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May 2013

Volume 2 Issue 5


God’s Plan For Redemption Pt. 2 from a Messianic Perspective

The National Day Of Prayer...

Are You Praying For Newark?


Things You Can Learn From A Mega Church To Help Your Ministry Grow.

Kim Brown... Host of KIM’S KORNER



People Who Are Transformning Newark The Only Published Newark Public Access Channel Guide

In This Issue Transformation Newark magazine is a monthly publication focused on changing the city of newark through the Nehemiah model of rebuilding a city. And through providing practical information and tips to transform lives. CONTRIBUTORS Addison Hardy Curtis Mincey Lita Theodos Andrew Roney PUBLISHER Rick Greene In cooperation with Dominion Ministries & The Urban Convocation Strategic Operations Council’s Media & Technology Department

God’s Plan of Redemption Pt. 2 Women, while you’re waiting Ester Rosa : Chaplain & Corrections Officer Cablevision Local Programming Guide Going Through The Storm People Who Are Transforming Newark Newark National Day Of Prayer

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Stay Focused! Focus |ˈfōkəәs| noun ( pl. focuses or foci |ˈfōˌsī, -ˌkī| ) 1 the center of interest or activity: this generation has made the environment a focus of attention. • an act of concentrating interest or activity on something: our focus on the customer's requirements. • Geology the point of origin of an earthquake. Compare with epicenter. • Medicine the principal site of an infection or other disease. • Linguistics the part of a sentence given prominence, usually for emphasis or contrast, e.g., Bob in it was Bob who came, not Bill . Compare with rheme. 2 the state or quality of having or producing clear visual definition: his face is rather out of focus . • another term for focal point. • the point at which an object must be situated with respect to a lens or mirror for an image of it to be well defined.

Notice the two definitions 1. The center of interest 2. Having or producing clear visual definition. Remembering that you can only truly focus on one thing (at least at a time) I constantly ask myself what is it that God would have me to do. That is what I should strive to focus on. Do you? It may not be easy. But remember that every time you say “YES” to something you are saying “NO” to something else. What

are you saying no to, by saying yes to requests for your time? While you may not be directly saying no to God’s plan for your life, you may find that you are indeed saying NO TO GOD, indirectly by saying yes to so many other things that you can not focus on the plan God has given you for your life. Focus... On what God told you to do... Even when it means saying not to everything else! -Pastor Rick




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God's Plan of Redemption The Seven Feasts of The Lord by Minister Lita Theodos, a Jewish believer, founder and director of Living Waters Ministries

Part 2 -

The Feasts of Pentecost (Shavuot)

In Part 1 we covered the feast season of Passover which included the Feasts of Passover, Unleavened Bread and First fruits.  We saw how Jesus fulfilled these three feasts. These feasts (moadim) are God's appointed times with us, His bride.  Even though they were first given to the Jewish people as a foreshadowing of the coming Messiah they are also for the church. If you have not done so we encourage you to read Part I in the April edition of Transformation Newark magazine so that you will get a fuller understanding of how God revealed His first part for man's redemption through the seven feasts as outlined in Leviticus 23.

There were three major feast seasons which included these seven feasts and which represented three major encounters that God had with His covenant people. During these three seasons the Hebrew men were called to go up to Jerusalem to worship at the Temple.  The first major feast season was Passover which was established by God so that we would know how to find God's peace through Jesus Christ.   Jesus came as the Passover Lamb fulfilling the Feast of Passover, who was without sin fulfilling the Feast of Unleavened Bread and who was resurrected fulfilling the Feast of Firstfruits as He went before God, the Father as our High Priest and as the firstfruits offering of the harvest of believers so that we would be acceptable to God. The second major feast season known as Pentecost was

established by God so that we would know His power. This feast is also known as Shavuot, the Feast of Weeks, the Feast of Harvest and the Feast of Firstfruits.   This Feast of Firstfruits is not to be confused with the Feast of Firstfruits which was part of the Passover season.   This feast falls on the 6th day of Sivan (May/ June) and comes exactly 50 days after Passover.  This year the date begins sundown, Monday, May 14th until sundown Tuesday, May 15th.  It is the fourth spring festival which includes the harvesting of the wheat crop (the barley crop was associated with the first Feast of Firstfruits) and the giving of the Law (Torah) from God to the Jewish people through Moses at Mt. Sinai before they entered the Promised Land.  This feast is also the final climatic fulfillment of the Lord Yeshua's (Jesus' Hebrew name) first coming to earth.

In Lev. 23: 15-22 it tells you about the requirements for the Feast of Weeks. In verses 15-17  "And you shall count for yourselves from the day after the Sabbath, from the day that you brought the sheaf of the wave offering; seven Sabbaths shall be completed.  Count fifty days to the day after the seventh Sabbath; then you shall offer a new grain offering to the Lord.  You shall bring from your dwellings two wave loaves of twotenths of an ephah.   They shall be of fine flour; they shall be baked with leaven.   They are the firstfruits to the Lord.  In verse 20 it says "The priest shall wave them with the bread of the firstfruits as a wave offering before the Lord ......".  God said that we were to count off seven weeks after the barley sheaves were waved before the Lord (from first Feast of Firstfruits).   The counting of these

