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photo: frode sandbech







design unlikely futures /

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, out now / photos by Dean Blotto Gray

to: pasi salminen

@ Blom @ Ducasse


photo: oli gagnon ri der: wolle nyvelt spot: hintertux, austria trick: fuck skiing



photo: oli gagnon rider: jed anderson spot: helsinki, finland trick: bs lipslide



EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Thomaz Autran Garcia senior EDITOR: Alexis De Tarade senior EDITOR: Chris McAlpine art director: Angel Sanz videographer/ EDITOR: Ryan “Diggles” Scardigli web programmer: Laurie Barker EDITORIAL INTERN: Franziska Porst WEB REPORTER: Klaus Lotto


What one must keep in mind is that death is the natural conclusion to every cycle of life, for every single thing in this universe, whether we consider them “living” or not. From white dwarf stars going supernova to the tiniest microorganism being wiped out and all those things so dear to us in between, it’s important to accept that the only absolute certainty on this mortal coil is precisely that: Death. But with every death comes the opportunity for rebirth, for new life to spring forth with all its vigor and exuberance. Sure, Forum may be dead, but out of its ashes will rise new brands, brands that will push the boundaries the same way that Forum did in its time. And that goes for everything in our industry. For every event that is canceled, a new one will emerge that better represents our true colors. For every pro that retires or fades away, a younger, gnarlier rider steps in to take their place.

volume thirteen issue three


The recent demise of Forum, one of the most iconic brands in the history of snowboarding, got me to thinking. Thinking about death and its inevitability, thinking about change and its inexorableness, thinking about how here in the West we have such an unhealthy relationship with death and change.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - ---Photo: Oli Gagnon

COVERSTORY the sun sets at 1 pm and twilight lasts for almost 2 hours at this time of the year in iceland, and the light was so sick. we actually looked at this roof drop for 2 days before we finally decided to hit it. the landing was extra short and super gnarly, so it was hard to land anything, much less the front one halldor wanted. but he kept charging and nailed it in the end. what a champ! – Daniel Tengs camera: canon 7d lens: 10mm fisheye aperture: f/4.5 speed: 1/250 rider: halldor helgason trick: fs 180 spot: akureyri, iceland date: 01/05/2012 @ 13:51

Senior photographers: Daniel Blom, Oli Gagnon Contributing photographers: Christopher Baldwin, Ben Birk, Phil Carpentier, Evan Chandler-Soanes, Vernon Deck, Jacob Durham, Knut Eliassen, Andoni Epelde, Petter Foshaug, Liam Gallagher, Teemu Heljo, Jon Hill, Tim Korbmacher, Ville Lahtinen, Rob Mathis, Andreas Mohaupt, Adam Moran, Anders Neuman, Lucas Nilsson, Dasha Nosova, Jonatan Nylander, Franz Ortlepp, Bob Plumb, Alex Roberts, Frode Sandbech, Christoph Schöch, Kealan Shilling, Daniel Tengs, Kolya Tsarev, Michael Tremblay, Nikita Vasil’ev, Mark Welsh, Rudi Wyhlidal, Sergey Zavarykin Contributing writers: Flo Achenrainer, Nils Arvidsson, Justin Bennee, Erik Botner, Eero Ettala, Pat Fenelon, Bryan Fox, Liam Gallagher, Blaze Kotsenburg, Rob Mathis, Sebi Müller, Danyale Patterson, Bob Plumb, Austin Smith, Chris Sörman, Marc Swoboda, Daniel Tengs, Dominik Wagner

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Life is death. Death is life. Life cannot exist without death. Embrace that thought and appreciate the short time you have here, appreciate the people, moments and things that create your existence and remember that sooner or later, they will be gone.

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Live life like you’re gonna die, because you are! – TAG 18






5 things

----------------photo: a l e x r obe r t s .

5 things that have given you a “happy ending” - A girl’s hand - A girl’s vagina - A girl’s number 2 - A girl’s mouth - My right hand 5 things you like to do with chicks when the lights are off - Make out - Make boom boom - Sleep - Make it again - Sleep

5 things you love to do on your shred stick - BS 1 no grab - Cab 5 nose - Cab underflip stale - BS 1 Japan - FS 10 mute

5 places you love to shred - Breck - Laax - Val Senales - Keystone - Kläppen

5 things that get you hyped on the internet - Fail compilations - RK1 edits - Porn - Cats doing stupid shit on YouTube - And, of course

5 things you regret doing - Nothing 5 things you would you use if you couldn’t find a condom - Banana peel - Sock - Plastic bag - The ass? - The mouth - - - - - - - - - - - - ----Tor puckers up a front lip on a cool night at Falls Creek.

5 things you should not do at a strip club - Don’t take photos and post on Instagram - Don’t touch the girls - Don’t think you will get laid - Don’t get your dick out - Don’t cum in your pants 5 things you need for a good party - Alcohol - Homies - Girls - Music - A house

5 things you should never post on Instagram - Food - Selfies - Airplane wing (I do it anyway) - Your dick - Your asshole

5 things you want to do this winter - Film - Do a couple of contests - Ride a lot of powder - Go to Japan - Get laid

5 things about Swedes that girls should know - Everything and nothing

5 things you want to say to all Method readers - Do not be afraid my friends





The JR has a reputation for ferocity and strength disproportionate to its appearance, with the documented ability to kill spots many times its size. The JR rides primarily in the streets, including “everywhere with Manchesterslopes or good pow!”. It has an affinity for Helsinki, Finland, stating that “it is a great city to

Confrontations are rarely observed and altercations with possible predators are sparse: “I’m a kind animal and I want everybody to be happy. Actually, I suck at fighting.”

avoid making a JR disgruntled, it is best to let it sleep if you see one at rest. As the the old Swedish saying goes, “Wake not a sleeping bear”.

JOAKIM R asmu ssen

Anatomically, the JR has short legs but big toes, which are useful when searching for Eurasian beavers. During mating season “a lot of she-whales are attracted to me but I like those foxy ladies”. The JK is armed with potent anal scent glands, used for marking territory and sexual arousal in his search for “delicious women”.


The JR traces its roots back to Gällivare and Kiruna, two cold, dark mining cities in northern Sweden, with a little mix of Danish blood. “The Danish can’t speak properly but they can drink beer and eat red sausage,” says the JR about his heritage. His father worked in the milk factory and mom is a dentist, resulting in “straight teeth and strong bones”. The JR consumes copious amounts of mammary fluids well into full adulthood. “I drink at least 2 liters of milk every day. Some say it’s bad for me, but I say fuck that!”

slide that metal cobra. Finnish metal-cobras don’t bite!”. As for the JR’s abode, “I live in the legendary 45ish. An apartment, bar, dance-floor, ping-pong arena, youth center, gym, bedroom and mansion. Always a lot of people coming and going for different reasons but I love it!”.

--- - --- - --- - --- - Jocke with that front two sev to back lip for all you “delicious women” out there. phot o: lu ca s n i l ss on

The Joakim Rasmussen, also known as the Jocke Gulo Gulo, is a stocky and muscular carnivore. The JR can be found primarily in remote reaches of the dark wilderness surrounding Umea, Sweden. His long brown oily fur is highly hydrophobic, making it resistant to frost and long hours filming at night, and his Volcom outerwear provides added resistance. Its small green eyes and short, rounded ears make the JR resemble a bear more than other mustelids.

A slumberous beast, you can often find the JR sleeping. “I usually wake up a couple of hours after everybody else. I love to sleep!” To

You can view some JR footage in the wild in the Random Bastards’ Blue Balls movie as well as Skeleton Crew’s Media Offline wildlife chronicles. 22


What came first for you, photography or snowboarding? Snowboarding first, and photography came two years later (around 2008). What makes a photo great? Once I saw a quote and saved it in my notes: “There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs”. I think catching the right moment is the most important, or at least one of the most important things. The way someone looks at your camera, or that exact moment when a trick looks best. If we’re talking mainly about snowboard photos, I guess it’s all about scenery, light, composition. As for tricks, sometimes a really simple one can make a photo look great. Being a photographer is to be a creator, so do it the way you feel it, :-)

my cameras


Is it hard being a girl in such a male-oriented industry? Yea, no doubt! Nobody takes you seriously as a photographer, they think of you as just another chick who doesn’t know how to use her equipment, trying to hook up with pro snowboarders and shit like that until you prove to different brands, magazines, riders and yourself that you’re really able to work on the same level as boys do and that you’re here for photography. If you ask me, it was even harder to make it out of Russia (where about 90% of the population doesn’t know what snowboarding is), and then go on some trip with “big names”, so I’m thankful for those opportunities that Forum and Burton gave me last year and helped me overcome this first step.

