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New Books

A Man Sent by God Blessed John Sullivan SJ John Looby SJ

Packed with rare images

A Man Sent by God is a fascinating account of the life and times of one of Ireland’s most revered holy men. The reader is guided through the various stages of John’s life from his childhood in Dublin, and schooldays at Portora, to his university education at Trinity College, and his subsequent call to the bar in London. This is followed by an account of the second part of his life when he converted to Catholicism,

SOUVENIR HARDBACK EDITION ISBN: 9781910248560 FORMAT: Hardback & Dustjacket PAGINATION: 88pp EURO PRICE: €14.95 STG PRICE: £12.95 REF: J401

PAPERBACK EDITION ISBN: 9781910248409 FORMAT: Paperback PAGINATION: 88pp EURO PRICE: €9.95 STG PRICE: £8.95 REF: J390

entered the Jesuit order, and lived an ascetic and spiritual life in his various ministries, but most especially his ministry in County Kildare to the poor and the sick. John Sullivan SJ will be beatified in Dublin, in 2017.

John Looby SJ is the former Editor of The Sacred Heart Messenger magazine and is currently the chairman of the board of Studies.


The Pilgrim’s Story

The Life & Spirituality of St Ignatius Loyola Brendan Comerford SJ

New New Books Books

ISBN: 9781910248393 FORMAT: Paperback PAGINATION: 148pp EURO PRICE: TBC STG PRICE: TBC REF: J391

Born in 1491, Ignatius’s early ambition was to be a knight but following his dramatic conversion, his plans changed radically, and he renounced his previous hopes, becoming a penniless beggar. Living a life of intense prayer and penance, he received extraordinary mystical graces, experiencing the reality of God, not only in the depths of his heart but also in the concrete world around him. Sought by many for his wisdom, he became an outstanding spiritual 5

guide and author of one of the great introductions to Christian living, The Spiritual Exercises. As a student in Paris, he gathered a small group of enthusiastic followers who shared his vision. With papal approval, they became the Society of Jesus, more commonly known as the Jesuits. Fr Brendan Comerford is Rector of Gonzaga College, Dublin, where he continues his research and writing.

New Books

With Christ in Service

Jesuit Lives through the Ages Edited by Patrick Carberry SJ


In an ever-changing and unpredictable world, Ignatius wanted Jesuits to be alert to the needs of people in the concrete circumstances of their lives, and to be free to respond appropriately. Rooted in the practice of discernment and united through the vow of obedience, the Jesuits were to be flexible and creative, going wherever there was ‘the greater need’, always keeping in mind ‘the greater service of God and the more universal good’. This little book tries to encapsulate some of the

responses the Jesuits have made through the ages. The variety is suggestive of the Jesuits’ range of activities: from the hidden ministry of John Sullivan to the public protests of Dan Berrigan; from the unimaginable journeys of Francis Xavier to the theological insights of Karl Rahner. Patrick Carberry SJ is Commissioning Editor for Messenger Publications. He has been Editor of The Messenger on two occasions.


Time with the Master

Reflections on the life of Jesus Seamus Devitt CSsR

New Books

ISBN: 9781910248584 FORMAT: Paperback PAGINATION: 80pp EURO PRICE: €7.95 STG PRICE: £6.95 REF: J388

Fr Seamus Devitt reflects on the presence of God in all things and the sacrifices that Jesus made on our behalf. Based on scripture passages, these reflections are complemented by more personal pieces that challenge readers to consider their own ideas of Jesus and his role in their lives. This book will help you to welcome Jesus into your heart and to see the beauty of the Holy Spirit in the routines of everyday living. The reflections consider the lifechanging events surrounding the first Christians who experienced 7

the power of the spirit of God. Time with the Master is an invigorating read for those seeking to reflect upon the experiences of Jesus and the brave followers of early Christianity who bore witness after Christ’s death.

Fr Seamus Devitt has been an Irish Redemptorist since 1959. Currently he works in Esker Retreat House, Athenry, Co. Galway.

