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Now normal has been defined as a certain way to be or to fit within an image of what is right. For example it is normal that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. As children of God we know that the world was ordered by the Wisdom of God. We are now entering an era of the “new normal.” This has been the phrase used to describe our weather, economy and our political system. Truly strange things are afoot. New extremes are occurring on a regular basis. These extremes are seen everywhere: changes in morality, public uprisings, market instability, government deadlock, peculiar climate patterns and natural disasters. Something has changed the order of things or quite frankly order seems to be in the process of being removed. Not only order but trust in time honored institutions has eroded away. As children of God we have witnessed the changes in the people, in the leaders, and in the laws for quite some time. Yes we have had troubles before and monumental changes in beliefs have occurred but now even the experts are saying we have a new normal. What has been in the news perpetually is the new normal for economics. Americans are the number 1 consumers of the world; suddenly the buying engine is stalling and this will impact the nations that produce goods that we buy. This economic stress has impacted the U.S. voice in the world as well. The systems that were idolized as the model for the world are seen as not being the best any longer. It is not even just the current economic situation but the institutions responsible for monitoring, regulating, nurturing it and the leaders that are supposed to be their caretakers. All of that has come into question. The buying engine that was driving the world economy has stalled. Many wonder if those who are supposed to restart the engine; do they have the skills or the wherewithal to do so. The question is now being asked if the engine to problematic; will a new engine be required or should a new vehicle be purchased that will equalize benefits amongst the inhabitants of the earth. If it was just the economy then one could say that this is just another turn of events however that is not the case. The previous intense winter, destructive spring and blistering summer is not just an anomaly. In fact it has been tote as the “New Normal” of weather. Per NOAA the average temperatures will continue to increase. Extreme weather will be more constant and may even worsen. Some decry the predictions but who can argue with the drought and consequent famine in eastern Africa? Large portions of the United States are dealing with an unnatural heat wave that is devastating thousands of acres and ravaging the state of Texas. This was preceded with a destructive spring filled with floods, wind storms and an intense winter. This climate chaos is impacting properties, livestock, farms, and of course people. The mentality of people is changing as well. Countless of multitudes in Northern Africa and the Middle east have been standing up against tanks, missiles, and other forms of gunfire. They believe that they are on a mission of change. In

Greece the people refuse to pay taxes and grate against the austerity measures its government has been trying to bring forth. Anger is not limited in Greece but has occurred in other parts of Europe as well. For nearly four days England has dealt with riots and these aren’t your normal offenders. The perpetrators were not just in their twenties but teens and in some cases as young as 9 years old. Social media was used to coordinate the attacks and police stations were set ablaze as well. We have our own movement in the United States. It’s called the Tea Party Movement and its members say they are duty bound to change the direction of the nation. Movements come and go but what is noteworthy is that no compromises are being made in the nation’s capital. Social norms have been thrown out the window. Sodomites are considered to be an oppressed group that deserves the rights that all other minorities have fought for. Which includes matrimony, enlistment in the military It is common place in nearly every television show that one of the characters is a sodomite that should be beloved and cherished. The only thing that is constant is God. Our faith and devotion to God cannot waver during these unusual times. We will need all times .

The right versus the left head ...and after this I behold, and lo, the head that was in the midst suddenly appeared no more, like as the wings. but there remained the two heads, which also in like sort ruled upon the earth, and over those that dwelt therein. And I beheld, and, lo, the head upon the right side devoured it was upon the left side. II Esdras11: 33-35. Let us recap recent events. In 2010 the republicans obtain a majority of the House of Representatives. This occurred because of the tea party movement. This movement occurred as a reaction towards President Obama, tax increases, the bailout of banks, health care reform, and the stimulus. The tea party movement has assisted in eradicating moderate republicans. Many of the members believe that they have a life mission to put the country back on track. This track includes reduced spending and a smaller government. This has caused the right to go to the extreme right. Their form of compromise is that the Left agree completely with what they say. Due to the entrenched position it has caused the President (a member of the left) to move significantly to the right. He was willing to reduce spending to entitlement programs and trim 4 trillion dollars from the deficit. It was rejected because the President wanted to increase taxes for the wealthy. Needless to say a new deal

