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responding to


School year 2009–2010 has had its challenges, as it has likely had for many of our alumni and parents. As with most challenges, we are called to be our best selves and certainly Mercersburg students, faculty and staff, alumni, and parents have been that this year. Let’s begin with the snow: virtually every record for snowfall in this area was broken except for the winter of 1961–1962—I can’t imagine what you guys went through that year! Boarding students don’t have the pleasure of “snow days” like their day-school peers, so they braved the elements to get to class each day. The faculty and staff made it possible for these difficult days to have some sense of “normalcy.” The Ford Dining Hall staff

(L to R): Mary Carrasco, John Prentiss ’65, P ’89, ’92 and Regent, and Doug Hale, head of school.

and the Buildings & Grounds staff and Security Staff members have always had a significant MPACT on the Mercersburg experience and even more so when “the going gets tough.” In the Dining Hall, Lori Young and Barb Mann volunteered to work extra shifts to keep us operating. Roger Harbaugh drove from Hagerstown to work on the Wednesday during the snow, and then slept in the Health Center that night to be sure he could be here to cook Thursday. Patty Bell, Tim Jamerson, and Kathy McCullough walked through drifts to get here, then worked extra hours to help us keep clean and ready for all the meals. Janay Shaw and Nancy Pontius and Shirley Mellot drove through incredible conditions to make it on time for their shifts and helped us keep it all running. Our Food Service management team Director Jim Butler, Assistant Director Almea Brown, Production Manager Gabe Shaffer, and Executive Chef Mike Coldrick were key players in making it possible for us to even get food to the tables, much less on time and hot. They had the support of the Security team and the Building & Grounds crew. Despite the added burdens the weather created for them, they stepped in to help with everything from rides to helping dispose of the trash, and every request made was met with only one response, “When do you need us?” Mr. Hale made the students happy by declaring a “free day” at the end of that double-blizzard week. It was appreciated. The “Match Made for Mercersburg” giving challenge in February touched many hearts and on behalf of the students and faculty we are grateful. In the first two weeks of the challenge, 450 alumni, parents, and friends have made gifts to Mercersburg compared to 346 in the entire month of February 2009! Read more about the challenge inside. The Edward E. Ford Foundation (founded by Mercersburg alumnus Edward E. “Tink” Ford ’12) has made a generous and thoughtful challenge grant of $50,000 to the school in support of environmental initiatives if alumni and parents will match the grant with contributions totaling $100,000 by November 2010. It’s a big challenge. The faculty has been inspired and I know you will enjoy reading about the details in this issue. In this issue is the story of Robert Lehrman '69 and the lasting impact made by faculty members Jay Quinn and John Ferguson on his life and on the lives of many others. Robert has provided a gift to seed the development of a multidisciplinary class that will continue to impact and challenge future generations of Mercersburg students. There are many students, faculty and staff, alumni, and parents who have personally responded to Haiti’s challenge. Some of those stories are told in this issue of MPACT. We would like to know more about how you have responded to challenges this year and how you support your communities. It is one of Mercersburg’s belief statements that “living with individuals from many different backgrounds and perspectives compels a residential community to live by common core values.” Has your Mercersburg experience of “living in community” influenced your lives? Think about it and let me know.


Mary K. Carrasco Assistant Head of School for External Affairs


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How members of the community are impacting the world…

Melody Gomez: Arce Scholars Program



made an extraordinary gift of $1 million to Mercersburg to establish the Arce Scholars Program. At the

time, Hammond’s gift was the largest in the school’s 116-year history by an alumnus under 30 years of age. In keeping with Hammond’s vision, the annual Arce Scholarship was created to address both merit and need, by covering full tuition for a new boarding student who is exceptionally academically gifted and who could not attend Mercersburg without total financial assistance. Melody Gomez of Manthattan's Spanish Harlem neighborhood was selected as the school's first Arce Scholar and entered Mercersburg as a ninth grader in the fall. “My favorite part of the school is being busy. Even though I may want free time, every day

after school there is something to do. You’re always active, you’re always with people… you just grow as a person here,” said Gomez. “Everyone is here for the same reason—to try to get somewhere after Mercersburg.” Gomez is an athlete who played volleyball (fall), basketball (winter), and a spring sport as well. “As an athlete, I have grown. The only sport that was offered at my old school was basketball. This year, I played volleyball because I thought it was going to be one of the easier sports. It’s not as easy as I thought. I liked it, and I picked up on it really quickly. I played varsity this year, which is really cool,” she said. Mr. Hammond’s gift will permanently endow the Arce Scholarship at approximately $37,500 per year, based on the current policy for endowment spending, and the balance of a scholar’s tuition will be covered by the school.

