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Philanthropic impact Melbourne Grammar School Foundation 1 January 2019 to 30 September 2021


Learn, achieve, grow My purpose in telling this story is, however, about philanthropy. Since Federation, there have been 101 Victoria Cross medals awarded to Australians for the most exceptional valor in war. And William Joynt gifted his Victoria Cross to Melbourne Grammar.

Philip Solomon QC


ithin the proud architecture of Melbourne Grammar, there sits The Old Melburnians War Memorial Hall. It was erected in memory of the 210 members of the School who gave their lives in the Great War, funded by Old Melburnians in honour of those who had fallen, and it was opened in 1928. Honour in war time has always been a Melbourne Grammar hallmark. I want to mention one Old Melburnian, in that regard. Colonel William Donovan Joynt (OM 1904) – a student of the School in the first decade of the 20th century. In August 1918, a month in which the Great War remained in the balance, he participated in a battle at Herleville Wood at Peronne in France. For his most exceptional valour in that battle, he was awarded the Victoria Cross.


Melbourne Grammar School Foundation

Philanthropy is at the very core of Melbourne Grammar. The illustrations are myriad. Grimwade House, itself, of course – the gift of the four Grimwade brothers in 1917; or the generosity which permitted the Nigel Peck Centre for Learning and Leadership; and the Geoff Handbury Science and Technology Hub, each in this century. And it is not only buildings and grounds. The Scholarship Program Melbourne Grammar offers is central to its culture: its values and beliefs. What I find most inspiring is the opportunities that these scholarships create. That moment when a boy’s life changes, when he and his family are told that, by reason of his excellence: in scholarship, in music or otherwise as may be, that he will become a student of this School. For Melbourne Grammar is a wonderful place. It inculcates learning; and allows strong academic performances. It has an inclusive and successful sporting program. It has wonderful opportunities in music and in drama and in visual arts and in debating. It produces prospective leaders; it encourages community service; it applauds excellence, and it respects participation.

I have seen this in 12 years as a student; in 15 years as a parent; in my 12 years on the Foundation Board and my seven years on Council; and in other School committees on which I have been privileged to serve. I have – we all have – however, a great responsibility. We have a responsibility to stand on the shoulders of those who preceded us, and philanthropically take steps to ensure that this School can fulfil its vision. Its vision in its Indigenous Program; its vision in Scholarships – and the opportunities which they provide; its vision in its 21st century buildings; and its vision for independence through its Endowment Fund. The implementation of the vision is inspiring to countenance, but it is an enormous responsibility. The Melbourne Grammar School Foundation feels viscerally the responsibility. We look to the School community to permit its implementation. We look to each of you to give as you may. We do not all have Victoria Crosses to donate to the School, but we can all find our own way to contribute. The School is worthy and it very much appreciates the support from all who may offer. I hope you find the following pages interesting, and inspiring. Philip Solomon QC (OM 1986) President of the Melbourne Grammar School Foundation

anhT k you for your generous support Philanthropic highlights

Melbourne Grammar School Foundation Leadership

1 January 2019 to 30 September 2021



age of youngest Old Melburnian donor in 2021

age of oldest Old Melburnian donor in 2021

The members of the Melbourne Grammar School Foundation Board play a key role in promoting a positive culture of philanthropy in the wider School community. They provide leadership in respect of philanthropic endeavours and, in addition to giving of their time and expertise, these volunteers actively seek to encourage others to join them in providing financial support to the School. We thank all members of the Foundation Board and its committees for contributing to the School in this important manner.

Percentage of donors giving to our priorities



26 years

President Mr Philip Solomon QC


Members Mr Andrew Brookes

of the Witherby Tower Society in 2021



Mr Jim Cousins AO Dr Amanda Day Mr Jamie Gray


Witherby Tower Society members

Mr Philip Grutzner Mr Andrew Guy OAM


Ms Fiona Hindmarsh Dr Shirley Hsieh Mr John Jesson


donors to the Annual Appeal

Scholarships and Bursaries

Mr Andrew Michelmore AO

Indigenous Bursary Program

Mr Jason Mifsud*

Buildings and Grounds

Mrs Alex Scanlon

Foundation Endowment Fund

This report lists donors to Melbourne Grammar School from 1 January 2019 to 30 September 2021. Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy. If an error has occurred, please accept our apologies and contact the Development Office on +61 3 9865 7683 or so that we can amend our records.

Prof Julian Smith Prof Geoffrey Taylor

* retired from Melbourne Grammar School Foundation Board in 2021 3

A new scholarship to pay it forward “I know I wouldn’t be in the position I am today if it weren’t for Melbourne Grammar.” Martin Hoe (OM 1987)

“As a student at another school I was a big fish in a small pond, but when I moved to Melbourne Grammar in Year 9, I was surrounded by classmates who were on another level, both academically and in terms of their work ethic. That was life changing for me,” he explains. “My parents wanted the best education they could get for me. Melbourne Grammar was at the top of their list,” Martin says. “They sacrificed a lot to educate me and my siblings.” Melbourne Grammar opened up a whole world of possibilities. “I didn’t grow up in a household where ‘management consultant’ or ‘investment banker’ were even mentioned as possible career paths,” Martin says. “It was only through my experiences at Melbourne Grammar that I started to understand the breadth of what I could actually do.” In addition to enjoying the “challenging” academic culture of the School, Martin pursued an impressive range of cocurricular opportunities including cross country, swimming, and the Duke of Edinburgh program. “I have always been a big game player,” he explains.


Melbourne Grammar School Foundation

“Even now my 14-year-old daughter and I regularly have super big Boggle competitions.” After Melbourne Grammar, Martin took a circuitous route to his current profession, pursuing degrees in actuarial science, commerce, law, and science. “My time at Melbourne Grammar taught me not to slow down just because there’s no one around you to compete with,” he explains. “Motivation has to come from within.” Martin puts his success down to a combination of determination and resourcefulness, along with a modicum of luck. Relatively early in his career, when working with the American consulting firm, Booz Allen Hamilton, Martin was sponsored to complete his MBA at Stanford University. He followed this with time working in a number of high-tech companies, as a trainee equity options trader on the stock exchange floor in San Francisco and as a portfolio manager for a large capital management firm. Then, in 2008, he made the jump with a colleague to establish his own hedge fund.

