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Martial Arts • Instructional MAY - AUGUST 2011

Tae Kwon Do Ages 16 & up This popular class is a Korean system of self-defense utilizing traditional martial arts techniques including blocks, strikes, kicks and take-downs. Students will learn practical self-defense skills and work toward the benefits of mind and body coordination. This is an ongoing class; testing and ranking are offered. Our highly rated instructor, Steve Schmidt, is a 5th Degree blackbelt. Min. 6-Max. 18 Reg. # 220902T1 220902T2 Fee: Location: *No class 5/21,

Day(s) Time(s) SA 11:00-12:15pm SA 11:00-12:15pm $50.00 (6-weeks sessions) Campbell Room 5/28, 7/30

Date(s) 5/7-6/25* 7/9-8/20*

Tai Chi Ages 16 & up Are you looking for a relaxing way to increase your balance, circulation and overall health? Are you interested in a unique and powerful Martial Art for self-defense? Chen-style Taijiquan has it! Master Chen's traditional training methods come straight from Chen Village and include a complete curriculum of silk-reeling exercises, empty-handed forms, weapons forms, and two-person push-hands routines. Min. 6-Max. 18 Instructor: Chen Huixian Reg. # 220903T1 220903T2 220903T3 Fee: Location:

Day(s) Time(s) TU 7:30-8:30pm TU 7:30-8:30pm TU 7:30-8:30pm $70.00 (6-week sessions) Campbell Room

Date(s) 5/10-6/14 6/28-8/2 8/16-9/20

Ki Society Aikido Ages 16 & up Aikido is a martial art that has its roots in Samurai teachings. It is a circular art that uses joint locks to subdue or throws to project an opponent. Aikido uses the attacker’s energy and strength to our advantage. The correct application of Aikido techniques takes very little physical strength. Our style has a strong emphasis on the mental aspects of self defense. We practice relaxation in times of stress and non-competitive outcomes of conflicts. Instructor(s): Bill Keith and Wyatt Henderson, Midland Ki Society Reg. # 220904S1 220904S2 Fee: Location:


“NEW” Magnificent Leadership Workshop: How to Develop Your Employees and Produce a Magnificent Corporation Ages 16 & up In this workshop, participants will learn the leadership principles of a “Magnificent Leader.” In addition, participants will learn the following leadersihp skills and much more! • Discover and maximize employee strengths & unique abilities. • Inspire your employees to work with excellence, even when layoffs are looming. • Get your employees to focus on great performance, instead of a weekly paycheck. • Understand the importance of being interested in your employees passion and dream. • Help your employees connect their dream to the mission of the Corporation. • Get your employees to be self-motivated and loyal to you as their manager. • Inspire yourself to pursue excellence, even when the Corporation does not appreciate all that you do. • End result . . . Becoming a Magnificent Leader and producing a Magnificent Corporation. Min. 6-Max. 24 Instructor: Alexander Mobley

Reg. # 220503L1 220503L2 Fee:

Day(s) Time(s) Date(s) W 6:00-7:00pm 4/13 SA 9:00-10:00am 4/30 $55.00/individual $80.00/couple Location: Kessler Room About the Workshop Presenter: Alexander Mobley, MBA is a Leadership & Pinnacle Success Expert, and the CEO of Alexander Mobley International - a speaking & leadership consulting firm that specializes in developing Great Leaders that produce Magnificent Corporations. You can learn more about Alexander by going to

Day(s) Time(s) Date(s) TH 7:00-8:30pm 5/19-7/7 TH 7:00-8:30pm 8/4-9/22 $50.00 (8-week sessions) Midland Ki Society, 9303 Johnson Dr., Merriam


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