Ultimately, the goal is to raise enough funds to have one Arce Scholar enrolled in each grade in the school. The scholars will be encouraged to serve as a support system for one another while at Mercersburg and in the future. To make a gift to the Arce Scholarship Program, contact Gail Reeder at 717-328-6323.

Helping Haiti THE MERCERSBURG COMMUNITY RESPONDED in a variety of ways to the tragic earthquake that struck the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince on January 12. Below are just some of the stories that have been sent to the Alumni & Development Office, and we know that there are even more. Please continue to share the generous ways that you are helping the residents of Haiti recover. They arrived the Monday after the earthquake and were there for 11 days. “It’s been an incredible experience, and now the foundation literally has a presence in Haiti, and we’re tapping into the U.N. and several other

Kate Harrison Bazemore ’89


egent Denise Dupre ’76 contributed to relief efforts organized by Dartmouth College. The

school sent over 18,000 pounds of supplies and

resources. Although there are a lot of donations,

29 medical professionals to Haiti following the

there are still people who are not receiving food

earthquake, thanks to donors.

and water,” said Thompson. “The teams have delivered over 20,000 Haiti Helpers included (L to R): Robert Solis ’11, Katherine Blanchard ’11, Eli Littlefield ’12, Liza Rizzo ’11, Matt Cook ’11, and Bailey Blake ’11.


year ago, Jill Thompson ’81 and her husband, Bob, started the One Life

Missions Foundation to help New York City children. After the earthquake, Bob, who is an investment banker, and three friends decided to go to Haiti to help with relief efforts. They started the “Missions to Disaster Zones” arm of the foundation and sent five teams to Haiti with food and aid, and most recently, started a school. “My husband and three other men were the

pounds of food,” she said. “The Haitian people are very resilient, very


he Class of 2011 has wristbands for sale that say, “We Are For Haiti” with the date

“1/12/10” that are being sold around campus to

resourceful, and the volunteers have all been

benefit the American Red Cross. To purchase a

blessed far beyond what we think we have done

bracelet, send a check for $2.50 made payable to

for the people of Haiti,” Thompson said. “Over

Mercersburg Academy (Class of 2011). This

the years, the spotlight has been on the troubles

amount will also cover the postage for mailing

and chaos, but there really is a wonderful, loving,

the bracelet back to you. Send to:

resilient, and hopeful people that reside in Haiti.”

Pete Gunkleman: Class of 2011


Mercersburg Academy

to learn more.

300 East Seminary Street Mercersburg, PA 17236.


ate Harrison Bazemore ’89 spent a week on a medical relief mission in Haiti with the

UMass medical school, where she is an assistant


n January 31, the entire Chapel offering was dedicated to Haitian relief (via CARE) to

professor of emergency medicine. Photos are

provide fresh water, both now in the emergency

first ones down there. They flew in through Santo

posted on her Facebook page if you’d like to

and long term. The Chapel Charity Fund doubled

Domingo, rented a car with food, and quickly

learn more.

the offering so that every dollar given became two

discovered these self-organized camps of people.

(continued on page 4)


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How members of the community are impacting the world…

course endowed by Robert Lehrman ’69, who made a gift to honor that inspiration. Lehrman

Alumni Council Provides Grants to Student Organizations

wants to ensure that Mercersburg’s faculty members are given the opportunity to make the most


of their creative talents. Dr. Eugenio Sancho, academic dean, worked with faculty to create the

means having extraordinary programs in the

Quinn-Ferguson Seminar, which will be offered beginning next school year. With typical

classroom, in the dorms, on the playing field or

humility, Quinn asked that the course also honor his colleague and former faculty member

court, in the arts, and through many other

John Ferguson, whose creative approach to teaching inspired him.

extracurricular activities. Each year, the Alumni

Our Life As History FACULTY EMERITUS AND ACADEMY ARCHIVIST Jay Quinn is the inspiration for a new

The Quinn-Ferguson Honors Seminar: Your Life as History will be taught by history faculty

Council (AC) offers a grant program to help

member Phil Kantaros. Alumni, family members, spouses, and parent volunteers who have

underwrite extracurricular programs. The AC

lived through important moments in history, specifically, those experienced in manufacturing,

completed its 2009–2010 Student Grants

are being asked to visit and speak with the class.

