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gentle souls Mike and Jackie Roach with Mackey




1. Kool Collar: Keep your pets cool with a KoolCollar! Use the freezer tube or fill them with ice to keep your pet comfortable while they are outdoors. Be sure to have plenty of fresh water for them, too..

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3. New Summer Colors: We just received in lots of new collars just in time to get your pooch stylin' for summer. Stop out to check out all the paws-abilities.

4. Meowstard: One of our favorite food supplement-toppers just came out with a version for cats! It is called Meowstard. It has a paw-lickin' turkey flavor and it is packed full of prebiotics, omega 3, and lots of other vitamins and minerals. Stop in to pickup a bottle for your kitties today!

4. 5.

5. Tizzi: New from West Paw...a smaller Tizzi! These are paw-fect for your pint-sized active pup. We also have the larger size for big dogs.

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Pet & Anim al Events

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COVER STORY: Cover Contest Finalists pet & ANIMAL enthusiast




IN THIS issue COVER STORY 6 COVER CONTEST WINNERS Submitted by our Readers

FEATURES 10 NON PROFIT PROFILE: Midlands Humane Society

PETABULOUS EVENTS! 12 Let’s Talk Derby: Run for Wet Noses Midlands Humane Society

13 Will’s Best Friend Nebraska Shakespeare

Non Profit Profile:

14 SAVE THE DATE: Upcoming Events


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WEB CONTENT Megan Swigart


PHOTOGRAPHERS Mona Kay Ashley Wall Dan Flanigan

ADMINISTRATION Francesca Peterson

on the cover Gentle Souls Cover Contest Winner Mackey Age 3, maybe 4 • Owners Mike & Jackie Roach

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Mackey’s Story pet & ANIMAL enthusiast MONTHLY POLL Sponsored by

Favorite toy: Mike's hand, but mostly he doesn't really understand play, he just dances around the other dogs when they play! Unique characteristics/personality: He's a mama's boy and afraid of little puppies. He grumbles when he talks.

Do you bring a pet to work?

Brothers/Sisters? Badger (sister), Jambalaya (sister), Taysia Blue (sister), Blue (brother)

Almost always....................2%

Mackey found himself in a small town Nebraska shelter as a stray. He was matted and covered with burrs. Mackey was scheduled to be euthanized - he failed his temperament test so he was out of luck and out of time. I got an e-mail asking if Taysia Blue Siberian Husky Rescue could help and take him in to foster care. We had just committed to another husky earlier that day and we had no open foster homes, so with a heavy heart, my response was a "no". I hit 'reply' and began to type my e-mail indicating that we wouldn't be able to help him. It was then that I saw… read the rest of Mackey’s heartwarming story online now at

Never .................................70% On Office Pet Days ............0% Office at Home ................ 28%

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TOP 20 Izzy She gets a lot of compliments on her adorable face and her beautiful smile. She’s a girly girl to the fullest and loves watching her mama put on make-up and get dressed in the morning. Sometimes she won’t leave her alone until she gets to wear a shirt too! She knows lots of words in English, and her favorite one is “cuddle!” She runs ahead of us and is waiting on the bed before we reach the stairs.

Submitted by Max Henscheid

Otis He is a senior hound at 12 years young. He has been the most loyal, best friend a person could ever ask for. He was saved as a puppy mill dog and had some health problems as a pup but grew out of them into a handsome boy. His big ears make him the best listener ever. Submitted by Melissa Ripley

Lucy and Abby We sat for an hour with these two as puppies to see how they interacted with us, and [ultimately] we decided that both would go home. Lucy (black) and Abby (silver) are still so adorable and sweet at four-years-old this year! They love to be held and told how sweet they are, and fetch a toy together, and bring the toy back together with both of their mouths holding it! Submitted by Linda Shepard

Victor This is a sweet kitty with a little devilish streak. He loves to play and is very active. When we pull out the laser pointer he chatters and rips around the house. He was adopted from the Council Bluffs animal shelter. Everyone who meets Victor loves him. Submitted by Laurie Jordan

I can say “cheese!”

Viggo This little guy is quite the character. He’s funny, for instance he enjoys singing in the evenings with his dad. He loves to race, this photo is him showing off his second place trophy from The Running of the Wieners in Grand Island. He loves his family and his sisters and protects us all, especially from the UPS delivery man! He’s one of a kind and a true mama’s boy. I love him dearly. Submitted by Leah Droge

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Thanks to all of our PAEMag Readers & facebook fans FOR SUBMITTING SO MANY OUTSTANDING PET PHOTOS!

What a challenge for our judges!



