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Your Fundraising Guide

Help us save lives and rebuild futures

Hello, thank you for choosing to fundraise for Meningitis Now, helping in our fight against meningitis. Around half a million people in the UK have had meningitis, and many more family and friends are affected by its devastating and life-changing impact. Bacterial meningitis still kills more under-5s in the UK than any other infectious disease. Although viral meningitis is rarely life threatening, it leaves people with long-term after-effects. Meningitis strikes suddenly and can affect anyone, of any age, at any time. Meningitis Now focuses on developing preventative vaccines, raising awareness and providing support for anyone who has experienced meningitis, helping them rebuild their lives and adapt to a future that may be very different from the one they imagined. We couldn’t do this without the generous support of people like you, so thank you for making this possible. Our fundraising team is here to support you with plenty of hints, tips and inspiration, as well as materials and literature if you need it. Please call us on 01453 768000 or email supporters@meningitisnow.org

luck! d o o g d n a u o y k n a Th Steve Dayman, Executive Founder

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Thirty incredible years and still fighting hard In our 30th anniversary year we remain committed to the fight against meningitis. In the past three decades we’ve played a leading role in some amazing achievements. We’ve saved lives by funding pioneering vaccine research, supporting the introduction of five vaccines and raising awareness. We have provided information and support to more than one million individuals and families, with thousands benefitting from our unique range of free practical, financial and emotional support. Despite our successes, meningitis remains a real and present threat, as there are no vaccines for all forms. Each year we need over £3m to fund our core research, awareness and support programmes. In our 30th anniversary year we are aiming to raise an extra £2m to underpin the initiatives in our next five year plan – Vision 2020.

Your fundraising will take us one step closer to our vision of a future where no one in the UK loses their life to meningitis, and everyone affected gets the support they need to rebuild their lives. Whether you are taking part in one of our events, or organising one of your own, you’re helping us make a real difference – thank you.

We’re here to help and support you. Call us on 01453 768000, email supporters@meningitisnow.org or visit our website www.meningitisnow.org/support-us/fundraising


Saving lives, rebuilding futures Celebrating our 30th anniversary in 2016. Meningitis facts • Thirty people a day face the devastation of meningitis in the UK*. • Meningitis and septicaemia kill more UK children under-5 than any other infectious disease. • Many are left with long-term after-effects such as deafness, acquired brain injury and limb loss. We need your help to make a difference. Your fundraising will help us fund pioneering research, raise awareness and support people affected by meningitis.

How you can change a life Louie was just five months old when he contracted meningococcal meningitis and septicaemia. Although he survived the disease, he had to have his legs and some of his fingers amputated. Despite his after-effects, Louie is a very happy little boy and a real fighter!

“I urge you to support Meningitis Now like we do. We have raised over £4,500 in our community. Your support means that the charity can exist for families like mine. The charity has supported us by providing home visits, funding travel expenses for the ongoing hospital visits we have to make and specialised swimming lessons.” Louie’s mum, Julie * Estimated annual average cases between 2000 and 2010 for all meningitis types.

Louie and his sister Francesca 4

Need some inspiration? See what our supporters have been up to‌ Ride London

alk Five Valleys W

Tough Mudder

Hoola Hoop Challenge

Car washing

We’re here to help and support you. Call us on 01453 768000 or email supporters@meningitisnow.org or visit our website www.meningitisnow.org/support-us/fundraising


Planning your event Whether big or small, the key to a successful fundraising event is planning. Here are some key tips to get you started … Keep it simple

Gift Aid

Choose an idea which you know will appeal to your supporters. Often the simplest ones are the best. Take a look at our fundraising ideas (page 8) for inspiration.

Under HMRC’s Gift Aid scheme, Meningitis Now can claim back from the Government 25p for every £1 donated by individuals who pay Income Tax or Capital Gains tax, to at least the value of the Gift Aid claimed on all donations to charity they make in a tax year. We can only claim the money back if we have the full name, address and postcode of the donor; an incomplete home address or a workplace address is not sufficient.

