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NEWS As with many events in 2020, Move-In for Meredith College took on a different look this year. One major difference was that members of the Class of 2024 moved in over three days, August 11-13, rather than on one day. Still, new students and their families were able to drive into campus through a traditional Meredith balloon arch and were greeted by the Orientation Crew. Enrollment is strong, with approximately 449 new students, including freshmen, transfers, and Wings students, which is up from Fall 2019. This fall, Meredith is offering a mix of face-to-face, online, and hybrid courses. The College invested in technology to help ensure students receive a well-designed, engaging experience regardless of course format. After a spring semester that ended remotely, College leaders were pleased to welcome all students back for a new academic year, no matter which learning format the students chose. See pg. 2 for more on how Meredith prepared for Fall 2020. Watch the Class of 2024 celebrate their acceptance to Meredith.



Preparing for the Unprecedented: How Meredith Adapted for Fall 2020 By Melyssa Allen, with contributions from Cailyn Whitman, ’18, and Gaye Hill


fter a spring semester that had to quickly shift to a remote learning model as the COVID-19 pandemic worsened, Meredith College leaders spent the summer of 2020 preparing for an unprecedented fall semester. The College established community standards and invested in a variety of areas in order to be ready for the new academic year, including campus safety efforts, changes to classrooms and common areas, training and technology to support academics, and more. Meredith also provided approximately $2 million additional dollars in scholarship funding for students since last spring.

Community Standards Meredith’s Incident Response Team (IRT) and many campus partners worked to define community standards that all students, faculty, staff, and visitors are expected to uphold in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19. These standards are posted on the College’s


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Staying Strong website, included in a guide for returning to campus that was released in August, and are part of a pledge that all community members were encouraged to sign. One of the most visible examples of the community standards is the collection of signs that have been created and posted around campus to help everyone navigate the campus while abiding by the College’s Community Standards. These signs include visual reminders of the “Three Ws.” “The ‘Three Ws’, which are to wash hands frequently, wear a face covering, and wait at least six feet apart, are simple actions that every person should take to help stay healthy,” said Health Services Director, Mary Johnson. Johnson and Meredith’s human resources staff were trained in contact tracing, which is the process used to identify anyone who may have come into contact with a COVID19 positive person. A team of public health students were also trained to support

contact tracing efforts, an opportunity for them to learn important skills for their future professions. Contact tracing generally involves interviewing people with COVID-19 to identify everyone they had close contact with during the time they may have been infectious, notifying contacts of their potential exposure, and referring contacts for testing, monitoring contacts for COVID19 symptoms, and connecting contacts with services they might need during the selfquarantine period.

Campus Safety Investments Meredith’s Facilities Services department, which includes housekeeping, maintenance, and grounds, was closely involved in many of the campus safety improvements, with support from other campus departments. Facilities procured plexiglass shields for front-facing offices, reception areas, and in customer service areas. Another priority has been increased cleaning and disinfection

practices to keep all areas of campus, particularly high-traffic areas, clean. Housekeeping coordinated the addition of sanitizing stations in classroom buildings and other spaces to allow for self-service cleaning, and added stations at strategic areas that provide notouch hand sanitizer dispensers. In addition, a subcommittee of the IRT, including housekeeping and facilities representatives, coordinated a system through which employees can request cleaning supplies that can be used to clean offices/ work spaces between the routine cleanings that the housekeeping staff provides. Another subcommittee rearranged classroom spaces and other public areas, including Belk Dining Hall, to help ensure appropriate distancing.

Leveraging Technology to Enhance Hybrid Classes As the new semester approached, faculty and staff worked hard to prepare both online and face-to-face options for learning. Faculty were able to choose the format in which they wanted to teach this fall, and students were able to opt for remote or on-campus coursework. “In circumstances when returning to in-person teaching is not possible, we know there are many ways to achieve the same goals, relying on innovative teaching methods and interactive technology like Zoom boards,” said Sarah Roth, Meredith’s dean of Arts and Humanities. Faculty are using Zoom boards to instruct students virtually and in the classroom at the same time, providing the familiar inclass interactions that are well known at Meredith. And because of their experience last spring, faculty have gained an understanding of how to use technology to connect with students on a personal level, even when they are interacting remotely. “Personal attention and connection are just as important in a virtual environment as they are in an actual physical classroom,” says Roth. “And these goals are just as achievable, thanks to the technology we’ve invested in.” More than 40 classrooms at Meredith are equipped with Zoom boards, which are 55-72" monitors that double as smart boards. Other hybrid learning enhancements include microphones that pick up audio in all parts

of the classroom, as well as video cameras to help with the visual aspect of learning. This technology not only allows remote students to receive real-time instruction, it also allows them to interact and hold discussions with students who are in the classroom physically.

Faculty Show Commitment to Providing Best Experience Possible for Students Professor of Education Julie Schrock believes that learn-from-home students benefit greatly from this well-designed, engaging online instruction. “Many Meredith faculty were already skilled online instructors and thanks to training [last summer], even more are trained now,” Schrock says. “Students definitely benefit from the knowledge and skills that faculty developed through participation in the Professional Development Community (PDC).” The PDC was a skill-share initiative developed collaboratively by Faculty Development and IDAT (Instructional Design and Academic Technology) to improve online learning efforts around campus. Schrock says faculty also overwhelmingly took advantage of the sessions offered by Meredith’s Tech Services team, learning how to use technology such as Zoom and TechSmith Relay (now Knomia) to best meet students’ needs. Provost Matthew Poslusny says the solutions faculty came up with were made possible by everyone having patience, flexibility, and maintaining a positive attitude. No matter what learning format students are using this fall, Meredith College leaders continue making decisions based on the latest guidance and directives from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the State of North Carolina, which requires the entire community to remain flexible. “Our primary focus is always on keeping our students and employees safe,” said President Jo Allen. “I appreciate the patience of our community members as we worked out details related to a fall semester like no other in Meredith’s history.” For the most updated information on Meredith’s COVID-19 prevention efforts, visit meredith.edu/staying-strong. F all 2020 | M E R E D IT H M A G A Z I N E




Psychology Faculty Assess Meredith Students’ Adjustment to COVID-19 By Gaye Hill


ast spring, when COVID-19 emerged as a significant public health threat, Meredith students, faculty, and staff had to abruptly pivot and begin learning, teaching, and working remotely. While focused on ensuring their classes continued uninterrupted, three psychology faculty members saw an additional need that went beyond the very real demands of teaching their students in an entirely new reality. “I’m a psychologist and a scientist. Data is really important. I was worried about our Meredith College students and our community,” said Andrea McPherson, associate professor of psychology. “It was not just an opportunity, but almost a duty.” McPherson collaborated with Professor of Psychology Gwynn Morris and Assistant Professor of Psychology Betty-Shannon Prevatt to develop a study titled “Coping and Mental Health Challenges in College Students during the COVID-19 Pandemic.” They plan to submit their study for publication. They worked with Dianne Raubenheimer and Dilnavaz Sharma from the Office of Research, Planning, and Assessment to develop and deliver the survey, which drew 495 undergraduate and graduate student responses initially, and 191 responses to a follow-up survey sent during the last week of the spring 2020 semester.

Early Findings The aim of the study was to track student adjustment, both from an interpersonal as well as an academic standpoint, in response to COVID-19 during the spring semester. The study considered how the pandemic was affecting students’ lives (media usage, social distancing behavior, stress and loneliness); how it was affecting their mental health (anxiety and depression); how students were responding to the situation (coping and resilience); and how the pandemic was affecting


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students academically (academic self-efficacy, or how students perceive their ability to do academic tasks). Student adjustment measurement included questions related to strategies used to cope with the pandemic, as it is known that one way to prevent poor psychological adjustment from general life stress would be to employ healthy coping mechanisms. The study also assessed student perception regarding the process and changes made to their academic experience in order to inform best practices in an unprecedented situation. While the data is still being analyzed, findings suggest that initially, student anxiety was elevated but then decreased as

“Support is a big deal. If we are seeing their confidence waver, it’s important for faculty and staff to make sure we’re there for them.” — Andrea McPherson

the semester progressed, while there was a slight increase in depression among respondents. Perceptions of academic self-efficacy saw a substantial drop, which was concerning to all of the study’s authors. “Academic self-efficacy is tied to grades. There’s a pretty strong correlation between how students perceive their ability to be successful and how that translates into grades. Having that drop in academic self-efficacy means the stress they were experiencing, the transition to online, all of these factors are playing into a lower sense of self-confidence and their ability to be successful,” said Prevatt. She noted that lower self-efficacy is also tied to enrollment, because students with lower self-efficacy who don’t receive support are less likely to come back to school or experience gaps in their education. “We need to provide support for our stu-

dents to help bolster their self-efficacy so they don’t interpret that lower self-confidence to mean they shouldn’t be in school.” When students were asked what helped them get through the challenging semester, 40% of students indicated personal support was key, from family and friends but also from Meredith professors. “Support is a big deal,” said McPherson. “If we are seeing their confidence waver, it’s important for faculty and staff to make sure we’re there for them.” Students who were most vulnerable to the drop in self-efficacy were those who were experiencing higher levels of depression and those with severe anxiety at the start of the pandemic. Those who spent more time reading disaster-related media were also more vulnerable, specifically reading articles online. Surprisingly, consuming similar content via social media or news on television did not have the same impact. “This is important information for everyone, not just students,” said Prevatt. “We should limit the time we spend reading articles. It’s a delicate balance because this is an ongoing crisis and information is ever-changing; we’re going to have to find a balance between obtaining necessary information and how much time you spend immersed in it.” The study also included a number of open-ended questions. These provided an abundance of qualitative data that, once analyzed, will yield valuable insights about how students are handling this challenging situation. The team shared their findings with their colleagues during faculty/staff planning week. “We need to empower our students and address that confidence in their learning and give them specific strategies to be successful,” said Morris. “This is a way for us to help take care of our students.”

Meredith College Commits to Hard Work Needed to Build an Anti-Racist Community By Melyssa Allen


he summer of 2020 was a flashpoint in many places around the world as the realities of racism could no longer be ignored. In response, Meredith College announced a plan to address the racism that is affecting the BIPOC (Black, indigenous, people of color) members of our community. This effort, in collaboration with Meredith’s Black Student Union, Latinx students, alumnae/i, employees, and many more, is being conducted with transparency to reflect the College’s commitment to strength, integrity, and effecting change through education. President Jo Allen wrote in the announcement that this long term effort is “rooted in cultural humility and intended to be thoughtful, inclusive, thorough, and actionoriented.” The purpose of the anti-racism initiative is “to attack and dismantle racism and its impact at every source in ways that create a more welcoming environment and more progressive future for all at Meredith,” Allen said.

Campus Climate Survey An essential step in this process is the completion of a Campus Climate Survey to better understand the realities and experiences of people of color at Meredith. Current students, employees, and recent graduates all participated in the survey, which was conducted during the month of October in order to allow participation by incoming freshmen and transfer students. “The Campus Climate Survey is designed to elicit the voices of all members of the Meredith College community regarding their experiences with racism,” said Allen. “This point of data collection will help us further refine our inquiry to ensure we are addressing all aspects of racism, not just those that are most obvious or easy to solve. Asking hard questions, after all, is what education requires of us.” The survey, conducted through the Higher

Education Data Sharing (HEDS) Consortium, provides an anonymous platform for feedback and a means for action.

Education and Accountability Other efforts that are underway include workshops for faculty and staff on diversity, equity, and inclusion. The anti-racism initiative guided the focus for many of the sessions held during Faculty/Staff Planning Week. This year, hundreds of faculty and staff participated in a keynote session titled “Cultural Humility: The Ultimate Selfie” presented by Stephanie Helms Pickett, Ed.D., associate vice provost for inclusive excellence and strategic practice at NC State. In addition, six breakout sessions were offered that addressed different aspects of structural racism, white privilege, and racial equity. More than 130 employees participated in the sessions that were facilitated by teams of faculty and staff. As part of the initiative, College policies including those for students and employees will be reviewed. Sustained training and clearer information on accountability will be established. “We will take a magnifying glass to every segment of Meredith College,” said Allen. “This process, including learning hard lessons about how the foundation of higher education was set against people of color, is not easy and it is not fast. We have to make sure we are doing the hard work necessary to determine what is needed to make sure Meredith is welcoming to all.” Meredith also intends to hire a permanent Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) officer to help teach and enhance the principles and practices of anti-racism.

Reviewing History Meredith, like many other institutions throughout the country, is weighing what should be done about individuals who have made positive contributions to their univer-

sity but also may have a history of racism. The Board of Trustees has created a Task Force on Historical Context and Naming at Meredith to recommend a series of principles that will lead the board through these conversations and decisions. The Task Force began its work on August 12. Chair of the Board Carolyn Leith, ’85, and Vice Chair Yvette Brown, ’90, are coordinating this collaborative work with a diverse and inclusive group of trustees, current and former students, and employees.

Stay Informed The College has committed to providing regular email updates to the campus community, including alumnae, as the initiative moves forward. Feedback is welcome to be shared by emailing anti-racismupdates@ meredith.edu. The College-Wide Initiative on AntiRacism includes four overarching actions:

Action 1 We must explore racism at Meredith through the lens of our history and our current students.That feedback will inform the development of an action plan to provide root solutions to the findings.

Action 2 We must review our policies to ensure that our College is not unconsciously contributing to systemic racism. Changes will be made to policies that promote or enhance systemic racism.

Action 3 We must work to understand the realities of our history and any linkage to systemic racism.

Action 4 Drawing on the knowledge and expertise of our diverse community, we must develop a set of principles that will guide the Board’s decisionmaking when it comes to historical contexts and considerations for naming or renaming buildings.

For the most current information on Meredith’s College-Wide Initiative on Racism, visit meredith.edu/anti-racism-initiative. F all 2020 | M E R E D IT H M A G A Z I N E




Student/Faculty Teams Conduct Summer Research Projects By Melyssa Allen


ifteen Meredith College students Resilience Among the Young Adult “Working on a research project with worked with faculty mentors on unChildren of Opioid-Dependent Mothers,” a faculty member over the summer dergraduate research projects this with Professor of Psychology Cynthia allows for one-on-one instruction summer, supported by the Undergraduate Edwards. and mentoring while giving extra Research Program. • Amyia Gorham, ’22, and Hannah Porter, focus to data collection.” The following students were selected to ’22, “Research on Dress Code Policies,” — Jenna Curia, ’22 participate in these undergraduate research with Assistant Professor of Child partnerships: become the norm. We hope to develop a Development Pamela Norcross. detailed resource for teachers and professors • Bailey Birtchet, ’21, “America’s • Jessica Jacks, ’21, “How Did Mainhood alike to use to understand how to better Problem of Authenticity: A Material Contextualize Christianity for the Thai engage their students online with or without Culture Approach to Ethical Design People?,” with Assistant Professor of RTTP games,” Totherow said. and Consumption,” with Professor of History Amy O’Keefe. Summer provides a time for students Religious and Ethical Studies Steven • Inaya Rivera, ’22, “Beverly Perdue to explore research for the first time, and A. Benko. Collection and Exhibit Initiative,” with for others to gain additional experience. • Paola Cira, ’21, and Olivia Slack, ’22, Professor of History Dan Fountain. Monetary stipends for summer research proj“How Do Political Attitudes Vary • Shefali Srivastava, ’21, “Synthesizing ects are funded by the Shepard K. Halsch Between Generations and Between Oxymatrine Derivatives as Potential Endowment for undergraduate research, Genders Within Generations?,” with HIV Protease Inhibitors,” with allowing more students to participate. Associate Professor of Political Science Professor of Chemistry Walda Powell. “While I plan on attending law school, Whitney Ross Manzo and Professor of I have also been interested in doing research,” • Devon Totherow, ’22, and Katherine Political Science David McLennan. said Olivia Slack, ’22. “I’m so thankful Polaski, ’23, “Reacting To The Past • Elena Blackwelder, ’23, “We Don’t Need for the opportunity to work with Dr. Manzo (RTTP) Camp,” with Assistant Professor Know Education: Character Education and Dr. McLennan because they are of History Amy O’Keefe. as Political Education,” with Professor both incredibly knowledgeable about their Summer research projects were conducted of Religious and Ethical Studies Steven field and, as a newcomer to research, their remotely this year. COVID-19 restrictions A. Benko. guidance has been invaluable.” meant that some of the projects had to Jenna Curia, ’22, has been a summer • Safa Ahmed, ’23, “Not Your Typical be adapted. research grant recipient for two years. Neuroatypical Experience: Changing Devin Totherow, ’22, explained how her “I was privileged to be able to expand Portrayals of Neuroatypical Individuals project had to be overhauled in order to adapt my knowledge of qualitative and quantiin Popular Media,” with Professor of to remote learning. tative methodology, continue to explore Religious and Ethical Studies Steven “Our original plan was to conduct a one- my research interests, and work with A. Benko. week history summer camp on Meredith’s Dr. Edwards and the MEALS Psychology • Scout Burch, ’23, “She Blinded Me campus for high school students and see Lab,” said Curia. “Working on a research with Science: Making Sense of the for ourselves in-person how the classroom project with a faculty member over the Biological, Cultural, and Ethical community was formed in an RTTP game,” summer allows for one-on-one instruction Elements of Romantic Love,” with Totherow said. and mentoring while giving extra focus to Professor of Religious and Ethical Instead, the team worked with an online data collection, analyses, and preparations for Studies Steven A. Benko. RTTP class to see the development of the presentations and publications throughout • Raynor Dail, ’22, “Who Do You Love?: classroom community. the academic year.” “Love” and Other Terms in Abortion “At first, I was a bit disappointed that we Undergraduate research is an important Rhetoric,” with Professor of Religious weren’t able to hold our summer camp, but part of the academic experience at Meredith and Ethical Studies Steven A. Benko. College. Fifty-one percent of students particiwe all feel that our research will be more • Jenna Curia, ’22, “Attachment and pate in undergraduate research. relevant now since remote learning has


m ere d i th.e d u



The Power to Change


ll of us are stunned by the changes the pandemic has brought to higher education and throughout our society. Some of us are grieving our losses of friends and family; others are grieving the losses of good company, a friendly hug, and our freedoms such as traveling, shopping, or dining at our favorite restaurants. In charting the pandemic’s effects, we also mourn the loss of jobs, our economic uncertainty, and pronounced racial inequality. On Meredith’s campus, we feel the diminished energy of residential students’ comings and goings, in-person classes, clubs and organizational activities, athletics, and more. As serious as these times and their effects are, I am also reminded that higher education has always been about change. We believe in the power to change our understanding of the world and students’ lives, else we have no reason to exist. Many have said higher education needs to change and that the pandemic may well be the sledgehammer to get that change rolling. I respectfully disagree. Oh, we will certainly change, but we have always been changing.

The history of higher education shows early students were from families of wealthy patrons; today’s students are funded by scholarships and legislative/federal grants and loans. (At Meredith 30% of our students are Pell eligible, with the grant’s maximum contribution of $6,195). Early students were overwhelmingly if not exclusively white; in 2016, the last year for which data exist, over 45% of college students were people of color. Colleges were founded for men; today, over 50% of college students are female. Beyond demographics, our attention has turned from offering liberal arts versus vocational education to a mix of theory and application, from in-person only to online and hybrid instruction, from lecture formats to flipped classrooms and participatory learning, from pen and paper to technology-supported education. Partnerships throughout higher education include consortia, such as the Cooperating Raleigh Colleges, dual degree enrollments such as Meredith and NC State’s partnership for engineering or Elon and Campbell’s law school partnerships with Meredith, and internships that pair students and organizations for applied learning.

Our students are traditional age, older, earning first or second degrees, or graduate degrees and post-baccalaureate certificates. They are interested in studying abroad at unusually high rates, with 30-40% of Meredith students opting for this extraordinary experience, and pursuing undergraduate research opportunities at even higher rates. As for the business model of higher education, our students are saving for college, earning scholarships, accepting Perkins and Pell supplements, and enrolling in 529 and other tax structures. Our institutions are participating in cost- and employeesharing. We hold the line on tuition increases, even as our expenses continue to rise. While change in higher education is part of our culture, we work equally hard to ensure that quality and reputational excellence continue to define us. Thank you for your support to ensure that commitment survives through the pandemic and into our brighter future.

President Jo Allen, ’80 F all 2020 | M E R E D IT H M A G A Z I N E




History Students Explore the Role of Women’s Colleges in the Suffrage Movement By Melyssa Allen


s the United States commemorated the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment in 2020, a pair of Meredith College student researchers created a podcast on the topic. Morgan Johnson, ’20, and Marissa Fowler, ’20, used the podcast format to recount the history of women’s suffrage in North Carolina with a focus on college women and Meredith College. Their podcast includes their own research, an interview with Raelana Poteat, the curator of political and social history at the N.C. Museum of History, and dramatic readings by current Meredith College theatre students of pieces written for yearbooks in 1915-20. The project was supervised by Associate Professor of History Angela Robbins, who published an essay on women on the home front in the book North Carolina’s Experience during the First World War in 2018. Her research for that book chapter includes some history of suffrage on women’s college campuses. Johnson and Fowler’s research is built upon that preliminary work on the topic. Their project is an important scholarly contribution to Meredith’s Snapshot 20/20 symposium on women’s suffrage, which was postponed from its originally scheduled dates in April. (New dates will be announced when available.) Johnson and Fowler had to rely mainly


m ere d i th.e d u

on primary sources, such as yearbooks and magazines from the women’s colleges in the state. Most of these documents have been made available online. College Archives staff members Carrie Nichols and Janice Snitker also helped them locate non-digitized Meredith materials. “Morgan and Marissa’s podcast recounts the history of suffrage activism at Meredith College,” Robbins said. “While many at Meredith are now very familiar with the photo (shown above) of student members of Meredith’s Equal Suffrage League from the Oak Leaves in 1918, there was a lot we didn’t know about this history.” North Carolina did not ratify the 19th Amendment, and research by previous Meredith students showed that there was negligible support for the more militant National Woman’s Party in the state at that time. “But we had this photo of a large number of Meredith students who formed the Equal Suffrage League on campus,” Robbins said. “This raised questions about the extent to which our conclusions about suffrage activism in North Carolina generally held true for college women.” Both students said they found some surprises in their research, including what suffrage activism looked like at women’s colleges.

“I was expecting to find more examples of groups like Meredith’s Equal Suffrage League, and I thought these types of clubs would be the main extent of suffrage activism at these schools,” said Johnson. “However, Meredith was the only women’s college we looked at that had a suffrage organization. A lot of suffrage activism actually took shape in the form of short stories or essays in campus publications.” Fowler was surprised to find Meredith was called “a hotbed of suffrage” in an issue of The Acorn, as the College’s literary magazine was known at the time. “Because we were only using primary sources created by these women’s colleges, we didn’t know if the amount of suffrage activity at Meredith was unusual,” Fowler said. “We were hoping to find many examples of overt suffragist support, and we were slightly discouraged when we didn’t. The discovery that Meredith had a long-held reputation of being a leader in the suffrage movement was gratifying and encouraged us to keep researching for pro-suffragist behavior at Meredith that supported the claim.” A podcast provided a good outlet for sharing this research with a wider audience. Podcasts present a lot of information in a short amount of time, allowing the listener to learn about many aspects of a specific topic. Podcasts also allow for more freedom to incorporate music, interviews, and excerpts from primary sources. Robbins said the students’ work is important. “Morgan and Marissa join a growing group of scholars who shine a light on lesser known suffrage activists. The history they share also amplifies the voices of the people at the heart of the suffrage movement, enhancing what we know about the activism of young women and college life in the early 20th century,” Robbins said.

Meredith College Assumes Ownership of Campus Store By Gaye Hill


his summer, Meredith College assumed full ownership of the Campus Store, previously operated by indiCo. Store Manager Emily Kelleher, ’17, is excited about bringing the store in house. “For the past couple years the understanding has been yes, an alumna is managing the store, but there was still a divide since it wasn’t being completely operated by the

College,” she said. “Now that we’re being institutionally run, I think it will help bridge any gaps there were in relationships around campus.” Meredith is using Square to power the new website and to support online and in-store sales. “Using Square as our point of sale system, we have a lot more flexibility with how we process transactions,” said Kelleher. “Not only are we able to use the registers to checkout customers, we are also able to use an iPad with a card reader. This will allow us to have pop-ups at different events, as well as another option to checkout customers if both registers are busy.” Kelleher is looking forward to greater collaboration with more groups on campus as a result of the change. As a student, she enjoyed building connections with many different areas on campus. Now, with the

new in-house model, she anticipates being able to continue building on those relationships and creating new ones. “We’re currently working on projects with the Honors Program, College Programs, the Office of Student Leadership and Service, as well as a few others,” said Kelleher. “We’re very open and willing to work with both student and alumnae groups, and would love to support them in any way we can.” New offerings from the store include Meredith-branded face coverings, which became available in mid-August. Kelleher said they have also added baby, toddler, and youth clothes, which have been requested by both alumnae and Meredith College employees. Virtual shoppers can visit the store online anytime at shop-meredith.com. Customers can have items shipped right to their home. There is also a pickup option for customers who choose to shop online and pick up in store.

Meredith Experts in the News Meredith College experts have recently been featured in media outlets including Diverse Issues in Higher Education, The New York Times, and U.S. News & World Report. “The definition will narrow to include only cases considered ‘severe.’ That is a subjective term that will give too much discretion to campus administrators who are often motivated to, first and foremost, protect the reputation of the campus. Overall, the proposed changes are not survivor-friendly.”

“It was good to have a temporary boost to spending by helping workers at first with these enhanced $600 unemployment benefits, but that isn't a feasible long-term

— Assistant Professor of Sociology Kris Macomber, in a Diverse Issues in Higher Education article about changes to Title IX enforcement. The story ran in July 2020.

solution to our economic recovery. Any stimulus package should be designed in such a way as to

“But they want it to look fair, be fair, and nonviolent. Unfortunately, the reality is that safety and protection are not always achieved in nice pretty packages and often there must be a decision made that will serve the many and reinforce their safety while costing the few very heavy prices.” — Bianca Harris, director of Meredith’s graduate program in criminal justice, was quoted in The New York Times in an article discussing what is known as the “fleeing felon rule.” The article ran in July 2020.

keep as many people as possible connected to employment.” — Professor of Economics Anne York, in a U.S. News & World Report article discussing the possibility of a second stimulus package during the COVID-19 pandemic. The story ran in June 2020.

F all 2020 | M E R E D IT H M A G A Z I N E




New Minors Offered in Arts Administration, Data Science, and Creative Writing By Gaye Hill and Cailyn Whitman, ’18


s of the Fall 2020 semester, Meredith has added three new minors in arts administration, data science, and creative writing. The new programs were added to meet students’ academic and professional interests.

Arts Administration The arts administration minor is an interdisciplinary program designed to build leadership, communication, and critical thinking skills in students with a strong interest in the arts. “The arts administration minor is a complementary addition to any arts major, but will also be of particular interest to students majoring in business or communication,” said Alyson ColwellWaber, professor of dance. “Arts administration roles range in function from a focus on financial management, to promotion and marketing, community outreach and education, advocacy and government relations, grant writing and fundraising, audience development, and tour and company management.”

Data Science Data science is being offered through the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. According to Professor of Mathematics and Department Head Cammey Cole Manning, the importance of data science has grown as data has become increasingly integrated into our lives. That integration means students in a variety of disciplines

can benefit from learning how to make data-driven decisions. Further, she noted, data analysis techniques are among the skills looked for by employers. “A number of our alumnae have found meaningful work in this field, and we get many inquiries from current and prospective students about opportunities in data science and analytics,” said Manning. “It is our hope that this minor will lay the foundation for the development of a data science major.”

Creative Writing The creative writing minor is coordinated by the English department. The minor allows students to hone their creative writing skills in a workshop environment. “This program will allow students who have a particular interest in creative writing to continue past our already popular foundational courses in creative writing and give them a chance to experience workshop-focused courses,” said English faculty member Ashley Hogan. Graduates of the program will bring a variety of valuable skills to the workplace. Creative writing skills are highly sought after in jobs that rely on narrative and storytelling, such as marketing, advertising, and entertainment. For a complete list of current majors and minors at Meredith, visit meredith.edu/majors.

Meredith Autism Program Names New Leaders By Melyssa Allen


he Meredith Autism Program (MAP) has named two longtime staff members to new leadership positions. Hilary Wilkinson has been named MAP director and Crystal Lester now serves as associate director. Both Wilkinson and Lester are Meredith College alumnae. Wilkinson graduated from Meredith in 2001 with a B.A. in psychology and speech communications. Lester earned a B.A. in psychology from Meredith in 2003. Wilkinson has worked for MAP since 2003, serving as a team supervisor, consultant, and then associate director before being named to her new position. She attended Radford University


me re d i th.e d u

and graduated with distinction, earning an M.S. in counseling psychology. Wilkinson is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC) in North Carolina and Board Certified Behavior Analyst® (BCBA®). She also serves as adjunct faculty member in Meredith’s Department of Psychology. Lester joined the MAP staff after graduating from Meredith in May 2003. Within a year, she was promoted to team supervisor and then to behavior consultant. She graduated with distinction from Capella University with a Master of Science in psychology with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis. Lester has obtained the

national certification of Board Certified Behavior Analyst® (BCBA®). She is also an adjunct faculty member in Meredith’s Department of Psychology.

About Meredith Autism Program The Meredith Autism Program is an early intervention program serving children who are diagnosed on the autism spectrum. The program provides an intensive behavioral intervention where children with autism can acquire developmentally appropriate skills in the areas of independence and daily living, language and communication, play and social interaction, motor development, and pre-academics. For more information, visit meredith.edu/autism.

In Memoriam: Professor Emerita Jane Gleason By Melyssa Allen


eredith College mourns the loss of Professor Emerita Jane Gleason, who served on the education faculty for 26 years. Gleason passed away on July 4, 2020. Gleason’s expertise in mathematics pedagogy was invaluable to Meredith’s Department of Education. Over her years at Meredith College, she taught undergraduate courses and courses in the MAT and M.Ed. programs, and supervised Meredith student teachers. She served as program coordinator for Meredith’s two largest programs in elementary education. “Jane was my biggest supporter and cheerleader, as she was for so many,” said Professor of Education Jennifer Olson. “I will miss her immensely. The department, college, and teacher education in North Carolina have lost an amazing educator.” Olson said Gleason’s impact on Meredith could be seen in the words of her former

students, who shared numerous messages of remembrance. In these messages, Gleason was recognized as a favorite teacher, mentor, and positive role model. One alumna of the graduate education program said Gleason’s calm nature has inspired her to seek out new resources and to embrace challenges, while another called Gleason an “ever present source of love, support, and teacher knowledge.” Gleason earned a Bachelor of Science in education and a Master of Education from East Carolina University and a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction from UNCChapel Hill. She taught at Meredith as an adjunct instructor for three years before joining the faculty as an assistant professor in 1994. She taught her final semester in spring 2020, and was honored with emeritus status at the end of the academic year. Gleason is survived by her husband, Tom

English, and their daughters Paulina and Susannah English.

In Memoriam: Trustee Thomas Conway, Jr. By Melyssa Allen


he Meredith College community is saddened by the passing of Trustee Thomas E.H. Conway, Jr., former chancellor of Elizabeth City State University. President Jo Allen shared the news with the Meredith community, calling Conway an extraordinary leader, educator, mentor, and friend. “His knowledge of higher education, in particular, illuminated our board discussions about the roles of shared governance, student engagement, curriculum and assessment, budgets, and more,” Allen said. “My particular appreciation for Thomas, besides our friendship, was for his commitment to seeing higher education as a long-term journey – and adventure.” Conway is survived by his wife, Mychele, and two adult children, Simon and Zena. Conway served as chancellor of Elizabeth

City State University from 2016-18, having previously served at Fayetteville State University for eight years as vice chancellor and chief of staff. He came to Fayetteville State University after a 32-year tenure at North Carolina State University where he last served as dean of undergraduate academic programs. While at NC State University, he held various other positions including vice provost for enrollment management and services, associate vice provost for the Division of Undergraduate Affairs, and director of the First Year College. He earlier served as a counselor in NC State’s University Counseling Center, Trio program director, director of the academic support program for student-athletes, and director of recruiting and minority services for the College of Engineering. He also was a visiting lecturer in the NC State College of Education’s department of counselor education.

Conway held an undergraduate degree in agricultural education and a master’s degree in guidance and counseling from NC A&T State University, and earned a Ph.D. in counselor education from NC State.

F all 2020 | M E R E D IT H M A G A Z I N E




In Memoriam: Professor Emerita Rosemary Hornak By Melyssa Allen


eredith College mourns the loss of Professor Emerita Rosemary Hornak, who served on the psychology faculty for 34 years before retiring in 2011. Hornak’s areas of expertise were cognitive and developmental psychology. She was an experimental psychologist with high standards of rigor, trained at The Ohio State University, where she earned her master’s and doctoral degrees. Meredith Professor of Psychology Cynthia Edwards, who serves as department head, called Hornak “a person of tremendous capacity, creative vision, high standards, voracious reading habits, and wide ranging interests.” During her time at Meredith, Hornak was the recipient of both the Pauline Davis Perry Award for Excellence in Teaching and the Laura Harrill Presidential Award. The Laura Harrill Presidential Award is presented

to faculty members in recognition of their noteworthy contributions to the advancement of Meredith. In 1983, Hornak presented the Faculty Distinguished Lecture on “Women’s Achievement: Spiral of Success.” Edwards said Hornak was an innovative teacher who worked with students on numerous research projects. Her former students are now psychologists, educators, entrepreneurs, and faculty members. “Rosemary’s most lasting legacy was her scholarly collaboration with students,” said Edwards. “Rosemary supervised more than 80 student papers, all presented at professional meetings. A large proportion of our most distinguished psychology graduates were protégés of Rosemary Hornak.” Alumna Jamye Hickman Lindsey, ’01, who went on to earn a Ph.D. from Georgia Tech after graduating from Meredith, said Hornak had changed her life.

“I could never thank her for all she did for me and for seeing something greater in me than I saw in myself,” Lindsey said. “She nurtured my scientific voice and taught me to embrace my power.” Hornak is survived by her husband, Ray, and daughter Eva Hornak Snapp.

In Memoriam: Trustee Emeritus George Griffin By Melyssa Allen


he Meredith College community mourns the loss of George W. Griffin, of Havelock, N.C., who passed away on May 21, 2020, at age 93. Griffin was a member of the Meredith College Board of Trustees beginning in 1986. He served six non-consecutive terms and received Trustee Emeritus status in 2014. As noted in his published obituary, Griffin helped to incorporate Havelock as a town and served as its first mayor from 1959-64, serving again as mayor from 19982004. He worked his way up from a GS3 clerk typist to become the first GS15 on the Marine Corps Air Station-Cherry Point Civil Service. In addition to his service to Meredith, he was treasurer of the Atlantic Baptist Association for 20 years, served on the boards of Craven County Hospital and the United


me re d i th.e d u

Way, and was a 60-year member of the Havelock Civitans. He received awards for Outstanding Service from the Naval Air Rework Facility at MCAS for his work from 1962-1982, a Distinguished Service award from the Junior Chamber of Commerce, and received The Order of the Longleaf Pine in honor of his volunteer service. Griffin is survived by his daughters Georgia Griffin Lucas and Lovey Deane “Deanie” Cocran, a Meredith alumna from the Class of 1984, and her husband, Tim, son, George William “Billy” Griffin, Jr., five grandchildren, four great-grandchildren, and numerous nieces, nephews and friends. He was preceded in death by his wife of 57 years, Jewell Mae Braxton Griffin and his parents, George and Dora Griffin. Griffin was the last of his generation among his 23 siblings who preceded him in death.

Campus Conversation Video Series Features Meredith Experts By Melyssa Allen


eredith’s Marketing Department collaborated with partners in other departments to create a new series of Campus Conversations videos. These videos were designed to support incoming students in the Class of 2024, but the content was broad enough to appeal to a wider audience. The videos were initially provided to the First-Year Experience office as a tool their student advisers could use to connect with their freshmen advisees. Videos in the initial series are • Decorating for a Small Space: Interior designer and Meredith alumna Julie Watkins, ’07, and Residence Life Director Heidi LeCount share tips for decorating and living comfortably in a residence hall room or any small space. • Building Strong Friendships in College: Associate Professor of Communication Carla Ross and Professor of Psychology Gwynn Morris discuss the value of strong friendships in college and give tips on how to build them. • Expressing Your Creativity: Art faculty Holly Fischer, ’99, and Cameron Johnson talk with the director of creative writing, Ashley Hogan, about ways to express your creativity, what makes each of them feel creative, and they each share some ideas for ways to be creative over the summer. • Benefits of Mindful Exercise: Alyson Colwell-Waber, professor of dance, and Heather Sanderson, assistant professor of exercise and sports science, discuss the importance of mindful exercise in practicing self-care. • Documenting with Photo and Video: Professor of Art Shannon Johnstone and Assistant Professor of Communication Alan Buck share tips with students on how to document their first year of college A Summer Reading Program video about the 2020 selection, Educated: A Memoir by Tara Westover, was also created. In this video, Admissions Recruitment Assistant Bianca Diaz, a member of the Summer Reading Committee, and Tina Romanelli, director of the Learning Center and instructor of English, discuss themes of education, resilience, and compassion found in the book.

The videos can be found on Meredith’s YouTube channel.

Newsmakers Meredith College has been selected as a finalist for consideration as a regional hub for researching, teaching, and offering solutions to the legacies of slavery that continue to manifest within American society. Legacies of American Slavery is a multi-year project, providing a variety of opportunities for CIC member institutions, their faculty members and students, and communitybased partners to participate in research, teaching and learning, and public discussions about the legacies of American slavery. The initial proposal put forward by Meredith College is the result of close collaboration between the Department of History, Political Science, & International Studies, the Department of Sociology & Criminology, Dean of the School of the Arts and Humanities Sarah Roth, Provost Matthew Poslusny, and President Jo Allen. Meredith has chosen the issues of contested citizenship and economic disparities as the foci of its research and public programming agenda within the project. Regional collaboration partners will be announced in November 2020. Director of Meredith Events Bill Brown has received the distinguished Jim Hart Governor’s School Champion Award. The award acknowledges extraordinary commitment, leadership, and contributions to the North Carolina Governor’s School. Brown has had a direct hand in the successful provision of the Governor’s School program to more than 7,000 students from across North Carolina. Meredith College has served as the host campus of Governor’s School East since 2000.The Governor’s School of North Carolina is a fiveand-a half-week summer residential program for gifted high school students, integrating academic disciplines, the arts, and unique courses on each of two campuses. Professor of Art Jane Terry’s film Intensity and Black Eternity was selected by reviewers to be part of the 74th University Film and Video Association Conference, which was held as a virtual event July 26-30. The UFVA is an international academic organization dedicated to the study of film and media. Terry participated in the conference as a presenter and respondent. F all 2020 | M E R E D IT H M A G A Z I N E




Keeping Student-Athletes Engaged During COVID-19 By Gaye Hill and Wendy Jones


or most student-athletes, their team provides an immediate connection to other students, which helps them both academically and socially. So when the USA-South Athletic Conference made the decision to postpone fall sports competition, Meredith College athletics staff, coaches, and student leaders shifted their focus to finding innovative ways to keep studentathletes engaged, healthy, and fit. Most are using the ubiquitous Zoom, but teams are also using Snapchat, Marco Polo, a video instant messaging app, as well as basic texting. One team held a Zoom scavenger hunt, while another team has emphasized Big Sis/Little Sis connections among players. Head Soccer Coach Jen Grubb said her upper-level students have been working hard to engage their team. “Our seniors, Hannah Omar and Celvy Kofsky, have been great at trying to keep everyone engaged,” said Grubb. “Because half of our team are freshmen, Hannah and Celvy have come up with different ways to try to get everyone to meet and get to know each other better.” Omar and Kofsky have held Zoom meetings over the summer and done virtual workout challenges to keep motivation high among players. They also created an all-freshmen group chat in case first-year students had questions they did not want to share with the larger group. Omar said she has gained a sense of belonging from the soccer team and wants new players to experience similar support. “Meredith soccer is so special to me. Aside from my love for the game, I cherish the family-like atmosphere the program provides,” said Omar. “I am so thankful to have such a great support system from my coaches and teammates.” Kofsky agreed. “Coming from New Jersey, I was so grateful for having the Meredith soccer team welcome


me re d i th.e d u

me my freshman year,” she said. “Supporting and having my team through these times have really helped me stay positive.” Both student leaders said maintaining an upbeat attitude can be challenging when so much is unknown because of COVID-19. “Sometimes it becomes difficult to stay positive but when you remember that you have a team to lead, you start to see the bigger purpose and picture,” said Omar. “We have a strong team with a dedicated group of women who will do everything we can to make this opportunity memorable and a learning experience.” Basketball team captain Kim Schuh, ’21, collaborated with Head Coach LaQuanda Quick and others to develop bodyweight and conditioning workouts for the team to do safely in any location. “Not having the usual resources to prepare for the season has been challenging, but our team is adaptable. We are willing to persevere and find a way to better our skill set for the year ahead,” said Schuh. “We are looking forward to guiding our new freshmen and transfers through this unusual year and showing them that no matter what is going on in the world, Meredith Basketball will be strong, safe, and continue to work despite the challenges at hand.” Field hockey is Meredith’s newest sport. Currently functioning as a club, it will transition to varsity play in 2021, but team members are already engaged. Hannah Taib, ’21, said workouts provided by Coach Courtney Hexter over the summer helped her maintain endurance and work on her field hockey skills. Tylena Brown, ’22, has hosted Zoom meetings, shared field hockey clips, and texted regularly with other team members. “I’m really excited for the season to begin,” said Brown. “I can’t wait for all of us to bond over our love of field hockey!”

Practice and Training Continue With New Guidelines Student-athletes still have had an opportunity to practice and train during the fall semester, while following college and state mandates and guidelines. All student-athletes and staff had to pass pre-practice checks to participate in each session. Coaches split teams into small pods to adhere to indoor/outdoor gathering restrictions, and athletes practiced without sharing equipment and were spaced at least six feet apart. Although the athletes were not required to wear masks during outdoor practice, they did mask-up once physical activity ended, and coaches wore masks throughout each session. Extra steps were taken to clean athletic equipment used

“Not having the usual resources to prepare for the season has been challenging, but our team is adaptable.”

