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Volume 2 Issue 4

How To Get Your Message Out!

April 2013

REDISCOVERING THE FEASTS IN CHRISTIANITY A Greek & Jewish couple Train Christian Leaders in the ways of God

Wants Vs. Needs knowing the difference makes all the difference!

Newark Public Access Channel Guide Ministers Kerry & Lita Theodos

In This Issue Transformation Newark magazine is a monthly publication focused on changing the city of newark through the Nehemiah model of rebuilding a city. And through providing practical information and tips to transform lives. CONTRIBUTORS Elder Addison Hardy Minister Curtis Mincey Minister Lita Theodos PUBLISHER Rick Greene In cooperation with Dominion Ministries & The Urban Convocation Strategic Operations Council’s Media & Technology Department

Dominion Fellowship Ministries 83 James Street Newark, New Jersey 07102 973-273-9200

God’s Plan For Redemption Know Your Police Department Goodwill Rescue Mission Making An impact Cablevision Local Programming Guide Darren Sharrif’s State of the Central Ward Address Aspertane:

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Cover: Ministers Lita & Kerry Theodos



Pastor A. T. Locke On the Appointment to the Office of Apostle

EDITORIAL The Magazine Wow. After six issues and over 500,000 page views we are still standing. We have attracted new ministry partners and advertisers, and our future looks bright. We are still in need of contributors and more sponsors and advertisers. But all things in God’s time. The Mission I once preached a message at Metropolitan Baptist Church in Newark entitled, “What Is The Mission”. That message asked a very important question. Do you have an answer to that question? Would you be hard press for an answer? If so then I implore you to lay before the God until you are sure of your calling and your assignment (mission). Our’s is simple. Spreading the word of God through technology. And assisting the Body to grow in the unity of the faith and in service to the Kingdom. The Message Our message is simplistic. We must be Transformed by renewing our minds. Read Transformation Newark Magazine monthly and you will be able to make some immediate changes in your life. And by the way be sure to share with me your thoughts about our magazine... Your comments can only make us better. . - Pastor Rick

Life Transformation

Cholesterol! How to: Lower The BAD & Raise The GOOD Cholesterol seems to be clogging up the arteries of America these days. And with so many products such as fat-free dairy, statins, margarine, and plants oils available to fight this dreaded problem, it begs the question, What did people do before these products. Remember when we ate bacon and eggs for breakfast every morning. Remember when we ate tons of beef and pork, and lets not forget the butter! On everything! There was no fat free milk and yet there was very little heart disease. Cholesterol, and saturated fat, are not necessarily unhealthy. People who eliminate trans fat and carbohydrates from grains (soda, pasta, bread, desserts) see major drops in bad cholesterol and triglycerides despite continuing to eat cholesterol-rich foods like red meat, eggs, cream, and butter. In fact, there’s good reason to question the reigning “lipid hypothesis“, which posits that dietary cholesterol clogs the arteries and leads to heart disease. LDL (bad) cholesterol builds up in the arteries not from how many omelets you eat, but in response to inflammation. This is triggered by a diet high in trans fat and processed carbohydrates, not saturated fat. If you want to lower your cholesterol, what you’re really talking about is improving your health and reducing your risk of heart disease, right? Right. So be sure that along with lowering bad (LDL) cholesterol you boost good (HDL) cholesterol and control inflammation. These foods will help you do just that!

1. The grain issue. Most cholesterol-lowering guides will recommend that you switch refined carbohydrates to whole-grain carbohydrates (such as whole-wheat pasta and whole-grain bread). If you’ve been living on a diet of starchy carbohydrates, this switch will help lower your cholesterol. But to really lower your cholesterol – and reduce inflammation, which is just as significant to heart health and more significant for overall health – eliminate grains entirely. Yes – you read that correctly. Here’s why you need to banish even complex grain carbohydrates from your diet.

5. Take advantage of every opportunity for Omega-3ʹ′s. Switch from regular eggs to DHA-enhanced eggs. They’re all over the place and relatively inexpensive. 6. Fish: the multi-tasker. Eat wild, fatty, cold-water fish and consider a fish oil supplement. (Best bets: wild, Alaskan salmon, wild mackerel, Nordic sardines.) Fish is the richest source of Omega-3 fatty acids, so aim for two or three portions a week. Make sure you choose wild, cold-water fish to reduce exposure to chemicals like mercury.

2. Eat fruit instead of guzzling juice.

7. Garlic.

If you are going to eat something sweet, first make sure it’s fruit instead of desserts and candies. But choose fruit, not fruit juice. The benefit of fruit comes from the fiber, so if you drink juice, you’re losing that wonderful benefit and essentially drinking sugar water.

Garlic is wonderful for your cardiovascular system and as part of the allium family of plants it’s a natural anti-inflammatory. Other great foods that reduce inflammation: ginger, curry, and chili peppers.

3. Eat at least 5 servings of vegetables daily, and work up to 9. Good ones are colorful bell peppers, chili peppers, and broccoli. 4. Raise your good cholesterol! We tend to focus on the negative, but it’s equally important to raise your good cholesterol. Do this with a daily serving of essential fatty acids from avocados, nuts, olive oil, nut oils, and nut butters.