was reached without tax heights to anyone and it was still decried by Tea Party Members as not being good enough. What is interesting is that even though the debacle of a debate during the debt ceiling crisis; no blame has stuck to republicans or the tea party in the US. Instead the right blamed the president for the credit downgrade and volatility in the markets. Pundits stated he was disconnected from the people and that he should not go on vacation. Even though republicans have admitted as using the debt ceiling issue as a bargaining chip and denied any harmful fiscal consequence to the US if it defaulted. Nationally people are disgusted at both parties for not compromising. However it was not the democrats filibustering budget deals or stating they will not compromise with their republican colleagues. The only movement that has been successful from the left are the rights of sodomites. This seems that left head is not a real force any longer.

What is a Credit Rating?

Definitions: Credit ratings are used to determine the credit worthiness of the borrower. Since 1917 the United States has had a prime level of credit also known as triple A. This has been a constant in the world and financial markets. It has been considered a safe haven for investors across the world: if there has been turmoil in the tech sector, if the banking sector in Japan implodes, or if sugar cane dries up in Brazil; an investor could always by treasury bonds from the United States. Let us say that you purchase 950 dollars’ worth in 3 years that could increase to 1350 dollars. However now 1 credit agency says the United States is not quite the safe bet that it used to be and has downgraded the nation’s ability to pay to AA. Which means it will be required to pay slightly higher interests rates to borrow money. These interest rates could carry over to student loan debt, increase borrowing for car loans and impact mortgages. However the reason why the credit rating was reduced carries a greater impact. It is believed that the current government cannot govern properly. In fact there have been reports that Eric Cantor majority leader of the house intended to use the debt ceiling as a form of leverage with the president all along. They believed correctly that the president would concede to their budget demands before allowing the credit rating of the US slip below triple A status. It was this brinkmanship that has disenchanted millions of Americans and aggravated nations abroad. It should be noted that this has never occurred before. The debt ceiling has been increased on a regular basis without issue no matter who was in the oval office or on Capitol Hill. You may ask why now? The economy is sputtering and the leaders of the US seem to be losing ground with their constituents and the nations abroad. Why would this be done? It seems to go against common sense and reason. Well it does go against logic. Reason and the ability to be circumspect are not innate human qualities but come from the Wisdom of God. God has been removing the good from this earth and that includes the gifts and virtues of the mother of the

Universe. In addition the scripture must come to pass that they tried to heal Babylon but she is not healed. Babylon’s intuitions must be found faulty and completely discredited.

Discontent at home and abroad Discontent can be defined as a restless desire for something that you do not have. It seems that many Americans are headed in that direction. Many feel wary about the institutions that are supposed to guide and support our society. This was amplified during the debt ceiling debate. Americans are worried about obtain livelihoods and wondered why this debate was occurring. The debt ceiling was increased over 10 times without any news coverage before but somehow it was now dominating coverage. Yes everyone wants the government to live within its means but that does not mean that we should be sent to default. Yet, that is almost what happened. The president wanted a balanced approach to reducing spending ad raising taxes. What is peculiar is that many Americans wanted the most wealthy to pay increased taxes as well. In fact the majority of Americans wanted both sides to work together to produce a compromise. Even when Americans called in and the web servers crashed because of their outcry; no taxes were increased and no great bargain was produced. Over 78% of Americans feel dissatisfied with the government and this is up from 61% in 2009. There is equal anger towards the president and congress: 30% blame the president, 30% blame the republicans, and 32 % blame both parties. In fact 71% believe that both sides are focused on the wrong things. Surely something is brewing and it cannot be good.