49 days brought us to the wheat harvest, which was more nourishing and valued as a grain than barley. As a result of the counting of the seven weeks this feast was known as the Feast of Weeks which in Hebrew is Shavuot.  It also is called the Feast of Harvest and the Feast of Firstfruits which is a second type of firstfruits that was celebrated with greater joy and costly sacrificial offerings. On the 50th day Israel would offer the firstfruits of the wheat harvest to the Lord.  The Greek word for this festival is Pentecost meaning fiftieth (Acts 2:1-2).  The church calls this season "Pentecost" which is when the Holy Spirit was poured out on the 120 disciples in the upper room (Acts 2:2-4).  This occurred after Jesus was raised from the dead on the first Feast of Firstfruits (what the church now calls Easter) and had appeared to them for 40 days periodically before ascending into Heaven from the Mt. of Olives.  This happened about ten days before the Feast of Weeks (Shavuot) which was an extremely joyful festival of provision and harvest.   In Luke 24:53 he reports that the disciples "returned to Jerusalem with great joy and stayed continually at the temple praising God".  These 120 disciples remained in constant prayer until the Feast of Weeks, also called Pentecost arrived at which time there was a great sound as a mighty wind which was the Holy Spirit and in the

form of tongues of fire rested on each of them, filling them and causing each one to speak in other tongues. Because it was the biblical Feast of Weeks which was celebrated annually for approximately 1,500 years before Jesus came many thousands of devout Jews from Israel and other nations were already in Jerusalem to celebrate as well as worship at the temple.  God allowed this supernatural pouring out of the Holy Spirit on the day when all godly Jewish men would be in the temple courts.  As it is recorded in Acts 2:5-7 each one heard them speaking in his own language.   At least 15 different languages were spoken that morning by Jesus' disciples.  The people were in awe at this great sign.   Peter stood and addressed the crowd in Acts 2:16-18.  He quoted the prophet Joel "In the last days God says I will pour out My Spirit on all people.... ".  Peter preached that day about the crucifixion and resurrection of Yeshua and that through Yeshua the Messiah there was forgiveness of sins and then they could receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.  On that awesome Feast of Weeks 3,000 Jewish souls were saved and became followers of the Lord Yeshua.  They in turn went back to their nations and led thousands to the Lord. At Mt. Sinai 1,500 years earlier during the season of Shavuot when Moses

went up to receive the ten commandments (the Law/Torah) from God and came back down the mountain to find the people in rebellion, worshipping a golden calf he threw the tablets down the mountain and destroyed the golden calf. On that horrible day of rebellion against God 3,000 people died (Ex. 32:28) but God in His mercy 1,500 years later allowed 3,000 people to be saved on Pentecost. Another main focus of the Feast of Weeks was the presentation of a wave offering to the Lord which consisted of two loaves of wheat bread baked with leaven.  As we learned in the article about Passover - leaven (yeast) represented sin.  These two loaves made with leaven represents the two people groups who had distrusted each other, the Jews and Gentiles who through Yeshua HaMachiach (Jesus, the Messiah) can become one.  The leaven shows that we are still earthly and imperfect and have not received our eternal and incorruptible bodies yet, therefore, we must allow the Holy Spirit to crucify our will and our rights daily. To enable the Jewish people to become a nation God gave the Law/ Torah to the Jewish people at Mt. Sinai 1,500 years before the Holy Spirit was poured out on Pentecost.   This was much more than an historical event but a far reaching spiritual experience that touched the essence

of the Jewish soul for all time. It was like a wedding between God and the Jewish people with the Torah acting as the marriage contract.  On Shavuot Israel became God's special nation and He became their God.  The Ten Commandments (Torah) have served as the foundation of moral existence throughout the world.   An earthly nation needs God's laws to function properly but a "holy nation" of New Covenant believers needs the power of God - the Holy Spirit living in them to function properly.  As it says in John 16:7 Jesus said it is better that He would depart because then He would send the Holy Spirit to his disciples.  By doing this Jesus fulfilled the Feast of Pentecost which enabled His bride, the church to live a victorious, powerful life in Him.  Co-ministers Lita Theodos and her husband, Kerry have a Training and Resource Center (worship & Judaica items) in Belleville, NJ as well as a Worship Dance School in Rutherford, NJ.  They are available for conferences, seminars, classes etc. and can be reached at (973) 661-5217 or by email at


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Global Day Of Prayer May 19, 2013

“The Relevant word” “Women, while you’re waiting” Apostle AJ Roney Recently I was privy to a conversation between several sisters on the topic of receiving invitations to weddings but desiring to be the one sending them out. I could feel their heart felt desire for companionship and partnership that matrimony brings, which prompted me to pray, meditate and begin writing. While you’re waiting for your Boaz there’s some necessary preparation. First you must realize that he will find you, Proverbs 18:22 He who finds a wife finds a good thing, And obtains favor from the LORD. Therefore if you want to be found you must put yourself in position to do so. And where you position yourself will dictate who finds you. Clubs and bars will bring about sporting fishermen who usually fish for game and by the numbers, so if you see yourself as more than a number by all means don’t fish there. Men that have become enlightened that life has a purpose and meaning and have a desire to share that with someone usually embrace creativity. These Men usually fish at poetry readings, art galleries or plays. When was the last time you went to your local museum? Preparation: Esther 2:12 Each young woman's turn came to go in to King Ahasuerus after she had completed twelve months' preparation, according to the regulations for the women, for thus were the days of their preparation apportioned: six months with oil of myrrh, and six months with perfumes and preparations for beautifying women. SIX months of Myrrh- Myrrh was used as a diuretic and this process was necessary because the women were from different cultures with different foods and practices. And we know that while garlic taste good and is

