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Travel-oriented businesses are considered high-risk merchants as far as credit card processors are concerned. And, therefore are among the most difficult business types to acquire successfully accepted for a Merchant Account.  The reason is that experience demonstrates that customers are impressive. They are more able to dispute and chargeback travel agency transactions than most others. In fact, travel agencies are set in the same High-risk group with merchants selling adult products. It includes dating and companion services, fortune tellers, diet programs, sports forecasting or odds-making, and other high-risk business types. Unfortunately, for the Travel Agent, that implies using standard Credit card processing networks. For one thing, starters you should apply for a Merchant account with the suitable kind of payment processor. This implies one that represents considerable specializes in high risk merchant accounts–otherwise, you are simply wasting your time and money.   Fortunately, there are a few several processing networks available that do specialize in such higher-risk merchant types, unfortunately at a little-enhanced cost consistent with the improved risk involved.

Know the risk You will also need to comprehend the potential risk related to offering travel services online. Significantly more vitally, knowing what to expect as far as requirements and processing procedures are here. And, selecting a high-risk processor with the knowledge, capability, and willingness to effectively instruct and guide you is very important. Understanding your risk exposure will help you take sufficient steps to minimize it. Also, protect your travel agency from losses associated with chargebacks resulting from customer disputes and fraudulent transactions. So, now that you know why travel industry merchant accounts are considered high risk, what can you do about it?

OVERCOME THE HURDLES, AND SECURE A TRAVEL MERCHANT ACCOUNT: To mitigate your risk and assure your acceptance for a high risk merchant account, you will need to set up card acceptance policies and procedures to address several risk-related issues, including for example: An approval request that is clear by an issuer indicates that the credit card account is in good standing. In any case, the endorsement is NOT a proof that the valid cardholder is making the purchase, nor is it an assurance of payment. Be advised that, in most cases, airlines are liable for fraudulent card-not-present transactions, even when they were endorsed by the card issuer. High risk Travel Agency Business; your association may not really be a Visa or MasterCard merchant, subject to the Credit Card Associations’ rules, regulation and policy. However, the airline is a Visa and MasterCard merchant and it is subject to their rules and regulations. Understand that, in most fraud-related transactions, the airline transfers financial liability to the travel agency it has partnered with as part of the contractual agreement. In such cases, your association will bear the full financial responsibility.

MERCHANT STRONGHOLD IS HERE TO HELP SECURE YOUR TRAVEL MERCHANT ACCOUNT Merchant Stronghold is a leader merchant service provider in the merchant services industry. We specialize in mobile, online and retail merchant accounts including, some call, high risk merchant accounts. We understand the back and forth and give and take of negotiating processing accounts for high risk merchants, including hundreds of travel merchant accounts. For more information on high risk processing for the travel industry, please CONTACT US,

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Fast and Easy Account Approvals for Travel Agencies and Related Travel Services  
Fast and Easy Account Approvals for Travel Agencies and Related Travel Services