----------------Dasha getting high off LCD. p hoto: s e r g e y z ava ry k i n

You shoot mostly street and park, would you see yourself making a move into the backcountry in the future? Definitely. Actually, I’ve always thought and dreamt about doing that! I don’t want to be labeled as a street-photographer or anything else for that matter, because I also like to shoot skateboarding, BMX, lifestyle and pretty much everything else (as long as it’s not in a studio, haha). I just haven’t had a chance to shoot backcountry with some other riders yet. I’m a new-comer to this industry, so it’s all about time, I hope. Being so small, do you ever need to hire an assistant to help you lug around all your gear? It’d be dope to have a personal assistant! In all honesty though, I still haven’t met a guy who wouldn’t help if I ask. Also, I travel 24

with Denis (Ed. note: Leonty’ev, Dasha’s boyfriend) pretty much all the time, so he’s the main “caretaker” of this business, :-) As for being so small, sometimes I feel like I need a ladder... What is the coldest you’ve ever been shooting snowboarding? You might not believe this, but it wasn’t in Russia, it was in Norway! Hollerin’ atcha, Trysil and Hamar! Most important tool in your arsenal? Any of my good lenses, because they have far more to do with picture quality than any other thing. Advice for any girls who want to become pro snowboard photogs? Less theory, more practice. And don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you can’t do this or that.





How old are you? ................................................................................


How many siblings? .........................................................................


How many pets do you have? ......................................................


How many tries is too many? .....................................................


How many stairs is a legit rail? .................................................


How many ibuprofens do you take at once? ......................


How many hours of sleep is enough for you? ...................


Biggest rotation you can spin switch? ................................... .........................................................................................................................


How many bones have you broken your in life? .............


How many boards did you break last season? ..................


How many days did you ride last summer? ....................... .........................................................................................................................


How many countries did you hit last season? ..................


How many facebook friends do you have? .........................


How many beers do you need to be set? ...............................


How many centimeters is your favorite board? ...............


----------------Teo K in a bit of a pickle‌ Air to grimy rock ride. p hoto: luc a s n i ls s on


How many years was your longest relationship? ..........


How many kinks you have gotten through? .....................


How many days is a full season? ..............................................


How many flips is too many? ......................................................


How many times do you hit snooze? ......................................


How many miles can you run? .................................................


How much is your rent? ................................................................. .........................................................................................................................

What page number is this ............................................................. 26


crunching numbers



How many coffees do you drink a day? ................................


Tell us who is on the Terror Squad. Terror Snow is our crew, our way of life, our plan and our work. We’re a bunch of crazy Russians riders that are already on your doorstep, including Ura Rudchik, Artem Moskvichev, Vadim Taran, Vanja Gribkov, Igor Kulakov and Maks Sibirjakov. Is someone that rides a Terror board considered a terrorist? Fuck terrorists, terrorism and people like Putin who are always talking shit and creating the real terror! Fuck real evil. When will non-Russians be able to strap into a Terror board? We are working hard on it. We’re already sending boards out worldwide. That’s the first step, next is international distribution. Check us out at ISPO this year! Come see our booth, Russian vodka will be provided. What can people expect from a Terror board? Unbreakable boards with really crazy designs for dirty street shredding which have been tested by our crew!

Did your parents tell you a lot of scary stories about bears that drove terror into your hearts when you were kids? Yeah, always! One was “Bear with a Linden Leg”, it’s a classic about a 3-legged bear with a peg leg. He comes looking for kids who don’t do their homework or go to sleep. It always scared the hell out of me! If a bear finds me and tries to attack me, can I use a Terror board to defend myself? Haha, the Terror board will only help you ride away but if it catches you in the flats you can say, “bye bye!”, the board won’t help much. Who would win in a fight, Biggie Smalls or a bear? Biggie is immortal! Are you guys going to try to get any non-Russians on the team in the future? Yes, we are already looking for new recruits! We are open to real people who’d like to be part of our crew. We need people who really love snowboarding, street riding, filming and so on.

Where are you guys planning on terrorizing this year and what kind of videos can we expect this season? We’re already working on the WEARE2012 project called CAPITALS. This is big project that involves bombing Euro CAPITALS. We will be hitting half a dozen cities. The second dirty project is only for the Terror Squad, with some edits showing real stuff from the daily life of our whole crew. Why do they call Russia the “Sleeping Bear”? Russia still has a strong military that hasn’t really been active lately. I’m happy about that! Let’s let the bear sleep.

What hides in the dense forest? The dense forest are the Siberian forests, full of bears and brutal -45º temperatures! Last words? We would like to thank everyone who helped us, our parents, friends, riders, all the people who choose real stuff, the shops and all the people who make it possible, like the Method Mag crew. Look out for us at ISPO 2013!

- - - - - - - - - - - - ----TOP: Mishka! / BOTTOM: Terror coming in hot. p h ot o : n i kita va s i l’ev

little labels




available in both – Rocker & Camber Shape now even more robust & stable – revised Horror-Shock Absorber lively & massive pop – Völkl Premium Carbon Weave / POP3.0 extremely light – Ultra-Light Woodcore & Ultra-Light Topsheet shock-absorbing – Wooden Sidewalls with TPU Dampening

Playful for jibs and butters! Direct response and direct!



production varues

- - - - - - - - - - - - ----p h ot o s : c h risto ph e r ba l dwi n & ben birk

What is afterhours? (Ian Post) It was a travel-based video and series of web edits we put together last year, but this year we plan on working on the next stage of the project. Who is in the crew? It’s more a random group of friends than anything; Yale Cousino, Riley Nickerson, Luke Haddock, & John Murphy are the most involved I’d say, but Ralph, the Mindnichs, Zander, Cloutier, Phil, Shaun, Wilmot, Keenan, Pooch, Daley, Deforge, Nial, Sawyer, Tyler, Ian Boll, Nic, and many more heads are in the web edits and the movie.

What do you guys tend to do afterhours? Have a good time, board, drive around, film, twist, drink up, live, etc. Where would you guys say your base is? Vermont, always. It’s home for most of us and a great place to board if the snow’s nice. VT’s a good central location for any traveling to Quebec, NH, MA, etc. too, with everything 2-5 hours away. Does it seem like online views are going up and purchasing movies is going down? What is the balance to be able to survive and still get noticed? The web edits definitely receive the most exposure, but the final finished product is always the most fun to work on. We generally put out a good amount of web releases and a final encompassing movie, but I might do things a bit differently this year with a stronger focus on web videos. How important is sound? Is a good mic necessary or is it all about the lens? Sound’s almost always important, especially shooting rails and such. What you see visually is obviously more important, but a shot with no sound is almost worthless. Favorite activity waiting for the riders to drop? Instagram. Whose hair gets washed more, yours or Luke Haddock’s? I like to shower… Haddock doesn’t, enough said. Where can I get the movie? iTunes is the best spot. What’s next? Last year was definitely more of an introduction for this year than anything. We all plan on doing some serious work this winter.

- - - - - - - - - - - - ----TOP: Riley Nickerson uppercuts over everything with this Muhammad Ol-lie! photo: c. baldwin. BOTTOM: Look what crawled out of the woods of VT. photo: ben dirk.

Read the full story on:



P: Oli Gagnon


- - - - - -----------BOTTOM: Jake OE clapping his claw on this crail to front lip in MN.

Who is House of 1817? (Jake Olson-Elm) It is a crew that started in Minnesota. My buddy John Hodge is the mastermind behind it all. What happened in 1817? My friends Hodge, Riley Erickson, Joe Sexton, Austen Young & Dan Dan all lived together in a house. The address was 1817 Ashland Street in Saint Paul, MN. Ethan Deiss and I would come and visit on the weekends because we lived in different zones. We would all meet at 1817 and go snowboard together and party there at night. Hodge started a blog called House of 1817, then Riley started making edits called Monday Minutes by House of 1817. That’s pretty much it! It was a real good time! Oh ya, and there was a bat that lived in the house, soooooo that might be why it’s so spooky! What are you guys reppin’? I guess we’re just reppin homies! It’s just a crew that all have 1817 stickers on their boards, that’s pretty much it. - - - - - - - - - - - - ----BOTTOM: The Midwest is the best!

Who is the spookiest dude in the crew? How about the biggest pile? Hodge! But in all reality, no one is really spooky, it’s a pretty normal bunch. Biggest pile by far is Laurent. Drinks beer at 9 AM and gets shit done!! He may be the biggest boss also, though.

Tell us something weird/funny/strange/fucked up about House of 1817. One day when Ethan, Austen, Riley and I were going out to film for our movie, Think Positive, Hodge said right before we left, “Hey guys, you should film something short today that I can put on the blog” and we were like, I’m down, but what? He was like, “I dunno, film anything, just for like a minute! I’ll call it a Monday Minute”. So that day we filmed some shizzz and Riley made an edit. Now we’ve got something like 74 Monday Minutes!! That is so sick because it was nothing planned, just kind of an idea that randomly happened.

posse page

- - - - - - - - - - - - ----p h ot o s : bo b plumb (actio n) & jacob du rha m (l i f esty l e)


Is there a Monday Minute Movie in the plans? No clue, hopefully someday! I would be so stoked on that! That’s too far into the future to know, though.