— Kim Schuh ,’21

during each session, and athletic trainers managed the health pre-checks in addition to managing injury prevention and care for all teams. Athletic Director Jackie Myers said her staff are striving to maintain as much normalcy as possible for the student-athletes. “College students are in the prime of their lives and love to be active and socially connected with their friends,” said Myers. “It is critical that we keep our student-athletes engaged as much as possible. Coaches and student-athletes alike are working hard to find ways to be creative in planning practice, staying connected in a disconnected environment, and maintaining their level of fitness and fine-tuning their skill set so that when the opportunity to compete again happens, they are beyond ready!”

First I/O Psychology Cohort Graduates Meredith, Enters Workforce at a Time When They’re Needed Most By Cailyn Whitman, ’18


aking workplaces even stronger: that’s the goal behind Meredith’s master’s in industrial/organizational (I/O) psychology program. The first graduates of the program completed their studies in May 2020. The program’s goal of strengthening workplaces holds even greater importance now than it did when the program was initially launched, considering the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a recent study conducted by Stanford University, 42 percent of the U.S. labor force is now working from home full-time. Joe Mazzola, director of Meredith’s I/O psychology program, says that I/O psychologists are uniquely qualified to help businesses deal with this new reality. “Having extensively studied topics like leadership, teamwork, and organizational change will allow I/O psychology graduates to help structure remote co-workers in a way that maximizes motivation, performance, and job satisfaction,” he said. “Further, as the home and work line is blurred for many people right now, our graduates have the opportunity to facilitate more work-life balance and help employees avoid burnout and emotional exhaustion that the current stresses could easily cause.” Jennifer Perry, ’06, ’20 (M.A. Psychology), is a prime example of I/O psychology graduates helping their organizations facilitate the healthy work-life balance Mazzola references. “A huge positive to this time has been proving to our organization that employees can still be productive while working from home,” she said. Perry works with a company called SolarWinds, serving as a learning and development coordinator for global sales enablement. The role started as a threemonth contracted internship, but she was asked to stay on with the organization for another four months through the pandemic.

“My hope is that this unprecedented time will allow employers to see that flexible working schedules can actually increase productivity, decrease absenteeism, and increase job satisfaction,” said Perry.

Program Sees Early Success, Strong Outcomes Though the program is still in its early years, Mazzola said it’s already seen great success. In the two short years since its launch, he’s most proud of the collaborative and collegial culture that the first graduating cohort helped to build.

“Having extensively studied topics like leadership, teamwork, and organizational change will allow I/O psychology graduates to help structure remote co-workers in a way that maximizes motivation, performance, and job satisfaction.” — Joe Mazzola

“Our students work together to solve problems and ensure the success of their classmates, and genuinely enjoy the company of each other,” he said. Mazzola also said that the first cohort was very successful in networking with new connections, finding internships and applied projects, and taking on the workload that comes with graduate school. The cohort had the opportunity to participate in a unique study abroad experience in Italy at the end of their first year. “The study abroad experience really brought them together and taught them about organizational culture and how to apply I/O concepts around the world,” said Mazzola. Annie Morin, ’18, ’20 (M.A. Psychology), who went on the trip, said the opportunity

to meet business owners across different industries in Italy was invaluable to her growth as an I/O psychologist. “Getting such insight into another culture helps me as an I/O practitioner to understand what people value and seek in their jobs,” she said. Morin was recently promoted to be a Human Resources Supervisor for Community Care of North Carolina, managing employees who are helping with contact tracing efforts for COVID-19. “As this organization grows and flourishes, it is a wonderful time to bring an I/O psychologist to the helm to make sure what we are doing follows all employment laws and keeps employees wanting to work,” she said. “I am certain my training at Meredith gave me the skills to lead well.”

Navigating the Challenges and Building on Success Along with the early success, there were also many challenges that came along with building a new program. “We often had to make changes on the fly when a class or experience didn’t work like we had planned,” said Mazzola. “But part of being a new program is the ability to stay flexible and take feedback to improve the experience, and overall, it made our program and our graduates even better.” Since its launch, Mazzola said the program has grown in size, strength, and character. “As our growth continues, I hope we are able to expand the faculty and support mechanisms for the students to further maximize recruitment, student success, and program visibility.” Now that the program has an alumni base, Mazzola sees a strong network being built among I/O psychology students through lectures, workshops, and job placements. “I believe we will soon be placing I/O and HR professionals all over the Triangle area, and eventually all over the country and world.” Learn more about the I/O Psychology program at meredith.edu/iopsychology. F all 2020 | M E R E D IT H M A G A Z I N E



Empowering Others Through Her Story By Gaye Hill Tasia Bromell, ’21


fter Tasia Bromell, ’21, toured Meredith College, she said it felt like a great fit. Now in her senior year, Bromell said that decision has been confirmed as the right one. “I love Meredith. It is actually the only school I applied to, and I am so glad I am excelling,” she said. “I feel connected with my Meredith sisters and attending a women’s college feels like home.” A business administration major with a concentration in human resources and an Honors Scholar, Bromell is thriving, both academically and socially. She is actively involved in a variety of organizations across campus – in addition to serving as president of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, she gives admissions tours, participates in the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), and is a Broyhill Business Fellow, an organization that provides leadership and professional development opportunities to business students. “As a Broyhill, I have been able to represent the School of Business as well as learn more


me re d i th.e d u

about the professional world of business outside of the classroom,” she said. Other growth experiences included studying abroad in Spain for a summer, and honing her business knowledge through a human resources (HR) internship at Spa Utopia. During her internship, she completed full-cycle recruitment duties, including

“I learned that I am stronger than I thought I was. At Meredith, I have been able to engage in enriching activities that illustrate how strong I actually am.” — Tasia Bromell, ’21

sourcing, screening, and onboarding. And because of her strong leadership skills, she was promoted to team lead and trained other HR interns. Bromell has experienced some unique challenges as a college student since she was born with a tethered spinal cord and extreme nerve damage to her lower extremities –

challenges that she is proud to have met with strength and resilience. “Coming to college and excelling in college was a dream for me that I made come true,” she said. “I have been able to not only succeed in the classroom but participate in activities such as Cornhuskin’ and engage in leadership experiences.” Bromell said her time at Meredith has been enriched by the support of Carolyn Koning, assistant director for disability services. “Carolyn’s words have empowered me and made me feel strong. She pushed me to become the president of InterVarsity and I feel like I can go to her for anything. I am so grateful to have her in my life.” Bromell said her college experience has helped her to more fully understand her strengths. “I learned that I am stronger than I thought I was. At Meredith, I have been able to engage in enriching activities that illustrate how strong I actually am,” said Bromell. “I live to empower others through my story and I believe I am doing that. This is what makes me strong.”

Meredith Student Teachers Commended for Leadership in the Shift to Virtual Learning By Cailyn Whitman, ’18


n today’s technologically advanced world, educators are perhaps more prepared than ever before for virtual learning. But in the face of a global pandemic, the sudden transition to remote instruction in spring 2020 presented a unique set of challenges for everyone in the education field – including student teachers. Professor of Education Monica McKinney said the switch came at a time when Meredith student teachers were just starting to build their confidence in the classroom. “They were in the midst of gaining their rhythm with presenting content, honing their classroom management skills, and working as peers with their grade-level teams,” said McKinney. “Then, they had to do a complete pivot and deliver instruction online instead of in person.” Donna Kocur, field experiences coordinator for the education program, said the main challenge for the student teachers was managing the many emotions that came with the switch to remote learning. “Our students are experts at building relationships with their cooperating teachers, students, and the school community. I heard from my students all the time how much they really missed their students – seeing them in the classroom, teaching them, hugging them, encouraging them, and sharing the joys of teaching and learning,” she said. “The biggest challenge was not being able to see my kids face-to-face,” said Teaching Fellow Allie Manchester, ’20. “Remote learning made it impossible to gauge students’ understanding of a lesson before they turned their assignments in, and I was unable to give the critical mid-lesson feedback that students often need to be successful. It made it so difficult to assess where they were emotionally, too.” Manchester, who graduated with a B.A. in

psychology and teaching licensure for grades K-6, found the best way to cope with the challenge was by connecting with students as much as possible. Sending them messages, seeing them on Google Meet each week, and giving them specific, encouraging feedback on their assignments were just a few of the ways Manchester helped her students to cope. “I was able to communicate to them that I still cared about them and that I still saw them as individuals,” Manchester said. “When you show the students that you’re invested in them, they become much more invested in their role as learners.”

Meredith Student Teachers Stepped Up as Leaders in the New Normal With the world changing around them, Meredith student teachers maintained poise and positivity for the sake of their students. In fact, many principals told college supervisors it was the Meredith interns who were leading the way in preparing and implementing remote lessons for their classrooms, according to McKinney. “There were quite a few stories of how our student teachers have been really strong in the way they adapted and supported their mentor teachers, students, and schools during the switch to total remote learning in the public schools,” she said.

“Our students are experts at building relationships with their cooperating teachers, students, and the school community.” — Donna Kocur

Kocur received similar positive feedback from those in the field. “I heard from many veteran teachers that our Meredith student teachers were leaders – they stepped up to

the challenge of remote learning and shared their lessons and ideas with others in their schools.” One third-grade student teacher from Meredith even offered to plan and teach science to the entire third grade of over 100 students. “The teachers told me they would be lost if it wasn’t for this particular student teacher who was leading the team,” said Kocur.

Meredith’s Strong Education Program Paves the Way for Student Teacher Success Several factors are believed to play a role in Meredith student teachers’ outstanding ability to manage and help lead the way through the unprecedented situation, one of them being the Teaching with Technology course they take, as well as the education program’s overall emphasis on the reality of teaching: that it requires flexibility and openness to the unknown. McKinney said they teach students of the program that no two days will be just alike in the classroom, and rarely does any day go exactly as planned. “While no one imagined this level of change at the time, I think we helped them adopt a growth mindset that is serving them well,” she said. Kocur also credits the program’s emphasis on adaptability in the classroom. “Our students have field placements beginning with their very first course in the Education Department. They know immediately what it means to be flexible in relation to schools and teaching,” she said. Lastly, Kocur believes the conceptual framework the Education Department uses has been a guiding principle for student teachers. “Teaching, Leading, Learning: these concepts are at the center of what we teach in our program,” she said. “And that has been a great support to our student teachers during the unexpected and sudden transition to remote learning.” F all 2020 | M E R E D IT H M A G A Z I N E


CURIOUS & STRONG A Meredith Alumna’s Investigative Career By Gaye Hill


orensic investigator Carla Foran, ’05, sometimes wonders if she was led to her work in part because of an unsolved family mystery. Foran was named for her grandfather, who died just two weeks before she was born. Though his death was ruled a suicide, Foran says the facts don’t really add up. She should know. Today, as a senior agent with the Raleigh/ Wake City County Bureau of Identification (CCBI), Foran collects evidence from crime scenes using a variety of forensic techniques and tools. Foran, who earned a Bachelor’s degree in political science with a minor in criminology from Meredith, said it’s challenging and interesting work with endless variety. Foran has stayed connected to Meredith, returning to campus regularly to speak to students about her career. “It is exciting for Meredith students to meet someone who has had years of experience,” said Lori Brown, professor of criminology


me re d i th.e d u

and sociology. “Carla brings real life into the classroom when she talks about her crime scene investigations, testifying in court, and dealing with the public.” According to Brown, one of the most important aspects Foran brings to a class visit is her self-confidence. “She knows what she is doing and students really need to see and hear this. Having strong, competent women speaking on campus is always important.”

No Such Thing as a Typical Day Foran knew she wanted to do something meaningful with her life. “I’ve always had to have a job that meant something,” said Foran. “I’m a purpose-driven person.” She started out in the ID technical area, fingerprinting individuals who had been arrested as they were coming in. Within a year or two, she was promoted to field work. Her natural curiosity, sense of organization, and observational skills served her well

starting out, and continue to do so. “I enjoy being mobile and working outside,” she said. “I wouldn’t want to sit in an office.” Variety is another reason Foran enjoys her career. Every day is different, and she works both day and night shifts. Most of her time is

I’ve always had to have a job that meant something. I’m a purpose-driven person.” – Carla Foran, ’05

spent out in the field, covering crimes ranging from property crimes to larceny, homicides to traffic fatalities. When she arrives on a scene, she talks to the officers and gets a basic understanding of what took place. She also speaks with any parties involved. Her primary job is to document, collect, and preserve evidence. “My specialty is shooting reconstruction,”

said Foran. “It’s not just dusting for fingerprints. We’re gathering biological evidence, taking photos and video, measuring the size of the room, and where the items of evidence are located. The point is if you need to recreate the scene, you can put things exactly where they were.” There’s no doubt the job has its challenges. For one, it can be difficult to consistently see people on their worst days. “You get very jaded,” said Foran. “You worry about things more because you know what’s possible.” People are understandably curious about her work. Often, she’s asked how to get a job like hers. People also ask what’s the worst thing she has ever seen. “First of all, I’m not going to tell anyone that kind of information,” she said. “These are peoples’ family members; it’s just not right.” So her standard response to the question is to recall her own personal worst experience, which took place when she responded to a burglary. “I am petrified of snakes. A man’s whole

Carla’s favorite “true crime” podcast: Sword and Scale CSI Effect: The exaggerated portrayal of forensic science on crime television shows such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation influences public perception. Forensic Science: The application of scientific principles and techniques to matters of criminal justice especially as relating to the collection, examination, and analysis of physical evidence.

F all 2020 | M E R E D IT H M A G A Z I N E


basement was full of reptiles and snakes, and five of them had been stolen. I said ‘I am not going in there.’” The continually changing schedule is hard on her body, and finding a work/life balance can be difficult. Foran’s husband also works in law enforcement as a police officer in the Raleigh Police Department. As parents, Foran and her husband have had honest conversations with their children about their work, but they try to protect them at the same time. “They know what death is and they understand court at the basic level,” she said. “We always say ‘Be safe,’ and my kids say that to us, too.”

I believe that the attention to detail as well as a woman's ability to multitask are big reasons why we have seen this shift from a male-dominated profession to a female-dominated one.” – Andy Parker

CSI Effect is Real Foran said her work little resembles what is portrayed on popular television shows like CSI, but the popular show has had an impact on Foran’s job, primarily because of the misconceptions such shows propagate. “People’s expectations are based on what they see on T.V.,” she said. “They think you can solve everything in an hour. On these shows, if you scan a print, right away it pops up with a photo.” In fact, she said, when fingerprints are scanned, algorithms help determine a “top ten list” to look at and then a human has to compare the information to determine a match. Another common misperception: “I’m not wearing heels and driving a Hummer,” she laughed. “It doesn’t work that way.” The CSI effect can be more difficult to manage when it influences perceptions of those she encounters at crime scenes. “People want to tell you how to do your job,” she said. “Some can be quite demanding.”

A Strong Choice for Women Foran’s Meredith education prepared her well for her career. She draws on content she learned through her criminology minor, and her pre-law concentration gave her knowledge of the basics of law, which is helpful when she is testifying


me re d i th.e d u

NEW! GRADUATE PROGRAMS IN CRIMINAL JUSTICE Starting in Fall 2020, Meredith College expanded its graduate offerings. Meredith’s online criminal justice programs are suitable for those who are already working in the field as well as those who are pursuing nontraditional pathways to corrections and criminal justice. Master of Arts in Criminal Justice

in court. Perhaps the most important tool she gained at Meredith was becoming a strong writer. “Even interns have to pass a reading and writing test. Writing is taken seriously in this field,” she said. “It can be stressful, because everything you do is under a microscope,” she said. Today women make up the majority of forensic professionals for a variety of reasons. Women tend to be observant and detailoriented. Particularly in cases involving a sexual assault, female officers can help make victims feel more comfortable and may be able to ask questions that can aid the investigation. Andy Parker, Foran’s supervisor and assistant director, Raleigh/Wake City County Bureau of Identification, has worked with Foran for eight years. He has seen the shift toward female forensic professionals firsthand. “When I first came to CCBI almost 20 years ago, we employed only two female crime scene

investigators. Today, CCBI employs only one male crime scene investigator,” said Parker. “I believe that the attention to detail as well as a woman’s ability to multitask are big reasons why we have seen this shift from a male-dominated profession to a female-dominated one.” Parker is quick to commend Foran’s professionalism. “The senior crime scene investigator is relied upon to ensure that her squad runs as efficiently and effectively as possible,” he said. “CSI Foran does a fine job of that.” Forensic jobs like hers are in high demand. “These jobs are hard to find. Our internships are highly competitive. We get applicants from all over. And when a position is posted, we get hundreds of applications,” Foran said. She understands why others want to pursue a similar vocation. “I lucked out getting into this profession,” she said. “I love my job. I’m around on these bad days for a reason, and I feel like I’m making a difference.”

Learn to manage complex issues and prepare for administrative and leadership positions, with a particular focus on writing. Criminal Justice Graduate Certificate Gain additional skills and knowledge as a criminal justice professional. Criminal Justice and Substance Use Disorder Certificate Learn to deal effectively with issues around substance use disorder, trauma, and mental illness.

Learn more: meredith.edu/criminal-justice

S ummer F all 2020 2017 | M E R E D IT H M A G A Z I N E




t is Thursday evening and the phone rings. You answer the phone to hear a Meredith student on the other end of the line. Did you know this is your chance to simply have a conversation with a current student? These students, just like you in the past, are enjoying college but want to learn more about you and what life will be like after they leave the gates of Meredith. “I love calling alumnae who have similar majors and interests as me,” says, Rachel Kennedy, ’20. “It’s wonderful to hear what they have been doing since graduation, especially if their major is the same one that I am currently pursuing.” Phonathoners often call alumnae with their same major as a way to get the conversation started, since establishing a connection is


me re d i th.e d u

important. Phonathon callers are trained to begin their conversation by seeking to update an alumna’s contact information in the database to ensure the alumna receives information about events, reunion, and special email messages from the College. Often during calls, students learn about life events that have happened like the birth of a child, a recent wedding, or a death in the family. Special handwritten notes are sent to the alumna and the information is shared for inclusion in Meredith Magazine. These conversations help student callers fine-tune their communication skills, master recording information accurately, learn organizational skills, and gain confidence in their abilities to make connections.

“Phonathon taught me a different way to think about my future – I was constantly speaking to women with my same degree who opened my eyes to so many different career paths I had never even considered,” said Morgan Daly, ’19. “I think it enabled me to really set myself up for success after graduation.” Daly recently finished her Master of Accounting degree at NC State University and began working at Johnson Lambert in Raleigh as a tax associate. She worked all four years at Meredith as a Phonathon caller. She learned as a freshman that Phonathon supports so many people on campus through gifts to the College, and she wanted to work for an organization that was truly making a difference. At the same time, she saw it as a chance to step out of her comfort zone, as an introvert, and work on new skills. Meg Sink, ’18, assistant director of the Meredith Fund, oversees this group of student workers each semester. Her process for interviewing students for the job sets them up perfectly for what the job entails. After receiving a resume and cover letter,

Sink conducts a phone interview with each applicant, since that is how they will be communicating with alumnae. After they

Calling alumnae is my favorite time of the day. I enjoy hearing about their time at Meredith such as their favorite tradition or funny story and what they have pursued after Meredith. It certainly puts a smile on my face!” – Jasmine Lewis, ’21

are hired, she trains the new callers along with student supervisors, who have one to two years of experience. Students learn about Institutional Advancement, projects for which the College is raising money, and the meaning of philanthropy. They go through mock calls to learn how to handle callers who may not want to talk that evening to ones who want to share their experiences. “Our goal is for students to learn

good communication skills,” said Sink. “Through this job students are much more comfortable with public speaking and know how to handle all types of situations on the phone.” Jasmine Lewis, ’21, started working at Phonathon in 2019. She applied because she thought it would be a great opportunity to learn how to communicate professionally. “I would like alumnae to know that we are calling to receive more than a gift,” said Lewis. “Calling alumnae is my favorite time of the day. I enjoy hearing about their time at Meredith such as their favorite tradition or a funny story and what they have pursued after Meredith. It certainly puts a smile on my face!” Consepcion Cruz, ’23, became a Phonathon caller in the spring 2020 semester. “One thing I have learned about myself in this short time is that I am actually more confident than I think I am. All my life I was very shy, but as soon as I started working at Phonathon, I gained a lot of confidence that I didn’t know I had.”

At Meredith College, students are the backbone of the Meredith Fund’s Phonathon program. Students call alumnae and past donors to help raise funds for the College, build relationships with alumnae, and gain valuable hands-on skills and experience. F all 2020 2018 | M E R E D IT H M A G A Z I N E


Phonathoners Show Resilience During Pandemic Not long after Cruz started working, the COVID-19 pandemic forced Meredith to transition to primarily online learning. Sink reached out to the student workers to establish who would be interested in

The purpose of the calls during that time was to check in on older alumnae who were living in nursing or assisted living homes since many of them were, and continue to be, on lockdown.” – Meg Sink, ’18

working from home. The students who were able to work remotely learned how to use Google Voice and Google Sheets to keep track of their calls and enable Sink to check their progress each day. “I worked with the Offices of Alumnae Relations and the Meredith Fund to get a list of alumnae for students to call. The purpose of the calls during that time was to check in on older alumnae who were

living in nursing or assisted living homes since many of them were, and continue to be, on lockdown,” said Sink. “We even sent a crossword puzzle to those who spoke with a phonathon caller to thank them and keep them engaged.” Thanking donors is an important aspect of the job. Callers reach out to alumnae before Giving Day to ask them to make a gift during that 24 hour period, but they also conduct thank you calls after Giving Day to thank donors for supporting the College. “If I had to name one thing that Phonathon has taught me, it would be the importance of philanthropy,” said Lewis. “I’ve learned that it’s important as a student to give back to your institution, and it takes much more than tuition to keep a college going. Therefore, I am so grateful to be attending my dream school and even more grateful to be giving back as a student.” “If you give a Phonathon caller a conversation, she is going to learn how she can make a difference as a Meredith student and, eventually, as a Meredith alumna,” says Sink. “And you are setting her up for success whatever career path she chooses.”

Remember, when you answer the phone to talk to a Phonathon caller, you are giving her the opportunity to learn about a strong woman by sharing your Meredith story. Whether or not you realize it, you are giving that student the opportunity to practice her communication skills, giving her the confidence to talk to new people she does not know. And if you give a gift of any size, you are affecting that student’s experience while she is attending Meredith College. 24

me re d i th.e d u


By Cailyn Whitman, ’18

n the wake of COVID-19, many Meredith alumnae have had to adjust to a new normal in their careers. From teaching online, to working on the frontlines, even navigating the pandemic as business owners themselves – our alumnae have remained strong and found ways to adapt in the face of challenge. Here are just a few examples of alumnae who have used the resilience and strength they gained from Meredith to navigate career shifts during the pandemic.

And How I Was Prepared, Thanks to Meredith

KRISTEN STEGALL, ’16 Owner of Novice Studios

At the beginning of the pandemic, Kristen Stegall, ’16, had a steady job with a small branding agency in Charlotte, North Carolina, as a multimedia producer. However, as the pandemic continued, she realized how little guarantee there is of anything in this life. “I wanted to make an impact doing what I love, and I knew the best way to do that was to start my own company,” said Stegall. At the end of June, she put her two weeks’ notice in at her agency and launched her own production company, Novice Studios. “It was scary to leave my secure, full-time job, especially with everything going on,” Stegall said. “But I’m so glad I did. I’ve already got great clients, and it’s an honor to be able to serve other entrepreneurs and business owners with my skills during this time.” Stegall noted that if it weren’t for her experience at Meredith, she might not have had the confidence to walk away from her job and build her own business. “At Meredith, I was encouraged to forge my own path when I couldn’t find one that felt right. While the path I’ve chosen now is a risky one, I feel prepared for the challenge.” F all 2020 2018 | M E R E D IT H M A G A Z I N E




Speaker, Writer, and Disability Activist

Nurse at Duke Health

Charis Hill, ’09, has been known for many titles in their lifetime: TedX talker, writer, activist, Meredith alum, model, even collegiate athlete. But during the COVID-19 pandemic, a particular characteristic has been at the forefront of their identity: high risk. Hill falls into the high risk category because of a progressive chronic disease known as ankylosing spondylitis (AS). Despite this hardship, they’ve found a way to use their strengths and forge a path in their career – even during COVID-19. “My freelance activism – both paid and unpaid – which includes speaking and writing, has been more necessary than ever during a pandemic because a lot of hidden ableism in our society has been unveiled,” said Hill. Hill has both spoken on the AiArthritis Voices 360 Podcast and written articles for Medium, AnkylosingSpondylitis.net, and CreakyJoints.org about their experience navigating the pandemic with a disability. They have banded with others in chronic disease advocacy on social media as well to bring awareness to the high risk category.


me re d i th.e d u

“A group of my advocate friends and I began the #HighRiskCovid19 hashtag that went viral on Twitter in March and has since become an oft-used hashtag by people across the world,” said Hill. “I’m pleased we were able to create such an impactful campaign to highlight the issues facing immunocompromised or otherwise high risk folks right now.”

My freelance activism – both paid and unpaid – has been more necessary than ever during a pandemic because a lot of hidden ableism in our society has been unveiled.” Hill’s hope is that their work will help non-disabled and healthy people understand that those in the high risk category need to be fully considered and included in all plans for reopening, treatment, and federal economic relief packages.

Kim McNeill Cato, ’90, is a charge nurse in the Gastroenterology Clinic at Duke. But when COVID-19 made its way into North Carolina, her job changed. “Our nurses went wherever they were most needed,” said Cato. “Some helped with the COVID-19 hotline. I was trained to swab at the testing tent.” For Cato, the greatest challenge during this time lies in the unknown of the virus. “At first when our processes at work were changing, there was an unsettling feeling that came from not knowing what we would be called to do, or how quickly the virus would spike in this area,” she said. But like many other Meredith graduates, Cato faced the uncertainty of these times with strength. “My time at Meredith was 30 years ago, but I credit my time there as shaping my nursing career,” she said. “My classes were challenging but my professors believed in me and encouraged me to find my path. I learned how to speak up and ask the questions that need asking and also how to adapt in different situations. These skills are necessary in nursing, especially today.”

MENA GARCIA, ’14 Owner of Mena Garcia Beauty

As a hair and make-up artist and business owner in the wedding industry, Mena Garcia, ’14, has definitely felt the impact of COVID-19. With work featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, The Carolinas Magazine, and more, Garcia’s team is highly sought after. She was just about to begin a busy spring wedding season with her team of five artists when the pandemic hit. Now, she’s working to reschedule with engaged couples and catching up on the income from rescheduled weddings. Garcia has been in the industry doing hair and make-up for six years and has never experienced anything like this. “Income and paychecks are not as secure as they used to be,” she said. But as a wedding vendor, she always strives to do her best for her clients – so a negative attitude isn’t an option. “Meredith prepared me to handle difficult situations with grace and kindness,” she said. “I learned to lean on other strong women so we can help each other and lift each other up when we need it the most.”

Meredith prepared me to handle difficult situations with grace and kindness. I learned to lean on other strong women so we can help each other and lift each other up when we need it the most.”

F all 2020 | M E R E D IT H M A G A Z I N E


ASHLEY BRITTAIN, ’18 Math Teacher at South Johnston High School

I would not be teaching where I am if it were not for some fellow Meredith sisters who encouraged me to join them at their school. These Meredith educators hardly knew me at the time, but they immediately made me feel known and valued.”

“As a teacher, pretty much everything about my job changed,” said Ashley Brittain, ’18, who was named a finalist for the Johnston County First Year Teacher of the Year Award in 2019. Initially, the most challenging part for her was not being able to connect with students face-to-face every day. “It almost felt like the reason I wanted to become a teacher in the first place was gone,” said Brittain, “but, I’ve learned a lot since then.” For example, Brittain has learned that many of her students have several responsibilities at home aside from completing high school, including helping with younger siblings and working part-time jobs. “Before, my priority was to teach math. This time has revealed that my priority is


me re d i th.e d u

students, while teaching them math along the way,” she said. Brittain tried to stay as connected as virtually possible with students in the spring, though many times she would call and get nothing but voicemails. “But when I did get to hear from students on the other end of the phone, I was so encouraged by all the things they were doing at home to support their families.” She also was encouraged by how well some students responded to the online format of school in the spring. Students who had struggled in class before blossomed when they could receive instruction essentially distraction free. Brittain has been able to maintain a positive outlook thanks to a great support system

at South Johnston High School, which includes a few fellow Meredith alumnae. “I would not be teaching where I am if it were not for some fellow Meredith sisters who encouraged me to join them at their school,” she said. “These Meredith educators hardly knew me at the time, but they immediately made me feel known and valued.” Additionally, Brittain says her experience at Meredith taught her to analyze a situation, adapt, and keep going, even when things seem impossible. Everything she learned at Meredith about resilience has served as an inspiration for her motto these last several months: “Love, collaborate, show grace, and always give your best.”

Meredith Magazine: What is your most lasting memory from your time as a Meredith College student? President Jo Allen: My relationships with faculty and friends are what stand out to me the most. When I look back, I’m able to acknowledge now that some of those relationships were complicated with faculty because they pushed me hard. There were so many kind faculty who really nudged me along because they believed in me and saw something in me that I couldn’t. I’ll also never forget how it felt being introduced to differences in philosophies and teaching styles for the first time – it was extremely eye opening for me.

MM: What is your favorite memory as president of Meredith College?

Q&A WITH PRESIDENT JO ALLEN First Alumna President Reflects on Time at Meredith as She Enters Her 10th Year By Cailyn Whitman, ’18

President Jo Allen, ’80, who is heading into her tenth year of presidency, sat down for an interview with Meredith Magazine at the beginning of the new academic year to share her greatest challenges, her proudest moments, and her hopes for the future of Meredith.

Allen: My favorite memory as president was just two summers ago, when we surpassed our fundraising goal for the Beyond Strong campaign in August. We set the goal for $75 million and at the State of the College address, I was able to announce that we had already raised over $86 million. That was great fun. The first raid on the President’s House was also quite memorable. As the students approached my home, they looked like an angry mob of villagers coming through the woods. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but when they started serenading me, it was the sweetest thing. And honestly, every move-in day, every commencement, those are all so special. The great uncertainty moving in, the great confidence moving out – I’ll never forget that feeling each year.

MM: What has changed since you were a student and what has remained the same? Allen: Most traditions have remained the same since I was a student, but Cornhuskin’ looks very different. I love some of the new traditions. Fire and Water is one of my favorites. Ring Dinner is also one of my favorite new ones. Back in my day, we just slipped the Onyx on our finger. I love that there’s a celebration surrounding it now. F all 2020 | M E R E D IT H M A G A Z I N E


MM: What is your favorite spot on campus? Allen: My favorite place on campus both as a student and as president is Johnson Hall. Interestingly enough, it looked very different when I was a student. I like it even more now because it still has the same dramatic look but it’s refreshed and serves as a much more functional space.

MM: What do you do when you’re not busy being the president? Allen: You know, this is something many don’t understand about the presidency. It’s a 24/7 job. Even when you’re on vacation, you’re still answering emails, texts, taking care of things that need to be done. It’s certainly a job where you sleep with one eye open.

going at the same time, which would drive some people crazy, but it works for me. Recently, I finished some great books. Where the Crawdads Sing was one of them – I found it to be one of the most beautifully detailed books. When We Were Yours was another wonderful book from this summer. And I can’t forget White Fragility – that was a hard one to read but so important. One I’m working on finishing now is called Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High. It’s been another important and timely read.

MM: What’s something the Meredith community would be surprised to know about you? Allen: I think they might be surprised to learn how profoundly they’ve affected me. Or how fortunate I feel to be back home, doing important work with thoughtful,

I talk every day. In fact, she’s here visiting with me as we speak.

MM: What did you gain from Meredith as a student that helps you in your role today? Allen: As a student, I gained an ability to communicate. I am reminded of that all the time in my current role as president. Being able to write, speak, and most importantly: the confidence it takes to do so. The confidence piece wasn’t something I realized in undergrad. But once I got to graduate school, I became aware of the incredible confidence I gained at Meredith when I found myself being one of the only women to speak up during class discussions. The professor would ask a question and I would look around to find that I was the only woman raising my hand. It’s been really important to have that confidence to raise my hand when I want something or when I have something to say. Anytime I wanted to do something – be on a committee, take on a special project – I’ve raised my hand. So when people ask me, “How do you land a leadership role?” I always turn it around and ask them, “Have you tried raising your hand?”

MM: What has been your greatest challenge as president? And how did you overcome it?

But, I do get some down time. I’m a big reader. I’ve particularly enjoyed this time working from home because it’s allowed me to do more reading on topics in higher education, virtual learning, and race relations. I usually have two or three books


me re d i th.e d u

important people. To do this job, you do have to love the work, but you really have to love the people. And I do. Some might also be surprised to know how close I am to my family. My sister has always been my best friend. My mom and

Allen: What we’re going through right now has been my greatest challenge to date. COVID-19, race relations, uncertainties surrounding the remainder of the year, our nation, the election – these are difficult times for everyone, myself included. By nature, I’m a fixer. When something is wrong, it’s my first instinct to step in and try to solve the issue. Unfortunately, everything is just so uncertain right now in regards to the virus. So living with the uncertainty is the hardest part of all this – which is nothing different than what everyone else is experiencing. The only difference is, as the president, I’m someone who has to make decisions. This is the toughest time of anyone’s presidency at colleges and universities. It’s not just about being a leader, it’s about being a human being. We will all look back on things we said, the things we did, and we’ll be held accountable.

brand. After all these years, it seems we finally found the right message to resonate with the Meredith community. Our marketing team has done a phenomenal job.

MM: If we were to conduct this same interview ten years from now, what do you hope to look back on with pride? Allen: I hope we look back and say we are proud of how we handled the pandemic. I hope we are proud of the results of the tough conversations we had on racism. I hope we are proud of the actions we’ve taken to make sure everyone feels treated well. I hope in ten years from now, that whatever we went through, we did it right and stabilized ourselves, and maybe even came out better on the other end. I’m in education because I believe in growth and change. I don’t ever want to be static. This time has offered us perspective that I don’t know we would have otherwise gained. Taking care of ourselves, taking care of each other, this time has called us to ask: how can we do this every day? And there’s a call to be bigger, do better, do more. That’s our challenge.

MM: How has this role shaped you as a leader? As a person? Allen: The presidency has changed me as a person in multiple ways. When you’re in a role like this, people will look at the things you say and do in a different way than they would if you weren’t in leadership. Some people are always willing to look at me with grace, and others, not so much. Some are always suspicious and skeptical, some are unrelentingly accepting, and then there are those really valuable people in the middle. Those people who are willing to tell you hard things you need to hear, but also willing to let you know when you get it right. Those are the ones who have shaped my leadership the most. I’ve learned that while leadership does require good morals, judgment, and general ability to do the job, it’s also about thoughtfully making a gazillion good decisions each day – small ones and big ones – both on and off the job. I’m

extremely mindful that every decision I make is an important one – the things I say, who I associate with, the pictures I’m in. It all matters.

MM: What are you most proud of in your ten years as president? Allen: That’s easy: the students. I have loved the opportunity to watch students flourish. I can’t help but think about our students in the last seven months in particular; their willingness to change, willingness to understand. These are not normal times and we may not return to normal, but our students are adaptable and resilient. For that, I’m proud. I’m also proud of the Beyond Strong campaign and how we raised $15 million more than our goal. The money raised from that campaign has funded scholarships, buildings, curriculum advancement, faculty and staff development, and more. That makes me feel good. In the campaign before Beyond Strong, we had three gifts of a million dollars or more. In this one, we had 32 gifts of a million or more. The success of Beyond Strong has proven to me that others believe in the importance of Meredith and see the impact it has on students as something worth investing in. Lastly, I’m proud of the Going Strong

MM: What does strong mean to you? Allen: I think about my strengths a lot from the StrengthsFinder quiz, both in my job and in my personal life. I can take just about any problem and look at it through the lens of each of my strengths, and then decide which one I need to call on to solve the problem at hand. I love that I have a toolkit of strengths I can play with. I’m not one dimensional. And the outcome from being able to call on your different strengths is resilience. Just knowing your strengths isn’t enough, and being able to apply them is satisfying, but the outcome of using your strengths to solve a problem is the true reward.

MM: What are your strengths? Which one is your favorite? Allen: My strengths are relator, ideation, maximizer, strategic, and futuristic. Maximizer is my favorite – it’s all about going from good to great. Always getting stronger, getting more from education, that’s my hope for Meredith. Watch President Allen talk about her futuristic strength. F all 2020 | M E R E D IT H M A G A Z I N E


Meredith Philanthropy Making an Impact CAMPUS


Institutional Advancement Surpasses Goals and Adapts Fundraising Efforts


n a year when fundraising for the College was going well before the pandemic, the Division of Institutional Advancement staff found that donors’ love for Meredith and gifts to the College did not stop during the last three months of the fiscal year. The result was over $16 million raised, surpassing the goal of $12 million. The total raised for major, annual, and planned gifts was

Meredith Giving Day raised $638,960 and exceeded the goal by 27%. The Greatest Needs Fund, the unrestricted fund that supports the immediate needs of the College, collected $804,880. And once again, faculty and staff participation stayed strong with a giving rate of 75.3%. In addition, young alumnae participation in the Ivy Society, which encourages monthly giving, increased by 7%. Parents

Mentors continues to provide alumnae, alumni, and students with the opportunity to connect both professionally and personally. To date, there are nearly 2,000 users in nine countries and 34 states, including Washington, D.C. The 1891 Club, the student Alumnae Association, grew to 411 members. The club promotes lifelong relationships with the College as partners, advocates,

$16,250,347. The endowment also grew to over $112 million. The Meredith Fund raised $2,418,578 – a 3.6% increase over the 2018-19 fiscal year. The funds raised were the result of 12,561 gifts from 5,685 donors. Alumnae participation increased to 20.5%, and there were 622 first-time donors. The overall donor retention rate was 94% for the year. Make It Count for

and friends raised $55,859 to support the Meredith Mentors online platform, marking the second year the parents’ project has supported this program. During the 2019-20 academic year, the Office of Alumnae Relations held 69 outreach events with 2,363 event attendees. Each event gave alumnae the opportunity to reconnect with one another and the College. Meredith

and investors. Advancement Services processes all gifts to the College and online registrations. This fiscal year close to 13,000 gifts were processed and 4,000 online registrations. Advancement Services also hosted 275 students at the third annual scholarship kick-off party and 70 guests at the seventh annual retired faculty and staff luncheon.


me re d i th.e d u

Why was it important for you to give to Meredith this year? “Meredith needs help now more than ever. I knew that when the College had to pivot to virtual teaching platforms, the technology needs would greatly increase. My gift to the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences helped the department purchase the extra equipment, software, and technologies needed to deliver course content virtually. Our faculty need to be able to adapt to changes quickly during COVID-19.” – Marianne Nifong Raker, ’72

Adapting Events and Visits During the Pandemic Following Giving Day, COVID-19 changed many events for the remainder of the fiscal year. Gift officers shifted their focus to stewardship. Phone calls and socially distanced visits with masks allowed staff to share College information as well as check on the well-being of alumnae and friends. Much like the rest of the world, the Meredith Fund Phonathon student callers began working remotely. The students made calls to check on the well-being of alumnae who were residents of retirement or assisted living facilities. For the year, Phonathon raised $33,375 towards projects and funds across campus. In a year when many colleges and universities did not have a senior class gift, the Class of 2020 chose to proceed with the Senior Class campaign and gift. Funds raised as part of this year’s Senior Class Gift have been designated to support the Student Emergency Fund. To date, the Class of 2020 has raised $3,232, surpassing their $2,020 goal. Despite having to cancel all planned outreach events, including Alumnae Reunion Weekend, the Office of Alumnae Relations continued to engage alumnae during the pandemic in a variety of ways. The office began a weekly Staying Strong email message, conducted 23 Zoom events, and coordinated a Commencement message and video for the Class of 2020. The Adopt-a-Freshman Program allowed alumnae to welcome members of the Class of 2024 to Meredith. The program paired 150 freshmen with alumnae. “In March, our hardworking and creative Institutional Advancement staff changed the way we work every day,” said Lennie Barton, vice president for institutional advancement. “The results are unprecedented, as we actually raised more money this year than in the last year of a very successful $90 million campaign.” This fiscal year, plans are already underway to keep alumnae and friends engaged with the College through virtual events, informational emails with news from the College, and special reimagined events for donors.

“This time is critical for colleges and universities, especially smaller institutions. It’s extremely important to me to support Meredith so our institution will remain strong throughout this crisis.” – Jena Muntz Gallagher, ’85 “I felt it was important to continue giving to Meredith this year amidst the pandemic because the College still has needs. Meredith has had to make many adjustments in order to continue instruction during the quarantine phases, and those changes have an expense. We must continue supporting Meredith as we all work towards reaching a new level of normalcy.” – Whitley Holt, ’17 “I believe it is important to give to Meredith this year because the work of the College doesn’t stop just because the world is in disarray. Meredith is known for being strong and being a "Lux" to our community and the world. In order for Meredith to continue shining her light, we must continue to give. Future students and the world they will seek to change depend on our support.” – Hannah Morgan, ’13 “I know that Meredith’s tuition is beyond the reach of many families without the help of scholarships. I want as many women as possible to have the Meredith experience, and so I do what I can to provide funding to the Meredith Fund in addition to the scholarship we established in memory of my mother. Especially now, during and recovering from the pandemic – we need more strong women!” – Betsy Porter Fritschel, ’77

S ummer F all 2020 2014 | M E R E D IT H M A G A Z I N E


Meredith Philanthropy Making an Impact

Brooke Newton, ’21

Anna Jongkind, ’17

Young Alumnae Make Connections on Meredith Mentors


eredith Mentors launched in 2019 and there are currently nearly 2,000 alumnae, alumni, students, faculty, and staff utilizing the online platform. Once a profile is created, users are able to connect with others in the Meredith community for career and graduate school advice, internships or job shadowing opportunities, short-term and long-term mentorship, life after Meredith, and much more. This year, being connected is more important than ever. Meredith Mentors allows students to learn from alumnae in careers they are considering, and alumnae can help guide them on their career path. The platform also allows alumnae to network with each other and reconnect with classmates. Brooke Newton, ’21, and Anna Jongkind, ’17, connected on Meredith Mentors this past year because they have the same major. That similarity has provided meaningful advice and ideas for both of them. Newton is a social work major from Bullock, N.C., and Jongkind graduated with a degree in social work and earned her Master’s in Social Work at NC State University. She currently works at House of Hope of North Carolina in Clayton, N.C. “I have made a few connections with Meredith alumnae inquiring about their path after graduating,” said Newton. “I connected with Anna to ask about her journey into graduate school and after, and to see what my future may look like after graduating and starting graduate school or a job.”

