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Raleigh, North Carolina

lieve … I Believe ...

make you laugh—and make you teachers who make you think–and make you learning by doing—even if I get my hands dirty in th

world out there. And I’m ready to take my place in it

that a good life starts here

...that a good life starts here. At Meredith... ...that I don’t know everything. Yet...

make you laugh–and make you teachers who make you think–and make you learning by doing—even if I get my hands dirty in t

d I’m ready to take my place in it


that I’m r


nd make you learning by doing—even if I get my hands dirty in the process...that the best colleges are good communities...there’s a that I’m ready to try something new

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College is an exceptional time in your life—one like no other. It’s your chance to explore. To study something new—or to dive into a subject you’ve always wanted to learn more about. College is your next step toward creating the life you want.

I Believe.. …that a good life starts here. At Meredith.

. things you need to know learning. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 67 12 majors. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 14 succeeding. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 18 living. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 24 exploring. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 31 applying. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 31 financial assistance. . . . . . . . . . . 31 32 visiting. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32


I Believe... …that sometimes the best

answer is a good question—and I’ve got a lot of good questions.

If I had to describe Meredith to a friend, I would say it is ‘Education for the 21st Century.’ Even though Meredith is rooted in tradition, it holds onto its history while preparing women for the real world. It has all the resources, tools and knowledge necessary for any woman to succeed—but you have to work hard to reap the benefits.”

—Mary Hemphill, ’05


Women at Meredith are encouraged to find our own voice and to use it. We are given many opportunities, but ultimately, how useful such opportunities are depends on us. We are challenged to reach outside of ourselves and our comfort zones with every opportunity that comes our way.”

—Sarah Beth Phelps, ’11

I Believe... …that the best

education lasts a lifetime.


Other than Cornhuskin’ and late night Cookout® runs, my most memorable experience at Meredith is probably hanging out in the residence halls freshman year. I met all of my best friends on the hall that I lived on…my freshman hall provided such an initial closeknit group of friends as a support system.”

—Emily Pappas, ’12

I Believe... …in friends who make you laugh— and make you think.


I Believe... …that the best

colleges are good communities.

My favorite thing about Raleigh is the fact that it is a ‘college town.’ There is always something to do, somewhere to eat, someone to make friends with. There are a variety of restaurants. There are concerts, athletic events, and other things going on in the city.”

—Christina Cole, ’13


learning Our programs of study are hands-on, in the classroom and the community. The result: a focused education deepened by real-world experience that makes you stand out with employers and graduate schools.



learning at Meredith

Taking the freshmen honors courses allowed me to meet students who shared my interests and enthusiasm for learning. It really makes a difference to spend time with people who are serious about their academics and enjoy their classes.”

—Calley Jones, ’10

Learn by doing. Study with committed, experienced faculty. This is how we help you grow. FACULTY & Mentors Meredith professors are leaders in their fields and exceptional teachers—our students know them as friends, as advisors, as mentors. According to a recent study, while 81% of women’s college alumnae were able to recall a mentor, 45% of the women who attended coeducational public universities could not name even one mentor from their college days.

UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH Students work with professors who share their academic interests, developing valuable research and communication skills. Student research is honored during the annual Celebrating Student Achievement event—and students go on to present their research at regional and national conferences.

INTERNSHIPS Meredith’s location near Research Triangle Park and downtown Raleigh is ideal for students who want to put their learning to work at internships or co-ops. Students find placements in every field—recent internships include the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Credit Suisse and Quintiles.


of Meredith students participate in undergraduate research with a faculty member (the national average is 21%)

HONORS PROGRAM An enhanced set of courses, activities and opportunities for outstanding students. Offerings include specialized coursework and advising; directed research projects, including a senior thesis; and weekend trips exploring social and historical issues.

90% of students rated their entire educational experience as good or excellent


undergraduate research projects in every field of study were conducted last year


Student/faculty ratio 8

I have room to explore

I had heard stories from previous students about how the professors really strive to get to know their students, and while here I have found that to be true. My faculty advisor has helped me narrow down my career interests and introduced the idea of a career in research, which is what I am leaning toward now. Since working on my research project I have grown to enjoy animal research and I have gotten practice with specific parasitological techniques. Research looks great on my resume and the experience will definitely help when I start applying for internships.”