Cover Models! Tonka

Hugo This nose belongs to a six month old white purebred chow. Since the day we met him he has broken every “mean chow” stereotype and is the happiest puppy we could have asked for. He knows how to give high fives and he just learned to say “I love you!” Despite being a giant goofball, Hugo still has the regal bearing of the chow breed and he is such a beautiful dog (when he’ll let us get a brush through his hair!) Submitted by Brittani Brabec

Submitted by Cassandra Wunschel


Fidget He was one of my foster kittens from the Nebraska Humane Society when he was a newborn. At 3 months of age he was adopted by a family but was returned to the animal shelter at 11 months old. He was so scared and nervous at the shelter he wasn’t able to be put up for adoption so, since I worked there, I was able to bring him home with me again. I renamed him “Fidget” and he is my favorite silly little guy! Submitted by Linette Kmoch NEBRASKA/IO WA AUG/S EPT

Our little man is so congenial it’ll make you sick. He loves people and, oh my, every dog too! He is stubborn until he sees a person or an animal and then he is all about “it”. He is a ham for attention and knows when his picture is being taken. Such a little character too when you watch him “play.”

She was adopted from the Nebraska Humane Society in 2011. She had been dropped off, at night, with no information about her past. This little girl didn’t even know how to sit, but we worked with her everyday and we quickly realized she is very bright. She recently passed the Canine Good Citizen test and is now involved with therapy dog work through the DomestiPUPS organization...all that in under six months! Submitted by Farrah Grant

2012 • PAEMa

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gentle so uls

Mike and

Jackie Roac h

with Mac key


Deadline to enter is August 30th!

Pingo Ping Tu (AKA: Pingo), is the 5th in a long line of Pekes sharing similar names. She absolutely rules the roost, is an excellent watch dog, companion and shopping partner! She accompanies me in stores while perched in her Swarovski crystal puppy papoose. She is named after the Pekingese dog in the 1960’s Don Knotts movie, “The Reluctant Astronaut,” and has been professionally photographed multiple times. Submitted by Lindi Janulewicz

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TOP 20 Arnold This character is a funny, goofy clown who always makes me laugh!

Penny She kayaks! Submitted by Janeal Dominico

Submitted by Beverly Todd

Marley He is really a wonderful dog. He is 8 yrs old. He had his own birthday party when he turned 6 and he’s going to have another one when he turns 10 next Sept 2013. He is very polite and lets his beagle sister eat her food first. He loves long walks, barking at the squirrels in the backyard trees, and taking long naps on his mom and dads bed. We love him so much!! Submitted by Angela Schueman

Amelia We looked for a long time for another cat for our family with many trips to and from the Nebraska Humane Society. Finally, we were in the right place and the right time and adopted our Amelia. She is the perfect kitten for us – a rambunctious rascal but sweet, patient, and loving, too. We adore her! Submitted by Jennifer Bertino

Get Weekly Subscribe to Pet & Animal Enthusiast Weekly e-newsletter Furby He sneezes on command, is a handsome model, oozes with adorable personality, and is a great walker despite his gimp paw. Submitted by Kim Widmark

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Cover Models! Ellie

Sue Sue My constant companion since I rescued her as an owner surrender when she was only 4 months old! There is never a moment that she isn’t by my side at home. Submitted by Sheila Talley

Meet this one year old yellow lab with lots of energy. Ellie is cuddly in the morning but once we’re out of bed, it’s full energy all day! Ellie loves chasing her Buddy Glow Ball and would do it for hours if someone would just throw it for hours! Ellie loves to go swimming, hunting and for car rides and walks. She loves everyone and is a friend to everyone she meets, people and dogs alike!

Submitted by Melissa Ripley

Belle This is the most precious dog ever. There is no other way to describe her. She is patient, quiet, beautiful, calm, well-behaved, loving, non confrontational-She Rocks!! We were blessed to adopt her from the Basset Beagle Rescue of the Heartland when she was 2 and she’s been pampered ever since. She rescued us we just opened our door to her! Submitted by Angie Schueman

Spitfire She has a mind of her own and is one of the fastest dogs in Omaha. She loves to run at the dog park and is a real handful to keep out of trouble. She does some modeling for a local pet accessories company. Her nickname is Spiddy. Submitted by Alden Robinowitz

Pet News! Out! s s i M Don’t

Nimbus This fellow acts like a human. He has a taking bark when he wants something. He’ll only eat from a spoon. VISIT WWW.PAEMAGAZINE.COM AND GET SIGNED UP TODAY.

Submitted by Summer Sinclair

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all for

Midlands Humane Society

the animals TERRI GACH-MILS KNEW YEARS AGO THAT A NEW HUMANE SOCIETY IN COUNCIL BLUFFS WOULD HAVE TO FIND INVENTIVE WAYS TO RAISE MONEY. “We can’t just do what everyone else does,” said the board secretaryofMidlands Humane Society. As a result of the organization’s creativity, events such as Canines and Costumes in October and The Derby in May have become local favorites, helping them raise over $2.5 million in less than three years. “These events don’t seem like work because they’re so much fun!”

