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It is told that the Legendary Mekas are powered by the largest fragments of Power Stones that were scattered across the planet after the Great Gate explosion, for nothing else can explain their seemingly limitless power.

Long before the MekaVerse common era, an ancient race explored the vast expanse of space in search of growing their empire and acquiring resources from inhabitable planets These Architects, who had achieved intergalactic travel via dark ma er manipulation, connected their planetary network with cosmic Gates to facilitate cargo transpo and expedite the colonization of new worlds It was an honorable endeavor to journey into the unknown – according to Architect leaders – so long as the mission did not inte ere with budding planets that possessed early signs of intelligent life. Out of the billions of stars within Gate range, fate decided that the MekaVerse planet be discovered by the Architects and was suitable according to their principles in its nascent state

To aid with the se lement process, three individuals were selected as representatives of the planet and awarded astral Titans – primordial machines with an incredible power originating from celestial energy stones – for these colossi were equipped with the ability to fuse the physical and non-physical: the only devices capable of forging a Gate Per usual, the initial landing and supply shipment was a one-way voyage for the Three and their entourage, but soon enough, the city of Veterius was constructed on the planet’s su ace Above it, an orbiting transpo node that nally enabled a return path.

As with all prospect planets, it was di cult to predict the exact environmental conditions or hazards prior to initial arrival For protection, the rst out t of Gate builders were instructed to remain within a ce ain boundary cleared as safe by the Three. Upon Gate completion, a second se lement pa y was instructed to expand progressively from the city’s borders, making sure each territory was secure from harsh terrain or potentially catastrophic weather If the expansion continued successfully for 100 years without unpredictable casualties, the planet was deemed “generically suitable for survival,” and the Architects would send a much larger te iary wave of se lers to establish larger hubs elsewhere with the intention to connect all the previously explored territory

With the century clock sta ed, the second expedition group began to collect in-depth information on mineral and fuel deposits, as well as repo any non-intelligent species discovered as they navigated new territory. One day, a botanical specialist was driving toward her designated endpoint and stumbled upon a bioluminescent forest, which glowed even in the daytime. Intrigued, she approached the tree line to take a quick glance and was astonished by a plethora of illuminated plants and fungi. Due to the dense foliage, she decided to return to base so a proper team and equipment could be arranged to investigate the forest fu her But as she turned her back to the forest, she heard a sta ling shu ing noise, a starkly contrasted sound to the serene view and still air Quickly spinning around, she observed a curious set of eyes staring back at her, but instead of fearing the creature, she was calmed by its glowing appendage that oddly seemed to be friendly. The moment lasted not more than a few seconds, and the creature quickly scurried out of sight into the labyrinth of branches and ora

Obviously concerned with the fact that she had witnessed an intelligent species, the specialist immediately repo ed her observation to the Three, who then became equally bewildered The Three questioned how it was possible for such a species to have been missed by the Architects during their presumably diligent search for uninhabited worlds, but felt it was rst appropriate to consult their leaders to avoid overspeculation After relaying the repo , the Three were surprised to hear such a dismissal of the case with reasoning that Architect chemical signature measurements were infallible, and that the specialist likely had su ered heatstroke-induced hallucinations. The Three were not so naïve to accept that explanation and collectively had the realization that they were fed mistruths for their entire lives, concluding that the Architect leaders cared only about fueling their greed and empire, without any respect for alien life.

The Veturius Chronicle

The Three pondered the magnitude of damage where other worlds could have fallen prey to this corrupted dream, hypothesizing that any similar situation to theirs was quelled before it became public to the native Architect star system Recalling memories of Architect newsle ers headlining when other colonization e o s had fatally failed unexpectedly, the Three deduced that it was an elaborate ruse the entire time. They would not accept the same fate and – in honor of those who were slain across the universe for speaking truth – they decided to put an end to the Architects misdoings by giving their own planet a chance to thrive. Strategizing together, the Three determined the only course of action was to sever the link to their former home by destroying the Great Gate.

