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Seventh Month Feasts Presentation By: Desirae Williams Sept. 2011

Summary of Jonah Chapt. 1 : The Lord called on Jonah to go to the city of Ninevah to tell them about their wickedness. Instead, Jonah decided to go his own to Tarshish. While he was on the ship to Tarshish He layed down and fell asleep. While He was asleep a storm occured and the Mariners began to throw things over-board to lighten the weight on the ship.

Chapt. 1 Cont. : As they were throwing things overboard they were also praying to their god. While they were praying to their god they noticed that Jonah was asleep. The shipmaster asked him why he was asleep and told him that he should be praying to his God so that they would not die. Then they begin to ask him lots of questions about where he came from, what type of work he did, and what people did come from.

Chapt. 1 cont. Next, they decided to vote to determine who caused all of this to destruction. They decided that it was Jonah. So they begin to ask him questions about where he came from, what type of work he did, and what people did he belong to. Jonah told them that he was a Hebrew and that he feared the God of Heaven.

Chapt. 1 cont. Then the men became paralyzed with fear and they asked him why he had fled from the Lord. The men then asked what should they do to make this terrible storm go away. Jonah responded by telling to throw him into the sea. They men did not want to throw Him into the sea, so they tried to get to land but they couldn’t because of the great winds.

Chapt. 1 Cont. The men then decided that they should throw him into the sea and so they did. After they threw Jonah into the sea, the sea calmed and a great big fish swallowed Jonah. Jonah was in the belly of the fish 3 days and 3 nights.

How might Jonah felt in the belly of the fish? Jonah may have felt paralyzed with fear. He May have also felt like he should have obeyed God and went to Ninevah. He may have also felt that he should repent and ask God for mercy. He also may have felt like he would die and really afraid.


Stormy Seas

Chapter 2 Jonah, while he was in the belly of the fish prays unto the Lord. In his prayer he was very sorrowful for what he had done. He describes in his prayer how he was afflicted and he asked the Lord for mercy. God did show mercy to him because he allowed the fish to vomit him out and also God did not allow the fish to chew Jonah up.

Chapter 2 cont. I believe Jonah was very sorrowful for what he did because he prayed and asked the Lord for mercy. Jonah described the belly of the fish as deep and as the earth. He said that the earth had swallowed him up.

Chapter 3 After all of those events occurred Jonah still had to go to Ninevah and preach against their evilness. Jonah told the people of Ninevah that their city will be destroyed within forty days. The King believed what God said and he called everyone to fast both man and beast. Every man also had to pray and ask for forgivenss. They also put on sackcloth and covered themselves with ashes.

Chapter 3 cont. God showed mercy and decided not to destroy the city like he said he would.

He showed mercy because they all repented.

Chapter 4 When God said that he wasn’t going to destroy Nineveh Jonah didn’t like that idea because he wanted their city destroyed. This is what upset Jonah. God taught Jonah a lesson by making him pity the withered gourd that he had not laboured, neither made grow.

Chapter 4. cont God was showing Jonah that he pitied something he didn’t make. God asked why shouldn’t I pity Nineveh, a city and people that he created. I learned in the book of Jonah that when God tells you to do something you have to do it because, he will end up doing something to you like he did to Jonah.

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