8. Onions ‘n things. Whether it’s scallions, leeks, chives, white onions, red onions, or shallots, these flavorful bulbs are terrific for quelling inflammation and healing your arteries. Onions also contain high levels of quercetin, an important flavonoid that reduces cholesterol. Try to eat some every day. In general, focus on eating only fresh, whole, unprocessed foods: meats, fish, eggs, vegetables, legumes, fruits, and nuts.

Ministry of the Month

Living Waters Ministries Ministers Lita & Kerry Theodos

Training & Resource Center Mill Street, Belleville, NJ 973-661-5217


Living Waters Ministries Worship Dance School Will be offering classes for children and adults in Messianic Worship Dance & Flags/Banners Monday evenings, May 6th (except Memorial Day) through June 17th at The Abundant Grace Christian Church, 70 Home Ave., Rutherford, NJ. Early bird registration through April 25th, group discounts (4 or more) Call (973) 661-5217 or email for brochure, fees,  to register, info. etc. *****************

Also, join us Sat., April 20th, 2 pm to 5 pm for our FREE Worship teaching on “Weapons of Warfare” at our Training & Resource Center, Belleville, NJ Learn about spiritual warfare and how to use the weapons (flags, streamers & tabrets) to wage war! Call (973) 661-5217 or email to register (MUST)   for April 20th teaching, get directions, info. etc. Teaching is free but we will be taking a love offering for work of the ministry 

Resources available: Worship garments, Flags, Streamers, Tabrets, Shofars, Tallits, Books, Jewelry, DVDs, Anointing oil, Candles, Judaica, Art, Spanish items, T-shirts, Scarves etc

God's Plan of Redemption The Seven Feasts of The Lord by Minister Lita Theodos, a Jewish believer, founder and director of Living Waters Ministries

Part 1 -

The Feasts of Passover, Unleavened Bread and First Fruits The Feasts of the Lord are God's appointed times with us. The Hebrew word for Feasts are "Moadim" and means appointed times. The seven major Feasts reflect God's entire plan of redemption for mankind from the time that Jesus was crucified to the Marriage of the Lamb. Unfortunately, because the church had gotten away from studying it's Hebraic roots we rarely ever celebrate these Feasts in the church anymore. However, in these last days God is calling His Bride, His Church to come back to her Jewish roots so she can have deeper revelation of His Word and learn how to show the love of Messiah to the Jewish people. This is all crucial for true transformation whether it be in Newark or elsewhere. Understanding the Feasts will help us to restore the One New Man which is Jew and Gentile through Messiah being grafted together into the Olive tree with Yeshua (Jesus' Hebrew name) as the root (Romans 11:16-17). It says in Amos 9:11 "On that day I will raise up the tabernacle of David, which has fallen down". God is restoring the revelation of the One New Man to the church. This is also reflected in Acts 15 which shows that the rebuilding of the tabernacle of David includes the Gentiles. Yeshua said in Ephesians 2:14 "He has come to tear down the dividing wall between the two groups". In Romans 11:11 Apostle Paul is saying to the Gentile believers to "provoke the Jewish people to jealousy". However, we cannot provoke the Jewish people to jealousy if we do not

know anything about our own Jewish heritage or if we do not have a supernatural love for Israel and the Jewish people. Studying the Feasts helps bring that deeper level of understanding, revelation and love. Lev. 23 describes all the major Feasts. These Feasts are not only historical but are also prophetic in their meaning for us as believers in Christ. Some have been fulfilled but some have not yet been fulfilled. There were 3 major festival/religious seasons for the Hebrew people when the men were called to go up to the Temple in Jerusalem to worship. The first season was the Passover season which included the Feasts of Passover, Unleavened Bread and First Fruits. The Jewish people celebrated Passover for 1,500 years before Jesus came. God gave the Feasts originally to the Jewish people because they were a foreshadowing of the coming Messiah. In this way they would know the one the Prophets spoke of. When Jesus came some Jewish people believed that He was The Messiah others did not. The first church was Jewish. In those days the question was how can a Gentile be saved - now the question is how can a Jewish person be saved? Exodus 12 tells the story of the first Passover when the Israelites after hundreds of years of slavery in Egpyt were set free. It was the blood of the Passover lamb that saved the Israelites from the Angel of Death who struck down every firstborn in Egypt. As believers it the the blood of Yeshua that saves us from an eternal death and calls us out of Egypt which represents the world. In Exodus it says that on the 10th day of Nisan (March/April) every man shall take a lamb. This is the day that Jesus rode into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday). It says that the lamb must be without blemish. The authorities questioned Jesus but could not find any fault in Him. On the 14th day of Nisan is when the Israelites

