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The Power of Faculty Relationships & Alumni Engagement “MERCERSBURG IS LIKE FAMILY,” says Kevin Glah ’00. “I’d have a hard time walking away and not staying in touch.” For Glah, the relationships formed with faculty at Mercersburg

“More than where I went to college, I identify as a Mercersburg grad.”

is one of the reasons he continues to stay in touch and volunteer his time, talent, and treasure as a class agent and reunion volunteer. As many students experience during their time at Mercersburg, faculty—and faculty families—also become their family.

—Ann Quinn ’84

Perhaps no other Mercersburg alumni understand these relationships more than “Fac Brats,” the sons and daughters of Mercersburg faculty, who often are also alumni. They see the

“More than where I went to college, I identify as a Mercersburg

relationships inside and out and benefit from their own powerful

grad,” says Ann Quinn ’84. “Mercersburg gave me such a great

connections to faculty.

foundation for my life.” Like her father Jay, who is an emeritus faculty member and school archivist, Quinn has found meaningful ways to stay engaged with the school: she is a former class agent and is currently serving on the

“Mercersburg is like family. I’d have a hard time walking away and not staying in touch.” —Kevin Glah ’00

Alumni Council. “I was excited when I was asked to be part of the council,” notes Quinn. “It’s a great way for me to stay involved and help keep the Mercersburg community vibrant. I’m always working to find ways to use my work, my skills, my background to reach out to other alumni.” (continued on page 4)

Greetingsfrom Mary THIS IS OUR FOURTH ISSUE OF MPACT. I hope you are enjoying the stories of volunteers and contributors who are having a real impact on the lives of Mercersburg students. This new issue continues to tell the great stories of alumni, parents, and friends. Andrew Ammerman ’68 has made extraordinary opportunities available for students with his gift for tickets to the Arena Stage in Washington, D.C. Larry Ransom ’65 has honored his German teacher, Earle Grover, with a gift that will provide field study in Germany for today’s German students. Mel Stewart ’88 allows us to share a portion of his blog that tells the story of Ruth Baxter and honors her memory. Ruth and her husband George Baxter ’36

Mary Carrasco (center) with Judy and John Butterfield ’56 at the Candlelight Service Reception in December.

were exceptional Mercersburg benefactors and charter members

attention is involved in Mercersburg’s residential program.

of the McDowell Society. Every day Mercersburg alumni are in the world making an

During the last two years, the faculty conducted a complete review of the residential program. Faculty members visited peer

impact and every day Mercersburg alumni are making an impact

schools, studied new research on the adolescent brain, heard from

on this campus too. How does that start? Is there something in the

experts on learning, and read about workplace needs for the

water here? More likely, it is learned from the faculty and from the

21st century. All of these provided valuable information, and

culture of this unique community. “Hard work, fair play, clean

combined with their own experience, the faculty are developing

life.” Is it truly that simple? Learning in a boarding environment

a contemporary program to meet the needs of learning and living

can look so natural that you may think it is all-natural—or maybe

in a boarding environment.

it is the opposite? Is it magical? I know Debbie Rutherford, our associate head of school, has

Students today are constantly connected to technology. Information is available everywhere—not just from your teacher—

wished for a “Sorting Hat” like the one in the popular Harry Potter

and learning has become much more experiential, active, hands-

books, to help make dorm and roommate assignments—if only it

on, and dynamic. It is less about receiving and more about doing.

could be arranged so easily! In reality, a lot of careful thought and

The outcome of the faculty review of the residential program will be students who gain mastery of 21st century skills,

Nolde Memories In the last issue of Mpact (Winter 2010-2011), we highlighted the renovations to Nolde Gymnasium and invited you to “Share Your Nolde Memories.” Steve Upham III ’71 offers this recollection: “When I arrived at Mercersburg in the fall of 1968 for my lower-mid year, I was a tall skinny kid with a lot of endurance. I have never been known as one who likes to sleep in, so I used to get up at the crack of dawn on Saturday mornings and head off to Nolde Gym. My emotional release and quality thinking time was had on the indoor track, where I would run full tilt—as fast as I could—for a full hour. I liked the challenge of the banked corners, and the rhythmic pounding of my feet on the track deck was mesmerizing.”


understand and work comfortably with new technologies, develop an authentic international perspective, and graduate with a greater sense of responsibility for their own learning and the well-being of our planet. Living and learning in a boarding environment has never been more important. Thank you for all the ways you love and support Mercersburg.

