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wednesday, March 12, 2014

Take me to Church Can we forgive former child star the sins of her past? »p13

Who you Colin Irish?

Cleaver attack by taxi driver by sinÉad howlin A TAXI driver who attacked a passenger with a meat cleaver after refusing to give the victim his change has been jailed for three years. Bolanle Banjo, 50, kept driving the taxi while swiping at the passenger with the weapon. The victim escaped by jumping from the moving taxi and rolling out of the way of oncoming traffic. Banjo, of New Ireland Road, Rialto, had pleaded not guilty to assault causing harm to Peter Brazil, production of an article intending to cause harm and dangerous driving on Neilstown Road on August 8, 2011. He was convicted of all counts. Judge Patrick McCartan imposed a sentence of three years and disqualified Banjo from driving for 20 years. The court heard Mr Brazil was on temporary release from Mountjoy Prison and had gone there to sign on as part of his release conditions, after which he flagged down Banjo’s taxi to go to Clondalkin. Banjo told the passenger he would have to pay in advance and Mr Brazil gave him €15 through a hole in a partition around the driver. When they arrived in Clondalkin the fare on the meter was less than €15 and Mr Brazil asked for his change. The taxi driver refused to give any money back and when Mr Brazil reached out to take Banjo’s taxi identification in order to take down his name and taxi number, Banjo struck him with the weapon before Mr Brazil jumped from the moving vehicle to escape. Banjo claimed he wasn’t the man in the taxi or the man arrested and interviewed by gardaí, a defence Judge McCartan described as ‘nonsense’.

No.10 end of Enda’s visit British prime minister David Cameron greeted An Taoiseach Enda Kenny outside 10 Downing Street yesterday, with both insisting relations between the two countries were at an ‘all-time high’. Mr Kenny arrived for talks on visa flexibility, trade and Northern Ireland at the end of a two-day UK visit. They also discussed stalled plans for Ireland to supply Britain with wind energy. Mr Kenny will return to Dublin briefly before heading to the US for talks with Barack Obama PICTURE: AP

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We grill Farrell on dodgy Irish movie accents »p17

Comfort eating a myth – study BACK away from the biscuit tin – the idea of comfort eating to beat the blues is a myth, experts claim. In fact, feelings of sadness can dull the desire to stuff our faces with junk food, according to a new study. Participants were either told to look at print ads featuring foods such as pizza and chocolate cake, or to examine neutral images of washing machines and electric cars. Afterwards, they were given a writing task designed to make them feel sad, before being offered chocolate and biscuits to snack on. The group exposed to adverts for indulgent foods and then encouraged to feel unhappy ate fewer sweet treats. They were also more likely to point out the potential health problems with consuming them. In contrast, the group that looked at neutral images snacked more. The researchers hope their findings, published in the Journal of Consumer Research, could be used in the fight against obesity. Dr Laran of Miami University said: ‘We found when people who are sad are exposed to pictures of indulgent food or words, their sadness highlights the negative consequences of indulging and encourages them to indulge less.’

METRO HERALD Wednesday, March 12, 2014


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Today is... world Day Against Cyber Censorship First observed in 2008, this is an initiative set up by Reporters Without Borders and Amnesty International to raise awareness of free speech on the internet and the online censorship imposed by some world governments

From the archives (2009): United in anger against killings

Thousands attended peace vigils across the North to protest against three terrorist murders described as ‘crimes against humanity’. It was a show of defiance against dissident Republicans who killed two soldiers and a police officer.

Today’s birthdays

James Taylor, US singer and songwriter, 66; Aaron Eckhart, US actor, 46; Graham Coxon, Blur guitarist, 44; Jaimie Alexander (right), US actress, 30.


The solutions from 1 to 12 are all six-letter words ending with the letter L in the centre. Moving clockwise from 1, the letters in the outer circle will spell out the name of a UK TV news journalist.

1. Trade 2. Martin ---, former Northern Ireland footballer 3. Of death 4. Set up 5. Deadly 6. Door beam 7. Colloquial Americanism for ‘you’


8. Musteline mammal 9. A good look 10. Gloss paint 11. Edible seed 12. Type of footwear

Yesterday’s solution: Josephine Cox

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014 METRO HERALD

eight-year-old elisha feared Holly was a goner... but there was an explosive ending

My hamster: The hole story

This strange tale of a pet rescue reads like a children’s story.. and so DANIEL BINNS turns to verse to tell it

ONCE upon a time on a housing estate far from here There lived a stubborn little pet called Holly the hamster Her story is one of great tribulation About the time she got stuck in a piping installation. Her owner Elisha Power, aged only eight, was left sad and unhappy when Holly escaped From her exercise ball Holly speedily scarpered – faster than little Elisha came after The creature ran to a gap in the kitchen and squeezed in the small pipe, so dark and bewitching. Parents James and Claire attempted everything they could They tried to coax her out, dangling carrots, toys and bits of wood But sadly, with tears, they climbed wearily to bed; and hoped to try in the morning instead. When dawn broke they could hear Holly scampering about So they asked some workmen on the estate to help out In the garden, they crowded at the end of the pipe; and dug a deep hole – but stubborn Holly didn’t bite. So they grabbed an industrial air hose and switched it on And watched as hot air blew down that pipe so long Then, suddenly, while they waited at the top Out came the muddy pet with a pop. After 18 hours she was finally free Elisha was happy as a girl could be Dad James, 36, said it was amazing: ‘She was all muddy, cold and shaking.’ He added Holly was lucky to be alive: ‘I was staggered – I didn’t think she would survive.’ The pet is back at home safely again But her exercise ball’s fixed up with tape on the end...

Rescued: Holly is reunited with her owner Elisha, from Lancashire, UK

Where’s Holly: The hamster emerges covered in mud after workmen helped dig a hole during frantic attempts to coax her from the pipe Pictures: ross PArry

I’m trapped in the miaow-se... A fAmIly had to barricade themselves in a bedroom – to avoid being attacked by their cat. They were forced to take refuge with their seven-month-old baby and call police on the emergency number after their pet went berserk. As the father raised the alarm, the rampaging cat was heard by the operator screeching and clawing at the door. Police in Portland, Oregon, arrived to chase down the 10kg feline with a snare and rescue the parents, their child – and their cowering dog. The ordeal for lee Palmer’s family started when the black and white Himalayan, called lux, scratched baby Jessie on the face. He was unhurt but the cat flew into a rage when mr Palmer booted it in the backside. As soon as they took cover in the bedroom, mr Palmer called 911, telling the operator: ‘I kicked the cat and it’s gone over the edge. He’s trying to attack

us. When I leave the bedroom to let the police in, I’m gonna have to fight this cat.’ lux fled to the kitchen as soon as police arrived and jumped on to the refrigerator before he was snared and put in a cage. Officer Timothy Bocciolatt said: ‘It didn’t want to get in, that’s for sure.’

Psycho kitty: The 10kg cat (left) that penned in the Palmers Pictures: AP

METRO HERALD Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Glitterballs help transform city streets Quinn: Owned 29 per cent of Anglo

Juror leaves trial of three Anglo chiefs A JUROR in the trial of three former Anglo executives charged with providing funding for the purchase of its own shares was yesterday excused from service after he revealed he may know someone connected with the case. Earlier, the court heard former CEO David Drumm suggested using the National Pension Reserve Fund to buy shares in the bank and unwind tycoon Sean Quinn’s 29 per cent control. A document shown to the court stated that Mr Drumm also suggested the two biggest banks in Ireland, AIB and Bank of Ireland, be asked to buy shares in the bank. The case continues before Judge Martin Nolan and the remaining panel of 14 jurors.

THERE’S a new street sign on Dublin’s Capel Street – and the glitterball in a yield sign means ‘yield for the gay’. It’s a collaboration between Niall Sweeney of Pony Ltd and Miss Panti as part of the Transform Your City installation project from Offset and Absolut vodka. Miss Panti and Pony’s contribution comprises 12 glitterball signs along

Capel Street. Explaining the installation, Panti said: ‘Niall has taken a sort of public heterosexual space and changed it into a gay space using a sort of ironic and humorous twist on Irish road signs and gay stereotypes and that’s the kind of thing I love, signs and stereotypes... yield for the gay.’ In all, ten Irish artists and ‘creative visionaries’ are taking part in the

project, including Maser, Orlaith Ross, Mick Minogue, Le Cool and Studio AAD. Maser’s work – 1,000 tote bags encouraging people to love and engage with the traders of Moore St – will be handed out to customers of the traders over the weekend. Check out #transformyourcity @absolutirl and @weloveoffset or log on to

Irish scientist’s green cell to light up Times Square by jOAnnE AHERn

Jail for garda car ramming A MAN who rammed a patrol car in a stolen jeep, injuring two gardaí, has been sentenced to eight years in prison with the final two suspended. One of the gardaí is still on sick leave two years after she was injured in the collision on Blackditch Road, Ballyfermot on Halloween night, 2011. John Cully, 42, of Pleasant St, Dublin 8, pleaded guilty to endangerment on October 31, 2011, to using a stolen car and to driving on the footpath in a manner likely to endanger the public on June 17, 2012.

Rifles held to pay off debt A YOUNG Dublin man who claimed criminals gave him drugs and then robbed them off him so he would owe them a debt has avoided jail. Chris Brogan, 23, told gardaí he had a €21,000 debt and was under pressure to hold rifles in his home at Woodford Villas, Clondalkin. Judge Mary Ellen Ring accepted Brogan has separated from the people with whom he had been involved and suspended a five-year prison term in full.

Miss Panti: Stopping traffic

Testing times Members of the Association of Secondary Teachers in Ireland and the Teacher’s Union of Ireland protest outside Newpark School, Blackrock, yesterday over plans for the new Junior Cycle exams. Up to 27,000 teachers protested nationwide, and the two unions are balloting members on whether to co-operate with Education Minnister Ruairi Quinn’s plans for a less exam-focused programme Picture: tommy clancy

AN Irish scientist will bring the green to Times Square in New York next month with his picture of a lung cancer cell surrounded by a green glow. Trinity College scientist Dr Martin Barr took the image for a global competition to showcase the beauty of cells and the inspiring work of cellular biologists. Yesterday, he was announced as one of three winners of the GE Healthcare Life Sciences’ 2013 Cell Imaging Competition. The three winning images will be displayed in Times Square next month and the scientists will get to travel to New York to see them. Dr Barr’s image was taken as part of his research into why lung cancer is resistant to treatment. The cell measures one thousandth of a millimetre, similar in width to a cotton fibre, and is shown in a low-oxygen environment. The Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Institute of Molecular Medicine in Trinity and St James’s Hospital said he was ‘delighted’ with his win. He added: ‘To see my image displayed on the large screens in Times Square in New York is a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and something I would never have imagined in my career as a cancer research scientist. ‘The projection of my image in this international hot-spot will hopefully bring further awareness of lung cancer to the public.’ Lung cancer is the fourth most common cancer in Ireland and is the most common cause of cancer death in both men and women, accounting for 20 per cent of all cancer deaths. In 2013 there were 2,165 new cases of lung cancer in Ireland, with incidence rates for women 55 per cent higher than the EU average.

Drug mules hoofed it for 36 hrs Tech tops for dream job TWO drug mules carrying €200,000 worth of cannabis and cocaine abandoned their haul and spent a day and a half running and walking from Co Kildare to Dublin to avoid pursuing gardaí. The chase was outlined in court yesterday at the sentencing of former soldier Joseph Farrell, 46, of

Funshinagh, Four Roads, Co Roscommon, who admitted having the drugs for sale or supply on May 11, 2007. The court heard Farrell asked two accomplices to bring a parcel with cannabis in it to Dublin. They were spotted by gardaí and abandoned their car and the drugs, after which they

made their way to Connolly Station over the course of a day and night. Both men fled to the UK but gave themselves up and received fouryear sentences. Farrell was later charged and pleaded guilty to having the drugs for sale or supply. Judge Tony Hunt adjourned sentencing to later this month.

