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PROFESSIONAL AND COMMUNITY leader Melissa “privilege” of working on national accounts such as ConAgra, Mutual of Omaha Marvin credits her parents with instilling an early love of service and demonstrating an and the then-local First National Bank of Omaha account which introduced her admirable work ethic, but she’s made her own way through leadership roles with notable to the field of banking. That led to a director of marketing position for Norwest companies and community organizations as well as a string of honors reflecting her Bank Nebraska. commitment and contributions. That period was “an incredible training ground,” Marvin recalled. “I really took advantage of all the learning opportunities and leadership training.” At the young age of 14, Marvin was stocking sweaters and scarves at Zoob’s, an upscale women’s clothing boutique. Zoob’s is just a fond memory now, but Marvin’s vigorous work Her next role was at Commercial Federal Corporation, managing advertising and leading ethic endured. After earning a communications degree at the University of Kansas in 1985, the initiative to help build proactive sales and service processes to further embed Marvin couldn’t wait to launch her career. Because at 22, she was already poised to make leadership and sales best practices within the culture to maximize results. She next worked for Cohen Brown Management Group, a global financial services consulting her own way and a name for herself as a professional and community leader. firm headquartered out of California, where she stayed for almost 14 years as part of principal Dr. Martin Cohen’s leadership team. “It was a great experience working Over the next three decades, Marvin made her own way and then some. with financial institutions all over the world,” she said. Her resume includes notable companies and management roles from account executive to senior vice president. Over the years, she’s Marvin was then hired away to another global sales expressed her “love for Omaha and statewide initiatives” through management consulting firm, Vantage Point Performance. contributions to several dozen different charities and As part of the company’s leadership team, she expanded community organizations: serving on the board of her sales leadership processes expertise to all industries “I love people, governors for Joslyn Art Museum and boards of directors around the world. While working at Cohen Brown and for Girls Inc., Nebraska Arts Council, Nebraska Cultural I love helping people Vantage Point, Marvin spent three years part-time with Endowment, Humanities Nebraska, Nebraska Metropolitan Community College, working with the and I love to see Shakespeare and many more. She’s become known as a team—including President Randy Schmaizl—on key passionate fundraiser, chairing events for Joslyn Art people succeed.” initiatives to support services and learning for career Museum, Lauritzen Gardens Antique & Garden Show, and preparation such as the Fort Omaha Campus expansion Durham Museum, to name just a few. MELISSA MARVIN project. She has also served as senior vice president of F donor engagement for United Way of the Midlands and is In October, she was named Woman of the Year by the currently consulting for organizations using her sales Arthritis Foundation Heartland Region, the most recent in a leadership best practices to maximize results. string of accolades. She’s also been named WCA Woman of Distinction, an Omaha Junior Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Young Omahan, and an Outstanding Young Nebraskan finalist, among other Role models and advisers honors reflecting her love for, commitment to and contributions back into the “I feel like I’ve been in the relationship business personally and professionally,” she community. said. “And I always had mentors. I still have mentors.” Early love for service One mentor Marvin called out specially is business and community leader Mike Marvin credits her parents—Sharon and the late Sam Marvin—with instilling in Yanney, with whom she has worked with on several projects. the family an early love for service to others with activities such as delivering Christmas gifts to homebound individuals and volunteering as a family to be bell- “He’s incredibly supportive, like my father was,” she said. “I have the greatest respect ringers for the Salvation Army. Marvin said she’s been told she shares her father’s and admiration for him. I feel like it’s such a privilege to have such great leadership larger-than-life personality and the humility and grace of her mother, whom she in this community.” calls her best friend. With quite a few career years still ahead of her, this lifelong learner isn’t content to “A solid upbringing and a supportive foundation built on the importance of hard rest on her many accomplishments. work, faith and service to others made it possible to soar,” Marvin said. “Faith, family and friends are my three most important priorities. Over time, Marvin herself has become a role model and adviser, boosting others in their careers and community service efforts. “I love people, I love helping people “There is nothing more powerful than leading by example, something my parents and I love to see people succeed,” she said. She named counseling on how to did as well. To be the best you can be in your work and volunteer life, you have to negotiate, overcome objections, close deals, and navigate through tough work ask yourself daily, ‘What can I do more, better, different and/or less of to ensure I situations along with mentoring and motivating others in the workplace as some am putting my best foot forward to maximize results?’” of the ways she’s strived to have impact. Learning from leaders “That is the greatest gift when you can see how others are able to soar,” she said. Marvin said she was always willing to learn from more experienced professionals, “Others realizing their potential and helping them on how to achieve their goals is starting with the late Chuck Peebler at Bozell. Her position there provided the the ultimate success.” 24

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