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GOT LIFE Ministry Sunday A photo co"age of Ministry Sunday & Expo

All I Know...! Last month Bishop Brenda Perry preached a message that I would call a transitional or conjunction message, “All I Know...!” Despite what we see, feel, or may be going through in our life, we have to hold on to the knowledge that God is always in control. Trouble is bound to come to all of us at some time during our life. However, each child of God must have an “all I know...God is in control” attitude. When our faith is steadfast in God, our confidence that He will fulfill His promise will be a testimony to others. Like the old saint used to say, “When hard times come you gotta know what you know!” -Pastor Mel

MINISTRY SUNDAY PHOTOS On Sunday, April 21, New Life Temple Church hosted it’s first Ministry Sunday & Expo. Several ministries took part in this event. Photos clockwise: Pastor Powe", co-director of Couples In Unity, talking with Elder Hardiman; Pastor Mel interviewing Sis. Boyd, Sis. Watson and Evang. Blouin; Interviewing Eld. Hardiman, Sis. Wi"iams and Sis. Jones; Sis. Stephens, director of Ladies of the Light, talking with


Eld. Terry; Sis. Jones, co-director of Children with Purpose, talking with a guest; Sis. Clay, director of C.A.Y.C. (singles’ ministry); some of the young adults recruiting other young adults; Interviewing Sis. Stephens and Deacon Bates; the Sunday School Department’s table.




family and home. God has never and will never change His “yeah” and “amen”. He is the same yesterday and forever more. His laws and plan for mankind will not change. If we want to be blessed and successful in this life, this is one of the ways we can be blessed.

intake of fruit and vegetables”. With the up rise of diabetes 2 and obesity, along with many other health issues, gives you something to think about. You may ask, “What does this have to do with honoring your father and mother?” Simply stated….a lot. HONOR THY FATHER Technology has revolutionized Deuteronomy 6:6-7 tell us to place AND MOTHER His commandments in our hearts our life. It was design to help Bishop Brenda K. Perry, make life more convenient, and to first, then teach them to our Sr. Pastor of NLTC children and what better time to free up time and make life easier talk to your children, with a home and pleasant. Yes, it has great cook meal. Visiting my young advantages in many ways, even in daughter and her family this past In the commandments of spreading and promoting the month, I see the tradition is still God in Exodus 20:12 and gospel of Christ. But, it also has going strong; nothing like home Deuteronomy 5:16 you will find brought havoc and great cook meals and family time of written, “Honor thy father and thy detriment into our homes and talking. mother, as the Lord thy God hath family time. We as parents have commanded thee; that thy days replaced our quality time with our Looking at the now may be prolonged, and that is may children with objects and stuff, generation that is bringing in the go well with thee, in the land self-gratification achievement, and next generation, I see a generation which the Lord thy God giveth making every affect to please the that’s losing faith in God, His thee.” (KJV) flesh. We are being challenged Word, and the basic moral values of life. I see the appreciation for With the divorce rate so high, and combated in today’s world of philosophy so much so that it has the Mother is still holding on, but and single parenting has become declining yearly and the Father is almost the norm, I alone with my come into the true believer’s home. coming less and less appreciate four siblings were blessed to be daily and that sadden me. raised by John and Margaret In the last month or two I Brown. Coming up in the era that have been reading different books Honoring our Father and Mother I was in the value of respecting and articles in general. They were is not just for us today, but our children and their children. When your parents was still in the top not per-say dealing with family as the home is destroyed, what else 5……even though the rise of a new a main topic, but one or two era was in the making. You articles spoke about the family and do we have? Proverbs 30:11 says, understood that you were to their time together. Some things I “There is a generation that curses its father, and does not bless its respect older people, so naturally believed, and practiced with my mother.” Yes, it saddens me to see you placed this attitude toward family……and I see it as a lost art so many homes without both your parents. today. One article read, “There parents. are proven benefits to eating Jesus addressed this to the together, especially for teens. So I give praise to those Pharisees in Matthew 15:3-6. The Such as less likely to smoke, use willing to marry someone with Apostle Paul in Ephesians 6:2 alcohol and drugs, get into flights, children. They step into parenting expresses this to the body of or think about suicide. They are in helping raise someone else believers as the first also more likely to delay sexual children, many are doing a great commandment with a promise. activity, and they do better job. As the body of believers, we The family and our homes are academically than teens that eat must step up and give a helping being challenged like never before, hand to the single parents that are but greater is He that’s in us, then separated from their families. It also stated, “Children who eat struggling to raise those children he that in the world”. God is the with their parents have a higher without the other parent. designer and authority of the




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I applaud you single parents that bring up successful young people that are giving back to them, society and the Lord God Almighty. Honoring our parents is more than words, and don’t do a card for the holiday with a gift; it’s greater than this, God added blessing and promises with this commandment; so it must be of the heart. Single or married here are some pointers that may help in


raising our children that in return bring honor.

