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...editorial Despite a poor start, drought followed by flooding, the summer has not been all bad, and we are relieved that the water levels in the Mel are up to normal again. It was exciting celebrating the Jubilee and the Olympics and it will be difficult returning to normal again. The tubs of red, white and blue flowers around the village are really beautiful and we must thank the Village Plan people who are responsible for them, they are very much appreciated. The weather held off for the Fete, which again was great fun and a huge success, raising money for local good causes. Many thanks to the fete committee for all the hard work over many months in order to make it happen. We shall no doubt be hearing more about the Hub in the next few months, now that plans have been approved for the redevelopment of the old Police site opposite the car park. It is a relief to know that we shall not now lose our Library (LAP) facility. We are delighted to see that the Parish Council have been able to secure four of the open spaces in the village which are, The New Recreation Ground, Stockbridge Meadows, Clear Crescent and The BMX site. (See page 17). By the time that this issue of the Magazine is delivered to you we shall be at the start of the new academic year. Our best wishes to all students, whatever level you have reached. We have been delighted to read of your successes over the past year, and wish you many more in the future. On page 5 you will see that people are needed to start up a Beavers group in the village and help with training has been offered by Andy Bendon of Orwell. Please consider if you are able help with this worthwhile scheme. Many thanks to Sherrall Blayney for the wonderful cover photograph of a lacewing on an ear of barley.

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Apart from printing, all work on the Melbourn Magazine, including layout and design is produced by volunteers. The cost of production comes entirely from advertising and sponsorship. Melbourn Magazine is independent of the Parish Council NO public money is used. Cover photograph by Sherrall Blayney

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Melbourn Village in Bloom We have received plenty of compliments and positive feedback on the flower tubs around the cross and village centre. It is hoped to build on this excellent beginning and gradually add more features around the village next year. Grateful thanks to all who have been involved with this project, but especially Helen Powell from the Melbourn gardening club and Ray Pritchard, without whom the project would never have happened. Thanks and much appreciation also go to Country Gardens at Frog End who provided plants and planters at generously discounted prices. If you would like to help with this initiative in the future please contact the Melbourn Village Plan on 01763 232692.

Beavers Cubs and Scouts – Please Help Us! It has been agreed that, Beavers will commence in mid January 2013. See opposite for more information

Cambridgeshire Army Cadet Force Melbourn Detachment re-opens on the 11th September 2012 at: The Cadet Centre in The Moor Melbourn SG8 6ED See page 37 for more information

Beavers Cubs and Scouts – Please Help Us! In the last edition of the Melbourn Magazine we announced the possibility of starting a Beavers group in Melbourn. It has now been agreed that, subject to finding enough support from Melbourn volunteers, Beavers will commence in mid January 2013. Two suitable venues have been identified. Presently, young people who want to join the Scout movement must travel to Orwell where both leaders and facilities exist for Beavers and Cubs. This arrangement melbournmagazine


has worked well. However, sustaining the Orwell group may be difficult in the long run unless more helpers can be found. Many already travel from Melbourn to Orwell. Consequently, the Orwell group is in danger of being oversubscribed and there is growing pressure from parents in Melbourn for local facilities. Alternatively, some people also journey to Beavers groups at either Royston or Barkway. This is another appeal for people to come forward who might like to help start a Beavers group in Melbourn. The Orwell leader, Andy Bendon, has offered to assist with basic training for Beavers and Cubs. This would take about one hour a week for six weeks to complete. There will also be a need for a rolling rota of Dads (or Mums) who would be willing to offer support for an hour or two every few weeks. Andy is also offering to help lead Melbourn Beavers during the start-up process. If you know of anyone who would be interested in training as a leader, or would be happy to be part of a rota helping out, please let us know. To make contact on Scouting training or assistance in particular or Sports and Leisure matters in general, please contact Mark Wyer on 01763 222497 or

Library News We pleased to hear that planning permission for a new Hub has been passed and that work on clearing the site will start shortly. This is wonderful news as it was the only way in which the Library could be maintained in Melbourn. We see the Library as a vital part of the facilities that will go to make up the new Hub Building and intend it to be a major contributor to it. We will have to do a great deal of work before we can make the move and need to know how to change our operation to suit the new situation. We need to know what you consider important in order to make the best use of the limited space available. The space has had to be reduced because the building is not large enough to allow us as much room as we have now in the old Library. We have to make the best possible use of the space available in the new Library work to the advantage of our users. We will have to


reduce our stock by about 30%, which is about 1000 books. We hope to do this firstly by taking under used and old books off the shelves and then improving our stock by buying a limited number of new books based on the best seller lists such as Richard and Judy’s. We do not receive any allocation of new Adult Fiction from the Library Service due to the cutbacks. It is possible to place reservations on books but this takes a relatively long time as we only receive books once every two weeks. So we are asking you our users to tell us what you like so we can consider your suggestions. We are hoping to have one end of the new building, which will have bookcases around the wall and on a central pier. These will fold back against the walls when the Library is closed so that the space in the central area can be used for other functions. There will be some form of Kinder Boxes for the younger children’s books. We will need to find a way of presenting children’s books, which might take the form of a small mobile shelf unit. The Library Desk will have to be incorporated with the reception desk near the entrance. We hope to be able to increase our opening times when we move to the new Hub. We will need more librarians at that time so if you are interested in helping please call at the library and we will arrange training. The new library system is now running so training can take place using the new system. With all this in mind we ran a stall at the Village fête in June to sell off some of our surplus stock and had a very successful day when we sold over £50 worth of stock. This money will be used to help purchase a number of new Best Sellers. We hope the purchasers will enjoy the books we sold. We were very pleased with the attention we received and hope you will make use of the library both now and in its new home. Library opening times are: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 2.30 to 4.30 pm Thursday 5.00 to 7.00 pm Saturday 10.00 to 12.00 noon Story Time Thursdays 10.00 to 10.45 am. Mike Stapleton

R.N.L.I. A big thank you to all of you who supported us at our stall at the Melbourn Fete, where we raised £150 towards the work of R.N.L.I. We now have our Flag Day in Royston to look forward to, and of course Royston Kite Festival, where we hope to see lots of you who support us, as well as enjoy an enjoyable sunny day-remember those? Sadly we had to abandon our stall at the Open Secrets event in June, due to inability to man the stall-even R.N.LI volunteers have holidays-and we head into autumn with a full programme, but very few helpers. I know that there are Shoreline members out there who support R.N.L.I. so this is a heartfelt plea-can anyone give an hour of their time now and again to help us with our fundraising? With the severe weather we have experienced recently, R.N.L.I lifeboats have been in action not just at sea, but in inland areas affected by floods-there is a lot of goodwill and support out there for the work we do, but the work cannot carry on without the support of volunteers to collect our funds. Please have a think about it and call the number below to see if there is a date when you could offer us a little help-you won’t regret it-and nor will the R.N.L.I. J. Emes Secretary Royston Branch-01763 245958

Melbourn and Meldreth Women’s Group The Women’s Group is for all women of any age. Meetings are held at 7.45p.m. on the 4th Tuesday of each month and the venues vary between The Community Hall behind All Saints Church in Melbourn and The Meeting Room attached to Holy Trinity Church Meldreth. A charge of £1 is made on the evening and there is an option to contribute to our charity pot - our charity this year is The Wallace Cancer Care Trust based in Cambridge.

September 25th sees us meeting in Melbourn to hear details of a trip to Oberammergau to see The Passion Plays. 23rd October we will meet in Meldreth, to hear a talk about Magpas (a charity we have recently supported) and on 27 November we meet in Melbourn for an Advent Reflection, which will be led by Marion Long. We have no meeting in December. We will also be busy organising the Harvest Supper, which will be in Meldreth Village Hall on 28th September. We hope to run our popular jewellery stall and also one for accessories such as scarves at The All Saints’ Bazaar in November and we would welcome any donations for or help with this. We will also have a tree at The Christmas Tree Festival in Meldreth in November so all in all a few busy months ahead. If you would like to join us do feel free to come along. If you have any questions please contact either Pat Smith or Sue Toule 260955.

Melbourn Mobile Warden Scheme is looking for a ‘Part Time Mobile Warden’ Melbourn Mobile Warden Scheme is a registered charity providing support to those needing help to remain independent in their own homes. It offers friendship as well as practical support. The scheme’s clients span a range of ages but are primarily elderly. The scheme currently uses three wardens and is seeking a fourth to deliver services to clients within the village of Melbourn, which include: Twice weekly visits to clients in their homes Daily phone calls to clients on non visit days Errands for clients such as local shopping, prescription ordering and collection and visits to post office etc. The warden will be required to deliver services on a self-employed basis. The scheme operates Monday to Friday. Hours are flexible depending on the number of clients that the warden provides the services to. Some holiday cover (to be shared with the other wardens) would also be required occasionally.

• • •

The Scheme is looking for someone who can demonstrate the following: Strong empathy and a natural carer of others Good listener and able to engage in friendly conversation Patient and calm in an emergency Can use initiative to resolve day to day problems Flexible and able to travel extensively around the village No experience is necessary just natural ability. Any training and support will be organised by the existing wardens. CRB checks will be conducted. If you think you have what it takes and would like to be part of this worthwhile service, the scheme’s secretary invites you to apply in writing by 30th September 2012 at MMWS Secretary, 10, Ash Grove, Melbourn, SG8 6BJ. Please provide your name, address and contact details and a little bit about your reasons for applying and any related information you think would be of interest. Interviews of suitable applicants will be conducted at a date to be confirmed.

• • • • •

Melbourn & District Branch Royal British Legion Women’s Section Members enjoyed a Fish and Chip supper supplied by the Men’s Section. Our Standard Bearer has carried out Standard on several occasions and we are very proud of her; she has also made a kneeler for Meldreth Church. Members are considering the event of our 75th Anniversary on October 13th 2012. We have gained some new members and welcome them to our branch. Anyone wishing to join may do so and a ‘trial ‘ can be had at any of our monthly meetings (4th Wed of every month). Contact Chairman Mrs C Lyondell, or Secretary Mrs E Murphy 220841.

Melbourn Mobile Warden Scheme Can we help you? Can we help a relative? Can we help a neighbour? Who does the Scheme help? The scheme is open to anyone who requests our help including those who live alone or with their families but need the extra support offered by our services. Couples too are most welcome. It is also open to those in sheltered housing, as the scheme offers different, but complementary services. Note: The scheme also offers its services for short periods to cover the temporary absence of relatives who otherwise provide this support.

We offer help with:

• Friendship and support via twice weekly visits and daily phone calls • Ordering and collection of prescriptions • Basic shopping • Collection of pensions • Setting up Lifeline service • Bereavement support • Advice on benefits • Going to the Post Office to pay your bills • Advice on getting repairs done in your home • Arranging transport to the hospital •

or other appointments Just coming round for a chat

What will it cost? We do have to make a small weekly charge for the warden’s services. The fee is only £5 per week (a little more for couples). Margo Wherrell (Mobile Warden) 01763 260966 Mobile: 07935 315497 Email: Jeannie Seers (Deputy Warden) 01763 262651 Mobile: 07808 735066 Email: Joy Hyde (Assistant Warden) 01763 220139 Mobile: 07952 090089. Melbourn Warden Scheme is a registered charity.

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Profile Sam Robinson & Matt Davis Readers of this page will know that I have never ventured out of the village for my profile personality, believing that Melbourn is filled with interesting people; but recently I heard of two exceptional sixteen year old boys at Melbourn Village College and decided I had to feature them. Only then did I discover that they were foreigners - Sam Robinson lives in Meldreth and Matt Davis in Barrington!!! They have known each other since they were six years old when they played football together and became firm friends when both started at Melbourn Village College. Sam has one older brother and Matt is part of a large family. Both keen sportsmen, they were very interested in basketball, an interest which was intensified when Susan van de Ven told them about her brother Steve Kerr who was a very famous basket ball player in the 90’s and who had in fact played with the legendary Michael Jordan. They were pretty good players themselves by the time they got to year 11 and were idly watching the Year 8 team play and commenting to each other how ‘rubbish’ they were when the idea occurred to them that they just might be able to teach them a thing or two. With enormous encouragement from Mr. Barnes and all of the PE Department they started to coach the 12–13 year olds in the lunch break. The improvement in the standard was startling and building on that success they formed the MVC Keystage 3 Basketball Club. Before long they were not only playing at lunchtime but doing 1½ hours training a week after school. It became a big commitment for both the lads. They stressed how important the social factor was in the group, everyone getting on well with each other, which makes the job of coaching so much easier. It is an all male team, they do not exclude females but the one or two girls who have joined them have soon dropped out. Sam and Matt have, in turn, been helped by their protégées as they were strongly supported when Sam was doing his coaching award and Matt his GCSE PE coaching where he got full marks. This year, all their hard work paid off when they scored a double – not only the Keystage 3 Club but also their own Year 11 team won the District League Cup, a great coup! Both have now left the Village College having finished their exams and they will be moving on to Long Road Sixth Form College which has ‘an amazing National standard team’ – one of their pupils actually got a Basket ball scholarship to America last year. Matt has got a holiday job for the summer and Sam is going off to Uganda for a month with his para-medic brother and other medical students. They will be living in a small village and helping to build an orphanage as well as teaching in the school. Sam said that the schoolchildren had to

pass their Sats in English and unfortunately their teachers mostly had very poor English, which meant that very few pupils got through. Matt would have gone as well but was a bit late in getting his act together! Sam said how much he owed to the Rotary Club of Royston, to Round Table and the many individuals who had sponsored him on this trip to the tune of more than £2,000. He has had no less than 13 injections, some of which (the rabies ones) cost £50 each! They did their Duke of Edinburgh Silver with basketball coaching as their skill and both have won other awards, although I had to drag the information out of them. Sam won the Living Sports Young Volunteer of the Year Award for Cambridge & Peterborough, the Roy Burrell Award for Volunteer of the year and the BBC East Anglia Young Community Volunteer of the Year, whilst Matt has the Roy Burrell Basketball County Level medal and they have both got awards for football. They are personable, self confident and articulate young men – a credit to their upbringing and to their school. They were both anxious that I should record their thanks to Susan van de Ven for her encouragement and to the Melbourn Problem Solving Group and also to the PE staff at the College and the Sports Centre. They made all the facilities available to them whenever possible – as they said, a team can be as good as you like but without a court on which to play they are nothing. Sam can spin a ball on one finger – a skill he honed in the dining room of his house to the dismay of his mother and the detriment of several ornaments. This summer he will be doing two weeks training at Chichester University with Pete Manners from Foxton, apparently Pete did his work experience at MVC and is now at Chichester. He made a big impression on the boys and inspired them to carry on with their training. These two charming young characters will go far. Mavis Howard



Christian Aid Week in Melbourn 2012 I would like to give a big ‘Thank you’ to all those that helped with the House-toHouse collection this year, in Melbourn. Making a grand total of £1020 slightly less than last year. This is the last year in which I intend to be in charge of the Christian Aid in Melbourn. I am looking for someone to hand the job over to. Please think it over and I am willing to help anyone with their 1st year doing the job. If you think this is a job is for you please contact me by phone or email. If I get NO response then this will be the last year Christian Aid will benefit from the £1000+ that is collected in Melbourn. Helen John, Christian Aid Secretary for Melbourn 01763 261147 or email:

Melbourn Village Fete and Music on The Moor Saturday 23rd June 2012 The Fete Committee would like to thank the weather gods for shining down on us on Saturday 23rd June! After so many local and national events have been cancelled it was a relief to see the sun peeking through. And the couple of rain showers didn’t put anyone off – true British spirit shone through! The Bassingbourn Cadets Marching Band opened the fete for us. The cadets are always great supporters and help us out on the day doing anything from manning the gates to litter picking, and of course providing the opposition in the tug of war, so it was great to get them more involved in the entertainment this year. To entertain in the arenas we had two British trials bike champions from the Extreme Mountain Bike Show demonstration team wowing us with their gravity-defying stunts, and the jumping competition between the two was nail biting! Followed by the fascinating Dog and Duck Show, which apart from a few microphone issues, was interesting and educational, watching the young dogs being trained and the older one showing them how it is done. Things got


a bit messier with the egg throwing competition, although the soft ground helped on a few occasions – the competition gets stronger each year, and we had to apply stricter rules because everyone was doing so well! Our racing sheep returned again to show us how their year’s training had gone – this year’s winner was an outsider at 4:1, Number 5 - Melbourn Vets. And following the animal theme, the Meldreth Village Vets Dog Show was very well attended with all sorts of prizes from the cutest puppy to the best trick. Well done to all who entered. Despite the threat of rain and the gazebos trying to take off in the wind, our market area was busy with stalls manned by local groups, charities and businesses. The Summerbay (temporary) Tattoos were particularly popular. Other regulars like the lawnmower racing, vintage vehicles and amusement rides weren’t deterred by the weather either. Five lawnmower teams braved the course, three finished - well done to Team Freddy the winner! Fortunately the wind gusts didn’t prevent a fine selection of vehicles including scooters from making an appearance. Thanks to Justin Wilmot for providing a great assortment of rides to keep the kids entertained - the inflatable slide was a real hit. There was plenty to keep the kids amused this year, with the addition of the Little Rovers, Crazy Golf, Penalty Shootout as well as the return of the Zorbing and the ever popular Climbing Wall. A little damp only added to the challenge! This year, the bar expanded their selection of drinks to include five different real ales, three ciders including a Perry, as well as the usual lager, wine, Pimms and soft drinks. Plenty of freshly cooked burgers and sausages were consumed to keep the energy up throughout the day. And the Play Group did a sterling job providing teas, coffees and homemade cakes. Music on the Moor had its biggest year ever, with a varied mix of musicians throughout the day and night showing off the talent available in our local area. Double Take, the barbershop quartet kicked things off in fine style, then roamed around the fete singing as they went. Next Rhythm States played a great selection of popular songs, and added a few of their own. They brought their own mobile fan club and also had proud parents in the audience, a great set. Geoff and Jemma, a father and daughter duo played a great mixture of songs from the 60s and 70s – thanks to Geoff for flying in from the south of France, and for all his help with setting up the event. Paul Whitton also flew back from France to play - as part of his set he played a number of his own songs, which were well received by the afternoon crowd. As the fete ended, more people started to check out the music stage. The Remnants, a group of local musicians who played Rock, Pop and Soul covers from the 50s to present day, gave a great performance and really got the crowd going. Added to the line up on the day was Luke Halsey, a local talented singer who kept the audience entertained while the next band set up behind him. The Folding Stars played a set of more recent rock covers, plus a few of their own songs which sounded fantastic - they really enjoyed playing and the audience got involved by singing along.  Finally we had the pleasure of welcoming the Junkyard Preachers to the stage. They are a thrilling roadhouse Blues and Rockabilly band based in and around the Cambridge area. They got the whole audience singing and dancing along to their brand of good old fashioned rock and roll. ‘A great day/night was had by all’. Many thanks to all the performers who played and also to all the people of Melbourn that came along to Music on the Moor 2012. (Rock and) Roll on next year… As ever we would like to thank all our sponsors whose contributions allow us to provide high quality entertainment. Thanks to these local companies, we are able to give back profits made from the bar, BBQ and raffle to the local community. This year we’d also like to thank the Melbourn Dynamos Football Club in their help selling raffle tickets, and everyone who contributed to the fantastic range of raffle prizes. Last but not least, thank you to all the volunteers who helped us not only on the day, but also in the run up and during the clear up. Without you all, the fete would not happen, so thank you. If you are a local club, society or group in need of extra finance for your latest project, why not apply to the Melbourn Fete Committee for some funds? Just email

us on and let us know how much you need for what purpose and we’ll see how we can help. Next year’s fete will be on Saturday 29th June 2013. Keep an eye on and on facebook at for further information. Catriona McKay, Melbourn Fete Committee

