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Thursday, November 21, 2013

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Media Brand of the Year

the media awards 2012

Blown away

Assassinations are no longer shocking

Wholly Thursday »p15

Britain’s elite NI hit squad AN ELITE British army unit acted as a secret killing squad force in Northern Ireland, a new TV documentary claims. Members of the group admitted firing on unarmed IRA suspects in west Belfast. The Military Reaction Force also carried out driveby shootings of nationalists 40 years ago. One soldier told the Panorama programme airing tonight: ‘We were not there to act like an army unit, we were there to act like a terror group.’

‘We were to act like a terror group’ Meanwhile, Northern Ireland’s attorney general has been left isolated after political leaders in Dublin, Belfast and London distanced themselves from his proposal to end prosecutions in Troubles related murders. Relatives of those killed during the conflict have expressed outrage at the suggestion by John Larkin that those perpetrators not caught should not face justice.

Wrap up, it’s

kl;j ey »p11

Sweater weather

Style »p15

OPEN (MOUTH) SEASON: Masha, a female raccoon, yawns in her wooden refuge inside an open-air cage where she hibernates at the Royev Ruchey zoo in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. Many animals in the zoo are having difficulties hibernating due to unusually warm temperatures Picture: reuters

Trees to fight cows

FARMERS could be forced to plant new trees and grassland to cancel out pollution caused by the burping and farting

by lyndsey Telford

of cows under new climate laws. As cross-party politicians warned farms should go from being responsible for almost one third of Ireland’s greenhouse emissions to carbon neutral by 2050, farmers dismissed the ambition as unrealistic. Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA)

president John Bryan said the idea of matching all emissions with absorption in forestry, grassland and renewable crops, would have to be matched by grants to improve efficiency. With emission levels from the agricultural sector much higher than the EU average, the Government has been urged to set a target in climate change laws due in the coming months.

Keep Dublin tidy – Please recycle this Metro Herald when you are finished with it

According to the Oireachtas Environment Committee, agriculture contributes 30 per cent of the country’s carbon emissions – compared to an EU average of less than ten per cent. Studies claim cows can emit between 100 and 500 litres of methane a day through burping and flatulence. The gas is about 23 times more powerful than carbon dioxide.

METRO HERALD Thursday, November 21, 2013


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24 Gold bars found

by cleaners in a Jet Airways plane toilet after a flight from Bangkok to Calcutta. The total value of the find was €840,000. Ireland’s rate of newsprint recycling is now up to 79%. Keep reading, keep recycling – thank you.

Today is...

World Hello Day

Say hello to ten people to send a message that conflict can be resolved through communication rather than force.

From the archives (2011): King throws out wife No.12

The king of Swaziland has kicked one of his 14 wives out of his palace following claims she cheated on him. King Mswati III evicted Nothando Dube after she claimed she had been held prisoner since her alleged infidelity with the country’s justice minister.

Today’s birthdays Goldie Hawn, actress, 68; Eamonn Coghlan, athlete and senator, 61; Nicollette Sheridan, 50; Björk, singer, 48, Carly Rae Jepsen, singer (right), 28


The solutions from 1 to 12 are all six-letter words ending with the letter R in the centre. Moving clockwise from 1, the letters in the outer circle will spell out the name of a late US entertainer. 1. Season 7. Appetiser 2. Stable hand 8. Heavy coat 3. Appropriate 9. Collar 4. Type of watch 10. Assassin 5. Weather 11. Rubber symbol 12. Criminal 6. Christian Yesterday’s solution: festival Jimmy Greaves


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Thursday, November 21, 2013 METRO HERALD

As Elvis Presley’s image rights are sold, many stars are bigger in death than life

Always on our minds... still Dead famous Bob Monkhouse

The comic’s family gave approval, after his death in 2003, for him to be used in a TV and poster campaign for prostate cancer. A soundalike spoke over archive footage of the performer, saying: ‘What killed me kills one man per hour in Britain. That’s even more than my wife’s cooking’


Bing Crosby The crooner turned up in a 2010 advert for Argos, with real footage of the singer merged with that of an impersonator beat-boxing. Crosby fans called for it to be banned

Albert Einstein Steve McQueen

A scene from The Great Escape had Griff Rhys Jones added, to advertise Holsten Pils in 1984. Footage of McQueen has also featured in adverts for TAG Heuer, Ford Puma and Mustang. The TAG Heuer promo mocked up McQueen losing the Monaco Grand Prix to Lewis Hamilton

Genius Bread’s 30-second TV ad in 2010 showed an actor playing Einstein drifting into a reverie about bread

Forbes Magazine last month published its latest annual list Forbes Magazine last month of the highest-earning dead published its latest annual list ofcelebrities the highest-earning dead celebrities for the year: 1 Michael Jackson £99million Elvis Presley £34million 12Michael Jackson €118million 23Elvis Presley €40.5million Charles Schulz £23million 34Charles Schulz Elizabeth Taylor€27.5million £15million 45Elizabeth Taylor €18million Bob Marley £11million 56Bob Marley €13million Marilyn Monroe £9million 67Marilyn Monroe €11million John Lennon £7million 78= John Lennon €8.5million Albert Einstein £6million 8= €7million 8=Albert Bettie Einstein Page £6million 10=Bettie Theodor (Dr Seuss) 8= PageGeisel €7million 10= Theodor Geisel (Dr Seuss) £5.5million €6.5million 10= Steve McQueen £5.5million 10= Steve McQueen €6.5million

John Lennon

Citroen featured the murdered ex-Beatle in a 2010 TV ad but angered fans by over-dubbing him with what sounded like an impersonation. Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono faced an online backlash, prompting son Sean to defend her on Twitter

THE KING is dead – long live the ker-ching. Elvis Presley has sold out, 36 years after his death. His intellectual property rights have been bought by a brands agency that already owns Marilyn Monroe and Muhammad Ali for marketing purposes. The purchase, approved by Elvis’s family, gives Authentic Brands Group control of the Presley name, appearance, music, photos and footage. His ex-wife, Priscilla, announced an expansive new campaign to ‘promote the legacy of Elvis’ and ‘enhance his image all over the world’. His Graceland home will still be owned by his daughter, Lisa Marie. In 2012, the Elvis licensing business generated about $32million (€24m) a year in revenue. Former owners Core Media Group took control in 2005, but have now let Elvis leave an empire that includes American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance. Lee Dawson, head of the Elvis Express fan club, has a suspicious mind: ‘If Elvis is going to be used in mainstream ads more and more, I hope it will be tasteful and creditable.’ Victoria Molloy, who runs the Elvis Presley Fan Club of Great Britain, said: ‘The more Elvis on TV, the better.’ Elvis made only one advert during his lifetime – for Southern Maid doughnuts. It was a radio promotion in 1954.

Legacy loot: Some of the high earners whose images have been used, and right: A little less conversation, a little more transaction baby, for Elvis Presley ®

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METRO HERALD Thursday, November 21, 2013


swAn LOvE: Swans gathered from the Inner Alster Lake in Hamburg, Germany, by Olaf Niess, nicknamed the ‘Swan Father’, on their way in tubs to Eppendorfer Muelenteich Lake, which does not freeze over Picture: ePA

Only 79 TDs take survey on Dáil drink ALMOST one in four TDs have admitted to voting in the Dáil while under the influence of alcohol. The admission was aired last night as part of an investigation into Dáil drinking by TV3’s Midweek show. It comes on the back of continued calls to close the Dáil private members bar following the revelation that TDs had been drinking during the debate over the Protection of Life during Pregnancy Bill in July. The programme contacted all 166 TDs asking them to take part in a survey on the Dáil bar. But despite the promise of anonymity, only 79 responded. Of those who did, 82 per cent agreed that the Dáil bar should not be allowed to serve alcohol past regular licensing hours, while only eight per cent felt alcohol should be completely banned in Leinster House.

by DAviD kEARns ‘If a TD has a pint or two… I don’t think it’s a problem for the citizens of the country,’ said Labour’s Emmet Stagg, who is a member of the Joint Sub-Committee on Administration that abandoned a planned meeting last month over the adoption of an Oireachtas branded wine. Deputy Stagg revealed he was happy for TDs to have a couple of pints and go back into the Dáil to discuss serious issues such as the Abortion Referendum and the IBRC debate. This view, though, was not shared by Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams, who said that there was ‘an onus on Oireachtas members to be sober and correct’ when voting on legislation. ‘This is a workplace and it should not be acceptable here,’ he said.

‘Members should be sober and correct’

Robber climbed Woman stole after 15m up park arch psychic’s warning A YOUNG man who climbed to the top of a 15m-high Roman arch to steal lead will be sentenced next year. Andrei Dunsoara, 21, with an address on the North Circular Road, pleaded guilty to criminal damage to the Roman arch built in 1771 at Rathfarnham Castle on October 25, 2010. Judge Martin Nolan, who adjourned sentencing until February, described the men’s efforts to get to the top of the arch using ropes as ‘very enterprising’. Works were carried out on the arch, a national monument under State care, in 2009 and 2010, including waterproofing of the roof using lead. The cost of the damage is €5,000, Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard.

A MOTHER stole more than €100,000 from the SuperValu where she worked to pay off an associate of her son, after a psychic warned her to ‘keep a close eye’ on him. Celine Brennan, 43, of Coney Hall, Mornington, Co Meath, told gardaí she took the money from the cash office of SuperValu in Donabate to give to a man who approached her about her son being in ‘a bit of trouble’. Brennan, who pleaded guilty, had reimbursed €23,000 before her arrest and had a further €7,070 saved from social welfare payments. She was remanded on bail pending sentence in March.