The Midlands Humane Society Board has an ambitious vision for Council Bluffs 10 | pet & ANIMAL enthusiast

THE VISION Though the Midlands Humane Society isn’t in business just yet (“we’ve been trying to get this going since 2006,” said Mils), the twelve board members (Amy Crawford, Renae Church, Tony Diez, Frank Fauble, Mils, Shane Harrer, Anne Hawk, Scott Hoffman, Melanie Milner, Rick Stone, and Brenda Mainwaring, led by chair Leslie Southard) are optimistic about their goals. “We want to double the size of the current Council Bluffs humane society,” Mils said. She added that the life expectancy of an animal shelter is around 20 to 25 years. “We’re going on 40 some here. They’re doing the best they can, but they can’t expand anymore.” Current plans for the new shelter map it out at 14,000 square feet near Indian Hills and College Road. A sign on the property announces the land as the Future Home of Midlands Humane Society. The new facility will include an education room for pet ownership classes, talks about spaying and neutering, and making space for a family to find out whether or not a pet is even the right thing for them. “We’re not going to be just a pound,” Mils said. The building will also have a medical room to allow for the Midlands Humane Society’s partnership with Iowa Western Community College’s vet tech program. “We won’t be able to do anything major right away,” Mils said, “but we could offer some clinical work. Preliminary health exams, checks for parvo and heartworm, that sort of thing.” Eventually, the board would like to have an inhouse vet at the new shelter and offer spays and neuters. “It’s just a matter of getting people to work together on this,” Mils said.

THE EVENTS Just $700,000 away from their goal of $3.2 million, the Midlands Humane Society seems to be successful at rallying people around its vision. “We started raising three years ago,” Mils said, “and all these fundraisers go right into our building fund.” The Derby is the organization’s biggest annual fundraiser, a doggie fashion show held at Harrah’s that raised $25,000 last year and $37,000 this year. [Editor’s Note: See photo coverage of this event on page 13 of this issue.] “Obviously, the food’s wonderful,” Mils recalled. “We have a gift card tree, a wine grab, and of course the dog fashion show.” Nineteen dogs strutted their stuff this past May alongside their owners who styled them according to individually chosen themes. “We weren’t even sure it was going to fly the first time,” she said, “but we had over 400 people attend this year. It’s so fun. Once the fashion show starts, it goes crazy!”

One of Mils’ favorite fundraising events is the Halloween celebration of Canines and Costumes. “I love visiting with the people that come out to watch the parade,” she said. “They want to be a part of what’s going on. I love hearing everyone’s stories.” Over 200 people attended the parade last year. One of her own dogs, a 10-year-old rescue named Simba, is a regular at such events. “He was the Derby champion last year,” Mils said with a laugh. “He’s kind of our ambassador.” The Annual Dog Wash at Romano’s on August 26 (which raised over $800 last year) and the Dog Walk around Council Bluffs on September 15 will no doubt find the friendly yellow lab in attendance. THE LOVE Out of sensitivity for the community, the board didn’t campaign during the months of flooding from the Missouri River.

“It’s hard to ask people for money in that situation.” Despite the break, the organization has felt the love from animal devotees throughout Council Bluffs… and beyond. “People from Omaha have been so supportive of this,” Mils said. “People have cut clips of our articles from The Nonpareil, even from Omaha, and sent them back to us with a donation. Everyone realizes these donations help animals out.” They’ve especially felt the support of the Nebraska Humane Society in Omaha. “They’ve had to take Council Bluff’s overflow for years now,” Mils said. “This will help everyone out.” Mils added that Midlands Humane Society hopes to announce by the year’s end that they’ll be breaking ground.

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PETabulous Events... Midlands Humane Society: Let’s Talk Derby: Run for Wet Noses May 4, 2012 LEFT: Flying Monkey’s “OH, MY!” Anna Varns and her dog, Gordon enter the stage and won first place at the 2012 MHS Let’s Talk Derby Dog Fashion Show. Photos courtesy of MHS

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Invisible Fence of the Heartland

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...where Pets are the celebs! Nebraska Shakespeare: Fifth Annual Will’s Best Friend June 24, 2012 Photos by Linda Shepard

“MoJo,” puerto riCan laBrador retriever; owner, Coral and son

“JereMiah,” laBradoodle

“Mouse,” siBerian husky

“Magdalena,” Boxer; “nikola,” Beagle; owners, glenn and Maria peterson

“CiCero,” BlaCk laBrador; owner, holly

“neMo,” yorkshire terrier/Chihuahua; “sneaky,” pug; owners kerstin and Brad ChrisMan

