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WELCOME As we herald in another fresh new year and as we launch our spring season it’s a perfect time for the Mermaid team to look back and consider our achievements and importantly consider what we might do better. 2017 for me was full of emotion. It felt difficult, unsettling, unhappy even. It felt like a year when women just HAD it! The dawning reality of Cosby and Weinstein opened the floodgates across society and has created what feels like a global sense of just not-rightness. It was a year of enraging and radicalising women.Women young and old took to the streets and to facebook and twitter. The incredible free fall of the #MeToo campaign led an Irish artist to expose some of Ireland’s own revelations and open secrets which are finally in mainstream media.While I am sure there is more to come, the question for me is can we start our new year with a sense that calling out bad, inappropriate and unacceptable behaviour, means there can be a real or positive change? ‘We must accept finite disappointment but never lose infinite hope’ (Martin Luther King) We in Mermaid are not making new year’s resolutions, instead, we are facing the year with boundless hope and optimism.We are going to ensure 2018 is less about feelings and more about thought. Feelings come from somewhere more elemental than thought, but we need to think about the theoretical, empirical and practical dimensions of hope and optimism and put them into action.What? you may well ask! There is a growing body of scientific investigation (started in the University of Kansas) that supports the conclusion that being hopeful has a distinctly positive effect on performance.They have proven hope is not only related to academic performance but is a greater predictor of success than intelligence. Psychologist Rick Snyder, in the early 1990’s developed the now most widely accepted definition of hope as a ‘cognitive process allowing individuals to plan for and execute the pursuit of goals’. We Mermaids are high hope individuals. Our 2018 goals are our resolutions.They are; to be brave, to stand up for others, to be sure to be counted when it matters, to speak out and act when we see bad behaviour, inequality and injustice.To be open and work with kindness, to support people, to seek agency in order to effectuate change, to amplify positive action and to be and remain motivated and optimistic because we know optimistic people finish what they’ve started – for us, 2018 will be a year of positive change. Niamh O’Donnell & The Mermaid Team.


MERMAID SPACE Artists and audiences are at the heart of Mermaid Arts Centre. We believe in the importance of self-expression and the importance of artists making new work in Wicklow and our residency programme is how we make this happen.  We are most interested in work that relates or is relevant to our everyday lives. In 2018 we will work with three Dance Artists in Residence (supported by The Arts Council of Ireland and Wicklow County Council Arts Office) Karen Gleeson, Aisling O’Coineen and Aoife McAtamney.  We start early in the new year with Aoife and collaborators on 11th January with a showing of new work (some parts still in development) called Pink Breath And The Sung Essays.  Aoife is using the text of Audre Lorde’s 1977 speech ‘The Transformation of Silence into Language and Action’ as a guide for what will be an intimate evening where Aoife, through music and dance, will share short stories of reconciliation and connection.  (See page 15 for more details). We are also beyond pleased to again support the work of two amazing artists from Wicklow; Oonagh Murphy  and Camille Lucy Ross. Oonagh, has just closed a massively successful run of TRIBES in The Gate Theatre and in the new year she is partnering with the wonderful composer Maeve Stone and is coming to Mermaid for a week to work on the development of a new piece called The Mouth of a Shark. They will be working with sound artist Alma Kelleher and dance artist Liv O’Donoghue researching and developing this piece which counterpoints Irish emigration stories with the contemporary experiences of those seeking asylum here in Ireland, asking us all to bear witness to the many reasons we migrate, and question;Where do we get to call home?. The work will premiere in March 2018 in Dublin as part of  Where We Live, produced by THISISPOPBABY with St. Patricks Festival. 


MERMAID SPACE Camille Lucy Ross has also just completed a very successful run with her piece How to be Angry in The Fringe Festival 2017. Mermaid partnered with her to get an Arts Council bursary for her to start to develop a brand-new piece. Camille will be in and around Mermaid for the first six months of the new year as she starts to write and work with a mentor and with collaborators to structure and devise her new work – watch this space as we really want to present her work in our summer or autumn season. Part of the way Mermaid resources artists is we ensure we partner and collaborate with other arts organisations. In 2017 and running through 2018, Junk Ensemble, Brokentalkers, Mermaid Arts Centre all led by Dance Ireland are working together on a pilot project called Shared Arts Producer. Together we have engaged an independent producer called Gwen van Spijk of Cue LLP to work towards ensuring Junk Ensemble and Brokentalkers have increased production, capacity and reach. In particular the aim is to support each company to create one new work in 2018 with plans and applications for new work in 2019 as well as targeting UK and European festival bookings for their existing repertoire. (Funded through The Arts Council’s Shared Resource Scheme).


MERMAID SPACE The fabulous and ever so talented Theatre Lovett (Muireann Ahern and Louis Lovett) start as our Theatre Artists in Residence in January with two workshops.The first with Mr. Sands a newly formed Youth Theatre in Bray (see page 45 for their first performance in Mermaid).They will join Muireann and Louis in the workshop ‘How do Actor’s Play?’. The lucky participants will be brought through the actor’s journey on stage: how to take hold of the moment, how to look forward to the moment coming next and, most importantly, how to look back – to the moments of play that children understand, and that adults can remember and learn from. In this workshop Theatre Lovett will introduce participants to their own style of performance – one that embraces the mischievous spirit of play. The second workshop is for a group of participants in REHAB. Theatre Lovett have a wonderful, interactive, caring and insightful approach.Their way of facilitating is inspiring.They also work hard at their play.With our REHAB group they will give a confidence boosting introduction to stage presence and the art of being before an audience of people, pets or even playthings. And lastly, but not least, Hugh Farrell, local Bray theatre-maker with support from the Arts Council will start working in the new year on a series of events, pieces and happenings called Made in Bray...Bré, this is part of an exciting new collective of local artists and musicians​ led by Hugh, making a little magic happen with a host of projects popping up where you least expect them. Keep your eyes peeled and expect to be surprised and charmed!


MADE IN MERMAID Writer Kate Heffernan has been working in Mermaid on a part-time basis over the past year, financed by the Arts Council’s Next Generation Bursary, which supports artists at an early stage of their career. Kate has worked on three new pieces of writing. Our present focus is a piece called Peat (with previous support from The Ark, A Cultural Centre for Children, Dublin). On a peatland plain on the edge of an island, a boy and girl meet to bury a cat in its preserving earth. As they sit and dig the boggy grave, they play a game of Would You Rather?, and what follows is a conversation about life, fate, extinction, migration, mortality. A slant on Hamlet’s gravediggers for young audiences, Peat is a metaphysical conversation rooted in the world and perspective of two 12 year olds. Mermaid aims to produce this new work for ages 9+ and present it around the country in Autumn 2018. Mermaid has partnered with THISISPOPBABY to commission artist Peter Daly to create Money; a brand new work, written and performed by Peter that will premiere in March 2018 also as part of Where We Live, produced by THISISPOPBABY with St. Patricks Festival.  On the ten year anniversary of the ‘Cheapest Bailout in the World’, acclaimed performer and Chartered Accountant Peter Daly will get to grip with what actually happened on the path to, and beyond, that fateful day in 2008. Money will chart his miscalculations along the way and the changing concept of cash in this oneman, breakneck, performance-lecture show.  Jaw-dropping in its discoveries, hilarious in its presentation and infuriating in its facts, Money will unearth the gob-smacking truths about the flow of cash throughout the history of our state.