✦Being a role model for your children at all times ✦Be consistence in training, teaching ✦Be a parent, and not a friend (wait until they are grown and responsible) ✦Be wise enough to know you can’t buy love & respect…. you earn it ✦ Be willing to acknowledge when you are wrong ✦ Be willing to take the time to laugh, play with them and to listen to them

✦ Being able to have positive role models around your children ✦ Be there for them in the good and bad times ✦ Be prayerful And I will close with these scripture: Proverbs 10:1, “A wise son makes a glad father” Proverbs 17:6, “Children’s children are the crown of old men, and the glory of children is their father”. Proverbs 31:28, “Her children rise up and call her blessed” Children that bring honor to their Father and Mother bring blessings upon their life.

✦ Be a believer and doer of the Word of God with them

HEALTHY PARENTING NUGGETS Set aside quality time to spend with your children on a regular basses.

Saying “I’m sorry” to a child goes a long way.

When correcting or disciplining, stay consistent.

Even though you may not want your child to grow up, remember they will. So your way of relating to your teen will be different than when they are five.


Be the first teacher in your child’s life. Start teaching them the Word of God during their early years.

Remember, all parents make mistakes. Don’t beat yourself up about them, instead learn from them.

Learn your child’s love language. After all, that’s the best way to communicate with them.

God doesn’t expect you to know it all. That’s why He’s there to help you. In prayer and through His word He will give you the answers.



A LIVING TESTIMONY not crack when we are shaken. 1 Peter 2:1-2:10 By Min. Isaac Bazile, Men of the Tower Director

Are you a living testimony? That is a question all Christians are faced with in this faith journey from time to time. God has brought me out of so much in my life that I have no excuse not to be. I believe that I am a living testimony… here is why. I have faced insurmountable odds in my life. My strength, integrity and faith have been tested time and time again, I have failed Him many times, and His Grace and Mercy has brought me out of bad decisions, choices, and just plain rebellion. At times, when I feel like Satan has put a hit out on my life, he has peeked into my future and he sees God working on me and in me. He tries to stop me from reaching my destiny in Christ, but he can’t because my testimony is not dead, but alive in me.

We have good reasons for telling others the good news of salvation and new life in Christ. However, it has to be upon bedrock of a lifestyle that imitates our Lord, to the best of our ability. The world and Satan are constantly bidding for our affection and allegiance. They would want us to value what the world values, and participate in a sinful lifestyle because it clouds our view of God and makes us poor advertisements of Jesus.

When I look at how the Lord has moved in the life of my childhood friend Dennis….he and I have been friends since the ninth grade. We were Marines together. Some years ago he was going through a very tough time in his life and he was contemplating committing suicide when the Lord placed me in his path. I witnessed to him about the Grace of God, and how the enemy would love nothing more than for him to give in to the feeling of no way out. Recently he experienced a life changing encounter with a battle with colon and rectal cancer. He had aggressive radiation and chemotherapy, but when he told me that he Whether we realize it or knows it was the Lord who not; whether we like it or not, brought him through it I knew we are an advertisement of he now has a living testimony. Jesus Christ. He is a great advertisement for Jesus, and his saving Grace. Has Actions do often speak the Lord done great things in louder than words. There needs to be a foundation laid that will !

MAY/JUNE 2013 your life? Are you a living testimony? A living testimony is an advertisement to Jesus, and his power to take us from faith to faith….. an advertisement of his saving grace and mercy. Sin has a way of dragging us down and blinding us to the liberating truths of God’s blessings. For example, when we are living in sin: · We don’t feel the warmth of God’s approval. · We don’t experience cleansing of forgiveness. · We don’t handle stressful situations well, for we try to defend ourselves in a reactionary way instead of a Christ-like, trusting way. · We don’t see God’s providential hand working in our lives to guide us. · We don’t feel peace in our souls. · We become blinded to God’s unfolding plans. · We lose faith in God’s goodness and faithfulness. · We don’t pray for God’s will anymore. · Our view of God becomes smaller and smaller, until He is just a manageable deity that we come to only out of our convenience. And when people see this in our lives, it greatly

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Looking Ahead Birthdays & Anniversaries

Please mark your calendars for the upcoming events for May & June

MAY 5 - Celebration of Hispanic in American History 6- Leadership Prayer 12-Mother’s Day 19- Pentecost Sunday 19- Outreach at Senior Living 4pm 25- Marriage Seminar 26- Evening Service 30- Memorial Day (Office CLosed)

JUNE Back School Drive Begins 9- Evening Service 10-Leadership Prayer 16- Father’s Day 22- Leadership Prayer & Meeting 23- Evening Service 25 -27 VBS 30-Outreach at Star of Hope


May 5! !