IRISH workers are big into their tech companies – so much so that the top five dream places to work in Ireland are tech firms. Google came top of the national Jobbio poll, with 34 per cent saying it would be their dream work location. Apple, at 13 per cent,

and Microsoft at ten per cent, rounded of the top three, with Facebook and eBay completing the top five. The survey also found 13 per cent of workers are not in their dream job and 83 per cent search for a better job at least once a year.


Gerry Kelly ‘did not breach code’

Wednesday, March 12, 2014 METRO HERALD

Hotelier found dead in room after overdose

We-raq the party

coMPlainTs that a northern ireland assembly member glorified terrorism in a speech last summer have been dismissed by a watchdog. Unionists claimed senior sinn Féin member Gerry Kelly’s language at a republican commemoration in castlederg, co Tyrone, broke stormont’s code of conduct. Mr Kelly addressed a republican demonstration marking the deaths of two iRa bombers killed by their own device near the town. scotland’s commissioner for ethical standards in Public life stuart allan concluded Mr Kelly ‘was entitled to express his opinion’.

Change really is good for you... PeoPLe are more likely to change their lifestyle and embrace healthy behaviour when they’re offered a small financial incentive, a study has revealed. A team at Newcastle University looked at more than 30,000 participants in previous studies and the effect incentives had on them. The researchers found that £3 (€3.59) could make people up to 50 per cent more likely to change their behaviour, when compared with usual care or no intervention. They concluded that larger incentives were no more likely than smaller ones to be effective.

Students dressed in costumes dance during a graduation party at Al-Rafidain College in Baghdad

Buckley’s courage in exposing abuse hailed by leaders by BRiAn HuTTOn

Taoiseach enda Kenny has hailed christine Buckley, the institutional abuse campaigner who died yesterday aged 67, as a ‘person of immense courage’. Mrs Buckley, who co-founded the aislinn centre for abuse survivors, died at st Vincent’s hospital following a long battle with cancer. speaking in Downing street after talks with Prime Minister David cameron, the Taoiseach said: ‘i’m sorry to hear of christine’s death. ‘You would not have had a redress scheme to bring some closure and some comfort to people who were abused institutionally were it not for christine Buckley.’

‘Courage and dignity’: Abuse campaigner Christine Buckley at home, Tánaiste eamon Gilmore led tributes, describing Mrs Buckley as a woman of ‘courage and dignity’ who had helped make ireland ‘better’. ‘christine suffered greatly as a child growing up in the industrial school system in the ireland of the

1950s,’ Mr Gilmore said. ‘But as an adult she played a pivotal role in shining a light on the abuse suffered by children in the industrial schools and in campaigning on behalf of the many survivors of institutional abuse.’ Ms Buckley featured in the landmark Dear Daughter documentary broadcast on RTÉ in 1996 which recounted the horror of her time as a child in the sisters of Mercy-run orphanage in Goldenbridge, Dublin. ‘her profound act of bearing witness has paved the way for other survivors of institutional abuse to tell their stories and to seek redress for the abuse that was perpetrated in the industrial schools system,’ said Mr Gilmore.

Children evacuated in pool vapour scare SIX schoolchildren were taken to hospital yesterday after vapour at NUI Maynooth’s swimming pool plant room entered the air conditioning system during maintenance. Some 25 children from a local school were

immediately evacuated from the pool and assessed by the National Ambulance Service and the University’s Medical Team. The pool remains closed to faciliate university and Health and Safety Authority investigations.

Picture: reuters

A US hotelier’s body was found with bottles of alcohol and a makeshift crack pipe in one of his own rooms, an inquest has heard. Alexander Calderwood, creator of the hotel chain Ace, died from a mixture of drink and drugs at least a day before his body was discovered, a coroner ruled yesterday. The 47-year-old was found in a room in the Ace hotel in London’s Shoreditch by business partner Kelly Sawdon, who had not been able to contact him for three days. She told Poplar coroner’s court: ‘I saw him lying at the foot of the bed facing the door, so I raced down to get the general manager.’ His body contained traces of cocaine and 410mg of booze including gin, whiskey, vodka and wine. Mr Calderwood, who started the chain in Seattle in 1999, was believed to be sober after a stint in rehab in 2011. ‘I am very proud of my sobriety,’ he said at the time. Coroner Dr William Dolman said: ‘Alex Calderwood was clearly a high flyer whose life came to a sudden and tragic end.’ A man Mr Calderwood met in London in November has been bailed on suspicion of possession with intent to supply class A drugs.


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METRO HERALD Wednesday, March 12, 2014


60 seconds STEPHEN KELLY is the lead singer of Raglans, the buzzy Dublin/ Wicklow quartet whose eponymous debut album has just been released

For the uninitiated, how did you guys form – I’ve heard tales of a romantic festival proposition? It was Knockan-

Stockan 2010. I found Ross, our bass player, at the festival camp site and we had a bit of a jam. I then asked him to start a band. And he said no! He said yes after the festival though so it worked out well.

Speaking of festivals, you guys seemed to play every shindig going last year – any particular highlights? Definite-

ly Electric Picnic, that was amazing. It was a big call putting us in the main arena. We played the Electric Arena first and it was mind-blowing to get such a big crowd – we really weren’t expecting it.

Your debut album is out now – are you happy with how it turned out? It’s been cracking

You were crowned winners of the King Kong Club a couple of years back and got to record with Boz Boorer...

All we wanted to do was to make music and travel around so to get to go somewhere like that, with someone like that – it was crazy, man. He was such a character and really eccentric but mainly he was an amazing musician. He’s a musical director for Morrissey so the opportunity to learn from such a consummate musician – and also a bit of a mad one – was cracking.

If there’s one common factor in your tracks it’s a catchy chorus. Does that come naturally?

We don’t try for it but growing up I got bored of playing the same tunes at parties. I wanted to make my own ones but they needed to be ones that people would still want to sing along to. You need to have that hook for that to happen and that’s what our songs are built on.

putting it together – better than expected to be honest. We worked with a really good producer in the You’ve made good inroads UK. He let us take the reins a in the UK. Do you feel lot, rather than him just it’s important to taking over. Often when you meet a push beyond producer who success on a naI can’t think of many hasn’t seen a band tional level? live a lot or bands that survive on It’s essential. I doesn’t know the can’t think of just being nationally band inside out, many bands that he may not get exsuccessful – apart survive on just beactly what you’re ing nationally sucfrom Aslan going for. He trusted cessful – apart from us to understand how Aslan. The markets are we wanted it to sound. so big elsewhere that if you That makes it roughly three want to make a living you have to years between forming and look around.

releasing your debut LP – why the delay? We wanted to

get ourselves into a position where our album didn’t sink without a trace. We didn’t want it to just become some CD that we sold on a merch stand at a gig. We wanted to build the right background team and make sure it gets proper exposure.

Your videos with Cavan filmmaker Finn Keenan have received a lot of attention online. How did your paths cross? Finn actually commented on

one of our first ever demo videos – he said he loved the atmosphere and asked if we’d like to do some acoustic performances around Dublin. We got on great and then we did another video with him. We didn’t know what was going on; he was instructing us and it was quite complicated. But then we saw the finished product and it was just mind-blowing so we knew this was the guy we wanted to work with.

Certain Irish bands – The Cast of Cheers for instance – have decamped permanently to the UK. Is that something you would ever consider? I actually

live in London at the moment. I live there for personal reasons but it’s not necessary because I can get back and forth; spending half the week in Dublin with the lads, the rest in London. You just go where the work is – I don’t think you need to go to London and walk around in skinny jeans to make it. It’s about having the right team, something which we have spent a long time building.

What else is on the horizon for 2014? We’re just going to fit in

as many festivals as possible. We’re playing one with Johnny Marr which should be cool. We can complete The Smiths connection.

Bryan O’Hanlon

Raglans’ self-titled debut album is out now. They play the Academy on March 29.

LIGHT IN THE DARK: A woman visits the interior of the Madrid train bombing memorial at Atocha station, Madrid. The Spanish capital yesterday marked the tenth anniversary of the attack that claimed the lives of 191 people and injured a further 1,500 pictuRe: ReuteRS

Pistorius ‘laughed after firing pistol out of car sunroof’


A FRIEND of Oscar Pistorius yesterday told his murder trial how the athlete fired a gun through a sunroof and in a busy restaurant. Darren Fresco said Pistorius – who is accused of murdering girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp – became furious with a police officer who had pulled over the car which Fresco was driving in late 2012 and who then handled the paralympian’s gun. ‘You can’t just touch another man’s gun,’ Mr Fresco recalled Pistorius telling the traffic officer. ‘Now your fingerprints are all over my gun. So if something happens, you’re going to be liable for anything that happens.’ Later that day, Pistorius fired

Trigger happy?: Pistorius through the car’s sunroof, said Fresco, who told the court he asked his friend if he was mad. ‘He just laughed,’ Mr Fresco recalled. ‘But it felt as if my ear was already bleeding.’ In the second incident, Mr Fresco said he warned Pistorius that his

Glock pistol had a bullet in the chamber when the sprinter asked for it in a Johannesburg restaurant in January last year. ‘I knew that he had a big love for weapons. My assumption was that he had competency,’ Mr Fresco told the court in Pretoria. The gun fired and Mr Fresco said he took the blame for the incident, because Pistorius – a national sporting hero in South Africa – feared bad publicity. Pistorius, 27, denies guilt in both of the incidents as well as the deliberate shooting of Ms Steenkamp, 29, at his home in Pretoria on Valentine’s Day last year. The athlete claims that he mistook the model for an intruder in his bathroom. The trial continues.

intelligent people Obesity is linked to are ‘more trusting’ poor school grades CLEVER people are more trusting than their less intelligent counterparts, researchers have claimed. Those smarter than most are possibly better judges of character, they said. That group may also be more trusting of other people because they are better at weighing up situations, according to research from academics at Oxford University. The study – published in the journal PLOS ONE – also found that people who are more trusting are more likely to have better health and greater happiness.

A STUDY has found a link between obesity and poorer academic grades among adolescent girls. Researchers in the UK and US measured the academic attainment of almost 6,000 children against their body mass index (BMI). The results showed that 466 girls classed as obese achieved poorer results aged 11, 13 and 16 years when compared to those of a healthy weight. The link was less clear in boys, according to the study published in the International Journal Of Obesity.


Wednesday, March 12, 2014 METRO HERALD

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METRO HERALD Wednesday, March 12, 2014

★★ ★ ★


Cole: Simon begged me to return to The X Factor by sEAMus Duff


Couple: Cowell with Lauren Silverman in London yesterday PICTURE: kaRwaI Tang

Simon: I’d love to turn the clock back on Cole Simon Cowell has admitted he was ‘stupid’ for firing Cheryl Cole after grovelling for her to return to end his X Factor ratings hell. The 54-year-old music boss threw his hands up in an exclusive chat with Guilty Pleasures and said: ‘I made too many stupid decisions wn up to it, [sacking and I’ll own Cheryl] was one of them. It was a silly decision. Of course I was wrong, and I don’t mind admitting when I am wrong. n the clock ‘If I could turn back, I would do it differently,, if I am honest. But I can’t. ealised I wanted to ‘I realised w close to make the show wheree we left it. It was a fantastic year. And I had to get Cheryl back.’ actor pulled in The X Factor its highest everr ratings in

squeaky aky clean Kylie defends Miley

2010 with Cowell and Cole on the judging panel – drawing 20 million viewers. ‘We’re back to get this show back to No.1. For me the ratings are important, I’m not going to lie. ‘If we are second to Strictly I am going to be disappointed,’ he admits, referencing the r BBC’s dance show, which has trounced The tr X Factor in recent years. But if the return of Cheryl doesn’t appeal to everyone, Cowell has Co another trump card up his sleeve to try to win over the public – with another surprise female to the line-up. ‘Louis is considering a sex change,’ change, he joked, adding the 61-year-old 61-y Irishman could make mak a good stand in as a female judge, adding: ‘I could see Louis in a wig wig.’