Students’ gaining insight from alumnae is important to guide them to a career they will enjoy for years to come. “It was great to connect with Brooke since she is interested in what the path to graduate school looked like for me,” said Jongkind. “I think it is really special to connect with people who have similar passions.” Newton joined Meredith Mentors to network with professionals within her major as well as to gain guidance and advice about career and graduate school paths from varying perspectives. “When using this platform, I have the chance to connect with people who have graduated from Meredith, see where they went after they left, and consider all the different areas a person with similar interests can work,” said Newton. As a student, Jongkind admits she had a lot of questions about social work and career opportunities within the field. “I would have loved to connect with someone who was practicing,” said Jongkind. “I like connecting with other passionate people and seeing how Meredith graduates are using their skills in the community.” Through Meredith Mentors, Newton has learned that volunteering and internships are very important factors when applying to a Master of Social Work program. “After seeing other social work majors on the platform, I have discovered that my major can lead to many different career options, and I am excited to see where it takes me.”

Have you signed up for Meredith Mentors? The connections are endless, and you can help set a student on the right path as well as network with others within your field of work or areas of interest. Meredith Mentors allows you to harness the strength of this network to support your personal and professional growth. Sign up and connect by visiting mentors.meredith.edu.

For the last two years, the Parents Project has funded the Meredith Mentors program in Alumnae Relations. The Parents Council and others have raised $130,029 toward this project. If you and are interested in joining the Parents Council, visit meredith.edu/support/the-parents-council.


me re d i th.e d u

Alumnae Relations Adopt-a-Freshman Program


he Office of Alumnae Relations launched a program in Summer 2020 to connect alumnae with the Class of 2024 before they moved to campus. The Adopt-aFreshman program invited alumnae to connect with someone from the incoming class who is from their region, state, area of interest, or major. “After seeing some local initiatives to support graduating high school seniors, we wanted to go one step further and be more intentional,” said Hilary Allen, director of alumnae relations. “Facilitating our own program keeps it within the Meredith family – allowing our alumnae to connect with our incoming students. Doing so has the potential to create some better connections for everyone involved and has been beneficial to our incoming students as they transition

of the Class of 2024. Alumnae membership spans the decades – from the Class of 1964 to the Class of 2020 and all of those in between. Members of the Class of 2024 who wished to participate in the program were asked to post information about themselves, including hometown, hobbies and interests, majors, and career goals. From there, the alumna could “adopt” a student and welcome her to the Meredith family. And, to ensure that all members of the Class of 2024 and alumnae could participate in the Adopt-a-Freshman program, the office facilitated manual matches for anyone without a Facebook account. The response to the program was overwhelming. Alumnae embraced the opportunity to connect with the College’s newest class of Angels and welcome them to Wonderland.

to Meredith.” The Office of Alumnae Relations created a private Facebook group to facilitate connections between alumnae and members

Celia Horne Dickerson, ’82, adopted a member of the Class of 2024 and shared, “Love the adopt an MC freshman. I hope it becomes yet another tradition!”

Dennis Joins Meredith College Athletics


andy Dennis joined Meredith College in February as the new assistant athletic director for development. In his role, he cultivates relationships with individuals and busi-

nesses that value, encourage, and support the empowerment and development of strong women. Dennis brings a wealth of experience in sports and fundraising to Meredith athletics, most recently as the high-performance manager of Tar Heel Wrestling Club in Chapel Hill. He developed community outreach initiatives, oversaw sponsorship partnerships, and cultivated philanthropic relationships for the club. During his time in Chapel Hill, Dennis also served as director of development and communications at Harmony Games, an entrepreneurial venture to help organizations build diversity and inclusion through sport and physical activity. He also founded the Dynamic Sports Group in Raleigh in 2004. The company created development programs for high schoolers, and Dennis managed all facets of the programs including travel, fundraising, and financial reporting. Dennis also spent time as an assistant high school wrestling coach at Northwood in Pittsboro and Cardinal Gibbons in Raleigh. With Integrative Health Coach

professional training from Duke’s Integrative Medicine Program, Dennis spent five years as a health coach. “I am passionate about the undeniable benefits and the life lessons that athletics teaches to its participants and I am honored to continue the tradition of winning and success that Meredith College athletics has experienced,” said Dennis. “I know the Meredith Athletic department has the talent, leadership, and passion that is needed to realize unparalleled achievements, and with the needed support our Avenging Angels are on the precipice of national prominence. Support for athletics will not only strengthen enrollment but also enhance the visibility and profile of Meredith. I am excited for Meredith Athletics to have world-class facilities, unprecedented fan support, and community engagement for the next 129 years.” To give to the Avenging Angels Club, visit community.meredith.edu/avenging -angels or contact Randy Dennis at radennis@meredith.edu to learn more about giving opportunities.

F all 2020 | M E R E D IT H M A G A Z I N E



CONNECTION Class notes and news for Meredith Alumnae 1954


Jean Batten Cooper lives in a retirement com-

Anne Carroll Baird retired after 44 years of teaching

munity in Winston-Salem, N.C., along with several

at Morehouse College in Atlanta. Reflecting on her

other Meredith alumnae. A retired pediatrician

long career, Baird is appreciative of the opportunity

who also lives in the community is Cooper’s loving

to help shape the intellect of these young students.

companion. Cooper likes all of the ways she and

She also remains grateful to her Meredith professor,

quilts this year. Gay has also made masks for the

her classmates can keep in touch with the College.

Dr. Leslie Syron, for encouraging her to pursue a

NC State Veterinary School employees. For the last

Barbara Jones Cummings is thankful she has

career in sociology. Hearing of the accomplishments

five years, she has made doll outfits for the Helping

her own apartment at the retirement home where

of her students still brings joy and fulfillment in her

Hands Mission at Christmas. Barbara Armstrong

she resides. The campus is large with walkways,

retirement years. Anna Fay Jackson Campbell

Haas is doing well and walking daily. She has lived

meadows, woods and trails for walking, a library, an

continues to live in Greenville, N.C., where she

in a retirement community in Winston-Salem, N.C.,

essentials shop, and large porches to carefully meet

remains active in church, community, and volunteer

for five years. Haas’ daughter continues working

a few neighbors. She cherishes her iPad and cell

work. Campbell is pleased that her daughter, Sara

in the gymnastics program that Haas started

phone that keep her connected to her friends and

Campbell Baxter, ’88, and her grandson are now

in 1980. Joyce Baker Hardison is widowed

family. Cummings truly misses her husband, who

living with her. Carolyn Boyette Childress and her

and lives in Williamston, N.C. Her son, daughter,

passed away, and is thankful for her classmates

husband are enjoying retirement in Aiken, S.C. They

and five grandchildren live close by. One of her

who have kept in touch. Anne Clark Dahle has

have two sons and one granddaughter. Childress

granddaughters is a happy member of the Meredith

lived at the Cardinal at North Hills in Raleigh, N.C.,

and her husband have enjoyed traveling both

College Class of 2023. Hardison enjoys part-time

for more than three years. She has an apartment

stateside and overseas. Kitty Berger DuPlessis

work as a hostess at the Shamrock Restaurant.

with a den, living room, kitchen, and bedroom. The

and her husband have been married 61 years.

Betty Galloway Harkey and her husband have

restrictions related to COVID-19 have been hard to

They have five children, 20 grandchildren, and

sold their home in Charlotte, N.C., and moved

deal with but the Cardinal keeps residents well fed

nine great-grandchildren all of whom live near

to a retirement community. Harkey’s classmate,

and busy with exercise and entertainment. She is

them. DuPlessis has been active in many phases

Dolly Vernon Pearce, also lives in the community.

relatively well, but is losing her eyesight and uses

of church work, but particularly enjoyed teaching

For 53 years Harkey enjoyed entertaining many

a walker. Dahle’s daughter represents her district

a class of sixth grade girls for 33 years. DuPlessis

friends and family members in her home. Charlotte

in the N.C. House of Representatives. Both Dahle’s

also taught piano lessons for 43 years. She and her

area alumnae will remember her angel teas at

son and his wife as well as her daughter and her

husband have traveled the world, but recent health

Christmas. Ruth Young Holliday and her husband

wife live close by in Raleigh, N.C. No grandchildren,

concerns have kept them closer to their home in

are living in a retirement community in Winston-

only dogs. Dot White Hartley has spent her time

Elizabethtown, Ky. Suzanne Hunter Eskridge’s

Salem, N.C. Both are doing well. They are blessed

during the pandemic walking an hour every day for

volunteer work at a hospice facility and her church

with four children, ten grandchildren, and six great-

her body, completing sudoku puzzles for her mind,

was greatly impacted by COVID-19. Eskridge has

grandchildren. Peggy Martin Honeycutt lives in

and quilting for fun. Her family has an active group

also turned in her tights and leotard for a cane

High Point, N.C. Attending Meredith was one of

text message and holds weekly Zoom dinners.

(sometimes). She invites her friends to settle down

the best things to ever happen to Honeycutt. She

in the evening to enjoy a “quarentini” and “pass the grapes,” her line from a memorable Junior year Stunt (they won). Pat Houser Gay is making quilts for the organization Kids in Distress. Last year, she sent 78 quilts and has already sent 26

Compiled by the Office of Alumnae Relations from March 5 – August 20, 2020. Information may be edited for space limitations and content restrictions. Submit class notes online at meredith.edu/alumnae, by email at alumnae@meredith.edu, or by phone to the Office of Alumnae Relations at (919) 760-8548. Deadline for the Spring 2021 issue is November 18, 2020. Submissions received after this date will appear in the Summer 2021 issue.


me re d i th.e d u

truly treasures her Meredith friends. Honeycutt’s husband passed away in 2019. She has two sons and two grandchildren. Emma Everett House and her husband live in Raleigh, N.C. They have been happily married for 60 years. They have enjoyed traveling throughout the United States and several foreign countries. House and her husband have a daughter who also graduated from Meredith College and lives in Chesapeake, Va. with her husband and two sons. Glenda Pressley Lovelace is living in a senior home in Virginia Beach, Va. Her son and his family live near Saint Paul, Minn. Lovelace’s granddaughter will soon be ten years old. Emily Campbell Tuck, along with her classmates, regrets that her 60th Reunion was disrupted along with many other anniversary celebrations for those who married right after graduation. However, she enjoyed a surprise pandemic parade planned by her daughter in Richmond, Va. Her grandson led the parade riding his Harley followed by cars full of family and church friends. Normally sophisticated, professional people were honking their horns, flying balloons, and shouting like teenagers. It was the most fun, and maybe most memorable, anniversary celebration. Lou Mason Walters is still living in a Methodist retirement community in Greenwood, S.C. In addition to her many church activities, Walters stays active through her volunteer work at a soup kitchen and local hospice store. Walters’ sister, Jean Parrish Mason, ’52, was featured in the article “Meredith’s Own Hidden Figures” in the spring 2020 Meredith Magazine. The article showcased Mason’s career as a gifted mathematician who worked at Langley Field in the early days of NASA. Sylvia McLin Wilkins and her husband are enjoying living in Michigan City, Ind. near Lake Michigan and spending part of their winters in Florida. Their two sons, two grandchildren, and four great grandchildren live nearby. Wilkins is very thankful that her husband is now cancer free. Betty Lou Taylor Williams is widowed and living in Faison, N.C. Williams has always been proud to have graduated from Meredith College. She has

Attention Class of 2020: Please Complete Graduation Survey Lifetime access to the Office of Career Planning (OCP) is one of your most valuable benefits as an alumna. Whether you’re employed, attending graduate school, or engaged in a job search, completing the survey gives you easy access to a range of support and provides Meredith with important data. By completing the survey, you can also • Stay subscribed to The Snap, OCP’s newsletter that guides your career path in bite-sized pieces. • Connect with our employer partners via upcoming recruiting events and virtual opportunities. • Explore and apply for jobs via Handshake with over 5,000 active opportunities posted on the platform. • Schedule virtual appointments with OCP using the career center button on your Handshake home page. • Learn about jobs, events, or career fairs that fit your career interests and goals via personalized emails. Complete the survey at: tinyurl.com/MCMay2020grads

rheumatoid arthritis, but still has a full life with 11 grandchildren living close by.

1961 Jenny Taylor Bond cannot believe it has been 59

Take the survey!

years since her graduation from Meredith. Bond F all 2020 | M E R E D IT H M A G A Z I N E




stays busy with Rotary, two garden clubs, church,

of her shrubs, and even done some cooking. She

home once she arrives and is excited to be closer to

Michigan State, Michigan Association of Accredited

misses being in her church building but appreciates

Meredith. Lynne O’Dell Washington has enjoyed

Judges, Pro Symphony, and a domestic/sexual

having emails and Zoom meetings. Stewart wishes

participating in the virtual Meredith Alumnae Book

assault shelter called EVE. Bond would love to

the best to her Meredith family, especially the class

Club held on Zoom once each month. Washington

hear from her classmates as Meredith is dear to

of 1963.

feels there has been a great diversity of books as

her heart. Jeanette Worthington Davis and her


well as participation by alumnae of all ages.

husband live in Charlotte, N.C., as well as Winston-

Ginny Sutton Anagnostatos and her family are


doing well and carefully following health directives.

Janet Morris Belvin is eagerly awaiting the

She recently enjoyed reading Those Who Are Loved

arrival of her ninth grandchild. She has spent

by Virginia Hislop. Anagnostatos sends greetings

her time during quarantine making a quilt for her

and best wishes to all. Happy Neal Goethert

new granddaughter, as she has all of her other

has been able to keep her routine of feeding the

grandchildren. Belvin also put together and edited a

chickens and preparing for the growing season. As

memory book for the Class of 1970s 50th Reunion,

a farmer, she is considered essential and has been

which they sadly missed. Sue Hammons Cook

able to go places while wearing a face covering.

missed being with her classmates to celebrate their

Goethert misses traveling and sharing a meal with

50th Reunion in May and wishes them all well. Cook

friends. However, it has been an emotional relief

has enjoyed getting together virtually with many

to be able to see and converse with her fellow

classmates via Zoom and cannot wait to come

workers. Goethert has helped others by providing

back to campus to celebrate 50 years as Meredith

her neighbors with healthful foods from her spring

sisters! Alicia Suarez Eller recently received the

crop. Nancy Boyd Kipp and her daughter traveled

award of Top 101 Female Professionals 2020 from

to Italy with Meredith College in October 2019. They

Peggy Klick Abernathy and her husband adjusted

Carrington Publishers. Kathy Parrish Horton was

enjoyed attending the tenth anniversary celebration

saddened by the cancellation of her 50th Reunion

to the COVID-19 stay at home order quite well. They

of the Palazzo Alberti, Meredith’s home in

because of COVID-19. However, the memories

feel blessed that they very much enjoy each other’s

Sansepolcro, Italy. In January, Kipp and her husband

from her years at Meredith cannot be erased.

company! The pair recently completed a 550 piece

were able to visit her son’s family in Greenville,

puzzle as well as finished making their annual batch

Horton learned life lessons both in and outside of

N.C. During the trip, Kipp was also able to visit her

of homemade pickles from a good family recipe.

former roommate, Joyce Wilson Pendergrass,

the classroom while making lasting friendships

Abernathy’s book club has not met since February.

and suitemates, Dava Drew Jarman and Nancy

However, she has continued reading and highly

Herring Stallings. Like others, they’ve had many

recommends The Last Castle by Denise Kiernan,

events canceled because of COVID-19. However,

which is about the Biltmore House. Happy reading

Kipp is choosing to focus on what she still has

and stay well! Martha Spence Blount has spent

such as the many hiking trails near her in Colorado,

her time during the shelter in place order making

keeping her two local grandchildren on Fridays, and

69 masks, finishing old quilting projects, working

the ability to host “COVID socials” with small groups

on Christmas gifts, watching online lectures with

of friends outside. Jane Waller Smith and her

her husband, and knitting. Blount has also enjoyed

husband are building a house in Wake Forest, N.C.

reading and participating in the virtual Meredith

after living in Lumberton, N.C. for 48 years. During


Alumnae Book Club through Zoom. She and her

their time in Lumberton, Smith owned a real estate

Bonnie Bell is one proud mama as her son’s

husband are missing the trips they had signed

company and her husband had a law practice. The

first book was published in May and is on the

up for but overall are well and never lacking

decision to move was very difficult, but after Smith’s

best seller lists of The New York Times, The Wall

entertainment. Frances Gorham Stewart could

husband had 12 surgeries in ten years and lost his

Street Journal, and Amazon. Anne Luter Bromby’s

not have imagined the lifestyle changes brought

right leg above the knee from an infection, they

son tied the knot at his bride’s family horse farm

about by COVID-19. Stewart has a wonderful

felt they should be closer to family. She and her

outside Pittsburgh, Pa., in mid-September. The

neighbor across the street who has been shopping

husband look forward to meeting their neighbors

couple got engaged in January 2019 and couldn’t

for her. Over the last few months, Stewart has cut

once COVID-19 is controlled and are staying inside

wait any longer even though some folks were not

her own hair, read some great books, trimmed all

in the meantime. Smith knows she will love her new

be able to attend. The day was filled with love,

Salem, N.C., where they have a granddaughter. They have both been blessed with good health. Since retiring in 2008, they have continued bicycling, kayaking, and hiking places like the Tetons, Grand Canyon, Canada, England, and Switzerland. The highlight of 2019 for Davis was spending a week on a clipper ship sailing the Aegean Sea visiting several places the Apostle Paul spent his time. Jennie Turlington Spell and her husband are still living in Raleigh, N.C. Both of their daughters and their families live close by, except for one grandson who lives in Asheville, N.C. Spell and her husband’s favorite pastimes include playing bridge and getting together with their grandchildren.



me re d i th.e d u

that have served her well through all stages of life. Horton thanks her class Reunion committee for all of the time and effort they put into planning. 1970 is Meredith Strong and will celebrate when the time is right! Evelyn Godwin Kientz was disappointed by the postponement of her class’ 50th Reunion. However, she has remained busy quilting, gardening, and reading stories to her grandchildren via FaceTime.

happiness, and the obligatory face mask. Olivia Harris Fleming, her husband, and classmates of


choir again! It has been a novel experience teaching

Andrea Rodler Andrews and her husband were

an older group choral technicalities virtually in

married from 1975 until his death in 1989. From

preparation for a Zoom practice. Gordon’s mom is

class, the Class of 2021. The final lines give a

1976-80, Andrews and her husband traveled

90 and has lived with her the last 17 years. She also

challenge “Work hard, have fun, and your Sisters

extensively including hitch-hiking through Central

has six grandchildren. Gordon is looking forward to

will pray that you will be even stronger on Senior

America. She received her master’s degree from

another Meredith Reunion! Susan Herring spent

Opening Day!” Several students sent sweet

The Citadel in 1980 and a few years later had her

her summer days watering flowers, walking her

messages of appreciation. Doris McIlwain moved

two daughters. Andrews is thankful to have kept

dog, reading, enjoying family, physical distancing

into her new home in Wilmington, N.C., right before

in touch with some true angels from the Class of

with friends, organizing and purging, and dreaming

the pandemic. McIlwain has spent her time isolating

1973. Michelle Rich Goode is semi-retired and

of traveling. Life truly has been interrupted since

in place by decorating, landscaping, kayaking

living in rural Bedford, Va., with her husband. Since

March with an excess of time, but few places to

nearby waterways, walking, and meeting neighbors

the shelter in place order, Goode and her husband

go. Susan Lassiter Lampley and her college

from a distance. Jane Holloway Woodard, Anne

have been gardening, fishing, golfing, hiking with

roommate, Beth Ankers Tuttle, traveled together to

Luter Bromby, Sara Kennemur Mountford,

their dogs, and enjoying social distancing activities

Seoul, South Korea, in September 2019 to attend

Bonnie Bell and Doris McIlwain found that life

with family and friends. They miss their family

the wedding of Tuttle’s son. Lampley is still selling

can be a bit sweeter when thoughts, laughter,

and friends in North Carolina, but enjoy staying

real estate in the Triangle area and enjoying her

support, and angst can be shared in a BFFs texting

connected through Facebook. Lynn Moore Gordon

new granddaughter who was born in December

group. The group usually meets at the beach in

remained retired from music ministry for one and

2019. Paula Gupton Page has been spending a

August, but this year the ping of incoming texts

a half years before taking a part time job at Oak

lot of time in the Cedar Point Recreation Area on

replaced the sound of incoming waves.

Ridge UMC. She is loving working with an adult

the White Oak River. While Page does not have

1971 helped craft a poem for their Golden Sister

2020 Pewter Christmas Ornament Available Now

ONLY $25

The beauty of the trees, flowers, and gardens, including the Ruby McSwain Magnolia Collection, draw alumnae back to Meredith College and give students a picturesque environment to learn and live in. Limited quantity available. Sale runs through December 1 or while supplies last. Pick up and shipping options available. Questions? Email alumnae@meredith.edu or call the Office of Alumnae Relations at (919) 760-8548.

F all 2020 | M E R E D IT H M A G A Z I N E



CONNECTION children, she finally knows what all the fuss is


about over grandbabies as she has a 13 month old great niece. Laura Hawkins Teague has named

KATELYN MOORE, ’11 Using Art to Cope with Trauma

and registered several of her daylily hybrids in honor of Meredith College. Her first two were Meredith Reunion and Meredith Angel Wings. Her next four were named after the four residence halls facing the courtyard. This year’s registrations

By Cailyn Whitman, ’18 As a sophomore in high school, Katelyn Moore, ’11, was shown a newspaper article by their mother about how war veterans were using art therapy to cope with PTSD. From that point forward, Moore has clung to the belief that art can heal. This belief is what later led Moore to pursue a degree in studio art and psychology at Meredith so they could become an art therapist. They also went on to receive their master’s in art therapy from George Washington University. Today,

include a red and green flower named Meredith Christmas Carol and a bright orange flower named Meredith June Sunset. The first named after former campus Christmas activities, and the second named after E. Bruce Heilman, president of Meredith from 1966-1971. His daughter selected the name because some of his relatives called him “Uncle June”, short for Junior.

1974 Kathy Johnston Harris enjoyed hosting Beth

Moore works with a private practice providing trauma-focused therapy to children, adolescents, and adult clients.

Judd Wiggins, Theresa Herrin Bowles and

“A lot of people describe me as having a calm presence, especially in the midst of a crisis,” Moore said. “I enjoy teaching people coping skills that can improve their

a suitemates mini-reunion weekend this past

quality of life.” Moore also does grant work for the LGTBQ Center of Durham, providing

Young Beam present but enjoyed reminiscing

therapy for their Host Home Program (HHP). HHP works with young adults from the ages of 18 to 24 who are experiencing housing instability in Durham County

Sam Jenning French in Greensboro, Ga. for January. The group missed having suitemate Anne together.


and the Triangle region. The work that HHP does supports anti-oppression, intersectionality, and trauma-informed care – all missions that Moore incorporates

Barbara Yates Clapp is a retired teacher and

in their work as an art therapist. Moore pursues art outside of their work as a therapist, too. Their most recent

Clapp was disappointed by the postponement of

work includes a mural in downtown Raleigh on the doors of local business, The Zen Succulent.

in contact with several of her Meredith classmates.

The painting was made in response to the latest killings of unarmed Black people, following a night of protests that left many local businesses in shambles. Broken windows were patched with plywood, creating blank canvases for artists such as Moore. The mural depicts a field of succulents growing against a yellow background. Under the ground, the names of Black people killed in recent years are written on the seeds of the plants. Written across the mural, are the words of poet Dinos Christianopoulos: “They tried to bury us, they didn’t know we were seeds.” Though the piece was highly visible, Moore doesn’t see the mural as an accomplishment, but simply a response to the countless years of racial injustice that BIPOC have faced. Moore told Walter Magazine, which featured the mural in a recent issue, “I have a lot of rage, and the broken windows reflect more of my current emotions than the paint on the boards.” The contrast between the sadness of the names on the seeds and the beautiful flowers above them is intentional. “I hope that people see the agony, trauma, and hurt underneath the beauty,” said Moore.

nana to five precious, energetic granddaughters. Reunion Weekend in May, but has managed to stay She hopes Reunion Weekend will be rescheduled in the near future! Ann Williams and her husband are enjoying their retirements from ministry and law in Newton, Mass.

1976 Kathy Midyette Anderson enjoyed a short getaway with Janet Koonce Dumas and Reya Blount Roller. Despite coronavirus restrictions, the group was able to eat good restaurant food and do a little shopping. Jackie Owen Stallings has had a lot of happiness in her life recently. Her first grandchild was born in December 2019, and her daughter was married in June 2020 surrounded by immediate family in Jackson Hole, Wyo. Finally, Stallings and her husband celebrated their 40th anniversary with their children and their families in Isle of Palms, S.C.


me re d i th.e d u



Freda Middleton Tricarico is retired and enjoying

Brenda Jones Gupton lives in Youngsville, N.C.,

her first grandchild, a little girl, born in February

and works at the Masonic Home for Children in

2020. Both Tricarico and her daughter attended

Oxford, N.C. Gupton’s daughter is 28 and graduated

Georgetown, S.C. Craig remains busy as the teaching

Meredith, so she hopes her granddaughter will be a

from NC State. Her son recently graduated from

director for the Georgetown Community Bible Study

part of the class of 2038!

UNC-Chapel Hill. They are a house divided. Glenda

women’s day class. Craig thanks God for His

Morgan Shelton is finishing her 26th year of

presence in her life every day. Kim Elliott Dittmann

teaching music at Summit School in Winston-

has two daughters at Meredith, one a junior and

Carol Webb Dishart is back in the cockpit after

Salem, N.C. Shelton’s new grandson was born in

one a freshman. Dittmann is the operations officer

retiring from American Airlines ten years ago. She

March shortly before the stay at home order started.

for the N.C. Public Health Association, which has

is now flying a small business jet and is really happy

Her grandchildren are the loves of her life. Shelton’s

kept her very busy throughout the pandemic. Carol

to be back in the air. Susan Brooks Gaster and

parents are still living nearby. Her life is full despite

Hawkins Fields is retired and living in Sneads

Elizabeth Graves Parker had the opportunity to

the pandemic.

Ferry, N.C. Fields enjoys spending time with her

sing at Carnegie Hall in November 2019. Gaster and


grandson who was born in March of 2019. Laurie


Parker were both music majors at Meredith. Singing at Carnegie Hall was a wonderful experience and a dream come true!


realtor and her husband works remotely. Emily

Kelly Weaver Goley retired from teaching music and theatre at Charlotte Christian School after 16 years. During the last six years, Goley also served as the school’s director of fine arts.

Craig is a happy grandmother to her 18 month old granddaughter and enjoying retirement in

Pomeranz Grimm was chosen to work as an Agricultural Credit Association business analyst for the next two years on a special project. While this job assignment will keep Grimm and her husband in Vermont, it will allow them ample opportunities

Leigh Osborne Walters was named the 2020


Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools Assistant

Amy Avery’s freelance writing company is

husband retired from teaching in 2016 and both

Principal of the Year. Walters was also named the

celebrating its 15th year of business in 2020.

of her children have graduated college and are

State Assistant Principal of the Year through the

Avery’s clients include healthcare systems, custom

pursuing careers in their chosen fields. Maria

National Association of Secondary School Principals

publishers, and an international non-profit. Melanie

Izurieta Herring is proud and happy to have two

in 2014.

Carawan now lives in Summerville, S.C. She is a

recent college graduates despite spring 2020 being

to travel south over the next few years. Grimm’s



All alumnae are invited to attend Alumnae Reunion Weekend, and classes ending in a six or one will be celebrating a special class reunion. The weekend’s fun activities include a party on campus for all attendees, a State of the College address by President Allen, class luncheon, individual class events, and an Alumnae Worship Service.

Make plans now to join us!


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m e re d i th.e d u m e re d i th.e d u

F all 2020 | M E R E D IT H M A G A Z I N E



CONNECTION different than anticipated because of COVID-19.

volunteers hundreds of hours annually toward these

spends her time developing content for her YouTube

One of Herring’s daughters graduated from NC


channel. Head also volunteers as a Christian pen

State while the other, Catherine Herring, ’20,


pal and point of contact to incarcerated individuals

graduated from Meredith. Herring has enjoyed reliving Cornhuskin’, NC State football, and tailgating over the last four years thanks to her daughters. Linda Dotson Perkins and her husband celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary in April. They are retired and living in Edisto Beach, S.C. Perkins and her husband love visits from their granddaughter, who turned two this past summer. Liza Walters Weidle and her family have had a crazy year. Weidle recently opened a communications company as a way to help businesses grow their online presence. Her business isn’t the only thing growing, as Weidle has two more grandsons on the way bringing her grandchildren total to six!


Mary Dickson Long celebrated 30 years of marriage in March. She continues to be active in her church and serves on the board of three nonprofits in the community including a child advocacy/ rape crisis center, Foster Care Review Board, and a local Christian based thrift store. Long’s oldest son is a flight nurse for Air Methods. Her youngest son attends a local disability board’s day program and works one day a week at the local recycling center. Long sends best wishes to all of her classmates and fellow alumnae. Beth McArdle Sturdivant is the product development coordinator for hospitality/ contract furniture with EJ Victor.

1990 Gayle Woodard Alford retired in May 2020 after

Laura Bynum Beasley’s youngest son has

teaching high school English for 30 years. Alford

graduated high school and will be attending

is now working as a part-time church secretary,

Western Carolina. The high school held a drive-

using her grammar and proofing skills. Bebie

in graduation ceremony that was a lot of fun.

Barrett retired after teaching for 28 years between

Beasley recently accepted a job as a second grade teacher at Cape Fear Academy in Wilmington, N.C. Retirement is over. Kimberli McMurray Flaugher’s daughter graduated from Meredith in May 2020 with a degree in graphic design. Flaugher’s son and his wife are expecting their first child in November 2020. Jennifer Bruffey Hollerung and Anne Douglass Scruggs are looking forward to planning their class Reunion in 2021, stay tuned! Georgia Parrish James is in her 17th year teaching at Southwest Edgecombe High School in Pinetops, N.C. James’ oldest daughter will be getting married in early October, and 50 days later her youngest daughter will be getting married in late November. Both weddings will be in Raleigh, N.C., and she hopes they will go on as planned despite the pandemic. Ann McGee Powers’ daughter graduated from Charlotte Country Day School. She will be continuing her lacrosse career at Sewanee, The University of the South while studying environmental sustainability.


Wake County, Mecklenburg County, and Pitt County Schools. Dawn Flynn Euman has taught

re-entering society. Meredith College was such an important chapter in Head’s life. She feels truly blessed that she was able to graduate from such an amazing college. Melene Spears Sexton moved to Michigan in 2017 to be closer to her husband’s family. After the move, she was able to continue teaching private piano lessons in her home. Sexton is also now the elementary music teacher at Jackson Christian School. Karen Stalls Stefanski recently became the acting director of development at Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute in Utica, N.Y. Amelia Stinson-Wesley is now the senior pastor at Memorial United Methodist Church in Charlotte, N.C. Stinson-Wesley’s daughter graduated from South Mecklenburg High School in 2020 where her son is now in tenth grade. Conswella Long Timmons moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, and welcomed her first grandchild in May 2019. Timmons would love to get connected with any Angels in the Las Vegas or Henderson area.

1993 Blythe Taylor completed her second master’s

in Virginia Beach City Public Schools for 13 years.

degree from Gonzaga University in December

She is currently the secretary for the Virginia Beach

2018. Since then, Taylor has experienced two

Education Association. In December 2019, Euman

career changes and is now assistant provost for

was recognized as a Distinguished Educator for

integrative learning at Barton College in Wilson,

Landstown High School. Her oldest son is in his senior

N.C. Taylor loves her work and those with whom

year at Shenandoah University, and her youngest

she is privileged to work. Shannon Strickland

son is a sophomore at Virginia Tech. Euman and

White has been in banking in Beaufort County

her husband recently celebrated their 24th wedding

for the last 26 years, primarily with First Citizens

anniversary. Anne Mustain Ezzelle returned home

Bank in Washington, N.C. Now that her last son has

in May after spending seven weeks at UVA Medical

headed off to college, White and her husband have

Center and four months in rehabilitation. While

relocated to the Crystal Coast. White is now the

she has a long way to go, she is working hard

financial sales manager with First Citizens Bank in

and getting stronger every day. Ezzelle is officially

Swansboro, N.C.

retired from Chesterfield County Public Schools as


of June. She and her family send their appreciation to her Meredith classmates who have been there for them since December. Ezzelle’s family also thanks Meredith’s staff and administration for helping their daughter work through her studies at Meredith. Catherine Little Geddings is enjoying her position

Courtney Timmons graduated from Wake Forest School of Law with a M.S.L. with a concentration in health law and policy. Amy Cushnie Vaughan started a new position at VCU Health as a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator.

Patricia Hall Hayner was honored by BOSCH USA

as media clerk for a K-8 school in Simpsonville, S.C.


as an inspiring woman in STEM. Hayner mentors

Beth Jenkins Head is no longer teaching after 18

Deanna Whaley Ford was elected to serve as the

students through the FIRST Robotics programs and

years as a teacher at the high school level. She now

N.C. School Counselor Association southeast region


me re d i th.e d u

vice president. Katie Lambeth Brann was named Teacher of the Year at Wallburg Elementary School in


Winston-Salem, N.C. Kelli Parrish Laudate is now the executive director of Downtown Sanford, Inc., a non-profit that partners with the City of Sanford.


Their mission is to manage the development of Downtown Sanford as the primary economic, cultural, and social center of the community; to educate the community on the unique assets and historical significance of the downtown area; and to promote and stimulate the improvement of these assets. Lyda Fontes McCartin earned her Ph.D. in Higher Education Leadership.

2002 Betsy Cabrey Castellow was selected as the Wake Technical Community College’s 2019-20 Instructor of the Year and will represent the College at the statewide NCCCS Excellence Competition this fall. Castellow is a professor of Spanish in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences division where she has taught since 2006. Amanda Hipp Hamm was named principal of Brewer Middle School in March 2020. Micaela Loudermelk began a new position as western division clinical supervisor at Autism360 in July 2020.

2004 Laura Bates was awarded the Distinguished Interfraternal Leadership Award from Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity. The award recognizes a fraternity/sorority life advisor who demonstrates a commitment to the success of students, members, and the greater interfraternal community. Laura Cress received her J.D. in May 2018 from the University of Baltimore School of Law where she graduated magna cum laude and in the top 10% of her class. She was selected for the U.S. Department of Justice Attorney General’s Honors Program and has spent the last two years living and working in Los Angeles, Calif. as an attorney advisor for the Los Angeles Immigration Court. Shannon Massey Lowry has accepted an eighth grade language arts and social studies position at Wake Young Women’s Leadership Academy.

2005 Sarah Gransee was promoted to the administrative role of youth services supervisor for the Buncombe

Supporting Affordable Housing Through Interior Design By Cailyn Whitman, ’18 To create affordable housing for low income families: that’s the long term goal for interior designer Kendall Cheston, ’16. As a volunteer, she is already making an impact in this area. Currently, her paid work involves interior designing for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) at its headquarters in Washington, D.C., designing office spaces, workstations, conference rooms, break rooms, and other technical spaces for facilities all around the country. Cheston was promoted within her first year at FAA, with her first project being at Boston Logan Airport – her proudest accomplishment to date. “It’s a rewarding feeling seeing your designs come to life,” she said. Showing an interest in interior design as early as middle school, Cheston appreciates most how altering a space can affect someone’s overall mood. “Design has the power to change how you feel when you are in a space, which is really fulfilling,” she said. This impact that design can have is what drew Cheston to support the low income housing initiative. Recently, she started volunteering for a non-profit that focuses on providing housing for families in need. Through this organization, Cheston is able to volunteer at different affordable housing developments all over D.C. to help host events, provide tutoring, and create more of a community for the residents. “The majority of populations in D.C. are not able to buy houses or afford rent at market price because of the high cost of living,” Cheston said. “I want to be able to create a place for those families in need so they can live an easier lifestyle.” As Cheston continues her work with the FAA and the affordable housing initiative, she is looking at attending graduate school for either urban planning or architecture. “I’ve found that it’s important to keep your options open,” she said. When asked what advice she would give to younger Meredith graduates, Cheston said: “Your first job will almost never be your dream job, but you have to start somewhere.” She feels that getting an education at Meredith is what gave her the confidence in her skill set that helps her succeed in her role today. “The best part about getting an education at Meredith is that it prepares you for everything, including the unexpected,” she said. “I never noticed how much Meredith changed me until after I graduated.” Cheston described herself as a shy girl before she came to Meredith. Now, she sees herself as a strong and confident woman. “I’m much more willing to stand up for myself, and I’ve been able to shift those qualities into my worklife.”

County Public Library system. Leslie van den Berg F all 2020 | M E R E D IT H M A G A Z I N E



CONNECTION re-entered teaching this fall as a first grade teacher at Hunter Classical Christian School in ManakinSabot, Va. after a two year break. Van den Berg



Erin Lawler graduated from the University of North

Kayla Mason to Spencer Grinnell, 10/18/14.

Carolina Wilmington with a Master of Science degree


will continue teaching ballet, serving as the Awana

in clinical research and product development.

Sparks director at her church, and start a new role as a community Bible study substitute leader.



Raquel Hill is a preschool teacher at Root


Elementary School. Sinclaire Owen graduated

Julia Dent to Matthew Bocchese, 8/17/19. Alyssa Miller to Christopher Donnee, 5/15/20. Lindsay Ray to Kenneth Nielsen, 3/14/15. Catie Jones to Brian Phelps, 10/28/17.

Barrett Royal to Stephen Barton, 10/27/18. Katie Riggs to James Bynum, 11/23/15.

Genevieve Sawyer Dozier is a client business

from Campbell Law School in May. Law school

executive at Fiserv. In 2019, she was nationally

was the hardest thing she has ever done and she

recognized as a game changer within the

missed her Meredith community the whole time.

electronic payments industry based on her impact

However, Owen is very grateful to have received

and professional character by being named an

a higher education. Rachel Powell graduated

Electronic Transaction Association (ETA) Top 40

with a Master of Science degree in analytics from

Under 40. Dozier was also selected to participate

the Institute for Advanced Analytics at NC State


in the Money 20/20 Rise Up program empowering

University. Ashley Souza graduated as a Doctor

Sarah Smerko to Chad Blankenbeker, 7/20/19.

women in leadership. She has also received the

of Veterinary Medicine from NC State Vet School in May. She is currently doing a surgical internship at


Women’s Network in Electronic Transactions Making Waves award (Wnet) by demonstrating

the University of Illinois Vet School.

a commitment to furthering the mission through


outstanding leadership and encouragement to

Brooke Ready got engaged on June 27, 2020.

2017 Autumn Gruber to Stephen Alen, 5/4/19.

Anna Griffin to Justin Lockamy, 5/23/20.

NEW ARRIVALS 1984 Deanie Griffin Cocran, a granddaughter, Lilith

other Wnet members. In 2020, Dozier was added

Sierra Smith graduated in May from Elon University

to the Wnet Board of Advisors. Michelle Dillman

with her master’s in higher education and started a

Little is now a senior financial data analyst at Red

new role as program specialist for college programs


Hat. Sarah McCune Valentine is the executive

in the Shelton Leadership Center at North Carolina

Conswella Long Timmons, a grandson, William

director and founder of a therapeutic riding facility

State University.

Knight, 5/12/19.

in Clayton, N.C.



Anna Perez was commissioned as a second

Tamara Seamone Timberlake, a granddaughter,

Heather Blackwood moved back to North Carolina

lieutenant in the United States Army in Washington,

Logan Jane Brown, 4/29/20.

in July to return to World Racing Group and World


of Outlaws as DIRTVision coordinator.



Kristy Wilson Johnson, a son, Charlie Coleman,



Nancy Crews Earp to Dr. Frederick Mast Dula, Jr., 6/6/20.



12/14/19. Malone Lockaby, a daughter, Lillian


2009 Amy Lewis is a professional sailor and races the sailboat “Judy” regularly. Lewis was featured at the helm of “Judy” on the cover of the June 2020 U.K. publication Classic Boat.

2013 Alexandria Warren Edwards received her Doctor of Medicine degree from the UNC School of Medicine in May 2020. Edwards will now begin her pediatric residency training at the University

Clarke, 1/6/20.

Sandee Bizzell Hales, a daughter, Ameiah Payton,

Susan Irvine Morris to Richard Wood, 11/23/19.

Elizabeth, 2/26/20.



Dianne Powell to Michael Reardon, 10/11/19.

1993 Katie Rogers to Jon McCargo, 8/7/20.

Sarah Anderson Adkins, a daughter, Hannah Thomas, 6/10/20. Blair Cashion Griffin, a son, Lennox Ward, 5/30/19. Teresa Nichols Singleton & Nephitearya Bailey Singleton, a daughter,

of Alabama at Birmingham.


Billie Grace “Gracey”, 2/25/20. Jessica Horton


Shae Tharrington to Kevin McCain, 4/14/20.

Thompson, a daughter, Serena Elaine, 11/25/19.

Katie Riggs Bynum is a National Board certified



teacher exceptional needs specialist.

Brianna Castillo to Jarelle Lewis, 4/11/20.

Catherine Miller Smith, a daughter, Clara


me re d i th.e d u

Keeling, 2/27/20.