Last words are yours! It’s so cool seeing kids in MN reppin’ 1817 gear and stickers! A lot of people are reppin’ it now and it’s not even a thing. We’re just a crew! But I guess it’s kind of turning into this community of homies that are into snowboarding. It hypes me up seeing kids with 1817 stickers on their boards!

Xavier De Le Rue – Swatch Proteam


- - - - - - - - - - - - ----WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE: Justin Bennee.


----- - - - - - - - - - - - phot o: ol i gagnon


Former associate Bobby Meeks was also quoted earlier this morning about the case, “Only one thing is for certain, Justin Bennee is a stone-cold killer”. This promises to be the trial of the century, so stay tuned for more breaking news on this story, right here on the MTHD Network!


Well-known in the community for his mellow vibes, sleepy style on his board and friendly demeanor, few expected this from Mr. Bennee. He allegedly spent the entire winter of 2011/12 stalking and murdering unsuspecting rails, gaps and ledges all across SLC in his van, clad in all-black and a balaclava as pictured. These innocent street spots were targeted and disposed of with extreme prejudice, “waxed on the spot” to use Mr. Bennee’s own spine-chilling words.

As his lawyer explained at Mr. Bennee’s arraignment yesterday, “My client feels an uncontrollable compulsion to slaughter these spots, it is stronger than him. He is a sick man and he needs help”, also adding he had entered a plea of not guilty due to insanity.


This just in! Escaped fugitive Justin Bennee was finally apprehended last week after being indicted on an unprecedented 171 charges of homicide last week in Salt Lake City, Utah.



holy shit

----------------Geno is a Bronto”soar”us!

- - - - - - - - - - - - ----Talk about slappin’ da bass, Bonus makes the tectonic plates shift on this mega melon drop. p h ot o : das ha no s ova

Don’t think for a moment that snowboarding comes easy and without serious consequences. If you want to make it to the big time, then you better check yoself before you wreck yoself. It takes testicles the size of watermelons to throw your carcass over these sorts of stair sets. Take this particular set for example; situated in a desolate, dark, eerie back alley of a Tallin suburb, it would literally make any 36

normal person spit chunks out of their ring holes just contemplating this. Luckily for us, Denis “Bonus” Leonty’ev is looser than a Pussy Riot, registering a 9.4 on the Holy Shit Sickter Scale with this massive drop. Respect!





Chilkat Range, ALASKA









The skate skull works are a project called GATLAND, which includes 5 canvases, 2 triptychs and a bunch of prints so far. It’s a side project I worked on mainly for the past year. I guess it’s younger and relates more to youth subculture than my darker, more adult works. I was always interested in fine art that showcases more human themes, but I’m still searching for my own way of bringing these themes to the canvas proper. My father got me into art at a young age and still gives me good advice in techniques, as well as inspiration. I never went to art school or anything, I’m totally selftaught and do my own research about art history and techniques. I adore the works of Munch, Lautrec, Schiele, Böcklin, van Gogh

and all those crazy early-1900’s motherfuckers. Obviously I’m also inspired by living artists like Templeton, Jamie Lynn, Bryan Iguchi, even Jeff Anderson who is no longer with us but was an amazing artist! I have to give an extra thanks to TJ Schneider for his friendship and inspiration in my life. He played such a big part. But I consider myself a snowboarder/skater and not a painter, because those creative


physical activities have deep roots in art for me. So far this (f)Art Page is the most exposure my art has ever had and I’m really thankful and lucky that Method is so down for my art! Please check out my blog, where you can look through the Gatland series as well as my other paintings, prints, sketches, photos and more. ----------------Sebi lives by the Gatcode. p hoto: f r a n z or t l e p p



Uncle Nate don’t give a FUCK. ----------------p hoto: r ob m at h i s





“This shot is from the beginning of the year we were shooting ‘True Life’. Following a very successful ‘The Resistance’ video everybody was stoked to get to work on the new movie project. This was actually Thanksgiving Day with Nate Bozung, JP Walker and Mikey LeBlanc… Not a bad crew to be logging shots with.







1989 1990








A quick little drop in ramp was made from some garbage cans and Nate popped off this 50-50 in less than 3 tries. This was the start of a great year for Nate, with him logging so many bangers that year, I’m pretty sure every shot we took got used somewhere. Kick ass year with a kick ass bunch of guys!” – Rob




1999 2000

2002 2003 2004 2005 2006



What would you do if you were surrounded by a crazy gang like the MS-13? Oh man, no doubt I’d join them and get lots of crazy tattoos on my face. Tell us something you did that you should get sent to the slammer for? Well…Two or three years ago at Tropcamp I swapped skateboards, because I liked someone else’s better than mine. I guess I’m doomed. Sorry, mate! If you’re reading this and you miss your skateboard let me know, I’ll give it back!

Introduce yourself to your cell mate. Hello, I’m Ada. I’m from Poland and I hitchhike everywhere possible. Cell mate asks, “gimme one good reason why I shouldn’t shank you”? My blood type is pretty rare! We shouldn’t waste it, let’s share it with those who need it! What mob do you roll with? Usually I hang out with locals, so it depends which spot I’m shredding at the time. But mostly with the Elementary bandits and the Deeluxe Global Deemons.

What would your jail nickname be? GUV! I’d be the head of the gang. If you drop the soap in the shower, would you pick it up? I’d pick it up with my toes, then transfer it to my hands without banging… I mean bending. If you were allowed to bring one thing to jail, what would it be? It would be a long piece of wire so I have something to occupy myself, I can defend myself or make something awesome with it, maybe a lasso, that could help me escape maybe. Or maybe a knife. Or some money, so I could buy a knife when I’m there. Or maybe... seriously, only one thing?

Would you try to escape or wait for your sentence to be up? It depends. If it was a Swedish or Austrian jail, I’d stay. I heard they are better than hotels in Poland. What is the first thing you are going to ride when you get out of jail? Pow! Just lots of pow and then some more fresh snow. And when it’s all gone I’ll hit some rails! If being rad at snowboarding was a crime who would be sentenced to death? Half the kids in Holland, probably. And for sure Travis Parker, Scotty Vine, Scott Stevens, Mary, Sarah, JJ, Kasia, Esti, Matic, Sebi, oddb, Gniazdo, the whole Elementary and Stench crew and I could name 34 of my friends who I love to watch snowboarding and who are living their lives right. Thank you all for taking me out to shred with you, sharing your food, beers and couches, good times! Who will pick you up on the day you make parole? Deeluxe, Capita, Union, Niffa and my local sponsors Elementary, Airblaster Goggles & Transfer.

-- - -- -- - -- - -- - -- Adi doing the Polish pole dance, half cab tail press . ph ot o s: ru d i w yh l i da l



preSented by

SlopeStyle Semi-finalS men & women

Wednesday Feb 6 finalS

Thursday Feb 7

Halfpipe Semi-finalS men

Tuesday Feb 5

Semi-finalS women

Wednesday Feb 6 finalS

Friday Feb 8

JUniorS Day SlopeStyle & Halfpipe

Saturday Feb 9

Laax - SwitzerLand february 4 – 9, 2013 13.3

Introduce yourself to your cell mate. Hey fellas, my name is Dane Tiene, I’m from Port Macquarie, Australia and straight as an arrow. Cell mate asks, “gimme one good reason why I shouldn’t shank you?” I haven’t got a gag reflex. What mob do you roll with? I roll with the Big Hugs Chain Gang. What would you do if you were surrounded by a crazy gang like the MS-13? I can’t fight, and I can’t run because I’m a little fat kid, so I guess I would have to join ‘em. Tell us something you did that you should get sent to the slammer for? I’m not much for breaking the law, mainly because I got caught stealing a 20 cent lolly when I was 9 and had to work a day as punishment. So I thought, fuck that I’m never stealing again. But I’ll duck a rope any day for freshies! What would your jail nickname be? You can call me Nighthawk. If you drop the soap in the shower, would you pick it up? Not a chance.

If you were allowed to bring one thing to jail, what would it be? A bottle of lube for sure, spit just wouldn’t last. Would you try to escape or wait for your sentence to be up? I’ve always wanted six-pack abs, so I’d do my time purely for the fact that when I got out I would have a banging rig. What is the first thing you are going to ride when you get out of jail? I’d get balls deep in backcountry pow.


If being rad at snowboarding was a crime who would be sentenced to death? Mikkel Bang is a major influence of mine, he’s got hammer style and goes big. He’d definitely get the death penalty. Who will pick you up on the day you make parole? I would have to thank the guys at DC, Dragon Optics and Burton bindings for picking me up.