Get your timing right Choose a suitable date and time for your event. Would it be best to hold it on an evening or weekend? Holding your event at the end of the month may encourage people to dig deeper!

Set your fundraising goal Setting a target is a great way to stay motivated and it gives a real sense of achievement once you reach your goal. It’s also a good way to inspire your friends, family and colleagues.

Budget Decide on a realistic fundraising budget and try keeping costs to a minimum. Prepare a detailed list of expenses including printing, promotion, venue, prizes, refreshments and equipment.

Please also make your supporters aware that if the Gift Aid we claim on their donations exceeds the tax they pay in the current tax year, they will be liable to pay the difference if HMRC requests it. Please ask your donors to complete their details and sign the declaration on the specially prepared sponsorship forms we provide. If you have any questions about Gift Aid or require more forms, please ask. Unfortunately, Gift Aid cannot count towards your overall sponsorship total. We only receive confirmation of the total Gift Aid amount payable to us after we have made our retrospective quarterly claims, making it very costly and often impossible to try to match back the details of the claims to specific donors and donations.

Maximise your fundraising Set up a Virgin Money Giving page at www.virginmoneygiving.com. This may also help with extra donations from people who want to help, but cannot support you on the day of the event (more information on page 24).

bout Think a all the sm details

6 | We’re here to help and support you. Call us on 01453 768000, email supporters@meningitisnow.org or visit our website www.meningitisnow.org/support-us/fundraising

Sponsorship forms

Pull together a team

You can request an offline sponsorship form and give copies to friends, family and local businesses to help you collect extra donations.

Don’t be afraid to delegate! Make a list of the jobs to be done, allocate them and brief your helpers on what you need them to do.

Start social networking


This is a fantastic way of sharing your online fundraising page with a wide network of friends, family and colleagues. You can tell hundreds of people about your fundraising event with the click of a button! Post updates about your event or challenge to keep people interested.

Make sure your venue is big or small enough for your audience and has good transport and disabled access. Many venue owners will not charge a charity a hire fee, so don’t forget to ask if this is the case. Do you need to apply for any licences, as suggested on page 22? Don’t let the unpredictable weather spoil your day. If it’s outdoors, have a Plan B in place to move your event indoors.

Matched-giving Your employer may offer a matched-giving scheme, where for every pound employees raise for charity, the employer donates another pound. Why not see if your workplace does this?


can pay for one hour of art, music or play therapy for a sibling of someone affected by meningitis.

Fundraising Guide | 7

Fundraising ideas There are many fun ways you can get involved with fundraising for Meningitis Now. Take a look at our fundraising hints and tips to help get you started.


Adults Fundraising needn’t take a lot of time or effort, so here are a few quick ideas for busy people on the go! • Give up three of your luxury shopping items each week for a month and donate your savings.

• Dust off a not-so-precious heirloom and see if you can cash in from your attic at your local auction house.

• Donate a pint – have a quiet night in and donate your bar tab online instead.

• Look out your best china and hat and throw open your garden for a wonderful summer party.

• Having a dinner party? Why not turn it into a Come Dine With Me evening? • Place a collection box in your work, local pub or shop. • Show how much of a card shark you are by holding a card games evening, where all the bets go to Meningitis Now.

• Test your friends’ general knowledge by hosting a ‘famous quotes’ quiz. • Suggest Meningitis Now as a beneficiary of any church collections taking place. • Strut your stuff on the catwalk by organising a mannequin parade, showcasing local suppliers.

• Put some of your unwanted clutter on eBay or Gumtree.

Young children • Show your parents and teachers how good you are by asking for their help with some fundraising ideas and get them to join in with the fun! • Get your teacher to organise a Meningitis Now Toddle Waddle. • Bake some yummy cakes and sell them to your family and friends.