Program during the winter, and organizations, COURSE DESCRIPTION The seminar will focus on

including newly formed groups, received funds for programming.

efforts to understand the dynamics of societal change across a given

Below is a list of student grants that were

period. Specific areas of interest


will include the impact of

• The Spanish Club was awarded a $200 grant

globalization; the fall of

to help fund a performance by flamenco

communism in Europe; the rise of

dancers, who danced for the school on

supranational organizations such as the North America Free Trade Agreement, the European Union, and the Organization of African States; the emergence of new global powers such as China and India; the growth of militant Islam; and the great reach of global crime syndicates. Students will also analyze the rapid rise of the Internet and information technology and the many implications of virtually unlimited information and communication capabilities; global health

January 15. • New this year to Mercersburg is the Spirit Committee, which was awarded $480 to jumpstart the group’s efforts to encourage and promote school spirit and achieve more attendance at school sporting events. • The Battle Royale Martial Arts Club was awarded $100 to help with general programming. The group’s mission is to help students fulfill their personal fitness requirements. • Marshall Literary Society was awarded $150 to

issues such as the AIDS crisis; in Africa and global responses to those crises; medical advances

support their activities during Irving-Marshall

including cloning and human genome and DNA research; shifting world demographics; the

Week competition.

competition for global resources; and the state of the environment. Students and faculty will engage in informed discussion and debate over the impact of these events and issues as they present themselves today and for the coming decades. The following

• The Badminton Club was awarded $100 to purchase equipment. • The Community Bike Program gathers,

topics will be examined: political questions (“Are we living in the final decades of the nation–state

repairs, and maintains a collection of classic

system?”); economic questions (“To what extent will national currencies and even ‘money’ itself

bikes with distinctive character and style for the

still be used in the second half of the current century?”); social questions (“Can global poverty be

use and enjoyment by the school community.

eliminated by the century’s end?”); and cultural questions (“Should science be constrained by

It was awarded $150.

ethical limits?” and “How do science and art come together and reflect as well as lead to change?”). Finally, students will consider the nature of history itself. Who are some of the current experts

• The Tea Club focuses on exposing members of the on-campus community to different teas and

and how should we evaluate their views on the past, present and future?

the tea culture. The group was awarded $150 to

If you have experience in any of these areas and would like to be a guest during the seminar,

help purchase a variety of tea for a tea sale.

contact Kelly Schoenberger at or 717-328-6142.

• Mercersburg Dormitories were granted $200 to fund dorm activities, events, and other residential life programs.

HELPING HAITI (continued from page 3)

dollars contributed to CARE. Shortly afterwards, Henry Steiger ’42, P ’77 ’80, offered

• Magalia was awarded $100 to help with the


roceeds from the French Club calendar, which were sold for $10 each, will support

a $100 gift from the Mercersburg Model

Heifer International’s projects in Haiti.

Railroad Club. The total funds donated to

Approximately $1,700 is expected to be donated.

CARE was $416, according to Rev. Dr. Larry

Heifer has been a presence in Haiti for 10 years.

Jones, school minister.

Visit to learn more about the

Visit to learn more about the




purchase of new music arrangements and to produce its annual CD.

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How donors impact the Mercersburg community

Restoration of the Irvine Memorial Chapel

Stained-Glass Windows



Mercersburg thanks the following

identity, the Chapel is the culmination of the ideals and goals of

individuals for their gifts to

Dr. William Mann Irvine, the Academy’s founder and first

restore the stained-glass windows

headmaster (1893–1928), and his wife Camille. Dr. Irvine and

in the Irvine Memorial Chapel:

Ralph Adams Cram, of Cram and Ferguson, one of the period’s most

• Judith and John Butterfield ’56

eminent ecclesiastical architects, were resolute that the Chapel should be

and Stuart and Kristin

filled with light, making the windows central to the concept of the building.