Melbourn Play Parks Project It has been a busy start to the year and good progress is being made. The Parish Council has allocated £16k to the project so a huge thanks you to them. £2,000 has also been raised through local fundraising, due to the many people who have supported us. Only a further £2,000 is needed to commence Phase 1 of the project. The proposal for Clear Crescent Phase 1 is fully detailed on the website but is, in summary: 1 Purchase of a new zipwire, moving it closer to the boundary to avoid accidents to smaller children; 2 Purchase of a new wide slide – this will be more inclusive for children with different needs. The current slide has been vandalised. As part of this element the hill where the slide is located will be landscaped to make it more attractive. The Play Parks Team are currently applying for several grants and, if successful, a dedicated toddler area will be installed to offer a safe space for smaller children. This could also be included in Phase 1, depending on timing. At the Spring Fete held at Melbourn Primary School children were invited to make paper aeroplanes with a competition to see who could fly them the furthest. Congratulations to Joseph Cockman who won tickets to Duxford air museum. At the Summer Fete we raffled off a wonderful ‘goodie barrow’ of treats and managed to raise over £200. Thank you to all those who donated the goodies! We received lots of very useful feedback at the fete about the proposed Phase 1, together with the plans for the park generally. Thank you to all those who came to talk to us. As a result of this feedback we investigated the possibility of having ball games in the park. Unfortunately because of the high density of housing around the park, and the need to cater for small children, the Parish Council have recommended that the large space at the Moor be utilised instead. We have been talking to Melbourn Playgroup, Children’s centre, Melbourn Primary School, the Health Visitors, the Police and local councillors to gain their views and they have all offered their support to the project. To help raise the next £2,000 needed, we are holding a quiz night on:

Volunteer locally with CATalyst! (Community Action Together) CATalyst in partnership with Moorlands and the Warden from John Impey Way is offering free food hygiene training for any volunteer who is available to help set up a new lunch club for tenants of John Impey Way. Based on the excellent lunch club at Vicarage Close run by Jayne White this proposed new lunch club would initially be for tenants of John Impey Way with hot food being cooked by Moorlands catering service. BUT… At least six volunteers are needed to get the lunch club going! Can you help please? For more information please contact: Sharon Camilletti at CATalyst (Community Action Together) mobile 0774 953 0112 Email: community@villageplan. A monthly film club has recently been set up by CATalyst in partnership with the Warden at John Impey Way and supported by a CATalyst volunteer, Carol Haldin. This offers a regular social activity for the tenants with refreshments; it is just like being at the cinema! It really doesn’t take much to make a difference to someone’s life so if you do have time to spare please consider volunteering locally.

Friday 21st September at Melbourn Village College Tickets £5, 8:00pm – 10:30pm, Maximum 6 per team. BYOB – snacks available. Raffle on the night. Finally, a big thank you to the Play Parks team who work so hard organising and fundraising for this worthwhile project! If you have any further comments about Phase 1 or any comments generally, please visit our website and ‘Have Your Say’.

Fields in Trust – August 2012 Great news! We have just received QE2 Fields in Trust status. Peter Simmonett, one of our Parish Councillors, has secured Fields in Trust status for Clear Crescent Park, safeguarding its future and ensuring it can never be built on (See page 17 for more information).

COFFEE STOP Every Saturday 10.30am to 12noon Rombouts coffee & biscuits for 80p at

All Saints’ Community Hall melbournmagazine


Melbourn and Meldreth Self Group Lunch Club It seems to have been a year of ‘special lunches’. In the last issue I reported on our ‘special’ Easter Lunch, this time I am reporting about our ‘special’ Jubilee lunch. Why miss out on an opportunity for the kitchen ladies to get together and produce another fantastic meal for our elderly diners. Once again, Leech the butchers came up trumps with their roast beef, for which we are again truly grateful. This meal was extra special because we had a very special visitor, Queen Elizabeth, albeit only a cardboard cutout, but very realistic! Many of us lined up to have photos taken with our Queen in her special year. And we have just had a third ‘special’ for the Olympics! At this lunch we had a chance to see, hold, and be photographed with one the Olympic torches, as Mandy Jinkerson, Community Champion at Tesco, took part in the great Olympic Torch Relay, and joined us in her uniform. Parish Councillors Jose Hales and Peter Simmonett and their wives also took part in the fun.

I am also again looking for new drivers. Sadly two of our drivers have had to stand down, and I would like to find replacements. It would be just one Thursday each month, collecting two or three ladies from their homes and delivering to Vicarage Close, at approx. 11.15am and collecting from lunch at 1.15pm or thereabouts, to take home. If you feel you could help, please phone me on 01763 220250, or email me on

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ESSE Retail &  Therapy Free  Parking  Available at  Sheene  Mill  Opposite or  our  Private  Car  Park Next  Door

Where Else  Can  you  Shop,    Keep  Fit  and  be  Pampered? 12

30 Station  Road  Melbourn Cambridge  SG8  6DX Telephone:  01763  261000 Email:

Nature River Mel Restoration Group Phase One Completed! The end of June saw contractors move in to remove the silt that had accumulated under the A10 bridge. They did a brilliant job, in difficult conditions, leaving the river ready to receive the gravel which will complete the improvements to this area.

hybrids. He proposed a scheme of rose evolution from these studies. This is demonstrated in the design of the Rose Garden, the work of legendary plants man and Garden Adviser to the National Trust, Graham Stuart Thomas, who was a horticultural trainee here. The Rose Garden straddles the South Walk: on the south side are the rose species and the primary hybrids arising between them. The radiating island beds on the north side show the influence of new species crossed with traditional European varieties, including the China roses, the Damasks, and the Bourbons. The garden forms of roses do not grow particularly well in the chalky, dry soil of the Botanic Garden, so a really thick mulch is applied each autumn to enrich the soil and conserve moisture. Many species and primary hybrids, however, flourish. Hurst created many beautiful hybrids during his experimental work and he named two after the Botanic Garden – the single pink Rosa ‘Cantab’ and the beautiful yellow shrub Rosa x cantabrigiensis. Another hybrid commemorates the Botanic Garden benefactor Reginald Cory, and is known as R. x coryana. The diversity of colour and form of the many different roses in the Rose Garden is counterbalanced by a classic underplanting of lavenders and geraniums so throughout the summer, the Rose Garden is a magnet not just for visitors but for myriad of bees and butterflies. At its heart are two back-to-back, yew-enclosed benches that offer scent-infused vantage points over the history of the garden rose, a lovely spot to sit at the height of summer. The Botanic Garden is open 10am–6pm July – September, October 10am–5pm, November- January 10am–4pm. Adult admission is £4.50 (Giftaid admission £4.95) or join the Friends, get free admission & help the Garden grow! For news and events, detailed information about the Garden or to discover this week’s Plant Picks from the Head of Horticulture, please visit the website at

Roses: what’s in a name? The origin of our modern garden roses was a mystery until the twentieth century. Their genealogy was explored by geneticist Charles Chamberlain Hurst from 1922-1947 here in the Cambridge University Botanic Garden. Hurst attempted to disentangle their complex ancestry by crossing rose species and examining the genetics of the resulting melbournmagazine


Village News – continued from page 12

Cutting hair for charity! Third Generation Hair Studio can be found in the heart of Melbourn. Just celebrating their 6th year of business they decided to do something different and push the boundaries, which would take their amazing talents out of the salon and onto the stage. Alison the owner, has been training in London and has developed a new found confidence in the ability to teach and wanted to reach out to as many people as she could. The stylists in the salon have also kept up to date with various training courses. At the end of April Third Generation hosted a ‘Charity Hair Show’ at Meridian School in Royston, which showcased a catwalk show ‘Hair Through the Eras’. Other local salons joined them to demonstrate their work and through time the show went from the 1940’s to the future. Melbourn Barbers created an amazing 1950’s scene on stage with jivers and a Vespa, teddy boys and vintage girls, whilst cutting hair on models to show the fashions of that time, with the help of Debbie from Looks Good who did the ladies hair backstage. Stage Right Studios Royston entertained the audience with 1940’s and 1970’s dancing, Bliss in Bassingbourn demonstrated the 1960’s styles alongside Andersons of Royston showing 1980’s–today. Third Generation showcased four beautiful models in an Avant-garde futuristic way, using very powerful makeup and lots of false hairpieces, which also stood at the front entrance to meet and greet ticket holders. VIP tables were available for those who wanted waitress service, from the licensed bar, and front row seats. Beauticians were around to offer massage, and Chapter 5 Boutique provided high-end fashions for a little retail therapy. The evening ended with a girl band to dance the night away. It was a fantastic evening. However, the whole point of the evening was to raise money for the BLUE SMILE CHILDRENS’ CHARITY. A charity based in Cambridge, who help vulnerable children in the area. Through art and therapy in their school environment and with the help of qualified counsellors, these children are guided and looked after so they have a better quality of life. £1800 was raised on the night – an amazing amount. Third Generation is always moving forward and has just entered a hair competition and is currently waiting to see if they have reached the final. You can visit them at 58b High Street, Melbourn, for a calm enjoyable pleasant hairdressing experience. Telephone 017632 62291 or visit our website at Blue Smile Project, 67 Grange Road, Cambridge, CB3 9AA, – Registered Charity No: 1139279 – Registered Company No. 7411348.


Powerful team helps to boost beauty spot New life has been breathed into our Melbourn beauty spot thanks to a powerful partnership. Electricity distribution company UK Power Networks has teamed up with Melbourn Parish Council to restore an area of reed bed plus create more ponds and a reptile habitat at Stockbridge Meadows. They worked with volunteers from the village, Rob Mungovan, ecology officer for South Cambridgeshire District Council and Melbourn Parish Council, which has maintained the site since it was handed over to it by developers in 2009. As part of the project, the River Mel that runs through the picturesque meadow, was cleared of silt to help it flow more freely. UK Power Networks, which owns the overhead power lines that run through the site, provided machinery and a team of volunteers to help carry out the work. The volunteers helped to create reptile habitats in an area, which boasts common lizards, grass snakes and even glow worms. The power company distributes electricity to about eight million properties across the East, London and the South East and its staff are encouraged to take two paid days each year to volunteer in the community see other. The work began on Friday, August 17, and took place over several days. It is hoped that creating open water habitats will encourage birds such as sedge warblers and reed warblers to the site. Jennifer Backstrom, lead sustainability adviser for UK Power Networks said: Getting involved in the community in which we work is extremely important to UK Power Networks. The parish council and residents of the village have fought long and hard to preserve this piece of land to be enjoyed by everyone who lives here and we are delighted to be able to help out. Donald Mowatt, chairman of Melbourn Parish Council, said: We are very pleased to be able to work with UK Power Networks to carry out much needed remedial work in Stockbridge Meadows. This is a very important area for the village and our volunteers have worked extremely hard to make it the beautiful place it is today. It is wonderful to have the company’s support through its volunteer programme to help improve the area even further.

MELBOURN PARISH COUNCIL MVC, The Moor, Melbourn, Cambs. SG8 6EF Telephone: 01763 262494 e-mail: Minutes of Parish Council Meetings and Planning Committee meetings are available on the village website Chairman Donald Mowatt 23, High Street SG8 6AL


Council news

Vice-Chairman Maureen Townsend 32 New Road SG8 6ER


Clerk & Office Peter Horley, MVC, The Moor, Melbourn. SG8 6EF 262494 E-mail

From the Parish Clerk – Peter Horley The Parish Council is pleased to announce that the development on the old police site is expected to begin in October. The site will contain thirteen much needed houses and a community building. The development is expected to be completed by December 2013.

Website Councillors Val Barrett 2 Station Road, SG8 6DX 261227 Irene Bloomfield 78 Russet Way, SG8 6HF 222558 Kimmi Crosby, 20 Norgett’s Lane SG8 6HS 261283 Rosemary Gatward 94 High Street, SG8 6AL 261225 Jose Hales 23 Elm Way, SG8 6UH 221058 Michael Linnette 11 Chapel Lane, SG8 6BN 262534 Donald Mowatt White Walls, 23 High Street 268388 Andrew Mulcock 1 Lawns Close, SG8 6DR 222940 Mike Sherwen 3 Hale Close, SG8 6ET 260070 Peter Simmonett 42 Greengage Rise SG8 6DS 220363 Christopher Stead 70 Russet Way pm only 260743 Maureen Townsend 32 New Road, SG8 6BY 260959 Richard Wakerley 32 Chalkhill Barrow, SG8 6EQ 262247 Employees Handyman and Caretaker Peter Andrews Emergency mobile. 07778 682245


Village Ranger Keith Rudge, 4 Dolphin Lane, SG8 6AF


Internal Auditor Bruce Huett, 20 Rose Lane SG8 6AD


County Councillor Susan van de Ven 95 North End, Meldreth 261833 District Councillors Val Barrett, 2 Station Road Jose Hales, 23 Elm Way, SG8 6UH

261227 221058

South Cambs M.P. Andrew Lansley

01954 212707

South Cambs M.E.P. Robert Sturdy

01954 211790

The Parish Office is open on Mondays from 9 am to 1 pm, on Tuesdays from 2 pm from 4 pm, and on Thursday from 9 am to 1 pm. The office is not normally open on Wednesdays or Fridays. As the Clerk is sometimes out on Parish business it is advisable to ring 262494 to ensure that the Clerk is available. Meetings of the Planning Committee are normally held on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of every month commencing at 7.15 pm. Council Meetings are normally held on the fourth Monday of each month at 7.15 pm at All Saints’ Community Hall. The Press Royston & Buntingford Mercury Media Centre, 40 Ware Road, Hertford, SG13 7HU 01992 526639 Royston Crow 6, Melbourn St, Royston, SG8 7BX 07557 232154 Cambridge News 3 Melbourn Street, Royston, SG8 7BP 249144 Fax 244502 BBC Radio Cambridge Reception Newsroom

01223 259696 01223 358510

Jubilee update At the time of publication the Parish Council have given away 640 Jubilee mugs. One hundred and ninety were presented to Melbourn Village College; three hundred and seventy to Melbourn Primary School; seventy went to both Little Hands and Melbourn Pre-School and ten went to other young people of the village not attending Melbourn schools. About 20 coins have also been handed out to Jubilee babies.

Flooding Flooding has been a constant problem in Melbourn over the years and one that successive Parish Councils have attempted to address. Approaches made to the County Highways Department – the body responsible for the drainage systems – have not always been successful. However, the outcome from a recent meeting between members of the Parish Council and a County officer from the Highways Department could go some way to help alleviate the situation. After walking the village and having been made aware of the main affected areas, the officer explained the process the surface water takes and why many of the problems Melbourn experiences occur. To give you some idea of how the drainage works: All surface water flows to one point in the village, at the junction of The Moor and the High Street. This is seen as a restriction or bottleneck in the system. The drainage system for both the Cambridge end and Royston end of the village, flows along the High Street and meets at The Moor. This is joined by water coming from the drainage systems in Mortlock Street and Norgetts Lane. The system then runs along the Moor and finally discharges into the brook at the rear of the Cadet building. Some years ago, a new pipe system was installed along the High Street from the traffic lights to The Moor with the intention of relieving the pressure on the existing system, although it has not proved to be very successful. As a result, a new relief system is desperately needed to take the pressure off the Moor end. To this end, the Parish Council are currently involved with a number of schemes in the early planning stages, which have the potential of keeping the flooding situation ‘under control’. One scheme will take in the junction of Greenbanks and the High Street. It is planned to lay a new relief pipe into Stockbridge Meadows where a holding pond will be created allowing the water to safely drain into the ground. This plan has only been made possible due to the extreme generosity of a melbournmagazine


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20 Norgett's Lane, Melbourn, Cambridgeshire, SG8 6HS Telephone: 01763 222111


Fax: 01763 222555


resident from the High Street, who is actively encouraging the relief pipe to be laid under his property. This scheme is well under way in the planning stages and is expected to be completed later this year. Another initiative is to collect the large volume of rainwater that comes from London Way as it meets Back Lane and direct it to a ditch running parallel to Royston Road, thus preventing surface water from entering the drainage, and relieving pressure on the system. The Parish Council have also been in discussion with the current owners of the Old Police site in the High Street, an area that has often seen some of the worst flooding as a result of surface water in the village. The plan, which has been agreed in principle with the County Highways, the owners of the Police site and the Village College, is to place a relief drain pipe across the site into the school playing fields, where it would eventually meet the brook near the old library building. This drainage plan has the potential for storm relief at the most vulnerable point in the drainage system. Work is expected to start in November.

Traffic problems Speeding traffic has been an ongoing problem for residents for many years. Discussions are taking place with County Highways to see what measures can be put in place and what budgets are likely to be required. Many possible solutions have been pursued in the past, but we have been fortunate that the County Highways have considered the potential of each suggestion we have put forward. It would be fair to say, in partnership with the Parish Council they will help put favourable ones into action.

New Recreation ground play areas An ongoing request from younger members of the village has resulted in the upgrade of the skateboard ramp in The Moor play area. This was precepted for a number of years, and this year has seen the work come to fruition. The new ramp is a great addition to the play area and is well used by young people. Following some graffiti damage on the existing ramp, it has now had a makeover and some damaged areas repaired. A new landing balcony will be incorporated, joining the two ramps together. The Parish Council is delighted to see the One-on-One basketball arena remains popular and widely used by young people. The shelter (mushroom) has also had a new coat of paint. There have been a number of suggestions, that we incorporate a proper BBQ area with additional picnic benches in the QEII New Recreation ground. We would appreciate your thoughts on this. The pavilion has also had a face-lift to the front (painted and re-rendered due to graffiti and fire damage). The inside has been cleaned and has had a complete electrical upgrade including hand driers, new cooker, and better shower facilities for football clubs. The Parish Council now also employs a regular cleaner for this facility. The ‘free’ walls to the side of the pavilion are still available

to be used as ‘graffiti’ walls. We are also looking for a new display project to be shown on the back wall. The pavilion, recently painted, has yet again become the focus of vandalism. The front of the building has had graffiti sprayed on the newly painted area. A number of brick pillars at the front of the building have also been painted. It seems, not content with the two walls given specifically for graffiti, these vandals also feel the need to damage the front of the building as well. The Parish Council is considering various options to prevent this sort of situation in the future. And sadly, not everyone in the village appreciates the work carried out in QEII New Recreation ground. The ‘mushroom’, which was recently painted as mentioned earlier, was been damaged within days of its makeover. Someone took a knife and scraped away the new paint.

