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SUCCESS. School of Arts and Humanities

Arts and Humanities yields strong results. An Arts and Humanities major is your key to a lucrative, satisfying future. Majoring in the arts, humanities, or social sciences guarantees you’ll develop the skills that are most sought after in the job market today. You will gain a unique set of skills that can be applied to a wide variety of careers. Employers are looking for candidates who can innovate and inspire, be flexible and creative in their thinking, and understand and empathize with people from a broad array of backgrounds. A meaningful, rewarding, and profitable career starts with a major in arts, humanities, or social sciences.

See how you can build a strong future. Careers ………………………………………… 2 Academics …………………………………….. 4 Real-World Learning ……………………......... 6 Scholarships …………………………………... 8

Our graduates build successful careers. Besides acquiring a deep knowledge base within your chosen major, you will also sharpen the skills employers value most: effective communication, critical reasoning, research competency, creative thinking, ethical decision-making, foreign language proficiency, and intercultural fluency. Arts and Humanities alumnae have been hired at

Arts and Humanities alumnae have held positions such as


• Executive Recruiter


• Marketing Coordinator

• Cisco

• Creative Director

• Red Hat

• Research Specialist

• Credit Suisse

• Correctional Case Manager

• Pearson Publishing

• Dance Studio Owner

• Lenovo

• Exhibit Developer

• Quintiles

• Communication Director

• RTI International

• Media Services Assistant

• U.S. Department of Defense

• Graphic Designer

• North Carolina Museum of Art

• Attorney

• Interfaith Youth Core

• Technical Writer

• Oxford University Press

• Tony Award-Winning Actress

• North Carolina Opera

• Music Therapist

“Communication, critical thinking, and well-rounded interests will help humanities majors succeed in the workplace. We often see humanities majors become ‘corporate athletes’ who have the ability to move around to various roles and groups within the organization because of their well-rounded background.” – Bryan Smouse Senior Recruiting Manager | Wayfair









Religious & Ethical Studies Major

Political Studies Major

GRAPHIC DESIGNER NATALIE PIPER, ’18 Graphic Design & Dance Studies Major












English Major with Secondary Licensure

Spanish & Sociology Major


Pursue your passion. A major in the arts and humanities allows you to pursue your passion, gain a deeper appreciation for a specific area of interest, and develop valuable skills that will prepare you for a lucrative career in a number of industries. MAJORS Art Education Art – Graphic Design* Art – Studio Art* Communication – Interpersonal Communication – Mass Communication Communication – Public Relations Criminology* Dance* Dance – Dance Education Dance – Private Studio Teaching English* History* International Studies* Music* Music Education Political Science – Pre-Law Political Science – Public Affairs

Religious and Ethical Studies* Sociology* Spanish* Theatre* Theatre – Musical Theatre *Major and minor available ADDITIONAL MINORS Art History Arts Management Communication Forensic Studies French Italian Studies Medieval & Early Modern Studies Photography Political Science Pre-Law Professional Writing & Presentation Media Public History

IF WE DON’T HAVE IT, YOU CAN CREATE IT. Self-designed majors and minors allow students to devise their own unique course of study, tailored to their individual interests.

EARN TWO CREDENTIALS INSTEAD OF ONE. Teaching Licensure Students interested in pursuing careers in education will complete a major in the field of their choice while simultaneously obtaining teaching licensure, all in only four years. 3+3 Accelerated Law Degree In partnership with Campbell University School of Law, Meredith offers a program that allows qualified students from a variety of majors to earn a bachelor’s degree and a J.D. in six years. 4+1 Accelerated MBA Program The Accelerated MBA Program is a program that allows students of all majors to earn a bachelor’s degree and an MBA in just five years.

“What stands out to me more than anything is the sense of belonging I associate with my Spanish major. While everyone comes into it for different reasons, we’re bonded by a love of the language and a willingness to help one another, to see things differently, and to learn.” – Belle Williams, Spanish/International Studies 4

OVER 95% of Meredith students participate in an applied learning experience such as study abroad, undergraduate research, or internships.

Gain skills for a strong future.

Study Abroad Meredith offers study abroad programs for every major and in more than 30 countries. Over 30 percent of Meredith students study abroad.

Undergraduate Research Students have the opportunity to build partnerships directly with faculty through collaborative research projects. Students present their research on campus and at local and national conferences.

Internships Our strong reputation among employers locally and nationally means students have plenty of options when it comes to finding the right internship.


You learn by doing. At Meredith, you have countless opportunities to apply your skills and training as you build your resume through hands-on engagement with the world outside the classroom.

Colton Review: An arts and literary journal − students are responsible for writing, editing, designing, and producing the publication. Meredith Poll: A survey research organization that focuses on issues pertaining to women. Students help construct the surveys, collect and analyze data, and communicate the results. World Politics Simulation: A student delegation participates in a simulation such as a model United Nations conference, a model Arab League conference, or an online world politics simulation. Circus Graphic Design Studio: An in-house graphic design studio where students gain valuable experience working with campus and community clients. Status of Girls Report: Students use data to document factors that impact girls’ lives in North Carolina. The team works with faculty to produce a research report used by educators, legislators, and community organizations. Digital Media Convergence: Students learn theories of audio and visual aesthetics through the use of visual literacy, photo editing, audio processing, video editing, and web publishing. Spanish in the Community: Students work in the community to practice their language skills in a real-world setting. They partner with mentoring groups, medical clinics, advocacy agencies, and outreach organizations. 6

Moot Court: A course in which students simulate arguing a constitutional law case before the Supreme Court and gain experience in legal research, critical thinking, and effective argument.

STATE-OF-THE-ART TECHNOLOGY The Communication Agency boasts the latest in technology for digital media production. Students use the studio to meet with clients and work on projects in courses like Social and Interactive Media. In Carswell Concert Hall, students learn to stream and record performances on cuttingedge technology used in the professional world of music.

“I was a part of Meredith College’s first Moot Court team. We were taught how to craft a case, present an argument, and really learn valuable legal skills. It was a great experience for students who are interested in pursuing law school or just being in the realms of advocacy or policy.” – Caitlyn Grimes, ’18 Press Assistant North Carolina Governor’s Office Political Science | Communication Watch Caitlyn’s Strong Story at


We invest in your passion. At Meredith, we recognize and reward outstanding ability and talent by sponsoring competitive scholarship programs. Depending on your desired field of study or your ultimate passion, Meredith offers a scholarship program for you.

$25 Million in scholarships and grants funded by Meredith.

Meredith Legacy Scholarship

Presidential Scholarships

Academic Merit Scholarships

Honors Program Scholarship

Service Scholarship

Art Scholarships

Music Scholarships

Contact your admissions counselor to schedule a meeting with a faculty member from the School of Arts and Humanities.

Theatre Scholarships

Creative Writing Scholarships

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Talk with our faculty.

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Meredith College admits qualified women students without regard to race, creed, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, age, or disability. 18-078