“I tell my kids that my career path has not just been of my own making,” Martin explains. “Someone with a similar educational and professional background might not get that ‘lottery ticket’ that makes the difference, but you have to put yourself in a position to get that ticket in the first place.”

The cascading effect of philanthropy Because Melbourne Grammar opened so many doors for Martin, and as the recipient of a scholarship throughout his time at the School, he feels compelled to pay it forward. Establishing a scholarship was the obvious next step. “I would want this scholarship to be transformative not just in terms of education, but in expanding the recipient’s scope of opportunity,” he adds. “I want to give that to someone who might be able to take advantage of all Melbourne Grammar has to give.” If you would like to support talented and driven students through Melbourne Grammar School's Scholarship program, please contact: Carl Junot, Head of Development +61 3 9865 7683 For more information visit:

Philanthropic Impact January 19 – September 21


Witherby Tower Society members The Witherby Tower Society (WTS) is a special group of individuals who have decided to include a gift to the School in their Will. Since its establishment in 1995, the Society has welcomed 276 members. We thank all WTS members – past and present – for their visionary support of generations of Melbourne Grammar School students.

Witherby Tower Society Leadership

Members as at 30 September 2021

Mr Jim Cousins AO, Chair

Mr D A Adams

Mrs Robyn Alder

Mr P F Aldred

Mr Marc Cuming Mr Richard King AM For a confidential conversation with a member of the Witherby Tower Society committee about including a gift to the School in your Will, please call +61 3 9865 7683.

Mr D G S Anderson Mr A M S Armstrong Mrs B Arnold Ms A E Badger Mr D F Barnett Mr M E Bartlett Mr R D Besley Dr J B Best AO Mr T E Blamey Mr J S M Bolton Mr P Bradley Mrs M C Brookes Mr A D Brookes Dr P B Brown AM Dr W G Brown Mr R M Bunn Mr J M Capp OAM Dr R P L Carey Dr J W Carre-Riddell Mr M J Chestney Mr C G Clark AO Mrs E A Cooper Mr C A Cooper Mr P J Cooper Dr C D Cordner Prof S M Cordner PSM Mrs L Cousins AM Mr J G Cousins AO Mr P Couzens Mr J R Cumpston


Melbourne Grammar School Foundation

Mr J M Dale Mr A C Darbyshire AM Mr A N Davie Dr B P Davie Mr W P Day Capt G W Dempster Mr S A M Derham Commodore J S Dickson Mr N C Dobbie Mrs E Downes Mr G R Embelton Mr J G Fairchild Ms S Felton Mr K McR Forge Mr P C Fowler Mrs L Freeman Mr D E Gallagher Mr R H Gardner Mr H G Gerrard Mr P S Goodman Mr D W Goss Mrs R Gough Mrs S Gray Mr P J Greer Mr K C Griffith OAM Mr F S Grimwade Mrs M J Grummet Mr A W Guest Mr A F Guy OAM Mr N D Guyatt

Assoc Prof R K Hall OAM

Mr A Mackay

Mr J E Scott-Mackenzie

The Hon Justice H R Hansen AM

Mr J A Macnaughtan RFD

Mr S Seward

Mr J R Harry OAM

Mr J G Marks

Mr A P Sheahan AM

Mr J Hasker AM

Mr A R Massina

Mrs D A H Sims

Mr J P Henderson

Mr I B McDonald

Mr R A Slater AM RFD

Mr H G Henshall

Mr E S Millear

Mr D J Smart

Mr S G Hiscock

Mr E J Miller

Mr A B Smith

Mrs J Hiscock

Mr P A Mishura

Mr A J Smith

Mr G W Hone

Mr S D H Morell

Mr P H Solomon QC

Mr F M Horne

Mr H M Morgan AC

Dr A L Speirs

Mrs J J Howard

Dr C W Morris

Mr J C Streeter Mr R M Stuart

Mr G R Howard Mr R J L Humphris Mr I H K Ingham

Mrs E E Nelson

Dr J G Stuckey

Mr T J Nelson JP

Dr R L C Sutcliffe

Mr D G Nicoll Mr D A H Temple

Dr A R Jackson AM

Mr A E Paine

Mrs D J Thomas

Ms L Joyce

Mr J B Parncutt AO

Mr L R Thomas

Mr M D Joyce

Mrs P J Peck Mr T W J Pepper

Mr J Velos

Mr B N Kerr

Mr B W Phillips

Mrs A Velos

Mr B J Kibby

Mr R T Potter

Mr J V Kimpton AM

Dr A J R Prentice

Mr J Mc I Walter

Mr G H Kimpton

Mr R J Prince

Mrs C M Walter AM Mr C R Ward-Ambler AM

Dr R W F King AM Mr W D King

Mr J G Ralph

Mrs B L Ward-Ambler

Mr P M Kudnig

Dr L J Reeve

Mr B M Watson

Mr M A Reid

Mr G N Webb

Emeritus Prof R G Larkins AC

Mr P W Richards

Mr B C J Wee

Mr A L Lazer AM

Mr A G Richards

Mr R Weir

Mr N C Lee OAM

Mr J B Richardson

Mr S K Wilson QC

Mr J B C Leviny

Mr F A Roberts OAM

Mr G D Z Woinarski

Mr R W Liddle

Dr R W Robinson

Dr P C Lugg

Mrs C Rosengarten Mr P F Russel Mr R McR Russell Mr I M Rutherford Mr G L J Ryan Philanthropic Impact January 19 – September 21


Witherby Tower Society members continued...

