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SATURDAY, MAY 25, 2019


2 Real Estate Inside Out

Saturday, May 25, 2019 Messenger-Inquirer

For more information see realtor’s office ads for open house times L. Steve Castlen Realtors 4346 Wood Trace Annie Tucker L. Steve Castlen Realtors 3249 Spring Ridge Parkway Cindy Whitmer

SATURDAY, MAY 25 EAST Genesis Realty 4220 Eagle Ridge Court Leah Christian Genesis Realty 4235 Brookhill Drive Jerry Kessinger

L. Steve Castlen Realtors 4478 D Springhill Drive Roger Stacy

Genesis Realty 4462 A Springhill Drive Leah Christian

SOUTH Genesis Realty 3962 Kentucky 815, Calhoun Jerry Kessinger

L. Steve Castlen Realtors 2749 Chatham Lane Kent Selby

L. Steve Castlen Realtors 301 Chip Shot Cove Cheryl Contratto

L. Steve Castlen Realtors 3107 Cherrywood Pointe Cindy Whitmer

L. Steve Castlen Realtors 1752 Celebration Circle Tyler Shookman

L. Steve Castlen Realtors 4507 Indian Creek Loop Cheryl Contratto

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L. Steve Castlen Realtors 1901 Celebration Circle Tyler Shookman

L. Steve Castlen Realtors 2541 Palomino Place Carrie Jones L. Steve Castlen Realtors 1216 W. Third St. Anndrea Mahoney

L. Steve Castlen Realtors 1925 Celebration Circle Tyler Shookman

L. Steve Castlen Realtors 409 Graystone Drive Denise Pace

WEST L. Steve Castlen Realtors 244 Ridegecrest Place Diane Brancato

SUNDAY, MAY 26 EAST Tony Clark Realtors 4553 Lake Forest Drive Angela Clark

L. Steve Castlen Realtors 216 Fern Hill Drive Denise Pace

Genesis Realty 4220 Eagle Ridge Court Leah Christian

L. Steve Castlen Realtors 948 Turtle Creek Cheryl Contratto

WEST L. Steve Castlen Realtors 409 Graystone Drive Denise Pace

L. Steve Castlen Realtors 2584 Watson Circle Tyler Shookman

Want to make an impact in the local real estate market?

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saturday, January 19, 2019




InsIde ouT HoMe deCoR • GARdenInG

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all in the





Featuring Listings oF the owensboro MuLtipLe Listing service (MLs)


saturday, May 11, 2019

Saturday, May 25, 2019, Messenger-Inquirer

Real Estate Inside Out


Real Estate Transfers The following real estate transfers were recorded between March 15 and March 22. 603 W. Fourth St., Roberts Brothers Realty to City of Owensboro, $575,000. 2266 Middleground Drive, Susan Bakos to Keegan and Taylor Bakos, $175,000. 7225 Julia Ave., Oak Bridge Properties LLC to Sean Pearson, $113,500. 7846 Crooked Creek Road, Bret Fulkerson to Ross Pennington, $249,900. 3702 Bordeaux Loop N., Clifton and Jana Boswell to Christopher Duncan, $145,000. 747 Sandra Lane, Faith and Nathan Humphrey to Crystal Barrow-Baggard, $110,000. 6464 Autumn Valley Trace, William and Ewa Oller to Nathan and Faith Humphrey, $174,900. 219 Maple St., Angela L. Thompson, master commissioner, to Nicholas Pavlas, $30,000. 1026 Carter Road, Angela L. Thompson, master commissioner, to Nicholas Pavlas, $68,000. 5158 Seabiscuit Loop, Daniel and Sandra Broman to Trent and Stephanie Nall, $200,000. 701 Clay St., Jerry Owens Living Trust Agreement to JKLM Investments LLC, $42,000. 2609 New Hartford Road, Professional Properties and Construction LLC and other to Vineyard Primary Care Properties LLC, partial interest, $297,500. 1103 Hall St., Gary and Margaret Boswell to James and Gail Wheatley, $39,000. 1014 Worthington Road, Anna Sims to John and Maryann Joyce, $174,000. 750 Walnut Park Drive, MSL Investments LLC to Har Ron and Sa Kyi, $149,900. 2326 Watson Circle, Jagoe Homes Inc. to David and Joyce Simpson, $227,997. 2476 Highland Garden Pointe, Rick and Julie Hobgood to Zachary Hobgood, $130,000. 2476 Highland Garden Pointe, Zachary Hobgood to Sherrol and Betty Sweeney, $164,500. 2425 Downing Drive, Michael and Jennifer Harris to Veterans Properties LLC, $132,500. 3677 Legacy Run, Michael and Whitney Matthews to Jacob and Erica Patterson, $145,000. 2269 Woodstone Court, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Ronald Bogusky Irrevocable Trust, $235,000. 1126 Spencer Drive, Gordon and Anna Green to Kenith Riley, $189,900. 1435 W. 12th St., Stephen and Gayla Vanover to David and Rachel Jackson, $128,000. 6452 Valley Brook Trace, Jagoe Homes Inc. to John Smith Jr. and Candie Hicks, $158,937. 4008 Reliant Circle, Carolyn and George Jewell to Bret Fulkerson, $159,000. 5551 Kentucky 279 S., estate of John Bramschreiber to Lee Mitchell, $135,500. 510 Wing Ave., Nicholas and Shelby Atkinson to Kathryn and Branden Evans, $75,000. Tract in the 600 block of Glenn Court, Gary and Margaret Bosley to Jerry

Arrendell, $13,000. 1924 Paddock Pointe Cove, Thompson Homes Inc. to Susan Bakos, $206,901. 29 acres on U.S. 431, James Wilhoite and others to C&T Farms LLC, $220,500. 4612 Burstone Court, Amanda Tipton to Shelley Wilhite, $122,000. Parcel in the 9400 block of Red HillMaxwell Road, Henry and Marella Morgan to Jonathan and Cassie Crabtree, $15,000. 4058 Kentucky 554, Vernon and Jeanette Frashure to Stephen and Ashley Feher, $65,000. 2512 Hillbrooke Parkway, Michael and Lisa Phillips to George and Monica Moore, $244,900. 2514 High Pointe Cove, Caleb and Lindsey Payne to Melissa and Robert Gibson, $154,900. 709 Colorado Drive, Melissa and Robert Gibson to Brandon Adkisson, $104,000. 5000 Diamond Drive, Ray and Jenny Jones and MSL Investments LLC to Caleb and Lindsey Payne, $196,500. 8235 Old Kentucky 54, James and Beverly Stone to Ernie and Yvonne Stone, $76,000. 1806 Tamarack Road, Ashby Properties LLC to Equity Investment Corp., $133,750. 1810 Chesterfield Drive N., Steven and Loreen Champion and Evalyn Champion to Roger Stinnett, $39,000. 1832 Chesterfield Drive S., Steven and Loreen Champion and Evalyn Champion to Roger Stinnett, $32,500. 5683 Ware Road, Apostolic Lighthouse Church to Jaymen and Bethany Embry, $91,500. 2207 Webster Court, Angela L. Thompson, master commissioner, to Carrington Management Services LLC, $65,570. 2108 McFarland Ave., estate of Gennie O’Flynn to Mills-Hazel Property Management LLC, $8,000. 4040 Yates Drive, Ohio Valley Properties LLC to Corey and Kayla Marchand, $135,000. 1422 Oakwood Court, Money Source Inc. to Scott Baird, $129,000. 619 Manchester Loop, Amanda and Benjamin Akers to Baw Reh and Bae Meh, $169,900. 7270 Kentucky 762, 7270 State Route 762 Trust to Hubert and Patti Husk, $35,000. 3501 Aristides Drive, Kelli and Paul Davis to Drew and Kelsey Adkins, $179,900. 2324 Watson Circle, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Kevin Willis, $220,826. 442 Stableford Circle, James and Becky Ivy to Murray and Judith Hale, $302,000. 2903 Turfway Drive, Larry Maxwell to A.L.C. Inc., $185,000. 10120 Indian Hill Road and 10104 Indian Hill Road, Jody and Lawrence McCarty to Paula and Brandon Blade, $189,900. The following real estate transfers were recorded between March 22 and April 1. 1207 E. Sixth St., Angela L. Thompson, master commissioner, to Federal National

