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First City Connection Information for Leavenworth’s residents and businesses Summer 2013

Leavenworth Hotel Underway

Leavenworth’s newest hotel is planned for construction at Fourth and Metropolitan streets. Ferguson Properties is building a Marriott Fairfeld Inn & Suites, with four floors, 91 rooms and two conference rooms at 800 square feet each. Architect’s rendering courtesy of Generator Studio.

A construction project underway at Fourth and “The City was very helpful in acquiring and Metropolitan streets will provide Leavenworth preparing the site,” he said. “It’s not an easy Project Update: Marriott visitors and residents with a new hotel. site to develop, but it’s on the corner of Fourth The City of Leavenworth received $520,000 and Metropolitan, it’s on the outside edge of - $520,000 paid to City for in December 2012 for the sale of property at the National Guard and the U.S. Army, and you Fourth and Metropolitan streets. Ferguson don’t have many hotels in town.” property sale Properties is the developer and plans to build Ferguson said the Marriott hotel will be a - 91 new hotel rooms a Marriott Fairfield Inn & Suites. The project Fairfield Inn & Suites, a high-quality brand will provide for hotel room needs of the local with a newly-developed design concept. The - Two new conference rooms community, the U.S. Army and U.S. Penitentiarydevelopers plan for about 10 months of con- Scheduled to finish by 2014 Leavenworth. Construction is scheduled to struction to build the new hotel, depending - 25-27 new jobs begin this summer. on the weather. The sale of the property is the culmination of Ferguson said once the hotel is completed, it years of effort by the City Commission and will provide 25 to 27 new jobs to Leavenworth. City staff to encourage business growth. After a Downtown/North The hotel will provide the U.S. Army and Fort Leavenworth with Leavenworth Redevelopment Master Plan that was approved by City additional room space. Currently, the Army’s programs fill Fort Commissioners in 2010, a land assembly program began. Leavenworth’s on-post IHG Army Hotel and the Army pays to The City of Leavenworth purchased property parcels in the Fourth transport Defense Department employees to Fort Leavenworth from and Metropolitan area for fair market value. Eminent domain was hotels near the Kansas City Airport and other locations. not used for any of the 31 parcels of land that were purchased. The Based on the Army’s hotel needs and needs of the area, the City is City also did some basic grading, removed part of a road and worked continuing to recruit developers to tear down and with utility companies throughout the process. replace the now-vacant downtown hotel at Third and Delaware John Ferguson, president of Ferguson Properties, said the City’s streets, once known as the Knight’s Inn. stated plan to develop a research and office park along Metropolitan The City’s Economic Development Division helps many businesses Street and the City’s commitment to be progressive encouraged his already in Leavenworth or who are considering relocating to Leavencompany to consider developing a property in Leavenworth. worth. Visit under “Businesses” for more information about business incentives or call 913-680-2660.

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Inside: 2 - ”TIRE TOWN” changes to “Stove Factory Lofts,” begins construction

City of Leavenworth- First_City Government

Leavenworth Kansas

3- Missouri’s Beverly Bridge/K-92 to be replaced.

5 - Safe Routes to School makes safety a priority so children can walk and bike to school. 6- “KNOW THE CODE” Find out the city’s requirements for maintenance and upkeep of residential property.

CITY PHONE NUMBERS City Manager’s Office City Hall, 100 N. Fifth St. 913-680-2604 City Clerk’s Office City Hall, 100 N. Fifth St. 913-682-9201 Economic Development City Hall, 100 N. Fifth St. 913-680-2660 Fire Department (Administration calls only) 3600 S. 20th Street Trafficway 913-682-3346 For Burn Permits: 913-758-2980 Human Resources City Hall, 100 N. Fifth St. 913-680-2637

Leavenworth Commissioners Meet 7 p.m. Tuesdays at City Hall. Each 2nd and 4th weeks are regular sessions, 1st and 3rd weeks are study sessions. Visit www. for copies of the agendas and minutes.