----------------Dane fastplant from down undah. p hotos : a l e x r ob e r t s



kaunertal Austria




4000 $ $ $ priZe


& KAUNERTAL OPENING WINNER //more information on Facebook//



BRAGE RICHENBERG - - - - - - - - - - - - ----Brage with a furious meat helicopter. p h ot o s : f ro de sa n dbec h

Introduce yourself to your cell mate? My name is @bragerichenberg (instagram) and I’m extremely close to turning 20 years old. Cell mate asks, “gimme one good reason why I shouldn’t shank you?” I don’t wanna die before I make a holein-one at the golf course! What mob do you roll with? I love riding with all of my friends in Norway and right now I’m part of the Lazerkitteh crew! What would you do if you were surrounded by a crazy gang like the MS-13? I would probably start by screaming for mommy and make them believe I’m a weak little kid, but then I would fight them with some crazy ninja skills. Tell us something you did that you should get sent to the slammer for? My goggle tan in the summer and the FS 360 tindy I did last season! What would your jail nickname be? B-RAG. If you drop the soap in the shower, would you pick it up? Yeah, why not? Need the soap to get clean...


If you were allowed to bring one thing to jail, what would it be? A Norwegian chocolate bar, can’t live without that. Would you try to escape or wait for your sentence to be up? I would wait out my sentence so I could be done with that shit. What is the first thing you are going to ride when you get out of jail? I would go to the park and shred all the jibs and trannies. If being rad at snowboarding was a crime who would be sentenced to death? Mikkel Bang would get shot in the head for his style. Other riders like Alek Oestreng, Stale Sandbech, Jonas Steen, Jorn Simen Aaboe and all my other friends from Norway would do big time in jail. Who will pick you up on the day you make parole? Sabotage SB, Transform gloves, Salomon, VonZipper and Nike.


Introduce yourself to your cell mate. I’m Alexis Mailhot, 17 years old, grew up riding ice in Sherbrooke, QC. Cell mate asks, “gimme one good reason why I shouldn’t shank you?” He wouldn’t dare do it after seeing the size of my feet, I wear size 13 boots and I would kick his ass ! What mob do you roll with? BoarderGangClub. Fuck yeah, that’s what’s up! And this year I’m also filming my street part with the Nowamean boys, check out their last movie ‘’PIGEYE’’, it’s awesome! What would you do if you were surrounded by a crazy gang like the MS-13? I guess I would join ‘em to save my ass, I’m too young to die… come on, what would you do?! Tell us something you did that you should get sent to the slammer for? I may have slashed a couple of gate bashers.

What would your jail nickname be? Shaun White, I think he’s got a couple of friends down there since he’s been arrested, hehe! If you drop the soap in the shower, would you pick it up? No, I fell on my coccyx 2 weeks ago and it still hurts… If you were allowed to bring one thing to jail, what would it be? I would definitely bring applesauce, it’s water and food at the same time. Would you try to escape or wait for your sentence to be up? Well, if I have enough applesauce, I could wait. Escaping seems hard! What is the first thing you are going to ride when you get out of jail? A good pow day would be appreciated.

Jake Kuzyk, Frank April, Forest Bailey, Alex Stathis, Will Lavigne… I guess there are too many to name them all!

If being rad at snowboarding was a crime who would be sentenced to death? Fred Lacroix and Antonin Chamberland would die for sure, Louif, Phil Jacques,

Who will pick you up on the day you make parole? Ride Snowboards, Thirtytwo/Etnies, Dragon and Illusion Boardshop.


- - --------------Man-sized stale to bank in QC. p hotos : p h i l c a r p e n t i e r



start h ere


----------------p hotos : a n d r e a s m oh au p t

F lo A chenrainer


So strap on a sack and drop in. You are going to want to keep your eyes focused on the close-out at the end of the rail. When you get to the lip, snap a mellow ollie and lock into your 50-50. Make sure you stay focused on the close-out. When you get about one meter before the close-out you need to start putting some pressure on the BS edge and shift your focus from the end of the rail to the wall. Pop a baby ollie over the close-out. It’s important not to pop too hard off the rail 13.3

or you will lose control. Tweak and shifty your board like a BS air onto the wall. Try to lift your back foot up close to your anus and get that board straightened for a proper wallride. Slide that wall and use your hopefully healthy knees to absorb the tranny and ride away. Your filmer and crew should make a little noise right about now! – Flo








----------------p hoto: v i l l e la h t i n e n

Kalle is actually sitting next to me right now as I write this and he is crying like a baby because he quit snus yesterday. He’s been clean for about 26 hours now. He’s trying to stay off the snus until the 1st of January. He has never missed a day in the last 7 years without snus and the reason he quit now is because he thinks he’ll go totally berzerker on the rails and jibs if he doesn’t have that little devil under his lip to calm him down. On the first of January Kalle is going to start snusing again, when he hits the powder and wants to be relaxed. I really believe this approach will help him this year. He is a very aggressive rider who puts a lot of pressure on himself and it seems to be working out since he’s been delivering banging parts for several years now! I am sure he will continue doing so for many more years to come, he just has to keep his snus addiction in check. - Chris Sörman

- - - - - - - - - - - - - ---Kalle nails the final hammer in the coffin of his best part yet, tip grab gap to back board.


- - - - - - - - - - - - ----Holy shit, lobsters CAN fly!

EIKI HELGASON - - - - - - - - - - - - ----p h ot o : p e tte r f o s hau g

Is it true that when a boy meets a girl in Iceland you have to go to a government website and punch in your social security number to see if you are related before you can take the next step? Well, you don’t have to, but it’s so sick that here in Iceland they’ve kept track of everyone since the first person came here, so people can actually trace their roots all the way back to the first Icelander. So technically everyone is related in Iceland. Is it also true that the majority of Icelanders either believe in elves or are unwilling to to rule out their existence? Do you believe in elves? I don’t believe in elves, they say that the


majority of Icelanders believe in this shit but personally I don’t know anybody that actually does. I guess a lot of old people believe in those things. You stacked a shit ton of footy this year, something that would take most riders a couple of years to film but you crushed it in 3 months. I had a good year again finally, the last 2 had been kinda shitty for me due to injuries. We started filming in Iceland last December and stayed till mid-January, but I actually broke my hand there so I took 3 weeks off. Then I went to Japan to film some rails and ride some pow with you guys, then I stopped in Oslo for few days on my way

What do you live in Monaco, the 2nd smallest country in the world? Did you know citizens are not even allowed to gamble or even visit the Casino? Monaco is so nice, it has way better weather than Iceland and it’s closer to everything as well. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s a tax haven, hehe. It’s true that citizens can’t go to the Casino but we are just residents, so we can send it in the Casino and make millions all day, everyday, hehe. How important is Johannes “Thunder” Brenning to your image and movies? Without him we would be nothing, he teaches us everything, hehe. No, but I think it’s sick to have him, especially how he makes fun of how serious snowboarding is becoming with the Olympics and all that crap.

RORSCHACH Where do you come up with the sick, twisted board graphics for Lobster? Do you lie in bed thinking about this shit? It’s just what’s going on in my head all the time. I love making something that people might think is weird or too much. Coach Thunder asked me to ask you to tell us about your hands, he said you would understand? He’s probably referring to my fingernail. Nine years ago I came up with the great idea to bite my fingernail off from behind, so I did and now it’s all fucked up. The doctor said I killed the growing line or something and now it’s just a big lump, haha. It was by far the stupidest thing I’ve ever done and it hurt so fucking much… I don’t know why but if I have an idea in my head I just have to try it to be able to move on.

back from Japan before finally going to Finland for the first time ever to film rails for 2 weeks. I had always wanted to go because it’s so nice to film rails over there, which was followed by my last trip of the season, to the US to film that Team Shoot Out thing. I got so lucky with snow and weather everywhere I went, so that helped out a lot. I don’t know how I managed to get that much footage because there weren’t that many days of filming, hehe. But I’m stoked, hopefully this season will be the same! Since your lil’ bro Halldor was injured for most of the season did you feel like there was added pressure to carry your film project “Pepping” by yourself?

No, not really. Actually both Halldor and Gulli got injured at the same time so I was the last man standing, which was kinda nice for a change, hehe. I didn’t ever really think it was up to me to make the movie happen, I always just focus on what I wanna do at the moment, it’s never good to pile up things in your head. On the outside you seem to be really quiet and introverted but after spending a few weeks with you this year I realized you’re just another dirty Scandi, why are you guys so filthy? Haha, it’s just in our blood and there is nothing we can do about it.


We hear you have a legendary skate story and how was it skating in Iceland growing up? I started skateboarding before I started snowboarding, that’s actually why I got into snowboarding in the first place. We didn’t have any indoor skateparks so I had to start snowboarding in the winter, We made a skateboard movie called VTH, it was the first movie we ever made and since then we’ve only done snowboard movies. Where to now? Right now I’m in Iceland filming, I really don’t like making plans because if you don’t have a plan then nothing can go wrong. I’m just gonna try to film as much as I can, like always. We are making another Helgasons movie and I’ll be filming for the new Transworld movie as well, so I hope it’s gonna be a good season!