Mary K. Carrasco Assistant Head of School for External Affairs P.S. I would love to hear from you. If you have a special memory about learning in a boarding environment, please share it with me. I can be reached at


Learning at Mercersburg Happens

24 Hours a Day ome of the most important lessons at Mercersburg don’t


health effects of drinking too much soda to choosing to be vegan. They

happen in the classroom at all, but from the activities,

really share life lessons with each other.”

“Our students learn a lot about living thoughtfully in collaboration

more frequent training opportunities that begin earlier in a student’s

with others. They leave here with experiences and skills that help them

Mercersburg career to help them prepare for and become residential

be successful in a global world.”


traditions, and routines that develop from living in community with others.

Associate Head of School Debbie Rutherford puts it this way:

Student leaders within the dormitories also play an important role in creating a robust boarding experience. Mercerburg’s new director of dormitories, Eric Hicks, is working with students and faculty to establish

In addition to dormitories, the student center also serves as an important hub for community life. Plans are under way now for renovations and additions to the student center that will provide even greater opportunities for interaction. According to Rutherford, “The newly renovated student center will complement existing spaces as a larger, more vibrant area where students of all ages and interests can find something to do.” The student center will enhance the Mercersburg experience by providing dedicated spaces for clubs, easy access to transportation services, and a great room to accommodate student-planned events. It will be a place where young people can take an active role in planning and setting up their own activities. In everything we do, in the classroom and beyond, our goal is to help our students learn valuable communication skills, explore who they are, At Mercersburg, student learning extends beyond the classroom.

and discover what they can be. Your gifts to True Blue: The Mercersburg Annual Fund and the many other ways you support Mercersburg help us

You may have taken it for granted while you were here, but the day-today Mercersburg boarding experience is actually carefully and thoughtfully

provide the best boarding experience possible and prepare our students for success in college and beyond.

designed to provide students with unique opportunities for learning and growth. After all, it’s not easy for anyone to drop into a new community and live, sleep, eat, and learn with others 24 hours a day. From dining halls where students rotate tables every few weeks to meet different peers and faculty members to dorm-based group meetings with faculty advisors, Mercersburg deliberately creates regular opportunities for students to interact and expand their horizons. “I believe Mercersburg students enjoy a richer experience and share more of day-to-day life with each other than average teens,” says

Giving Opportunities to Support the Student Center If you are interested in making a gift in honor or memory of someone special, such as a favorite faculty member or classmate, naming opportunities are available in the student center. Gifts from parents are eligible for a special match. Please contact Gail Reeder at 717-328-6323 or for more information.

Rutherford. “My group of advisees have discussed everything from the




Matt Simar ’86 has also stayed involved at Mercersburg. Simar’s father is longtime faculty member Ron Simar. This summer, Matt organized an

and what you say matters at least as much to your students as what it is you teach,” Hale says. Claire Lazo ’05 found relationships with faculty meaningful during her

Octet reunion to celebrate the life of the late Paul Suerken, emeritus faculty member. He found that bringing together many voices was a

time as a student at Mercersburg. Living in a dormitory setting allowed her

powerful way to honor his friend and have a bigger impact.

to develop a different type of connection with the faculty beyond their in loco parentis responsibilities. “Some faculty members played an instrumental role in shaping my adult life,” she explains. “Those faculty

“It’s so gratifying to me when I can engage other alumni to re-kindle their Mercersburg connections.” —Matt Simar ’86

relationships can develop into friendships that last beyond school.” Lazo recently returned to campus as a guest speaker for the Friday Chapel lecture. She stays in touch with several Mercersburg faculty and credits those connections with helping sustain her interest in the school. “Coming back to Mercersburg was an amazing opportunity, and I didn’t realize how it would affect me until I arrived on campus,” she says. “Returning to Mercersburg was a surreal experience, and I hope to make my visits more frequent.”

“It’s so gratifying to me when I can engage other alumni to re-kindle their Mercersburg connections,” he shares. “I’m not always able to make significant financial contributions. But working with others, I know that together we can do something to make a difference.” It’s no wonder that faculty inspire students to stay involved with Mercersburg long after they graduate. Head of School Douglas Hale sees the boarding school age as the time when young people look for significant adults in their lives who can serve as role models. “At this particular age

“Some faculty members played an instrumental role in shaping my adult life.” —Claire Lazo ’05

and stage in a young person’s life, who you are (as a faculty member) …

Honoring Remarkable Teachers


ALUMNI GIFTS IN HONOR of influential teachers are a longstanding Mercersburg tradition. They reflect the strong bonds that are built between Mercersburg students and teachers, many of which last a lifetime. Earle Grover, teacher of German at Mercersburg from 1952 to 1992 and faculty emeritus, had not seen his former student, J. Laurence “Larry” Ransom, M.D., since graduation day in 1965. But four and a half decades later, Larry honored Herr Grover for his teaching excellence and his lifelong impact with the Earle H. Grover Endowed Fund. At a heartfelt campus event in November 2010