We honour the memory of all deceased WTS members Mr A H G Armstrong Mr M J Arnold Mr H C Barrett Mr G L Beaumont Dr E L G Beavis Dr J H W Birrell ISO Mrs J M Boothby Mr A D Brookes Mrs J Brumley Mr I K Christian Mr H E Clark JP Mr A G W Coleman Mr J V Connard Mr J P Cordner Dr D P Cordner Mr J A Court Mr G R Crawford Mr N A H Creese AM Mr G A Cunningham Mr R D Davidson AO OBE Mr A J Day Sir Peter Derham AC, KStJ Mr N S C Deschamps Mr G S Dixon Dr W A Dott Mr B S Dyson Dr B R Elliott Mr A Eustace OAM Mr D J Field Mr R W Fletcher Mr J R Franklin Mr B S W Freeman Mr B I Gandy Mr T J Gillespie Mr W H Goss Mr J B Gough AO Mr J W Gourlay Mr B A Graham Mr P R Gray Dr J C Grimwade Mr A D Grummet AM Mr A B Grutzner


Melbourne Grammar School Foundation

Mr G N Handbury AO

Dr D H F Scott AO

Dr I T Harper

Mr I T D Sheen

Mr A G Hilford

Mr P R Siminton

Mr A G Hiscock

Brig M B Simkin CBE KStJ

Mr D M Hocking

Dr J Smibert

Mr P H Houghton

Mr A A Smithers Mr P S Staughton

Dr P M Johansen

Mr A W Stewart Mr F R G Strickland AM, OBE KStJ

Dr R B King

Mr F G Stuart Mr R B Stuart

Dr C R Laing

Mr P C Stubbings

Mr J M Lamb Mr G E Limb

Mr H A Tartakover Mr T C Tucker

Mr F R H MacDonald Mr J N Marks

Mr J H Wall

Dr M M McKeown

Mr H L Wallace

Mr A B McMullin

Mr M Wallace-Mitchell

Dr D P Merfield

Mr A C Weber

Mrs J Minson

Mr G C Wenzel

Mrs A Mitchell

Capt J L White

Mr P R Mitchell AM

Mr P L Wilhelm

Mr K A Mitchell

Mr J E Wilkie JP

Mr W M Mitchell

Mr R C W Williams

Mr G F Mitchell

Dr P F Williams AO

Mr A W Moore

Rev D J Woodbridge

Prof C E Moorhouse AM Mr R Neville-Smith Mr S F Newman OBE Mr G M Niall AO Brig H R Officer Mr G S Peck Mr N H Peck AM Mr N H Peck Mr A B Perkins Mrs J Perry Mr H M Ponsford Mr J B Porter Mr H I Prince Mrs A E Relph Mr N E Renton AM Dr A T Rose OAM Dr D S Rosengarten Mr P B Rosenhain DFC

Realised Bequests from 1 January 2019 to 30 September 2021 Estate of Mr A C Trumble Estate of Mr C V Lansell Estate of Rev D J Woodbridge Estate of G F Miller Estate of Mr J R Franklin Estate of Mr P Fox Estate of Mr P R Mitchell AM Estate of Mr R Neville-Smith Estate of Mr R H Seed Estate of Mr R R C W Marsh

Philanthropic Impact January 19 – September 21


Commitment, enthusiasm, and the secret to rowing success Tony Smith with the 1982 First VIII crew

As a student, teacher, rowing coach, and supporter of our community, Tony Smith (OM 1949) has dedicated his life to Melbourne Grammar School. Whether demonstrating a classroom concept, or perfecting a rowing stroke, Tony says “it’s all teaching, in one way or another”. Tony’s connection to rowing began during his time as a student when he was part of the crew that won Head of the River in 1949. The next year, Tony left home to take the four-week journey by ship to England, where the next chapter of his life would begin. “A friend of the family encouraged me to go to Oxford,” Tony explains. “It was so different, and such a special place to be.” While at Oxford, Tony deepened his connection to rowing, joining the Merton College crew that went on to win Head of the River for the first time since the College’s founding in 1264. After returning to Australia, Tony found himself back at Melbourne Grammar— this time at the front of the classroom. “I taught anything from junior maths to Latin and general science,” he says. At the end of his first year, Headmaster Brian Hone asked Tony to stay on a while longer. “I came on staff to fill in, and left 41 years later,” Tony says.

10 Melbourne Grammar School Foundation

As a Melbourne Grammar teacher, Tony pioneered the study of Geology at our School, and became Head of Bromby House, a role he held for over 20 years. “As Housemaster, the most important aspect of my role was to look after the whole person,” Tony says.

“I wanted Bromby boys to be honest, to have integrity, and to grow up to be decent people.” Tony Smith (OM 1949)

Nurturing generations of rowers to be their best Over his many years in the classroom, Tony contributed to the education of hundreds of students. But it was in his role as a rowing coach where Tony left the most indelible mark of all. As coach of the First VIII, Tony led crews to claim five Heads of the River, four of which were won in successive years – in 1958, then 1979 – 1982. “Tony was absolutely committed— he knew the crew didn’t know their limitations, and near enough was not good enough,” says Tom Griffith (OM 1982), a member of the 1981 First crew, which had their 40-year reunion this year.

“He was our mentor and hero,” adds fellow 1981 First crew member Andrew Watson (OM 1981). “He means as much, if not more, to us all now as he did back then.” Today, the ‘Tony Smith’ boat named in his honour still takes to the water with our rowing crews on board. So, what is the coaching secret that brought Tony’s crews their historic successes? His answer is as enigmatic as it is direct: “Put the blade in the water and lever the boat past the blade.” Tony continued coaching Year 9 crews into retirement, and served as the editor of the Melburnia Club newsletter for over 20 years. As a member of the Witherby Tower Society, his support of Melbourne Grammar School continues to the present day.

For information about including a gift to the School in your Will, please contact: Carl Junot, Head of Development +61 3 9865 7683

Melbourne Grammar School donors 1 January 2019 to 30 September 2021 Thank you to the many members of our School community who supported philanthropy at Melbourne Grammar School from 2019 – 2021. Every gift, no matter the size, is helping to continue the School’s history of excellence, and is providing educational opportunities to future generations of students. We are pleased to acknowledge the following donors and thank you for your commitment to the future of Melbourne Grammar School.