2008 Amanda Citron Holder, a daughter, Ada Loraine, 2/5/20. ToniAnn Gambella Loftus, a son, Maxwell Edward, 5/17/20. Meredith Roberson Nusbaum, a daughter, Claire Stewart, 1/11/20. Elizabeth Conlon O’Neal, a son, Ballard Wade, 3/30/20.

2009 Elizabeth Cross Cross, a son, James Graham, 5/1/20.

2010 Jodi Binkley Dimond, a daughter, Emma Louise, 3/1/20.

2011 Jennifer Smith Alderman, a daughter, Ryan Kate, 2/7/20. Brooks Williford Ard, a son, Mason Andrew, 4/9/20. Sarah Phelps Bdoyan, a son, Josiah Tigran, 3/29/20. Halie Sue Smith Clifton, a son, Cooper Smith, 3/23/20. Bethany Oakley Jordan, a daughter, Mary Charles, 6/6/19. Sarah Wheeler Linhart, a daughter, Anne Wheeler, 3/29/20. Melissa Burton Ragan, a daughter, Annabelle Ruth, 6/8/19.

2012 Ashley King Evrand, a daughter, Kaleigh Rose, 1/6/20.

2013 Brittany Murray Embler, a son, Weston Grey, 6/22/20. Morgan Merritt Gioconda, twin daughters, Charlotte Faith and Savannah Mae, 3/20/19. Kayla Mason Grinnell, a daughter, Tali Reese, 8/11/17. Allison Bridgers Holmes, a daughter, Lily Poinsett, 2/13/20. Rebecca Leigh Shugart, a daughter, Emersyn Joy, 7/1/19.

2014 Katy Clary Burdine, a daughter, Naomi Claire, 6/11/20. Caitlyn DeBona Holland, a daughter, Charlotte Roeckell, 2/11/20. Allison Adams McClelland, a daughter, Emma Kate, 9/10/19. Taylor Jones McGlothlin, a daughter, Grier Micah, 7/20/17, and a son, Bennett Knox, 7/30/18. Lacy Pfeiffer Uthe, a daughter, Ruth Hope, 6/8/20.


ONISHA WALKER, ’14 Bringing Creativity and Logic Together Through Interior Design By Cailyn Whitman, ’18 Like many students on their college search, Onisha Walker, ’14, wasn’t exactly sure what she wanted to major in or what career she wanted to pursue when she was in high school. “I had a hard time figuring out what I was really good at,” she said. When Walker got to Meredith, she discovered interior design: a field that she says requires both creativity and logic. “I am very left and right brained – almost equally – so I was trying to find a career that welcomed that and I fell into interior design,” she said. “I really love that I can bring two of my strengths together in this field, being creative but also knowing how to manage deadlines and budgets.” After graduating from Meredith, Walker went on to receive her master’s from the New York School of Interior Design. At the time, it was the number one interior design program in the country. “My professors were very supportive and even wrote recommendations that helped me get in,” said Walker. In 2018, Walker returned to the Triangle to work as an interior designer and client consultant for Edge Office. This past February, after just two years with the firm, she was promoted to senior designer and account manager. “My days and weeks on the job definitely vary,” Walker said when describing her typical work day. “It can be anything from looking for products to propose to a client, being out at a client meeting, out on the construction or installation site, or sitting in the office completing floor plans, specs, or renderings.” Walker is also a LEED Green Associate, a credential given to interior designers who have a documented, up-to-date understanding of the most current green building principles and practices. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the most widely used green building rating system in the world, helping developers design sustainable and eco-friendly spaces that reduce carbon emissions and energy use. Walker’s many credentials have allowed her to lead projects and develop great relationships in the corporate world. One project she’s particularly proud of started small with designing a break room for a client. “They had a very old school space and they trusted my expertise to introduce a new design concept for a break room,” she said. “They loved it and because of the great partnership we’ve built, I’m now helping them with almost every space in their building.” Walker sees herself getting more involved on the project management side of interior design in the future. “It’s a way to stay in the design world but focus more on my technical qualities,” she said. Looking back, Walker said she is grateful to Meredith for helping her gain the confidence she has in herself today. “I am a strong woman and have learned to always be my best self,” she said. “I am an introvert and at Meredith, I learned to break out of my shell a bit and speak up for myself.”

F all 2020 | M E R E D IT H M A G A Z I N E







Lindsay Ray Nielsen, a daughter, Elliott Reese, 3/23/17, and a daughter, Oaklyn James, 4/27/19. Catie Jones Phelps, a son, Wyatt Douglas, 9/26/16 and a daughter, Everleigh Marie, 6/28/19.

Mary Ann Brown, 8/21/19.

Gretchen Leffler Pindell in the death of her husband.

2016 Raquel Hill, a daughter, Haven Bulluck, 12/9/19.

2017 Katie Pittman Ross, a daughter, Meredith Blake, 4/24/20.

1962 Sarah Mauldin Hawks, 3/2/20.


1971 Doris McIlwain in the death of her brother.

Sarah Baker Harrelson, 3/13/20.



Marcia Hollins Babb in the death of her husband. Paula Gupton Page in the death of her father.

Margaret Rackley Phillips, 6/7/20.


1974 Martha Beale Eppes in the death of her mother.


Becky Walker Sherron Stone, 2/7/20. Gloria McDonald Stubbs, 6/13/20.



Charity Howell Beck, 12/6/19.

Linda Morse Gordon, 4/29/20.



Kathleen Thompson Bogasse, 4/5/20.

Elena Jeanne Bennett, 3/4/20.



Mollie Melvin Ward, 4/6/20.

Lucile Turner James, 8/16/19.

Lee Ann Kirk Michael in the death of her father in law. Janet Michael Rippy in the death of her father.




Rachel Baker Jones, 5/2/20.

Linda Minnis Smith, 6/6/20.

Sally Lomax Turner in the death of her mother.




Ruby Greene Carter, 4/18/20. Helen Crain Farthing, 4/14/20. Charlotte Leonard Fulp, 3/2/20.

Georganne Narron, 4/7/20.

Carol Michael Crenshaw in the death of her father. Lou Graham Howell in the death of her brother. Kimberly Everhart Lentz in the death of her father.

1947 Ruth Miller Brewster, 5/1/20. Nancy Resch Clemmons, 5/9/20.

1948 Susan Fleming Patterson, 4/21/20. Mary Roland Tinga, 6/2/17.

1989 Wilda Eskew Brown, 4/1/20.

1994 Ellen Austin Williamson, 4/6/20.

1997 Heidi Plemmons Williams, 3/4/20.


1975 Claudia Beck in the death of her mother. Kathy Jones Clark in the death of her mother. Virginia Crouch Slack in the death of her mother.


1980 Lisa Cunningham in the death of her brother. Hunter Dudley Darden in the death of her mother. Dreama Montague Dillon in the death of her father. Sandy Patton Rudolf in the death of her husband.



Eleanor “Brownie� Roberson Everett, 3/5/20. Idalia Oglesby High, 6/8/20.

Barbara Jones Cummings in the death of her husband.



Jeanette Atkins Brooks, 5/17/20.

Patty Melvin Watson in the death of her cousin.




Jo Welch Hull, 4/20/20. Mary Alice Archer McLaughlin, 4/7/20.

Susan Moss Grigg in the death of her sister.

Liz Harrell Newell in the death of her aunt. Gaye Tapp in the death of her mother.



1960 Ann Rackley Kilian in the death of her sister. Peggy Martin Honeycutt in the death of her husband.

Julie Michael Wolverton in the death of her father.


Deanie Griffin Cocran in the death of her father.

Lena Epps Brooker in the death of her husband.

Cynthia Lawson Harding in the death of her

Virginia Mumford Nance, 3/8/20.

1956 Barbara Brantley Frucci, 6/5/20. Anne Mizelle Smith, 4/15/19. Ruth Sperling Wilson, 5/31/20.


me re d i th.e d u

1981 Sharmon Simmons Herring in the death of her mother. Anne Huffman in the death of her mother. Pamela Spake Williams in the death of her aunt.


mother. Maria Izurieta Herring in the death of



her father.

Betty Stroud Griffin in the death of her husband.

Blythe Taylor in the death of her grandmother.




Laurie Lomax Barwick in the death of her mother. Anne Fowler in the death of her father.

Catherine Little Geddings in the death of her mother. Sandy Michael Russell in the death of her father. Denise Darroch Williford in the death of her mother.

Laura Ward in the death of her mother.



Marva Watkins in the death of her father.



Kristine Kauffman Muiccio in the death of her husband.

Ann DeSimone Brown in the death of her brother. Anna Taylor Freeman in the death of her grandmother. Hanna Oh in the death of her father in law.



Christa Phillips Devitt in the death of her mother. Amy Floyd Edge in the death of her grandmother.

Chassie Deitz-Selouane in the death of her father.

Lauren Balkcum in the death of her father. Susannah Fleming Hughes in the death of her father. Carlissa Oakley Taylor in the death of her mother. Marie Burris in the death of her father.


MEREDITH 2.23.21 #MakeItCount4MC

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S ummer F all 2020 2018 | M E R E D IT H M A G A Z I N E




2002 Amy Michael Huneycutt in the death of her grandfather.

2003 Su-Anne Ward Estes in the death of her grandmother. Erin Taylor Rice in the death of her grandmother.

2005 Amy Beattie Wilkinson in the death of her mother.

2009 Elizabeth Cobb-Wilner in the death of her grandmother.

2011 Rebecca McLamb Holden in the death of her brother.

2013 Rebecca Thompson in the death of her mother.


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me re d i th.e d u

Mack Thompson in the death of her mother.

2020 Catherine Herring in the death of her grandfather.


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Dr. Deborah and Jim Tippett Irving H. Wainwright* Dianne and Marvin Welton Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation Bobbitt Clay Williams, ’57, and Bill Williams

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$500,000-$999,999 Annette L. Bailey, ’79 Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina, Inc. Frances Tatum Council, ’38*, and C.R. Council* Elizabeth Hines Crews, ’81 D. Phyllis Duncan, ’66 Hazel Faulkner Edwards, ’35*, and Luby Edwards* Richard Farrow Jena Muntz Gallagher, ’85 GlaxoSmithKline Foundation Brigadier General Hugh B. Hester, USA* Pamela Autrey Hester, ’81, and Worth Hester Anne Morris Hinson, ’70, and James Hinson IBM Corporation - Matching Gift Program Shirley Spoon Knox, ’56

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Bronze Circle

$100,000-$499,999 Mary-Stuart Parker Alderman, ’71, and Jack Alderman

Barbara Blanchard Allen, ’63*, and Bob Allen Dorothy Vaden Ashworth, ’73, and Robert Ashworth Mary Ann C. Bacon, ’01, and Robert Bacon Sue Garrison Ballard* and Bruce Ballard Bank of America Madge Daniels Barber, 1920* C.C. Barefoot* and Kilty Johnson Barefoot* Peggy and Charles D. Barham, Jr. Nell Barker, ’29* Mary Elizabeth Barnes, ’60 Beth C. Barr, ’75, and Frank L. Orthel Irwin Belk Education Foundation The Belk Foundation Virginia Staples Blanton, ’35*, and C. David Blanton* BlueCross and BlueShield of North Carolina Sarah Katherine Phillips Bowerman, ’51* Branch Banking & Trust Company Dorothy Ray Branham, ’35* Ellen Dozier Brewer, 1918* Mamie Forney Bridges, ’35* Betty Smith Broder, ’56*

Brown Foundation Christine Speight Brown, ’76 Yvette M. Brown, MD, ’90 Faye Arnold Broyhill, ’59* Natalie Braswell Broyhill, ’09, and Penn Broyhill Paul Broyhill James E. & Mary Z. Bryan Foundation C. Allen* and Jane R. Burris* Burroughs Wellcome Fund Kathryn Booth Butler, ’68 Camille Griffin Camp, ’64, and George Camp The Cannon Foundation, Inc. Margaret A. Cargill Foundation Carolina Power & Light Foundation Kay Perkins Carrington, ’87* Clara Horne Carswell, ’24* M. Linda Carter, ’82 Kemp S. Cate* Evelyn King Cheek, ’39* Nancy Williams Cheek, ’63, and Neal Cheek Bruce Tull Clare, ’64, and Robert Clare Betty W. Clark Rogers H. Clark* Sada Clarke, ’39* Coca-Cola Bottling Company John and Elizabeth Cooley Jean Batten Cooper, ’54, and Robert Cooper* Margaret Blanchard Cooper, ’37*, and John Cooper, Jr.* Josephine Smith Cooper, ’67 Hesta Kitchin Crawford, ’29* Iris Culler Creech, ’43*

* Deceased

Anne Clark Dahle, ’54 Data General Corporation The Honorable N. Leo Daughtry LaRue Pearce Davenport, ’65, and Norman Davenport Egbert L. Davis, Jr.* Margaret Dixon, ’56 and Thomas Dixon Graham W. Dobbin* Mary B. and Tom Dossenbach Elizabeth James Dotterer, ’30*, and John E. Dotterer* Charlotte Downs Ellis, ’72* Eugene Berryhill Estate Kathryn and Sam E. Ewell, Jr. ExxonMobil Foundation Kellie J. Falk, ’85 and Joseph Patterson Lucy T. Fassett Memorial Trust Bettie D. Ferrell* Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund First Baptist Church Hickory First Gaston Foundation, Inc. Ruth Fonville, ’91, and Chris Fonville Foundation for the Carolinas Betsy Porter Fritschel, ’77, and Scott Fritschel Louise Futrell, 1914* Brigadier General Norman Gaddis [U.S. Air Force, Ret.] Judith Carroll Gardner, ’67 Gaston County Dyeing Machine Patricia Houser Gay, ’60 Genworth Financial Lois Williams Gerald, ’55* Gigi Jackson Giersch, ’62, and Van Giersch

Annie Grady Glover, ’94 Cindy Parkman Godwin, ’89, and Rickey Godwin Sandra G. Godwin, ’79 Michelle Rich Goode, ’73 Barbara Lyons Goodmon, ’94, and James Goodmon Goodnight Educational Foundation Ann Baggett Goodnight, ’68, and Jim Goodnight Dorothy Loftin Goodwin, ’47, and William Goodwin* William Granberry Betty Stroud Griffin, ’88 Lalon* and Emory Groover* Charlene Grunwaldt H. Manly and Mary Robertson Clark Family Foundation, INC. Mamie Hafner* G. Fred Hale Charitable Trust James and Norma Hamrick* Mary Streeter Harmelink, ’94, and Tom Harmelink* Emily Hines Harper, ’09* James and Donna Harrill Laura Weatherspoon Harrill, ’27* Helen M. Harris* Julia Hamlet Harris* Henry M. Hatcher* Thomasine Herring Hayes, ’39* The William Randolph Hearst Foundations Dr. E. Bruce Heilman* Ola W. Hendren* Rebecca Beddingfield Henley, ’42* Paula Lowry Herren, ’66, and Ronald Herren Idalia Oglesby High, ’49* Nancy Ricker High, ’62, and Ernie Minor* Hilda Austin Highfill, ’48, and Lawrence Highfill* Blanche Dupree Hodul, ’49* Ruth Tucker Holleman, ’35*, and Robert D. Holleman* Nancy Craig Hollingsworth, ’59, and W. Claude Hollingsworth Charlotte and H. Alexander Holmes Evelyn Squires Lloyd Howell, ’32* Martha Hamrick Howerton, ’47* Catherine Wyatt Hudson, ’42* Vivian Stanley Hughes, ’55, and George Hughes* William Bruce Hutchison Trust IME BECAS Mexican Consulate Jefferson-Pilot Foundation Maurice N. Jennings Sr. Patricia Armstrong Johnson, ’70 and W. Donald Johnson Fayette Jacobs Jones, ’73 Nancy C. Joyner, ’58* Oscar A. Keller Jr.* and Elderlene R. Keller* Norman and Ruth Kellum Katharine Kerr Kendall, ’42* Dr. Doris E. King* Katherine Chungho King, MD, ’57, and Louis H. Li* Ann Carter Kirkland, ’96, and Bill Kirkland, Jr.

Durema Fitzgerald Kohl, ’45 Isabel and William W. Lawrence* Nell Rankin Leazar* and J. D. Leazar* Helen Henson Leggett, ’53 Gordon and Judith LeGrand Edna Leib, ’36* Rachel W. Lewter* Martha Foy Lineberry, ’27* Susan Holliday Lobinger, ’41* Shannon Massey Lowry, ’04, and Jason Lowry, ’14, MBA Mabel Claire Hoggard Maddrey, ’28* Marshall Moore Marchman, ’66*, and James F. Marchman, III Martin Marietta Materials Zeno Martin, Jr.* Dr. Marie Mason, ’47 Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance George V. McCotter* Elaine Powell McLeod, ’81 Deborah Stanley McNeill, ’71 and John McNeill, Jr. Sue Hilton Metzger, ’66, and Gerald Metzger Carol Lancaster Milano, ’79 Patricia Miller Moore Mary Beth Coleman Mosca, ’87, and Daniel Mosca Lori Messina Moscato, ’99, and Robert Moscato NC Community Foundation Margaret Covington Nelson, ’38* Ginger Alexander Neustadt, ’05, and Bill Neustadt News & Observer Foundation Sarah Ridgell Nicholson, ’53* Marguerite Warren Noel, ’34* Parker Smith Normann, ’85, and William Keller Normann Maureen Kelley O’Connor and Tim O’Connor Laura J. Page, ’67 The Palin Foundation The Honorable Sarah Parker, ’64 Pauline Davis Perry, ’37* Larnette White Phifer, ’60 Philip Morris Companies, Inc. Anne Parker Phillips, ’66, and Terry Phillips Betsy Best Phillips, ’71, ’86, ’89 MBA Lisa Robie Poole, ’86, and Ven Poole J. Earl and Doris Pope Joyce Thomas Porter, ’47*, and Oscar Porter* Myra Motley Prince, ’42* Margaret Bullard Pruitt, ’37* Dr. Elizabeth Vance Raft, ’56 Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation RJR Reynolds Tobacco Company Foundation Mary Jon Gerald Roach, ’56 Virginia Lancaster Robertson, ’42*, and Leon Robertson* Vickie Owens Robinson, ’74, and James M. Robinson Rodgers Builders, Inc.

# Denotes members of the Ivy Society, recent graduates (2009 to 2019) who make a monthly gift of $10 or more annually.

Dorothy Turlington Royal, ’28* Ruby and Earnest McSwain Worthy Land Trust Anne Fonville-Sams, ’77 Janie G. Shearin, ’39*, and Raymond F. Shearin* The Shelton Foundation Paula J. Sims Sink Family Ltd Partnership Marvin L. Skaggs* Carol Carson Sloan, ’75* Mary Louise Ott Spain, ’43 Earl W.* and Evelyn Spangler* Martha and Robert Speight, Jr. Theola R.* and Roy M. Stewart* Minnie* and Fred A. Stone* William R.* and Joyce Stroud Drs. Charles and Marilyn Stuber Charles and Edith Sullivan Charitable Remainder Trust Edith King Sullivan* and Charles S. Sullivan* Dorothy Sink Sykes, ’73, and Charlie Sykes Elizabeth and James A. Taylor Jane Williamson Teague, ’54*, and Edward Teague* Fran Jennings Teter, ’83, and Chris Teter The Dickson Foundation, Inc. The William R.Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust Betsy Ann Moore Thigpen, ’60* Frances Almond Thompson*, ’51, and Hannis Thompson* Mary Louise Milliken Thompson, ’48, and Reid Thompson Lou Perry Tippett, ’62, and Walter Lyndo Tippett Jenny Lynn Miller Tolson,’78 Connie Frazier Turlington, ’73, and John Turlington Elizabeth Ankers Tuttle, ’73 Stuart Weatherspoon Upchurch, ’35* Cynthia Worsham Urquhart, ’94 and Richard Urquhart, III Nan Davis Van Every, ’43 Donna Vereen-Curtin, ’77 C. Ed Vick, Jr.* and Laura Anne Vick Jennie Harris Wallace W. Herbert Weatherspoon* Wells Fargo Foundation Sharyn Hemrick West, ’71, ’04, and Harold West Cecile Ward White, ’52*, and Robert White* Captain Carolyn C. Wiggins, CHC, [U.S. Navy, Ret]. , ’76 David R. and Mary Jane Williams Claude B. Williams, Jr.* and Jerry Williams* Judy L. Williams, ’74 Ida Carol Senter Wilson, ’62, and Donald Wilson* Ronald and Paula Withrow Louise L. Wyatt, ’30* Helen F. Yeargan* Helen Parker Yeargan, ’36* Nancy Johnston Zimmerman, ’42 * Deceased

Honor Roll of Donors 2019-20


Stringfield Society Recognizes and honors those who have committed to supporting Meredith College through an endowed gift. Class of 1965 Class of 1969 Class of 1977 African American Alumnae Chapter George I. Alden Trust Barbara Blanchard Allen, ’63*, and Bob Allen Jo Ellen Williams, ’57*, and Justus Ammons Judy Wilkerson Anderson, ’82* Aramark Corporation Bess Peeler Averre, ’55 Nancy Barnhill Aycock, ’72, and Burt Aycock Jr.* Mary Ayscue, ’27* Mary Ann C. Bacon, ’01, and Robert Bacon Annette L. Bailey, ’79 Meredith C. Bailey Sue Garrison Ballard* and Bruce Ballard James L. Ballou Bank of America Baptist State Convention of North Carolina Madge Daniels Barber, 1920* Dr. Ann Hiott Barham, ’92 Peggy and Charles D. Barham, Jr. Nell Barker, ’29* Dr. Jane E. Barnes Mary Elizabeth Barnes, ’60 Marilyn Williams Barnhill, ’59 Lennie and Jessica Barton John Thomas Battle* Alicia M. Baucom, ’05, and Bill Baucom, Jr. James Beale Margaret R. Beale, ’77* Elizabeth Triplett Beam, ’72, and J. David Beam Celia Witt Beauchamp, ’78 Eugene Beddingfield* T. Lyndon Bennett* Eliza Turner Bingham, ’33* Jean Ferebee Bishop, ’49* and John Bishop* Beth L. Bolton Jeff Bolton Joseph A. Bolton James Bovender* Sarah Katherine Phillips Bowerman, ’51* Branch Banking & Trust Company Dorothy Ray Branham, ’35* Sharon Woodlief Britt, ’88 Betty Smith Broder, ’56* Christine Speight Brown, ’76 Hannah Savage Brown, ’44* Peyton J. Brown* Dr. Yvette M. Brown, MD, ’90 Broyhill Family Foundation, Inc. Natalie Braswell Broyhill, ’09, and Penn Broyhill Paul Broyhill James E. & Mary Z. Bryan Foundation


Honor Roll of Donors 2019-20

Anne Bryan, ’71, and Bruce Cosgrove Daniel L. Bryant Everett* and Dorice Bryant William E. Bryant Gilbert H. Burnett Julian H. Burnett Phyllis C. Burnett* C. Allen* and Jane R. Burris* Kathryn Booth Butler, ’68 Porter B. Byrum Charitable Trust Anna Fay Jackson Campbell, ’60 Sandra Flynt Canipe, ’66 Carolina Power & Light Foundation G. Paul and Jean Carr John and Tina Carr Virginia Murchison Carson, ’27* Charlotte Wester Cate, ’38* Joyce Anne Causey, ’55* Patricia Whisnant Cease, ‘75 Graham V. Chamblee* Evelyn King Cheek, ’39* Nancy Williams Cheek, ’63, and Neal Cheek Parkman H. Clancy* Ernest and Virginia Clancy Bruce Tull Clare, ’64, and Robert Clare Betty W. Clark Elizabeth Clay Rebecca Wicker Clayton, ’54 Sophie Clayton* Sandra Critzer Close, ’86 Edwin and Goldie Coates Kelly Knott Cobb, ’69 Coca-Cola Bottling Company Bernard and Mary Cochran Billie Jo Kennedy Cockman, ’79 Dorothy Collier* Annetta Burnett Collins* James Lee Cone Meg* and Jim Conner* Norma Baker Cook, ’63 John and Elizabeth Cooley Arthur W. Cooper Jean Batten Cooper, ’54, and Robert Cooper* Margaret Blanchard Cooper, ’37*, and John Cooper, Jr.* Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina, Inc. Frances Tatum Council, ’38*, and C.R. Council* Beulah Rimmer Craig* Iris Culler Creech, ’43* Nell Baker Creech, ’31* Elizabeth Hines Crews, ’81 Sylvia Burnett Crippen Dr. Roger Crook Estelle Duckett Culbreth Phyllis Cunningham* Anne Clark Dahle, ’54 Katie Carpenter Daniels, ’44* The Honorable N. Leo Daughtry LaRue Pearce Davenport, ’65, and Norman Davenport Bettie Jean Davis, ’56 Gwendolyn Picklesimer Davis, ’62 and Dr. Charles A. Davis Egbert L. Davis, Jr.* Eleanor Layfield Davis, ’32*

Elaine McKinney Dawson Mona Horton Dean, ’58 Elizabeth Botzler Decker* and James L. Decker* William and Betty* Dedmon Charlotte B. Didawick* Kristy McLaurin Dixon Mary B. and Tom Dossenbach Deborah Lakin Doster, ’73* Elizabeth James Dotterer, ’30*, and John E. Dotterer* C. Elizabeth Dove, ’84 Duke Energy Foundation Jessie Ball duPont Fund Denise and Anthony Dworznicki Ruth Ann Walters Dyer, ’69 Hazel Faulkner Edwards, ’35*, and Luby Edwards* Jolene Weathers Edwards, ’48 Charlotte Downs Ellis, ’72* Encee Chemical Sales Martha Beale Eppes, ’74 Ruth Cole Eure, ’53* Bonnie and Royce Everette, Jr. Kathryn and Sam E. Ewell, Jr. ExxonMobil Foundation Richard Farrow Sallie Williams Faulk, ’28* First Baptist Church Raleigh A. J. Fletcher Foundation Susan Creech Fowls, ’76 Dr. Lois E. Frazier* Susan Harris Frazier, ’81 Betsy Porter Fritschel, ’77, and Scott Fritschel Brigadier General Norman Gaddis [U.S. Air Force, Ret.] Lucy Finch Gaddy* and Charles W. Gaddy* Jena Muntz Gallagher, ’85 Marilyn Ballard Gardner, ’71 Minnie Murchison Gaston, ’24* Cathy and James Gaynor Lois Williams Gerald, ’55* Gigi Jackson Giersch, ’62, and Van Giersch Elmer Ginn GlaxoSmithKline Foundation Margaret Williams Glazener, ’40* Cynthia C. Godwin, ’74 Julian Goff Michelle Rich Goode, ’73 Goodnight Educational Foundation Ann Baggett Goodnight, ’68, and Jim Goodnight Hank and Ellen Graden William Granberry Grass Family Foundation Teese Ayers Griffin, ’68*, and Thomas W. Griffin Charlene Grunwaldt Jean Hallman Guion* Mamie Hafner* Addie Jones Hall, 1917* Shepard Kimbrell Halsch, ’85, and Tom Halsch Mary Streeter Harmelink, ’94, and Tom Harmelink* Emily Hines Harper, ’09* Lynn and Michael Harper James and Donna Harrill

Lucille Sawyer Harris, ’46* M. Elizabeth Harris, ’33* Marvin Harris* Maureen and Jay Hartford Phoenix Chen Haydon, ’74 Thomasine Herring Hayes, ’39* Dr. E. Bruce Heilman* Mattie J. Henderson, 1907* Ola W. Hendren* Joanne Brown Herring, ’54 Pamela Autrey Hester, ’81, and Worth Hester Idalia Oglesby High, ’49* Hilda Austin Highfill, ’48, and Lawrence Highfill* Lynn P. Hill Anne Morris Hinson, ’70, and James Hinson Carolyn B. Holland, ’28 Ruth Tucker Holleman, ’35*, and Robert D. Holleman* Charlotte and H. Alexander Holmes Kathryn Fenters House, ’72 Suzanne Hage Houyoux, ’90 Evelyn Squires Lloyd Howell, ’32* Catherine Wyatt Hudson, ’42* Betty Jo Welch Hull, ’53* Jean Joyner Humbert, ’52* Betty Hewlett Hurst, ’26* Estate of Ruth Huskins Independent College Fund of NC Richard F. and Sarah D. Isaacs Ira and Nina Jackson Dr. N. Jean Jackson, ’75 Ann Batson James, ’67, and Allen James Catherine McCracken James, ’77 Mary Nell Bostick Jenke, ’78 Maurice N. Jennings Sr. Mary Anne Jobe, ’58 Mary Marvin Johnson, MD, ’73 Dr. and Mr. Brice Johnson Maureen Johnson Patricia Armstrong Johnson ’70 and W. Donald Johnson Ann Jones and Gene Jones* Barbara Smith Jones, ’60 William and Mildred Jones Christina Brown Jones* and Seby B. Jones* Jean Journigan Joyner, ’54 Nancy C. Joyner, ’58* Kappa Nu Sigma Harry Katz Charitable Trust Rochelle* and Michael Katz* Sue Ennis Kearney, ’64, and Tom Kearney Vivian A. Keasler, ’77 Grace Butler Keith, ’26* Norman and Ruth Kellum Katharine Kerr Kendall, ’42* Dr. Doris E. King* Ann Carter Kirkland, ’96, and Bill Kirkland, Jr. Dr. Ione Kemp Knight, ’43* Durema Fitzgerald Kohl, ’45 Jim E. Lambeth, III Vicky Langley and Gene Langley* Isabel and William W. Lawrence* Nell Rankin Leazar* and J. D. Leazar*

Lola M.* and Hubert F. Ledford* Helen Henson Leggett, ’53 Charles F. Lewis* Robert H. Lewis* Rachel W. Lewter* Family and Friends of Dr. Erin Stewart Lindquist Margaret Hine Linville, ’42* Ann Lowery, ’74 Shannon Massey Lowry, ’04, and Jason Lowry, ’14, MBA The Mangum Group Talmadge Hinnant Mangum, ’81 and Michael Mangum Marshall Moore Marchman, ’66*, and James F. Marchman, III Mary Summersill Markham Martin Marietta Materials Margaret Craig Martin, ’30* Dr. Marie Mason, ’47 Gwendolyn Matthews, ’71 Anna Elizabeth Liles Maynard* George V. McCotter* Edith Hall McKinney, ’42* Elaine Powell McLeod, ’81 Deborah Stanley McNeill, ’71 and John McNeill, Jr. Cynthia Long McPhail, ’75 Ruby and Ernest McSwain Worthy Land Trust Susan Jackson Mellette, ’42* Susan H. Metts, ’71 Sue Hilton Metzger, ’66, and Gerald Metzger Carol Lancaster Milano, ’79 Olive Hamrick Miller, ’40* Polly Moore Mixon, ’66, and Ben Mixon Dorie Atkins Monroe, ’52 Patricia Miller Moore Sally Newton Morrow, ’58 Mary Beth Coleman Mosca, ’87, and Daniel Mosca Steven and Constance Mullinix NC Council of Women’s Organization Thomas and Janice Neese C. Louise Nelson* Margaret Covington Nelson, ’38* Ginger Alexander Neustadt, ’05, and Bill Neustadt Jennie Reid Newby, ’38* News & Observer Foundation Marguerite Warren Noel, ’34* Sarah McKee Nooe, 1922* Parker Smith Normann, ’85, and William Keller Normann Anita Hauser Ogburn, ’66 and Tom Ogburn Edla Adams Ogburn, ’30* Lois Griswold Outland, ’32* and Robert B. Outland, Sr.* Mary Pryor Rodwell Overby, ’51* Dr. Allen and Barbara Page, ’54 Craven and Marlene Page Elizabeth Nanney Page, ’38* Susan M. Page Park Foundation, Inc. Margaret Weatherspoon Parker, ’38* Margaret Faucette Parker, 1908* Adele Patrick

Dr. Clarence Patrick* Estate of Ola W. and John W. Patterson Mary Helen Simms Patterson, ’69 Paxton Company Cleo Glover Perry, ’45*, and Elwood Perry* Dorothy Singleton Perry, ’48* Pauline Davis Perry, ’37* Larnette White Phifer, ’60 Betsy Alford Phillips, ’66 Betsy Best Phillips, ’71, ’86, ’89, MBA Ruth Burnett Phillips* Kathy Adams Pierce, ’97 Patricia Forbes Poe, ’81 W. Gordon Poole* J. Earl and Doris Pope Ina Mae Byrd Powell, ’36* Dorothy Knott Preston, ’54 Myra Motley Prince, ’42* Margaret Bullard Pruitt, ’37* Public Service Company of NC Mary Burnett Quaintance* Dr. Elizabeth Vance Raft, ’56 Frances Wallace Rankin, ’46 Evelyn Hampton Rappaport, ’43* Sarah Cook Rawley, ’29*, and D.A. Rawley* Dr. Linda Keith Ray, ’74* Minnie Huffman Reddish Foundation Suzanne Reynolds, ’71, and Robert Elliot Claude Rhyne* Estelle Wilkins Ridenhour, ’28* Pamela Mitchell Riley, ’73 Charles* and Carolyn Ripley Jessie Markert Rivers, ’71 Mary Jon Gerald Roach, ’56 Virginia Lancaster Robertson, ’42*, and Leon Robertson* Vickie Owens Robinson, ’74, and James M. Robinson William A. Rose Dorothy Turlington Royal, ’28* Joyce McIntyre Rudisill, ’42* Katherine Furches Rumley, ’43* Anne Fonville-Sams, ’77 Martha Anne Roberts Samsel, ’66 Charles and Ann Sanders Alice Goodman Satisky, ’37*, and Daniel Satisky* Gladys Strickland Satterwhite, ’24* William D. Schorger* David A. Senter Vida L.* and John A. Senter* Janie G. Shearin, ’39*, and Raymond F. Shearin* Charles and Sandra Shelton Dr. Hugh M.* and Lucy Shingleton Helen Canaday Simms, ’40* Mary Ann Canaday Simms, ’42* G. H. Singleton Kester A. Sink Brian D. and Nancy P. Siska, ’76 Claire Sullivan Slaughter, ’72, and Harold Slaughter Carol Carson Sloan, ’75* Deborah Dove Smith, ’80 Eleanor Beddingfield Smith, ’34* Elizabeth Shelton Smith-Cox, ’46* Mary Louise Ott Spain, ’43 * Deceased

Melba Truelove Sparrow, ’84* Martha and Robert Speight, Jr. Jacqueline Owen Stallings, ’76 Theola R.* and Roy M. Stewart* William R.* and Joyce Stroud Charles Sullivan* Edward W. Summersill, III Helen Knott Taylor, ’44 Hoyt and Linda Taylor Elizabeth and James A. Taylor Jane Williamson Teague, ’54*, and Edward Teague* Fran Jennings Teter, ’83, and Chris Teter The Dickson Foundation, Inc. The Nationwide Foundation Georgia and John Theys Frances Almond Thompson*, ’51, and Hannis Thompson* Sandra Sneed Thompson, ’82 Dr. Deborah and Jim Tippett Lou Perry Tippett, ’62, and Walter Lyndo Tippett Jenny Lynn Miller Tolson,’78 Bonnie Torgerson James Towler Louise Vann Tronnes* and Erling Tronnes* Bonnie Scott Truelove, ’71 Martha “Bootsy” Renfro Tucker, ’54 Elizabeth Ankers Tuttle, ’73 Pattie Dale Tye, ’80 Stuart Weatherspoon Upchurch, ’35* Nan Davis Van Every, ’43 Donna Vereen-Curtin, ’77 C. Ed Vick, Jr.* and Laura Anne Vick Irving H. Wainwright* Phyllis Brooks Wainwright* Alyce Epley Walker, ’54 Jack Wardlaw* Eva Neel Wardrup, ’70 Meredith Marr Watson, ’74 and Michael Watson Sarah E.V. Watts, ’34* Dr. Betty Webb, ’67, and John Rose Dianne and Marvin Welton Sharyn Hemrick West, ’71, ’04, and Harold West Clara J. Spell Westbrook* Cecile Ward White, ’52*, and Robert White* Captain Carolyn C. Wiggins, CHC, [U.S. Navy, Ret]. , ’76 Howard L. Freese and Gail M. Wilkins, ’61 Bobbitt Clay Williams, ’57, and Bill Williams Claude B. Williams David R. and Mary Jane Williams Jane Condrey Williams, ’54* Claude B. Williams, Jr.* and Jerry Williams* Lena Mae Williams, ’26* Vida Thompson Williams, ’37*, and W. Fred Williams, Sr.* Ida Carol Senter Wilson, ’62, and Donald Wilson* Ruth C. Wilson* Winston-Salem Foundation Ronald and Paula Withrow

Meredith College Recognition Levels Lifetime Giving Societies Thomas Meredith Society

($100,000+) cumulative giving to any fund(s)

Stringfield Endowment Society

($25,000+) giving to any endowment fund

Heritage Society

Gift in will, trust, insurance policy, and gift annuity

Annual Giving Societies Iris Society – President’s Circle ($5,000+ Annually) Recent graduates* ($2,500)

Iris Society ($1,000–$4,999 Annually) Recent graduates* ($500)

Ivy Society Annual Giving Society for recent graduates $10/monthly per year *graduates of the last ten years

Iris Merritt Womble, ’56, and Thomas Womble Jan Perdue Woodard, ’94 Judy C. Woodruff, ’68, and Al Hunt Mabel James Woods, ’27* Jane Dameron Worley, ’82 Louise L. Wyatt, ’30* Cecil M. Yarborough Edna Beddingfield Yarborough, ’30* Sophia McLawhorn Yarborough, ’70 and Dr. Michael F. Yarborough Cecil Yarbrough* Betty Jean Yeager, ’47* Helen F. Yeargan* Helen Parker Yeargan, ’36* Nancy Johnston Zimmerman, ’42

Heritage Society

The Heritage Society, established in 1989, recognizes both living and deceased alumnae and friends who are committed to supporting Meredith College through a will, trust, insurance policy or gift annuity. Jayne Osborne Abernethy, ’83 Margaret Holland Adams, ’52 Edna Lou Lamb Aldrich, ’45* Luke and Barbara Allen Caroline Hart Allen, ’77 Lorraine Allen Jo Ellen Williams, ’57*, and Justus Ammons Betty Anderson, ’42* Kathryn Midyette Anderson, ’76 Frances Marie Andrews, ’53 Homer Andrews Dorothy Massey Ankers, ’47* Rebecca E. Askew, ’76 Virginia Patrick Avery, ’77, and Thomas Avery Mary Ayscue, ’27* Annette L. Bailey, ’79 Hazel Baity, ’26* Mary Esther Clark Baker, ’96, and Stanley Baker Mary Farrior Baker, ’23* Bessie B. Ballentine, ’23* Rebecca S. Ballentine, ’48 Madge Daniels Barber, 1920* C.C. Barefoot* and Kilty Johnson Barefoot*

Nell Barker, ’29* Dr. Jane E. Barnes Martha Pittman Barnes, ’37* Mary Elizabeth Barnes, ’60 Frances K. Barnett, ’32* Marilyn Williams Barnhill, ’59 Beth C. Barr, ’75, and Frank L. Orthel Lennie and Jessica Barton Beverly A. Batchelor, ’30* Alicia M. Baucom, ’05, and Bill Baucom, Jr. Margaret R. Beale, ’77* Elizabeth Triplett Beam, ’72, and J. David Beam Antoinette Beasley, ’1915* Celia Witt Beauchamp, ’78 Lydia Beavers, ’29* Margaret B. Benbow, ’51* Katherine Weatherly Benningfield, ’89 Ruth Abernethy Benton, ’37* Caroline Biggers, 1915* Eliza Turner Bingham, ’33* Jean Ferebee Bishop, ’49* and John Bishop* Ethel S. Blackman* Mary Delbridge Blalock, ’55 Virginia Staples Blanton, ’35*, and C. David Blanton* Courtney Spooner Blum, ’92 Eula Hodges Boatright, ’28* Claudilene S. Bone, 1922* Georganne Joyner Boone, ’55 Dr. Helen Hall Bosse, ’46 Anne Parr Bowne, ’56 Kenneth E. Boyd Kristina Benton Bracy, ’86 Anne Irby Bramlett, ’61 Dorothy Ray Branham, ’35* Betsy Watson Brennan, ’45* Ann Eliza Brewer, 1922* Rock Brinkley Sharon Woodlief Britt, ’88 Jane Slate Brooks, ’52* Peyton J. Brown* Natalie Braswell Broyhill, ’09, and Penn Broyhill Madaline Elliott Buchanan, ’28* Clara Ray Bunn, ’54 C. Allen* and Jane R. Burris* Marilyn Greene Burris, ’57 Jean Miller Burroughs, ’52 Luther Butler

# Denotes members of the Ivy Society, recent graduates (2009 to 2019) who make a monthly gift of $10 or more annually.

Dianne Timm Byerly, ’75 Sandra Graham Cagle, ’79 Karen Harrison Calhoun, ’78, and Larry Calhoun Christine Barker Calvert, ’71, and John Calvert Ashley Taylor Cantrell, ’93 Martha Ballou Caphton, ’63 Deborah Stallings Carawan, ’65 Najla Nave Carlton, ’79 Carr Bradshaw Estate Mrs. Earl N Carr* Kay Perkins Carrington, ’87* Elizabeth Woody Carroll, ’61 Virginia Murchison Carson, ’27* Carolyn H. Carter, ’73 M. Linda Carter, ’82 Ruby Greene Carter, ’46* Cooper D. Cass* Joyce Anne Causey, ’55* Joy McNeill Chafin, ’97 Graham V. Chamblee* Lorraine G. Chapman, ’72 Ruby Garner Chartley, ’34* Evelyn King Cheek, ’39* Carolyn Boyette Childress, ’60 Bruce Tull Clare, ’64, and Robert Clare C. F. Clark Lorna Staples Clark, ’55 Rogers H. Clark* Virginia Highfill Clark, ’47* Sada Clarke, ’39* Irma Ray Clipson, ’52 Sandra Critzer Close, ’86 Edwin and Goldie Coates Kelly Knott Cobb, ’69 Betsy Lane Cochrane, ’58 Billie Jo Kennedy Cockman, ’79 Susan Creech Coenen, ’25* Evelyn Dillon Coleman, ’43* Meg* and Jim Conner* Ellen Goldston Cook, ’50* Norma Baker Cook, ’63 Jean Batten Cooper, ’54, and Robert Cooper* Josephine Smith Cooper, ’67 Margaret Eagles Copeland, ’26* Carolyn Hutchinson Coram, ’73 Roger* and Dorothy Corey* Frances Tatum Council, ’38*, and C.R. Council* Bertha Langdon Creech, 1920* Iris Culler Creech, ’43* James Bryan Creech* Nell Baker Creech, ’31* Elizabeth Hines Crews, ’81 Dr. Roger Crook Verna Willetts Croom, ’54, and John Croom Sandra Long Crutchfield, ’79 Phyllis Cunningham* Kathryn L. Armentrout Katie Carpenter Daniels, ’44* LaRue Pearce Davenport, ’65, and Norman Davenport Bettie Jean Davis, ’56 Blanche Horton Davis, ’28* Cathy Rollins Davis, ’76 Gwendolyn Picklesimer Davis, ’62 and Dr. Charles A. Davis Honor Roll of Donors 2019-20