cinema - first mondays First mondays

Continuing our First Monday series, where short films by emerging filmmakers are screened on the first Monday of each month, this season we’re again presenting Bray based group NoWiFi (North Wicklow Films)


written by Byron Hayes, directed by Todd Sheets. MONDAY 8 January | Duration: 10mins In the face of tragedy, one family’s deep bonds must help them plumb the true meaning of a heart of stone.


by various NoWiFi writers & directors MONDAY 5 February | Duration: 2 x 5mins ‘Boxed In’, written by Brian Matthews Murphy, directed by David Keeling – A story about broadening your horizons. ‘Sympathy’, written by Joe Morris, directed by Oisín McFarland – Sometimes it’s love that gets lost in translation.


written by Adam O’Brien, directed by Joe Morris MONDAY 5 March | Duration: 10mins If he can’t go out, he’s just gonna have to go a bit mad instead.


written by Adam O’Brien, directed by Byron Hayes MONDAY 2 April | Duration: 9mins There are regrets, and then there are regrets. At some point the time comes when we all need to take a long hard look at ourselves.


Emma Finucane

Opening THURSDAY 30 November 2017 | 6pm Free | Exhibition runs FRIDAY 1 Dec − SATURDAY 27 Jan 2018 | 10am − 6pm Emma Finucane develops artwork through dialogue, process based, participatory and collaborative practice. Her work has frequently combined education, research and artistic practice.This exhibition is a response to the findings of a research project she instigated in UCD School of Nursing and Midwifery in 2014. Emma lives in Greystones, and is a founder member of Outpost Studios in Bray Co.Wicklow. She completed a BFA at NCAD in 1997 and an MFA in 2006. She has been commissioned and supported by the Arts Council Ireland, CREATE, Wicklow, Carlow, Cavan and Kildare County Councils. Her work has been shown in Ireland the UK, Germany, Denmark and the US and can be found in many private and public collections including: OPW, AIB, DIT, and UCD. Emma has recently presented at Art&Health Check Up, Check In,The Model Sligo; Attitude Precedes Form,The Library Project, curated by Hilary Murray (2017) Outpost, Mermaid Arts Centre, Co.Wicklow; Rosebud,The Library Project, curated by Alison Pilkinton&Cora Cummins (2016 ) Womens Art Library, Goldsmiths, London; Welcome Disturbances,The Lab, Foley St.; Presented @ Motherhood&Creative Practice, London Southbank University (2015) Initiated interdisciplinary project, UCD Nursing & Midwifery & awarded Artist in Residence UCD College of Health Sciences (2015).

Vikings in Focus Opening THURSDAY 22 February | 6pm Free | Exhibition runs FRIDAY 23 February − SATURDAY 17 March | 10am − 6pm Have you ever wondered what it’s like being on a film set? Come and take a behind the scenes look at the making of the hugely popular television series ‘Vikings’. ‘Vikings’ is being shot at Ashford Studios in Ashford and at a number of stunning locations throughout County Wicklow such as Luggala Estate in the Wicklow Mountains,The Devil’s Glen in Ashford, Newcastle, Silver Strand and Brittas Bay Beach, the Avoca Mines and the Blessington Lakes. This exhibition offers a rare glimpse into the world of photographers Jonathan Hession and Bernard Walsh, who were the official still photographers on the first two series. Jonathan Hession has been a professional photographer all of his working life. Jonathan originally started as a commercial photographer, but started taking film stills about 25 years ago to help a friend out, who was double booked, on a feature film. Bernard Walsh stumbled through various occupations early on in life, but eventually settled on pressing the shutter release button on film and tv sets about twenty years ago. And… he’s still doing it. This exhibition is supported by Wicklow County Council in partnership with World 2000 and Mermaid Arts Centre.

Liliane Puthod

Opening THURSDAY 5 April | 6pm Free | Exhibition runs FRIDAY 6 April − SATURDAY 19 May | 10am − 6pm Subverting the frontiers between multiple and singular objects, her work leads to surprising connections between commodities, systems of production and fabricated elements. She actively appropriates merchandise in relation to physical locations and individuals, along with constructed narratives from distinct economies, often resulting in paradoxical situations. Through sculpture, digital media and texts, Liliane explores how forms can problematize the materials from which they are made. Liliane Puthod (b.1986, France) works and lives in Dublin. In 2013, she graduated from an MFA and a BA Honours Degree in Visual Arts from Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD). Recent projects include: Mejlby, project funded by FCAC Geneva and part of group show Bourses Déliées in Halle Nord, Geneva; Symbol Symbol Symbol at Eight Gallery Dublin and The Existence of Flamethrowers in your Street, curated by Catalyst Arts at 126 Gallery, Galway, Ireland.


The Three Little Pigs FRIDAY 5 January | 2pm & 4pm €8 | Family Of Four: €30

Miriam Lambert Puppeteer presents The Three Little Pigs. In this pig’s tale, mummy pig is so proud of her little piglets, encouraging them to dream big and follow their hearts. Like all little ones, it’s not long before they’re all grown up and have to make a life for themselves. In this interactive puppet production, experience the three little pigs’ adventures and their encounter with a very hungry Big Bad Wolf. There are surprises in store and plenty of laughs in this charming production.

The Songs of Jerry Fish SATURDAY 6 January | 8pm €18/16

Ringmaster, Jester and Raconteur extraordinaire Jerry Fish takes the freshest element of his sideshow on the road this Winter. A beguiling show, of music and tale telling, all from inside the twisted mind of one Ireland’s most beloved entertainers, Jerry Fish. Within the 90-minutes of yarn spinning and music, audiences will go from enthralled silence to dancing in the aisles. Famous for his live entertainment and love of a good night out on the town. The Songs of Jerry Fish is chock o block full of vaudevillian fun and games. 12 12


(Cert: G)

SUNDAY 7 January | 2pm €5 | Duration: 95mins | Language: English When an earthquake destroys his home in the Peruvian jungle, a blue duffel coat-wearing bear decides to travel to London. Discovered alone at Paddington train station by Mr. and Mrs. Brown, the little bear’s luck seems to be changing when the family agrees to look after him; that is until he attracts the attentions of a sinister taxidermist…Featuring an amazing blend of live action and computer-generated imagery, rediscover the charm of this cinema introduction to Paddington, the accident-prone bear who has impeccable manners and a weakness for marmalade!