Larry Ransom ’65 (left) honored his former German teacher, Earle Grover (right), with an endowed fund for Mercersburg students to study in Germany.

commemorating the gift, Ransom stated, “Earle provided me with a solid foundation of knowledge and instilled in me an interest to (continue) learning independently; that is the mark of a superb and inspirational teacher.” Ransom’s gift of $100,000 will be used to endow a German immersion experience for

October 14-16, 2011 All alumni are invited back to campus for Step Songs, a True Blue BBQ, bonfire, student athletic contests against Hill, and much more.

current and future Mercersburg students to study in Germany. The gift was also deeply meaningful to the teacher it honors. “Larry’s remarkable gift represents the defining moment and the crown jewel of my Mercersburg career,” said Grover, who opened and closed his remarks in German. “That generosity means more than I can say.” The full text of Grover’s remarks is available at To learn more about ways to honor inspirational faculty, please contact Mary K. Carrasco at or 717-328-6109.


Class Notes are now online at Submit your own note by emailing


Olympian Mel Stewart ’88 remembers

Ruth and George Baxter ’36 It takes a lot to win Olympic Gold. No one ever owns the accolade alone. Aside from coaches, athletes lucky enough to stand atop the medal podium always owe a debt of gratitude to a tight crew of supportive friends and family. I lost one of my biggest supporters last year, Mrs. Ruth Baxter, when she passed away on Monday morning, July 19, 2010. I first met Mrs. Baxter at a cold October

That’s how it all began, with

football game in 1985, in my first month at

Mrs. B gently nudging me in


the right direction, never

“Melvin? Are you Melvin Stewart?” She smiled sweetly. “I’m Ruth Baxter. George’s wife.” I stood awkwardly, thinking: she, her

judging me. I graduated Mercersburg with a complete Ralph Lauren wardrobe, very

husband, they’re paying my tuition. Be polite.

short hair, and the award for “Most

But I think I was stunned. To me, she seemed to

Academically Improved.” When I lost

shimmer in the sun.

at the 1988 Olympics, the Baxters consoled

Mrs. Baxter was so open and kind, I wanted

me. When I won in 1992, they celebrated

to crawl inside the safety of her coat pocket and

and advised me. When I married, they paid


for and hosted an intimate and utterly gorgeous

“Mel, this is Mr. Baxter,” she said, turning me

wedding. And when my daughter was born, we

to a tall white-headed gentleman, his handsome

named her Bayley Ruth in honor of Mrs. Ruth

angular face framed behind black tortoise shell


Gucci glasses. “George,” she said directly to him, “Mel ought to come for Christmas dinner.”

I last saw Mrs. B a few months before her death. She was 90, the skin on her arms papery and loose like it wanted to let go of the bones.

Mr. Baxter scrutinized me the way his wife

I was nervous. She took my hand, “It’s okay …

did. “I think that’s a good idea, to get to know

I’m okay … Talk to me about Bayley Ruth. Tell

you. Would your parents mind?”

me about my little Ruthie.”

I must’ve sounded so backwoods and leather-

I loved Mrs. B … and Mr. B. I miss them

raw to them, but of course, they never let on.

terribly. But mostly I’m just grateful they shared

They treated me with absolute respect.

their lives with me.

Miraculously, by the time I left their home that first Christmas, I had promised to apply the

Ruth Baxter died July 19, 2010; she was

same effort to my academics that I had always

preceded in death by her husband, George,

channeled into my swimming.

on February 5, 2004. To read the full

Three weeks later, I received a package at

version of this essay, visit Mel’s website at

school. It was a Ralph Lauren navy blazer, a

boarding school must. Mrs. Baxter’s note was

index.html and read the entry for July 26, 2010.

short and to the point: “Something to keep you warm—and you might consider trimming your hair, particularly in the back. You are a swimmer! Love, Mrs. B.”

Mel Stewart ’88 credits much of his Olympic success to the support he received from mentors Ruth Baxter and her husband George ’36.


Generosity & Leadership in Action



WMIS members are essential to the financial health

families, and friends of Mercersburg

of Mercersburg, accounting for approximately 80

contributes to the school’s mission of

percent of total gifts to the school. Their giving of $1,893

preparing young men and women for

or more symbolizes the school’s founding year and

college and for life in a global community. These

helps ensure that an extraordinary Mercersburg

supporters make leadership gifts as members of

experience remains possible for our students.

the William Mann Irvine Society, named in honor of the school’s first headmaster.