• Gel it, spike it or dye it – whatever you do have a horrid hair day. • Collect as many coins as you can to make a penny mile in your garden or playground. • Dress up in your favourite colour from top to toe and take part in a rainbow day. • Make a funny face and not get into trouble for it with a gurning competition at school.

• Be very kind and give your pocket money up for a week.

We’re here to help and support you. Call us on 01453 768000, email supporters@meningitisnow.org or visit our website www.meningitisnow.org/support-us/fundraising


£1,000 Teenagers/students

can provide vital laboratory equipment for our researchers.

Bored of Facebook, your iPod or XBox? Well, do something different today with your friends to help make a difference! • Why not ditch your mobile phone for the day and be sponsored for your trouble.

• Tidy your bedroom and sell all your old books at a local book fair.

• Organise a group bag pack at your local supermarket.

• Offer your time and energy to your family and neighbours for any odd jobs which need doing.

• Show everyone you have talent by holding a Britain’s Got Talent evening.

• Walkies - keep fit by walking friends’ and neighbours’ dogs for a donation.

10 | We’re here to help and support you. Call us on 01453 768000, email supporters@meningitisnow.org or visit our website www.meningitisnow.org/support-us/fundraising

Superheroes Ever wanted to be Batman, Superman, Spiderman or Wonderwoman? Well, there’s a challenge to suit you on this page. Go on, put your money where your mouth is and show everyone what a superhero you are! Abseil

Overseas challenges

No head for heights? Well hanging 50 metres above the ground whilst controlling your descent can be really challenging, exciting and exhilarating.

Take on a charity challenge to raise sponsorship on any continent you choose, at a time that suits you! With destinations across the world, there are dozens of challenges to take part in such as Trekking the Three Volcanoes (Italy), London to Paris Cycle and Trek the Great Wall of China.

Fire walking Fancy walking barefoot across a bed of burning coals without getting burned? Fire walking is a powerful tool designed to help tackle fear and to inspire people to do things they initially didn’t think possible. If you think you can, then why not look to hold a fire walking event to fire up your fundraising?

Parachuting/skydiving Parachuting and skydiving are once-in a-lifetime experiences. Choose from a tandem skydive, a solo parachute jump or a professional skydiving course.

!! “What a view ve AND I ha raised money for a great cause.”

Fundraising Guide | 11

At work All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so get your boss on board and have some fun in the office by … • Rolling out of bed and heading straight to work in your pyjamas for a dress down day. • Having a bet on the horses with your own Grand National sweepstake. • Livening up those dreary meetings with a game of boardroom bingo.

Be involved at work


• Holding an annual leave auction and having your colleagues splash the cash to win an extra day’s holiday. • Sponsoring your boss to spend a full day back on the shop floor. • Donating a day’s wages to Meningitis Now if dressing up or being silly isn’t your thing.

ds n e i r f e t i Inv tea r o f d n u ro and cake

At home Show everyone that charity really does begin at home by …


can pay for

4,000 ‘Meningitis can affect anyone’

leaflets to help alert more people to the signs of the disease and heighten their awareness.

• Holding a 1970’s cheese and wine party full of that decade’s food, drink and fashion, or any other era you fancy. • Creating and selling your own recipe book full of your delicious secret recipes. • Inviting friends round for a Time 4 Tea and holding your own biscuit dunkathon. • Auctioning yourself as a slave for the day and the highest bidder wins. • Clearing out all your bulky, unwanted presents and holding a garage sale. • Staging a swishing party to exchange new clothes, shoes and bags with your friends. • Taking the stress out of life and hosting your own pamper party for the girls or boys at home.

We’re here to help and support you. Call us on 01453 768000 or email supporters@meningitisnow.org or visit our website www.meningitisnow.org/support-us/fundraising




can help fund one month of lifesaving research into preventing meningitis.

ers p p i l s your ol r a e o W to sch


At school Please Miss, can we do some fundraising for a great cause? • Ask your school to adopt Meningitis Now as its chosen charity of the year.