Thursday, November 21, 2013 METRO HERALD

Rules to stop tenants being escrowed out of deposits

MONEY paid as a deposit on rented accommodation will be held ‘in escrow’ by a third party under new rules to protect tenants from unscrupulous landlords. Jan O’Sullivan, junior minister responsible for housing and planning, revealed the plan as the country’s leading housing charity Threshold said the issue was its biggest source of complaints last year. Some 20,000 people contacted the organ-

by ED cARTy

isation claiming the illegal retention of money by landlords. The Government initiative to improve tenants’ rights would see Ireland adopt an international standard where deposits are held by an independent third party, not the landlord. The charity’s annual report also revealed more than 1,600 people reported poor stand-

ards in rented homes, with the most common problems including broken or ineffective heating systems and poor ventilation. Threshold said in some cases landlords refused to carry out repairs since the onset of the recession. A survey by the charity also found almost 40 per cent of local authorities were unaware they were even responsible for inspecting private rented accommodation.

Plan: O’Sullivan

Informants ‘at risk’ Garda chief Martin Callinan has warned there could be mass assassinations if the force’s watchdog was given unfettered access to classified records. Mr Callinan said he had legitimate concerns about how sensitive details were handled by the Garda Ombudsman. The force has been accused of refusing to cooperate with the Ombudsman. ‘Otherwise we will have bodies lying all over the country,’ he said at a hearing of Tds and senators where he faced charges of not cooperating with the watchdog.

Buffed out

Passengers look on after a Virgin Trains service from London Euston to Chester hit the buffers on arrival at Chester station yesterday. One man was taken to hospital following the incident Picture: Pa

Landmark trial for woman accused of assisting suicide A WOMAN is to stand trial charged with assisting the suicide of a multiple sclerosis sufferer. In what is believed to be the first case of its kind in the country, Gail O’Rourke, of Kilclare Gardens, Tallaght, appeared before Dublin Dsitrict Court accused of helping MS sufferer Bernadette Forde, 51, kill herself at her home in Donnybrook, south Dublin, between March 10 and June 6 2011. Ms O’Rourke was granted bail. Sgt James Byrne said she replied not guilty when charged and

cautioned at Donnybrook Garda Station. Judge Michael Walsh sent the accused forward for trial to the Circuit Criminal Court, to appear again on December 13. Ms Forde was found dead in her apartment at Morehampton Mews in Donnybrook on June 6, 2011. She had been in the final stages of multiple sclerosis. Under Irish law, a person who aids, abets, counsels or procures the suicide of another can face up to 14 years in prison.

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METRO HERALD Thursday, November 21, 2013

wholly thursday D

Five decades after JFK got shot, KEN ROGAN finds a console generation no longer stunned into silence by the concept of assassination


t’s 50 years tomorrow since JFK got shot, which coincidentally is how long it takes to watch Oliver Stone’s movie of the same name. And – spoiler alert – nobody shoots Kevin Costner in the head, which defies belief. Costner and his pals David Duchovny and Charlie Sheen went on to found the frozen face school of acting – a trick they learnt from the generation that was stunned into silence by Kennedy’s assassination. This was the original ‘what were you doing when you heard?’ moment, but then 9/11 happened. And times do change. Like, if Obama got killed in a motorcade tomorrow, America would go and smack some oil-rich country right in the reserves – and nobody could say: ‘We’ll publish a report when every human being

alive at the time is dead.’ And so, in this era of ‘collateral damage’, what does ‘assassination’ even mean? According to the pillar of language that is the Oxford English Dictionary, assassination is ‘the act of assassinating someone’. Goooooooo Oxford! The less highly regarded Wikipedia says that assassination is the murder of a prominent or political figure, usually for payment or political reasons. And usually by ‘surprise attack’, which calls to mind the battle cry of a mutant ninja turtle. Ah ninjas! Now those guys sure can assassinate, or as the Oxford Dictionary Online puts it… assassinate. I looked up ‘ninja’ in the Oxford Dictionary Online and it said ‘we should totally hang out’. Okay, it actually said ‘a person skilled in the Japanese art of ninjutsu’ (another home run of

there is the periodic Grand Theft helpfulness). And like that – Auto school massacre, and in POOF! They’re gone. Keyser Soze 2011 gamers thought the death of me arse. Fictional killers have mystique and Osama Bin Laden was an ad for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. allure. Tom Cruise was brilliant as Thus, life imitates art, and art is a Vincent in Collateral. Jason Bourne first-person shooter. Or is cool (when he’s killing perhaps you prefer people, not when he’s strategy games, in being a drip for not which case try killing people), James Bond has a Space Invaders, and James Bond which the cool has a licence to licence to kill. Only kids are calling kill. You have to the British are proper ‘drone strikes’. love that. Only Either way, the British are enough to license America is proper enough to killing putting the console license killing. generation to work. And while the In recent times though, British do Bond, James political killing has been Bond, the Irish do bombs, car complicated by the fact that every bombs – the cocktail and the terror animal, vegetable and mineral is a weapon. If you take any perverse journalist with a smartphone, so pride in this Irish invention, you you potential killers have to have shouldn’t – we didn’t invent it. We less inhibitions than an X-Factor invented the pub bomb, which contestant. You’ve got to dance nobody saw coming, because Irish like nobody’s watching, love like people bombing pubs is like alyou’ve never been hurt and kill Qaeda flying planes into mosques. like an Israeli hit squad. Or, to use But each to their own. In the collective noun, a ‘Mossad of America, killing is largely inspired assassins’. by computer games. Domestically,

The Israelis seriously do not give four *’s. Consequently I won’t be throwing a CV into the Iranian nuclear programme anytime soon, nor will I be trying to land a peace flotilla on the beach in Gaza. Those things will get you dead, and not only will nobody do anything about it, Stephen Spielberg will turn the affair into an Oscar-winning movie where you are actually the baddie. And that’s the difference between our world and JFK’s. It is an open fact that the enemies of America, and those standing in their vicinity, are subject to summary kidnapping, torture and execution. And that’s something to which the western world seems largely ambivalent. Morally opposed perhaps, but certainly not moved to do anything. We’re way past noble nonsense like ‘in defeating our enemies we must not become like them’. At this stage the most dangerous asset of our, ahem, ‘enemies’ is their desperation. Fifty years on the American dream is still getting shot in the head.


Dublin building has a Mo – and it grows by DAvID KEARNs

SO you thought you had the fastest growing mo? An Irish media group has gone one better by creating a ginger-coloured moustache on its office building at Sir John Rogerson’s Quay which grows in realtime as contributions are made to the company’s Movember campaign. The 3.5m-long moustache has raised almost €5,500 in online donations so far this month. ‘We are delighted to have become the first office in the world to grow a moustache,’ said Alan Cox, chief executive of Core Media, which partnered Gillette in the initiative. ‘This is the first time anyone has attempted to grow a moustache on the side of a building that has the ability to “grow” larger based on the community’s participation. ‘So if you haven’t put your hand in your pocket this Movember, dig deep and help this moustache grow and help raise money for what is a very good cause,’ he added. Real-time progress of the moustache can be tracked online at, where anyone can contribute to the agency’s effort, and people can view videos and photos of the moustache installation and the team’s own efforts. Last year, Movember helped to raise over €2.1 million for men’s health in Ireland and €113.5 million globally. So far this month €600,000 has been raised in Ireland.

Tache tower: The building on Dublin’s Sir John Rogerson’s Quay


Thursday, November 21, 2013 METRO HERALD

METRO HERALD Thursday, November 21, 2013

★★ ★ ★


GAME, SET AND MOUSE: Tennis legends Andy Roddick, Billie Jean King and Venus Williams joined Elton John and Mickey Mouse at an exhibition tennis match at the ESPN Sports Complex at Disney, proceeds of which went to Aids charities

Get a room: Anne Hathaway and jewellery designer hubby Adam Shulman couldn’t wait to get home so they indulged in a heavy PDA whilst the valet swung the car round at the Crossroads restaurant in West Hollywood




1D’s Louis hacked off at Twitter fraud

One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson has hit out at online hackers who stole his Twitter identity. The 21-year-old was shocked to wake up yesterday to find someone had been ‘unfollowing’ people on his account. ‘Got woke up to find out I got hacked ! Working on re-following people now sorryyyyy :( Big loveeee!!’ the singer told his 14million followers. Shortly before, a tweet which read ‘‘F*** you b****** !!!!!!!!!” was believed to have been sent

from the hacker via Tomlinson’s account. It is not the first time the group has suffered at the hands of technology after their album was leaked online a week early. And troubles continued away from computers when 20-year-old Mullingar man Niall Horan was knocked over by an overzealous snapper as the group landed at LAX airport. ‘I hate the paps!! Just got dragged to the floor by some idiot with a camera !’ he tweeted.

Mobbed: Louis tries to sign autographs as he makes his way through LAX airport PICTURE: xPosURE


Come down and

You’re going to



Russell Brand can sleep easy after exwife Katy Perry revealed she won’t dish the dirt on their failed marriage in her new songs. In fact, Perry, 29, put her hand up to take half the blame for the couple’s failed 14-month union. She told MTV: ‘It’s easy when relationships end to be like, “That guy was a f***ing douchebag.” But if you laid it down, and saw the whole span of the relationship, you saw that you were in love. You saw the intimate moments, the pain, all the emotions and you have to say, “What responsibility can I take for myself in all of this?”’



d join in the fun #loveclerys

Thursday, November 21, 2013 METRO HERALD

Ariana vamps it up Ariana Grande is planning to become the soundtrack to all our festive holidays. The US singer, who is dating The Wanted’s Nathan Sykes, has released the first of her Christmas tracks – and she’s not stopping with the Yuletide season. ‘I’m doing a Halloween EP next year,’ she told Guilty Pleasures. ‘I’m told I have the perfect voice for Christmas – but I like Halloween more. I’ll look dope as a vampire!’ Grande, 20, will release a new Christmas track every week until December 11 with two cover tracks and two original numbers as part of her festive compilation.