good for you it can be quite offensive coming out your pores. Therefore the Myrrh was used to clean these women out and this process lasted six months. Have you been cleaned out from your last relationship? Far too often we jump from relationship to relationship without taking the time to get cleaned out. Instead we take the trash from a bad relationship into another and it’s not until the nostalgia runs out that we realize that we’ve been a relational garbage truck taking pickups and never dumping out. Unresolved issues are the number one “Relationship wrecker” no one wants to pay for someone else’s mistakes and it’s rather unfair to expect someone to. There are some women who will wreck a relationship because of the fear of being hurt again; their thoughts are I’ll end it on my terms. This type of mindset is subtle, so to my sisters who think that it’s not them rewind your relationships and replay the beginning of the end. Six months with perfumes and preparations for beautifying;

After you’ve cleaned yourself out its time to work on you and tap into the beauty within. There’s

nothing more appealing than a woman who’s comfortable in the skin she’s in. Women spend so much time raising children and supporting their man’s dream that they lose their identity. There are so many sisters that find themselves on the rebound and not just from relationships with a man but when the kids go to college or go in the military they find themselves in a vulnerable state. Who are you my Sister and what do you like and where are you going? These are questions that you need to have the answers to, and I don’t mean the superficial scratch the surface answer. During the time of beautification investing in yourself is necessary, working out is good for you and it builds your selfesteem. How about those classes you never finished? There’s no time like the present. “What you think you deserve is what you’ll attract” By investing in yourself you’ll raise your self-worth and it will be apparent to everyone who encounters you. So while you’re waiting my Sister, make it worth your while and when Boaz comes you’ll be ready.

Relationship Transformation Love & Respect Wow! in this episode I take a look at two "needs" women and men have. Love and Respect. When the woman "feels" unloved or when the man "feels" disrespected; both of them are vulnerable to destructive relationship behaviors. I believe that the key to many, if not most relationship problems stem from the lack or the perceived lack of these two vital ingredients in the CLICK TO LISTEN relationship. God in his infinite wisdom speaks to this when he, through the writings of Paul, tells men to love their wives and wives to obey (respect) your husbands. In this episode I share some points of examination and areas of possible change to affect the start of the transformation process in your marriage. Listen to my broadcast to find out some things to you might want to start doing right away to see a change... right a way! Each week Pastor Rick Greene talks in detail about Dating, Love, Marriage, Sex, and Divorce so that you can be armed with all of the insight you need to have the optimum relationship which God intended you to have. How to build up and not tear down. How to strengthen and not destroy. How to have great a Relationship with the man or woman in your life. If you would like to be a guest call 862-888-8238. If you would like to ask a question email them to Or if you would like to listen to the live show Saturdays at 11pm call 646-652-2581. Or listen to all of the MCR shows on the web at

Bishop Frank Dupree & David Tyree

Helping Hand


Classification Officer Completes Program, Serves as Police Chaplain During a meeting of the Newark Police Clergy Alliance more than two years ago, Esther Rosa found out about a program through which the alliance trains and certifies ministers to perform chaplaincy work throughout the community. By the time the meeting had ended, Rosa, a classification officer at Northern State Prison, already had decided to become involved. “My calling, my spiritual gift is to perform ministry work wherever I’m needed,” said Rosa, an ordained minister since 2004. “What I learned at that meeting was that there would be a multi-cultural group of people who would be trained to work together to help with the spiritual and emotional needs of our citizens. Not only would we be serving our officers and firefighters and their family members, but we we’d be serving any individual in the city who needs assistance.”

Esther Rosa is a member of the Newark Police Clergy Alliance’s Class of 2012.

Rosa and 32 classmates spent nearly a year in an intensive program exploring such topics as “Stress Management,” Ecumenicalism,” “Moral Discretion” and “Listening and Communications Skills.” Upon completion of the curriculum, a commencement

ceremony was held September 8, 2012, at Newark’s Calvary Gospel Church. As police chaplains, the graduates were qualified to perform a wide variety of functions. For example, a police chaplain can assist police officers during a crisis situation in which the presence of a trained chaplain could prove beneficial; visit sick or injured members of the police department at home or in the hospital; and act as a liaison with ministerial

associations on matters relating to the moral, spiritual and religious welfare on police personnel. Graduates of the program are required to serve as volunteer chaplains a minimum of 12 hours per month. Rosa, who volunteers for more than 20 hours some months, currently serves as a pastoral counselor at a pair of Newark hospitals -- the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ) and Columbus Hospital. “It’s been so rewarding,” said Rosa, the mother of three adult children. “One day, I was at the hospital (UMDNJ), and a notification was sent out that a priest was needed in the Trauma Unit, as per the request of the family members of a patient. I approached the family and explained to them that while I’m not a priest, I am a minister and a chaplain and that I was willing to help. I went on to pray for the patient and speak at length to the family. They were so grateful, and I came away with a true sense of satisfaction that I was able to apply what I’d learned. For me, there is no better feeling.” As an added bonus, Rosa, who has been employed by the New Jersey Department of Corrections since 1990, believes her chaplaincy work has had a positive impact on her performance in the workplace. “You learn to look at people and try to understand why they might be angry or have a certain stress level,” she explained. “Then you respond accordingly. I find myself applying those lessons as a chaplain, on the job and in my everyday life.”