Kylie Minogue has defended the raunchy antics of Miley Cyrus insisting there has always been ‘sex and drugs’ in the music business. Kylie, 45, claimed Miley, 21, has been made into a ‘scapegoat’ by critics and complained that provocative male artists ‘get away with it’. ‘i admire people like Miley, like Rihanna, girls that are so unapologetic about what they’re doing,’ the singer told Sky News. ‘is it too much? it depends on your personal taste. But she’s definitely a scapegoat for what might be happening in the broader sense in pop music.’

heryl COle is taking great delight in explaining just how much begging Simon Cowell had to do to seal her return to The X

Factor. Bridges between the 30-year-old Geordie lass and her former boss seemed to have been burned for good when she was dumped from the US version of the show after just three weeks. however, Cowell, 54, appears to have resorted to emotional blackmail to convince Chezza to come back. ‘There’s only so much begging gging I could take. It’s not nice to see a grown wn man cry,’ Cole told Guilty Pleasures. ‘The begging went on for a few years.’ We revealed back in November mber that the singer was handed €1.7million compensation from US X Factor bosses over her humiliating sacking back in 2011. While the cash from her court victory

How we broke the news in November may have softened the blow, the pop beauty says she is not bitter about the past. ‘I don’t hold grudges. I remember facts. And the facts I remember are I won my first two series and I had two in the final of the last series, so the rest of the stuff is irrelevant,’ she said. And despite reports of a €1.8million deal to tempt her back for the 11th year of the British show, Chezza swears the seven figures are not her motivation. ‘I’m excited to find talent again. Actually, that’s the thing I love the most, it’s discovering the talent. I thrive off that. It just felt like the right time now,’ she said. With two seats remaining to be filled, Cheryl has been quick to deny reports she doesn’t want another girl on board. ‘There are people I would love to join on the panel. especially a strong woman, preferably. I’m kind of hoping I don’t have to deal with three guys otherwise I may be appearing on a Saturday night with no hair because I’ve pulled it out,’ she laughed.

Forgiving: Cheryl Cole isn’t ’t bit bitter about her US sacking

PICTURE: kaRwaI Tang


Wednesday, March 12, 2014 METRO HERALD

Lena Dunham has apologised for making a joke about molestation on Twitter. The Girls star, who got naked for Saturday Night Live skit about Adam and Eve, quickly deleted the tweet. She said: ‘I just made and deleted a not so great molestation joke. Sorry guys. I am really sleepy... I should know better, and do.’

Key note: RiRi rocks up for the date picture: splash news

RiRi takes her lover on a weird sex date R by ANDREI HARMSWORTH

ihanna sealed her romantic reunion with Drake by enjoying a smooch in front of a nymphomaniac ‘milf’ and cross-dressing cross-dressing prom queens. The on-again lovers took their rumoured romance public during a private showing at debauched club Cirque Le Soir in London, on Monday night. ‘Rihanna and Drake were certainly less guarded about their exploits,’ a source told me. ‘They couldn’t keep their hands off each other – or tongues out of each other other.’ The Barbadian beauty, wearing a Chanel padlock necklace, sparked a scrum outside the venue after rumours of their date had done the rounds f among fans. inside, the couple were shown the american house Party Show, which along with the milf and prom queens also featured an obese clown in a bath full of baked beans and ‘jocks’ performing death-defying tricks. The bizarre date and their public

No hiding: Drake and a hooded RiRI arrive at Cirque Le Soir picture:

display of affection came 48 hours after a far more coy outing at celeb haunt nobu when RiRi and the hold On We’re Going home singer used different exits in a bid

not to be seen together. Rihanna, 26, and Drake, 27, appear to be making a second go of things after they first dated four years ago.

100% FABULOUS 20%




Rekindling the flame: Bieber picks up Selena Gomez and whirls her around in footage he put on Instagram

I’m unbreakable, Biebs insists A defiant Justin Bieber is adamant he will not be ‘broken’ – after facing ridicule for his rude behaviour during a video evidence session for his bouncer’s court case. The 20-year-old was accused of mocking the legal system after footage showed him sarcastically dodging questions and pretending to be asleep. But he defended his refusal to cooperate with lawyers representing photographer Jeffrey Binion, who claims Biebs told his minder Hugo Hesny to

rough him up in Miami in June. ‘Love how some people love to twist and justify the horrible actions of others,’ the pop brat tweeted. Appealing to fans to rally around him, he added: ‘They can’t break us. We are too strong. We love too much. #mybeliebers.’ Meanwhile, more proof has emerged that the singer’s relationship with ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, 21, is heating up again. He uploaded Instagram footage showing her dancing with him and climbing into his arms in a passionate embrace.

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Military tracked Malaysia Airlines plane an hour after air traffic controllers lost it

Missing jet ‘made U-turn’ by sHAROn MARRis

THE missing Malaysia Airlines plane made a U-turn near where it was last logged by air traffic controllers and was tracked for an hour by military radar, it emerged last night. The Beijing-bound jet vanished on Friday, 40 minutes after take-off from Kuala Lumpur with 239 people on board. But yesterday a military source revealed the plane was detected near Pulau Perak, an island in the Malacca Strait, 500km off its planned course. The source said it was flying at a lower altitude when it was spotted by military radar. The development appears to rule out the theory that flight MH370 suffered ‘sudden catastrophic mechanical failure’. No distress signal or message was sent and the new sighting indicates the plane’s transponder was either switched off or had stopped working. The development has seen the search area for wreckage widened greatly. In the US, CIA director John Brennan said the possibility that the plane had been brought down in a terrorist attack could not be ruled out. But he said no ‘claims of responsibility’ over the

No terror links: A police officer holds up a picture of a passenger who travelled using a stolen passport Picture: ePA






Tho Chu Islands

Tho Chu Islands M A L AY S I A Kuala Kota Lumpur Bharu

Malacca Strait


Where they lost contact

Kual a Lumpur


missing jet had been ‘confirmed or corroborated’. As Malaysian police confirmed they were carrying out psychological profiles of everyone on board the jet, Mr Brennan also refused to rule out a theory that the pilot may have committed suicide. Earlier, Interpol revealed that two passengers travelling on stolen passports – named as Pouria Nourmohammadi Mehrdad, 19, and 29-year-old Seyed Mohammed Reza Delavar – were Iranians with no links to terrorism.


Last known location


Route New search area Current search

Meanwhile, Malaysia Airlines said it was investigating an Australian TV report that alleged that missing co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid allowed South African tourists Jonti Roos and Jaan Maree to stay in the cockpit during a Phuket to Kuala Lumpur flight two years ago. ‘Throughout the flight he was smoking, which I don’t think he is allowed to do,’ said Ms Roos. In a further development, an airline official called the mobile numbers of missing crew and they rang out.


Kiwis given vote on Former leader guilty Astronauts changing their flag of taxpayer rip-off return from nEW ZEALAnD: A referendum on cROATiA: Former prime minister 6-month trip whether to change the ‘post Ivo Sanader was sentenced to nine

colonial’ national flag is to be held within three years, prime minister John Key said yesterday. It could see Britain’s union flag removed from the design, which also shows the southern cross constellation. Mr Key wants ‘a distinctly New Zealand’ flag, such as a silver fern on a black background. Veterans’ groups are against any change.

years in prison yesterday for stealing millions in taxpayers’ money. The 60 year old, jailed for ten years for bribery in 2012, was ordered to pay back €2million by judge Ivana Calic in Zagreb. ‘They were elected to enforce the law, not to break it,’ the judge said. It is likely Sanader’s terms will be totted up to 15 years.

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KAZAKHsTAn: A capsule carrying three astronauts back to Earth after six months in space landed safely yesterday. American Mike Hopkins and Russia’s Sergey Ryazanskiy and Oleg Kotov touched down near Dzhezkazgan. Heavy snow threatened to delay their return but it went ahead as planned. Rescuers who picked up the International Space Station crew said they were all in ‘good spirits’.

TURKEy: Berkin Elvan’s coffin is carried through Istanbul after his death yesterday. The 15-year-old was struck in the head with a police gas canister while buying bread during protests in June Picture: ePA

and finally... gERMAny: It has taken almost a century but Haribo is to create its first blue gummy bear. The Bonn-based company, which makes 100million of the sweets a day, says the new addition will taste like blueberries.

AMERicA: Cannabis brought in taxes of about €1.4million in Colorado during its first month of recreational sale. More than €10m recreational pot was sold by 59 businesses in January, adding to revenue from pre-existing medical marijuana businesses. However, politicians are unsure about how to spend the cash, as the industry is expected to be volatile in its early years.


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Time for a better alert system for scared rail passengers


eadING about the terrifying incident on the Newbridge train (Metro Herald, Tue), I was reminded of a scary incident I saw. Two scumbags sang disgusting racist songs in the face of a number of nonnationals, egging them on to start a fight. everyone was too frightened to say anything or ring to report it. If we had more trains, there would be more space for security guards to actually get on board and do something about these scumbags. Could Irish Rail not have a monitored helpline where passengers can discreetly text reports of anti-social behaviour as they’re happening? What about those fivedigit numbers radio stations use? P’d-Off Passenger

■ all the venomous Bono-bashing in this small-minded, begrudging little country is becoming embarrassing, if you ask me. The last few years have uncovered revolting abuses by the Church and Bertie ahern’s supervising of our economy’s collapse. and yet we Irish seem to keep the biggest ire for a rock star who champions global causes. and with hundreds of companies here and everywhere availing of tax loopholes,

that is not a valid-enough reason to act the way we do. Fairness Fan, Not U2 Fan ■ Sweet dee, your comment that the innocence of the two children in athlone is not lost and they would ‘thrive under the care of their families and the HSe’ is a disgrace. Shame on you. Jamie, Maynooth ■ FYI Western media, Russia has NOT occupied Crimea. What happened was east Ukraine and Crimean authorities asked Russia to protect their people from Kiev radicals who were going to repeat the bloodshedding in east and South Ukraine. Thanks to Russia, there is peace in Crimea, and the people there can peacefully and legitimately decide their own fate in the referendum next Sunday. Only russophobes call it ‘occupation’ or ‘invasion’. Being a Ukrainian-Russian mix myself, and having lived in both countries, I stand for people’s voting rights, and won’t be fooled by a US and eU multi-billion-dollar gag order. Kiev offers no protection to Crimea, so I’m grateful that Russia responded to the people’s plea for protection. Sympathies to my compatriots in both Ukraine and Russia. I am in beautiful Ireland but heading home soon. Tatiana

Quick pic CENTURY GOLD: The staff of Cairnhill Nursing Home in Foxrock sent us this snap of Erica Corcoran to celebrate her recent 100th birthday. Erica was born in picturesque Basel, Switzerland in 1914 before moving to Ireland and having a family. She puts her longevity down to an active life Send your photos to pictures@ with ‘Quick pic’ as the subject and we will print the best each day in the paper

gOOD On yA

yEH big RiDE

● Yesterday morning, I arrived at Howth Junction Station at 8.40am and there was no one in the ticket office. One ticket machine was out of order, while the other refused to take cash. I began to panic until the Metro Herald guy came and worked his magic on the machine and got it working. He saved my day. Thank you so much – you really are an absolute angel.