• Give your teachers some peace, by staying quiet with a sponsored silence.

• Celebrate different countries by dressing up in their national costumes and eating their national dishes at lunchtime.

• Hold a fashion show to let your school see what’s hot and what’s not this season.

• Be cool and arrange a non-uniform day.

• Test your memory and language skills by organising a Spelling Bee competition.

• Organise a Mile of Fun.

At play

Have fun A ND raise money !

Turn your hobbies into hard cash by playing to your strengths and … • Blow the whistle on a five-a-side footballathon and see how long you can last on the pitch. • Customise and revamp your old clothes and sell your bespoke fashions at a local market or craft fair. • See how many points you can score in a 12-hour volleyball game.

• Try and complete as many sudoku/crossword puzzles as you can within a two hour period. • Hold a salsa night and have your own Strictly Come Dancing competition amongst your friends and family. • Become a DJ and sell your own mixes to download online or on CD for a donation.

We’re here to help and support you. Call us on 01453 768000, email supporters@meningitisnow.org or visit our website www.meningitisnow.org/support-us/fundraising


Seasonal ideas From the wacky, to the civilised and everything in between, we’ve seen it all over the years. And we’ve loved it all as every penny raised has made a huge difference to the lives of people affected by meningitis.

Egg hunt!


January •

New year, new you - too much turkey (and all the rest) at Christmas can make you want to get fit in the New Year.

Clear out - Father Christmas’s recent visit left your house filled to the rafters? Have a garage sale or car boot to make room and donate what you make to us.

Resolution time - why not set a New Year’s resolution that you’ll actually keep? Get sponsored to complete it. That way, there’s no giving up. Now what to choose …?

February •

Spread the love - hold a Valentine’s Day party for all the smug couples you know, or arrange a speed dating night for people who are single and ready to mingle.

Flippin’ yummy - invite friends and family over for pancakes and host a competition to see who can do the most flips (without it sticking to the kitchen ceiling), or who can eat the most pancakes?

Give it up - if you’re doing Lent, but have zero will power, why not get sponsored to do it? Then you simply can’t nibble that secret bit of chocolate you have hiding at the back of the cupboard.

March •

Be a Saint - is it a coincidence that St David’s Day and St Patrick’s Day fall in the same month? We don’t think so. It gives you a lovely choice of theme for a party/fundraising day in March.

In it to win it - a sweepstake is a really simple and fun way to raise cash with friends or colleagues. March sees the famous Gold Cup horse race happen, so there’s a perfect reason to do it now.

April •

Egg-cellent - Easter egg hunts are brilliant fun for all ages. Host one in your garden, or use a local park – invite friends and their children, hide some treats and ask for a donation to take part. You’d best get cracking.

Gottcha - April Fool’s Day is a day for fun, so why not use it as an excuse to do something mad? Sign up to a challenging event for us – will anyone believe it’s not an April fool?

A very English affair - celebrate St George’s Day with a themed fundraising day or party. Decorate your home or office and celebrate all things English ... tea anyone?

We’re here to help and support you. Call us on 01453 768000, email supporters@meningitisnow.org or visit our website www.meningitisnow.org/support-us/fundraising


May • It’s no yoke - still finding Easter eggs at the back of your cupboard? Why not sell to chocoholic friends, family or colleagues, or melt down and make crispy cakes to sell instead? • Bikini ready - the weather is more short sleeves than woolly jumpers by May, so clear out your winter items with a car boot or garage sale. Donate the money you make to us. • Star treatment - May the 4th be with you or rather, may the force be with you. You could use this play on words to host a Star Wars fancy dress day. Or if you’re not a fan, a general movie fancy dress day?

June •

Right royal rave - people love an excuse to get together and have a party. Why not light the BBQ, get the flags out and celebrate the Queen’s birthday? Simply charge people for food and drink.

Pic of the day - celebrate British summertime with a picnic. Everyone brings a dish to share, then you provide a big cake, or drinks and people donate.