Wooten-Troutman is Presented with Community Outreach Award Another NJDOC chaplain, Rev. Denise Wooten-Troutman of the Office of Chaplaincy, received the New Jersey Foundation of Leadership, Education and Arts Development’s 2013 Community Outreach Award on behalf of Workmen Devoted to Edifying the Body of Christ Evangelistic Church in Berlin, which she founded and serves as pastor. The award was presented during a luncheon held February 17 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Cherry Hill.

Rev. Denise Wooten-Troutman (left) receives the 2013 Community Outreach Award from Dorothy Brocco, a board member of the New Jersey Foundation of Leadership, Education and Arts Development.

Business Transformation I can do it myself faster than taking to the time to show someone else and correcting their mistakes... I might as well just do it from the start. The truth is that delegating will take more time in the beginning. However it can save you hours, days, and weeks if you do it the right way. There are some steps to delegating successfully. You need to create a workflow, and and then teach someone how to use it. Here’s how to do it. In 4 simple steps. 1 What is the workflow? Anything that requires repetition is something that you can and should be delegating in your business. Answering the sending out orders, checking prices, phone, deleting junk email, calling to remind customers of appointments, etc..

Pick out one simple task that you could delegate. How much time would that same over a month? A year? 2 Fine Tune the workflow. Get rid of the non essential steps and minimize the use of tools needed to complete the job. Remember that you don’t want to have to have someone as good as you doing your work (they will charge too much) but you should use your talents to make a workflow so that others who are not at your skill level will be able to do your job because of the systems which you’ve invented and implemented.

Notice what you’re doing and seek out what steps could be eliminated if you modified you workflow. Would it possible make it easier for others to carry out?


3. Write the workflow. This is where most people fail their businesses. They expect others to simply “know” after all its just commonsense right? Wrong! Everyone filters things through their own set of preferences.don’t make you people have to “figure out” what you want when you can simply show them from the start.

Pick the right tools (simple is better) for the job. And make it happen. 4. Give out the workflow. Action! Beta testing. Remember that as your people go through your workflow they may find flaws and even better, (faster & cheaper) ways to improve upon you system... Thats a good thing! Do not be so locked into your system that you overlook the benefits and insights that those whom you have brought in to help you will bring to the table.

Have your people work through your system a few time and then get their feedback... Then tweak. This will put a system in place which can be repeated and delegated.

Personally I am usually predisposed to try out new ideas my people bring me if they seem sound, of course.

People Who Are Transforming Newark!

Kim’s Korner TV Talk Show Host Kim Brown Northward Councilman Darren Sharif

Bishop Elroy Benn Founder of Deliverance Christian Fellowship Church Minister Brenda Bristol Host of The New Caribbean Talk Show “Stay Connected”

You May Not Be Familiar With Their Names But They Are Transforming Newark Through Their Work.

Messianic Teacher & Founder of Living Waters Ministries Minister Lita Theodos

Charity Baptist Church & Newark Police Clergy Alliance Founder Pastor, Leslie L. Jones, Jr - Ret. NPD Sgt. Newark Police Chief Sheila Coley Ray of Hope Ministries Founder Pastor Gennie Holte

Goodwill Rescure Mission Executive Director Ron Shober with Kim Brown

Strollers & Rollers Founder, Senior & Disabled Advocate William Elmore

Dominion Ministries, ReMA, & Transformation Newark Founder Rev. Dr. Bernard Wilks

Greater Life Youth Ministry Founders Michael & Maria Westbrook

Transformation Through Education

Have you ever thought about attending bible college? Eastern Theological Seminary’s fall semester has Eastern Theological Seminary’s 2013 Spring semester Join us. Its not to late, to find out more and to here. Join us. Its not to1st late, to find out more and to register. Course offerings are, & 2nd Timothy, Titus and register. Nowhat matter what yourwe situation, we will work No matter your situation, will work with yoU to Happiness. Enrollment is currently open. with you to continue your education. continue your education.

“… And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. ”     Come renew your mind, study for a degree, or come just to learn. Scholarships are still available. Call Dr. Bernard Wilks at 973-273-9200 or 973-563-5333 for more info or simply come out Mondays at 7pm. Classes held in the Dominion Home office at 83 James Street, Newark, NJ. 62

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A TNM Publication

Going Through The Storm by Curtis D. Mincey

Going through a storm is part of the journey of every human being on this planet. It doesn’t matter what country you live in, or what language you speak, or what clothes you wear. A storm is just a part of everyday life. It’s like breathing and eating. You have to do both in order to survive. A storm is an essential part of our existence. Why? Because it test us, it shapes us, it molds us. It’s the process of going through the storm that let’s us see who we really are. It’s during that time in the storm that we find out who is a worshipper of God and who isn’t.

There are a lot of resources out there that will tell us how to survive a natural storm such as a tornado or hurricane. They will advise us to take shelter, stay indoors, stay away from windows. Be prepared for when the power goes out and the stores close. But what about that spiritual storm? What are we supposed to do then? What type of preparations are we supposed to make? The reality is that a lot of people don’t know what to do, they don’t know what type of preparations to make. Because a lot of people don’t believe they will be in a storm. So how should ministry leaders address this issue.

