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International Trade Fair FRUCHTWELT BODENSEE

February 21 – 23, 2014

Messe Friedrichshafen

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Mandatory date for pros Competent, international, trendsetting: “Fruchtwelt Bodensee” enjoys a high reputation amongst the international fruitgrowing industry. 335 exhibitors from 13 countries in 2012 turned this trade fair into a strong communication and information platform for fruit producers, agricultural farmers and distillers, from all over Europe. Additionally 16,700 trade visitors attended the fair which was another new record. The spectre of topics during those three fair days extends from the world fruit market and agricultural products through inventive talent of the industry to the presentation of the latest kind of apples, culminating in lectures of the top current topics. The ‘Lake Constance Fruit Cultivation Days’ (Bodensee-Obstbautage) will be the highlight.

The product range is diverse and custom tailored to the needs of fruit producers: harvesting machines, plant protection, tree nurseries, packaging or hail protection - at Friedrichshafen you’ll find it all! Despite the fact that the Bodensee area is the second largest cultivation area in Germany, many trade visitors arrive from far away. A visitors survey resulted in the fact that every second visitor travelled more than 100 Kilometers in order to visit “Fruchtwelt Bodensee”. Attending visitors came from 22 countries in 2012. Some of them as far as from the Ukraine, Romania and India.

Exhibitors’ opinion of Fruchtwelt Bodensee 2012: I never saw more satisfied producers worldwide than here at Lake Constance.

Dr. A. Desmond O‘Rourke, President Belrose Inc. World Fruit Market Analysis, USA:

“Fruchtwelt Bodensee” is a mandatory date in the calendar of fruit producers within the region but also from all over Germany. Jens Stechmann, Vorsitzender Bundesfachgruppe Obstbau

Fruchtwelt Bodensee is “uncharted territory” to us. We are here in order to get feedback from the industry on our latest transportation logistics system. We are quite surprised of the internationality of the visitors but naturally are also glad about the many regional representatives. Messe Friedrichshafen is a quite successful exhibition site due to its position within the international border triangle.

We really appreciate to be able to meet many international visitors - that’s why we attend the show as do our retailers. For us 2012 will again be a successful year. Oliver Ilmer, Inhaber Ilmer Maschinenbau, Südtirol

For us the 2012 show is a success. Feedback shows that it’s important to be present at Friedrichshafen. This exhibition is a meeting point for those who are interested in expert talks. It is always very important to us to attend. Dr. Tanja Koch, Produktmanagement Gemüse & Obst, BASF

The international character of the show has increased again and I’m really satisfied. Our retailers attend this show but we as producer think it important to be present in order to live up and to make one’s name. The direct feedback of the customer is very important to us. Bert Voskuilen, Baumschule Hillebrand, Holland

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Exhibitors’ survey How do you evaluate expertise of visitors at your stand?

Were you able to make new contacts by participation in the trade fair?

How do you evaluate the trade shows: FRUCHTWELT BODENSEE/agrarwelt?








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36th Lake Constance Fruit Cultivating Days (Bodensee-Obstbautage) The trade highlight of the exhibition with top lectures and explosive topics. Those days electrify full time fruit growers, have lecture rooms “burst at the seams” and guarantees highest possible trade competence among the visitors.


How do you evaluate the trade shows: FRUCHTWELT BODENSEE/agrarwelt?

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Fruchtwelt Bodensee and agrarwelt take place at the same time. Two trade fairs = one entry fee

The perfect addition to Fruchtwelt Bodensee the agrarwelt For some years now “agrarwelt” trade fair for bio-energy, the regional cultural landscape & agricultural technology, complements “Fruchtwelt Bodensee” perfectly. Whether full-time or part-time farmer, here you’ll find the suitable product as well as solutions for problems.

International Trade Fair FRUCHTWELT BODENSEE

February 21-23, 2014 Messe Friedrichshafen

Forums and lectures on current topics Numerous exhibitors form different realms, such as agricultural engineering, agricultural trade, machinery syndicate, farmers’ association and service providers. Topics like: possibilities to producing energy on farms, climate change and its impact or risks of genetic engineering will be the centre of attention. Besides solutions on renewable sources “agrarwelt” engages also in rapeseed oil, bio gas and software solutions. Also on the agenda is direct marketing.


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FRUCHTWELT BODENSEE 2014 | Exhibitor documents  

International Trade Fair for fruit, berries and distillation | February 21 - 23, 2014

FRUCHTWELT BODENSEE 2014 | Exhibitor documents  

International Trade Fair for fruit, berries and distillation | February 21 - 23, 2014