Boyzone: Time to end the BS B

oyzone have finally buried their ‘bulls***’ after two decades having dubbed themselves ‘no nonsense, established men’. The Dublin crooners told Guilty Pleasures they are ‘too old’ to take on the likes of one Direction or even challenge their old Take That rivals. ‘We’re not here to compete,’ 36-yearold frontman Ronan Keating explained. ‘We’ve never really been in competition with any other band, that’s not our attitude.’ Mikey Graham, 41, chimed in: ‘As far as competition with other bands like Take That, they’re just getting on with their own thing. ‘We’re just all in the same industry, we’re not by any means in competition like kids might be today, wanting to get a no.1, we’ve long passed that point.’ And Shane Lynch, 37, believes their seven-year hiatus from 2001 helped them return to the limelight as better, more easy-going men. ‘All the bulls*** is gone, that’s the


bottom line,’ he said. ‘When we were 16 or 17 years old trying to understand who we were and just growing up [in the industry] it just gets silly. ‘Going away from all that and coming back years later as established men, family men, the nonsense is gone and it’s a great friendship that we have.’ Meanwhile, the no Matter What singers say that in the four years since Stephen Gately died after a night out, the band have developed ‘coping mechanisms’ to help them perform without him. Keith Duffy, 39, explained: ‘Initially we didn’t have the tools to cope with the loss of Stephen but over the last four years we’ve developed that.’ Keating added: ‘There are little things you know not to do or switch on and there’s little tools you’ll find to help you get through it. But the more you do it the stronger you get.’ Boyzone’s album, Bz20, is out on Monday, published by Warner Music.

10 METRO HERALD Thursday, November 21, 2013


Catch me if you can, suckers. Oh right, you have! A COCKY suspected burglar taunted police by posting ‘catch me if u can’ on their Facebook page – 15 minutes before they arrested him. Rolando Lozano’s alleged crime spree of thefts from 17 cars with his brother Damian was published on his local police force’s page, along with images of the pair and their ‘haul’. However, in a moment of idiocy that would have had top billing on TV show America’s Dumbest Criminals, the building contractor posted: ‘f*** all yall hoes, im innocent, catch me if u can muthasuckas.’ This came on top of his timeline message ‘posted up cuz duckin them lawz once again’. Within minutes of his boasting post,

Facebook ’em, Danno: Rolando Lozano hangs his head in this police Facebook post after his taunting led to his arrest

by TARiq TAHiR the Texan was behind bars, with Rosenberg police publishing pictures of the sheepish suspect and offering their gratitude to residents. ‘Not 15 minutes after Rolando Lozano “taunted” law enforcement and the community as a whole, on our own Facebook site, your Rosenberg Police Officers located Rolando hiding out at a family member’s home, where he was Captured,’ the post read. Lozano’s stupidity didn’t stop there though, as not content with joining his brother behind bars, he also managed to alert police to the whereabouts of another relative on the run whose home he was using as a hideout.


China ups aid effort to Philippines China, criticised for a tepid response to Typhoon haiyan, yesterday committed to send 51 emergency medical personnel from the government and a disaster relief team from the China Red Cross to the stricken archipelago nation within days. The Chinese navy will also send a medical ship, the Peace ark, one of the world’s largest and most capable floating hospitals. The announcement came almost two weeks after the typhoon struck, killing more than 4,000 people and leaving a reported 4million homeless. Beijing’s response has been attributed to its feud with Manila over disputed South China Sea islands. it has pledged less than €1.5million in cash and materials. in contrast, the United States says it

has provided more than €27million in humanitarian assistance, and even major corporations such as ikea and CocaCola outdid the Chinese pledge. Foreign Ministry spokesman hong Lei said that after

consultation with the Philippines’ government, the two government and Red Cross teams will leave in the coming days. Meanwhile, aer Lingus has teamed up with charity Goal to transport 40 tonnes of irish humanitarian

aid to survivors. The items will include emergency medical supplies, water, food, shelter materials and other essentials. aer Lingus will fly the supplies from Dublin to Dubai on Sunday, for onward distribution to the Philippines.

Unbroken chain: Filipinos unload supplies to the remote Tulunanaun island brought by the British Royal Navy

First Arctic activist freed XMAS ALL WRAPPED UP! Perfect location for a Christmas Shopping Lunch Break


Great Value Group Menus Lunch: 21.95 Dinner: 29.95 POST DINING ENTERTAINMENT IN THE CELT BAR

And Le Bon Crubeen Gift Vouchers 81-82 Talbot St. Dublin


THE FIRST of 30 people arrested by Russian coast guards during a Greenpeace protest against Arctic oil drilling walked free on bail yesterday. Brazilian Ana Paula Alminhana Maciel, one of 28 activists and two journalists whose arrests drew international criticism for President Vladimir Putin, smiled leaving a detention centre in St Petersburg. Twenty of those detained since September 18 have now been granted bail following criticism of Putin for their harsh treatment. The others have yet to be freed.

Pistorius’ new charges OSCAR PISTORIUS faces the two additional charges relating to firing guns in public after being served with new indictment papers yesterday. It is now alleged he shot his gun out the open sunroof of a car last year and fired a handgun at a restaurant weeks before shooting Reeva Steenkamp. The double-amputee Olympian has already been indicted on a charge of murder for the February 14 shooting and on a charge of illegal possession of ammunition at his home.


Thursday, November 21, 2013 METRO HERALD


There is nothing like a lovely warm fire to come home to – but this vast one has a touch of Satan about it

Welcome to the doorway to hell

Blaze of glory: The gas coming out of Door To Hell has been burning for more than 40 years Pictures: cAters WITH a name like Door To Hell, you’d think only the most hardened of tourists would visit it. But this astonishing sight attracts hundreds of people each year and is considered one of the world’s 100 most bizarre places to see. The 70m-wide crater was given its dramatic name by villagers in recognition of its endless flames and boiling mud. Tourist William Keeping recently visited the site in the desert village of Derweze in Turkmenistan. ‘During daylight, I was initially not im-


by TARIq TAHIR pressed as it looked like a hole in a vast desert,’ said the 57-year-old Scot. ‘As we got nearer and the glow from inside the crater became evident, I started to notice the size of the crater and wondered how it could continually glow like that. ‘As I approached on foot, it became clear this was a large crater and that inside was like a huge open furnace.’ Soviet scientists identified the site as a possible oilfield in 1971 but discovered the high level of gas and decided to start

storing it. However, their drilling rig collapsed and created a large crater thought to be releasing methane gas. The scientists burnt off the dangerous gas to protect nearby villages. But the crater is still alight four decades later. ‘As the sun began to set, the location slowly transformed from a large, isolated furnace in the desert into the centre of attention that dominated the surrounding area,’ Mr Keeping added. ‘The glow became more intense and lit up the area, including the sky. It was impossible not to be drawn to the crater.’


Hell hole: The desert site was given its dramatic name by villagers

Killer who shot porn Suspect is held over Human rights publisher executed newspaper shooting prize awarded AMERICA: White supremacist fRANCE: Police last night arrested to Malala serial killer Joseph Franklin was

executed yesterday after confessing to 20 murders. One of his intended victims was Hustler publisher Larry Flynt who he left paralysed in 1978. He was executed at the state prison in Bonne Terre, Missouri, using pentobarbital. Franklin, 63, shot blacks and Jews in a cross-country murder spree from 1977 to 1980.

a man they believe to be responsible for shooting a photographer in the offices of a Paris newspaper. He is said to bear a ‘strong resemblance to the shooter’. The suspected gunman is also believed to be behind three other attacks in the capital. The arrest took place in Bois-Colombes, 10km north of Paris.

fRANCE: Malala Yousafzai, the girl shot in the head by the Taliban, has received the EU’s Sakharov Prize for human rights. Dedicating the award to ‘the unsung heroes of Pakistan’, the 16year-old urged MEPs to ‘look beyond Europe’ to countries where education was not a basic right. She told the ceremony in Strasbourg: ‘Children in Pakistan do not want an iPhone, a PlayStation or chocolates – they just want a book and a pen.’

T Miss ouilitT!y n’ o d sT fa G in ll sE Ts TiCkE s for best availab y and sunday performance Choose Tuesday, Wednesda

Reagan ‘anseo’ for Irish roll call

IRAq: Security forces leave the site of a car bomb attack in Baghdad yesterday. A wave of explosions across the capital killed at least 29 people and left more than 100 injured Picture: AP

and finally... CHINA: Villagers went berserk when a lorry laden with oranges crashed by their homes. The residents near Lanzhou rushed to the scene to grab the fruit. ‘People called relatives on their phones,’ said villager Lu Hen.

AMERICA: Ronald Reagan’s political zeal has been traced back to prefamine Ireland. Historians have discovered his greatgreat grandfather Thomas was among the 250,000 signatories to the Morpeth Roll of 1841, a petition showing appreciation for George Howard, Lord Morpeth, who fought discrimination.

oPEns WEdnEsday liMiTEd sEason unTil 18 January 0818 719 377 • Bord Gáis EnErGy ThEaTrE • duBlin Grand Canal squarE, doCklands, duBlin 2 ©WukTPl

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Parting is such sweet sorrow as soldier says farewell to his faithful companion

The big, sad wolfhound... Loyal: Heibao grabs Jiang’s pack in an attempt to stop him leaving by AIDAN RADNEDGE

Chinese whimpers: Heibao gives his master Jiang Yutao an imploring look at the army’s passing-out parade Pictures: ceN

PARTING was always going to be tough for Heibao and his master. The army pair have been constant companions for the past two years. But Jiang Yutao’s military days are over... and it was time for farewell in Yunnan province, south-west China. Heibao, a Kunming wolfdog, was reluctant to let his master go. At the passing-out parade, he loped alongside carrying Jiang’s pack. ‘It broke both our hearts,’ said Jiang. ‘I wish I could take him with me. ‘But he’s still in the army and I’m Pals: Heibao runs alongside not. So it was goodbye.’

Thursday, November 21, 2013 METRO HERALD



Obama awards public figures US president Barack Obama bestowed the Presidential Medal of Freedom on more than a dozen prominent Americans 50 years after the death of the award’s founder, John F Kennedy. Mr Obama honoured

former president Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey and leaders in sports, science and public service at a White House ceremony yesterday. He said the recipients remind Americans of their own potential.