Standing tall in in their Titans, One removed his energy stone and placed it on a platform in the center of Veterius, the designated spot with which the orbiting node in the sky was aligned. Two and Three stood on opposite sides and began to drain their stone’s energy at maximum output rate directly at One’s stone, which was then aimed toward the sky in a focused nova beam, which destroyed about an eighth of the node’s outer ring; enough to render it malfunctional However, the Three had not anticipated the Gate’s structure containing Power Stone alloys that would result in a kickback e ect on the beam, which ultimately caused a cataclysmic explosion expanding well beyond Veterius The Power Stones used by the Three and pieces of the Great Gate alloy were suspended in the planet’s atmosphere temporarily, eventually raining across the entire planet

The immediate impact was that any life in the blast zone was obliterated, but in a mysterious way, the shell of Veterius and its people was preserved as if a dimensional disruption had only allowed the explosion to consume 90% of the ma er in the area, analogous to a saturated chemical reaction halting at equilibrium


Though the Great Gate typically brings new life to the area surrounding Veterius, there are rare occasions when it misaligns and presents hostile species to the comparably peaceful part of the world.

It is a great uncertainty that any civilization in the MekaVerse must accept as part of its existence.

While no Architect colonists survived, two positive outcomes resulted from the Three’s sacri ce First, the MekaVerse planet was freed from a formulated predestination and now had the chance to evolve naturally over the next millions of years as the universe had intended. The second bene t was that all other Gates had su ered exposure to the nova beam – which had traveled through the node – rendering some of them useless and others unpredictable The caveat in the la er case – and on the MekaVerse planet – was that the Great Gate continued to arc between the damaged ring segment, causing intermi ent ethereal rays to be red upon the planet’s su ace. With each ray, species from other worlds were introduced to the planet with no apparent damage, along with shards of Power Stones that were large enough to withstand thermal decomposition upon atmospheric entry. In all cases, their origins appeared random and still remain unknown each time this phenomenon occurs Though unce ain, it is conjectured that the Great Gate event caused a permanent dimensional rip in time and space

As evolution progressed prior to the MekaVerse common era, the telepo ed species diversi ed and eventually developed a typical predator-prey ecosystem The extremely territorial apex creatures reigned over approximately one qua er of the planet’s su ace, geographically locked by surrounding violent and vast oceans, or distracted by the introduction of a more powe ul species via the Great Gate. Because of the constrained power struggle, evolution proceeded normally in the remaining inhabitable land and nally reached a point representing intelligent human life over time Slowly, humanity developed through eras of technological advancement, and ultimately shaped into the MekaVerse we know today

The Veturius Chronicle


Since the smoke began to pour from the Mekas factories -emblems of the world's biggest empire- the sky is seldom visible.

Every region under OG control is focused on a single goal: re-open the Gate that holds the Titans who once governed this world.


Pre-dating all other factions, the OGs were formed by a powe ul nation in search of absolute power.

As far as o cial OG history is concerned, the faction claims to have been the rst to modernize Mekas due to their discovery of Power Stones sca ered around the globe. Despite the mysterious origin of these stones, OG leaders subjected the world to endless crusades for many years in hope of harnessing their potential Over time, the OGs yielded more knowledge and were able to produce new technologies based on their research of the stones. As more of the story was uncovered, the more heavily-protected this knowledge became.

While uncon rmed, it is rumored that the turning point in OG control stemmed from recovering an ancient text wri en by the Architects, an intergalactic race who supposedly possessed primordial titans capable of constructing Gate networks Though challenging to con rm, all MekaVerse factions surmise that OGs were only able to achieve their incredible level of strength by utilizing fragments of Architect research, which were likely excavated from the Veterius ruins. If indeed this theory is true, it would con rm that the OGs wiped any corroborating trace of the research’s existence from the public eye.

Widespread across all regions, the OG faction seeks to expand its vast empire by gathering resources from conquered lands and uses them to a empt replication of the Great Gate used by the Architects. This initiative is led by the "OG High Council", a small collective of nobles who in uence all decisions regarding MekaVerse territories and faction tactics.