Butterfield Vickery ’88 made a

Weather affects stained-glass windows: temperature changes cause the

gift to restore “The Presentation

lead to expand and contract. The windows are in need of restoration, and

in the Temple” window in honor

Mercersburg is counting on the support of the school community. The

of John’s grandfather, John

Chapel is an integral part of the Mercersburg campus and to have the

Milton Drumm.

windows restored carefully and expertly will enable generations of students to continue to enjoy them.

• Carol and John Prentiss ’65 made a gift to restore the

Donors of four stained-glass windows were honored during a Chapel Windows Recognition Reception on December 13, 2009.

“Epiphany” window in honor of Harriet P. and Thomas W. Mendham, recognizing their friendship and dedication

John Butterfield ’56 was one of the donors honored. “I feel a closeness to Mercersburg that exceeds my college days, I hope my two grandsons,

to Mercersburg Academy since 1973. • Donna and Eric Reif ’60 funded the restoration of the window

who are eight and four, will also have an opportunity to enjoy the

“Come Unto Me,” which was made in memory of Ernest C. Reif ’26

beautiful windows when they have a chance to attend Mercersburg,”

and Bernice E. Reif.

said Butterfield ’56, whose grandfather inspired him to fund the restoration of “The Presentation in the Temple” window. Butterfield’s

• The Class of 1997 funded the restoration of the first panel of the window “Holy Grail” in honor of their 10th anniversary reunion.

grandfather, John Milton Drumm, was treasurer at the Academy for

To learn more about this project, how you can get involved, or to request a

46 years and was married in the Chapel in 1937.

brochure, contact Mary Carrasco at


To support everything you love about Mercersburg with a gift to the Annual Fund, visit or call 800-588-2550 and make an unrestricted gift. You may always support your favorite part of Mercersburg, by designating your gift to Athletics, the Arts, Academics, International, etc. Ask us for details.


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young alumni show they’re

True Blue


because I get to sing again. I went to my

“Renaissance Woman” who credits her success

audition, and I was shaking. I got excellent

and ability to maneuver multiple projects to

feedback, and the casting director loves me.

Mercersburg. She recently became “True Blue”

I’m getting my master’s in entertainment

as a way to show her love and appreciation for

business so that I can know how to run my

the school. Learn more about Dianna below, and

company, Alien Bucket Productions. I’m

stay tuned for her “True Blue” video later this

starving for knowledge, and I want to know

spring. To become “True Blue” by pledging

more. I’m going to graduate this spring,

consecutive monthly gifts to Mercersburg,

which is really exciting.


I also play a lot of video games as a

I am a very ambitious person. Having enjoyed several extracurricular activities and being very involved at Mercersburg, I’m able to do a lot of things at once now. It doesn’t stress me out as much as it would stress other people. When I do something, I do it at 100 percent, because I had to juggle academics, athletics, and being involved with Stony Batter and the Women’s Ensemble at Mercersburg.

reviewer for Gamer Reaction, a show on

Photo by Ryan Smith Photography

Q: How did Mercersburg prepare you for today?, produced by Alien Bucket Productions. We’re filming episodes and on top of that working on our new site that we plan on launching at the end of the month. We’re trying to see if the site can actually work. And each Sunday, we shoot a podcast for Alien Bucket Productions. Q: Why did you become “True Blue”?

sister is also. True Blue made it easy to support

I thought about it a lot, and I said to myself,

the school.

“Would I be here right now if I hadn’t gone to

The fact that I can give monthly and take it

Q: Can you describe what you’re up to

Mercersburg?” I don’t think I would. If I’m


from my debit or credit card motivated me.

going to give money to something, why not

I was just in a sketch comedy show as part of

I think a monthly giving program is much

support an education that I truly believe in?

one of the ensembles. I also just accepted a role

easier, especially for the younger folks. When

Mercersburg shaped who I am and who my

they think in hundreds, they might say, “I don’t

in a musical, which I’m so excited about,

have a hundred dollars.” But you actually do if you break it down to $10 a month.