Mortgage Association, $41,700. 2434 Alysa Landing, Premier Property Management LLC to Marketa and Aaron Shouse, $213,000. 1429 Independence Ave., Worthington and McDaniel to MSL Investments LLC, $42,000. 2820 Redford Drive, Francois Grant to Larry Tinius Income Only Trust and Cheryl Stephens Income Only Trust II, $107,600. 4306 Edgewood Court, Parmjeet and Vishva Kalra to Property Pros LLC, $204,000. 727 Stone St., William and Betty Roach to Michael Bryant and Tim Long, $55,300. 1305 Werner Ave., J&S Rentals LLC to Carmel McLeod, $38,900. 3952 Cross Creek Trail, Marketa and Aaron Shouse to James and Andrea New, $219,900. 2241 W. Seventh St., James and Kay Young and others to Jeffrey and Amanda Blythe, $53,000. 5368 Meadow Run Drive, Jacob and Jessica Blevins to Natalie Stone, $154,500. 3312 Surrey Drive E., Federal National Mortgage Association to Steven and Rhonda Klee, $70,000. 608 J.R. Miller Blvd., Carissa and Daniel Sexton to Jonathon Velka and Shawna Riley, $100,000. 917 Christopher Greenup Drive, Frank and Martha Hardesty and others to SSG 1998 LLC, $106,000. 2006 Meadow Grass Creek, Timothy Evans to Zach and Sandra Barnes, $181,000. 109 Plum St., Angelia and Timothy Leachman to Chase N Rainbow LLC, $26,000. 2309 Palomino Place, Thompson Homes Inc. to Kegan and Miriam DeWitt, $177,250. 4411 Wayne Bridge Road, Stephanie and Anthony Daugherty to James McCormick, $129,500. 5533 Kentucky 144, estate of Ronald Prather to County Roads LLC, $133,000. 424 Stableford Circle, Barbara Burden to Carie and Jerry Epison, $214,900. 1746 Queens Way Court, Donna Bells to Gerri French, $150,000. 2310 Twenty Grand Ave., Stephen and Lucy Kaelin to Jarrod Ratliff, $134,000. 2617 Bittel Road, Lauri and Clifford McNab to Caroline Campbell, $127,500. 7919 Kentucky 258, William and Betty Byrne to Michael and Brittany Byrne, $152,000. 7730 Joe Haynes Road, Evelyn Hagan to Robert and Mary Ann Howard, $50,000. 8968 Hideaway Court, Diane Christian to Stephen and Pamela Smith, $95,000. 10171 Kentucky 144, Logan and Lindsey Clouse to Dylan Hardesty, $90,000. 3723 Strike the Gold Court, Aaron Prather to Amy Ross, $164,900. 8757 Knottsville Mount Zion Road, Sarah and Brandon Winkler to Nathan and Destiny Foulks, $175,900. 6381 Kentucky 762, estate of David Boyce to Austin Esther, $150,500.

4755 Windstone Drive, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $44,250. 4755 Windstone Drive, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Brian and Stacy Combs, $294,000. 1126 Avondale Road, estate of Hazel Payne to Tammy Hoffman, $76,500. 9375 Stanley Birk City Road, Tamara and Mitchell Whitworth to Frank Rust, $30,000. 2405 Citation Ave., estate of Genevieve Stelmach to Scott Remole, $122,000. 2554 Lancaster Ave., Bobbie and A.J. Wilson to Nikolas Wiseman, $51,600. 3204 Queens Way, Rachel Griffith to Spencer Hayden and Allie Bivens, $165,000. 3747 Marseille Drive, Greg Floyd Properties LLC to Amelia Ethridge, $182,500. 3141 Allen St., Bawi Iang and Suan Thang to Cheryl Stephens Income Only Trust, $90,100. 709 Bolivar St., Mike and Barbara Ballard to Sovian LLC, $125,000. 2834 Wimsatt Court, Recommended Management Team LLC to Joseph and Kimberly Barnett, $159,927. 3603 Baybrook St., Mark Christian to Jarrod Chapman, $65,000. 2820 Trails Way, Ralph Nance to Niang Lian Man and San Lian, $164,500. 808 Parkway Drive S., James and Joyce Muffett Revocable Living Trusty to Jack O’Sullivan, $117,500. 3864 Thresher St., Maybell Stallings to Michelle Stallings, $130,000. 446 Kentucky 140 W., Joshua and Emily Syers to Charles and Laurie Gracey, $68,000. 2311 York St. N., Allie Bivens to Hannah Martin, $113,000. 2240 Citation Ave., Kaitlin Hackbarth to Matthew and Angela Morris, $112,000. 4483 Kentucky 554, Erica May to John Miller, $84,000. 2644 Hillbrooke Parkway, Scott and Cynthia McCain to Billy and Shannon Ladd, $329,000. 2716 Veach Road, Mary and Kenneth Plas to Freida Shepard, $93,000. 2466 O’Bryan Boulevard and 2512 O’Bryan Blvd., JAK’s of Kentucky LLC to Fieldcrest LLC, $63,000. 2317 Crescent Hill Drive, Ernest Coons and Sara Moore to Jacob and Jessica Blevins, $256,105. 1423 Haynes Ave., Trenton and Shannon Janosa to Scott Gammenthaler, $30,500. 10775 Kentucky 951, Paul and Mona Dukes to Thomas Basham, $28,000. 1801 Standish Place, Ray and Jenny Jones to Katie Williams, $139,900. 161 Kentucky 140 E., Ronald and Ruth Boyd to Mission Properties LLC, $43,000.

4 Real Estate Inside Out

Saturday, May 25, 2019 Messenger-Inquirer

RE/MAX Professional Realty Group For all the things that move you.

Reba Besecker Glenn Ashby REALTOR® BROKER/REALTOR® 270-929-3407 270-570-5533

Alex Blythe REALTOR® ALEX BLYTHE TEAM 270-316-3295

Laura Bennett REALTOR® 270-231-6878

Amber Brown REALTOR® Blake Hayden Group 270-839-5253

Joe Daugherty REALTOR® Blake Hayden Group 270-313-7964

Brian Luttrell REALTOR® 270-929-0040

Gary Maglinger Samantha Jo Ray John Reynolds REALTOR® PRINCIPAL BROKER REALTOR® 270-695-7945 270-926-8900 270-485-9592

Chivonne Rutman REALTOR® 270-315-0505

Ryan Rutman REALTOR® 270-315-7464

Mary Mattingly REALTOR® 270-314-7440

Rick Cummins REALTOR® 270-302-2822

NEW $178,477

NEW $432,500

6487 Valley Brook Trace 76379 Tracy Ioia

2221 Turnbury Cove 76312 Blake Hayden Group

NEW $109,900

Blake Hayden Missie Hayden Realtor® Realtor® Blake Hayden Group Blake Hayden Group 270-244-6162 270-244-6161

Matt Schell REALTOR® 270-302-8384

RE/MAX Professional Realty Group 3115 Commonwealth Ct, Suite A-2 Owensboro, KY 42303


Tracy Ioia REALTOR® 270-929-4990

Judy Lambert REALTOR® 270-929-3385

Mary Anne Steele Melissa Watts-Davis Jereme Willner REALTOR® REALTOR® REALTOR® 270-315-7782 270-929-0338 270-316-3080

