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International trade show for

Fishing, fly fishing and aquaristic

March 8 – 10, 2013 Organizer:

AQUA-FISCH 2013: Cast your line even further South Germany’s largest flagship exhibition fair in fishing, fly fishing and aquaristic is gearing up for the next round. In 2012, around 20,400 visitors from the border triangle of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, countries with great purchasing power, flocked to the exhibition ground on Lake Constance. The good atmosphere, together with the latest innovations, inspired more than 83% of them to make a purchase. By participating in AQUA-FISCH, you are choosing a top-class event that offers exhibitors and visitors alike fantastic value, and meets all their diverse demands.

Fishing and fly fishing Fishing and fly fishing are considered very important activities in the area around Lake Constance and near the Messe Friedrichshafen. Take the opportunity of introducing your products at AQUA-FISCH to interested members of the public. The fair includes expert subject-specific fora, and various trials and casting courses which are certain to generate excitement among the visitors.

Exhibitor comments: Ulrich Beyer, owner of Angel Ussat: “The Aqua-Fisch was good. We registered a light increase in traffic over last year and are pleased with the number of international visitors. There were an especially large number of customers from Austria and Switzerland. The combination of a weak Euro and a strong Swiss Franc certainly had a noticeable effect this year.”

Uwe Büchelmaier, owner of Anglermarkt GmbH: “Our exhibition program has been very well received. As a regional dealer, it is important for us to show our presence here. Next year, we are going to increase our exhibition space.”

Aquaristic AQUA-FISCH is THE essential annual meeting place for all fans of aquaristic. The exhibition grounds in Friedrichshafen, with their up-to-date infrastructure, allow you to present your product range in a most professional light. Pass on the enthusiasm for the hobby aquaristic to a highly interested and expert audience – and you will gain new customers. AQUA-FISCH is complemented by a diverse supporting programme, making it even more attractive. Exhibitor comments: Jürgen Kleinmann, manager of operations at Kölle-Zoo GmbH: “For us, this year’s Aqua-Fisch started very strong. The number of visitors on Friday was already well above expectations. Like every year, we had a lot of visits from our regular customers in Switzerland and Austria. We were pleased with the quality of the discussions with our neighbors.”

Gert Himmer, First Chairman of the Aquarium Club Multicolor Ailingen e.V.: “For us, everything went very well, as always. The trade show staff provided very strong, friendly support. 176 meters of sales space and fifty different sellers of hobby fish and animals is a new record. The broad selection of shrimp, crabs, fish, plants and books was a big hit.”

Figures and facts Extracts from the visitor questionnaire:

Extracts from the exhibitors questionnaire:

Did you already buy or order anything at the show?

How do you rate the quality of the audience?

yes 83,55%

good 60,71%

very good 11,9% poor 2,38%

no 16,77% How do you rate AQUA-FISCH 2012 all in all? satisfactory 23,78% good 52,77%

very good 16,61%

satisfactory 25% Did you make new contacts with costumers by attending the fair? j nein 17. yes 82,89% no 17,11%

poor 6,84% How far away from here do you live? resident less than 100 km more than 100 km more than 300 km

7,32% 46,08% 31,7% 4,9%

How do you rate AQUA-FISCH 2012 all in all? very good good satisfactory poor

8,14% 66,28% 18,6% 6,98%

Bruni Hertsch Project Coordinator

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Silke Haimböck Project Coordinator

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The team Our efficient project team is ready and willing to help you with all your fair-related activities. We will support you with your planning, and help you to put together a really successful exhibit. This means that you can arrive totally relaxed, just put up your stand, and then give your customers your full attention. We know what we’re talking about. Messe Friedrichshafen is Germany’s leading venue for trade fairs relating to sport and leisure activities.

The fairgrounds Messe Friedrichshafen - one of the most modern fairgrounds in Europe. Large areas of glass and wood, flooded with light, with a clear structure and compact layout. Lake Constance and the mountains are only an arm’s length away! In this wonderful landscape your business will enjoy a unique, emotional dimension. The special flair of Friedrichshafen, the people, the friendliness and commitment are all closely linked with the success of AQUA-FISCH.



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AQUA-FISCH 2013 | Exhibitors' information  

International trade show for Fishing, fl y fi shing and aquaristic | March 8 – 10, 2013

AQUA-FISCH 2013 | Exhibitors' information  

International trade show for Fishing, fl y fi shing and aquaristic | March 8 – 10, 2013