Laura Janas Gasbarre Mayor 913-758-1834

Inspections City Hall, 100 N. Fifth St. 913-684-0378 Leavenworth Public Library 417 Spruce St. 913-682-5666 Municipal Court Justice Center, 601 S. Third St. 913-758-2900


Your City:

Saving money through Saving energy

Over the past two years, the City of Leavenworth has been converting its traffic signals to LED lighting. This has shown significant savings in the amount spent for energy consumption.

w In 2009 the City spent $40,389 before the program to replace lighting in traffic signals was implemented. w In 2010, the City spent $31,754 w In 2011, the City spent $25,782 w In 2012, the City spent $17,280. The City can now plan a budget for energy consumption less than half the cost of four years ago.

Leavenworth City Commissioners Davis Moulden and Mark Preisinger were re-elected April 2 and Commissioner Lisa Weakley was elected. Larry Dedeke and Laura Janas Gasbarre were not up for re-election. The newly elected were sworn into office April 9.


Old Tire Town building becomes “Stove Factory Lofts” project

Mark Preisinger Mayor Pro-Tem 913-775-2822

Parks and Recreation Riverfront Community Center 123 S. Esplanade St. 913-651-2203 Planning/ Community Development City Hall, 100 N. Fifth St. 913-680-2626 Police (Admin calls only) Justice Center, 601 S. Third St. 913-651-2260

Larry Dedeke Commissioner 913-651-3322

Public Housing Planters II, 200 Shawnee St. 913-682-2200 Public Information Office City Hall, 100 N. Fifth St. 913-680-2610 Public Works/Engineering City Hall, 100 N. Fifth St. 913-684-0375 Service Center (Street and Refuse) 790 Thornton St. 913-682-0650

Davis Moulden Commissioner 913-651-4979

Sewer Emergencies (24 Hours) 913-682-1090 Water Pollution Control 1800 S Second St. 913-682-1090

Lisa Weakley Commissioner 913-682-6297

Leavenworth residents may have noticed ongoing construction at the corner of Choctaw and Esplanade streets that began last winter. Foutch Brothers, the same company responsible for the restoration of the Abernathy Lofts in Leavenworth, has begun construction on the project. Their intent is to renovate the five buildings into loft space, office space and retail space. The project will be completed in phases over the next few years. Foutch Brothers plans to build 90 luxury loft apartments composed of one, two and three bedrooms. The entire complex was built between 1874 and 1910, and was known as the Great Western Stove Company. It is Foutch Brothers’ intent to maintain the historic buildings and restore them.

Garage sale permits

Leavenworth residents hosting a garage sale at their homes must obtain a permit prior to the event. Permits are $5. To apply, please contact the Leavenworth City Clerk’s Office, 913-682-9201. Requests must be submitted by the Thursday before that weekend’s sale or earlier. The permit is good for one sale.

Homes may have one garage sale per quarter (Jan.-March, April-June, July-Sept. and Oct.-Dec.) which totals one per calendar year. Please be considerate when advertising your garage sale. Signs may be displayed during the sale on the property holding the garage sale. For more information, contact the City Clerk’s office at 913-682-9201.

2013 Pavement Management Program

The 2013 work will include nearly $1 million in repairs, including: g Choctaw Street between 3rd and 4th streets. The project is the second of four phases that will complete a rebuild of the concrete street section from Esplanade to 5th Street over the next several years. The first section from 2nd to 3rd Street was completed in 2012. g 10th Avenue from Ohio Street to Michigan (mill and overlay) g 10th Avenue from Michigan to Vilas Street. (patching and overlay) The 10th Avenue repairs will complete most of the repair of the concrete sections of the street. The program is designed to patch and seal the concrete surface to prevent further deterioration of the concrete pavement. g Osage Street from 13th to 17th Street (major section repair and patching) g Municipal Parking Lot (Seneca Street) The work will include curbing replacement and repair as necessary. g The City is also working with KDOT to perform mill and overlay on Spruce between 3rd Street and 6th Avenue. The work is a cost share program call KLINK where the state cost shares up to 50 percent or $200,000 in the maintenance of state highways through the city. The roadways would normally be local maintenance.

