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Applying site-suitability to Memorial Groves and understanding the risks B Y: C A S S I D Y I N C E

ArcMap: What it is and How it Works • “ArcMap is the map display and editing workhorse for the ESRI ArcGIS Geographical Information System (GIS) software package. It is most widely used for map creation, but also has broad capabilities for editing and spatial analysis. The "Toolbox" available in ArcMap provides an encyclopedic array of GIS data manipulation and analysis functions for almost any application.”


Weighted Overlay Analysis • Used to determine site-suitability • Solves multicriteria problems • Allows user to manipulate weights and rating system • Displays results by taking every attribute into consideration


STEP 1: Determine Criteria

Source: CenterPoint Energy and USDA/NRCS

STEP 2: Gather Shapefiles

STEP 3: Convert Vectors to Rasters • Rasters are determined by individual units (pixels) • Polygons can contain multiple attributes • WOA cannot run with vectors • Essentially more precise • Allows user to define criteria


STEP 4: Reclassify Rasters • Allows user to define individual pixels with values • Attributes can be grouped together • Enables user to input the rating system

Source: -analyst/understanding-reclassification.htm

STEP 5: Develop a Rating System

STEP 6: Enter Data into WOA Tool

STEP 7: Apply Compiled Data

How can site-suitability be applied to Memorial Groves?

Plans for Memorial Groves • Memorial Site for Camp Logan veterans • 65 Acre Pine Regiment • Monoculture stand of loblolly pine/shortleaf pine

Source: Memorial Park Master Plan

Loblolly Pine vs. Shortleaf Pine

What risks are associated with planting a monoculture stand of loblolly pine trees?

Loss of Biodiversity • Habitat loss – Removal of the midstory/understory

• Decrease in genetic variation – Bottleneck Effect – Pest/Disease Outbreaks – Reduced Storm Resistance

Bottleneck Effect • Less genetic variation – Smaller gene pool

• Reduces adaptivity to conditions • More desirable to pests/disease


Southern Pine Beetle (Dendroctonus frontalis) • Females target stressed/damaged trees • Create S-shaped egg galleries • Tree mortality • Monoculture is desirable

Source: http://entnemdept trees/southern_pi ne_beetle.htm

Fusiform Rust • Caused by the fungus Cronartium fusiforme • Prominent in the winter • Forms cankers on branches and stems • Weakens tree structure • Discoloration in bark


Reduced Storm Resistance • Lower wind resistance compared to other pines (Kurt et al 2009). • Hurricane Katrina/Hurricane Rita/Hurricane Ike damage • 2011 Drought – 80% tree mortality (USDA)

Sources: Kurt et al 2009, USDA, and LSU

Altering Soil Use • Affects soil fertility • Harris County Soil Survey • Native Pasture Soils – Ge – Md

• Altered Soil – An

• Timber Soils – Bn

Source: SCRIPTS/texas/harrisTX1976/harris.pdf

How can Memorial Park reduce the risks associated with planting a monoculture stand?

Forest Management Recommendations • Reduce the area of the Memorial • Use site-suitability maps • Plant on correct soils • Maintain stand structure • Thin out hazardous or lower quality trees

Source: http://magnolialandandtimber.blogspot .com/p/thinning-plantation.html (Image)


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Applying Site Suitability to Memorial Groves  

Prepared by Cassidy Ince, 2017 Intern

Applying Site Suitability to Memorial Groves  

Prepared by Cassidy Ince, 2017 Intern