NEW $283,900

Lauren Lee REALTOR® 270-993-9843

Michelle Wiesman Manager 270-684-2727

NEW $209,000

3335 Silver Beach Rd 76326 John Reynolds

3306 Shadewood Terrace 76322 Glenn Ashby

3612 Riverbend Cove 76314 Brian Luttrell

NEW $199,900

NEW $199,900

1719 Maple Ave 76327 Ryan Rutman

1524 Kent Place 76340 Ryan Rutman

NEW $85,000

NEW $389,900

NEW $469,900

17 River Road 76338 Samantha Ray

4629 Pleasant Grove Rd 76373 Judy Lambert

4531 Oakhurst Bend 76385 Judy Lambert


NEW $104,900

NEW $349,900

NEW $129,900

NEW $249,900

410 E 14th Street 76369 Glenn Ashby

3025 Daviess Street 76361 Reba Besecker

249 Chestnut Grove Road 76374 Brian Luttrell

2701 Castlewood Place 76311 Mary Mattingly

6541 Autumn Creek 76316 Ryan Rutman

REDUCED $434,900

REDUCED $259,900

REDUCED $39,900

REDUCED $37,000

FEATURED $264,900

1021 Friendship Rd 75312 John Reynolds

2833 Turfway Dr 74759 Ryan Rutman


5477 Ridgepoint Ct 75827 Matt Schell

421 Locust St 76012 Ryan Rutman

5600 Hwy 657 75259 Brian Luttrell

FEATURED $465,000

FEATURED $139,900

FEATURED $499,900

3110 Wood Valley Pointe 74961 Brian Luttrell

2502 South Griffith Ave 75014 Glenn Ashcy

96 Booth Field Rd 75085 Lauren Lee

FEATURED $329,900

FEATURED $222,281

FEATURED $99,900

FEATURED $32,500

FEATURED $24,900

3243 Spring Ridge Pkwy 75171 Lauren Lee

2641 Dellwood Valley Lane 75238 Judy Lambert

#8 Camp Green Shores Rd 75841 John Reynolds

2771 McMahan Rd 75270 Ryan Rutman

324 KY 1544 75246 Glenn Ashby

FEATURED $79,900

FEATURED $37,900

FEATURED $699,900

4161 Hayden Rd 74952 Blake Hayden Group

1504 Wing Avenue 76116 Brian Luttrell

2015 McFarland Ave 75271 Mary Mattingly

4598 Lucky Strike Loop 75119 Blake Hayden Group

This Weekend’s Open House SATURDAY 05/25/2019 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM........5017 HWY 81..........................76421.......SAMANTHA RAY...$325,000....SOUTH 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM......4531 OAKHURST BEND...........76385......JUDY LAMBERT.....$469,900......EAST 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM..........4629 PLEASANT GROVE RD....76373......JUDY LAMBERT.....$389,900......EAST

Real Estate Inside Out

Saturday, May 25, 2019, Messenger-Inquirer


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D UCE RED5,000 $2


Open Saturday 10:30 - 12:00

Open Saturday 1:30 - 3:00

4531 Oakhurst Bend - $469,900 Call Judy Lambert 270-929-3385 *MLS#76385

4629 Pleasant Grove Road Call Judy Lambert 270-929-3385*MLS#76373


4047 Hayden Road



Would be a great home to flip. Needs some updating. Detached garage plus other buildings. .95 acres per PVA MLS#76141 *Call Reba Besecker 2709293407


1813 Frederica St. Call Judy Lambert 270-929-3385 * MLS# 76179

2625 Wisteria Garden - $129,500 Call Judy Lambert 270-929-3385 * MLS#75994



2070 Sussex Place Locatrion! Location! Location! Highly sought ofter Fieldcres Place. Move-in condition Call Judy Lambert 270-929-3385 * MLS#76182

Judy Lambert REALTOR®


3025 Daviess Street 3813 Springtree Drive Lots of Square Footage for the price. Double lot. Nice 3 bedroom brick with 2 full bhats. Priced to sell!! Nice family room addition. Close to everything including New carpet. MLS#76163 Legion Park. 1 1/2 car detached garage. Call Reba Besecker 270-929-3407 Call Reba Besecker 270-929-3407



1210 Parkview Drive

Tar Springs Rd * $87,600 Judy Lambert 270-929-3385

3173 Bridgewater Cove * $74,900 Judy Lambert 270-929-3385

MLS# 75764 Call Reba Besecker 270-929-3407

5365 Frederica Street Over 100 acres with home. Approx. 93 acres currently leased for crops. The property on the North side has 48+ acres for development/commercial potential. There is over 9000 sq. ft. of road frontage on Frederica, Martin Luther King, Jr. loop and Theater Way combined. The home features aa 3 bedroom, 1 bath home which you may reside in or use as rental property. MLS 75437 Contact Reba Besecker 270-929-3407

Reba Besecker, CRS REALTOR®



3115 Commonwealth Ct, Suite A-2 Owensboro, KY 42303 270-684-2727

1506 Dean Avenue

Lots of square footage for the price. Great location with over 3800 square feet, 4 bedrooms with 2.5 baths. Oversized 2 car attached garage. Located just off Griffith Avenue. MLS# 75561 * Contact Reba Besecker for appointment 270-929-3407

Multi-Million Dollar Producer


5365 Frederica St.

MLS# 75437 Call Reba Besecker 270-929-3407

3115 Commonwealth Ct, Suite A-2 Owensboro, KY 42303 270-684-2727

6 Real Estate Inside Out

Saturday, May 25, 2019 Messenger-Inquirer

MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND We are proud to serve our USAA clients & families who so valiantly served our nation.

3317 Frederica Street  Suite 10 Owensboro, KY 42301 270.684.2100

Saturday, May 25, 2019, Messenger-Inquirer


Real Estate Inside Out






36 Stone Creek

Not every home has a 1800 sq ft guest house w/bath and a half overlooking a beautiful pool. This house is a dream, so many gorgeous amenities you must see for yourself. Come walk through the hand cut mahogany front doors and experience luxury from every corner. JoAnn Risner 270-570-3939 MLS# 70767





JoAnn Risner Broker/Owner

198 Mahan Road, Utica Beautiful park like setting w/13.57 acres complete w/unique log & cedar 1-1/2 story cabin. Enjoy front & back covered porches, decks & balcony w/great views of the lake, pasture & above ground pool. 3 spacious bedrooms w/ground floor master, 2 baths, cathedral ceiling & stone fireplace in LR, exposed wood walls & ceilings. Plenty of windows to view the changing seasons & wildlife in this 1,608 sq. ft. home w/det. 24 x 30 garage. Call JoAnn Risner (270) 570-3939. MLS#76234.

Stephanie Miller Realtor®/Broker

270-570-3939 270-929-3140

Joetta O'Brien Realtor®


Pat O’Brien Realtor®

270-313-3032 270-929-0838

909 W. 1st Street

Beautiful 3 bedroom 2-1/2 bath home sits on the mighty Ohio River with spectacular views of Owensboro's booming downtown. Enjoy the views from the beautiful landscaped backyard which includes a gazebo and pond. Home is within walking distance to live entertainment, restaurants, and shopping. Call JoAnn Risner (270) 570-3939. MLS#76032.




1010 Frederica St., Owensboro, KY. 42301 1661 Barclay Custom built in the Summit! Featuring 5 BR, 4 full baths, 2 half baths. Freshly painted walls & woodwork w/many updates throughout, including new island countertop & appliances. Huge covered porch. 3-car oversized att. gar. Golf lovers... this home is located right across from the golf course w/beautiful views! Call JoAnn Risner 270-570-3939 or Lisa Kassinger 270-302-9993. MLS#74320.