“tuwee,” serviCe Cairn terrier; owner, alley Brooks

“JereMiah,” laBradoodle,; owner, susan kuzela

“lark,” Miniature pinsCher; “Morgan,” Chihuahua; owner, Jaine Brooks

“JaCk,” Mixed; “Maynard,” rottweiler; owner, Melissa peterson

“roCCo,” shorkie; owner, liga

“MortiCia,” shetland sheepdog; owners, kriss and greg

“Mandy,” shetland sheepdog; owners, kriss and greg

“Morgan,” Chihuahua; owner, Jaine Brooks

“Mouse,” siBerian husky; owner, ashley peterson

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August 4 TRUE BUDDY THERAPY SHEEP SHOW Sarpy County Fairgrounds Livestock Show Arena – Springfield, NE Be a part of the heart-touching sheep show and make your afternoon not “all about ewe”! This free event features a True Buddy Cookie Social at 4 p.m., the True Buddy Therapy Sheep Show at 5 p.m., followed by the Luv A Lamb Sheep Show at 6:30 p.m. Contact

August 5 DOGGIE DIP The Nebraska Humane Society Lee Valley Pool – 108th & Blondo –5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. This event has gone to the do-gs! Get in the pool and go for a swim with your 4-legged friend. The dogs will love getting to cool off, and the humans are sure to have a blast watching the fun unfold. Visit

August 11 DOGGIE SPLASH! The Blair Animal Shelter Blair Community Pool– 1601 Butler St.– 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Owners and dogs can swim together! Admission is $5 per dog, and free treats will be handed out by the Friends of the Jeanette Hunt Animal Shelter Group.  A professional photographer will be there! Visit

August 15 DOG’S NIGHT OUT The Nebraska Humane Society Taste – Rockbrook Village – 6:30 p.m. Join Three Dog Bakery and Taste for an evening of tail-wagging fun! Cost is $15 per dog, with proceeds going to NHS; humans pay Taste directly.  Reservations are required and seating is limited. Call 402-614-3647.

August 26 MHS DOG WASH The Midlands Humane Society Romano True Value Hardware – 1851 Madison Ave. in Council Bluffs – 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Donations are welcome at this great event benefiting the Midlands Humane Society. Pamper your pooch with a bath and nail trim. Call 712-366-2551.

September 8 FUN-PLEX POOCH POOL PARTY The Nebraska Humane Society Fun-Plex– 7003 Q St. – 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. It’s a splash party – and you can take the dog! Come splash, dive and swim with your water-loving dog. Cost is just $5, with the water attractions open to people and their pets. Visit

September 14 DOG’S DAY OUT! The Midlands Humane Society Kmart SE Parking Lot – 2803 E. Kanesville Blvd. (Hwy. 6) in Council Bluffs – 9 a.m. Call 712-366-2551.

August 18

September 30

LITTLE BRITCHES HORSE SHOW HETRA Skyline Ranches Arena – Elkhorn, NE – 8:30 a.m. This 11th annual event is a fun community horse show geared toward riders that are 12-years old and younger. The show will feature Showmanship, English, Western, Special Needs classes, 6 & Under horseless classes, Speed classes, Hippology contest, Swap Meet, Hi-Point buckles, and trophies. Visit

2012 WALK FOR THE ANIMALS The Nebraska Humane Society Nebraska Humane Society Meadow–8901 Fort St. – 8 a.m. It’s time to get excited! Lace up your sneakers, grab your leash and your best four-legged friend. Be a part of the most heartwarming events of the year and help us raise money for homeless animals. Visit

August 25

GREAT IOWA PET EXPO Sponsored by Midwest Pet Expos Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines – 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Trade show features over 100 booths with products, services, and rescues. Each day is filled with contests, entertainment and education, plus door prize drawings every hour. Call 515-778-4762.

BOSTON BIRTHDAY BASH Seymour Smith Park Soapbox Derby – 72nd & Washington St. – 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Mark the date for this annual event featuring vendors, raffles, food, dog games, free nail trimming, and $25 micro-chipping. $5 per person, and dogs and kids under 10 are free!

October 20-21

Stay At Home Dogs, LLC

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Call Today: 402-850-6089 14 | pet & ANIMAL enthusiast

Protecting your animal companion.

Pet owners have several options available to them to ensure the care of their animals in the event of death or hospitalization. PVW can customize a trust that provides for the continued care for one’s pets in the event the owner is no longer able to care for his or her pets.

5332 South 138th Street, Suite 100 | Omaha, Nebraska 68137

(402) 504-1300

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Looking for love? A dog has one aim in bestow his heart. -J.R. Ackerley !



a national no-kill shelter and sanctuary, located one hour south of omaha, HUA is home to over 400 rescued dogs awaiting their forever homes. Those who cannot be placed due to behavioral or medical conditions stay with us forever as Sanctuary Sweethearts.

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