had to kill the spotless lamb. This is the day that Jesus was crucified. Jesus fulfilled the Feast of Passover because He was the Passover lamb that took away the sins of the world. The Feast of Unleavened Bread begins for 7 days on the 15th day of Nisan. The Israelites escaping from Egypt had no time to let their bread rise using leaven (yeast) so they had to eat unleavened bread. This is called Matzah. Leaven represents sin. Unleavened bread will not spoil as regular bread can. Jesus who was without sin and whose body did not decay in the grave fulfilled the Feast of Unleavened Bread. The Feast of First Fruits is actually what we now call "Easter or Resurrection Day". It occurs on the 3rd day after Passover and is an offering of the first barley harvest that comes up in the early spring. The Priest waved the first offering of the harvest to God so that it would be acceptable to Him. In the same way Jesus fulfilled the Feast of First Fruits by being resurrected on that day and going before God, the Father ahead of us as our High Priest to offer the first offering of the harvest of the believers who would follow so that we would be acceptable to God. As a believer in Christ these Feasts represent the New Birth (Passover). Then dealing with sin in our lives by putting off the old nature (Unleavened Bread) and taking hold of the new nature so that we can live a victorious, resurrected life for God (Feast of First Fruits). This season let us give thanksgiving and praise to Jesus, our Passover Lamb! Min. Lita Theodos and her husband, Kerry have a Training and Resource Center (worship & Judaica items) in Belleville, NJ as well as a Worship Dance School in Rutherford, NJ. They are available for conferences, seminars, classes etc. and can be reached at (973) 661-5217 or by email at

The Passover Seder Rich, Powerful, Moving and truly a blessing to the body of Christ. Min Lita ministered to church leaders and believers the Passover Seder, and how it points to Messiah Jesus.

ter offers:




Worship Dance School Spring 2013

ad Sea etc.



n Belleville, NJ.

rchase during Students will Visa and offer for an appointe us to minister er requests or p you notified

serves the local dership of your

r His glory!

Offering classes Monday evenings (May 6th to June 17th-not Memorial Day) for children and adults (men/women) in: * Flags/Banners * Jewish Roots * Messianic Dance Call Living Waters Ministries at (973) 661-5217 or email to register, info. etc. Classes held at: Abundant Grace Christian Church 70 Home Ave., Rutherford, NJ 07070 Pastor Steve Hannett





8:1 Kerry & Lita Theodos - co-ministers of Living Waters Ministries

Living Waters Ministries is a 501 c (3) nonprofit,

1) A Messianic, worship dance, teaching, healing ministry dedi- 2) B cated to “binding up the brokenhearted and setting the R captives free”. It has accomplished this for the past 20 3) P years through its’ seminars, classes, outreaches and its’ Training & Resource Center in Belleville, NJ. It has Stu helped to bring understanding to the Church of: 1) it’s not. Jewish roots, thereby, bringing Jew & Gentile together as men one in Messiah 2) the crucial role of Christ centered Com worship dance in these end times and what it is to be a worshipper in spirit and in truth 3) the deep love, healing and resurrection power that God has for us as His bride 4) the sanctity of life 5) the importance of spiritual/physical health to maintain God’s temple so that we can finish the race that He has called us to. The calling and heart of Living Waters Ministries is to the body of Christ at large and to be a vessel for God’s love and healing power to flow through so that in these end times we can become a spotless bride for our Bridegroom, Jesus Christ, when He returns.

A main part of our vision is to work with other leaders in the body of Christ so that we can support one another and become the One New Man (Jew & Gentile being One in “Fl Messiah). foun min We are committed to supporting the local church in its’ calling to reach the lost, make disciples, show God’s love, yea Hol compassion, truth and healing power in these last days. Our heart for our students is that they will receive revela- mov tion in the areas of worship, the Jewish roots, Israel etc. to She bring back to their local body and be a light of God’s Word Cra min in these areas. In this way God’s truth and passion can spread empowering the Church to become more united and hea fest effective in fulfilling its’ life changing mission on earth. brin Wa God is sounding the shofar in this hour for us to lay down min our lives. Will we heed the call! min ban

prophecy rooms at IHOPEG. She fellowships at IHOP in

prophecy IHOPEG.Has She fellowships at IHOP Worship Dance School Schedule/Certificate Program Cranford androoms Westat Paterson. taught the Word of in Worship Dance School Schedule/Certificate ProgramGod Cranford and West Paterson. Has taught the Word of in NJ/NY. Was a prayer minister, elder at Jesus the God in NJ/NY. Was a prayer minister, elder at Jesus the The following classes held Monday evenings, May 6th Word of Life Church, North Arlington and was orThe to following classes held Monday evenings, May 6th Word of Life Church, North Arlington and was ordained 10 years ago by Dayspring Ministries. June 17th (except for Memorial Day) dained 10 years ago by Dayspring Ministries. to June 17th (except for Memorial Day) “Dance as David Danced” - Jewish Roots & “Dance as David Danced” - Jewish Roots & Children’s class (6 yrs. to 10 yrs.), 6:00 pm to 6:55 pm Messianic Dance by Lita Theodos, founder and direcChildren’s class (6 yrs. to 10 yrs.), 6:00 pm to 6:55 pm Messianic DanceMinistries by Lita Theodos, founder and direcCombination Messianic Dance and Flags. tor of Living Waters for the past 20 years. Lita, Combination Messianic Dance and Flags. tor of Living Waters Ministries for the past 20 years. a Jewish believer serves with her husband, Kerry as co- Lita, Adult/Youth (12 yrs. and up), 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm a Jewish serves with her husband, Kerry as coAdult/Youth (12Flags/Banners yrs. and up), 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm ministers ofbeliever Living Waters Ministries. They have a Trainministers of Living Waters Ministries. They have Flags/Banners ing and Resource Center in Belleville, NJ which is de-a Training and Resource in Belleville, NJ which is de8:15 pm to 9:15 pm - Jewish Roots & Messianic Dance signed to help peopleCenter soar into their destiny, be healed, 8:15 pm to 9:15 pm - Jewish Roots & Messianic Dance signed to help people soar into their destiny, be healed,