Across the Atlantic our European cousins are not just dissatisfied but are malcontent. Many are not willing to stand by and let their governments continue to take from them. Their anger is often directed at the austerity measures that some nations have had to adopt. These measures can be quite draconian and often targets the safety net: pensions, government worker wages, reduction in spending for the public sector that often includes the police and other services provided, taxes and fees are being increased as well. The nations involved include: Italy, Spain, England, Portugal, Greece and now France. The people are angry because they feel that bankers and politicians are responsible but they are being forced to bear the burden of these measures. This has led to peaceful protests and sometimes riots. Time will tell if this rage will ferment into the capital of Babylon, the United States.

It’s not just Europe

Multiple tent cities have sprung up in Israel to protest the pressures that have been exerted on the middle class. Over 300,000 people have joined the protests. Israel is just another country in a long line of others that has had municipalities disrupted by disgruntled citizens. Austerity measures in Greece and England, fiscal crisis’s in Italy and Spain has placed increased pressure on the middleclass and they are beginning to resist.

A change in the nature of the people .

We have read the scriptures...a time like Noah and a time like Lot. What was it like during these infamous eras. Recent events are giving us clearer view. First similar to the era of the Greeks sodomites are allowed to enlist openly in the military. More states have legalized sodomite marriage (unlike Greece) and additional portrayals of their ceremonies are being shown on the web and magazines. You can view their side by side escapade with non-sodomites on Bravo on Dallas most eligible. A debate has risen due to required sodomite history in California schools and on Face book there is a drive to have Bert and Ernie to have a wedding ceremony to impress upon children to be tolerant. Not to mention on nearly every television program there is at least one sodomite character. In our society it is nothing to be exposed by them in nearly every walk of life. What has been missing is the assault by Sodomites to others. This has not been accepted openly in society. The moment that it is will prove to be a terrifying turn for all of us.

A new California law was passed that requires sodomites history be taught in classrooms. No pity No Peace

No Pity No Peace During the time of Noah; violence was so extensive it filled the earth. The time of the last days has been given this description as well. Violence against a person’s neighbors and property of course are included. This is also coupled with the fact the time of the end would include a disregard for authority and disrespect of institutions. A convergence of that type of violence with disregard for authority was seen this week in England.

The spark was the death of black man in a cab caused by the hands of police. A peaceful night time vigil was held in protest of the man’s death in Tottenham. Some in the crowd became agitated and violence occurred. What is interesting is that the multiple cities were involved. What was unusual about violence during this month was the breadth of society that were included many were not from those areas

The young man to the left stole a violin, the woman to the middle is a graduate student, the one in right holding a drink lives on an estate. In fact the list included Baptist mentors, social worker students, real estate agents, law students as well as the poor and under privileged among the looters.

Police cars and stations were fire bombed. Businesses destroyed and politicians were heckled during the event. The looters used social media to organize their movements. Currently there is talk about removing all government benefits from the looters as well as preventing them from having access to social media. Many now question the government’s ability to maintain order and lead the nation. There was a fear that the collapse of society would occur and the government was not intervening. Some have pointed to the austerity measures the government has put in place to reduce debt. These measures reduced many programs for the poor and cut the amount of police officers in the nation. Many of the rioters have stated they wanted to send a message to the rich and the police that they could do what they wanted. Unfortunately private property was not the only thing to be attacked. Lives were lost in hit and runs and mob attacks. Many nations have wondered if this type of chaos could occur within their borders.