The continuous Power Stone demand led the OGs to annex and govern most regions that contain valuable resources. Commonly, these acquisitions occurred by force, but several regions made the judgment call to sign “treaties” with the OGs in favor of their citizens’ safety

Eventually, all OG territories rally behind the faction’s beliefs which promise the unique way to live in harmony and abundance until the end of time. OG citizens hold close the original intention of Veterius, which fuels their war spirits and motivates them to work toward a higher purpose in the Gate factories Such strong faith is observable in the fact that OGs almost never agree with other factions. Many philosophical di erences led to regularly fought ba les and wars until a peace treaty was signed after the Fall of Empires. The OGs resent treaties in absolute terms as they believe it hinders their faction development and ultimate mission But in the case of the Fall of Empires, it was deemed necessary to avoid an inevitable human and natural catastrophe

Despite being seen as a faction seeking complete dominance at all costs, the OGs intentions are vi uous They believe in ghting for a peaceful, bright, and safe future for everyone. Even if some of their actions appear excessive or extreme at times, they see themselves as the only option to achieve what they call the Abundant Future. The OG vision spans larger than the MekaVerse and requires dominating all opposing entities to ensure that it is achieved

Faction : OG


The Power Stones that energize OGs enable a neural connection with drivers to become single-minded The two merged consciences result in a synergistic e ect that allows unhindered 100%-utilization of the Meka’s strength, or improved stability during overclock surges in more dangerous scenarios

OG drivers are randomly selected at bi h to train as a unit and eventually fall in line when it is their time to serve. Due to their upbringing, they have strong ties with each other in and out of ba le and utilize team-oriented approaches during combat Standard OG operations enact strict protocols on pe orming missions as a patrol or squad unit since it is the foundation of their strategies for all missions That said, OG drivers are exceptionally suppo ive to one another no ma er the circumstances, and would lay their lives for the survival of their squad members. They have unwavering devotion and determination

Despite the shared loyalty, a common understanding is that con dentiality is never to be breached. Drivers still have an ultimate vow to the OG faction, meaning dese ion, leaking information, or negligent harm to a fellow driver is unforgivable Such infractions are often met with execution and imprisonment, or exile to neutral zones in more merciful cases


OG Mekas are constructed with the most durable armor known to the MekaVerse.

Forged by generations of metallurgists, the bulky yet dense OG Meka frames make them extremely resistant to internal mechanical damage

While agility is compromised by this design, OGs remain tremendously strong in ba le, especially due to their advanced ranged weapon systems which far overcompensate for their lack of quick movement. This is not a universal practice, however, as ce ain OG Mekas were adapted for specialized ghting tactics and equipped with lightweight materials for improved speed The main strategy of OGs is to outgun enemies with overwhelming a illery barrages, but OGs still hold deadly pro ciency in close combat when operating as a squad


Meka sparring exhibition matches and live ammo target competitions. Most often, these activities are a way to “liven” the mundane or routine combat drills.

Faction : OG



In the thousands of years preceding the Fall of Empires, the rural lands bordering OG territory were inhabited by a native tribe called the Mira The Mira consisted of nomads who searched for remnants of old, often worshipping unea hed idols or adapting mechanical remnants of unknown origins collected on their journeys In the la er case, they felt blessed with the miracle that they could power seemingly sentient machines, and used them only for cultivation and survival

In parallel, the OG regime continued to expand its numerous Gate factories and the Mira were pushed fu her into nature, leading to denser populations and the creation of modest cities Forced migration ultimately became normalized and led to the practice of pre-emptively vacating areas adjacent to the ever-expanding OG borders The Mira accepted their submission to the OGs and prioritized citizen’s lives by fo eiting their land. A wo hy sacri ce.

Approximately 77 years before the Fall of Empires, the Mira hesitantly received an unexpected visitor who brought fo h a prophecy. Valeda, former servant of an OG High Representative, had spent her life as a silent observer listening to sensitive OG conversations, eventually leading her to expect an inevitable power struggle between the OG Council members Fearing for her future safety, she ed under the cover of darkness and spent weeks traveling from one small Mira se lement to another by ba ering several stolen trinkets for food, shelter, and transpo ation.