understand their Jewish roots, enter into deeper worship understand theirprepare Jewish for roots, deeper worship with our King and theenter soon into return of our with our King andHer prepare forand the calling soon return of our 1) Bridegroom, Jesus. passion is to help the Bridegroom, Jesus. Her passion and calling is to help the i- 2) church enter into deeper community with one another and ediinto deeper She community withteaches one another be church set free enter of past wounds. dances and em- and e be set free of past wounds. She dances and teaches em3) phasizing how much love God has for us, His bride (the phasizing muchreflected love Godinhas us, His bride church). Thishow is often herfor testimony of how(the ’ church). This is often reflected in her testimony Students can take class under the Certificate Program or God transformed her from being a battered womanoftohow Students can take class under the Certificate Program or Goda transformed beingJesus a battered to not. For those not taking the Certificate Program, fulfill- living victorious lifeher in from her Lord, Christ.woman She led not. For those not taking the Certificate Program, fulfillliving a victorious life in her Lord, Jesus Christ. She ment of the requirements are optional. A Certificate of dance ministry for many years at Beth Israel Messi- led r as ment of the requirements are optional. A Certificate of thethe danceand ministry forballet manyasyears at Beth Israel Completion will be issued after final class for those enrolled. anic Center studied a child. Dance wasMessiher Completion will be issued after final class for those enrolled. anic Center and studied ballet as growing a child. up. Dance way of communing with God while Shewas alsoher way of communing withKerry God while She also Class/Teacher Description dances with her husband, who isgrowing Greek. up. As Jew ing Class/Teacher Description her husband, who is Greek. Jew anddances Greekwith (Gentile) togetherKerry they illustrate God’s As purpose de and Greek (Gentile) together they illustrate God’s purpose cal for marriage as well as the Church, to be one (echad) in ysical for marriage as well as Abundant the Church, to beChristian one (echad) in Christ. They both attend Grace he Christ. They both attend Abundant Grace Christian Church in Rutherford, NJ. Church in Rutherford, NJ. e It is crucial in these end times for the church to learn the It isits crucial inroots, these end times for thewith church learn nd about Jewish its relationship Israeltoand to e and about its Jewish roots, its relationship with Israel and to to we gain revelation in this area so it can have and know how es we gain revelation in this area so it can have and know how share the supernatural love of Messiah with Jewish peo- to supernatural love of Messiah Jewish people.share Thisthe class will help you have a deeperwith understanding ple. This class will help you have a deeper understanding of these things as well as introduce you to Messianic dance of these thingsway as well as introduce dance in which is a great to experience theyou joy to of Messianic the Lord for d which is a great way to experience the joy of the Lord and men, women and youth. This is also a must for people for Warfare” by Valerie Forstenhausler the men, involved women and youth.worship This is who also awant musttofor people n “Flag/Banner in dance have more “Flag/Banner Warfare” by Valerie Forstenhausler thealready already involved in dance worship who want to have more founder of Flame Upon My Heart Ministry. Valerie has beenof an overall spiritual impart in their ministries for Christ. founder of Flame Upon My Heart Ministry. Valerie has been ministering in the area of worship dance and banners for 10 of an overall spiritual impart in their ministries for Christ. ministering in the of worship dance andbeauty banners for 10 ’ years. Her heart is toarea worship the Lord in the of His years. Her heart is to worship the Lord in the beauty of ve, Holiness and to help others enter into spirit led prophetic His Holinessfrom and to othersheart entertointo led prophetic . movement thehelp Father’s Hisspirit children’s heart. movement from the Father’s heart to His children’s elais currently teaching children’s classes at IHOPEGheart. in o SheShe is currently teaching children’s classes at IHOPEG in c. to Cranford and in Edison, NJ. Over the past years she has rd Cranford and in Edison, NJ. Over the past years she has Word ministered at various churches, conferences to help bring ministered at so various churches, conferences bring nnd heaven to earth that His Kingdom glory will to behelp maniheaven to earth so that His Kingdom glory will be manid and fested here on earth to touch hearts, change lives and to fested here touch and to . bring glory to on Hisearth She hashearts, taughtchange at the lives Living bringWorship glory to & HisHealing name. School, She hashas taught at the Living Interested in learning Messianic dance? Waters led the banner Interested Messianic dance? Waters Worship & Healing School, has led the banner Experience thein joylearning of the Lord through dance! wn ministry at Calvary Tabernacle and had a Christian radio Experience the joy of the Lord through dance! ministry at Calvary Tabernacle haddoing a Christian radio “Let everything down that has breath praise the Lord” Psalm 150:6 ministry teaching on worship. Sheand is now dance and “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord” Psalm 150:6 ministry teaching on worship. She is now doing dance and banner worship at Heaven’s Invasion, Cranford and the banner worship at Heaven’s Invasion, Cranford and the