14 Hilltop

Hope Margelot Realtor®


Lisa Kassinger Realtor®



677 Danberry GREAT CURB APPEAL! This 3BR/1BA home is in excellent condition. Custom made built in cabinets throughout house. Newer remodeled kitchen w/hardwood floors. The lower level offers 1 bedroom & a laundry room w/separate entry to outside deck. Also workshop w/built in cabinets in basement. New furnace (6 months old). Property includes large fenced in backyard and an oversized 2 car det. garage & att. storage building. Call JoAnn Risner (270) 570-3939. MLS#76360


Drastically Reduced! $178,500

NEW! $129,900


Carolyn Niehaus Realtor®

A very private setting in the prestigious Hilltop neighborhood! This gorgeous home has 6 bedrooms and 4.5 baths that are newly decorated. Beautiful landscaping and trees are just a few of the outside amenities you will find. Don't miss out on a chance to view this beautiful home. Call Lisa Kassinger (270) 302-9993 or JoAnn Risner (270) 570-3939. MLS#74734.

2456 Ford Ave. Gorgeous 4BR/3BA patio home in desirable FIELDCREST CROSSING! Wonderful location. Close to schools & shopping. Large Sunroom. Whole house has natural gas generator, indoor storm shelter, 3-way gas fire place & irrigation system.All appliances, stove, refrigerator, washer, & dryer stay, as well as the window treatments. Heat/AC new in 2016. New roof in 2016. JoAnn Risner (270) 570-3939. MLS#74643


808 Frederica St. Unit #2 This condo has 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths and is being completely remodeled. Downtown location within walking distance to restaurants and entertainment. 2 car attached garage. Finished gazebo in backyard. Call JoAnn Risner for appointment. (270) 570-3939. MLS#75638.


G N I D PEN 1735 Freeman

Home has maintained its character & charm w/original hardwood floors & beautiful woodworking. In the Griffith area, this 5 BR/2 BA home has the Master bedroom on first floor. Lg. covered front porch & back deck. Many updates including bathrooms. New electrical & plumbing. New windows. Heating & air (one year old) 9' ceilings. Newer 2 car det. gar. Call JoAnn Risner (270) 570-3939. MLS#75748.

8 Real Estate Inside Out

Saturday, May 25, 2019 Messenger-Inquirer

Saturday, May 25, 2019, Messenger-Inquirer

Real Estate Inside Out


10 Real Estate Inside Out

Saturday, May 25, 2019 Messenger-Inquirer

Personal Space



Nestled in Owensboro’s tree-lined Lake Forest neighborhood lies a pretty brick home with classic curb appeal. Take a tour inside 4553 Lake Forest Drive, though, and you’ll be blown away by its offerings. The home’s 3,494 square feet are tastefully decorated with solid materials and refined touches. Engineered hardwood floors run through the common areas, while custom mosaic tile lines the foyer. Nine-foot ceilings catch natural light and filter it throughout the house. The chef’s kitchen boasts granite countertops, a serving bar and stainless steel appliances,

as well as unimpeded access to the living room. “We liked how beautiful the kitchen is,” homeowner Mike LeBaron says. “I enjoy the living room, with the fireplace, and being right there next to the kitchen … everything kind of happens right there in the living room. … The open living room and dining area and kitchen make (that area) really nice.” The ground-level master suite includes a bathroom with dual vanities, tile shower, jetted tub and large walk-in closet. Three more bedrooms, each with a sizable walkin closet, and a full bath are on the second floor. Amenities include a laundry room conveniently located adjacent to the master suite, gas fireplace in the great room, rec-

OPEN HOUSE Tony Clark Realtors is hosting an open house from 1-3 p.m. Sunday, May 26, at 4553 Lake Forest Drive.

reation room and in-home theater with plush leather seats. The attractive Lake Forest community includes a pool, tennis court and lakes, as well as ample opportunities for exercise and getting to know one’s neighbors. “The neighborhood is one of the key drivers of why we purchased the home,” Mike says. “I run a lot, and the home is a quarter-mile from the Greenbelt. We’ve met a number of people who are walking dogs or going for a run

around the neighborhood.” With so many standout qualities to admire, 4553 Lake Forest Drive has something to offer any buyer. “I think it has something to offer to pretty much anybody,” Mike says, pointing out that retirees and growing families alike would enjoy the home’s floorplan and amenities. “This would be great (for retirees) because everything you need is on the main level, (and) guests could have second level. … (As a family) we prefer to have the master downstairs, it’s really convenient. With teenagers, if they’re upstairs hanging out, reading, watching a movie, even playing ping pong, it doesn’t bother us.” Angela Clark, Tony Clark Realtors

Saturday, May 25, 2019, Messenger-Inquirer

Real Estate Inside Out


12 Real Estate Inside Out

Saturday, May 25, 2019 Messenger-Inquirer

COMMERCIAL OPPORTUNITY 6256 Brookstone Pl. • $174,900 3 BD 2 BA home like new located in Deer ValleyCovered patio. Why wait to build?

Call: Jeff Day

MLS 76386

9708 Mulligan Rd • $469,900

12D Quail Ridge Ct • $124,900 2nd Floor Condo with garage and additional storage area. All common areas are covered by HOA.

Call: Charlie Dawson

MLS 76383

Bldg offers 3,000 sqft. Features a front desk waiting area, open work space, office spaces, a bathroom, one standard 9X7 overhead garage door & storage room that could be re-purposed.

Call: Charlie Dawson

MLS 74206

Located on the River in Calhoun. 3 BD 1 BA with 420 sf sunroom facing the river.

Call: Kim Roberts

Call: Johnny Phillips

MLS 75993

NICOLE BAKER Office Manager (270) 993-0113

Call: Harini Cardwell

Call: Charlie Dawson

MLS 76154

COMMERCIAL OPPORTUNITY 7206 HWY 81 • $60,000 Commercial Opportunity on .904 acres in the heart of Friendly Village just waiting for a new owner.

Call: Harini Cardwell

MLS 76025


RACHEL BROWN Realtor® (270) 929-7110

JOHNNY PHILLIPS Realtor® 270-302-8749

3 BD 2 BA home located in Deer Valley. Built New in 2018, you will not want to miss this move in ready home.

Call: Johnny Phillips

MLS 75493


DONNA BITTNER Realtor® (270) 314-4869

IRYNA TINCHER Realtor® (270) 313-1022

HARINI CARDWELL Realtor® (270) 925-4941

KIM ROBERTS Realtor® (270) 903-6442

STEVE GLENN Licensed Assistant (270) 570-1828

WES DONAHUE Realtor® (270) 314-9952

COMMERCIAL OPPORTUNITY 900 W 9th St. • $250,000

All Steel Bldg w/metal siding. Office & 2 ADA Bathrooms. 3 12x14 garage doors. Concrete Floor. Front/Rear Concrete Parking Additional land +/- 1 acre next door can be purchased separately for $100,000 (814 W 9th St).

Call: Charlie Dawson

MLS MLS72475 67357

600 Poindexter St. • $59,000

0 Lamplite Circle • $571,350

Investment Opportunity - 14 single wide homes currently all rented - 12 are new homes. Possible Owner Finance MLS 73482Dawson Call: Charlie

MLS 76382

1594 State Route 334 • $69,900

2 bedroom 1 bath home located on West end. Single car detached garage.

Updated Manufactured home on 3.25 acres. Covered front and back porch. 12X24 Barn with 2 car carport and animal stall.

Call: Harini Cardwell

Call: Rachel Brown

MLS 76107

COMMERCIAL OPPORTUNITY 6440 Valley Brooke Trace • $169,900

MLS 73547

JACLYN MIDKIFF Realtor® (270) 792-2247

ANDREA WIDMER Realtor® (270) 570-0449

MLS 72475 MLS 76026

Over 4 acres next to Cracker Barrel. Currently Zoned AR (Agriculture Residential). Older home on site has potential as well. Located in a flood zone, but plenty of dirt on site for a build up.