Mercersburg Welcomes “True Blue” participants

To learn more about Dianna’s “True Blue” story,

SINCE THE CREATION OF THE “True Blue” program, additional members of

“True Blue” video, about Jordan Jefferson ’09, is in

the community have supported the Annual Fund with monthly, consecutive gifts. Below

the “Media” section at If

is the list of True Blue members as of March 5, 2010. Thank you for your dedication and

you are True Blue and would like to be featured in

commitment to sustaining and enhancing this extraordinary educational experience,

an upcoming video, contact De-Enda Rotz at

and thank you for being “True Blue.”

stay tuned for a short video about her that will be released this spring. Also, Mercersburg’s first

Ryan Bennett

Taylor Horst ’00

Stephanie Reisner

LeAnn Bennett

Howard Hosgood ’98

Niccole Rolls

Stephanie Blake

Lawrence Jones

Necmiye Savut

Stephen Blake

Cynthia Jones

Kelly Schoenberger

Jennifer Flanagan Bradley ’99 Raymond Larson

Kevin Schoenberger

John Burnette

Dianna Lora ’00

Ronald Simar

Claudia Burnette

John Madden

Susan Simar

Philip Carrasco

Susan Malone

Noelle Smith ’02

Mary Carrasco

James Malone

Gill Tatman-Tyree ’95

Gina Fochtman

Tammy McBeth ’05

Ivan Thompson

Nathan Fochtman ’03

Katherine Morgan ’02

Wendy Thompson

Robert George

Jamil Myrie ’93

Tom Thorne

James Glah ’00

DeWayna Pittman

Barbara Thorne

Doug Hale

Todd Price

William Waldron

Renee Hicks

Anne Reeder ’00

Vanessa Youngs ’03

Eric Hicks

Karl Reisner

Graham Zifferer ’04

“The magic of this place is based on maintaining the egalitarian component that makes it so special. I do not want future generations of my family, or any Mercersburg family, to be bunched in with elitism and special interests … Making a gift for financial aid is real important.” – John Prentiss ’65, P’89 ’92, Regent

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Mercersburg receives

Edward E. Ford Foundation Grant

for environmental proposal



that Mercersburg Academy would receive a $50,000 challenge grant

($100,000 in matching funds are required) from the Edward E. Ford Foundation for five

faculty to develop environmental programs during the summer of 2010 in support of the school’s Accreditation for Growth environmental stewardship objective. “This program will allow the good ideas of faculty and students to be implemented and positively impact the school. Implementation of these programs will allow students to think

A Match Made for Mercersburg You Made It a Success!

critically about the different problems that they will face throughout their lives and how to approach them with creative and critical thinking and come to solutions that will

and parents will select and announce those


work,” said Associate Head of School Debbie

faculty proposals that best meet the established

the support from other alumni, families,

Rutherford. “These initiatives will be and feel

criteria. Mercersburg will then invest the

faculty, and friends, we exceeded our

like a part of the fabric of the school, instead of

matching funds and the remainder of the Ford

February matching gift challenge of

ideas just coming at students and faculty from

Foundation funds in the implementation of the

$100,000, with contributions of $283,153 for

the administration.”

best of those proposals.

the Mercersburg Annual Fund. A generous

Interested faculty engaged in a competitive

“I’m hearing faculty talk about composting

alum also contributed $100,000 to match

selection process for the development of an

plans, solar energy, generating our own energy,

Annual Fund gifts during February, making

environmental proposal or idea; proposals were

and helping students to understand how to take

total contributions of $383,153.

due March 15. The grant funds will be used to

social action to get things done,” Rutherford said.

award those faculty members selected with

The November 2010 deadline to raise the matching

this fiscal year, and especially during

$7,500 each for the research, time, expense, and

funds is only months away. If you are interested in

February. There was a 9 percent increase in

collaboration required in support and

contributing to this great work or learning more

alumni participation from 15 to 24 percent

development of a full proposal. A Mercersburg

about the grant, please contact Gail Reeder at

in just that one month; 744 total donors

committee of faculty, administration, alumni,

717-328-6323 or

Your support has been amazing during

contributed to the Annual Fund during February. Remarkably, 253 donors made a second gift during February, 22 of those individuals increased their gifts, and 491 new gifts were made to the school. Thank you for demonstrating your incredible love

Giving Societies SOCIETY NAME



donors who make gifts for three consecutive years or more, every year their child has been a student, or every year since their own graduation

for Mercersburg. Annual Fund support is vital in order to sustain and enhance the quality of education at the school. Thank you, volunteers and donors, for making “A Match Made for Mercersburg” successful.



