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Melissa Ochoa Block 2 4/20/11

Adolf Hitler a Horrible Leader

Adolf Hitler was a cruel leader he was practically seen as the devil, this is a man you trusted, looked up to and said he would help you out and make all of your problems go away; He was a man of power. Suddenly he turns around and kills more then 6 million Jewish people and another estimated 6 million political prisoners, Jehovah’s Witnesses, homosexuals, gypsies, and mentally handicapped. Some people might ask, why does he do this? “Why does he make us suffer?” He is this way because of his childhood; and it was responsible for the manipulative ways in which he led his country. His childhood affected his perspective and outlook on people, culture, and religion in life. Turning out to be a complete opposite of who he claimed to be, losing all of your trust in him, looking down on him, all the lies and betrayal, lose of all the hope he ever gave you, not taking your problems away but simply making them worse. This is what the people of Germany had to go through during 1935-1945 with one of the worst leaders the world will ever see. At the age of twenty five, Hitler enlisted in the German army. Some say that this was the beginning of Hitler’s reign. He volunteered to be a soldier in WWI and in his first battle about 3000 of his regiment was killed. Hitler was lucky during the war, by only receiving a shell fragment wound to his leg. Hitler blamed the Jews for much of the apathy and anti-war

sentiments and saw them as conspiring to spread unrest and threaten the German war effort. These ideas that Hitler had against the Jews, lead to the growing hatred toward them. Once Germany surrendered in WWI Hitler was angry and furious. Hitler wanted change. He needed followers. He began by holding meetings and giving speeches, each time gaining a larger audience. He found his power in his speaking ability and in the messages he delivered about Anti-Semitism. He focused on the working class, and it began to work. People responded to him and his message. In 1920 Hitler reorganized the party and named it the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, the Nazi Party for short. With Hitler in charge this party grew. He began to train his own kind of military and many former army leaders began to support him. In 1923, he tried and failed to take over the government and was sent to prison. He was sentenced to five years. He then wrote the Nazi Bible which talked about his hatred for the Jews. Right now Germany was in complete depression so Hitler saw this as his chance to soak himself into the hearts and minds of the German people this is how he grew to power. Once he became powerful he began killing off the Jews and other people, he sent them to concentration camps and had them scientifically tested, which caused them to be treated horribly. Hitler was so crazy he even tried to achieve the master race called the Aryan race he had his scientists do test after test and had woman getting pregnant just to have more “Aryans” these tests would be horrible on some woman and some men. If he seen anyone that was handicapped or old he did not want them part of his “Master Race” so he would have them killed in various way, from a firing squad to being starved to death or worked to death. Everyone he had sent to the concentration camps only the strong in shape people would be allowed to live and this was only to work until they died, everyone else he had them sent to gas chambers or to scientists.

In conclusion Adolf Hitler was a bad person and outrageous leader he should have never got as much power as he did. In my opinion he should have never committed suicide, he should have gotten what he deserved for destroying the lives of so many innocent people. He got out the easy way. To some people they may see him as a good leader because of the stuff he accomplished but he was cruel in the way he went through with his military tactics and his political role.


was a man of power. Suddenly he turns around and kills more then 6 million Jewish people and fragment wound to his leg. Hitler blamed the Je...