es stries

Certificate Program Requirements (Adults/Youth) Certificate Attend at least 5 Program classes Requirements (Adults/Youth) 1) Attend at least 5 classesat Living Waters Book required (available 2) Book required at Living Waters Resource Center -(available discount for students) Resource Center discount for students) Pass exam based on required reading 3) Pass exam based on required reading

Our Training & Resource Center offers:

Registration Information Early Bird Registration (by April 25th)

- Books, DVDs, teaching tapes on: Messianic/Christian Faith, Worship Dance, Prayer, Prophecy, Healing etc.

nt ame

- Music (Messianic/Christian), T-shirts, scarves - Praise Instruments: Flags, streamers, tabrets, tambourines


les ar-

Worship Dance School

Group of 4 or more ($8 per class) Total $48

Group rate will onlySpring apply if 2013 we receive full payment and complete contact info. for each person at the same time. (See below regarding contact info.)

- Products from Israel: Anointing oil, Dead Sea mineral products, candles, cards, gifts, etc.

If part of group and taking both classes ($7 per

- Jewelry, Art, Bibles, Devotionals

************* Our Training & Resource Center is located in Belleville, NJ. Call for directions and hours. We will have some resources available for purchase during the classes in May and June in Rutherford. Students will receive a discount. We accept Mastercard & Visa and offer lay-a-way. Call (973) 661-5217 or email for brochures, info., directions, to register, make an appointment to visit our Resource Center, to schedule us to minister at your event, if you have any questions, prayer requests or if you would like to be on our email list to keep you notified of our events. **************

artAs an itinerant missions based ministry who serves the local n will church we encourage you to inform your leadership of your


Adult/Youth ($9 per class) Total $54

If taking both classes ($8 per class) Total $96

, ail- - Spanish and Children’s items mail, their - Special occasion/holiday gifts and more... ible


No group discount.

- Worship Garments

- Judaica: Shofars, tallits (prayer shawls), candlesticks, menorahs, kiddush cups, fee mezuzot, Passover, etc.

r 7,

Children’s class ($5 per class) Total $30

desire to attend this school.

Thank you and may the Lord use you for His glory!

class) Total $84 Regular Registration (April 26th to May 5th)

-B M P


-P t


-P m

Add $1 per class to above rates

-J c At Door Registration (May 6th to May 13th) Add $3 per class to above rates. Full registration fee m is required even if miss first class.


Registration for each person must submit by email, letter or by phone: Full name, email, telephone #, mail- - S ing address, church name, address, telephone #, email, Offering classes Monday evenings Pastor’s full name. If a child or youth put age and their - S parents contact info. Also, list not whoMemorial will be responsible (May 6th to June 17thDay) for them while attending the Living Waters classes with contactand info. adults (men/women) in: fortheir children Payment: By phone we accept Mastercard or Visa or mail checks to*Living Waters Ministries, PO Box 217, Flags/Banners Nutley, NJ 07110. Checks must be postmarked no later than April to receive early bird rate. After * 23rd Jewish Roots that can only pay with credit card or cash. At door cash only. * Messianic Dance Refund Policy: Before and after 1st class 50% refund. Call Living Waters After 2nd class no refund. No Ministries exceptions. at

(973) 661-5217 No Child Care Available

or email If Parent or Supervising Adult of child who is in children’s class wants to stay and takeetc. the adult classes to register, info. please discuss with our office to make appropriate arrangements.

Classes held at:

O Ca

W th re la

Ca br m at if of

Waivers: All students must sign a waiver before startAbundant Grace Christian Church A ing class. Parents and supervising adults of children must sign one. Waivers will be emailed, mailed or will ch 70 Home Ave., Rutherford, NJ 07070 be available at Pastor door forSteve thoseHannett registering then. Dress Attire: Wear modest, loose fitting clothing and comfortable shoes.

Everyone who owns or plans to establish a business should reflect on a website. A website offers availability 24 hours, (7) days a week of various products and services offered within your business. Web-Site offers available Customer Service with accurate and detailed information.

Chosen 4 U has designs to meet your company goal with a visual appeal, user friendly and affordable prices. Chosen 4 U will work along with you to understand your company needs, vision and goals that will best represent your company. CUSTOM WEB DEVELOPMENT INCLUDES Variety of Pre-designed Template Choice of Color Professional Graphics to Fit Your business* Preference of Top or Left Navigation Well-suited with Mobile Updated Web Site Design Custom Look & Design Choice of Navigation Contact Form built-in Guest book Photo Page Video links Music Template



Call for your free quote today! CONTACT: CHOSEN 4 U BUSINESS OWNER: PATRICIA WILLIAMS CONTACT: 754-246-9288 OR


City Transformation

You Can Feed The Hungry Start A ...