Mr Obama also paid tribute to Mr Kennedy’s legacy, joining Mr Clinton to lay a wreath at the grave of the slain president, who established the modern version of the medal but died before the first presentation.

Medal: Oprah

DNA study finds premature ageing link to joblessness by jOHN vON RADOwiTz

THIS is the moment boxer Mike Tyson turns up at rival Evander Holyfield’s home to return the piece of ear he bit off in one of their bouts. Tyson, 47, kept it preserved in chemicals. The moment was captured for a US TV advert for Foot Locker.

MEN who remain jobless for more than two years show signs of faster genetic ageing. Scientists made the discovery after examining a genetic marker of biological ageing in DNA samples from 5,620 Finnish men and women. They focused on telomeres, caps on the ends of chromosomes that prevent DNA becoming frayed and degraded. The British and Finnish scientists looked at telomere length in blood cell samples collected in 1997, when all the participants were 31 years of age. Men who had been unemployed for more than two of the preceding three years were more than twice as likely to have short telomeres as men who were continuously employed. The trend was not seen in women, but fewer women than men in the study had been unemployed for long periods in their 30s. Dr Jessica Buxton, from Imperial College London, who co-led the research, said: ‘Stressful life experiences in childhood and adulthood have previously been linked to accelerated telomere shortening. We have now shown that long-term unemployment may cause premature ageing too.’

SvP charity reveals Fast forward the ad... impact of austerity then buy the product THE number of desperate calls for help to a leading charity have doubled over the last five years. Society of St Vincent de Paul said its 11,000 volunteers are now making 400,000 home visits a year. The cost of helping pay basic household bills has also soared to more than €40million a year, up from €24million in 2007. SVP vice-president Tom MacSweeney said the profile of those seeking assistance has radically changed: ‘The families we visit include people in lowpaid employment, the self-employed and people in good employment with debts they can’t handle.’ The SVP launched its annual appeal on the theme ‘We can’t do it alone’ to highlight the struggle society has in matching calls for assistance with resources.

TV VIEWERS who fast-forward adverts are more likely to buy some of the products than if they sat through them at normal speed, research shows. They are particularly susceptible to ads with no ‘relationship’ to those either side. For example, an energy drink would have the same ‘personality’ as a 4x4 car – both appeal to active, outdoor types – but not the same as a more sedate, family car. The researchers called it ‘the dissimilarity advantage’, where a product benefits from being perceived as distinct to others, but found it made no difference when ads are played at normal speed. ‘Minimal processing of brand information may not necessarily be a bad thing,’ said Prof Linyun Yang from the University of North Carolina.






SAVE €55






14 meTRo heRaLd Thursday, November 21, 2013


60 seconds Mailbox Email: Twitter:

eddie d eLf landed safely in Ireland last night after flying in on Santa’s sleigh. He talks exclusively to Metro Herald ahead of his stay at the Dublin Toy Fair at The RDS next week

Why did you decide to come to Dublin? santa is always saying

to bed on time and be nice to all your friends. santa always likes it when he gets your letter in plenty of time of Christmas, so make sure you post it at the North Pole Post office in the rDs next week.

What are you looking forward to most about the Dublin Toy Fair? the toys of course! We’ve

Your work is largely seasonal. What do you do for the rest of the year? Ha ha, you’re so funny!

been so busy in santa’s workshop that it’s always great to see all the smiling little faces of the children playing with their brand new toys.

It’s always Christmas in santa’s Workshop.

What’s your favourite Christmas film? that’s a very controver-

Christmas decorations – or, as we elves call them, decorations – and came down with a really bad case of tinselitis.

Have you ever had a work injury? one year I fell into a box of

sial topic among us elves. of course there’s Will Ferrell’s magnum opus, elf, and since that film elves all have What do you do on Saint a soft spot for Zooey Deschanel. Stephen’s Day? It’s our then there was that docuonly day off of the year mentary a few years so we usually just do ago called Bad sansome admin and ta, but I’m not alcatch up on some Stephen’s Day is our lowed to talk sleep. only joking! about that. Can only day off of the You know Copyou stop recordyear. We usually just perface Jack’s on a ing? Friday night? Just catch up on some What kind of like that but with sleep… Joking! elves instead of music do you gards and nurses. listen to? Wrap music… No, seriously, You mostly seem to we have this special music see male elves – do female we listen to while we are wrapping elves shun the limelight? No, the presents. It’s hard to describe, but think of something you would hear we all look the same. Well, mostly. in a lift, crossed with heavy metal. Are you guys related to the

bad-tempered youngster asked for a ‘proper football team’ after we gave him a pretend one a few years back. We told roy that if he behaved himself we’d see what we could do.

What’s the hardest part of the job? one year I had to sit absolute-

ly still on top of a Christmas tree for three weeks. But then someone told me to get down. It was elf and safety gone mad.

How does Santa get into houses that don’t have chimneys? the big fella is very

good with a screwdriver.

What can all the children in Ireland do to make sure they stay on the nice list? You should always go Text: @metrohnews and Facebook: #metromailbox

‘Mail’ to 53131* metroherald

Quick pic

how good the children of Ireland are, so when we were invited to come along to the Dublin toy Fair at the rDs, santa was thrilled. We’ve been looking forward to our visit for weeks.

Have you ever had to fulfil any difficult Christmas requests? Actually just last year one

*Please include a name and location. Texts cost €0.30 per message + standard network charges. SP. Oxygen8 Communications, 4th Floor, Malt House North, Grand Canal Quay, D2. Customer service number 0818286606

elves like Legolas from The Lord Of The Rings? Yes, but

haven’t seen them in ages. Didn’t those guys all move to the moon or something?

SIGN OF THE TIMES: Reader Corinna Stone sent us this picture she took in a city centre pub, which she says reflects modern Ireland Send your photos to with ‘Quick pic’ as the subject and we will print the best each day in the paper

Room to improve our bus manners


ommuters, what is with the growing trend to refuse to move down the bus when it is full so other poor souls can get on and get home, just like you? Has anybody else noticed an increase in this ‘hold my ground’ and ‘thou shall not pass’ attitude on the bus lately? every evening when I try to get on what is an admittedly crammed bus (not my fault I get on where I do, it’s outside work and halfway along the bus’s route), I have to try to nudge and shove my way past blank-eyed sentinels just to get past the driver, when I can

clearly see space further down the bus. many times too, I have managed to reach the stairs through Indiana Jones-like endeavours, battling against a wall of winter coats as stubborn as the 300 at thermopylae, only to ascend to an almost empty upper deck. Do people not know of this promised land? or do they just guard jealously against others getting there? I have tried the usual things – saying ‘excuse me’, etc., but being polite gets you ignored. so come on, people, move down, go up, but for the sake of the common

good on ya

● Nice to see the Metro Herald cleaning up! Keep it up lads. Grez

Tell us a joke. What’s another name for elves? subordinate Clauses.

● A big shout out to David who found my purse and walked across the city on his break to bring it to me. Hope he enjoyed his cupcake. Sinéad

The Dublin Toy Fair (November 27December 1) gives the public the chance to see what is on offer this Christmas, and buy the top toys in comfort at the keenest prices. It also features the Santa Claus Experience, including a train ride in his magical kingdom. You’ll also see the Transformers Optimus Prime Truck for the first time in Ireland as well as great play areas. Advance booking advisable. Details and tickets at www.

● A huge thank you to Teresa from Glasnevin who returned my purse to me. Jennifer, Portmarnock

noëlle Weiss

● ‘I will yeah’ actually means you won’t.

■ Here’s a little story to brighten up your day that doesn’t involve CIÉ trains. I was explaining to Lucy, my daughter, that we would soon be able to see the comet Ison with the naked eye. obviously puzzled, she asked: ‘eyes wear clothes?’ Brendan

● To the young lad with the light brown jacket who gets the 114 bus from Ticknock to Newpark, chocolate milk? Badger downstairs ● To the girl with the beige felt hat on the Luas to Jervis Street last Sunday – you are unbelievably good-looking and I hope to see you again soon .

Tim on the tram

youR Rush-houR CRush


● You can say ‘An bhfuil cead agam dul go dtí an leithris?’ faster than your own name. @Triona95

■ Does anyone know of any other supposed ‘major city’ where you wait more than 25 minutes for a train at rush hour? I was trying to think of one but can’t. Was wondering if your readers could think of any? Paul, Monkstown

yeh big Ride

Random aCTs of kindness


good, don’t just stand there. Elbows McGinty

@metrohnews #metromailbox

● Silent Night on the tin whistle is the hardest thing you have ever been through in your life.



● You say thanks to the bus driver. @Chloed97Duff

● You can use a Father Ted quote in any situation. @Father_Ted_

● Your mammy threatens you with the wooden spoon. @subwayashton


US phone firms reject kill switch Obese man to return to France A MORBIDLY obese Frenchman left stranded in Britain after being stopped from boarding a Eurostar train is due to return home. P&O Ferries said it would transport Kevin Chenais, 22, across the Channel after Eurostar said he posed a safety risk. Mr Chenais, who reportedly weighs more than 190kg (30st), was left stranded in America after British Airways refused to carry him, with Virgin Atlantic flying him instead. Eurostar said Mr Chenais’ immobility posed a safety risk due to ‘strict safety rules governing evacuation from the Channel Tunnel’.

Parents ‘fitter and faster’ MOST children today cannot run as far or as fast as their parents did, research has found. An international study of running fitness in children over the last 50 years found that children’s cardiovascular fitness had dropped markedly worldwide since about 1975. Over a mile run, youngsters today would be about a minute and a half slower than children 30 years ago. The research by the University of South Australia analysed studies on running fitness between 1964 and 2010 of more than 25 million children aged nine to 17 in 28 countries.

Thursday, November 21, 2013 METRO HERALD

AMERICA’S biggest carriers have rejected a plan by Samsung for a universal built-in ‘kill switch’ device that would render stolen or lost phones inoperable. San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon said AT&T, Verizon


Wireless, United States Cellular, Sprint and T-Mobile US rebuffed Samsung’s proposal to pre-load its phones with Absolute LoJack antitheft software as a standard feature. They claim a kill switch would allow hackers to disable users’ phones.