Janice Trotter, ’13,

Biology major

Find out more about what it’s like to learn at Meredith at


Meredith has the only CIDA-accredited interior design program in the Triangle area.

2 Meredith is one of two women’s colleges in the world whose School of Business is AACSB accredited.


Average class size

Recent Internships • N.C. House of Representatives, Raleigh • Dr. Phil, Los Angeles, Calif. • Museum of the Albemarle, Elizabeth City, N.C.

81% of students participate in internships, service-learning or another kind of learning through experience

• Interact of Wake County, Raleigh • Autism Society of North Carolina, Raleigh • BBC, United Kingdom • SAS Institute, RTP • Late Night with Conan O’Brien, NBC-TV, New York City • NASA, Kennedy Space Center, Fla. • Michael Kors, New York City • Elie Saab, Paris, France • Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, D.C. • Walt Disney World, Orlando, Fla.


study abroad We embrace other cultures. We encourage world travel. This is how we get you there. FLEXIBLE Just as our students aren’t identical, neither are their academic needs. Our well-traveled staff researches programs to help students advance their academic goals through study abroad, internships and volunteer opportunities. And Meredith-funded scholarships can be used toward a variety of study abroad programs.

GROW Students learn about the history, culture, language and people of the country; gain skills that help them compete in a global economy; and develop confidence. They learn practical skills like how to read a map and navigate transportation systems. And, of course, students earn academic credit while studying abroad.

PROGRAMS Study abroad for a summer, a semester or even a year. A new permanent Meredith palazzo in Sansepolcro, Italy, makes it even easier to study abroad.

I think globally I was impressed to learn how many students study abroad and how affordable it really is at Meredith. The study abroad office helped me plan to be away from campus for a semester and still graduate on time. The Sansepolcro program was amazing. I loved living in the small town and getting to be part of the community there. I learned so much from my classes and my experience in another culture.”

KENYA Meredith has numerous connections to Kenya. Students have also recently studied in Morocco, Botswana and South Africa.

Meredith Hyatt, ’13,

Chemistry major

Find out more about what it’s like to learn at Meredith at


Recent Study Abroad Locations


Argentina Australia Botswana Cambodia China Costa Rica Cyprus Czech Republic Egypt

France Germany

After spending time abroad


I had a better sense of how

Hong Kong

I interact with the world.


It has completely changed


how I approach everything. Study abroad ends when you graduate, but if you develop a sense of yourself as a global citizen it never ends. It changes the way you live.”

—Kellie Deaton, ’10

Ireland Italy Japan Mexico Morocco South Africa Spain Switzerland Turkey United Kingdom


IRELAND Faculty-led programs allow us to enrich

JAPAN Meredith works with educational

the student experience based on faculty expertise.

institutions that operate programs around the

Recent trips to Ireland have focused on Irish art and

world to places including Japan, Australia,

history, and outdoor leadership and adventure.

Greece and the Dominican Republic.

of Meredith students study abroad. In the last five years, our students have studied abroad in 42 different countries.


All majors and concentrations can be completed in four years.

32 majors

academic programs Majors and Concentrations Accounting Art Education Biology Business Administration Chemistry* Child Development Communication Interpersonal Communication Mass Communication Computer Science Criminology Dance Studies Economics English Environmental Sustainability Exercise and Sports Science Health and Physical Education Health and Wellness Family and Consumer Sciences Fashion Merchandising and Design Merchandising Design Foods and Nutrition Graphic Design History Interior Design International Studies Mathematics* Music Music Education Political Science Law and Justice Psychology Religious and Ethical Studies

Social Work Sociology Spanish Studio Art Theatre


Mathematics and Computer Applications Medieval and Renaissance Studies Music Photography Political Science Professional Writing and


Presentation Media

Art History


Arts Management

Public History



Business Administration

Social Work

Chemical Physics




Child Development



Studio Art

Crime and Justice Studies



Web Development

Economics Environmental Sustainability

Teacher Licensure Programs

Ethics and the Public Interest

Birth-Kindergarten (B-K)

Exercise and Sports Science

Elementary Education (K-6)

Family and Consumer Sciences

Middle Grades (6-9)

Fashion Design

Communication Skills

Fashion Merchandising




Foods and Nutrition

Social Studies


Secondary Grades (9-12)