1. Tell your people that when the storm comes don’t panic. When you panic nothing gets done. Why because panic can cause a person to try to do too much at one time. Doing too much at one time causes certain things not to be done at all. Or causes certain things to not be completed, which means that there will be areas of vulnerability which can make the results of the storm worse. 2. Tell your people to stand still and see the salvation of the Lord. When we take the time to pray and seek God’s counsel we give the Lord the chance to work it out. When we stop trying and just let God do what He does things work out for the better according to His will. We may not always like the end result but the truth is God knows what is best for us: And what is good for us is to be in His will in His kingdom. 3. Tell them to keep their eyes on Jesus. I know that the storms of life are raging all around us. It looks like the boat is going to sink, the building is going to collapse, and the ground is going to sink. But if you keep your eyes on Jesus you will be able to weather the storm. When we keep our eyes on the Savior then we will be able to see Him as our shelter and we will be able to run into it. We just have to continue to believe that Jesus will work it out. Yes it’s difficult and at times seems impossible but we have to walk by faith and not by sight.

4. Tell them to trust in the Lord and don’t spend too much time trying to figure things out. The thing to remember is that we don’t need to know why we are in the storm and we shouldn’t waste our time trying to figure out how to get out of the storm. But we should just trust that our Lord Jesus is there with us as we go through the storm over to the other side. Life is a journey that requires faith and endurance. Our God has given us that strength through Christ Jesus to endure. 5. Tell them to pray, pray, and pray some more. We don’t have to worry we don’t have to be scared. We don’t have wonder and over think our situation. All we have to do is pray. All we have to do is continue to worship. All we have to do is be humble and remember our past and how the Lord brought us through those many past storms and trust in Him to bring us through our present storms. 6. Tell your people not to complain. Complaining will not and does not move the hand of God. Complaining and grumbling, and murmuring will not change a thing. But while you are in the storm recognize who is in the storm with you. God will not put us through more than what we can handle, and remember that the grace of God is sufficient for all of His children. To God be the glory.

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A Metro Christian / Transformation Newark Publication

On Thursday May 2nd ReMA The Resident Minister’s Alliance hosted the National Day of Pray on the steps of Newark City Hall.

Pastor Harold Vaughn of Soldier’s of the Cross International Ministries was the keynote speaker



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Worship Dance School Spring 2013

ad Sea etc.



n Belleville, NJ.

rchase during Students will Visa and offer for an appointe us to minister er requests or p you notified

serves the local dership of your

r His glory!

Offering classes Monday evenings (May 6th to June 17th-not Memorial Day) for children and adults (men/women) in: * Flags/Banners * Jewish Roots * Messianic Dance Call Living Waters Ministries at (973) 661-5217 or email to register, info. etc. Classes held at: Abundant Grace Christian Church 70 Home Ave., Rutherford, NJ 07070 Pastor Steve Hannett

prophecy rooms at IHOPEG. She fellowships at IHOP in

prophecy IHOPEG.Has She fellowships at IHOP Worship Dance School Schedule/Certificate Program Cranford androoms Westat Paterson. taught the Word of in Worship Dance School Schedule/Certificate ProgramGod Cranford and West Paterson. Has taught the Word of in NJ/NY. Was a prayer minister, elder at Jesus the God in NJ/NY. Was a prayer minister, elder at Jesus the The following classes held Monday evenings, May 6th Word of Life Church, North Arlington and was orThe to following classes held Monday evenings, May 6th Word of Life Church, North Arlington and was ordained 10 years ago by Dayspring Ministries. June 17th (except for Memorial Day) dained 10 years ago by Dayspring Ministries. to June 17th (except for Memorial Day) “Dance as David Danced” - Jewish Roots & “Dance as David Danced” - Jewish Roots & Children’s class (6 yrs. to 10 yrs.), 6:00 pm to 6:55 pm Messianic Dance by Lita Theodos, founder and direcChildren’s class (6 yrs. to 10 yrs.), 6:00 pm to 6:55 pm Messianic DanceMinistries by Lita Theodos, founder and direcCombination Messianic Dance and Flags. tor of Living Waters for the past 20 years. Lita, Combination Messianic Dance and Flags. tor of Living Waters Ministries for the past 20 years. a Jewish believer serves with her husband, Kerry as co- Lita, Adult/Youth (12 yrs. and up), 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm a Jewish serves with her husband, Kerry as coAdult/Youth (12Flags/Banners yrs. and up), 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm ministers ofbeliever Living Waters Ministries. They have a Trainministers of Living Waters Ministries. They have Flags/Banners ing and Resource Center in Belleville, NJ which is de-a Training and Resource in Belleville, NJ which is de8:15 pm to 9:15 pm - Jewish Roots & Messianic Dance signed to help peopleCenter soar into their destiny, be healed, 8:15 pm to 9:15 pm - Jewish Roots & Messianic Dance signed to help people soar into their destiny, be healed,