Upon reaching Spes – the largest Mira city at the time –Valeda pleaded to their Order of Nobles for asylum in exchange for all her information Initially, her secrets were kept in utmost con dence by the Order. But a few months later, Valeda’s foretelling was con rmed by the arrival of Nine Seniors who had exited the OG High Council

Faction : MIRAGE


Since it appeared to be fate, the Order negotiated an agreement and the Nine began to assist in advancing the Mira extensively Simultaneously, the divergence was such a disruption that it caused a mass exodus by lower and middle-class OG citizens, referred to as the Escaped. Many who felt oppressed in the Gate factories a empted insurrections or ed and sought refuge among the surrounding rural areas outside of OG control, subjecting the OGs to a damaging supply crisis Feeling betrayed, the OGs used whatever resources they could muster to slaughter countless towns closest to their borders, lled with Mira and Escaped alike Tens of thousands died before the OGs halted their punishment, when they reached a point that supply conservation outweighed revenge

As the a acks had stopped, the Escaped population in Mira cities grew over the next few years, especially due to less fear of repercussion while eeing OG territory. The Nine Seniors – having shared similar sentiment –helped to integrate the Escaped into Mira culture and beliefs, while leveraging the extra manpower to make good on their promise to the Order of Nobles The emigration had brought fo h many talented and educated individuals who formerly operated the Gate factories, designed manufacturing processes, and built weaponized equipment or OG Mekas The combination of Escaped expe ise and the abundance of natural resources in Mira territory paired well to help modernize antiquated Mira practices and catalyze technological development by 100-fold

Because most of the Mira’s valuable resources were underground and out of OG sight, a collaboration began to construct a subterranean metropolis – the City of Mirus – intended to be a safe place for conducting technological research. While Mirus did eventually meet these criteria, the Nine Seniors evaluated their treatment and decided to nullify their pa nership only a few months after construction commenced, taking with them many loyal Escaped However, most of the critical engineering knowledge had already been divulged, and in addition, there was no substantial labor sho age. Most of the Escaped remained to help build Mirus as they felt it was destined to be their new home; a way of eeing one last time but in name alone

Decades passed, and with Mirus only years away from completion, the combined population of builders had formed an unbreakable bond Cultural di erences had faded to an imperceivable level. Marriages between Mira and (former) Escaped were commonplace Traditions blended, and ushered in was a generation of similar-looking people who all had parents and grandparents who were proud builders Finally, a time had been reached when all citizens stood behind a single vision, despite a blurred history and lineage Clear, but unclear To re ect this unique evolution, the Order of Nobles announced a Liberation Day during the City of Mirus inauguration, ceremoniously freeing citizens from any last traces of resentful or tainted history, and signifying the momentous bi h of a new united people: the Mirage.

Faction : MIRAGE


Beyond the borders of the OG World, there are well-spread hubs ruled by another empire: the Mirage.

Using the resources local to each hub, this faction enhances their Meka capabilities toward increased mobility, a trait represented by their aerodynamic design and high velocity.


The Mirage faction approaches driver selection quite di erently than the other three factions. Once the City of Mirus was completed, the Order of Nobles announced a system to build a faction guard – with newly weaponized Mekas –by holding annual skill trials The chosen method was intended to prevent any accusations of nepotism and allow all lineages to join the ranks as protectors of their people and neutral territories.

It should be noted that the annual trials are not only for newcomers, quite the opposite in fact: all Mirage drivers are expected to prove that their pe ormance is consistent Many drivers are successful in this feat as a career, but sometimes abilities fade with age or injury In the la er case, the drivers are honorably discharged, and high potential new drivers earn their seats.

As a defense strategy, the Mirage station Mekas in underground hangars connected by a vast tunnel network, which makes it challenging for enemies to predict the total Mirage force available in any area Even if a Mirage Meka is noticed by hostiles, the underground paths o er accelerated transpo for reinforcements. A typical Mirage combat mechanism is to utilize feigned retreats, where decoy units intentionally get spo ed, lead the pursuit to a predetermined location, and signal suppo units to exit their bays in a anking position. It is an extremely e ective maneuver against small enemy groups Larger hostile squads can also be overpowered assuming there is adequate room for the Mirage Mekas to achieve maximum speed without many physical obstacles.