The answer to living longer is in a nutshell

AT CHRISTMAS, you are never more than a few feet away from them but it seems nuts should be munched all year round. Eating a handful every day can cut your risk of heart disease by 29 per cent, a study claims. A small packet eaten daily lowers the chances of dying from colon cancer by 11 per cent and also cuts the risk of developing type two diabetes. The findings come from two ongoing observational studies of the diets of 119,000 men and women in America. The reduction in mortality was similar both for peanuts and for ‘tree nuts’ – walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, macadamias, pecans, cashews, pistachios and pine nuts. ‘The most obvious benefit was a re-

WIN €100 to spend at

by nicOLE LE MARiE

duction of 29 per cent in deaths from heart disease, the major killer of people in America,’ said lead author Dr Charles Fuchs, of the Dana-Farber Center in Boston. ‘Individuals who ate more nuts were leaner, less likely to smoke, and more likely to exercise, use multi-vitamin supplements, consume more fruits and vegetables, and drink more alcohol.’ He said analysis isolated the association between nuts and mortality independently of those other factors. Participants in the studies filled out detailed food questionnaires every two to four years. The female study ran from 1980 to 2010 and the male one from 1986 to 2010.

Fancy bagging yourself some slick and stylish clobber from PENNEYS just in time for Kitschmas? Whether you’re planning the cheesiest of Christmases this year or one that is super slick and stylish, Penneys has something to suit all tastes and eccentricities. With a host of Christmas jumpers for mums, dads, kids and even cats and dogs, they'll ensure you have a very merry 'kitschmas' indeed. And with everything from dresses to jumpsuits, heels to hair accessories, the fashion offering for both men and women will see you through the 12 days of Christmas with style!

To be in with a chance to win one of 10 €100 Penneys gift vouchers, just answer this simple question:

Which Penneys store is located nearest to the Jervis Street Luas stop?

A. Mary Street B. Jack Street C. Paul Street Email your answer followed by your name and address to

Terms and Conditions: The competition closes at Midnight Friday 22nd November 2013. The winner will be chosen from the entries received and notified by telephone or email. Entrants must be over 18 years old. Usual Metro Herald rules apply. The Editor's decision is final.

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Life television

On My PLAyLIST KT TuNsTall nORbAT OkELO By Owiny SigOmA BAnD

This song does something good to my insides. I heard it for the first time live and I was blown away. It had me leaping around a hotel room the first time I listened to it on my iPod.


A REAL HERO By COllege & eleCTRiC yOuTH

I must have been one of millions of people who totally fell under the spell of this song when the film Drive came out. They know how to make a 1980s kid instantly overemotional.

The satirical comedy series lampooning the great and the good (and not so good) in Irish society returns. Along with sketches from Gerry Adams, Bono and the Gardaí, the writing and performing team – including Barry Murphy, Gary Cooke, Paul Howard, John Colleary, Alan Short, Eleanor Tiernan, Colm Tobin and Tara Flynn – tonight offer us a special report on The Late Late Show’s audience, and there’s also a few words from überfrau Angela Merkel (Murphy, pictured).

STATE TROOPER By BRuCe SpRingSTeen (TRenTemølleR Remix)

I heard this in the film Rust And Bone and I loved it so much I covered the remix in my festival set. Trentmøller’s mix toughens up the original.

bubbLE By king CReOSOTe AnD JOn HOpkinS

King Creosote’s melodies are insanely good and it was such an inspired choice to work with Jon Hopkins. I find it amazing that melody can communicate as powerfully as words.


Thom Yorke’s singing is very transporting I can be looking at the nastiest scenery and his voice gives it poetry.


I had huge changes in my life over the past year and I was listening to this song a lot. It will always be connected with that time. Zena Alkayat

KT Tunstall’s single, Made Of Glass (Virgin) is out on Dec 16.

fILm Of THE dAY BlACkfiSH, BBC4, 9pm

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water theme park… this documentary investigates the phenomenon of performing killer whales, specifically Tilikum, the notorious 8,000lb orca who has savaged several people – some fatally – while in captivity in Florida. Isn’t that just natural killer instinct? You might think so, except for the fact that killer whales, contrary to their names, don’t attack humans in the wild. Indeed, humans emerge as the real villains in this emotionally wrenching film. It features revealing interviews and shocking footage that show how Tilikum was driven to the point of homicidal rage by having to swim round in a tiny tank and do inane tricks for punters. Not one to see if you’ve just booked that Christmas holiday trip to SeaWorld.

A YOung dOCTOR’S nOTEbOOK And OTHER STORIES Sky ARTS 1, 9pm Almost a year since they first teamed up for playhouse presents, Daniel Radcliffe and Jon Hamm return for another four-part romp as junior and senior versions of mikhail Bulgakov’s incident-prone doctor in rural Russia. This time out, though, the morphine-addled roles have been reversed. As the bleakly comic drama picks up in 1935, Hamm is almost Don Draperesque – all cleaned up after kicking the habit – while Radcliffe is rapidly flushing his career down the toilet, tapping the surgery’s supplies to keep himself comfortably numb.

AnImAL Odd COuPLES BBC1, 8pm The sight of a cat purring happily as she cuddles her three ‘kittens’ – she doesn’t seem to notice they’re baby ducks – or a Great Dane gambolling with a wild fawn would appear to fly in the face of animal instinct. But they are just two of the tales investigated by Liz Bonnin as she embarks on a globe-trotting quest to seek out explanations for the phenomenon of animal affections stretching across the species divide. Though you might forget about the whys and wherefores when you watch a baby chimp playing with a puma cub.



Thursday, November 21, 2013 METRO HERALD

Say it with a sweater This season’s secret weapon is the statement sweater, writes Naomi Mdudu


ashion compromises do not always work. Take the kitten heel. While it’s more comfortable than a killer heel, it doesn’t quite have the same transformative qualities, nor is it as chic as a classic pair of pumps. But the statement sweater is a compromise that works. ‘a sweater is the ultimate in practical luxury and part of its appeal lies in its versatility,’ says selfridges director of womenswear Judd Crane. While you may be well acquainted with its older sibling – the faithful style you throw on to watch The X Factor – the statement sweater is a completely different beast. Where traditional styles have felt heavy and frumpy, in colours that didn’t extend far beyond neutrals, its modern incarnation is bold and elaborate, and just might be your secret weapon this season. The attraction is simple. The sweater is warm, which, now the colder months are here, isn’t a bad excuse to jump on board, says buying manager Lee ann Walsh. ‘it’s a great alternative to a coat, which is helping to propel its popularity right now,’ she says. Better still, it’s one item that can turn a simple combination of jeans and boots into something more interesting. ‘it’s now becoming a staple piece that looks as good with skirts, trousers or denim and can be worn from day to evening,’ says Topshop head of buying anna svard. The bold design allows you to

SHIMMER TIME: Sequin Jumper €25, PU Jogpants €17, Laced Up Peeptoe Boots €22, all Penneys

Sunday 24th November, 2-5pm An Alluring & Captivating Setting for your Special Day

Invite 10 additional guests with our compliments Enjoy a complimentary 2 night ‘minimoon’ at a 4* hotel

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keep everything else simple and treads that fine line between looking like you have tried too hard and not tried at all. There are two camps as far as the statement sweater is concerned. You can follow the likes of Kenzo and Brian Lichtenberg and go for a bold slogan style or take cues from Erdem and Dries Van Noten and opt for something delicate. It was only after Givenchy’s Rottweiler sweaters, followed by Nicolas Ghesquière’s autumn 2012 collection of galactic-inspired styles, that the bold sweater gained momentum.


VER since, designers have jumped on the wave, transforming the oncemundane piece into collectors’ items and our penchant for them doesn’t seem to be waning. ‘Luxury sweaters such as the Givenchy Bambi style are some of our most requested pieces of the season,’ says Crane. And, according to My-Wardrobe, statement styles such as Ostwald Helgason’s Baudelaire print and Meadham Kirchhoff’s Catacomb sweater, are among its most popular. ‘We saw numerous versions on the spring/summer 2014 catwalks, so it looks like the trend is here to stay for the foreseeable future,’ says Crane. ‘This season’s styles have been quite masculine, with statement prints, and next season sees the sweater being given a feminine makeover with a light colour palette and embellished detail.’

Stand outs: As seen on the streets of Paris during fashion week AW13

hog roast sundays at the gibson hotel

The move is part of a wider trend that has seen designers appropriate wearable, everyday pieces, giving them a touch of the desirable factor. ‘Seeing celebrities such as Rihanna and Cara Delevingne wearing sporty, statement sweaters in a stylish way gave people the confidence to start wearing what has been seen as a loungewear item,’ says River Island designer Louise Kirby. ‘It’s OK for fashion directors to turn up to work wearing a sweater with skinny jeans and Nike Air Max trainers now,’ adds Avenue 32 fashion and brand director Erin Mullaney. On the high street, though, the more special and luxe it looks, the better, says Kirby. ‘More prominent, embellished sweaters have definitely filtered through to the high street,’ she says. ‘The luxe, special pieces are doing really well.’