The QEII Fields in Trust update In the last issue of the magazine we mentioned the Queen Elizabeth II Fields in Trust. We are delighted to tell you that four of the sites mentioned in the article are now officially QEII Fields. These are: The New Recreation Ground, Stockbridge Meadows, Clear Crescent and The BMX site. A number of questions from residents have been raised since the article, including: What is the QEII Fields in Trust? Why are we putting our open spaces into a trust? Which open spaces can be protected? Who owns the land once it is protected and how much is it costing the village?

• • • •

In answer, here is a brief history The Fields in Trust was founded in 1925 by King George V, as the National Playing Fields Association. The aim was to ensure that ‘Everyone – young or old, able or disabled and wherever they live – should have access to free, local outdoor space for sport, play and recreation.’ In 2012, in order to celebrate Her Majesty The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge was set up, operated by Fields in Trust. As a permanent living legacy of this great event, the QEII challenge will help protect 2012 outdoor recreational spaces, such as sports pitches, woodlands, children’s play areas, gardens, bicycle trails and parks.



Access to outdoor space is vital for the village and plays an important role in providing a place for relaxation and physical activity. The Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge presented us with an opportunity to safeguard the community facilities in Melbourn for generations to come. These safeguards for our open spaces are through legal means, by placing covenants on the land, meaning they have to remain in recreational use forever. Once lost, recreational space cannot be reinstated. Deeds (commonly called Deeds of Dedication) have been entered into for each site in Melbourn and are legally binding contracts, which will ensure the protection of the site in perpetuity. Is the land really protected forever? On rare occasions communities change and land use changes accordingly. Parts of sites, or very rarely, whole sites can be disposed of provided the disposal is of clear advantage to the village, and in the best interests of the community, from a recreational perspective. The criteria for replacement facilities which the Fields in Trust applies are: Land should be of at least equal size, better quality and serve the same community in terms of catchment area. Additionally, and very importantly, the entire proceeds of any disposal should be re-applied to new sport, recreation and/or play facilities, with priority given to outdoor prior to indoor facilities. Fields in Trust would also need to be consulted about any building works on the site that lie outside the agreed use of the site. The QEII Fields Challenge is open to everybody including private landowners who might want to get involved with the initiative. Which open spaces can be dedicated? Any open space in the village that is approximately half an acre. We have looked at all open spaces within the boundaries of Melbourn, which are owned by the Parish and currently there are seven sites we are able to work on. We will look at other sites to see if these can also be protected. How much does it cost? The cost to the village to help protect


these open spaces is £100 per dedication, as the site has to be re-registered with the Land Registry. Who will own the land? These open spaces will continue to be owned by the Parish Council, and will remain a green space indefinitely.

From your County Councillor Practical Solutions Group and Basketball The Practical Solutions Group had a visit from outgoing MVC student Sam Robinson at its June meeting to tell us about the success of the MVC Year 9 (now Year 10!) Basketball team, which has been running with PSG support for the past two years. We’d forgotten that the team had gone from a complete losing season in its first year to being crowned District Champions in the second, beating the legendary St Bede’s squad. Sam and his co-coach Matt Davis are off to Sixth Form in September but will be back to MVC whenever possible to help coax a new generation of student coaches who in turn will be encouraging up-and-coming younger players to take up this apparently very addictive sport! The PSG continues to supply the necessary volunteer adult supervisors for the weekly practice sessions, a very enjoyable task.

Bike Bank Meanwhile a new venture, the Bike Bank, is running successfully and by the end of the six weeks a small group of young people will have acquired employable bicycle maintenance skills. This project has been piloted with grant funding and Melbourn was chosen on the basis of its proactive approach to exploring a range of new activities for young people, in the wake of county council cuts to youth services.

More training and skills opportunities for young people Our Rail User Group has been able to offer well-supported volunteering opportunities to young people looking to build up skills and training. A young note-taker attended the group’s June meeting and took an excellent set of minutes; we’re delighted that she will be returning for our September 11th meeting, 7:30 at MVC. The Tuesday after-school gardening club at Meldreth Station has welcomed Duke of Edinburgh student volunteers from MVC. Various opportunities for young people are there for the taking so please get in touch if you’re looking to build up a bank of experience.

Transport Strategy at last At last the county council is preparing a transport strategy for South Cambridgeshire (together with Cambridge City). An integrated policy across the city and rural areas makes sense. This comes at a time when population around the city fringes is set to increase by 10,000 people, and when the county council is removing its bus subsidies and building a new rail station at Chesterton. If you are interested in contributing your views, please take a look at the consultation documents at As a regular visitor to Melbourn Parish Council meetings it is hard not to be impressed by the hard work and dedication of parish councillors, and also, the regular interest taken by keen visitors to the parish council, including Ray Pritchard, who has encouraged all of us to think about environmental issues under the auspices of the Meldreth, Shepreth and Melbourn Sustainable Parish Energy Project – a mouthful to say out loud but a wonderful initiative that seeks to share ideas and information on sustainable energy for very local purposes. Not forgetting Ray’s Re-Use Old Envelopes campaign!

Meldreth, Shepreth and Foxton Rail User Group News ‘Meldreth and Melbourn Station?’ Next year a new train operating company will take over our train service, and the Department for Transport is asking what this should encompass.

The Meldreth, Shepreth and Foxton Rail User Group has compiled its priorities and these include full disabled access at Meldreth Station, and a reverting back to the historic ‘Meldreth and Melbourn’ station name, which would reflect the station’s service to the two villages and also, increase footfall through internet plotted journeys. We continue to enjoy space on the Melbourn Village website – and our website is now supported in first class style by a new member of the group, Paul Hollinghurst, who commutes from Cambridge to Melbourn Science Park by train. So Melbourn’s volunteer force includes all sorts of people from outside the village!

Pippins Children’s Centre It was great to be at the children’s centre opening Melbourn Children’s Centre opening 16 June and to see so many young children and families there. I’ve found the centre a very useful resource in tackling new case work; for example a Job Centre Plus advisor attends board meetings on a regular basis and has been very helpful about work placements for young people.

Are you satisfied with your broadband speed? It goes without saying that the internet has become an important service upon which people and businesses rely. But in our rural area, broadband speeds are variable and often very poor. In some cases the service is so poor as to be practically useless. The county and district councils are running a project to encourage private telecoms companies to upgrade broadband speeds. It has also committed to supplementing the work of private companies to ensure that everyone in Cambridgeshire has a minimum level of service. The essential first step is to map out usage and need, and for this it is necessary for people to register their interest. So if you are keen to see improvements to broadband speeds, please can you register at You will simply be asked for your postcode and landline number. If you have no internet access but would like to register please let us know and we’ll get a paper copy to you. There is more information on the county council’s main website, Thank you and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Drop-in surgeries District Councillor Jose Hales and I are holding drop-in surgeries at Melbourn Library Access Point on the first Monday of the month, 2:30-3:30 –September 3, October 1 and November 5. Please get in touch if these times are not convenient, to make an appointment. Cllr Susan van de Ven Telephone 261833 - Jose Hales, District Councillor Telephone 221058 -

Tenant Participation South Cambridgeshire District Council in conjunction with its Tenant Participation Group (TPG) is running 3 tenant led Open Days in the Autumn of 2012. If you are a TENANT or LEASEHOLDER of SOUTH CAMBS DISTRICT COUNCIL please come along and meet your local housing team, local Councillors, and get advice on Housing, Benefits, Employment, young people’s initiatives, ageing well initiatives, plus enjoy stands from contractors such as MEARS, Morrisons and Mitie. Get involved in your housing service and help us to help you After all it’s Your Home – Your Service, so come along and share your views with your fellow tenants and your landlord FREE RAFFLE entry to all attendees Juggling and circus skills and bouncy castle for the youngsters amongst us!

Helping our communities celebrate together Find out more about a new website to help people plan events to bring communities together. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and Olympic celebrations have inspired a new website to make it easier to bring communities across Cambridgeshire together for events. The new website – uk – provides information ranging from how to get started with organising an event, including budgeting and grants, to publicity and helpful tips on whether a license and insurance may be needed. Cambridgeshire Councils and their partners have teamed up to develop the new easy-to-navigate pages which aims to help increase the number of community events taking place by providing a step-by-step guide to turning an idea into a reality. The information on the new online guide builds upon a booklet launched by South Cambridgeshire District Council and stART, a partnership with the village colleges in the district. Cllr Mac McGuire, Deputy Leader at Cambridgeshire County Council, said: This summer we are seeing two great events that bring communities across Cambridgeshire together, from the street parties to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee to the excitement of the Olympic Games in London and the Olympic Torch Relay coming to our county. In each case, local residents have come together for the benefit of the place they live – this is a fantastic thing and we hope this new website will be a focal point of advice, help and information. The website also includes case studies from across the county to demonstrate the type of events volunteers have made a success in their areas. This includes the challenges they faced, and the benefits they brought to the whole community. Tony Taylorson – visit uk to find out more.


»»Saturday 8th September: 12 noon – 4pm at Impington Village College »»Saturday 29th September: 12 noon -4pm at Melbourn Village College »»Saturday 20th October: 12 noon – 4pm at Sawston Village College melbournmagazine



Elderly people targeted in distraction burglaries POLICE are warning residents of a number of distraction burglaries, which took place over two days in South and East Cambridgeshire. In one incident three men tried to distract an elderly woman at her home. The men, claiming to be from the ‘gas board’, called at her home, at 7.50 pm. They asked to turn the gas off, as there was a problem in the area, one of the men went through to the kitchen while the other two stood outside. Nothing was stolen. The men left when neighbours chased the men off. The second incident was in Whittlesford, at 10 am. A man knocked at the home of an elderly couple asking for a pen and paper. While they searched for a piece of paper the man left, the couple later noticed two handbags were missing and money had been stolen. The third incident happened shortly after 10 am in Linton. An elderly man opened the door to a man claiming there had been an explosion and water needed to be flushed in his pipes. The victim let him into his house, but was suspicious, so when he threatened to call the police the man left and nothing was stolen. Detective Inspector Ian Simmons, who is investigating these incidents, said: All of these offences are targeting vulnerable people and are despicable crimes. I would urge the community to look out for their elderly neighbours, be vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour. If you see anything suspicious contact DI Simmons on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111. Sarah Redman

Previous Priorities At the neighbourhood panel meeting in 17th January 2012 the following issues were adopted as priorities. The tables below summarise action taken and the current situation regarding the priorities which were set: Objective: In partnership, investigate any links between sale and consumption of high energy drinks and anti-social behaviour in Melbourn. Action Taken: Consultations with partners in South Cambs District Council, Primary Care Trust and Trading Standards have taken place. Findings are that there is no enforcement action possible to


prevent the selling of high energy drinks to young people as the drink have no alcohol content. The Licensing Act 2003 legislation only applies to drinks containing alcohol. Any decision by a retailer to refrain from selling such drinks to children would be purely voluntary. Current Situation: Any code relating to sale of these drinks is purely voluntary.

Emerging issues Melbourn (Melbourn, Gt Chishill, Lt Chishill and Heydon).

• No • • •

dwelling burglaries occurred, non-dwelling burglaries increased by 1 to 4 offences Violent crime more than doubled to 8 offences Criminal damage offences increased to 5 ASB incidents increased by 5 to 31

Shed burglaries There has been a spate of shed burglaries in the Foxton area, 2 on the High Street and 1 in Shepreth Road, In all 3 of the burglaries Bicycles were stolen as well as a lawnmower and a strimmer. Here are a few tips to try and secure your shed better 1 A lighting system that covers the area of the shed can deter criminals. 2 Most thieves gain entry by forcing off the lock. Use a heavyduty hasp and staple (also known as a pad bar) and secure it with suitable coach bolts and locking nuts. 3 Prevent the thieves from window shopping by boarding the windows over on the inside or fit net curtains. 4 Fit a shed alarm to the door of your shed to warn of any attempted break in.

Safer neighbourhoods There are many things you and your community can do to make your neighbourhood safer. Neighbourhood Watch and Home Watch groups have repeatedly shown the way. Every community is different and each has its own specific requirements when it comes to safety. Neighbourhood Watch and Home Watch groups succeed by taking a clear-eyed look at the needs in their areas and responding with intelligent, targeted and often innovative solutions.

Making your neighbourhood safer is partly about increasing security, but it’s also about reducing the incentive to commit crime. Neighbourhood and Home Watch groups work on both aspects. They initiate security measures and also work to make their neighbourhoods pleasant and friendly places where crime is less likely to happen. Security measures can include no cold calling zones, key holder schemes, home security improvement drives and even architectural alterations to reduce the potential for crime and anti-social behaviour on estates. Initiatives for community spirit can include street parties, communal planting and clean-up days, organised activities for young people, community notice boards, newsletters and workshops. For more information about setting up and running a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme call 101 and ask to speak to Melbourn’s Neighbourhood Policing Team.

What is the right number to call when seeking Police Assistance? Call 999 – for serious emergencies in which human life and limb are deemed to be at risk, or when a crime is in progress or has just happened, and those responsible are believed still to be in the vicinity. It is appreciated that many occurrences may fall into this description and situations may change very quickly. But if, in your opinion, the definition fits then call 999. The police Operations Centre will assess your call using all other information known about the incident and will then decide upon the appropriate response to meet the emergency. Sometimes it is necessary, when many calls for priority assistance are received at the same time, the Operations Centre will decide which call must take precedence. So it is important to make clear in your call exactly what the dangers are as the situation is developing. Call 101 – for any other form of police assistance – usually described as being ‘Non-Emergency’. This means incidents NOT involving life or limb risks or where a crime may have happened but those responsible are NOT present in the area. However even simple ASB can sometimes qualify to be upgraded by the Operations Centre when other aggravating factors are deemed to be present.

Hoaxes / Scams on the Internet Sadly a feature of using the Internet is the chance that you will receive some form of Scam or Hoax message. This is not something to fear, indeed many of them are quite amusingly transparent and obviously are scams. If in any doubt though, take no chances and delete them from your PC and don’t download them. There is an official safe site (used by the Police) which logs all the Scams and Hoaxes since 2003. It can advise you if a particular message to you has been categorised as a Hoax or a Scam and whether it is topical.

Beware Fake Home Security Calls Cambs Police are warning us about a company calling itself ‘Home Security’ has been cold calling in the area of South Cambridgeshire for security systems. They may also have been

in the Peterborough area for we have received information on two strange phone calls made by a company to elderly householders there. In these cases, fake reference numbers and contact telephone numbers were offered. The best advice is to be aware of who you are talking to on the phone should you receive a call. The company is being investigated by Trading Standards but if you do receive a call from them be aware and report any information back to the police and Trading Standards. Please also remember that the police can offer appropriate, realistic and cost effective advice on improving home security free of charge. So if you or your scheme members have concerns over security please get in touch with your local Crime Reduction Officer on Telephone 0345 456 456.

Avoid Being Caught Out (on the Internet) To avoid getting caught up in a hoax / scam, the simplest practice to adopt is: never go to a web-site offered by a link in the text of the message. If it’s a financial topic, your bank will never send you an email directing you to their web-site for some pretext urgent reason. If you have decided to go to the web-site - never sign in on a link to get to your personal details or to get to your bank, building society or credit/debit card account details. This is likely to be a fake web-site with the operator just waiting to capture your login ID and password in order to get at your account to transfer your funds elsewhere. The latest virus checker and Internet protection software products can also provide a warning of a potential hoax scam if you try to open an attached document or click on a link to a web-site (which is likely to be fake using an unregistered URL location address).

Avoid Being Caught Out (Telephone Cold Calls) The simplest way of avoiding convincing cold call threats is to monitor your incoming phone calls and only pick-up those from known or expected callers (caller ID facility on your phone of course assists and is an immensely helpful means of filtering). Leave all other calls to go onto the answer phone. ‘Cold Callers’ do not proceed with any message onto an answerphone, it wastes their time and money, and so they just move on quickly to the next telephone number on their urgent job list (and it is usually a computer conducting random search and selection for, making the cold calls) An Example Cold Call – BT Rep I received a call from a ‘representative’ of BT, informing me that he was dis-connecting me because of an unpaid bill. He demanded payment immediately of £31 or it would be £118 to reconnect at a later date. The guy wasn’t even fazed when I told him I was with Virgin Media, allegedly VM have to pay BT a percentage for line rental! I asked the guy’s name – he gave me the very ‘English’ John Peacock but with a foreign accent – & phone number – 0800 0800 152. I said I didn’t believe his story so he offered to demonstrate that he was from BT. I asked how & he told me to hang up & try phoning someone – he would disconnect my phone to prevent this – AND HE DID!! melbournmagazine


My phone was dead – no engaged tone, nothing – until he phoned me back. Very pleased with himself, he asked if that was enough proof that he was with BT. I asked how the payment was to be made and he said credit card, there and then. I said that I didn’t know how he’d done it, but I had absolutely no intention of paying him, since I didn’t believe his name or that he worked for BT. He immediately broke off the call. Of course what he was really after was access to my credit card details and security code, ostensibly so he could take the payment, but in reality to bill a very large sum. Note: When you receive a telephone call, if the person who makes that call does not disconnect, the link can be maintained for up to 10 minutes. No outgoing or incoming calls can be made until the caller replaces the receiver.

Credit and debt Financial Services Bill We are working to make sure the rights of consumers are better protected. We want to ensure that protection for consumers from the Consumer Credit Act is maintained and enhanced with the transfer of consumer credit regulation from the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) to the new Financial Conduct Authority. Support for Mortgage Interest Following on from our work on the impact on our clients of the reduction in 2010 of the Support for Mortgage Interest benefit, we will be talking to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to find out what their plans are and if there is further evidence we can gather to inform the Government’s policy in this area. Payday loans The Government has announced that it has agreed with the four trade associations representing the payday loan sector on a customer charter, setting out clearly what consumers can expect from payday lenders, due to be published at the end of July. We are working with the trade associations, alongside other consumer groups, to help shape this code to better protect consumers using CAB evidence. Consumer Parking enforcement on private land We lobbied for better dispute resolution processes for the parking on private land provisions of the Protection of Freedoms Bill, The Bill is now an Act and is due to be implemented from 2 October 2012. It includes a ban on most clamping and towing. The Act will also allow for registered keepers, whose details are held by the

Non emergency phone number

101 MINICOM helpline for the deaf and hard of hearing, anywhere in the force area: 01480 422493 RNID TypeTalk is a national telephone relay service which enables, deaf, deafblind, hard of hearing and speech impaired people to communicate, to access the service dial: 0800 515152

Emergency 999 22

Next panel meeting 16th October 2012 Melbourn Village College Doors open at 19:00 for 19:30 start. All welcome Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), to become liable for parking charge claims when the driver fails to pay, once the British Parking Association (BPA) has a working independent appeals process for its members. We are now working with the BPA on improving their code of practice and the independent appeals service. New Consumer Bill The Consumer Bill of Rights is expected in the next Queen’s Speech in April/May 2013. This legislation will: simplify statutory consumer protection rights for consumer purchases; transpose the EU Consumer Rights Directive into UK law (which changes distance and doorstep sales law and some aspects of shop sales); reform unfair terms legislation; bring in new consumer rights for unfair, misleading and aggressive practices; allow both consumers and business to obtain redress for anti-competitive practices; amend some Trading Standards powers, including of powers of entry to business premises and allow them to take enforcement action outside their local authority boundary. We want the Bill to include better access to redress for consumers and are conducting surveys to inform our lobbying. We will use this data in a briefing report and in responses to consultations on the various parts of the Bill.