Individual donors Mr R F Abrahams Mr D A Adams The Late Mr C B Adey Mr J R Adler & Ms K Gada Mr N R Adler AC & Mrs F Adler Mrs J H Akhurst & Mr B J Akhurst Mr C J Allen Mrs J Amarasekara & Mr A R Amarasekara Mrs R J Anderson & Mr D J Anderson Mr S Anderson & Mrs K M Anderson Mr D G S Anderson Dr M F Andrzejewski & Mrs A L Illingworth Mr K B Annan Brig M H Annett & Mrs H F Annett Mr M L Archer Mr C M Archibald & Ms M Goode Mr J M Armstrong Mrs R Armstrong & Mr F Armstrong Mr M J O Armstrong Mr G W Arnold & Mrs A R Arnold Mr G R Arnold Mr J B M Arrowsmith AAPI

His Hon K J A Asche Mr R W Ashton Mr P C Ashworth & Mrs M J Ashworth

Mr A C Beggs & Mrs K A Beggs

Mr E J Brandt Prof P J Brockwell & Mrs P A Brockwell

Mr C F Beggs Mr M Belford & Mrs L Belford Mr H M M Bennett

Ms A E Badger Mr J C Ball Mrs M G Barclay Mrs M M Baring & Dr D T Baring

Mr A D Brookes & Mrs R M Brookes Dr J D L Brookes

Mr C D Bennett & Ms K A Buckley Mr D J Bessell & Ms S F Renkin OAM

Mr S Brougham & Mrs T Brougham Dr J B Brown

Prof J F O Bilson & Prof L A La Haye Bilson

Dr J G E Brown & Mrs R M Brown

Ms L Bin Hitam

The Late Mrs J Brumley

Ms K M Barnett

Ms S Birch

Mr D F Barnett & Mrs A Barnett

Ms K Birrell

Mrs M Buffon & Mr S L Cilauro

Dr D R E Barraclough

Mr D E Blackburn & Mrs M K Blackburn

Mr A R Burgess & Mrs J C Burgess

Mr C R Barrett & Mrs G Barrett

Mrs K A Blamey & Mr D J Blamey

The Late Brig D L H Buring AM

Mr M E Bartlett & Mrs M G Bartlett

Mr T E Blamey

Mr J A Butler

Mr J G Bartolo & Mrs O J Bartolo

Ms J Block

Ms H Cai & Mr W S Lam

Mr A Boake

Mr M T Caldwell

Mr D J Batt QC & Dr C A King

Mr L R Bodinnar JP

The Hon J M Batt AM & Mrs M Batt

Mr P A Bonnici & Mrs W A Bonnici

Mrs E J Calvert-Jones AM & Mr J Calvert-Jones AM

Mr M W Batten OAM & Mrs P M Batten

Mr H J Booth

Mr D W Barnes & Mrs C J Simon

Mr A J Baylis Ms C Beadle Mr J L Beaumont & Ms C E Beaumont Ms M Bedford Mr H M Beggs

Mr A J Burn & Mrs S J Burn

Mr G L Blashki

Mr M A R Cameron & Mrs D D Cameron

Dr M M Borten OAM Mrs A Bosnic & Mr C Bosnic Mr A K Bostock Mr A D Boyd & Mrs L Boyd Mrs J C Bradley & Dr W P L Bradley Mr P Bradley

Mr R R Cameron & Mrs K J Cameron Mr S Campbell & Mrs J V Campbell Mr H W Campbell Mr J C Campbell & Mrs R T Campbell

Philanthropic Impact January 19 – September 21


Melbourne Grammar School donors continued...

Dr I C Campbell Dr P D V Canty & Mrs K Canty Mrs A M Carlyon OAM & Mr N M Carlyon AM Dr J W Carre-Riddell Mr A Cartel & Ms M Cartel Mrs E Casabene & Mr G Casabene

Mrs M Cowie & Mr M H J Cowie

Mrs S Easwaran & Mr P Easwaran

Mr J H Goodall & Mrs M C Goodall

Mr A R Crawshay & Dr N Crawshay

Prof P H Eddey Mr C Edwards

Mr S F Gooley & Mrs M G Gooley

Mr A M Creswick & Mrs R E Creswick

Ms K M Elliott & Prof P J McMurrick

Mr J A W Gourlay & Mrs C Gourlay

Mr W A Cuming & Ms R Y Moloney

Mrs J L Enticott & Mr R A Enticott

Ms R J Gourlay

Mr S W Cumpston

Mr J K H Graham & Ms S Innes

MS A Graham

Mr S J Catchlove

Ms N Curtis

Dr R W Essex & Ms S M Essex

Mr J Z W Cha & Ms X Miao

Mr J M Dale & Mrs A M L Court

Mr J M Ewert & Mrs E A Ewert

Mr J W Gray & Mrs R M Gray

Mr X Fagan & Dr S Mooney

Mr D L J Greagg

Dr A Chalabi & Mrs Z Mutwally

Mr P J M Gray & Mrs P J Gray

Mr M Chang & Ms S J Hong

Dr R W Danby

Mr T Fan & Mrs D X Fan

Mr E J Chantrell

Mr T Davidson

Mr R A Feiner & Mrs L Feiner

Dr P B Greenberg OAM & Mrs Y Greenberg

Mr O X Chen

Mr A N Davie & Mrs G Davie

Ms S Felton

Mr P J Greer & Mrs C Greer

Mr H Chen & Ms J W Xu

Dr B P Davie & Mrs V A Davie

Mr X Feng & Ms A Zhou

Mr J N Chen & Mrs N H Srey

Mr G R Davis

Mr G H Fethers

Mr K C Griffith OAM & Mrs R Griffith

Mrs J Chen & Mr C R Zhou

The Late Mr A J Day & Mrs H Day

Mr P L Field & Mrs H Field

Mr A Grosso & Mrs E Grosso

Mr C M Finlay

Mrs A L Day & Major B J W Day

Mr J D Fisher

Prof J B Grutzner & Mrs J Grutzner

Mr G Chen & Mrs P Chen Mr J B Chen Dr P W Cheung & Ms L Ng Ms H Cheung & Mr K Lam Mr V Chiang Mr S L Cilauro & Mrs M Buffon Mr C G Clark AO & Ms M E McDonald Mr B L Cleland Mrs K J Clemenger & Mr R S Lie Mr I C Cochran PSM Mr E R Colson Mr S A Connelly & Ms S J Smith Mr P X Connor & Mrs F J Connor