Comprehensive Science

Human Resource Management


Interior Design


International Business

Social Studies

International Studies

Special Subject Areas (K-12)

Italian Studies

Art Education




English as a Second Language


* Also Available: Engineering Dual Degree program with NC State University (5 years)


Health and Physical Education Music Education Spanish Theatre Workforce Development Teaching Family and Consumer Sciences (7-12)

Professional Preparation Dentistry Law Medicine Nursing Optometry Pharmacy Physical Therapy Physician Assistant Veterinary Medicine

Graduate Programs (Coeducational) Master of Arts in Teaching Master of Business Administration Master of Education Master of Science in Nutrition

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Programs (Coeducational) Didactic Program in Dietetics Dietetic Internship Foundations in Business Paralegal Pre-Health

I was interested in studying medicine, but I live for music. Other schools I applied to wanted me to focus on either music or biology. Meredith encouraged me to do both.”

—Jill Palchinsky, ’09

Find out more about academic programs at Meredith at


succeeding Our alumnae enjoy productive careers, attend graduate school, and serve as leaders in their communities. But don’t take our word for it: 98% of our alumnae say they’d recommend Meredith to others—and have.



success after Meredith Relevant internships. Focused career planning. This is how we prepare you to succeed. ACADEMIC & CAREER PLANNING Counseling, resources and programs are designed to help students find meaningful work. Students are encouraged to take a comprehensive approach to their careers. Recent workshops include: image building, business dinner etiquette and GRE study sessions. And alumnae are able to use the career planning services after graduation.

SCHOLARSHIP AND WORK Our location offers many opportunities for research, internships and career development. We’re only 5 minutes from North Carolina State University, and 30 minutes from Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill. We’re 10 minutes from the State Capitol, the State Legislative Building and the State Archives. And we’re minutes away from Research Triangle Park (RTP).

SUCCESS AFTER GRADUATION A recent survey found that 82% of graduates seeking full-time jobs were employed one year after graduation. Meredith graduates work in every field and in a variety of organizations: Bank of America, BB&T, Cisco Systems, Credit Suisse, Duke University Health System, RedHat, SAS Institute, Texas Instruments and North Carolina public schools.

GRADUATE SCHOOL Some students take advantage of Meredith’s master’s programs in education, business and nutrition. Others use our pre-professional programs as a first step toward professional study and practice. Recent Meredith graduates have pursued graduate study at UNC-Chapel Hill, University of Virginia, Yale, Carnegie Mellon and Duke.

Through the business school, I was able to establish a network of professionals who served as incredible mentors for me. I was encouraged to attend networking events and become a leader of student organizations. The resources that you can leverage at Meredith are invaluable—the size of our college makes a huge difference.”

—Kristen Scott, ’05 16

I have confidence

I took advantage of Academic & Career Planning as a Meredith student and as an alumna. My graduate work is in a highly technical field, and I collaborate with statisticians, mathematicians and analysts. Many numerically-inclined people struggle in terms of communication, and the liberal arts education I got at Meredith helps me distinguish myself from my peers. I can do the analysis, but also write and edit a report, and give a presentation with confidence.”

Meghan Kent, ’10, Master of Science in Analytics, NCSU, and Analytic Engineer, SAS Institute, Inc.

Find out more about how Meredith prepares you to thrive at


#3 Raleigh was named the 3rd Best Place for Business and Careers by in 2010. Forbes also named Raleigh the #1 Most Wired City in America.

of seniors have discussed career plans with a faculty member or advisor


Jobs posted on Career Center’s career management system


living Student life at Meredith is shaped by more than 2,100 students from 35 states and 45 countries. With a strong athletics program, active arts scene, a lively campus and a host of traditions, there’s something for everyone.



getting involved

Join a club—or start one. Volunteer. Run for office. This is how to get involved.

TRADITIONS Meredith traditions promote class unity and school pride. Class spirit is expressed through friendly competitions like Crook Hunt and Cornhuskin’ and through traditions such as the Oddballs and Bathtub Ring.

LEADERSHIP AND VOLUNTEERING An essential part of the Meredith experience. Students engage in a variety of leadership development programs, plan events for fun and to help others, and design collaborative, cross-cultural and international service projects.

ATHLETICS Meredith has six NCAA Division III USA South Athletic Conference teams: basketball, crosscountry, soccer, softball, tennis and volleyball.

