – can send videos to friends with no restriction placed on their length. The nice thing about blab? if your friend doesn’t have the app, they receive a text message with a web link to open it in a browser. We’ve mostly been using it to record Austin powers-style mission briefs from basil exposition.

Average shot: Kinect Sports Rivals’ football game doesn’t hit the target


KinECt SPOrtS rivALS (12) XboX one HH✩✩✩ MICROSOFT made a lot of mistakes with the Xbox One before it was unveiled last year but it acted quickly and decisively in turning them around. One place in which a U-turn didn’t occur, though, was with the inclusion of the Kinect motion sensor with the console as standard. Unfortunately, the tech giant hasn’t done anything interesting with Kinect since the Xbox One’s release. And Kinect Sports Rivals makes little effort to break away from the motion-control cliché of sports-themed mini-games, especially given the uninspiring selection of bowling, rock climbing, football, target shooting, tennis and a clone of Nintendo’s jet ski classic, Wave Race. Things begin well on the tech front. When you start up the game, Kinect scans your face and im-

pressively builds an avatar that is based on your characteristics. But after that, the controls are hit-andmiss – accurate enough in singleplayer mode but in multiplayer, there’s a noticeable amount of lag. And the football game doesn’t really work. How much you like this game will depend on where you rate the Kinect experience. If you’re of the opinion that pretending to hold the handlebars of an invisible jet ski is just a tech gimmick rather than a great game, Kinect Sports Rivals won’t persuade you otherwise. But the rock climbing is a highlight. It seems to have been conceived as a game first, rather than a simulation, as you avoid traps and the hands of rival players. There’s fun to be had with Kinect Sports Rivals but it’s still only providing a next-gen version of the sort of game most people got tired of five years ago.

David Jenkins

ALsO OuT more new releases lego’s the hobbit (360/ps3/Wii u/Xo/ ps4/pC/3Ds/psV) is the second new lego game this year (that’s not counting portable or mobile-only) and the third major release since lego Marvel in november. but while the toys promise endless variety, the games are too predictable. The hobbit wasn’t made available for review before release but, disappointingly, this doesn’t feature the lego-only backdrops of the lego Movie game. naturally, it only covers the events of the first two hobbit movies but rumours suggest the third one will be released as downloadable content later this year. Another game kept purposefully secret from the press is the Xbox 360 version of titanfall, which, after several delays, was released on Friday. Reports suggest it’s pretty close to the Xbox one game.

TAkE THREE Clubbing heADphones Beats by Dre Studio Wireless Some of the most comfortable headphones around now come without wires so you won’t strangle yourself while doing the worm. Adaptive noise cancellation, the best Bluetooth streaming quality, and re-engineered sound are added bonuses. €379.95, Pioneer SE-MX9 Pioneer’s premium range has been designed with dirty dance music in mind, as well as with technology that has been borrowed from the brand’s own

professional DJ cans. We rate the nifty bass control dial. €302.85, Adidas Originals X Monster The old three-stripe hype is set to live on thanks to Monster’s new tie-up with adidas Originals, featuring passive noise isolation, ControlTalk for iPhone compatibility and truly chunky ear cushions. €266.50, (available May) James Day

Carousel, Dropbox (Android, iOS, free) Automatically back-up your mobile pics to Dropbox with Carousel. it combines the photos on your Dropbox with those on your phone and sorts them by date. unlike other mobile galleries, the size of your Carousel isn’t hindered by the space on your phone. You can also share your pics and save photos others share with you. (Android/iOS coming soon, free) learning a language through on a web browser can be rather refreshing given the idea is to ditch the textbook. it does this by using the contents from the internet as a learning tool for major languages including Chinese, portuguese, French, and Russian. save stuff from the web, let turn it into flashcards and immerse yourself. The app means you can now access your flashcards from anywhere for short bursts of learning. James Day

18 METRO HERALD Tuesday, April 15, 2014


D to advertise, call 01 7055010

Jazzy beats with a rum twist

sTAiRwAy TO HEAvEn tet paul The Tet Paul Nature Trail is part of a World Heritage Site in St Lucia and although it’s bizarrely funded by the EU, it’s actually run for and by the Rasta farming community. ‘The youngsters who grow up listening to Bob Marley think they’re Rasta but they’re not, they lack the discipline,’ my driver Dayton informs me, taking us through the hills from Soufrière in a dune buggy. ‘Here, you will see a proper Rasta community.’ The 45-minute trek into the heart of the arable St Lucian hills, home to 200 indigenous plant species, is of medium difficulty and, true to Dayton’s word, I pass hard-working locals tending the land. It culminates in the Stairway To Heaven, a set of steps that lead up to incredible views right across the island, taking in the famous Piton volcanic spires, several bays, the Maria Islands Nature Reserve and out to sea. It’s picture-postcard stuff and sums up St Lucia’s easy-going credentials.