Judith Payne

June 1! !

Mel Perry

May 6! !

Julia Hines

June 2! !

Donna Ross-Powell

May 14! !

Brianna Payne

June 4! !

Mary Lewis-Hunt

May 14! !

Jasmine Coney

June 8! !

Elizabeth Bazile

May 15! !

Lakethia Dalcoe

June 11! !

Betty Holmes

May 21! !

Roy Clark

June 12! !

Contrece Cravens

May 26! !

Justine Coney

June 23! !

Jacorri Richardson

May 27! !

Karen Watson

June 25! !

Diamond Mitchell

May 31! !

Jenny Jones

June 25! !

Terri Mitchell

June 28! !

Jamie R. Coney II

June 29! !

Leslie Dockery

Anniversaries Sonny & Jenny Jones May 10 Dale & Donna Powell May 10 Armsted & Lela Chambers May 10

Anniversaries Lonnie & Louie Mae Cardwell June 20 Roger & Agnes Williams June 27




New Life Temple Ministries Words from our ministries

C.A.Y. C. SINGLE’S MINISTRY Sharon Clay, Single’s Ministry Director

Right now you are probably wondering what does C.A.Y.C. stand for, and what does it have to do with the Singles’ Ministry?

Life Temple Church. C.A.Y.C. is an acronym for “Casting All Your Cares”. It is taken from I Peter 5:7, “Casting all your cares upon Him, for He careth for you”. The purpose of the C.A.C.Y. Singles Ministry is to provide a setting for Christian singles to fellowship and discuss issues that are prevalent to them; to network with other Single Ministries, and to provide workshops to enlighten and empower singles to live a productive and fulfilled Christian life.

Christian singles face a unique set of challenges in the Christian life. The path through life that the world would have me take many times is quit appealing. Immoral behavior is recommended in television commercials, newspaper articles, and even as you drives the roads on billboards. Singles receive pressure from their peers to join in the club scenes, and the drinking and drug parties. Living by ones faith and biblical teaching becomes harder day after day. At times relationships causes a lot of anguish because emotions say one thing, and your spirit says another thing. We, as Christians, live in this polluted world, and trying not to become a part of it is challenging.

We are hoping, if you are single, you will come and find out more about the ministry. We will have our activity calendar in the newsletter very soon. However, you can contact Sis. Sharon Clay to answer any concern you may have.

This is why C.A.Y.C. is the foundation for the Singles at New

Psalms 18:30-32 says, “As for God, his way is perfect: The word


Sharon Clay, Director C.A.Y.C. Singles’ Ministry (713) 991-5972 (church office)

MARRIAGE MINISTRY: GOD HAS PROVIDED A PERFECT PATH Deaconess Cathy Powe" Marriage In Unity Director

of the Lord is tried: He is a buckler to all those that trust him. For who is God save the Lord? Or who is a rock save our God? It is God that girdeth me with strength and maketh my way perfect.” So the Lord knows and sees everything. He has provided a perfect path for us, and on that path He is our rock, our protector, our strength and our buckler which is a shield against all that the enemy throws at us. We can trust Him in everything. Wherever He has allowed us to be it is a starting point for where He is going to take us. We are at the beginning, and we know the end. It’s trusting God, as we go through the middle, that will see us through to the end. We don’t have to fear. I John 4 reads, “There is no fear in love; but perfect love cast out fear because fear involves torment or punishment and the one who fears is not made perfect in love”. Sometimes we punish ourselves from fear that enters our lives. But God has not given us a spirit of fear but of peace and a sound mind. God is love and there is no Continue on page 7


NEW LIFE TEMPLE CHURCH! Continued %om page 6

fear in him. As He covers us with his love all other doubt and fear disappear. We are made perfect in Him. There is nothing He won’t do for us. This day God has ordered our steps because He loves us. No hurt is too hurtful. No trial is too long, and no work is too hard. God has designed us to step into every situation that comes our way. He strengthens us, gives us wisdom and helps us to step out with courage knowing we are victorious in Him. So be encouraged, and know that God has great things waiting for us. Much love in Christ.