The City is replacing a section of Limit Street between 15th and 20th streets that is scheduled to last the remainder of the year. Work includes new sidewalks, a new trail, a new roadbed and a new bridge.

Work has begun on a project to replace a portion of Limit Street. The project will close Limit between 15th and 20th streets for about five months. An access road is being constructed during this process on the south side of Limit Street for local residents. This section of Limit is 1,500 feet long and is two lanes. The $1.8 million street replacement project includes tearing out the entire roadbed and adding stabilizing material beneath it, replacing the

bridge west of 16th Street, adding a sidewalk along the north side, curbs on both sides, putting in new storm drainage and getting rid of roadside ditches. The Kansas Department of Transportation is providing part of the funding. The new Limit Street section will have a 10-foot wide paved trail on the south side that will connect to the County and City trails system.

Missouri DOT to replace Beverly/Route 92 Bridge to Kansas City airport




North Farley Road

10th Street




Kisker Road

North Farley Road




K isker Road

e Missouri Riv

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Grant Ave.

Humphrey’s Road


Winter/Spring 2013

The Missouri Department of Transportation plans to shut 92 Route 92 Bridge Replacement down a portion of Route 92 for 92 Road Closure about six months to replace the Beverly Bridge. Fort Leavenworth The Route 92 Bridge, also P ope Ave. referred to as the Beverly Bridge, Route 92 Detour spans 600 feet over Route 45 and e. the Burlington Northern Santa Av k Fe Railway and is the most 7direct Hancoc route for Leavenworth residents to access the Kansas City Interna45 tional Airport. Rou 73 Metropolitan Ave. te 45 Spu Because the rising cost of repairs r to the more than 70-year-old bridge, MoDot plans to replace Shawnee St. the bridge. The new bridge will be in the same place as the Leavenworth existing one. In order to do this, Springdale Street 92 taking about a three-mile detour. To pre- a left turn lane. The entire project is Route 92 must close for about scheduled to be completed by the end of six months beginning in the summer of pare Route 45 for the additional traffic, 7 the Missouri Department of Transporta- 2013. For more information about MoDot 2013. Leavenworth area traffic will still flow to tion will begin work this spring to widen projects, visit the road, pave shoulders and construct and from the airport using Route 45,

Informing Leavenworth’s residents and businesses

Summer Street Projects


Summer 2013 Informing Leavenworth’s residents and businesses


Fire hydrant testing takes place this spring The City of Leavenworth Fire Department and the Leavenworth Water Department are working together the next few months to complete annual fire hydrant testing. Some areas may experience discolored or cloudy water during this time, but this will only be temporary, and the water is safe to use. Allow the water to run from the faucet for several minutes and it will eventually return to a clear color. Testing hydrants and flushing water mains is a normal, preventive maintenance procedure to test the water distribution system for fire flows and to improve water quality and safety. This program is an important part of the City’s ability to provide fire protection service and to ensure that all hydrants on the system are in good working condition. Please note that it is against the law to drive over fire hose. Driving over a fire hose can cause significant damage to the hose and injure any person on the end of the hose. Violators can be ticketed. Testing is done to ensure the hydrants operate properly. Like most water valves, fire hydrants need to be exercised periodically. During testing, fire flows are measured and maintenance issues are identified. The water-distribution system is also flushed to remove settled particles such as iron and sediment accumulation in the water lines. This helps to reduce discolored water in the system. Should I use the water during hydrant testing in my neighborhood?