William Mann Irvine Society donors who contribute $1,893 or more yearly**


Marshall & Irving Alliance

donors who include Mercersburg in their estate plans


True Blue

donors who make consecutive monthly gifts


** WILLIAM MANN IRVINE SOCIETY LEVELS Associate (based on graduation year)

$100 per year until your 5th anniversary reunion $500 per year until your 10th anniversary reunion $1,000 per year until your 20th anniversary reunion $1,893 at your 20th anniversary reunion celebration









Head of School’s Circle


Regents’ Circle


President’s Circle

$100,000 or more







Nolde Renovations Under Way


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Jun | 10–13 Reunion Anniversary Weekend (classes ending in 0 and 5 and Loyalty Club) On campus

Jun | 25–27 Denver, Colorado, area weekend events including an alumni and parent gathering at Cynde & Matt Palmer’s ’96 Dry Ice Factory Oct | 1–3

Family Weekend On campus

Oct | 21–24 Fall Alumni Weekend Everyone welcome! Celebrating swimming, diving, track, field, cross country & winter track, and Mercersburg Olympians On campus MERCERSBURG BROKE GROUND ON THE renovations to Nolde Gymnasium on Monday, March 8, 2010. Facilities that will remain open and available for use during the renovations include the Plantz Basketball Courts, Davenport Squash Center (with fitness equipment), and the Kuhn Wrestling Center. Once the renovations are complete, the athletic training center will be on the first floor, rather than upstairs; there will be parity in the boys’ and girls’ locker rooms; a new classroom will be located on the second floor near the fitness center; coaches will have multiple spaces to interact; and new equipment will be available for coaches and athletes to view video footage and collaborate in classroom-type settings. In addition, the beautiful glass windows around the gymnasium will be replaced and/or restored to eliminate leakage and establish more energy efficiency. These renovations will also meet current Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). The school expects to have the fitness center open for use in the fall, with the entire gym open for use in time for the winter sports season. While Mercersburg’s Strategic Plan focus remains on building the endowment in support of faculty, scholarships, and programs, the school is fortunate to have received a generous bequest of $11.5 million from Dwight Goldthorpe ’37, which made the renovations to Nolde possible. The current Strategic Plan will take Mercersburg in an exciting and necessary direction. It focuses on our people—to admit the best students, to provide the financial aid they need, to ensure that we retain and attract the best faculty and staff, and to provide the education that families expect from a world-class, college-preparatory boarding school.


Oct | 21

Fall Alumni Council Meeting On campus

Nov | 12-13 Fall Board of Regents Meeting On campus Dec | 12

Christmas Candlelight Service Chapel

Dec | 12

Christmas Candlelight Service Reception Edwards Room

Dec | 11-12

Loyalty Club Christmas Candlelight Service Weekend

2011 May | 28


Jun | 9–12

Reunion Anniversary Weekend (classes ending in 1 and 6 and Loyalty Club)

For information about upcoming events, contact De-Enda Rotz at or 717-328-6178.

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Influential Faculty Member Returns

for the 35th Annual Burbank Squash Tournament



families, as well as friends of the Mercersburg squash

program, returned to campus on February 27 for the 35th Annual Burbank Squash Tournament and the chance to reunite with beloved coach and Faculty Emeritus Bo Burbank (1962–1996) and his wife, Ellie. The tournament featured matches between alumni and students, followed by an exciting exhibition between Gilly Lane, the number two-ranked United States player, and Shahier Razik, the top Canadian squash player. Razik won the exhibition match 3–1. Although the professional exhibition and student-alumni matches were huge draws for alumni, families, and friends, Burbank’s return to campus was the real highlight of the day. “He gave us the game of squash for life,” said Tom Fogarty ’76. Page Lansdale ’76 added, “He was a very good father figure, and as a coach, he was a good

teacher to us.” “Bo was a coach, advisor, and art teacher, and he taught us that you can’t live too seriously, because if you do, you’re going to be disappointed,” said Ken Lockyer ’75.