● Smitten Chrissy, thanks for noticing me and boosting my confidence and selfesteem something fantastic. In return, how about we make a deal: I buy both coffees and we talk about how life goes from here. Life is all about meeting new interesting people with positive beginnings, and as this will be our first face to face, I would love to offer you a positive introduction. Greg

RAnDOM AcTs Of kinDnEss

yOuR RusH-HOuR cRusH



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● Another great Irish hero has passed away. Christine Buckley RIP. You did a fantastic job in ensuring justice for those who were abused. @davidhall75

● Very sad to hear about the death of #Christine Buckley. One of the bravest truthtellers in modern Ireland.

● Leaving Los Angeles shortly and sad to hear of the death of the courageous Christine Buckley. My sympathy to her family. Sinn Féin’s @M_McGuinness_SF

● RIP Christine Buckley. Always called it straight when others indulged in ‘mental reservation’. Impressive person.

Irish Times columnist @fotoole

RTÉ journalist @boucherhayes

Cant tihnk of what two wright aboute?


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on her new science project

F r o m t h e 5 t h – 2 2 n d o F m a r c h , w e h av e c r e at e d a b e s p o k e Four course menu made with irish produce From suppliers ac r o s s t h e c o u n t r y a n d m at c h e d w i t h c r a F t b e e r s & w i n e . Available from 8pm, Wednesday – Saturday To book phone 01-6875193 or email The Marker Hotel, Grand Canal Square, Docklands, Dublin 2, Ireland.

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i don’t get what’s ‘mainstream’


love New Scientist,’ says Charlotte Church of the unlikely inspiration behind her new musical direction. ‘I buy that instead of those gossip magazines or the other s*** you can get. I’m an avid pop science fan now. ‘The song Death And Mathematics is loosely based on chaos theory for example,’ she says of a track on her new eP, Four. ‘Most of the themes are about love but use scientific theories – like entanglement theory. It’s a totally different kettle of fish to anything I’ve done in the past.’ Indeed so, because before Church embarked on this series of ePs recorded in her home studio in South Wales, her last musical offering was 2010’s indie effort Back To Scratch, which she promoted on QvC and which peaked outside the Top 20. Her last assault on mainstream pop came five years before that with album Tissues And Issues, which spawned singles Crazy Chick and Call My Name. She says funding, writing and recording the ePs has been a learning experience. ‘I’d never forayed into production before,’ she says. ‘When I was on a major label, they’d say: “These are the good producers and we think you should work with this one.” Then you record your bit of the song, it’s all taken out of your hands, made into something, then they hand it back and say: “Do you like it?” With this, we’ve spent hours in the studio torturing ourselves about snare drums and reverb. It’s been an education.’ Presumably some of the £600,000 (€720,000) she was awarded in damages in 2012 for journalists hacking her phone when she was at the height of her fame has gone towards paying for studio and ePs. But despite the expenditure, she’s happy not to have a big label deal. ‘A lot of what’s mainstream now, I don’t get it, I can’t engage with it,’ she says. ‘It’s written by marketing committees, which is totally the antithesis of what music is supposed to provide for people. ‘When I was doing Tissues And Issues I had no idea about the power I actually had. I didn’t want to be a diva and wanted to be nice to

child star, tabloid quarry… Charlotte Church is leaving it all behind with help from the scientific world. by Andrew Williams everyone but had no idea I could have had control about things like writing and production – because ultimately it was my name on it. I was told everyone knew better and I believed them. Maybe that was down to youth and naivety…’ Church found fame at 12 when she sang Pie Jesu down the phone to Richard and Judy on a This Morning phone-in. Such was the unlikely springboard for a career as a tween pop classical crooner, singing to popes and presidents, before a slide into tabloid infamy got under way. She won the highly uncoveted Rear of The Year award at 16 and papers and gossip magazines paid for details of her teenage relationships while documenting her boozing expeditions around Cardiff – which all seem pretty tame in comparison to the Disney teen meltdowns we’ve come to expect these days. More seriously, a paper obtained details of her mother’s depression and suicide attempt, which resulted in Church’s testimony at the leveson Inquiry in 2011. ‘I was devastated most days,’ she says. ‘It’s a really weird psychological process. I had a good sense of perspective and knew what I could control – and knew the tabloids were completely beyond my control. There was nothing I could do about it.’


olloWINg Tissues And Issues, Church landed her own Channel 4 chat show, started a family with permatanned rugby player gavin Henson – with whom she had two children before the pair split in 2010 – and appeared on Andrew lloyd Webber talent show/Wizard of oz vehicle over The Rainbow. All that maintained her profile – not that she seems keen on being an all-round celebrity any longer.

New reality: Church says she struggles to engage with mainstream music and is now producing her own at home ‘I’m not interested in doing all those frigging daytime shows and saying [does cheesy voice]: “Hey guys! Here’s what I’m doing now!” Because most people wouldn’t get it. I’ve had a crazy life and most of it has been being famous – which I don’t mind, to an extent, but it really complicates things. I don’t want to be a public person just for the sake of it. ‘I’ve only done one of those singing shows and I was unsure if I should do it because I’m not in that bracket of people. I’m not like them,’ she says emphatically, perhaps

referring to the gamut of celebs keen to push their face on any show that will have them. ‘I had a phenomenal time and all those girls went on to have careers in the West end, so it felt valid. But in general, when it comes to doing other reality shows, no.’ That’s meant there have been some challenges finding an audience for her new material. ‘early on, people would come expecting me to sing Pie Jesu and we’d be doing something with feedback that lasted a while,’ she says. ‘A lot of people left but a lot

CHuRCH TIMES Charlotte through the years On My PLAyLIST Mr Scruff CLEAR by cybotron

This classic electro tune got me into DJing back in the early 1980s. It still sounds incredible – in fact, it’s even better now that I don’t accompany it with poor-quality body-popping.

FAMILy by fatiMa

BEgInnIng by DeniS JoneS

I saw Denis play this a few years back. At the end, while it was still looping, he ran through the crowd and out of the venue. Then he ambled back about five minutes later to switch off his gear.

Fatima is young, talented and LITTLE JOHnny JEwEL very consistent. This tune has by televiSion that raw, stripped-down This is a sleazy, bluesy, unkempt edge that Erykah Badu’s first From left to right: Tween star; with ex Gavin Henson; judging on BBC’s Over The masterpiece. I first heardto it impress in release had. Rainbow; outside the Leveson Inquiry; performing on stage; dressed

an expensive clothes shop. I didn’t buy any clothes but ran out and picked up this filthy beauty. It’s just the kind of odd, wonkily funky, low-slung punk that I love.

FIx My LIFE by Melt yourSelf Down

I love that this is full of energy and fiery sax playing. I really need to see this band live and let off some steam.

AIn’T nO nEED by Skye

Pure, absolute joy on wax. I can only imagine how much fun Skye had making this tune. Zena Alkayat Mr Scruff hosts at the Roundhouse, London, on May 31. His album, Friendly Bacteria (Ninja Tune), is out on May 19.

stayed and were like: “Well, this is different…” I like to think it gave them a musical experience they might not have gone in for.’ Despite her success in bringing her experimental musical stylings to an unsuspecting public, she says the image she had in the press in the past still causes her some problems. ‘I’ve got a skin like a rhino – I do things on my own terms now,’ she says. ‘But I know if I did a big Tv performance now there’d be people criticising me on social media, spouting stuff about what they think they knew about me when I was 18. ‘As if that’s relevant now – as if it was relevant to anyone, ever. It was all about this fictionalised person anyway.’ The singer has another eP to release – the plan is to complete a quintet. And after that? ‘I go where the wind blows me,’ Church says. ‘I’m not that ambitious, to be honest. As long as it’s interesting, challenging and gives me the chance to be creative, in whatever field, I’m up for that. I’m a creative entity, everyone is, and that can spread into any area.’ Possibly even including more quantum physics.

EP Four is out now on Alligator Wine Records.


home cinema

Wednesday, March 12, 2014 METRO HERALD

Improbable but beautiful

GrAviTy (12)

DVD, Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray HHHH✩ The awards season has seen Gravity heaped with honours for its extraordinary technical achievements. And rightly so: Alfonso Cuarón’s ‘lost in space’ drama is ravishing to look at, even if your telly doesn’t stretch to 3D. How the team at London’s Framestore managed to create such a wholly immersive space experience – through groundbreaking animation, robotics and puppetry – is revealed in the Blu-ray release’s copious making-of extras. They run longer than the 90-minute film but are utterly engrossing and, if you watch them first, let you admire the movie all the more. If Gravity sets the bar for future special effects, though, it doesn’t really do the same for plot: the story is slim and rather clunky, heavy with ‘rebirth’ symbolism as Sandra Bullock’s bereaved doctor chooses

life when faced with the void of deep space – with some help from George Clooney’s maverick astronaut – and tries to get back to Earth via a wholly improbable set of daring space capsule antics. Maybe the small screen highlights the narrative sagginess but it’s still possible to sit back and enjoy a beautifully rendered ride. siobhán Murphy

in FeAr (15)

DVD, Blu-ray, VoD HHHH✩

On paper, In Fear reads like a generic, ‘we came to the country by mistake’, low-budget horror but Jeremy Lovering’s excellently tooled debut marks him out as ‘one to watch’. A twentysomething English couple (Alice Englert and Iain De Caestecker) book a stay in a ‘secluded’ hotel in the Irish countryside. Clearly, they didn’t read the TripAdvisor reviews. After

an opening off-screen argie with locals in a pub, they drive off following the handy ‘hotel this way’ arrows – only to find they’re trapped in a rural maze, tearing their maps up, out of satnav and mobile phone range and almost out of petrol. Lovering’s direction may be a tad ‘look at me’ but it’s as effective as it is eye-catching. The performances are believable, especially the bickering and, if the tension loosens at the last, it’s truly rare the horror movie that thrives beyond the grand ‘reveal’. sM

The BUTLer (12a)

DVD, Blu-ray HH✩✩✩ If it’s true that swathes of US citizens now know next to nothing about their country’s civil rights history, Lee Daniels’s The Butler is a worthy exercise (not least because it offers a black perspective). Sadly, it feels like it.

Using the true-life tale of Eugene Allen, a butler who served in the White House under eight presidents, Daniels traces the AfricanAmerican struggle, from segregation to Obama’s election victory. Forest Whitaker gives a powerful performance as fictional butler Cecil Gaines, trying to maintain his mask of servitude at work while his home life is rocked by the turbulent times. Squashing so much history in two hours, though, often ends up looking contrived; particularly the way the starry procession of latexed-up presidents all seem to have a Damascene moment about race relations while Gaines is in the room. Whitaker is backed up by good turns from Terrence Howard, Cuba Gooding Jr and Oprah Winfrey but even they can’t disguise the large helping of cheese at the heart of this film. sM


bOx-sET bLiTz The AmericAns (15) DVD, Blu-ray HHHH✩ Phillip and Elizabeth Jennings seem like the perfect married couple – they have two happy kids and a nice house in Washington. Except it’s a sham: thrown together as strangers many years before, Phillip and Elizabeth are KGB spies who aren’t afraid to perform martial arts moves or sexual favours to get what they want. Former CIA officer turned producer Joe Weisberg created this series after a real-life Russian sleeper cell was uncovered in the US in 2010. As a spy thriller, The Americans absorbs and intrigues. But really, it’s a drama about marriage, Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys (pictured) excellent at playing cat and mouse with the government, as well as each other. Overlooked somewhat when it aired on UTV, it’s worth a watch before series two starts Mar 15. sM

Five films to see at the cinema this week

1 2 3

The Grand Budapest Hotel Ralph Fiennes leads an all-star ensemble in this funny, fast-paced, exquisite-on-the-eye confection from Wes anderson (Fantastic Mr Fox, The Royal Tenenbaums). Starring Tilda Swinton (pictured). Rome, Open City Italian neorealism was born with Roberto Rossellini’s vivid and humane 1946 masterpiece about the struggle for life and liberty in Nazi-occupied Rome.