- - - - - - - - - - - - ----By the power of Grayskull… E-Man! p h ot o : e va n c ha n dl e r-s oa n es

What would you be doing right now if you weren’t so high? I would probably own my own painting company, a house, a truck and all that other bullshit. You ride for StepChild, have you ever stepped on a child? Ha. You know what, I did step on my little bro’s hands with ice-skates on when we were kids.


Do you think ranga’s (red heads) have a genetic advantage for snowboarding? For sure, man, and not just snowboarding, we are better than everyone at everything. D.O.P.E. crew is all about weed, booze and snowboarding, is this the correct order? D.O.P.E. has no order.   You grew up on the border of Quebec with hippy parents, how did they influence you growing up?

How big of an influence does skateboarding have on your snowboarding? Skateboarding has a massive influence on me. I actually suck at skating so I do shit I wish I could on my skateboard, on my snowboard. Way easier to snowboard than skateboard. Sometimes it’s hard to work out if you are goofy or regs... Like I said, snowboarding is easy. Haha! When you first moved to Whistler were you that kid always on first chair and last one off the hill? Yeah, I was definitely a keener. All I wanted to do was shred. Actually I still do, I just have other shit poppin’ off right now.  Word has it you would rather paint houses in the summer than whore yourself out, is this true? Yup. I’m going to start my own painting company one day. I am probably gonna get the ball rolling next summer. Shit’s fun and there’s a lot of money to be made. Well, we wish there were more shreds like you out there, keeping it real. Do you think that is why there is so much hype around you?   I dunno, man. The snowboard scene bugs me. Too many fake smiles and high fives. I’m just doing me. Real recognize real! Is weed to you like spinach is to Popeye? No, I don’t smoke dope. Up with hope, down with dope! Haha... What do you think about everyone posting #TurnEMANpro on Insta and facebook? I think it’s pretty funny but I’m thankful for all the support. It would be sick to have a pro model one day, but I ain’t stressin’. (Ed. note: StepChild has since given E-Man his more than deserved pro model, go check it out at your local shop!)

RORSCHACH I wouldn’t say my parents are really hippies, more kinda like hippies. My parents are hands down the best. I love ‘em to death and I am what I am because of them. They are chill as fuck. All my homies from back home still hang with my parents. You got a nasty burn as a child, how come you don’t have any scars? Weird, man. How do you guys know this shit? Yeah, I burned my arm real good as

a kid with boiling water but obviously no scars. Gingers don’t scar. We heard a lot of TMs have asked you to join their brands but you have always stayed loyal to StepChild rather than looking for an easy pay check, is that true? Yeah, some people have approached me but fuck it. Chi or die. I’m just really down with Brad and Sean (the owners of StepChild), mad respect!


Kareem El Rafie told me “E-man is the real shit, most of these overpaid riders ain’t half the rider he is, they just suck a lot of dick and live in the right places to be in the scene, E-man doesn’t cause he doesn’t depend on the industry to shred, he just don’t give a fuck”. Thoughts? Uhmm. Well, I do give a fuck about a lot of things but being a “pro” snowboarder is not really one of them. Snowboarding, I definitely give a fuck about, I wanna board till the day I die. Kareem is a boss. Yeaaaaah, maaaaaan!



"the only people for me are

the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or

say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn

- - - - - - - - - - - - ----LEFT: Trench Coat Mafia? The Forests, Burki and Bailey. RIGHT: Forest Bailey, deadly front 2-7 to the last down as the ravens circled overhead....

like fabulous yellow roman candles

exploding like spiders across the stars" ----------------– jac k kerouac on th e road


----------------TOP/BOTTOM: Baked Baker synchronicity. - - - - - - - ---------LEFT: Only someone with Bundy Vision could find a line here! Ted with a brawny drop in QC.

S now boarding is B eat : W aves of T hought A bout the W inter T hat W as - - - - - - - ---------photos & text: liam gallagh er

We got mad last winter. Maybe more mad than we meant to. Sometimes things slid a little beyond… beyond where we’d been, what we knew, where we wanted to go… somewhere… near… things we feared. Whole eyeballs were exposed. Ravens circled. We howled across rivers. Our screams flew through the forest. We wallowed in the snow. One night… it radiated heat all around us. We felt warm out in the cold. The Spirits helped us. And the local medicine woman… that temptress, the sorceress in Gore-Tex, with her tinctures, cheap weed and psychedelic chocolates. She kept us all synched up. Crazy synched-up sometimes… 13.3

- - - - - - - - - - - - ----TOP: Land-o’ Lakes butters up a pow ledge in AK.

THE MAD ONES. S N O W B OA R D I N G I S B E AT Some Kinda Winter There are a lot of turns in the road up to Mt. Baker. There’s one that goes left and if you look right, right at the right time, and there’s no fog, or snow, or rain fucking up your view, then you’ll see this boulder field, it’ll only be there for a second, but then in another minute, at the next left, look right again and you’ll see the same boulder field, right there above the river, below that 200-foot granite wall, a perfect pile of rocks, big round boulders stacked perfectly for stacking powder. Sometimes… Most of the time it’s nothing but a pile of rocks. It’s low in elevation. It rarely snows that low. It takes a real winter, a freak streak of cold temps and heavy precipitation. Perfect storm shit… That happened last season. We were synched up. I crossed the river with Wyatt Stasinos and Nick Russell. Nick and I waded in water up to our chests. It was sketchy. Wyatt found a way across that was only ankle deep. He’s good at finding lines. Him and Nick did good all day. They hiked high. Up through the woods. Hooting. And howling into the fog that floated around all day. That’s all I remember… Everything seemed to be floating that day. --- - - - - - - - - - - - - - RIGHT: High tension front D from Austin Hironaka.

- - - - - - - - - - - -----RIGHT: Hiking up rigid places to earn soft curves


the ones who never yawn

- - - - - - - - - -------BOTTOM: Put that in your pipe and smoke it!.

- - - - - - - - - -------BOTTOM: Forest is a fine fellow.

----------------TOP: Danimals breaking dancing with his snowboard on


----------------TOP: The Mad Ones.

----------------LEFT: Forrest Burki fires off like a Roman candle down this gnarly line.


- - - - - - - - - -------BOTTOM: BFox falling off like a rolling stone in QC.

----------------TOP: Holy moly, it’s the Holy Bowly!

the ones who are mad to live,

THE MAD ONES. S N O W B O A R D I N G I S B E AT Quebec stinks We went to Quebec. There was five feet of snow everywhere. A bunch of our buddies ended up there too. Too many to name. One night we packed about thirty heads into this beat little Indian food spot. The food was good. Never ate so many samosas. The chicken tikka masala was the big hit. We really greased our guts that night. The next day was a gastrointestinal riot. We couldn’t breathe through our noses inside the van. But that didn’t seem to bother Bryan Fox. He was feeling better by the blast. Dude was enjoying the curry colonic. So… be warned: Bryan Fox is a bag of farts. Should you ever end up on a van trip with him… steer clear of the Indian. 13.3

----------------TOP: Fox & Welsh farted up a filter for this photo. BOTTOM: Quebexican family moment.

THE MAD ONES. S N O W B OA R D I N G I S B E AT Americans abroad For us Yanks, a trip to Austria always starts in Munich. Us Yanks always land there. Then Yanks always go to the Hofbrauhaus. We can’t get beers that big in America. We love bigger beers. Being from America, we drink as many as we can, more than we can actually. Being Americans, we manage to break those big-ass beer steins, make one hell of a mess and generally look like typical American dumb-asses. Classic. But… this being Germany, the manager of the joint says it’s okay, and actually seems okay with us, his only suggestion: we need to smoke some weed. Relax a little. That’s the Truth. Universally. And thankfully, our fixer in Montafon agreed. And had us hooked upon arrival. Universal Truth #2: it always helps to have a local connection.

- - - - - - - - - - - - ----RIGHT: This looks like a mix between Hoth and Endor… Lando with the Andrecht.


----------------TOP: McCarthy & Luebke exhaling some WA greens. BOTTOM: Lando hanging out in AK.

desirous of everything at the same time


----------------BOTTOM: Will Lavigne using his sonar to connect to the ledge in Quebec.

THE MAD ONES. S N O W B OA R D I N G I S B E AT Lando in AK Then there was Alaska with Lando. A week in Juneau. It was the biggest winter they’d had in almost a hundred years. Yeah, synched up again. Nearly… actually… about two weeks too late. It was spring. The snow got hot. And froze most nights. We found some stashes. Made the most. Lando just loving being home. And once we got higher, with help from a helicopter, we found some really good snow, but that trip was short-lived. Just a day trip. Still, each turn is burned into my brain. I’ve replayed the day a thousand times. Still feels like a dream. Maybe… a new vision… of… ONE… of the next forks in the road.