Faction : MIRAGE


Similar to Mirage drivers, the general population developed a healthy adoration for competition

Citizens enjoy frequent Meka races at a professional level, or even MekaBot tournaments as a casual event among friends and family. The most notable Mirage competition is the inter-faction Champions Cup held in Ahabourn every three years, which is the most dangerous and prestigious race in the MekaVerse. It is viewed en masse in all Mirage locations and celebrated with massive parades if a Mirage driver claims victory.


A large po ion of Mirage advancement occurred in the decades after Mirus was completed. Its bustling underground streets led to various research centers and manufacturing plants, where all focus was pointed toward constructing aerodynamic and agile Mekas. Pa of that process involved a heavy e o to modify Power Stones that the OGs used, since their availability was extremely limited In an astonishing and almost damaging discovery, a jet engine test chamber engineer observed an overheat alarm caused by an experimental fuel sample outpu ing a 44% power increase compared to traditional fuels, which almost melted the ignition coils. After tweaking the granulated Stone-to-fuel ratio, an optimal compromise was achieved with a 36% power increase and much more stable mixture: S-DEC

The resulting Stone-Derived Energy Concentrate is now a regularly employed Meka pe ormance booster utilized by all drivers in the Mirage guard In combination with low-drag Meka frames, S-DEC provides a sure re escape plan if a ba le becomes too dicey. It is manufactured at undisclosed locations, but the Oraphia City plant is publicly known due to a violent a empt by the OGs to ove ake the asset

Mirage engineers later pioneered the concept that concentrating solar power on S-DEC reserve tanks would produce an energy source su cient to supply a Mirus-sized city with undisturbed electricity for years without re ll The manufacturing of modular S-DEC systems was then expedited per the Order of Nobles, and these systems became the preferred method for illuminating the subterranean po ions of the Mirage civilization

Faction : MIRAGE
art by @lykopin bumble-bee


The history of the F9 is somewhat di erent from the other factions, as they were non-existent during the earliest days of Mekas.

Their origin began ages ago when the OG High Council announced a rm commitment to conquer all resource-rich territories in order to supply its mission toward the Abundant Future. Su ering many disagreements, several members of the High Council found themselves in objection to the ruthless strategies being proposed. With the constant arguing and frustration over the faction’s direction for weeks, nine high representatives ed the OG Council, forcing themselves into exile and banishment from their counterpa s. During their escape, the Nine Seniors were initially welcomed by the Mirage faction, which was pleased to have an oppo unity for an alliance with ex-OG. An agreement was signed to initiate a cooperative e o between the two pa ies, such that OG information would be shared in exchange for hospitality and resources.

The pa nership continued undisturbed for about six and a half years before the Nine Seniors began questioning the fairness in their arrangement The shared OG-tech secrets led to a visible improvement in Mirage technology and, consequently, a drastically larger consumption of resources in the controlled Mirage territories. Now realizing just how many rare materials the Mirage possessed, the Nine felt that their compensation was inadequate for the amount they had advanced the formerly underdeveloped Mirage faction

The Nine had received a fair amount of wealth from the engagement, yet no signi cant land or assets in return. When negotiations were proposed, they were swiftly quelled by Mirage leadership, who felt their o ers had been more than generous Sensing manipulation, the Nine decided to relinquish their ties to the Mirage faction and no longer deem them as allies This decision stemmed from a fundamental di erence in thought, where the Mirage’s fascination with technological development was at odds with the respect for nature held by the Seniors. It was a similar story that hit the Nine too close to their former OG home.

And so they ed once again. With a convoy of other defectors the Nine had recruited, loads of stolen equipment and prototypes were carried toward the mountains. The mission was burdened with countless casualties when navigating through unexplored and hostile areas, but the strong survived It was in these mountains that the Nine began to develop their nation and the Mekas to protect it While shielded by the treacherous surroundings from OG or Mirage in ltration, it took 20 years in exile for the F9 to reappear, when they had nally reached a ba le-ready position against the larger factions.