• • • • • •

Energy Ensuring that the Green Deal meets the needs of consumers on low incomes Earlier this month the Government released its long awaited response to the consultation on its Green Deal proposals. In brief, the Green Deal aims to encourage people, whether they own their own home or rent, to make their homes more energy efficient. Consumers who sign up to the scheme will have energy saving measures, such as loft insulation, installed in their home which will help them to use less energy and save money on their bills. The measures are paid for through a loan which the consumer repays through a charge on their energy bill. If the consumer who took out the Green Deal moves on the loan stays with the property, and the next tenant or owner becomes responsible for paying the Green Deal charge for as long as they live in the property (or until the loan is repaid in full). While the Government has addressed some of the issues raised by Citizens Advice and other consumer groups about the initial proposals, we remain very concerned about some aspects of the proposals. In particular: The Green Deal is a complex financial package which will have significant long and short term consequences, both for the consumer who takes out the package and, potentially, future occupants of the property. We are concerned that the

way that the assessment process is designed, and the way in which Green Deal salesmen are likely to be incentivised, may lead to mis-selling. Locking future occupiers of a property into a Green Deal contract to which they were not initially a party, without the ability renegotiate any aspect of the contract, and with inherited liability not just for repayments but also for any failures of the previous householder to gain the correct consents, is in our view unreasonable. We do not agree with the Government’s proposal to treat the Green Deal as a special case with regard to early repayment under the Consumer Credit Act. Contrary to all other loans regulated by the Consumer Credit Act, if a consumer wishes to repay their Green Deal loan early they will be required to pay the total loan amount, plus approximately the total amount of interest that would have been paid throughout the lifetime of the loan. We are very disappointed that 75 per cent of the new Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme is ring fenced for hard to treat homes (15% of which will be targeted at low income rural areas). Just 25 per cent is ring fenced for Affordable Warmth, which we believe will not provide adequate support for consumers in fuel poverty. We will continue to work with other consumer groups and Government to ensure that all consumers are adequately protected throughout the roll-out of the Green Deal and that it meets the needs of consumers on low incomes. Smart Meter roll-out – The Government is committed to ensuring that the roll-out of smart meters in every home in the country is completed in 2019. Smart meters empower consumers by informing them about their energy use and bring a number of other benefits. For example, as smart meters are able to communicate remotely with the energy supplier there will be no need to take a meter reading to get an accurate bill, bringing an end to the practice of estimated billing. We are members of a number of smart metering working groups and are working with Ofgem, the energy regulator, and the Government to ensure that, as well as making sure that consumers see the benefits of smart meters, the rollout does not compromise or reduce the consumer protections currently in place in the energy market. Any failure to do so could not only cause serious detriment in individual cases but would also be likely to have wide-ranging and negative repercussions on the willingness of consumers more widely to engage with the smart meter programme. Some energy suppliers, such as British Gas, are already piloting the installation of smart meters Water companies’ social tariffs The Government’s Flood and Water Management Act 2010 allows water companies in England and Wales to introduce social tariffs to reduce bills for customers who would have difficulty paying them at full cost. It has now published its guidance giving water companies advice on how to do this. As this leaves each company to devise its own scheme, our policy influencing work will focus on engaging with water companies to highlight what would work best for vulnerable customers, especially in the areas of deciding eligibility criteria, and determining what measures will

To help pinpoint problems and find practical solutions to reduce anti-social behaviour in the village, Melbourn’s Practical Solutions Group (PSG) has recognised that a less formal and more inclusive approach is required to achieve its aims. This group remains multi-agency, and can work with and include Melbourn residents (young and old). If you are affected by ASB would like to be involved in this worthwhile project then please get in touch by using the contact form at; problemsolving or phone 01763 221323 provide adequate support, and to promote consistency in good practice. Supporting proposals to make 0800 numbers free We are currently responding to proposals from Ofcom, the telecoms regulator, to make all 0800 numbers free from mobiles and landlines. Following up on Leeds CAB’s 2009 report, Hung up, and the cases from bureaux we have been alerted to since, we are highlighting that although the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has negotiated some free 0800 numbers for their lines, there are still many vulnerable consumers who cannot afford to call the government, as well as some utility companies, because the 0800 numbers they use are too expensive.

Advice for under 25s Last year young people under the age of 25 sought help from Citizens Advice on nearly 700,000 problems. Amazingly, eighty per cent of their problems related to just four issues: debt, benefits, housing and employment. We’ve hand picked the most relevant information from our self-help website and pulled it together into one spot.

Heating oil and gas – getting the right measure At the time of writing we’re having a mini heat wave, so you might not thank me for turning your thoughts to the winter months! But sometimes time flies far more quickly than we like, and in our British climate who knows how early a cold snap will arrive. Some of you may therefore be considering buying in your fuel for those cold months. In Cambridgeshire, Trading Standards work closely with heating oil and bulk gas suppliers to help them ensure their tankers are measuring and dispensing fuel accurately. This helps to ensure that you, the customer, can be sure you’re getting what you’ve paid for. When it comes to bottled gas, local Trading Standards services check the meters at the bottling plants to ensure they are accurate. We provide support for businesses to make it easier for them to meet regulations and provide good customer service too. However, for added peace of mind there are a few checks you can make yourself, at the time of delivery, to ensure you are getting the fuel you paid for. melbournmagazine


Heating oil and bulk gas On most tankers there is an automatic ticket printer that records and prints the quantity of fuel dispensed into your tank. You should be given a copy of this delivery ticket. If you want to make absolutely sure it is correct, you can take the following steps: For heating oil, observe the fuel being dispensed from start to finish. (For safety reasons we do not advise this for bulk gas). Inspect the ticket before it is put in the printer and before the fuel is dispensed to make sure it is yours and that it remains in place until it is printed again on completion. When the ticket is inserted, make sure the meter shows ‘zero’. At the end of the delivery, check the reading on the meter is the same as on your ticket. A small number of oil tankers still use a dipstick to measure fuel being dispensed. This is harder for you to check as your own dipstick or sight tube may not be as accurate.

• • • •

Bottled gas Bottled gas is sold by the weight of its contents, which should be clearly marked on the cylinder. If you want to be sure that you have received the correct amount of gas, you can take the following steps: Check the amount marked on the cylinders adds up to the amount on the delivery note and both match the amount ordered.

• Where fitted, check the plastic seals are in place and that

the essential safety information is stamped or painted on the side. If you have concerns or issues with any products that you have purchased, you can contact our partner, Citizens Advice Consumer Service, on 08454 040506 for advice. For business advice and support contact 0345 0455206.

Sustainable Parish Energy Partnership (SPEP) Would you like to make your home warmer and more comfortable in winter without turning the heating up (as well as keeping it cooler in the summer when the heating’s off)? Would you like to cut your electricity, gas or oil bills? Would you like to use your car less? All of these are things that the Sustainable Parish Energy Partnership (SPEP), is here to help with. SPEP was set up in 2009 by South Cambs District Council to bring people together to save energy, cut carbon emissions and build a sustainable future. Melbourn PC became its 25th member earlier this year. The SPEP menu of support, all free of charge, includes: electricity monitors which can help you save electricity, and can be lent out support for setting up and running a village ‘energy events’ to bring people together (film shows or stalls at village fetes) a village Living Sustainably booklet with easy-to-use templates for you to fill in, with helpful information, photos and local examples of what really works to save energy. workshops, on subjects such as Improving the Energy Efficiency of your Community Buildings, Promoting Lift Sharing in your Village and Making the most of Feed in Tariffs Visits to sustainable initiatives, such as Rampton Drift Retrofit project and the Gamlingay Ecohub. Updates on new developments, grants, subsidies and other opportunities. Ray Pritchard is the SPEP representative for Melbourn. If you would like to get involved, then please contact him on 01763 260701 or find more information on the SPEP webpages at

• • • •

Home-Start Royston & South Cambridgeshire are looking for Home Visiting Volunteers Our volunteers are all parents or grandparents who can give a few hours a week to help families who are finding it difficult to cope. All parents need emotional and practical help to get through the first few years, but not everyone has friends or family nearby. This is when Home-Start volunteers can help!

The 10 Session training course for new volunteers will take place on the following dates: October Tuesday 9th & Wednesday 10th, Wednesday 17th, Tuesday 23rd & Wednesday 24th

November Wednesday 7th, Tuesday 13th & Wednesday 14th, Tuesday 20th & Wednesday 28th

For more details contact Katie or Sarah at:Home-Start Royston & South Cambridgeshire, Unit 6, Valley Farm, Station Road, Meldreth, Royston, Herts, SG8 6JP Tel: 01763 262262 or e-mail Registered Charity No 1105385


• •

Two really important things for right now… Does your home have cavity wall insulation? Cavity wall insulation makes a huge difference to how warm your home feels in winter, and it’s available now, for a limited period, completely free of charge. Do you have sufficient loft insulation (should be 27cm deep)? The Government is currently subsidising this and the cavity wall insulation, but this subsidy is coming to an end this year. For more information call the government’s free Energy Saving line today on 0300 123 1234 to arrange a free survey from an approved local installer or contact Ray 01763 260701 or Siobhan or Richard at the District Council on 03450 450500.

Meldreth through the Seasons

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Van Dal


Comberton Road Barton, Cambridgeshire CB23 7BA


These photographs were taken over the last year, by Martin Wooler, looking towards Melbourn from Meldreth Station.

Sandpiper ●

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Josef Seibel

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QUALITY LEATHER • Easy access from FOOTWEAR M11 (Junction 12)


9.15am - 5.15pm Tuesday - Saturday (Closed Monday) • Free parking

Tel: 01223 264930




Comfort with style and elegance Comfort with style OPENING HOURS:



We are a warm, friendly, family run home conveniently situated close to the station and town centre of Royston. If you would like to find out more about St George’s, please call us for a brochure or drop in for a chat. 42 Kneesworth Street, Royston, Herts. SG8 5AQ Telephone: 01763 242243 web site:

Melbourn Ironing Service If you are looking for that chore to be removed then this may be for you…

Telephone 01763 220996

Contact us for a price list tel • 01763 220996

fax • 03333 441 043

Email •


Cambridge Baby Sensory Juliette & Emma 07966 789785 Little Hands Karen

01763 260964

Melbourn Playgroup Jane Crawford 07842 151512 Notre Ecole Janet Whitton


Primary School Headteacher Stephanie Wilcox 223457 U3A (Univ. of Third Age) Chairman Elma Forbes 01223 870217 Village College Principal Simon Holmes 223400

Youth Club at Melbourn Village College Tuesday evenings for School years 7–11 all welcome See page 14 for more details

Free Storytime for under 5s! Thursday 10–10.45 am Melbourn Library The Moor, Melbourn (next to Melbourn Village College)

Contact: Eleanor 01763 260924 or library 01763 269956

Melbourn Village College A Message from the Principal This has been a busy year at the college with a number of significant changes, starting with the departure of Mrs Stephenson, under whose stewardship the college had made enormous strides in terms of GCSE success. As if to confirm this, another set of excellent GCSE results followed in the summer. Following a lot of hard work behind the scenes we became an academy on October 1st. Along with many other academies we are still exploring the full nature of our new freedoms and responsibilities and how to best use them to benefit your children. During the year there have been many successes and opportunities, many of which have been recorded within the pages of this and the previous two correspondents. I know that you will join with me in thanking the staff who give up their time to make these happen and we, in turn, are delighted by the way in which MVC students respond and carry themselves. From my own personal point of view, I am very proud that the Governors have put their trust in me to oversee the next stage in the college’s development. I am determined to continue the college’s drive for improvement, both in terms of academic success and in terms of the way we prepare young people for their life ahead. I would like to thank all parents for their ongoing support; the education of your children is only truly successful when it is a partnership between yourselves, the students and the college. As if to bring things full circle, I would like to end with two quotes from a letter I received at the end of June from the Chief Executive of the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust: Melbourn Village College has proved itself to be one of the best schools in the country at securing superb GCSE outcomes for their students. These results are testament to the commitment and hard work of the students, teachers and leadership team at Melbourn Village College and a vindication of their belief in high expectations, good teaching and ambition for every young person. Simon Holmes, Principal

Alumni News We would love to hear from former students who would like to be added to a list of names on an Alumni page on our website. If you would like to be added please send the following information to Alison Friday at Name, Year you left the College. A Summary of what you have been doing since you left us (i.e. Further training, university, employment). A photo of yourself if you wish.

Artsmark Gold awarded Arts Council England has awarded Artsmark Gold to Melbourn Village College in recognition of the college’s commitment to, and excellence in, arts education. Melbourn Village College is part of 1,750 schools in England who received an Artsmark this year. melbournmagazine


Well connected...






Tel: 01223 870266 sales


Lithographic and Digital Production




Printers for the University of Cambridge, Cambridge Science Park, London Charities and Galleries, Publishers and the Royal British Legion Women’s Section.


Cloudy2Clear Windows – Service With Windows A Smile! Cloudy2Clear – Service With A Smile! ADVERTISEMENT

It’s been a crazy few months for Cloudy2Clear Windows. The company which specialises in repairing windows It’s been awhich crazyare fewsteamed up, broken damaged by months for or Cloudy2Clear replacing – not the Windows.the Thepanes company frames has growninrapidly as which specialises repairing homeowners take windows which areadvantage steamed of their services. up, broken or damaged by Managing Director replacing the panes –Tim notLaw the feels thathas it’sgrown all about service. frames rapidly as ‘Our product istake simple. If homeowners advantage of your glazing is misted theirdouble services. Managing Director Tim Law feels that it’s all about service. ‘Our product is simple. If your double glazing is misted

up we can replace the glass at a fraction of the cost of a new window, in any type of frame, and with a new 5 year guarantee. But it’s the not glass just about up we can replace saving peopleofmoney, at a fraction the costalthough of a that Many new obviously window, inhelps. any type of tradespeople have struggled frame, and with a new 5 year since last year I honestly guarantee. But and it’s not just about feel thatpeople duringmoney, the good times saving although athat minority perhaps didn’t focus obviously helps. Many on customer care much as tradespeople haveasstruggled they have We make sinceshould last year anddone. I honestly sure we turn up the when we times say feel that during good a minority perhaps didn’t focus on customer care as much as they should have done. We make sure we turn up when we say

we will, do the job the customer ‘The truth is that it’s not just the requires and leave their house personal satisfaction that I get as clean as a whistle. I often get from doing a good job but also it comments back from customers makes good business sense. I get on really expect a‘The hugetruth amount ofit’s business from we how will,they do the job didn’t the customer is that not just the that sort and of service which, in a friends family ofthat people requires leave their house personaland satisfaction I getI’ve way, is very for the service which as clean as a sad whistle. I often get done from work doingfor, a good jobjust but goes also it industry asback a whole.’ showgood howbusiness much a little comments from customers to makes sense.bitI of get service appreciated.’ onCloudy2Clear how they really didn’tthe expect effort a hugeisamount of business from Cambridge, Ely, Saffron So, if and yourfamily windows are I’ve that sort of service which, in a friends of people Walden, Haverhill, steamed up,for, broken damaged way, is very sad forRoyston the service done work whichorjust goes & Newmarket areas and Tim give Timhow a call for aa free industry as a whole.’ to show much little bit of is Cloudy2Clear finding that hisservice approach quotation on 0800 61 21 118 the is effort is appreciated.’ aCambridge, major factor in Saffron his success. and be happy to help! Ely, So,he’ll if your windows are Walden, Haverhill, Royston steamed up, broken or damaged & Newmarket areas and Tim give Tim a call for a free is finding that his approach is quotation on 0800 61 21 118 a major factorreplace in his success. and he’lljust be happy to help! Don’t the Frames... the Panes!

STEAMED UP DOUBLE GLAZING? Broken or Damaged Windows?

STEAMED UP DOUBLE GLAZING? Faulty Hinges, Handles or Locks?

Don’tThe replace the Frames... the Panes! Want Latest Energyjust Saving Glass? All Glazing Backed By Our Broken or Damaged Windows? 5 Year Hinges, Manufacturers Faulty HandlesGuarantee or Locks? Priority Freephone Want The Latest Energy Saving Glass? 0800 61 211 18 All Glazing Backed By Our 5 Year Manufacturers Guarantee

...we make saving money perfectly clear...

Priority Freephone

0800 61 21118 ...we make saving money perfectly clear...


Simon Holmes, Principal of Melbourn Village College said: We are delighted that for the fourth consecutive we have been awarded a Gold Artsmark by the Arts Council of England. This national award accredits high quality arts education in England and is recognition of all the excellent education and opportunities available across the whole range of performing and visual arts. It is most gratifying to have the hard work of staff recognised externally and congratulations must go to those involved. Most of these activities are based at the college but we are also grateful to Kirstin Bicknell, our Arts Development Manager, employed through the stART partnership with South Cambridgeshire District Council, and other partners, such as Wysing Arts Centre, who help extend the arts influence beyond the school into the local community. Alan Davey, Chief Executive, Arts Council England, said: Arts Council England believes that the earlier children are creatively inspired, the more likely they are to have a lifelong engagement with art – something that can transform lives and give young people a voice for their thoughts and feelings. Artsmark – now nationally recognised as a prestigious and coveted award, supported by the Department for Education and Department for Culture, Media and Sport – sets the standard for an outstanding arts provision in schools and other education settings and it’s great to see so many new settings attaining Artsmark this year. This award recognises Melbourn Village College’s commitment to providing exciting art experiences and their belief in the power of creativity.

Head Boy and Girl and House Captains After much deliberation and based on teacher input, letter, presentation and interview the following students have been selected as: Head Boy Ed Mallen; Head Girl Olivia Carter; Deputy Josh Hebditch; Deputy Chloe Squire

Jubilee When Melbourn Parish Council discussed ideas for celebrating the Diamond Jubilee they decided to upon giving all the children of Melbourn aged 1 to 16 years old a mug and the new-born babies of 2012 a Jubilee coin.

They had a few designs to choose from and took along two of the most popular designs to local coffee mornings and the young adults decided the winner. This design came from a winning entry in the Blue Peter Jubilee Celebration Mug competition. Chairman Donald Mowatt and Vice Chairman Maureen Townsend attended the college to present the mugs to all students living in Melbourn.