When the Burbanks entered the Davenport Squash Center, hugs from old friends and students greeted the couple. For Burbank, the sentiments were mutual. “The reason I came was because it was time for us to come, we have friends here. Mercersburg was home for so many years. We have six wonderful children, and they all went to Mercersburg. This is really the only home we’ve had with our family," Burbank said. Jim Dresher ’67 drove from Bel Air, Maryland, to see his former teacher. “Bo is just a special

(L to R): Page Lansdale ’76, Bo Burbank, and Ken Lockyer ’75

guy,” he said with a smile. “He was a tremendous male role model—a good father, more than a

he always had in the Mercersburg community.

teacher. In those days it was all guys and a very

Burbank also talked in great length about his

competitive [environment] on many levels, but

days as an art teacher, and how during the ’80s

there was this guy who was so normal. He was a

(or maybe the ’90s, he says), his art class decided

dad, teacher, coach, free thinker, and a pretty

to create an ice cream float “roof” for the top of

good friend. He was ‘for us.’ And he wanted us

Boone Hall. He reminisced…and laughed…

to succeed.”

Students made the temporary architecture out

Burbank’s former students say he was a challenging instructor in the classroom and on the field. The students knew that “Bo cared.” Returning to Mercersburg for the 35th Annual

of soccer nets, high jump poles, and other athletic equipment. “It feels good to be back, especially because I was able to meet this year’s recipient of the

Burbank Squash Tournament reminded “Bo”

Burbank Scholarship Fund, Nikki [Rhyne ’12].

of the freedom he and his wife felt living on

To me, I don’t miss the campus and my teacher

campus, the security, and the sense of “home”

friends as much as I miss the students. During the ’70s, we started to have a very good squash program, and this was a chance for me to see

June Reunion Weekend is around the Corner For classes ending in 0 and 5

those students again.” The Burbanks live in Marion, Massachusetts. “Bo” spends his days “having a good time with


[his] wife,” painting, and volunteering.

THURSDAY: Logan Chace ’01 and The Hello Strangers will perform at Flannery’s Tavern on the Square. The band includes Dave

Olympians Reunite for Fall Alumni Weekend

Holzwarth ’78, Larissa Chace Smith ’97, Katie O’Neil ’97, and Brechyn Chase ’03. FRIDAY: alumni will return to the classroom


for “Faculty Connections.” Some of

Fall Alumni Weekend October 22–24, 2010,

Mercersburg’s most-engaging teachers will

which will feature a celebration of Mercersburg

conduct hands-on workshop style classes.

with faculty members Rick Hendrickson,

In addition, there will be a luau with reggae

Tommy Adams, Bill McClintick, and Jay

music from iRon Lion, class activities and

Quinn, sponsored by the Class of 1960.

a tiki bar open all night.

During the evening, there will be an over-21

SATURDAY: in addition to class activities, and

dance party with music from Mightychondria.

class photos, there will be an All-Alumni

SUNDAY: Rev. Dr. Larry Jones, school minister

Awards Luncheon to recognize alumni

will lead the Reunion Weekend Memorial

service and achievements, Mercersburg tours,


Contact De-Enda Rotz at

and a discussion about the school titled,

If you have not registered, do so today online.

or 717-328-6178 if you have questions about

“Mercersburg: Past, Present, and Future,”

Time is running out!

upcoming reunions.

Olympians and special reunion activities for swimming & diving, track & field, cross country, and winter track alumni. Revisit the campus, visit classes, and cheer on Blue Storm Athletics. A schedule of the weekend is available online in the “Alumni” section of


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AlumniCouncil Corner AT THE END OF JANUARY, the Alumni Council (AC) met at Mercersburg for a strategic planning review with an eye toward the future of the Council and the school. In keeping with the AC’s mission of supporting the Alumni & Development program and acting as liaison for the alumni community, two strategic objectives were developed: 1. The AC will engage fellow alumni on a year-round basis, partner with the A&D staff on development and community-building activities, and facilitate connections between the alumni and the school. 2. The AC will fully engage Council members in recruiting new members and in the work of the Council in order to ensure effective execution of its routine work and (L to R): Sara Engram (Jack Reilly ’62), John Angel (Ann Quinn ’84), Ann Quinn, and Chip Nuttall ’92 at the Early Arrivals Dinner on January 29.

