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Feb. 2009


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By Cory Bradley

Monthly Bulletin

Time to Refresh

The following devotion appeared on the January 13 on Streaming Faith “Today’s Daily Devotion” and is used with permission. Semantics, semantics, semantics. Did you know words can shape our reality and frame our very world? If so, then maybe you'll agree with me that (in this New Year), NEW may not be so NEW anymore! I strongly believe that this year, new may actually be something old. Something original. After all the New Year hoopla fades away, I wonder if perhaps our focus this year should not be as much on looking for something new to occur in our lives, but rather to rediscover what we already possess in God. To rediscover what He has already given "in" us before the foundations of the world. This year, I began with this idea in Strongly encouraged for all mind: It's time to REFRESH. Isaiah 46:9-10 says,"Remember the former things of old, for I am God, and there is no other; I am God and there is none like Me, declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times things that are not yet done."


This passage of scripture popped an interesting metaphor into my head. On every internet browser, there is a REFRESH button. Usually, you need to hit this button if the page's content needs to be updated or if the page is in freeze mode or somehow stuck. Sometimes you even need to hit the REFRESH button when the page has not fully downloaded all of its contents. You may even need to hit the REFRESH button when we lose the connection with the invisible communication signals in the atmosphere. See where I'm going with this? This new year, when your life's hardware seems to freeze or if the page you believe you should be on is not fully loaded with all of the icons you think you need, it may not be time to look for something new. All that you need is already in you. It maybe time for you to just hit the refresh button. Try it today members Cory Bradley serves as the worship leader for New Birth Charlotte, where Pastor Terrell Murphy serves as senior pastor. Cory, who has worked with artists such as LaDonna Mole and William Murphy III, is an emerging worship leader and a explorer of the transformative power worship can have in every believer. For more information about Cory, be sure to visit New Birth Charlotte.

By Min. Isaac Bazile

The Beauty of Change

2 Cor. 5:17 “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.” Have you ever really thought of the power of this scripture, of what is involved in true change? If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Too often we worry more about changing others than we do ourselves. GENESIS 32:24-30 outlines the process God uses to bring about lasting change in our lives. For many years my wife has had a fondness for butterflies. She really loves just about anything that has butterflies in it or on it. I never really thought about it from a spiritual standpoint. I only looked at it like anyone else, that's her favorite creature because butterflies represent beauty. Lately, the thought of butterflies has been on my mind. When I think of God's goodness and how He has changed my life, the thought of butterflies comes up. Well, during our 21 day Daniel fast, my mind kept going to butterflies, so I began to ask God why and this is what he revealed to me. How does the butterfly begin? Here is the encyclopedia's explanation: “A butterfly is an insect of the order Lepidoptera. Like all Lepidoptera, butterflies are notable for their unusual life cycle with a larval caterpillar stage, an inactive pupal stage, and a spectacular metamorphosis into a familiar and colorful winged adult form. Butterflies are important economically as an agent of pollination”. In addition, a few species are pests, because they can damage domestic crops and trees in their larval stage. How does that relate to the scripture you ask? Think of sin as the caterpillar, something we consider to be ugly, so we go through life creeping and crawling, giving off a toxic substance to everything or everyone we come in contact with, i.e. smoking, drinking, fornication, lying, adultery, distinctions, prejudices, misconceptions, and enslavement of the unregenerate way of life. We are spiritual pests. Then we come to a point in our lives where we hear the word of God, and like the caterpillar a change begins to take place, and then the struggle begins. You begin to learn about the word of God, faith, the power of prayer, and the infilling of the Holy Spirit. This is sort of your cocoon or pupil stage.

During this stage your life begins to change. A spiritual metamorphosis is taking place, and your faith through Christ's spirit is changing you into a new creature. You may be asking yourself, how can I recognize genuine change? First in our attitudes, our heart, and our spirit, and then in what we do! We sing a chorus "Jesus on the inside working on the outside. Oh what a change in my life." That is the first area where change is really true. We have been changed. With the first verb "passed away," the tense is what is called "aorist," which means that "it points back to a definite moment or event." Now all things are of God, who has reconciled us to Himself through Jesus Christ, and has given us the ministry of reconciliation. That is, that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Him, not imputing their trespasses to them, and has committed to us the word of reconciliation. Now then, we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were pleading through us: we implore you on Christ's behalf, be reconciled to God. So now like the butterfly we become “spiritual agents of pollination.” In this case, it refers to the experience of the new birth. Everything that was associated with the old life “distinctions, prejudices, misconceptions, and enslavements of the former unregenerate way of life” assumes the character of pastiness. When a man believes in Christ, and gives up himself to him, faith does not put him into Christ, but makes him appear to be in him. And, as such, one is a new “creature". Some read it, "let him be a new creature" who understands that being in Christ to be by profession. And in this sense, whoever is in the kingdom, or church of Christ, who professes to be a Christian, ought to be a new creature. And this is a new creature, or a new man, in opposition to, and distinction from the old man, the corruption of nature. Because it is something anew, implanted in the soul, which never was there before, it is not a working on, nor an improvement of the old principles of nature, but an implantation of new principles of grace and holiness. Here is a new heart, and a new spirit, and in them new light and life, new affections and desires, new delight Continued on page 4

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Words to Ponder LIL Chocolate BoY

If i were to continue typing on my computer and wondering why drugs are bad, i could go on forever. I could keep going on and on and on about what cigarettes (certain foods) can do to your body or how illegal drugs (too much fried food) mess with your system. I could also began to judge those that do drugs, but wouldn't I be a hypocrite as much as the next person. I mean that in a spiritual sense believe it or not. For example, before the fast began, we were all use to eating our everyday things whenever we wanted to. We snacked as often as we wanted on the first thing we grabbed. Now Stop, Fast Forward, and Pause...and you're in the first week of the fast. How frequently did you think about what "drugs" you were giving up during the fast? How much did you crave some fried chicken or meat, a slice of chocolate cake or ice cream, a can of soda or coffee? How often did you catch your mind slightly drifting away to just get a "sample" of your best friend? Can make you think, right? It's amazing how we can sometimes slip when we have no intention on doing so. No one's perfect, but one of our goals should be striving to get closer to it. If you happen to fall short, no matter what the case may be, don't give, keep pushing, get back up and go the extra mile or two to be better. BE BLESSED!