Dr C R B Day & Ms E Everest

Mr G W Fisher & Ms H L Bird

Mr R P De Luca

Ms S M C Fitzgerald & Mr J W Legge

The Late Mr I L de Winter & Mrs S De Winter

Mr J A A J Flintoft & Ms S L McKenna

Mr S A M Derham & Mrs K E Derham

Ms R Fordyce

Prof H W Dick Mr A M Dinelli & Mrs L M Dinelli Mr T K Dixon & Ms E A Alexander AO

Dr S Fourlanos Mr P C Fowler The Late Mrs P Fraser Mr A J S Fraser Mr G N Frean

Mr J W Hall Dr A L Hamilton

Mr E Y Dong

& Mrs R Dowling

Mr B Gao & Ms J Yu

Commodore M H Dowsett AM

Mr A Garber & Mrs N Garber

Prof S J Duffy & Dr L H E Schierlitz

Ms C Gargano

Dr E Coventry & Mrs E Coventry

Mrs S N Duggan & Mr A P Duggan

Ms S I C George & Assoc Prof G J E Brown

Mrs M Han & Mr J Xiong Mr B P Hanisch Mrs S Hannah & Mr P Hannah The Hon H R Hansen AM & Mrs R Hansen Mr P Hansen & Mrs N J Hansen

Mr A M George

Mr R D Harley & Mrs B Schellenberg-Harley

Mr M J Duke

Mr T G G Gibson

Mr P R Harmer

The Late Mr G W Duncan & Mrs P Duncan

Mr G O Gillard & Mrs D Gillard

Mrs G A Harper & Dr C A Harper

Mr M R Dunton & Mrs K L Dunton

Mr S M Gillon & Mrs D Gillon

Mr C E Harper & Mrs J L M Harper

Mrs S M Durham

Mr W D T Cowan AM


Mrs T Ha & Mr C Nguyen

Mr C C Furphy OAM & Mrs C J Furphy

Mrs M L Cooper & Mr A M Cooper

Mr P Couzens

Mr N D Guyatt & Mrs C J Guyatt

Mr C A P Froomes

Mr J M Dowling

Mr J G Cousins AO & Mrs E A Cousins AM

Mr A F Guy OAM & Mrs J Guy

Mr R Dong

Mr R J B Coombes

Mrs A M L Court & Mr J M Dale

Mr D Y Guo & Mrs Y H Song

Prof E A Haan AO & Mrs B L Haan

Mr D E Gallagher & Mrs V Gallagher

Mr P A Coughlin & Dr S L Coughlin

Mr A W Guest & Mrs W Guest

Mr M H Friar

Mr H X S Connor

Mr D C C Corley

Mr B Gu & Ms G Geng

Flt Lt H P F Dolan & Mrs S J Dolan

Mrs E C Douglas & Mr A J Douglas

Mr C A Cooper & Mrs E G Cooper

Mr P M Grutzner & Dr Y Layher

Melbourne Grammar School Foundation

Mrs K J Glenane & Mr M W Glenane The Late Mr B H Goddard Ms E M Goh & Mr K H Ng

The Hon D L Harper AM & Mrs M Harper Prof R W Harper & Mrs M Harper

Philanthropic Impact January 19 – September 21


Melbourne Grammar School donors continued...

Mrs E L Harrison & Mr M G Harrison

Mr S R L Howell

Dr R W King AM

Mr E L Machin

Ms J Hu & Mr Y Dong

Mr A Mackay

Mr R G G Harrison

Mr T R Hudson

Mr R E M Kirby & Mrs K G Kirby

Mr A W Hart & Ms E C Hart

Mr H G Hurley

Mr P C Hartl & Mrs M J Hartl

Mr A J Kirkham AM, RFD, QC & Mrs J A Kirkham

Mr J Hasker AM & Mrs J Hasker

Mr T M F Illingworth

Mr D A Klempfner & Mrs D P Klempfner

Dr R F Haskett Mr E J Hawkins Mr B S Hay Mr G F Hayes Ms D He & Mr K Wang Mr A R Hearder Mr W M Heath & Ms G M B Downer Mr N M Heath & Mrs E Heath Mrs J A Hector & Mr K R Hector Mr J P Henderson & Mrs K J Henderson Dr I J P Henderson & Mrs T Henderson Mr H G Henshall Mr P D Herzfeld Mr J S Hicks Mr P R Higgins & Mrs J L Higgins Mr S Hiladakis & Mrs S Hiladakis Mr P E Hilditch & Mrs J L Olding

Mr A Imam Mr B J C Ingleton Mr I M Jack Mr M Jack & Mrs C P Jack Mr N J James Mr A C James

