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Victory of Life

Passover Pas s ove r i s t h e v i ct o r y o f Christ which is the victor y of life over death. The law of God is immutable--which means it cannot change. The law of God says t hat t he wages of sin is death. What is sin?Sin is the transgression of the law. God is not vague-t hat would be cruel and unfair. Because the wages of sin is so high God made his l a w c r y s t a l c l e a r. O f t e n people speak of making mistakes, perhaps doing wrong, more often they talk of choices of lifestyles. God’s law does not change even though society changes. That would be unfair. How could one man a thousand years ago be guilty of transgressing the law when another man a thousand years later is

guiltless? Society changes, man changes. God does not change. This is why we can be confident in God. So, what is the unchangeable law. It is the law that was given from the beginning the only thing that was written directly by the hand of God. The law is the ten commandments and these commandments never change.

In the Garden

From the beginning, from the Garden man took sin to himself. And the taking hold of sin was also the taking hold of death. Deat h is not a natural par t of life. Just like wickedness is not a natural part of righteousness. Death is alien. God did not create man to die. but made man above t he animals and gave him a will and the ability to choose good or evil. When Adam and Eve sinned they made a choice for all of their

Weeds like this thistle are just a small part of the curse from the garden.

Sin and Death future children. A slow moving plague was born in all of us, and as surely as the sun rises and sets, man is born and man dies, over and ove r, f r o m g e n e r a t i o n t o generation. The effect also of sin is that each generation appears more wic ked t han the last. What a terrible predicament we are in. We did not eat the fruit in the garden but we were still born with death in our flesh and subject to sin. And do not think that children are innocent. The law of God does not change. Before we came to know God we have already sinned! Sin , whether you know it is a sin or not is guilty of death. It is a death sentence. Many adults may choose not to read the bible,

they may studiously avoid the old testament, they may elect to believe that keeping the commandments are unnecessar y. Even for them God does not change his law. And man though created above t he animals, given power to subdue the earth, built great cities, manufacture wo n d ro u s t h i n g s a n d b u i l t weapons of great destruction, even with all of man’s supposed greatness, he is not God! He cannot make a new law, nor change an eternal law. So since we have all sinned, we have a sentence of certain deat h. What t hen is t here hope? Why do we continue to struggle? Why do we make sacrif ices to give up t he

things in this world and to live righteously before God if we are already guilty and condemned to die? Though God’s law does not change, and though god’s law is sharp and piercing like a two edge sword, God’s mercy and God’s love triumphs over all. It is the blood of Christ that saved us. It is only the father of us, Christ that could save us, just as the father of us all Adam condemned all of us. But we are not given a free pass into the kingdom of heaven. Adam is the father of all man based on biology. But is Christ the father of all men born on this earth? No! So Christ came to save all of his children and none of the devils’s children.

So how do you identify a child of God--what are their characteristics--ever y child has traits similar to their parents. What are the c haracteristics of Christ’s children? In order to be a child of your parents you were born from your mother’s body having being planted their by your father. To be a child of God you must be born of God. The resulting new person would then have the traits of God. So what then are God’s characteristics? He wrote them with his own hands thousands of years ago on two tables of stones. When Christ walked this earth the first time he taught us in what manner to keep these commandments and in what a perfect way to exhibit this law of love. He taught us to keep the peace, to be merciful and meek, to turn the other cheek, to give to the poor ect. But most importantly, he did something for us that we could not do for ourselves. he took upon himself the death sentence for all of his children, and being perfect and having the power over all things in heaven and in earth he overcame this world and the sin in this world. He rose up in three days having gotten the victor y over death. Therefore, the first death that each man goes through is not the sentence that we must fear. Like Christ this is only

temporar y. When Christ went down to the grave in man’s body and came back up then man’s body was given the same opportunity. But the sentence of death that Christ overcame for all of his children is the second death! This is the hope of all the generations of the righteous, that just as Christ overcame, we who are one with Christ, who are part of his body, will also overcome! I Corinthians 15:51-57.

Victory of Life