Egbert L. Davis, Jr.* Edna Frances Dawkins, ’37* Elizabeth Botzler Decker* and James L. Decker* Jane Greene Deese, ’29* Lou Joyner Dennis, ’79 Boyd King Dimmock, ’71 Vera K. Dixon, ’24* Janie Parker Dixon, 1914* Kristy McLaurin Dixon Margaret Dixon, ’56 and Thomas Dixon Graham W. Dobbin* Mary Frances Kerr Donaldson, ’43* Mary B. and Tom Dossenbach Elizabeth James Dotterer, ’30*, and John E. Dotterer* Ivy G. Doughton, ’26* C. Elizabeth Dove, ’84 Peggy Easton Driggs, ’74 D. Phyllis Duncan, ’66 Mae Spencer Duncan* Denise and Anthony Dworznicki Betty Jo Kiff-Eason, ’57* Dr. Lois V. Edinger, ’45* Hazel Faulkner Edwards, ’35*, and Luby Edwards* Jolene Weathers Edwards, ’48 Marguerite Mason Edwards, ’30* T. Wayne and Lois Eidson Diane and Dennis Ellis Lucille L. Ellis* Sharon Ellis, ’76 Frances Elrod, ’47*

Burton Y. Endo* Gloria Little English, ’71 Elizabeth H. Shermer, ’41* Ruth Cole Eure, ’53* Kathryn and Sam E. Ewell, Jr. Erika S. Fairchild* Linda Thompson Fairchild, ’74 David Falk* Hester Farrior, 1918* Minnie Bryan Farrior, 1914* Richard Farrow Lucy T. Fassett Memorial Trust Elizabeth Kendrick Faucette, ’23* Sallie Williams Faulk, ’28* G.H. Ferguson* Bettie D. Ferrell* Jeanne Puckett Fishwick, ’82 Virginia White Flythe, ’25* Ruth Fonville, ’91, and Chris Fonville Lynn Davis Foote, ’58 Nancy Clendenin Forbes, ’80 Dr. Lois E. Frazier* Susan Harris Frazier, ’81 Janet Freeman* Jane Lassiter Freeman, ’49 Katharine Parker Freeman, 1910* Kistina Mechelle Freeman, ’06 Lena W. Freeman* Shirley Cliatt Frost, ’53 Louise Futrell, 1914* Mary Lily Duncan Gaddy, ’42* Marilyn Ballard Gardner, ’71 Virginia Garnett, ’34*

Evelyn Crutchfield Garrison, ’35* Helen B Garvey, ’39* Gwendolyn Spearman Garwood, ’61*, and William Garwood Edna Lovelace Gaston, ’84 Patricia Houser Gay, ’60 Lois Williams Gerald, ’55* Betty Kichline Gerow, ’37* Paula Tudor Gilbert, ’70 Elmer Ginn Lucinda Howell Glover, ’64 Sandra G. Godwin, ’79 Julian Goff Jennifer Pait Gole, ’78 Elizabeth Futrell Goode, 1905* Ellen and Larry Goode Michelle Rich Goode, ’73 Bernice White Goodman, ’23* Dorothy Loftin Goodwin, ’47, and William Goodwin* Arabella Gore, ’35* Hank and Ellen Graden Jeanne Grealish, ’57 Joan E. Green, ’67 Jeannette Biggs Greene, 1921* Theresa Greene* Betty Stroud Griffin, ’88 Margaret Hines Griffiths, ’36* Ruth Ann Tucker Grimes, ’80 Charlene Grunwaldt H. E. Gwin Mamie Hafner* Barbara F. Hainley* G. Fred Hale Charitable Trust

Leslie Woodruff Hales, ’83 Barbara Radford Hall, ’64 Norma Gargis Halterman, ’66 Beverlye Huff Hancock, ’63 Emily Hines Harper, ’09* Bobby and Estelle Harrelson Laura Weatherspoon Harrill, ’27* Deanna R. Harris, ’90 Helen M. Harris* Lucille Sawyer Harris, ’46* Marvin Harris* Virginia Bailey Harris, ’43* Sylvia Cooper Harriss, ’74 Mary Esther Williams Harward, ’40* Anne Simms Haskins, ’31* Henry M. Hatcher* Virginia Hudson Hatcher, ’34* Thomasine Herring Hayes, ’39* Helen Oldham Hayes, ’28* Dr. E. Bruce Heilman* Del H. Helton, ’91 Ola W. Hendren* John T. Henley* Rebecca Beddingfield Henley, ’42* Brigadier General Hugh B. Hester, USA* Pamela Autrey Hester, ’81, and Worth Hester Betty Whichard Hickman, ’51 Nancy Ricker High, ’62, and Ernie Minor* Ruth Hough High, ’31* Hilda Austin Highfill, ’48, and Lawrence Highfill*

Helen T. Hill, ’79 Drulynn Morgan Hinsley, ’52* Anne Morris Hinson, ’70, and James Hinson Andrea Smith Hitt, ’85 Emma Byrum Hobbs, 1911* Blanche Dupree Hodul, ’49* Susan DeLeon Hoffman, ’74 Carolyn B. Holland, ’28* Carl P. Holleman* Ruth Tucker Holleman, ’35*, and Robert D. Holleman* Ruth W. Holleman Nancy Craig Hollingsworth, ’59, and W. Claude Hollingsworth Charlotte and H. Alexander Holmes Frances H. Horner, ’37* Diane Jackson Houlihan, ’68 Suzanne Hage Houyoux, ’90 Ester Holder Howard, ’46 Grover E. Howell* Corinne Lowery Howey, ’57 Felicia Stewart Hoyle, ’82 Ruth Ann Hubbell, 1919* Catherine Wyatt Hudson, ’42* Vivian Stanley Hughes, ’55, and George Hughes* Betty Jo Welch Hull, ’53* Hortense Honeycutt Hunter, ’28* Nancy Hinson Hunter, ’69 Lauri Ann Hickman Hurd, ’84 Estate of Ruth Huskins Mary Ann Ainsley Hutchinson, ’65 Marie Dunn Inscore, ’65

Keeping Meredith Strong

Alumna Creates Video Stories to Inspire Others by Emily Parker


renda Parks Hughes, ’70, is the

Emmys and distributed by American Public

creator, photographer, and editor

Television to PBS stations nationwide. She

of actTWO stories, YouTube videos

also produced three historical documentaries

that offer information and inspiration to help

for UNC-TV, North Carolina’s World War II

people find fulfillment in the second half of

Experience, Sing Behind the Plow, and Gold

life. Her target audience may be people over

Fever, which were all Emmy nominated.

the age of 50, but viewers of any age can

find her stories helpful and inspirational.

2019, the channel has featured Cindy Griffith

McEnery, a former classmate, and Meredith’s

Hughes’s recent videos have highlighted

ideas on how to navigate this “new normal”

Since launching actTWO stories in

Department of Communication, as well as

we face dealing with the pandemic. For

numerous videos about job skills, reinventing

example, how to use self-isolation in a

positive way, how to use mindfulness to

is a former news anchor/reporter at NBC

to prevent memory loss, and many more

deal with feeling overwhelmed, healthy

affiliates in Washington, N.C., and Richmond,

interesting topics. Watch all of Hughes’s

diet tips with a plant-based diet, how to

Va. She began her broadcast career working

videos at acttwostories.com, or subscribe to

combat loneliness during the pandemic, and

with Jefferson Pilot Teleproductions as one of

actTWO stories on Youtube.

Hughes’s “stay at home” favorite products.

the first female sports reporters in the country.

their continued support and hope they’ll not

“I created actTWO stories because I

Hughes, a sociology major at Meredith,

In 2000, Hughes founded Wet Bird

yourself, life in retirement, fashion, how

“I want to thank Meredith alumnae for

wanted to inspire people to continue to have

Productions, Inc., in order to tell stories

only continue to watch actTWO stories on

purpose in their lives - other than the living

that highlight the human spirit. Two feature-

YouTube, but also offer feedback and story

room lounge chair! COVID expanded my

length historical documentaries, Thank You,

suggestions. It takes a village, you know!”

mission to include coping and staying positive

Eddie Hart and Marching Once More, soon

in such unprecedented times,” said Hughes.

followed – both were awarded regional

sent to acttwostories@gmail.com.


Honor Roll of Donors 2019-20

Feedback and story suggestions can be

Verna Brown Jackson, ’30* Ann Batson James, ’67, and Allen James Catherine McCracken James, ’77 Pauline Goodwin Jobe, ’29* Dr. and Mr. Brice Johnson Mary Marvin Johnson, MD, ’73 Mary Lynch Johnson, 1917* Meredith Johnson, ’35* Barbara Smith Jones, ’60 Fayette Jacobs Jones, ’73 Marilyn L. Jones, ’75 Christina Brown Jones* and Seby B. Jones* Susan Singleton Jones, ’66 Nancy C. Joyner, ’58* Anne Parker Justice, ’79 Naoko Kadowaki, ’87 Jane Guion Kanipe, ’65 Kathryn Chapman Kay, ’42 Grace Butler Keith, ’26* Katharine Kerr Kendall, ’42* Dr. Elizabeth Boomhour Kerr, ’31* Annie Mercer Kesler, 1918* Dr. Doris E. King* Katherine Chungho King, MD, ’57, and Louis H. Li* Peggy Jo Dalrymple Kirby, ’54* Nancy Lee Kistler, ’53 Dr. Ione Kemp Knight, ’43* Dr. Virginia E. Knight Edith Timberlake Knott, ’47 Sophie Grady Knott, ’87 Shirley Spoon Knox, ’56 Debora Opheim Kolb, ’95 Pauline Williams Koonce, 1917* Dorothy Reich Kornegay, ’39* Carolyn Ann Laine, ’57* Katharine Covington Lambeth, ’38* Ailene Young Lancaster, ’28* Nancy Watkins Laney, ’71 Vicky Langley and Gene Langley* Dorothy Dockery Larkin, ’36* William C. Lassiter Isabel and William W. Lawrence* Velma Patterson Lawrence, ’25* Nell Rankin Leazar* and J. D. Leazar* Lola M.* and Hubert F. Ledford* Helen Henson Leggett, ’53 Edna Leib, ’36* Sarah McC. Lemmon, ’91* Charles F. Lewis* Robert H. Lewis* Rachel W. Lewter* Ida Pettigrew Lightner, ’44* Dr. Jamye Hickman Lindsey, ’01 Martha Foy Lineberry, ’27* Doris Allen Litchfield, ’54 Susan Holliday Lobinger, ’41* W. Randall and Lou Lolley Melba LeGrand Long, ’46* Virginia Owens Long, ’68* Carol Hedspeth Lowe, ’78 Ann Lowery, ’74 Shannon Massey Lowry, ’04, and Jason Lowry, ’14, MBA Anne Elizabeth Lynch, ’71* Elizabeth Park Lynch, ’36* Buddy Lyon* Wanda Pulley Madden, ’71 * Deceased

Mabel Claire Hoggard Maddrey, ’28* Dr. Dondra Traylor Maney, ’76 Margaret Craig Martin, ’30* Sue Jarvis Martin, ’49*, and Sidney Martin* Virginia McGougan Martin, ’42* Dr. Marie Mason, ’47 Brooks McGirt Maxwell, ’70* Alberta Harris McCain, ’27* George V. McCotter* Velma Preslar McGee, ’31* Ruby Johnson McGlaughon, ’32* Frances McManus, ’34* Virginia M. McMillan, ’44* Ruby C. McSwain, ’54* Lori Robinson Medlin, ’84 Elizabeth Carraway Meikle, ’68 Dorothy Merritt, ’33* Susan H. Metts, ’71 Sue Hilton Metzger, ’66, and Gerald Metzger Christa Burris Middleton, ’78 Olive Hamrick Miller, ’40* Fannie Memory Farmer Mitchell, ’44 Polly Moore Mixon, ’66, and Ben Mixon Belle McNeill Monroe, 1914* Dorie Atkins Monroe, ’52 Jean Johnson Moore, ’52 Sherron Boyd Moore, ’65 Beatrice Nye Morris, 1922* Lori Messina Moscato, ’99, and Robert Moscato Sara Blalock Munford, ’54 Elizabeth Reid Murray, ’46* Patricia Murray Lynn B. Myers, ’65 Meredith Elam Muse,’72 and Harold S. Muse Margaret Covington Nelson, ’38* Ginger Alexander Neustadt, ’05, and Bill Neustadt Elizabeth Carter New, ’41* Jennie Reid Newby, ’38* Maude Wilson Newell, ’39* Sarah Ridgell Nicholson, ’53* Grace* and Roy Nifong Marylene Noel Parker Smith Normann, ’85, and William Keller Normann Charles S. Norwood* Vivian Nowell, ’46* Erica R. Oakley, ’07 Maureen Kelley O’Connor and Tim O’Connor Edla Adams Ogburn, ’30* Dorothy McNeer O’Quinn, ’78 Murphy and Janice Osborne Lois Griswold Outland, ’32* and Robert B. Outland, Sr.* Sara Cotey Overby, ’77 Elizabeth Nanney Page, ’38* Laura J. Page, ’67 Susan M. Page Celeste H. Pageau, ’88 Margaret Weatherspoon Parker, ’38* The Honorable Sarah Parker, ’64 Estate of Ola W. and John W. Patterson Maurine Winfree Patterson, ’38* Mary Lou Bullock Paul, ’45*

Cleo Glover Perry, ’45*, and Elwood Perry* Pauline Davis Perry, ’37* Larnette White Phifer, ’60 Anne Parker Phillips, ’66, and Terry Phillips Lucy Hayes Pittman, 1909* Amy Robinson Plowden, ’63 Ricki Wisenburg Plunkett, ’73 Mary Virginia Warren Poe, ’48* Patricia Forbes Poe, ’81 Dave and Rhonda Pollard W. Gordon Poole* Parker Poole J. Earl and Doris Pope Sandra J. Pope Sybil Williams Pope, ’62 Virginia Branch Pope, ’28* Estelle L. Popham* Lewis W. and Ann C. Porter Trust Ann White Porter, ’44* Joyce Thomas Porter, ’47*, and Oscar Porter* Crystal Davis Potter, ’26* J. Dewey Powell* Loleta Kenan Powell, ’41* Mabel Martin Powell, ’35* John Robinson Prince* Myra Motley Prince, ’42* Rev. Bruce Rabon* Marcy Stephens Rackley, ’90 Evelyn Hampton Rappaport, ’43* Virginia Reynolds Rapport, ’37 * Rachel Fulton Rawls, ’42* Dr. Linda Keith Ray, ’74* Minnie Huffman Reddish Foundation E. Kemp Reece* Jo Ann Funderburke Reeves, ’77 Kathy Seeger Rhoades, ’84 Estelle Wilkins Ridenhour, ’28* Catherine Davis Rideout, ’95, and William Rideout Pamela Mitchell Riley, ’73 Jessie Markert Rivers, ’71 Mary Jon Gerald Roach, ’56 Nellie Ball Roberts, ’39* Virginia Lancaster Robertson, ’42*, and Leon Robertson* Vickie Owens Robinson, ’74, and James M. Robinson Katherine Holt Robison, ’57 Aileen Rogers, ’42* Dr. Norma V. Rose, ’36* Mary Rotella, ’45* and Romelo Rotella Dorothy Turlington Royal, ’28* Fannie Turlington Royal, 1920* Gertrude Pierce Royal, ’46 Amy Myers Rudd, ’40* Joyce McIntyre Rudisill, ’42* Katherine Furches Rumley, ’43* Helen Wallis Rusher, ’47* Oma Taylor Russell, ’41* Elizabeth Hill Sainio, ’62 Hideo Sakane Emma Sanders* Louise Sanderson, ’45* Alice Goodman Satisky, ’37*, and Daniel Satisky* Sue Anne James Schoonderwoerd, ’64

Chloe Scott* Jeannette Scott, ‘54* Edith Johnson Seifert, ’57* Vida L.* and John A. Senter* Jane Fleming Severance, 1910* Janie G. Shearin, ’39*, and Raymond F. Shearin* Ruth Sheets, 1922* Sharon Holder Shehdan, ’78 Carolyn Griffin Shepherd, ’66 Dr. Hugh M.* and Lucy Shingleton Catherine Yates Short, ’56 Virginia H. Silver, ’29* Margaret Rymer Simmons, ’65 Patricia Eberhart Simpich, ’54 Paula J. Sims Elizabeth N. Sinclair* Kester A. Sink Brian D. and Nancy P. Siska, ’76 Dr. Marvin L. Slate* C. C. Smith Dawn Biggerstaff Smith, ’81 Deborah Smith* Deborah Dove Smith, ’80 Deloris and Norman Smith Margaret English Smith, ’56 Salma Murad Smith, ’90 Susan Moore Smith, ’78 Elizabeth Shelton Smith-Cox, ’46* Gertrude Smitherman, 1921* Ruth Lowdermilk Snyder, ’28* Dolores Burnham Soderberg, ’88 Mary Louise Ott Spain, ’43 Earl W.* and Evelyn Spangler* Linda Blanchard Sparks, ’67, and Terry Sparks Melba Truelove Sparrow, ’84* Bill and LaRose Spooner Margaret Carter Springston, ’60 Frances Morris Spurrier, ’26* Nancy Herring Stallings, ’68 Frances Gorham Stewart, ’63 Betty Rand Coward Stillwell, ’56* Minnie* and Fred A. Stone* William R.* and Joyce Stroud Drs. Charles and Marilyn Stuber Jane Phinney Suggs, ’56 Charles Sullivan* Lucy Alderman Sutton, 1917* Grace Alexander Swann, ’44* Charleen Swansea, ’54* Charlotte Tedder Swift, ’30* H. Patrick Taylor* Helen Knott Taylor, ’44 Olive and Paul* Taylor Margaret J. Tharrington, ’71* Betsy Ann Moore Thigpen, ’60* Melinda Wrenn Thomas, ’86 Sarah E. Thomas, ’53 Frances Almond Thompson*, ’51, and Hannis Thompson* Peter J. Michaels and Patricia A. Thorp Georgie Brewer Tilley, ’44* Dr. Deborah and Jim Tippett Lou Perry Tippett, ’62, and Walter Lyndo Tippett Jenny Lynn Miller Tolson,’78 Bonnie Scott Truelove, ’71 Emily Campbell Tuck, ’60 Connie Frazier Turlington, ’73, and John Turlington

# Denotes members of the Ivy Society, recent graduates (2009 to 2019) who make a monthly gift of $10 or more annually.

Elizabeth Ankers Tuttle, ’73 Audra Nunn Tyree, ’90 Stuart Weatherspoon Upchurch, ’35* Hepsie Lane Utley, ’46* Dr. Elizabeth Vann, 1917* Dr. Reverend Joan Vella, ’86 Donna Vereen-Curtin, ’77 C. Ed Vick, Jr.* and Laura Anne Vick Willene Y. Vincent, ’35* Irving H. Wainwright* Phyllis Brooks Wainwright* Alyce Epley Walker, ’54 Margaret Slate Walker, ’58 Jennie Harris Wallace Wesley H. Wallace* Susan Leath Walton, ’68 Glenn Ward, 1920* Eva Neel Wardrup, ’70 Donald and Mary Ann Warren Mary Carol Warwick, ’61 Bettie Griffin Watts, ’66 Sarah E.V. Watts, ’34* Dr. Betty Webb, ’67, and John Rose Virginia Melvin Weber, ’44 Dr. John Weems Elizabeth Walters Weidle, ’84 Dianne and Marvin Welton Sharyn Hemrick West, ’71, ’04, and Harold West Clara J. Spell Westbrook* Anne Harris Whaley, ’44* Glenn White* Kim McCall Whitley, ’85 Beth Wicker, ’78 Captain Carolyn C. Wiggins, CHC, [U.S. Navy, Ret]. , ’76 Helen Proctor Wilkie, ’71 Sally Wilkins, ’25* Bobbitt Clay Williams, ’57, and Bill Williams George B. Williams* George L. Williams* Claude B. Williams, Jr.* and Jerry Williams* Judy L. Williams, ’74 Lena Mae Williams, ’26* Luther W. Williams* Mary L. Williams, ’40* Mary Seagraves Williams, ’40* Vida Thompson Williams, ’37*, and W. Fred Williams, Sr.* Zelma Greene Williams, ’61 Kimberly Martin Williamson, ’92, and Ronald Williamson Margaret Webb Wilson, ’44* Ruth C. Wilson* Jan Perdue Woodard, ’94 Judy C. Woodruff, ’68, and Al Hunt Mabel James Woods, ’27* Mary Lucretia Wooten, ’75 Darlene Smith Worthington, ’77 Gladys Wrenn Louise L. Wyatt, ’30* Mary Yarbrough, ’26* Betty Jean Yeager, ’47* Helen Parker Yeargan, ’36* Mabel Oldham Young, ’24* Zaytoun & Associates, Inc. Susan Sherron Zaytoun, ’80 Nancy Johnston Zimmerman, ’42

Honor Roll of Donors 2019-20


Meredith Alumnae Class of 1942 Annual Donors Nancy Johnston Zimmerman

Class of 1943

Iris Society Mary Louise Ott Spain Annual Donors Dr. Ione Kemp Knight* Sheila Gulley Plott

Class of 1944

Iris Society – President’s Circle Georgie Brewer Tilley* Annual Donors Annie Mary Matthews Luke Fannie Memory Farmer Mitchell

Class of 1945

Iris Society – President’s Circle Durema Fitzgerald Kohl Iris Society Eleanor Loftin Jones Annual Donors Christine Webb Beamer Cleo Glover Perry*

Class of 1946 Iris Society Jean Davis Newell

Annual Donors Mary Wilson Berryhill Helen Hall Bosse Mary Jo Clayton Willa Grey Lewis Connor Marjorie Blum Gentry Margaret R. Herndon Vivian Nowell*

Class of 1947

Annual Donors Dorothy Loftin Goodwin Irene Olive Kittinger Dorothy Cooper Oliver Jetta Funderburk Spencer Hilda Liles Strider Glenda Norman Strole Joan Drake Turner

Class of 1948

Iris Society – President’s Circle Mary Louise Milliken Thompson Annual Donors Faye Baker Jordan Doris Mitchiner Matthews* Jeanne Arthur Mays Barbara Johnson Parnell Lib Emory Price Edith Stephenson Simpson Doris Johnson Stilley Mary Gravely Young

Class of 1949 Iris Society Lela Butts Hovis

Annual Donors Jane Sparrow Byrd


Honor Roll of Donors 2019-20

Joyce Vinson Canady Lois Shuffler Edwards Marjorie Wilson Elinor Ruth Weathers Giampietro Dorothy Swaringen Hughes Ella Shirley Knight Jean Gaddy Scholl Mary Lou Sawyer Sutton Vicki Harrell Teal Lena Highfill Thomas Billie Hart Warren Jean Fleming White Rita Britt Williams

Class of 1950

Annual Donors Mina Mayton Hampton Sally Taylor Johnson Winnie Fitzgerald Smith June Harmon Trafton Alice G. Tuttle Louise Yarbrough

Class of 1951

Iris Society Peggy Thornton Grimes* Mary Bland Josey Annual Donors Betty Rogers Atkinson LeGrace Gupton Benson Betty Johnson Byrd Martha Smith Clement Helen Brunson Cook Nancy Hefner Goodson Margaret Swann Jones Rebecca Knott McKinley Virginia Waldrop Powell Stella Matthews Staley Jennett Bramble Whiteside Sheila Knapp Woodard

Class of 1952

Iris Society Jane Slate Brooks* Irma Ray Clipson Reverend Sue Fitzgerald Ernestine Nance Newman* Annual Donors Margaret Holland Adams Bonnie Lee Baker Jerry Staton Batchelor Marilyn Morrissette Brandt Jean Miller Burroughs Jeanne Ramsey Byrd Dott Miller Faulkenbury Barney Schettler Massenburg Virginia Harris McGranahan* Evelyn Krause Moss Jacqueline Creef Satterfield

Class of 1953

Iris Society Frances Marie Andrews Patricia Smathers Moulton Annual Donors Mary Fisher Beaver Doris Perry Cox Janet Stallings Cumbee Ann Horton Flanagan Nancy Jo Wallis Fleming

Jane Cate Fowler Shirley Cliatt Frost Bette Winchester Glance Anne Bruton Hayward Jo Welch Hull* Meta Mae Williams Kennedy Melrose Canaday Lee Virginia Harris Lee Joyce Brown McIntyre Allen Hart Norris Jeannette Leopard Overby Ann Baucom Pitts Marilyn Hunt Rollins Doris A. Stainback Annabelle Whitehurst Thornton Ann Seagrove Tolleson Emma Jean Maddrey Vann Sarah Smith Watson

Phoebe Barnhardt Satterwhite Patty Melvin Watson*

Class of 1954

Iris Society – President’s Circle Suzanne Davis Bunn* Iris Merritt Womble

Iris Society – President’s Circle Anne Clark Dahle Iris Society Rebecca Wicker Clayton Jean Batten Cooper Joanne Brown Herring Jean Morton King Lou Gardner Kline Bonny Morgan Lewis Dorothy Knott Preston Bootsy Renfro Tucker Annual Donors Shirley West Arledge Melba Barbour Arnold Cherrie Beddingfield Baskette Charlotte Taylor Best Brooks Stone Booth Sara Langdon Clinard Mary Ruth Willcox Coss Verna Croom Kay Sugg Crum Barbara Jones Cummings Barbara White De Louise Dot White Hartley Eva Townsend Herring Jean Journigan Joyner Sally Dean Knight Doris Allen Litchfield Ruby C. McSwain* Carolynn Little Miller Sara Blalock Munford Ann Draughon Opferkuch Sonnya Hamilton Quinn Alstine F. Salter Anne Carter Smith Theresa Raynor Tayloe Evelyn Waugh Taylor Betty Smith Thompson Phyllis Trible Tye Tyson Alyce Epley Walker

Class of 1955

Iris Society – President’s Circle Lois Williams Gerald* Iris Society Billie Bateman Futrell Vivian Stanley Hughes Jane Lancaster Kibler Ruth Jeanne Allen Moss

Annual Donors Bess Peeler Averre Mary Delbridge Blalock Georganne Joyner Boone Myra C. Bristol Lorna Staples Clark Anne Barbrey Davis Marjorie Stowe Floyd Barbara Andrews Jones Frances Carr Kratt Mary Dare Moore Newman Joan Allen Rainey Janette Huneycutt Trull Gerry Brown Vaughan

Class of 1956

Iris Society Charlene Smith Bennett Betty Vance Raft Mary Jon Gerald Roach Annual Donors Sally Whittier Adams Edna Austin Nancy Reece Belton Anne Parr Bowne Bettie Jean Davis Polly Richardson Farned Kathleen Mathews Hershey Eleanor Chandler Hollowell Marjorie Thore Hoots Sarah Outlaw Johnson Loree Keen Trudy Bissette Matthews Virginia A. Morris Delores Blanton Murphrey Virginia Williams Nichols Annice Smith Rhue Cathy Yates Short Margaret Anne English Smith Betty Rand Coward Stillwell* Jane Phinney Suggs June Freeze Treece Sarah Thompson Winn

Class of 1957

Iris Society – President’s Circle Corinne Lowery Howey Betsy Wells Schrum Iris Society Nancy Bunting Mary Catherine Cole Metters Marcia Horrell Scaggs Marjorie Jackson Wiggins Annual Donors Betty Smith Bartlett Gwen Maddrey Bell Eileen Browne Bostick Diane Morris Clark Carolyn Strayhorn Compton Patricia Jackson Cothran Lucy Atkinson Edmundson Shirley Jordan Finch Joyce Herndon Goodwin Mary Edna Grimes Grantham

Anita Hiatt Hennis Jacqueline Little Jones Ann Anthony Lathrop Mary Ann Braswell Lawrence Ida Mullins Leese Julene Barlow McPhaul Nancy Young Noel Kitty Holt Robison Bessie Codas Roupas Faye Wheeler Simmons

Class of 1958

Iris Society Virginia Stone Thomas Annual Donors Chris Livingston Arthur Jane Maynard Bowers Louise Moore Bryan Betsy Lane Cochrane Tommie Bass Cubine Vivian Morris Deal Lynn Davis Foote Susan Moss Grigg Fay Chandler Honeycutt Mary Anne Jobe Nancy C. Joyner* Sarah Williams Koonce* Joyce Herring LaMotte Mae Omie Hobby Mosely Mary Lou Lee Parker Martha Fasul Poulos Gerry Parham Ritter Molly James Sloan Mary Fran Oliver Spencer Janice Dawkins Squires Margaret Creech Sutton* Pat Barrett Terrill Margaret Slate Walker Betsy Greene Waters

Class of 1959 Iris Society Bet Taylor Barber Linda Smith Wall

Annual Donors Marilyn Williams Barnhill Jean Humphreys Bawden Ann Freeman Beale Peninah Powell Brown Alice J. Burrows Gelynda Thomas Capel Bobbie Conley Carpenter Elaine Burleson Clarke Charlotte Jones Corner Marlene Clayton Coulter Judith McCubbin Cox Jane Owen Duckworth Carole Kerley Ellis Janice Wilson Fowler Emily Dean Henderson Julia Railey Justice Louise White Laughton Pat Maynard Prather Faye Locke Rogers Joyce Hargrove Ross Mary Cole Snotherly Frances Caudle Tharrington Sue Ridge Todd Joan Madre Trueblood Jo Anne Kendall Urwick

Louise Waters Sarah Robertson Watts Katherine Renfrew Wolfe

Class of 1960

Iris Society Mary Elizabeth Barnes Lillian B. Dinklage Patricia Houser Gay Betty Galloway Harkey Emma Everett House Annual Donors Susan Sanderlin Antoniewiez Betty Ann Chandler Atkins Babs Howard Aycock Anne Carroll Baird Linda Jenkins Barnard Carol Mackintosh Barnes Frances Ward Brooks Stuart James Burroughs Jane Matthews Campbell Pat Hight Copley Rachel Watkins Council Kitty Berger DuPlessis Suzanne Hunter Eskridge Barbara Booth Florence Rose Daniels Gambill Lois Haigh Gibbon Becky Turner Gillespie Elizabeth Milliken Golding Corinne Caudle Graham Joyce Baker Hardison Peggy Martin Honeycutt Jane Wagoner Hoover Shirla Griffin Hudson Joy Goldsmith Jarrett Jo Anne Carter Jones Ann Rackley Kilian Peggie Jernigan Lindsay Judy McLamb Lelia Davenport Midkiff Mary Jo McDonald Naylor Elizabeth Carter Neal Rebecca C. Oliver Helen Parker Patterson Betsy Thomerson Pendergraph Frances Thomas Petty Laurie White Phifer Patricia Jarrett Phifer Carolyn Bullard Rock Carolyn Brown Smith Margaret Carter Springston Mary Conner Swanson Norma Lockaby Thomas Emily Campbell Tuck Helen Carlton Walker Lou Mason Walters Sylvia McLin Wilkins Jan Smith Williams Nan Owen Wilson Sarah Helms Winslow

Class of 1961

Iris Society – President’s Circle Gail Brinn Wilkins Iris Society Jenny Taylor Bond Faye Carter Formy-Duval Kathryn Rice Keen Anita Everett Powell

* Deceased

Annual Donors Peggy Perry Alston Julia Hardee Anderson Pat Rhue Bickel Gigi Padgett Biggerstaff Anne Irby Bramlett Suzanne Sault Brooks Dorothy Maynard Carawan Betty Lou Kennedy Carraway Beth Woody Carroll Judy Schaffer Cleveland Ann Raynor Courie Judith Jones Davis Martha Blair Emery Betty Walton Frye Nancy Scott Fuller Mary Lou Allen Gallagher Sally Holbrook Gamble Gayle Kelly Garrison Suzanne Leath Hamner Quincy Stewart Inman Carole Hamrick Johnson Raney Bradshaw Jones Emily Dunn Joyce Sara Bowers Keistler Beth Boyette Knoche Hilda Strayhorn Leigh Phyllis Green Liner Anne Sharpe Mace Sylvia Strayhorn McBane Peggy Ratley McNeill Elizabeth Viar Moore Sonia Mattocks Moore Mary Lynn Caldwell Morrill Evelyn Simpson Osbahr Joan Cope Readling Paige Bunch Rowell Betty Jo Kinlaw Simmons Myra McKenney Skinner Jennie Turlington Spell Novella Rountree Spivey Bette Liles Stith Mary Lee Lassiter Taylor Sara Hurst Thomas* Betty Edwards Timberlake Donna Taylor Tucker Mary Carol Warwick Molly Stevens Wells Zelma Greene Williams Gaynelle Gray Wood

Class of 1962

Iris Society – President’s Circle Gwen Picklesimer Davis Nancy Ricker High Doris Yates Rogers Pat M. Walston Iris Society Peggy Leonard Crutchfield Diane Journigan Garcia Linda Lee Betty Gray Singletary Lou Perry Tippett Ida Carol Senter Wilson Annual Donors Peggy DeLoatch Bridgers Lena Epps Brooker Susan Creech Broome Jeanne Myers Buchanan Patricia Taylor Clark

Katherine Gravett Cochran Gwen Cooper Carolyn Lay Dowd Pattie McCay Dunn Ogie Baugham Ennis Carolyn Nicholds Fitzgerald Sarah Shoaf Gamble Gigi Jackson Giersch Cille Benton Griffith Johanna McKevlin Grimes Crissie Gurkin Hardison Seleda Camp Haynie Linda Motsinger Keiner* Alice McGuire Kirk Anne White Knopf Theresa Brown Leatherwood Patsy Bryant Lee Joyce Collie Lindberg Carol Heck Lucas Celia Caldwell Maddry Martha Morgan Maner Anne B. McGee Brenda Payne Millar Peggy Martin Nuckols Mary Hawkins Pfalzgraf Sara Leiby Potter Sue Holland Rodgers Judith Bullard Sanford Beverly White Shearon Billie Jones Stallings Daphne Clark Stone Barbara Worthington Walker Mary Vance Watson Carol Williams

Class of 1963

Iris Society – President’s Circle Nancy Williams Cheek Amy Robinson Plowden Iris Society Peggy Klick Abernathy Patty Hutchins Alexander* Susan Leathers Burnette Jean Hege Durham Beverlye Huff Hancock Barbara A. Jones Berma Jean Davenport Kincaid Betsy Stem Mashburn Mary Belle Pate Mary Fran Carver Perkinson Gretchen Leffler Pindell Anna Shadoin Rickell Annual Donors June Leonard Barger Martha Spence Blount Bryna Barrett Bozart-Barnes Norma Baker Cook Elizabeth Haywood Derreth Annette McFall Epps Velma McGee Ferrell Elsa Anders Glover Kappie Weede Griggs Betty Young Guffin Harriett Cole Guyton Mary Lou Davis Jackson Pat Rogers Jenkins Kathy Smith Knowles Judy Avery Lane Joyce Tripp Miller Beth Holleman Muirhead

Betty Jo Johnson Pearson Bettie Mac McManus Phillips Ann Sorrell Rodgers Ellen Rogers Nancy Jones Salter Beki Griffin Schmickley Nancy H. Sears Helen Daniel Shingleton Jacquelyn Cates Smith Philecta Clarke Staton Frances Gorham Stewart Brenda Bunn Taylor Linda Baxter Thompson

Class of 1964

Iris Society – President’s Circle Camille Griffin Camp Sue Ennis Kearney Rhonda Morgan Wilkerson Iris Society Frieda Farmer Bostian Ann Waters Jones Caroline Vaught McCall Jane Kincheloe McDonald Brenda Williams McLean Carol Montague Sarah Parker Gayle Sullivan Van Velsor Ellen Mackintosh Wardlaw Annual Donors Betty White Auman Rebecca Matthews Barnes Nancy Spencer Bartlett Brenda Cole Beall Penelope Senter Bethune Becky Watson Blake Sara Gwynn Bryan Brackett Betsy Forbes Brewer Brenda Elliott Brickhouse Millie Pearce Brooks Kay Fox Buckner Betsy Long Bucks Ann Nooe C’ de Baca Mary Lyon McKenney Camper Ann Cockerham Carmichael Patricia Williams Carter Mary McManus Chapman Brucie Tull Clare Ann Grimshaw Clifford Margaret Strickland Collins Betsy Boone Crowder Nancy Evans Dellinger Jo Crowder Dermid Martha Rivers Dickson Jane Carver Bumpass Dixon Suellen Walter Edens* Mary Ellen Ellis Ruth Johnson Fant Phyllis Hart Garner Lucinda Howell Glover Elizabeth S. Godwin Martha Haywood Hanford Betty Hooks Henderson Scott Beaver Hill Joyce Stainback Holloway Ann Dean Honeycutt Helen Simms Jones Jerry Lou Holbert Jones Linda Evans Kearns Marie-Louise Allen Kempf

# Denotes members of the Ivy Society, recent graduates (2009 to 2019) who make a monthly gift of $10 or more annually.

Peggy Tutor Kring Joy Adams Lucas Ann DeWitt Mulford Gwen Short Munzer Yvonne Norris Nance Lena Patterson Parks Catherine Stovall Peacock Nan Phipps Perkins Margaret Rackley Phillips* Adalia Wiggs Powell Peggy Fish Rada Karen Roberts Sandra Wallace Roberts Sue Anne James Schoonderwoerd Pat Bescher Austin Sevier Betty Bass Shows Charity Russell Snider Brenda Smith Stott Martha McLester Tanner Ann White Tate Mary Louise Tyndall Jane Willis Watkins Diane Bowers Whitehead Francine Wilkerson Frances McNairy Wilkins

Class of 1965

Iris Society – President’s Circle Susie Kesler McFatridge Iris Society Alice F. Baker Sue Teachey Bowden Linda Arledge Gruehn Polly Finan Laubinger Lynn B. Myers Patricia Newlin Sandra Peedin Margaret Rymer Simmons Estelle Isley Thomas Dottie Bullock Wilkerson Annual Donors Sarah Carver Adams Sarah Barnhardt* Mary Allcott Beach Ann Beard Buffaloe Cathy Smart Butler Debbie S. Carawan Susan Frye Carpenter Carolyn Long Cobb Linda Simmons Cooke Nancy Armstrong Cooke Jessica Adams Creech LaRue Pearce Davenport Pat Berry Davidson Betsy Denson Deal Pat Griffin Denson Kay McCorkle Edwards Martha Branon Edwards Doris Penninger Farmer Donna Haverstock Fisher Martha McArthur Floyd Billie Hartsell Freeman Andra Smith-Jones Garbutt Martha Staton Hayworth Martha House Helms Mary Ann Britt Hopkins Donna Dull Hurt Mary Ann Ainsley Hutchinson Marie Dunn Inscore Jane Guion Kanipe

Honor Roll of Donors 2019-20


Nell Britton Kilpatrick Betty Spence Laughinghouse Crystal Hartness Leathers Janet Pugh Martin Sarah Parker Martin Sandra J. Mayhew Judith Strickland Miller Sarah Howard Moore Sharon Boyd Moore Lucinda Swayne Morris Zona Carawan Norwood Gail Williams O’Brien Judy Summerlin O’Daniel Brenda Strickland Olin Jane Parrish Helen Smith Paul Jo Stafford Peer Patricia Walker Plaisted Diane Drake Truelove Lynn Abraham Powell Annette Wicker Rains Maynette Regan Jane Eaton Roda Harriet Taylor Ross Priscilla Macomber Seals Judith Elliott Sherrill Lura Penney Stringer Marion Welch Thorn Beverley Lipscomb Walker Carol Bucher Washburn Jerry Martin Watson Glenda Brown Worley Becky Craver Zimmerman

Class of 1966

Iris Society – President’s Circle Anita Hauser Ogburn Iris Society Phyllis Duncan Paula Lowry Herren Sara Lynn Riley Kennedy Louise Stokes Kinken Bet Booker Lawson Anne Parker Phillips Dee B. Rodgers Lee Smith Spong Bettie Griffin Watts Ruth Ann Sloop Whitener Annual Donors Judy Alligood Bailey Jo Ann Knight Brown Ann Dahl Bulla Sandra Flynt Canipe Betty Hastings Carter Nell Wilkerson Chesley Barbara Watson Cloinger Ann Eaton Covington Judith Wilson Daniel Sylvia Woodford Ellen Johnette Ingold Fields Jeannie Hooks Gibbs Norma Gargis Halterman Susan McCormick Harrington Elaine Carlson Hiner Madelyn Langdon Kalkhurst Barbara Johnson Kennedy, ’93 MAE Kay Lambeth Marian Bunch Mankin Pansy Hudler Mann LaRay Williams Mason Florence Dickens McDonald


Honor Roll of Donors 2019-20

Jean Lyles McLeod Polly Moore Mixon Shirley Tarleton Napier Joy Daniel Patterson Betsy Scarborough Pierce Janet Brown Ramser Candace Welsted Ramseur Carlton Lipscomb Rowe Martha Anne Roberts Samsel Dianne Lumsden Shearer Carolyn Griffin Shepherd Janet Grogan Shepherd Betty Lester Smith Linda Carter Stensvad Price Marsh Thrower Ann Hanchey Whaley Sue Bell Wooten

