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Dance • Martial Arts MAY - AUGUST 2011

Dance Technique

Ki Society Aikido

Ages 8-10

Ages 5-12

While still an introduction to all the dance basics, this is the age when students really begin to grasp an understanding and appreciation for technique. Whether it is in ballet, hip-hop, or tap, students gain confidence, personal grace and poise from their connection and experience with accomplishment. In this class students will make individual accomplishments in dance and have fun doing it. Min. 6-Max. 12 Instructor: Theresa Kelsay

Aikido is a martial art that uses joint locks and throws as its self- defense mechanisms. It is a circular, blending art that requires very little physical strength. Our style emphasizes the mental side of martial arts. Both fine and gross motor skills, blended in with some self-defense are learned, with focus and fun at the same time. Min. 4-Max. 15 Instructor: Rob Hafford, Midland Ki Society

Reg. # 210601T1 210601T2 Fee: Location:

Day(s) Time(s) TH 6:30-7:30pm TH 6:30-7:30pm $42.00 (6-week sessions) Merriam Park Room

Date(s) 5/19-6/23 7/14-8/18

Reg. # Day(s) Time(s) 210904S1 SA 10:10-11:10am 210904S2 SA 10:10-11:10am Fee: $40.00 (8-week sessions) Location: Midland Ki Society, 9303 Johnson *No classes 5/28, 7/2 , 9/3

Date(s) 5/21-7/23* 8/6-10/1* Drive

Preschool Dance Extravaganza! Ages 3-5

Youth Tae Kwon Do

A fun and stimulating introduction to dance basics that will focus your preschooler’s energy and attention. Tap, jazz, ballet and tumbling will be introduced in a fun, up-beat style by an instructor who has years of experience with this age group. Min. 6-Max. 12 Instructor: Theresa Kelsay

Ages 6-15

Reg. # 210601G1 210601G2 210601G3 210601G4 Fee: Location: *No class 5/30

Reg. # Day(s) Time(s) 210902A1 SA 9:00-10:00am 210902B1 SA 10:00-11:00am 210902A2 SA 9:00-10:00am 210902B2 SA 10:00-11:00am Fee: $50.00 (6-week sessions) Location: Campbell Room Ages 6-10 (9am-10am) Ages 11-15 (10am-11am) *No classes 5/21, 5/28, 7/30

Day(s) Time(s) M 5:30-6:30pm M 5:30-6:30pm TH 5:30-6:30pm TH 5:30-6:30pm $42.00 (6-week sessions) Merriam Park Room

Date(s) 5/16-6/27* 7/11-8/15 5/19-6/23 7/14-8/18

Self-defense will be taught utilizing traditional martial arts techniques. Students work toward the benefits of mind and body coordination. This is an on-going class with testing and ranking offered. Min. 8-Max. 20 Instructor: Steve Schmidt Date(s) 5/7-6/25* 5/7-6/25* 7/9-8/20* 7/9-8/20*


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