About 15% of the population does not have money to buy food from day to day. I you live on an average block in Newark thats about 12 to 14 people just on your block who might be hungry tonight. While there are many “soup kitchens” in the city there are hardly enough. But there is something you can do. You can make a difference in transforming your city, and the lives of others. You do not have to be an organization to start a food drive. Just a passion for people and a willingness to work. So here’s how you can transform your city by feeding those in need. 1.

Ask a local grocery store if you can setup a drive at the store. Have friends give out information about the collection as people go in. On the way out, collect the donations.

2. Setup a competition between grades or homerooms in your school to see who can collect the most food. 3. Host a movie night and charge a food item as the admission price. Take it a step further: ask a local movie theater to host it. Now you can get hundreds of people and cans of food. 4. Have a pajama/dress down day. Set a goal like, if half of the students bring in food, you get to dress down.

5. Got an event coming up? Holiday party or concert? Big basketball game? Make a food item the price of admission. 6. Create a raffle and get great prizes donated. Price of a raffle ticket? Duh, an item of food. 7. Get Your Teachers Involved like Columbus High School in Iowa did. They put teachers on the school roof on a drizzly, cold day. (Seriously!) Each donated item added a minute of lock-up time. The result? Over 6 hours on the roof! 8. Have a hot chocolate stand. Pick a good location and get people to work it. Advertise it with posters a few days before like, “Want some hot cocoa? It’ll cost you a can of food!” Give extra marshmallows to people who give more. 9. Pick a weekend day and have groups of friends compete to see how much food they can collect in their neighborhood in 2 hours. You’ll canvas your whole town in no time and probably get a good work-out too. 10. Make a theme for each day of the week and tell people to bring in cans that fit the theme, like Protein Monday or Carb Friday. 11. Offer to help neighbors with yard work in exchange for food donations.

Transformation Through Education

Have you ever thought about attending bible college? Eastern semester EasternTheological TheologicalSeminary’s Seminary’sfall 2013 Spring Fall has semester here. Join us. Its not late, to find out more and to register. Course offerings are,to1st & 2nd Timothy, Titus and No matterEnrollment what your situation, weopen. will work with yoU to Happiness. is currently continue your education.

“… And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. ”     Come renew your mind, study for a degree, or come just to learn. Scholarships are still available. Call Dr. Bernard Wilks at 973-273-9200 or 973-563-5333 for more info or simply come out Mondays at 7pm. Classes held in the Dominion Home office at 83 James Street, Newark, NJ. 62


Financial Transformation

Needs vs Wants In managing our resources many of us have to come to grips with understanding priorities and goals. For many of us our financial income has not grown annually as it has in the past. For some it has been frozen or even reduced. A key component in managing our finances is understanding what we spend money and why. Yes, that’s right and WHY! I know you spend money on food to eat but are we doing it wisely? It leads to the point of controlling our needs and our wants. Do I need a mocha chocolate butter pecan frosty in the morning that costs $4.50 ($22.50 a week; $90 a month; $1,080 a year) or is coffee made at home a better choice? Other items to consider are: • • • • • • •

Bottled water Shoes Nails manicured at the salon (weekly) Hair done at the salon (weekly) I-Pad – when you have an I-Pod, I-Touch; Apple computer Latest sneakers costing $189.99 Movado watch – when you have 6 other watches

What can you add to the list? To be successful the first key is asking yourself before you buy “do I Need this item or is it a Want?” The second key is making the right financial decision for your current and future circumstances.

Introducing TN Magazine’s Financial Advisor and Columnist Rev. Addison C Hardy, CPA Addison Hardy is a Certified Public Accountant who has balanced his professional career with dedication to the Lord, his family and the community. Addison is a graduated of Fairleigh Dickinson University with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. He has worked for various CPA firms, along with working for several years with Comcast Cable in various capacities in their finance group. He was recently employed at Computer Sciences Corp (CSC). Addison is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants (NJSCPA). He serves on the NJSCPA’s Financial Literacy Committee. He is a board member of Goodwill Rescue Mission which is a non-for-profit organization serving the poor and needy of the greater Newark, New Jersey area. Addison is also a board member for the Children’s Institute of Music in Elizabeth, NJ.

Addison is an ordained minister who has served as a bible instructor at various bible institutes. Rev. Hardy has been a seminar leader t h ro u g h o u t t h e c o u n t r y ministering on issues such as f i n a n c e , leadership, marriage, singles, teens, parenting and spiritual growth. He and his wife, Dr. Cheryl Hardy, PhD currently worships at the Deliverance Jesus is Coming Church of Irvington, N.J. where Bishop James H. Everett, Jr. is the senior pastor.