----------------TOP: Wyatt bashing some low-elevation Baker boulders… BOTTOM: In life it’s good to look at things from both ways. Ted Borland yanks one in.

- - - - - - - - --------LEFT/RIGHT: Wyatt Stasinos the powder wizard, drifting like a log…


like fabulous yellow roman candles

-- - - - - - - - - - - - ---RIGHT: Harrison Gordon lift tower front lip at the golden hour.

Holy Haiku April in Japan Cherry blossoms and drunk sumos fall Everywhere, all night, in Tokyo It rained for days Everyone dug the holes in the snow Then... the sun came out -- - - - - - - - - - - - ---RIGHT: Blott Scum likes tunt blips.

----------------BOTTOM: Forest don’t Bail-ey!


the end

Forest hiked higher He saw things others didn’t, like a sage The holiest of the bowlers

“Too Hard is about a bunch of bad bitches who don’t give a crap and also happen to know how to snowboard. Creative spots, legit tricks, bails, tits, fights, underage drinking, crying and tampons make this movie 20 minutes well spent. These girls work really hard and are every bit as hungry for the shot as any VG boy, but sadly (maybe due to a lack of manly muscles and their female anatomy) often end up with embarrassing moments instead of serious snowboard shots. That’s the best part about this crew though, they don’t mind embarrassing themselves, and they’ll keep going after it for the love of doing it. Never taking snowboarding too seriously, they laugh when they fall or zeach even after their 100th attempt. Trust me, you’re gonna wanna watch this chick flick, it’s the snowboard game‘s bad girls club and it’s entertaining as fuck! This crew of 19 female street riders traveled the globe this past winter, hitting the same spots that the big boys hit. Without a film or travel budget, they still managed to film backcountry in Alaska, urban in Chicago, wood rails in Tahoe and handrails in Salt Lake City. They did all the work themselves, girls shoveling, filming, and riding.” – Danyele Patterson

----------------TOP: Desiree flaps out a frontside wall slap in Quebec. p hoto: ol i g . LEFT: Air mattress life, yo!


“Danyale made a movie with cats and laser beams. And Darrah. A women’s snowboard movie had not been made like the one Danyale created. It’s like one constant inside joke, with decent shots and good music. Taking away the seriousness that every girl project has, and bringing a new level of humor and the mentality of not giving a fuck, shaped Dangy’s movie into something that got people talking. She has made an impact that wasn’t expected and I think it’s good for the industry.” – Desiree Melancon


----------------p hotos : k e a la n s h i l l i n g & ol i gag n on ----------------LEFT: Desiree, Esthera, June… Dem chicas be craze! BOTTOM: Marie squeezing in “just one more” hit, last light tail snatcher.


TOO HARD. PRETTY BALLSY FOR NO BALLS “To be honest, when Danyale first talked about making her own movie I had serious doubts it would actually happen. As the season progressed and I saw the footage she was collecting, I definitely got excited about the project. Girls are really killing it harder than ever in the streets and Danyale is passionate about capturing every shot. The best part about filming with her is she motivates me, tells me to keep going when I’m on the verge of giving up. This season that push resulted more in broken boards and sore body parts than actual shots, but I love her enthusiasm and encouragement. Also she’s fucking crazy, and so am I, and we can spend 8-hour road trips talking about boys and other bullshit.

Sometimes she tells me how much she fucking hates me, and I tell her she’s a bitch, but the next day we’re BFF’s again. I have a lot of respect for Danyale, she works hard and she made this project happen. Girls needed ‘Too Hard’, especially in a time when the ‘upand-comers’ and ams of our gender don’t really have anywhere to feature their riding. I hope it takes off and the industry notices.” – Darrah Reid-Mclean  


----------------TOP: Motel room ho-down with Desiree on the ukulele. BOTTOM: Joanie Robichaud Pinning that tail on the rail!

“At first we were always nervous about a spot; you know, check the speed 26 times, drink a beer, go to the nearest gas station to pee… But once it got going it was so sick to see the confidence of the girls trying tricks and getting hyped on a shot.” – Jessi Huege “I am stoked to be able to get a few shots in ‘Too Hard’. Being in the same movie as all of these rad girls that I look up to was super exciting for me.” – Luci Imbach   “Danyale is a simple person and the funniest girl I know. I think the movie she made reflects her personality and what she thinks about snowboarding. I’m really glad to be a part of this movie and I can’t wait to start filming again with this crew all winter!” – Joanie Robichaud   “It was baw$$yy.” – Taylor Elliot   ----------------LEFT: Vanessa Moore midnight 50-50 to back1 re-entry like a she-wolf.

- - - - - - - - - -------RIGHT: Dangy back lip gap out like it ain’t no thang-y.


TOO HARD. PRETTY BALLSY FOR NO BALLS “’Too Hard’ was such a cool experience, it’s hard to be a girl in the snowboard industry and be taken seriously.” – Marie-Andree Racine “Welp. When it doesn’t snow all year and you got a bunch of girls filming their own movie, it’s pretty hard. Almost too hard. So with all the BS you gather from trying to make things happen you can make a pretty entertaining movie.” – Madison Blackley   “Dolphins, boobs and breaking bottles. Who would have thought they would come together so seamlessly? It was rough getting shots and pulling the movie together but I’m so stoked on the outcome.” – Fancy Rutherford

- - - - - - - - - - - -----TOP: Joanie whips out a cheeky Andrecht. BOTTOM: Marie Hucal made the varsity team this year.


----------------TOP: Ding-dong! Danyale got her bell rung... BOTTOM: Dang, Dangy! Fence hurdle avec melon to back board.

peace out!

Featuring: Marie Hucal, Fancy Rutherford, Danyale Patterson, Jessie Huege, Darrah ReidMcLean, Desiree Melancon, Joanie Robichaud, Joelle “JJ” Juchli, Gabby Maiden, Madison Blackley, Mary Rand, Taylor Elliot, Alice Gorton, Marie-Andree Racine, Gillian Andrewshenko, Vanessa Moore, Sara Berdayes, Luci Imbach, Alexa McCarty.


----------------LEFT: Anti-nazi gnarliness, Wessel van Lierop, switch 50-50 wall smash re-direct.


The RockOn crew are an exclusive bunch of Euros that are turning heads with their abilities to destroy the street and the bar. Gathered about 2 years ago by Philipp Ramhofer, initially just as a shop team for the RockOn SB chain of shops in Germany, the crew quickly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with after the tricks (and outfits) they pulled at the Nike Chosen Sessions. Since they’re just a bunch of weirdos, we decided to get weird and go vice-versa for this feature. We call this Weiss Wurst-a, where instead of reading an interview you’ll have the answers presented first and it’s up to you to guess what the actual question was. C’mon, give it a shot, it’s not that hard…

----------------t e xt: a dt p h ot o s: tim korbm ac h e r


1. answer - Night of the Bird ( ) a.What is the name of the only night of the year where pigeons fly after sundown? ( ) b.What is the name of the new RockOn movie that you should go see? ( ) c. What is it called when you put your middle finger up someone’s butthole? ( ) d.What is the name of a Johnny Cash song? 76

------ - - - - - - - - - - LEFT: The Wurst crew in full effect.

- - - - - - - - - -------LEFT: Yup, that’s breakfast. Mahlzeit! BOTTOM: Head honcho Philipp Ramhofer branching out.

2. answer - Nike Chosen Sessions (Crew Video Contest) ( ) a. What is the event that awarded the RockON crew for destroying a toilet and pissing on everyone’s feet? ( ) b. What is the night before Christmas called when God chooses who is going to hell and who is going to heaven? ( ) c. What is the moment that Noah had to pick who was on the Ark and who had to swim known as? ( ) d. What was the gathering in Montafon that awarded RockOn 40,000€ for wearing 80’s neon ski suits, Zinka and chucking all sorts of radical maneuvers on the stunt plastic? 3. answer - Weiss Wurst ( ) a. What is a German sausage that is traditionally eaten cold for breakfast called? ( ) b. What is a synonym for “schnitzel”? ( ) c. What is a German word for “terrible white snake”? ( ) d. What is the name of Germans’ favorite dessert? 4. answer -Dani Rajcsanyi ( ) a. Who is the boy that loves to hit things backside when not attending fashion school, running around with a backpack full of Legos and his head shaved like a balding 50-year old? ( ) b. Who is the exceptionally motivated rider on the RockOn crew who rocks a super wide stance? ( ) c. Who is the oldest and most mature of the group that always keeps his German sausage in his pants? ( ) d. Who is a successful business school student with HATE/LOVE tattooed across his knuckles?


5. answer - Wessel Van Lierop ( ) a. Who is too busy with his full-time hair stylist job and only gets to shred once a week but is still pretty good at riding halfpipe? ( ) b. Who is the rider that started riding in indoor snowdomes but once he discovered the powder of Chamonix could never go back? ( ) c. Who is the Dutch rider who loves emo-tronic and thinks flannel is gross? ( ) d. Who is a fan of heavy metal in his ears and under his feet, which are more ambidextrous than famous footballer Pavel Nedved’s?