Clubs and ORGANIZATIONS Meredith’s vibrant Student Government Association is one of the oldest in the Southeast. Other organizations support commuter students, international students and a wide variety of religious traditions. Clubs range from Angels for the Environment to Poetry Vybe. Many allow students to explore career opportunities and develop professional contacts in their field.

SUSTAINABILITY Meredith is committed to thinking green. Sustainable projects include a student reuse store designed and run by students; waste and energy audits; and courses with sustainability content, as well as an environmental sustainability major/minor.

ARTS AND CULTURAL EVENTS Students participate in theatre and dance performance troupes, vocal and instrumental ensembles, including Meredith


Dance Theatre, Meredith Sinfonietta and Stillwater

go to Sizzlin’

Theatre, our professional theatre company-in-residence. And, Raleigh offers outdoor concert venues, music and dance clubs and a lively theatre and gallery scene.

getting involved your first year

September concert with new friends



discuss the

cheer for

summer reading

the Avenging

program book

Angels at a soccer match


I make connections

I am involved with the Honors Program, Meredith Fashion Association and Meredith Hues—I also have been a part of Cornhuskin’ and Stunt. I enjoy the Hues Program the most. We connect with ethnically-diverse students interested in Meredith, both in the United States as well as the rest of the world. I enjoy being a part of an organization that showcases a diverse perspective of Meredith that may not always be apparent. Being involved on campus has definitely helped me grow as an individual. Working with others, collaborating and

reaching goals, whether it be for Cornhuskin’ or Scholarship Cornhuskin’ and Big Sis/Lil Sis open up so many opportunities to get involved on campus and

Weekend, helps hone skills that cannot always be developed in a classroom. I think campus involvement and extracurricular activities are integral to a holistic education.”

meet new, amazing people that will turn out to be lifelong friends. Both traditions really show that

Bani Taunque, ’13,

Fashion Merchandising major

Meredith College is a great

Find out more about what it’s like to live at

support system and big family.”

Meredith at

—Chloe Williams, ’13


January: sign



jump into your

up to be an RA or

enjoy your first

participate in

first Cornhuskin’

student advisor

spring break


next year




April: celebrate

celebrate the

participate in

your first year at the

end of your first

student elections

Fire and Water dinner

semester in college


campus living

Meredith’s intimate, beautiful campus fosters impromptu social gatherings, with outdoor seating areas in small courtyards,

Make new friends. Walk to class.

charming small gardens, an

Stay up all night studying … or

outdoor volleyball court, fire pit

talking. This is how we live.

and the “Meredith Beach”—a favorite student spot for relaxing in the sun.

RESIDENCE HALLS Meredith has seven residence halls. Most rooms are suite style with two double rooms sharing a bathroom. All are air conditioned and equipped with drink and snack machines and free laundry facilities. To ensure student safety, halls are locked 24 hours a day— students gain access using their campus ID cards. Residence life staff help create a sense of community through guest speakers, social programs and other fun activities.

APARTMENTS Meredith offers apartment-style housing for up to 252 juniors and seniors. Each apartment includes a living/dining area, kitchen, full-size washer and dryer and either two bedrooms/two bathrooms, or four bedrooms/two bathrooms. All bedrooms are designed for single occupancy.

FITTING IN Students are housed by class, which helps them make friends and helps classes form into cohesive communities. First Year Experience introduces students to Meredith with a summer reading program, an orientation, academic and social support, and the Fire and Water Dinner at the end of the year.


STAYING WELL Campus physician, physician assistant and nurse are on staff at Carroll Health Center to treat minor ailments and to coordinate care in times of medical emergency. The Counseling Center offers students a safe place to work through individual challenges. An indoor pool and fitness center help students stay in shape—they can also use the Reedy Creek Greenway, a walking and biking trail that connects campus to the neighboring NC Museum of Art, or the track and athletic field.

My favorite spot on campus is definitely the ‘Meredith Beach.’ It’s a great place to hang out with

5 minutes

friends, catch some rays, maybe work on some homework. It’s nice to

time it takes to walk from dorms to class. Also within easy walking distance: student center, library, BeeHive Café and Belk Dining Hall.

get outside with friends and have some fun in your own ‘backyard.’ Off campus, I like Crabtree Valley Mall. There are tons of places to eat and shop. You can go by yourself for retail therapy or with a group of girlfriends to have a nice dinner.”


cost of doing your laundry while living at Meredith (all residence halls offer free laundry facilities)

—Christina Cole, ’13 23

exploring When you’re thinking about where to go to college, you’re also choosing your home for the next four years—so it’s important to find the place that’s right for you. Meredith and Raleigh offer the perfect blend of city living and a classic collegiate setting.