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Time: 10:00am & 12:00pm -----WOMEN ONLY---Date: April 6, 2013 Admissions: $10 For more info and to register please email:

Life Transformation Keeping the Romance Alive in your Marriage

While we may know about the “7 year itch” – that period in which statistically, many marriages drift toward infidelity – however it can happen anytime.

The question is how do you keep the flame lit, the sparks flying, the passion raging, and the marriage lasting forever? I hope that this episode will give you some tools – ideas – that will help to reignite the passion in you marriage. Here’s just a few: ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Start Dating Be Attractive Buy Gifts just because you love them Schedule alone time Go walking together

Listen to my broadcast to get more insights about how you can Keep the Romance Alive in you Marriage. Click Here To Listen Each week Pastor Rick Greene talks in detail about Dating, Love, Marriage, Sex, and Divorce so that you can be armed with all of the insight you need to have the optimum relationship which God intended you to have. How to build up and not tear down. How to strengthen and not destroy. How to have great a Relationship with the man or woman in your life. If you would like to be a guest call 862-888-8238. If you would like to ask a question email them to Or if you would like to listen to the live show Saturdays at 11pm call 646-652-2581.

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ARE YOU PREPARED? ATTENTION ALL HOME AND BUSINESS OWNERS Due To Hurricane Sandy Many Have Suffered Loss To One Of Their Single Greatest Investments.. Their Home Or Business. If You Have You Sustained Damage If You Are Unsure About Your Coverage Or If You Simply Just Need An Explanation Of Your Current Policy A No Cost Review Of Your Current Coverage & FREE Home Inspection Is Now Available Call now to schedule an appointment Joseph C. Epps, Jr. Public Adjuster NJ license # 1311374 Licensed & Bonded in the State of New Jersey Hosea 4:6


APRIL Shanicqua Vincent Cleopatra Tucker John A. Pullins IV Lita Theodos Kerry Theodos Ricky Donato Brenda Bristol Maria Westbrook Estella Pullins Ahmed Mahmoud Sandra Pendelton-Rock Robin Ritchie Judy Hicks Rebecca Godwin

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The Body of Christ In Action  by Curtis Mincey Today was a very sad day for my family and I. The beloved patriarch of the family was honored today at his

funeral. To some of us he was a father. To others he was a husband, and a companion. To others he was a brother, or an uncle. And to others he was a friend, a mentor, or a leader. To me he was just dad.

I didn't have the privilege of growing up with my father but that didn't take away from the fact that he is my dad. I had the opportunity to experience something that I thought I knew about in theory, but had not experienced it for myself. I saw God move in a powerful and magnificent way. The Lord really showed up. It wasn't in an earth moving, ground shaking, mega storm type of way. But the power of God was simply demonstrated through the Church body of Christ. What I witnessed was the body of Christ in action. A lot of times we don't always recognize the body of Christ in action because of the distractions or the cares of this world. We can miss it because we are expecting it to look a certain way, and we don’t see it, even when it has manifested itself right in front of our eyes. But on this day I was able to see the body of Christ mourn the loss of a Brother, rejoice in the home-going of a Saint, and support and minister to the Family that is left behind. I saw the church family come together, work together, and for that moment I realized that this is why God put us together. A lot of times it's easy to ignore what the body of Christ is supposed to be doing. The body is to support and build up one another. There is nothing wrong with doing community service. Soup kitchens are

great, I have the honor and privilege to be able to minister the word of God at one. Giving away clothes and giving away food and giving back to the community is great. But we cannot and should not forget each other in this body. When my father died I picked up the phone and I didn't just reach out to my natural family, I reach out to my spiritual family as well. And true to biblical fashion the church family responded in a way that truly touched my heart. The Lord never ceases to amaze me. His works are too wonderful and to marvelous for me to even try to explain. But one thing I can say is this. There may be some times when we don't always get to see God move in a certain area until we need to see Him move. And at that moment He will bring the people you need around you to give you the resources and support you need at that moment. I now understand the power of what happened in the first century church when the people had all things in common and had a willingness to share their resources. I now understand how the body of Christ is supposed to function. I understand it now because I didn't just read about it in a book, or hear about it in a sermon. I had the good fortune of being able to experience the genuine love and support of the body of Christ for myself. To God be the glory.

Get Top Know Your Police Department

Business Transformation

How to Get YOUR MESSAGE Out... By Text or Tweet! With approximately 200 million Tweets and 2.5 billion texts sent per day heres how to get your message to stand out. Keeping your message short is the constant challenge when it comes to texting for your business or your ministry. And when your message is that important as to make your business a success or impact someone’s life, you’d better get it right. While texting has its own shorthand, shorthand is not what you want to use for something this important. However there are a few tips that you can use to keep your messages within the 140-160 characters allowed by Twitter or Texting and still sound credible.