St Lucia’s famous jazz festival offers more than meets the eye, writes James Day


hen I think of jazz, the images of Ron Burgundy magically removing a flute from his shirt sleeve and John Thomson introducing the Patagonian buskers on The Fast Show come to mind. Perhaps it’s this stuffy image that led to the first major revamp of the St Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival in 23 years. Mmm… nice. Strange, then, that spearheading this renaissance are two artists more associated with 1990s R’n’B than a jazz resurgence – namely R Kelly and Ginuwine – joined by an equally eyebrow-raising supporting cast of Akon, The Jacksons and The O’Jays. This year’s 12-day event, which takes place from April 30 to May 11, has a similar line-up – albeit slightly more tame – with Maxwell, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Barrington Levy, and the Commodores among other star names. One thing that hasn’t needed tweaking, though, is the location. Aside from St Lucia providing one of the Caribbean’s lushest backdrops, along with countless diverse venues, headline performances take place at the historic Pigeon Island national Landmark amid eerie stone ruins of 18th-century British and French naval rule. experiencing R Kelly live is quite something, especially when the Bump n’Grind star requests a female-only crowd at the front of the stage. I’m swamped in the bum rush. he performs a slightly creepy, albeit talented, harmonic skit about his sweaty towel coupled


James flew with British Airways ( com/stlucia), which is offering seven nights at the Smugglers Cove Resort & Spa in St Lucia, based on two people sharing, from May 6-13 for €1,278 per person, including return flights. For more details, visit and

Caribbean rhythm: Fela dancers perform at the St Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival; (right) Smugglers Cove Resort & Spa with an incessant adoration for all the ‘sexy, fine-ass women’. Perhaps the less said about him, Akon and Ginuwine, the better. however, most other performers ooze class and despite split opinions, nothing halts the swell of a crowd constantly swaying like the Caribbean Sea. Think the Womad festival in Wiltshire or London’s notting hill Carnival. I get chatting to Lyndale James, who runs the island’s Thirst Pub. he tells me the best bits of the festival are found away from the main stage. ‘The full two weeks takes you around the whole island with shows that have a creole twist and local texture,’ he says. ‘Outfits and cuisine all lend to the experience and that’s before the music starts. Most venues are picturesque and nature-blessed, so, despite the uptempo feeling, there is still an appreciation for where the shows are being held.’ It’s a spot-on assessment. I feel welcome everywhere and wherever you find soul music, there’s always soul food and creole cocktails (yes, there’s lot of rum). no more so than at

the red-hot street parties that spill out from the bars of Rodney Bay all through the night. Follow the music to Delirius, a popular bar and restaurant that’s home to fringe performers, open-mic hopefuls and Caribbean Bartender of the Year Alva Preville. Gentlemen, dress smarter than you would for Glastonbury and be warned: camouflage print clothing is prohibited on the island because it’s too similar to police uniforms. Downtime is reserved for my ocean-front retreat, Smugglers Cove. Spending time at the hotel might seem a cop-out but seeking refuge in the namaste Spa or grabbing some barbecued saltfish on the secluded beach is a

GO wiTH THE GRAin May is Whisky Month in Scotland, so make sure you don’t go against the grain – plan a visit to a country where you can have barrels of fun. From the Spirit of Speyside Festival (May 1-5) to the Highland Pertshire Whisky Festival in Pitlochry (May 23-25), the whole month has a generous dash of the water of life. Whisky Month invites visitors and locals to sample Scotland’s national drink as well as explore both the traditional and contemporary blend of stories, circumstances, provenance and science behind the vast array of marvellous malts. There will be 19 major events as part of the Homecoming 2014 initiative, including the Home of Whiskey Festival in Pertshire, the Homecoming Whisky Festival in Glasgow, the Spirit of Stirling, and more. And don’t forget, May 17 is World Whisky Day. See www. homecomingscotland. com/whiskymonth for details. www.

must for recharging festival batteries. no St Lucian beach is private so you’re not completely cut off from island life but if you want some solitude, you will probably find it in one of the seven swimming pools. exploring the island away from the festival crowds is easier than you’d think. Certainly visit the cute old capital of Soufrière – approach from the water if you can. Arrange a canoe trip to Maria Islands nature Reserve – home to the St Lucia racer, deemed the world’s rarest snake. Or indulge in a mud bath at the world’s only drive-in volcano. If these sound like tourist traps, they certainly don’t feel like them. Around 3,000 people travel to St Lucia specifically for the jazz festival, which may sound a lot, but compare that to crowds who flock to the Isle of Wight Festival every year and it’s a drop in a very blue ocean.

TRAvEL DEALs Of THE wEEk n Destination: Toronto Price: From €699 per person Details: Three nights at the Eaton Chelsea Hotel, based on two sharing. Travel Jun 5. Ref: 465481. Contact: Tour America, tel: (01) 817 3500. n Destination: Tunisia Price: From €269 per adult Details: Seven nights at the four-star Kanta Apartments on self-catering basis. Travel Apr 25. Includes flights, transfers, accommodation. Contact: Sunway, tel: (01) 231 1800. n Destination: Las Vegas & Miami Price: From €995 per person Details: Four nights at Circus Circus, Las Vegas and four at New Casablanca, Miami. Includes all flights, accommodation. Travel Nov. Contact: American Holidays, tel: (01) 673 3804.