Faction : F9


The world is not just a battlefield for OGs and Mirage. Long ago, frustrated members of the OG High Council sentenced themselves to exile with the purpose of forming their own nation: the "F-nine," where ''F'' stands for Faction and ''9'' represents the number of ex-OG representatives.


During the rst few years of F9 exile, it was mostly assumed that their location was inaccessible to other factions Patrols in the wilderness had returned safely and without discovery, until one day in the high mountains, a Gādian village was stumbled upon.

Misunderstandings were immediate due to the observed F9 armament, and the entire diplomatic search pa y was abruptly executed by Gādian guards. That is, however, with the exception of one F9 who was overlooking the village from an elevated mountain top This F9 retreated to the faction leaders, and the somber news swiftly elicited a forceful response

The two factions entered con ict for several years, for fear of territory a rition and harm to their people It was only after both sides had taken prisoners that they realized their goals and beliefs were similar As interrogations proceeded, they became less about to ure and more of a peaceful dialogue, so it seemed once again time to a empt a diplomatic solution

Instead of sending an armed cavalcade, an F-Nine leader traveled unguarded to the Gādian village to suggest peace Seeing as there was no obvious indication of hostility, the Gādians allowed The Founder to enter for an appeal. Through challenging translations, The Founder learned that the Gādians' hostility was due to the threat posed by the OGs, who had in the past stolen many precious sacred lands The Gādians had already been forced once to take refuge in the mountains where their temples are now located, and vowed to defend these hallowed places at all costs

Explaining the F9 history and a similar distaste for the OGs, The Founder swore never again to harm the Gādians or let such an unfo unate confusion repeat The Gādians graciously accepted this o er and held a massive three-day celebration. Citizens of both factions pa icipated and shared a harmonious feeling as if they had restored a connection with a long-lost family.

In exchange for F9 protection and allegiance, the Gādians shared ancient knowledge to assist in advancing F9s to the point they are today. After witnessing the supernatural power of Pearls, the F-9s conve ed their source of Meka energy and vowed never to use Power Stones again, therefore dismissing a large pa of their OG lineage. And for this reason, it is no surprise that the ghting techniques, meditation styles, and Meka equipment remain quite similar between F9 and Gādian Meka drivers, who remain strong allies to this day

Faction : F9



It is said that training to be an F9 driver is the most rigorous process compared to all other factions, yet one of the most prestigious honors. F9 driver trainees undergo brutal trials of physical and mental stress sta ing during early-adulthood, and it is through mentorship from famous legacy drivers that recruits are able withstand the taxing process.

F9 drivers are often self-acting in combat, following the pursuit of glory and destruction of as many enemies as possible. They trust in the skill and ability of their fellow drivers, but will only engage in suppo missions if the opposing force is manageable or reachable If an F9 driver fails to return from ba le, a solemn memorial service is held to honor their heroic e o s and mourn the fallen

Strategically, the F9 prefer to sca er individual Mekas across a wide area. A single F9 Meka is extremely lethal in close-combat and can survive an onslaught that is reduced by its unforeseen rst strike. If other patrolling F9 Mekas are able to reach the combat zone, the unrelenting o ensive force is nearly invincible against a pinned or localized group of enemies

Faction : F9
by @mech dealer
OG Mirage Gadian F9

Due to the faction’s historical origin, F9 Mekas share a similar brawny aesthetic as OG Mekas but appear more elegant and intricate in their details. In terms of weaponry, F9s were considerably primitive until they met the Gādians, who shared knowledge of ancient blades and assisted the F9s with forging new blades of similar type.

The F9 is the only faction that has yielded knowledge from all other factions, which they use to balance their Meka technology toward the elements most suitable for their combat strategy This harmony was established by the Nine Seniors after being educated by the Gādians and persists today as the F9’s preferred innovation technique


Ceremonial close-qua ers weapon demonstrations, often with lethal equipment but pe ormed only as spo . All entrants are honored equally, and the technical “victors” seek only to improve the skills of fellow combatants.

