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Environmental Policy Mercury’s goal is to be New Zealand’s leading energy brand. This includes being recognised as a well-managed, environmentally responsible electricity generator, wholesaler and retailer. Our operational and financial sustainability, and success in creating long-term value for our shareholders, depends on maintaining confidence in:    

our approach to natural resources and meeting environmental standards, our health and safety culture and practices, the relationships we have with our business partners and the communities within which we operate, and broader measures of Mercury’s economic, environmental and social performance.

Our approach acknowledges the complex inter-relationships between economic performance, community expectations and changing social and environmental aspirations, and is based on our understanding of what our stakeholders value. Our generation activities rely on access to natural resources that we know are highly valued by our communities. We are proud that we have been entrusted to play a role in the custodianship of those natural resources. We strive to maintain this trust by working with partners to deliver renewable electricity and make a long-term difference to our country’s environmental health. We work responsibly to deliver today and sustainably for future generations and will achieve this by focussing on:

Kaitiakitanga   

We manage natural resources in a sustainable and efficient manner to deliver benefits for our shareholders, business partners and all New Zealanders over the long-term. We are committed to understanding, managing and mitigating the environmental impacts of our activities. Wherever we operate, we seek to develop enduring relationships with local communities based on trust, respect and understanding.

Challenging our performance 

We seek practical and innovative ways to reduce our operational footprint and enhance environmental performance through educating our staff and contractors.

Promoting awareness 

We demonstrate and encourage leadership in environmental awareness and best practice internally while building long-term partnerships with communities, business partners and key stakeholders.

Complying with requirements  

We comply with all obligations contained by environmental laws, regulations and other requirements relating to Mercury’s activities. We regularly report on and communicate our environmental performance with our staff, customers, shareholders and the wider community.

Setting objectives and targets 

We set, implement and review our performance against measurable environmental objectives and targets as part of an effective and continually improving environmental management system as guided by the requirements of ISO 14001.

Policy review The Chief Executive has approved this policy. The General Manager Hydro/Wholesale and General Manager Geothermal will review this policy as required but at a minimum, every two years. Any changes to this policy must be approved by the Chief Executive. Effective date: Review date:

29 October 2020 December 2022

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