n Destination: Altinkum, Turkey Price: From €719 per person Details: Seven nights at the five-star Palm Wings Resort. Includes return flights, transfers. Travel Sep 19. Contact: Wings Abroad, tel: (01) 871 9444. n Destination: Algrave for Easter Price: From €243 per person Details: Five nights at the three-star Solmonte Apartments. Includes return flights from Cork, taxes, charges. Travel Apr 18. Contact: GoHop, tel: (01) 241 2389. n Destination: Mexico Price: From €999 per person Details: Seven nights at the four-star Viva Wyndham Resort. Includes flights, transfers, free honeymoon package. Travel Oct. Contact: Travelmood, tel: (01) 433 1063.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014 METRO HERALD


Don’t re-Joyce, just rejoice in Istria Istria boasts a famous link to James Joyce, but the Croatian peninsula has a lot more to offer, writes Kevin Gleeson


uring the winter of 1904, a young James Joyce and his lover nora Barnacle found themselves in the Austro-Hungarian naval village of Pula. The promise of a teaching job at the Berlitz Language School in Zurich having failed to materialise, Joyce reluctantly accepted a post with the school in a coastal town he described as a provincial backwater. As soon as a job arose in Trieste six months later he was gone. Some 110 years later and this vibrant city can expect an influx of irish visitors less keen on leaving. Croatia has long been a favourite destination for holidaymakers from these shores, and with the introduction of a direct Dublin to Pula flight commencing this weekend, figures are set to soar. Checking into the city’s Park Plaza hotel, my expectations of Croatia as a firsttime visitor were already being exceeded. My first day starts with breakfast overlooking the clear waters of the Adriatic, fishing boats bobbing amongst the smattering of islands – the nearest of which belongs to the hotel. guests can visit this tiny and uninhabited island if they choose; just hoist the flag when ready to return. instead, i opt for the short stroll into Pula for a guided tour of the city’s roman amphitheatre. Once a significant port in the roman Empire, there are many monuments still remaining but this arena, the world’s sixth largest, is by far the most impressive.







BOOK BY 18th April

Today it continues to play an important part in entertaining the city’s residents and regularly holds concerts and special events. The caverns underneath offer some welcome respite from the afternoon sun and a glimpse into how the romans used to entertain themselves with a display consisting mostly of enormous wine presses and the jugs they filled. Elsewhere in Pula there is a fantastic market selling the usual array of fish, fruit and flowers; a buzzing atmosphere makes it a perfect spot for lunch. When you are done, you can pop around the corner to Caffe uliks, or ulysses, and enjoy a coffee seated next to a bronze statue of the great man himself. You could easily while away a few days in this wonderful city without ever having to leave, but Pula is just one gem of the istrian peninsula. A small network of motorways – ensuring no town on the peninsula is further than an hour’s drive away – services the region. At its southernmost tip is the Kamenjak nature reserve. nine kilometres long and with almost 40 kilometres of coastline, there is no shortage of secluded coves and pebble beaches to enjoy. Head to the furthest point of the park and hidden amongst the tall rushes and bamboo you will find the Safari bar, a destination in its own right. With homemade fruit wines and cocktails, it is definitely the place to get the post-swim party started. Just don’t get too carried away as all park guests must be gone by 10pm. Heading back north, the small medieval town of Bale is a maze of cobbled alleys and Venetian gothic buildings. A bohemian and deserted feel to Bale makes it an ideal destination for getting away from it all for a day or two. The crumbling buildings are protected, but as long as the façade remains you can do pretty much as you like with the interiors. The

Idyllic: The coastline of the Kamenjak nature reserve, and left: Pula’s Roman ampitheatre and the Safari Bar newly-opened four-star Hotel La grisa is a perfect example of how this can be executed. Some of the rooms are decorated with furniture and paintings recovered from the previously abandoned buildings that now make up the accommodation. Casanova once came to the village during the 1700s in search of women and wine. And while i cannot speak for the women of istria, the wine is certainly some of the best i have ever tasted. The istrian Malvasia grape variety thrives as a result of the peninsula’s unique microclimate and there are many wineries in the region you can visit. A college graduate at a loose end named Bruno Trapan decided to put his time to good use reinvigorating a small vineyard left behind by

his late grandmother in the village of Sisan. Today, Trapan wines really are some of the best in the country and Bruno’s somewhat guerilla winemaking techniques are such that he has even named one of his wines Che. Designate your driver and book an appointment at his tasting room. Famed for its olive oil, truffles, seafood and wine, istria is heaven for those who love their food. Throw in stunning scenery, swimming in warm waters and ample history, and, well, what’s not to love? Here’s one irishman who certainly won’t be reluctant to revisit. Aer Lingus flies Dublin to Pula from €132 return.