Faction : F9
art by @AllielChris and @Guitarana GG art by @kenokenoki



Even though Gādian records are scarce among the MekaVerse, what documents do exist are challenging to translate due to the complexity of their native language and symbols. It is believed that the Gādian people may have evolved in proximity to Veterius, as their runes display similarities to the OGs, who presumably collected them from the city’s remnants. Through oral history told by Gādian elders and the rare manuscripts of local events, it can be pieced together that the faction went to dwell in the mountains to hide from an evil, long forgo en past. Prior to the factions taking form, generations of Gādians ourished, suppo ed by a lush and arid environment that was relatively secluded from other human civilizations.

While it is known today that Gādians are passive by nature, their earlier years were wrought with feudal disagreements and ghts among the various tribes. The reason for such violence is not directly con rmed, but it has been suggested that tribes sought territories more distant from the greater Veterius region, which had an unpredictable degree of hostility brought on by the damaged Great Gate What can be stated as fact, is that Gādians possess a mysterious connection to the supernatural and spiritual realities, and that the elders and shamans have the closest connection to these dimensions.

From testaments shared by both the Gādian locals and F9 members, the most sacred Gādian temple has an interesting tapestry mounted above its shrine The vibrant imagery tells a story that Gādians once ruled over a large territory before it was taken away by shadowy gures, who harmed any resistance in their path The nal woven segment shows a gathering of elders, who decided to preserve their people and guide them to a safe place in the mountains, where they would prosper safely and in isolation

As the story is told, an account is recalled from an ancient Gādian elder :

“On a starry night, our journey led us near an entrance to the great forest, where we camped and feasted on a large grub one of our hunters had skewered from a log. As we were about to take our first bite, a rustle in the bushes startled us, so we grabbed our weapons and encircled ourselves to cover every angle. We then saw a curious looking creature enter the area lit by our fire, which climbed a nearby rock and sat, curiously watching. It appeared to grin while staring at the roasting and aromatic grub, so our hunter cautiously gave it a small piece. As it began to feed, the ‘horn’ on the creature’s head began to emit an immense azure glow. Seeming friendly, the Lumy – as we called it – accompanied us on our journey from that point on. It would then guide us to many places in the forest and mountains in exchange for cooked insects we caught along the way. After many weeks of traveling it showed us an area at night so magnificent, one must observe it with their own eyes.

With the luminescent lights from the Lumy and plants in the distance, it was like nothing we had ever seen.“

Faction : GADIAN

Word was sent to all the Gādian tribes that there was an oppo unity for them to unite and coexist peacefully; the land was a beauty meant to be shared Once the tribes had gathered at the location, they had a week-long celebration, and were accompanied by many other acquainted Lumy To the Gādian’s surprise, the Lumy brought two small Pearls and a Pearl Lotus as a welcoming gift, a gesture that persists in history as pa of the faction’s insignia

As the Gādians explored their new home, they eventually found larger Pearls buried in the soil, mountains, and waters, albeit a rare occurrence. Each time a large Pearl was unea hed, the shamans preserved it as a keepsake, rst blessing it in a temple and then storing it away in a vault as if they believed it held an alternate purpose As time went on and the Gādian people acclimated to a humble yet peaceful lifestyle, the concern with maintaining a protective force faded The earlier Gādian Meka drivers grew old and their family members became somewhat uninterested in being the next driver, because they felt less and less like there was a need for powe ul weapons in such a calm and isolated region

In lieu of passing Mekas down through lineage, the elders and shamans felt compelled to maintain tradition, so they held ceremonies for those who still saw purpose in the power and wanted to a empt driving the Mekas This seemed futile at rst, since the Mekas exhibited signs of resistance to new drivers

Many years later, the Lumy observed a signi cant decrease in the active number of Gādian Mekas and decided to share one of their many secrets in order to help. Retrieving the original Pearl Lotus that had been o ered as a token of friendship –stored in the Gādian capital temple – the Lumy presented it for a moment and then smashed it on the oor, crushing it in an almost comical way, causing the shamans to burst into an absurd yet curious laughter Before the shamans could gather themselves, the Lumy took the pearlescent coating and oil secreted by the ower and applied it to a small nearby blade, which they then brought over to an abandoned Meka They gestured for one of the shamans to raise the coated blade and immediately a ow of shimmering color entered from the blade into the Meka’s eyes, showing it had accepted a shaman as its new driver