Sporting Talent Congratulations to Ellie and Georgia Hickman for their fantastic achievements in a recent regional competition. Georgia is nearing her national time for the 50 metres freestyle as she

The following students have been appointed House Captains. Darwin Harry Galloway and Jenny Lanzrein. Deputy Luke Hebditch and Imogen Hunter Lewis Harry Townsend and Anelka Tokley. Deputy Dan Target and Jasmin Coles Newton Jack Weller and Lauren Morley. Deputy Harry Carter and Shannon Dawson Franklin Josh Joyce and Kerry Martin. Deputy Seb Grant and Sophie Payne

Duke of Edinburgh Award The following students who have completed or are waiting for approval for their completion of their Duke of Edinburgh Award – congratulations to them all. Bronze Award: Chloe Squires, Ellie Woods, Charlie Maude, Oliver Black, Imogen Hunter, Harry Townsend, Aaron Smith Silver Award: Chris Way, Eden Harbud, Jonathan Cooper, Laura Norton, Ben Cattley, Welcome to the thirty-five Year 9 students who have enrolled last half-term and who have already started their section. Finally five brave Year 11 students will complete their Silver Assessed expedition from the 29th June to 1st July.

improved her time from 28.95 to 28.58. Ellie also did very well and especially considering this was her first time at a regional competition. We look forward to following their success… Olympics 2016 here we come!!! continued on page 35



“Little Hands” is a Private Nursery School specialising in quality Pre-School Education for 2 – 5 year Olds • • • • • • •

The Nursery School offers : High (1 : 4) staffing ratio Variety of session lengths Term time only booking Optional holiday clubs No minimum booking requirement No booking fee Categorised “OUTSTANDING” by Ofsted

Also FREE (NEF funded) afternoon (1.30-4.00) sessions for 3 & 4 year olds (NEF can also be used towards half or full day sessions) 01763 260964 (school hours) 01223503972 (office hours) e-mail : w w Little Hands Nursery Schools are also at Bourn, Linton and Newton


Village information What goes in the BLUE BIN? YES • Plastic bottles • Plastic bottle tops & triggers • Plastic packaging (pots, tubs and trays) • Plastic bags • Plastic film (clean food wrapping) • Glass bottles and jars • Food & drinks cans • Aerosols • Tin foil & foil trays • Cartons (e.g. Tetrapak) • Cardboard • Greeting cards • Wrapping paper (paper only)

Bin collection MELBOURN 1 September*

Black Bin

7 September

Green & Blue Bin

14 September

Black Bin

21 September

Green & Blue Bin

28 September

Black Bin

5 October

Green & Blue Bin

12 October

Black Bin

19 October

Green & Blue Bin

26 October

Black Bin

2 November

Green & Blue Bin

9 November

Black Bin

16 November

Green & Blue Bin

23 November

Black Bin

30 November

Green & Blue Bin

7 December

Black Bin

14 December

Green & Blue Bin


21 December

Black Bin

Butt Lane, Milton Tel: 01223 860674 • 9am–8pm Mon to Fri • 9am–6pm Bank Holidays, Sat & Sun • 9am–4pm Mon to Sun (1 October–31 March)

* Saturday Collection

NO • Expanded polystyrene • Pyrex • Flat glass • DVDs/CDs • Plastic toys • Light bulbs and fluorescent tubes

Household Waste and Recycling Centres

Thriplow Gravel Pit Hill, Thriplow Tel: 01223 839001 • 8am–5pm Mon to Fri • 8am–5pm Bank Holidays, Sat & Sun (Summer) • 8am–4pm Mon to Sun (1 October–31 March)

Items that are accepted • Green waste • Hardcore (bricks, rubble) • Paper • Glass • Scrap metal • Waste oil • Fridges/freezers • Car batteries • Textiles • Cardboard • Plastic • TVs and computers (incl. monitors) Please Note: The sites will only accept waste from household sources.

For an update on collections visit: For more information and collections of large household items Telephone 03450 450 063

Do you need a reliable local trader? Buy With Confidence traders are Trading Standards Approved go to: call: 08454 040506 or visit your local library melbournmagazine


important numbers Police (non emergency) 101 Crimestoppers Freephone 0800 555111 Neighbourhood Watch Steven Cambery Cambs Registered Trader Sceme 01223 221921 Telephone Preference Service 0845 070 0707 CAB Royston

0800 1111


08457 909090

Hospitals Addenbrooke’s Royston

01223 245151 01763 238020


01223 464242 0845 4647

Services Anglian Water 08457 145 145 Gas emergency 0800 111 999 Electricity 08007 838838 South Cambs District Fire & Rescue Service 01223 376217 Transport British Rail Enquiries Stagecoach Cambus

Melbourn Playgroup Jane Crawford 07842 151512 Childminding Group Sec. Vacancies Co-ordinator Heidi Hardwidge 221625 Library LAP Mike Stapleton 269956 Little Hands Nursery School 260964 Out of school times 01223 503972 Notre Ecole Janet Whitton 261231 Primary School Headteacher Stephanie Wilcox 223457 U3A (Univ. of Third Age) Chairman Elma Forbes 01223 870217 Hon Sec Hilary Docwra 222486 Mem Sec Arthur Alderton 260399 Village College Acting Principal Simon Holmes 223400

Royal British Legion Patrick Parkinson 262617 Royal British Legion Women Elizabeth Murphy 220841 Royal National Lifeboat Institution Jean Emes 245958 Royston and District Local History Society David Allard 242677 Royston and District Round Table 221398 Royston Lions Janet Daniels 260009 RSPB Doug Radford 208978 SOAS (Supporters of All Saints’) Doreen Johnston 220197 St George’s Allotments Assoc. Bruce Huett Youth Club Amanda Bernard 223407 Women’s Group Pat Smith 260103

08456 889897


Camdoc NHS Direct (queries 24hrs)


08457 484950 08706 082608

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We shall be pleased to receive contributions in any form, articles, poems, drawings, photographs, letters etc., pertaining to Melbourn. Please send any contributions to the Editor, at the 110 High Street, Melbourn, marking them ‘MELBOURN MAGAZINE’ or you can email them to

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Places of worship

Health Age UK Cambridgeshire 01223 221921 Blood Donors 0300 123 23 23 Chiropodist 263260 Citizen’s Advice Bureau 238020 Community Care Val Trueman 260191 Dentist 262034 District Nurses (Primary Care Trust) 01223 846122 Home-Start 262262 S Cambs PCT 35 Orchard Road Child & Family Nurses 262861 Car Scheme 245228 Orchard Surgery Appointments 260220 Dispensary 261246 For repeat prescriptions send email: Osteopath Kath Harry 261716 St John Ambulance Robert Jakubiak 220507 LOCAL clubs Air Cadets 2484 (Bassingbourn) Squadron 249156 Tony Kelly Mon & Wed evenings 7 – 9.30 p.m. Army Cadets Ted Neathey 01223 248001 Tuesday evenings at The Moor 7.15 to 9.30pm Bellringers John Gipson 262846 Bridge Club Howard Waller 261693 1st Melbourn Rainbows Abigail Roberts 261505 Brownies 1st Melbourn Stephanie Clifford 220272 Brownies 2nd Melbourn Samantha Pascoe (Brown Owl) 261400 Cambells (Handbells) Eira Martin 261221 Dramatic Society Kathy Wholley 223805 email: Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Stuart Morris 208634 Gardening Helen Powell 245887 Guides 1st Melbourn Hilary Marsh 261443 Mothers’ Union Anne Harding 260759 Melbourn History Group Colin Limming 260072 Melbourn and Meldreth Self-Help Jayne White 220250 Melbourn Mushroom Club John Holden email: Melbourn Pottery Club Maggie 01223 207307 National Trust Colin Limming 260072 New Melbourn Singers Adrian Jacobs 243224 Photographic Club Bruce Huett 232855 Ramblers Dave Allard 242677

All Saints’ Church Rev Andrew O’Brien Melbourn Vicarage 260295 Curate Mary Price 261569 Churchwardens Christine van Vliet 223063 Mike Galley 260127 Community Hall booking Colin Limming 260072 Baptist Church Rev. Stuart Clarke 261650 Secretary Guy Manners 01223 872298 United Reformed Church Minister Rev. Duncan Goldie 260747 Secretary Peter and Eirwen Karner 262346 Hall booking Beryl and Barry Monk 246458 Churches Together Helen John 261147 sport Badminton Steve Jackson 248774 Bowls Elaine Cooke 221571 Croquet Janet Pope 248342 Football Club Simon Gascoyne 261703 Jazzercise Linda Warner 241527 Judo Derek Coult 225004 Melbourn Sports Centre Graham Johnson-Mack 263313 Melbourn and District Tennis Club David Liddiard 07508 995781 Meldreth Tennis Club Sue Davies 220174 Swimming Club Jenny Brackley 244593 Squash Club Nick Sugden 261064

Warden & sheltered housing schemes Dial-A-Ride 01223 506335 Mobile Warden Scheme Warden – Margo Wherrell 260966 Deputy – Jeannie Seers 262651 Assistant – Joy Hyde 220139 Neighbourhood Watch Scheme Stephen Cambery 261520 Vicarage Close Warden Eileen Allan Lead Sheltered Housing Officer Monday to Friday 9–1.30 263389 John Impey Way Jeanette Holland 269596 Southwell Court 262121 Moorlands 260564 Vicarage Close & John Impey Way, also covering Elin Way every other week. 9–5 Monday to Friday Eileen Allan Mobile 07876791419 01763 245402

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The closing date for the next issue is Friday 12th October 2012 which will appear in December, listing events in December, January and February.

September Sat 1 Coffee Stop All Saints’ Community Hall Women’s British Legion Tombola Sun 2 Holy Communion All Saints’ 8.00am Holy Communion URC 11.00am Mon 3 Drop-in surgeries with County Councillor Susan van de Ven, District Councillor Jose Hales 2.30-3.30pm at Melbourn Library Pippins Stay & Play 9.30 - 11.00am Messy Mondays Young Parents and children 1.30-3.00pm every Monday at the Melbourn Community Health Centre Orchard Road Melbourn Melbourn Bridge Club Vicarage Close Tel: 01763 261693 Tue 4 New term begins Toddler Plus Baptist Church Hall 9.30am (term time only) Wed 5 Craft Club Baptist Church Hall 9.30am (term time only) Coffee Break Baptist Church Hall 10.30am-12. Thu 6 Holy Communion All Saints’ 10.00am Story Time U5’s Melbourn Library 10-10.45am Pippins Crawlers to Walkers 10.00-11.30am every Thursday Fri 7 Coffee at URC at 10.30am Sat 8 Coffee Stop All Saints’ Community Hall 10.30am Bible Soc. Bric-a-Brac & Cake Stall Sun 9 Holy Communion All Saints’ 8 am Family Communion All Saints 9.45am Service URC 11.00am Evensong All Saints’ 6.30pm Holy Trinity Church Meldreth Annual Car Show Tue 11 Toddler Plus Baptist Church Hall 9.30am (term time only) Mothers Union Melbourn ASCH 2.30pm Melbourn & District Gardening Club All Saints’ Community Hall 7.30pm Autumn & Recyling Garden Waste Wed 12 Craft Club Baptist Church Hall 9.30am (term time only) Coffee Break Baptist Church Hall 10.30-12.00 Reflective Service URC 7pm Thu 13 Holy Communion All Saints 10am Story Time U5’s Melbourn Library 10-10.45am Fri 14 Coffee at URC at 10.30 Sat 15 Coffee Stop All Saints’ Community Hall 10.30 URC Harvest Festival Weekend (see article) Sun 16 Holy Communion All Saints’ 8.00am Service URC 11.00am Communion Service Baptist Church 10.30am Evensong All Saints’ 6.30pm Doggie Day Out in aid of Hearing Dogs Wimpole Hall Mon 17 Royston & District Family History Society All Saints’ Community Hall 7.30pm History of Addenbrooke’s Hospital Tue 18 Toddler Plus 9.30 am Baptist Church Hall (term time only) Writers Book Launch at the Tavern Gallery Melbourn & District Photographic Club meet weekly Sept - Apl at Foxton Village Hall 7.30pm Wed 19 Craft Club Baptist Church Hall 9.30 am (term time only) Coffee Break Baptist Church Hall 10.30-12.00 U3A monthly meeting 2.45pm MVC Thu 20 Holy Communion All Saints 6.30pm Story Time U5’s Melbourn Library 10-10.45am Fri 21 Coffee at URC at 10.30 Play Parks Quiz Night MVC 8.00pm £5, 6 people per team Sat 22 Coffee Stop All Saints’ Community Hall 10.30am The Bookshelf Sun 23 Family Communion All Saints 9.45am Service URC 11.00am Evensong All Saints 6.30pm Tue 25 Toddler Plus 9.30 am Baptist Church Hall (term time only) Royston & District Family History Society All Saints Community Hall 7.30pm History of Addenbrooke’s Hospital Women’s Group Trip to Oberammagau Wed 26 Craft Club Baptist Church Hall 9.30am (term time only) Coffee Break 10.30-12.00 Baptist Church Hall Royal British Legion Women’s Section Vicarage Close 7pm Thu 27 Holy Communion All Saints’ 10.00am Story Time U5’s Melbourn Library 10-10.45am Royston Arts Festival until 30th September Fri 28 Coffee at URC 10.30am Women’s Group Harvest Supper Meldreth Village Hall Sat 29 Coffee Stop All Saints’ Community Hall 10.30am SCDC Local Housing Team Open Day 12noon - 4pm at MVC Sun 30 Holy Communion All Saints’ 8.00am Service URC 11.00am Evensong All Saints 6.30pm

October Mon 1 Drop-in surgeries with County Councillor Susan van de Ven, District Councillor Jose Hales 2.30-3.30pm at Melbourn Library Pippins Stay & Play 9.30 - 11.00am Messy Mondays Young Parents and children 1.30-3.00pm every Monday at the Melbourn Community Health Melbourn Bridge Club Vicarage Close Tel: 01763 261693 Tue 2 Toddler Plus Baptist Church Hall 9.30am (term time only) Wed 3 Craft Club Baptist Church Hall 9.30am (term time only) Coffee Break Baptist Church Hall 10.30-12.00 Royal British Legion Vicarage Close 7.30pm Thu 4 Holy Communion All Saints’ 10am Story Time U5’s Melbourn Library 10-10.45am Royston & District Local History Soc Town Hall Royston 8pm Time Traveller Pippins Crawlers to Walkers 10.00-11.30am every Thursday Fri 5 Coffee at URC at 10.30 Aid for Romania Evening URC Sat 6 Coffee Stop All Saints’ Community Hall SOAS Mexican Evening 7.30pm 260072/260686 for details Sun 7 Holy Communion 8am All Saints Holy Communion URC 11am Baptist Church Communion 6pm Tue 9 Toddler Plus Baptist Church Hall 9.30am (term time only) Mothers’ Union 2.0pm at Steeple Morden Village Hall Talk on Volunteering at Littlehey Prison Catherina Griffiths Melbourn & District Gardening Club Drought Resistant Plants Wed 10 Craft Club Baptist Church Hall 9.30am (term time only) Coffee Break Baptist Church Hall 10.30-12.00 Thu 11 Story Time U5’s Melbourn Library 10-10.45am Fri 12 Coffee at URC at 10.30 Sat 13 Coffee Stop All Saints’ Community Hall Sun 14 Family Communion – All Saints’ 9.45am URC Service 11am Evensong All Saints’ 6.30pm Mon 15 Royston & District Family History Society ASCH 7.30pm Talk by Paul Ravenscroft Tue 16 Toddler Plus Baptist Church Hall 9.30am (term time only) Police Panel Meeting MVC 7 for 7.30pm start Mothers Union Quiet Day 10am - 3.30pm Bishop Woodford House, Ely contact Anne Harding 260759 Wed 17 Craft Club Baptist Church Hall 9.30am (term time only) Coffee Break Baptist Church Hall 10.30-12.00 U3A Monthly meeeting at MVC Thu 18 Holy Communion All Saints’ 8am Story Time U5’s Melbourn Library 10-10.45am Fri 19 Coffee at URC at 10.30 Sat 20 Coffee Stop All Saints’ Community Hall Sun 21 Holy Communion – All Saints’ 8am URC Service 11 Evensong All Saints’ 6.30pm Mon 22 MVC Open Evening Tue 23 Toddler Plus Baptist Church Hall 9.30am (term time only) Women’s Group Meldreth Church Hall Talk about MAGPAS Wed 24 Craft Club Baptist Church Hall 9.30am (term time only) Coffee Break Baptist Church Hall 10.30-12.00 Royal British Legion Women’s Section Vicarage Close 7pm Thu 25 Holy Communion All Saints 10am Story Time U5’s Melbourn Library 10-10.45am Fri 26 Coffee at URC at 10.30 Sat 27 Coffee Stop All Saints Community Hall River Mel Restoration Group Melbourn 9.15am Sun 28 End of British Summer Time Family Communion 9.45am All Saints URC Service 11am Evensong All Saints’ 6.30pm Mon 29 Half term Wed 31 Coffee Break Baptist Church Hall 10.30-12.00

Youth Club

Melbourn Village College

Tuesday evenings 7.30pm – 9.15pm

November Thu 1 Holy Communion All Saints 10am Story Time U5’s Melbourn Library 10-10.45am Royston & District Local History Soc Royston Town Hall 8pm Planners & Preservationists Fri 2 Coffee at URC 10.30am Sat 3 Coffee Stop All Saints’ Community Hall 10.30am Jumble Sale Fowlmere Village Hall 9.30-11.30am contact Mrs Thurley 262398 Sun 4 Holy Communion All Saints 9.45am URC Service11.00am Baptist Church Communion 6pm Mon 5 Pippins Stay & Play 9.30 - 11.00am Messy Mondays Young Parents and children 1.30-3.00pm every Monday at the Melbourn Community Health Melbourn Bridge Club Vicarage Close Tel: 01763 261693 District Councillor Jose Hales 2.30-3.30pm at Melbourn Library Pippins Stay & Play 9.30 - 11.00am Tue 6 Toddler Plus Baptist Church Hall 9.30am (term time only) Melbourn & District Photographic Club meet weekly Sept - Apl at Foxton Village Hall 7.30pm contact Bruce Huett 232855 Fashion Show at Esse 7.30pm in aid of Homestart Wed 7 Craft Club Baptist Church Hall 9.30am (term time only) Coffee Break Baptist Church Hall 10.30am-12.00 Thu 8 Holy Communion All Saints’ 8.00am Story Time U5’s Melbourn Library 10-10.45am Pippins Crawlers to Walkers 10.00-11.30am every Thursday Fri 9 Coffee at URC at 10.30 Sat 10 Coffee Stop All Saints’ Community Hall 10.30am SOAS Beetle Drive contact 260072/260686 Sun 11 Remembrance Sunday War Memorial 10.45am and afterwards in All Saints’ Tue 13 Toddler Plus Baptist Church Hall 9.30am (term time only) Mother’s Union AGM 2.30pm Fowlmere Church Melbourn & District Gardening Club AGM All Saints’ Community Hall 7.30pm Wed 14 Craft Club Baptist Church Hall 9.30am (term time only) Coffee Break Baptist Church Hall 10.30-12.00 Reflective Service URC 7pm Thu 15 Holy Communion All Saints’ 10am Story Time U5’s Melbourn Library 10.00 - 10.45am Fri 16 Coffee at URC at 10.30 Sat 17 No Coffee Stop All Saints Church Bazaar from 12 noon Sun 18 Holy Communion All Saints’ 8.00am URC Service 11.00am Evensong All Saints 6.30pm Mon 19 Royston & District Family History Society All Saints’ Community Hall 7.30pm Talk by Neville Chuck Tue 20 Toddler Plus 9.30 am Baptist Church Hall (term time only) Wed 21 Craft Club Baptist Church Hall 9.30 am (term time only) Coffee Break Baptist Church Hall 10.30-12.00 U3A monthly meeting 2.45pm MVC Thu 22 Holy Communion All Saints’ 10.00am Story Time U5’s Melbourn Library 10-10.45am Fri 23 Coffee at URC at 10.30 Sat 24 Coffee Stop All Saints’ Community Hall 10.30am Sun 25 Family Communion All Saints 9.45am URC Service 11.00am Evensong All Saints 6.30pm Tue 27 Toddler Plus 9.30 am Baptist Church Hall (term time only) Wed 28 Craft Club Baptist Church Hall 9.30am (term time only) Coffee Break 10.30-12.00 Baptist Church Hall Royal British Legion Women’s Section Vicarage Close 7pm Thu 29 Holy Communion All Saints’ 10.00am Story Time U5’s Melbourn Library 10-10.45am Fri 30 Coffee at URC 10.30am


is held at A drop in advisory sessionity Room, Vicarage Close Commun month the 4th Thursday of the from 2pm to 4pm

Village information continued Orchard Surgery – Dispensary Monday to Friday 8:30 – 1pm and 3pm – 6pm Phone 01763 261246 Telephone requests are not accepted For repeat prescriptions you can: Fax 01763 262968 or email:

Allow at least 48 hours (two working days – excluding weekends and bank holidays) for repeat prescriptions to be ready. Do not leave your request to the last minute.