Class of 1967

Iris Society – President’s Circle Betty Webb Iris Society Joyce Rudisill Donahoe Lynn Grumbles Hildenbrand Ann Batson James Laura J. Page Martha Reynolds Thaler Annual Donors Gail Gentry Bailey Rita Nurkin Bailey Nan Basham Ann Hampton Bennett Beverly Scarborough Blackwelder Patricia Denny Burkett Gail Butler Cannady Louise Whitty Carey Jo Smith Cooper Patsy Howell Cuthrell Judy Ellis Daniels Judith Carroll Gardner Georgia Kimball Garner Nancy Forrest Goddard Joan E. Green Laura Worthington Holley Retta Clements Hughes Judy Journigan Kallgren Ellen Kirby Lynn Mitchell Kohn Sharon Bradshaw Lamm Paula Marks Lasitter Jane Wilson Lineberger Beth Perry Marvin Mary Lou Patrick McJunkin Karen Cockerham Modlin Patty Lewis Morris, MA Gwynne Myers Nicholaides Linda Wright Osborn Kathy Turner Page Kae Freeman Parker Jo Ann Pickett Candace Crumly Rankin Susan Rawls Judy Ramsey Roberts Marilyn McGoogan Salyer Jane Hocutt Sheffer Nancy Farabow Shoemaker Linda Blanchard Sparks Caroline Gambrell Staton Sarah Copeland Sumner Beth King Thompson Joan Thompson-Stein

Suzanne Ramsey Turner Barbara Jean Carver Warren Ann Robinson Willett Frances Maness Wooten

Class of 1968

Iris Society – President’s Circle Clara Safrit Wade Suzanne Guthrie Letchworth Frances Hayes Swanson Iris Society Judith Alexander Bobo Rebecca Jessup Cline Linda K. Gallehugh Anne Dulin Joyner Alma Jo Hall Langston Judith Ratley May Judy C. Woodruff Annual Donors Ginny Sutton Anagnostatos Elizabeth Maynard Avett Ruth Bass Beth Porter Black Susan Chapman Brooks Susan Stone Brown Vickie Tart Burlington Hilda Myers Burton Kathryn Booth Butler Vivian Risley Carter Pennie Daniel Duggins Sandy Bradsher Dunevant Anne Stone Ervin Mary Kathryn Fisher Happy Neal Goethert Janice Sanford Scott Linda Mashburn Griffin Teese Ayers Griffin* Donna Von Cannon Griffith Margaret Matthews Hanchey Linda Hundley Sandra Holder Irving Jessie Dixon Ives Dava Drew Jarman Eloise Behnken Kaeck Nancy Boyd Kipp Jeanne Ebelein Leonard Linda Haigler Marks Elizabeth Carraway Meikle Nancy Batson Mizelle Lee Jernigan Moeller Millicent W. Nash Marion Nolan O’Quinn Carolyn Jackson Rau Shan Pruitt Rock Jeannie Sams Siegler Jane Waller Smith Nancy Herring Stallings Kay Pruett Taylor Mary Gay Sumner Taylor Carol Forney Temple Teenie Sink Tilley Barbara Bailey Von Hofe Annette Cooley Watson Brenda Smith Woodcock Patsy Eddins Woodlief Diane Parker Wright Jean Levin Yates

Class of 1969

Iris Society Janet Hamilton Blanton

Kelly Knott Cobb Suzanne Siceloff Coltrane Ruth Ann Walters Dyer Sondra Neel Harrell Shera Jackson Hube Nancy Hinson Hunter Hollis Fields Mullen Martha McGinnis O’Donnell Suzanne Carpenter Raine Fran Simpson Summerlin Annual Donors Donna Hanson Bailey Kathryn Reaves Barton Becky Kiser Beal Ellen Derby Best Bet Garrett Cake Nancy Blalock Cook Wanda Lindsey Daniels Josie Woodard Douglas Betty McNeill Fahed Angie Pridgen Faulk Dianne Mitchell Forsyth Barbara Wall Fraser Joyce Robertson Fulcher Judy Wright Goad Eleanor Squires Gow Linda Barnett Hall Ginger Cheek Hatch Ann Peterson Hitchings Jacquelyn Boone James Mary Neil Senter King Carol Thompson Kinsley Louise Watson Lamm Pat Osborne Lee Dale Tatum Mercer Judy Park Molleur Susan Hout Montgomery Kate Huggins Morrow Alice Smith Nichols Susan Fletcher Phillips Evelyn Carter Pollak F. Page Vaden Ritter Mary Shipp Robinson Brucie Starkey Sanderson Janet Bridgen Sessoms Kaye Ferens Sigmon Linda Graham Stogner Barbara Neville Taylor Elaine McNeill Treece Claudia M. Tutterow Sandra Vernon Tyre Marilyn Childress Vernon Cathryn Woodbury Walker Karen Hyland Williams Judy Kennedy Winslow Lynn Hemphill Wolter Donna P. Wood Catherine Walston Wooten Carol Herring Wright

Class of 1970

Iris Society – President’s Circle Eva Neel Wardrup Sophia McLawhorn Yarborough Iris Society Jeanne Spach Cox Paula Tudor Gilbert Brenda Hughes Betty Fuquay Hyatt Pat Armstrong Johnson Evelyn Godwin Kientz

Cynthia Griffith McEnery Nancy Williams Prevatt Emma Bartholomew Stewart Mary Turner Wannamaker Ruth Talton Watson Karen Coghill Wells Annual Donors Ginger V. Anderson Roma Bowen Angel Camilla George Beaufort Janet Morris Belvin Brenda Pierce Bonardi Virginia Grogan Bozeman Sarah Jo Cherry Bryce Betty Moore Burkett Peggy Timmerman Carter Margaret Ann Chalk Claudia Gore Cockman Ayn Sullivan Cole Jamie Thomas Combs Sue Hammons Cook Terri H. Creagh Phyllis Jeffreys Culbreth Susan Soloway Daul Victoria M. Davis Nancy Yates Dove Alicia Suarez Eller Peggy Williams Elmore Anne Davenport Godley Judy Shepherd Goodson Elizabeth Goss Linda Haddock Harriett Susan A. Harward Chery Heedick Belinda Smith Helms Anne Pretlow Henderson Donna Henderson Anne Morris Hinson Ann Euliss Holt Kathy Parrish Horton Margaret Whitlow Howard Lynda Barker Imhoff Dianne Yelton Kinard Donna Burgess Lupo Georgia Glass Maner Rita Caveny Mangum Jean Martin Gary Clarke McInnis Emily Meadows Jackie Anderson Mole Ann Brown Montgomery Suzanne George Palmer Bonnie Sparks Parrish Carolyn Langhorne Pittman Faye Scott Pittman Sharon Ray Jean Wolf Robb Ann Robertson Cherie Rose Joyce Lindley Sartwell Cullen Sessoms Susan Hauser Small Susan Roebuck Taylor Laurie Cocker Timberlake Evelyn Hodgin Tolson Anne Underwood June Buchanan Underwood Maria Thornhill Vincent Ann Carroll Ward Jackie Briles Ward Karen Watson Watts

Mary Anne Westphal Bonnie Campbell Whitesell Cathy Moran Winstead Mary Ann Fleming Yarborough

Class of 1971

Iris Society – President’s Circle Anne Bryan Corinne Blaylock Barwick Deborah Stanley McNeill Betsy Best Phillips, ’89, MBA Suzanne Reynolds Jessie Markert Rivers Vickie Regan Rolfe Iris Society Mary-Stuart Parker Alderman Flo Price Batten Anne Luter Bromby Christine Calvert Boyd King Dimmock Marilyn Ballard Gardner Betty Alligood Harrington Johnnie Faye Lamm Jackson Patricia Conyers Maxwell Doris W. McIlwain Susan H. Metts Jane Kiser Modlin Ellen Manson Moore Vickie Regan Rolfe Sharyn Hemrick West, ’04, MED Martha Millard Worsley Annual Donors Sharron Robbins Atkinson June Wood Bass Lynne Bogguss Janet Bell Cantrelle Candy Scott Carden Deborah Ingram Cleaver Susan Crouch Craig Jane Cromley Curtis Roberta Wardell Cyrus Jane Alligood de Vos Chris Fecho Dixon Martha Lyday Dobbins Gloria Little English Jann Bost Ford Cecelia Kiley Graham Paula Smith Hare Ruthie Barker Henderson Janice Holleman House Sharon MacTaggart Huss Shirley Scarborough Johnson Janet Traynham Killen Jane Davis Knox Jennie Lancaster Nancy Watkins Laney Wanda Pulley Madden Bobbie Vail Morrison Sara Kennemur Mountford Ann Clark Munns Carol Caddell Old Jean Davenport Peterson Beth Tilghman Plunket Sue Hubbard Ramsay Becky Trader Raynor Ann Singletary Richards Sandra Stone Shealy Pam Pruitt Sherman Glynda Warren Smith Shirley L. Staples * Deceased

Charlotte Vick Sullivan Carolyn Barrett Thackston Pansy M. Walker Georgiana Gekas Wellford Peggy C. Wiggins Helen Proctor Wilkie Bettie Joyner Williams Peggy Allen Williamson Dorrie Jones Wright

Class of 1972

Iris Society – President’s Circle Nancy Barnhill Aycock Penny L. Gallins Kathy Moore Watkins Iris Society Cassandra Crump Beth Garrison Culp Carolyn Lewis Hulene McLean Lynda Bell Moore Meredith Elam Muse Ann Googe Nusbaum Marianne Nifong Raker Claire Sullivan Slaughter Carol Boyd Tillman Karen A. Voelker Debbie Brown Ward Ellen B. Williams Annual Donors Martha Clarke Abernethy Mary Thompson Austell Jo Ann Bryan Banks Elizabeth Triplett Beam Carol Swarr Beaumont Edna Sue Floyd Bess Vickie Wimberley Blanchard Elizabeth Biggs Britt Camie Barnes Brooks Cathie Asbill Brown Sandra McClain Buller Gail Knapp Cooke Jo Ann Hickman Cox Margaret Alexander Cox Lynn Haislip Crisp Margaret Person Currin Elaine Dawkins Daves Pam O’Dell Doane Nancy Crews Earp Marti Miller Elliott Judy Abner Elmore Carolyn Harrelson Fitch Carol Pearson Helms Marsha Perkins Hemby Betsy Newton Herman Kathy O’Briant Hester Laurie Dodge Hibbert Betsy Allen Hood Liz Gregg Hurst Libby S. Knott Jane Nicholds Lampo Kitty Sparks McCammon Jeanie Brown McCandless Becky Hooper Michaels Jean Morris Moore Shelor Strider Morgan Dianne Jones Moser Caroline Parham-Ramsey Cindy Beal Richardson Kathy Ogburn Roebuck

Betty Anne Haskins Schlegel Marcia Miller Schmid Miki Jones Spencer Glenda Tie Standley Martha E. Stephenson Bobbi Bryant Taylor Martha Bielat Wall Jean Brown Webb Harriett Kline Wilson Mary Jo Harrison Wilson Vivien Currier Windley Margo Council Wright Peggy Incerto Zachry

Class of 1973

Iris Society – President’s Circle Michelle Rich Goode Iris Society Christie Bishop Barbee Betty Barker Cannon Marcia Dark Coreth Susan G. Herring Fayette Jacobs Jones Joanne Eckert Kesler Susan Lassiter Lampley Jeanne Tilley Nash Carolyn Van Hoy O’Brien Mary Beth Pruette Parker Pam Mitchell Riley Mary Penn Fitzsimmons Sherlin Ann Harden Whitford Annual Donors Marcia Hollins Babb Rebecca Johns Bertram Jo Anna Geffcken Boyette Luanne Roebuck Brown, ’01, MBA Julia C. Bryan Connie Everhart Burleson Carolyn H. Carter Deborah Hudson Champion Susan Cherry Phyllis Barwick Coats Ginger Eades Collins Carolyn Hutchinson Coram Mary Ann Tadlock Crawford Mary Anne Corey Crowe Kathy McNeill deRoeck Brownie Williams Doss Nancy Bass Drake Linda C. Ehrlich Kay Carpenter Finger Linda Poole FitzSimons Debbie Pearce Godwin Janis Hooper Grayson Dona Isley Hill Patricia Matthews Hothorn Gloria Frye Hunt Beverly Bickley Ipock Carla Whitaker Jernigan Pam Hendrick Jessup Diane Compton John Cynthia Capps Landvater Shirley Whitehurst Liner Barbara Dorsett McClure Deborah Tingle McCutchen Sherry Schultz McGraw Jean W. McLaughlin Libby Owen Mills Beverly Fowler Mitchell Anne Gilbert Morgan

Christine Such Mulder Bobbie Heilman Murphy Donna Salem Naeser Alice Porter Naumuk Marilyn Fowler Neely Becky Carraway Newberry Gwen Noble Paula Gupton Page Sarah Powell Prior Sallie Eure Redding Brenda A. Richardson Pat Scott-Finn Judy Yates Siker Susan Dilday Smith Susan Derby Stackhouse Dottie Sink Sykes Laura Hawkins Teague Elizabeth Ankers Tuttle Karen Farless Webb Angie Clinton Welsh Blanche Jones Williams Patti Battle Wilson Rita Ritchie Wolfe

Class of 1974

Iris Society – President’s Circle Cynthia C. Godwin Phoenix Chen Haydon, ’09, MAT Ann Lowery Eleanor Hill Oakley, ’89, MBA Louise Sullivan Peters, ’95, MAE Kathy T. Vessells Judy L. Williams Iris Society Dianne Forshee Baker Ceil Watson Blackwell Sarah Reierson Bradsher Alice Winecoff Clayton Sealy Cross Janice Sams DeBarros Linda Thompson Fairchild Christy B. Farrior Michelle Alverda Francis Leigh Steele Lehan Sarah Young Meacham Peggy Schafer Meares Bernice E. Minga Caroline Roberts Mock Lynn Mosier Kay Hall Norman Vickie Owens Robinson Becky Olive-Taylor Annual Donors Margaret Pruette Averett, ’07, MED Cathy Chambers Bailey Janice Blackburn Theresa Herrin Bowles Beth Roberson Boyd Mary Beth Andrews Brewer Pam Faison Brewer Beth Dickie Campbell Alison Maready Civils Peggy Bryan Cochran Hope Faircloth Coffey Jane Lee Cooke Sue E. Creager Martha Beale Eppes Genny Johnson Frazier Kay Carlisle Grady Linda Greenan

# Denotes members of the Ivy Society, recent graduates (2009 to 2019) who make a monthly gift of $10 or more annually.

Jane Britt Greenwood Jennie Wyatt Gwaltney Jane Harris Sylvia Cooper Harriss Karen McLean Hart Lisa Brown Hines Donna Hopewell Peggy Walser Howard Joanne Saunders Huntley Anne Williams Kain Mary Alice Johnson Kimel Janet Olive Kinsey Peggy Stone Lamm Ann Wagoner LeGarde Susan Jenkins Leuthold Linda Moore Lewis Debbie Liner Loftis Shirlyn Ratcliff MacPherson Lynne Oliver Martin Deborah Jordan Matthews Marae Paschal McGhee Kathy Fleetwood McNeill Deborah Pugh Miller Bette Len Love Mitchell Pat Nathan Groves Cookie Guthrie Newton Karen Youngblood Padgett Donna Dowdy Phillips Lynn Jones Poston Mamie Lewis Potter Nancy Riggs Marie Swindler Rodden Peggy Karstedt Sanders Elaine Bartholomew Scarborough Mary Elizabeth Sloop Kitty Brewer Spillman Allynna Brooks Stone Jean M. Summerville Belinda Hartman Thomas Carolyne Norman Tucker Meredith Marr Watson Reverend Marilyn Lawrence Weiler Jane Williams

Class of 1975

Iris Society Sue Grant Allen Dianne Timm Byerly Patty Whisnant Cease Barbara Yates Clapp Cheri Garnett Furr Jean Jackson Emily P. Johnson Laura Bailey Leamon Sherri McGee Dale Hawkins Russell Sarah L. Shell Susan Webster Vallance Jo Ann Williford Annual Donors Mary Lee Womble Bailey Nancy Foster Bennett Sherri Houchens Blight Linda McKinnish Bridges Marie Stuppy Brown Nancy Neal Cagle Mary Jo Williams Carr Melynda McIntyre Ciccotti Virginia M. Clark Karen Cvetko Conrad

Honor Roll of Donors 2019-20


Gail Stott Cook Laurie L. Cressman Helen Copeland Crisp Suzanne Martin Davis Debbie Edge Day Patti Pace Doyle Susan Ellrod Susan Wood Eubanks Babs Chesson Gallion Susan Hamlin Gentry Celeste Till Harris Linda Hassell Patricia Young Herrington Benjie Hester Amy J. Hill, ’89 MBA Lynette Broadwell Holmes Anne Kelly Howard Rhonda Strickland Irwin Karen Oliver Johnson Kay Smith Jones Marilyn L. Jones Jane Hartley Kaman Cathy McCaskill Kearney Jackie Cullifer Kinney Cathy Morgan Kolk Mary Beth Hardy Leavitt Norma Heath Lundy Susan Swift Lynch Rachel Thompson Marley Barbara Morton Marsh Margaret Martin Karen Harris McManus Lee Pennington Melvin Marsha Howard Morgan Sybil Burgess Murray Jo Ann Hill Overton Kathy Garris Owen Anne Brigham Pace Lynne Thomason Park Sue Ellen Beal Parrish Jan Carrigan Payne Mary P. Perkinson Beth Hilton Pike Melissa Reeves Raley Marlee Ray Deborah Phillips Riley Donna Pickard Rogers Susan Royster Janet Hammond Scales Mary Vann Sitton Virginia Crouch Slack Cindy Snipes Kathy Fuller Stokes Paula Hartman Terry Kathleen Haskins Thompson Mary Ratchford Thornbury Nancy Morris Turrone Marion J. Venable Ann B. Wall Janine Bradsher Wall Starlette Thomas Walston Nan Harris Watson Ellen P. Wester Cynthia Baughan Wheaton Mary Brown Wicker Mary Beth Wilkie Ann Williams Chris Cornwell Wilson Susan Ferguson Winstead Mary Lu Wooten Penny Benson Ziemer


Honor Roll of Donors 2019-20

Class of 1976

Iris Society – President’s Circle Susie Creech Fowls Carolyn Dunn Hawver Nancy Pentecost Siska Jackie Owen Stallings Iris Society Chris Speight Brown Amy Garber Byrd Cathy Bland Rodgers Annual Donors Marla Tugwell Adams Patsy Vehorn Allen Betsy Horton Ambrosio Kathryn Midyette Anderson Rebecca E. Askew Cynthia Creech Beasley Donna Wood Berkeley Dana Edwards Boone Susan Craig Bowness Susan White Carroll Ann Shaw Coats Joanne Ward Compton Susan Merritt Cox Carrie Rogers Currin Lucy Davis Deeprose Gwen Weatherly Earley Beth Morrisey Early Sherry Long Eddins Leigh McRoy Edwards Sharon Ellis Patti Estes Mazie Tilley Fleetwood Ginger Kimball Ford Missy Upchurch Godfrey Kathy Hollins Gregersen Vickie Kiziah Gulledge Susan Carroll Hamilton Pam Jefcoat Holt Lou Ann Flynt Jackson Sallie Marshburn Johnson Louise Crouch Lee Meredith McGill Patrice DesVergers McNeill Susan Dean McWhorter Joy Hussey Menius Margaret Taylor Park Lou Mickey Paules Karen Britt Peeler Deborah Vick Peters Martha Martin Pippin Elizabeth B. Pope Pat Prouty Kay Jenkins Reese Denise Brown Rix Shearon Roberts Susan Willetts Roberts Cathy Roberts Robson Reya Blount Roller Suzanne Williams Setser Tina King Slavin Teresa Twine Sullivan Annette Rountree Taylor Valeria Tyndall Taylor Susan Goodwin Thornbrough Julia H. Turner Pat James Vining Susan Hill Wadsworth Linda Matthews Wann Laura Boone Ward

Suzanne Deal Wells Gay Cameron Wilson Kay B. Wyche

Class of 1977

Iris Society – President’s Circle Peggy R. Beale* Betsy Porter Fritschel Anne Fonville-Sams Iris Society Teri Meadows Hires Cathy McCracken James Jacquelyn Webb Lewis Jennie Lynch Mays Robin Morgan Sharon R. Stephenson Denise Gaskins Willey Laura Jackson Williams Joyce Pendergraft Young, ’86, MBA Annual Donors Margaret Phoenix Agee Gail D. Andersen Debra Godwin Avery Virginia Patrick Avery Venetta Baker Debra Coates Barton Kathryn Christian Bender Jonne A. Boone Debbie Wilson Bowling Jane Gates Bradley Mary Kay Allsbrook Bradshaw Nedra Rogers Bryant Andra Knott Burt Gail Yates Carnagua Millie McLaney Chalk Beth Steagall Christenbury Anne Reece Collins Omega Evans Collins, ’85, MED Pam Smith Compton Reverend Pamela Ready Cook Anne Dale Jamie Kenyon Davis Cathy Harris de Lespinois Suzanne Styron Edwards Janet Osmer Elmore Rhonda Harris Evrard Teresa Kiger Farmer Martha Small Ferebee Barbara Wiggins Fleming Lizzy Hall Hargrove Phyllis Smith Hayes Julie Jones Hicks Jan Stewart Hinson Alice Pruitt Johnson Becky Armstrong Johnson Cathy Pickett Lamb Kimberly Hicks Laney Carol Clapp Lemke Elaine Strother Lewellyn Nancy Martin Long Patricia Fishel Long Mary J. Ludt Jeanne Bray Marlowe Janet Thigpen Mills Dottie Booker Moore Betsy Graham Morrison Sue Crabtree Newton Nina D. Noffsinger Maggie S. Odell Sara Cotey Overby

Annie Stamey Palles Carolyn C. Pennington Hazel Browning Possiel Grace Cawley-Rhine Leatha Perry Ritchie, ’05, MBA Janet Hornaday Rogers Susan Stone Rogers Cherry Croom Rouse Debbie Doss Russell Nancy L. Schult Joy Denny Seif Carolyn Gay Shackelford Connie Adams Sherrill Evelyn Buie Shytle Jean Robinette Simpson Judy A. Smith Robin Withers Smith Nancy Brewbaker Stanton Julia Surratt Taylor Julie A. Taylor Freda M. Tricarico Charlot Frye Wood Lee Coble Worden

Class of 1978

Iris Society – President’s Circle Christa Burris Middleton Iris Society Kay Allen Blizzard Joni Fay Watts Fetterman Suzanne Stocks Hawley Margaret Carter Herring Debbie McGee Hunter Sharon Brewer Nault Annual Donors Julie C. Amos Mary Elizabeth Johnston Arthurs Carla Ashley Carol Kelly Bain Molly Bailey Bayard Celia Witt Beauchamp Cindy Allen Brewer Gay Parks Brogden Debby M. Bryant Karen Harrison Calhoun Kathy Morgan Crowe Elizabeth Bailey Daniel Kathie Going Davis Mary Anne Hardy Dawson Phoebe Nestor Dixon Dee Bazemore Dorsey Donna Douglas Lou Cocker Flowers Julia Dorman Fort Susan Coldfelter Foushee Nancy Radford Frazier Carol Sustek Garris Jamie Council Garvey Susan Brooks Gaster Eleanor Chappell Goss Georganne Branham Griffin Jane Hooper Harrill Reverend Meg Ballard Hess Nancy Shinn Highfill Patricia Price Hinkle Jacqueline Lawrence Huber Mary Nell Bostick Jenke Elizabeth Strother Jones Tess Winslow King Teresa Carter Kline

Elizabeth Cobb Lilly Denise Blackley Loucks Rita Hester MacMillan Sharon Hardin Maynor Nancy Rosenbaum Meek Celia Brown Mitchell Claire Elmore Natt Jan Greer Nelson Frances Cuttle Newby Sherry L. Olson Katherine McGee Orloff Page Rose Pond Sara Lynn Neel Powell Sue Vehorn Rimer Mary Glynn Bates Roberson Sharon Holder Shehdan Mazie Swindell Smith Becky Sugg Smothers Alix Willcox Snyder Mary-Margaret Steele Emily Widman Texter Janice Couch Thompson Jenny Miller Tolson Lou Flippin Turner Carol Fitch Walker Wendy Walton Ward Beth Adams Watkins Jan Williamson Wilson Tonya Jones Wright

Class of 1979

Iris Society – President’s Circle Nancy Walker Scott Iris Society Anita Aman Avent, ’90, MBA Annette L. Bailey Lisa Davis Bowne Sandra Graham Cagle Lois Hayes Chamblee Billie Jo Kennedy Cockman Sandy G. Godwin Emily Graham Howell Renee Keever Miriam O. Victorian Annual Donors Karen Mangum Allen Kathy R. Beale Cindy L. Bizzell Tina Prewitt Bryan Carole Jones Carr Barbara Westbrook Collins Beth Langston Deal Teri M. Edwards Beverly Hartsell Elingburg Sharon Nixon-Escochea Jennifer Norvell Farrell Janice Hopkins Frizzell Debbie Peele Glaser Martha Mitchell Goodman Linda K. Hallman Gen Stanley Harrell Pandora Dunn Holloway Rita Blevins Jennings Laura Leppla Joyner Beckisue Brown Joyner Anne Arnold Keen April Dean King Leigh Ferrell Kirkman Sharon Wood Lloyd Katy Knobeloch MacDonald

Suzanne Mattox Barbara Schreffler McMillan Mary Beth Baecher Metcalf Carol Lancaster Milano Gail Moody Milteer Kathy Hill Moody Alice Arico Morrison Eleanor Ossman Oliver Melinda Merrell Orr Donna Dean Parrish Lisa Biddix Royal Susie Bullard Sanford Diane Faw Shaw Belinda A. Smith Mary Lou Barrett Smith Jennifer Carter Stephenson Carol Edmiston Stewart Marcia Wilson Stokley Denise Jones Stroud Katherine Keith Thomas Myra Griffin Wallace Nena Warren-Felsher Anne Timberlake Wheeler Lisa Wall Williams Laura Petty Williard Nora Griffin Williford Carrie Jo Compton Wintermute Beth Williamson Woodruff Susie Yearick Pat Kenne Yelvington Laurie Baker Zissimos

Class of 1980

Iris Society – President’s Circle President Jo Allen

Leslie Landis Hayes Silda Wall Spitzer

Debbie Bradsher Dry Susan Dowdy Dunlow Susan Felts Mary Ann Ferguson Nancy Clendenin Forbes Kim D. Frazier Tish Gay Lynne Chandler Gorman Janet Liles Gowan Becky Parrish Green Sheri A. Green Ruth Ann Tucker Grimes Joanna Creech Guido Sandra Hancock Sheila Saunders Hanson Lee Callahan Hayden Kim Bright Hazelgrove Anne Robinson Heflin Jane Belk Hemingway Laura MacMillan Hickey Cindi Smith Hoffner Nancy Houston Laura Anderson Jacobson Beverly Taylor Johnson Dana Draughn Johnson Gloria Boyd Johnson Cathy Wright Jones LuAnn Whitley Joyner Phama Mullen Larsen-Johnston Susan Hardin Matthews Zoe Cox McKay-Tucker Shearra Miller Thelma Goodwin Miller Darlene Farless Moss Ruth Franklin Murphy

Iris Society Amy Davis Adams Robin Howell Burt Vicki Ballard Currin Ella Plyler Frantz Julie Ranson Hester Mary Bowden Ray Karen Maness Stone Karen Womble Wallace Cindy Thomas Wood Susan Sherron Zaytoun Annual Donors Diane Bacon Terri Moore Bailey Debbie Vick Balint Kim Smith Ball Sunnie Ballou Catherine Allen Beaver Marcia Hall Bethea Anne Safley Bills Valerie Ray Blankenship Kimberly Hayden Blaser Robyn Wright Bone Myra Herring Brown Cathy Clapp Byman Malinda Owens Coombs Melinda Haney Costa Lisa K. Cunningham Betsy Parker Dagenhart Lisa Trainham Dahlgren Debbie Holt Daurity Vicki Miguel Davis Booker Chewning Deakyne

Ann Wright Owen Lou Ann Murphy Parker, ’89 MAE Anne Cherry Price Cindy Christie Price Florence Hassell Rabon Mary Powell McLeod Rhodes Mary Pickett Rizzo Jean Ann Hull Rogers Kitty Cox Rollins Janet Rose Danette Gordon Rutherford Jeanie Griffin Sherman Caroline Ferebee Simmons Julie Slade Mae Nelson Spruill Brenda J. Stallings Gerry A. Stott Kim Lawson Strong Tammy A. Summers Dawn Hall Sutton Jan Bethune Tart Frances Wooten Theodorakis Meg Holman Thompson Vickie Thornton Tribble Molly Ferrell Twine Betsy Stockard Upton Leigh Osborne Walters Lura Anthony Whitcomb Peggy Bassett Williams, ’85, MAE Barbara Browde Wilson Kappie Williford Yates

Class of 1981

Iris Society – President’s Circle Suzanne Ripley Weston Elaine Powell McLeod

Iris Society Beth Hines Crews Cindy Casey Goode Anne Huffman Rebecca Correll McClendon Gayle Nichols Karen Carpenter Smith Annual Donors Jackie Revels Abbott Olivia Heath Banks Becky Boyette Batchelor Sara Granley Becker Amy Mendenhall Benson Mollie McLeod Bergstrom Kathy Talton Best Lee Whitley Black Dianne W. Bostrom Diane Hoggard Boyd Denise Walters Burchett Karen Baker Burden Sandra Sain Byrd Jill Paget Carpenter Sherrill A. Cash Eleanor Mangano Cioffi Robin Bailey Colby Cecilia Foushee Cook Gayle E. Cooke Mary Leigh Lambert Cottrell, ’85, MAE Sharon Swain Currin Teresa L. Deshields Martha Anderson Dobson Lynn Davis Edwards Kiki Massenburg Farish Helena Flannagan

Keeping Meredith Strong

2020 Senior Class Gift Exceeds Goal by Emily Parker


t is a tradition at Meredith for the senior

in cases of emergencies such as an

class to raise money to support a project

unexpected flight home, an emergency

on campus as a way to give back to their

medical bill, a replacement for necessary

alma mater. After careful consideration of

technology, and more. Students can reach

the current needs on campus, the senior

out directly to the Chaplain if they have a

class decided to raise money for the Student

need for emergency funds. The goal for the

Emergency Fund for the Chaplain’s Office.

Class of 2020 was to add to this fund to help

The goal was $2,020 and the class has raised

students in this current time of need, as well

$3,991.60 in total, with $3,431.60 for the

as to support students in the future.

Student Emergency Fund and $560 toward

other funds that were important to individuals.

Class Gift because of the global pandemic,

“We decided it was important for the

“Rather than forgoing 2020’s Senior

we decided to rely on Meredith’s rich

Fund if the Class of 2020 met their goal of

senior class to focus on this fund because

history of philanthropy to raise money for

$2,020. Their $1,000 challenge gift was their

Meredith has an environment based on

a necessary campus project,” said Meg

way of showing support for the senior class

strong women supporting other women,”

Sink, ’18, assistant director of the Meredith

and a fund that was important to them.

said Whitney Pepper, ’20, senior class gift

Fund. “We quickly changed directions from a

co-chair. “ We wanted to increase Meredith’s

grounds need to the more pressing need of

and eager Meredith women are,” said Abigail

ability to support students who may be in

the Student Emergency Fund. This change

Crooks, ’20, senior class gift co-chair. “This

need of financial help during a crisis, such as

ensured that students who need help can be

fund truly is something to believe in and we

the COVID-19 pandemic.”

supported by their institution.”

are so grateful for everyone who contributed

so that we can help our sisters in their times

The Student Emergency Fund allows

students to access up to $150 a semester * Deceased

In addition, two alumnae donors pledged

to give $500 each to the Student Emergency

# Denotes members of the Ivy Society, recent graduates (2009 to 2019) who make a monthly gift of $10 or more annually.

“We learned how strong, compassionate,

of need.” Honor Roll of Donors 2019-20


Susan Harris Frazier Suzanne Strawcutter Grossman Rona Still Harden Sharmon Simmons Herring Kathy Grindstaff Hinkle Meg Edwards Hodges Susan Jones Holder Tammy Cherry Holt Beth White Horton Margot Houtz Huffines Amy Cline Hull Ginger Knott Johnson Patricia Fleming Jones Laura Burrows Kearney Susan Kellum Jan Gardner Kelly Mary Williams-Kotnik Connie Taylor Lewis Julie King Lopez Dawn Powell Lowder Tal Hinnant Mangum Sandra Watson McDaniel Deborah Bartlett McKay Susan White Minter Elizabeth Brashear Mobley Tudy Moncure Kathy Newcomb Janice E. Odom Ann Cook Parker Mary Williams Parker Ramona Milligan Parker Beth Allen Pierce Suzanne Plisko Pat Forbes Poe Susan Walters Puryear Jane Hensdale Raney Judith Carr Reel Pam Ingram Robinson Janet Green Rosie, ’86, MBA E. K. Korschun Simmons Carla Parker Sink Kathryn Spruill Courtney Atkins Swanson Jill Aldridge Tasaico, ’91, MBA Terri Couch Taylor Susan Jones Turner Debbie Moore Walker Teresa Flythe Warren Julie Astin-Wayne Martha Hollowell Welch Connie Rogers Whitt Jennifer Blackmon Williams Ann Lancaster Wright

Class of 1982

Iris Society – President’s Circle Khaki Parks Iris Society M. Linda Carter Jeanne Puckett Fishwick Gloria A. Gaskin Marie Hiott McEntire Cindy N. Sellers Ann Elizabeth Stringfield Amy Eidson Tayloe Jane Dameron Worley Annual Donors Donna Tripp Adams Mary Graham Andrews Elba Crowe Barnes Jerry Tolson Bartlett


Honor Roll of Donors 2019-20

Jane Reynolds Bateman Virginia Porter Bateman Mary Ward Robbins Baucom Sharon Hall Bauer Kelly Lennon Belcher Suzanne Clark Bennett Susan Narron Bevacqua, ’88, MBA Lynn Powell Bridges Roxanne Scism Bridges Tanya Turner Bridges Chris N. Buchanan Ginny Thaggard Burcham Beth Grantham Chambers Lora Dinning Chisholm Lisa Ponder Clary Cathy White Couch Darlene LeQuire Crisp Rebecca G. Cross Stacey Douglas Daniels Donna Griffin Davenport Lynn Hurt Davis Celia H. Dickerson Janie Ball Dickson Kaywood Graham Draughon Deborah Edwards Duke Alison Washburn Edwards Laney Hodge Edwards Dabney Chakales Erwin Lydia Stokes Finlayson Diane Lindley Fisher Joni Coleman Fitzgerald Nan Davis Fleming Martha Baker Fraize Kelley Stone Garris Carla Barker Glover Claudia Goodman Glover Michelle Gregory Graham Martha Reaves Grant Cynthia Perry Griesedieck Kay Jones Hicks Sheila Lawson Hite Mary Louise Webb Hough Felicia Stewart Hoyle Darlene Wilson James Judy Chandler Jeremias Lucy Pittard Jones Georganne McMullen Kirven Jacqueline Lee Susan Wellons Lowe Susan Hoover Lyon Johnsie Pass Mason Susan Foster Massengill Judy Andrews Mays Gay Barfield McCormack Susan Coggin Miller Laura Cave Morgan Linda Pepper Morton Tracy Moseley Cindy Terrill-Munn Janet Meares Nettles Liz Harrell Newell Susan Briggs Nichols Kay Murphy Paul Mary Beth Petersen Susan Jones Platt Miranda Bowers Proctor Dale Williamson Purcell Lib Belton Rabun Dolores Childers Riggins Betsy Dawkins Ripley Jamie Hofler Robbins

Gina Patterson Robinson Kimberly Minich Rogers Sheri Shelton Satterwhite Lollie Fulton Shankle Glenda Morgan Shelton Bryn E. Smith Ellen Flippin Smith Kelly Smith Lynda L. Smith Sharon Rogan Smith Terri Snead Georgianna Holding Spungin Phyllis Stallings Betsy Roach Switzer Vivian Hardy Sykes Dana Warren Takacs Becky White Tapp Sandra Sneed Thompson Meg Boehling Traynham Jane Brenegar Trexler Deborah Mokros Voress Margaret McGaughey Wells Mimi Santos Westbrook Susan Tant Whitaker Betty Arnold Williams Sarah W. Williams Leslie Saunders Williford Kelly Sullivan Wyatt

Katy Johnson Lewis Anne Coulbourn Lunsford Martha King Mason Connie C. Mooney Rebecca Fisher Parks Lee Betts Perry Wanda Wyatt Proctor Karen Wolcott Schulz Angela Spaanbroek Schuster Michelle Farrier Seaboch Kathy M. Sherman Melissa Davis Sikes Molly McGee Spurgeon Nancy Mullinax Stamper Martha Ensley Stokes Ann Wilkerson Suber Barbara L. Thuren Kim Morin Toxey Beth Lewis Trice Kathy Cary Trierwiler Lynne Whitfeld Robyn Compton Whitman Joy Rose Wilson Ginger Woodard

Class of 1983

Iris Society Martha Waugh Barnwell Henrietta Braun Elaine Jolly Davis Carolyn Kornegay Beth Rodgers Stabler

Iris Society – President’s Circle JoAnne Williams Branch Iris Society Jayne Osborne Abernethy Virginia Hayworth Hoover Lori Howell Kelley Denise Perry Parker Virginia Gentry Parker Fran Jennings Teter Elizabeth Parker Watson Annual Donors Nancy Sparks Adams Cinda Bodford Alexander Anne Norvik Altieri Lisa A. Bailey Leigh Anne F. Barham Kim Metts Beal Suzanne Springston Benge Anna Bess E. Brown Margaret Carswell Kim M. Cozart, ’88, MME Laura Grady Crumpler Carol Dombrowski Ashby Flannagan Carla Fowler Gibbons Jona Riggan Gilliam Kelly Weaver Goley Martha Wagner Greene Carol Griffin Caroline Harris Hackley Caroline Greene Hamrick Connie Lineberry Hastings Penny Middleton Hill Ginny Taylor Hurdle, ’86, MBA Susan Davis Johnson Lori A. Jordan Jamie R. Kearney Connie Melvin Kinney Stacey Psillas Lahey Sherri Stout Lee Lynn Vaughan Leidheiser

Class of 1984

Iris Society – President’s Circle C. Elizabeth Dove

Annual Donors Helen Sue Jarratt Agee Abby Nobles Averitte Lisa D. Bailey Catherine Cole Baldwin Denise M. Biccum Melanie Carawan Beverly Herron Carlton, ’88, MBA Linda Norris Chapman Melody Dossenbach Crow Lelia Allen Davenport Kim Elliott Dittmann Jane Harrell Dodd Deanna Carlton Drescher Karen Sutton Dyson Laura Frazier Garrett Andrea Edwards Gray Susan Kientz Grigg Cynthia Lawson Harding Cynthia Self Harper Cindy Boyette Harrell Tomilynn Mutschler Harris Briley A. Hedrick Monica Hix Linda Sellers Hodges Evelyn Booth Hughes Beth Madren Kasai Caroline Cooper Lamm Laura Payne Lowe Deborah Martin Marks Julia Whitley Melvin Frances R. Mundy Jane Morgan Nixon, ’87, MMU Dora Weaver Owens, ’89, MBA Sheri Howell Paul Donna Steele Pinckney Terrie Holland Priest

Lane Parker Raskauskas Kim Jenkins Rawlings Kim Causey Ray Dianne Powell Paula Tilghman Roberson Wynne Carey Rodgers Susan Cutler Ruane Bonnie R. Sanderlin Judy Anderson Schmidt Mary Kay McIver Shelley Camille Stell Sheri Wayne Stockton Linda Cheek Su Lynne Jackson Thompson Carol Brooks Uphoff Liza Walters Weidle Pat Lewis West

Class of 1985

Iris Society – President’s Circle Kellie J. Falk Jena Muntz Gallagher Autney Reavis Nelms Iris Society Julia Beckett Marsh Cammy Smith Mullen Parker Smith Normann Kim McCall Whitley Annual Donors Kimberly Jones Adams Marion Prager Adams Anita Waters Alpenfels, ’91, MED Kathryn Langley Anderson Lisa Hodnett Anderson Martha Gibson Anderson, ’90, MAE Jane Sykes Bowden Beth Krewson Carter Lyn Walker Clark Karen Hill Crocker Lori Lewis Day Becky Evans Glass Audrey McQueen Jackson Nancy Sparks Jennings Christine Parsons Jones Renee Bond Keen Angie Sutton Lock Melissa McGaw Linda Mumford McSwain Linda Lee Page Carole Ricks Pendleton Tamara Drye Robb Liza Little Roberts Robin R. Rogers Emily Tolleson Rowell Maia McAnulty Setzer Lisa Drake Skeeters Denise Pope Stearley Lindley E. Stroud Elizabeth Johnston Thomas Maria Blackmon Tobin Cathy Everett Wilson

Class of 1986

Iris Society Sandra Critzer Close Susan Howell Jones Michele Cherry Larson Gwendolyn Goolsby Reynolds Annual Donors Lisa Clark Ashworth

Elizabeth Kittrell Brothers Amy Watson Bush Anna Goodwin Collins Kelly Wyatt Crawley Sharon Knight Dew Patti Pollard Dickson Ellen Henry Edmunds Susan Goins Eplee Dalinda Dunn Fairley Kim McMurray Flaugher Mitzi Pressley Forrest Allison Draper Gant Georgia Parrish James Barbara Garris Lee Ginny Leach Lenaeus Gail Sharpe Marsal Teresa McMaster Martin Kathy Nalani Masewicz Lisa Robie Poole Ann McGee Powers Sandra Dean Pruitt Lisa Duke Rezac Laura K. Robinson Lynne Temple Sanders Sally Woolard Sandy Nancy Shore Sawtelle Lori Coleman Schomburg Anne Scruggs Jonelle Davis Strickland Nancy Humbert Sweeney Maria Kling Tierney Marva A. Watkins Kelley Milstead Woggon