For more information about the William Mann Irvine Society, please contact Will Waldron at or 717-328-6159 or visit

2010-2011 WMIS CONTRIBUTORS PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE Anonymous Donor Marguerite Lenfest & Gerry Lenfest ’49 Carol Prentiss & John Prentiss ’65 P ’89, ’92 Deborah Simon ’74 Carol Smith & James Smith (d) Patty Zimmerman & William Zimmerman ’67 P ’96 REGENT’S CIRCLE Judith Butterfield & John Butterfield ’56 P ’88 Edward Hager II ’50 Lisa Lang & Glen Lang P ’13 Stacie Rice Lissette ’85 & Dylan Lissette P ’14, ’14 Julie Prentiss & Ames Prentiss ’89 Kimball Prentiss ’92

HEAD OF SCHOOL’S CIRCLE Andrew Ammerman ’68 Josephine Ammerman P ’68 Helen Cochran & Thomas Cochran Jr. (d) ’38 P ’68 Lori-Ann Eckert & Bruce Eckert ’62 Gabriel Hammond ’97 Pamela Hoehn-Saric & Christopher Hoehn-Saric P ’13 Marilyn Kurtz & Robert Kurtz Jr. ’52 Gail Reeder & Jeffrey Reeder P ’97, ’00 Susan Reilly & Edward Reilly P ’08, ’10 Jane Rice & Michael Rice P ’85 Martha Rich & Brian Rich ’78 John Rich Jr. ’71 Judy Rich & John Rich P ’71, ’78 Janice Stanton & James Stanton ’70 P ’11, ’11 Timothy Strickler P ’08, ’12

Class of 1959 Foyer: Rebuilding and Rededication To mark their 50th reunion and to show their appreciation and love for Mercersburg, the Class of 1959 contributed a naming gift for the North Foyer in Nolde Gym. The space was renamed the Class of 1959 Foyer when the gym’s renovation was completed last fall.

(AS OF JANUARY 2011) Gina Vecchiarelli & Daniel Vecchiarelli P ’13 Nancy Voorhees P ’12 Deborah Weaver & Scott Weaver ’82 Jean Witmer & Richard Witmer Jr. ’70 Judith Zern & Allen Zern ’61 BENEFACTOR Anonymous Donor Paul Alexander ’50 Wendy Barensfeld & David Barensfeld ’69 Jeffrey Biegelsen Gwendolyn Bleakley(d) & Jay Bleakley Jr. ’43 Carroll Coyne ’50 P ’77 James Creigh Claude Davies & Michael Davies ’85 P ’10 Esther Flanagan & Thomas Flanagan ’38 P ’68, ’69, ’70, ’74, ’76, ’81, ’84

Joanne Frantz & David Frantz ’60 Dwight Goldthorpe (d) ’37 Yen Vo Hendrickson & James Hendrickson ’67 P ’11 Mary Imler & Joseph Imler ’72 P ’05, ’09 Jung Eun Kim & Young Kyoon Jeong P ’11 Richard Klopp ’39 Martha McAllister & Kenneth Kupke P ’11 Barbara Lawrence & John Lawrence ’58 Aimee Lehrman & Robert Lehrman ’69 Margaret Lloyd & Philip Lloyd ’62 P ’90, ’94 David Millstein ’63 David Moore ’74 JoAnn Queenan & Charles Queenan Jr. ’48 Kathleen Lucas & Larry Ransom ’65 Stacey Smith & Robert Smith P ’14 Sandralee Thompson & William Thompson ’61 John Ware IV ’60 PATRON Anonymous Donor Madeleine Albright Esther Alpert & Andrew Alpert ’82 P ’14 Carolyn Blaney & Gerald Blaney ’43 P ’66 Patricia Burns & Barrett Burns ’63 Melissa Cantacuzene & Rodion Cantacuzene Kumok Chun & Jong Yoon Chun P ’12 John Connolly Jr. ’54 David Dupont ’80 P ’12 Harry Esbenshade Jr. ’43 Joan Ewing & John Ewing Jr. ’58 Lynn Grove & Frederick Grove ’52 Peggy Hale & Douglas Hale Torrence Harder ’61 Elizabeth Hershey & Thomas Hershey ’61 P ’85, ’88 Gu In Jung & Sung Il Jun P ’11 Barbara Kaplin & Richard Kaplin ’43 Margery Masinter & Edgar Masinter ’48 Sandra McIntosh & Charles McIntosh P ’12