Use Caution when Grilling

This fire in Leavenworth in 2007 was caused by a propane tank used to fuel a gas grill. It exploded, caught the deck on fire and spread to the entire back side of the house. For online safety information about grilling outdoors this summer, visit PDF/Public%20 Education/Grilling_Safety_tips.pdf

You may experience discolored water during and immediately following hydrant testing in your neighborhood. If the system is stirred up when you use water in your home, you could draw the discoloration into your internal plumbing causing discoloration at your faucets, etc. The Fire Department and Water Department recommends trying not to use the water at all when flushing is occurring on your street and limit activities that cause the greatest discoloration concern, such as doing laundry on all dates that the system is flushed. Do I need to check/run my outside faucet each day of the flush? It doesn’t hurt to check the outside faucet in the morning. If the water is

discolored after running the faucet for several minutes, limit indoor water use. Can I landscape around the fire hydrant in my yard? The City’s ordinance states that no person shall place or keep any post, fence, vehicle, growth, trash, storage or other material or thing near any fire hydrant, fire hydrant connection or fire protection control system valve that would prevent such equipment from being immediately located and/or hinder the fire department from gaining immediate access to the equipment or hydrant. A minimum three-foot clearance shall be maintained around the hydrant.

FIREWORKS ORDINANCE Fireworks, except for smoke balls, sparklers, snakes, champagne bottle poppers and toy paper caps, are illegal in the City of Leavenworth. Any other common fireworks, also called Class C fireworks, are also considered illegal in the City. The City prohibits the selling, possession or ignition of fireworks within the City limits. The only exception to this ordinance is for public firework displays that are approved, ahead of time, by the City Clerk and Fire Chief. Ordinances are online at

Police Corner The Leavenworth Police Dept. welcomes these new officers: Patrolman Chance Boyle


Join the Leavenworth Police Department for a free daycamp for children June 24-28 at Warren Middle School. Activities include games, water safety, pet care, and a special trip to a water park this year. Only 50 children are accepted. For more information, contact the police department at 680-2504. Patrolman Thomas Howell Jr.

Patrolman Hannah McMillin

Patrolman Robert Reinhold

Patrolman Eric Tebbe

This area in front of West Intermediate School is getting a new sidewalk from the “Safe Routes to School” grant this spring. The federal program, administered through the Kansas Department of Transportation, is intended make it easier for children to walk or bike to school.

Routes near schools are getting more than $250,000 worth of work from a grant intended to encourage children to walk or bike to school. The City applied

for and received a grant, “Safe Routes to School” from the federal government and administered through the Kansas Department of Transportation. The City

First Time Home Buyer Program

The City of Leavenworth has funds available for qualified lowto moderate-income first time home buyers who are currently renting in Leavenworth and would like to purchase a home within the city limits. Through the Community Development Block Grant, the City can provide up to $12,000 for interest rate buy down, mortgage rate buy down, and/or down payment assistance. Applicants must be pre-approved for a mortgage and meet income eligibility requirements as defined by HUD guidelines:

Low $24,950 $28,500 $32,050 $35,600 $38,450 $41,300 $44,150 $47,000

Moderate $39,900 $45,600 $51,300 $56,950 $61,550 $66,100 $70,650 $75,200

*Figures are adjusted annually by the Department of Housing and Urban Development; current rates effective Dec. 2012. For additional requirements and information, please contact Linda Cooper, Community Development Coordinator, at (913) 680-2628 or email

The City of Leavenworth’s website is getting a makeover! Check our website this summer to see the changes: Trash Holiday Reminder: During these holidays, in addition to New Year’s Day, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day and President’s Day, which have already passed, the City of Leavenworth does not collect trash on these dates: - Monday, Memorial Day, May 27 - Thursday, Independence Day July 4 - Monday, Labor Day Sept. 2 - Monday , Veterans Day Nov. 11 - Thursday, Thanksgiving Day Nov. 28 - Wednesday, Christmas Day, Dec. 25 If a holiday occurs on a Monday, trash collection will be delayed one day throughout the week. If a trash collection occurs on a Wednesday, trash collection will be delayed one day for those who normally receive trash collection on Wednesdays and Thursdays. If a trash holiday is on a Thursday, trash collection is moved to Friday. The City does not normally have trash collection on Fridays. For other delays in trash collection service, visit our website,, Time Warner Cable Channel 2 in Leavenworth or our social media sites, on Facebook as City of Leavenworth or Twitter as