In A Lonely Place

(Cert: pG)

SUNDAY 7 January | 5pm €5 | Duration: 98mins | Language: English

This stylish blend of murder mystery and love story stars Humphrey Bogart as Dixon Steele, a volatile Hollywood screenwriter who finds himself accused of a brutal murder. After his next-door-neighbour Laurel (Gloria Grahame) provides him with a false alibi, a relationship quickly develops between the two. But Laurel soon starts to doubt Dixon’s innocence when his dark temper comes to the surface… In a Lonely Place is a classic film noir that shines a light on Grahame as one of the iconic femme fatale heroines of the 50s. 13

The Drummer & The Keeper

MONDAY 8 January | 8pm €8/6.50 | Duration: 92mins | Language: English

(Cert: 15a)

First Fortnight in partnership with IFI National presents The Drummer & The Keeper. The Drummer & The Keeper tells the story of the unlikely friendship formed between two young men; Gabriel, a reckless young drummer with bipolar disorder, who revels in rejecting society’s rules and Christopher, a 17 year old with Asperger’s Syndrome, who yearns to fit in.This heartwarming story shows the strength of the human bond in the face of adversity. First Fortnight is a charity that challenges mental health prejudice through arts and cultural action. This film screening is part of the annual First Fortnight Festival. Our First Monday’s short film Heart Of Stone will be screened prior to the film.

it's not yet dark

(Cert: pg)

FRIDAY 12 January | 8pm €8/6.50 | Duration: 81mins | Language: English

In 2008 Wicklow director Simon Fitzmaurice was diagnosed with motor neurone disease (ALS). At just 34 years old, he was given four years to live; but Simon refused to give up and started to work on the script for a feature film – My Name is Emily. It’s Not Yet Dark is inspirational, honest and particularly poignant following Simon’s recent death. **** “For a picture that has much to do with depletion, It’s Not Yet Dark buzzes with all the right sorts of energy … A very well-made tribute..” – The Irish Times 14

Pink Breath And The Sung Essays THURSDAY 11 January | 8pm €5

Mermaid Arts Centre are pleased to host an evening with artist Aoife McAtamney. Aoife has just started to work in Mermaid as Dance Artist in Residence (alongside artist Karen Gleeson) and this is the first event in 2018 where we’re inviting audiences to come and meet Aoife and her collaborators for an intimate performance of Pink Breath And The Sung Essays. In the performance, the evening light is lit by a fire and we have a homecoming map made up of original songs and dances. ‘My Body Is My Home’ is declared, and together we share a journey of transformation. ‘I have come to believe over and over again that what is most important to me must be spoken, made verbal and shared even at the risk of having it bruised or misunderstood.’ This text is from Audre Lorde’s 1977 speech, ‘The Transformation of Silence into Language and Action’. It serves as Pink Breath And The Sung Essays performance guide, as we share our short stories of reconciliation and connection with you.


Music Network presents: Niamh Parsons, Ciarán Tourish, Liam Kelly & John Doyle SATURDAY 13 January | 8pm €16/14 Four leading lights of Irish trad join forces in what promises to be an unforgettable tour. Leading the charge is Arcady’s Niamh Parsons, a peerless balladeer with one of the most distinctive voices in Irish music. Fiddle maestro and long-time member of Altan, Ciarán Tourish is fêted for his incendiary improvisation and cascading arpeggios, the perfect foil for the invention and rhythmic drive of flautist Liam Kelly, a founder member of Dervish. Add to the mix John Doyle’s signature guitar sound, heard on recordings by Solas and Tim O’Brien among others.

The death of stalin

(Cert: 15a)

MONDAY 15 January | 8pm €8/6.50 | Duration: 106mins | Language: English

It’s 1953, and Joseph Stalin rules over the Soviet Union with an iron fist… until one morning he’s discovered unconscious. With the dictator at death’s door, his deputies including Nikita Khrushchev (Steve Buscemi), Lavrentiy Beria (Simon Russell Beale) and Georgy Malenkov (Jeffrey Tambor) begin jostling for power. They find themselves dealing with Stalin’s demanding son & daughter, planning a grand funeral, and keeping the country in order… In his return to the big screen, Armando Iannucci - (Veep and The Thick of It) - brilliantly blends farce & drama in this hilarious yet probing historical satire. Also staring, Paddy Considine, Rupert Friend and Michael Palin.



(Cert: club)

FRIDAY 19 January | 8pm €8.50/7 | Duration: 90mins | Language: English EMBRACE is a social impact documentary that explores the issue of body image. The inspiration for EMBRACE came after Taryn Brumfitt posted an unconventional before-and-after image on the internet sparking an international media frenzy. Taryn embarked on an incredible journey and made a full length feature film that follows her crusade as she explored the global issue of body loathing. After 24 months of travelling, interviewing, production and post production Taryn and her team created a film that is relevant, relatable, highly engaging – but above all life changing.

Chris Kavanagh’s, The Legend of Luke Kelly

SATURDAY 20 January | 8pm (Doors 7.45pm) €20/18 On 30th January 1984 it is said that the whole of Ireland grieved the early death of Dubliner Luke Kelly. He has left an indelible mark as being the greatest folk artist of the 20th Century. When Dublin singer/ songwriter/ multi-instrumentalist Chris Kavanagh performs, his singing talents capture the depth and passion of the great man he was so heavily influenced by. Over the past sixteen years he has amazed audiences following powerful sell-out performances with the regular attendance of Luke Kelly’s family. He is joined on stage by Joe Finn (Uilleann pipes/Flute/Whistles/ Fiddle), Hilary Kavanagh (singer/songwriter/bass player) & Michael 17 Howard (Guitarist / Singer/songwriter).

Jazz Ensemble

SATURDAY 20 January | 11.30am − 1pm (9 Week Course) €75 | 12-17 years | 2 years playing experience & preferably able to read music

Music Generation Wicklow is delighted to partner with Mermaid Arts Centre in their second year of creating new Jazz Ensembles for young musicians. The ensemble will meet for nine weeks playing Jazz under the guidance of Jazz musician Matthew Jacobson and Music Generation Wicklow musician/tutor Paula McCarthy. We are seeking young musicians aged between 12 to 17 years who are interested in playing and learning Jazz and improvisation. An ability to read music is an advantage. Drum kit and digital piano provided on site. Contact Box Office for details.

Rosalie Blum

(Cert: CLUB)

MONDAY 22 January | 8pm €8.50/7 | Duration: 98mins | Language: French (English Subtitles) A random encounter has unexpected and life-changing consequences for three characters in Rosalie Blum, a quirky, heart-warming tale based on the graphic novel trilogy by French artist Camille Jourdy.This enchanting directorial debut from French screenwriter Julien Rappeneau (Bon Voyage, 36 Quai des Orfèvres) is a witty and ingeniously crafted comedy. “Whimsical, tender and original, Rosalie Blum is a fabulous debut.” – The New Zealand Herald Presented in partnership with the Embassy of France and Institut Français.


Bray One Act Drama FestivaL TUESDAY 23 − SATURDAY 27 January | 7.30pm €16/13

Bray One Act Drama Festival will be bringing a wonderful mix of comedy and drama to the stage. Performed by both newcomers and seasoned performers, these plays are sure to provide a night of entertainment, with all proceeds going to charitable causes. We look forward to welcoming Terry Byrne from Dublin as the adjudicator, and of course the loyal festival audience who support the Bray One Act each year. Why not book 4 or 5 nights to avail of a 10% discount. (Call Box Office to avail of this offer.)