Ruth Ponder Moore Martha Hedrick Newsom Kelly Nobles-Parker Lisa Powers O’Connor Greta Schott Paith Kimberly Buckner Pennington Cheryl D. Perry Donna Pope Powell, ’90, MBA Patricia Brannock Rhodes Dana Austin Rounds Sheila Vaughan Seagle Jill Hensdale Shipp Aileen Jenkins Staples Beth Royall Stiff Kelli Barefoot Stroud Carol L. Swain Carlissa Oakley Taylor Carmel Swanson Tritschler Leslie Swain Vaughan Jeanne Coleman von Lehmden, ’92 MBA Ann Barnes Walker Rhonda L. Whitaker Dana Pierce White Joy Terry Wilkes Harriet Huggins Wilson Lou Ann Qualls Wollett

Class of 1987

Annual Donors Laura Taylor Alridge Cindy Austin Angel, ’00, MBA Sharon Foster Beale Marsha Sink Blakley Lisa Inge Burgwyn Becky White Butts Jennifer Vick Catellani Andrea Pullen Eason Beth Dermid Harmon Adrienne Gore Ingram Troy Hilliard Kenny Julia Edwards Kinlaw Teresa Pope Lane Carol Asplen-Masden Leigh Prevatte Meyer, ’92, MBA Kathleen O’Brien Jackie Rudy Phelps Elizabeth Cook Rohweder Suzanne Tisaranni Rose Carla Quinn Rouse Beth Lucas Smith Jo Ann Finch Strickland Linda Froneberger Sturgill Elizabeth Hornthal Worley

Iris Society – President’s Circle Mary Beth Coleman Mosca Iris Society Lucy O. Henry Jennifer Hubbard Martha L. Register Phyllis O’Hara Smetana Donna Wilson Thagard Caroline Powell Veronee Annual Donors Catherine Stanley Alligood Teresa Sorrell Atkins Leigh Sneed Berrier Rebecca Bizzell Judy Wilson Black Becky Smith Brown Anne Burke Luanne Finch Clark Beth Sanders Colleen Anna Galloway Currie Dorcas Hostetler Douglas Suzanna Browne Edens Susan Tart Edgerton Stephana Gay Melanie Herring Mary Helen House Hilton Fannie Rowland Howell Penelope A. Jarvis Cindie Miner Johnson Sherrill Jolly Nan Henry Keel Dawn Koonce Susan Beck Kunar Nancy Floyd Long Julia McKeithan * Deceased

Class of 1988

Iris Society Nadine Kennedy Bradsher Sharon Woodlief Britt Michele Lenhart Stack

Class of 1989

Iris Society Mary Beth Sanderson Deaton Cindy Parkman Godwin Linda Toepel Graebel Annual Donors Marsha Hardee Alexander Maria A. Barndt Casey Bass Cari Belk Berger Lisa Wilson Boone

Monica Borden Debbie Shaw Capps Wendy Roper Daly Cindy Price Ellington Sheila S. Forbes Reverend Donna Fowler-Marchant Kelley Greene Groce Susan Kelley Harrell Reverend Sue E. Holec Catherine Plasters Imperial Dana Bailey Johnson Kathy Strange Jones Jeannie Harvey Kerr Mary Ann Lisenba Kirchner Tracy G. Knight Kathy Knowles Lohff Mary Dickson Long Jennifer Horton McIntyre Cheryl Whitfield Moreland Beth Williams Oates Teri Waters Pantelakos Beth Parham Hope Proctor Parker Robin Brumfield Ruffin Cheryl Dunn Russell Beth Wood Smith, ’91, MBA Elizabeth Hash Stegall Jennifer Guyer-Stenner Michelle Davis Stivers Susan Godbold Stuppnig Lynda Collier Taylor Iris Wilkins Turner Paula Rogers Wagner Kristin Richey Watkins, ’94, MBA

Class of 1990

Iris Society Yvette M. Brown, MD Beth Outland German Deanna R. Harris Virginia Norris Jenny Sharpe Schwartz Mary Lynne Normann Stephens Annual Donors Gayle Woodard Alford Robin Andrews Babcock Bebie H. Barrett Leanne Jackson Camp Kim McNeill Cato Cindy Daniel Cave Polly Winstead Coats Maria Parker Costello Glenda Barton Darrell Christy Townsend Denham Sheryl Hunt Duke Amber Hager Elam Dawn Flynn Euman Anne Carroll Mustian Ezzelle Susan Worley Forbes Suzi Dorato Fox Shannon Hamrick Garcia Christy P. Hamrick Jacquelynn Harris Tammy L. Holder Laura Plowden Hollar Marsha Craig Hollar Suzanne Hage Houyoux Jeannine Manning Hutson Joan Comer Johnston Mercedes F. Leonard

Kim Barker Lewis Ann O’Donnell Lucas Anna McCants Manley Suzanne Stovall Mann Martha Ann Brawley McConnell Jennifer L. McLean Elizabeth Wilson Norton Renee Winter Otero Vicki E. Parker, ’11, MAT Kim Thompson Randolph Kay Crowder Rowe Beth White Sarnelli Kathryn Slate Katie Powers Sparks Tori McPhail Stadler Tracy E. Sternberg Amelia Stinson-Wesley Laura P. Thompson, PhD Laurie Setzer Thornburg Robin Wright Vincent, ’97, MED Myra G. Waddell Michelle Rowe Walsh Sarah Walker Warner Cheryl Gecinger Williams Denise Darroch Williford Dawn Steudel Winchell Susan Davis Wollett Stephanie Beck Yount

Class of 1991

Iris Society Robbie Walker Griffin Katie Bragg Scruggs Annual Donors Samantha Gunter Beam Stephanie Cashion Beaver Mary Anne Loftis Beshears Deanna Fogle Boksleitner Margie Hardison Buchter Margaret K. Burke Sarah Kelly Burns Meg A. Deal Crystal Cheatham Drum Dana Lucy Egan Beth Ragsdale Eskridge Ruth T. Fonville Hope Howell Graney Joanna Manikas Halsey Helen N. Harris Melinda Henderson Heigel Karen Moore-High Cathy Dixon-Howard Rebecca Roush Kanach Lori Pappendick Kegel Gladys Cusley Langdon Tracy Harris Lewis, ’98, MBA Amy Keistler Marshall Scottie Evans Mason Amy Kain Mayer, ’95, MBA Kay Jernigan McGriff Holly Hensley Messick Kimberly Corcoran Moore Rhonwyn Curtis-Nicholson Kerri S. Rawls Nancy Roark Kelly Morris Roberts Donna Newton Ryals Christy Sizemore Cathy Stevens Toburen Nan Smith Toppin Suzanne Perry Triemstra

# Denotes members of the Ivy Society, recent graduates (2009 to 2019) who make a monthly gift of $10 or more annually.

Roslyn Sloop-Troutman Traci Baldwin Willis

Class of 1992

Iris Society Ann Hiott Barham Anna Hollifield Jennifer Jones Mann Annual Donors Pam McBrayer Bailey Amy Carter Bland Leslie Bleecker Kendra Neese Bowers, ’20, MBA Kimberly Bratton Jennifer W. Christenberry Christa Phillips Devitt, ’10, MAT Lesley Williams Faulkner Sarah Young Garbee Cristy Fowler Glagola Ginny McCotter Hevener Gwen Daughtry Hodges Beth Willis Kittler Jessica Fischer Kuehl, ’12, MBA Julie Robertson LeMond Cheri N. Leonard Holley Milam Lewis Kristie Kelley Lewis Kelley Holton Marshall Michelle Murrow Maynard Marcy Stevens McLain Allyson Price McNiff Alice Saylor Miller Mary Ann Monk Mary Anderson Riddick Elizabeth Stilwell Russell Andrea Kinney Schierkolk Susan Clark Smith Kelli Craig Snyder Elizabeth Ray Stack Libby Volker Stucky Paula Fields Taylor Amy Thompson-Barfield Shannon Hessman Watkins Luci L. Weldon Mary A. Williford Monica Stephens Williford

Class of 1993

Iris Society Mitchell Brown Adrienne Hiner Cole Paige Temanson Leavel Trinnie Terrell O’Connor Annual Donors Celeste Derey Brogdon Amy Bryant Dee-El Caines Ashley Taylor Cantrell Amy Mann Crute Georgia Carolyn Moyer Davis Kelly Phillips Erb Janie Mullis Farwell Tracy Canup Fattal Jill Beeson Fisher Yvonne Herald Fus Katherine Gu Granger Julie Haynes Hancock Jennifer Hartig Rhonda Smith Hicks Kimberly Colston Hilliard Honor Roll of Donors 2019-20


Mandy Dill Hines Mallory Hearne Hodges Virginia E. Holthausen Jennifer Fender Huggins Amy Plott Kersting Kate Wilson King Jeanne Daly Land Kristi Narron Legnante Harris Mason Tiahna Krabacher McDowell Anne Lehman Mehr Brice Jones Melton Page Hankin Midyette, ’97, MBA Jodi W. Mitchiner Holland Coward Muscio Leigh Anne Perkinson Naas Becky Yarbrough Norman Jamie Bunn O’Briant Kelly Brown Ogburn Stacy Young Pace Kristy Roberts Katie Rogers Paige Rouse Ashley Price San Jose’ Laura Wilson Schuppenhauer Liz Smithman Sally Goodwyn Thomas Allison King Thompson Tamara Seamone Timberlake Heather Clark Warren Catherine M. Waugh Amanda Moore White Shannon Strickland White

Karen Mooney, ’98, MBA Christi Fields Morgan Kendall Lueke Myers Rebecca M. Nash Katie Turner Patrick Lynn Keith Policastro Kimberly Simmons Pope Elizabeth T. Rihani Kristen Lind Rogers Amanda Gemayel Rossi Alicia Morris Rudd Robin Outland Schwartz Sarah Espy Settlemyre Stephanie Holland Stallings Leigh Stanislaw Adrianne Hurt Staten Jennifer D. Stoneham Laura Lineberger Strickland Lori Watson Strickland Rebecca Hodges Swindell Elizabeth Sloan Tanner Blythe Taylor Nancy Bradley Thompson Anissa Jones Tolbert, ’99, MED Kristin White Turner Paula Hill Vick Kim Taylor Walker Anne Leigh Wankel Carrie Roney Ward Dawn C. Ward, ’99, MED Nancy S. Wells Tiffany Short West Jennifer Davidson Williamson

Class of 1994

Class of 1995

Iris Society Allyson Watson Bond Jennifer Williams Gaskins Mandy Chitsaz Reid

Iris Society Yasmin N. Bradley Eve M. Brown Valerie van Oosten Cline Julie Thomas Growney Frances Pate Hill Hollie Goins Kernan Shannon T. Lambeth Leigh Butler Longino Carol A. Mims Stacey Young Penn Alisa G. Polli Holly Lennon Wilford Annual Donors Sarah Barnes Adams Sharon Duffer Adams Truly C. Ager Michelle Flora Ams Rebecca Sweeney Anderson Suzanne R. Averett Angie Lilly Bennett Jenny Pevehouse Bianchi Tina Sylvester Blocker Rebecca Daw Blum Sonya M. Borders Missy Barakat Boyd Shannon Baynor Braxton Elizabeth P. Burlew Allison Trabucco Cain Amber R. Colo Michelle Smith Cowan Christy Jackson Crumpler Jane S. Davis

Iris Society – President’s Circle Cynthia Worsham Urquhart Amy Wilson

Annual Donors Janet C. Bullock Beth Burnette Wendy Royal Cabral Christa Bucks Camacho Carol Lee Cato Shelly Warden Cefalu Katie Kincaid Coley Rachel Gilley Collins Alissa Brown Denbo Karla A. Diggs Ann Case Edmondson Stephanie Ennis Jennifer Jones Fernandez Karen A. Gersch Elizabeth Weidler Gustafson Tracy Howell Harkness Mary Streeter Harmelink Hannah Simonds Harvey Elizabeth Eisele Hayes Heather A. Hollowell Mary Carraway Kelly Tracy Salter Leary Sheryl R. Long Cindy King Mazur Michele Lewis Mazzola Renee Bellows McGee Allison Hodges Molinaro


Honor Roll of Donors 2019-20

Iris Society – President’s Circle Andrea Oakley Fox Catherine Davis Rideout

Ann Akers Douglas Hollace A. Dowdy Michelle Sanders-Ezzell Jennifer Hatcher Faulkner Kelly C. Formy-Duval Amy L. Hendricks Katherine Davis Honeycutt Sara Bordeaux Hunter Kathleen E. Iafrate Nickie Bounds Jernigan Jennifer D. Johnson Rhonda B. Johnson Caroline Hunt Kesler Katie Tyre King Heather Marshbanks Lore Christy Moore Mallut Betsy Powell Mantak Kristin Applehans McGlaughlin Elizabeth Ross McKee Mariann Weissman Meleg Hasty Barron Millen Leah Ritchie Mills Abbey Lanier Mulvaney Beth Morris Nance Sonali Kolhatkar Oberg Melissa G. O’Neal Stephanie Singleton O’Shaughnessey Lynn Sauls Petillo Jennifer L. Pitts Emily Griffith Potts Jennifer Berry Reavis Betsy Trible Reid Beth A. Schmitt Jennifer Davis Schwartz Melissa Bannister Shaia Aubree Atkinson Sledge Spencer Clement Snakard Karen Elrod Southern Hillary Espich Stewart Molly Guin Stith Heather Barnes Vann Jennifer Cranford Walker Thomissa Talley Wallwork Lori M. Watts Missy White Wells Susan Bryan Williams

Class of 1996

Iris Society – President’s Circle Ann Carter Kirkland Betsy Shelton Stewart Iris Society Mary Esther Clark Baker Allison K. Carroll Amanda Steele Johnson Shelly Barrick Parsons Annual Donors Traci Spencer Adams Taylor Armstrong Aiken Ashley Peay Bettini Stacy Davenport Bigham Lori Miller Buckheister Melanie Banks Cole Clarky Lucas Davis Lori Gillis Duke, ’06, MBA Macon Parker Fino Vanessa Newton Greathouse Kelly Pergerson Greene Emily Robinette Harpe

Madeline Pinto-Harrell Ashleigh Evans Johnson Jennifer Roberson Kiser Perri Sutton Mathews Elisabeth Smith Maxie Nickie L. McCain Molly Shepherd Nichols Catherine Walker Norris Robin Hensarling Norris Tina Cotton Pearson Jennifer Flippin Pierce Carmen M. Prevette Regina A. Reid Elizabeth Stevenson Sanders Ruth Anne Bowles Sawyer Mary Schoneman Heather Graves Shurm Catherine O. Stewart Amy L. Stroud Lori Jones Sykes Mandy Thomas Tart Diep M. Tran Alyce Craddock Turner

Class of 1997

Annual Donors Nancy Welton Avett Worthy Baker Sheila Barrett Barnes Christy Powers Bergen Heather Wilkin Black Kristin Blackwell Blue Katherine Turner Brooks Kristin Sjostedt Campbell Megan L. Carney Emily Gee Carter Joy McNeill Chafin Carrie Snider Cogbill Tamara McHenry Crean Monica Lago Croom Amy E. Davis Kay Kimbrell Davis Whitney Hardin Deal Jennifer Johnson DeWolf Gina Iavarone Essa Amy Brooke Fisher Kelly McLawhorn Graham Donna M. Gurganus Angie M. Harris Ashley Parr-Henderson Stacey Adair Hinnant Carol Evans Jones Jessica K. Monroe Sarah Fitzgerald Newton Rebecca Carruth Parker Clyda Wood Pasquantonio Jaime Morris Pearman Shonica A. Perrou Megan Schmidt Phelps Jenny Moore Porter Sarah White Rawls Amy Rooks Amy Harper Rudd Sherry Miller Scully Lori Goforth Shaw Melinda Wooten Shepard Michelle R. Snead Terry Vela Strader Amanda Austin Stratton Hillary West Strengholt Dena White Waters

Audrey M. Wisner Jonna Anderson Yarbrough

Class of 1998

Iris Society Emily Necessary Fowler Annual Donors Fran Bolin Absher Marsha Parker Apke Anna Ryals Aycock Barbara F. Banadyga Suzanna McNeely Beamish Stacy Wilson Beard Jennifer Habeeb Bell Emily Laughinghouse Brazik Adriane Chambless Brower Jennifer Richardson Clemmer Kimberly Collins Elizabeth Bass Daughtry Emily Gale Dean Rachel Bordeaux Deaton Michelle Donachy Kathryn Dukes Duncan Beth Sumrell Ehrensberger Hettie Nelms Faulkner Lisa A. Fellman, ’09, MED Heather Hunt Gates Erin Wooters Gray Erika Atkins Gregory Leigh Anne Hamilton Kristie Stallings Harris Natalie Morgan Horton Kathy Pilgreen Howard Sarah E. Huffman Rebecca Huffstetler Christine Laughlin Hughes Charla Boyette Hutchinson Lisa Suther Johnson Lisa Noel Jones Laurie Powell Landry Janae Lehto Christy Lunsford Lemelin Amy Arrowood Lin Jennie Bradbury Locklear Melissa Blackwood Long Amy L. Mackie Pam Mobley Mahoney Mary Edmondson Mayeux Kelley Gillespie Miller Delane Slaughter Mitchell Michelle Bright Mueller Kaye Dawn Harrison Newsome Nicole Norton Leslie Raby Otts Camille Parker Kendra Greene Perkins Holly Tharpe Perrow Kristin Young Powell Sheridan Whitty Robinson Jennifer Blackwood Rogers Ginny Bonkemeyer Rushing Mika Murdock Scarlett Kelly Conkling Scott Jenny Vaughan Stauffer Amanda Y. Sullivan Meredith Lovelace Swindell Fanella Bell Tague Jill Green Teel Jaime Roberts Weathersby Ellen Havens Wentz

Class of 1999

Iris Society – President’s Circle Lori Ann Messina Moscato Janet Butler-Stephens Wendy L. Strickland Iris Society Shannon MacFarlane Byers Margaret M. Clover Wendy Holman McLawhorn Mamie McKinney Sutphin Annual Donors Beverly Laing Andersson Jenni Laws Barker Brittany Cleavenger Bass Amy Wade Brewer Natalie Thompson Brincefield Ann De Simone Brown Elizabeth Allen Bryant Melody D. Chalmers Katherine Miller Coley Deanna L. Deaton Liz Dobbins-Smith Michelle A. Duda Tisha Admire Duncan Jamie Neff Ferguson Caroline Fleming Elizabeth Adkins Flowers Aimee J. Foskie Rachel Bennett Frasier Anna Taylor Freeman Helen Lewis Gibbs Michelle Verdegaal Gray Kelly Jones Greene Tabitha Hagen Leslie C. Harper Mary McDougal Heggie Erika Dean Hickman Media Scronce Hooks Ginger Hudson Monica Inzaina Bennett Bell Jones Chatham Fralix Kildosher Katie Hardersen King April Crocker Legnosky Jenna M. Meck Cynthia Simmons Messimore Danielle Mir Kimberly D. Moulden Nelly Navarro-Britt Carrie Fields Richardson Cicely Penney Shoemaker Angela F. Velazquez Mandy McCullen Warren

Class of 2000

Iris Society Amber Pittman Barnes Laura May Wynne Overton Kelia Hester Pless Michelle Priddy Stancil Annual Donors Caroline Austin Ashburn Erin E. Bowman Heather Killen Bruce Elizabeth Pegram Bruns Nicole Davenport Buchanan Kelly Tetterton Casey Melanie A. Chrisp-Thorpe Sarah Suitt Craig * Deceased

Julia Thompson Cranford Kendra Wooley Cranford Shannon Summerlin Craver April Bussells DeBerry Sarah Glover Donleycott Jennifer Burke Durbin Jenna Burlington Fitch Sabrina Love Hearst Elizabeth Beals Herndon Wendy Hobson James Tiffany Keith Jelovich Veronica Cartwright Johnson Jill Bruner Jones Margaret Honeycutt Maddox Rachael Polich Mancuso Jennifer Ricks Merritt Melissa McGee Meyer Meredith S. Mitchell Jennifer Thompson Mouney Holly Johnson Oaks Renee Ann Overton Sarah M. Owen Erin Grant Parsons Wendy Stanley Piro Sally Wooten Queen Emily Severt Scruggs Elizabeth Greiner Seay Heather Quinn Spesshardt Frankie Epps Taylor Karen Wells Thompson Lindsey Hansen Volin LetaJo Gardner Ward Aubrey Carr Wendelboe Stacey Stanley Wiggins Fawn Lloyd Young

Class of 2001

Iris Society – President’s Circle Jamye Hickman Lindsey Iris Society Kate D. Breen Anna Abernethy Douglas Robin Naylor Higgins Betsy Rhame-Minor Marley Finch Russell Annual Donors Lesley Parr Abbott Hilary S. Allen Julie R. Allen Katherine Withers Armstrong Heather Spell Arrington Mary Ann C. Bacon Sarah M. Barnhart Amanda Puckett BenDor Amanda Bunn Berry, ’07, MED Katie Lambeth Brann Carrie Flowers Burns Missy Dillehay Butler Julie Norris Chalk Ashley Beal Clos Tonya Cope Blair E. Coppedge Ericka Spruill Corey Rebecca Howard Cower Kim Joyner Dail Julia Davis Jessica Lopez Dedrick Melissa Willard Edwards Rachel Langley Embler Elizabeth Jackson Fazenbaker

Kaley Redmond Flowers Deanna Whaley Ford Shannon Morris Fox Kimberly Clendenen Franklin Christine Furmick Fussel Meredith Burton Gibbs Natalie Thackston Gilliam Kimberly Shive Green Elizabeth Warren Hamilton Natalie Broomfield Hardy Jennifer Wynne Harrenstein Erica Kelly Hege Mary Kemple Sutphin Henderson Emily Soldin Howard Kelley Davidson Johnson Kristen Monaco Johnson Sarah F. Johnson Pammy Hale Josey Lacy Ross Koehler Penny Chapman Kucera Nancy Richardson Lassiter Amy Stallings Lee Caroline Perry Lee Jenna Leggett Leissner Jessica D. Loukonen Holly Lowman Emily Thomas Lucas Leslie Gilliland Lynette Sarah Wood Mathes Leslie C. Maxwell Elizabeth Hamilton McLamb Amy Kay Moore Amy Alm Moore Cassie M. Mozingo Rye Anderson Myers Liz Arruda Otey Janell Patterson Squire Lori Neff Piatt Christina Rothschild Reilly Liz Kelly Reilly Laura Chalk Roach Kelly A. Roder Chassie Deitz-Selouane Melissa Denning Sevigny Elizabeth Anne Bondurant Spires Laura McAuley Stanley Sherry A. Stephens Alison Baggette Thompson Amanda Dixon Thompson Carrie Swart Tulbert Krystal G. Tyndall Jennifer White Urban Carrol Adams Warren Debra K. Wiggins Hilary Lichty Wilkinson Cassie Evans Williamson Lynn Witt

Class of 2002

Iris Society Heather Craven Sykes Beatrice G. Zepeda Annual Donors Lindsay Styron Allen Jordan West Bostic Christina E. Brizendine Betsy Carbrey Castellow Katie Goforth Darden Annette Snyder Deese Melissa G. Duncan Talia A. Fann

Tiffany Floyd Meredith Carson Goodwin Ginger Moore Harrell April Argereow Heath Christie Aycock Hensley Susan C. Heuser Jenny Costa Honeycutt Meredith L. Kohari Carly L. Lantz Amanda Knox Lyle Stephanie Jordan Mayberry Emily Graves McWatty Keri E. Medlin Suzanne Parker Miller Barrett Coddington Morris Brooke E. O’Neal Kim Waddell Osborne Erinn Cronin Parrish Natalie Jenkins Peel Rachel Whitesell Pittman Kristina Wood Ray Ashley Prevatte Shearin Christine Kelley Storch Emily Stewart Strickling Tara Fulcher Thomas Angie Daniels Tucker Ashley Taylor Watkins Cara C. Watson Kathleen Cox Weathers Collins Whitfield Anna Walston Williams Kelly Mutzabaugh Williams Kelly Fish Wilson Sarah Hroza Wilson

Class of 2003

Iris Society Megan Deane Greer, ’12, MBA Cathy Smith Marion Meg Wilkins Strader Anna Jones Townsend Annual Donors Stella Sutton Barker Joelle Wike Baysden Lindsay Sutton Beavers Kelli Paschal Billingsley Meredith Olson Blair Sallie Hedrick Bowman Alison Suber Braswell Tracy Sumner Brown Melissa Currin Byrum Carolyn Barnes Clark Ashley P. Dempsey Kylene Dibble Lara Stroud Dick Allison Rowe Edwards Amanda L. Fletcher Hunter Eddins Gentel Jennifer Carter Hare Lisa Wilson Harmon Allee Byrd Harrell Lori Parker Harrell Holden Burke Hayes Shannon L. Hayford Lauren E. Highfill Beth M. Jarvis Carolyn E. Kesler Michelle K. Kehoe Crystal Whitley Lester Sue Lewis

# Denotes members of the Ivy Society, recent graduates (2009 to 2019) who make a monthly gift of $10 or more annually.

Susan Church May Lillian Bouchard McLeod Renn Baker McMurray Tasha Matheny Michaels Kara Graves Miller Sejal V. Patel Beth Stephenson Pelter Tiesha K. Pope, ’04, MBA Mary Pittman-Preston Allison Koos Rash Erin Taylor Rice Stormmie G. Richardson Hassie Hughes Ruger Christy L. Sadler Mary Catherine Revelle Saunders Renee Bass Schreibman Courtney Little Shelton Ashley Dews Smith Elizabeth Kelly Smith Adrian Lovelace Standish Anne B. Stewart Caroline Mercer Sweezy Sarah Wood Swihart Holly O’Berry Teague Jackie Weatherly-Cadzow Amy E. Young

Class of 2004

Iris Society Mary-Kathryn Connor Shannon Massey Lowry Brandi L. Privette Blair Callihan Reynolds Blair Briggs Roberts Ruth Stephenson Annual Donors Kelly Rhodes Adams Stephanie Masel Atwell Lindsay T. Bass Amanda C. Beasley Karen S. Bobinyec Leigh Ward Brice Amanda Smith Browning Jennifer L. Burn Emily V. Byrd Meredith Parker Canterbury Anna Vernon Clark Sharla Smith Collins Casey Nave Cox Laura E. Cress Whitney C. Crowder Courtney Harris Currin Mary Daniels Cassandra Lee Davis Stephanie Creech Davis Molly Huffstetler Dean Amanda P. Denny Sarah Furr Domina Meredith Collier Ellis Jamie Morris Firebaugh Jennifer L. Fleetwood Maegan L. Freeman Kathryn Cushwa Gerace Sandee Bizzell Hales Tracey K. Marina Tina M. Harkness Erin L. Hege Skipper K. Jones Lindsey M. Renaud Krystal Twiford Jordan

Honor Roll of Donors 2019-20


Jennifer Glaser Kane Kimberly Turnage Keith Paige Kemmerer Kiser Abby J. Kody Megan Kuykendall, ’11, MBA Rebecca Hutchings Lee, ’11, MBA Malone Lockaby Anna Dills Mayhew, ’09, MBA Miranda R. McCall, ’11, MBA Kara Duckett McLendon Emily Cox Mitchell Karla Gregory Nantz Nathalia Faber Parrish Amy Cornett Penny Lissa M. Pierce Melissa A. Prevatte Hannah Gray Rinehart Whitney Pence Rodgers Kristin Wendling Rosario Sara Hines Ryan Laura Williams Schlabach Katherine Weaver Scott Amy Varley Smith Donna Wells Talbott Erin Miller Taylor Kacie Miller Teeter

Dianna C. Wagoner Tamar Harris Warren Mary Kathryn Hardy Washington Barbara Hambel Werner Mary Frances Daniel Wilson Anna Deal Wiseman

Class of 2005

Iris Society – President’s Circle Ginger Alexander Neustadt Iris Society Rachel Chilcot Findley, ’10, MSN Virginia Sloop Johnson Catherine Jones Phillips Annual Donors Kendra Keech Alexander Chambliss Hill Barrow Alicia M. Baucom Jennifer Smith Bissette Ashley Harrison Bitner Amanda L. Bordeaux Ava Leigh Jackson Boyette Victoria K. Bunch Margaret Hudson Cameron, ’10, MSN

Whitney Gower Clayton Nicole Armstrong Cockerham Christi Roberson Coiner Sarah Wilson Collins Laura McNeill Cox Anna Nichols DeShazier Jordan L. Dickerson Katie Fuller Dohrman Taylor Newberry Elliott Stephanie Ellis, ’10, MBA Nikki B. Evans Kim M. Forrester Sarah Margaret Gransee Sterling Winslow Grimes Cameron Fisher Harrison Rachel Salsman Harrison Jill Nester Hayes Beth Briggs Holt Allison Trask Lawhorn Inez Baldino Leyden Abby McAlister Littlefield Kathryn M. Maitrejean Allison Clapp Marth Elizabeth Wilson McAllister Gladys R. McAuley Megan Jones McLaughlin

Hunter P. Misenis Megan Arnold Parker Lacey Carothers Pegram Brandy Pulley Powers Meghan G. Rasmussen Amanda Strawbridge Richardson Callene Cassedy Ryan, ’14, MSN Holly N. Scott Jenni Drew Smith Christi McKee Standley Elizabeth Robinson Throckmorton Amy Beattie Wilkinson Kimberly A. Williams

Class of 2006 Iris Society Brittany A. Cooper Christine L. Davis Lee Ann Garner

Annual Donors Sarah Edwards Benko Wendy Edmond Bennett Erin Biggio Kelly E. Cash Mary Covington Coleman Ashley Daughtry

Sarah Lynn Joyner Davis Anna Baldwin Echols Talley Rouse Evans Rachel L. French Amy Smith Gentry Laura C. Gould Candice L. Halley Kelly Beth Smith Hapgood Charlotte Fetterman Harrell Meredith L. Harris Jennifer Noel Henderson Betsy Peele Hoyle Sarah Eshraghi Kassouf Virginia Benner Kemp Heidi M. Loveall Ashley Flouhouse Mokris Shanta Nayar Givens, ’18, MBA Rhonda G. Olive Melissa Poe Parks, ’13, MED Lindsey French Parnell Mary Shytle Peacock Stephanie Brown Perri Elizabeth Loftis Plotkin Ashley Bohn Roberson Jill Rogers Kristy Corbo Ryan

Keeping Meredith Strong

Creating Her Own Path by Emily Parker


amye Hickman Lindsey, ’01, a

“My parents have instilled in me to

psychology major, took Introduction

leave a legacy and to protect your legacy,”

to Psychology to fulfill a general

said Lindsey.

education requirement and enjoyed it. Soon

When Lindsey mentors young women

she realized the connection between the two

she encourages them to get a life insurance

majors, but it was her professors who saw

policy separate from their job. She always tells

her interest and showed her the career paths

them to have a will to make sure their desires

she could follow in psychology.

are fulfilled. She has followed her own advice

“Dr. Rosemary Hornak knew how to

by including Meredith College in her will.

challenge me, motivate me, and love me all at the same time,” said Lindsey. “After

“Meredith College gave me so much that Lindsey describes the last two years

giving back each year is important to create

noticing my knack for research, my love

as a series of twists and turns. She now

opportunities to help students, but when my

of technology, and my lack of interest in

has a daughter and has moved back to

time here is done I also want Meredith to

counseling psychology she introduced me

North Carolina to care for her parents. While

know I loved her,” said Lindsey.

to engineering psychology.”

working remotely from her parents’ farm, she

Engineering psychology is understanding

She decided to leave a gift to Meredith

has felt a desire to continue her father’s and

College in her will as part of her desire to

the connection between people and

grandfather’s legacy. Using her knowledge

give back.

technology, systems, and environments.

of technology and experiences with John

After graduating from Meredith she received a Ph.D. in engineering psychology from Georgia Tech. While in graduate school,

“I have always felt Meredith loves me.

Deere in graduate school she is restarting her

Maybe it was Dr. Hornak or Dr. Cynthia

father’s farm as Avant Ag Solutions.

Edwards welcoming me back to talk to

“I have all this land and equipment, why

students or Hilary Allen there when I was

she started Pet Human Designs to create dog

not be a farmer?” said Lindsey. “I want to

in town, or stopping by Beth Meier’s office

products to make life easier for pet parents.

understand my roots and the history of black

in the Counseling Center to say hi,” said

Later she taught at Southern Polytechnic

farmers in the rural south. It is important for

Lindsey. “Whenever I feel disconnected or

from 2009-13 and was the first engineering

my daughter to know who she is and the

lost, Meredith reminds me of a wonderful

psychology professor in their new psychology

strength of her ancestors.”

time in my life and a place that truly feels

degree program. In 2016, Lindsey started her

Staying connected to her family roots

own user experience consulting firm, Avant

and staying connected to Meredith is


important to Lindsey.


Honor Roll of Donors 2019-20

like home.” Note: Professor Emerita Rosemary Hornak recently passed. See story on page 12.

Michelle L. Scott Catherine M. Smith Samantha Speers Maggie Stroud Sarah McCune Valentine Liz K. Yaros

Class of 2007

Iris Society Megan Gillikin Fielman Annual Donors Lauren Alford Allen Elizabeth M. Bhar Heather N. Blackwood Kelly A. Branco Kathleen M. Bryant Stacy Cabeen Buck Molly H. Cahill Christina Hooks Copersito Whitney Eggleston Creamer Jessica Pike Currin Evelyn Lozada Dreyer Francesca Perez Evans Angie Garcia Meredith Bell Gurley Rebekah Miller Hopkins Susan Hwang Rebekah Hroza Ivey Mary B. Johnson Seldon S. McArdle Katherine J. Murray Carrie M. O’Brien Emily Boyd Pasquariello Angie Lapino Patrick Kristi Arthur Paylor Maria N. Santore Jennifer E. Tripoli Grace Sugg Breeanne A. Swart Rachel Forshee Thomas Lindsay Sutton Tippett Laura Wagner Adrienne Kralick Walker Christen Crouch Ware Jennifer Williams Mary Rogers Williford

Class of 2008 Iris Society Quintala S. Parham Keri L. Rehm

Annual Donors Leigh Ann Alford-Keith Megan L. Anderson Keturah Y. Beckham Shannon Walsh Boyd Sianna R. Brown Krystal S. Desai Megan A. Hentze Amanda Citron Holder Whitney Collins Hunter Meghan E. Ickes Brooke E. Johnson Marissa L. Knott ToniAnn Gambella Loftus Sara Lassiter Massey Britney Brown Matthews Nicole McGuinness Jill Guyton Nee Meredith R. Nusbaum

* Deceased

Jennifer Oldham Annie S. Pakes Caroline A. Peterson Lauren E. Porter Anna Edwards Potter Amanda S. Powell Carrie E. Pratt Meredith R. Pugh Mackenzie Lyons Rackley Brittany Rice Caitlyn E. Riner Lennis D. Sample Stephanie Wilbanks Smith, ’14, MBA Kaitlin Briggs Stammetti Kathryn G. Strickler Rosanna Harrell Thomas Emily Hedrick Towery Paige Birdsall Townsend Courtney L. White

Class of 2009

Iris Society Joanna Browning Still# Annual Donors Brenna N. Anderson# Ashley King Bahor# Meredith E. Beeman Maggie R. Bizzell Kelly E. Bradshaw Bethany K. Burriss# Meredith Alexander Carpenter# Elise Moffitt Caulder Elizabeth E. Cobb Emmie E. Corl Krystle M. Davis Lauryn B. DuPree, ’19, MED# Morgan Ericson Stephanie L. Farmer Cristina E. Fetterolf Sarah-Jane Fitch# Charis A. Hill Jordan L. Hockaday# Jeaneane E. LaBombard# Anna Buryk Lambert Alison M. Langford# Rebecca J. Leahy# Aubrey J. Lee# Natalie Linton# Crystal Sumner Mann Mallory Brown McNeill# Kandice Lewis Mott# Anna Morgante Neely Katie Perkins O’Neill Courtney Meyer Plaisted Caitlin Dillon Purinai## Allison M. Rice Sarah Combs Rickman Crystal Isaacs Roberts Lauren Haithcock Ross# Laura T. Sayabouth# Julia Shaw Ashley Lewis Sivels Holt Gooch Smith# Meredith Moore Stokes# Rachel R. Tabbi Toni Tricarico# Shelley Cousins Turnage

Class of 2010 Annual Donors Courtney N. Allen#

Sherri S. Alston Samantha Rice Ashby Maggie Hart Behrooz Nakia S. Bennett Candice O. Bullock Megan Lee Bullock Rachel Aydlett Cessna Kellie Deaton Chaney Lindsay Astor Childress Amy L. Damone Emily Dawson Davis Whitney Bade Davis Jodi Binkley Dimond Amanda L. Eubanks Sarah A. Fischer Rebekah J. Gardner Kasey E. Ginsberg Rachel E. Greene Emily McKenzie Gregg# Meghan R. Harward# Marie LaHaye Hotta# Jessica Panameno Howie Ashley Horn Jacobs Chelsea Davis Jernigan Jessica Prescott Johnson Terri A. Johnson# Lindsay Kay Kelvington# Fallen Yeager King Amy R. Kiszely Meghan E. Laurin# Kathryn Maples Lawn# Kala Stanton MacDowell Carolyn Penning Mercer# Christina E. Metcalf Jesse L. Monroe Katherine S. Anderson Chelsea E. Nielsen Kayla Stanley Norman Amanda Gooley Palumbo Lauren N. Pearce Brittany L. Pittman Kimberly McSorley Precythe Erin Etheridge Prim# Amy Brooks Roach, ’10, MAT Jessica Wyngaarden Roe# Katie Nagel Schoepf, ’16, MBA Amanda Bitler Smith# Renata Heineman Spencer# Samantha Stallings Ashley Stein Stevens# Virginia Claire Tharrington# Harriett Kinney Turner Hillery S. Willis#

Class of 2011

Iris Society Margo Alfieri# Halie Sue Smith Clifton# Annual Donors Samantha J. Anderson# Jasmine L. Gore# Marian Cregger Bryant# Meghan E. Burke Nataleigh Timberlake Carscaddon Courtney N. Carter# Maggie W. Clifton# Lacey B. Coward Carver Morrow Draughn Ellen Frazier# Rebecca Stephenson Harper# Amber C. Horton

Beth C. Howard# Anna N. Kearney# Claire Dwyer Koehler Emery A. Lai# Rebecca H. Lang# Kristin Fowler Leamnson Lindsay F. Lewis# Sarah Anne Wheeler Linhart Najla S. McClain Adair E. Mueller Jo Revelle Murray Laurel J. Norwood Caroline E. Ashworth Janie R. Perry Laura M. Stanley Lisa Ramos Ayanna N. Scott# Karen C. Small Zannah T. Webster# Kaitlin Wishall

Class of 2012

Iris Society – President’s Circle Jordan L. Zachmeyer# Iris Society Kagure Wamunyu# Annual Donors Laura Holder Adams Tambrie N. Aiken## Emily E. Anderson Ashlea K. Armstrong Becca Davis Asbill, ’15, MED# Allison H. Barnes Rachael N. Beckner# Lilly C. Bliss# Ashley H. Evrard# Kyndle W. Faulkner# Joyce E. Flynn Gina M. Gambella Allison Huber Godwin Holly A. Pennington# Elizabeth Alexander Green# Julie-Kate Hazelrigg# Salena M. Howlett# Abigail E. Farmer Erica Bader Hyman# Christina Mendenhall Kiger Lydia L. King Brianna Castillo Lewis Preethi Manohar Chanell N. McCain# Debra L. Miller Casey Heath Necci# Jordan E. Stewart Christy Philemon# Erika I. Phillips# Carolina C. Porter Linda P. Pratt Megan M. Rahn Barbara A. Riccardi Hailee Wingfield Rich Kelsey A. Riner Ai-Vy T. Riniker Sarah S. Robinson Sarah Terrell Royster, ’18, MBA# Hannah Massey Sabetti# Logan Hill Schaefer# Taylor C. Smith Lauren Johnson Stryker Natasha Bress-Taylor

# Denotes members of the Ivy Society, recent graduates (2009 to 2019) who make a monthly gift of $10 or more annually.

Elizabeth M. Warren# Anna M. Williams Hallie C. Willis Brittnie A. Woodard Alyson Wynn Jessica R. Zottoli

Class of 2013

Iris Society – President’s Circle English G. Sall# Iris Society Taylor Wilson Twine# Annual Donors Maria E. Adonay# Shanna J. Alley Kathleen Austin# Anna Saunders Barefoot# Lindsay Beasley Kristin Kirby Beniflah Sarah M. Beno# Diana L. Burrafato Kara R. Carroll# Jennifer B. Cash Miller L. Cheatham# Jennifer S. Collins# Christiana H. Conrad Kayla Walker Davis Hannah H. Dawson# Anna G. Dougherty Jessica N. Dzeskewicz Brittany Murray Embler# Caroline Kaleel Evans# Laura Jane Williams Ferguson# Sara Brinson Forgione# Michelle Cox Galloway Katelyn Thacker Gregory Laurie B. Hainley Allison Bridgers Holmes Beth Wallace Hwang Gizem D. Imece Angel N. Jackson Pamela C. Jarrett# Leah S. P. Jay Betty Edwards Jenkins Jazz N. Johnson Brianna R. Karmi Annahitta Kojoori Debra L. Laube Harrison Lilley Sarah Pannill Lloyd Jessica M. Murray Mary Leigh L. McDonald Hannah R. Morgan# Jane E. Morgan, ’15, MBA Brooke Murray# Emma Keim Newman# Suzann Flory Novak# Elizabeth H. Oates Liz H. Ostermann Marianna Blizzard Paquet Emily McLawhorn Phaneuf Mary L. Rawls Christie Lane Richards# Hope A. Robertson# Sarah E. Robinson Kayelyn K. Rochester Kristen N. Schaible Rachel E. Serrano Meahgan Absalom Shanks# Whitney Jones Sluder#

Honor Roll of Donors 2019-20


Emily E. Smith Christina Cole Spears, ’14, MAT# Kaylee Dyson Stith Kelsey N. Suther Rebecca I. Thompson Mackenzie E. Whitton Lizzie M. Wood#