Summer 2013

Household 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

was responsible for funding design, inspection and any construction above the cost of the $250,000 grant. The program focuses on five E’s: Evaluation, Engineering, Education, Encouragement and Enforcement. These mean enforcing speed limits near schools, using events and activities to promote walking and bicycling to school and educating children and families about the range of transportation choices. In Leavenworth, new and replacement sidewalks will be constructed. New sidewalks will meet handicapped-accessible needs, there will be new crosswalks and signs, and fence and bicycle racks. Schools in the area of these project include: - David Brewer Elementary School - Earl M. Lawson Elementary School - Henry Leavenworth Elementary School - Anthony Elementary School - West Intermediate School The project began in March and is scheduled to be completed by mid-May, weather permitting.

Informing Leavenworth’s residents and businesses

Grant program provides safer, easier routes to school


Summer 2013 Informing Leavenworth’s residents and businesses 6

Know the code

A few reminders from the City’s Planning and Zoning Department

Yard Maintenance

• Grass and weeds must be kept shorter than 12 inches. All ground covers and vines shall be maintained to discourage undesirable creatures. Any noxious weeds are to be removed. Owners/occupants of properties abutting sidewalks, streets or public property shall maintain all vegetation so it does not interfere with travel or sight. Special care should be taken at intersections. Approximately 30 percent of overall code violations stem from weeds and tall grass violations. Only one notification per year is sent on a grass and weed violation. If the City mows your property, the charge will include the contractors’ fee and a city assessment fee: - $100 for 1st mow - $250 for 2nd mow - $500 for additional mows

Storm Damage of Trees • Property owners have three months from the last storm to remove all tree damage from the property.

Garbage and Trash

• Refuse, rubbish, garbage and household trash cannot be left in the yard and must be disposed of properly. This includes auto parts, appliances, furniture, building materials, tires, cardboard, plastics or any other collected materials. Tree trimming and fallen limbs must be disposed of within a week.


• All vehicles must be operable and legally licensed or stored in an enclosed structure. All cars not enclosed must be parked in an approved driveway or parking area. Vehicles may not be parked on any lawn/ yard area. All vehicle parking spaces shall be paved. Gravel is only allowed off an alley and as a parking pad and must have a border around all four sides to contain the gravel. • RV’s, boats, and campers may be parked for no more than 72 hours per month in the front or side yards, but may be parked in the back yard on a paved or aggregate block surface indefinitely. • No commercial vehicles or trailers (12,000 Gross Vehicle Weight), including but not limited to panel trucks, large equipment trailers, semi-trailers, etc., can be parked overnight in a residential area. • Small utility trailers may be parked on the property (less than 12,000 Gross Vehicle Weight), including small trailers for hauling, leaves, wood or other yard debris.

Open Storage

• Property may not be parked, stored, or left inoperable in view of the public or neighboring properties. This includes abandoned, discarded or unused objects or equipment such as automobiles, furniture, appliances, cans or containers, construction materials, junk, trash, or other debris.

Building Maintenance

• The maintenance of a structure is the responsibility of the property owner. Exterior surfaces, including out buildings, fences and attached structures must be maintained free of breaks, holes, rotten wood, chipped and peeling paint, broken windows or doors, rust or any other condition that violates health, fire, building or zoning codes or other regulations.


• All fences require a permit before being built. Electric and barbed wire fences are prohibited. Only 4-foot, see-through fences are permitted in front of the house. Six-foot, solid fences may be permitted on the sides and rear of a house. No fences are allowed on public property.


• All commercial signs require a permit before being installed. Each residence may have a single identification sign not to exceed two-square feet on each side. Real estate sale signs shall be kept behind the sidewalk. No sale signs are permitted off site. For more information on Code Enforcement, please call 913-680-2627 or to report a violation online, visit

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