The shamans decided to make it a rite of passage that when future warriors come of age, they would be permi ed to forge a ceremonial blade to raise high in hope of becoming a Gādian driver

Faction : GADIAN
art by @Eko99nine


While uncommon, the tradition to bequeath Mekas is still respected by the Gādians If a family opts to relinquish their claim, then the Meka is o ered to the community and a new driver may pe orm the necessary ritual to sync with it During the ceremony, candidates line up with their ceremonial blades coated in Pearl Lotus oil, and one by one raise them to see if the Meka elicits a response. It is clear when the Meka chooses its driver, as the glow in its eyes matches that of the driver’s blade In the process, candidates who are unsuccessful su er a minor injury, as the blade undergoes accelerated corrosion from the oil and sha ers in the hands of the one wielding it.

Within the uni ed Gādian faction there remain di erent tribes that protect speci c facets of the Probitas Code, an ancient manuscript believed to have originated in the days of Veterius Each chapter contains stories and teachings of how aspects of life should be held sacred, and occasionally the tribe leaders raise concerns if they feel their respective facet is being infringed upon

Usually, these qualms take form as verbal disagreements, but there have been times of physical altercations between tribes However, any tribal ghts are non-lethal, and there is always respect and lessons learned once the scu e ends. From an external perspective, the F9 believe it is the Gādian’s way of practicing an honor code; one that always strives toward improving philosophies of how to live in harmony with each other and nature

Faction : GADIAN
GADIAN MEKA DRIVERS art by @DasherCrypto


Living by a paci st nature, Gādians are still protective of nature and their surroundings. Any unwanted or presumably hostile company in their mountains is discouraged through environmental snares that the Gādians construct to prevent entry into their sacred home Local avian ocks are utilized as a natural alarm system and are trained to indicate danger or severity level based on the number of birds ying away from the area

The early warning signals give the Gādians a relatively accurate direction and provide an advantage for them to plan an optimal route based on their own familiarity with the area The mountainous terrain is far from simple, lled with gorges and valleys home to diverse ecosystems, areas that are misty and lush, or sections mostly clear from life due to rocky terrain and sharp obstacles When threats enter these areas, the Gādians unleash their traps to reduce enemy numbers or scare them into retreat.

The outer range of the Gādian territory typically contains non-lethal traps, whereas the closer the enemies trespass, the more dangerous the traps become. What could originate as a thick rope of vines used to clothesline an unsuspecting intruder could eventually turn into a hell storm of boulders raining from an above perch. At nightfall, the ale strategy switches to dependence on the Lumy, who have become adept at using their bioluminescence to signal each other and patrolling Gādian drivers that there is an impending threat In such a case, Gādians will often proceed with close range combat

Most Gādians wield a small handheld weapon – usually a throwable item or one of the limited supply hand blasters - that is e ective at sho -medium range Gādian swords are crafted through generations of blacksmiths, who are dispersed among the tribes and pro cient in di erent blade specialties Ultimately, the strongest of Gādian swords cannot be duplicated by other factions, since only the Gādians understand the technique to infuse Pearls into their metals

Hiking is a common pastime for Gādians, and a common sight during treks is to see trailing children sta to chase Lumy around. Even if they trail o a bit, the Lumy always ensures the children return to the leader of the hike.

Gādians also practice meditation regularly to center their balance in this life, or explore astronomical features by stargazing when they are in a more contemplative headspace.


Over time, the wise and respectful Gādians developed an allegiance with the F9s out of similar interests and affinity. Though the Gādian landscape was smaller and humbler, it was at the top of their mountains, looking up at the clear sky, where they taught the F9s that the MekaVerse is not restricted to one planet; it goes far beyond.

Faction : GADIAN
MekaVerse LORE MISSION BRIEFING COMPLETED. AUTOPILOT CHARTING NEW DESTINATION TRAJECTORY. PRE-JUMP SYSTEMS CHECK / Nominal Nominal status confirmed. Standby for acceleration to full burn. 3 ……… 2 ……… 1 ………… SuitUp ! Driver. TERMINAL ACTIVATED Data transfer successful