Lotta Mellott & Paul Mellott Jr. ’70 Stella Miller & Hugh Miller ’48 P ’74 Katherine Pryor & Stephen Pryor P ’12 Fran Risser & Phares Risser III ’59 Frank Skinner ’49 Shirley Sontheimer Carol Steigelman & Keanneard Steigelman ’56 Anne Stolz & Robert Stolz P ’13 Liyan Wang & Shiwei Wang P ’12 Elizabeth Shabb Warner ’76 P ’10, ’11 Bettina Harrer-Zschocke & Christian Zschocke P ’12 SPONSOR Dolores Brake & Harold Brake ’54 Donna Duda & John Duda Jr. P ’10, ’14 Susan Fox & John Fox ’55 Elizabeth George & Robert George P ’96, ’98, ’01 Dolores Gruppe Johanna Harris & William Harris ’44 Claudia Bayona Hovenden ’84 & Todd Hovenden ’84 Hyun Gyu Kim & Dong-Hun Lee P ’12 Marion MacMahon & Paul MacMahon P ’11 Janet Mayo & Ned Mayo ’54 P ’89 Judith Moore & Charles Moore Jr. ’47 P ’67, ’74, ’77, ’94 Dyane Hummel & Todd Price P ’04 Richard Rotz Jung Hee Hong & Sung-Bo Sim P ’09, ’11 Susan Archer & Ming Siu ’83 Miriam Stayman Virginia Tavss & John Tavss ’72 P ’08 David Wagner ’81 Kelley White & Duncan White ’82 MEMBER Kimberly Alvarez & David Alvarez P ’13 Gail Andreae & Mark Andreae ’64 Joanne Banzhaf & Michael Banzhaf ’64 P ’02 Kay Mazzo & Albert Bellas ’60 Virginia Berents & Kenneth Berents ’67 Melissa Blanchard & Joseph Blanchard P ’11 Elizabeth Steinhauser Bray ’86 & Christopher Bray Jerome Broder ’44 P ’68, ’71 Margaret Bryan & Barry Bryan ’48 Ann Bryan & Robert Bryan ’44 P ’70 Margaret Buchanan & Thomas Buchanan ’46 Amy Burnett & George Burnett P ’13 Patricia Carey & Jack Carey P ’89, ’91 William Carey ’72 Julianne Carl & Charles Carl ’53 Mary Carrasco & Philip Carrasco P ’06, ’11 Lori Clark & Kenneth Clark P ’14 Paige Cofrin ’70 P ’07 Jocelyn Cooper Douglas Corwin Jr. ’79 Carol Crago & Andrew Crago ’67 Tiffany Crevier & Andrew Crevier P ’14 Virginia Crisman & Benjamin Crisman Jr. ’66 Robert Donehower ’37


Donna Duffy & Kent Duffy ’71 Frances Ferguson & Gary Ferguson ’72 P ’08 Jane Freeland & John Freeland Andoria Garofalo & James Garofalo ’72 P ’12 Anne Genter & David Genter ’52 Maralyn Gillespie & George Gillespie Jr. ’46 Wendy Gordon & Solvin Gordon ’72 Susan Gridley & William Gridley ’69 P ’04, ’06 Barbara Harrison & Barry Harrison Jr. ’50 Holly Ross & Timothy Hartung P ’05, ’09 Thomas Heefner ’57 Finley Hess (d) ’24 Kyle Higley ’00 Pamela Hjelle & Mark Hjelle ’88 Mary Hoffman & Charles Hoffman ’48 Akiko Ikenaga & Seisho Ikenaga P ’13 Patricia Fiori & William Jackson P ’04 Heejae Kim & Heungsoon Jang P ’11 Eun Joo Kim & Chung Hyeun Jo P ’12 Barbara Jones & Richard Jones P ’09 Ruth Joslin & Robert Joslin ’39 Nancy Josten & Bruce Josten ’69 Jane Kart & Barry Kart ’61 Christine Keeler & Robert Keeler P ’91, ’94 Hisu Kim & Byung Soo Kim P ’12 Yun Jeong Song & Sung Chun Kim P ’14 Richard Kline Jr. ’52 Ruthanne Koffman & Burton Koffman ’43 Lyn Lansdale & Page Lansdale ’76 Jane Lebouitz & Stanton Lebouitz ’61 Kyung Hee Lee & Ho Geun Lee P ’13 Hyunah Lee and Kwang-Myong Lee P ’14 Hyun Ok Jeon & Sang Du Lee P ’12 Hyun Joo Lee & Sang Jin Lee P ’13 Ju Mi Kim & Sang Min Lee P ’11 Soon Hee Yun & Sang Tae Lee P ’12 Dal Bin Han & Seung Bo Lee P ’13 Linda LeRoy & Blair LeRoy ’50 Stoner Lichty Jr. ’62 Mag Lin & David Lien P ’10 Joan Linderman & John Linderman ’55 P ’91 Mike Lindsay ’77 Ann Lockyer & Kenneth Lockyer ’75 Elizabeth Gildea Logie ’81 & Scott Logie Sarah Lowry & John Lowry ’48 Emily Grier Madan ’94 & Rajiv Madan Christopher Marston ’07 Karen McDowell Marston ’79 & Robert Marston ’79 P ’07 Thomas Massey III ’43 Paula McClure & James McClure ’69 Webster McCormack ’44 P ’73 Rita Mellott & Brian Mellott ’75 P ’04, ’06, ’07 Lyman Menard P ’65 Min Ah Lee & Seong Jin Moon P ’12 Betty Morefield & Fred Morefield ’53 P ’74, ’88 Kimberly Lloyd ’90 & Jonathan Nessel