My L ife O n By Leslie Dockery

Pap er

“Bless the Lord, O my soul and all that is within me!” Psalms 103:1

alive in us. Psalms 19:8 says “…the testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple.”

David commanded his soul to praise the Lord. He understood His goodness, he acknowledged His mercy. He knew that God was worthy to be praised. Although he may not have felt like praising God, he knew it wasn't about his feelings, but about how worthy of praise God is. If we focus on our feelings, then our relationship with God would be based on fleshly natures rather than spiritual ones. When fasting, one learns not to adhere to what the flesh wants, but to give the spirit what it needs-that is, to bless God. Rely on something much more dependable than the flesh, His goodness. If we constantly meditate on it, then His Holy Ghost will make it

David is the most relatable bible figure I know. He questioned God, he doubted God, and his thought process and relationship with Him was written fullout on paper in the Psalms. Although he was distressed at times, David always recovered remembering the loving kindness and mercy of the Lord, rejoicing in His goodness. “Bless the Lord, O my soul bless His holy name.” Command your soul to bless the Lord. Forget not all His benefits, even when you don't feel like it.

By Leslie Dockery


I had been praying for awhile on choices I had to make in theatre; choices that would effect my career as an actress. Well recently, I was cast as a foul mouthed character in the play Colored Museum. I knew this situation would come up, but I had no idea on how to deal with it. I asked my friends, mother, anyone and everyone, but no one gave me the solid answer I'd been seeking. Finally, I really decide that “Lord, I want to please you in all things. Help me make the right decision. Should I take this role?” I didn't want the character's words to effect my relationship with God; but most of all, I didn't want them to hinder anyone's walk with God. I contemplated compromising, and just saying them. After having been cast as the foul mouthed character, a friend hurried to tell me about a dream she had. She dreamt exactly what I needed to hear. It was complete God-sent confirmation. The dream sent me word that I was not to do the role in that show. It was amazing! My friend had no idea of what I'd been praying to God, she only knew of what she dreamt. God is awesome!

He has shown me that although it’s “acting” that it's still me and my body performing the tasks of the character. Therefore, what the character does would really affect me. “Wow, that changes a lot” I thought. I had to think of myself as being effected by the character and others lives as effected also. So, in the beginning my question was, “is it right to say curse words while playing a character?” And the God given answer was “NO!” So I'm like “ok God. Thank You!” I rejoiced because it really shows how He wanted me to be right before Him. "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.”- Matthew 7:7-8 Therefore, whenever you're feeling a little sketchy about things, seek to please God, and He'll show you the right path. He did it for me. Key Verse:

Many people told me that in acting, you are only portraying someone, you're not that person. To me, saying that gives an excuse for the actor to do anything he wants, and justify it with “I was just acting”. We're also taught in theatre to separate ourselves from our characters-to really understand that it’s not us doing the actions, but it's the character. Well, God has revealed to me different.

Psalm 25:4-5 (New International Version) 4 Show me your ways, O LORD, teach me your paths; 5 guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long.

iMovie... Who’s Watching By Broken Conscience As a young person, often I live with the misconception that I’m free to live my life as I please. I mean after all God is the only one who can judge me. I mean I know that’s not a Biblical truth, but it fits into my world view. I know Paul said something in Corinthian about us being living books that are read and seen by everyone, but I mean is the way I live my life really anyone’s business. Of course, I want people to know that I’m a

Christian, but... I guess the truth could be said that a compromising life is a bit confusing to watch. I don’t try to send a mix message...sometimes I try to do what is right. I wonder what kind of fruit do people see when they look at my tree. What story does my life tell? I wonder if my mixed message has turn my friends off from Jesus. I guess I never really thought about who is looking at my life story or what my life’s movie is saying.

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and joys. Here are new eyes to see with, new ears to hear with, new feet to walk, and new hands to work and act with.

principles; new objectives and new purposes and plans. For the Christian, there's a new rule of action; a new course of conduct; new joys; new sorrows; new hopes; new fears, and new relationships. That's what is so beautiful about change.

So, when a person becomes a Christian, he or she is launched into a recreation mode which brings about significant change. The question is what is new? Looking for an answer to this question, I quickly perused the commentaries to find out what different teachers have included in their lists. Here's what I found:

Now our spiritual wings have been made strong so that we can fly. I pray this writing will encourage you, as it has encouraged me, to repeat the beauty of change to at least one person who does not know Christ this year. God bless and keep you.

When we are saved, there is a new mind; a new will; a new judgment; new affections; new conversation; new power to do well; new views; new motives; new

Minister Isaac J. Bazile serves as the Director of the Men of the Tower men’s ministry at NLTC

got life?

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e d i S e t i The L By Mel A. Perry

It’s An Unbreakable Habit

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NLTC Monthly Bulletin - February  

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NLTC Monthly Bulletin - February  

Church monthly ministry bulletin