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October 26. 2013


Children of the winter: Good and evil What is common good and divine good? Basic good is when all things are going well for you, when all needs are met. It is when your health and strength are normal and at its peak of wellness. It is when you are well liked and you have family and friends who love you and have your best interest at heart. And you have people who will support you if any negative issues occur in your life. It is when everyone gathers together and rejoices in customs and traditions of family and of friends and of national institutions. But in this world where good is, evil is also present. This is the curse that happened in the garden. It is written in Romans 7:21, “I find then a law, that, when I would do good, evil is present with me.� Evil walks beside good. It walks beside both common good and divine good in order to cause mankind to fall, and to devour and destroy the earth with works of unrighteousness. Habakkuk speaks

about how the wicked compass the righteous, Habakkuk 1:4. Psalms 37:12, speaks of how the wicked plot against the just. All good comes from God, because he is good. Jesus said to the rich man when he asked him what good thing should he do to have eternal life, “why callest thou me good? There is none good but one that is God: and if thou will enter into life keep the commandments�, Matthew 19:17. The purpose of common good is to help you to occupy in this world, to do ordinary things with grace and mercy from God until he brings the world to an end. But common good lacks something. It is in part. It is not holistic


complete . Divine


is not in part like common good. It does not


anything. It is

perfect, holy and holistic and fulfills all things of God. It is filled with grace and mercy and prepares you for the world to come. Divine good is complete obedience to all of the commandments of God which prepares you for eternal life as Christ has said. It will instruct you I common things to keep the “good�, good. Because common good is lacking in parts, if it is left alone without guidance from God, it will sub come to evil. The Knowledge of Evil will turn things that were intended for common good to be used for evil. Consider the knowledge of man and his technology. There is both good and evil in the use of cell phones, computers, the internet and satellites. Common good needs divine interventions and judgments from God in order to remain truly good. Satan and the Knowledge of Evil bring alternative ideas and behaviors to hinder the good and to change it to evil.

The winter season The children of the latter days are of the winter season. They are “least” in the kingdom of heaven. The Holy Spirit revealed that they are called “least” because the world is at its least. It is weak and has grown old. The children of God lack strength, power and numbers. There is a falling away of common good and common sense and a famine of the truth. The people, their leaders and the government is cold and bloody. They lack compassion for the weak and the infirm. Therefore Christ said, “Because iniquity shall abound the love of many shall wax cold.” The strong shall prey upon the weak. The weak become victims of bloodshed. Justice is turned away backwards, Isaiah 59:14-15. The Lord sent forth his police force, which are the four horsemen in the book of Revelations chapter 6. The red horse goes forth with a great sword to remove peace from the earth. He removes peace by removing all things that appear to be common good. Common good is the peace.

His great sword will cause much bloodshed. Common good will be removed from those who “have not� divine good, Luke 19:26. Christ said make the tree good and its fruit good or make the tree evil and its fruit evil. All of the fruits of the world will be turned to evil if their good is not according to the laws of God. In the winter season of time food is scarce, the young are more vulnerable to cold and death, both natural and spiritual. The earth is in its winter season, but each individual has a spring, summer, autumn and winter season of life. Spiritually you must come to God early in the spring of your life before the evil days of winter is upon you. The Lord speaks to us with a different sound of the trumpet in the winter season of time when truth is hidden and common good has become evil. We must have ears to hear the sound of the Holy Spirit in the scriptures. Our eyes must be open to the truth even though there are no great signs and wonders affecting the earth. As time draws near

to the coming of the Lord we can see the plain beginnings of the signs of his coming by the behavior of the ungodly. We look through the west window and see the signs of the time. There is a great challenge on our heads. We still cry to the Lord and ask what the time of our salvation is. We groan in pain and travail to be delivered. Revelations 8:22-23, Revelations 12:1-2. The Lord reminds us that there is hope in our end in Jeremiah 31:17. We ask the same questions now that the disciples asked Christ many years ago, “What shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?” Jesus forewarns us not to be deceived because many shall come in his name saying that they are Christ. These are the pseudo Christians. They have their own doctrine and their own form of righteousness but they use Christ’s name to justify themselves and deceive the people, Isaiah 4:1. This is the darkness that has been upon the world for 2000 years. It will continue until the day star dawns and the everlasting gospel and truth about Jesus Christ is declared. The times will be so perilous that

sin will reach to the heavens. The days of Noah and Lot will cover the world like a great flood. If it were possible the elect would be deceived. But for the elect’s sake the time is cut short. The laws of the land will change, and some of the children of Zion will drown in the flood waves of Satan which are the forces of the wicked who will have power in those days, Isaiah 59:15-19. But in the end divine good will prevail in heaven and in earth. So let us put on the whole armor of God to overcome evil so that our common good and divine instructions from God will not fail. We will read the verses highlighted in order as the class is read.

And in addition please read: Matthew 24:1-51 a total of 68 verses.

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