6. answer - Philipp Ramhofer ( ) a. Who is the coach of the crew that is usually too busy show-jumping horses to actually ride so does his coaching via Skype? ( ) b. Who is the RockOn crew founder who recently started his own production company that films things other than snowboarding? ( ) c. Who is a high-flying double corker from Berlin that is going to school for Hotel Management? ( ) d. Who is the rider that always needs to be motivated by the rest of the crew to go snowboarding?

- - - - - - - - - - - - ----BOTTOM: Boeger wipes off his boogers with the back tail on the close out.


----------------LEFT: Wessel gets flung into the future.


- - - - - - - - - -------TOP: Dani S. Thompson. BOTTOM: Dani midlife crisis back lipper.

7. answer - Michael Miethig ( ) a. Who is from Geretsried, where he grew up with Dani Rajcscanyi and they actually dated until the slow dance accident? ( ) b. Who is the rider that used to be a ski slalom champ as a child but grew up to become a serious contender for the World Snowboard Tour title? ( ) c. Who is the backcountry bungee maniac that loves an open bar and will leave on a spontaneous mission to Berlin in the middle of the night to dance for 20 minutes? ( ) d. Who is the guy who can handle his liquor and is always there to tell others to slow down?


8. answer - Marlon Boeger ( ) a. Who is a funny, shit-talking Dusseldorfer with a mean back tail that helped start the RockON team? ( ) b. Who is the very polite fellow that usually has his nose buried in a textbook, trying to get his medical school homework done? ( ) c. Who thinks that hygiene is a necessity and weed is the devil’s work? ( ) d. Who has to peel the ladies off himself at the club and always looks for the easiest trick to do at a spot before anyone else?

9. answer - Philipp Schuster ( ) a. Who is a very rude ThirtyTwo rider from the Italian-speaking part of Austria? ( ) b. Who is the rider with very healthy knees who never got hurt last season while everyone else did? ( ) c. Who is the rider who basically lands every trick first try? ( ) d. Who is the clean-cut Bavarian with a last name that means “cobbler” but whose trade is actually street boarding?

10. answer -Davo Struber ( ) a. Who is the rider that believes everything? ( ) b. Who is the CAPiTA rider and creative weirdo who likes milk, yawning, sleeping, dogs, chickens, llamas, alpacas, cats and animals in general? ( ) c. Who is the guy that sometimes has to resort to force to get women to sleep with him because they think Austrians with dyed blonde hair are weird? ( ) d. Who is the rider Peat Rossner hates and wishes he had never put on the Deeluxe boots team?

- - - - - - - - - - - - ----BOTTOM: Stuber’s front board bomb blast causes ultra fear in the locals.



- - - - ------------TOP: Geno front D on the rim of the bowl. BOTTOM: Mugi high-speed carve. ph: joe l f r a s e r

----------------TOP: We are suckers for silhouettes…

----------------TOP: RockOn official team vehicle.

11. answer- Boris Buhler ( ) a. Who is the gentle giant from Swizterland with extra straight teeth? ( ) b.Who is the Transform Gloves and K2 rider who wants to be in the Olympics someday? ( ) c. Who is the rider that is always complaining and whining about why a spot won’t work? ( ) d. Who is the rider that will kill any rail you put in front of him but if you ask him to hit a jump says his knee hurts?

----------------BOTTOM: Child slave labor.


no more sausage.


correct QUESTIONS: –––––––----––––––––––– 01– B. 02– D. 03– A. 04– A. 05– B. 06– D.

07– c. 08– A. 09– D. 10– B. 11– A.


- - - - - - - - - - - - ----p h ot o s : bo b plumb, ma rk w e l sh , v e r non dec k, sa mi va l i ka ngas, dan i e l t e ng s & knu t e l ia s s e n

“The Nitro crew is like a big family, it doesn’t matter with who you’re riding, it’s always fun and people get you hyped no matter what the conditions are. The vibe was good and people killed it!” – Dominik Wagner “Hyped was awesome to film for because it’s not a completely serious movie vibe. It’s just a bunch of dudes snowboarding with friends and having a good time out of it!” – Blaze Kotsenburg

-- -- - -- - -- -- - -- - LEFT: Blaze Kotsenburg blasts over a blaze at the Bone Zone. p hot o: b ob p lum b . RIGHT: Bryan is HYPED! on life. p h oto: m a r k we ls h.

“Hyped is not a normal snowboard movie. It is snowboarding!” – Erik Botner


- - - - ------------LEFT: BFox sends a back 7 deep into the gaping maws of a BC beast. p hoto: v e r n on d e c k . BOTTOM: Nissa giving Knut a hi-5 with his board in Nanshan. photo: m a r k we ls h . UNDER: Justin Bennee wraps up another blunt, switch two sev out. p hoto: b ob p lum b .

“We were in Austria filming when Nils and I collided and he split me open like a pig, sending me to the hospital in the heli. Wasn’t too hyped.” – Austin Smith


----------------TOP: Botner boosting a bone-y backside fiver. p hoto: da n i e l t e n g s . BOTTOM: Serrated ledge back board from Jon Kooley. p hoto: b ob p lum b . - - - - - - - - - - - -----TOP: Anton the Gun didn’t realize the judges took points off for hand drags, front 1 tripod in AK. p hoto : bo b plum b.


A MOVIE ABOUT A FEELING... “After a long season of filming ‘Cooking with Gas’, I was stoked to get on my last trip of the season with Nitro and just ride for fun. The way it’s all documented will give you an idea how much we enjoy shredding. I was hyped! A perfect shoot before summer vacation.” – Eero Ettala

----------------TOP: Sam Taxwood, coast to coast on the noseblunt slide. photo: bob plum b . ABOVE: Wood you? Austin Smith would, pole jammer in Whistler. photo: ve rn on dec k. LEFT: Eero is HYPED! photo: kn ut e l iasse n .

“I think what got me most ‘hyped’ was watching The Artist Known As Pear HumpAss doing methods better than all of the pros. He also films with 4 cameras at once. Pretty artsy, that guy. His fashion sense inspires all metros as well.” – Bob Plumb “Mini shreddin’ with the legends in China, bombing through deep pow with Keller and Torgeir in Canada, just thinking of all we did together last season gets me HYPED!” – Nils Arvidsson



----------------TOP: Nitro’s TM rides better than your TM, Knut Eliassen plants an Andrecht. p hoto: b ob p lum b . LEFT: Sven Thorgren lassoes a backing bronco, BS rodeo 7. p hoto: k n ut e l i a s s e n . BOTTOM: Markus Keller got a little too hyped... p hoto: k n ut e l i a s s e n .

“If you know any of the following: Eero, Knut, Anton, Austin…. OK, now imagine all these Nitro dudes and more together, filming a movie about having fun snowboarding. Nothing more needs to be said - it really was great times! Weeehaaaa!” – Marc Swoboda “Austin, Wittlake, Per and I rode Mt. Baker for three of the deepest days of the year. Snowing hard every day, weaseling our way into sketchy lines, eating salmon bread bowls for lunch, hiking after the lifts closed to get a couple more lines, and sleeping on the ground at Scotty’s single wide trailer. Living the life.”   – Bryan Fox

----------------LEFT: Torgeir Bergrem is HYPED! photo: kn ut e l iasse n . RIGHT: Nils Arvidsson is HYPED! photo: kn ut e l iasse n .


- - - - - - - - - -------TOP: Bob and Ronald are HYPED! p h ot o : knu t e l ia s s e n. RIGHT: Turbo Torgeir blasts a grasser. p h ot o : knu t e l ia s s e n. BOTTOM: Sub-Urban boardslide transfer from Benny. p h ot o : f lo ria n trat tn e r

c h e c k i t o u t at :

“Hyped is a movie that really shows what it’s like when we snowboard for the pure passion of snowboarding, no pressure, just passion.” – Justin Bennee


· · R I P A C I

· D R T


- - - - - - - - - - - - ----t e x t : pat f e n e lo n p h ot o s : ro b math is

It was a balmy summer day in Salt Lake City when Rob Mathis, Jeremy Cooper and I sat down to a lunch of delicious Mexican food. We each ordered a burrito and started chomping away at chips and salsa. Scattered on the table were magazines with various shots and stories about Park City, thanks to Jeremy’s kick-ass park building and Rob’s legendary photo skills. We reminisced about the awesome days we had up there during the 10/11 season and soon the focus of conversation shifted to the coming season and my department: video. 88

The two agreed they were happy with what I had done so far and that it was exactly the direction they were hoping to go. The waiter dropped off our steaming, smothered burritos and the discussion of the coming season began. “How do you feel about doing a full length video this season?”, asked Rob. Jeremy nodded in approval and I suddenly saw my season fold out in front of me: long, freezing cold nights shooting time lapses, early mornings to catch the sunrise, entire days spent logging footage… “But we can still do webisodes too, right?” I grew up on the East Coast, where parks are all we have, so watching good park snowboarding has always gotten me psyched to go riding more than anything else. I


can remember the park riding clips in old Robotfood movies, and the OG Big Bear edits by Joe Carlino and Justin Meyer would get me so fired up! So it’s great to be working with Park City now, trying to put a new spin on park edits. I hope there are still kids out there like me, eating them up and getting hyped.