Dr D A Kogler Mr S Konidaris

Miss S A Marriott

Mr N J W Langford

Mr P D Martyn & Mrs A E Martyn

Mrs S J Jang & Dr S J S Lee

Emeritus Prof R G Larkins AC & Mrs C Larkins

Ms A L Jeffery & Mr S A Bowring

Mr S S P Laurie & Mrs S A Laurie

Dr P J Jenkins & Mrs S G Jenkins

Miss D W Lee

Mr I McCall & Mrs P P McCall

Mr J H Jesson & Mrs J O Jesson

Mr G Y S Lee

Mr H S McCord

Mr D J C K Lee Mr C G Lee

Ms S J McDonald & Mr M F Robinson

Mr J H A Legg

Mr I B McDonald

Mrs A C Legg & Mr A P Legg

Mr N A McFarlane

Mr M Leigh-Smith

Mr R J McKaige

Mr I M Johnson & Mrs D S Johnson

Mr J B C Leviny & Mrs E Leviny

Ms M B McLaughlin & Mr R Hedding

Mr I T Johnson

Mr R A Levy

Mr P J C Jost & Mrs R V Jost

Mr R R Lewis

Mr M P McLennan & Mrs N L McLennan

Mr C L Junot

Mr C Y Li & Ms L W Shen

Mr F Jiang & Ms X Ran Mr O Jiang & Ms M Shen Mr M I Johnson & Mrs L A Johnson

Mrs F Li & Mr X Li Mr R W Liddle

Mr J E G Hilford

Dr E Karpathakis & Mrs C Karpathakis

Mr J Y Lin & Dr S C H Hsieh

Mr J A Kealy & Ms L D Doran

Mrs M L Lincoln & Mr J D Lincoln

Mr N W Hogan & Mrs N J Hogan

Mr K Mantzis & Mrs H Mantzis Mr L W Marcel

Ms C Kan & Mr Y Fu

Mr M D Hoe

Ms A Manado

Mr W S Lam & Ms H Cai

Mr Y C Liang & Ms Q L Qiu

Dr M G Hiscock & Prof S F Marasco

Dr J K Maddern-Wellington JP

Mr C Mao & Mrs X Lin

Mr R Kaluri & Mrs S Kaluri

Mr M A Hirsch & Ms A D Murkies

Mr L L B MacLennan

Mr A M Laing & Mrs I Laing

Mr E M H Hilditch & Mrs M Hilditch Ms F L Hindmarsh & Mr A N M McCrae

Mr R A Mackay & Mrs S J Mackay

Mr S T B Kellett

Ms M Lin & Mr L Dong

Mr I J Maskiell & Mrs K D Maskiell Mr I M McAlister

Mr I G McNally & Mrs J McNally Ms A C McNamara & Mr L C McNamara Dr S S Mehr & Dr S Mahady Prof W H Melbourne Dr R F E Menzies & Mr M J Harrison

Mr W T V Kendall & Mrs M Kendall

Mr L F Liu & Mrs Z Su

Mr M A Merunovich & Ms S F Palmieri

Ms I D Lloyde

Mr H Miao & Mrs C Xu

Mr M S Kennedy & Mrs V Kennedy

Dr B M Long & Mr G J Long

Mr A G Michelmore AO & Mrs J H Michelmore AO

Mr S Kennedy

Ms S A Lourey & Mr W J Randall

Mr J Mifsud & Mrs T Mifsud

Mr J P H Holdsworth

Mr E P Kennon & Mrs J A Kennon

Mr A G Lowe

Mr G E Millear & Mrs M Millear

Mr G W Hone & Mrs A A Hone

Mr J E Lowman

Mr P J Kennon QC & Mrs W Kennon

Mrs S J Millen & Mr D W Millen

Mrs K A Hooper & Mr S R Hooper

Mrs J A Lowthian & Dr P J Lowthian

Prof T J Kilpatrick & Dr K M Carroll

Ms J Lu

Mrs A E Miller & Mr S R Miller

Mr P J Hopkins

Mr G M M Kimm & Ms L Yi

Mr E J Miller & Mrs A Miller

Mr F M Horne

Mrs L Lupancu & Mr V Lupancu

Mr G H Kimpton & Mrs M Kimpton

Mr M J Horne Mr M Horsford Dr N D Houseman & Ms J R S Froomes


Mr J V Kimpton AM & Mrs D Kimpton Assoc Prof R W F King AM & Mrs A J King

Melbourne Grammar School Foundation

Mr A E Millis Mr P Mishura Mrs H Mitchell & Mr C N Mitchell Dr J A Mitchell & Mr J Bright

Mrs E A Mooney & Mr J W Mooney

Mr A E Paine & Mrs N Paine

Dr J D Rosenthal

Lady M Southey AC

Mr J B Parncutt AO

Dr J M Sparrow JP AM

Mr J G Mordes

Ms K M Payne & Mr M A Grant

The Rev Dr A J Ross & The Rev K L Ross Mr J D Ross-Soden Ms T Roth

Mrs S L Speller & Mr N T Speller

Dr S L Rowlands & Dr J M Negri

Mr T J Spencer & Mrs T T Spencer

Mrs T Rowley & Mr D E Rowley

Mr F Spillane

Mr J P Roxburgh & Mrs J E Roxburgh

Dr H G Standish & Mrs D I Standish

Mr J A S Roysmith & Ms L Roysmith

Mr R L Stanton

Mr J G Mordes & Ms L J Howard Mrs F B Morgan-Payler & Mr J B Morgan-Payler

Mr P A Perrett & Assoc Prof K P Perrett Ms J E Perrier

Ms L A Moscato

Mr V J Perton

Mr P S Moss AM & Mrs B Moss

Mr P J Pethebridge & Mrs B M Pethebridge

Mr G Musgrove & Ms P M Musgrove

Ms N M Phillips & Mr M W Waddell

Mr G J Mustow & Mrs R Mustow

Prof G N Phillips OAM & Mrs J J Phillips

Mr S B Myer AC & Mrs S Myer

Ms J Pinsonneault

Mr P F Russel

Dr M Pirpiris & Mrs M Pirpiris

Dr J H Russell & Mrs A Russell

Mr R H Myer AO & Mrs A Myer Mr J R Nankervis Dr M S Nayak & Mr S L Nayak Mr G P Nedovic & Mrs S M Nedovic Mr T J Nelson JP & Mrs E E Nelson Mr R B Nettlefold & Ms J G Roberts Mr L M L Nguyen Dr M D Nicholls & Ms A Wirtz Mr B S Nixon & Mrs A Nixon