New Books

Saints for the Journey

Inspiring Lives from Every Age John Murray

ISBN: 9781910248331 FORMAT: Paperback PAGINATION: 96pp EURO PRICE: €9.95 STG PRICE: £8.95 REF: J389

Saints for the Journey is an illuminating read for those curious about both well-known and obscure followers of the gospel. It is an insightful look at the everyday acts of courageous people who upheld the values and principles of the Church, often without being aware they were doing so. Here you will read about Ève Lavallière, a once-famous French actress, who relinquished the material trappings of her success in pursuit of a spiritually fulfilling life, and Pino Puglisi, a parish priest, who bravely stood up to the Italian

mafia and paid the ultimate price. John Murray recounts the stories of each of these exceptional people in a sympathetic and accessible style, which helps to portray the unique humanity of each individual.

Saints of our Time John Murray €12.99/ £11.99 ISBN: 9781910248140 REF:J299


New Books

So You Can’t Forgive?

Moving Towards Freedom Brian Lennon SJ

ISBN: 9781910248775 FORMAT: Paperback PAGINATION: 88pp EURO PRICE: €8.95 STG PRICE: £7.95 REF: J400

So You Can’t Forgive? situates the challenge of forgiveness, in reallife circumstances, with all of its varying complications. The author challenges the myths and misunderstandings around forgiving and tries to be both compassionate and challenging to those who wish to make this journey. This book includes some scriptural passages and reflections on this theme and asks; are the Christian scriptures a burden or can they assist in the process of forgiving? 9

This book will be of interest to anyone who is finding it difficult to forgive, perhaps through the loss a loved one or is involved in family conflict. It will also be useful to spiritual guides, counsellors and carers, assisting those who are trying to move towards forgiving. Brian Lennon is a Jesuit priest who has spent over 30 years working in Northern Ireland. During that time his major focus has been on the peace process.

New Books

To Grow in Love

A Spirituality of Ageing Brian Grogan SJ (New revised edition)

ISBN: 9781910248522 FORMAT: Paperback PAGINATION: 80pp EURO PRICE: €8.95 STG PRICE: £7.95 REF: J128

In our later years, when our hearts and minds are mellowing, perhaps we can imitate God – the same way we imitated our parents when we were young – to grow more fully in his love. This book addresses primarily those who know ageing from the inside, but if you haven’t yet entered that strange world, knowledge of its landscape may help you relate more richly to those who have, and help in your own journey towards that ‘Third Age’.

Related Titles God You’re Breaking my Heart p.19 Finding God in all Things p.24 Dr Brian Grogan SJ has written extensively on Ignatian spirituality. Currently he is Superior of the Jesuit House of Writers in Dublin.



A Journey of Faith through the Holy Land Ken Rue

New Books

Course Guide €4/£3.50 Booklets €6/£5.50 This is a new course to help readers discover the Holy Land. It may be used by pilgrims travelling to the Holy Land, for parish Bible study groups, or for personal reading. Each booklet includes six Bible

studies linked to places of pilgrimage in the Holy Land. The Lent and Easter volumes are now available, along with the Course Guide. The remaining four volumes will be published during 2017.

Course Guide

ISBN: 9781910248607 | Paperback | 24pp | J379 (Available now)

1. Old Testament Patriarchs, Judges, Kings and Prophets ISBN: 9781910248614 | TBCpp | J396 (Spring 2017)

2. Jesus: Birth and Early Ministry

4. Jesus: The Road to Calvary ISBN: 9781910248645 | Paperback | 64pp | J381 (Available now)

5. Jesus: Alive and living through his disciples

ISBN: 9781910248621 | Paperback | TBCpp | J392 (Spring 2017)

ISBN: 9781910248652 | Paperback | TBCpp | J398 (Spring 2017)

ISBN: 9781910248638 | Paperback | 60pp | J380 (Available now)

(Spring 2017)

3. Jesus: Later Ministry and on the road to 6. New Testament Apostles and Evangelists to Jerusalem ISBN: 9781910248669 | Paperback | TBCpp | J399


New Booklets

The Stations of the Cross Vincent Sherlock

ISBN (Single copy): 9781910248577 ISBN (5 Pack): 9781910248591

Available to bookshops in packs of 5 only.