The Killing of a Sacred Deer (Cert: 16) MONDAY 29 January | 8pm €8/6.50 | Duration: 121mins | Language: English

Dr Steven Murphy (Colin Farrell) has a successful career and comfortable family life. He takes Martin (Barry Keoghan), the son of a late patient, under his wing. When Steven introduces Martin to his family, the young man seems to fit right in. But there’s something not quite right about Martin, and Steven’s life begins slowly falling apart when his son develops a mysterious illness...The Lobster director Yorgos Lanthimos returns with this characteristically strange revenge tale - a surreal thriller with hints of dark comedy and a truly unsettling mood. 19

star boy

THURSDAY 1 February | 10.30am & 12noon €8/6 | Age Suitability: 3 − 7 years One small boy. One magical box. One big adventure. Star Boy is a tale of a small boy who loves to explore. As he is falling asleep one night he sees a shooting star and decides to go in search of it. His quest to capture the star takes him through the dark woods, over and under the sea and finally into space. But does he get his star? Come join Star Boy on his amazing adventure and share in his discoveries. Star Boy is an early years theatre performance by Joe Brennan. The piece is suitable for all those 3 - 7 years containing no words.

SHARON SHANNON - sacred earth

FRIDAY 2 February | 8pm €25/23

Sharon Shannon’s real pull, aside from the quality of her music, is her connection with the audience when she performs live. Sharon is an Irish musician best known for her abilities with the accordion and fiddle. Her 1991 album Sharon Shannon is the best-selling album of traditional Irish music ever released. Aside from Irish folk music, there are many influences in her music, from reggae and Cajun music to hip hop.This is sure to be a great night of toe tapping and dancing in the aisles.This is a gig that you will surely regret not treating yourself to.Trust us... 20

Spring Writes: Creative Writing Classes

SAT 3, SAT 18 February & SAT 3 March | 11am − 2pm €120 Get yourself into a writing rhythm this spring. Inspiration is closer than you think and over three weekends we’ll draw on what is around us to find settings, plot and characters. With writing exercises to get you going we’ll try out poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction and memoir in a supportive and enjoyable atmosphere. With a fortnight in between each workshop you’ll have plenty of time to try out new ideas. Course given by Nell Regan, award winning poet, non-fiction writer and beginner short story writer.

Condemned to Remember SATURDAY 3 February | 8pm €8/6.50 | Duration: 94mins | Language: English

(CERT: 15A)

After Irish Holocaust survivor Tomi Reichental celebrates his 80th birthday in a Dublin Mosque, he journeys across Europe to contemplate how far society and humanity has really come since that horrific genocide during World War II. Along the way he puts himself into the shoes of the ‘new Jews’ and discovers a strong common bond with refugees fleeing the hell that is Syria. Directed by Emmy award-winner Gerry Gregg, Condemned to Remember explores whether we have really learned from the evils of the past. **** “…this remains among the most moving films we will see this year.” – The Irish Times


Marie Curie: The Courage of Knowledge (CERT: TBC)

MONDAY 5 February | 8pm €8/6.50 | Duration: 100mins | Language: French, Polish, English Marie Curie was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize; and not just one, but two, with the second also making her the first person to ever win two Nobel Prizes in two different fields. Marie Noëlle’s biopic, starring Polish actress Karolina Gruszka, depicts the most turbulent years in the life of this brilliant scientist. “… Gruszka’s reserved, intelligent performance does a fine job of projecting the stern intellect and unwavering seriousness of conviction that ultimately made a mockery of Curie’s archaic detractors.” – Variety Our First Monday’s short films Boxed In and Sympathy will be screened prior to the film.

Music Network presents the Trish Clowes Quartet (UK)

FRIDAY 9 February | 8pm €16/14 Save the date for this fast-rising quartet fronted by the effervescent Trish Clowes, BASCA British Composer Award winner and former BBC Radio 3 New Generation Artist. An agile improviser and songwriter in the mold of Wayne Shorter, Clowes has been much lauded for her melodic imagination and ”magisterial” tone. Previously known for genre-bending collaborations with improvising string quartets and orchestras, her take on jazz is playful, engaging – and hugely accomplished. Clowes is joined by a trio of long-term collaborators showcasing original tunes from the saxophonist’s highly-acclaimed fourth album My Iris: the impeccable James Maddren, Chris Montague and Ross Stanley.

SMYTh Junior:

Once Upon a Time??

SATURDAY 10 February | 7.30pm €15 | €50 Family Ticket of 4

Sheevawn Musical Youth Theatre (SMYTh) Junior aged 7-12 present Once Upon a Time??. What happens when some of your favourite fairy-tale characters get bored with “happily ever after”? What happens when they find out there is a portal to another realm? What happens when they meet “Reality”?? Come along and find out!

I Am Not A Witch

(CERT: 12a)

MONDAY 12 February | 8pm €8/6.50 | Duration: 95mins | Language: English, Bemba, Nyanja, Tonga After a minor incident in her village, 9-year-old orphan Shula is exiled to a witch camp where she is told that if she tries to escape she will be transformed into a white goat.This impressive debut from Zambian-born female writer-director Rungano Nyoni satirises the clash between modernity and superstition in a small African community. **** “I Am Not a Witch, the knockout debut feature from Rungano Nyoni is something else again, an extravagant flight of fancy that functions equally well as an anthropological curiosity, engrossing drama, feminist allegory, tart political satire & dire warning against xenophobia.” – The Irish Times 23

SMYTh seniors:

Songs from the Shows

WEDNESDAY 14 February | 8pm €15

Sheevawn Musical Youth Theatre (Seniors 16+ yrs) present ‘Songs from the Shows’. This very talented crowd of young people present their annual concert of songs & dances from some of the best musical theatre shows including Avenue Q, The Addams Family, La La Land, Witches of Eastwick, Miss Saigon and many more. After a sell-out run last July Legally Blonde, they will be returning to the Mermaid this July with Addams Family... The Musical!

Sheevawn musical group: Look to the Stars THURSDAY 15 February | 8pm €15

Sheevawn Musical Group (Member of AIMS) present ‘Look to the Stars’ Concert. SMG was set up in 2003 to promote Musical Theatre for young (and not so young) adults. It strives to maintain a high standard of performance while encouraging new & fresh talent. Due to lack of funding, it has been unable to put on a show for the past 4 years. So, this fundraising concert heralds the return of the group, who will be staging their comeback musical RAGTIME here in Mermaid August 22nd-25th 2018. 24

SMYTh inters:

Hairspray Jr

FRIDAY 16 & SATURDAY 17 February | 7.30pm €17 | €60 Family Ticket of 4 Sheevawn Musical Youth Theatre (INTERS 13-17yrs) present Hairspray Jr. While being light-hearted and fun, Hairspray is a musical that challenges 1960’s views on racial segregation in America. It also looks at the at the views on body image. Issues that are still relevant almost 60 years later! With terrific song and dance routines, You Can’t Stop the Beat this mid-term show.

Captain Underpants: The first epic movie (cert: u)

SUNDAY 18 February | 2pm €5 | Duration: 89mins | Language: English From DreamWorks Animation comes an epic feature film about a hero and his underpants. George Beard and Harold Hutchins are best friends who spend their days creating comic books and dreaming up pranks. One day they accidentally hypnotize their school principal into believing that he is Captain Underpants, a dimwitted superhero whose costume consists of underwear and a cape. Starring Jordan Peele, Nick Kroll, Kevin Hart, Kristen Schaal and Ed Helms.