Wake In Fright This cult australian 1970s psychodrama fully merits its brief big-screen reissue. a kind of nightmarish Outback version of Deliverance from the director of First Blood. Starring Donald Pleasence as Doc Tydon (pictured).




12 Years A Slave Best Picture as voted for by pretty much everyone, including the academy. But will this landmark real-life slavery drama get your thumbs up?

The Lego Movie Because sometimes you just want to o go to the cinema and watch brightly coloured things bip about and make you happy. Witty and way too good for kids.

Adapted from the novels by Benjamin Black (aka John Banville), BBC/RTÉ co-production Quirke follows the travails of the eponymous chief pathologist, played by Gabriel Byrne (pictured), as he set about investigating shady goings-on in 1950s Dublin.

Q In which HBO drama did Gabriel Byrne play a troubled therapist? A Sex And The City B In Treatment

We have FIVE DVD copies of Quirke to give away. For your chance to win, just answer the question below and text LIFE followed by your full answer, e-mail address and name to 53133 (texts cost €0.60 + standard network charge).

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LookinG AheAd STaRReD UP a new star is born in the sixpacked form of young Jack O’Connell, who punches above his years as the new under-age inmate in a prison also containing his dad. Opens March 21.

Dorset Dor College Excellence Through Life-Long Learning

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Business, Management & HR CIPD Certificate in Human Resource Management Supervisory Management & Leadership) Level 6 Train The Trainer Level 6

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16 METRO HERALD Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Life television





second captains live rté2, 10.20pm The boys are back for a second series of their regular radio antics brought to the screen, as presenters Eoin McDevitt, Ken Early and Ciaran Murphy entertain a live studio audience with interviews with sporting heroes and discussion of the latest big stories. Chief among them will no doubt be Manchester City’s attempt to overturn a two-goal deficit as they travel to Camp Nou to take on mighty Barcelona (RTÉ2, 7.30pm)

film of the day black sWan, rté1, 9.35pm




Natalie Portman goes somewhat against type to play the lead in this disturbing tale of ambition and paranoia. Wynona Ryder and Mila Kunis give surprisingly adept performances as her rivals but it is Portman who steals the show, scooping up an Oscar for Best Actress as the ballerina who finds herself looking over her shoulder as she prepares for the already demanding splitpersonality main role in Swan Lake. Darren Aronofsky gives suitably dark undertones in his treatment of the parallels between Swan Lake and a performer’s own identity in a world dominated by images of beauty.

from dusk till dawn netflix add up your days and make the most of that time because ‘it fleets’. The worldly advice of Ranger Earl (Don Johnson) to Ranger Freddie Gonzalez (Jesse Garcia, right) comes back to haunt them both when fate drops them into the path of fugitive bank-robbing brothers seth and Richie Gecko. Director Robert Rodriguez revisits his 1996 film as this series – available from tonight on netflix – plays out over the course of one bloodspattered, voodooinfused night in Texas.

law & order uk UtV 8pm

astronauts: living in space channel4, 9pm

Roaring back with an opener worthy of Us cop series southland, the london-based crime drama opens season eight with a blues-and-twos car chase through the streets. Then it’s back to familiar territory as Ds Ronnie brooks and new sidekick Ds Joe Hawkins investigate the death of a jeweller whose body is unidentifiable.

It’s one giant leap for broadcasting as Nasa throws its weight behind three documentaries exploring the nuts and bolts of life in space. First off, astronauts Rick, Koichi and Mike invite us into the International Space Station, where nailbiting Gravity-esque moments are mixed with routine (and not-so-routine) experiments.

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Feasting on your fears


Ideas man: Mickle strives to make films that move people

Wednesday, March 12, 2014 METRO HERALD

he last thing I want to do is make a movie that people watch, then go shopping and don’t really think about again,’ says US director Jim Mickle. ‘There are too many of those. I’d rather be making movies that move people one way or the other, good or bad.’ To date, his films have certainly done that. his 2006 debut, Mulberry St, was a low-budget zombie film with a sly comment on New York gentrification, while 2010’s Stake Land was a vampire apocalypse movie that provoked all types of critical opinion. Latest film We Are What We Are, once again co-written with his friend since New York university student days, Nick Damici, is a sensuously shot remake of the 2010 Mexican cannibal film of the same name, although Mickle insists the two films are very different. ‘We were reluctant to just come in and flat-out remake it, or merely translate it into english; it felt like there was something more interesting and personal we could do with it,’ he says. ‘We wanted to dive in more and literalise it and make it more tied into American history.’ In the film, an outwardly upstanding

A good horror film should deliver a social message, Jim Mickle tells Anthony Gibson family, who live in the Catskills area of New York, keep up their human flesheating habits because they believe it to be an ordained religious custom that must be maintained whatever the cost to other people. It’s hard to miss the comment on religious extremism, which builds to a frenzied crescendo in the film’s shocking final scene. Mickle agrees horror films are the best vehicle for delivering strong social messages. ‘That is why, despite the fact it recycles a lot of the same ideas, it still

Cannibalistic: We Are What We Are

stays relevant,’ he says. ‘It’s the perfect way to deal with big, scary, unnerving ideas and to look at the world around us and predict alternative outcomes.’ he prefers to call his films ‘horrific melodramas’ rather than straight horror. ‘All our stuff has an indefinable angle: we sit across many different genres,’ he explains. Michael haneke and David Lynch films are an influence, he says. We Are What We Are sees Mickle working once again with Kelly McGillis, who, before Stake Land, had taken a long break from screen acting roles. ‘We shot Stake Land close to where she lived and it was a nice opportunity for her to step back into acting – but she doesn’t like horror films and still hasn’t seen either movie,’ says Mickle. So what is the essential ingredient for a great horror? ‘There is an assembly line quality to a lot of mainstream horror films: the ones that really linger are the ones that do something original, such as the Living Dead films,’ he says. ‘It also had a point of view and was influenced by the times and what was going on. ‘That’s important, beyond zombies just jumping out and scaring people.’

We Are What We Are is out now on DVD.

ROSS MCDONAGH talks to fellow Dubliner Colin Farrell about the butchery of the Irish accent in Hollywood

From Sean Connery in Darby O’Gill And The Little People to Brad Pitt in the Devil’s Own, to Richard Gere in Day Of The Jackal to James Cromwell in LA Confidential to Gerard Butler in PS, I Love You; I know what my first question for Farrell is going to be: why does hollywood struggle so much with the Irish accent? ‘Because of Lucky Charms,’ he says, ’M in the Beverly hilton hotel waiting smiling and sinking into an even thicker for Colin Farrell, and I’m watching the trailer for his latest film, A Winter’s Tale Dublin accent himself when he realises where I’m from. (or A New York Winter’s Tale, as it’s The Lucky Charms theory. I do think that inexplicably called in Ireland). It’s there is – for the foreign ear – there is a mushy schmaltz, but when Colin’s thief character is asked by a smitten victim ‘what’s quintessentially Irish sound. And it is the best thing you’ve ever stolen?’ and gazing overly lyrical to anything that really exists now in Ireland. into her eyes he replies ‘I’m beginning to For the uninitiated, Lucky Charms is an think I haven’t stolen it yet,’ I can’t help but American breakfast cereal fronted by a smile. It really doesn’t matter how cheesy the cringeworthy leprechaun, and the yanks lap line is; I’m convinced it up. you deliver it in that ‘And it’s also just Irish accent, you’re easier to travel west gonna have ladies from europe,’ says swooning. American Farrell, ‘you know, ones, anyway. to America because Irish people doing we grew up with Irish accents is one American television. I thing, but nonliterally had, from TJ Irish people hooker to The A doing Irish Team, to the accents is Muppet Show, quite you name it, I another. If grew up with you’ve seen American the film or accents in the trailer, television all you’ll know around me. But Russell Crowe the Americans plays an Oirish really do grow up baddie in it, and with “you’re not by God does he stealing me Lucky put every Charms” and muscle in his “diddly-idle” body into generating that Ah, ’tis yourself Colin: Russell Crowe mangles the Irish stuff.’ ‘I think the trap Oirish accent. accent in A New York Winter’s Tale


people fall into is they… make it more complete and if there’s a totality to its vision “musical” than it may be, you know?’ and the experience of realising that vision… One person who has definitely fallen well then it doesn’t matter so much if it’s into that trap is Russell Crowe. I on the money. have to ask the Dubliner what he ‘And what Russell did is made of the Kiwi’s effort. complete. It doesn’t go in and ‘em… d’you know what out. For me, for what I saw – man, it’s good actually, I haven’t seen the film The Americans really and yeah. I mean there’s a bit of yet – it doesn’t waver. It’s do grow up with Pikey in there… did you consistent. And there’s a lot see the trailer? There’s a bit to be said for that. ‘You’re not stealing me of Pikey in there and there ‘It’s good, it’s bold and it’s Lucky Charms’ is no doubt he’ll get the piss extreme, and as I said (here ripped out of him for sure,’ Colin puts on his own best he laughs. “Pikey” accent) there’s a bit o ‘But I was watching Scarface a Pikey in it, yeh know, “Oi been few months ago, again, for the crushin souls” yeh know? ‘But it’s great,’ he finishes. ‘his character umpteenth time, and I mean, Pacino’s accent in that… Good luck. There’s nothing is very extreme, and I think he did alright.’ Cuban about it at all. I’m not so sure… for me, if you want hollywood Pikey, go straight to Brad Pitt in ‘But you do find something – and this is not a waiver or disclaimer – but you do find if an Snatch – Don’t listen to Russell crow. @rossvsross actor is really committed, if what they do is

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body matters to advertise, call 01 7055010

When the lights begin to fade Vicki-Marie Cossar reports on the incurable condition causing thousands of Irish people to slowly lose their vision


hen Dame Judi Dench announced she was no longer able to read scripts because of an eye condition, thousands of Irish people understood what she was going through. The James Bond actress, who turns 80 this year, first revealed her eyesight was deteriorating in 2012. Since then, she’s said her loss of vision means she has to learn scripts on a tape recorder, or ask someone to read them to her. ‘I can’t read anymore,’ she said. ‘I can’t paint like I used to. I try to watch movies but it’s quite difficult.’ Dench suffers from age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a painless condition that generally leads to the loss of central vision (directly in front of you). It doesn’t affect your peripheral vision so doesn’t cause complete blindness. Although there is no cure, it can be controlled and pioneering treatments might help some people. AMD is one of the leading causes of sight loss in Ireland, with one in every ten people over 65 estimated to have the condition to some degree. It tends to be more common in women than men and in those over 50. The condition comes on with advancing age but can

sigHT-sAving health aDvice as with all things, prevention is better than cure. in the case of age-related macular degeneration, treatment is neither cheap nor wellestablished so the adage rings particularly true. although it’s not possible to completely prevent the condition, there are ways to reduce the process. these include stopping smoking, controlling your blood pressure, eating a healthy diet with plenty

develop in those as young as 40, says Andy Luff (left), ophthalmic surgeon at Optegra eye hospitals in the UK. ‘It is progressive damage that affects a part of the retina at the back of your eye called the macula,’ he says.

of fruit and vegetables, moderating your alcohol intake and wearing Uv-absorbing glasses when outside for long periods. in 2001, researchers with the age-Related eye Disease Study said a nutritional supplement could reduce the risk of developing the condition. ‘We should be taking a combination of vitamins,’ says ophthalmic surgeon andy luff. ‘vitamins c and e, zinc, and the vegetable pigments lutein and zeaxanthin (found in dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach) might help slow the rate of visual loss.’