The Late Mr R J M Plowwright & Mrs M Plowright

Dr H A Pourpouras & Mr J N Pourpouras Mr N D Power & Mrs A Power Dr A J R Prentice & Mrs V Prentice Mr S I W Proper & Ms E F Yeatman

Mr T K T Ooi & Ms A W Y Shum Mr R Ozga & Dr A J Newbigin

Mrs L F Rees & Dr K Rees Mr H Ren Dr W E P Renwick & Dr R J Renwick Mr A G Richards & Mrs S M Richards Mr J B Richardson & Mrs J Richardson Prof G A Rigby Mr A R Ristrom & Mrs J E Ristrom

Mr J F Styring & Mrs L J Styring

Dr C J Savage & Dr C A Kuntz

Mr R Sun & Ms Y Li

Mr B P Scanlon & Mrs A D Scanlon

Mr M A Syme

Mr J V Scotti & Mrs S K Scotti Dr M G Sedgley & Mrs H E Sedgley

Dr Z Tan & Dr B C V Campbell

Mr S Seward & Mrs W Seward

Mr S J Taveira & Ms Y Zou

Ms L Sewell & Ms M Wilkinson

Mr A J W Taylor

Dr K P Sharpin & Dr R D Sharpin

Dr V E Teasdale & Mrs G Teasdale

Prof G N Taylor & Ms M Eden Mr J M Taylor & Mrs S Taylor

Mr M G Shaw & Ms M Tsang

Mr P Temay & Mrs S Temay

Mr A P Sheahan AM Mrs K B Shelmerdine & Mr S R Shelmerdine AM Mrs K K Shen & Mr S S Liao Assoc Prof W B Sherwin Mrs E Sinclair & Mr R P Sinclair

Prof J H Roberts Mrs L Roche & Mr P O Roche Mrs P J Rogers Mr P T Rose & Mrs C M Rose Mr M C Rose Mr C A A Rose AM

Mr J A Stokes

Dr J G Stuckey & Mrs S Stuckey

Mrs P Sargood & Mr G Sargood

Mr G D Roberts

Mrs H Roberts

Mr P J Stirling & Ms K F Kane

The Hon A A Street & Mrs V Street

Mrs T L Sanjana & Mr R F Sanjana

Mr R D Robbins Dr M J Roberts & Dr L A Ayres

Mr E J B Stirling

Mr C A Stott & Mrs J M Stott

Ms S Porrino

Mr S A Reith & Mrs K E Reith

Mrs L P Olle & Mr A J Craig

Mr D M Stewart & Mrs F F Stewart

Mr G L J Ryan

Mrs M B O'Connor & Mr M C O'Connor

Mr G E Ogilvy

Dr A J Stewart

Ms J C Poole & Mr T M Poole

Mr J G Ralph

Mr R D Officer & Mrs S M Officer

Mr J D Steward

Dr P B Rumpf

Mr T Podiono

Ms A O'Connell & Mr B O'Connell

Mrs A W O'Dea & Mr M G O'Dea

Mr M J Stack & Mrs L T Stack

Mr I M Rutherford & Mrs M H Rutherford

Mr M C Posner

Dr A L Speirs & Mrs S Speirs

Mr D A H Temple & Mrs V F Temple Mr S N Temple Prof G W Thomas OAM & Prof D A Thomas AM Mr L R Thomas & Mrs D J Thomas

Mr J Smibert

Mr K B Thomas & Mrs J Thomas

Prof J A Smith & Mrs S A Smith

Mr R B Thomas AO & Mrs K Thomas

Mr C J Smith OAM & Mrs C Smith

Mr F B Thomas

Mr P H Solomon QC & Dr R Solomon Mrs E Sotiropoulos & Dr C Sotiropoulos

Dr J M Thompson & Mr C J Coombs Mr N C Thompson Mrs L H L P Tiong

Philanthropic Impact January 19 – September 21


Melbourne Grammar School donors continued...

Mr D A Todd & Mrs E Todd Dr B L Tramontana & Dr A R Tramontana

Ms J M Whiting AM & Mr P A Lukies Mr J P Wickham

Mrs J Trim

Mr G B Wicks & Ms M L Daly

Mr S T P Trumble & Mrs M A Trumble

Mr S G Will & Mrs L S Will

Ms D Tselios

Mr S Williams

Mr J G Tucker

Dr H D W Williams & Mrs K Williams

Mr E R Tudor OAM & Mrs E Tudor AM

Mr D T Williams

Mr G A Tulloch

Mr A C Wilson & Mrs S C Wilson

Mr K R Tully

Mrs J M Wilson & Mr S R Wilson

Mr C C Turnbull & Mrs A B Turnbull

Mr R J C Wilson & Mrs C A Wilson Mr R K Wilson & Mrs S Wilson Mr G C Wing

Dr N C Uren & Mrs M L Uren Mr I M Vaughan & Mrs S Vaughan

Mr J H Wion Mr G D Z Woinarski & Mrs M A Woinarski Mrs L J Wolfe & Mr B D Wolfe

Ms T T D Vu

Assoc Prof C Wong & Mrs M Wong

Dr I W T Wahlqvist & Ms L K Shirven

Mr B Wood

Mrs J L Walker & Mr C Walker

Mr A A Wright

Mrs C T Walker & Mr J E Walker

Ms R Wu & Mr Y H Huang

Mr S J S Walter Mr J M I Walter & Mrs C M Walter AM Mr N C M Walter & Ms L Teh

Mr B L Woods & Mrs V Woods

Mrs C Xu & Mr H Miao

Ms Y Wang

Mr I C C Young

Mrs J Wang & Mr B Lin

Mr A C C Yu

Ms A Wang & Mr J Shen

Mr G H C Yu & Mrs M Y P Yu

Mr N C Ward & Dr A J Lee

Ms J Yu & Mr B Gao

Mr C R Ward-Ambler AM & Mrs B L Ward-Ambler

Mr Y Zaparas & Mrs V Zaparas

Mr I R Ward-Ambler & Mrs P N Ward-Ambler

Mr J Zhang & Mrs C Hsu

Mr R J J Watson

Ms Z Zhang & Mr F Wu

Ms S E Wells & The Hon Justice M N Connock Mr J J Welsh & Mrs A R Welsh Mr P Wetenhall & Ms J Horgan Mr R E H Wettenhall The Hon Justice M F Wheelahan & Mrs C L Wheelahan