The Virtues of Wisdom Wisdom is the Mother of the universe who stands by the throne of God. As we know she is God and was there during the creation of the world. Our Fathers and Mothers had a unique and special role in creation. One such role that Wisdom had in creation is putting the virtue in everything that God created. Not just man but plants, and animals; the heavenly host, seas and fish and fowl. “Wisdom reached from one end to another mightily: and sweetly doth she order all things. “ Wisdom of Solomon 8:1. Ecclesiasticus 1:9. As we can see Wisdom is the God of order, every creature, plant, animal and man she has put within them their nature. Their nature is also a boundary for them. However when Adam and Eve sinned against God their nature changed and so did the animals and the plants. Genesis 3: 15-18. Man was not created to die but he was created to live, however when he sinned there was a physical change that came upon him and he had an evil root in him, therefore man died without living a full day or one thousand years. After God destroyed the wicked during the flood, Noah was given a Commandment to replenish the earth and be fruitful and multiply. After the flood man and was given a commandment not to kill each other. Animals were command not to kill man because their nature would return. Genesis 9: 46. As time went on killing of man by man and animals continued as it did before the flood even more so as much blood war spilled onto the ground. Wickedness increased so much that during the days of Sodom and Gomorrah the nature of man changed greatly. Since we are in the latter days of this earth and we live in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah as well as the days of Noah, how has the virtues and nature of God’s creation of this world changed? First we know that sin has reached into heaven; Revelation 18:5. Man attempted to do this before in the days of the tower of Babel. Gen 11:3-5. Let us look at the tower of Babel in our days, it is the satellites, the internet, the cell phones, and cable to help spread sin so fast that it reached into heavens, the nature of man has changed and God has punished him with the droughts, disasters, war, pestilence, earthquakes and terrible works. Many things are happening without explanation. Certain birds have literally fallen out of the sky as though they were traumatized. Millions of fish showed up

dead without explanation on coast lines. Violent and destructive winds have destroyed many people. Rogue waves of the sea and tsunami have left the country sides desolate, are occurring more frequent than before. Many strange diseases without cause or cures are arising and some old diseases have become more virulent and are coming back. God said that the love of many shall wax cold. Matt 24:12. That is why we see people killing without mercy; parents and children killing each other in terrible ways. These things are getting worse; the earth is warming up, the polar caps are melting and we see temperatures that have record highs and lows. Wisdom is removing herself from the sons of men. She is a God of order and virtue. By removing her order and virtues is a punishment on all creation because of sin. Written by Gloria Henry an Elder and contributing writer to the west window newsmagazine

The Oppressive Sun Everyone knows that the summer brings sunny days, heat, humidity and supposedly good times. Warmth is normal and expected. What we have had this summer is not normal; okay maybe (sadly) it is the new normal. Over a third of the nation had temperatures above 100 degrees. In fact the heat was so intense in the southern part of the nation that lakes have dried up and the nightly temperatures were no lower than the high nineties. To add insult to injury residents of some of these areas have had unique heat rashes that are very painful, itch and sometimes weep. A man that was found on a dock was covered with second degree burns over 40% of his body after being in the sun too long. One town was forced to cut off the water to its residents. Crops have been lost and cattle sold because there isn’t enough grass to feed them. This is more than an interesting story. Whenever we have unusual weather there is potential for taxing of resources. These resources are often necessary for the function of the nation. To see the fruition of this you only have to look at what is going on in the horn of Africa.

Millions have died and the majority of them have been children. It is not to say that this is what is going to happen in Texas but it does show what happens when Mother Wisdom removes her virtue from a place. We also know that the Lord punishes a nation through his creation. That includes the sun, water, wind, all of the plants, rocks, animals, creatures of the sea, fowls of the air and the insects. Peculiar weather stresses the nation and cause fiscal distress. Different forms of distress to the people of this world during the last days has been written of throughout the bible: Jeremiah 50 and 51, Revalations 6, II Esdras 15 to name a few.


Thank you for reading the first issue of the West Window. Events have been moving swiftly and progressing quickly. Unfortunately there have been so many events they could not be placed in this first issue. What can be said is that we need to stay focused and lean upon the one true constant that exists in this life which is Christ Jesus.

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...and after this I behold, and lo, the head that was in the midst suddenly appeared no more, like as the wings. but there remained the two...

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