‘This is responsible for finedetailed vision used for reading, watching TV and recognising people’s faces. It usually affects both eyes but the speed at which it affects each can vary.’


here are two types of the condition: wet and dry. According to Luff, almost all patients start with dry. ‘This is simply wear and tear of the cells of the eye wall upon which the macula sits,’ he says. ‘This usually develops slowly over a number of years. The main symptom is blurring of central vision, usually first experienced as difficulty with reading in poor light.’ Luff says one in ten of those who suffer from

dry AMD will go on to develop the wet version. If untreated, this can cause more damage. ‘This is when new blood vessels start growing in the wrong place, causing swelling and bleeding,’ he says. ‘This causes the macula to stop working. no one knows exactly what triggers these vessels to grow but we understand that in AMD the eye produces an excess of the chemical VeGF, which controls blood vessel growth. ‘This chemical causes abnormal vessels to grow, which Damage: Judi Dench says she can then leak no longer read because of an eye water. condition that can affect people in Your their forties central

WHAT TO DO If your vision suddenly gets worse, images become distorted or you notice blind spots, seek medical advice from an optometrist or visit your local A&E. vision is damaged by the presence of this excess fluid.’ Luff says the effects can be limited by monthly injections of anti-VeGF drugs. If this doesn’t work, there is a relatively new and not widely known therapy called Oraya X-ray. This is a low-energy X-ray designed to stop the abnormal blood vessels growing, and reduce inflammation and scarring. ‘Only a few patients have had this treatment commercially and it is not yet common medical practice,’ says Luff. ‘however, extensive studies have shown a real benefit in reducing the number of antiVeGF injections required. And in a small percentage of patients it offers a cure from further leakage.’ Until about ten years ago, there was no treatment for the dry condition but Luff has been involved in a pioneering new surgery for those with a less severe form. This involves replacing the lens of the eye with two implants that work


AWARE WITH DR CLAIRE It’s now official. Spring has arrived. Daffodils are appearing all over the place and the days are very obviously getting longer. Travelling through our parks and countryside, it is easy to see why visitors remark on how green Ireland is. The word green has many associations – unfairly perhaps it is used to depict people who are ‘green with envy’. It is used to describe someone who is inexperienced and who is ‘green’. The colour green is also used to mark and celebrate St Patrick’s Day. While little girls still wear green ribbons and many of the rest of us wear shamrock, world-wide key landmarks such as the Pyramids at Giza and Niagara Falls are bathed in green light. What a wonderful acknowledgement that is of our national feast day. I could also of course use the word green to describe the faces of the people who may choose to use St Patrick’s Day as an excuse for drinking to excess. The effects of binge drinking on days such as St Patrick’s Day can be clearly seen in statistics of people who self-harm. The images of the drunken Irish, which are sadly shown worldwide, can be very difficult to watch. I know that I am not the only person who has had the experience of people from countries assuming that I ‘drink like a fish’ because I’m Irish. Aware offers a different experience for young and old on St Patrick’s Day. It invites everyone to join with us on our national Harbour to Harbour walk. This takes place from either Dún Laoghaire Harbour Plaza or the Bloody Stream pub in Howth at 10.30am on Monday, March 17. The registration fee is €25 per person or €40 for group entries of two people. While we cannot guarantee a sunny, warm day, we can guarantee you will walk with an army of people who are out to have a wonderful, enjoyable, healthy experience. Meeting half way is always great as people greet and encourage each other while enjoying the welcome cup of tea. As well as providing funds, of which 93 per cent is used to directly fund Aware’s services, the like a lower power telescope, a gadget known as an intraocular lens for visually impaired people. He now advises on this as well as the latest treatment for severe dry AMD, which involves having a higherpowered, single telescopic implant lens

St Patrick’s Day will see the country, and many parts of the world, go green, but Aware offers an alternative activity to drink-fuelled celebrations with its fundraising Harbour to Harbour walk

Harbour to Harbour walk puts into practice what Aware encourages people to do to promote their mental health and general well-being. It is about having fun, meeting others and getting some exercise – the perfect antidote to depression. Those on the walk can also know that they are directly helping to fund Aware’s newest service: a Support Group held every Saturday afternoon for people who have depression. Please think about coming on the walk, encourage a friend to join you and yes, we hope that you arrive wearing the colour green. Bain taitneamh as an lá, enjoy the day, Claire.




Spring has finally sprung but if you’re not feeling quite perky enough to make the most of it, seeds may be the answer. Linwoods, the Armagh-based producer of flax seeds and other immune-boosting superfoods, has expanded its range which now includes some 11 products all bursting with essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Try milled organic flaxseed on its own or in a number of equally salutary permutations, including flax with added sunflower and pumpkin seeds; flax with almonds, brazil nuts and walnuts; or flax with cocoa and berries. The main attraction of flax - also known as linseed - is that, like chia (which is also available in milled form from Linwoods), it is a source of omega-3, the essential fatty acid that has been shown to have an array of health benefits, including protecting against heart disease and maintaining a healthy brain, joints and immune system. The Linwoods range is available from all good supermarkets and online at

Clinical psychologist Dr Claire Hayes is clinical director with Aware. Visit

inserted into the eye – known as an implantable miniature telescope (see box, below). ‘Opticians can provide patients with magnifiers for near and telescopic glasses for distance,’ he says, ‘but these are bulky and difficult to use.

However, these telescopic systems improve a patient’s ability to recognise faces, read large print and see something on the TV.’ For more on Age-Related Macular Degeneration treatments in an Irish context see

suRgERy options

bOOk nOW Addiction: A public discussion

Intraocular lens This option is for those with early stages of the dry version of age-related macular degeneration. The procedure is similar to cataract extraction, in which a lens (like a little Smartie sitting behind the iris) is replaced with a plastic version. Here, two plastic lenses are inserted to give a telescopic effect. Ophthalmic surgeon Andy Luff says: ‘This spares the peripheral vision in both eyes so a patient could have both eyes done and still have enough peripheral vision to drive.’ Implantable miniature telescope This is an option for those with a severe case of either dry or wet AMD. The process sees a powerful telescopic implant, about the size of a pea, inserted into one eye. The implant (right) magnifies images and projects them on to the healthy area of the retina unaffected by AMD. During surgery, the surgeon will remove the cataract (the eye’s natural lens) in one eye and replace it with the implant. After surgery, patients must retrain their eyes because the implanted eye provides central vision while the other provides peripheral vision. Luff says: ‘There have been recent refinements making this treatment more successful but it has only been around a couple

Wednesday, March 12, 2014 METRO HERALD

of years so only a small number of patients have had this surgery. At around €25,000, it’s a more expensive option but it could offer life-changing improvements in visual function.’

Edgy young acting troupe THEATREclub and homelessness charity Depaul Ireland have joined forces in a bid to address the deeply corrosive effects of addiction in Ireland. Later this month the Project Arts centre will play host to a three-day lecture series tackling the malign impact of addiction in all its forms. Highlights include a talk from Graham Ryall of the Rialto Community Drug Team entitled From Lemass To Ming: A History Of Drugs In Ireland; musician Frances Black (pictured) discussing her alcoholism and its impact on family life; and Dying To Survive-author Rachel Keogh on her battle with heroin. To open proceedings, The Project will screen Lenny Abrahamson’s gritty addiction study Adam & Paul, with a post-show discussion on the representation of drug abuse in the media (with Abrahamson and actor Mark O’Halloran participating). Meanwhile, the THEATREclub ensemble will present three new works inspired by their time speaking to addicts in both Sundial House and Back Lane hostels. Mar 26 to Mar 28, project Arts Centre, 39 Essex street East D2, various times, €10 to €12. tel: (01) 881 9613/4.

20 METRO HERALD Wednesday, March 12, 2014




by Patrick Arundell

NEMI by Lise

Aries Mar 21 – Apr 20

Just very quickly, the Moon and Venus go face-to-face. This could be quite a nice influence and draw you closer with one person, or will see a spot of flirtatious magic occur. Yet, that one venture you have hopes for may have more restraints around money than is ideal. For your forecast, call 15609 114 70

Taurus Apr 21 – May 21

METROKU Easy, Moderate and Challenging. For solutions, visit

Does it feel as if someone in authority has got it in for you, or are you the one giving out stick to someone failing to come up to expectations? If you can, try to temper your frustrations. Talking things through will work better. For your forecast, call 15609 114 71

Gemini May 22 – Jun 21

Some expansive and exciting projects could be in the works. And with Mars urging you on, a feelgood factor could be pervading your situation. But equally, if the financial side of your project is not watertight, the overall package may come unstuck. For your forecast, call 15609 114 76

scorpio Oct 24 – Nov 22

You may find yourself really struggling to say what you feel. It’s as if the words just won’t come naturally. Even if you’re someone who’s normally quite articulate, it may be more challenging to express yourself. For your forecast, call 15609 114 77

Mercury continues to give you the desire to break free and be adventurous. But it seems every time you set out to do something, another energy is reminding you of all the things you really should be doing. This could leave you feeling frustrated.

One friend or group can give you a sense of excitement. But then someone else you used to get on well with may be less amiable. If there have been any issues between you, they could show themselves again.

Cancer Jun 22 – Jul 23

Capricorn Dec 22 – Jan 20

For your forecast, call 15609 114 72

You may decide to give yourself a little bit of a treat today and why not? There could be a worry you’re reluctant to look at, or one that revolves around an imbalance with one of your close ties. For your forecast, call 15609 114 73

Leo Jul 24 – Aug 23


Libra Sep 24 – Oct 23

Saturn is certainly letting you know of its existence in recent months and continues to do so. As much as Mars and Mercury can create some sparkle in your personal communications, if you’re too brusque, you may be met with some sullen faces. For your forecast, call 15609 114 74

Virgo Aug 24 – Sep 23

As long as there are no distractions, you could be incredibly productive today, continuing a trend that’s gone on all this week. The downside can come if people keep interrupting you. If so, this could see your stress levels rise and irritability too.

sagittarius Nov 23 – Dec 21

For your forecast, call 15609 114 78

Ambitious plans continue to look promising, if you can keep a sense of confidence. You can be persuasive but also give the impression of capability. This could be particularly so around your finances. For your forecast, call 15609 114 79

Aquarius Jan 21 – Feb 19

Your forward thinking can create one strand that people are truly stirred by. Yet you may encounter someone who has a much more traditional view, or resents you thinking on the hoof. For your forecast, call 15609 114 80

Pisces Feb 20 – Mar 20

If you’ve been experiencing a heightened sense of sensitivity this week, it is unlikely to abate today. What you can do, however, is understand this is your strength. Not everyone can tune into the atmosphere and feelings of people. For your forecast, call 15609 114 81

ACROSS 1 Stitched (4) 3 Obtained (8) 9 Suggest (7) 10 Put off (5) 11 Scottish dance (8,4) 13 Pay back (6) 15 Gay (6) 17 Alliances (12) 20 Oblivion (5) 21 Voter (7) 22 Parasol (8) 23 Responsibility (4)

DOWN 1 Precious stone (8) 2 Incorrect (5) 4 Purifies (6) 5 Undergarments (12) 6 Meditate (7) 7 Challenge (4) 8 Place for voting (7,5) 12 Blames (8) 14 Servant (7) 16 Really (6) 18 Frequently (5) 19 With the addition of (4)

Yesterday’s Solutions Across: 6 Aqueous; 7 Story; 9 Piety; 10 Arrival; 12 Provocation; 14 Incredulity; 18 Clarity; 19 Droll; 21 Addle; 22 Succour. Down: 1 Equip; 2 Better; 3 Due; 4 Strict; 5 Creator; 8 Prickle; 11 Avidity; 13 Include; 15 Rarely; 16 Thrice; 17 Flout; 20 Hut.