You might benefit from trying these, 1) Start with what you want them to do — Usually a “call to action” is reserved to the end of a messages, when you don’t have much room you don’t have the luxury to wait. By keeping you message concise, you crate a sense of urgency. This may cause increased desire of of your readers to engage and take action. 2) Get to the point: You have about two sentences to put out your message. Don’t worry about intros, greetings or sounding rude... It the nature of the text... GET TO THE POINT! Like before this also can create a sense of urgency! 3) Observe what the big boys do — Newspapers, magazine, and other publications make great use of adjectives and action words, to create a vivid picture with few words. 4) Link it up — Remember that if you can’t say it all, you can always link it to the rest of the message. Link it on your website, blog, or video. 5) Proofread, over and over again — The more you read over your texts or tweets, the easier it becomes to make it more concise and to the point. Remember stay away from the abbreviations, symbols, missing vowels and all of the other commonly used shorthand. Use the tips above and you will send powerful texts and tweets that get results.

TEENs IMPACTing their peers for Christ! presents

“Jesus At  The  Beach”    Luke  5:1-11

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Ages 13--19 (sorry no children) ALUMNI invited to assist with Work Crew! NOTE:      1  Leader  required  for  each  gender  for  every  1-7  teens For  example:  12  male  teens  &  12  female  teens  require  2  male  leaders  &  2  female  leaders Another  example:    1  male  teen  &  1  female  teen  require  1  male  leader  &  1  female  leader


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47th Anniversary Afric ge a t i r a e n State American H tival wide Parade & Fes

20th Annual

Leadership Brunch

Saturday, April 13, 2013 Newark Airport Renaissance Hotel 1000 Spring Street, Elizabeth NJ 07201


Annual Tribute to Leadership Khary Orr Leadership Award Recipients Mr. Lawrence Hamm, Chairman, People’s Organization for Progress Ms. Antoinette Baskerville-Richardson, Chairperson, Newark Public Schools Advisory Board

2013 Theme:

“Healing Our Generational Divide” PREMIER




For more information contact us at (973) 202-4117 or (973) 642-8760 or visit our web site at



Making An Impact On Homelessness & Hunger

F e e d i n g nearly 30 women and h o u s i n g nearly 50 daily the Goodwill R e s c u e Mission is the only m i s s i o n which does not require referrals nor ids for its clients

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Kim Brown Kim's Korner

Watch Saturdays 6pm Channel 18

The Newark Public Access Channel Guide Transformation Newark Magazine takes pride in being the only source for your local Newark public access listing.

Central Ward Councilman Darren Sharrif delivers state of the ward address.

The Councilman with TV talk show host Kim Brown of Kim’s Korner

Rev. Bernard Wilks, of Dominion Fellowship Ministries & Metropolitan Baptist Church giving benediction.

The Arts High School Jazz Ensemble performs

The NJ Christian Media Association


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National Day Of Prayer Newark City Hall Steps 11am May 2, 2013

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The Bible Teaching Ministry of Pastor Rick Greene DATE



Wednesday 4/3 Noon

Noon Day Prayer

Metropolitan Baptist Church 149 Springfield Ave., Newark, NJ

Thursday 4/4 7pm

Bible Study The Book of John

Faith & Hope Ministries 350 Lafayette St. 2nd Fl., Newark, NJ

Wednesday 4/10 Noon

Noon Day Prayer

Metropolitan Baptist Church 149 Springfield Ave., Newark, NJ

Thursday 4/11 7pm

Bible Study The Book of John

Faith & Hope Ministries 350 Lafayette St. 2nd Fl., Newark, NJ

Sunday 4/14 11am


Charity Baptist Church 51 Jones St, Newark, NJ

Wednesday 4/17 Noon

Noon Day Prayer

Metropolitan Baptist Church 149 Springfield Ave., Newark, NJ

Thursday 4/18 7pm

Bible Study The Book of John

Faith & Hope Ministries 350 Lafayette St. 2nd Fl., Newark, NJ

Wednesday 4/24 Noon

Noon Day Prayer

Metropolitan Baptist Church 149 Springfield Ave., Newark, NJ

Thursday 4/25 7pm

Bible Study The Book of John

Faith & Hope Ministries 350 Lafayette St. 2nd Fl., Newark, NJ

Sunday 4/28 4pm


Dominion Fellowship Ministries 216 16th Avenue, Newark, NJ

Wednesday 4/31 Noon

Noon Day Prayer

Metropolitan Baptist Church 149 Springfield Ave., Newark, NJ

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WARNING Roaches and ants won’t eat it, cats and dogs won’t eat it, even house flies won’t eat it — but the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) serves Aspartame to you with their approval and the approval of the Monsanto Chemical Company. The FDA and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) have received nearly 7,000 complaints, including five deaths, attributed to the use of aspartame in food products since the FDA first permitted limited use in 1981. A number of researchers and doctors around the country object not only to

the product itself, but to the questionable preliminary research that led the FDA to approve it’s use. There are 90 documented symptoms including: Headaches, Muscle spasms, Irritability, Heart palpitations, Loss of taste, Joint pain, Dizziness, Weight gain, Tachycardia (heart racing), Breathing difficulty, Tinnitus (ringing in the ears), Blurred vision, Seizures, Rashes, Insomnia, Anxiety attacks, Vertigo, Hearing loss, Nausea, Depression, Blindness, Slurred Speech, Memory Loss, Fatigue, Numbness.

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