Restoration Progress THE LOYALTY CLUB, WHOSE MEMBERS are from classes that have celebrated their 50th reunions, is making swift progress in its efforts to raise funds to complete the restoration of the Holy Grail Window panels in the Irvine Memorial Chapel. Generous gifts have been received, and all Loyalty Club members are encouraged to join the effort. Donors will be recognized at Reunion Anniversary Weekend in June. Please contact Mary K. Carrasco at or 717-328-6109 to participate.

Julie Noorbakhsh & Babak Noorbakhsh P ’13 Min Gu Hyun & Chang Woo Oh P ’13 Jean Palmer & Richard Palmer Jr. ’64 Carol Parsons & Emory Parsons Jr. ’59 Kathleen Peterson & Wickliffe Peterson ’65 Jon Peterson ’57 Anne Reed Sally Rhoad & Dennis Rhoad P ’14 Bruce Ricciuti ’83 Barbara Robins & Frederick Robins ’58 Blair Rohrer & Ivon Rohrer Jr. ’60 Eun Sook Lee & Sangki Sa P ’11 Kelly Schoenberger & Kevin Schoenberger P ’13 Phyllis Shearer & Joseph Shearer ’62 Tucker Shields III ’68 Andrew Shirk ’00 Sheila Shorr & Richard Shorr P ’11 Julia Smith & Edward Smith ’83 Gregory Smith ’65 P ’95, ’99 Tina Snyder & James Snyder ’69 P ’05 Yvonne Stanier & Richard Stanier ’47 Elizabeth Strode & Joseph Strode Jr. ’47 Kathleen Su & William Su ’88 Kate Suggs & William Suggs Jr. ’84 Diana Sydnor & Stanford Sydnor P ’12 Kay Teach & Stuart Teach P ’97 Cheryl Thomas & Gregory Thomas P ’14 Mehret Kidane & Tunde Tijani P ’13, ’14 Amy Titus P ’11 Jane Walsh & Bruce Walsh ’55 Carole Walter & William Walter III P ’14 Mary Ann Walton & Robert Walton Sr. ’57 P ’82, ’86, ’89

Cynthia Watkins & Scott Watkins ’71 P ’01, ’06 Noele Wein & Alan Wein ’58 Elisabeth Wiener & John Wiener P ’14 Cynthia Wilde & Ross Wilde P ’06, ’06 Loong Yong P ’11 Xiao Guang Zhang & Hongchao Zhu P ’13 ASSOCIATE Emily Gilmer Caldwell ’92 & Robert Caldwell William Colby ’07 Myles Dowling ’07 Sarah Duda ’10 Heather Dunmire ’01 Grant Ferguson ’08 Gina Fochtman & Nathan Fochtman ’03 Ashley Irving ’09 Elizabeth Klinger ’08 Maija Lawler & Clinton Lawler ’97 John Marshall ’08 Jolene Martin & Joseph Martin ’93 Andrew Miller ’00 David O’Brien ’08 Jonathan Palmer ’99 Lucia Rowe ’09 Trevor Smith ’09 Ian Thompson ’02 Napat Waikwamdee ’09 Anmargaret Warner ’10 Tyler Wilcox ’09


Student Volunteers Ask:

Are You True Blue? E VERY YEAR A CORE GROUP of Mercersburg students volunteer

to make phone calls to alumni as part of the True Blue annual

fundraising campaign. It’s a wonderful opportunity for students to talk with alumni while developing their own philanthropic

tradition. Students also gain an understanding of the importance of alumni gifts in creating and sustaining the Mercersburg experience. Several times a year, students and staff gather in the library media room

over pizza or subs and start dialing. Sometimes, friendly competition arises around who can reach the most alumni or secure the most participation. This year’s volunteers have generously donated their time, their talent, and their enthusiasm to this cause. They are great examples of what it means to be True Blue!