For a live one-to-one consultation with one of my gifted psychics, call 15809 113 68 or 1800 719 688 to book using credit card Astrology calls cost 1.27 euros per min from a BT landline. Live Services cost 2.40 euros per minute. Calls from mobiles/other networks may cost more. Callers must be 18 or over to use this service and have the bill payers permission. For entertainment purposes only. All calls are recorded. PhonePayPlus regulated(ComReg in ROI) UK SP: StreamLive Ltd, NR7 0HR, 08700 234 567. ROI SP:Moveda, 1 Courtyard Business Park, Orchard Lane, Blackrock, Co Dublin, 0818 241 398


Crossword No. 932 See next edition for solutions

ENiGMA Want stuffed seating? Here’s the thing! You rest your feet while relaxing. Cuboid or cylindrical, It’s very neat and practical. WHO AM i? A talk show host, I was born in Kosciusko, Mississippi in 1954. I hosted my first TV talk show in Baltimore in 1976. I received an Oscar nomination for my role in

the film The Color Purple. WHO, WHAT, WHERE & WHEN? WHO… is the current British Poet Laureate? WHAT... avant-garde New York rock group featured Lou Reed and John Cale? WHERE... in the world is the so-called Tornado Alley? WHEN... did a German air-raid destroy Coventry cathedral?

QUIZ ANSWERS: ENIGMA: Pouf(fe). WHO AM I? Oprah Winfrey. WHO, WHAT, WHERE & WHEN? Carol Ann Duffy; Velvet Underground; the US; 1940.


For your forecast, call 15609 114 75


Puzzled? Your daily high performance vitamin

rugby six nations


Wednesday, March 12, 2014 METRO HERALD

kiss warns of method within France’s chaos by DAnny HOgAn

Ireland must disregard France’s finely-rehearsed ‘dishevelled place of chaos’ act to claim the rBS 6 nations title in Paris on Saturday, according to assistant coach les Kiss. Kiss believes Philippe Saint-andre’s les Bleus play on time-honoured perceptions of a talented, but disparate rabble. But the defence specialist warned the method in France’s madness could derail Ireland’s bid for a first win in Paris since Brian O’driscoll’s 2000 hat-trick. Ireland know just a second victory in France in 43 years will hand them the Six nations crown, the perfect send-off for 15-year veteran centre O’driscoll in his 141st and final Test match. Kiss said Ireland’s meticulous back-room staff’s ‘forensic’ examination of the French approach reveals a game plan designed to look shambolic, but that actually offers plenty attacking avenues for their marauding finishers. ‘There’s a perception that they are dishevelled, that they are in a dishevelled place of chaos,’ said Kiss. ‘But when you look at it as forensically as we have, you can see an order to that chaos, you can


Ding Junhui started strongly in his bid to win a recordequalling fifth ranking title of the season as he eased past Li Yan 51 in his opening-round match at the Haikou World Open. Ding (right) – who won the German Masters, Shanghai Masters, Indian Open and International championship before losing out to Ronnie O’Sullivan in the final of the Welsh Open this season – amassed breaks of 52, 67, 51 and 128 on his way to victory. The 26-year-old will now face India’s Pankaj Advani in the second round after he defeated Xiao Guodong 5-4. Meanwhile, Ireland’s former world champion Ken Doherty eased past Barry Pinches 5-2.

cycLing Geraint Thomas remained

well in contention in the Paris-Nice after finishing stage three safely in the peloton yesterday. The Team Sky rider and double Olympic gold medallist for Great Britain had been fourth coming into the third day, and only dropped to fifth after Joaquin Rojas of Movistar gained bonus seconds to leapfrog him in the standings. Giant-Shimano’s John Degenkolb won the stage in Magny Cours to take the yellow jersey from previous leader Nacer Bouhanni and holds a 21-second lead over Thomas as the race heads into hillier terrain. Back-row drivers: Jamie Heaslip (left) and fit-again Peter O’Mahony train in Carton House yesterday ahead of France

‘Lowe fuel rules won’t screw Lew’ AuTO Paddy Lowe


pointed’ to miss leonardo Sarto for Italy’s sole score in Ireland’s 46-7 victory last weekend. ‘rob just spent some time working on his technique for that kind of tackle,’ said the Ireland coach. Kiss challenged Ireland to pay special attention to ‘world class’ wing Huget, especially when he roams into midfield. ‘I think he’s world class, his base skill-sets are very good, and he doesn’t just sit on his wing,’ said Kiss. ‘You might see him bobbing up in midfield two or three times in phases, working off the nine, but two phases later he can be on the wing, getting the ball in space, chip-kicking and re-gathering. ‘I just think it’s his appetite to be hunting for

opportunities to look for mismatches and opportunities to inject himself into the game, he doesn’t just wait for these opportunities.’ despite the detailed analysis, Kiss conceded Ireland must be ready for anything. ‘as much as you want to analyse them, they can find their way out of tight corners better than most teams,’ said Kiss. ‘They don’t rely on this structure I was talking about it in its own right: if it’s not quite working for them they have some individual brilliance to make things happen. ‘You can’t box them in, they always find another way. ‘We need to be alive more so than at any other time during this campaign, without a doubt.’

England mindful Italy won’t be pushed around

Win first: Rowntree

spORT DigEsT A fifth title would be just the Ding

Thomas in the hunt for Paris-Nice title

‘You can’t box them in, they always find another way’ see what they’re trying to achieve, you can see that they do allow their individuals to put themselves into the game in dangerous situations. ‘So as much as they might look disorganised, there’s a certain way they play that you have to be aware of; they are a very dangerous team across the park. ‘and when you’ve got a back-three of Brice dulin, Yoann Huget and Maxime Medard, with Hugo Bonneval coming off the bench, it’s a dangerous mix and we have to be aware of that. ‘They move their forwards around and they have a group of four to five players who are very dangerous, the back-three, the two halves, and then Bastareaud as the odd guy so they can shift the point of attack at any given time. ‘It’s based around this axis they build into their game. ‘It may look a bit left-of-centre, but there is a path you can understand.’ Ireland prop Cian Healy trained fully yesterday, to complete a quick recovery from ankle trouble. The leinster wrecking-ball spent Saturday night in a compression boot, a move that accelerated his recovery enough to leave him ready for action against France. Scrum-half Conor Murray also returned to training. Full-back rob Kearney took time for extra tackling practice after he was left ‘disap-


Graham rowntree insists england are refusing to target anything other than victory over Italy in rome on Saturday. Stuart Lancaster’s men remain in rBS 6 nations title contention on the climatic day of the Championship, but Ireland are all but assured of glory if they beat France due to their vastly superior points difference.

Should Ireland succeed, england must win at the Stadio olimpico by at least 50 points to have any chance of seizing wales’ crown. rowntree, however, believes setting out to overwhelming Italy with a deluge of tries would be ill-advised. ‘the Italian outfit are a bit like France. they’re not small – they’re big guys and a lot of them are playing in France,’ england’s

forwards coach said. ‘not many teams go over there and push them around and they’ve had moments in this Six nations. they’re big men. ‘we’ll have to play well on Saturday to beat them and that’s all we’re focusing on, beating them. ‘In the last couple of games against them we’ve scored only one try in the two games.

has said that he is adamant that Lewis Hamilton’s (right) more cavalier style of Formula 1 racing will not prove to be detrimental to him getting across the all-important finishing line this year despite the new, lower fuel limits. Mercedes’ technical executive director said: ‘I think that aspect (the fuel) is being overplayed. ‘It will be a factor in races, but I hope we won’t see it as a dominating factor. ‘There were occasions last year when we stopped a driver from pushing to the limit every lap, with Lewis an example, which is sometimes very frustrating.’

Tuilagi comeback Rugby England are to name Manu

Tuilagi on the bench for their final match of the RBS 6 Nations against Italy after including him in their matchday squad for Rome. Tuilagi, 22, has been recalled at the expense of Alex Goode following his recovery from the torn pectoral muscle that kept him sidelined for six months. ‘Manu trained well with us last week and is up to speed with the way we want to play,’ said head coach Stuart Lancaster.

22 METRO HERALD Wednesday, March 12, 2014

football premier league


racing cheltenham festival

irish eyes keep smiling after an impressive opening day tally of wins at cheltenham LUCK was with the Irish on the first day of the Cheltenham Festival. With thousands of punters from our side of the Irish Sea descending on the Gloucestershire town, Meathborn jockey Barry Geraghty won the top race of the day, the Stan James Champion Hurdle, on the Irish-trained and owned Jezki. The 9-1 chance produced a

There was more success for Ireland when Kildare native Walsh rode the Willie Mullinstrained Vautour to win the opening race of the festival. The duo scored a double when 8/11 favourite Quevega extended her record by winning the Mares’ Hurdle for the sixth successive year. Mullins said: ‘She’s a superstar. I’m so pleased for her – she has her own place in

‘I am ecstatic about having the winner and the second. It means an awful lot to me’ gutsy performance to win by a neck from My Tent Or Yours, giving owner J P McManus a notable 1-2. Ruby Walsh’s 11-4 favourite Hurricane Fly – the 2011 and 2013 winner – was denied a third victory, finishing fourth, behind The New One. Though the race was overshadowed by the death of Our Conor, who suffered a fatal injury in a heavy fall, McManus was happy with the result, Jezki’s victory meaning he is now the most successful owner in the history of the Champion Hurdle with five wins. ‘I am ecstatic about having the winner and the second,’ McManus said. ‘It means an awful lot to me.’ ‘Full marks to Nicky (Henderson), Jessie (Harrington) and Eddie Harty who had the horses looking in mint condition today, as all the other runners were. It was a credit to everybody and it’s just a very special day.’

history now here.’ Quevega’s win now means that Walsh has ridden 40 Cheltenham victories, consolidating his position as the Festival’s most successful jockey. The Irish have always been an integral part of the prestigious National Hunt Festival, which sees the best of Britain and Ireland’s thoroughbred horses pitted against each other like no other meeting in the calendar.

Around 15,000 Irish racegoers attend the four-day meeting each day, almost equally divided between expats in the UK and people making the short hop over. Star-spotting can be a full-time occupation, with many celebrity race fans making the trip, including a plethora of royals, actors and sporting figures. Among those enjoying the racing were Olympic gold medal winner Dame Kelly Holmes, model Katie Price and her husband Kieran Hayler, as well as Premier League footballers, including Swansea City’s Jonathan De Guzman and Michel Vorm. Also spotted at the racecourse was former England footballer David Platt. More than 200,000 pints of Guinness are expected to be drunk at Prestbury Park as around 235,000 people attend the four-day festival. The meeting builds up to the Gold Cup on Friday, 50 years on from the first of three triumphs for legendary Irish steeplechaser Arkle.

The joy of six for Walsh QuevegA made history when winning the Mares’ Hurdle for a record sixth year. But the ten-year-old, sent off the 8-11 favourite, was made to work hard by her Willie Mullins stable companion glens Melody until getting

in front in the final 100 yards. Ruby Walsh (right) allowed himself the luxury of easing her down in the last few strides as Quevega surpassed the legendary golden Miller, who won five gold Cups from 1932 to 1936.

picture: pa

Shaneshill can rule for Mullins

We’ll be putting our faith in Ruby Walsh to shine for Irish trainer extraordinaire Willie Mullins. Ruby has rocked up in the Weatherbys Champion Bumper in three of the last five years and can add another victory on Shaneshill at 7/1 with Ladbrokes, Coral and just about everyone else.

picture: actioN images

Seven-game butting ban for Pardew Newcastle boss will be barred from stadiums for first three by jACk FOx

Supreme: Jockey Ruby Walsh celebrates with trainer of vautour Willie Mullins (left) after winning the Sky Bet Supreme Novices’ Hurdle


Flashpoint: Pardew and Meyler clash

Sam Twiston-Davies, meanwhile, was unlucky on The New One in the Stan James Novices Hurdle but can put that behind him on Kaylif Aramis in the Coral Cup and is a top each-way shout at a general 16/1. Sire de grugy is the one they have to beat in the Bet victor Queen Mother Champion Chase.