OUTREACH: IT’S TIME TO GO OUTSIDE Elder Edna Johnson, Outreach Director

When we contrast the first century ministry of Jesus to the twenty first century ministry of the church, we can clearly see that Jesus didn’t have an inside ministry. Jesus’ ministry was focused on the outsiders, those who were not welcomed

into the righteous circle. Those who were morally corrupt, sick with leprosy, demon possessed. Jesus spoke to the crowds from a boat in the middle of the sea. He spoke from atop of a hillside, by the pool and even in the marketplace. Jesus was always among the everyday people. Today you would find him in the third ward, or the fifth ward, or on the cut, or in the hold in the wall café, or the neighborhood pool hall. In fact, when He went to the synagogue the time He spent there was short. When he talked to the spiritual leaders, His words were few and directly to the point. Even when He ministered to his disciple, he used illustration from the outside. For example, when he wanted to teach his disciples about faith, he showed than a foreigner who had powerful faith. When He wanted to teach them about how strong the desire for money is, he showed them a man who was not willing to give up his wealth. So how is it that we are trying so hard in our everyday living to imitate our Savior, yet we seemingly have not acquired His passion, and focus for the unsaved? I can see where it is easy to not exchange the “street walking”, the “door knocking”, or the “street preaching” for the warm four walled shelter of our church building. Sunday school

MAY/JUNE 2013 classes, small group sessions and those awesome food fellowships can lure us away from the sexually immoral people on the street, the impoverished, and the suffering. Jesus’ message was never meant to stay inside. In Matthew 28:19-20 (NKJV) he told us to take the message outside. He said, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen. I strongly suggest that it is time for the church to rediscover what it is like to be the church on the outside, doing the things that Jesus did. We need to find out what we are missing from the heart of Jesus for a hurting world. I believe it is time for the church to become undomesticated, to go into the streets and identify with the sinner, the poor and the oppressed. The only way to do this is for the church to step outside of itself. And, the only way to step outside is to “Go.”

SHARE YOUR MINISTRY.... Whether you are ministry leader or a member, if you have something you would like to share with the readers of Got Life, we would love to hear from you. This is a great opportunity to minister and encourage other believers in their Christian walk. To submit your article or inquire about articles, please email



NEW LIFE TEMPLE CHURCH! INTRODUCING OUR NEW CONTRIBUTING WRITER: SOLACE My name is Jada, but I’d rather be called Solace when it comes to anything dealing with artistry. I believe I was in middle school when I was first introduced to the peace sign. Mesmerized by just the sign itself, I unconsciously fused myself to it. As time passed, and I got older, I learned the depth of the word and how important peace is concerning the word of God. Soon after, I began to desire to have a relationship with God. More so, I just wanted to be sure of who I was and find myself. I knew the only way to do that would be to open up and let God literally take the wheel.

tugged and pulled at me. There were many times I wanted to say something but because I felt unworthy of even praying at times, I held myself captive and remained silent. Being in the valley sucks! There’s no joy. You may have some happiness but notice that I didn’t say “joy”.


guessed, solace was one of those words on the side. So I looked it up and the meaning was simply “peace’. I was sold, but not convinced.

It wasn’t until months later I decided to look up the word to see what it meant nowadays because Hamlet was written in old English. Happiness and joy are two When I looked it up the meaning totally different things. Happiness was to have peace, serenity, or to is temporal and can be given by be calm in the midst of turmoil. man. It will all too soon fade. Joy, Then I was SOLD! From that however, is an indescribable point on I changed my email and feeling that truly grows from any other account I could think of within and blossoms. It’s kind of to solace. I truly believe God gave like a sunrise. In the very that name to me simply because of beginning it’s completely dark, but the way it all happened. I say all then you see a glimpse of light, this to say that God definitely has small and faint, but there. As you a plan for all of us. We just need to keep looking, that small faint be ready to receive it. Take your glimpse of light soon lights the eye off people, and place them on entire hemisphere. That’s what I God. Our natural bodies are for think about when I think of Joy. lease. We have them now, but later It’s an everlasting optimism given they will belong to the maggots by the man upstairs himself. and worms.

