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Learn how Effective Leadership in the Healthcare Industry can Drive Operational and Financial Success

Date & Time: Thursday, November 29, 2012

Duration: 75 Minutes

Location: Online

10:00 AM PST | 01:00 PM EST


Price : $195.00

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Chris Calderone, MA, MBA Founder and Managing Partner, Lean Homecare Consulting Group, LLC


line leaders, or those leaders closest to where the work takes place. Topics discussed will include effective communicating techniques; performance management; how to motivate others' the leader's role in performance and process improvement; how leaders can use metrics to move and influence team performance; delegation tips; and effective time management techniques. This program will also provide a review of best practice leadership behaviors.

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Instructor: Chris Calderone, MA,

The program will address the critical success factors associated with highly effective healthcare leaders with a particular emphasis on front-


The seven core competencies of highly effective healthcare leaders Tips and techniques for developing healthcare supervisors and team leads The leader's role in process and performance improvement How to maximize the performance of your employees How smart leadership can help improve financial performance Best practices of high-performing home care leaders Effective communication, delegation, and time management techniques/methods How to hardwire vital behaviors in staff - and instill front-line accountability How to monitor and manage processes using metrics

Chris Calderone, MA, MBA Chris Calderone is the founder and managing partner of the Lean Healthcare Consulting Group, LLC, a healthcare consultancy firm that focuses on the home medical equipment sector and the post-acute setting - including home healthcare, home infusion, complex rehab, and long-term care. The LHCG specializes in process assessment, workflow optimization tactics, leadership development, talent management, lean thinking training and applications, process redesign, change management, and strategic planning. Chris started in healthcare 1993 and has worked throughout the health care continuum for hospitals, home health agencies, DME providers. ....more

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Learn how Effective Leadership in the Healthcare Industry can Drive  
Learn how Effective Leadership in the Healthcare Industry can Drive