JEFF DAY Realtor® (270) 903-7559

CHAD DAY Realtor® (270) 316-8077

Call: Harini Cardwell

Fully remodeled 2 BD 1 BA home on west end. Seller is selling as is.

401 Frederica St STE 101A, Owensboro, KY 42301

CHARLIE DAWSON Principal Broker (270) 313-7428

822 E 5th St • $99,999 LG 2 story home in downtown Owensboro. 2000 finished square feet - Lots of Updates

5341 Frederica St. • $129,900

2303 W 6th St • $75,000

655 W 1st St • $59,900

4 BD 3 BA home on 1.34 acres in West Louisville. The views are amazing as this home looks upon additional 200 acres. Full basement with Theatre room MLS 76306

6235 HWY 54 • $200,000

6001 HWY 54 • $575,000

Sale or Lease/previously used as car lot. Has 3 buildings. MLS 73445 Harini Cardwell Call:

MLS 76342

MLS 76406

Land Opportunities 4116 Hwy 554 $14,900 1 acre 0 Trogden Ln $12,900 1.6 acres 2023 E 18th St $15,900, Building lot in town 118 W Byers Ave $50,000, Building lot near park Call Charlie Dawson 4620 Marlboro Dr $189,000, 1.57 acres 5607 W 5th St $39,900, .5775 acres. Has water, electric, septic, garage Call Harini Cardwell

Saturday, May 25, 2019, Messenger-Inquirer

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3424 Frederica St., Owensboro KY

(270) 684-6221

Amelia Jones Lori Kimble 270-925-9413 270-315-1468

w Ne

g tin Lis

2225 Secretariat Drive $148,500

Jason Bellamy “Homer” Connie Barnett Gordon Barnett 270-929-0369 270-485-3300 270-684-6221 270-302-4095

Karen Pannell 270-903-2167

w Ne

Jack Steele 270-993-2628

Shari Tapp Marsha Westerfield Kami White 270-993-7181 270-316-2240 270-314-8644

g tin Lis

2508 New Hartfood Road $149,900

Robert Johnson (270)929-1091 Jason Bellamy (270)302-4095 d re tu a Fe

Nick Evans 270-922-8615

d re tu a Fe

Kathy Fort 270-925-2734

Kathy Fort Harold Hall Robert Johnson 270-925-2734 270-929-1091 270-570-3720

For the Most Up to Date List of Homes For Sale go to:

ed uc d Re

ed uc d Re

1540 Oak Park Drive $339,900

3710 Wood Trace $249,900

2531 River Run Cove $1,150,000

Jason Bellamy (270)302-4095

Marsha Westerfield (270)316-2240

Connie Barnett (270)929-0369

d re atu e F

d re tu a Fe

d re tu a Fe

d re tu a Fe

5141 Windy Hollow Road $3,000,000

2119 Griffith Place West $479,900

4617 Arborgate Drive $344,900

1718 Sterling valley Drive


3243 Shadewood Terrace $264,950

Gordon Barnett (270)485-3300

Connie Barnett (270)929-0369

Connie Barnett (270)929-0369

Marsha Westerfield (270)316-2240 Gordon Barnett (270)485-3300

d re tu a Fe

d re tu a Fe

d re tu a Fe

d re tu a Fe

d re tu a Fe

200 W. 3rd Street $1,300,000

6062 Hwy 405 $1,060,000

333 Frederica Street $449,900

601 Carlton Drive


2816 Veach Road $170,000

Robert Johnson (270)929-1091

Gordon Barnett (270)485-3300

Harold Hall (270)570-3720 Gordon Barnett (270)485-3300

Gordon Barnett (270)485-3300

Gordon Barnett (270)485-3300

d re tu a Fe

d re tu a Fe

d re tu a Fe

d re atu e F

d re tu a Fe

718 W. 9th St. & 806 W. 9th St. 3148 Commonwealth Ct.

1651 Parrish Plaza Drive

735 W. 9th St., $50,000




807 W. 9th St., $40,000


Gordon Barnett (270)485-3300

Gordon Barnett (270)485-3300

Gordon Barnett (270)485-3300

Gordon Barnett (270)485-3300

Robert Johnson (270)929-1091

Winner of the 2018“Quie” Award for Delivery of the Highest Levels of Customer Satisfaction and Service Quality. Home Realty’s Primary Focus is to Create a Very Satisfactory Experience for Everyone we Serve. Stop by Our Office for Professional Service Today!

0 Windy Hollow Road

For New Listings Follow Us on Facebook

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Ways to refresh your kitchen without a major renovation BY BRANDPOINT


he kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. From cooking and eating to spending time with your family, most kitchens are well lived in and loved. But when it comes time for an upgrade, the kitchen is also one of the most expensive rooms to remodel. A full kitchen remodel can take months to complete, and the cost can add up quickly. The good news is there are plenty of budget-friendly fixes to help you rejuvenate your space without a total overhaul. Here are some top tips:


What if your kitchen sink could perfectly match your counter or backsplash? Customizable features like Kohler’s Tailor Customizable Farmhouse Jerry Kessinger Owner/Broker 270-993-2401

Dereda Aull Real Estate Agent/Broker 270-316-7782

Kristi Nickells Real Estate Agent 270-929-3109

Sink allow you to choose your own material for the apron front to match your existing countertop or backsplash or choose one of Kohler’s designed inserts. Easily change up the look of your kitchen simply by switching out the material in the apron of your sink.


One of the easiest ways to refresh your kitchen cabinets and drawers is to switch up the hardware. Warm up your space with brass finishes or opt for another on-trend finish and shape.


Adding shelves is the perfect solution for a large blank wall. Once the shelves are installed, use them to display your glassware collection, beautiful china or colorful cookbooks. Shelves add storage and style to your kitchen.

Leah Christian Real Estate Agent 270-302-6336

3962 Hwy 815 • Calhoun, Ky 42327 3 Bed; 2 Bath

REDUCED $10,000

OPEN HOUSE SAT 10:00-12:00 Sun 1:00-3:00

Amazing Chef’s Kitchen and Theater Room

4220 Eagle Ridge Ct • Owensboro, Ky 42303 6 Bed; 3 Bath

Remodeled within the last year and shows like new! Crown molding throughout, whole-house, security, network, and vac systems. Open concept main level includes living room, 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, laundry room, and a gourmet kitchen with Phil’s Custom Cabinets, 3 granite islands, Frigidaire Professional Series appliances: built-in side-by-side 65” refrigerator/freezer combo, double wall ovens, 2 dishwashers, and Wolf 48” cooktop/griddle and exhaust fan. Full, finished, walk-out basement includes an amazing theatre room, game room, kitchen/wet bar, 3 bedrooms and a full bath. Country living only minutes from the hospital. Enjoy beautiful views from the screened in deck overlooking a large level back lawn in a quiet cul-de-sac of a prestigious, east county Call Leah! neighborhood, with all underground utilities.