Agatha Christie’s Evil Under the Sun (Cert: PG)

SUNDAY 18 February | 5pm €5 | Duration: 115mins | Language: English Whilst investigating a case involving a fake diamond for an insurance company, detective Hercule Poirot must travel to a tropical island hotel to seek out Arlena Marshall, for whom the gem was bought. But on his arrival Poirot finds that everyone else there has their own feud with Arlena, and it’s only a matter of time before she turns up dead... Based on Agatha Christie’s 1941 novel of the same name, Evil Under the Sun’s relocation of the story’s original Devon setting to the Mediterranean makes for a sunny backdrop to this entertaining who-dunnit.

Loving Vincent

(Cert: 12a)

MONDAY 19 | 8pm & TUESDAY 20 February | 2.30pm €8/6.50 | €5 Matinee | Duration: 95mins | Language: English Years in the making, Loving Vincent is a biopic with a difference. This visually stunning film was shot in live action before a small army of artists handpainted every frame in the style of van Gogh. Told through multiple perspectives (with a talented cast including Saoirse Ronan and Chris O’Dowd), Loving Vincent lives up to its name and offers an affectionate tribute to one of history’s greatest artists.




The Three Little Pigs Miriam Lambert

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The Songs of Jerry Fish

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Paddington (U)

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In A Lonely Place (PG)

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The Drummer & The Keeper (15A)

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Pink Breath And The Sung Essays

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It’s Not Yet Dark (PG)

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Music Network: Niamh pg 16 Parsons, Ciarán Tourish, Liam Kelly & John Doyle



The Death of Stalin (15A)

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Embrace (CLUB)

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Chris Kavanagh’s, The Legend of Luke Kelly

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Jazz Ensemble

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Rosalie Blum (CLUB)

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Bray One Act Festival

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The Killing of a Sacred Deer (16)

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february THURSDAY 1


Star Boy

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Sharon Shannon Sacred Earth

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Spring Writes: pg 21 Creative Writing Classes at the Mermaid



Condemned to Remember (15A)

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Marie Curie: The Courage of Knowledge (TBC)

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Music Network: Trish Clowes’ “My Iris”

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(SMYTh Juniors) Once Upon a Time??

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I Am Not A Witch (12A)

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(SMYTh Seniors) Songs from the Shows

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(Sheevawn Musical Group) Look to the Stars

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(SMYTh Inters) Present Hairspray Jr

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Captain Underpants (U) pg 25



Agatha Christie’s Evil Under the Sun (PG)

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Loving Vincent (12A)

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We Don’t Know What’s Buried Here THEATREclub

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My Funny Valentine Niall O’Sullivan

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The Humours of Bandon pg 33



Call Me By Your Name (15A)

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march FRIDAY 2


Exhibition on Screen Cézanne

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Bagatelle – 40th Anniversary Tour

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Happy End (TBC)

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Coláiste Chraobh Abhann High School Musical

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Ladies in the Blues

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Loveless (TBC)

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BIFE Drama

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BIFE Music

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Someone Who’ll Watch pg 39 Over Me by Frank McGuinness



The Florida Project (15A) pg 40



BIFE Dance

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Aniss Stage Academy Shankill

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Primerie (CLUB)

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Brickflicks Myths and Legends

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Féile Londubh Programme Launch

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The Curse of the Button Accordion by Sharon Mannion

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The Princess Bride (PG)

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april MONDAY 2 & TUESDAY 3


Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool (15A)

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The Changing Room Mr. Sands Youth Theatre

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The Don Baker and Rob Strong Band

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Aurora (CLUB)

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Square One

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Dance Academy

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Heartstone (CLUB)

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Bray Musical Society Seussical

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A Fantastic Woman (TBC)

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BIFE Annual Celebration of Musical Talent

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National Poetry Day

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The Importance of Nothing - Pan Pan Theatre Company

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International Dance Day pg 51



In Between (CLUB)

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We Don't Know What's Buried Here THEATREclub

THURSDAY 22 February | 8pm €16/14 | Friends Selected Show Tina and Bernadette, are digging a hole in the ground.They dig everyday, methodically, looking for what has been hidden from them. They are Magdalene Ghosts.They heard about Tuam on the radio. One of them is digging to find her baby’s bones, the other is digging to expose the truth. Should they keep digging? Or is it better to leave the truth under the ground, where it belongs? After all, people who dig to find out what’s buried aren’t treated very well in this country.They risk legal action, and the ruination of their good name. So why keep going? Tina doesn’t know. But she believes that work will set her free, at the very least it will make her feel better. It’s all she’s ever known. Bernadette can’t leave her baby out here alone. She just wants to give her a proper burial. But she’s starting to have doubts about the whole enterprise. This is a vitriolic new play by Grace Dyas about class, value and work with support from Dublin Honours Magdalene’s, Jobstown Not Guilty and Senator Lynn Ruane. Funded through an Arts Council Theatre Project Award.


My Funny Valentine -

Niall O’Sullivan

FRIDAY 23 February | 8pm (Doors 7.45pm) €20/18 | Friends Selected Show

‘My Funny Valentine’ celebrates some of the world’s best loved songs and melodies. Hear jazz classics, pop ballads, classical masterpieces and unforgettable numbers from stage & screen performed by Ireland’s foremost trumpet player Niall O’Sullivan. Following their recent sold out Irish and US shows, Niall will be joined on stage with his band and vocalists Shóna & Simon Morgan to perform works from his three #1 selling albums including the timeless Moon River, the Godfather, Stardust, Libertango, and of course, My Funny Valentine.  ‘O’Sullivan’s Piazzolla brought the audience to their feet’ – The Irish Times ‘Niall O’Sullivan’s playing was bright, breezy, delicate, joyous and stylish’ – Irish Examiner ‘The trumpet playing by Niall O’Sullivan was sublime’ – Evening Echo ‘O’Sullivan’s performance tells a story with every note’ – Goldenplec


Original Photo: George Carter

Fishamble: THE new play company presents the HUMOURS OF BANDON SATURDAY 24 February | 8pm €16/14

Written and performed by Margaret McAuliffe, directed by Stefanie Preissner. Exploring the trials and triumphs of competitive Irish Dancing, The Humours of Bandon is a coming of age story for anyone who had a childhood passion that threatened to overwhelm their life. Developed as part of Show in a Bag an artist development initiative of Dublin Fringe Festival, Fishamble:The New Play Company and Irish Theatre Institute to resource theatre makers and actors. ***** ‘terrific… sharp, charming and hilarious’ – The Irish Times

Call Me By Your Name

(Cert: 15a)

MONDAY 26 February | 8pm €8/6.50 | Duration: 132mins | Language: English, Italian, French, German It’s 1983, and 17-year-old Elio (Timothée Chalamet) is living in picturesque northern Italy with his family. It’s a carefree life of great food, classical music and casual summer romances. Everything changes with the arrival of Oliver (Armie Hammer), a summer intern for Elio’s father. The handsome American strikes up an immediate bond with Elio, and the pair soon find themselves growing closer and closer together. Based on the novel by André Aciman, Call Me By Your Name is destined to be ranked among the great modern screen romances. (English Subtitles)


Exhibition on Screen CÉZANNE PORTRAITS OF A LIFE (Cert: club) FRIDAY 2 March | 8pm €8.50/7 | Duration: 85mins | Language: English

One can’t appreciate 20th century art without understanding the significance and genius of Paul Cézanne. Featuring interviews with curators and experts from the National Portrait Gallery London, MoMA New York, National Gallery of Art Washington, and Musée d’Orsay Paris, and correspondence from the artist himself, the film takes audiences beyond the exhibition to the places Cézanne lived and worked and sheds light on an artist who is perhaps the least known of all the impressionists – until now.

