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ort Shepstone Lions and Lion Ladies celebrated their 42nd Annual Induction Dinner at a glittering occasion on Saturday 30th June at the Umthunzi Boutique Hotel in Umtentweni. Outgoing President Kevin Ross paid tribute to both the Lions and Lion Ladies for their outstanding service to needy communities and individuals throughout the year. Lion Kevin then presented an Appreciation plaque, to Dr Trevor Steyn in recognition of his outstanding assistance with cataract operations for the underprivileged during the past 2 years. The prestigious Lion of the Year Award was presented to Lion Bruce Plumbley and President's Appreciation Medals were presented to Past District Governor Denis Meyer and Lion Jean Masson. A Special Achievement Award medal was presented to Lion Philip Bromley for his outstanding efforts with Community Service Projects.

1st Edition - July 2012

accepted on her behalf by her husband, Danie. 18 Club members were awarded for 100% attendance throughout the year. Other awards included : 20 years membership award to Lion Kelvin Hulley, 15 years membership awards to Lions Peter Stoppel and Alastair Warman, 10 years membership award to Lion (Dr) Fred Babumba and 5 years Membership Awards to Lions Anthony Hooper, Nico De Jong, Kenny Rolfe and Danie Van Tonder. Treasurer and Secretary medals were presented to Lions Richard Borradaile and Andre Beneke respectively. The Stirrer of the Year Award was presented to Lion Anthony Hooper who qualified without any real competition!

Past District Governor Denis Meyer formally inducted Lion Jean Masson as incoming President. In his acceptance speech, Lion Jean praised his predecessor for a very successful term as President and informed all members that, during his term of office, he will focus on improved service to our community and fellowship within the Club. Outgoing Lion Lady President Diane Saunders presented her “Lion Lady Of the Year� Award to Lion Lady Marlene Van Tonder in recognition of her tireless efforts in helping the less fortunate. The award was

Four new members, Clayton Curnow, Jeff Smith, Justin Hinchliff and Charles Wallis were also formally inducted into the Club by Past District Governor Denis.

PAST PRESIDENTS 1970-1971 : Roy Schwegman 1971-1972 : Denys Hudson 1972-1973 : Ted Lawlor 1973-1974 : Ray Sharp 1974-1975 : Peter Raymond 1975-1976 : Ray Girling 1976-1977 : Reg Barnes / Gordon Evans 1977-1978 : Eric Williams 1978-1979 : Stan Rogers 1979-1980 : John Johnstone 1980-1981 : Edward Kemp 1981-1982 : Harry Hobbah 1982-1983 : Les Wilson 1983-1984 : Peter Raymond 1984-1985 : Archie Cockroft 1985-1986 : Ian Anderson 1986-1987 : Peter Raymond 1987-1988 : Rob Bing* 1988-1989 : Piet Venter 1989-1990 : Dusty Miller 1990-1991 : Edward Kemp 1991-1992 : Rob McLellan 1992-1993 : Ron Paxton 1993-1994 : Rob Bing* 1994-1995 : Hedley V D Merwe / Hilton Horsley* 1995-1996 : Hilton Horsley* 1996-1997 : Mervin Curnow* 1997-1998 : Paul Adendorff 1998-1999 : Pete Mc Killen* 1999-2000 : Kelvin Hulley* 2000-2001 : Denis Meyer* 2001-2002 : Richard Borradaile* 2002-2003 : Paul Brauteseth* 2003-2004 : Martin Rundle* 2004-2005 : John Saunders* 2005-2006 : Rob Pollock 2006-2007 : Johann Du Plessis* 2007-2008 : Rob Harley* 2008-2009 : Pieter Van Niekerk* 2009-2010 : Danie Van Tonder* 2010-2011 : Kelvin Hulley* 2011-2012 : Kevin Ross* *Still in service

The Sheppie Pride  

Official Newsletter of the Port Shepstone Lions Club, District 410-C, South Africa

The Sheppie Pride  

Official Newsletter of the Port Shepstone Lions Club, District 410-C, South Africa