FORMAT: Booklet PAGINATION: 33pp EURO PRICE: €3.95 STG PRICE: £3.50 REF: J387

The Stations of the Cross encourages those contemplating the mysteries of Jesus’ life to use their imaginations while in prayer. The Stations of the Cross asks readers to put themselves in the shoes of the woman who was found in adultery as she narrates the Way of the Cross. It is a fascinating companion for anyone who wishes to immerse themselves in the story of the Crucifixion from a fresh perspective, and helps develop a new and perhaps deeper understanding of this event, especially the role of forgiveness in

Jesus’ life and death. The text is complemented by beautiful reproductions of the Belvedere College stained glass Stations by artist Harry Clarke. This is a booklet which will both challenge and inspire you in your worship.

Fr Vincent Sherlock is the Parish Priest of Kilmovee, and Diocesan Communications Officer of the Diocese of Achonry, County Mayo.


New New Books Booklets

Faith, Family & Care in Later Life

Mary Threadgold RSC

ISBN (Single copy): 9781910248683 ISBN (5 Pack): 9781910248690

Available to bookshops in packs of 5 only.

FORMAT: Booklet PAGINATION: 48pp EURO PRICE: â‚Ź3.95 STG PRICE: â‚Ź3.50 REF: J392

The aim of this booklet is to assist the reader in building their awareness of the many issues that can arise in later life. The author begins by highlighting the five areas of life that correspond to human need, namely the physical, social, intellectual, emotional and spiritual. She follows this by suggesting methods of coping with the difficulties that we can encounter in any of these areas. Each section concludes by relating these issues to Christian thinking as we experience it in the Gospels. 13

The theme of communication in later life is explored, followed by an assessment of our feelings about the ageing process. An extensive section on support services is included in the appendices.

Sr Mary Threadgold RSC, founder of Sonas apc, has developed an approach to enhancing quality of life for older people through spiritual wellbeing.

New Books

Sacred Space

The Prayer Book 2018 The Irish Jesuits

ISBN: 97819102487512 FORMAT: Paperback PAGINATION: 430pp EURO PRICE: €11.99 STG PRICE: £10.95 REF: J394

Best Seller!


By listening to Him, God teaches us to pray. He also helps us to find ways to express our own deepest thoughts and desires in prayer. Prayer is at once God’s gift to us and our

response to that gift. Sacred Space: The Prayer Book is designed to support you in your life of prayer, inspiring new insights and leading you to new depths.

Sacred Space

Sacred Space

The Irish Jesuits

The Irish Jesuits

For Lent 2017

For Advent and Christmas 2017/18


ISBN: 9781910248744



FORMAT: Paperback EURO PRICE: €2.99

FORMAT: Paperback EURO PRICE: €2.95 STG PRICE: £2.50

STG PRICE: £2.50

REF: J395

REF: J384

Lent is a time for solemn reflection and introspection. Sacred Space for Lent 2017 offers a daily Scripture reading and points of reflection to help you centre yourself and ground your Lenten experience in prayer.

Develop a closer relationship with God during Advent season with Sacred Space for Advent and the Christmas Season 2017-2018. Each day includes a Scripture reading and points of reflection.

Please note: Text in booklets taken from Sacred Space: The Prayer Book 2017/18


Dear Pope Francis

The Pope Answers Letters from Children Around the World Pope Francis

Recent Releases

Best Seller! ISBN: 9781910248300 FORMAT: Hardback PAGINATION: 76pp EURO PRICE: €14.99 STG PRICE: £12.99 REF: J333

In this hugely popular book, questions from children from across the world are presented to Pope Francis – and the Pope himself answers each letter. All too often, the big spiritual questions from children are ignored or written off as quaint, but Pope Francis helps every child feel God’s love and know that their voices are valued and heard. With each question charmingly illustrated by the child, Dear Pope Francis lets the Pope respond directly to each child with inspiring, meaningful answers. 1515

Pope Francis’s joyful warmth and wisdom shine through for parents, grandparents, teachers and, of course, children. Please note this title is available from Messenger Publications in Ireland and N. Ireland only.

The Ireland of Edward Cahill SJ 1868–1941 A Secular or a Christian State? Thomas J Morrissey SJ

Recent Releases

ISBN: 9781910248317 FORMAT: Paperback PAGINATION: 176pp EURO PRICE: €19.99 STG PRICE: £16.99 REF: J334 Edward Cahill SJ was an influential figure in Ireland during the early decades of the new Irish State. As Professor of Ecclesiastical History and Sociology, his research led him to view liberalism as the great enemy of the faith and spiritual values of the majority of the Irish people. Cahill

gathered around him a lay organisation of men and women drawn from all walks of life, known as An Ríoghacht, which became influential in the 1930s. Eamonn de Valera was a good friend of Cahill’s and shared many of his views. Magnum opus, was entitled The Framework of a Christian State.