Giddy up - with Royal Ascot taking place in June, you could host a ‘ladies’ day’ at work and wear big hats and dress up. Add in a sweepstake and your fundraising will be racing along.

July •

Be a good sport - relive your school days by organising a traditional sports day with friends, family or colleagues. The egg and spoon race is guaranteed to bring out people’s competitive streaks.

Game, set, match - a Wimbledon party is not just for tennis lovers. Unite people for strawberries and cream and ask them to dress in their whites. And if you’ve got the room, have a match.

School’s out - if you have school age children, you could be the coolest parent around and host a ‘school’s out’ picnic/party/BBQ and ask those coming along to donate.

August •

Tea time - organise a Time 4 Tea garden party and invite everyone along. Perhaps run a cake bake competition, have a tombola and add in some competitive garden games. Croquet anyone?

18 | We’re here to help and support you. Call us on 01453 768000, email supporters@meningitisnow.org or visit our website www.meningitisnow.org/support-us/fundraising

September •

Old school style - September is ‘back to school’ month. Why not organise a school disco with fancy dress, school dinners and even a game of tag? Detention for anyone who doesn’t get into the spirit.

Wrap it up - with the weather getting cooler, it’s a great time to clear out your summer wardrobe to make room for your winter woollies. Do a garage or jumble sale and donate the proceeds to us.

October •

Golden hour - with the clocks going back, you can use your extra hour to do something brilliant ... donate an hour’s pay, give up your lunch break to make tea for your colleagues, challenge yourself to swim/run/cycle a distance and get sponsored.

Halo-een - earn yourself a ‘halo’ by doing something good this Halloween. Maybe make cakes for your colleagues or wash your neighbour’s car - giving the donations to us. Or arrange a spooky disco or office fancy dress day - everyone’s bound to be frightfully excited.

November •

Get quizzical - doesn’t everyone love a traditional pub quiz? It’s easy to organise, good fun and a great fundraiser - made even better if held in a cosy pub with an open fire.

Off with a bang - forego the fireworks display and donate the money you would have spent to us. Or, get the BBQ out, invite your friends, roast some marshmallows and do your own display.

Lose the booze - a quick detox before the festive season is upon us. Get people to sponsor you for giving it up – they’ll be happy to do this, as you’ll be their taxi all month.

December •

Santa sort out - a pre-Christmas clear out is a great way to make space for Santa’s next delivery, whilst raising funds for us. Organise a jumble sale in your local village hall and get other people to do their own Santa sort out and sell too - one person’s rubbish is another’s treasure after all.

Ditch the cards - donate the money you would have spent and instead send an email, or even (dare we say) call friends, family and colleagues to wish them a Happy Christmas.

Festive fast - Christmas can be a time for over indulging and, in some cases, eating until you can’t move. Make room for all the lovely festive food by doing a sponsored diet beforehand. Or, donate what you would have spent on mince pies and mulled wine to us.

ash Join a Santa d

Promoting your event You’ve got a great event, so start shouting about it! Here are a few ways for you to get the word out about your fantastic fundraiser.

head Have a ts? h for heig

Use the local paper and radio Our communications team has put together simple guidelines on how to wow your local media about your fundraising event. They can be downloaded from www.meningitisnow.org/supportus/fundraising/fundraising-ideas

Online activity Make the most of online promotion by joining our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. Speak to your local contact and ask to be added to our calendar and for your event to be mentioned in their local blog.

Fundraising materials In order to make your event a success, we can provide you with all kinds of free Meningitis Now branded promotional materials including T-shirts, blank posters, buckets/tins, logo banners, sashes and balloons. Please use the order form included with this pack.



Can pay for one hour of

bereavement counselling for someone who has had a family member die of meningitis; enabling them to access vital support in a time of extreme sadness.