The most coincidental thing that happened to me during this time was, no matter what time or where, whenever I opened my Well, sadly this took an awful bible I saw the word peace. long time, and took some serious Literally. EVERYTIME. Who purging, crying, and more crying. I ever said God doesn’t have a since can honestly say I understand why of humor? So I began to highlight we as Christians or believers it every time I saw it. I’m still struggle and go through as much unsure of what exactly God wants as we do. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t me to do with peace, but I’m need God. Let’s be honest for just looking forward to it indefinitely. a minute, then we can return to This brings me to my favorite the “holier than thou, sanctified, part, the name Solace. I was in holy ghost filled water baptized” English class my senior year and believer, but when things are going we were reading William good, God gets put on the back Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”. They burner. So unfortunately, we have would have certain words out to to be reminded who we serve and the side, and anyone who really why we serve him. knows me knows that I like words, While I continued to deal with my struggles, God constantly


and words that really provoke thought. Well, as you may have

Just this past weekend, a young girl around my age was shot in the head and killed. My peers from high school aren’t really sure what to do, but what they do know to do is pray and make an attempt to talk to God, contrary to their lifestyles. Once again God was put on that back burner until something tragic happened. I simply responded and said, “Focus on the positive, and let God handle the rest”. I got a lot of “likes” and responses. I know that they are watching me and it’s sometimes intimidating, but at the same time I know they need me, as I need them. ! ! !

! ! ! Peace.






GRADUATING CLASS 2013 "We firmly believe education has the irresistible power to dissolve the shackles of slavery. - Mary McLeod Bethune

and grace that you have come this far on your way.

May the things you have learned over the past 13 years be profitable to you as you continue your education, either in a high learning institution or in the market place.

TraDarrius (Tray) Pendland, Cypress Ridge HS; Stephon Smith, Cypress Ridge HS ; Darrien Coleman ( grandson of Darnell and Gladys Simmons), June 8, 2013 at Barnett Stadium Sports Complex

Our pray is that this is one of many more great accomplishments which are to come as you press forward. Never cease to learn, We, the pastoral sta and always be teachable, take time to leadership team of New Life Temple Church, would like to take open and enjoy a book, and always keep God as your most important this time to celebrate and friend. congratulate the graduating class of 2013. 2013 Graduates

More importantly, remember to place and keep God in the center of your life, and draw all wisdom and understanding from Him. For it is through His mercy




L The

ite S


and tian Chris s” t o “The h S ello the J ry . Per Mel A

It’s a Friday night in Htown...perfect for a night out. The best places to go on a gorgeous spring night is wherever the music is hot and the shots are flowing.

Christians go into the clubs and “Do you dance?” not be influenced by our friends or Uh, now how was I supposed peers?” to answer that one. “Oh, yes! I had no real confirmation, Darling I cut it up at church and other than what I felt in my spirit, dare you to try and put it in like I that we were going to a club. do!” After establishing who were the designated drivers, we headed out for dinner at a new place in Midtown that specializes in Jello shots. Nope this is not the stuff Bill Cosby used to advertise on TV.

So seven chics walk into the It seemed someone in our GOOD LIFE, where the 1st round party knew the manager...who of shots are on the house... doesn’t like free drinks on the All hands in for the photo house, baby! before the shots are downed! I could see the smiles, as that But wait, there are only 6 first round hit the table...”Oh, hands in the pic. Uh, where’s the none for me, thank you.” seventh hand? Let’s do that At that moment, I dared to picture over...ready, got it. 1,2,3...7 think if there were any Christians hands. Great, so drink up! I knew who would have passed up “Hey, what are you drinking?” that freebie. Ha! Yes, the thought “Oh, none for me.” “uh?” “No...” crossed my mind, and I laughed “Do you drink?” “Nope.” “At all?” for about 1 second... “Nope, I don’t drink at all.” Wait, I forgot...this is the 21st That’s how my night started century and everyone is a when I recently decided to Christian. So, no I’m sure there venture out of my “church world” are a few people who would have and go do what Jesus did. gladly counted that shot of Now, let me just say this, at 38 whatever as favor (raised eyebrow). years old I’ve never stepped one My intent was not to go all foot into a club. So when my churchy on six chics, and become friend invited me to go hangout the self-righteous holy one. “Naw, with her, her roommate and some I don’t drink because I’m saved for of their friends, I prepared myself real! And I’m a Christian so I for it all. can’t...”. Hahaha! But I did want Underline “prepared”! That them to meet a person who isn’t afternoon during noon day prayer, like anyone they had ever met. I asked God a prophetic question, So I left my clergy-collar at “Why can’t rooted and grounded home...