Knitted croc front sweater, €57, Panelled sweatshirt, €65, Camo print sweater, €47, Woven cut out sleeve jumper, €53, Monochrome print sweatshirt, €71,



choose from a delicious range of dishes brought straight from the hog

view the menu at to make a booking call 01 681 5000 we’re right beside The O2, dublin 1

Style advice from the people who really know their stuff. This week: Cillian O’Connor


H, Christmas. That most wonderfully festive season chock-full of delicious treats, crackling open fires and quality time spent in the company of close friends and family. Or, as it’s known to others, the Annual Feigned Delight Championships. Don’t be fooled – receiving gifts is a fine art. Not enough enthusiasm on discovering what lies beneath and they’re underwhelmed; too much and they’ll be under no illusions. When buying something for a bloke, it’s worth bearing a few caveats in mind. Socks are only acceptable when of superior quality and suited to their taste; that means no Paul Smithesque zig-zags if all he wears are sports socks. Fragrance is, contrary to

popular belief, a less riskyy decision than many omen, a scent is believe it to be. For men, as for women, ly personal, so a little pre-gift something relatively re-con goes a long way. If he’ss almost through his bottle of Bleu de Chanel, then a oid, replacement comes recommended. Avoid, at all costs, the tacky fragrance-centred gift sets – each and every one of these says, ‘I wasn’t really a***d,’ and are mostly comprised of crappy ancillary skincare products he’ll never use. Alcohol’s a failsafe, unless he’s a w him well teetotaller. Hopefully you know ured tipple enough to have some idea of his favoured but, if not, don’t worry – likee most of us, he’s probably not that picky. Well-aged scotch, As boutique gin, or a six-pack of craft IPAs all say merry, merry, merry, merry Christmas.


Thursday, November 21, 2013 METRO HERALD


Coast autumn/winter

Marlowe Coat €350; Rozelda Jumpsuit €148, Snake Clutch €70 & Jackson Necklace €45; Bobbie Dress €120, Clayton Necklace €65 & Diamondis Clutch €70


Clerys department store on O’Connell Street reopens to the public today at 11am, just in time for the Christmas rush. The city centre retail emporium closed in July after heavy rain damaged the building. We will be checking out this Sisley knit jacket and Sisley trousers (pictured, €79.95 & €69.95).


Dress for Success, which takes donated professional clothing items from women who don’t need them and gives them to women who do, is celebrating its second anniversary. The

initiative, which was launched in Ireland by stylist Sonya Lennon (pictured), has helped 500 women to attend interviews well dressed and prepared, with 57 per cent of clients who received a suit and interview preparation from its volunteers getting the job. It is looking for companies to get involved by facilitating a Suit Drive evening. Lennon, who will be joined by a personal shopper and a make-up artist, will be able to advise on the latest trends in clothing and grooming. The night allows the team to fundraise, gather volunteers and to collect valuable work wear. For further details


on how to get involved, or to volunteer, email or visit


Fans of Irish fashion, an Irish designer popup shop showcasing ‘the most exciting of new and established Irish design talent’ will be held at the Marker Hotel, Grand Canal Square, on Saturday. The work of 11 Irish designers from the world of fashion, accessories, millinery, knitwear and textile design will be available to buy on the day. Featured designers include Merle O’Grady, Lorna Burton and Lisa Ryder. The pop-up shop will be open from 11am to 5pm and entry is free but you need to RSVP your attendance. Visit for further details.

This Christmas we’ve partnered with some of Ireland’s most prolific talent to bring you a celebration of Irish Designers – Merle O’Grady, Mark T Burke, Lisa Ryder to name but a few. Purchase a unique gift for someone really special or treat yourself.


Vivienne Westwood has teamed up with handmade cosmetics company Lush to design a limited edition 100 per cent organic cotton ‘climate knot-wrap’ (pictured). Suggested uses for the knot wrap are to wear it as a headscarf, a a neckerchief or it can be used as ‘a stylish alternative to gift wrap’. Art lovers could also frame it. All profits go to support the Climate Revolution. €17.95, available from Lush.


The Marker Hotel - Grand Canal Square, Docklands, Dublin 2, Ireland. T: + 353 1 687 5112




NEMI by Lise

by Patrick Arundell Aries Mar 21 – Apr 20

An active link between Mercury and Pluto may bring new ideas, great discussions and perhaps a few indepth suggestions. Be careful, though, as someone may be in a bossy mood, which might be tough to take. . For your forecast, call 15609 114 70

Taurus Apr 21 – May 21

A tense T-Square with Uranus may bring an unexpected event to life. It may be a message or communication you hadn’t expected, which could be mildly shocking. But today’s Mercury Pluto connection gives you an opportunity to probe deeper..

METROKU Easy, Moderate and Challenging. For solutions, visit

For your forecast, call 15609 114 71

Gemini May 22 – Jun 21

You may feel like calling up a friend and inviting them over, particularly as a lifestyle discussion could throw up some engaging ideas. Plus, practical necessity may require that you finish what you started before moving on to something more. For your forecast, call 15609 114 72

Cancer Jun 22 – Jul 23

Conversations might be fairly intense and, though you can encourage someone to co-operate with you, there might be other areas in which obstacles may cause delays. However, tomorrow should be more freeflowing. For your forecast, call 15609 114 73

Leo Jul 24 – Aug 23

Domestic issues seem much improved, though they may require a little attention. Intimate relationships may not be entirely trouble-free either. Whoever you’re with later, tonight may be perfect for relaxing at home, with some inspiring conversations a possibility.


For your forecast, call 15609 114 74

Virgo Aug 24 – Sep 23

The social buzz ratchets up a notch and a romantic notion could take hold of you. Tonight has excitement potential, so call someone you can relate to for a pleasant evening out. You may find that doing the right thing makes you feel good and perhaps a little lighter. For your forecast, call 15609 114 75

DOWN 2. Strange (10) 3. Weary (4) 4. Acrimonious (6) 5. Savage (6) 6. Ironmongery (8) 7. Summit (4) 11. Unwillingness (10) 13. Sour (8) 16. Discard (6) 17. Allow (6) 18. Support (4) 20. Repair (4)

Yesterday’s Solutions Across: 7 Local; 8 Younger; 9 Opulent; 10 Gates; 12 Spectacular; 15 Upsidedown; 18 Dress; 19 Segment; 21 Private; 22 Irate. Down: 1 Bloodhound; 2 Occur; 3 Else; 4 Mystic; 5 Bungalow; 6 Agitate; 11 Strengthen; 13 Pedestal; 14 Ascetic; 16 Dispel; 17 Legal; 20 Grim.

Today, someone could disrupt your plans, which may cause you to feel out of whack. Although you might need to decide something, it can help to get a clear picture of what’s going on and of what you’re hoping to do about it.

For your forecast, call 15609 114 76

scorpio Oct 24 – Nov 22

Opportunities are there to get ahead in the world, which could translate into a boost in income. Today, though, any openings that come may be the result of an unexpected conversation. For your forecast, call 15609 114 77

sagittarius Nov 23 – Dec 21

Ties with friends, a partner or love interest may seem more tangled today and you could feel at odds with certain folk. As Mercury links with Pluto, try to resist the urge for a quick fix, especially if it involves finances. For your forecast, call 15609 114 78

Capricorn Dec 22 – Jan 20

Some people, including family members, may say something idiosyncratic. This might rile you, but it could also get you thinking. This is a chance to react to a situation or absorb it all then go away and work it out. For your forecast, call 15609 114 79

Aquarius Jan 21 – Feb 19

The Mercury Pluto sextile could encourage you to take a more constructive approach to getting something off your chest. You may also see the nuances in a situation which others completely miss. For your forecast, call 15609 114 80

Pisces Feb 20 – Mar 20

This could be an enjoyable day. It’s possible that money dealings can be profitable. However, there’s also a chance that you might almost want to go against the inner voice of common sense, and decide to treat yourself, whatever the circumstances. For your forecast, call 15609 114 81

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ENIGMA Sailing ship that’s used to race Or cruise to many a nice place. Name derives from ancient Dutch. (From its sound, you’d guess as much.) WHO AM I? An actress, I was born in Atlanta in 1977. I married screenwriter Simon Monjack in 2007. My films include Clueless, 8 mile and Sin City. My final film, Something Wicked, filmed in 2009 before my death, has yet to be released.



ACROSS 1. Leave (4) 8. Unsurpassed (10) 9. Cannibal (3-5) 10. Gloomy (4) 12. Precious metal (6) 14. Make possible (6) 15. Transgressor (6) 17. Sermonise (6) 18. Boast (4) 19. Lamentation (8) 21. Emendation (10) 22. Profound (4)

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WHO, WHAT, WHERE & WHEN? WHO… starred as Hannibal Lecter in The Silence Of The Lambs? WHAT... is a serval? WHERE... did the first alien craft land in HG Wells’ War Of The Worlds? WHEN... did Roald Amundsen become the first man to reach the geographic South Pole?

QUIZ ANSWERS: ENIGMA: Yacht. WHO AM I? Brittany Murphy. WHO, WHAT, WHERE & WHEN? Anthony Hopkins; An African wildcat; Horsell Common; December 14, 1911.

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Libra Sep 24


20 METRO HERALD Thursday, November 21, 2013



Thursday, November 21, 2013 METRO HERALD CommerCial feaTure

to advertise, call 01 7055010

Dubliner RObERT NOLAN is the manager of the Four Seasons Hotel Dublin, which is currently hosting the Sculpture in Context Exhibition. He talks to Metro Herald about how the show came about, his interest in art and the importance of promoting Irish art talent What can visitors expect from the Sculpture In Context at the Four Seasons show? The exhibition has 35 pieces by predominantly Irish artists and is very diverse, with many abstract works and some figurative pieces. The great thing about this show is that it’s quite daring, quite bold in how it looks. It’s also a great opportunity for local residents or those who might be passing along the major thoroughfares to stop in and see something new and exciting.

Where did you get the idea for the exhibition? The Four Seasons approached

Sculpture In Context after we saw what was happening in their exhibition at the Botanical Gardens. We saw it as a great opportunity to bring it into the city and showcase tremendous art. I was impressed by the ingenuity and creativity of the Botanical Gardens show, so it was really a joy being able to take these pieces and put them in what I call our secret garden in the Four Seasons.

How did you decide which pieces to display inside, and which to show out in the courtyard? We worked very closely

with Jackie Ball from Sculpture In Context, and looked at pieces that would work in that urban garden setting, and pieces that would work well within the corridor and restaurant spaces.

Have you had much of a public response so far to the exhibition? We’ve


joy seeing our guests peering out of their windows and over their balconies and looking down at the sculpture below. Because the pieces are remarkable. One of the finest is the Storytelling Chair by Eoin Byrne and Michael Kelly (pictured below with Robert Nolan and Pauric Sweeney) – they took one piece of wood and made it into a beautiful, throne-like chair.