Happy End

(CERT: 15A)

MONDAY 5 March | 8pm €8/6.50 | Duration: 107mins | Language: French, English (English Subtitles) Anne has taken over the family construction business as her aging father Georges struggles with dementia.The extended family, including Anne’s alcoholic son, her doctor brother and his troubled teenage daughter, come and go to their Calais home.The latest from two-time Palme d’Or winner Michael Haneke is a dark satire on a dysfunctional family and a hypocritical bourgeois society. ***** “The Austrian director returns to many of his classic themes in a stark, unforgiving and gripping satire on bourgeois Europeans and the people who serve them.” – The Guardian, Cannes Film Festival 2017. Our First Monday’s short film Stuck Home Syndrome will be 34 screened prior to the film.

Bagatelle - 40th Anniversary Tour SATURDAY 3 March | 8pm €29/27

They’ve inspired U2 and shared the stage with Bob Marley. After humble beginnings in a small bar in Bray, veteran Irish rockers Bagatelle are preparing to celebrate 40 years on the road. Over the years, the band has had various changes of members, but currently it has four main performers – Ken Doyle, Liam Reilly, Seanie Devitt and Kurt Schefter. The group is dominated by the superb piano playing and songwriting ability of front man Reilly, who penned many of their top selling singles Summer In Dublin, Second Violin, Leeson Street Lady and the multi-platinum Streets of New York, plus many, many more. Come and see what has kept Bagatelle at the fore front of the Irish music industry for the last 40 years. Ken Doyle remembers John Woods, the chairman of Polygram Records, saying to him “there was four lovely young lads came in to my office from Dublin and they said to me if you give us a chance, we could be as big as Bagatelle”. That was U2,” laughs Ken.


Coláiste Chraobh Abhann High School Musical

WEDNESDAY 7 − FRIDAY 9 March | 8pm €15

Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez are two totally different teenagers who meet at a party while singing karaoke on New Year’s Eve. One week later Troy goes back to his high school, East High, in New Mexico to find that Gabriella is a new student there. They quickly become close friends and accidentally audition for the school musical. After getting a callback, drama queen Sharpay Evans and her sidekick brother Ryan are furious. Then Chad, Troy’s best friend and and Taylor, Gabriella’s new friend, must find out a way to make Gabriella hate Troy.


(Cert: TBC)

MONDAY 12 March | 8pm €8/6.50 | Duration: 127mins | Language: Russian (English Subtitles) The latest from Andrey Zvyagintsev (Leviathan) profiles a family torn apart by a vicious divorce, in which the parents are more interested in starting their lives over with new partners than tending to their 12-year-old son. Among the snowy high-rises of modern Moscow lives stocky salesman Boris and Zhenya, a youthful salon owner. Having migrated to shiny new partners, the couple’s relationship is coming to a bitter end and the fate of their 12-yearold son Alyosha is the last thing on their minds. When Alyosha goes missing without a trace, his parents can barely grieve in unison. Winner of the Jury Prize, Cannes Film Festival 2017.


ladies in the blues SATURDAY 10 March | 8pm €20/18

The Girls are back in Town! After sell-out shows at the Cork Jazz Festival and standing ovations across the country, Ladies in the Blues comes back to the Garden Country where their journey started, taking you on a women’s journey through the blues. From the gospel roots of the 1920s to vaudville, jazz and rock, immerse yourself in songs by those great women of the blues Big Mama Thornton, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, Janis Joplin, Bessie Smith and many more. Music journalist, Dermot Hayes described its premiere as “a spectacular, opening night stage production, featuring four female singers and a cracking band of blues’ sidemen performing songs written and recorded by women in the history of the blues.” Audiences continue to be wowed by Ladies in the Blues: “Saw these fab women at the Cork Jazz Fest and they are incredible!!” “Best concert I was ever at, don’t miss this group, their voices are sublime, personalities are wonderful & their moves are awesome. Can’t wait to hear them again in Glor.” “Blew the roof off Siamsa powerful vocals authentic rhythm & blues!”


BIFE DRAMA: Attempts On Her Life TUESDAY 13 & Wednesday 14 March | 7.30pm €12/8

Bray Institute of Education Drama students present Attempts On Her Life By Martin Crimp. Attempts On Her Life journeys through seventeen distinct but interconnected scenarios, as a group of unnamed characters try to piece together the identity of the mysterious Anne. She’s a terrorist threat, she’s a mother of three, She’s a cheap cigarette, she is ecstasy… …She drives a tank over neonates, while choosing to bank, at competitive rates… …She’s an artificial tan, she’s the fat in the pan, She’s the film in the can, she’s the shit in the fan.

Bife music goes live! THURSDAY 15 March | 8pm €12/8

Bray Institute of Education Music Performance Students Present Bife Music Goes Live!! The new BIFE Diploma in Music Performance is up and running with a lively and talented group of students. Come and support the rising stars of tomorrow as they demonstrate their skills and talents. They are joined by well known teachers from BIFE Music Centre and our clarinet and piano duo whose recording went viral on Facebook recently. All styles of music are represented: from rock to classical; solos and groups. Expect to be entertained and amazed! 38

Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me by Frank McGuinness

FRIDAY 16 & SATURDAY 17 March | 8pm €18/16 Presented by Decadent Theatre Company. “We are in a decidedly perilous position, to put it mildly”’ Adam, an American doctor, Edward, an Irish journalist, and Michael, an English academic, have little to unite them beyond being human in the same small space. Yet somehow, together, they determine to ward off madness and forestall despair. Somewhere lurk their unseen captors yet, in the cell, there are stories of adventure and love, there is song and laughter, and even a surge of writing, cocktail-drinking and movie-making. Inspired by the abduction of Brian Keenan taken hostage in Lebanon in the 1980s, Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me is playwright Frank McGuinness’s hymn to the defiant power of the human spirit and the creative imagination. Frank McGuinness’ Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me is a script that stands the test of time. The themes of the play are terrorism and kidnapping, cultural bias and conflict, and inevitably the death of the innocent. We absorb such events within our daily press and TV headlines but rarely are we asked to consider the psychological toll of those caught in the middle.


The Florida Project

(CERT: 15A)

MONDAY 19 March | 8pm €8/6.50 | Duration: 115mins | Language: English

Six-year-old Moonie lives with her mother Halley in a Florida motel. Along with her friends, Moonie spends the summer exploring the urban wilderness and getting into every sort of mischief. Halley, meanwhile, desperately tries to make ends meet. Kind but stern manager Bobby (Willem Dafoe) tries to keep his patience as rent goes unpaid and the hyperactive kids run wild.The Florida Project is a deeply sympathetic portrait of one small, neglected community. It’s the wildly energetic kids who really allow this remarkable film to soar - few films about childhood have ever felt this authentic.