understand their Jewish roots, enter into deeper worship understand theirprepare Jewish for roots, deeper worship with our King and theenter soon into return of our with our King andHer prepare forand the calling soon return of our 1) Bridegroom, Jesus. passion is to help the Bridegroom, Jesus. Her passion and calling is to help the i- 2) church enter into deeper community with one another and ediinto deeper She community withteaches one another be church set free enter of past wounds. dances and em- and e be set free of past wounds. She dances and teaches em3) phasizing how much love God has for us, His bride (the phasizing muchreflected love Godinhas us, His bride church). Thishow is often herfor testimony of how(the ’ church). This is often reflected in her testimony Students can take class under the Certificate Program or God transformed her from being a battered womanoftohow Students can take class under the Certificate Program or Goda transformed beingJesus a battered to not. For those not taking the Certificate Program, fulfill- living victorious lifeher in from her Lord, Christ.woman She led not. For those not taking the Certificate Program, fulfillliving a victorious life in her Lord, Jesus Christ. She ment of the requirements are optional. A Certificate of dance ministry for many years at Beth Israel Messi- led r as ment of the requirements are optional. A Certificate of thethe danceand ministry forballet manyasyears at Beth Israel Completion will be issued after final class for those enrolled. anic Center studied a child. Dance wasMessiher Completion will be issued after final class for those enrolled. anic Center and studied ballet as growing a child. up. Dance way of communing with God while Shewas alsoher way of communing withKerry God while She also Class/Teacher Description dances with her husband, who isgrowing Greek. up. As Jew ing Class/Teacher Description her husband, who is Greek. Jew anddances Greekwith (Gentile) togetherKerry they illustrate God’s As purpose de and Greek (Gentile) together they illustrate God’s purpose cal for marriage as well as the Church, to be one (echad) in ysical for marriage as well as Abundant the Church, to beChristian one (echad) in Christ. They both attend Grace he Christ. They both attend Abundant Grace Christian Church in Rutherford, NJ. Church in Rutherford, NJ. e It is crucial in these end times for the church to learn the It isits crucial inroots, these end times for thewith church learn nd about Jewish its relationship Israeltoand to e and about its Jewish roots, its relationship with Israel and to to we gain revelation in this area so it can have and know how es we gain revelation in this area so it can have and know how share the supernatural love of Messiah with Jewish peo- to supernatural love of Messiah Jewish people.share Thisthe class will help you have a deeperwith understanding ple. This class will help you have a deeper understanding of these things as well as introduce you to Messianic dance of these thingsway as well as introduce dance in which is a great to experience theyou joy to of Messianic the Lord for d which is a great way to experience the joy of the Lord and men, women and youth. This is also a must for people for Warfare” by Valerie Forstenhausler the men, involved women and youth.worship This is who also awant musttofor people n “Flag/Banner in dance have more “Flag/Banner Warfare” by Valerie Forstenhausler thealready already involved in dance worship who want to have more founder of Flame Upon My Heart Ministry. Valerie has beenof an overall spiritual impart in their ministries for Christ. founder of Flame Upon My Heart Ministry. Valerie has been ministering in the area of worship dance and banners for 10 of an overall spiritual impart in their ministries for Christ. ministering in the of worship dance andbeauty banners for 10 ’ years. Her heart is toarea worship the Lord in the of His years. Her heart is to worship the Lord in the beauty of ve, Holiness and to help others enter into spirit led prophetic His Holinessfrom and to othersheart entertointo led prophetic . movement thehelp Father’s Hisspirit children’s heart. movement from the Father’s heart to His children’s elais currently teaching children’s classes at IHOPEGheart. in o SheShe is currently teaching children’s classes at IHOPEG in c. to Cranford and in Edison, NJ. Over the past years she has rd Cranford and in Edison, NJ. Over the past years she has Word ministered at various churches, conferences to help bring ministered at so various churches, conferences bring nnd heaven to earth that His Kingdom glory will to behelp maniheaven to earth so that His Kingdom glory will be manid and fested here on earth to touch hearts, change lives and to fested here touch and to . bring glory to on Hisearth She hashearts, taughtchange at the lives Living bringWorship glory to & HisHealing name. School, She hashas taught at the Living Interested in learning Messianic dance? Waters led the banner Interested Messianic dance? Waters Worship & Healing School, has led the banner Experience thein joylearning of the Lord through dance! wn ministry at Calvary Tabernacle and had a Christian radio Experience the joy of the Lord through dance! ministry at Calvary Tabernacle haddoing a Christian radio “Let everything down that has breath praise the Lord” Psalm 150:6 ministry teaching on worship. Sheand is now dance and “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord” Psalm 150:6 ministry teaching on worship. She is now doing dance and banner worship at Heaven’s Invasion, Cranford and the banner worship at Heaven’s Invasion, Cranford and the

es stries

Certificate Program Requirements (Adults/Youth) Certificate Attend at least 5 Program classes Requirements (Adults/Youth) 1) Attend at least 5 classesat Living Waters Book required (available 2) Book required at Living Waters Resource Center -(available discount for students) Resource Center discount for students) Pass exam based on required reading 3) Pass exam based on required reading

Apostle AJ Roney

"Sisters make him pull his up and you can lay yours down" Now that I have your attention, there’s a horrible fad that has swept the nation and it’s called “Sagging”. This fad has assaulted both our eyesight and senses as we’ve been forced to see men, both young and Old’s underwear as they allow their pants to hang below their butt. However a revelation came to me that my Sisters have the power to change this fad with the power of their influence. As a young man I quickly realized that if I wanted to get a date I had to be well dressed and groomed because that’s what women demanded at that time. A man is a hunter by nature and the number 1 target that’s constantly in his sight is a woman, whether it’s to get her or to keep her and some just want as many as they can have but that’s a topic for a later date. So I would like to indulge your thinking about the influence my Sisters have and if they wielded it wisely they could assist our Brothers in not only pulling up their pants but by raising their expectations, which in turn would allow my Sisters to lay down the shield that they have had to put up because of my Brothers lack of Manhood. Women have had influence from the Garden,

Gen. 3:6 So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree desirable to make one wise, she took of its fruit and ate. She also gave to her husband with her, and he ate. Adam knew that he was wrong but ate of the fruit anyway because of influence. There was only one Eve and she had it going on! Eve was fine and Adam said I have to keep mine happy because I never seen anything in my life this fine! LOL! These words should sound familiar because that’s how we respond when we find the ONE. 1Timothy 2:14 And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.