We have the best-looking campus around, with 225 wooded acres enhanced by a tranquil lake, open courtyards and traditional architecture. This is your home away from home.

Meredith’s campus is beautiful year-round, with gorgeous fall color, occasional snow that offers a taste of winter, and abundant flowers in the spring. And with an annual average high of 70 degrees, the Raleigh area buzzes with outdoor activity throughout the year.


I go for walks on the greenway a lot. It’s a really beautiful trail in the spring and fall and I know it’s safe. I love that I can walk just around campus or all the way to the NC Art Museum.”

—Emily Pappas, ’12


We are part of a vibrant

exploring Raleigh

community where diverse people live, work and play. This is your city.

I love how there is so much to do in Raleigh. Plenty of restaurants, nightlife hot spots, parks, shopping, museums, etc. There is never a dull moment!”

—Danielle Stott, ’11

Durham Chapel Hill


about Raleigh


With an energy all its own, Raleigh


blends city life with Carolina charm. A population of more than 400,000 enjoys shopping, arts and culture, and outdoor recreation—all within the city limits.





2 4

Garner 6



Even without a car, it’s easy to get around town using the NC State

Wolfline to NC State’s

Wolfline, Meredith Zipcar and the CAT bus system—and the UPASS

campus, located less

program allows Meredith students to ride the city bus system fare-free.


NC state Take free bus rides on the

than a mile away.


Glenwood South Located just minutes from

Carter Finley Stadium Meredith students have access

Meredith, Glenwood South

to some of the best

has become one of the

college sports action in

most popular nighttime

the country. And with

locations in Raleigh, with

NC State just up the

a wide range of places to

street, Meredith students

eat and relax.

often attend football and basketball games, including pre-game tailgating parties.

Artspace Gallery Raleigh’s active arts scene is supported by the NC Museum of Art, as well


as the new Contemporary

Walnut Creek Amphitheatre

Art Museum in downtown Raleigh. Art lovers enjoy

The Triangle is one of the

monthly gallery openings

hottest locations around

held every first Friday.

for live music—local


venues include Koka Booth Amphitheatre,


Cameron Village Relaxing and having fun with friends is a huge part of college life. Cameron Village offers a diverse collection of boutiques

RBC Center, Raleigh Amphitheater in downtown Raleigh and the Museum Park at NC Museum of Art. Recent artists include:

• Lady GaGa

• John Mayer

• Prince

• Kenny Chesney

• Keith Urban

• Kings of Leon

• Katy Perry

• Black Eyed Peas

and restaurants for all tastes and budgets.


pullen park The city’s extensive parks

across the street

system brings the great

Two favorite student spots right across the street are

you’re looking for a change

the Royal Bean, a cozy coffee shop, and Ben and

of scenery, the beach and

Jerry’s. Other favorites within easy walking distance:

outdoors within reach. If

the mountains are both just a short drive away.

Whole Foods, Quail Ridge Books and Snoopy’s. 29

what’s next The best way to decide if Meredith is right for you is to come for a visit. Spend a night in a residence hall, sit in on a class or two. Sign up for senior visitation day, or make an appointment to talk with a faculty member in your field of interest. We’re here to help.


financial assistance TUITION AND FEES Our undergraduate tuition and fees for 2011-12 are $27,770. Room and board cost $7,950. The most current tuition and fees can be found at admissions/tuition.



complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

FRESHMAN APPLICANTS We expect applicants to have

of attending Meredith. Meredith coordinates $42.5 million in

succeeded in a challenging academic program, including honors,

assistance for more than 2,100 students. Most assistance is

advanced placement or international baccalaureate level work.

awarded in a package combining grants, scholarships, loans

The application can be completed before formal acceptance by Meredith. Students qualify for financial aid based on the difference between their family’s ability to contribute and the cost

and job earnings. Packages are evaluated on an annual basis; We require standardized test scores. In recent years, the middle

they are renewed if students meet academic standards and

50 percent of enrolling students at Meredith have scored

demonstrate the same financial need.