2010-2011 phonathon helpers have included: Georgia Baker ’11 Jane Banta ’11 Lulu Cao ’13 Hayley Griffin ’12 Ana Kelly ’11 Kayleigh Kiser ’11

Phoebe Moore ’13 Justin Reyes ’12 Liza Rizzo ’11 John San Filippo ’12 Max Strauss ’12 Nikki Wolny ’11 Paige Wolny ’13

Student callers help make the annual True Blue campaign a success.

U P D AT E One of Mercersburg’s greatest strengths has always been the vision and generosity of our alumni, families, and friends. So far during the 20102011 school year, the collective effort of nearly 1,600 donors has yielded $1.5 million for True Blue: The Mercersburg Annual Fund.

did you know? 100

Small but Powerful


Rising Support





More than half of all gifts to True Blue: The Mercersburg Annual Fund are $100 or less.

Membership in the William Mann Irvine Society is up 32 percent compared to this time last school year.


Gifts to True Blue go to work immediately in support of academics, athletics, the arts, financial aid, faculty development, and everything that makes the Mercersburg experience possible for our students. Each gift has an impact on our mission to prepare young men and women for college and for life in a global community. Storytelling

Check out the latest True Blue videos at

Please consider adding your support and showing your True Blue colors. Visit to learn more.


Alumni Council Corner

Profile: Reunion Volunteer Julia Clark MacInnis ’86

A Reunion by Alumni, for Alumni


T THE HEART OF EVERY successful Reunion Anniversary Weekend is the enthusiasm of alumni who contact fellow classmates and encourage them to attend the weekend’s events. Alumni Council members encourage these alumni volunteers to make calls or send emails.

At the upcoming Reunion Anniversary Weekend, June 10-12, class years ending in “1”

and “6” will be celebrating reunions. Relax with friends on Ford Patio, catch up with faculty, enjoy a walk around campus, and stay in the dorms! Plans include a welcome luau, 5K run, class photos and dinners, and Q&A with Head of School Douglas Hale about Mercersburg and the future. If you haven’t already, mark your calendars for June 10-12, 2011. We look forward to seeing you at Reunion Anniversary Weekend!

Julia Clark MacInnis is a mother of two who runs her own photography business in Fairfax, Virginia, and takes time to volunteer for Mercersburg. Her photography website is

AT MERCERSBURG, I LEARNED THE VALUE of hard work and discipline. That ethic guides my work as a photographer and my many volunteer activities. My father, Don Morse Clark ’43, and my grandfather, Henry Morse Clark ’15, were both Mercersburg alums, so being involved with Mercersburg is part of our family legacy. And I really believe in the educational mission of the school. But the main reason I volunteer for Reunion

Mercersburg’s Alumni Council

Anniversary Weekend is that I want to see my old friends. I want to make sure people come back and get to be part of the fun! I’m a relationshiporiented person, and I’m not afraid to call anybody and talk. So reaching out to other alums to share about reunions is a natural fit. I’m especially excited because this year is my 25th reunion, and I really believe this is going to be our biggest yet. I’ve spoken to many classmates who tell me they’ll be coming this year, many of them for the first time since they graduated. It’s a great team effort. Several classmates, including Elizabeth Steinhauser Bray, Mary Curtis Blair, Nancy Gallagher Jones, and Bruce Keizler, are working as fellow reunion committee volunteers and making calls to help get others involved, too. So whether it’s your 5th reunion or your 50th reunion, I look forward to seeing you at Mercersburg for Reunion Anniversary Weekend, June 10-12, 2011! To learn more about what to

Are you... ...A young alum? (Classes of 1992-2010) ...An alum celebrating a class reunion in June? (Class year ending in 1 or 6)

Then you can help Mercersburg secure $100,000! Visit

expect, visit



Andrew Ammerman ’68 Shows His

r o f e v o L



’M A JEWISH MAN educated at Christian and Catholic schools who went to work with the government of the Kingdom of Thailand and ended up his 25 years overseas on a Hindu island in a Muslim Republic. Mercersburg provided me the base of confidence from

which I was able to go out into the world.” These are the words of Andrew Ammerman, a member of Mercerburg’s Class of 1968. A teacher, businessman, and patron of the arts, Ammerman believes Mercerburg’s influence runs through every aspect of his life. “I think Mercersburg does a very good job of training you to do what life may demand of you,” he says. According to Ammerman, his years at Mercersburg helped him develop an appreciation for the value of community and the importance of actively contributing to society. Those values are at the heart of his many philanthropic efforts on behalf of the school. He has been a member of the Board of Regents, an Alumni Council member, and a phonathon volunteer; and he is a member of the McDowell Society of donors. Ammerman is passionate about broadening students’ horizons, and he and his mother Josephine have funded many programs at the school that help expose students to new perspectives and experiences.