BIFE DANCE: limitless THURSDAY 22 & FRIDAY 23 March | 8pm €12/8

Bray Institute of Further Education Dance Students present Limitless, a sensational and invigorating performance of dance and movement. This performance will feature diverse classical ballet, explosive jazz, contemporary dance and exciting musical theatre. Well known repertoire and debut performances of original choreography by both students and tutors will also be featured. This is an excellent opportunity to see quality work and the talent of young dancers at BIFE. 40

Aniss Stage Academy Shankill SATURDAY 24 | 6.30pm & SUNDAY 25 March | 4pm €15 Adults | €12 Children

ASA Variety Show 2018 welcomes the cast of tots to teens from ASA Shankill for a fun-filled, dancing, singing and acting extravaganza weekend. Our 5th production from the community of Shankill, we are so excited for you to see the talented cast of the Aniss Stage Academy. Saturday evening show @ 6.30pm and Sunday show @ 4pm. Tickets on sale from Jan 2018.


(CERT: club)

MONDAY 26 March | 8pm €8.50/7 | Duration: 105mins | Language: French (English Subtitles) Florence (Sara Forestier) is a primary school teacher who also happens to live in an apartment in the school building with her young son. One day, she finds herself caring for a troubled pupil named Sacha, and begins trying to track down his absent parents. However, Florence’s own life begins to fall apart as she struggles with a frustrated son and an increasingly stressful job. Primaire is a love letter to teachers everywhere. Director / co-writer Hélène Angel expertly captures Florence’s trials & tribulations both inside and outside of the classroom. 41

Brickflicks - Myths and Legends

MONDAY 26 & TUESDAY 27 March | 10.30am - 1pm OR 2pm - 4.30pm €35 | €30 Second Child in Family | 2 Day Workshop | Strictly 8 -12 years Come along and learn how to make an awesome set, write a great short story, fine tune your animation skills and then film the results. Bring along your favourite mini figure and they can be one of the stars.The morning workshop is designed for those new to stop motion or those looking to refresh their skills.The afternoon workshop is suitable for young animators who are already making stop motion films and want to take their skills to the next level. All equipment and materials are supplied but remember to please bring along your own favourite mini figure. Your booking covers two sessions - the morning or the afternoon on both days.

Féile Londubh Programme Launch TUESDAY 27 March | 5.30pm - 7pm Free

Join us to celebrate the arts in Wicklow at the launch of the 2018 Féile Londubh programme. With refreshments, music, poetry and a surprise guest or two, be in with an opportunity to win a festival pass for this year’s music and literature festival. Participation in the arts and the development of creative, educational and community links are at the heart of Féile Londubh, which will take place 12th-15th April in Ashford, with a wide range of events for children and adults. 42

The Curse of the Button Accordion THURSDAY 29 March | 8pm €16/14 | Friends Selected Show

Comedian Sharon Mannion pens a hilarious show based on her worries, fears and adventures growing up in a Roscommon village. Will she live up to the expectations of her ex-showband star father and her Midwest FM radio-loving mother? On receiving a shiny button accordion, Sharon is thrust into the local limelight. But things soon turn sour, when she starts to wonder if Frank the Accordion might have her cursed. This is a very, very funny, at times laugh out loud, new play.” – Red Curtain Review “Mannion enthralls and engrosses the audience in what is a faultless performance...riotous laughter...” – The Reviews Hub Sharon is an actor, comedian and improvisor from Co. Roscommon. She is best known for her comedy TV work: ‘Bridget and Eamon’ (RTE), ‘Trojan Donkey’ (Channel 4/RTE), Callans Kicks (RTE), Moone Boy (Sky 1) and Damo & Ivor (RTE). She won Best Stand Up award at the inaugural Fr. Ted Festival and has been a finalist in both the UK & Ireland Funny Women and Bulmers Comedy Festival stand up competitions.


The Princess Bride

(Cert: PG)

SATURDAY 31 March | 7pm €8/6.50 | Duration: 98mins | Language: English

When the beautiful maiden Buttercup (Robin Wright) is told that her true love - farm boy Westley (Cary Elwes) - is dead, she reluctantly agrees to marry the evil Prince Humperdinck (Chris Sarandon). Westley must now undertake an epic adventure filled with fencing, fighting, pirate, giants and monsters to rescue Buttercup! Enchanting, funny and irreverent - 30 years on from its original cinema release and The Princess Bride remains as entertaining as ever and a timeless favourite to be enjoyed by audiences of all ages.

Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool (cert: 15a)

MONDAY 2 | 8pm & TUESDAY 3 April | 2.30pm €8/6.50 | €5 Matinee | Duration: 105mins | Language: English Gloria Grahame appeared in films alongside Hollywood icons like Humphrey Bogart and Kirk Douglas, and won a best supporting actress Oscar for her performance in 1952’s The Bad and the Beautiful.Thirty years later Grahame is treading the boards in a modest theatre production when she collapses in a Lancaster hotel. With her health failing, she reaches out to former lover, Liverpudlian actor Peter Turner, who takes her back to his family home to recuperate. Annette Bening and Jamie Bell star in this adaptation of the memoir by Peter Turner. Our First Monday’s short film A Long Hard Look will be screened prior to the film.

THE CHANGING ROOM Mr. Sands Youth Theatre THURSDAY 5 & FRIDAY 6 April | 8pm €10/5

A new play by the award winning playwright, Chris Bush and Mr. Sands’ entry in the 2018 National Theatre Connections Festival. Set in and around a swimming pool, The Changing Room follows a group of teens full of excitement, impatience, secrets and uncertainty. Are we teenagers? Are we children? What are we? It’s about bodies in flux and perspectives shifting; knowing change is coming but not what that change will look like. A lyrical piece brimming with powerful words, ensemble movement and song!


Two of Ireland’s best ever Rock/Blues musicians are recording and touring Ireland with a 5-piece band in 2018. Don is a prolific singer/ songwriter/musician with two number ones ‘Winner in You’ and ‘Inner City’. Bono described Don as ‘The Best Harmonica Player in the world’. Don starred in ‘In the Name of the Father’. Rob Strong has a sensational voice and once turned down the opportunity to join ‘Deep Purple’, also tours Europe with his son, Andrew Strong, lead singer of ‘The Commitments. 45


(cert: club)

MONDAY 9 April | 8pm €8.50/7 | Duration: 89mins | Language: French (English Subtitles) 50-year-old Aurora is separated, unemployed, facing menopause, and about to become a grandmother. She feels that she is slowly being pushed out of the way, yet she refuses to be relegated to the sidelines. What if now was the time to start over? A chance encounter shows her that a whole new life could begin right now. Full of humour, charm, sensitivity and optimism, Blandine Lenoir’s second feature stars a wonderful Agnès Jaoui in the title role. “…joyous ...” – Film Ireland.