Do you think it’s important to provide exposure for Irish artists in the current economic climate? Absolutely. For myself,

I’ve been abroad for 16 years and did whatever I could to stay connected with home. Now I’m back home, supporting emerging talent is something we need to get behind. And I suppose, with The Gathering, there’s no better year to promote Ireland and to actively get behind what we have. I would look at this as an opportunity to bring people together. What’s in our gardens and corridors today, with those 35 pieces, is quite remarkable.

Do you think you would like to host more one-off art shows in the hotel in the future? We would. I think the

venue is ideal for it, it’s very accessible, right in the heart of everything and, with t h e facility of

had an incredible response. We’ve had the bones of about 10,000 impressions about it on Twitter already since we launched it on November 5. We also brought in the prolific designer Pauric Sweeney, as we thought having him come and see what he thought might bring support too.

How many visitors are you expecting? I’d hate to give you an exact number – but there has certainly been increased traffic in the hotel over the last weekend, independent of events that are taking place. I do see people braving the elements to go outside and see the pieces – it’s definitely gaining traction.

Have you had much positive feedback from the guests? It’s a

Pauric Sweeney, acclaimed Irish fashion designer studies Anna Duncan's artwork 'Time Out'

the beautiful garden – as well as the corridor and restaurant space – it’s perfect.

The Four Seasons Ballsbridge already has quite an art collection of its own. Tell us more… We’re really blessed to have a


private collection of 53 pieces. The works that stand out are a couple of Sean Scullys, and a lovely le Brocquy as well, one of his tapestries. The collection includes the best of Irish talent – and they all very much blend in with their surroundings. When you look at the Sculpture in Context show alongside our art collection, they really complement each other.

Is it possible for the public to come in to see the art, or do you have to be a hotel guest? The doors are open, anyone can

come in and walk around. We’re trying to encourage everyone to come and appreciate what we have. We could organise a tour should somebody express an interest.

Are you a fan of art yourself – who’s your favourite artist or sculptor? I love art, it’s the best way to express one’s thoughts and feelings. My favourite artist is Markey Robinson, the Belfast-born painter, I’ve always very much enjoyed his work – I think he really captures the rawness of Connemara.

How did you end up in hotel management? I’m from Dublin, and I stud-

ied in Shannon and UCG before moving off to the US in 1996, where I first worked in the front desk of the Four Seasons in Boston. I then moved to their hotels in Arizona, Wyoming, Chicago – an incredible city for architecture and design – and then Hawaii and Silicon valley. I came back in May last year.

Did Ireland seem different after being away so long? I’ve seen a

tremendous amount of change. Some great changes, particularly the diversity of Ireland. We have so many nationalities in Dublin now, which helps us be more global in our thinking about food and culture. Sheena Davitt

The Sculpture In Context exhibition runs at the Four Seasons Hotel Dublin, Ballsbridge, until January 2014. Admission free. The hotel will also be running Christmas Teddy Bear Teas: when you donate a new teddy in support of the Toy Appeal for Temple Street Hospital, children under six attend a complimentary afternoon tea.

For more information; visit or tel: 01 665 4000

Sculpture In Context is well known for offering the public a chance to see work by some of Ireland’s finest contemporary sculptors outside of the confines of an art gallery – generally in an outdoor setting such as the Botanical Gardens in Glasnevin. And now it’s the turn of the Four Seasons hotel in Ballsbridge, which is hosting a special exhibition of 36 unique pieces as Sculpture In Context At The Four Seasons. The sculptures, which are displayed in the courtyard and at various points along the corridors of the five-star hotel, are in an impressive choice of styles – abstract and realistic, traditional and modern – as well as featuring materials from limestone and marble to ceramic, bronze and blown glass. The first piece to catch your eye when you enter the courtyard is the wonderful Storytelling Chair, by Eoin Byrne and Michael Kelly – at two metres high and made of highly-polished cedarwood, it makes quite an impression. And there’s plenty of other delightful surprises, such as Robyn Lawlor’s striking Beatle Form 1, a huge insect made of Kilkenny limestone and bronze (pictured), or David McDermott’s intriguing work, Mostly Cloudy, a set of ceramic globes with beautiful graffito drawings. Ana Duncan’s contribution, a graceful, Henry Moore-influenced bronze female figure, Time Out, will appeal to traditionalists, while the show also includes some superbly quirky pieces such as Edward McMullen’s They Will Be Back – two construction workers’ helmets made of porcelain, finely decorated with blue figures and patterns. With this much variety, Sculpture In Context At The Four Seasons will open your eyes to the lively and imaginative work going on in Irish sculpture today – it’s well worth a visit.

Sheena Davitt

22 METRO HERALD Thursday, November 21, 2013

D v1

Kuridrani gets five-week ban AustrAliA centre tevita Kuridrani (pictured) has received a five-week suspension for a dangerous tackle on Peter O’Mahony in Australia’s 32-15 victory last saturday in Dublin. Kuridrani received a straight red card for the tackle in the 72nd minute and appeared at an international rugby Board disciplinary hearing on tuesday. the suspension rules Kuridrani out of Australia’s final two games on their end of season tour against scotland and Wales.

alan Quinlan

On THE spOT Former Muster and Ireland rugby player Alan Quinlan is an ambassador for DeCare Dental Insurance Ireland. For full details on the range of dental insurance plans available please visit www. or call 1890 130 017 picture: Marc O’Sullivan

■ What’s your opinion of the first two games of the schmidt era? It’s difficult to access so early in his reign, bar a few mistakes in the first game it was a great result. Obviously the result against Australia was disappointing but Joe Schmidt needs time to develop his philosophy and ideas to the players. ■ Ireland have looked a step slow so far – is that to be expected as players get used to new systems and calls? Yes, it’s going to take a little bit of time under the new coach and they need more match game time together. ■ Ireland lacked a bit of intensity on the weekend. does that mean that standards are slipping? It’s a worrying time at

play the game at. ■ they have so much talent in their team – who is their main danger man? Kieran Read, as he has an allround skill set and makes so many line breaks and covering tackles. ■ What changes would you make to the Irish team for sunday and why? It hasn’t been announced but I wouldn’t make a huge amount of changes. I think the players just need more game time together. ■ hoW do you go about trying to beat nZ? We’ve got to match them physically, which isn’t easy, and bring a good game plan and intensity.

‘It’s going to take a little bit of time under the new coach’ the moment but it’s too early to judge. ■ What will the atmosphere in the Ireland camp be this week with the all Blacks coming to town? Nervous anticipation I think. New Zealand are a phenomenal team and they’re going for 14 out of 14 victories, but it’s a great challenge and opportunity for the Irish players. ■ What stood out for you in your experiences playing nZ? The pace and intensity that they

■ noBody can expect Joe schmidt to turn the fortunes of the team around in just a few games, but what is reasonable to expect for the six nations? More cohesion and to stop making simple mistakes. ■ hoW do you think the game will play out on sunday? It’s going to be very difficult for Ireland but I expect an improved performance of heart and passion although I still think New Zealand will win.



HEffERnAn wALks TO ATHLETE Of yEAR win WOrlD race Walk Champion rob Heffernan has been named Athlete of the Year at the national Athletics Awards 2013, after he won gold at the iAAF World track and Field Championships in Moscow in the 50k race Walk. the endurance Athlete Award went to Fionnuala Britton who successfully defended her european Cross Country title in Budapest. the track and Field Athlete of the Year was awarded to Mark english, with Ciaran O’lionaird receiving the indoor track and Field Athlete Award.

McDowell happy ‘decision is made’


Graeme mcDowell believes he will compete for Ireland at the olympics in 2016 after representing the country at this week’s world cup of Golf. mcDowell is from Northern Ireland so has the option to represent Ireland or Great Britain at the Games in rio. But by-law two of rule 41 of the olympic charter states that if an athlete has represented a country in a tournament recognised by an international federation, in this case the International Golf Federation, three years must pass before they can represent another at an olympic Games. That would mean mcDowell is now tied to Ireland for the 2016 Games, although such decisions can be changed if agreed upon by the federation, national olympic committees and the International olympic committee. The 34-year-old, along with countryman rory mcIlroy, has always been coy on the subject of olympic allegiance but, speaking ahead of the ISPS HaNDa world cup in australia, mcDowell expressed relief the decision now seems to have been made for him. ‘I believe that me being here and representing Ireland will, with the olympic regulations, mean that I will have to play for Ireland when it comes to the

olympics in 2016,’ mcDowell said. ‘It is a very touchy political and religious subject, one that myself and rory have not enjoyed answering questions about the last few years,

Coy: Mcdowell had been sitting on the fence over the olympic dilemma because it is very difficult to pick a side because you are going to end up upsetting someone. ‘we grew up wanting to wear the green jacket and have the bag with the Ireland logo on it. ‘The Golf Union of Ireland looks after all the players in Ireland and I have always enjoyed

being part of that. when it comes to the olympic discussion, that raises some questions as to who we play for. ‘I was always trying to sit on the fence, again, because I did not want to have to make that decision, so part of me feels relieved to not have to.’ Shane lowry will play alongside mcDowell this week but he was partnered with mcIlroy in 2009 and 2011. The former US open champion stated in may of this year, before the Ireland team for the world cup had been decided, that the question of olympic eligibility would not enter his mind when deciding whether to compete in melbourne. mcIlroy’s decision not to play in melbourne potentially leaves him still with a decision to make and the former world number one, also speaking in may, was adamant that it was still his choice to make.

cricket ireland v usa

porterfield hits a ton as uSa bowled over

irelAnD kept up their 100 per cent record in iCC World twenty20 qualifying with a 75-run thumping of the united states in Abu Dhabi. Captain William Porterfield hit a stunning 127 not out, the first t20 international century for ireland, to lead his side to 216 for three and the usA could only respond with 141. Porterfield reached his half-century from 23 balls and put on 94 in eight overs with opening partner Paul stirling before the latter was bowled by Karan Ganesh for 25 from 17. Kevin O’Brien made 18 and trent Johnston seven but ireland were 151 for two with four and a half overs