We’re here to help and support you. Call us on 01453 768000, email supporters@meningitisnow.org or visit our website www.meningitisnow.org/support-us/fundraising

Spread the word

Don’t forget le to tell peop ent that the ev is in aid of Meningitis


Fundraising Guide | 21

The nitty gritty bits There are a few laws that govern fundraising activity and we want to make sure you are aware and take account of them. If you have any questions or want to double check anything listed below, please contact us.

A little planning helps the day run smoothly!



Check if the venue is licensed or contact your local council to find out about a temporary licence.

Confirm what public liability insurance the venue operator or owner has and that it covers owners’ liability risks. Please contact us for guidance.

Children Never allow under 18s to fundraise alone. Always accompany them on their activities.

Collections It is illegal to carry out house to house or public street collections without a licence from your local council (or PSNI in Northern Ireland). If the collection is on private property, seek permission from the owner.

First Aid Ensure your event has adequate cover. Contact St John Ambulance or St Andrew’s Ambulance for assistance at your event.

Food Contact your local council for food hygiene regulations at events or visit www.food.gov.uk

Helpers Please provide them with all health and safety information and what to do in case of an emergency.

Licences/raffles Check with your local council if you require any special licences e.g. public entertainment, collection, small lotteries or alcohol. For raffles/ lotteries guidance, please visit www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk

Money Make sure you have a lockable box to keep money in. Never put yourself in a vulnerable position whilst carrying money. Please ensure there is at least one other person present to witness how much has been counted and raised.

Risk assessment Identify any hazards, evaluate and minimise any risk at your venue/event. We can provide a sample template. Some venues require them. Further information can be found at www.hse.gov.uk Please note: Whilst we are very grateful for your support, Meningitis Now cannot accept liability for any fundraising activity you undertake in aid of us. If insurance is required, please ensure you have arranged this prior to your event.

22 | We’re here to help and support you. Call us on 01453 768000, email supporters@meningitisnow.org or visit our website www.meningitisnow.org/support-us/fundraising

What your money can buy £2,500 can pay for a family to adapt their garden so it is safe for their child to play outdoors. Children affected by meningitis can be left with severe physical disabilities and these limit opportunities for them to play safely outdoors.

£800 can pay for a specialist laptop computer for a person left with severe after-effects of meningitis. Access to a computer and the internet can enable a person to live more independently and prevent isolation through communicating with friends.



can pay for a 10-week block of treatment with a specialist physiotherapist to help with a person’s mobility, balance, strength and pain management.

can fund a year’s programme of Auditory Verbal UK therapy for a child with a hearing impairment caused by meningitis. In early years, children with a hearing impairment are given access to sound through hearing aids and cochlear implants, but need to be taught how to listen and communicate. Auditory Verbal UK is a unique rehabilitation programme for deaf children, giving them a chance to gain age appropriate listening and spoken language skills.

can provide vital laboratory equipment for our researchers.

After your event Once you have completed your event, it is important to thank everyone involved and start to collect the money you have raised as soon as possible. It’s also nice to let everyone know how much you raised by sending out information to the local media. Also, we’d love to hear and see any pictures from your event, so please email them through to your local contact. Details are on the back page.

By post


Please send your payment in the form of cheque or banker’s draft to: Meningitis Now, Fern House, Bath Road, Stroud, GL5 3TJ. It is not advisable to send cash through the post. Please make cheques payable to ‘Meningitis Now’ and include your name, address and fundraising event.

A fantastic place to start, if you haven’t done so already, is setting up your Virgin Money Giving page. This will create the perfect hub for your fundraising for us, allowing you to tell your story, giving people a space to sponsor you quickly and easily.

Please note that we also still accept cheques payable to Meningitis UK and the Meningitis Trust.

At the bank You can pay monies directly into your nearest branch of NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland or Ulster Bank, using our Meningitis Now paying-in slips. Please ensure you use our slips instead of general bank ones as we will have no way of tracing your kind donation. Paying-in slips are available on request by calling 0345 120 4530 or emailing info@meningitisnow.org

By debit/credit card We are able to process donations securely over the phone by calling 0345 120 4530.