Gospel Reflections for Sundays of Year A Donal Neary SJ

ISBN: 9781910248324 FORMAT: Paperback PAGINATION: 72pp EURO PRICE: €9.99 STG PRICE: £8.50 REF: J326 Following his very successful volume for Year C, Fr Donal Neary SJ has produced a second volume of Gospel Reflections for the Sundays of Year A of the liturgical year, based on the Gospel of Matthew. These could be used to prepare for Mass, or to reflect

Year C also Available

ISBN: 9781910248225 REF: J313

on the reading after Mass. Donal Neary SJ, editor of The Sacred Heart Messenger, was formerly parish priest at St Francis Xavier’s, Gardiner Street, Dublin, and chaplain at Mater Dei Institute of Education.


Recent Releases

Radical & Free

Musings on the Religious Life Brian O’Leary SJ

ISBN: 9781910248386 FORMAT: Paperback PAGINATION: 96pp EURO PRICE: €10.99 STG PRICE: £9.99 REF: J363 This book is the result of two preached retreats given to mark the Year of Consecrated Life but also draws on Fr O’ Leary’s teaching experience both at Manresa Centre of Spirituality and at Milltown Institute.

After an initial chapter on the origins of religious life, the author devotes two chapters each to poverty, chastity, and obedience. This emphasis is not on the vows as such but on the motivating values that the vows express.

Open Heart Open Arms

Welcoming Migrants to Ireland Alan Hilliard

ISBN (Single copy): 9781910248485 ISBN (5 Pack): 9781910248492

Best Seller!

Available to bookshops in packs of 5 only.

FORMAT: Booklet PAGINATION: 48pp EURO PRICE: €3.99 STG PRICE: £3.50 REF: J361

The aim of this booklet is to help foster an understanding of the plight of migrants that will lead to action in the local faith community. Understanding the role of the Christian towards the ever more present reality of migration and of the great Catholic tradition of hospitality is more


important than ever, especially if we want or desire to make the appropriate response. The information in this booklet will help nurture the instincts of those who wish to make a difference in the face of the current crisis, which brings with it so much tragedy.

God You’re Breaking My Heart

What is God’s Response to Suffering and Evil? Brian Grogan SJ

Recent Releases

ISBN: 9781910248157 FORMAT: Paperback PAGINATION: 152pp EURO PRICE: €9.99 STG PRICE: £8.99 REF: J325 Most of us puzzle all our lives over suffering. ‘Why should this happen to me?’ ‘Why should that happen to someone whom I love?’ ‘Is God out to punish me?’ The problem of suffering and evil tortures the human mind. Only when we meet God face to face

will our complaints and queries be fully set at rest. In the meantime, we can be comforted – and comfort others – by the glow of light that the Christian tradition offers. Divine light shines in the darkness of suffering, which the darkness cannot overcome.

When You Can’t Pray Finbarr Lynch SJ

ISBN: 9781910248249 FORMAT: Paperback PAGINATION: 144pp EURO PRICE: €11.99 STG PRICE: £9.99 REF: J328 This is the sequel to When You Pray, and it is about what happens when the Lord comes closer and gives more of himself in personal prayer. This is when we can reach the disarming point when prayer no longer seems to work for us.

The journey is open to all who are baptised, and who give time to listen to the wonder of this gift that is within them. The wonder is: God’s enormous desire to draw us close to him. Are we willing to respond to such a loving and personal God?


The Third Fall


Stations of the Cross M J Magill

ISBN (Single copy): 9781910248256 ISBN (5 Pack): 9781910248447

Available to bookshops in packs of 5 only.

FORMAT: Booklet PAGINATION: 30pp EURO PRICE: €3.99 STG PRICE: £3.50 REF: J329 In this hard-hitting meditation on the Stations of the Cross, M J Magill reminds us of the sheer brutality involved in the crucifixion, and the dramatic events leading up to that moment. This is a very different way of the cross

and brings vividly to life the Passion of Christ. Magill’s words will make readers feel that they are really present in the noisy, chaotic and violent scenes surrounding Jesus and his followers.