MLS Number: 76279

List Price: $459,900

OPEN HOUSE Sat 9:30-11:00

Total privacy and just 15 minutes from Owensboro and SHOWS LIKE NEW. This home is surrounded by woods and farmland and bumps up against McLean Count Fish and Game. Nearly 3000 sq. ft. 3br, 2ba brick home with hardwood floors and tile throughout! Setting on over 2 acres of ground and completely remodeled, this is truly a gem. This home is featured in an article in Friday’s Messinger Inquirer Newspaper. The list of updates and improvements to this home are too numerous to mention in this small of space. See the attached addendum to fully appreciate this remarkable home. Join us for an open house on Saturday, Call Jerry! May 11th between 9:30-11:00 to tour. 270-993-2401 MLS Number: 76183 List Price: $209,900

4235 Brookhill Dr • Owensboro, KY 42303 4 Bed; 2.5 Bath

4 Br., 2 1/2 ba. 2 car attached garage, two story home with a large deck outback. This home has open living room and vaulted ceilings, lots of natural light. Gas fireplace in the living room. Newer laminate flooring on first floor. Updated formal dining room. and updated eat-in kitchen with newer stainless appliances and built in desk. Large first floor master suite with with jetted tub and walk in closet. Newer light fixtures and built ins throughout the home. Three bedrooms and bonus room upstairs with a full bathroom upstairs with a double vanity. New roof in October 2016 and 2 1/2 year old air conditioner unit. New huge storage building in privacy fenced back yard Call Jerry! and a large deck out back, great for entertaining. The blinds all stay but the 270-993-2401 curtains are exempt from the sale. MLS Number: 75730 List Price: $246,500

OPEN HOUSE Sat 11:30-1:00

Rentals-Jared 270-993-2400

Saturday, May 25, 2019, Messenger-Inquirer

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If you’re really looking to spruce up your kitchen, choose your most outdated appliance and spring for a new one. A new stainless-steel refrigerator or sleek black cooktop might be all you need to revamp a dull space. If you’re on a tight budget, keep an eye out for sales throughout the year.


Never underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint. A new color always feels like a huge change; and with very little supplies needed, painting is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve your kitchen space.


It may sound simple, but fresh flowers bring life and a pop of color into an otherwise dreary room. Make it part of your weekly routine to pick up fresh flowers to brighten your kitchen and your mood.


Lighting plays a big role in how your kitchen feels. Warm lighting will make your kitchen appear brighter and more welcoming. You can easily shop around for new light fixtures and light switches at most home improvement stores and compare prices online to get the best deal.


Bring out your inner chef by selecting fixtures like Kohler’s Semi-Professional Kitchen Sink Faucet,


which features a pull-down sprayhead with functions for rinsing, cleaning and fast filling of pitchers. Simply upgrading your kitchen faucet takes your


10 Stone Creek Park

This Prestigious home features almost 6000 sq ft of living space. You enter to an open foyer with marble tile and crown molding galore. The main level of this home features a remodeled kitchen w/ African granite counters, custom lighting and tile flooring. A total of four bedrooms and 4.5 baths are also on the 1ts floor, including the master suite with its own fireplace, thick crown molding and walk-in closet. Also on the main level: formal dining room w/Bamboo flooring, living room w/ fireplace, sitting area and laundry. Like to entertain? There is room just for that! The entertainment room boast soaring cathedral ceilings, accented with wood from top to bottom, wet bar & hot tub. This home features a huge patio with one of Owensboro’s largest residential pools. You have to experience this home to truly appreciate it!

MLS 76070

kitchen to the next level. New fixtures enhance the style of your space while you enjoy the latest innovative features like water temperature memory.

2109 Village Pointe Ct.



This home has been immaculately maintained and cared for and as a result is in move-in condition. There is nothing left to do, but to move in to this one and a half story patio home located conveniently in the Heartlands, which places you close to everything! This home features 3 bedroom, 2 full baths, a one car garage and a privacy fenced back yard with your own gazebo. Updated flooring, paint, appliances and more. Don’t let this one slip by, call today to schedule your appointment!

MLS 76371

ose ealty

16 Real Estate Inside Out

(270) 926-4203 2315 Frederica St.

Saturday, May 25, 2019 Messenger-Inquirer

Nathan Johnson

Selena Pearl




NEW LISTING 324 EAST 27TH. ST. Amazing home in great location with 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, new air conditioning and water heater, hardwood floors and tile, replacement windows., Large back patio, fenced back yard, storage building & demensional roof. $80’s. MLS # 76207


Nathan Johnson 270-993-6548 3802 MARK TWAIN CT. Very nice updated home located in cul-de-sac in the Poet area with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, new tile & hardwood throughout home, new recessed lighting, roof, 2011, fenced yard, detached garage and much more. A MUST SEE! $100’s.

Sale Pending in 4 Days MLS #76198


Rose Castlen 270-926-4203 921 EAST 20TH. ST.

Nice newly remodeled home in great condition. Dimensional roof, refinished hardwood floors, floors, updated full bathroom and half bath. Full basement with two bedrooms, both with dual extra large closets. Replacement windows, onecar detached garage, large fenced backyard. Immediate possession. $100’s.

SOLD MLS # 76197


Nathan Johnson 270-993-6548 406 CLAY ST.

Amazing home in great location on corner lot downtown with 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, stainless steel appliances, floors, roof hardwood floors, (2016), new privacy fence, includes bonus lot beside it at 426 E. 4th. St. You’ll love this great home! $100’s. MLS # 75953


Lori McDaniel

S ervice Realtor

Office Manager

Rose Castlen Garant

Mike Garant

Betsy Garant





I believe an open line of communication between us is most important. It allows the free flow of information needed to assure you of a satisfying real estate experience. Your questions and comments are welcomed, and you can expect prompt answers in return. Experience has shown that productive, frequent contact between us will result in the achievement of your real estate objectives. You will see me and hear from me often. It is a part of my service package to you. Expect it. “You can count on me” Call/Text Today

Selena Pearl 270-313-1182


NEW LISTING 1415 JACKSON ST. Perfect for your portfolio. Currently rented for $495/per month with two bedrooms, 1 remodeled bath, updated with new windows, new kitchen countertops, cellar basement and large back yard. $40’s.


I stay in touch.

Whether you are buying or selling a home, you deserve to be kept informed. I know how important it is to stay in touch, to provide you the most current information about your purchase or sale.


MLS # 76289


Nathan Johnson 270-993-6548 3117 ALLEN ST.

Located near Legion Park, 1.5 story home, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, completely refurbished & ALL NEW IN 2017: Electric panel, new plumbing, new appliances, hardwood floors, new replacement windows & new doors. Furnace, a/c, including new vents added for upstairs & water heater all installed in 2016. Storage building added 2018, metal roof & so much more! A MUST SEE! Reduced to $129,750. MLS # 75536


Mike Garant 270-570-5454 3570 GIRL SCOUT RD. (UTICA) One-owner home situated on approx. 3 acres in Utica, with 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, handicapped accessible doorway & bathroom, all appliances including stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, and washer/dryer, updated central air (2018), double carport, deck, patio & much more! $100’s.

Sale Pending in 3 Days MLS # 76221


Betsy Garant 270-570-0638



Located in Henderson County, 1/2 acre lot with three bay barn. Ready for your new home! Only $17,500.


Sale Pending

Great opportunity for a rental investment! Home has 2 bedrooms, 1 bath & needs some TLC. Being sold “AS IS!” Reduced to $32,000. MLS # 75768

Nathan Johnson 270-993-6548 Email: Call/text Nathan Johnson 270-993-6548 Call/text Selena Pearl 270-313-1182 Want to know EXACTLY how much home you can afford? Visit


MLS # 75689

Saturday, May 25, 2019, Messenger-Inquirer

Real Estate Inside Out


Ask Your Neighbor who SOLD their home. Chances are Tony Clark Realtors did! OPEN SUN 1-3PM $424,000


3331 Reid Road 30 acres. Masterfully built & designed. 4-5 BR, 4.5 BA home with Basement. Geo thermal heat & air. Whole home Air Filtration. 3-car attached garage. Plus 30x60 Building with bays & apartment. Minutes to Oboro Health. The market’s best value. Ideal for horses and farm. Angela Clark (270) 929-4022

4553 Lake Forest Dr Stunning two-story Formal Din Rm. Granite & SS appliances in the impressive Kitchen. Fireplace in Great Rm. Home Theatre. First Floor Owner’s Suite! Energy-efficient: Angela Clark (270) 926-0055


Lakeside at the Downs - 2813 Glencrest Drive Nestled on 0.339 acre. 4 BR. 3 BA. All Brick Exterior Spacious Home! Tall Ceilings, Crown Moldings. Fireplace. Open Kitchen with Bar. Formal Din Rm with hardwood. First floor owner’s suite. Covered front & Rear porch. Angela Clark (270) 929-4022