Woman”. We even have songs “You have to use what you got to get what you want” Now I’m not trying to put the responsibility on man’s ineptness on my sister, I just want to ask if you’ve raised your expectations above the waist line? Women know how to move their man when they want so let’s start by moving him to put a belt on and tighten it around his waist. Move him to do more than play PlayStation with the fellas. When, “Thug Love” became an acceptable practice belts were thrown out, Timbs were put on and white tees jumped off the shelves, why? Because men wanted to give you what you wanted and what your expectations demanded.

As you see in the scripture above Adam wasn’t deceived but he chose to Sin. This is a clear indication of the influence that Eve had. And there is a law that governs what appears in the Bible for the first time and it’s called “The Law of first mention.” This is the first example of interaction between Man and Woman and we see that she has influence on the decisions that he makes.

Studies show that more women die from heart attacks due to stress, why? Because their carrying weight that their not built to carry. The word Father in Hebrew means Patter, meaning foundation, and if the foundation is jacked up the whole house is falling down! And that’s what we see in our Falling society. When our Brothers get it together my Sisters will be able to lay their shields down because that Man will protect you and you won’t have to defend and hunt for yourself.

There are many example of great falls or risings of Men with a woman attached to it, we even have a saying, and “Behind every good Man is a good

So I ask, what are your expectations and how are you using your influence.

Ministry of the Month Minds In Motion Ministries “Be Ye Transformed By The Renewing Of Your Mind”

Apostle AJ Roney Sunday Worship: 11AM 74 Prospect St. East Orange, NJ 973-289-5485

Apostle Roney In Pakistan

Financial Transformation

Smart Living During Lean Times Addison Hardy, CPA

Are your finances tight, money is funny, change strange and you find yourself looking under the sofa cushions for change? Well, here are some Smart Money suggestions for lean times: • Have a Budget and stick to it • Trim the fat • Cook at home and eat out less • Car purchases- Look at the gas mileage • Car purchases – Buy a used car • Shop for clothes in your closet • Get in shape • Keep some type of health care insurance • Get a 2nd job • Fireproof your job (as best as possible) – Be pleasant; professional; don’t tell people off; document your successes

Reduce trips in the car to save gas • Wash your own car instead of going to the car wash • Buy groceries in bulk • Use a shopping list and stick to it • Understand the value of what you buy (ie. A waffle iron on sale at 30% off is a good value if you make waffles and don’t have one. If I have 2 waffle irons then the value isn’t the same) • Do you need furniture?  Consider buying at a good 2nd hand store  Consider reupholstering the furniture you want to replace.  When making major purchases  Be prepared to negotiate for a better deal  Don’t make snap decisions  Compare prices  Do the math Remember that when times are lean every little bit helps!!! •


The NJ Christian Media Association


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Business Transformation Some of the highest paid writers are those who create headlines for magazines. Aren’t you even tempted to grab a magazine because of a headline that you read on the cover? Thats the power of a great headline... They grab people! Results getting headlines follow a pattern, so I want to share with you 5 templates to get you started to write effective headlines for your business or organization. THE HOW TO HEADLINE This headline links the benefit of reading it to the needs the reader will care about. Example: How To Eat A Lot And Lose A Lot How To Get More Clients Without Spending Alot On Ads THE TRANSACTIONAL HEADLINE This Headline Is About Making A Promise. However, Make Sure Your Content Can Deliver On Its Promise Example: Give Us 22 Minutes And We Will Give You The World Read Transformation Magazine And Gain Control Of Your Life THE REASON WHY HEADLINE Studies Show That Using The Word “because” In Your Requests Makes It More Likely You Will Get A Favorable Response. Use The Power Of The “Reason Why” In Your Articles Example: Why More People Aren’t Reading Your Work 6 Reasons To Put A Video Message On You Website THE PROBING QUESTION HEADLINE Ask A Question That Causes People To Want To Know The Answer. It Should Create A Sense Of Curiosity. Example: What Do You Do To Find A Spouse? How Do You Keep The Romance In Your Marriage? THE IF-THEN HEADLINE Ask Your Reader To Do Something Simple To Get A Major Benefit Example: If You Sign Up You Will Get A Free Ebook... If You Follow These Ideas You Will Get More Readers.

Business Transformation

How to Write a Headline That Makes People Read Your Article! Read for Two Minutes and Transform Your Writing Great Headlines! The Reason Why will More People Read Your Articles? Why You Don’t Have More Readers And How To Get Them If You Read This, Then More People Will Read You!