Naw...”No...I don’t dance.” “You don’t dance?” I’m imagining at this moment in her mind she’s thinking “black chic doesn’t dance, hmm”, by the look she gave me. To which I just smiled. “Ok, you don’t have to dance...” Wait! Where are we going? THE RED DOOR! Call me old school. But if a club has the name “RED” in it...oh, you know the devil is in there! LOL! For the next hour plus, I had the greatest teaching moment a pew baby church girl could ever have! I have never seen people so unashamed go in to praise and worship without any prompting. YES! I said, they went into praise and worship. Those people in that place went in! They shook what they didn’t have, passionately made up their own rhythm, moved in the most embarrassing manner that made them look as if they were raping a person, stood on the seats to show off their moves... Oh, honey they went in! As I sat there I wondered, why were they so free to worship? What force pulled them in that they could ignore those of us

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NEW LIFE TEMPLE CHURCH! Continue from page 4

damages our testimony. They’re not likely to want to listen to anything we have to say. The kind of lifestyle that develops our testimony (v. 2)

Illustration: Feeding a newborn baby A baby doesn’t keep you guessing when she’s hungry, she let’s you know (“Whaaaaaa!”) That’s how it ought to be with Christians. We are to be like newborn babies that cry often for God’s Word, and have it be a natural part of our daily lives.

✤ Wednesday evening bible study

if to say, “Uh, what do you want me to do again Daddy God?”

✤ Sunday school

While I watched the entertainment, I did what I love doing...posting on social network what I was learning.

✤Getting involved with an accountability partner or group… How precious is the word of God! How can we afford to leave it out of our lives? “Long for the pure milk of the word, that by it you may grow in respect to salvation.” Our world needs to see an advertisement of Christ that is genuine. Bottom line: Where Jesus is, there is life!

If we neglect our spiritual food Continue %om page 10 in the Bible, we run the risk of being swayed into a sinful mindset, and ruining our spiritual growth laughing? What made these and advertisement to others. people send up a high praise that was greater than the children of When we climb the mountains God? of life, the Bible is our rope of Instantly, my heart begin to courage to cling onto. In the hurt. God, why are they giving a valleys, it is our staff of guidance. greater praise than what your When the storms come, it is our children give unto you? umbrella of assurance. When we I know there are people who tread the desert stretches, it is our are worshipers, and whether they canteen of unlimited fresh water are at church or away from to revive us. church, they will go in. But when I saw a crowed of people walk into a Application: What are some room and just start praising, not creative things that we could be because someone said, “Come on doing in our lives to help soak in and praise with me!”, but because the word of God and make its that’s what they came to do I values our own? wondered who is the greater God ✤Attending a home Bible in the hearts of God’s beloved study – or starting one! children. ✤A special quiet time where How many of God’s children you can get alone with God praise on Friday and Saturday at the club, but come into the House ✤ Monday morning men’s prayer breakfasts before going and just stare at God almighty, as to work



Eventually, it was time to leave...after all there was Saturday prayer that would call me in the “a.m.” hours. I knew my friend of only a few weeks would be looking to see what I put on Facebook. However, I didn’t know that she would feel so bad about that night after reading my post. As I was getting ready for Leadership Prayer, I heard a text come through on my BB. I was surprised when I opened it. “I am SO sorry!”...She had seen the Facebook post and learned the night before was my FIRST time in a club. I thought why was she sorry about something she didn’t know? I quickly answered myself, 1. Friendship mattered 2. Respect As Christians we should live our lives so that our friendship matters and people respect us enough not to want to disrespect us. After all, no matter where Jesus went, people always wanted to be around Him, and when He left they still respected Him. How the rest of this story will play out, I’m not sure. But I know that our mission field is much bigger than what most of us realize. Not every Christian is will go where I went. But there is a place that calls you to come. You never know, it may be a church goer who is waiting for you to come to where they are and show them who God is.




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*NLEC Senior Connection Monday - Friday 10:00am - 2:00pm for all seniors 60+

We believe in being born again of waterby immersion in the name of the Lord “Jesus” Christ for the remission of sins, and in Spirit baptism of the Holy Ghost speaking in other tongues as the Spirit gives utterance. We believe in divine healing, communion and foot washing. We believe in presenting our bodies a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto God. We believe in expressions of praise with lifted hands, hand clapping, playing of musical instruments, voice of praise and dancing.

New Life Temple Church, 4828 Almeda Genoa, Houston, TX 77048

Got Life - May/June 13 New Life Temple Church Newsletter  

A newsletter for spiritual enrichment for the Body of Christ

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