Spring Bank Townhome- 4105 Mason Woods Lane

2117 Brampton Court - Fieldcrest Livable Luxury, without the work or worry! All brick one-level 2 BR, 2 BA brick home features an open floorplan. You’ll love the smooth ceilings, crown moldings. Attached garage. Enjoy the good life. Talk to Tony Clark (270) 929-4020

132 Ruby Lane - Hawesville

2041 Fieldcrest Dr French Inspired Chateau offers 3158 sq ft of living. You’ll love the high ceilings, rich plaster cast moldings and abundance of windows. Marble floors. Fireplace. Basement. Enclosed Courtyard. Angela Clark (270) 929-4022

Cedar Hills - 3424 Woodlane Dr First Time Offered for Sale! Quality all brick ranch. 3 bedrooms. 2 full baths. Quality replacement windows & doors. updated Heat, Air, Roof. 24’ x 24’ garage. Concrete paved driveway with parking pad. 4/10 acre home site. Angela Clark (270) 926-0055

4320 Peppermill Crt All brick one-level boasts 2170 sq ft. 4 BR. 3 BA. Custom built in 2000. One-owned. Fireplace in Great Rm. Freshly painted interior. New LVT wood-look plank flooring. 483 sq ft side-load garage. Privacy fenced yard. Angela Clark (270) 929-4022


500 Wesleyan Place All brick home with partial basement. 3 BR. 2.5 BA. Generous room sizes, Generous storage too! Fireplace. Formal Living & Dining Rooms. Detached 2-car garage has electric/shop area too. No flood insurance. Angela Clark (270) 929-4022


$ 169,900

454 So. Middle Patesville 11.59 rolling acres great for horses or cattle. 1680 SF home. 3 BR. 2 BA. The owners converted the 2-car attached garage into finished sq ft- can easily be converted back to garage. 343’ of road frontage. Survey on file. Charles King (270) 922-0311


74 Davies St, Hawesville One Owner. 1344 sq ft cottage offers 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths. Well Equipped with all appliances included! Charles King (270) 922-0311

1221 Upper Trace First Time Offered For Sale. Surprisingly spacious brick ranch has a full walk-out basement! 4 BR. 3 BA. 3150 sq ft of living. Attached garage measures 28 feet deep! Located on a quiet, peaceful 0.35 acre home site Angela Clark (270) 929-4022




An All-American Beauty! Built in 1867. 3 BD, 3 BA. 2080 sq ft Traditional 2-story on 3/4 acre. Charles King (270) 922-0311

$ 360,000



Upgrade to the best in elegant, carefree living. This 2 BR, 2.5 BA townhome has new cedar exterior, & an exquisitely updated interior. Townhome residents enjoy pool, clubhouse & walking trails. Amenities galore! Angela Clark (270) 929-4022


3608 Placid Place East Brick 1.5 story boasts 3 BR. 3 BA. You’ll love the hardwood floors. Updated kitchen with new maple cabinetry & counter top. First floor owner’s suite with modern bathroom. Walk-in Closet. Inground concrete pool. Selling As IS. Angela Clark (270) 929-4022



4 BR. 2 BA. Updates include hot water heater & furnace. Updated wood cabinets in eat-kitchen. Check out Owner suite’s walk-in closet with skylight! Detached 30’ x 24’ detached building with electric Not in a flood plain. Angela Clark (270) 929-4022

3022 Allen Street Charming! Cape Cod inspired 2 bedroom home with staircase leading to full floored attic (potentially a 3rd and 4th bedroom). You’ll love the hardwood floors. Replacement windows. Angela Clark (270) 929-4022

3819 Jefferson Street




3041 Allen Street

180 Murphy Road

Quality Brick 1.5 story in desirable location. 3-4 BR. 1 bath. You’ll love the built-ins & spacious rooms. Wood paneled 2nd floor. First time buyers, this is a Wonderful opportunity! Angela Clark (270) 929-4022

All brick one-level with detached 2-car garage. 100’x142’ lot. 3 big bedrooms. Original hardwood floors. Replacement Windows. Lots of square footage for the money. Talk to Tony Clark (270) 929-4020



1915 East 18th St Cute as a button! 2 bedrooms, 2 full bath. Updated Kitchen. Hardwood flrs. Basement. Breezeway connects detached garage. $2000 closing costs allowance. Angela Clark (270) 926-0055


Land & Lots: 47 acres. 9705 Parks Rd. Tony Clark 4.2 acres. Murphy Rd. Tony Clark Downtown Owensboro Bob McPherson Call the experts! (270) 926-0055

(270) 683-SOLD


Steve Marksberry Sasha O’Bryan Bob McPherson Realtor®



Rita Ward Realtor ®

Carolyn Clark

OWENSBORO'S HARDEST WORKING Tony Clark AGENTS! Angela Clark Broker, Realtor ®


Steve Klee Realtor®

Debra Burden Realtor®

Charlie King Realtor®

Deana Brewer Leasing Manager

Cora Daniels

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uCall About Our Featured Homesu New









1035 Frederica StreetuSuite 250



Jim Estes 270929-4400

Roxanne Aull 270993-4124

Jeff Hancock 270993-3993

Brad Hill 270314-0878

Administrative Assistant

Joy Hinton

Todd Humphreys 270929-1236

Sarah Lippert 270952-6130

Larry Maxwell 270316-4747

Nick Stefanopoulos 270570-3271

Andy Vanover 270485-6473

Darrell Vanover 270315-0354

Wilma Vanover 270485-3562



uBuilding Sites uAcreageu 7640 Hwy. 144: 2.472 Acre building site located in Philpot. Vanover Team 270-485-6473 MLS #76299 ..................................................$64,900 6840 Highway 54: 25.39 acres. Nick Stefanopoulos 270-570-3271. MLS #73248...............................................$210,000 934 Daniels Lane: 0.76 Acre, 105’ Frontage, near OMHS. Todd Humphreys 270-929-1236. MLS #73824 ......................$149,900 203 Little River Blvd: 2 Lots - Lot 95: .30 acre; Lot 96: .62 acre Lake Barkley area, electric, water & sewer on both lots. Will divide. Roxanne Aull 270-993-4124. MLS # 75063 ................$34,900 0 Yeakel Road: Wooded 50x200 lot with barn. Vanover Team 270-485-3562 MLS #75565 ..................................................$40,000

2504 Longshot Cove $204,900 u3 Bedrooms, 2.5 baths, living room with fireplace, patio & fenced yard uKeeneland Trace uJim Estes 270-929-4400 MLS #75355

4115 Buckland Square $154,900 u1413 Sq. ft., 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, fenced corner lot in Tamarack Park uNO FLOOD ZONE! uVanover Team 270-485-3562 MLS #76321

2005 East 10th Street $59,900 u4 bedrooms, 1 bath, det. garage uNew furnace, roof & water heater plus rebuilt central air conditioning uNick Stefanopoulos 270-570-3271 MLS #75181

480 Jennings Street $299,900 u4280 sq. ft., 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, basement & sunroom on 5.62 acres u2 Car detached garage - Hawesville uJim Estes 270-929-4400 MLS #75474

2552 Hillbrooke Parkway - $294,900 u2614 sq. ft., 4 BR & 2.5 BA, elegant master bath & new flooring uNew landscaping with irrigation uVanover Team 270-485-3562 MLS #75455

138 South Main Street Henderson - Corner Lot! u4000+ Sq. Ft., 5 bedrooms, 3.5 bath, sunroom & finished basement uDetached garage uJim Estes 270-929-4400 MLS #75600

2711 Chestnut Bend $599,900 u5000+ sq. ft., 5 bedrooms, 4.5 baths & full finished walk-out basement u1+ Acre in Hunter’s Ridge uVanover Team 270-485-3562 MLS #76159