Prescription/medication depending on eligibility can be collected from the Surgery


Tesco in Royston

Please let the dispensary know where you wish your prescriptions to be sent. This will remain your choice until we are informed otherwise.

Prescriptions requested before 12pm Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

will be ready after 10am Wednesday Thursday Friday Monday Tuesday

Prescriptions requested before 4pm Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

will be ready after 3pm Wednesday Thursday Friday Monday Tuesday

Prescriptions requested after 4pm Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

will be ready after 10am Thursday Friday Monday Tuesday Wednesday

Melbourn Health Visiting Team Drop in clinics for parents and babies are held as follows: Melbourn clinic every Wednesday between 9.30am and 11.00am at: 35 Orchard Road, Melbourn. Telephone 01763 262861


8a Romsey Terrace, Cambridge. CB1 3NH Office Mon-Fri 9.00am-12.30pm. Telephone 01223 416 141 answerphone out of these hours

A drop in advisory session is held at Vicarage Close Community Room, the 4th Thursday of the month from 2pm to 4pm

27th September

22nd November

25th October

27th December

See the following website for more information Battery exchange and retubing. We do not do hearing tests

CAMSIGHT Cam Sight’s visually impaired group meet on the 1st Wednesday of the month every month except in August, at the Vicarage Close centre, Melbourn from 2 until 4pm. We offer a warm welcome with speakers, outings, up to date information and equipment demonstrations. Come and see what’s on offer, join us for a cuppa and a chat. Call 01223 420 033 for further information

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Congratulations also to Byron Lawrence, on making his debut for Ipswich Town against Doncaster, earlier this term. Byron has been an outstanding pupil in all areas of PE over the past five years and it is fantastic to see him develop into such a talented footballer. He is a true role model and we all wish him the best of luck for the future.

Junior Maths Challenge On Thursday 25th April seventy students from years 7 and 8 took part in the UKMT Junior Maths challenge. Our students did well again, achieving four golds, twelve silvers and twelve bronze awards. Gold Certificates: Jonathon Popat, Reece Andrade, Jessica Peacock, Alice West Silver Certificates: Joshua Bates, Joshua Hutton, Lewis Hill, Abbie Jones, Hope Winter, Amy Selby, Gemma Rowland, Rebecca Bystry, Theo Windred, Jack Greenwood, Jessica Maskell, Laura Bartholomew Bronze Certificates: George Pemberton, Kelly Condra, Natalie Bartholomew, Alice Mcmorran, Darienne Chesham, Andrew Chitty, Jordan Mills, Robert Dingwell, Antonio Ercole, Carys Davies, Amber Pullen

Science at MVC – STEM Club On 13th of June, eight students who go to science club visited Duxford for a science day. The day included hands on experiments, which raised lots of questions from the students One of the first things the students took part in was the science behind magic, which included a teleporting robot! There were experiments, which included explosions, slot car racing and space exploration. Our second part of the day took place at the Scott Polar Institute learning how to detect the health of the arctic tundra using infrared light. The day was extremely interesting and encouraged students to ask some probing questions.

U3A (University of the Third Age) U3A’s are self-help, self-managed lifelong learning co-operatives, open to everyone not in full time work, but as the name implies, consisting of mainly older people. The learning experiences are for fun, not for qualifications, and you can brush up a language, play sport or do yoga, share your music or art preferences, discuss books and poetry, study local history or churches, go on long (or short) walks, bird watch, paint, share your collecting, gardening or textile passions, visit theatres, exhibitions and other places of interest, join a quiz or Scrabble group. Or, start up a new group to share your own interests/skills! Melbourn and District U3A has over 30 interest groups supported by members from many surrounding communities. If you would like to join or know more please contact Arthur Alderton 01763 260399

Workers’ Educational Association (WEA) As previously, there will be a choice of two courses which will be held at Royston Town Hall on Tuesday mornings from 10am–11.30am. If possible please enrol at Royston Town Hall on 25th September, 10am–11am. The course fee is £45 and payment by cheque, payable to WEA Royston is preferred. The courses, which last for 10 weeks start on 2nd October. Evolution Tutor: Keith Tritton and Comparing English & American Short Stories Tutor: Janet Berenson For further information contact Carol Bradshaw on 01763 268678. Enrolment will be held at Royston Town Hall on 11th January 2013 10am–11am with the courses starting on 18th January. The cost is £44 with payment by cheque payable to WEA Royston being preferred.

Notre Ecole On returning to Notre Ecole after Easter children in our Wednesday afterschool group began preparing for their end of term play ‘La Chenille a Faim’ (the Hungry Caterpillar). We played games and took part in lots of activities, firstly around the theme of the days of the week, and then around fruit vocabulary. We even enjoyed sampling some pieces of fruit to help us remember the new words. We practised our play for several weeks, before performing in front of our proud parents and friends at the end of term. Children attending the Thursday after school group have also been busy preparing a play. Here we developed the ‘Cluedo’ theme, following on from the game of Cluedo we had played earlier in the year, to create a murder, mystery type play. Children developed their own characters using French already familiar to them and contributed their own ideas to the plot. Mme Whitton just needed to do a little tidying to the story line to bring the whole thing together but otherwise it was all the children’s own work. Some of our Thursday afternoon members leave us after seven years (their whole primary school careers) as members of Notre Ecole. We wish them well in their new schools and hope the French they have learnt with us will be beneficial to them in their future language learning. Adults in our Wednesday evening beginners group have been learning French to enable them to talk about their pets, their likes and dislikes in relation to food and useful vocabulary and phrases for meal times. They have talked about their daily routines and their hobbies and learnt how to tell the time in French, before moving on to vocabulary and phrases to do with places in town and finding your way around. Meanwhile, adults in our more advance group have practised numbers by talking about the major dates in history; have discussed terrorism and Israel following the recent events in Toulouse and in those drought days before the rains came they learnt some French idioms relating to drinks and hot weather.



Nationwide specialists in:

Ground Source Heating Boreholes & Wells Providing Effective Surface & Groundwater Solutions

Baker Associates Hydro Solutions is an independent Hydrogeological & Thermogeological consultancy providing professional consultancy, design & project management services

Ground Source Heating & Cooling

17, Royston SG8 SG86EU 6EU 17,Portway, Portway,Melbourn, Melbourn, Royston Phone 07976-769398 Phone01945-428757 01945-428757 Mobile Mobile 07976-769398 Surveysofofall allgas gas & & lpg lpg appliances appliances carried Surveys carriedout. out. Surveys of hot & cold water installations carried out.

Surveys of hot & cold water installations carried out. 17, Melbourn, SG8 6EU 17,Portway, Portway, Melbourn, Royston SG8 6EU out. Surveys of central heatingRoyston systems carried

Thermal Response Testing (TRT) & Pump Testing

Phone Mobile 07976-769398 Surveys of 01945-428757 central heating systems carried out. Phone 01945-428757 Mobile 07976-769398

Hydro-Thermogeological desk & field studies

Gas &heating lpgallboilers serviced or or replaced. Surveys of gas & lpg appliances carried out. Central systems replaced upgraded.

Gas & lpg boilers serviced or replaced.

Surveys of all gas & lpg appliances carried out.

Surveys of hot & cold water installations carried out.

Borehole design & drilling Pump installation & maintenance Abstraction licensing & regulatory services Borehole CCTV & ROV inspection

Surveys heating of hotPowerflushing & cold waterreplaced installations out. Central systems upgraded. service.or carried Surveys Surveysof ofcentral centralheating heatingsystems systemscarried carriedout. out.

Servicing, faultfinding, repairs toservice. all gas & lpg appliances. Gas & Powerflushing lpg boilers serviced or replaced. Gas & lpg boilers serviced or replaced.

Bathrooms fitted. Underfloor installations. Central heating systems or upgraded. Servicing, faultfinding, repairsreplaced to heating all gas & lpg appliances. Central heating systems replaced or upgraded. All general plumbing work undertaken. Powerflushing service.

Powerflushing Bathrooms fitted. Underfloorservice. heating installations. Servicing, faultfinding, repairs to all gas & lpg appliances.

Landlord & Gas repairs Safety to Certificates Servicing, faultfinding, all gas & lpgissued. appliances.

All carried general plumbing work undertaken. Bathrooms fitted. Underfloor heating installations. All works out by Gas Safe Registered engineers. Bathrooms fitted. Underfloor heating installations. All general plumbing work undertaken. Landlord & Gas Safetywork Certificates issued. All general plumbing undertaken.

No call out charges. Free References given upon request. Landlord & quotations. Gas Safety Certificates issued. Landlord & Gas Safety Certificates issued.engineers. All works carried GasSafe Safe Registered All works carriedout out by by Gas Registered engineers. All works carried out by Gas Safe Registered engineers.

Noout call out charges. Freequotations. quotations. References given uponupon request. No call Free References given request. No callcharges. out charges. Free quotations. References given upon request.

Baker Associates Hydro Solutions - Unit 4 Valley Farm Business Park - 1 Station Road - Meldreth - Herts - SG8 6JP Tel: 01763 26 27 26

Registered Plumber Registered Plumber Registered


Registered Plumber


196078 196078



Melbourn Detachment

Melbourn Detachment re-opens on the 11th September 2012 on Tuesdays from 1930 hours to 2130hrs at: The Cadet Centre

(Opposite Melbourn Village College) The Moor Melbourn SG8 6ED WHO CAN JOIN? If you’re between 12 and 18 you can join today and spend your weekends taking part in adventurous training and sports like abseiling and rock climbing. You may even get to fly in a helicopter! WHAT YOU CAN DO? OK, so you might be spending your Saturday afternoons up to your waist in mud, but wouldn’t you rather be doing that-and having some memorable experiences and making great matesinstead of just sitting in front of the TV all day? Some ACF units hold their annual camps in Germany. There is also a chance of visiting a camp in Canada. WHAT WILL I GET OUT OF IT? There’s loads to do in the ACF besides sport, but it all includes making good friends and having amazing experiences. You can take part in community projects, work towards the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and even earn a vocational qualification such as a BTEC in Public Services. What ever you are interested in, there’s always a brilliant life to be had as an Army Cadet. You’ll get to wear a uniform but you won’t be part of the Army and with 8000 trained Adult Instructors you’ll get all the support you need to take the challenges of being a cadet

Cambridgeshire Army Cadet Force

September is traditionally a popular time to take up a new hobby, so if you or your child would like to learn French from scratch or perhaps you would like to brush up on that rusty school French, then please get in touch. We are a French native speaker and a graduate of European Studies with French. Please call either Marine on 07533 443153 or Janet on 07791 853448 for further details. If you prefer e-mail, contact or Learn French in a friendly atmosphere *French for Children Games, role-play, songs etc. Every Wednesday from 3.45pm to 4.30pm Every Thursday from 4:15pm to 5:00pm *French for Adults All levels, Conversation Every Wednesday from 8.00pm to 9.00pm GCSE lessons available by arrangement. Individual lessons also available. Tel. Marine – 01763 222876 or Janet – 01763 261231 mob-07533 443153 mob-07791 853448 (Enhanced CRB clearance recently completed) melbournmagazine



The Melbourn Radiate Brooch Archaeologists discovered the radiate brooch in 2000, together with other artefacts, during a dig in an old orchard off Water Lane, now Chalkhill Barrow. They were investigating the site before the developers moved in and as well as part of a round barrow with a total of eight pits containing urn and bone fragments from the late Neolithic/early Bronze Age period, about 2000 BC, an Anglo-Saxon cemetery was also unearthed. This consisted of 52 graves, many of which contained artefacts such as beads made of glass and terracotta, buckles, combs, knives, keys and a chatelaine, spindle whorls and several brooches. The most important brooches were the Melbourn Great Square Headed brooch and the Radiate brooch dating from around the 6th century. The Melbourn Radiate Brooch is made from copper-alloy with applied silver leaf. Many were made this way, but more elaborate ones have been discovered, made from gold or silver and some inlaid with precious stones. The shape of Anglo-Saxon Radiate brooches differ from region to region, however, they can clearly be identified as having a semicircular head plate, often with knobs radiating out. The size of the brooches can vary from a few centimetres to 10cm. Over 130 variations of the Radiate brooch can be seen at the British Museum. These brooches would have been worn by Anglo-Saxon noblewoman as jewellery on a tunic or dress at the waist or thigh or as a shoulder fastening on a woman’s cloak or mantle. Although it is not clear from where the brooch originated, it’s possible they were produced by the Goths in southern Russia and found their way into western Europe as a result of migrations. The style was extensively copied by the Merovingian Franks. Following the discovery, the Melbourn History Group paid for the restoration of the Radiate brooch together with the Square Headed brooch, which can be seen on the front of the History book cover. We were also fortunate to able to have a mould taken from the Radiate Brooch from which we commissioned silver reproductions to be made, in order that people of Melbourn could own a piece of their history. For the Diamond Jubilee year, we had a number made, which carry the Jubilee Hallmark. There are a few still remaining costing £60 each. They make wonderful gifts. If you are interested please contact Colin Limming 260072.


Golf Club

Membership Open – No Joining Fee Scenic local 9 hole/18 tee golf course

• • Run by Members for Members • English Golfing Union Handicaps • Cambridgeshire County Card Other Club Discount Scheme • No need to reserve Tee Times • Club and County Competitions + Hospitality Facilities • Parkland and challenging Par 64 with water features • Practice nets • Trial a free round with a member Private Friendly Uncrowded and Safe

• • •

Membership Fees 7 days Adult £335/year inc all family Juniors 16 and under 7 days £600/year Husband and Wife or a Civil Partnership Student in full time education U21 £100/year Contact: Peter Blayney on 01223 793333 email:

Bassingbourn Golf Club

ATR Bassingbourn Barracks Bassingbourn cum Kneesworth Royston SG8 5LX

Christian Aid Week in Melbourn 2012 I would like to give a big ‘Thank You’ to all those that helped with the House to House collection this year, in Melbourn. Making a grand total of £1020 slightly less than last year. This is the last year in which I intend to be in charge of the Christian Aid in Melbourn. I am looking for someone to hand the job over to. Please think it over and I am willing to help anyone with their 1st year doing the job. If you think this is a job is for you please contact me by phone or email. If I get NO response then this will be the last year Christian Aid will benefit from the £1000 + that is collected in Melbourn. Helen John, Christian Aid Secretary for Melbourn 261147 or email:

Harvest Festival Weekend 15th – 16th September Melbourn URC is once again celebrating harvest by hosting a Harvest Festival Weekend. As in past years, we are looking forward to seeing the church decorated with lots of imaginative, artistic floral and produce displays and arrangements. On Saturday, the church will be open to visitors from 11 am and there will be refreshments and some children’s activities in the hall. From 2 pm we hope that some music will be played whilst people enjoy the displays. On Sunday we have our Harvest Service at 11 am, followed by a Bring and Share lunch and sale of the produce. Please do come and join us for some or all of these events and support a good cause at the same time. The charity we will be supporting again this year is Tools With A Mission (TWAM). As part of our efforts we will be collecting more tools no longer needed in the UK which will be refurbished and sent to countries where they can be used. Suitable tools and equipment can be brought to the church over the weekend. All types of carpentry, mechanics, builders, plumbing, sewing, knitting, gardening, and craft tools can be donated. Sewing and knitting machines (please make sure they are complete), flat screen computers and laptops, educational textbooks, adult mountain bikes, and manual typewriters can also be used. Wheelchairs, crutches and a variety of other medical aids to help those with a variety of disabilities can also be utilized. Please get in touch with us for more details (Peter and Eirwen Karner 262346) or consult the full list available from the TWAM website.

Knitting and Craft Group Anyone interested in joining a Knitting and Craft Group? The aim is to set up a weekly group for those interested in learning or passing on some skills in the area of Arts and Crafts alongside having coffee and a chat. It is planned that we will meet in the URC Church Hall on Thursday afternoons from 2–4 pm starting in September. For further information call Anne Field 220869.

Aid for Romania Evening – Friday, 5th October Ros Van de Weyer, one of our church members and a physiotherapist working locally, visited Romania last year as part of a medical aid group. She was both moved and moved to action by what she saw there, and will be returning later this year. She will talk to us and show pictures of her visit. This promises to be an interesting and informative evening. There will be a supper included in the event with an opportunity to talk with Ros and find out more about what we can do to help. Further details will be available from the church nearer the time.

All Saints’ Community Hall One of the minor problems with groups using the hall has been that some of the sound ‘bounces off’ and has made conversation difficult especially when individual groups are all talking at once. Thanks to generous donations from Melbourn Parish Council, Cambridge Building Society and All Saints Parochial Church Council and some anonymous donors, it has been possible to order remedial work to be put in hand. By the time you read this article acoustic panels coupled with new lighting will have been installed making the spoken word easier to hear. It emphasises the fact that the Hall is truly a Community Hall open for hire to anyone in or out of Melbourn. Bookings continue to be received at a steady rate and the financial position is very satisfactory but everyone is melbournmagazine


classes and personal training to Women and Children. r afte

um hape veM s Acti ack in baby b r t u e G yo ing hav Activ e Help Rehab ing y ou b ack

th You








to fu

e wa




g re

cise mp eBu ou exer nant v i t g Ac ing y t pre Help y whils l safe

Acti v Help eSport athl ing brin ete i g n yo out th e u 07914 586218



reminded that the hall is for the community and booking enquiries are welcome. Colin Limming 01763 260072

is stormed and the French Revolution begins.

Supporters of All Saints’ (SOAS)

Tenor Bell – 1688

The Supporters have lost a great member now that Anne Ford has died after suffering ill health for a long time. Despite this she carried on with her work of making greetings cards for all occasions, which resulted in raising hundreds of pounds for us. She will be sorely missed. The Committee decided earlier in the year that with the Jubilee and Olympic Games during the summer then SOAS would concentrate on an autumn and early winter programme and this has resulted in the following events:

Bob Howard’s Mexican Evening – Saturday 6th October Another of our popular ‘food themed’ evenings at 7.30pm in All Saints’ Community Hall. Tickets will be available from 01763 260686 or 01763 260072 so put the date in your diary now.

Beetle Drive – Saturday 10th November A ‘fun and games’ evening but you wouldn’t believe the laughs you can get from a dice, a pen and a piece of paper!