Set up your page here http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/giving

Top tips •

Include a profile pic to help tell your story

Display your fundraising target – those who do, usually raise more

Share your page on social media to reach out to close family and friends

Download the Virgin Money Giving mobile app for additional features and easier access


can pay for a mobility scooter for a person who has had a limb amputated because of meningitis; helping them to regain a sense of independence.

24 | We’re here to help and support you. Call us on 01453 768000, email supporters@meningitisnow.org or visit our website www.meningitisnow.org/support-us/fundraising

Other ways to support us We appreciate that not everyone wants to hold or take part in a fundraising event on our behalf, but there are lots of other ways you can support the work of Meningitis Now.

Leave a gift in your Will

Donate through your pay

Make a donation


Set up a direct debit

r Share you meningitis e experienc

Fundraising Pack | 25

Let your imagination run wild Milo’s Mile of Fun is an exciting new sponsored event that everyone can be a part of. Pick your challenge and invite your friends, family, colleagues or your school to go the extra mile for Meningitis Now. We only have one rule – you have to cover a mile. How you do it is up to you. This is your chance to be as creative or eccentric as you like, so whether it’s on a space hopper, dressed as a superhero, pushed along on an office chair, a three-legged race, a swim or simply a walk with your fourlegged friend, the choice is yours.

We’ll send you a FREE fundraising pack complete with everything you need to help get you started. Request your free pack at mileoffun@ meningitisnow.org or call 0345 120 4530.

26 | We’re here to help and support you. Call us on 01453 768000, email supporters@meningitisnow.org or visit our website www.meningitisnow.org/support-us/fundraising

Make time for tea and cake and join in the celebrations This year, we’re asking you to hold a special 30th anniversary inspired Time 4 Tea! Holding a Time 4 Tea is all about having a special tea party with friends and family; whether it’s holding a themed garden party or just baking some special cakes for your work mates. 2016 is the year to have a blast and get baking.

Planning is a piece of cake! Ready … set a special date Your Time 4 Tea can be at any time that suits you throughout the year, although our 30th birthday is on Saturday 15 October, so why not join others across the UK marking this special date with tea and cake.

Steady … choose a venue You can have a garden party at home, gather friends at your local community centre or keep it simple with a tea and cake break in the office. Why not get all the kids together with birthday hats and balloons so that they can celebrate in style?

Go … invite your special guests Use the invitations in the Time 4 Tea pack to invite your guests or create your own design. You can photocopy more, download them from our website to print, or you may prefer to send emails, texts or Facebook invites to your event. Sign up at www.time-4-tea.org or call 0345 120 4530 to speak to one of the team.


can pay for 100 symptoms cards to help people recognise the signs of meningitis.

saving lives, rebuilding futures

Thank you We hope that this pack has inspired you to do something today or given you suggestions on how you can raise money to meet your event sponsorship targets. Your support will enhance the life of a child or adult you don’t know and will probably never meet, but will help change their life for the better. We know that without your invaluable support, determined spirit and dedication, we couldn’t fund the lifesaving research and provide the services we do. You can, and will, have an impact on the lives of thousands of people all around the UK who have been affected by meningitis. As part of Meningitis Now’s team, together we can make that difference. Please make a difference today and contact us to join the fight.

For great ideas and support call: 01453 768000 Email: supporters@meningitisnow.org Visit us at: www.meningitisnow.org Head Office: Meningitis Now Fern House Bath Road Stroud Gloucestershire GL5 3TJ

MeningitisNow.org @meningitisnow fb.com/MeningitisNow @meningitis_now

We would love to hear from you Registered charity number 803016 (England & Wales) SC037790 (Scotland) © Meningitis Now 2016

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Your fundraising guide  

The Meningitis Now guide to fundraising

Your fundraising guide  

The Meningitis Now guide to fundraising

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