Newcastle manager alan Pardew must serve a record seven-match ban – including a three-game stadium exclusion – for head-butting Hull midfielder David Meyler. Pardew has also been fined £60,000 and warned about his future conduct by an independent regulatory commission after admitting a misconduct charge. It is the longest ban handed out to a Premier league manager, and not since Brian clough was banned from the touchline – from February 1989 until

‘I accept the punishment handed down by the FA’ the end of that season for hitting fans who invaded the pitch – has a league boss been given such a punishment. Pardew, who has also been fined £100,000 and given a formal warning by his club, insisted he will not appeal against the sanction. the Newcastle manager said in a statement: ‘I deeply regret the incident and again wholeheartedly apologise to all parties for my conduct, which I understand was not acceptable. ‘I will accept the punishment. My

gAMESHEMiSSES Fulham (a) Crystal Palace (h) Everton (h) Southampton (a) Man United (h) Stoke (a) Swansea (h)

March 15 March 22 March 25 March 29 April 5 April 12 April 19

3 Fixtures will be left for Newcastle this season on Pardew’s return – Arsenal, Cardiff and Liverpool focus now turns to preparing the team for saturday’s game against Fulham.’ Pardew will be banned from craven cottage for that match and then from st James’ Park for home games with crystal Palace and everton. It is believed the panel also looked at previous incidents involving the 52year-old over the last two seasons. Pardew was given a two-match touchline ban in august 2012 for pushing an assistant referee and was warned about his conduct in January this year following a heated exchange with Manchester city’s Manuel Pellegrini.

football champions league


Wednesday, March 12, 2014 METRO HERALD 23

Gunners crash out after failing to find a miracle LAST 16, SEcOnD LEG BaYern MuniCh .......... 1 arSenal......................... 1

(BaYern Win 3-1 on aggregate)

Heading for a big night: Keeper Joe Hart will stand in the way of Barca at the Nou Camp tonight piCture: aCtion images

by DAnny GRiffiTHS aRSenaL’s european ambitions fizzled out in munich last night as they failed to overturn their daunting first-leg deficit. the Gunners trailed 2-0 from the first outing at the emirates Stadium and never really looked as if they would reach the quarter-finals by powering past holders Bayern. arsene Wenger’s team won 2-0 at the allianz arena at the same stage of the competition this time last year, but went out on away goals. this time they held on for a draw but the Bundesliga team were the better side and would have won if thomas muller had converted a late penalty which was saved by Lukasz Fabianski. Bayern dominated from the start

3 Penalties were awarded over the two ties – Mesut Ozil, David Alaba and Thomas Muller all missed and arjen Robben should have opened the scoring when he was found by Franck Ribery’s superb far-post cross, but the unmarked winger hammered his shot into the ground and it cleared the crossbar. Bayern then had the ball in the net in the 27th minute but Javi martinez was clearly offside. arsenal were pinned in their own half and the pace and power of alex oxlade-chamberlain was their only serious outlet. thiago pulled the strings for the Bundesliga leaders and it was not a shock when the unmarked Bastian Schweinsteiger broke the deadlock in the 55th minute, converting from eight yards after intelligent work from Ribery on the left. Lukas podolski levelled from the tightest of near-post angles two minutes later but arsenal lacked the firepower to force their way back into serious contention.


Barcelona: Valdes, Dani alves, Pique, Mascherano, adriano, Busquets, Xavi, Fabregas, iniesta, Messi, neymar. Man city: hart, Zabaleta, Kompany, lescott, Kolarov, toure, Fernandinho, Silva, nasri, navas, aguero.

Kompany calls on City to evoke spirit of 2012 Vincent Kompany will take inspiration from their dramatic title success of 2012 as manchester city look to stun Barcelona in Spain. city face a huge task as they bid to overturn a 2-0 deficit against Gerardo martino’s all-stars in the second leg of their champions League last16 tie at the nou camp tonight. city are in unchartered territory, having failed to reach the knockout stages in the past. But that final-day drama two years ago, as city snatched the premier League from under the noses of a r c h - rivals manchester Unit-

‘You won’t beat that day against QPR’ ‘it is one of those games where obviously everyone has to be at their best,’ said the Belgium centre-half. ‘Football is made out of nights like this, it is why you play football. ‘it is a tough ask but emotionally you won’t really beat what we

experienced on the day we beat QpR. if anything should give you belief about chasing lost causes it should be that day.’ as boss manuel pellegrini begins a two-match touchline ban for controversial comments about referee Jonas eriksson following the first-leg defeat, one of his assistants insisted city had prepared fully for the absence of the chilean. argentine Ruben cousillas said: ‘i know the way he thinks. i know practically everything to do with the decisions that have to be made. i know he has full confidence in me.’

BARcELOnA v MAn ciTy

7.45pm, Sky Sports 1

KEy BATTLE: Gerard Pique v Sergio Aguero

did you know?

Hope: Podolski salutes his goal

ed by beating QpR 3-2 in injurytime, will fire up their skipper Kompany and – he hopes – his team-mates.

Barca have been semi-finalists, at worst, for the past six seasons

CITY will need star striker Aguero back to his very best if they are to stand any chance. The Argentinian is still finding his feet following his recent return from injury. However, 26 goals in 27 appearances this term gives City fans hope he is capable of producing the goods in Spain.

The man most likely charged with the task of keeping Aguero quiet will be Gerard Pique. The former Manchester United centre-back is emerging as Barca’s defensive leader in the absence of Carles Puyol, who will leave the Nou Camp at the end of the season. How Pique copes with Aguero’s pace and movement will go a long way to deciding this intriguing tie.


Sturridge ‘can eclipse Suarez and Ronaldo’ Daniel SturriDge can be a star of the World Cup, says his liverpool and england team-mate Steven gerrard. the 24-year-old forward’s 18 Premier league goals have helped turned the reds into title contenders and made him a virtual certainty to be selected for the finals in Brazil. anfield skipper gerrard said: ‘Daniel’s form has been scintillating and to see him close up in training, i see what qualities he’s got. ‘everyone will be looking for [luis] Suarez, [Cristiano] ronaldo, the usual suspects, to stand up and be the star of the tournament, but Daniel is certainly capable to go and star at this World Cup.’

Available: Kaboul

kaboul hands Spurs London derby boost tottenhaM defender Younes Kaboul will be available for Sunday’s north london derby against arsenal after the Football association confirmed his red card in last weekend’s loss at Chelsea had been rescinded. the 28-year-old was dismissed after conceding a penalty at Stamford Bridge, with Spurs crashing to a 4-0 defeat. eden hazard converted the spot-kick to put the Blues 2-0 ahead. Meanwhile, Stoke forward Jon Walters has seen his sending-off at norwich on Saturday upheld by the Fa.


Atletico Madrid ..............4 AC Milan...........1 Costa 3, 85 Kaka 27 turan 40 garcia 71 att 50,000 (atletico win 5-1 on agg.) Bayern Munich ................1 Arsenal..............1 Schweinsteiger 55 Podolski 57 att 68,000 (Bayern win 3-1 on agg.)

fixTuRES (7.45pm unless stated) Champions League round of 16, second leg Barcelona (2) v Man City (0) ..........................TV Sky Sports 1 Paris Saint-germain (4) v Bayer leverkusen (0) TV Sky Sports 4 Scottish Premiership Dundee utd v St Johnstone ............................... inverness Ct v hibernian ...................................

24 METRO HERALD Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Podolski goal not enough as Arsenal fall to Bayern

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picture: pa

Jezki storms to Hurdle victory JEZKi claimed a surprise win in the champion Hurdle at cheltenham, just edging out My Tent or Yours in a JP McManus one-two. Barry Geraghty finished superbly on the 9/1 shot, trained by Jessica Harrington, in a race that was overshadowed by the death of our conor following a fall. The incident impeded The New one, who finished strongly to claim third. Hurricane Fly, the 11-4 favourite, was fourth. Tony Mccoy, who came so close on My Tent or Yours, will surely be reflecting on his decision to reject the chance to ride Jezki. ‘He’s a great lit-

First past the post: Barry Geraghty on Jezki jumps a hurdle ahead of Tony McCoy on My Tent Or Yours

tle horse,’ said a delighted Geraghty afterwards. ‘He had good form and he didn’t have a lot to find with the best of them. ‘it was also a great run by the runner-up. i’m sure JP [McManus] will be delighted with the first two home. The runner-up was getting to me, i needed the line.’ McManus said: ‘The National Hunt season centred around the champion Hurdle for me because i didn’t have any horses in the Gold cup and i’m unlikely to win the Grand National. it’s a very special day.’ our conor, a Triumph Hurdle winner last year, was put down because of a back injury sustained in his fall. Elsewhere Vautour, ridden by Ruby Walsh, won the opening race, the supreme Novices’ Hurdle, and Western Warhorse won the arkle chase.

Mas suffers Les Bleus Media scrum after prop walks out over criticism of pack’s tactics by DAnny HOgAn Nicolas Mas stormed out of a press conference yesterday as French unrest boiled over ahead of saturday’s RBs 6 Nations title decider with ireland in Paris. The France prop reacted angrily to criticism of France’s scrum and tight play in the wake of last weekend’s lacklustre 19-17 victory over scotland. France, ireland and England can all still claim the six Nations title this weekend. Philippe saint-andre’s les Bleus host ireland in the tournament’s final game on saturday night, with Brian o’Driscoll making his 141st and final Test appearance. ireland have won just twice in 42 years in Paris, but it is the weight of expectation, not history, burdening the French. Montpellier front-rower Mas snapped when the assembled media suggested France have

been too slow to react to scrum law changes. When asked why the French have not enjoyed the scrum dominance of the past, Mas said: ‘i don’t know why, you tell me. i have been doing the same things for ten or 15 years, you want me to change overnight? ‘it [the scrum] is like a child who has lost its bearings, how far will it go? it’s a real shame.’ Rumours of French rifts have circulated ever since their comprehensive 27-6 defeat to Wales in cardiff on February 21. after a slender 26-

Mas: Je ne regrette rien

24 home victory over England and routine 30-10 triumph over italy, the French surrendered any Grand slam hopes to Warren Gatland’s men. Their edgy win in scotland did little to ease the in-fighting, as evidenced by Mas’ erratic behaviour. saint-andre’s pragmatic styles of play have left a host of former France coaches and stars underwhelmed, with Bernard laporte and Marc lievremont the latest quizzical commentators. Refusing to countenance the interrogation, Mas cut yesterday’s press conference short.

Jean-Marc Doussain’s 78th-minute penalty stole France the victory over scotland at Murrayfield on saturday, and Mas stoutly defended France’s decision to play for the pivotal penalty in scotland’s 22 but was forced to concede it was an ‘embarrassing’ route to victory. ‘if we can win all our matches with penalties like that, we will take anything: the main thing is to win in the end,’ said Mas. ‘Perhaps that does not please people, but we were sure of our approach, and it was embarrassing not to score [a try] from it.’ as tensions rose, one journalist jokingly remarked that the French were not playing poorly on purpose. ‘This is not funny,’ retorted Mas, before storming off, bringing a premature end to the interview.

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Metro Herald, Wednesday, March12, 2014  
Metro Herald, Wednesday, March12, 2014