Orlando Singers ‘In Concert’ – Saturday 8th December The return of this renowned Cambridge Choir with a programme guaranteed to please all musical tastes. For further information on any of our events contact 01763 260686 or 01763 260072. Colin Limming Publicity Officer.

All Saints’ Parish Church ‘History above our heads’ In a previous article I wrote about the eight bells of All Saints that ring every Sunday, either a single bell for the early Holy Communion at 8.00 am or the full ring of eight for the 9.45 a.m. Family Communion. Some of the bells are very old indeed and it is interesting to note the events of the years in which they were placed in position. Treble Bell and Bell 2 – 1987 Terry Waite taken as a hostage in Beirut and not released until 1991. First ever Rugby World Cup in New Zealand. Rudolf Hess dies in his cell in Spandau prison. Great storm of 1987, which resulted in the deaths of 23 people. Bell 3 – 1913 Russian Royal Family House of Romanov celebrates 300 years of its succession but within four years the Royal family will all be dead. Emily Wilding Davison, a suffragette, throws herself in front of the King’s horse Anmer in the Derby and dies of her injuries four days later. Bell 4 and Bell 5 – 1615 Perse School in Cambridge founded by Dr. Stephen Perse. King James 1 accompanied by Prince Charles (later Charles 1) visits Cambridge University. Second part of Don Quixote published. Bell 6 – 1616 Sir Walter Raleigh released from prison to lead an ill-fated expedition to the fabled land of El Dorado – he fails and on his return is beheaded for treason. Red Indian Princess Pocahontas arrives in England. Death of William Shakespeare.

King James II is deposed in ‘The Glorious Revolution’ and William of Orange is invited to become King. Edward Lloyd opens the first coffee house in London, which is much frequented by shipping people and is the beginning of Lloyds of London. Many of the bells you hear on a Sunday morning or at weddings or rung ‘half muffled’ on Remembrance Sunday have seen much of our country’s history and will see more as the years unfold. Colin Limming

SOAS 100 Club The May draw was made by Rev Andrew O’Brien on 31st May. There were 77 members. The first prize of £25.70 goes to Colin Limming (70) at 4 Chapman’s Close and the second to Janet Batchelor (29) at 14 Elm Way. The June draw was made by the Rev Andrew O’Brien on 5th July. There were 77 members. The first prize of £25.70 goes to Mr R Brooksbank (17) at 66 Medcalfe Way and the second of £12.90 to W A Warden (13) at 10 Thatcher Stanford’s Close. The July draw was made on 4th August by Mr Mike Rawlings. There were 77 members. The first prize of £25.70 goes to Anne Harding (66) at 52 The Moor and the second to John Bridger (19) at 131 High Street.

The Word of God from David Burbridge The Word of God is alive, and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. Neither is there any creature that is not manifest in His sight: but all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of Him with whom we have to do. from Hebrews 4. 12/13

Bell 7 – 1789 George Washington elected first President of the United States. Mutiny on the Bounty led by Fletcher Christian. In July the Bastille prison in Paris melbournmagazine


M&M BOOKS CASH PAID for Old and Modern Books Also Purchased Coins, Medals, Postcards, China, Cigarette Cards, Jewellery, Furniture, Old Toys & Cars, Stamps, Programmes, Glass, Comics, Collectables

Phone 01763 849789 Mobile 07761 911730 42

Bowls Malcolm Davey 262704

Bridge Club Howard Waller 261693 1st Melbourn Rainbows Abigail Roberts 261505 Brownies 1st Melbourn Stephanie Clifford 220272 Brownies 2nd Melbourn Samantha Pascoe 261400

Cricket Martin Winter 262733

Croquet Janet Pope 248342

Football Club Andrew Edwards 223109

Dynamos Football Club Les Morley 07739 593771

Gardening Club Helen Powell 245887

Judo Derek Coult 225004

Melbourn Sports Centre Graham Johnson-Mack 263313 Photographic Club Bruce Huett 232855 Ramblers Dave Allard 242677 Royston and District Round Table Michael Seymour 221398 Squash Club Nick Sugden 261064

Swimming Club Jenny Brackley 244593

Tennis (Melbourn) Dave Liddiard 07508 995 781

Tennis (Meldreth) Sue Davies 220174

Melbourn and District Gardening Club Are you interested in gardening? Why not join the Melbourn and District Gardening Club on a regular or occasional basis. We meet at 7.30pm on the second Tuesday each month, at the Community Hall, behind All Saints Church (near traffic lights, lane by telephone box)

2012 So far this year we have had talks on Britain’s Wonderful Wildlife, Fun with Herbaceous Plants, Growing Clematis and Container Gardening.

May The club had a very successful coach outing to Burghley House and Gardens in May. It doesn’t seem possible that the weather was perfect and almost too hot to walk in the afternoon!! We watched children paddling and enjoying the water features in the Garden of Surprises and wandered in the woods and meadows searching, for the dramatic artworks by contemporary sculptors.

June Lone from Crazy Daisy Flowers in Buntingford demonstrated how to use colour and texture to put together five different themed arrangements, which were raffled. She kept us entertained with descriptions of people she had met and competitions entered. We also discovered, that she had been invited to create the posy to be given to the Queen, when she visited Hitchin the same week.

July We had a very enjoyable evening visit to Hopleys Nursery and Gardens at Much Hadham, near Ware in July

We left Royston and Melbourn in heavy rain in and hoped it wouldn’t follow us. The guided tour of the garden had just begun, when torrential rain arrived. We took refuge in the tea room, with a glass of wine, where owner Aubrey Barker told us of the origins and day to day workings of the 10 acre nursery. We learnt of the stresses and strains of past appearances at Chelsea and he gave us an update on exhibiting his plants at last week’s Hampton Court Flower Show. The internet age was making a big impact on his business and a printed catalogue would eventually be a thing of the past. We finally toured the garden. The driest member of the club wore wellingtons! 11th September – Autumn & Recycling Garden Waste. A talk and slides by Richard Todd, Head Gardener at Anglesey Abbey 9th October – Drought Resistant Plants Peter Jackson from Scotsdales Garden Centre 13th November – AGM followed by gardening DVD 11th December – Quiz and Social Evening

»» »» »» »»

New members and visitors very welcome. For more information – ring Helen 245887

Melbourn History Group – end of an era? In 2000 to celebrate the millennium, the Melbourn magazine committee produced the photographic record of Melbourn – ‘Melbourn 2000’. Around the same time, two of it’s members, whilst out walking, would often meet senior members of the village who would reminisce over old times in Melbourn. From these long chats, the two members decided that these memories should be preserved. The idea was taken up by the Magazine committee and when new members joined, the Melbourn History Group was formed. Following on the from ‘Melbourn 2000’, ‘A glimpse into Melbourn’s past’ (containing the history of Melbourn from the Bronze Age to 1950), and melbournmagazine


Jeremy Ashworth We can make life a little easier

Local Community Services delivered from Moorlands Court

Electrician and Property Maintenance

Homecare : our fully trained carers visit you in

your home.

Sitting service : a visit from our experienced staff gives family carers time for themselves.

Day Centre : based at Moorlands Court with a friendly and sociable atmosphere and includes a tasty 2 course lunch.

21 Bramley Avenue, Melbourn, Royston, Herts. SG8 6HG

Meals service : nutritious, hot lunchtime meal delivered to you.

Housekeeping : we do those jobs which you can no

longer manage, from cleaning and ironing, to bed changing and shopping.

To find out more, just call us at Moorlands Court on 01763 260564, or email :

21 Harlton Road Little Eversden Cambridge CB23 1HB

Blends, Straights and By-Products

POULTRY FEED Price List – 20 kg Bags Delivered to your door Layers Pellets or Mash


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Bedding Bale


We also supply feed for cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, rabbits and guinea pigs Telephone: 01223 260082 Email:


07815 093166 01763 230831

‘Pictorial Melbourn’ (a photographic book), were produced in 2004 using many of the old photographs taken of the village over the years. A glimpse into Melbourn’s past and Pictorial Melbourn are still available for sale and orders continue to arrive from interested people outside of the village. New residents to the village are still eligible for a free copy of the history book. If you add to these three publications the guide to the parish church it is evident that the Melbourn History Group has had a great deal of success in recording and storing valuable archives for future use. A fireproof cabinet holds memorabilia all carefully catalogued and we continue to receive pictures and mementoes for safe storage. In addition, we try to assist anyone enquiring about their ancestors who leave their name in the parish church’s visitor’s book or by direct contact and you will get some idea of its activities over the years. With no immediate projects on hand we decided to continue to collect photographs and information but with a view to a follow up publication in 2050, by which time there will no doubt be some major changes to catalogue However, the present Group members have realised that age is not on their side and the time has come to hand over to younger history enthusiasts. An appeal in the June edition of the Melbourn Magazine entitled ‘Project 2050’ has met with little response and the Group decided at a recent committee meeting to ‘mothball’ its activities until new volunteers come forward. We will continue to answer questions about family research, send copies of the books to anyone wanting to either buy one or requesting one as a new resident, and to finish off the few projects still in hand, but until younger members come along our programme will cover just those activities. We had hoped that the schools might be persuaded to help in the projects but the response from both the Primary School and Village College has been disappointing to say the least. If any person or persons in the village feel they would like to take up the reins

of Melbourn’s local history we will be pleased to hear from them. Colin Limming, Chairman 260072 colin.

Meldreth Local History Group The Meldreth Local History Group will be holding an exhibition at the Tavern Gallery, 8 High Street, Meldreth between 22nd – 25th November. The Gallery is situated close to the railway station and opening times are 10.00am – 4.00pm. The History Group, have in the past, held two very successful open days, and there have been requests to hold a similar event again. The intimate atmosphere of the Tavern Gallery will enhance the display of photographs, maps and other items relating to the village. There will be an opportunity to purchase merchandise including the new Christmas cards produced by the History Group. There will be a History Group representative in attendance at all times who will be pleased to answer any questions you may have. Please come along to see items old and new. Everybody is welcome. The History Group have been very busy adding new pages to their website and helping people with information on family queries. The Pepper Family, who had links with Meldreth and Melbourn, has aroused much interest recently. New pages on the website include a picture gallery of Meldreth High Street, the Diamond Jubilee Street Party and an obituary of Dorothy Brown, who was head teacher at Meldreth School from 1988 – 2000. For further information on the exhibition and the History Group please contact Kathryn Betts 01763 268428 or Joan Gane 01763 260129 www.

Royston & District Local History Society Our meetings are held in the Heritage Hall, Royston Town Hall on the first Thursday of the month (second Thursday in May) starting at 8pm.

Annual subscription is £5 (under 18’s £2.50). Visitors £2 per meeting. Oct 4 The Time Traveller – Daniel Defoe’s travels through East Anglia in 1722. A Presentation by Ancestral Voices with music and extracts from contemporary sources of life in the reign of George the First. Nov 1 Planners & Preservationists – the history of Cambridge Past, Present & Future, illustrated – Dr Anthony J Cooper Our website shows all the books we have for sale. Many of these result from the considerable work undertaken by our Publications sub-committee. The books are available at our meetings or may be ordered by post from David Allard 242677. They may also be purchased at the Royston Museum & Arts Gallery in Kneesworth Street and some are available at the Cave Bookshop in Melbourn Street.



Royston and District Family History Society The A.G.M. in June signalled the last of our formal meetings until the new season starts in September. It is far from being the last activity of the summer however. As I write this the transcriptions of the gravestones in Wallington Churchyard are being checked ready to be published. This year’s big outdoor project is the Orchard Road, Melbourn Cemetery. This is a very large undertaking with over 1,500 graves to be read and checked, it will probably take us into next year, especially if the weather continues to be so unfriendly. We shall be hoping that we get a lot of support from the membership with this very large job. On Saturday July 21st We are having a guided walk around Ashwell in the company of David Short the Curator of the Ashwell Museum. David has given us talks before and is a very entertaining speaker so we expect an interesting and informative afternoon out.

Our Programme for the Autumn is as follows:

»»Sept 17th The History of

Addenbrooke’s Hospital by Hilary Ritchie, the Hospital Archivist.



FROG END PET SUPPLIES at Phillimore Garden Centre

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all types of birds rabbits guinea pigs many other animals wide range of accessories and pet supplies Also stockists for CALOR GAS Ample parking facilities Open 7 days a week Mon to Sat 9.00am – 6.00pm Sunday 9.30am – 4.30pm Cambridge Road, Melbourn, Cambs. SG8 6EY Tel 01763 263342


»»Oct 15th A talk by Paul Ravenscroft,

a member Nov 19th A talk by Neville Chuck, our Vice Chairman and long time photographer for the Royston Crow. Dec 17th A member’s evening with a Christmas theme. Over the years we have completed numerous publications which include the Monumental Inscriptions of several graveyards, the burial indexes of several churches, mainly on the Hertfordshire side of the border, Royston Parish Church Marriages (1662–1812) and banns (1754–1837) and three volumes of the ‘Births, Marriages and Deaths’ as published in the ‘Royston Crow’, they are Vol 1 1876–1886, Vol 2 1887–1899, and Vol 3 1900–1910. All these are available on our bookstall at meetings, from our website uk or from the Parish Chest website, All our meetings, unless otherwise stated, take place on the third Monday of the month at All Saints Community Hall, Melbourn with doors opening for chat and a look at the bookstall at 7.30 pm and talks commencing at 8pm. We are always happy to see new faces and can assure you of a warm welcome. We could also use some younger blood, if only to crawl about in those graveyards! Avril Emery, Chair/Editor Royston & District FHS.

»» »»

The Ramblers’ Association Royston and District Group Our walks programme continues right through the year. For details visit our website: or contact David Allard (01763 242677). Email: or Lesley Abbiss (01763 273463). There is also a poster displaying walks for the current month in both Melbourn and Royston libraries. We have walks on Sundays, which are normally 5-7 miles in the morning and a similar or shorter walk in the afternoon. Some Sunday walks are Figures of Eight making it possible to do only the morning or only the afternoon. Half-day walks are

held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Prospective new members are welcome and may come on three walks before deciding whether to join.

St George’s Allotment and Leisure Gardeners Association This is a relatively new arrival to the village having been formed a couple of years ago. It was set up to develop ideas for improvement to the allotment sites in the village and provide a forum for the exchange of ideas on ‘grow your own’ The committee, elected annually at the AGM, provides a quarterly newsletter with topical tips on gardening, a seasonal recipe and news about the sites. The Association is a member of the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners. This provides a number of benefits: Access to an insurance scheme designed specifically for allotment plot holders. This includes the crucial public liability insurance covering any claims for injuries to persons entering onto the plot; Access to a discounted seed purchase scheme with Kings Seeds for vegetable and flower seeds and plants; Access to legal advice; Access to gardening advice Regular magazine. For the first time this year it held a family picnic on the larger site.

• • • •

The Association mans plant stalls at the Primary school fete and village fete with literature on gardening and healthy lifestyles. It supports the station garden and tub initiative with donation of plants and voluntary labour and is establishing links with the local school gardening clubs. It is planning to link to other youth groups in the village. A key role is to act as a communication link to the Parish council (the managers of the main allotment sites in the village) to jointly develop a strategic plan for allotment usage in the village. A development plan has been submitted to the Council. We are very grateful to them for the provision of rabbit proof fencing, support and funding for a scheme to provide an improved water supply to the larger site, provision of a

skip (with free Amey Cespa compost), co-operation on plot reviews and the development of a welcome pack for new plot holders. Anybody in the village is welcome to join for a modest fee of £5 (including insurance cover) and contribute ideas. If you want more information there is a link on the village website, or contact the secretary: Bruce Huett on 232855 or

Melbourn Bowls Club We had a very successful Anniversary Dance at Foxton Village Hall with around 100 members and friends attending and a most enjoyable evening of Sixties Music and Dance was had by all. While many Members helped in staging this event a special word of thanks has to be given to Mike and Sue Neville who organised the Venue and Band together with Ticketing and Publicity. As a further part of our Anniversary Celebrations we hosted former Members living in various places in East Anglia for a friendly afternoons bowls on Sunday 8th July. Although the weather was far from ideal at the beginning of the afternoon the sun came out later and enabled a game to be played in a competitive but friendly fashion. It finished in an ideal fashion for such an event as an honourable draw with wins for each team on two rinks and a shots total of 56 each. Afterward the participants retired to the Clubhouse to sit down to tea, giving the opportunity for longer serving members to renew old friendships and the newer members the opportunity to put faces to some of the names on the Honours Board and perhaps forge new friendships. It was generally agreed that the event was a great success and an ideal way to celebrate the Anniversary. We took a party of bowlers and their partners on our annual weekend near Lowestoft where we played three matches against local Clubs. We managed to win one match but lost the other two. This has become a most enjoyable tour combining bowls with general socialising and enabling good relationships to be developed with Bowls Clubs in that area. The Coffee mornings (Thursdays




Independent Local Family Funeral Director Providing a caring and personal service 24 hours a day for all your funeral needs. Offering Help & Guidance through every step.

Office & Chapel of Rest :

12, Church Lane, Royston, Herts SG8 9LG Telephone:

01763 242560 48

10.30 – 12.00 noon) have proved a great success with 20 to 30 participants most weeks. Non-members are cordially invited to come to the Clubhouse for Coffee, Biscuits and Conversation. In addition our Roll Ups on Monday afternoons continue to be well patronised. The programme of matches in the Cambridge and District, Meldreth, and Business Houses Leagues in the evenings, and in the Foxton League in the afternoons are progressing well providing members with competitive games. In addition internal competitions are well under way. The Finals will be played on Saturday 8th September and Sunday 9th September. Spectators are welcome. The results will be reported in the next Issue. We will be holding Whist Drives in the Clubhouse along The Moor every other Friday Evening during the winter. The dates are not yet finalised but will be by the time you read this

article. The games are more social than serious and could be an ideal way to get to know the existing members. So, if you are interested in enjoying a night out you would be welcome. Contact Arthur Andrews 261990 or for further details. The photographs above were taken on the occasion of the match between present and former members. Top centre shows all the participants. Top left shows Malcolm Davey, the Club President, between the Captain of the former players Bernard Smith on his right and the Present Melbourn Captain Rod Sell.