Surviving Suicide Bereavement Finding Life after Death Brendan McManus SJ

ISBN (Single copy): 9781910248348 ISBN (5 Pack): 9781910248461

Best Seller!

Available to bookshops in packs of 5 only.

FORMAT: Booklet PAGINATION: 40pp EURO PRICE: €3.99 STG PRICE: £3.50 REF: J345

Brendan McManus SJ lost his brother Donal to suicide in 2005 and has written and spoken extensively about his grief journey. He published an article, ‘Surviving Suicide’ in The Furrow journal, and a book, Redemption Road,


about walking the Camino in honour of his deceased brother. Here, some ten years later, he offers advice on the complex suicide grief process and what he has found to be helpful for survival, adaptation and thriving.

Walk With Me Into the Light

Some Comfort on the Journey Through Grief Margaret T Naughton


ISBN (Single copy): 9781910248133 ISBN (5 Pack): 9781910248430

Best Seller!

This booklet is an attempt to walk the journey of loneliness with someone whose heart has been broken by the loss of their beloved. Take this book in your hands and carry it with you as you travel the roadway of life.

Available to bookshops in packs of 5 only.

FORMAT: Booklet PAGINATION: 48pp EURO PRICE: €3.99 STG PRICE: £3.50 REF: J296

As you attempt to re-define your world in the wake of your loss, use it as your companion on the road to a new beginning, not forgetting but remembering with love, living with a smile in your heart for those who are now gone home to God.

Being There

A Companion on the Pathway of Illness Margaret T Naughton

ISBN (Single copy): 9781910248287 ISBN (5 Pack): 9781910248454

Available to bookshops in packs of 5 only.

FORMAT: Booklet PAGINATION: 72pp EURO PRICE: €3.99 STG PRICE: £3.50 REF: J331 A companion to our booklet on bereavement and grief, Walk With Me into the Light, this booklet deals with the problems of serious illness. It is intended for both those experiencing illness, and those who

care for them. The author walks with us on the pathway of illness, no matter how long that path may be. To help sustain us along the way, she provides a wealth of practical advice, prayer and resources.


Father Browne

Flying with Father Browne Irish Aeroplanes and Airports Edited by E E O’Donnell SJ

ISBN: 9781910248263 FORMAT: Paperback PAGINATION: 144pp EURO PRICE: €19.99 STG PRICE: £16.99 REF: J359 Father Francis Browne SJ, Titanic photographer and much decorated war chaplain, began to take flying lessons at Baldonnell Aerodrome, near Dublin, in 1925. It was in the 1940s, however, that Fr Browne took most of his

photographs of aircraft and airports. Aviation had developed greatly and grass airstrips had given way to concrete runways, as glorified shacks and Nissen huts made way for sophisticated terminal buildings.

Father Browne’s Titanic Album New Paperback Edition Edited by E E O’Donnell SJ

ISBN: 9781910248270 FORMAT: Paperback PAGINATION: 144pp EURO PRICE: €19.99 STG PRICE: £16.99 REF: J330

Best Seller!

Thanks to the gift of a ticket from his uncle, a young Jesuit named Francis Browne travelled on the Titanic during her maiden voyage from Southampton, to Cherbourg to Cork. A keen photographer, Fr Browne took many unique photographs of the ship and


her passengers. When the unthinkable happened and the Titanic sank, Fr Browne’s photographs appeared on the front pages of newspapers all around the world.The book includes many extracts from Fr Browne’s personal Titanic album.

Father Browne

Father Browne’s Dublin Photographs 1925 – 1950 Edited by E E O’Donnell SJ

ISBN: 9781910248102 FORMAT: Paperback PAGINATION: 128pp EURO PRICE: €14.99 STG PRICE: £12.99 REF: J303 Father Browne focuses on the people of Dublin, at work, at play and watching the world go by. This is a city of children, window shoppers, churchgoers, canals, bridges, trams and trains. Grand houses and tenements, middle classes and

poor, industry and hospitals, all catch the photographer’s eye. Both Dubliners and the many, many visitors to Ireland’s capital city will find here a collection that brings the Dublin of the last century back to life.