EAsTER inDuLgEncE Following a prolonged period of Lenten abstinence, foodies deserve a special treat this Easter. The two-night Easter indulge package at Hayfield House in Cork is just the trick and includes a chocolate and bubbles gift awaiting in your room, a fourcourse meal in one of three restaurants – and an obligatory Easter egg hunt. Until Apr 26, from €496 per room.




by Patrick Arundell

NEMI by Lise

Aries Mar 21 – Apr 20

Today’s Lunar Eclipse in Libra could encourage a sea of emotions to erupt, especially if matters have been rather tense of late. Though you may feel like taking action on the spur of the moment, it might be helpful to wait until things have settled. For your forecast, call 15609 114 70

Taurus Apr 21 – May 21

The fact certain aspects of your life seem out of sync may come home to you today, as a Lunar Eclipse in Libra can spotlight why you need to take action. See any events that happen at this time as a catalyst to help you move towards a potentially brighter future. For your forecast, call 15609 114 71

METROKU Easy, Moderate and Challenging. For solutions, visit

Gemini May 22 – Jun 21

For your forecast, call 15609 114 77

sagittarius Nov 23 – Dec 21

For your forecast, call 15609 114 78

Today’s potent line-up might coincide with disappointing news concerning a goal. It might be best to accept things. Today’s Lunar Eclipse hints that a particular idea may have run its course, and it’s time to inject new energy.

Leo Jul 24 – Aug 23

Aquarius Jan 21 – Feb 19

For your forecast, call 15609 114 79

Perhaps the need to make a decision has been weighing you down. If you already know deep down what’s best for you, then go with that, even if others object. In this instance, being true to yourself could help you forge ahead to contentment.

If you’re hoping a discussion will turn out well, there is a chance the outcome you expected might not happen. You may even have to do a mental U-turn, which though not appreciated right away, could seem infinitely better in the fullness of time.

Virgo Aug 24 – Sep 23

Pisces Feb 20 – Mar 20

For your forecast, call 15609 114 80

A financial seesaw might seem to swing rather precariously today, perhaps causing you to ponder your next move. It’s possible a money matter can come to a head, and you’ll need to scramble for answers.

For your forecast, call 15609 114 81

For a live one-to-one consultation with one of my gifted psychics, call 15809 113 68 or 1800 719 688 to book using credit card


Astrology calls cost 1.27 euros per min from a BT landline. Live Services cost 2.40 euros per minute. Calls from mobiles/other networks may cost more. Callers must be 18 or over to use this service and have the bill payers permission. For entertainment purposes only. All calls are recorded. PhonePayPlus regulated(ComReg in ROI) UK SP: StreamLive Ltd, NR7 0HR, 08700 234 567. ROI SP:Moveda, 1 Courtyard Business Park, Orchard Lane, Blackrock, Co Dublin, 0818 241 398

ENIGMA Let’s say an enemy you hate, Has come to grief: you jubilate In this specific way. You go ‘Hah! Serves you right! I told you so!’ WHO AM I? A boxer, I was born in Brixton in 1973. I beat Mark Potter to win the British heavyweight title in 2000. In 2004, I knocked Mike Tyson out in the fourth round of a contest in Louisville.

WHO, WHAT, WHERE & WHEN? WHO… founded the Society of Friends? WHAT... Hindu festival is often known as the Festival of Lights? WHERE... in Venice was Casanova imprisoned in 1755? WHEN... did General Pinochet become commanderin-chief of the Chilean Army?

QUIZ ANSWERS: ENIGMA: Gloat. WHO AM I? Danny Williams. WHO, WHAT, WHERE & WHEN? George Fox; Diwali; The ‘Leads’ of the Doge’s Palace; 1973.


A dream or fantasy about someone might inspire you to connect with them on a friendly or romantic basis. Today’s Lunar Eclipse might bring ideas that suggest a liaison with them could be to your benefit. However, bide your time for now.

Capricorn Dec 22 – Jan 20

For your forecast, call 15609 114 75

Yesterday’s Solutions Across: 4 Achieve; 8 Flashy; 9 Despise; 10 Extent; 11 Nation; 12 Cerberus; 18 Dissuade; 20 Forego; 21 Divine; 22 Partner; 23 Street; 24 Memento. down: 1 Offence; 2 Factory; 3 Chance; 5 Cleanses; 6 Impute; 7 Vision; 13 Redolent; 14 Mariner; 15 Reverts; 16 Donate; 17 Gentle; 19 Shifty.

scorpio Oct 24 – Nov 22

Feelings that overwhelm may show up. The busier you are, the more it helps to take some time out. Yet this isn’t only about a hefty to-do list but why you’re in this situation. It might be that you too easily say yes, when the odd no should suffice.

This isn’t the best day to take financial risks. Tensions may ratchet-up, perhaps leaving you wondering how you got into a situation. Yet whatever transpires now can also be significant in helping you to finally liberate yourself.

DOWN 1 Cinema (7-5) 2 Cry (3) 3 Sprain (6) 4 Villainous (9) 5 Bisect (5) 6 Questioner (12) 7 Taut (5) 10 Set apart (9) 13 Precincts (5) 14 Fate (6) 16 Show contempt for (5) 20 Joke (3)

For your forecast, call 15609 114 76

Cancer Jun 22 – Jul 23

For your forecast, call 15609 114 74

ACROSS 1 Laudable (12) 7 Schedule (5) 8 Criminal (5) 9 Vase (3) 10 Profanation (9) 11 Force (6) 12 Inequitable (6) 15 Indecency (9) 17 Sack (3) 18 Steam-bath (5) 19 Power (5) 21 Detective (12)

A Lunar Eclipse in your sign might change your plan. Perhaps you’ve had one idea in mind and now you’ll find yourself switching tracks. If this is the case, don’t feel obliged to make an instant decision.