1st Melbourn Guides Melbourn Guides suspended 10metres over jet of water! As other girls experienced the Dragon’s fury, screamed at the Rattlesnake, and clung on to the Cobra, it was just another fun day out at Chessington World of Adventures for the Guides of Melbourn and the surrounding villages. Evening sessions during the summer term have included sports competitions, crafts, drama sessions, and another Apprentice style Enterprise challenge; two groups of girls competed to create and sell a fruit dessert to the rest of the unit. The treat for the winners was a



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Free transport to Youth Club Tuesday evenings – 2 questions! Melbourn Area Youth Development (MAYD)’s Tuesday evening Youth Club starts up again in September, and once again free transport is being provided by Royston and District Community Transport. The scheme is fully insured, CRB-checked, and all the local volunteer drivers live in the villages which the youth club serves. There is also a CRBchecked escort on the minibus. One of our two CRB-checked volunteers has unfortunately moved out of the area and we are hoping to find someone new to take up the empty place. This involves helping out once every couple of weeks, on a Tuesday evening – riding with the minibus out to collect Youth Club attendees in Foxton, Fowlmere, Meldreth, Shepreth and Melbourn, and then accompanying them home again. The time commitment is about half-an-hour on either end, and Youth Club runs from 7:30–9:30. Our two escorts have both also volunteered to stay at Youth Club itself to help out, though that is entirely optional. So, the first question is: If you would be interested in helping out as a volunteer escort, or in any other way, please let me know. The second question is: would you or someone you know like to come to Youth Club? It is open to all 11–19 year olds and there is a 50 pence entry charge after the first visit, which is free. The club meets in the Community Centre room at Melbourn Village College and the two Youth Club leaders both live locally and have a long association with the club. We’ll be making a concerted effort this autumn to find out what young people would like Youth Club to include – so now is a great time to get involved and help shape the year’s activities. Susan van de Ven County Councillor Tel 01763-261833

manicure session with local beautician Bethan Walker. To commemorate the Diamond Jubilee we held a ‘Being British’ themed evening; in 15 minute sessions the girls learned the Royal Family tree, stuck photos of famous landmarks on a map of Britain, created and coloured a Union Jack flag, and did a mini Duke of Edinburgh expedition with map reading around the local area. The Jubilee theme continued later in the term with a British cooking evening. In small groups the girls cooked Scottish pancakes, Welsh cakes, Eccles cakes, and gooseberry fool, which they then shared at the end of the meeting. You’re not a Guide if you haven’t built a fire and toasted marshmallows; one evening the girls collected firewood from the rec, and, with some impressively enthusiastic blowing, got a good fire going from rather damp timber. More outdoor fun and firelighting will be enjoyed on our summer camp. Look out for December’s exciting edition to see how we got on! We currently have a full unit and a waiting list, and would welcome another adult leader. If you would like to know more about becoming a Guide or a leader, or if you have any skills or hobbies which you would like to share with us, please contact me on: 261443 or email: Hilary Marsh

Melbourn And District Photographic Club This long standing club of local photographers from Melbourn and the surrounding area meets weekly from September to April at Foxton Village Hall. 20011/12 was a successful year with the welcome addition of some new younger members from the village college. We have been taking a summer break from meetings so we can concentrate on taking photographs (of rainy scenes) for the 2012/2013 season. For the first time we had a stall at the Melbourn village fete which produced a lot of interest in the club, so we are looking forward to some new members in September.

All members receive, via confidential e mail, information regarding photographic activities in East Anglia and competitions and special offers in Britain and abroad. Meetings are from 7.30 to 9.30 on Tuesdays and provide a varied programme of prints and projected image competitions (internal and with local clubs), practical sessions and lectures by specialist photographers on a variety of subjects. However perhaps as useful are the informal conversations over coffee when members share their photographic experiences and tips on techniques and local photographic opportunities. The provisional programme to December 2012 is: 18 September New Season KICK START: Welcome and The Good, Bad and the Ugly fun competition 25 September Competition: Projected Image – Judged by club members 2 October Club Evening: 9 October Competition: Projected Images 11 October Competition: Melbourn Trophy Letchworth 8pm 14 October Outside Event Points of View: venue to be announced 16 October Lecture: Dr John Brackenbury: Exploring the Boundaries of Close Up Photography 23 October Competition: Prints 30 October Club Evening: Cutting, Sizing, Mounting & Camera Familiarisation 6 November Competition: Projected Images 13 November Lecture: Hugh Milsom: Mood and Colour 20 November Club Evening: Layers 27 November Competition: Prints 4 December Club Evening: Points of View Judging 11 December Competition: Melbourn Trophy New members, of any skill level, will be warmly welcomed at our first meeting of the new season on Tuesday 18th September 2012. For further information please ring Bruce Huett on 01763 232 855 or e mail brucehuett@

»» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »»




Melbourn and District Tennis Club Playing at the Melbourn Village College courts. We have had a challenging summer dodging the showers but have been able to play social tennis on a Monday evening and run successful coaching sessions on Thursdays and Saturdays as well as our summer tennis camps. The Autumn coaching program for all ages and abilities is now available and we also have some exciting Cardio tennis sessions running to help get fit for tennis so come along on a Monday evening for social tennis or contact the Sports Centre reception or Dave at or 07508 995781 for further programme details. We look forward to seeing you on court soon.

Melbourn Dynamos Football Club For Boys and Girls aged 4–18 years old All welcome! MDFC is a friendly community football club which gives boys and girls the opportunity to play regular football regardless of their experience or ability.

We have squads in all age groups from U7 to U18 and have a permanent base at Melbourn Village College, where we hold our training and home matches in beautiful surroundings. Our squads train weekly and play matches at weekends in the Royston Crow Youth League. Our younger members play 7 a side football on small pitches, moving through to 11 a side on bigger pitches for the older players. Last season we had a number of major successes in local leagues and regional tournaments. In May, our U9 squad travelled to Norwich City’s Carrow Road stadium for a mini soccer tournament where they were unbeaten throughout the day, coming away with the trophy. They followed this with another tournament victory a few weeks later. The U10 squad (pictured) won the divisional trophy in their league, a major achievement in a very competitive age group. The U16 squad reached the finals of the two regional competitions – the Cambridgeshire County Cup and the Royston Youth Football League Cup. Congratulations to them all! MDFC always welcome new girls and boys to our squads, with or without football experience. For the

younger ones aged 4–5 years, we run a ‘Dynamites’ Saturday morning ‘pay as you go’ fun football session in Melbourn. All welcome.

WANTED!! U7 boys and girls (going into year 2) to join our squad entering the league for the first time. No experience needed. U13 Goalkeeper (moving into year 8) to join our U13 team. We need someone committed to the role of goalkeeper, who will be a regular member of our team. If you are interested in finding out more about MDFC, please contact Nicky Patel on 07951 590139 or email us on melbourndynamos@ All of our coaches are CRB checked and qualified to a minimum of F.A. Level 1 standard. We are also recognised as a Charter Status Club which means that we have all the correct people and practices in place to operate in line with government requirements.



Dan Alder Painting & Decorating

13 Rupert Neve Close Melbourn Nr Royston SG8 6FB

Mobile: 07843 621885


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On Tuesday 11th September rehearsals begin for the 2013 concerts. Rehearsals are at Meldreth Primary School, from 7.30 to 9.30 every week, conducted by Adrian Jacobs. The New Melbourn Singers are part of the Cambridgeshire Choral Society and come together with other village choirs once a month for a combined rehearsal at Comberton Village College, under our main conductor Andrew Parnell. The first combined rehearsal is on Saturday 6th October at 1.45–4pm. In 2013 the Cambridgeshire Choral Society will be performing two concerts, the first at West Road Concert Hall will be David Fanshawe’s ‘African Sanctus’, a very exciting work incorporating the music from many parts of North Africa, and which has been performed all over the world. The second concert on Saturday 27th April will consist of the ‘Faure Requiem’ and the Vivaldi ‘Gloria’. All three pieces will be rehearsed side by side so it is necessary to attend all rehearsals.

Saturday November 3rd Fowlmere Village Hall 9.30–11.30 am

Fees are £85 for two terms, plus £5 for music hire. For further information see the website www.cambschoral or contact Ann Dekkers 261144

Fashion Show Home-Start Royston & South Cambridgeshire invite you to join them for a Fashion Show on Tuesday 6 November 2012 – from 7.30pm at Esse Retail & Therapy, 30 Station Road, Melbourn, SG8 6DA Parking is available at Esse or Sheen Mill Restaurant which is opposite Esse On Tuesday 6th November 2012 – 7.30 for 8.00pm In aid of Home-Start Royston & South Cambridgeshire Tickets £10 (to include a glass of wine or soft drink) We will be holding a raffle at this event Tickets available from Home-Start Royston & South Cambridgeshire, Unit 6, Valley Farm, Station Road, Meldreth, Royston, Herts, SG8 6JP Telephone 262262 email:

The Tavern Gallery Meldreth Writers Book Launch 7.30 pm, 18th September The Tavern Gallery Writers have created a book with writings inspired by the work of local artists exhibited at the Tavern Gallery. You are invited to join them for the book launch on 18th September after which copies will be available at the Tavern Gallery. Also in September Nicola Beattie, Sculpture in Bronze and Stone.

Contact Mrs Thurley 01763 262398 Items for sale to be brought to the Hall on Friday 2nd November 6–7pm No electrical goods

The Royston & District Model Railway Club The 26th Annual Exhibition will be held at Bassingbourn Village College on Saturday the 17th November 2012. The exhibition will be open from 10:30 am until 5 pm. Some 25 Layouts and 20 Trade Stands/Modelling Demonstrators will be present. Tea, Coffee and light refreshments (including cakes, hot bacon sandwiches & Burgers/Sausage rolls) will be available. Miniature train rides by members of the Royston & District Model Engineering Society on their outside track (Weather permitting!). Admission £4.00 per adult, accompanied children are free. Please visit our web site for further/ updated information.

Royston Arts Festival More than 50 events are planned during the Royston Arts Festival running from Thursday 27 September to Sunday 30 September. Festival chairman Graham Palmer said: We have attempted to provide something for everyone, from drama to music and from workshops to exhibitions. The theme of About Time runs through all the events and those taking part appear to have taken this up with a great deal of enthusiasm. There will be a number of music events which include a performance from the husband-and-wife duo Megson, in the Royston Parish Church on Friday 28 September. Megson will be supported by Sarah Louise, a singer-songwriter from Meldreth. Classical pianists the Cann Twins will be playing at the Royston Catholic Church on Thursday 27 September. The Royston Town Band will be giving a concert in the Priory Memorial Gardens on Sunday 30 September. And the now traditional Last Night of the Proms-style Finale Concert will end this year’s events at the Royston Parish Church on Sunday 30 September. For the full programme for this year’s Royston Arts Festival is available on the website at



wE Are a RAre brEed One of only a handful of butchers in Britain to run our own abattoir, we are Master Butchers in the truest sense. From farming selection through to cutting and hanging, our craftsmen make sure you always know exactly where your meat is coming from: from pasture to pantry.

True Master butchers fulLy TraceAble produce liceNced deAlers iN gamE exTENSive DElicaTeSseN home mAdE mEAls ThE fiNest cutS 1&3 station rd, melbourn, herts, sg8 6dx tel:01763 260255 & now at burwash manor, new road, barton, cambridge cb23 7ey tel:01223 265555


Leech&Sons163x128_MM.indd 1


28/1/11 6:04:41 pm

Winter Flower Festival All Saints’ Church Melbourn 1st (viewing by candlelight), 2nd and 3rd February 2013 As you can see from the above we are preparing for the fourth bi-annual Winter Flower Festival at All Saints`. Those of us who have been involved previously are looking forward to planning and preparing our arrangements for 1st, 2nd and 3rd February 2011. If you would like to join us to help in anyway we will be pleased to hear from you.

HELP NEEDED Flower Arrangers Support to make tea\coffee or help arrangers as needed Sponsors for flower arrangements – or part funding Catering team for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Help with publicity

For further information or to offer help please contact: Rebecca Gatward email or telephone Rosemary Gatward 01763 261225

Our commitment is to be different

Specialist in the supply and funding of all new UK cars and light commercial vehicles. The contact details for Martin Bessell in based in melbourn are: Tel email

01763 220996 Fax 03333 441 043

Your Local Vehicle Specialists As your local sales manager for Bowater Price plc I have for many years been looking after the vehicle needs for companies and private individuals, both locally and nationally. I can supply any make or model, delivered to your door free of charge. I am happy to explain the various types of funding available, which include, Business Contract Hire, Finance Lease and Hire Purchase. For private individuals other options such as Personal Contract hire and Contract Purchase are available. Our customers include Clearwater, Dixons, Comet, Hillarys Blinds, Acer, Chubb, Bang and Olufsen. Call weekdays 9am to 5pm on

01763 220996

to discuss all aspects of vehicles

Head ofce address • 6 Cornmarket • High Wycombe • Buckinghamshire • HP11 2BW tel • 01494 536536



Available on Royston Market: Fresh Fruit and Veg

Fish direct from Great Yarmouth Bread and Cakes, Flowers and Plants Groceries Jewellery (Gold bought for Cash) Picture Framing Plastics Swimming Pool Supplies (the only licenced chemical market trader in the UK!) Kitchenware Antiques Pet Supplies.

New Traders Always Welcome For Further Information Please Contact: Emma Burgess, Market Manager on 01763 245484 or email:



Home-Start in Royston – 30 years of supporting young families

Home-Start is a unique organisation training volunteers who visit and support families with at least one child under 5 years of age. Young families who struggle to bring up their family in time of isolation, stress, challenge and great difficulties. The National organisation was started in Leicester by Margaret Harrison in the 1970’s when she realised so many families were missing the vital family support that had been available in a former, less mobile, society. Formerly a young mother facing the trials and difficulties and lacking parenting experience, were able to call on a mother, aunt or older sibling close by for help and support. Modern society sees young parents often miles away from family & friends. Alone, they were facing the difficulties of post-natal depression, multiple births, children with special needs, dysfunctional or bereaved family life. Margaret Harrison realised that in the same society was a wealth of knowledge and genuine desire to help from those who had faced difficulties themselves raising their own family who, now that they had grown, could offer some time to helping others. She set about recruiting volunteers who, with a little training, could visit those hard pressed families and offer wise council, a shoulder to lean on or just be someone who listened to their story and demonstrate some tried and tested ways of dealing with their problems. This simple solution was an immediate success and countless families have ‘got through’ those difficult times with confidence restored knowing that someone cared about them and their problems. Indeed with the passage of time some of those who had been helped were able to volunteer to support other young families themselves. In the autumn of 1981 Joan Richards, working for Social Services, attended a meeting in Stevenage where Margaret Harrison had talked about her work in Leicester. She was so impressed at the results of this formula she told the Health Visiting team who felt that Royston would benefit greatly if a Home-Start organisation was established here. Margaret Harrison herself attended an open meeting at Royston Health Centre of people who worked both professionally and voluntarily with under-fives in the area. So much enthusiasm and interest was generated that a steering committee with Beverley Turner as Lead was formed to apply for funding and to recruit volunteers. From May to July in 1982 our first preparation course was held for prospective volunteers. Professionals from health and social services gave their own time and expertise to support the course. A Family Group was started at the Methodist Church Hall once a week, which gave parents the chance to meet and make friends in the town and gave the children a chance to play and relate to other children. Home-Start Royston was in business. With the invaluable support of Lord Laming who was at

that time director of Social Services in Hertfordshire (later to chair the Victoria Climbie report) the steering committee finally managed to secure funding. Sue Everett was appointed as the first paid coordinator in February 1983. Since then the scheme has gone from strength to strength and responding to needs, they later expanded into South Cambridgeshire. Eventually one room on the first floor of the Health Centre was not large enough to cope with administration and in 2008 a move was made to a new office in Meldreth. The Royston Family Group remains an important part of our service and the majority of families receiving support live in or near to the town. Families are mostly referred to Home-Start by Health professionals who are our greatest supporters be they Health Visitors or Doctors, some families self-refer once they hear of our service. The volunteers come from all walks of life and age groups; the only stipulation is that they are parents and have raised their children themselves. All volunteers receive training, which gives them the confidence to visit a carefully matched family in need. All families are visited on a regular basis with the volunteers fully supported and monitored by paid staff. The Trustees, also volunteers, bring a variety of life skills needed to run the scheme; we need to comply with modern regulations, to employ professional staff, to maintain an income sufficient for the increasing demands of the current scheme, to present annual accounts and run the scheme as effectively as possible. The scheme is planning a new training session this autumn for new home-visiting volunteers. Anyone who would like to offer help by joining the Board of Trustees who meet 6 times a year, or support the fundraising events team will be greeted with open arms. We are a positive fun group of local people from a variety of backgrounds but with the common motivation to support young families facing difficult times. Learn more about us on our website. 30 years is quite a landmark and we are planning an event in early October to which we hope anyone, who has been associated with the scheme as a volunteer, as a family or as a trustee, will join us. Invitations will be sent to those whom are known to the present staff but of course many from the early years will have moved or lost contact with the scheme and we hope they will hear of our plans and contact the office for more details. It is amazing to think that children who were supported at the beginning will now be raising their own families and we hope that the work we did all those years ago is still relevant and being passed on to the current generation. Home-Start Royston and South Cambridgeshire Unit 6, Valley Farm, Station Road, Meldreth, Royston, Herts, SG8 6JP 01763 262262 -





Melbourn Flooring and Interiors Limited


Vast Range of Carpets, Vinyl’s, Real Wood, Laminates Karndean and Amtico.


Free Estimates - Fitting by experienced staff


Member of the Carpet Foundation


Dulux Paint Mixing machine with over 8000 colours


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Designer Fabrics most with next day delivery - Curtain making service


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NEW DISPLAY OF TRAVERTINE AND STONE FLOOR TILES VISIT OUR LARGE SHOWROOM 9 TO 5 MONDAY TO FRIDAY 9 TO 4 SATURDAY OR CALL ON 01763 262413 AND SPEAK TO ONE OF OUR FRIENDLY STAFF AMPLE FREE PARKING Melbourn Flooring and Interiors Limited is celebrating approval of their selling practices by the Office of Fair Trading, the consumer affairs champion. OFT approval means that Melbourn Flooring and Interiors Limited will be using a new Consumer Code of Practice, which will take all the worry out of buying a carpet. melbournmagazine



We print 2200 copies of the Melbourn Magazine which is delivered free to every house in the village four times a year. Note: colour advert space is limited, please contact us for further details. Adverts should be supplied as finished artwork and must be at the sizes below. Please send artwork to The current rates for advertising in the Magazine are as follows: Size per…

Width x Height

Annum Colour

1/4 inside page (79 × 128 mm) 1/2 inside page (163 × 128 mm) Full inside page (163 × 262 mm)

£87 £152 N/A

£130 £216 £422

Adverts must be supplied as high resolution jpgs or 300dpi Tif or eps.

For further information on advertising please telephone 220363 or 220463. Remittance or cheques should be made to Melbourn Magazine.


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Activenesse All Eyes Amber Osteopathy Austral Crosby

Fitness Fun Spectacle Makers Osteopathic & Sports Injury Clinics Chartered Accountants

07914 586218 01954 231545 01462 742942 01763 222111

Baby Sensory Baker Associates Bannold Bassingbourn Golf Club Bowater Price Bretts Bury Lane Farm Shop Butlers

Classes for babies Ground Water systems Landscaping Materials Scenic 9 Hole / 18 Tee golf course Local Vehicle Specialists Plumbing and Heating Fresh produce, Coffee shop Taxi and Car Service

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Building Society Secure Storage Shoes – wide choice Secure Storage Professional Cleaning Homecare & Meals Service Window repair Flooring Specialists

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Kathleen Harry B.Sc.Hons.


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Law Storage

Secure storage

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Leech & Sons


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Letting Agency

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Little Hands

Nursery School

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Swimming School

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Melbourn Flooring

Flooring, Tiling & Home Interiors

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Melbourn Garage

MOT and Servicing

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M&M Books

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Complementary Therapies

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South Cambs Motors

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The Spice Hut

Indian Takeaway

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Dan Alder The Dolphin

Painting & Decorating Pub & Restaurant


Retail Therapy

Fen Feeds Fieldgate Nurseries Fowlmere Village Hall Frogend Pet Supplies

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