Porterfield: secured Ireland’s first ever t20 century in win over Usa remaining when Porterfield, on 94, was joined by John Mooney. nineteen runs came from the 17th over, Mooney with two sixes and a four, and Porterfield reached three figures in the 18th over, from 60 balls. He then hit a six and two fours off successive srini santhanam deliveries

and two fours in the last over from rival skipper neil McGarrell, and his 69-ball onslaught featured 12 fours and five maximums. rooney finished 32no from 13 balls. the Americans started well in their chase as Akeem Dodson (27), timroy Allen (20) and steven taylor (17) saw them to 57 for one in six overs. But spinners stirling (three for 25) and George Dockrell (two for 19) put the brakes on the chase and the result was never in doubt. ireland, who face italy today, are ahead of Hong Kong on net run rate and have played a game less but still have to face their closest pursuers.

football international


Thursday, November 21, 2013 METRO HERALD 23

Keane sees bright future ahead as his season ends by AnTHOny wALsH

Robbie Keane will head off on his end-of-season break excited at what lies ahead for the Republic of ireland. The La Galaxy striker’s domestic campaign drew to a close before he met up with the national squad for their friendlies against Latvia and Poland with new management duo Martin o’neill and Roy Keane launching a new era in irish football. While most of his team-mates roll up their sleeves for a return to action in english club football, frontman Keane will enjoy a well-earned rest.

certainly enjoyed, anyway. He mentioned after he had really enjoyed it.’ The younger Keane was a bystander at the inea Stadium in Poznan on Tuesday evening as a much-changed Republic side battled its way to a 0-0 draw with the Poles to add to their 3-0 victory over Latvia at the aviva. He did not play because of a longstanding achilles problem, the extent of which he hopes to discover on Tuesday next week when he sees a specialist. asked what his plans are for the next few weeks, he said: ‘Just rest, and see the specialist and see what he has to say, whether i have to have an

Earning candystripes: Roddy

Derry City’s boss Roddy Collins has league glory in his sights

‘We have a manager who is very enthusiastic about what he does. I think everyone is excited’ However, he is already anticipating the start of the qualifying campaign for euro 2016 in September next year and the prospect of ireland once again mounting a challenge. The 33-year-old said: ‘We have a manager who is very enthusiastic about what he does. He has always produced where he has been, so i think everyone is excited. ‘it’s certainly been good. it was good to play at home and get the fans back on our side. ‘The two of them, Martin and Roy, coming in certainly did that and then to play away from home against a team that is getting stronger and stronger, it was a good test. ‘it was good for him (o’neill) to see all the players and different players who they probably haven’t seen close up, so i think it’s something he

operation or whatever he says. but i won’t know until i see him.’ The striker, who scored his 62nd senior international goal and won his 131st cap against Latvia, watched the entire game in Poznan from the bench and admitted it had given him a different perspective, one which may come in handy once his playing days are over as he looks towards a career in coaching. He said: ‘it’s different. it’s always nice to see it from a different perspective and see how the game goes. ‘but like anybody, you want to be playing and i’m exactly the same.’ Keane will hope to be back on the pitch when Serbia visit Dublin in March, and may have a chance to once more play alongside his longterm strike-partner Kevin Doyle, who was recalled to the squad recently.

Time out: Robbie Keane will take a rest now his LA Galaxy season is over

Working with Roy a dream come true for Green

Learning: Green

PAuL Green is relishing the chance to enrol himself in a midfield masterclass after being handed a dream opportunity to work with roy Keane. the 30-year-old Leeds man won his 19th senior republic of ireland cap as a late substitute in new manager Martin O’neill’s first game in charge against Latvia on Friday night, and then played the full 90 minutes as they drew 0-0 in Poland on tuesday.

However, it has been the time spent working on the training pitch with O’neill’s number two Keane which has excited Green. Asked if the former Manchester united and ireland skipper was a player he had always looked up to, Green said: ‘yes – i think everyone looked up to him. He has won that many titles, he has been a great pro and a great player.

‘it’s been brilliant. He just said to stay behind the ball and break things up. it’s nice to get the perspective of a great midfielder like roy.’ ‘With roy, he has played in that position and you take things in from such a legend. i did that and i felt i did a good job. ‘everyone has got a fresh start and they have got to impress, and hopefully i have done that.’

wORLD cup ROunD-up Zlat’s that for watching the finals 29 November, the new ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC has declared ‘a World Cup without him isn’t worth watching’, after Sweden crashed out to Portugal in the play-offs. Despite two goals from Ibrahimovic (pictured) in Tuesday’s second leg, Cristiano Ronaldo stole the show in Stockholm with a magical hat-trick to give

Portugal a 3-2 victory, and 4-2 aggregate win. Ibrahimovic responded in typically brazen style, saying: ‘It was probably the last attempt to reach the World Cup with the national team for me. One thing is for sure, a World Cup without me is nothing to watch so it is not worthwhile to wait for the World Cup.’

league of ireland

closing date for Ballon d’Or voting after Fifa extended it. The decision to re-open the ballot, which initially closed on November 15, was made as a result of a low response from voters, and to take into account Tuesday’s World Cup play-offs. Cristiano Ronaldo is favourite to win the prize.

Sepp concern at Qatar work SEPP BLATTER has increased pressure on Qatar to improve conditions for migrants building 2022 World Cup projects. The Fifa president said: ‘Contrary to reports, the unacceptable situation in Qatar regarding working conditions is of big concern to Fifa, and myself.’

Derry City’s new manager roddy Collins has voiced his typically lofty ambitions as he aims to bring the Premier Division title to the Brandywell for the first time since 1997. the former Bohemians boss was named as Declan Devine’s successor on tuesday and immediately stated his objectives. ‘i’m here to win the league, it’s the only ambition and only thing i am here for,’ said Collins. ‘i will work 24/7, every day of the year to achieve that goal.’ Collins guided Athlone town to this year’s First Division title but had since become a free agent. He won the double with Bohemians and also managed shamrock rovers and irish League club Bangor. He will be assisted by Peter Hutton, the ex-captain of the Candystripes, who recently managed Finn Harps. Collins, who says he has plans to move to Derry, is excited to be taking charge. ‘it’s just fantastic – Derry haven’t won a league since 1997 and you are always looking for a massive challenge in your career,’ he said. ‘that’s the challenge we have now, to bring a Premier Division title to Derry City. ‘i couldn’t sleep last night, i’ve so much enthusiasm. ‘We have a very good group of young players and i’ll be looking for the desire in their eyes to become champions.’ Collins also managed to look to the future and his own successor, saying: ‘For Peter Hutton, this is the first day of his apprenticeship to take my job.’

24 METRO HERALD Thursday, November 21, 2013


McDowell all set to play for Ireland at 2016 Olympic Games

«SEE PAgE 22


INSURANCE company AIG hosted a Unique Skills Challenge at Westmanstown Sports Conference Centre yesterday. As sponsor for both Dublin GAA and New Zealand’s All Blacks, the company brought some of the most recognisable faces in Gaelic Games and international rugby on to the field for a kick (and puck) about. Ahead of Sunday’s mouth-watering clash with Ireland which could see them go a full year undefeated, the All Blacks took time out of their hectic schedule to learn about some of the skills of both football and hurling as well as passing on a few tips of their own. Captain Richie McCaw stepped up and tried his hand at hurling, and though there is room for improvement, he didn’t look too uncomfortable with the ash in his hands. picture: inpho

A nation waits

Stars battle to be fit to vent frustrations on All Blacks team by DAnny HOgAn BRIAN O’Driscoll and Jonathan Sexton missed training yesterday but Ireland remain hopeful they will be passed fit for the climax to the Guinness Series against New Zealand. O’Driscoll and Sexton are struggling with respective calf and hamstring problems and are rated doubtful for Sunday’s Aviva Stadium showdown with the All Blacks. Forwards coach John Plumtree insists time is on the duo’s side as they seek to recover for Ireland’s final match of the year. ‘It’s hard to say if they’ll be available. The nice thing is that we’ve got a long turnaround this week,’ Plumtree said. ‘We’ve got that extra day which is great and hopefully by the time they come in on Friday they’ll be feeling a lot better.’ O’Driscoll’s absence would be a bitter pill to Monthly Certified Distribution Sep 30 - Oct 27, 2013: 59,764

swallow for both player and country given it will be his last chance to play New Zealand before retiring at the end of the season. There was more promising news over the availability of full-back Rob Kearney, who was able to train yesterday as he continues his rehabilitation from a rib problem. ‘Rob trained all right. I’m not sure how he’s feeling afterwards, but he took part full in the session, which was good. I’m sure he’ll be all right,’ Plumtree said. The British and Irish Lions trio played in Saturday’s 32-15 defeat by Australia, a bitterly disappointing result and performance that saw Ireland beaten 4-0 on the try count. Plumtree was angry with the display of his pack and warned them a substantial improvement is required if they are to compete with the All Blacks.

Back in the game: Sexton and O’Driscoll during training

Published by Fortunegreen Ltd, 1st Floor, Independent House, 27-32 Talbot Street, Dublin 1 Printed by The Irish Times at Citywest in Dublin Editorial: (01) 705 5088 Advertising: (01) 705 5077 Distribution: (01) 705 5007

‘We were very average against Australia and we’re very disappointed with that performance. We scrummed poorly,’ Plumtree said. ‘We conceded a soft try from their drive which the boys are fuming at. ‘We knew it was coming, but we didn’t execute the plan we had in place, which makes it doubly irritating. ‘There’s been an extra edge in the forwards this week and there has to be. ‘We’re playing against probably the best side in the world and the pack needs to front up big time. ‘As a pack New Zealand are the ultimate test. It doesn’t get any tougher than this and we were irritated with our performance last week.’



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