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Credit ratings are used to determine the credit worthiness of the borrower. Since 1917 the United States has had a prime level of credit also known as triple A. This has been a constant in the world and financial markets. It has been considered a safe haven for investors across the world: if there has been turmoil in the tech sector, if the banking sector in Japan implodes, or if sugar cane dries up in Brazil; an investor could always by treasury bonds from the United States. Let us say that you purchase 950 dollars’ worth in 3 years that could increase to 1350 dollars. However now 1 credit agency says the United States is not quite the safe bet that it used to be and has downgraded the nation’s ability to pay to AA. Which means it will be required to pay slightly higher interests rates to borrow money. These interest rates could carry over to student loan debt, increase borrowing for car loans and impact mortgages. However the reason why the credit rating was reduced carries a greater impact. It is believed that the current government cannot govern properly. In fact there have been reports that Eric Cantor majority leader of the house intended to use the debt ceiling as a form of leverage with the president all along. They believed correctly that the president would concede to their budget demands before allowing the credit rating of the US slip below triple A status. It was this brinkmanship that has disenchanted millions of Americans and aggravated nations abroad. It should be noted that this has never occurred before. The debt ceiling has been increased on a regular basis without issue no matter who was in the oval office or on Capitol Hill. You may ask why now? The economy is sputtering and the leaders of the US seem to be losing ground with their constituents and the nations abroad. Why would this be done? It seems to go against common sense and reason. Well it does go against logic. Reason and the ability to be circumspect are not innate human qualities but come from the Wisdom of God. God has been removing the good from this earth and that includes the gifts and virtues of the mother of the Universe. In addition the scripture must come to pass that they tried to heal Babylon but she is not healed. Babylon’s intuitions must be found faulty and completely discredited. The time ahead will be problematic for many. I myself have significant student debt, a car loan and hold a mortgage. I am not alone. Babylon is the only system we know of. Yet I refuse to fear. I believe it is best to hold to the rock and to continue to watch and wait.

Credit ratings  

The time ahead will be problematic for many. I myself have significant student debt, a car loan and hold a mortgage. I am not alone. Babylon...

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