A tense conversation with an associate or friend could mar a fun event. If this situation has been ongoing, the Lunar Eclipse could bring things to a head. Be aware: whatever is said will be lasting.

For your forecast, call 15609 114 73

Crossword No. 955 See next edition for solutions

– Oct 23

Today’s Lunar Eclipse can have reverberations for up to six months from now and could signal that it’s time to move on from a relationship, a situation or even a project that might have passed its sell-by-date. Rather than fight this, go with the flow.

For your forecast, call 15609 114 72


Libra Sep 24


20 METRO HERALD Tuesday, April 15, 2014

golf masters


Tuesday, April 15, 2014 METRO HERALD


spORT DigEsT Legend phelps set to go for rio 2016 swiMMing

Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time, is to come out of retirement. The US swimmer (pictured), who has 18 Olympic gold medals and 22 in all, is due to race at the Arena Grand Prix in Arizona next week. ‘Phelps is expected to swim competitively for the first time since winning six medals at the 2012 London Olympic Games,’ read a statement from USA Swimming. On retiring after the London Olympics, he said: ‘I don’t want to swim after I turn 30 and that is in three years and I don’t want to swim for another three years.’ But there will now be speculation Phelps will go to another Games after all, Rio in 2016.

THEy sAiD iT

‘It’s not as simple as saying “you’ve won the Tour so you’re an automatic on the start sheet”.’

Suits you: Last year’s champion Adam Scott helps Watson with the Green winners jacket, who clinched his second Masters title

Bradley Wiggins admits there are doubts over his Tour de France place given Chris Froome is the man who has the final say on the riders he has around him on Team Sky PICTURE: REUTERs

Bubba sure he will cope with the glory this time

BuBBa Watson believes he will by nick METcALfE cope with his second spell as Mas‘I didn’t know how to handle it the ters champion far better than he did the first as he set his sights on a Ry- best way and so I didn’t play my best golf last year. after getting the der Cup victory in september. Watson admits it was overwhelm- green jacket the first time it’s overing to win a green jacket for the first whelming, a guy named Bubba from a small time in 2012, town, it’s crazy feeling he alBubba Watson’s new to think you’ve most ‘lucked into’ a play-off world ranking, up from 12th, won. ‘adopting my victory over after his win at Augusta son the week former open before threw a wrench in there as champion Louis oosthuizen. the 35-year-old admits he strug- well. ‘Learning to be a dad and then gled to cope with the attention as learning to have a green jacket with the defending champion last year.


Family affair: Watson and son Caleb

you is two big things to adjust to.’ Watson’s superb victory on sunday cements his position as one of the very top players of his generation, and took him to the top of the Ryder Cup standings. american captain tom Watson was quick to send congratulations, writing on twitter: ‘Way to go Bubba! see you on the plane to Gleneagles.’ the younger Watson said: ‘I love it, going over there [to scotland] and playing golf, so I can’t wait. ‘I haven’t won a Ryder Cup yet, so that’s the next big tournament I’d like to win.’

Brilliant Blixt targets Ryder Cup slot

Ryder hope: Blixt

Sweden’S Jonas Blixt is hoping his impressive first outing at Augusta can help secure him a spot on europe’s Ryder Cup team. The 29-year-old, playing only the third major of his career, finished joint second on five under par, three behind Bubba watson. Blixt attended Florida State university but is a

member of the european Tour and therefore eligible for Paul McGinley’s Ryder

‘I don’t want to leave him a choice’ Cup team in September. ‘It would be a lifelong dream to appear on one of

those teams,’ said Blixt, who moved up to 16th on the world points list. ‘I’m going to try to play as good as I can in order so he [europe captain McGinley] doesn’t have a choice but to pick me. ‘But if I don’t, I want the europeans to win and I’ll support them as much as I can.’

Mercedes call for a ban on Red Bull fORMuLA-1 Mercedes tore into

Formula One rivals Red Bull at an appeals court hearing over the disqualification of Daniel Ricciardo at the Australian Grand Prix, saying the team flouted rules and must be put on notice to stop it from becoming a repeat offender. Red Bull argued race officials should not have stripped Ricciardo of his second-place finish for breaching F1’s rules on fuel usage as the fuel gauge was faulty. Mercedes lawyer Paul Harris argued Red Bull should be suspended for the season. The court is expected to deliver its ruling today.

Rea fifth after two rounds at Aragon MOTO Northern

Ireland’s Jonathan Rea sits fifth in the World Superbike Championship after third and fifth-placed finishes in Aragon. The Pata Honda rider (pictured) collided with Ducati’s Davide Giugliano in the final lap but came away unscathed while Giugliano dropped to eighth. Britain’s Tom Sykes stands four points clear at the top after winning both his race. Sykes, the reigning champion, produced a commanding display to beat his Kawasaki team-mate Loris Baz in both races and now leads the standings on 75 points, four ahead of Baz. Sylvain Guintoli is third overall on 64 points.