Andrew Ammerman ’68, pictured here with his godsons Craig Collin (left) and Sean Collin (right), provides opportunities for Mercersburg students to experience the arts in major metropolitan areas.

Ammerman is also a patron of the Fund for the Future of Our Children, an organization dedicated to promoting peace through the Abrahamic faiths by nurturing future leaders. Last year, a Mercersburg student claimed top prize in the fund’s annual essay contest co-hosted by

“I think Mercersburg does a very good job of training you to do what life may demand of you.”


Georgetown University. Andrew Ammerman is a shining example of the best of Mercersburg Academy. His generous contributions of time, talent, and treasure are helping to ensure that today’s students at the school are equipped to have an impact on their world, just as he has.

In 1999, Andrew and his mother endowed the Ammerman Family Lecture Series in memory of Andrew’s father, H. Max Ammerman, and his brother, Stephen C. Ammerman. The series gives Mercersburg


Regional Event Home of Jorge Celaya ’84 Baltimore, Maryland

May | TBA

Regional Event Washington, D.C.

May | 27

Baccalaureate Chapel

students the opportunity to understand how issues of the day are relevant to their lives by bringing nationally renowned speakers with unique viewpoints to campus. The speaker this school year was poet and MacArthur Fellow Edward Hirsch, who helped students see the power of poetry as an art form. Ammerman sponsors several trips each year for Mercersburg students, faculty, and staff to attend performances at the Arena Stage in


Washington, D.C. “The arts have a civilizing effect on the individual,” he explains. “It makes us feel a part of something larger than ourselves.”

Jun | 10-12

Reunion Anniversary Weekend for classes ending in 1 and 6 and the Loyalty Club On campus

Jun | 11

50th Birthday Bash for the Class of ’79 On campus

Sep | 23-25

Family Weekend On campus

Oct | 14-16

Fall Alumni Weekend On campus

In addition, Ammerman is the force behind Mercersburg’s Distinguished Teaching Award for Religious & Interdisciplinary Studies. This annual award recognizes Mercersburg educators who have challenged students to address the spiritual, moral, ethical, and artistic dimensions of their lives, or to bring recognition to special religion scholars-in-residence.

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The Mercersburg Community

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’67 alums Ed Russell, Freddie Cook, and Bill Zimmerman pose for a photo at a mini-reunion at Travinia’s in Asheville, North Carolina, on November 12.

Marc Strauss ’78 P ’12 plays golf at a regional event he and his wife, Rhonda, hosted in Boca Raton, Florida.

Alumni, family, and friends of Mercersburg gathered for the annual Christmas Candlelight Service and Reception in December. Pictured above are multiple generations of founding headmaster Dr. William Mann Irvine’s family, including his grandson, William Mann Irvine Slade (standing, far right). At right are Kayla Cherry ’11 with her parents, Kathy and Linear. Alumni Council members Jim Zeger ’65, Carol Furnary Casparian ’79, Nancy Gallagher Jones ’86, Laura Linderman Barker ’91, and Ann Quinn ’84 took in a few holes at Whitetail Golf Resort during Fall Alumni Weekend 2010.

Robert Walton ’57 of Quantico, Maryland, and his grandson Connor, son of Paige Walton Diskin ’86, walked in a 5K for Women Supporting Women for Breast Cancer in Salisbury, Maryland.

More than 100 people attended a campus regional event hosted by the Alumni Council on February 12 that included dinner and Stony Batter’s winter production, The Sound of Music. Pictured here are Andy Alpert ’82 P ’14 (right) with former head of school and faculty emeritus Walter Burgin Jr. ’53 and his wife, Barbara.

Mercersburg alumni and Board of Regents members gathered at the Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach, Florida, in January for dinner and to hear from architect Chad Floyd, who designed the Norton’s Nessel Wing and is designing renovations to the student center at Mercersburg. Pictured at right are Harold Goodemote II ’77, Joe Huber ’64, Judy Zern, Head of School Doug Hale, Regent Allen Zern ’61, and Louise Huber. Below are Charlie Carl ’53, Julianne Carl, Carol Parker, and Jack Parker ’49.

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Mpact - Spring 2011  
Mpact - Spring 2011  

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