new initiatives. In partnering with the A&D staff, the AC must integrate its routine work with that of the A&D program. We would like to create a profession-based network, which can connect older, experienced alumni with younger alumni who are interested in learning about and possibly working in their industries. In addition, we recognize that community building is extremely vital to our alumni community. We are, therefore, committed to establishing focused Mercersburg alumni communities not only to get acquainted with fellow alumni, but also to help alumni become more engaged in the school. There are many areas in which alumni can become active for Mercersburg. While recruiting new students has always been a primary focus, recently we have also helped spread the word about the many Mercersburg summer camps. We also look forward to helping the A&D staff with programs specifically designed for alumni. Finally, the AC feels it is important to develop a program that communicates the history and traditions of our school to current students.

President Susie Lyles-Reed ’88, Tucker Shields ’68, and Melody McBeth, director of advancement services, at the Early Arrivals Dinner on January 29.

Because of how the AC is set up, our Nominating Committee’s first priority is to recruit new members to the seats vacated by members whose terms are ending. There are approximately four to five openings on the AC each year. A candidate is elected for one three-year term, with the possibility of serving a second three-year term. Members are chosen so that all decades are represented on the AC. The process we use now to identify prospective Council members is all data-related. However, our goals for the future for identifying prospects include meeting and connecting with alumni at events, using the Class Agent system more effectively, and communicating the role and activities of the AC to the alumni-at-large. Volunteering on the AC has been an experience that I have found to be truly rewarding. If you are interested in supporting Mercersburg as a volunteer, feel free to contact me ( or 845-559-3156). You may also contact De-Enda Rotz in the A&D office ( or 717-328-6178). For more information about the AC and its members, visit us on the Mercersburg website (go to, click on “Alumni” at the top and then “Alumni Council” in the menu bar underneath).

Carol Furnary Casparian ’79 has fun with Mercersburg gear she just purchased from the school store.


Carol Furnary Casparian ’79 1st Vice President, Alumni Council


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The Mercersburg Community

Out About Email photos and captions to

The Marshall Society scores a win. (L to R): Rev. Dr. Larry Jones, Cindy Jones, Scott Davenport ’81, Frank Rutherford ’70, and Ian Thompson ’02 at a dinner for squash alumni during the 35th Annual Burbank Squash Invitational on February 27.

Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Mercersburg history department chair Allison Stephens.

Charles Thompson ’10, faculty member and varsity football coach Dan Walker, and Darius Glover ’12 announce Charles’ and Darius’ signing with the football programs of Bucknell University and Lafayette College, respectively.

The Irving Society celebrates in style.

Aspen has nothing on Mercersburg.

From the Chicago event at Jaks Tap on February 6, 2010. Back row (L to R): Willie McNickle ’62, Anne Johnson P ’06, Patricia White P’82 ’84, Andrea White Hosbein ’84, Bruce Thompson ’73, Matt Olson, EmilyPeterson ’97, John Toth; Front row (L to R): A.G. Anglum, Sydney Hosbein, Georgia Dettmann, Paige Hosbein, Maureen Sabri ’00, Tammy McBeth ’05.

We welcome your questions and comments. Please contact the Alumni & Development Office at 800-588-2550. MPACT is published three times per year by the Mercersburg Academy Alumni & Development Office. Mercersburg Academy abides by both the spirit and the letter of the law in all its employment and admission policies. The school does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin.

(L to R): Gabriel Hammond ’97 with 2003 classmates Victoria Leontieva, Jamie Blackburn, Vanessa Youngs and Nate Fochtman at a New York City regional gathering for alumni, families, and friends held at Faculty House at Columbia University on January 29.


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Fall Alumni Weekend

Reunion Anniversary Weekend June 10–13, 2010

October 22–24 Athletic team reunions for swimming & diving, cross country, track & field & winter track alumni; celebration of Mercersburg Olympians; and re-dedication of Nolde Gymnasium.

Reunions for classes ending in 0 and 5 and the Loyalty Club (Class of 1959 and before)

For information on how you can be involved with these reunions, contact De-Enda Rotz in the Alumni & Development Office at or 717-328-6178.

Mpact - Spring 2010  

In January 2010, The Mercersburg Academy Alumni & Development Office launched Mpact: Sharing the Impact of Philanthropy at Mercersburg to co...

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