22 METRO HERALD Tuesday, April 15, 2014




Target: Torres

We’re Inter Blues failure Fernando, admit Italy giants ChelseA striker Fernando Torres is a target for Inter Milan, according to the Italian club’s general director Marco Fassone. Torres has failed to live up to his £50million price tag since arriving at the Blues from liverpool in 2011 and has been strongly linked with a stamford Bridge exit this summer, with Inter rumoured to be among his suitors. And Fassone said: ‘Will we sign Torres? You all know that some names have circulated [in the media] and even [club] president [erick] Thohir has not made a mystery of the fact that they interest us. Who will be the right candidate in the end has yet to be defined.’ Inter’s dealings will depend on whether they qualify for the europa league. Walter Mazzarri’s side occupy the fifth and last europa qualifying spot with five games to go in serie A.

Sam allardyce has warned his West Ham players that they are not yet safe from relegation. Six victories from their last ten games has seen the Hammers climb seven points clear of the drop zone. But weekend wins for Fulham, cardiff and crystal Palace have got the Upton Park boss looking over his shoulder once again. ‘The results some of the teams below us pulled off, some surprisingly, means we are not mathematically safe,’ said the Hammers boss ahead of tonight’s visit to london neighbours arsenal.



‘Relax everyone. It’s all OK. Just need to fix the post.’ Atletico Madrid reassure fans that Diego Costa will be fit to face Chelsea in their Champions League semi-final despite suffering a leg injury after sliding into a post on Sunday

FFP verdict due MAnChesTer City and Paris saintGermain will learn this week whether Uefa have judged them to have broken their financial fair play (FFP) rules. Big-spending City, who have lost £149million in the past two seasons, and PsG are thought to be among the 76 clubs under investigation by the Club Financial Control Body. Those in serious breach of the break-even rules could be barred from european competition.

by jAck fOx those games as we can.’ arsenal boss arsene Wenger admits many of his players are suffering with injuries and fatigue following their Fa cup semi-final win against Wigan at Wembley on Saturday and allardyce will be looking to take advantage. ‘certainly with arsenal’s gameload and some of those injuries, yes, they will be weaker than they possibly could be,’ he added. ‘But they’ve kept a champions league place for all these years with a squad of 25 players and

‘We’re not quite there and we have five very tough matches to go’

Villa chief calls on fans to show unity AsTon Villa chief executive Paul Faulkner has called for unity after the club’s fourth consecutive defeat left them in a relegation battle. Fans’ frustration at manager Paul lambert (pictured) and his side is growing. But with four games to play, Faulkner said: ‘We have suffered four consecutive defeats and that is hard to take. We are hurting. Fans are hurting, players and the manager are hurting. The frustration is shared by everyone. now more than ever it’s time for us all to pull together – fans, players, the manager, everyone at the club.’

Hammers still not safe from drop yet, says sam

Warning: Allardyce says West Ham are not out of danger

picTure: pa

‘If they then get back-to-back wins you have to look down and say we’re not quite there. ‘We’ve got five very tough games to go and we’ve got to try to pick up as many points from

Ticketing ‘not right’, claims Gazidis ARSENAL chief executive Ivan Gazidis has questioned the ‘balance’ of ticketing for the FA Cup final against Hull after each club were allocated 25,000 seats for the Wembley

showpiece, with the attendance due to be nearly 90,000. ‘We are disappointed that many of our supporters and also those of Hull will be unable to get tickets,’ he said.

‘We believe loyal supporters of the competing teams deserve a greater chance to see their team play. The balance in the FA’s allocation system is not right.’

nearly all are internationals, and they are playing at the emirates, so whatever difficulties they have it’s still a tough fixture for us. ‘Whatever team arsenal put out we will have to play at our very best if we are to get a result, particularly on their own patch. ‘If we can seek an advantage by those problems they have then that gives us a better chance but it won’t be any easier than it’s ever been at the emirates. ‘The fatigue may happen but it may happen later in the game, not at the beginning, so we will have to be on song and totally focused on what we have to do.’

bruce loved Tigers’ cages being rattled by Davies cUrTIS davIeS has revealed how a few ‘home truths’ delivered to his Hull team-mates spurred them on to a first-ever Fa cup final. The Tigers trailed 2-1 to league One opponents Sheffield Utd in Sunday’s semi-final at Wembley, and manager Steve Bruce was quick to give credit to his captain davies for the

turnaround in fortunes as Hull went on to win 5-3. Bruce said: ‘I didn’t say much at half-time. my captain did it all. ‘It’s a long time since I’ve been in a dressing room where the captain takes over. I just had a cup of tea and let him get on with it. ‘He is a bit of a dying breed with the way football

is nowadays.’ ‘We came in at half-time and told a few home truths. a few people had their cages rattled,’ davies said. and the 29-year-old insists all the pressure will be on arsenal when they meet next month. The teams must first meet in the league on Sunday, but davies feels the nature of

the cup final will add an extra element of difficulty for arsene Wenger’s men. ‘Obviously arsenal are a massive side and it’s going to be a tough game but we know they haven’t won anything for nine years,’ he said. ‘They’ll be chomping at the bit to win so hopefully we can play on that nervous energy.’