877 Hawesville Road Reynolds Station - $107,000 u1172 sq. ft., 3 bedrooms,1 baths u1 Car det. garage plus deck & det. workshop, 4.93 acres uJim Estes 270-929-4400 MLS #75785





3040 Avenue Of The Parks - $167,500 u1300+ Sq. Ft., 3 bedrooms & 2 baths, lake view in The Heartlands uNew roof, carpet & paint in 2019 uVanover Team 270-485-3562 MLS #76261




5042 State Route 69 Hawesville - $54,900 u2352 sq. ft., 4 bedrooms & 2 baths u1.79 acres, detached garage, could be a 2 family home! uJim Estes 270-929-4400 MLS #75475

3101 Oakridge Court $499,900 u3000+ sq. ft., 4 bedrooms, 3 bath, living room with fireplace, walk-out basement & inground pool uVanover Team 270-485-3562 MLS #74575

2213 Highway 431 North Livermore - $62,000 u1500+ sq. ft., 2 bedrooms, 1 baths on 0.25 acre in McLean County u1 Car back-loading garage uJim Estes 270-929-4400 MLS #75877

2480 Hwy. 2181 Hawesville - $39,500 u1254 sq. ft. on 0.18 acre u3 bedrooms, 2 baths uHancock County uJim Estes 270-929-4400 MLS #76249

6158 Fairmont Court $319,900 u3415 Sq. ft., 5 bedrooms (3 on main level), 3 baths, 1/2 acre, Woodcrest uHOME WARRANTY! uVanover Team 270-485-3562 MLS #74652

718 Gunther Avenue $69,900 u2 Bedrooms & 1 Bath uNew roof, water heater & deck u1 Car det. garage plus storage bldg. uVanover Team 270-485-3562 MLS #75941



2020 Hall Street $25,900 u1034 Sq. Ft., 2 bedrooms & 1 bath uDetached garage uFenced backyard uJim 270-929-4400 MLS #75300

Saturday, May 25, 2019, Messenger-Inquirer

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Design your garden to help bring back beneficial bees BY METRO CREATIVE CONTENT


ees, birds and butterflies play integral roles in pollinating many of the crops humans rely on for sustenance. The National Pollinator Garden Network, through the National Wildlife Federation, recently launched the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge, an effort to increase the amount of nectar and pollen food sources as the organization aims to reverse the alarming decline of pollinators such as honey bees, native bees and monarch butterflies. Many people are afraid of bees because of their propensity to sting. Unlike their wasp and yellow-jacket cousins, honeybees and bumblebees are much more docile and content to hop from bloom to bloom without paying humans any mind. The only time such bees may resort to stinging is if someone inadvertently steps on them. Bees are beneficial for yards. Gardener’s Supply Company says one out of every three bites of food humans take depends on a pollinator. That’s

because about 150 crops grown in the United States depend on pollinators. Even though there are 4,000 species of native or wild bees in the continental United States, many populations are in decline. According to the Pollinator

Partnership, various areas of North America have lost more than 50 percent of their managed honeybee colonies in the past 10 years. Bringing these important pollinators back will take a little work,

but it is possible. • Plants that offer cover can be attractive to bees that desire a respite from the sun and heat. Coleus and other ground cover offerings can be handy. • Offer water in shallow dishes, as even bees need a cool drink to stay hydrated. • Bees like various plants, so plant more than one species. Some plants that bees tend to like include alyssum, aster, geranium, bee balm, poppies, and clover. • When planting, include some native species. • Brush piles, dry grasses and dead woods offer nesting areas for bees. • The Gardener’s Supply Company also says that bees find blue, purple and yellow flowers most appealing. Opt for more of these hues when planning gardens. • Above all, avoid using pesticides in the yard. Even organic ones can be toxic to bees and other pollinators, and they may contribute to colony collapse disorder.

1035 Frederica St=Suite 250=Owensboro, KY

uCommercialuFor SaleuFor Leaseu

LEASE ONLY! 3301 Old Hartford Road uBuild to suit - front lots uStorage spaces from 1,000 sq. ft. to 350,000 sq. ft uJim Estes 270-929-4400 MLS #72990

LEASE ONLY! 3808 Vincent Station Road uSuites up to 15,000 sq. ft. located at the corner of Daniels Lane & Vincent Station Road uTodd Humphreys 270-929-1236 MLS #73828

401 East 18th Street $239,900 u2 yr. lease for $2,500/mo. u12,000+ sq. ft. main level, 3,500+ loft uNick Stefanopoulos 270-570-3271 MLS #76282 & MLS #76283

630 Emory Drive $1,100,000 uSALE OR LEASE: 5831 Sq. ft. restaurant/retail space uNew roof, HVAC, parking lot uTodd Humphreys 270-929-1236 MLS #75564 & MLS #75572

LEASE ONLY! 3245 Mt. Moriah Ave. - Unit 6 & Unit 8 uOne unit is 2,280 sq. ft., the other is 1,520 sq. ft. uHigh traffic, Hwy. 54 corridor uTodd Humphreys 270-929-1236 MLS #76069 & MLS #75065

LEASE ONLY! 2601 West Parrish Ave. uUnits from 1,200 sq. ft. to 3,600 sq. ft., ample parking, high traffic uTodd Humphreys 270-929-1236 MLS #76041, MLS #76042 & MLS #76043

LEASE ONLY! 1858 Triplett St. u8,000 to 16,000 Sq. ft. uHigh traffic & ample parking uJim 270-929-4400 MLS #72260

Build To Suit Your Needs On Old Hartford Rd. uPrime location with high traffic uYour business will THRIVE here! uJim 270-929-4400

20 Real Estate Inside Out

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emodeling your home can be one of the most exciting projects to undertake. Whether you’re thinking about a bathroom update, kitchen overhaul or a new room addition, planning and setting realistic expectations are critical in ensuring your project goes as smoothly as possible. Consider these steps from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) before you get started.


Understand why you are undertaking the project, whether it’s for resale value or so you can enjoy your home more. If looking to increase resale value, consider the neighborhood and potential upgrades that can have the highest impact when going to market. If remodeling can make for a more comfortable space, create a list of “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves” then evaluate what’s feasible. Being realistic about needs and wants can help you create a budget.


Whether watching home improvement shows or browsing the internet, finding photos of styles

and looks you admire can be beneficial when sharing your vision with a remodeling contractor.


Setting a budget and staying within it is critical to the project’s success. Be sure to build in a contingency fund for unforeseen expenses. Project expenses should factor in the cost of products, labor and project management. There are also possible additional costs such as long-term maintenance, repairs, energy use and a dining out budget if undergoing a full kitchen remodel or hotel costs sometimes necessary with large-scale projects. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, be sure to get a written estimate and scope of work once you’ve selected a contractor.


If there is a specific event driving your remodel, work backward through the various project stages to determine a realistic timeline. Build in additional time as a buffer for unexpected delays and recognize remodeling contractors typically have long lead times and may require flexibility to deliver optimal results.


Home remodeling can be stressful no matter

how well you plan, but a dependable partner can make the process go smoother. While some of the best references may come from neighbors, friends or family members, a trade association like NARI can help with its online “Find a Remodeler” tool. Make sure any contractor you’re considering has several years of relevant experience, as well as liability insurance.


When it comes to remodeling your home, you can never be too careful when choosing who to work with. Be sure to follow up on references, read reviews online and even check out the work of any remodelers you’re considering hiring, if possible.


Regardless of the size of the project, there will almost surely be inconvenience, noise, dust and potential delays. Your daily routine will most likely be disrupted. Because it can be especially stressful when redoing the kitchen or an essential bathroom, you’ll probably need to consider a backup plan or other arrangements throughout the duration of the project. Remember to also declutter the work area and protect or pack away any belongings that might be in the way during the renovation.

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