----------------#1: Sam Taxwood taxin’ that wall with a front D. ----------------#2: Somebody tell Blaze Kotsenburg it’s not the 4th of July, back lip to firecracker. ----------------#3: Dylan Thompson taking option C: airing over the whole damn thing.

··· I RIDE PARK CITY. My goal is to show people how much fun Park City is on a daily basis, there are no special closed park builds, no renting helicopters. Doing a full movie just helped drive that concept a little bit further. Working to stock up enough footage for a movie allowed me to dig in a bit more and try things that I wouldn’t normally have for a quick park edit. I went through countless extra steps to make sure the videos this year were something different and special. - - - - - - - - - - - - ----#1: Kazu the Contortionist, if you know the name of this trick let us know! - - - - - - - - - - - - ----#2: Scott Stevens fiddles with the left ball with a boneless one. - - - - - - - - - - - - ----#3: Brandon Hobush shows the right ball some love, fastplant.


now go wat c h the video!!!

In the end what really makes the IRPC movie and webisodes are the riders. Park City is a great place to go and lap the park. With Cobra Dogs at the base and a high-speed chair whistling overhead, it’s an easy place for any snowboarder to come and have a blast. I’d love to give each of the riders in the movie a big shout-out for killing it but there are 45 of them and that would just be too long for this story.


- - - - - - - - - - - -----RIGHT: Gerry didn’t take a run on a double black diamond piste, he landed a trick on a double red diamond feature, double frontside smash.

- - - - - - - - - - - - ----t e x t : ryan s ca rdig l i p h ot o s : jo n h i l l

I had come back to the States for Christmas last year, thinking I could manage at least one trip while I was there, but it had been a pretty dry start and things didn’t look very promising. When I saw that Denver had been hit with a major snow storm I got on the horn, calling people I knew in Colorado about putting together a rail trip the following day. Later that night I was woken by a call from Dane Tiene asking if he could join the crew on Chriso’s recommendation. Brendan Gerard met me at the airport the next day, and we went straight to the first spot to meet with our photographer Jon Hill.

HAMMERS TO THE SLAMMER ----------------LEFT: Dane didn’t really im-press the judge as much as this rail…


While setting up, we heard a Mexican lady screaming on the sidewalk outside the park. Her husband was having a heart attack, and there was an off-duty fire fighter giving him CPR. Once the emergency crew had hauled him off in the ambulance it was back to work. Brendan, after a handful of tries, knocked out one of the coolest shots of the trip. A double wallride on a picturesque urban art feature. We broke down the spot and picked up our new Aussie mate Dane downtown, our crew was ready to take on the Colorado night. Our second and third spots were a little outside of town, and the boys were able to knock them out in the wee hours of the morning. The second day we cruised up to Boulder to see if the hippies were hiding any gold. After searching all day, we found a gap to down rail at the local college. Brendan got a few tricks on it, but speed was an issue so we decided to call it a night, and get an early start the next day. The snow was beginning to melt down low, so we ventured up into the front range to a town called Idaho Springs. A few years ago while driving home from SIA, I saw some yellow ledges from the freeway, and always thought they could be a cool spot to shoot. We had to jump the fence at the high school field to get in, but none of us really thought twice about it.


PA R T 1



----------------RIGHT: Dane, you’re such a ledge, mate! 50-50 at the spot that got them busted.

We spent most of the afternoon there shooting, and things were going well until local Police Officer Voght stopped by for a visit. After some smooth talking by the boys, he decided to let us finish up, told us he would come back in an hour, and wanted us gone. Dane got his trick, and we packed up for the afternoon. Brendan told us there was another spot near by, so we grabbed some dinner and cruised to the middle school a little outside of town. We found a perfect closeout ledge in the back of the school the boys wanted to hit. The only problem; there was a school basketball team practicing in the gym, and their coach wanted to know what we were up to. After explaining to him that we were in fact just using the industriallooking backdrop for a fashion shoot, and not to jump off of with “skateboards” as he inquired, we got back to work setting up the spot.

We waited until all the kids had left and the guys started speed checking the ledge. Brendan and Dane both got a few mellow tricks and were warming up to start sending it, when we heard the alltoo-familiar sound of an authority figure coming from the darkness. This time, it was local Police Officer Wolf, who said he saw our cars parked out front and wanted to see what we were up to. We asked if we could just pack everything up and leave, but after he called it in on the radio to his boss (our friend from earlier) Officer Voght, the vibe changed dramatically. Voght, along with 5 or 6 other officers from the local sherrif’s department showed up soon after, as if they needed a SWAT team to handle the 4 kids playing in the snow at the local middle school. At this point there was no talking our way out of it. Voght was looking for blood.


He told us we had already been warned earlier in the day, and now we were going to be brought in on trespassing charges, as well as tampering, because our lights were plugged into an outlet at the school. They cuffed us and took us to the Clear Creek County Jail, where we were booked, given our new orange jumpsuits, a scratchy blanket, and a mat to lay on our metal bunk beds.


COLO–RAD–O. HAMMERS TO THE SLAMMER Brendan and I were the more seasoned ones in the crew. He, having spent time behind bars in Wyoming last year for the same offense, and myself being quite the troubled youth, weren’t overly fazed by the whole thing. Luckily we had some awesome cell mates who taught us how to play Spades, and even let Dane partake in their workout routine.

----------------TOP: Gerry got caught red-handed dealing highly potent meth(ods) on school grounds. RIGHT: Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time, Dane had no idea what he was getting himself into...

After the first night we were shackled and escorted to the courtroom to hear our charges. We were informed by the judge that in order to be released we would have to fill out bond requests and probably stay one more night. We went back to the cell and cozied up with some books. Harvey, one of our cell mates, informed us that “you should never start a book you can’t finish in jail, cause it means you’ll have to come back”. 96


follow this story in the next issue

The trip might have been cut short, but I believe every man needs at least one good jail story in his life.

to be continued...

With this in mind I powered through “Animal Farm�, while the boys discussed life on the inside. Later on, we all swapped war stories with our cell mates Harvey, Bennet and Freddie. They were blown away that we had to spend 2 nights in the slammer for snowboarding, as some of them were awaiting felony sentencing and had been in that jail for over a year. The following morning, after our instant coffee, surprisingly good jail food and cold showers, we got the call that we were going to be set free. We high-fived our new friends, wished them luck, grabbed our belongings and got out of there as fast as we could.


volume thirteen 路 issue three


photo: christoph schรถch rider: sebi geiger spot: montafon, austria t r i c k : p o l e ja m r oa d ga p


T H I S PA G E , A N D T H E N E X T: photos: rider: spot: trick:

oli gagnon harrison gordon quebec, canada tip grab handplant

photo: oli gagnon rider: gigi r眉f spot: b a l d fa c e , c a n a da trick: fs 360 lien


volume thirteen 路 issue three 100


photo: bob plumb rider: nick dirks spot: anchorage, alaska trick: pour one out for all the dead homies


volume thirteen 路 issue three

photo: adam moran rider: mikkel bang spot: s n o w pa r k n z , n e w z e a l a n d trick: andrecht


photo: teemu heljo rider: toni kerkel채 spot: helsinki, finland t r i c k : i c y l ay b a c k

photo: vernon deck rider: bjorn leines spot: michigan, usa tric k: fs 540 stale


p h o t o : j o n ata n n y l a n d e r rider: hans ahlund spot: ume책, sweden trick: switch ollie redirect

photo: joel fraser rider: konno spot: h a k u b a , ja pa n trick: the amazing spiderman


photo: frode sandbech rider: frederik evensen spot: f o l g e f o n n a , n o r way trick: cloud 9 method


volume thirteen ¡ issue three

photo: riders: spot: trick:


oli gagnon jed anderson & lnp helsinki, finland a lway s b e l u r k i n ’

photo: shooter: spot: trick:

photo: joel fraser rider: konno spot: h a k u b a , ja pa n trick: the amazing spiderman


m i c h a e l t r e m b l ay will demers quebec, canada the snitch

photo: andoni epelde rider: marc salas spot: b a q u e i r a , s pa i n trick: ssbs540


volume thirteen 路 issue three

photo: anders neuman ri der: dan ny larsen spot: bj眉rsas, sweden trick: brodeo clown


photo: rider: victim:

oli gagnon f r a n k a p r i l , j e d a n d e r s o n & ja k e k u z i k the red ledge








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Check out Wyatt in Givin. photos by Andrew Miller

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