Melbourne Grammar School Foundation

Arthur Gordon Oldham Charitable Trust Australian Indigenous Education Foundation Australian Sports Foundation British Schools & Universities Foundation R L Curthoys Trust Fund Diversity Council The Marian and E H Flack Trust Friends of Grammar – Grimwade Friends of Grammar – Senior School Friends of Grammar – Wadhurst Gear Box Arts

The Melbourne Foundation

Ms Q Ying & Mr T Huang

Mr C C H Wee & Ms Y Y Liew

The Aranday Foundation

Mr J Xiong & Mrs M Han

Mr J Wang & Mrs B Su

Mr N G Webster & Mrs J Webster

Antipodean Family Foundation

Gourlay Charitable Trust

Ms X Yang & Mr S R Wright

Mr G N Webb

The School’s donor community is made up of a rich tapestry of supporters which includes Organisations & Trusts – who share a common vision to enhance the educational environment of our students. Thank you to the following Organisations and Trusts who support Melbourne Grammar.

Mr D C Wu & Mrs A Wu

Mrs P Wang & Mr A Wang

Mr R L Webb & Mrs G R Webb

Organisations and Trusts

Mrs N Zhang & Mr T Tao Mrs Y Zhang & Mr F Zhong Mrs X Zheng & Mr H Qin Mr F Zhong & Mrs Y Zhang Mr J Zhou & Ms M Sun Mr R Zu Miss I Zu Mr R J Zuzek Three Anonymous Donors

Macquarie Group Foundation The J T Morrow Memorial Education Trust The Old Melburnians The Provelson Trust Fund The Scanlon Foundation The Sir Wilfred Brookes Charitable Foundation Winter-Irving-Crawford Trust

Philanthropic Impact January 19 – September 21


Foundation Circle members We are a school built on a strong tradition of philanthropy. We gratefully celebrate the leadership and generosity of the following benefactors.

Geoff and Helen Handbury Foundation

These individuals, foundations and organisations have on one occasion or over time, since the establishment of the Melbourne Grammar School Foundation, made philanthropic contributions at an outstanding level.

Estate of Mr R R Hinds

Mr N R Adler AC & Mrs F Adler Estate of Mr R W A Alcorn Mr D G S Anderson The Aranday Foundation Mr A C Archibald QC & Mrs M Archibald Australian Indigenous Education Foundation Mr A C L Ballantyne & Mrs S Ballantyne The Late Mr R C H Brookes Estate of Mr A R W Butcher Estate of Mrs I M Callaway Mr M J Chestney & Mrs P Chestney HSL Clark Charitable Trust The Warren Clark Bequest Mr P G Clemenger AO & Mrs J Clemenger AO R L Curthoys Trust Fund The Late Mr R D Davidson AO OBE Mr C J Dowd AM & Mrs W Dowd AM The Late Mr B S Dyson The Alfred Felton Bequest Friends of Grammar – Senior School Estate of Mr I E Giles The Late Mr T J Gillespie The Late Dr G N Handbury AO & The Late H Handbury AO


Melbourne Grammar School Foundation

Estate of Mr J H Wall The Higgins Family

Mr J Y Lin & Dr S C H Hsieh Mr A Mackay Estate of Dr M W M McKeown Estate of Mr R E McQuie Mr A G Michelmore AO & Mrs J Michelmore AO The J T Morrow Memorial Education Trust Estate of Mr E Newton Mr J B Parncutt AO The Late Mr N H Peck AM & Mrs P J Peck Estate of Mrs A E Relph The Scanlon Foundation Mr C J Smith OAM & Mrs C Smith Lady M Southey AC The Old Melburnians Mr L R Thomas & Mrs D J Thomas Estate of Mr A C Trumble Estate of Mr J H Wall Mr C R Ward-Ambler AM & Mrs B L Ward-Ambler Mr B F Watson AO & Ms E B Le Maistre The Late Mr W M Williams John & Myriam Wylie Foundation The Yulgibar Foundation The Late Mr A S Zoller One Anonymous Donor

Looking ahead Philanthropy is at the heart of Melbourne Grammar School’s history, success and values. Our donors choose to give to Melbourne Grammar because they know their actions transform lives. Our students take the lessons and values learned at Melbourne Grammar School and go on to make meaningful contributions to society’s culture, knowledge, and wellbeing. Old Melburnians are contributing knowledge and support across all areas of society, using their talents for the betterment of others through business, law and politics, the arts, medicine, science and technology, sport and more.

We work with donors who have a wide range of philanthropic aspirations. No matter your goals, your gift will have a positive impact. Cultural gifts, such as notable artworks, are also welcome. Some people choose to make a gift to honour or in memory of a person dear to them, or who has had a significant impact on their lives. The preceding pages represent our effort to demonstrate gratitude to each of our donors, and to demonstrate the impact their generosity has on our students and school. Please contact us if you wish to have a confidential discussion about options on how your gift can have the greatest impact.

Kate Barnett Director of Community Relations + 61 3 9865 7680

Carl Junot Head of Development + 61 3 9865 7683

Our philanthropic priorities are:

Buildings and Grounds

Scholarships and Bursaries

Indigenous Bursary Program

The Endowment Fund

Providing inspiring spaces and maintaining our facilities and technology to the highest standard.

Offering financial support for students who need and deserve it – young people from all walks of life who share our values and contribute to our diverse learning environment.

Helping more young Indigenous men access a high-quality education in a welcoming, nurturing and warm community that aims to encourage strong cultural understanding.

Allowing the School to direct distributions from the Endowment Fund to the most important priorities, maximising opportunities for educational excellence.





Philanthropic Impact January 19 – September 21


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