Class of 2014

Iris Society Kristin E. Lee# Calais Johnson Makarov# Annual Donors Paige McCabe Blalock Jasmine D. Blount Kelsey L. Burleson Brittany A. Coley Jessi Davis Cotton# Aubrey A. Cuthbertson# Ali Chappell DeHay Kalyn E. Dozier McKenna Schwartz Edwards Morgan T. Fitzgerald Leah M. Friedman# Elizabeth S. Guiles# Emily I. Hawkins# Stacey L. Florence# Lenelle Welch Hines Caitlyn DeBona Holland# Chelsea L. Holland# Elizabeth F. Jobe Heidi M. Johnson Jessica M. Johnson Katy B. Kingsbury Heidi H. Kocon Angie Ramkellawan Kondub Jennell A. Little Holly R. Mills# Andie Stuber Moholt# Kaitlin M. Petruska# Glenda Y. Polanco Hillary M. Stone Morgan R. Taylor Meg E. Thedford# Grace Smith Tolson# Leia A. Trotter Lacy Pfeiffer Uthe# Kilty E. Walker Samantha J. Watson# Barker E. Wiggins Elizabeth Schlieper Williams Kristin M. York

Class of 2015 Iris Society Rachel H. Davis#

Annual Donors Mandy R. Astor# Kara E. Barrett Amanda Hall Benson Paige E. Bigger Dena Turnage Blizzard Angela F. Bloemeke Julia R. Dent Taylor T. Booth Katie L. Brinson# Lexie Anne Stephens Brown Marinda P. Carraway Christina L. Churchill# Sara Owens Crews, ’18, MED Cynthia M. Eyer#


Honor Roll of Donors 2019-20

Whitley Glosson# Jordan T. Godwin Haley V. Harris Jennie Robinson Hayes, ’19, MBA# Dare Hincks# Kathleen D. Holbrook Alex P. Thurston# Claire E. Jones Katti Caraballo Kerns Laura G. Knott Erin K. Slee# Kathryn E. Livesay Stephanie L. Livesay Lexi A. Maguire Kate M. Marshall# Jordan T. Martin Jazmin Mendoza Sosa Holly A. Monday Diana M. Owens# Catherine R. Perry Catie L. Jones Lanie G. Philips Martha V. Powell Hannah E. Ritchie# Ann-Michelle Roberts Lillie M. Royal Sarah Horton Shinault Maryann Sibrizzi Caroline Williamitis Sutton Katie L. Taylor Krista A. Dalton Alexis M. Trell# Kayla L. Lane# Amanda C. White Sarah E. White Katie E. Wilson# Laura Beth Lane Wood# Courtney E. Yearick

Class of 2016

Annual Donors Ashley N. Allen Jessica L. S. Boyd, ’18, MBA# Ashley N. Byrnes# Kendall St Clair Cheston Tess E. Coleman Blair V. Delery# Jennifer L. Ellis Megan K. D. Evans# Katherine M. Gambella Sean E. Gould# Sarah Haseeb# Leslie Bunch Jefferson# Kasey L. Jones# Tia J. Joyce Jovita A. Lee Taina B. Lilly-Roman Abigail M. Lorentzen Mara L. Love Rebecca A. Manning# Maria D. R. Martinez Alex M. Maters# Mollie E. Melton# America D. Morales Katie E. Godfrey Liesel H. Nix# Jean Webb Osborne Erin A. Precise Sarena T. Rhodes Brooke B. Scott Aarusha Shakya Brooke Mayo Shenk

Carroll Lewis-Stigall Shyanne N. Stone# Alex Herel Storey# Julia K. Tilley#

Class of 2017

Annual Donors Autumn Gruber Alen Miranda P. Ameen Mary Anna Askew# Alexandra B. Baker Kelsey Lockner Bell Thais M. Bonilla# Katherine O. Bonner Carson R. Clark# Safaa Dali# Dixie C. Daniel# Alyssa K. D’Arco Ashley M. Deal Sarah Du Bose Yessenia Govea-Robles Caitlin M. Grant# Laura K. Green Tori T. Hargrow Anna L. Hellard# Sarah Massey Hester, ’19, MSN# Asyah M. Hinton Whitley B. Holt# Noel Fox Hudson# Melissa R. Jenkins Emily K. Kelleher# Jamison N. Kidd Constance Kinney# Laura E. Lavigne Karlie N. Long Dielle C. McMillan# Helen C. Milano# Nicole C. Ortega# Megan N. Outten Crystal Gunther Pace# Kenan Bunn Pope Kayla Terry Roberts# Christina M. Saraceno Briana N. Schiro Katherine M. Schneid# Barbara Doerksen Shantz Autumn Edwards Solomon# Mary Blaire Stephens Caitlin M. Tanner# Olivia R. Thompson Chelsea Meacham Tippins Alice Woolard

Class of 2018 Iris Society Allison M. Ward# Kimberly N. Worley#

Annual Donors Maria D. Annunziata Vanessa Barnett-Loro Madison L. Batten# Jacqueline L. Benton Teressa A. Berton Lizzie H. Branch# Ashley M. Brittain Sydney P. Brown Alexis M. Cannady# Caroline V. Carter Emily K. Chilton Maggie E. Cobb Paola J. De la Rosa#

Blake A. Elmore# Margaret Gaskin-Tuell# Jamie N. Gaynor Caitlyn M. Grimes# Okirah E. Harris# Allyson N. Heath Abby N. Hope Anna C. Huff# Taylor B. Kinlaw# Olivia C. McElvaney# Amanda B. McLain Rachel L. Miller# Annie E. Morin, ’20, MA# Megan K. Munson Katherine R. Murphy# Rachael N. Nicholos Erica G. Occena Matilda Odera# Christiana E. Parker Bailey R. Pasin# Lauren M. Patton# Mary Frances Raper# Mary Ashley Rose# Abigail H. Sargent# Joslyn B. Sargent# Megan L. Shannonhouse Diane P. Sherman# Megan E. Sink Chandler P. Skipper Molly A. Smerko Sierra S. Smith Shannon L. Stancu-Goldberg# Kelsie A. Taylor Kaitlin S. Toxey Emma R. Watson Samantha E. Wilkins Imani A. A. William# Erin P. Short Williams# Molly M. Wilson# Alicia A. Wood

Class of 2019

Annual Donors Alexandria Swaim Allport# Allison N. Bartlett Dominique M. Bateman Claire A. Beeson# Chelsea A. Carre Gatlin G. Chandler Kelsey N. Clayton Catherine W. Coats Rachel K. Cole# Charley R. Cox Callie G. Crawford Mary L. Crumpton Morgan S. Daly# Katherine H. Desilva# Julia Dunshee Elizabeth R. Evans Megan J. Evans Kirby E. Forbes Julia M. Fritschel# Lauren G. Gann Lindsey E. Garrett Olivia K. Giles# Vassilia Hasapis Sana Haseeb Lauren S. Hickey Bethany M. Holder Lauren M. Hopper Riley K. Hunter

Maya A. Jackson# Georgianna L. Jenkins Kirby E. Jones Lauren A. Keith Hannah K. Kicklighter# Victoria E. Little Madalyn I. McMillan# Mackenzie M. Mills Erin N. Murray Hannah E. Naylor McQuinn H. Ostendarp Rana I. Oueijan Pinaky J. Patel# Chloe A. Pearce# Victoria I. Penna Madison B. Perry Kaylie J. Prince Marley L. Rush Janelle C. Sanford# Kayla Jane Smith Regan A. Tart Hannah J. Watkins Amanda R. Whaley Stephens T. Whitehurst Laura M. Whitley

Class of 2020

Iris Society Alanna M. Haughey# Annual Donors Rozanne Banicki# Jasmine M. Barnes Soren J. Bradley Kristin N. Bradsher# Anna M. Brescia Meredith P. Brown# Cosette G. Deloach Ashley J. Devries Megan L. Fesperman Madison R. Gladwell Jenny E. Glidewell Miranda N. Griffin Janah N. Hassell Hannah G. Hoisington Olivia B. Holway Carolyn M. Jablonski Avion J. Jenkins Laura B. Jenkins Marie T. Johnson# Morgan D. Johnson Anna Griffin Lockamy Miriam K. Mays Amy K. McGaughy Kayla A. Norris Lindsey D. Norris Elizabeth L. Page Olivia G. Parker Anne Redmon Robinson# Belle W. Rose Leslie R. Rouse Colbie N. Stephens# Ashleigh J. Tew Caroline R. Tyndall#

Class of 2021 Annual Donors Gail E. Bunce Debbie E. Hagen Neali E. Helms Naomi E. Hill Natalie H. Samsel

Class of 2022 Annual Donors Bianca N. Diaz Annika L. Hanley Olivia W. Slack Anna K. Wisniewski

Class of 2023

Annual Donors Chapel E. A. Bartee Morgan D. Maddocks

Graduate Alumni

Donors whose primary affiliation is through the graduate program. Iris Society Teresa L. Wilson, ’08, MBA Annual Donors Sue L. Adley-Warrick, ’08, MSN Leigh Walston Brady, ’91, MBA John and Donna Buccellato, ’09, MAT Mr. Jyh-shing Chen, ’16, MBA Margaret Brown Clary, ’87, MAE Aaron T. Gankofskie, ’12, MBA Del H. Helton, ’91, MBA Rickey C. Hill, ’14, MBA Maryann L. Hiscock, ’98, MBA Martha R. Hulse, ’91, MBA Thanta C. Isenhour, ’97, MBA Lawanda M. Jiggetts, ’08, MBA Wendy A. Laidlaw, ’90, MBA Kathy Langfield, ’07, MBA Sean P. Leahy, ’17, MBA Brian P. Lewis, ’19, MBA Bonnie Medinger, ’87, MBA Jeannie S. Morelock, ’95, MBA Mary Ann Nilsson, ’00, MMU Carol J. Rockey, ’86, MBA Nancy Kotlarrz Schanz, ’99, MHA Adriana Velasquez, ’13, MAT Margie Warren, ’88, MAE Andrew T. Wilkinson, ’17, MBA

Corporations, Organizations & Foundations

Iris Society – President’s Circle Baptist State Convention of North Carolina Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina, Inc. Jessie Ball duPont Fund Lucy T. Fassett Memorial Trust First Baptist Church Hickory Independent College Fund of NC Learfield Communication, LLC Martin Marietta Materials McLeod Foundation NC Department of Transportation Nivison Family Foundation Schwab Fund/Charitable Giving Summit Hospitality Triad Foundation The Dereck Whittenburg Foundation Iris Society Carolyn Riddle Armstrong Family Foundation Cavanagh Family Charitable Fund * Deceased

Don and Deborah Stewart Family Trust Jostens Foundation, Inc. Luciano NC Inc. Minnie Huffman Reddish Foundation Riddle Family Foundation Southern Bank Syneos Health James & Mildred Wilkinson Charitable Trust Womble Bond Dickinson Annual Donors Alliance One North America, LLC Aramark Corporation Atlantic Imaging Soulutions, LLC BB&T/McGriff Insurance Services Bees and Beetles Inc. Brownwell Boat Stands INC. Brunswick Insurance Services Inc The Cannon Foundation, Inc. Central Carolina Surgery, PA Charities Aid Foundation of America College Park Baptist Church Custom Stone & Marble, Inc. Dilmar Oil Company, INC Earnest and Associates First Baptist Church Raleigh Georgeson LLC Hillcrest Cabinet Shop LLC Hillman Properties, INC. Hillsborough Veterinary Clinic, INC. The Howe Foundation, Inc. IBM Employee Services Center Jobe Realty Group LLC MetLife Foundation Morgan Stanley NC Baptist Foundation, Inc. North Carolina Maritme Museum of Beaufort Raleigh Brewing Company Revive, Boost, Rebuild PT Robert E. Bryan Foundation Serendipity Garden Club Sharp Farms Inc. Signalert Asset Management LLC Temple Sloan Family Foundation Snotherly Insurance Agency, INC Tastefully Yours INC The Dickson Foundation, Inc. The Pegram Agency Inc. The Strength Feed The Whitney Familly Trust Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions Tuesday Study Club of Greensboro Waddell Clemmons & Sons, Inc. Wells Fargo Foundation Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation

Faculty & Staff

Iris Society – President’s Circle President Jo Allen, ’80 Cynthia C. Godwin, ’74 Matthew Poslusny Janice Coffey Swab Betty Webb, ’67 Iris Society Margo J. Alfieri, ’11# Craig M. Barfield Lennie Barton William C. Brown Melinda B. Campbell

M. Linda Carter, ’82 Marie B. Chamblee Billie Jo Kennedy Cockman, ’79 Laura B. Davidson Denise B. Dworznicki Diane R. Ellis Rachel Chilcot Findley, ’05, ’10, MSN Kelly Flanagan Ann C. Gleason Jane Gleason Jeffrey Howlett N. Jean Jackson, ’75 Veronica Cartwright Johnson, ’00 Cammey Cole Manning Thomas Manning Jennifer Olson Jeanie Wozencraft-Ornellas Denise Perry Parker, ’83 Walda A. Powell Megan M. Rahn ’12 Catherine Bland Rodgers, ’76 Sarah Roth Phyllis O’Hara Smetana, ’87 Taylor Wilson Twine, ’13# Garry Walton, Jr. Kimberly McCall Whitley, ’85 Annual Giving Anonymous Donors Karthik Aghoram Hilary S. Allen, ’01 Melyssa Allen Michael Allen Jason Andrus Elizabeth Anglis Stephanie L. Antonelli, ’19, MBA Ebub Autry Jr. Nicholas Baccala, III Lauren Bader Astra Barnes Ball Sung Bang Ayrora Barker Tim Bartlett Donna Battle Sarah Bean Cynthia Bell Steven A. Benko Caroline Martin Billings Patricia M. Blackwell Angela F. Bloemeke, ’15 Irma Bode Monica Borden, ’89 Christine Borneo Bridget Bouges Amy Bowen Heather Bower Sallie Hedrick Bowman, ’03 Shery Boyles Cynthia Brinson Christopher Brown James Brown Lexie Anne S. Brown, ’15 Ronald Brown Kathleen M. Bryant, ’07 Alan Buck Christina Nuttle Bumgardner Rachel Burchick Diane Burke Martha Burpitt Marisa S. Campbell Sharon Campbell Gail Yates Carnagua, ’77

Alicia C. Casadonte Vilma Concha-Chiaraviglo Yunsik Choi Erin Cleghorn, ’18, MBA Karen Coffey Robin Bailey Colby, ’81 Alyson Colwell-Waber Jessica Davis Cotten, ’14# Francie S. Cuffney Deborah Dalziel Alysia Davis Callie Ann K. Debellis Randy Dennis Carolina Diaz Bianca N. Diaz, ’22 Christopher Dillow Tammi Dittmar Mary T. Doyle Elizabeth Grimes-Droessler Lori Gillis Duke, ’96, ’06, MBA Rebecca S. Duncan Tisha Admire Duncan, ’99 Natalie Dwigans Cynthia A. Edwards Rebecca Edwards Alana Etter Caroline Kaleel Evans, ’13# Doreen Ward Fairbank Nasser Fayed Laura Fine Carol K. Finley Kiely Flanigan Lydia Fortin Pamela Galloway Katherine M. Gambella, ’16 Jean Gambrill, ’19, MBA Donna T. Garner William A. George Whitley Glosson, ’15# Cinda Goff Ellen Bonham Goode Angela Gouge Carol A. Gramer Eloise Grathwohl Shannon Gravelle Deborah Greene Sonya Grimsley Jim Hamilton Betty G. Harper Vanessa Harris Mary I. Hartshorn Margaret Hattori Mattie L. Hawkins, ’08 Jennie Robinson Hayes, ’15, ’19, MBA# Shannon L. Hayford, ’03 Tim Hendrix Natalie Herrmann Amie Hess Lauren S. Hickey, ’19 Gaye D. Hill Asyah M. Hinton, ’17 Mariana Hoffman Ashley Hogan Elaine Hogan Teresa Holder Lanae Ball Hood, ’12, MSN Abby N. Hope, ’18 Kristin C. Householder Emily Soldin Howard, ’01 Alexandra Howell

# Denotes members of the Ivy Society, recent graduates (2009 to 2019) who make a monthly gift of $10 or more annually.

Robert Hulon Kevin Hunt Beth Wallace Hwang, ’13 Pamela C. Jarrett, ’13# Claire Jefferies Cheryl Jenkins Kevin Jewell Mary B. Johnson, ’07 Traci Johnson Claire E. Jones, ’15 James Jones Marilyn L. Jones, ’75 Sharon L. Jones Wendy Jones Jennifer Glaser Kane, ’04 Emily K. Kelleher, ’17# Virginia Benner Kemp, ’06 Paul Keys Sarah Kibler Amy L. Kinney Elizabeth J. Knight Tracy G. Knight, ’89 Donna Knott Julia Kolb Carolyn C. Koning Patricia G. Kritzer Donna LaHaye Andrew Lamb Anna M. Lambert, ’09 William Landis Jeff Langenderfer Carly L. Lantz, ’02 Debra L. Laube, ’13 Joy Learman Todd Lechner Heidi A. LeCount Elizabeth Ledford Mary Jane Lenard Crystal Whitley Lester, ’03 Lindsay F. Lewis, ’11# Grace Huey-Yuh Lin Stephanie Little Anna O. Lockett Kent Lyman Julie Malley Sharon Malley Whitney Manzo Megan Wydick Martin Virginia Martin Petrea Marvin Darren J. Masier Jane Matthews Julie Mayberry Samantha L. Maziejka Joseph Mazzola Brittany McCray Charlotte Claypoole McKinney Monica B. McKinney, ’12, MED David McLennan Kristi Eaves-McLennan, ’14, MBA Shelly McMahon Janey McMillen Jennifer D. McMillen, ’10, MSN Andrea McPherson Elizabeth A. Meier Jan Y. Meriwether Kevin Michaelsen Lisa Monahan Karen Mooney, ’94, ’98, MBA Jeannie Morelock, ’95, MBA Angela Morning Honor Roll of Donors 2019-20


Sue Morris Catherine Morrissey Cindy Morton-Rose Beth A. Mulvaney Victoria Munn Jackie Myers Carrie Nichols Claytona D. Nixon Pamela Norcross Laura Carrington OBrion Jennifer Olson Alexandra Ormond Cathleen Ostrowski Rana I. Oueijan, ’19 Kathy Owen, ’75 Emily Parker James Parker Kevin Parker Wetonah Rice Parker Carolina Perez-Heydrich Katherine Peterssen Emily McLawhorn Phaneuf, ’13 Ann Phillips Maria Pickering Patsy Pierce Brent A. Pitts Glenda Y. Polanco, ’14 Kathryn Potts Amanda S. Powell, ’08 LaQuanda Quick Kayla Quinn Mary Frances Raper, ’18# Carol Raubenheimer Robert Reid Jordan Richards Jean Ann Rick Anthony D. Riddick Caitlyn E. Riner, ’08 Kelsey A. Riner, ’12 Angela Robbins Kelly Morris Roberts, ’91 Ned Robinson Christina Romanelli Kristin Wendling Rosario, ’04 Lily Shore Rosene Carla S. Ross Johnny Roten Sonia E. M. Ruiz Paige Ryan Heather Sanderson Uriel Sandoval Kim Scavone William L. Schmidt Kathryn Nagel, ’10, ’16, MBA Julie Schrock Alexia Shank Susan Shen Diane P. Sherman, ’17# Brooke Shurer Megan E. Sink, ’18 Tomecca M. Sloane Eleanore Smith Chris Smith Tracy E. Smith, ’08, MSN Anne J. Smithson Douglas A. Spero Kathleen Stahl Jeffrey Stell Brandon Stokes Matthew Stutz Margarita M. W. Suarez S. Grace Sugg, ’07


Honor Roll of Donors 2019-20

James Suits Amanda Y. Sullivan, ’98 Dana Faircloth Sumner Fanella Bell Tague, ’98 Danielle Taylor Belinda Thomas Brian Thornburg Deborah Tippett Cheryl Todd Cecilia Toole Kaitlin S. Toxey, ’18 Olivia Trammel Steven Utley Jacob Vaccaro Gus Vandermeeren Cameron VanSant Jorge Vasquez-Kool Sharon Lassiter Vinson Jonathan Wade Kevin Walker Jeffrey Waller Linda Matthews Wann, ’76 Kristin Richey Watkins, ’89, ’94, MBA Holly Weakland Sheri Weathers Candice F. Webb Al White Courtney L. White, ’08 Lori White Stephens T. Whitehurst, ’19 Laura M. Whitley, ’19 Barbara Wilder Kelly Wilder Georgie Wilkins Samantha E. Wilkins, ’18 Hilary Lichty Wilkinson, ’01 Susan Williams Gina Wilner John R. Wilson Lonnie Wilson Paul A. Winterhoff Elizabeth D. Wolfinger Nathan Woolard Eunyoung Yang Liz K. Yaros, ’06 Anne York Bing Yu

Retired Faculty & Staff

Iris Society – President’s Circle Bernard H. Cochran Anne Clark Dahle, ’54 Charles A. Davis Clyde C. Frazier Sue Ennis Kearney, ’64 Elizabeth Shelton Stewart, ’96 Marilyn Cook Stuber Janice Coffey Swab Betty Webb, ’67 Iris Society Sandra Critzer Close, ’86 Josephine P. Guglielmi Carolyn M. Happer Mary Bland Josey, ’51 Virginia E. Knight Vivian Kraines Dorothy Knott Preston, ’54 Louise Todd Taylor W. Garry Walton, Jr. Harold L. West Ellen Williams ’72

Annual Giving Martha Burpitt Sam Carothers James Crew Jacquelin Dietz Sarah English Linda Poole FitzSimons, ’73 Gordon W. Folger Alice Y. Goode Ellen Bonham Goode Bluma K. Greenberg Ione Kemp Knight, ’43* William R. Ledford Murphy M. Osborne Allen F. Page Wetonah Rice Parker Cleo Glover Perry, ’45* Kaye Harris Rains Romita Sen Sue Ridge Todd, ’59 Alyce Craddock Turner, ’96

Parents & Friends

Iris Society – President’s Circle Robert Allen David Burris N. Leo and Helen Daughtry Bonnie and Royce Everette, Jr. Cathy and James Gaynor Mona and Dillon Harris, Jr. Charlotte and H. Alexander Holmes David Lindquist Harrison and Margaret Marshall Dalton and Susan McMichael Grace* and Roy Nifong Ginger Sall and John Elizabeth and James A. Taylor Alice and Charles Yow Iris Society Terry Adkins Sheila B. Ahler Ruth Millinder Barco Ray Blake Suzanne Britt Jeffrey and Carol Burgess Shannon and William Butler Suzanne and Thomas Cavanagh Kathryn V. Clancy Wayne Cobb* Marianne Collins Arthur W. Cooper Charles Grayson Covington June and Charles Daniels Patricia and John Dieter Salvatore DiFranco Tom and Mary Dossenbach Cathie and Scott Elliott Kathryn and Sam E. Ewell, Jr. Meredith and Anthony Ferrara Marilyn and Edward Gideon Major Goodman Ruth and Scott Goodwin Hudson Guthrie Peter M. Harris Anne and Samuel Hummel Carl Hung Virginia and Michael Jablonski Betty Johnson Shawn and Aaron Jordan Norman and Ruth Kellum Jan and Gregory Kinlaw

Cayt Kirkman Francis A. La Monica Nancy and Mark LaPointe Karen Larsen Rebecca Lassister Gordon and Judith LeGrand Linda Lesick Maynard and Patricia Lichty Charles and Karen Lindquist Karen Lindquist Debbie and Michael Maddocks Maureen and Brent Mays Betty and Dave McCaw, Sr. Duncan and Cornelia McMillan Barbara B. Myers Susanne Newman and James Wilson James and Mary Elizabeth Outland Robert and Vera Outland Shari and David Pepper Carol J. Poole Nancy and John Potok Kirsten Querbach Jo Reddell Liz and Stephen Riley Ashley Roberson Carol and Walt Robinson Charles and Kimberly Royal Leonard Safrit, Jr. Jodi and Brian Schuh Kathryn and Marshall Scott Meredith Shrimanker Kim and William Skeen Susan and Ben Smith Isaac B. Southerland Jorja and Thomas Stewart Shari Stewart Caroline Sullivan David and Ellen Warren Elizabeth and John Wendorf Carol West Raymond A. White Brian Wilkerson Sherri Wilkins Mary and Thomas Wilkinson James R. Williams and Kyle A. Turner W. Fred and Susan Williams Kathleen and Glenn Williamson Jill S. Winslow and Richard Slack Elizabeth and Clayton Wisniewski John Yaros Annual Giving Clare and Mike Abel Karen and Robert Abt Charlene Adams Greg Adams Amy and Walter Adkins Billy and Sherry Agee Kellie and Vernon Aldridge Elisa Alfieri Juli and Salvatore Alfieri Danny and Maxine Allen Lisa and Scott Allen Louis Allen Thomas Allen Mercer and Jim Anderson Laurel Anderson Steven Anderson Taylor Anderson Dwen Andrews-Cita

Elizabeth Anglis Elizabeth and Christopher Arbir Marcelo Ardon Sayao Reginald Asby Frances L. Ashburn Christopher Ashwell Michael and Diana Bader Lauren Bader Kathryn Bahneman Penny and Brian Baker Dwight and Terry Ball Rex and Rebecca Banadyga Ann and Mason Banks, Jr. Tracy Barbour Rebecca and David Barger Shirley J. Barnes Jacob Barnett Kelly and Ronald Barrow Joan and Robert Bartlett Pam and Fred Basehore Kathleen Bausch Nancy* and James Beattie Robyn B. Beck Kevin Beeson Rebecca Beeson Glenda Bell Jackie and Steven Bell Tommy and Mary Bell Mike Bellamy Robert Beller Margaret Bennett Mary and Joseph Bilotta Glenn and Dorothea Bitler Becky Bixby Patricia S. Black Mary and W. Blackwell April Blakeslee John and Susan Bobinyec John and Victoria Boreyko Alma Bouchard Bridget Bouges William Boulton William and Millicent Bowman Mary R. Boxley Frank Boyd Kevin Brandenburg Juliana Brandt Marian and Edward Breeden, III Susan and Jeffrey Berkel Anne and Edward Brennan Barbara Brietigam Carol and Bobby Briggs, Sr. Cathy and Rickie Briggs Janet Britt Valerie and Kenneth Bromenschenkel Cindy Bross J M. Broughton, III Clarence and Ann Brown Ann Brown Cornelia J. Brown Denise and Michael Brown Kendra Brown Rebecca Brown Sheila and William Brown Bartholomew Browne Karen Bruno Stephen C. Bryan Stephen and Lynette Bryan Jennifer Bryant Mike Bryant

Elizabeth Farrior Buford Richard K. Bullock Emily Burkhead James Burleigh Christine Burr Ronald and Jane Buryk Justine Cabrera Jaime and Jeremy Caldwell Suzanne Camden Coletta and Shay Campbell Diana and Robert Carelli David Carmichael Mary J. Carmichael Barbara A. Carney Shelton and Tonda Carraway Mary Leigh and Henry Carrison, III Maghan B. Carroll Montserrat Castro Kathryn Smith Chadwick Bob and Amy Chandler Indra Chandra Lori and Peter Charalidis Ann Chenoweth-Carr Matthew Cherry Gary and Carolyn Churchill Tom Owens and Rosa Cintron Charlotte Clark Rogers H. Clark* Sarai Class Barbara Clawson Nancy C. Clayton and Casey A. Champion Audray Lee Clement Kelly Close Edwin and Goldie Coates Numa Cobb Stephen Cobb Martha and Ollie Cobia, Jr. Deborah and Jeffery Coffey Thomas and Gail Colley Ann and Bryan Collier Lynda Coltrane Liza Comita Kris and David Cooke John and Elizabeth Cooley Lewis Cope Donna and Johnny Corbett John Corbett Alan Covich Edith D. Cowper Kathy and Daniel Craft Gail Crisp Ronald W. Crow Frederick Cubbage Sylvie Daigle and David Pretty Dianna and Rudolph Daniel Ann Davenport Aurora Tiffany-Davis Betty Sue Davis Carol M. Davis Lucinda Davis Toni Davis Ellaine and Grenville Day Marie DeBellis Debra DeCamillis Diana and John Delponte Deborah and James Denmark Don Denney Brooks Depro Wilson L. Dickerson Ann and Robert Diener * Deceased

Leslie Digby and Charles Pell Nichole Dioon Heather Dominique Jerald Dosch Michael Dove Sue and William Dove Susan L. Dowtin William and Belva Dozier Sally and Charles Du Bose James T. Duckworth, III John J. Duffy Marcy and Chad Duffy Barbara B. Dunbar Carolyn and Thomas Duncan Maxine and Gerald* Dunn Steven and Mary Dupont Elise and W.F. Dyer, Jr. Raymond Earp The Honorable Beverly Perdue and Robert W. Eaves Jr. Frank and Clara Edwards Gayle and Jim Edwards Sylvia and E. Edwards, MD Susan Einhorn Molly Eiseman Elizabeth Ellington Adelyn N. Elliott Laura England Leamon and Jeannette Etheridge Cindy Putnam Evans Donald Everett Maria S. Fangman Richard Farrow Frank Fee Anna Felts Maria T. Fernandez Sally and Thomas Ferrara Laura Fieselman Alma Finch Marilyn and Van Finch Alison Flaig James Flair Kelly Flanagan Kiely Flanigan Donna R. Foley and Patrick F. Foley Katherine S. Foresta Betty Jo and Charles Forney, III Amy and Vance Fowler, Jr. Joanna and Frank Fowler Anne A. Fox Sandra Fracker Melodee and Duncan Fraser Mary Freeman Jane M. Freeze Lila P. Friday Stephanie Fulcher Paula Gagnon Elaine and Daniel Gallagher Beth Gankofskie Stephanie and Vin Garofano Tracy Gash Liza Gellerstedt William George Pamela and Dwight Gerding Kavita and Denesh Ghai Valerie and James Gillies Amelia Glarum Kelly and Benjamin Glass Jane M. Gleason Doug and Sandy Glosson Barbara B. Goldman

Daniel Goldman Sandra and S. James Goldman Ray Gonzales Dorothy G. Goodwin Jonathon Gore and Mary Ann Gore Lindsay Gossett Susan and John Gracey William Granberry Cornelia Grant Stephanie Flowers Gray Carolyn and Arthur Green, III Donald and Marilyn Green Paulette and R. Greer Kelly and Robert Griffin Virginia and Haynes Griffin Michael Griffith Martha Grondin Elizabeth and Mark Gundlach Nancy Hablutzel Patricia and Robert Hablutzel Mamie Hafner Ann and Anthony Hall Sharon and Richard Hall Grant and Tori Hall Lauri and Jack Hamilton Sarah E. Hamrick Rebecca Hancock Katherine W. Hardee Alex Harding Tamara Harms Elizabeth C. Harrington Margaret Hattori Nicole Havens Susan Hawkins Shirley Hawley C. Denise Hayes Ellen N. Hefner Molly and Steve Helper Ashley Helton Melissa Hemmingsen Katherine and Barron Henderson Sandra and Douglas Hendrix Joyce and Mark Henneberry William and Marsha Henthorn Robert and Gloria Herr Jeffrey Heynen Betty Hicks Sara and Lawrence Himes Whitney Hinson Janet Hoffmann Susan and John Hogge Robert and Catherine Holcombe Dale and Donna Holder Cherie and Hayes Holderness Hayden Holt Joel P. Holt Sherry and Jay Holt Jeanette Hopkins Joyce D. Hopkins Sherri and Phillip Hopkins Penelope Hornsby Virginia Horton Helen and Earl Houser, III Cary Howard Ron and Kim Hudgins Archie and Katherine Huffstetler Clarence P. Huggins Ken and Gail Huggins Timothy Hull and Mary K. McDonald Nick and Mystery Jackson

Raymond W. James Cody Jeffcoat Stephanie Jeffries Margaret Jenny Rhianna and Michael Jobe Carroll Johnson Deborah Johnson Keith and Denise Johnson Elizabeth Krapf Johnson Jennifer and Ronald Johnson Maureen Johnson Mike and Markie Johnson Milliet and Tommy Johnson Sally Johnson Claudia L. Jolls Ann Jones and Gene Jones* Beth Jones Gezell Jones Krystal S. Jones Martha J. Jones Mary and Chuck Jones Thomas H. Jones Susan and Benny Judd Christine Kaefer Rebecca and Michael Kalish Pamela and Stanley Karboski Carol Kassay Sarah H. Kaufman Bruce and Janet Kay Miriam Keil Terri Kelsey Wanda Kemp-Maxson Rosemary Kenerly Melanie and Daniel Kennedy Rhonda and Timothy Kiley Martha Kincheloe Laura King Nancy King Phillip J. Kirk, Jr. Ronald Kirk Eric Kirkman Doris I. Kiser Constance A. Kline Dolores A. Kline Michael Kline Glenna and Joseph Knight Miriam and E. Knight H. Graham and Vickie Knott Brandon Kooman Amisha Shrimanker Kotte Ronald Kramer Kathryn Krase Karen and Stephen Shaver Anjali Kumar Robert Kyles Gayle and L C Lackey Steve and Billie Lambert Robin and Kevin Lang Lynn Turner Lanier Lou and Cornelius Lassiter Melissa and Shayne Latino Jan R. Lawson Sunny and JD Lawson Jeffrey and Barbara Lawyer Jennifer and Jonathan Layne Barbara and Harvey Lee Christine and Oscar Lee Edwin and Mary Leonard Andrew Lichty Virginia and Albert Lineberry, Jr. Margaret A. Link

# Denotes members of the Ivy Society, recent graduates (2009 to 2019) who make a monthly gift of $10 or more annually.

Myra and Lindwood Little Mary and Paul Livingston, Jr. Cheryl L. Lockamy Elizabeth Locke Kathleen LoGiudice Carol and Jim Long, Jr. Audrey Loper Elisanta Lopez and Juan Hores James and Tracey Lorentzen Amy and Thomas Losordo Elizabeth Losos Linda Lowe Kathryn and Rodney Lambert Maria Lynch Ellen and J. Bruce Lyon Hugh MacGregor Elizabeth and Steven Mack Helen Maddux Karyl and Ronald Maenza Joseph and Kimberly Maguire Robin and James Malphrus Emily Worrell Manhart Kristi and Paul Mann Gretchen Marcell James March James F. Marchman, III Steven and Heather Margolin Elizabeth A. Margolis W. Ward Marslender Sheila Martin Melinda Martinez Nelma Masden Mary Mason Laurie and Justin Matthews Joan and Henry May Samantha L. Maziejka Margaret A. Mazzenga Jayne L. McBurney Kathy and Ron McChesney Angela and Kent Fullenweider James and Puppie McCloskey Diana and P. J. McClung Marian McCord Robert and Ann McGlohon Jane Parks-McKay Dale and Julie McKeel Janette and Rod McKenrick Ann McKenzie Yvonne and Samuel McLamb Loretta and Thomas McLaughlin Glenda and Kelly McLawhorn Amy McMillian Rosa and William McNairy Marcia J. McNally Karen R. McNeil Betty S. McNeill and J. R. McNeill Kevin and Cindy Meadows Peter and Kerry Mellette Ashley Menser Martin Mewes Julie and James MIddleton Margaret and Harry Milam Laura and Tom Miller Donna and James Millet Kim Mills and James Evans Jane Mitchell Karen Mitchell Deborah and Robert Mitchum Margaret S. Montana Jackie and Donald Moore Ralph and Marsha Moore Honor Roll of Donors 2019-20


Christopher Moorman Marian and Chris Morgan Anna and Johnathan Morris William and Lanora Morris Eric Morse Heather and David Morse Laura R. Mosier Robert and Sandra Moulton Alex Mueller Bryant Mueller Jacob Mueller Emily and Brien Muller Steven and Constance Mullinix Ralph and Diane Mullins Kathy Munkvold Linda and Mark Murphy Kenneth L. Murray Lynne Murray Martha G. Myers Elizabeth Neeley Chad Neilson Katrina O. Nester Amy Newman Elizabeth Nichols Noah J. Nickodemus David Nimocks, Jr. Kathleen C. Nolan and James R. Weidman Raymond J. Norton Reid Nottingham Betsy and Charles Oakley, Jr. David Oates Allison Oberbrueckling Jamie Obriant Evie Odom Melinda and Jim Ogburn Martha O’Hara Juliana K. Olin Sarah O’Neal Joy Orlando Anne and Pete Osborne R. Lee Ott Ashley C. Overton Rose A. Pace George W. Page Jack Page Margie Parker Deborah V. Parsons Purvesh Patel Zeel Patel Thomas E. Peatross Benny Pember Lea and Steven Penna Amy and Richard Perko Dawn and Joseph Perry

Susan L. Perry Jane and Lloyd Peterson Luanne and Mark Phillips Pam and Gary Phillips Elizabeth H. Phipps William and Barbara Pinna Sandra and Marshall Pittman Mary and Robert Plybon Marcy Points Walter and Cheryl Powell Bill Price Michael D. Priddy John Purcell, Jr. Joan A. Quinn John Quinn Rhonda C. Rampley Jennifer Davidson Rangnow Margaret S. Ray Jennette and Grant Reason Luther Reason Caroline Redding Sandy and Robert Reese Claudia and David Reich, Jr. Lois and Ronald Reif Edward and Elizabeth Rhame Matthew Rhoades Janice Richey Pamela and Jesse Riggs Darlene and Jason Righter Kathleen and Robert Rigsbee Louie Rivers Colin Roberson Justin Roberson Jane and William Roberts Janita S. Robinson Sandra and Edward Robinson Sherri Robinson and Terry Brent Robinson Lance Rogers Mildred H. Ronemus Jayme and David Roof Imogene Roper Lindy Flynn Rose Ashley Rosenblum Daniel Rosenblum Peggy Ross Jessica Rotenberg Martha and Richard Ruggles Claire Ruocchio John and Mary Nash Rusher William and Marge Rusher Laura and Phillip Russ Veronica Salansky Uriel Sandoval Virginia Sanenfeld-Specht

Agnilson Sulino Santos Hannah Sasser Sara Scanga Jennifer Schafer Marisa and Mark Schneid Jacqueline and Curt Schroeders Eleanor Schut Lee Ann Schwartz Susan Schwartz Marilyn and William Schweiker Catherine Scott Kimberly Seibel James and Suzette Sells Clayton W. Setser Ruth Ann and A. L. Seward John P. Sharpe Helton and Jackie Shaw Jackie and Helton Shaw Kathleen E. Shea Fred and Karen Shectman Delois Shelton Libba and Scott Shelton Seema Sheth Kelly and Thomas Shiel Rebecca Shore Mahendra Shrimanker John and Virginia Shutt Jacquelyn and Michael Sigmon William and Elizabeth Simmons Seshu Singh Paula and Gary Singleton Betty S. Smith Harriet and John W. Smith Phyllis and Charles Smith Robert Smith Susan Smith Sylvia and Benjamin Smith James and Sandra Snead Norma Sobczak Katharine Soper Karen and C Benjamin Sorrels Joanne Spangler David and Rebecca Sparrow Sarah and D.G. Sparrow Joan S. Speir Montgomery Speir Jerry Sprague Pam Sprinkle Lesley Stanford Nikki Stanford Robert and Mary Starbuck Nakari and Brian Steele John C. Stein April Stewart and Timothy Stewart Mary F. Stewart

Karen Stillwagon Beverly and William Stocks Elizabeth L. Strong Martha and Thomas Stukes Dr. and Mrs. Francis Sugg, Jr. Patrick and Chasity Sullivan Mary R. Sullivan Teddy and Joyce Sumner Cilie and Roger Sutton Samantha Sutton Courtney Szymanski Kristi and James Talley, IV Ayman Tamimi Dianne and Bruce Tart George Tatum Betty M. Taylor Carol Taylor Danielle and Harry Taylor, Jr. Danielle L. Taylor and Guyon Lewis James R. Taylor Katherine and Dana Taylor Margaret Dorsey Taylor Theresa and Anthony Taylor Karen Teears Keith Teegarden Gary and Lisa Tester Karen Thacker Tommie and Neal Thomas Florence R. Thompson Hugh and Joan Thompson Lynn and Charlie Tingen Gary Tober Stephanie Tolbert Gary and Jennings Trawick Michael and Angel Trell Martha and W Turner, III Lynnette and Blair Tyndall Priscilla H. Tyree Larry Tysinger Elizabeth Tyson Abraham Uribe Sylvia and Richard Vanore Ginger and Robert Varner Jorge Vasquez-Kool John and Gail Veale Andrew Veety Evelyn Velazquez Claudia and Michael J. Vepraskas Rebekah Vepraskas Lori and Steven Verderosa Patricia Vreeland Rebecca R. Walker Shari and Roderick Walker Sean Wall John and Rebecca Walsh

Kevin and Pamela Walsh Martha K. Walston Yan Wang Chelsea Ward Jennifer Ward Lorraine and John Ward Elizabeth and W Wardrop Mary F. Warren Calvin and Teresa Warren Amy E. Warren-Kimbro Kirstiann and Charles Wasson Tracy and Gary Watkins Mary Watzin Catherine Carter Weaver Sally and James Weeks Andrew Welborn Len and Judy White Merry Whiting Helen Whitley Paula M. Whitton Michael Wiegert and Keith Duprey David Wiley Katherine and Jay Wilkerson Amy Wilkinson Reverend Kathie Wilkinson Bruce Williams David R. and Mary Jane Williams Eliza and Ernest Williams Brenda and James Williams Jan Williams Jessica Williams Robert Williams Katherine H. Willis Gina Wilner Lonnie Wilson Ashley R. Wimberly Don and Donna Wimberly Paul and Sandra Wingate Karen Winn James Wisowaty Ronald and Paula Withrow Johnnie L. Witt Lytle and Louis Wooten Ann and Charles Wright Ricky and Jane Wright Elizabeth and Thomas Yarboro John and Anne Yarbrough Teresa Yates Shelton Young Jordan D. Yourick Frances Zeller Julie and Thomas Zuber

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Honor Roll of Donors 2019-20