Kettle on: Steve Bruce


football premier league

Tuesday, April 15, 2014 METRO HERALD 23


MARTiN pLEDgEs TO figHT RigHT TO THE END MANCHESTER City defender Martin Demichelis has vowed to fight to the end in the Premier League title race. City’s dramatic 3-2 defeat at Liverpool on Sunday was a huge setback for the club, with the Reds now masters of their own destiny, but Demichelis knows there is still time to recover lost ground. Ahead of tomorrow’s home meeting with Sunderland, he said: ‘We will fight until the end. No one left the stadium thinking they were champions. ‘Obviously we are not happy about the result but we know we have still got matches ahead. We have seen in football we can still win and they can make mistakes. ‘Hopefully we will win the rest and there will be some mistakes from Liverpool.’

Allardyce’s coaching tip for Reds WEST Ham have rejected claims of dirty tricks by Liverpool regarding where the visitors had to park their bus when the two sides met earlier this month. Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard said after the Reds’ 2-1 victory at Upton Park: ‘We knew what to expect and we got a bit more than we expected — a hot dressing room, a dry pitch and the bus had to park a mile away. I think they tried everything to upset us.’ But West Ham boss Sam Allardyce hit back yesterday, saying the Premier League leaders should dismiss their coach driver if they are unhappy where he parked. ‘The bus was right outside so if the coach driver wasn’t efficiently qualified enough to back it in the space every coach driver backs it into, then it’s hardly our fault’, he said. ‘It’s more sack the coach driver and get a better one.’ Pain game: Demichelis clashes with Luis Suarez on a disappointing afternoon for City at Anfield

picture: SpOrtiMAGe

8 Point deficit City managed to overturn in their final six games when they won the title ahead of Manchester United in 2012. Manuel Pellegrini’s men will resume their quest when they host bottom side Sunderland in the first of their two games in hand at the Etihad Stadium tomorrow

by MATTHEW NAsH LiverpooL defender Jon Flanagan believes no one deserves a league title more than captain Steven Gerrard. After Sunday’s significant 3-2 win over Manchester City the clearly emotional reds captain was at the centre of a team huddle dishing out words of advice to his team-mates. Gerrard, who is more desperate than most to claim a championship winners’ medal as it is the only honour missing from his trophy cabinet, told the players they had to forget the result and focus on struggling Norwich at Carrow road next weekend. The england skipper is more than just a leader, he is an institution at the club and his determination to see through the job of ending a 24-year

‘Gerrard has carried this club for years’ wait for a title in their final four games has been imprinted on team-mates. ‘it is phenomenal. He has carried this club for years and he deserves this,’ said young defender Flanagan. ‘i think all the lads are doing it for themselves but for also for Stevie.’ Liverpool produced their trademark fast start at home and were 2-0 inside 26 minutes courtesy of raheem Sterling and Martin Skrtel and, although

flanagan: We all want to win this for super stevie they were pegged back after the break through David Silva and a Glen Johnson own goal, philippe Coutinho struck the winner. While no one at Anfield is getting ahead of themselves, Flanagan believes the performance and result against City, now seven points behind them, has proved they have the nerve to successfully negotiate the final month of the season. ‘We have sent a message out – it was a great performance and a great three points,’ he added. ‘There are always nerves going into such a big game but as soon as the game is on you focus on that. ‘We knew they were going to come out strongly (in the second half) and

there was a bit of sloppy defending for their two goals but we still showed our spirit and got the third goal. ‘We can believe now. All the fans are believing we can do it now and we said in the huddle we’ll go again next week as we’ve done nothing yet and that result has gone now. ‘We have to stay focused and go again at Norwich away, we have to keep going right until the end.’ The two downsides to the victory were the very late red card shown to midfielder Jordan Henderson for his studs-up tackle on pablo Zabaleta, which will rule him out for three matches, and the hamstring problem sustained by Daniel Sturridge, who left the ground limping heavily. Believer: Flanagan

striker just never missus INTER Milan’s Mauro Icardi was booed during his team’s 4-0 win at Sampdoria on Sunday because he is living with the former wife of the Genoa club’s striker Maxi Lopez. Icardi still scored twice after Lopez declined to shake his ex-friend’s hand before kick-off.