Square One Theatre Group TUESDAY 10 − SATURDAY 14 April | 8pm Details To Be Announced

Square One Theatre Group have been stunning Wicklow audiences with high-quality theatre productions for over 40 years, staging two full productions per year. This spring we will welcome Square One back to Mermaid for what is sure to be another wonderful show. The details of their upcoming 5-night run are soon to be announced, keep an eye on our website and social media for more. See


The Dance Academy The Enchanted Book Tales

SUNDAY 15 & SUNDAY 22 April | 6pm €16/10 | Mount Merrion/Maynooth - Sunday 15 | Edenderry/Bray - Sunday 22 The Dance Academy proudly presents a fun and exciting evenings entertainment of ballet and jazz for all the family. Pupils from Mount Merrion, Maynooth, Edenderry, and Bray from pre school to third level college, will combine for a balletic rendition of a specially created piece The Enchanted Book Tales. A magical storybook comes to life and brings two sisters on a fantastic journey where they meet lots of familiar characters. A great evening not to be missed, suitable for all the family!


(Cert: club)

MONDAY 16 April | 8pm €8.50/7 | Duration: 129mins | Language: Icelandic (English Subtitles) Þor and Kristján experience a dramatic summer in their remote fishing village in Iceland. At home Þor and his mother are mocked by his two sisters, while Kristján’s home is on the verge of falling apart because of his violent father. Fortunately they have each other. Two girls, Beta and Hanna, try to get their attention, but Þor and Kristján are struggling to figure out their feelings for each other, knowing that adult life awaits after the summer. 47

Bray musical society -


WEDNESDAY 18 − SATURDAY 21 April | 8pm €20/18 (Wednesday Only: €15)

Bray Musical Society proudly presents Seussical. A musical perfect for the whole family, Seussical takes us into the world of Dr. Seuss, where we revisit beloved characters including The Cat in the Hat, Horton the Elephant, Gertrude McFuzz, Lazy Mayzie, and JoJo. Charming Seussical teaches us the power of being unique, and the importance of fighting for your beliefs.

a fantastic woman

(Cert: tbc)

MONDAY 23 April | 8pm €8/6.50 | Duration: 104mins | Language: Spanish (English Subtitles) Marina is beautiful, vibrant and in love. So when her older lover Orlando dies suddenly, she is left in a state of shock. Still raw with grief Marina finds that, as a transgender woman, she is suspected of foul play by his family. Sebastián Lelio follows his hit Gloria with this moving drama about a woman struggling with societal prejudice. ***** ”It may be a timely film, but it is its timelessness, as well as its depths of compassion, that qualify it as a great one.” – The Guardian


BIFE Annual Celebration of Musical Talent TUESDAY 24 April | 8pm €12/8

Come and hear some of the wonderful talent we have in Bray. As well as the winners of BIFE College of Music scholarships, cups and trophies, we also have groups to entertain you, such as guitar ensemble, string quartet and junior choir. If you are lucky you might even hear the tutors playing! Formerly known as Bray Music Centre, the College of Music has been providing quality music education to the Bray area for over 30 years and offers classes for individuals, groups, children and adults in classical, popular and jazz styles.

National Poetry Day

THURSDAY 26 April | 7pm − Starts 7.30pm €8 Celebrate National Poetry Day in salon-style with a reading by poet Nell Regan followed by an open mike. The event will take place in a relaxed atmosphere in the Mermaid café over refreshments. Nell was a 2016 Patrick and Katherine Kavanagh Fellow and poems in her latest collection One Still Thing draw on the local area. Places for the open mike are allocated on a first come basis so turn up at 7pm to sign up.


pan pan theatre presents The Importance of Nothing

FRIDAY 27 & SATURDAY 28 April | 8pm €16/14 | Friends Selected Show A comedy about a drama therapy class in an imaginary prison. Picture an imaginary prison where the drama therapy is twenty four hours a day. Drama therapist, Lady Lancing and her husband Omar have dedicated their lives to conducting anti-homophobic workshops utilizing the life and works of Oscar Wilde. The prisoner’s patience and imaginations are teased to refashion or to completely overhaul Wilde’s material and the threads that are interwoven through his works and the social conventions of the past century. “Pain unlike pleasure wears no mask” – Oscar Wilde “Adding Wilde to the list of canonical authors that Pan Pan have absorbed and radically repurposed, director Gavin Quinn and the ensemble employ a rigorous and wide-ranging understanding of their subject in order to fracture him in so many disarming ways.” – The Irish Times “There are several brilliant sequences. Mark O’Halloran and Andrew Bennett act out the melodramatic climax of A Woman of No Importance in hilarious style. Passages about growing up gay in Ennis and Limerick, and poetry readings on a bus to Bundoran, are very funny. All the performances are top-notch.” – The Irish Independent


International Dance Day FRIDAY 27 & SUNDAY 29 April Free

In celebration of International Dance Day, Mermaid Arts Centre annually collaborates with established artists and professional students to claim co-ownership of public space for the arts. This year we are also hosting ‘Baby Bop’ followed by a kids disco party. 27 April: Public Dance Demonstration (Free) 29 April: - Baby Play Group (Free) - Kids Disco Party (€2 – includes glow wrist band)

In Between

(Cert: club)

MONDAY 30 April | 8pm €8.50/7 | Duration: 103mins | Language: Hebrew, Arabic (English Subtitles) Layla, Salma, and Nour – three Palestinian women with Israeli citizenship - share an apartment in the vibrant center of Tel Aviv. Despite being “independent”, each of them struggles with the restrictions imposed on their lives by a blinkered society. Maysaloun Hamoud’s remarkable feature debut, explores the challenges facing young Arab-Israeli women who must negotiate being “in between” cultures and traditions. **** “A brave film befitting its brave depiction of women.” – The Irish Times 51

MERMAID friends Jean Gibson Cllr&Mrs George & Joan Jones Ian Scott Carolyn MacDonnell Peggy Masterson Patricia O’Beirne Beatrice Lasserre Philip & Noella O’Reilly Martin & Patricia Davidson Derek Pullen John McCormick Yvonne & Jim Kidd Mary Doyle Pat Ralph Bernie Chambers Jean & Ian MacGreevy Marie Ryan CMIT (Sean & Sinead O’Connor) Helen McAllister Finola Murphy Kathleen Connolly Margaret Jameson Sally & Sean Clifford Alan & Marie Downes Annick Smith Brendan & Jane Newsome Cynthia & Patrick Moran Jane Kierans Sean Leahy John Kelly Daphne Millar Nanette O’Connell Don Bagley Rick Caldicott Joan Davis Deirdre MacDonnell John McCormick Anne & Syl Holland Patricia Cronnelly Tanya Kiang 52

BECOME A MERMAID friend Mermaid Friends are people who support the centre and help us to create opportunities for artists. As a registered charity, each contribution to Mermaid makes a big difference, no matter how big or small. Mermaid Friend Level 1: €60 Mermaid Friend Level 2: €120 Mermaid Friend Level 3: €350 Mermaid Friend Level 4: €1000 Benefits include complimentary tickets to friends selected shows each season and 10% off in Betelnut Café at Mermaid. This season our friends selected shows are; - We Don’t Know What’s Buried Here (pg 31) - My Funny Valentine (pg 32) - The Curse of the Button Accordion (pg 43) - The Importance of Nothing (pg 50) -

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Mermaid Arts Centre January to April 2018 Season brochure