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Melissa Ochoa Mr. Gloyd Block 2 December 12, 2010

Endangered Tigers Since the early 1900’s, the endangered tigers habitat and numbers have been reduced by up to ninety-five percent. People continue to poison their food and water for them to die .There are numerous conservation groups that try to bring this to the world’s attention. There are several species of tigers that have already become extinct and many others that are on the verge of becoming extinct. Lots of the tiger’s habitats are being reduced because people are building oil plantations. This is leading to more tiger deaths because they destroy their habitat and the tigers are forced to move to smaller areas that still have remaining parts of land. They need to be in a deep forest area in order to survive. They need to be able to hunt other wildlife and with the habitat destroyed they cannot do so because their prey is being driven out by the loss of land. In china the tiger’s habitat is being destroyed because the land is being built for people to live in.

Ochoa 2 Tigers are dying because, people are setting traps and poisoning there water cycle. Poachers will get their skin and sell it. There is also a big demand in body parts like tiger bone which is used in Chinese medicine a tiger is killed every day for this medicine. Other body parts of the tiger like its penis is used in foods such as soup and it is believed that it gives great virility and that a bowl can cost as much as three hundred and fifty dollars. There fur is to make rugs, coats, hats, purses, wall hanging, and even upholstery. They also use the tiger to make meat it is considered a delicacy in some countries. There are numerous conservation groups that are trying to bring the world’s attention to the tiger and are asking for donations to help save some of these tigers lives. One of these groups are called WWF which stands for (world wildlife fund) and their if you sign up they’ll send you letters letting you know how the tigers are doing and if anything has changed. They support the tigers as best as they can and try to save some from not going extinct. You can even adopt a tiger for just twenty five dollars and receive a certificate that you adopted and a picture of the species. Some of species of tigers have already gone extinct like the Caspian tiger who was last seen in the 1950’s. Another tiger that has gone extinct is the Bali tiger and went extinct in 1947. There are tigers that are on the endangered species list like the Siberian tiger because of its luxurious fur all the poachers want to kill them to meet the demand on the black market. Another tiger would be the bangle tiger which is in India and there are less than five thousand bangle tigers hiding in Bangladesh.

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There are some ways that you can help stop this problem so that tigers don’t go extinct and conservation groups are working hard on this. One of things is that conservationists are getting acres of land and making it into a habitat for the tiger to live away from most human activities. They are getting guards to protect day and night so that poachers don’t come and try and kill the tiger. They are also trying to breed the tiger and learn about their health and environment to create healthy cubs in the zoo. You can also help buy donating because every little bit helps and they need money to buy the acres and make the habitat for this beautiful wild creature.


Sincethe early1900’s, the endangered tigers habitat and numbers have been reduced by several species of tigers that have already become exti...