REsuLTs Sky Bet FootBall league ChampionShip

Reading ................1 Leicester .............1

Pearce 16

Leicester Burnley Derby QPR Wigan Reading Brighton Ipswich Bournemouth Blackburn Nottm Forest Middlesbro Watford Bolton Sheff Wed Leeds Huddersfield Birmingham Doncaster Blackpool Charlton Millwall Yeovil Barnsley

Drinkwater 33

P 41 42 42 42 41 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 41 42 42 42 42 41 42 42 40 42 42 41

W 27 23 22 21 19 17 17 17 17 15 14 14 14 13 12 14 12 11 11 10 10 9 8 8

D 8 14 9 10 10 12 13 13 11 15 17 16 15 15 14 8 10 10 10 12 11 13 12 12

L 6 5 11 11 12 12 12 12 14 12 11 12 12 14 16 20 20 20 21 20 19 20 22 21

F 77 66 75 54 54 62 49 55 59 59 62 54 66 54 55 54 51 53 38 35 30 42 42 38

A Pts 42 90 35 83 48 75 39 73 40 67 49 64 37 64 47 64 58 62 56 60 58 59 44 58 50 57 56 54 55 50 63 50 60 46 63 43 64 43 61 42 53 41 72 40 67 36 67 36

fixTuREs Barclays Premier League Arsenal v West Ham ....................... (7.45pm) TV Sky Sports 1 The Sky Bet Championship Charlton v Barnsley............................................. Sky Bet League 1 Crawley Town v Tranmere .................................. Corbett Sports Welsh Premier League Gap Connah’s Quay v Bala Tn .............. (7.30pm)

24 METRO HERALD Tuesday, April 15, 2014


‘Stevie has carried this club, and now we want to win title for him’

«see pAge 23

A nigHT TO fORgET fOR pATs As sLigO cApiTALisE On sLOppY DEfEnDing sETAnTA spORTs cup sT pAT’s ATh....................1 sligo rvs........................5 (Agg: 1-7)

A brAce of well-taken goals by Aaron Greene eased Sligo rovers into their first Setanta Sports cup final as Liam buckley – on his 54th birthday – watched his St Pat’s side crumble worryingly in suffering a second humbling defeat at richmond Park within a fortnight. conversely, Sligo boss, Ian baraclough, will hope that the win, and performance, will finally spark their season to life as they look forward to the final on May 10 against either Dundalk or Shamrock rovers, who meet tonight. Despite early chances for Saints’ Keith fahey and Lee Lynch, Sligo, 2-0 up from the first leg, settled comfortably and all but killed the tie off when punishing poor defending to score two fine goals inside five minutes, with one-time Saint Joseph Ndo instigating the first before scoring the second. The opener came on 21

Outclassed: Sligo Rovers’ Aaron Green (foreground) grapples with Ken Oman of St Pat’s in last night one-sided clash in Richmond Park Picture: iNPHO

minutes from a fine passing move. begun by Ndo, it involved Greene and David cawley before Kieran Djilali’s low cross from the right was finished emphatically at the back post by Greene. The second five minutes later exposed St Pat’s down their opposite flank. ross Gaynor sent Danny Ledwith to the end line and his cross was controlled and blasted to the net by Ndo. further defensive frailties haunted the home side as Sligo added a third on 38 minutes. cawley’s ball over the top all too easily put Greene in the clear and his finish was sublime as he shot left-footed across clarke to the back of the net from a tight angle. Lynch scored a fine goal from distance on 68 minutes for St Pat’s consolation. Three minutes later Derek foran turned a cross from Ledwith into his own net to just about sum up St Pat’s night. russell rubbed it in when poking home a fifth ten minutes from time after clarke could only parry a header from evan McMillan from Danny North’s corner

gimme five

Wenger targets strong finish through mix of desire and spirit by pADRAic MORgAn ARSENAL manager Arsene Wenger has challenged his side to build on their FA Cup semifinal penalty shoot-out triumph by winning all of their remaining five Barclays Premier League matches to secure a top-four finish. The Gunners will host West Ham tonight looking to move themselves back above Everton following what was a nerve-shredding encounter with Wigan at Wembley, where they were just 7minutes from what would have been a catastrophic defeat for Wenger’s squad. Wenger, though, insists all thoughts of the return trip to the national stadium on May 17 must now be put aside to secure another shot at elite European football again next season. ‘When you are in a semi-final and you win, it releases a little bit of pressure on the team on

that front, but we want to bounce back in the Premier League,’ said Wenger. ‘Therefore we want to finish strong, we have a battle with Everton and of course it’s now down to consistency in our final games. ‘It (five victories) is the target. Do you need it? Nobody knows, but the target is of course to win every game.’ Wenger added: ‘We just want to not imagine the consequences of not doing it, what you want is just to focus on doing it. ‘That is where we have the focus, the quality of the spirit, we have the desire and we are slowly getting our players back, so the squad is not (so) depleted any more. ‘We have a more complete squad and we want to win our games, no matter what Everton does. We want to finish in a strong way. ‘We can finish the season well – we can fin-

‘We have a more complete squad’: Arsene Wenger

ish in the top four, we can win the FA Cup – so it’s down to how united we will be until the end of the season, and focused together.’ Arsenal have several players in the treatment room, while England international Jack Wilshere is set to step-up his rehabilitation from a hairline foot fracture. Striker Olivier Giroud injected fresh life into the Arsenal attack when brought on alongside Yaya Sanogo in the second half at Wembley. Wenger insists the France international, who saw his personal life come under scrutiny earlier this year, remains central to the side. ‘He has a fantastic spirit, Olivier Giroud is a fantastic team player. He has gone through a little bit more of a difficult period, but that happens to any striker,’ said Wenger.

«sAm: we’re noT sAfe – pAge 22

Metro Herald, Tuesday, April 15, 2014