Father Browne’s Donegal Edited by E E O’Donnell SJ

ISBN: 9781910248102 FORMAT: Paperback PAGINATION: 128pp EURO PRICE: €19.99 STG PRICE: £16.99 REF: J297 Father Browne took over 600 photographs in County Donegal between 1909 and 1954. Some were taken when holidaying with the Jesuit community, but the majority were taken when he was giving parish missions.

The subject matter of this beautiful collection of photographs includes seascapes, fair days, castles, antiquities and of course people, at work and at play.


The Life and Lens of Father Browne Edited by E E O’Donnell SJ

Father Browne

ISBN: 9781910248003 FORMAT: Paperback PAGINATION: 144pp EURO PRICE: €19.99 STG PRICE: £16.99 REF: J252 In 1985 Edward O’Donnell SJ found a tin trunk containing 42,000 negatives – the life’s work of Francis Browne SJ. Father Browne was a passenger on the Titanic and, when the ship sank, his photos were printed on the front pages

of newspapers throughout the world. Although he spent the rest of his life as a Jesuit priest, he continued to take remarkable photos, to travel and to meet many of the leading figures of his time.

Father Browne’s First World War Edited by E E O’Donnell SJ

ISBN: 9781910248027 FORMAT: Paperback PAGINATION: 128pp EURO PRICE: €19.99 STG PRICE: £16.99 REF: J259 Few people are aware of Francis Browne’s astonishing war record Joining the British Army as a chaplain in 1916, he served for most of the war with the Irish Guards, ministering to troops at Somme, Messines Ridge, Paschendaele, Ypres, Amiens,


and Arras. His commanding officer described Fr Browne as ‘the bravest man I ever met’. He was awarded the Military Cross with Bar, the Belgian Croix de Guerre (First Class), and the French Croix de Guerre (with Palm).

Ignatian Spirituality

Finding God in all Things Brian Grogan SJ

ISBN: 9781910248010 FORMAT: Paperback PAGINATION: 72pp EURO PRICE: €7.99 STG PRICE: £6.99 REF: J48

Best Seller!

Fr Brian Grogan has written an extraordinary book for ordinary people. In simple, clear language he shows how God is involved in all the details of our lives. ‘God does not blush easily at our faults,’ he writes. ‘In failure or in success, every individual remains uniquely important to God. He waits for us, searches for us, and cares for us; always drawing us to the person of Jesus, who offers himself as our constant companion on our pilgrim way and who helps us to shape our world by making wise decisions.’

Related Titles To Grow in Love p.10 God You’re Breaking my Heart p.19


Ignatian Spirituality

When You Pray

Finbarr Lynch SJ

ISBN: 9781910248515 FORMAT: Paperback PAGINATION: 108pp EURO PRICE: €7.50 STG PRICE: £6.50 REF: J140

Best Seller!

This book had its beginnings in a series of 10-minute talks on prayer given to those on retreat at the Jesuit retreat centre at Manresa in Dublin. These talks are aimed at helping those seriously interested in personal

prayer, and the author provides comprehensive directions on how to pray. He includes chapters on prayer as journey, on images of God and on right desire in prayer.

Into Extra Time

Living through the final stages of cancer, and jottings along the way. Michael Paul Gallagher SJ

ISBN: 9781910248300 FORMAT: Paperback PAGINATION: 76pp EURO PRICE: €12.99 STG PRICE: £10.99 REF: J327

Best Seller!

When the well-known Jesuit writer, lecturer and theologian, Fr Michael Paul Gallagher, was told in January of 2015 that he had cancer he began to write this book expressing his thoughts and feelings on the subject. The result is this truly inspirational and profoundly


moving book. He died on November 6, 2015, but this book will be an important legacy. Please note this title is available from Messenger Publications in Ireland and N. Ireland only.

Irish Jesuit Chaplains in the First World War

Edited by Damien Burke

Jesuit History

ISBN: 9781910248058 FORMAT: Paperback PAGINATION:120pp EURO PRICE: €14.99 STG PRICE: £12.99 REF: J264 Catholic chaplains in the First World War served alongside the troops at the Front, both in the trenches and on the battlefields, exposed to the same dangers. Illustrated with letters, photographs and telegrams from the

Irish Jesuit Archives, this is a fascinating insight into the experiences and thoughts of men who expected to spend their lives in priestly ministry in schools, parishes, churches and universities – not on the battlefield.