The Bible Teaching Ministry of Pastor Rick Greene

Ministry Schedule DATE

Wednesday 5/1 Noon Thursday 5/2 7pm Wednesday 5/8 Noon Thursday 5/9 7pm Sunday 5/12 11am Wednesday 5/15 Noon Thursday 5/16 7pm Wednesday 5/22 Noon Thursday 5/23 7pm Sunday 5/26 4pm Wednesday5/29 Noon Thursday 5/30 7pm


Noon Day Prayer Bible Study The Book of John Noon Day Prayer Bible Study The Book of John Preaching Noon Day Prayer Bible Study The Book of John Noon Day Prayer Bible Study The Book of John Preaching Noon Day Prayer Bible Study The Book of John


Metropolitan Baptist Church 149 Springfield Ave., Newark, NJ Faith & Hope Ministries 350 Lafayette St. 2nd Fl., Newark, NJ Metropolitan Baptist Church 149 Springfield Ave., Newark, NJ Faith & Hope Ministries 350 Lafayette St. 2nd Fl., Newark, NJ Charity Baptist Church 51 Jones St, Newark, NJ Metropolitan Baptist Church 149 Springfield Ave., Newark, NJ Faith & Hope Ministries 350 Lafayette St. 2nd Fl., Newark, NJ Metropolitan Baptist Church 149 Springfield Ave., Newark, NJ Faith & Hope Ministries 350 Lafayette St. 2nd Fl., Newark, NJ Dominion Fellowship Ministries 216 16th Avenue, Newark, NJ Metropolitan Baptist Church 149 Springfield Ave., Newark, NJ Faith & Hope Ministries 350 Lafayette St. 2nd Fl., Newark, NJ

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City Transformation

General Water Facts

1. The majority of Americans (almost 300 million people) get their tap water from public water systems. The other 15 percent receive water from private water systems not subject to government regulation. 2. Most tap water contains fluoride, a salt compound that helps to prevent cavities. Too much fluoride can decrease bone strength. 3. 780 million people lack access to improved drinking water supplies and 2.5 billion people — half of the developing world — lack access to adequate sanitation.

4. The EPA requires all community water systems in America to reporter drinking water quality systems to its customers annually. This includes details on where the water comes from, what contaminants have been found in the water, and the potential health effects. 5. Americans use 346,000 million gallons of fresh water every day. 6. The CDC declared drinking water fluoridation as one of the top 10 public health achievements of the 20th century. 7. Some old water pipes still contain lead, which is a poisonous metal when consumed. Each year, 480,000 children develop learning disabilities due to lead exposure.

8. The United States uses about 80 percent of its fresh water for irrigation and electricity. 9. Diseases like schistosomiasis (caused by parasites) and guinea worm disease could decrease by 80 percent with the help of improved hygiene, sanitation, and drinking water. In addition, safe drinking water and improved hygiene could reduce the global disease burden by more than 9 percent. 10. There are over 2,100 known drinking water contaminants that may be present in tap water in any given region. 11. Over 300,000 groundwater sites in the U.S. are contaminated and therefore harmful to human and animal health.

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Ministry Transformation

Misconceptions And Ideas About Mega Churches That May Help Your Ministry Grow Things you can learn from a Mega Church

1. Big churches don’t understand the struggles of a small church.

2. Big churches focus on outreach and not discipling their own people.

Their viewpoint is different and so they really can’t relate to “small church” problems

Most big churches ARE concerned about discipleship. Not just numbers but true spiritual transformation.

The fact is that almost all big churches started off small. The were either upstarts or plants and didn’t grow overnight but in stages. And as a result, they have the understanding to help smaller churches break the traditional growth barriers of 50, 100, 200, 500, and more. It is almost impossible to help a church break through these barriers unless you have been through it. Seek their help for your ministry.

The truth is that they must work in this area with focus. Because they have so many and diverse members, they are often very strategic about discipleship classes, mentoring programs, bible studies and leadership classes. As a result, their discipleship offerings are often among the best.

3. Big churches spend their money on themselves and not the poor. Almost all big churches are not spending their resources on their own congregation, but are usually the most generous givers to social programs and causes, equality and justice ministries and local and international missions. Usually in their early formative period they did tend to spend their money more strategically to ensure growth which will later allow them to be more generous when they have grown substantially. They don’t waste money on things that don’t produce growth. And as they grow their missions giving grew. This is a view into strategic Kingdom stewardship.

4. Big churches do not care about smaller churches. Most big churches have a passion to build the Kingdom and thus to help other churches reach their potential.

Big churches do work hard developing resources, conferences, seminars and other events to foster better leadership. And they produce some of the best resources, and curriculum for other churches.

5. Big churches grow by killing off the competition. Most big church do not mainly grow through transfers. Most often their growth is through outreach. New conversion or restoration. They tend to put strong emphasis on evangelism and build strategies for reaching the unchurched. In fact, large churches serve more as “feeders” to smaller churches than “eaters” of smaller churches. So not only do large churches send people to smaller churches, they can teach smaller churches the best in evangelistic methodology and mindset.

Global Day Of Prayer May 19, 2013

Newark Military Park 7pm Click to Learn More

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Photography-Videography Graphic & Web Design A New Year... A Clearer Focus 862-888-8238

The Church At Newark Relationships with Pastor Rick TransformationMagazine.Net

May 2013: Transformation Newark Magazine  

Newark's only magazine focusing on Life Transformation, News, Events, Activies, and the work of the church in the New Jersey's largest city.

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