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Vol. 95 // ED. 6 // November 20, 2014

DEFYING THE TREND: Stores Close Doors for the Holidays By Michael J. Scinto STUDENT WRITER


s the holiday season approaches, a number of retailers are standing up for the rights of their employees in an unusual way. While major department stores like Macy’s and J.C. Penny open earlier and earlier in a bid to maximize Black Friday sales, others resolutely close their doors. Leading the charge is the members-only shopping club Costco, joined by GameStop, Nor-

dstrom, Home Depot, and many more. A Costco representative said in the company’s official statement: “Our employees work especially hard during the holiday season and we simply believe that they deserve the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving with their families. Nothing more complicated than that.” “It’s really great that they’re doing this,” said Kenny Schofield, a sophomore at Messiah, “I never needed to work on Thanksgiving, but a lot of my coworkers did, and I could tell it was really hard on them.” The American commercial economy is larger than ever, which is showcased an// Continued on page 3 Photo provided by


Death with Dignity Advocate Brittany Maynard

Reflections from the Student Body President

DIES AS SCHEDULED Brittany Maynard addresses the media of her life-changing decision.


By Olivia La Bianca STUDENT WRITER

n November 1st, 29-year-old Brittany Maynard took her own life. Under Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act, Maynard swallowed a physicianprescribed, fatal dose of barbiturates and died in her Portland home, surrounded by friends and family. The story of Maynard’s decision picked up a lot of attention from the news and social media in the past few months. Advertising Age offered some statistics on Maynard’s impact: “Ms. Maynard became the most-searched topic on Google as well as a trending topic on Twitter. An Oct. 6 YouTube video of Ms. Maynard explaining her decision has attracted more than 11 million views.” It all began on New Year’s Day. After inexplicable headaches and seizures, Maynard was diagnosed with stage



he Board of Trustees.” What do those words mean to students?

Photo provided by Q13 Fox News

four glioblastoma, a type of deadly brain cancer. Immediately thereafter, she underwent two surgeries in order to stop the tumor from growing. However, in April she was told it had gotten even larger. She had six months to live. Radiation treatment and chemotherapy promised a possible few extra months at best. "My glioblastoma is going to kill me and that's out of my control," Maynard told PEOPLE last month in an interview. discussed Photo provided"I've by Q13 Fox Newswith many experts how I would die from it and it's a terrible, terrible way to die. So being able to choose to go with dignity is less terrifying."

Most of us probably know Messiah has a board, and some of us might even be able to name a few trustees; but overall, these words bear no relevance in our daily lives. They represent the person behind the curtain: they represent those “powers that be” that go unnamed and unrecognized.

And perhaps the busy students of Messiah should not invest time and energy learning the names and faces of all 32 trustees or catching up on the latest Board decisions. The Student Body President, however, attends the regular fall and spring meetings of the Board of Trustees as a part of his or her duty to “act as the principal representative of the student body.” As I prepared for two days’ worth of meetings and events, I was unprepared for // Continued on page 2

TAKING CHARGE Aganizations and classroom experiences thrive around a mindset of service. Harrisburg right on our doorstep OF OUR CITIES: With and the city of Mechanicsburg in our t Messiah College, many of the or-

Movement Day NYC 2014


After months of researching and discussing options, Maynard decided to die on November 1st, which would // Continued on page 2

backyard, we are anything but limited by opportunities for service and involvement while attending this institution. Yet so many times when we have an image of service, we pair that with a distanced perspective of the environments we can affect. Many Messiah students are interested in Service and Missions Trips, which provide amazing experiences for many students to move out of their comfort zones into an environ// Continued on page 3

Handling the Stress Benefits of the Messiah Bubble and Anxiety of College Life

IMMERSION: What’s the A 21st Century Deal?




Digital Experience


The Swinging Bridge: November 20th, 2014  
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