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Cover Letter

My name is Jenny Park and I am originally from South Korea. I have been staying the UK over two and a half years, and I am eligible to work in this country. I finished MA communication design course in Kingston University, London 2007/2008 and recently moved to Leeds. I have small design experience through freelanced works which are mainly logo and stationery designs. Although my web design portfolio is not as strong as my print-based work, I have strong knowledge of web standard and CSS. Also I am able to produce simple 3D models such as mobile phone with Rhino and 3D max. I find in a happiness when I am designing. I just love what I am doing and, especially, interested in hand-craft and caligraphy because I believe they are able to add an extra dimention to my work. I am confident to work individually, and happy to work in a team, too. I am very versatile when working with others and very keen to learn. I am sending my portfolio. If you have the time, please take a look at it. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely. Jenny Park


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Branding Life Science Outsourcing Beehive6 Wiki-Solutions Ltd. Sushi Plus Affinity Focus White Boxx



Poster 01

Poster 02

Poster 03

Sick of Korea

November, 2008 ‘Sick of Korea’ is a Master Project of Kingston University to present my opionion about Korea, my home country. I picked three major unusual characters of Korean through observations what causes abnormal phenomena in Korean society and criticised them in a humorous way. The three characters are: Eduholic, Rushaholic and Megaholic, and each posters present each characters.


I Love Green Design January, 2008

This is an individual project led by Vaughan Oliver and Dick Whitbread for 4weeks. All the materials and iconic brand images are re-used to demonstrate recycling and reusing.


London Bridge December, 2007

This is a 2week-project led by Bill Wilson, to produce a form of publicity/ awareness for the British Tourist Board in conjunction with the Mayor of London based around the Thames Bridges. The given brief is design and produce promotion for the Capital focusing on elements of the London- in this case the bridges that span the Thames. The final output is 3D jigsaw puzzle to show how London bridges connect between famous buildings because London is one of the most famous city for tourists.




Spring (CD Package) September, 2007

This is a 2week-project led by Vaughan Oliver, designing CD package for a individually chosen music. The chosen music is Spring by IS, Korean traditional instrument band, and the song is about coming spring. The inspiration of this project is showing the period time of winter to spring by unfolding the package.






1 Invitation_ 297mm x 297mm 2 Newpaper ad _ 37mm x 168mm 3 Poster _ 440mm x 1000mm 4 DVD_274mm x 183mm (Cover) 5 Broshure_297mm x 297mm T-shires Name Tag_100mm x 130mm




Chun Hyang Song May-June, 2006

Chun Hyang Song is a one of the famous Korean traditional love story, and Handong Univ. developed it in a fusion English Musical. This musical is performed more than 12 times in Korea, and invited in Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2009 to perform this for 28times. Collaborated with Hyojin, Chun.


Logo 1

Logo 2

Stationery Letterhead _ 210mm x 297mm Envelope _ 215mm x 105mm Namecard _ 52mm X 92mm

Life Science Outsourcing November, 2009

Life Science Outsourcing is a medical device contract manufacturer. In addition to simply providing manufacturing, the firm provides the know-how and industry experience to ensure success. Their clients are entrepreneurial in spirit but a little more science geeky because of the field they are in.


Main Logo

Expanded Logo

Icon 1

Icon 2


Letterhead _ 210mm x 297mm Envelope _ 215mm x 105mm Namecard _ 52mm X 92mm


November, 2009 BeeHive6 is a word-of-mouth marketing startup – they specialise in helping clients create “buzz” or word-ofmouth marketing effect. They have a logical, systematic method to create word-of-mouth effect, while their competitors in Public Relations, Interactive Marketing and Advertising agencies don’t have a relevant methodical approach in the new media (Web 2.0) environment.


Logo 1

Logo 2-1

Logo 2-2

Wiki-Solutions Ltd.

October, 2009 / May, 2009 Wiki Solutions is a start up company in the UK set up to help clients develop bigger and better ideas, quickly and more cost effectively. Wiki Solutions is a virtual agency that has developed a process to enable clients to generate ideas in response to their challenges, in a collaborative way, by participating in a creative on-line environment.


Letterhead _ 210mm x 297mm Envelope _ 215mm x 105mm Namecard _ 52mm X 92mm


Available at



Variation 01

Variation 02

Variation 03


September, 2009 Sushi Plus is a newly launched sushi take away and delivery restaurant in London. They offer sushi with affordable price and the main target market is young professional. They want a simple and modernised logo with a bit of oriental flavour.


Logo 1

Logo 1-1



Letterhead _ 210mm x 297mm Envelope _ 215mm x 105mm Namecard _ 52mm X 92mm

Affinity Focus May, 2009

Affinity Focus is a start up company based in the UK. Affinity Focus’ main targets are exsisting affinity groups whose members have great passion for the group and its cause. Affinity Focus generates income, cuts costs and recruits members for the groups.


Logo/ Variation 01

Variation 02

Variation 03

WhiteBoxx June, 2009

WhiteBoxx is a designer’s furniture manufacturer based in Belgium. The starting figure for each interior design is a white, virginal room (box), which is furnished afterwards by a designer after his own vision. The furnitures are completely Belgian-made and they are working in cooperation with young, often unknown or beginning designers.


Logos May-November, 2009 1. Online beads accessory shop (November, 2009) 2. Sole business consultant (November, 2009) 3. Intern placement service company (November, 2009)

4. Recruiting support company (November, 2009) 5. A unique e-greeting card company (June, 2009) 6. Downtown Orlando Compassion Centre (May, 2009)

CV Name Email Mobile Website Address

Jenny Park (Female) +44 (0)7912 565096 142 The Chandlers The Calls , Leeds LS2 7EZ

Education MA Communication Design Kingston University, London 2007/2008 BA Graphic Design BA Product Design Handong Global University, Korea 2003-2007 Skill Adobe Creative Suite

+Upper Level

- Photoshop - Illustrator - InDesign

+ Intermediate level

- Dreamweave (Verified CSS) + Elementary level

- Flash - After Effect

3D Tools + Intermediate level

- Rhino 3D - 3D Max MS Office

+ Upper level

- MS Word - MS Powerpoint + Intermediate level

- MS Excel

Experience Freelance Designer

Speciallised in Logo, Letterset

January 2009 - Current Graphic Designer (P / T)

Graphic & User Interface Kingston Business Park, Surrey

February - July, 2008 Advertising Designer (P / T) Advertise for newspaper, New Malden, Surrey

January - February, 2008 Math Tutor (F / T)

Teaching math for 13-15 aged students Elite Institute, South Korea

December, 2006 - April, 2007 YMCA Pohang (Student Designer) Promotion Design, Pohang, South Korea

March - June 2005

Special Experience Student Team Leader

Handong Univ. & SPC Academic - Industrial cooperation 2007 Calendar Project

March - August 2006 Designer

Handong Univ. Performance Team, Come & See Design promotional materials for Chun Hyang Song

May - July 2006 Design Director

Handong Univ. Festival Organise Team ‘Miracle’, Autumn Festival

August - October 2005 Design & Promotion Director

Handong Univ. Festival Organise Team ‘TGIF’, Autumn Festival

August - October 2004

Thanks for your time!

Jenny's Portfolio Ver. 2.1  
Jenny's Portfolio Ver. 2.1  

UK based freelance graphic designer