between 970 and 1170 combined on the critical reading and math portions of the SAT and 19 and 24 on the ACT. We also

AID PROGRAMS Financial aid programs are available for

ask for recommendations from a school official and a teacher

students with demonstrated need. Grant programs, which do

who has taught the applicant in an academic subject in 11th or

not need to be repaid, include Federal Pell Grants, Federal

12th grade. Finally, we require an essay of at least 250 words

Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants, Meredith College

on a topic of your choice.

grants and the North Carolina Legislative Tuition Grant that is available to full-time students who are legal residents of the


state. Loans are another essential part of many students’ financial

freshman admission programs: Early Decision and Regular

assistance packages. Currently, the average award of financial

Decision. Early Decision is designed for students who are ready

assistance for entering freshmen is $21,341. Our financial

to commit to Meredith. If accepted, the applicant agrees to

assistance staff is here to help you and your family determine

withdraw applications to other schools and enroll at Meredith.

how best to pay for college.

Regular Decision candidates should apply during fall and early winter of their senior year. Students are notified of their decision

SCHOLARSHIPS AND AWARDS Our scholarships and

within four weeks of receipt of a complete application.

awards recognize outstanding promise and achievement. A few examples: scholarships for students with special talent in music,

HOW TO APPLY Complete instructions are included in our

art and interior design. Presidential Meredith College academic

application for admission booklet. Applicants should return

awards for students with superior academic credentials and

requested materials to the admissions office. Our application

demonstrated leadership ability. And we offer North Carolina

(and supplemental information forms) is also available online. In

Teaching Fellows awards to winners of this prestigious, state-

addition, we accept the Common Application. Go to

wide competition. Some of our scholarships require a special for additional information,

application. For more information, see our workbook titled

including application deadlines.

“The Value of Meredith,” which will be sent to you soon.


visiting We’d love to see you—and we think you’ll love our campus. This is how to take the next step. VISITING Meredith welcomes visitors. The Meredith College Office of Admissions, located in Johnson Hall, is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. During the school year the office is open on selected Saturdays. To arrange campus tours and conferences with admissions staff, contact the Office of Admissions at 1-800-MEREDITH or register online at

Maine VT NH MA

New York


Michigan Pennsylvania MD



West Virginia

North Carolina



South Carolina




Florida Tampa




Raleigh Charlotte



Washington DC




NJ Delaware





New York City




I Bel

…that I’m


ieve... . to try

something new.

You know yourself better than anyone. You also know what you’re looking for in a college. If you feel like Meredith is a good fit for you, we invite you to apply. We look forward to welcoming you to Meredith.

Find out more at

Office of Admissions 3800 Hillsborough Street Raleigh, NC 27607-5298

In 2011, Meredith College was named one of

(919) 760-8581 or 1-800-MEREDITH

the 20 most popular liberal arts colleges in

the country by U.S. News and World Report.

Find us on


Meredith College admits qualified women students without regard to race, creed, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, age or disability. The contents of this publication represent the most current information available at the time of printing. However, information may change following the date this publication was issued, without prior notice. Please visit for the most up-to-date information.

..that I’m ready to try something new... ...there’s a big ...that I don’t know everything. Yet...

that I don’t know everything. friends who m

cess...that leadership can be taught. And I plan to learn it...that the best colleges are good communities

edith... that I’m ready to try something new

in friends who

cess...that leadership can be taught. And I plan to learn it...that the best colleges are good communities...there’s a big world out there. And

...that a good life starts here. At Meredith.

try something new...that I don’t know everything. friends who make you laugh–and make you teachers who make you think–an

ld out there. And I’m ready to take my place in it

Photography by Katie Dow, Kristi Eaves-McLennan, Christopher Ferrer, Lisa Gotwals, Simon Griffiths, Madison Jordan, Gary Knight, Tom Knott, Gary Meyer, Mary Rose, Rachel Souza, Lauren Sumner, Dave Timberlake, Michael Zirkle. Additional photos courtesy of Greater Raleigh Convention and Visitors Bureau. Produced by the Department of Marketing 11-040


Meredith College Viewbook 2011-12  

A guide to the Meredith College experience

Meredith College Viewbook 2011-12  

A guide to the Meredith College experience