The Ongoing Present

A Critical Look at the Society and World in which I Grew Up Micheál Mac Gréil SJ

ISBN: 9781910248065 FORMAT: Paperback PAGINATION: 500pp EURO PRICE:€25.00 STG PRICE: £20.00 REF: J266 Jesuit, soldier, academic, trade unionist, social radical, lifelong Irish language promoter, friend of the travellers, national chaplain of Pax Christi, advocate for the revival of the Western Rail Corridor from Limerick to Sligo, campaigner for the restoration of

the Máimeán shrine on the Maamturk Mountains, pilgrimage leader, Pioneer chairman – Father Micheál Mac Gréil born in County Laois and reared in County Mayo, has led a long, full and fascinating life.


From Easter Week to Flanders Field

The Diaries and Letters of John Delaney SJ, 1916–1919

Edited by Thomas J Morrissey SJ

Jesuit History

ISBN: 9781910248119 FORMAT: Paperback PAGINATION: 152pp EURO PRICE: €12.99 STG PRICE: £10.99 REF: J293 During Easter Week, 1916, John Delaney SJ walked from one point of military activity to another, chronicling all he saw in a makeshift diary consisting of a few school copy books. These were recently discovered

in the Jesuit Archives, and make for fascinating reading. John Delaney was a true blue Dub, and his observations of Easter Week are at times anecdotally humorous while historically deeply rich.

John Sullivan SJ Fergal McGrath SJ

ISBN (Single copy): 9781910248294 ISBN (5 Pack): 9781910248478

Available to bookshops in packs of 5 only.

FORMAT: Booklet PAGINATION: 48pp EURO PRICE: €3.99 STG PRICE: £3.50 REF: J352 John Sullivan SJ was born in Dublin in 1861. Following a conversion to Catholicism, at the age of 35 he entered the Jesuit novitiate. He became renowned for the hours he spent in prayer, his asceticism, and for his


kindness and wisdom. His reputation spread outside the walls of the college he lived in, with many people calling on him in their hour of need. His love of the poor and sick led to miraculous cures being attributed to him.

Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart Calendar 2018

ISBN: 9781910248720 FORMAT: Saddle-stiched PAGINATION: 12pp EURO PRICE: €2.50 STG PRICE: £2.20 REF: VA158 As usual this very popular religious calendar includes: The Pope’s Intention for each month; Principal Feast Days of the Year; Brief Thought for the Day based on the day’s Gospel Reading, all beautifully illustrated with stunning images.

This is a publication to treasure and a meaningful gift for family and friends.

Living Prayer 2018

ISBN: 9781910248713 FORMAT: Booklet PAGINATION: 28pp EURO PRICE: €1.90 STG PRICE: £1.70 REF: VA159 The Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network responds to the challenges of humanity and advances the mission of the Church as expressed in the Pope’s monthly intentions as well as in your own prayer intentions.

This colourful booklet contains: Introduction to the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network; Forms of the Daily Offering; A reflection on the Pope’s intentions for each month; A monthly liturgical calendar; A Gospel reference for daily and Sunday Mass.


Studies An Irish Quarterly Review


128-140pp Trade terms available Studies: An Irish Quarterly Review is a publication of the Irish Jesuits. Studies examines a wide range of Irish issues, social, political,

cultural, and economic, in the light of Christian values, and explores the Irish dimension in literature, history, philosophy and religion.

T: 01 6767491 | E: |

T: 01 6767491 | E: sales@mes

(trade terms available)

Ireland’s favourite religious magazine

The Sacred Heart Messenger first appeared on 6 January, 1888. It has been in print continuously ever since, becoming staple reading in Irish homes that has endured for generations. The Sacred Heart Messenger sells 60,000+ copies each month, which makes it one of the biggest-selling magazines in the land. Each month The Messenger provides a variety of topics including:

n n n n n n n n n n n

Prayer & reflection Pope’s intentions Gospel explanation Art Faith Ignatian spirituality Architecture & History Young people Gardening Cookery Competitions and more | W:


Best Sellers! p.15






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